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Features and functions of Turntables Ever since we can remember a DJ’s gear consisted of a mixer, several speakers and a set of turn table. But with times of today, DJ’s are blessed to have the finest selections in terms of the very best in DJ applications. Today Disc Jockeys can use turntables, Software applications and CD turntables. Disc Jockey turntables deliver numerous advantages to DJ’s. The turntables of today allow DJ’s to definitely lower or increases the speed of a song when the DJ is doing his mixing. The ability of doing so allows a DJ the opportunity to match the rate at which the song titles play. Meaning a DJ is able to mix the songs in Unison.

CD turntables are CD players that play the normal CD’s people have in their houses. They permit the DJ the chance to dedicate the speed at which a song can play. Meaning the CD turntables allow the DJ to integrate the songs into each other. Most DJ’s who are technologically advanced prefer using the CD turntables. Many DJs today have shifted to using computer programs as turntables. This migration allows the DJ to use the computer software as a turntable to combine the songs when they are playing. Many DJ’s of yester years dislike DJ’s of today who use Computer aid turntables to mix songs. Mixers permit DJ’s to power the volume levels of all the songs the DJ’s are playing. Furthermore DJ’s who use mixers as turntable in their trade are able to cross fade songs with a lot of ease. A

DJ using the Mixer is able to scale down or raise the tempo of a song with the mixers equalizers. The equalizers of mixer can affect the midrange, bass or the treble of a song the DJ is mixing on a turntable. All serious DJ’s who have turntable have headphones as part of their tools of trade. The old stereo head phones of yester year are very much out f fashion and any DJ who wishes to be regard as knowing what the DJ world entails should get a state of the art headphone set. Disc Jockey who has a reputation to uphold listens to their mixes on isolated channels of the mixer which are not made to function. Doing so allows them to regulate and achieve the mix sound that their audience wishes to hear. Cartridges or needles are another must have for a DJ who wishes to be taken seriously same as turntables. DJ’s who use turntables must have needles or cartridges in their DJ sets. Needs or cartridges are the things that alter the vinyl in the music. A DJ who employs the use of old worn out cartridges or needles risks damaging their records. Damaged records are the worst thing that can ever happen to a DJ’s equipment besides their turntables. Digital DJ is the newest form of turntable DJing and it is become even more popular than cancer. Almost all clubs today boosts of some digital turntable applications. The digital turntables application is not hard to learn. Because the turntable application can be connected to the DJ’s computer and it can merge both the new and old school type songs. For More Information About Turntables Click Turntable

Features and functions of Turntables  

Turntable Guide will help you find the right turntable for you. Inside you will find reviews on sone of the most popular turntables on the m...

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