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How the Dhole got its fluffy front

One beautiful spring morning a pack of Dholes were sprinting as fast as there legs could carry them in the hot forest land.

When Drew the Dhole wondered off out of the group, He walked for what seemed like forever! Until he found a watering hole.

He thought that he would see a full lake of sparkling water, but instead he found it was completely empty! It was all dried up and the orange dust flew all over him. The cracks in the lake was like an old mans wrinkly

The problem was it was empty! He was so thirsty he didn’t know what to do. ‘’Hmmmmm’’ he thought. “There is a stream up river a little bit”

So he kept walking but as he stepped he got so hot he collapsed in the hot summery sun. But he got up because he really wanted the water.

He stumped as he stepped like a bird with a broken leg. He fell in a deep hole it was dark, cold and sticky.

He soon realized the sticky stuff was honey. He rolled over and white flowers that were tucked away in the corner were now on the front of him.

When he got back to his pack the honey was dry and the flowers were stuck to him. It went from generation to generation and that’s how the Dhole got its white fluffy front.

How the Dhole got its fluffy front By Rhyanna  

Myth about the Dhole

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