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How the two Black Eyed Gecko populations ended up over 100kms apart

Written by Adam and Oscar

A long, long time ago, before humans ever came to New Zealand there lived a Black Eyed Gecko. He was sitting under a large slab of argillite, on a scree slope on the Seaward Kaikora Ranges. He was looking out for something to scare. Suddenly he spotted Rock Wren, bobbing up and down on a rock. He crept forwards, scuttling between scree.

Unseen he finely made it under the sandy coloured stone the green backed Rock Wren was still bobbing on. Black Eyed Gecko, breathing heavily, peered up at the creamy white breast of Rock Wren. He tensed himself preparing for the inevitable scramble for cover from Rock Wren’s dumpy beak.


This is it, he thought and leapt as high as he could towards the dazzling midday sun. Yellow lipped mouth open, he screeched and fell back to earth. Laughing madly, he watched for Rock Wrens attack, at the same time imagining Rock Wrens reaction. But when no attack came he started to get worried.

He climbed the rock Rock Wren had been bobbing on just moments before. As he heaved himself over the edge of the rock, he froze. Huddled around Rock Wrens unconscious body was a group of birds. One by one they all turned him.” I-I-I didn’t mean to” Black Eyed Gecko stammered. “You’ve gone to far this time” boomed keas deep voice. “We have decided that I will carry you many miles away to Mt Arthur” Hassts Eagle commanding voice sounded. “Although we have also decided you can take your family with you” he finished.

And so, in the evening, Black Eyed Gecko regretfully led his family to Hassts Eagles home, saying goodbye to other Black Eyed Geckos as they passed. This myth explains many things; how the two Black Eyed Gecko populations are over 100kms apart (at the Seaward Kaikora Ranges and at Mt Arthur) and why all Black Eyed Geckos are now nocturnal(They hide in shame from all the other animals).

How the two Black Eyed Gecko populations ended up over 100kms apart  

Legend written by Adam and Oscar

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