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Issue 1, Fall 2012

Fashion Gets Green For “Runaway Runway: A Recycled Fashion Show,” participants will be challenged to construct catwalk-ready designs with just one rule — all garments must be made from recycled materials.



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LOCAL COLA ENTERTAINMENT HOOTIE IS COMIN’ TO TOWN The Hootie and the Blowfish summer tour rolls into Charleston this weekend for a concert at the Joseph P. Riley Jr. Ballpark. Hootie will headline the event in the scenic venue on the banks of the Ashley River, and a stellar lineup of backup bands is on the bill. Opening the show at 5 p.m. will be the San Francisco band Train, who’ve

Rockin’ Roller Derby

scored on the radio with their hit “Meet Virginia.” Next will be the highenergy, horn-driven Charleston band SKWZBXX, and before Hootie’s set, Grammy nominee Shawn Mullins will play tunes from his hit album, “Soul’s Core.” Gates open at 4 p.m., Sunday. Tickets are $25. Call (843) 577-4500

Donning red fishnets colorful helmets and miniskirts, the women of Roller Derby roll onto the track this Friday at Columbia’s

Project: Columbia 360 degrees newsletter


Explanation: To communicate local entertainment events to the Columbia community within a newsletter layout.

Township Theater. Yes, roller derby is back. The audiences are growing too . . . so make sure you are there to see the wild competition! Cost: $15 for adults and $10 for students. Starts at 7:30 p.m.

Abracadabra!: A Magical Night John Tudor will be joined by lots of friends , including headliner David Copperfield, for a magical night out on the town.

Copperfield will unveil a few new illusions as he prepares for is upcoming new Vegas act. The magic begins at 8 p.m., Friday. Tickets are $35 for adults and $15 for children. Call (803) 276-6264.

Other Events cont. pg 3

Love peanuts? Check out the article for information on the Pelion Peanut Festival. Jump Little Children is back and ready to perform. “The Haunting” is sure to be a scare at it’s opening weekend. Starring Liam Neeson & Catherine ZetaJones.


DESIGN As a reader of this magazine, we know you care deeply about the beauty of our environment.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, dolphins, sea birds, and other marine life are consumed by the sea. We know that some of these species perish from litter and trash ingestion. This causes a slow, painful, and gruesome demise. When sea creatures become sick, they leave the shore areas to avoid predators and head out to

der s


Each one of our boats needs a sponsor. Each sponsored boat will be skinned with the sponsor’s brand (image and name) and will generate close to a billion media impressions through its crew’s work, port festivals, and public appearances.

We’re asking you to join us in making a difference by putting your resources behind our cause. Our complete sponsorship proposal is available on our website www.woundednature. org. We are flexible and would love to have your support. Just give me a call (440-452-1042), or send me an email at rudy@


The unemployment rate for veterans of all ages remains stuck at rates substantially higher than the national average. We are seeking funding to acquire watercraft and pay operating expenses in order to take the fight into the less visible, yet highly vulnerable areas, while enabling our working veterans to find meaningful employment and transition into the private sector. As they make a measurable impact on the environment, our veterans receive exposure to the corporate job market for eventual transition to full-time employment.

Wounded Nature - Working Veterans puts the overwhelming majority of our resources toward remedial action to end this vicious cycle. Within the non-profit sector, less than three percent of all funds and personnel are dedicated to fixing problems through remedial action. Most donations are spent on policy, research, education, recycling, and attending international conferences. Though based in Charleston, our vision is to make an impact throughout the US and, ultimately, the world-leaving it a better place for the next generations.


•Employing veterans as crew-members on shallow-draft watercraft to conduct clean-up operations in coastal estuaries, and rural beach areas.

ett er

•Enlisting volunteers to conduct clean-up events

sea. Eating shoreline debris results in intestinal blockage causing all food eaten to accumulate and form intestinal gas. Over the next couple of days, the animal is unable to eat and cannot submerge due to the gas build-up. As they float in a weakened condition on the top of the water, baking in the sun, predators discover and eat these helpless creatures alive starting with the eyes, blowholes and lip areas.

Ope nL

ur Charleston, SC based, national 501c3 non-profit organization, Wounded Nature Working Veterans puts people to work to clean up hard-to-access, high-environmental-impact, coastal areas to remove hazards which damage the marine ecosystem. We do this in two ways:



P.O. Box 20363 Charleston, SC 29413

Client: Wounded Nature nonprofit organization in Charleston, SC Project: Full page color magazine advertisement Explanation: Present information about the organization in a legible format.



Client Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. USC Chapter Project: Logo and T-shirt Design Explanation: Create a logo for a t-shirt design that uses the sorority’s symbol.



Sigma Chi

Multicultural Sorority, Inc.


Sigma Chi

Multicultural Sorority, Inc.


Changing Carolina Peer Leaders



Changing Changing Carolina



Peer Leaders

Peer Leaders Peer Leaders

Client: Changing Carolina Peer Leaders USC Campus Organization Project: Logo and T-shirt Design


Changing Carolina


Peer Leaders Peer Leaders

Explanation: Create a logo that can be placed effectively on a T-shirt as well as on other promotional materials on campus.


ab DESIGN c ab de bc cd fgh de ef ij fgh fg gh klm h i i i m jk jk jklmno no lm lm n pq rst pqr nop no op rst u p q u s pq vw tuv qrs qrs rstuvw qr rstu xyz wx tuv tuv vwxyz stu v 1 yz wx w x 12 vw wx 23 12 yz xyz yz1 34 xy yz145 34 12 12 23 5 5 34 34 45 z1 2 5 5 23 34 45 5

Optima is a humanist sans-serif typeface that shows the influence of pen-drawn letters. It was created in 1958 by Herman Zapf and published by Linotype.





Project: Typographic Poster


Explanation: To illustrate how the Optima typefaces’s letterforms interact, while also revealing a historical fact about the typeface.







J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter has gone above and beyond the limitations of the fiction genre. The captivating story has jumped to the top of the box office as well as the bestsellers list.



450 MILLION 6.4 BILLION number of total copies sold for ALL novels making Harry Potter the best selling book of all time.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The initial print run for the U.S. run of the series.

makes Harry Potter the highest grossing franchise in Box Office History.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

3rd place in all-time gross revenue, behind Titanic and Avatar.

8.3 MILLION $169,189,427

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Amount of books sold within 24 hours of going on the shelf in the US in 2007.

Record holder for biggest weekend at box office on July 15-17, 2011.

Source: Record First-Day Sales for Last ‘Harry Potter’ Book, The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly

Project: Harry Potter Infographic Explanation: To highlight the success of the Harry Potter franchise in a easily readable graphic representation using typography.



COLLEGE EDITION EDITION Get up from chair to go across the room and grab the bookbag off the table.

So you're late to class and it's exam day. You were up all night studying and you need some energy. Your bookbag is across the room and loaded with all kinds of stuff. You have 60 seconds to run to your bookbag, find the energy drink and drink it in time before the exam. Time to get some energy. Go!


10 feet

Dig through bookbag to find the hidden energy drink.


Client: Minute to Win It Game Show

When you find the energy drink bottle, DRINK IT.

Project: Bookbag Rumble - “Find the Energy Drink” Infographic


Explanation: To create a game and illustrate it so that someone can easily understand how the game works and can play it in 60 seconds.

COLLEGE Get back to the starting point in time to take your exam!




rica’s e m usical Talent

ta t aa m m t m t

Many Americans have attained knowledge of how to play a musical instrument. They were motivated to learn at an early age which encouraged some to gain employment as musicians.

There are more than

62 million amateur musicians in the U.S.

When did Americans start playing? 3% learned before age 5.

Reasons Most Learned to Play A Musical Instrument*

63% learned between the ages of 5 to 11.

15% learned after age 18.



Musicians held about

240,000 jobs in 2008.



Many found jobs in cities where entertainment is high such as New York, Los Angeles, Las

Vegas, Chicago, and

Nashville. 25%


2 out of 3

musicians learned to play before age 12.

Full Time Musicians Where did we learn?

School 27% Private lessons 10%

other 15% Note: *Figures are rounded and do not equal 100 Source: “Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010”, Dept. Of Labor

 have long term employment contracts  enjoy steady work  less travel  competition is high for these jobs

Project: America’s Musical Talent Infographic Explanation: To create an infographic that shows on average how many Americans can play a musical instrument and where they learned to play.


DESIGN Chosen Logo


1 Images Of Success

Images Of



ges o a m






ages o m I


Client: Argentini Anderson, Images of Success Nonprofit Organization Project: Logo Design Explanation: Design a logo that fits with the organization’s mission to provide career development services. Through concept development work up to the final product.






Images Of ces

mages of success




Jasmine Richards 4313 Sweet Cherry St. Raleigh, North Carolina 27601 205.891.0451


p am S





at e

Nort St ď ľ Raleigh, y rr he C t e e w 3S

y Trea



a s ty

1 .0 4 5 1 ď ľ 2 0 5 .8 9 0 6 7 2 a lin ro h Ca

as t




eam Sh

4313 Sweet Cherry St. Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

Client: Tasty Treat Ice Cream Shop Project: Logo and Stationery Design Explanation: Design a logo within a stationery design in a consistent manner that represents the company.



44 USA

44 USA Project: Postage Stamps “The Evolution of Telephones“ Explanation: Create a set of four postage stamps that represent a unified theme and concept.


44 USA


Client: Mike’s Bike’s Tour in Munich Project: Four page brochure Explanation: Recreate a four page brochure that entices tourists to join a bike tour held throughout the year in Munich, Germany.


DESIGN Global Teaching Professors from Overseas by Denishia Macon

Our international faculty within the School of Journalism and Mass Communications and the School of Library and Information Science have made a positive impact on their students within the classroom, as well as through their involvement within the University of South Carolina. Dr. Liu, Dr. Kawooya and Dr. Kim are great examples of how differing perspectives can make a distinctive difference in the learning process.

New Faculty

Story by Kimberly Elchlepp Design by Denishia Macon The new faculty joining the College of Mass Communications and Information Studies come from near and far -- Uganda, China, Syracuse, Oklahoma and Middle Tennessee. Dr. Shannon Bowen

Dr. Dick Kawooya is from Uganda and teach Information Literacy and Technology.

Dr. Jingjing Liu is from the Shandong Province in China and teaches the Information Literacy and Technology Class.

Dr. Sei-Hill Kim is from South Korea and teaches three research method classes.

Dr. Dick Kawooya, Ph.D.

Dr. Jingjing Liu, Ph.D.

Dr. Kawooya’s transition to America in 2000 began his journey here as he learned a lot while in the master’s program at Valdosta State University in Georgia. He describes himself as hard working, international and informational. He influences his students by teaching the importance of proper communication in his class. He applies this by encouraging personal one-on-one meetings and interactions with his students in and out of class whenever possible. These personal meetings enable him to explain complex issues so that the student is better able to understand the materials. He also takes an international approach to issues wherever necessary or possible. This approach allows his students to have a different angle to issues they would otherwise simply view from their own perspective, with no thought on the global context. “I want my students to gain as much as they can from my class, so communication is essential. I like to share my international experiences so that my students can gain more in the learning process,” said Dr. Kawooya.

Dr. Liu recounts her experience when she first came to America as a student at the University of Mississippi to work on her master’s in 2002. She became interested in information science because her parents are teachers in China and encouraged her to spread knowledge to others. Her research also focuses on the study of how to improve search systems by understanding user needs and behaviors, a key example of the use of information. She describes herself as being friendly, collaborative and hard working and presents that within the classroom to her students. She does this by always managing to find time to talk with her students, helping them when they have questions about the material and encouraging them to actively engage in discussions in class. “All of my experiences in library and information science have prepared me to teach my students. I can relate to them as I was once a student as well,” said Dr. Liu.

Dr. Sei-Hill Kim, Ph.D. Dr. Kim transitioned here in 1995, eventually making the move to USC from teaching at Auburn University. He felt that Columbia was the right size and USC provided better opportunities for collaboration and research, which served as key incentives to encourage him to teach here. His areas of research focus on the public’s perceptions about medical research and science. Within his classes, he wants for his students to learn how to research as well as explore the wide variety of topics. He also wants them to see his class with a global viewpoint, which is similar to how he remembers his classes in Korea. For example, most first-tier universities in Korea teach about 30% of their classes in English. “In Korea, classes were more internationally oriented so I want to bring that type of structure to my classes here,” said Dr. Kim.

Client: Dean Bierbauer, School of Journalism and Mass Communications Project: Intercom Magazine for the University of South Carolina Alumni Explanation: Interview subjects and design a page that fits the overall theme of the article using a functional layout.


Dr. Bowen joins SJMC as an associate professor for the public relations track. She is returning to the University of South Carolina after receiving her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and teaching in the public relations department of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Dr. Bowen received her master’s degree from the University of South Carolina and received bachelor’s degree from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Other than the fact that it felt like home, Dr. Bowen decided to return to USC because of the focus placed on research that cannot be found at many other universities. When she isn’t teaching Dr. Bowen loves going to USC football games and spending time by the ocean.

Dr. Deborah Gump Dr. Gump joins SJMC as a visiting professor in the journalism sequence. She has been brought on board to advance the journalism senior semester. Her goal is to make our students as prepared as possible making them the best choice in today’s competitive job market. Before coming to USC, Dr. Gump was the professional in residence for Middle Tennessee State’s School of Journalism. At Ohio University, she created, which is a resource for editing students, professors and professionals. Dr. Gump has held jobs with many newspapers and is a member of many professional organizations. Dr. Gump received her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and her bachelor’s degree from the University of Kansas. Dr. Gump said she came to USC because she respects what the faculty is doing here and because it gives her the opportunity to work with South Carolina students. When she is not teaching or researching, Dr. Gump enjoys scuba diving and growing hibiscus trees.

Tara Buehner Tara Buehner joins the School of Journalism and Mass Communications as an instructor in the visual communication track. Buehner previously taught at the University of Oklahoma. She received her master’s degree, as a Ward Neff Fellow, from the University of South Dakota and received her bachelor’s degree from Black Hills University. When Buehner is finished with her Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma she will be an assistant professor in the school. She came to USC because of the unique opportunity to a part of a visual communications program with a journalism focus. When she is not in the classroom, she enjoys anything that involves the outdoors, including hiking, rollerblading and fishing.

Dr. Dick Kawooya Dr. Kawooya joins the School of Library and Information Science as an assistant professor, from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in research methodology, policy and law, economics of information, and information literacy. Dr. Kawooya has collaborated with fellow SLIS faculty member Dr. Kendra Albright on HIV/AIDS research. He first joined the project as a research assistant but became a partner in the research over time. The research focused on how biomedical research on HIV/AIDS is communicated to HIV/AIDS organizations throughout Uganda and how that communication can be made more effective. Dr. Kawooya received his Ph.D. in Communication and Information from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. His research focused on Ugandan traditional musicians’ construction of ownership. When Dr. Kawooya is not in the classroom or researching he enjoys spending time with his wife, Betty, and two children, Gabriella and Michael. Please read more about Dr. Kawooya on page 21.

Dr. Jingjing Liu Dr. Liu joins the School of Library and Information Science as an assistant professor. She teaches courses in information literacy and technology, and information organization and retrieval. Dr. Liu received her Ph.D. in Information Science from Rutgers University. Her research is focused on the design and evaluation of information systems that support information seeking and work task accomplishment. Dr. Liu first came to the United States 10 years ago, from Shandong Province in China, to pursue her master’s degree from the University of Mississippi in library and information science. She came to USC because she felt her background fit in well with the program. She also found Dr. Hastings, the director of SLIS, and the other faculty to be very helpful and supportive. Please read more about Dr. Liu on page 21.

moving forward...


Client: United Way of the Midlands Project: Promotional Material for United Way Events Explanation: Design and coordinate several promotional material using the United Way logo and branded color scheme.



Client: Garnet and Black Magazine Winter 2011 Edition


Project: Featured DJ Article for WUSC Radio Station

Explanation: Conduct an interview and write a small column of interesting facts about the featured DJ.


Event: Sports photography of the Lady Gamecocks vs. the Lady Bulldogs Basketball Game during the Spring 2012 season.




Event: Wedding Photography taken at the Columbia Metropolitan Center.


Portraits: These set of pictures were taken to highlight the personality of the photo subject, Krystal. The framing, close up and cropped shot reveal the different dimensions of her personality using the background and elements around her.


WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT Client: Professor Denise McGill and Professors Buz Kloot Filmmakers of “The Last Farmer in Gullah Land” Documentary Project: Design a website as a part of a team

Explanation: Design a mock up website design in Photoshop. Proceed to code the website in Dreamweaver with three working pages and content.


[ Home ] story [ farmers ] filmmakers gallery blog press screenings contact





A film by Denise McGill & Dr. Buzz Kloot

Discover St. Helena Island Filmmakers spent a year on St. Helena Island, S.C., recording farmers and shermen who keep their Gullah/Geechee traditions. This documentary addresses the clash of land conservation, traditional culture and modern development. Join us as we explore the agriculture and community of the Gullah people on South Carolina’s coast. Gullah farming traditions are in danger of getting taken away by development. Will the Gullah people pass on their traditions successfully to their children? Or will it be lost forever? Find out as we discover St. Helena Island. Get Involved

St. Helena is a magical place on the South Carolina Coastline. African Americans have farmed and fished here for centuries: first as a plantation slaves, then as freedmen owning small subsistence operations. It’s now one of the last farming communities on the East Coast that hasn’t been swallowed up by development. But the Gullah/Geechee traditions of these landowners are in danger.

My design

Can the residents pass their heritage on to another generation? Or will the pristine qualities of the land and water be lost forever?

Rebecca Talley Last Farmer Gullah Land

The in

Video Trailer



Kyle Sublett


about us







Eric Owens



Contact Us

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT Final Design Coded in Dreamweaver and displayed in a browser.

Home Page

About Page

Gallery Page


VIDEO Client: Professor Rob Wells, Business Journalism Initiative

Project: Film a small news video on a local small business in the Columbia area

Small Business Profile: Reel2Real Productions Columbia, SC Owner: Caletta Bailey Length: 1 min 48 sec


Reel2Real Productions is a full service multimedia production company that started in 2006 in Tampa, Florida and has been operating in Columbia, SC for the past three years.

Caletta Bailey, a graduate of USCColumbia has gained several clients throughout the years. Her company does independent films, weddings, commercials website development and graphic design.

She has an assistant and two videographers and she contracts out depending on the type of project.

Reel2Real Productions travels in state and out of state for various productions which includes expos, seminars, live shows and events.

She works with her clients and helps takes their initial ideas and turn them into results.

Owning her own business is challenging and rewarding in that she can call the shots and dictate how she wants it to run.

There are long hours involved and it isn’t your typical nine to five, but Caletta takes it on with a determination to succeed.

Caletta’s dedication and ability to overcome challenges of owning her own business has helped her succeed in such a competitive industry.


Small Business Profile video (cont.): Presented on USC’s Business Journalism Website for several weeks during the months of October and November 2012. Also, uploaded on Vimeo at


DRAWINGS “Character Development� These drawings are what I have created in my spare time. Drawing helps me to relax and refocus. I often draw out design concepts before I do them on the computer. I enjoy developing characters through my artwork and writing about them.


PAINTINGS “Creativity and Imagination” This painting represents my love for reading, writing and art. The clouds are my imagination as they flow freely to be transferred to paper.

“Anime Blues” A character I drew and painted using various values of blue on a small canvas.


RESUME n o c a hia M


.55 [C]: 803

s i n e D acon w w w. m


com/p n s. w i x .



Career Objective To layout and design elements effectively to communicate the message to any audience. Seeking a position to work as a professional graphic designer.

Skills • Working with DSLR equipment shooting portraits and wedding photography • Using Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop to edit images, create layouts, illustrate and arrange design elements • Ability to communicate effectively in writing

Experience Graphic Design Intern at United Way of the Midlands I created flyers, programs, certificates, powerpoints, ads, and designed newsletters.

Public Relations Chair of Zeta SIgma Chi, Multicultural Sorority, Inc.


Designed flyers and programs for on-campus events and maintained the chapter’s website. r

BIO EDUCATION: UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, Columbia, SC Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communications Major: Visual Communications, December 2012 Minor: Art Studio - Graphic Design GPA: 3.7

I grew up with an ability to draw anything that I looked upon. As time went on, I discovered that graphic design was the career of creativity and I embarked on that journey to gain knowledge and the skills necessary for that field. I have been progressing ever since. I want to use my love of illustration to apply to my love of graphic design. It has been a very unique challenge and I have grown so much through the course of it.

“I take challenges and turn them into opportunities.� If there is something new to design and a new way to design it, I am on it. I constantly research and practice my skills, while also looking to others to learn more. My mind is open to all possibilities as I allow my strengths to grow each day. I do not give up, I am constantly striving to achieve and I am working to allow my talents to benefit others. I am excited about entering the design profession and I am prepared to be an asset to a design team. Thank You.


College Portfolio  

A portfolio of my college graphic design, photography, web and video work.

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