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How The Black Veined Moth got its pretty marks By Aura

One windy morning, the White Moth flew up above the grass and into the sky. He looked around and not an animal nor insect was in sight! His wings began to flutter in the wind and the gust blew him up into the sky even more.

He whimpered, but nobody was around to help him. Soon his home was a blur of green against the bushes and trees. No moth had ever been that high before! White Moth soon got to tired to fly, so he fell asleep.

White moth awoke to Green Fly buzzing around him. “Hello there. You look lost. I can help you get back home” He said. White Moth was scared, he WAS lost! He nodded to Green Fly. “Thank you!”

They started to fly through the grass, but alas! The Green Fly saw some cow dung!

He was soon having a big feast. “Come and join me!� said the Green Fly. He pushed White Moth into the dung with a SPLAT! White moth was covered in the poop!

He quickly dried himself off, flying around in the air. “Sorry about that..� said Green Fly. White moth soon realised what he was talking about. Some of the dung had stained his wings into zigzag patterns!

White moth was mad but soon got over it. “Its OK,” he said. “Come on!” replied Green fly.

Soon White Moth started to recognize the surroundings.

Oh Thank you!� cried White Moth. He was finally home!

Till This day White moth still has the stains left by the cow dung. Soon all his friends renamed him the Black Veined Moth, because the marks on his wings look like veins.

The End

How the black veined moth got its pretty marks. By Aura  
How the black veined moth got its pretty marks. By Aura  

Myth written about the black veined moth