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Long, long ago lived a black fish called Boris. He lived in the beautiful, warm, crystal Lake Taupo. He had many fishy friends and enjoyed his home in the lovely lake. One day whilst he was off frolicking in the slushy cool waterfall , he met Eric the Evil Eel who was on holiday from Lake Rotorua.

Eric the Evil Eel was a nasty creature that wanted everything his way. He destroyed Boris the black fishes home and called him names.

Boris was lonely and scared and decided to find a new home. Somewhere where Evil Eric would not find him, so he set off down the Whangaehu River. He swam furiously to escape Evil Eric.

At last he came to a place called Wellington Harbour. He hid in the HUGE boulders for a little rest. Just as he was closing his eyes Evil Eric appeared and said “I found you, why are you trying to hide from me, I want to make your life a misery! Boris was frightened and slipped out of a gap in the humungous boulders and swam for his life across the Cook Strait.

He dodged the fishing boats and made his way towards Kaikoura.

= fishing boats =black mudfishes trail

made friends with the local seals, they were splashing and diving happily until Evil Eric reappeared out of the blue like a seal jumping out of the amazing clear water. Boris

Boris takes off like a speedboat to Lyttelton Harbour. In his panic he hides amongst the ships to catch his breath. Boris thought he must make a plan and fast. Boris sensed that Evil Eric was not far behind, a scary shadow was coming closer, he panicked and rushed up Rakaia River, passing the whitebait, leaving a rippling wave behind him.

Now he is exhausted, scared and totally worn out he dropped like a pin into the mud and immediately fell asleep. Evil Eric searched and searched for Boris he gave up and thought to himself that he must have turned up the wrong river, he swam off on the look for more prey to bully. Boris woke up to find in his reflection, he was now a muddy black colour on his skin. So as the myth came to a close the Black Fish changed his name to the Black Mudfish. If you look closely into the Rakaia River you may just see a Black Mudfish rolling in the mud, if you are lucky.

Boris the Black Mudfish  

A myth that describes how the Black mudfish got his name.

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