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A New Era

SEPTEMBER 2013 | I S S UE 9 / V O L U M E 219 W W W. U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

Next Gen’s Influence On Industry Innovation

Smokin’ Hot! UCON Annual BBQ A Hit p.14

There’s An App for That! p.22

Protect your crew and a whole lot more. From training your crew on safety regulations to helping you choose the right equipment for the job, our innovative Trench Safety Solutions help increase productivity and lower costs. Next time you’re underground, count on us to help keep your crew, and your project, safe. | 800.UR.RENTS

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CALL THE LABORERS The construction industry is extremely challenging and finding a competitive advantage, let alone your next project, isn’t easy. At the Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust (LECET) Southwest, we know that the Laborers’ success goes hand-in-hand with yours. We are here to help you succeed.



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By cooperating with signatory employers, the Laborers provide the best trained, hardest working people in the industry. But that’s just the beginning, the Laborers go even further. We can help you find your next project, perform it safely, and complete it on time and under budget. No matter what the issue is, the Laborers are here to help. • Project tracking and alerts • Market research and analysis

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Laborers can’t work if their employers aren’t winning projects. That is why the Laborers are committed to helping signatory contractors find and win projects, explore new markets, and develop new business opportunities.



The Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust Southwest is a partnership between the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) and their signatory contractors throughout the states of California, Arizona, and New Mexico to secure projects and jobs, increase market share, and advance mutual industry-related interests.

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2013 UNITED CONTRACTORS BOARD OFFICERS Vice President/President-Elect................Kevin Albanese Secretary/Treasurer................................Kevin Albanese

6 UP Front

Our Next Generation Adventure

Secretary/Treasurer-Elect......................Bruce Daseking

UNITED CONTRACTORS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Kevin Albanese, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.; Jim Alvey, Appian Engineering, Inc.; Jerry Condon, Condon-Johnson & Associates, Inc.; Bruce Daseking, McGuire and Hester; Brian Gates, Top Grade Construction, A Goodfellow Bros. Company; Rich Gates, DeSilva Gates Construction; Michael Ghilotti, Ghilotti Bros., Inc.; Brett Kincaid, O’Grady Paving, Inc.; Bret Lawrence, Woodruff-Sawyer & Co.; Rob Layne, O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc.; Jeff Prevost, Lockton Companies, LLC; Robert Purdy, RGW Construction, Inc.; Bob Rahebi, Redgwick Construction Company; Donna Rehrmann, Stomper Company, Inc.

By Mark Breslin, UCON CEO


Mobile Devices Contribute to Decline in Workplace Etiquette

By UCON Labor & Member Services Department

10 INSIDE the Capitol Fixing the Highway Trust Fund: You Can Help


Associates: Bret Lawrence (Associate Director), WoodruffSawyer & Co.; Jeff Prevost (Associate Director-Elect), Lockton Companies, LLC | Caltrans: Michael Ghilotti (Chairman), Ghilotti Bros., Inc. | Government Relations: Chris Young (Chairman), D.W. Young Construction Co., Inc. | Safety & Insurance: Rick Seifert (Chairman), Preston Pipelines, Inc. | Scholarship: Janice Lajoie (Chair), GE Capital

By Emily Cohen, Director of Government Relations



SEPTEMBER 2013 | I S S U E 9 / V O L U M E 2 1 9

A New Era

W W W. U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

Next Gen’s Influence On Industry Innovation

UCON PAC Protects the Industry p.12

Smokin’ Hot! UCON Annual BBQ A Hit p.14

There’s An App for That! p.22

Cover jobsite photos shown: BART Oakland Airport Connector (OAC); photos courtesy Flatiron Construction Corp.

Mark Breslin, Chief Executive Officer; Leslie Lord, Deputy Director; Kelly Montes, Executive Assistant; Randy Ruby, Director of Labor Relations; Ruby Varnadore, Labor Contracts Manager; Lucia Sbarro, Labor Relations & Member Services Assistant; Steve Geney, Labor Negotiations Consultant; Shelbie Tieman, Director of Finance & Administration; Terese Pollock, Finance Assistant; Kristina Knecht, Administrative Assistant; Stacy Anderson, Director Communications, Events & Education; Denise Ramirez, Online Services Manager; Joan O’Brien, Education Manager; Jenn Rogers, Senior Manager of Events; Marlo Fregulia, Event Assistant; Michelle Vejby, Publications Manager; Emily Cohen, Director of Government Relations; Mallori Spilker, Regulatory Affairs Manager; Kevin Pedrotti, Legislative Advocate; Tony Dorsa, CARB Consultant

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UCON’s Annual BBQ— Record-Breaking Attendance, a Salute to Veterans, Award-Winning Chili, Bull-Riding for Prizes—all Making it the “Best Yet”




special feature

President...............................................Michael Ghilotti

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By Mark Breslin, United Contractors CEO

Our Next Generation Adventure Early in the last century the famous explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton placed an advertisement for courageous adventurers. The task at hand was the exploration of Antarctica. The odds of survival were in serious doubt. It has been reported that he received more than 3,000 inquiries. I wonder how many responses he might get if that ad were placed today? And even more interesting, if it were targeting 20 to 30 year old Gen Y’s in our country today? Gen Y might be challenged to answer that ad. Their motivations are different. Their values are different. The way they look at work is different. That is not to say they are not capable of great things; it is just a new set of rules emerging based on 70 million Gen Y’s hitting the workforce. Why this is so important may not seem apparent to many, but the days of hiring and circulating “retreads of talent” in our industry are at an end. 40% of our workforce is projected to be Gen Y in 4-5 years. Office and field talent development that has been generally ignored for 25 years cannot be ignored any longer. The idea that this next Gen of talent will simply figure it out is not only unrealistic, but also a form of denial that companies, unions and businesses at large should examine closely. UCON has. And has both a strategy and metrics to measure our success. The benefit it is having on the association and industry is already apparent. And, it also represents a legacy impact that will create success for decades ahead; long after me and my Baby Boomer peers are gone.

Our industry theoretically should be attracting the same profile as Shackleton’s crew. Adventurous, non-conformist, rough edged, in need of high stimulation and challenge, team player, risk taker, assertive and resourceful.

At the recent UCON “Napa R.E.D.” strategic planning event, this driving trend was noted as a high priority for the association. This adjustment in generational values, expectations and even selfdefinition is already having a profound business impact. I am talking to contractors about this challenge almost every week now. A very major part of this is having a talent recruitment and management plan of action that is something better than the Shackleton ad; risk, adventure and honor are all fine—but there is a new ethos emerging at work in America and coming to the construction industry near you. Our industry theoretically should be attracting the same profile as Shackleton’s crew. Adventurous, nonconformist, rough edged, in need of high stimulation and challenge, team player, risk taker, assertive and resourceful. Yes, all these things are common and mostly desirable traits. But in many ways Gen Y is coming to us a little less ready or perhaps willing to endure the hardship, exercise the patience, confront the failures and draw upon their reserves to grow and thrive in this very tough industry. Someone within your organization needs to take the time to focus on the following: • Talent and recruitment of Gen Y • Mentoring programs to make them successful • Developmental leadership and management training • Workplace initiatives for retention In summary, the embracing of risk is how this country has grown and prospered. The spirit of limitless

6 W W W. U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

Shackleton’s ship, the Endurance, and part of his crew (right). His family motto: “Fortitudine Vincimus,” meaning “By endurance we conquer.” wall sawing

slab sawing

opportunity coupled with risk. The Mayflower. The Pioneers. Manifest Destiny. The original 49ers. And countless waves of immigrants who most of us can count back to the old country even in our own families. The character of America is one based on courage, ambition and a desire that overcomes the fear of failure. It is this character that must be preserved as part of generational change and a change in values in this industry today. The story of Shackleton and his crew is the greatest adventure story of all time. A wrecked ship and 18 months stranded on Antarctic pack ice—alone. The men who answered that ad got more than they bargained for. And yet, their endurance and honor has stood as an example for 100 years. The payback for embracing the unknown and leaning into it. Let us together create a mission of development for those young people who wish to join our great construction adventure. And recognize that managing the process and supporting their development are not burdens, but a requirement for a successful journey. u

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core drilling

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All work done to your sAtisfAction And on time Photos above: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C.;(photo at right) Royal Geographical Society;–Frank Hurley, Photographer




By United Contractors Labor & Member Services Department

Electronic devices and social media are here to stay, bringing with them many challenging HR situations. This is a rapidly evolving area, as technology changes and court cases are decided. The following article addresses just some of the issues facing employers today.

Mobile Devices Contribute to Decline in Workplace Etiquette You know the situation is getting bad when even the technology people say mobile devices violate workplace etiquette rules. In a recent survey, 64 percent of chief information officers (CIOs) said the higher use of mobile devices, such as smart phones and other handheld mobile devices, caused more workplace etiquette violations over the last three years (survey conducted by Robert Half Technology, an employment staffing agency focusing on technology professionals). The 2013 results show a substantial increase over a similar survey from three years ago, in which 51 percent of CIOs said the use of mobile devices led to etiquette violations.

Gadgets Gone Bad

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8 W W W. U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

People annoy each other. There’s just no getting around it. We’ve annoyed each other since the dawn of civilization. The big difference in this modern world is that we have amazing new electronic gadgets to use to annoy each other. People love their devices, but some people apparently need device-awareness lessons: • “We have a new person…three days into her first week, I went nuts hearing her phone’s notifications going off numerous times throughout the day. I actually even snuck over once and put it on silent when she was training with one of my co-workers (I couldn’t help myself).” From the Ask A Manager blog • “We get asked about cell phones all the time here at the ICBE, and we’ve got some simple advice for you: ‘Stop talking on the darn cell phone in the bathroom!’” From the International Center for Bathroom Etiquette (ICBE) • “Putting your cell phone on vibrate only works if it’s in your pocket: Thank you for not wanting to disturb the office with your ‘Theme From Love

Available in the UCON Contractor Resouce Center: • Cell Phone Use Sample Policy • Personal Cell Phone Use Sample Policy Story’ ringtone, but setting the phone to vibrate and then leaving it on your desk isn’t helpful either. Everybody can hear the buzz as the phone dances across the desk.” From Your employees have to spend a lot of time together, and it’s better if they all get along—or at least treat each other civilly. Because that time is spent under your roof, you can take certain steps to keep your employees from driving each other crazy with their cell phones.

The Right Policy

Your employee handbook already contains a variety of policies addressing workplace behavior so you should strongly consider adding an electronic media policy. This policy can address your employees’ use of the electronic media you provide for their work (computers, voicemail systems, Internet access, etc.) and their use of their own personal devices.

handle responding to urgent emails or other messages while in a meeting. As the employer, it’s your right to police your employees’ behavior in the workplace. You don’t want to create a situation where employees police each other—that could create significant tension between coworkers. If you have any questions about how far your policies can go, consult legal counsel. u Excerpted from CalChamber HR California Extra 6/6/13

One option is forbidding people from using their personal phones at work, unless they’re on a rest break or meal break, are not at their workstation or it’s an emergency situation. This option may not be popular, but it’s your right to create and enforce such a policy during actual working time. A milder option is a policy that acknowledges employees’ ability to occasionally use their personal devices at work, but sets ground rules for doing so. Such rules could include warnings that personal use can be revoked if work performance suffers; or instructions that employees set their phones to silent if they will be away from their desk and that personal phone calls must be brief and calls taken/made in vacant meeting areas so as to not disturb co-workers. The policy can state that no personal devices be brought to meetings. But if you decide to allow company-provided devices to be brought to meetings, your policy should address how employees


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The Capitol


By Emily Cohen, Director of Government Relations

Now is the Time for Congress to Fix the Highway Trust Fund

What are YOU doing to make sure it happens? When we met with Senator Boxer during our Washington D.C. Fly-In, she didn’t mince words: “Congress’s favorite thing to do is nothing. Don’t let them get away with it.” The solvency of the Highway Trust Fund is threatened by Congresses unwillingness to act. Absent action from Congress means the Highway Trust Fund faces yet another “fiscal cliff” in just 14 months that threatens to eliminate federal highway and transit investment in 2015. This type of funding crash would have grave impacts on the transportation infrastructure industry and our nation’s entire economy. But right now there’s only one guarantee: This will not turn around unless members of Congress are pushed hard to develop real solutions. No one has more at stake than you. Make your voice heard! Reach out to your member of Congress with a meeting in the district, a phone call, or a letter. We can help! Learn more by visiting our Government Relations & Advocacy page at

Know Your Facts:

• More than 70.9 million American jobs are dependent on the nation’s infrastructure system. Jobs in tourism, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, agriculture, forestry, general construction, mining, retailing, wholesaling and more all depend on transportation infrastructure. The linkage between U.S. economic competitiveness and the performance of the nation’s transportation infrastructure network is undeniable. • The Trust Fund’s revenue base has not been adjusted in 20 years. Since 2008, the trust fund has suffered four separate insolvency crisis. • According to estimates by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), existing revenues coming into the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) are insufficient 10 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

to support current spending levels in the future. If the HTF shortfalls were to be addressed solely by cutting spending, obligations in 2015 from the Highway Account and from the Mass Transit Account would need to be completely eliminated. California stands to lose 163,274 jobs and $4,598,024,573 in funding to Federal Highway, Federal Safety and Transit Programs Based on CBO Estimates. Cutting federal investment to levels that could be supported by current trust fund revenue, or devolving the transportation programs to the states is not a viable option for a safe and strong U.S. economy. There are two potential courses of action: generating new or additional trust fund revenues; or utilizing general fund resources, and, in doing so, contribute to the deficit. According to the CBO, the Trust Fund requires approximately $15 billion per year in additional resources whether through new revenues or general fund transfers to maintain existing investment levels.

• Linking financial support to usage is fair and demonstrates fiscal responsibility. Connecting financial support for system upkeep and improvement to those who benefit from use of the system has been an effective and fair principle for funding federal highway and public transportation programs for over 60 years. • Independent commissions and stakeholder groups have identified a series of potential sources for additional Trust Fund revenues. The goal of any discussions must be to provide, at minimum, $15 billion per year the CBO says is necessary to preserve existing investment levels. • A long-term, growth supporting revenue solution for the Highway Trust Fund would achieve many of the economic and fiscal objectives of both parties. Call or email your Member of Congress and urge him/ her to make addressing the Highway Trust Fund’s revenue shortfall a key priority. We can help! Learn more at u

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The Capitol


PAC Supporting Candidates Who Support Our Industry

UCON PAC: Supporting Candidates Who Support Our Industry Help protect our industry for tomorrow What happens in the Capitol does not stay in the Capitol. The legislative actions of our elected officials impact your business and our industry everyday throughout California. Sending the right people to the Capitol is critical: People who understand the importance of our industry, value businesses in California, and are willing to listen and learn from our industry. The success of United Contractors Government Advocacy is directly related to you! United Contractors PAC relies on donations from our members and is an investment into the future of our industry. The UCON PAC is used to support state and local candidates who

can make a difference for our industry. Republican or Democrat, we contribute to candidates from both parties who show an interest and understanding of our industry and show dedication to strengthening the business environment for construction. Our PAC is your PAC. The strength of our PAC is a testament to the strength and voice of our industry throughout California. Join these members (shown at right) in contributing to the United Contractors PAC. Donate today help protect our industry for tomorrow by visiting u


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Committee Spotlight: UCON PAC Committee

The PAC Committee involves the membership in decisions related to United Contractors PAC and the political contribution process. This committee helps decide which state and local legislators and political candidates the UCON PAC will contribute to in the interest of building and protecting the interests of the association and our industry in California. This committee meets twice annually and communicates on an as-needed basis via email or online meeting.

2013 PAC Committee Members: Chris Young, D.W. Young Construction Co., Inc., (Chair) Randy Cram, Tri-West Tractor, Inc. Mike Bauman, Bauman Landscape & Construction, Inc. Rich Gates, DeSilva Gates Construction Andy Vasconi, A. J. Vasconi General Engineering Wahid Tadros, California Engineering Contractors, Inc. Jerry Condon, Condon-Johnson & Associates, Inc. Bruce Daseking, McGuire and Hester Kelly Kolander, O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc. Emily Cohen, UCON Staff Liaison


A. J. Vasconi General Engineering Andreini Brothers, Inc. Apply-A-Line, Inc. Bauman Landscape and Construction, Inc. BB&T Tanner Insurance Services Brad Mitchell Excavating C.C. Myers, Inc. California Trenchless, Inc. Cal-Sierra Pipe, LLC Campanella Corporation Chrisp Company Con-Quest Contractors, Inc. Corrpro Companies, Inc. D.A. Wood Construction, Inc. Dorfman Construction Co., Inc. E.E. Gilbert Construction, Inc. Eighteen Trucking, Inc Equip Appraisers LLC Farwest Corrosion Control Farwest Safety, Inc. Ghilotti Bros., Inc. Graniterock dba Pavex Construction Heavy Construction Sys. Specialists Highway Technologies, Inc. J.S. Cole Company Knife River Construction - Chico Knife River Construction - Stockton Lockton Insurance Brokers, LLC Mabey, Inc. Michels Tunneling Midstate Barrier, Inc. Mountain Cascade, Inc. National Trench Safety LLC P C & N Construction, Inc. Pacific Coast General Engineering Peterson CAT Preston Pipelines, Inc. R.E. Serrano, Inc. Rain For Rent RDO Integrated Controls Redgwick Construction Co. Sequoia Construction Shamrock Materials Inc. Shimmick Construction Company, Inc. Shimmick/Obayashi JV Stoloski & Gonzalez, Inc. Stomper Company, Inc. Sunbelt Rentals Sunstate Equipment Co. Tri-West Tractor, Inc. Valley Oil Company Vulcan Materials W.C. Maloney, Inc. W. R. Forde Associates Zurich North American Surety SEPTEMBER 2013




United Contractors Annual BBQ & Chili Cookoff on August 1, 2013 turned out to be a record breaker, with 1,026 members, industry leaders and legislative guests. During his welcome remarks, UCON President, Michael Ghilotti of Ghilotti Bros., Inc. asked everyone to join in a moment of silence and then brought a call to action to the 1,000+ crowd: “UCON is dedicated to creating a sustainable employment program for our Veterans who want to enter the construction industry. It’s our time to give back to those whom have given so much, so I’m asking all of you, right now to reach out, contact UCON and make a company pledge to hire our heroes.” To find out more, visit Remarking on the success of the event, UCON CEO, Mark Breslin, told the crowd “we made history tonight! Over 1,000 of you signed up to attend, which is the largest number of contractors, unions and affiliates to join together in the history of the Association.”

14 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G





Platinum Sponsors: FMG, Inc. Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. National Trench Safety, LLC Northern California District Council of Laborers Oldcastle Enclosure Solutions Penhall Company Stevens Creek Quarry, Inc. TYS, LLP Gold Sponsors: Corrpro Companies, Inc. District Council of Plasterers & Cement Mason of Northern California Foundation for Fair Contracting Ghilotti Bros., Inc. Ghilotti Construction Co. Graniterock dba Pavex Construction Laborers Int’l Union of North America (Pacific Southwest Region) Lehigh Hanson Mabey Inc. Operating Engineers Local No. 3 P C & N Construction, Inc. R & B Company R & L Brosamer-Walsh Construction RDO-Vermeer Stacy and Witbeck, Inc. Stomper Company, Inc. Sweeney, Mason, Wilson & Bosomworth Western Traffic Supply, Inc. Zurich North America Surety Silver Sponsors: Aon Construction Services Group Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers of California, Inc./Gallagher Construction Services GALLINA LLP Leonidou & Rosin Professional Corporation Midstate Barrier, Inc. Moss Adams LLP United Rentals Trench Safety Woodruff -Sawyer & Co. Special Thank You’s: Wine Sponsor: Ghilotti Bros., Inc. Wine Donors: Las Positas Vineyards and Ruby Hill Winery Gary Ghilotti of Maggiora & Ghilotti, Inc. for use of his 1934 Military Truck. 16 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

Could You Stand the Heat? UCON’s Chili Cook-Off Competition was HOT! Judge’s Choice–Best Chili: People’s Choice–Best Chili: People’s Choice–Best Booth:

Team “Numero Uno Al Peperocino (#1 Chili)” of Ghilotti Bros., Inc. Team “Bauman’s Best Meat Chili” of Bauman Landscape and Construction, Inc./Peterson CAT Team “Piping Hot Chili” of R & B Company

Thank you to all of our Chili Cook-Off Competitors: Allied World Assurance Company: Allied World’s Awesome Chili | Bauman Landscape and Construction, Inc./Peterson CAT: Bauman’s Best Meat Chili | District Council of Plasterers & Cement Masons of Northern California: Vicious & Delicious | Downey Brand, LLP: Change Order Chili | Ghilotti Bros., Inc.: Numero Uno Al Peperocino (#1 Chili) | Moss Adams LLP: Seasoned Bean Counters | Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker LLP: To the Hottest Extent of the Law | Pape Machinery: Beans and Backhoes | R & B Company: Piping Hot Chili | St. Francis Electric: Road Kill Grill | Stomper Company, Inc.: Stomp’n Hot Chili | Travelers: Red Hot Umbrella | Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, Inc.: Red Hot Chili Peppers | Western Traffic Supply, Inc.: Wild Western Chili SEPTEMBER 2013


FACES Event Chairperson: Jeff Prevost, Lockton Companies, LLC Event Co-Chairs: Rachel Ruhe, Johnston, Gremaux & Rossi, LLP Roger Mason, Sweeney, Mason, Wilson & Bosomworth Steve Passerine, Andreini & Company Volunteers: Colleen Atkinson, California Bank of Commerce; Dave Perry, Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc.; Vicki Gomez, Corrpro Companies, Inc.; Susana Vazquez, Corrpro Companies, Inc.; Linda Rodrigues, Corrpro Companies, Inc.; Bill Wallace, Daily Construction Service/Reed Construction Data; Tana Karr, Enterprise Fleet Management; Russ Rigler, GALLINA LLP; Mike McGrath, Graniterock; Andy Betts, IronPlanet; Glen Hungerbuhler, Mission Clay Products; Fabian Garcia, Rain for Rent ; Tobin Moon, TYS, LLP; David Jordan, West Coast Aggregates, Inc.; Trony Fuller, West Coast Aggregates, Inc.; Bret Lawrence, Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. 8-Seconds (or longer) Bull Riders: Chase Alexander, RGW Construction, Inc. | Oscar Aparicio, Pacific Highway Rentals LLC | Drew Blundell, RGW Construction, Inc. | Joe Burgoon | Pam Chandler, Pacific Highway Rentals LLC | Kakiu Ching, St. Francic Electric | Steve Dunn, Cal-Sierra Pipe, LLC | Mario Ghilotti, Ghilotti Bros., Inc. | Mike Ghilotti, Ghilotti Bros., Inc. | Vicki Gomez, Corrpro Companies, Inc. | Ben Holickey, Hartford Bond | Paul Kitchell, CNA Surety Corporation | Lindsay Machacek, CNA Surety Corporation | Matt MacPherson, RGW Construction, Inc. | Rod Michaelson, Bay Cities Paving & Grading, Inc. | Jake Perata, Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers of California, Inc./Gallagher Construction Services | Ivan Pinedo, California Trenchless, Inc. | Christi Plum, P C & N Construction | Joseph Maldonado, RGW Construction, Inc. | Mick Stangrover, DeSilva Gates Construction | Taylor Stevenson, Blue Iron, Inc. | Jessica Wasch, AVAR Construction, Inc. | Larry Williams, Pacific Highway Rentals LLC Bull Riding Awards: UCON Cowboy: Larry Williams, Pacific Highway Rentals UCON Cowgirl: Jessica Wasch, AVAR Construction, Inc. 18 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G



R & B Company R & B Equipment, Inc. R & L Brosamer-Walsh Construction R.C. Fischer & Co. R.E. Serrano Inc. Rain for Rent RAM, Inc. Ramos Oil Co., Inc. Ray’s Electric Thank you to all of the following companies! RC Underground, Inc. RDO Integrated Controls A. J. Vasconi General Engineering CWS Industries/Jewell Manufacturing LECET Southwest RDO-Vermeer ACE USA - Surety D.P. Nicoli, Inc. Lehigh Hanson Redgwick Construction Co. Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. D.W. Young Construction Co., Inc. Leonidou & Rosin Professional Corporation Reliable Trucking, Inc. Alameda County Supervisor, District 1 Daily Construction Service/Reed Lewis and Tibbitts, Inc. RGW Construction, Inc. 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Laborers Local No. 270 Prestige Printing and Graphics 20 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G



special feature



By Emily Cohen, Director of Government Relations

The Next Generation of Construction Industry Advocacy There’s an App for That!

I don’t think I know how to use a fax machine. Well, at least not confidently. To date, I’ve probably sent less than 10 faxes in the last 10 years. I am not ashamed. If you’re over 40 and reading this, you’re probably embarrassed for me. If you’re under 30 and you’re reading this, you’re probably embarrassed for everyone that still uses fax machines (bids not withstanding). When I first started at United Contractors (and it wasn’t that long ago) I sat in a staff meeting where we debated whether or not we should send legislative bulletins and alerts to our members via fax or via email. I laugh every time I think about that. I won that battle by acting like a 2 year old. I simply refused to fax anything from the Government Relations department to members, unless a member specifically requests it. (But hey, this is UCON, we’ll swim rivers and climb mountains if you ask us to). That day my argument was simple (and while it’s not an argument I could use to make my mother proud, in the case of technology, it was true): Everyone is doing it. People, get on board. It’s been nearly 4 years since the infamous “fax machine versus email” staff debate. Since then, United Contractors has implemented a slew of programs and member services using current technology, all implemented with the goal of creating a better service, and better, more effective representation for our membership. Were we wrong to stop faxing you legislative alerts, news and bulletins? I don’t know. But I do know that since then UCON has still managed to have tremendous organizational growth and we have created a bigger, stronger footprint and voice on the political front. Can I confirm that utilizing next-gen technology and UCON growth and influence are directly correlated? No. But it’s my article and my argument, so I’m going to say that they do.

22 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

Although learning new technology can be frustrating and hard to keep up with (Apple, please stop creating new iPhones that require different chargers), utilizing technology effectively can be a vital tool for business growth and success. Here are some of the ways United Contractors Government Advocacy team has utilized technology to better serve our members and the industry:

Online Legislative Advocacy

“Back in the old days” (this may or may not have been 4 years ago), when we needed members to immediately take action on a legislative issue, we…faxed…you. And then, we crossed our fingers and hoped that you reached out to your legislator using the information on the fax. Now, using our online grassroots advocacy program, we can quickly blast an email to membership, include a few links for you to follow, hook you up with a preformulated letter, have you enter your zip code, and quicker than you could cook Top Ramen, you’ve made your voice heard on an important industry issue. Look at you go! And not to sound like the NSA or anything, but we can track you. All of you. Using our online advocacy technology, UCON is able to keep track of everyone who is (and isn’t) utilizing our grassroots advocacy center. We can definitively count the number of letters that have been written from UCON members to representatives at the State and Federal levels and to Agencies as well.

In this way, technology has made UCON’s advocacy efforts much simpler for our members, and in turn, more utilized. As a result, you’ve sent hundreds of letters to dozens of representatives on the issues that matter most. Good stuff.

Meeting...From the Comfort of Your Desk

UCON is hosting meetings like never before. United Contractors Legislative Committee consists of members who live and work in all parts of the state, so getting everyone together can be impossible. At the same time, having the committee face-to-face, in real time is often essential for good feedback, idea generation and collaboration related to critical pieces of legislation. Hmm… real-time, face-to-face meetings that foster collaboration, but without the hassle of travel time? We’ve got the solution. UCON is now utilizing first-class online video conferencing and meeting collaboration technology to allow our Legislative Committee to meet, collaborate, and conduct business in real-time.      During the meetings, committee members and presenters can markup or add notes to pictures, PDF’s, and PowerPoint presentations, while everyone is watching. We’ll even utilize a virtual laser pointer in order to highlight specific concerns. Conference attendees can chat with the entire group or chat individually without interrupting the flow of the meeting. Another favorite of the committees: the “call me” feature that reduces hassle and eliminates the need to call-in and enter a long pin number every time you enter a meeting. (Yep, when we say “don’t call us, we’ll call you,” we actually mean it in a good way.) Using the latest technology UCON is able to host productive, dynamic legislative meetings. From anywhere. At any time. With any device.

We “Like” Facebook

UCON’s Facebook page allows us to post news articles, event updates, legislative alerts, photos, and more, visible to anyone

who has “liked” our page. Facebook is a quick and easy way to keep our name out there in social media, connecting us to legislators, their staff, government agencies, other industry coalitions, and more so we can stay connected and keep each other in the loop; raising awareness on the issues that matter most. We “like” that. Continued on next page

Palace of Fine Arts Historic Restoration

 Lagoon Edge Restoration  Drainage  Landscape  Grading  Irrigation  Architectural Concrete  Gravel-Lok

Specializing in Historic Restoration & New Construction Since 1982...  Including Parks, Trails, & Streetscapes   

Golden Gate Park Playground Carrousel Plaza


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 Cobblestone Veneer  AC Paving  Landscape  Irrigation  Architectural Concrete  Precast Furnishings

1255 Battery St., Suite 400, San Francisco CA 94111  PH: 415‐447‐4800     FAX: 415‐447‐4258



special feature



Next Gen Industry Advocacy (cont.)


Fact: Gridlock costs our State billions of dollars in lost economic opportunity, is terrible for the environment, and negatively impacts people’s quality of life, and their pocketbooks. Fact: Properly investing in our economy improves all of the above outcomes. Fact: Most people don’t know any of this. What’s one way to change that? YouTube. YouTube allows us to tell our story to people who might not otherwise pay attention. If you haven’t seen it already, check out UCON’s The Price of Gridlock, a 4 minute video that captures the impact of underinvestment in infrastructure. Our partners at the California Alliance for Jobs have also created a new YouTube video on California’s impending transportation fiscal cliff. In less than 3 minutes this video helps educate Californians in an entertaining way about the looming fiscal cliff for transportation funding. You can view both these videos on the UCON website at www. on the Government Relations & Advocacy page. Find them, watch them, “like” them, and share them on your own social networks.


The “Transportation Construction Advocate App,” or “TransCon App” was unveiled last month by our partners at ARTBA. It gives public and private-sector workers in the transportation design and construction industry a powerful, new tool to communicate with your elected officials about the importance of transportation investment to the U.S. economy and the need to fix the Highway Trust Fund. The mobile application provides users with key information to convey to Congressmen and 24 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

Senators including “Talking Points” about the 90 percent cut the Trust Fund faces next year, as well as “Facts & Stats” about the industry’s economic impact in their State. A “Feedback” button allows you to provide instant reports about your meetings and conversations with lawmakers. What’s more, text notifications will help everyone stay on top of major legislative developments in Washington, D.C., such as key votes, and you can connect with your Congressman or Senators’ offices via the app’s “Take Action” button.

improve on the technology front, there is one thing that hasn’t changed—our dedication to our members and the industry. For over 40 years, everything we’ve done has revolved around one “old school” mission: to improve our member’ competitiveness through innovation, proactive strategies, caring relationships, and the principles of unity and integrity. So, whether we fax it, email it, Facebook it, or upload it to YouTube, our dedication to you, and providing you with the highest level of industry service and advocacy, is one thing that we won’t be changing. u

“I’m Stuck” App

Stuck in gridlock? Sick of your cities pot holes? Want to complain to someone who can actually do something about it? There’s an App for that too! Now you can tell your elected officials in a quick and convenient way, to get moving on infrastructure investment! The App, developed by transportation coalition, Building America’s Future, enables you to select your specific mode of transportation and easily write a personal message about the problem. The best part: the App will use your registration information to direct the email to your Representative. And, if you’re driving outside your district when reporting a problem, the App will use geolocation to identify the appropriate Representative to send your message to. Think this won’t catch on? Think again. In its first week the “I’m Stuck” App had 10,000 downloads from users in 37 states and was used to send more than 1,000 messages to lawmakers urging them to invest in transportation. Pretty sweet.

Ground Modification Improvement


Compaction Grouting Permeation Grouting Micropiles Tieback Anchors Polyurethane Grouting Structural Grouting Water Shut Off

A New Source of Grouting with Decades of Experience. GMI, A Division of AVAR is a specialty grouting contractor established by longtime veterans of the industry. We combine strong financial position and experienced personnel at all levels, offering close coordination with design and construction teams to ensure your projects is a success.

By the way, both of these Apps are available for Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded through Google play or iTunes.

But Some Things Never Change While UCON is growing, changing, and constantly looking for ways to

Phone: 510.455.4155 / Fax: 510.226.1013 SEPTEMBER 2013


special feature



By Denise Ramirez, Online Services Manager

Debunking Social Media Myths You can find social media almost everywhere. There is no doubt that it’s at your morning meeting, your dinner table, and sequestered away in your kids bedrooms at night. Go to any public place and you can guesstimate that at least 50% of people have their noses stuck to the screens of their smart phone. Is it progressive, anti-social, or just plain annoying? There is no escaping it. But when it comes to your business, are you ignoring it, or utilizing it to your advantage? Is the lack of social media in your company hurting you or saving you time? Here are a few of the most common social media myths and how they could apply to you:

Bio-Mod Modular Bioretention System The Bio-Mod is a pre-cast concrete biofiltration cell system designed for use with local agency bioretention cell designs, and is compatible for use with all types of filter soils, including non-proprietary low flow (5-10 in/hr) or high flow soils. Enhance bioretention cell performance, increase service life and address peak flows by incorporating the Bio-Mod Pre-Filter Modules into your system. • • • •

Prefilter w/Internal High Flow Bypass Light Modules Tree Modules Superior Structural Integrity (H20 Loading)

Contact our engineering department for design assistance.

KriStar Enterprises, Inc. 800-579-8819 |

26 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

Myth#1: Contractors don’t use social media. Fact: In September 2012, the Construction Marketing

Association conducted a national survey of construction professionals regarding their use of social media. The results prove that it is definitely on the rise in our industry and can potentially play an important part in your business strategy. The numbers showing increased awareness and web traffic with the use of social media are staggering. In addition, the survey shows that 88% of people are using LinkedIn to connect—88%! Which leads us to…

Myth#2: There is no value in social media, it can’t help me get new business. Fact: A powerful tool like Linkedin isn’t just a

database of who you know. It’s also a breeding ground for potential new contacts, new employees, and new business. It’s a great place to target professional individuals and share your company’s expertise and provide valuable information to your sphere. Networking through LinkedIn can be just as valuable as networking in person, and the two together can prove to be a very valuable business development tool. According to, you can also use LinkedIn’s “Common Interests” feature that shows you what skills, causes and groups you have in common with someone. By doing this, you can easily click on a profile, see your shared interests, and make a personalized connection.

Myth #3: Social Media is a full time job.

Fact: Social media is here to stay and helps businesses

every day. But it doesn’t mean that it needs to stand alone in your particular organization. According to, “social media is simply a function of marketing; it helps support branding, ROI or both. Social media is a means to get more awareness, more users, or more revenue.” All those buzzwords are a part of your normal marketing protocol. Social media is purely an extension of your current marketing plan, or should be. So add it in, and you’ll realize that maybe it’s not as much of an additional effort as you thought.

Myth #4: There are too many options to consider when using social media. Fact: Yes, there are a lot of options; but you don’t have

to use all of them to be effective. says to focus SEPTEMBER 2013


special feature





tweets are sent

websites are created



photos are shared on Instagram

pieces of content are shared on Facebook


47,000 apps are

hours of video are uploaded to YouTube


is spent by consumers online


downloaded from the App Store

2 Million

search queries are made on Google

halfpg7x4.75_4c_01.pdf Source:


12:05:28 AM

your efforts on the ones that potentially have a larger audience for your business. If you go on Twitter or Facebook and search keywords related to your business, words that describe what you do, your products, and construction related issues, you may be surprised on what you find.

Now What Do I Do?

Why not create a simple and easy 3-step social media action plan for your company to start with as we slide closer to 2014.

First In Service Since 1979




First In Service – Since 1979 Los Angeles, CA N. LA/Ventura, CA Orange County, CA San Brndno/Rvrsd, CA

Escondido, CA 877/246-4085 800/821-4478 San Diego, CA 866/829-6906 877/246-4087 North S.F. Bay Area, CA 800/321-5550 800/772-8004 South S.F. Bay Area, CA 877/246-4086 877/246-4085 website: email:

28 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

Sacramento, CA Reno, NV Las Vegas, NV Houston, TX

800/548-0688 877/809-6492 877/809-6493 866/247-9449

1 2 3

Look at your company’s current marketing plan and see how you can begin to integrate social media activity with what you are promoting. Did you just send out a press release announcing a new project/ service? Have you completed a project? Won an award? Items like these could easily be added to your social networks. Pick one or two social media networks to start— LinkedIn would be great to showcase your skills, experience and expand your company profile. Twitter is also beneficial in getting out bits of information about your company (or product/ jobsite) and can lead/link back to your website for more information. Use your personal profile and start connecting with people you know. Follow groups that interest you and join in conversations. Make sure to post regularly, it doesn’t have to be daily, but it should be consistent. Start with us! Connect with UCON staff on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and follow our company page.

So What’s My ROI?

Of course you want to know your ROI for all this added effort. Well, the “ROI” is the “RON” (Return on Networking). According to Marsha Friedman, CEO of EMSI Public Relations, investing time into a social media plan can significantly: • • • •







Boost traffic to your website Increase your audience Provide your company more exposure Give you more credibility through engagement and interaction

By debunking the most common myths and developing a social media action plan for implementation, you will broaden you company’s marketing plan and gain a significant increase in your online presence.

Sedgwick Construction Law Practices Group Chambers Ranked in 2012

When you do, share your results with us and we can feature your success in an upcoming issue. For more information, contact Denise Ramirez, Online Services Manager at (925) 362-7308 or via email at dramirez@ u

at United Contractors

follow us on at unitedcontrs

at United Contractors



special feature



By Michelle Vejby Publications Manager

I’m More Millennial Than You Five Tips to Successfully Integrate Gen Y into Your Workforce.

I’m 87% Millennial. At least according to the PEW Research Center Quiz ( Or maybe it’s because I have a young(er) kid, and I’m fascinated by the way young kids think, talk, act, what they wear, what they buy (or what I buy for them), and how they see the future unfolding. They are so different from “us.” Yet, we get along—most of the time. Every generation has their own set of personalities, and as the millennials, generation Y, makes their way into the workforce, it’s up to us to figure out not only how to attract them, but how they can help our industry succeed. Here are five tips to help your organization do just that:

1. Be a Mentor (Show Them How)

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888.ROCK.100 |

30 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

Generation Y is made up of about 50 million people. This group is proving to be the most educated generation in American history. However, being the most educated doesn’t offer one much work experience. As you hire from this young group, make it a point to mentor them, or assign a mentor to them individually. Have this mentor demonstrate tasks and model ideal workplace behavior. Give them the resources needed to help them complete their assigned tasks.

2. Offer Praise and Support

Remember this is the “instant” generation—tied to their social networks, lightning fast technology, video game gratification, and information overload. They need frequent, and honest praise and support. Give them regular, constructive feedback. Open and honest communication is readily accepted. They like to know where they stand, and if they are doing their job “right.” Your traditional “annual reviews” are still valuable, but when working with this younger generation, you will want to initiate regular, open communication. It is important to make an effort to check in with

your younger group on a weekly basis. Provide acknowledgement and praise for work well done, and encouragement when appropriate.

3. Let Them Try; Let Them Speak

One positive characteristic of GenY is that they like to try new things—so let them. Listen to their ideas, and treat them as valuable team players. They probably have a different way of thinking than you (us). Don’t treat them like children (especially if you are their parents’ age). Encourage them to contribute in ways that they are knowledgeable. For example, ask them for their input on how to improve technology in your organization. They most-likely have experience working in groups, from their educational background. Allow them to collaborate with an experienced team to add their own value and insight to projects.

4. Make Expectations Clear

Remember Tip 1, this generation lacks the work experience of prior generations. Help them by shaping their work path. Provide leadership and structure, outlining what is expected from them. Then, give them the feedback they need to work successfully. Check in with them (frequently) to make certain their questions are answered. This group seeks challenge in their workplace, and do not want to experience boredom. They are used to multitasking. Take advantage of their strengths.

“When Millennials say they want ‘balance,’ they don’t mean work less. They mean work differently. There’s a big difference,” mentioned Cali Williams in an article for FastCo. “Balance to them is a workplace where the programs and culture are more flexible.” Keep that in mind when scheduling projects. Remember, as this group of young people make their way into our construction industry, look to them as a chance to grow your company, incorporating new, forward-thinking ideas and strategies. In order to adapt and not be left behind, you’ll need this group of technosavy, happy, fun-loving, passion-seekers to help your organization thrive. u Michelle Vejby is UCON’s Publications Manager. Connect with her on LinkedIn, email her at, or call her directly at (925) 413-4038.

Don’t Miss UCON’s High Performance, High Profit Foreman Seminar

Looking for a place to help your team gain new perspectives and work more productively together? This is the place. Attend our High Performance, High Profit Foreman seminar, October 3, 2013 (see page 34 for more details).

5. Be Flexible

This may be a difficult concept for your company to grasp, but this generation looks for that perfect work/ life “integration.” They don’t understand the office-ofold, that 8am to 5pm place. But don’t mistake this belief for laziness. If this group is properly managed, and motivated, they are known to work 50+ hour work weeks.

You (yes, you) will learn strategies to motivate others, and how to get more results from your team. Better yet, attend with a few of your people—collaboration is the new “it” word, Millennial or not.

Millennials at Work

Younger employees have different expectations and opinions about their work

4 out of 5 Millennials want regular feedback from their boss

Half of Millennials

Would rather have no job than a job they hate

9 out of 10 Millennials think they deserve their dream job

Source:Red Tree Leadership, U.S. Census Bureau, Pew Research, 2012

1 out of 4 Millennials say they are completely satisfied with their job

7 out of 10 Millennials say they need “me time” at work

One-third of Millennials prefer recognition from their boss or coworkers or a promotion over higher pay SEPTEMBER 2013



By Mallori Spilker, Regulatory Affairs Manager

#WTFisahashtag? The #NextGeneration in Communication.

You may be noticing that you are encountering an increasing number of #these lately. These “hashtags” are embedding themselves into the online community (and society) left and right. #Confused? Here’s the run-down: A hashtag is a form of metadata tag (#huh? Defined: a keyword or term assigned to a piece of information) consisting of a word within the message prefixed with a hash sign (#). Short messages on microblogging and social networking services such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and other sites are experiencing an increase in the popularity of the #hashtag. Originating from Twitter, hashtags were started with the purpose of gathering group discussions

32 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

By permission of John L. Hart FLP and Creators Syndicate, Inc.

and online exchanges regarding a specific topic (ex: #construction, #unioncontractors). Today, hashtags can be found all over television, advertisements, and have become one of the most widely used functions on the internet. Use them in your social media posts to support our industry by telling your followers to #investininfrastructure and #keepamericamoving. Just try to be careful and not over-use or abuse them… #justsaying #potentiallyannoying #usewithcaution. u

Have an engineered plan...

Before you get in over your head.

As projects become more complex, the importance of having the correct engineered plan and proper equipment design are imperative to a safe and productive work site. Thorough planning helps you ensure worker safety, maximize efficiency and avoid costly mistakes. Site specific engineering also helps you address sticky situations, such as crossing utilities or excavating near adjacent structures. In support of our trench and traffic safety customers, National Trench Safety has established one of the best site specific engineering divisions in the business, led by industry veteran Joe Turner, P.E. We have the knowledge and expertise you need to develop engineered plans for the deepest, widest, most complex jobs you’ll see in the field.



Engineering and designing site specific trench and traffic plans

Explaining the risks of the system

Providing documentation to keep you in compliance

Determining the most efficient, cost effective solution Creating a comprehensive plan tailored to your needs

equipment & Service Providing the correct trench and traffic safety equipment to execute the plan Providing equipment to complement a contractor’s owned equipment Providing professional insight for the duration of the project






WHY YOU NEED TO ATTEND: “Real world advice. Old school is out.” “This course opened my mind to a totally different way of approaching my job.” “ Very real; addresses the human element and reality of the way it was, is, and where the industry is going.”



Wednesday, October 3, 2013 Pleasanton Marriott 11950 Dublin Canyon Road, Pleasanton 6:00pm - 8:00pm $99 member / $199 non-member Leadership and management development is the most powerful method of industry growth and increased revenue. Tough markets require an extra edge. No one is more important in the profit equation than the foreman running the job. Give your foreman the tools they need to succeed. This course includes breakout sessions where your foreman will strategize with their peers, and gain valuable insight on everyday practices they can immediately apply to their workplace. Attendees of this successful seminar will learn: • How to set and quantify goals that crews understand and respond to • How to coach, mentor and effectively critique worker performance Contact Joan O’Brien, Education Manager, to register, or for more information,, (925) 3627303.

34 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

EVENTS—SAVE THE DATE GOVERNMENT RELATIONS DINNER & AUCTION NOV Saturday, November 2, 2013 Craneway Pavilion, Richmond Marina 5:00pm - 11:00pm $130 member / $160 non-member


Why should you attend and contribute to the UCON Government Relations Dinner and Auction? • Our Government Relations Auction fundraiser is arguably one of the most important events UCON has each year. • It is 1 of only 2 events we hold each year to make money (the other being the Scholarship Fundraiser). • The funds raised at this event go towards our aggressive government advocacy efforts—which our members and our industry need now, more than ever. • Public funds on the state and federal level have

u a u L

been the contractors’ lifeline—and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. As such, we must maintain our presence, our voice and our agenda in Sacramento and DC. • The funds raised at this event are returned to you through a better business environment, a better regulatory environment, increased funding for public works, legislation that protects or improves your business, and passage of some of California’s greatest infrastructure projects and initiatives. For more information on our government advocacy efforts for our members, visit our website at

Government Relations Dinner & Auction November 2, 2013

5:00pm - 11:00pm Craneway Pavilion, Richmond Marina Sponsor and/or Donate Today!! Current donors: Breslow Imaging; Ghilotti Bros., Inc.; RGW Construction, Inc.; Stevenson Supply; Stomper Company, Inc.; Sweeney, Mason, Wilson & Bosomworth; West Valley Construction Co., Inc. Current sponsors: Aon Construction Services Group; CondonJohnson & Associates, Inc.; GALLINA LLP; Ghilotti Bros., Inc.; Ghilotti Construction Co.; Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.; Mabey Inc.; Midstate Barrier, Inc.; Moss Adams LLP; R & B Company; Sweeney, Mason, Wilson & Bosomworth; United Rentals Trench Safety

“In politics, if you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re lunch.” Contact: Jenn Rogers, Senior Manager of Events at (925)362-7309



United Contractors SEPTEMBER MEMBER ANNIVERSARIES United Contractors would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank the following companies who are celebrating their anniversary of membership with our organization in September:

36 YEARS – 1977

Associate Member: Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers of California, Inc./Gallagher Construction Services Doug Bowring

29 YEARS – 1984 Associate Member: John S. Shelton, Inc. John Shelton

28 YEARS – 1985

10 YEARS – 2003

Associate Member: Babcock Insurance Rob Babcock

8 YEARS – 2005

Contractor Member: Andreini Brothers, Inc. Mario Andreini

19 YEARS – 1994

Associate Member: HUB International of CA Insurance Services Rachel Stroup

17 YEARS – 1996

Associate Member: Shamrock Materials, Inc. John Zimmerman

14 YEARS – 1999

Contractor Member: Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. Kevin Albanese Contractor Member: E.E. Gilbert Construction, Inc. Shane Gilbert

5 YEARS – 2008 Associate Member: Arch Insurance Charlie Tasto

4 YEARS – 2009

Contractor Member: J D Partners Concrete Jason Eggert

Contractor Members: Anrak Corporation Mark Anderson

Associate Member: Santa Maria & Company George Luther

Cozart Brothers, Inc. Dan Cozart

3 YEARS – 2010

Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring, Inc. Thea Shupe

12 YEARS – 2001

Contractor Member: Andes Construction, Inc. Danilo Mayorga

11 YEARS – 2002 Contractor Members: Apply-A-Line, Inc. Steve Puderbaugh Griffin Soil William Howard

Associate Member: Petrinovich Pugh & Company, LLP Kevin Kaefer

2 YEARS – 2011

Contractor Members: Golden State Boring & Pipe Jacking, Inc. Jeff Johnson Sierra Mountain Construction Douglas Benton

1 YEAR – 2012

Contractor Member: Gilbertson Draglines, Inc. Jesse Gilbertson

J.J.R. Construction, Inc. Carlos Raposo

Safety Toons 4-U Unique and Bilingual (English/Spanish) 11x17 Laminated Safety Posters & Hand Books specifically designed for the Underground Utility Industry. Contact and scroll to the Book Store and order now for low sale pricing.

36 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

2013 UCON Board:

Elected by, and in service to, our fellow members and peers.

Generational Quiz: Effective Board Stewardship requires diversity of talent, age and experience. How it fits together creates the unity of strength and cooperation necessary to lead an industry. How do you think UCON’s Board looks today by… GENERATIONS? ____ Traditionalist _____ Baby Boomer ____ Gen X _____ Millennial

(See answers below)

You Select Them. You Elect Them. They Work for You.

The UCON Board of Directors is committed to providing the highest return on your membership investment. In this way, the Board and Association work for you. Help them provide you with the best services available by completing the Contractor Survey to direct association resources of time and talent. Give them five minutes of your time so they can do their best to help you be successful. Deadline to respond is October 21, 2013.

UCON Board Elections for 2014

United Contractors continues the tradition of electing strong leadership by, and for, the membership. It is the foundation of UCON’s success. Candidate qualifications include strong leadership qualities, areas of expertise, association participation, respect among peers and more. A rigorous process of evaluating many candidates results in a final slate that is presented to the membership to vote on.

2013 UCON Board photo above: (back row from left) Rich Gates, DeSilva Gates Construction; Jerry Condon, Condon-Johnson & Associates, Inc.; *Kevin Albanese, Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.; *Mike Ghilotti, Ghilotti Bros., Inc.; *Bruce Daseking, McGuire and Hester; Jim Alvey, Appian Engineering, Inc.; Brian Gates, Top Grade Construction, A Goodfellow Bros. Company; (front row) Bret Lawrence, WoodruffSawyer & Co.; *Rob Layne, O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc.; Bob Purdy, RGW Construction, Inc.; Donna Rehrmann, Stomper Company, Inc.; Brett Kincaid, O’Grady Paving, Inc.; Jeff Prevost, Lockton Companies, LLC; Bob Rahebi, Redgwick Construction Company. (*Board Officers)

Associate Ballots were mailed to associate members this month—deadline to submit your vote is October 21, 2013. Contractor Ballots are mailed to contractor members in October—deadline to submit your vote is November 8, 2013.

Membership L.I.V.E.—Celebrating

Leadership, Innovation, Vision & Excellence

Mark your calendars for the 2014 Board installation and dinner to be held at Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery, in Pleasanton, CA, on Saturday, February 8, 2014. This event sold-out last year and was rated a 4.6 out of 5 by the attendees.

Tyler Vu Photography

Generation Quiz Answer: 9 Boomers and 5 Gen-Xers SEPTEMBER 2013




HCSS Time Card App for Smartphones

include a photo app, which allows field employees to snap job site photos and send Construction software developer HCSS ( has added a mobile phone time card to its selection of mobile them immediately to the office; a daily diary entry app, and an estimating app used to cost estimate, perform apps available for smartphones and tablets. From the makers of HeavyBid® construction estimating software and markup and pricing, and even collect signatures on the HeavyJob® field management software, the mobile phone go.With the mobile platforms, contractors are not limited time card app allows foremen and superintendents in the to working on a single device. field to enter time and see job production data on their HCSS is a UCON member since 2010. For more infor“always on, always close-by” smartphone. mation on HCSS mobile apps, visit u With the HeavyJob mobile phone time card app, foremen and superintendents can enter time for workers and Real-Time Material and Job-Cost equipment, enter quantities, and write notes for cost codes, as well as mark work for T&M. The time card app Tracking from FiveCubits is ideal for individuals or small crews like truck drivers or flagging crews who may not be issued a laptop, and also The FiveCubits web-based product suite reduces variable labor, fuel, and project costs by optimizing all aspects of for larger crews who prefer a mobile device to laptops. transportation, material planning, and performance. The The time card app is just one of many mobile apps offered FiveCubits products helps you take control of your job as supplements to HCSS HeavyJob and HeavyBid. Those costs, with expert tracking. Every day 35,000 trucks are

38 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G

Contractors License No. 155174

dispatched and tracked by FiveCubits. Their technology provides a paperless system to order materials, track your jobs, and pay your bills. The track and trace features also allow real-time verification that predetermined load and delivery times are being met. Innovation is the key to their mobile data terminal (MDT) color touchscreen, which has proved easy to use for drivers. BuildIt, HaulIt, TrackIt, SupplyIt—for more information on how the FiveCubits platform can give you full visibility of your fleet, visit their website at www., a UCON member since 2012 u

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GOLD WINNER 2011, 2012

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38 W W W . U N I T E D C O N T R A C T O R S . O R G



This is: 1. Happy People 3. The Place to Be 2. Thumbs Up

4. A Great Association

Northern California Waterworks Team

COUNT ON US Last year was a momentous time in waterworks. We joined forces to give you a complete waterworks solution.

HYDRANTS. HDPE PIPE. PVC PIPE. VALVES/FITTINGS. There is one thing we supply that professionals have come to rely on again and again -- our people. ALL LOCATIONS Hayward Modesto

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with Zero DoWn or up to $5,000 reBAte (in lieu of financing) on Select New Cat Machines!* 速

*Offer good for qualifying customers from June 1, 2013 to September 30, 2013 on select new models. $5000 rebate amount on Backhoe Loaders, Small Track-Type Tractors, Medium Track-Type Tractors, Small Wheel Loaders, and Small Excavators. $2500 rebate amount on Skid Steer Loaders, Compact Track Loaders, Multi Terrain Loaders, Mini Excavators, Compact Wheel Loaders. Not all buyers will qualify. Financing is subject to credit application and approval through Cat Financial. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Offer subject to change without prior notice.

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United Contractors September 2013: Next Gen's Influence on Industry Innovation