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PRINCE OF WALES Div.13/15/17 April 2014

To my wonderful Ninja Pandas, DCON 2014 was an absolute success! To those who were unable to attend this year, I will be sending out an invitation to an officer training workshop with me shortly. To those who did attend, I am absolutely beaming with pride for you guys. From winning the first half of the spirit stick to showing truly excellent Key Clubber conduct, I want to congratulate and thank you all. I hope that post-DCON depression isn't hitting you guys too hard and if it is, you are welcome to contact me so we can laugh and cry together. As of Saturday night, I am officially beginning my term as your new Lieutenant Governor for Division 13/15/17 along with the rest of the new official club officers. I am deeply honoured and blessed l that I am able to be able to dedicate myself to serving all of you. This past year has been one of the most humbling and eye-opening journeys that I have ever been in and for that, Division 13/15/17, I thank you. At DCON, we learned the many different types of love. One of these in particular was especially moving for all of us attendees and I have no doubt in my mind that I feel it for each and every one of you. AgapĂŠ is a Greek word that means "unconditional love". As high school students with intricately busy and complicated lives, we often become stressed out and frustrated. Sometimes, we feel unloved or lonely or simply just lost. And that's okay. I love you unconditionally and as Key Clubbers, we are all part of something so much more than just a service organization. We are family. So thank-you, my second family, for accepting me to be your new Lieutenant Governor for the 2014-2015 term. It was, is, and always will be a privilege to work all of you. In Service and Compassion, Patricia Xie


-Spring Dance Volunteering-

Last month, Key Clubbers went to volunteer for our school’s annual Spring Dance. Our jobs as being the coat checkers have went smoothly. We worked together as a team and achieved to be organized, calm and focused. Even though there were struggles at first with the numbers which we were putting on each student’s hand to correspond to the chair numbers, we managed to pull it through and felt accomplished. :) A shout out to all Key Clubbers that came out to help and worked their hardest to make this coat check area possible!



On April 4th-6th, Division 13/15/17 drove down to Downtown Seattle, WA for attending The 65th annual Pacific Northwest District Convention. The convention was held at “The Washington State Convention Center”. That morning, PW Key Clubbers arrived with our luggage ready to go to an unforgettable event that will stay in our memories forever. When we got to the hotel, Key Clubbers from each division were in their spirit gear and cheering on. The atmosphere were really awesome! The opening ceremony was a blast. We had a row calls to shout the Key Club Cheer one division after the next. As we waited patiently for the result of the Spirit Stick, we won! Go Canada! :D During Caucusing, we sat down with our division and listened to speeches by candidates running for a position on the District Executive Board. The next day different workshops, service fair and a dance were held. PW Key Clubbers had a fun time as well as others from PNW District. On Sunday, we did not want to leave the place. :’( Looking forward to next year’s DCON and I believe it is going to be another moment in my life that I will never forget. :’)


What is Coming Up?

1) Welcome to a new year of Key Club! :D 2) Volunteer Opportunity. Kiwanis Music Festival the month of April. Children’s Festival 3) Fundraiser: Jamaican Patties April.30th. At lunch.



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PW April 2014 Key Club Newsletter  
PW April 2014 Key Club Newsletter