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Welcome A letter from Borderland Teen Court board to the community.


Where we come from Where we come from and what we have been doing to expand our program in El Paso County.


Where we are going Projects on the horizon, and what we want to do with our vision for the future of the organization.


Community Partnership We want you as a community partner, to help us expand in the El Paso community!

On behalf of Borderland Teen Court we would like to thank you for taking the time and interest in our organization. As a group of young adults with the intention of pursuing a career in the legal system, we have taken this opportunity to not only to familiarize ourselves with the court systems and processes, but to assist at-risk youth in gaining a second chance after committing a criminal offense. Being given the opportunity to work with the El Paso legal community as well as the El Paso County court and our legal advisor Danny Razo, has been a privilege that we will continue to pass along to the next generations of Borderland Teen Court members. Please take the time to review the following packet and learn a little more about what we do. In a statistical comparison done by El Paso County Juvenile Probation Department, there were 1,112 Juvenile misdemeanor cases up until 2015 going through the Juvenile Probation Department*, this is without including class C misdemeanors, our intent as BTC is to diminish the load on juvenile court system by taking on Class C misdemeanor cases in the punishment phase and providing a resolution. We are actively conducting interviews for new applicants, and will continue to expand throughout the county. Thank you for your support!

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BORDERLAND TEEN COURT *(2016, May 19). Retrieved June 30, 2017, from

Our History In 2014, El Paso County concluded all operations due to legislative changes and lack of funding. August- September 2016 a new found group of students recognizes the need for a Teen Court program is identified. Planning and training for the new program begin. September 29, 2016 First cases for the new teen court program begin. October 2016 Borderland Teen Court is officially established. September-December 2016 Judge Elia Garcia becomes our first partner and cases begin. January 2017- Present we are conducting effective program planning and development to increase the students involved with our program and commence mentoring of new members, and case loads. May 2017- Present a partnership and opportunity is granted to BTC by Judge Robledo



How Does it Work? Borderland Teen Court partners with schools or local courthouses in order to obtain cases, a courtroom, and a presiding judge. Cases that are handled by Borderland Teen Court are Class C misdemeanors, that are in the punishment phase. A group of juvenile offenders youth peers then assemble a jury (made up of newest BTC members), a defense attorney, and a prosecutor made up of BTC student members. The youth peers then conduct effective case research, case preparation, and present case to presiding judge. The Juvenile offenders youth peer juror's then decide on type of punishment and amount for offender. Typically this would be made up of community service or classes to rehabilitate the juvenile offender. If Juvenile offender successfully completes program by status hearing, their criminal record is then reset to not reflect any prior offenses, giving them a second chance at a successful and bright future. During future program years, at times, previous defendants are invited to join the BTC program, and further their knowledge of a career in law.





Borderland Teen Court would like to continue our mission and vision in El Paso County, and increase the amount of students that participate in program. However, we need help from you! We are currently looking for community sponsors to help us with:


Office Space, meeting space and a space to do research Funding to attend Teen Court Programs across the nation. Funding to hire a Program Coordinator to work with all students, Court staff and defendants parents. Office supplies Professional clothing closet for our defendants without the means to purchase court clothing. Funding for website maintenance and other printing materials. Funding and programs for legal research Assistance with hosting large informational events. Assistance with expanding our message across the city. NOMADIC



Thank You!

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