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FEB 2014

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2013 Year BEST YEAR EVER!!!!


Closed Volume


2,087 Units

Written Volume


894 Units

Listings Taken


1,193 Units

Our Mission Statement: To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.

Keller Williams Indy Metro South 1644 Fry Road Suite A Greenwood, IN 46142 Phone: 317-882-5900

Team Leader: Denis O’Brien

Welcome to the Keller Williams Family!! Tim Shields John Lopez Anniversaries

Phone: 893-0625

Market Center Administrator: Chad Smith Our Office

Congratulations KW! No. 9 on America’s Top Workplaces. The ONLY National Real Estate franchise on the list.

Congratulations on another year with Keller Williams!! Tony Arthur Michael Benson Chester Bohannon Brian Burton Tiffany Bush Jeff Calvert Kristy Carter Chris Cook Paul Cox Carrie Galarza Rachel Mollman Lindsey Smalling Sue Whitney

Happy Birthday!!!! Nicole Mustain 2/3 Dwayne May 2/6 Tony Arthur 2/8 Pam Graham 2/8 Tonda Hoagland 2/9 Barb Blake 2/13 Jerry Ott 2/13


Kelsey Thompson 2/14 John Lopez 2/19 Shawna Brooks 2/23 Bev Beers 2/27 Lauren Lanum 2/27 Nancy Warfield 2/27 Michael Benson 2/28

Note from the Team Leader Real Estate Pricing strategies: In a seller’s market, sellers tend to dwell on the future – higher prices – while buyers tend to value the past, when home prices were lower. This discrepancy creates a situation where sellers want to push prices up and buyers want to hold the line. In a buyers’ market, buyers want to place themselves in the future – lower prices – while sellers want to dwell in the past, when prices were high. In this scenario, buyers want to push prices down and sellers want to hold the line. The net result is a gap between a buyer and a seller’s perception of what a home is currently worth. The job of a listing agent is to close the gap – it’s one of the few absolutely essential competitive skills. 1. Know what sells: always evaluate for both competitive price and marketable condition. 2. Know what sellers can and can’t control: communicate what does not matter in pricing (what they paid; what they need; what they want; what their neighbor sold for; what another agent says it’s worth; cost to rebuild). 3. Understand the window of opportunity: be persuasive about the importance of pricing right the first time, and being in great condition, to capture peak interest in the first few weeks on the market. 4. Price to reflect market movement: price to reflect the direction the market is moving and the speed of change . 5. Price ahead of the market: price so your seller does not get caught chasing the market down, or does not miss their maximum opportunity in a rising market . 6. Don’t be afraid to be brutally honest: ask, “do you want me to tell you what you want to hear, or do you want to hear the truth (about price and condition)?”

Denis O’Brien

February Group Leaders: Jeff Paxson Team Scott Smith Team Stewart Home Team

Units 12 Units 31 Units 9

$3,149,244 $2,706,309 $1,656,900

February Team Leaders: Shawna’s Home Team Kernel/Howard Team The Hoagland Team

3 Units 3 Units 2 Units

$358,500 $320,000 $294,000


February Individual Leaders: Colleen Gordon Shelia Scott Michelle Chandler

2 Units 4 Units 3 Units

$868,000 $671,400 $515,900

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Indy Metro South Feb. Newsletter  

Power House Company doing tons of business and changing lives along the way!!

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