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Ellynna's Healer Guide I. Introduction II. Fanaticism, our Niche III. Aspects: Do you even Juggle bro? IV. Talents a. Core Specialization Spells b. Buffs/Cures and Debuffs c. Providence and Faith Boundaries V. Role Specific Rubies a. Caster Rubies b. Melee Rubies c. Healing Specific Rubies d. Special Rubies of Note VI. Elly's Personal Touch

I. Introduction Hi, my name is Ellynna, I started out as Empire and some of the older players would recognize me as the Arisen Heretic on Nezeb in <Redemption> from long ago. At the moment I am a Elf Priest on Sihal, and plan to be an Elf Priest again on Smuggler's Paradise in the guild <Avarice>. I started playing back in 2010, and I went into the game knowing that I would be a Healer and would try to master it to the best of my abilities. I used to be a world class raider in a different game and I knew deep down healing was what I was good at and so I would focus all my previous MMO skills into the Healer class of Allods. I quit a long time ago and will not pretend that I kept up with ALL of the changes from then to now, but I when I came back there were some seriously different things. This has affected my build, and my play-style, but I'll mention those as I go along. You'll see these as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Elly Rantsâ&#x20AC;? with a Arisen Avatar. Followed by a new fancy Elf to explain with how I adjusted to it now.

II. Fanaticism Fanaticism! Oh dear, this is the Healer niche if I haven't ever known what a niche was, and if you didn't know what a niche is: [In ecology, a niche (CanE, UK /ˈniːʃ /or US /ˈnɪtʃ/)[1] is a term describing the way of life of a species. ]

Well, in the Healer world, Fanaticism is our niche. “Back in my day, Fanaticism would stack up to a cap of 10x stacks, and would affect cast time of certain spells by the amount of stacks.”

“Well, that's changed for sure, now it stacks with a cap of 3x and and you only lose 1 stack to get an instant cast of certain spells.” How does one get Fanaticism? Fanaticism generation is determined by what Aspect you are currently in. We'll go into what Aspects are specifically later, but for now just for Fanaticism generation purposes, all you need to know is: Aspect of Light: Your Holy Blast and Celestial Blast receive a 30% chance to apply the Fanaticism affect. Aspect of Mercy: Damage received by a party or raid member in a 50 yard radius may grant you a Fanaticism affect. Aspect of Rage: While affected by Aspect of Rage your Verdict and Judgment have a 30% chance to apply the Fanaticism affect. Anyways, there are also a few different rubies that affect Fanaticism in the Verdict Tree, and I would truly hope that you take advantage of as many as you can:

Rubies affecting Fanaticism

Green: Brilliant Faith – Upon receiving a Fanaticism affect, your party is healed for X/2X/3X amount. Light Blue: Unbending Will – Chance to enter Fanaticism is increased by 5/10/15% Purple: Holy Avenger – Increases your Endurance by 5/10/15%. Each critical strike received to the Healer has a 10/20/30% chance to generate a single stack of Fanaticism. Dark Red: Punishing Fanaticism – In combat, while your Aspect of Rage is active, you gain a stack of Fanaticism every 24/16/8s.

“Back in my day, Holy Avenger was AWESOME, and upon receiving a critical strike you'd receive 1/2/3 stacks! Not this “Increased Chance” nonsense. Bah!”

“Well... That would be insane with the current function of Fanaticism. So now it's an increased chance of a single stack, but that doesn't mean the ruby isn't still AWESOME. It's still 15% more Endurance!”

Spells Affected by Fanaticism:

Green: Holy Rejuvenation/Holy Healing – Huge Burst Heal, made instant cast with Fanaticism, expels one stack per use. (Good for healing rotation and panic buttons) Light Blue: Holy Rage – Physical Damage, requires Fanaticism to use, expels one stack per use. (Apart of Melee Rotation) Purple: Particle of Light – Single target Holy Damage, made instant cast with Fanaticism, expels one stack per use.(Good for general all around purposes) Dark Red: Chain of Light – Can chain up to 4 targets within 10yd radius, made instant cast with Fanaticism, expels one stack per use. (Good for general AoE Opportunities) See, that's not too hard! Since we understand Fanaticism and what niches are, let's talk about Aspects.

“What's an Aspect?”

“Shush, we're getting to that!”



I touched on Aspects earlier, but I didn't really go into detail about them. As you can tell just from how Fanaticism works, you can already tell that depending on which Apsect you are in, will affect your play-style. Aspects appeared a little bit after the Kirah patch. No offense, it was needed. Come fellow healers, it's time to admit, we were crazy powerful and we needed a serious leash to keep us from doing everything at once. Aspects was a fantastic answer for that, it took some getting used to, but the goal of the change was simple enough: Segregate the Healer's different Role during a single encounters.

“What?! You mean I can't caster dps, heal, and melee dps/tank at the same time anymore?! WHAT THE [I HAVE A POTTY MOUTH]IS THAT?!”

“...Well... Let's just say you weren't supposed to be able to do all those things at once begin with... But there's nothing stopping you from still trying!” Anyways, back to Aspects!

Highlighted in the Red: Master of the Aspects Rank 1 - Aspect of Light: Your Holy Blast and Celestial Blast receive a 30% chance to apply the Fanaticism affect. The cast time of Holy Blast/Celestial Blast, Particle of Light, Chain of Light, and Sacred Word will not be increased by receiving damage. Rank 2 - Aspect of Mercy: Damage received by a party or raid member in a 50 yard radius may grant you a Fanaticism affect. Grants you instance casting of Divine Prayer and removes the cool-down on Perpetual Healing, Holy Rejuvenation/Holy Healing. In addition your cast time of Divine Plea/Refreshing Light(in talents as Dedicated Plea) and Circle of Healing will not be interrupted by damage. Rank 3 - Aspect of Rage: While affected by Aspect of Rage your Verdict and Judgment have a 30% chance to apply the Fanaticism affect and your Rage is increased by 15%

“So... Can I jump between Aspects even a little?”

“Sure! That's the beauty of it. It helped solve the problem of us being able to do EVERYTHING at once, making us literally the most over powered class ever, to being manageable; and yes, you can jump between Aspects mid-fight, but it costs a lot of mana (over 40%), and typically isn't worth it in a pinch.” There are rubies to reduce the cost of Aspect juggling:

Highlighted in the Red: Deep Concentration Deep Concentration – Reduces the cool-down of Holy Shield by 15/30/45% and decreases the Mana cost of switching Aspects by 25/50/75% Did the segregation work? To an extent, no worries veteran Healers, everyone still says you're OP, and you still are if you adjusted accordingly. Let's move on to different Talents and how they coincide with your Aspects.

“This is stuff they can look up in game on the Spell tooltips though isn't it?

“Yes, this will only be brief, trust me!”



So I thought about how to approach this section a bit. I thought about categorizing each different spell, giving you the description, mana cost, rank, etc etc... But at the end of it you have to ask yourself: What kind of Healer are you? Are you a Defensive Healer? Do you like to be the beast that is invincible on the battlefield? You love being brought to 10% HP and then all of a sudden bouncing to full and you imagine your enemies raging on the other side of the screen? Are you Offensive? Do you like to be the first to join the clash of battle? You dealing damage up close and personal... Running down the cowards who flee before you, slowing them, and beating them into Purgatory! Or are you somewhere in-between those two? A range spell casting damage dealer. Jumping between Aspects and keeping your distance from the enemy while kiting them about the battlefield and healing your allies as you run by. That's just PVP! What about PVE?! Don't even get me started...

a. Core Specialization Spells Anyways to make this portion as simple as possible without overwhelming anyone, this just bring it down to the very core Caster Damage, Melee Damage, Heals, that is required for the most base rotations. Then Buffs, and Debuffs available shall we? Let's remember that ultimately, play-style will differ from player to player.




Caster DPS Core Spells: Master of the Aspects – Need Rank 1 Aspect of Light Holy Blast/Celestial Blast – Fanaticism building, single target DPS Particle of Light – Use when you have Fanaticism, never allow yourself to 3 cap. Chain of Light – Use for AoE when you have multiple targets, never allow yourself to cap on Fanaticism.

Melee DPS Core Spells: Master of the Aspects – Need Rank 3 Aspect of Rage Verdict/Judgement - Fanaticism building, single target DPS Holy Rage – Use when you have Fanaticism, never allow yourself to 3 cap. *Chain of Light – Use for AoE when you have multiple targets, never allow yourself to cap on Fanaticism *Particle of Light – Rarely, use when you cannot use Holy Rage *Note: these are dependent on a ruby ability, Devout Servant, which you will see its purpose later on.

Full Healer Core Spells: Master of the Aspects – Need Rank 2 Aspect of Mercy Perpetual Healing – A very expensive HoT (heal over time). Mana cost is increased per target with the active affect. Use sparingly as mana usage allows. Devoted Plea/Refreshing Light(Dedicated Light in the tooltip) – This is your standard single target heal 2.5s cast time.

Divine Prayer – Huge Burst heal with 50/40/30s Cool-down and it's instant cast in Aspect of Mercy. Basically a panic button, use when healing big damage bursts. Holy Rejuvenation/Holy Healing – Another huge bust heal, typically has a long cast time, but is instant with Fanaticism and has no cool-down while in Aspect of Mercy. This heal I've found to be cheaper than your standard 2.5s heal, so use this a freely to spend your Fanaticism!

“Holy Rejuvenation used to be just burst damage healing wasn't it?”

“Yeah, but I think that devalued Divine Prayer, personally I like this version better.”

b. Buffs/Cures and Debuffs Buffs/Cures


I kept buffs and debuffs separately because there is so much argument about which is required for whatever specialization down to exactly what rank it should be, when honestly, you can go with or without all or any of these spells. Typically having at least 1 rank in them is sometimes necessary for skill progression and also helpful in general. Buffs and Debuffs are what they are, situational and useful. Try different combos and see what you like best!

“Except Divine Shield. We all agree Divine Shield 2 or 3 is mandatory.”

“Yes, but it's still considered a Buff, and for the purposes of organization-- I don't need to justify myself to myself!”

Buffs/Cures: Divine Shield – Immunity from all damage for 5/7/10s with a 10/5/3m cool-down. All sorts of panicky uses! Purification – Cleansing 1 harmful Disease, Poison, or Magical affect from a friendly target. 1.5s cast with a 10/5/0s cool-down.

Aura of Astral Power – Cast time is 2s and is a buff that decreases your healing by 50% however spells cast by you increase damage done by you and your party members by 5/10/15%. Debuffs: Heavenly Smite – An AoE damage spell that knocks down opponents in an 8yd radius with a 40/30/25s CD. Helpful for escaping or chasing. Blind Faith – A single target blind that is instant cast that blinds the opponent for 5s and reduces their movement speed by 50%. Has a 3m/1m/30s CD. Helpful for escaping or chasing. Binding Light – has a 3/2/1s cast time that binds the target with Holy Energy for 9/12/15s that makes them periodically unable to move or cast abilities. Can only be used on Humanoids. Helpful for escaping or chasing.

c. Providence and Faith Boundaries

“The [I have a potty mouth] are these?”

“Um... Well.”

I'm not going to lie to you. I most definitely wasn't around when these were implemented. I can't say I know when either. However, I'm going to give you my honest opinion based on over 8yrs of healing experience. Take it or leave it. Ultimately, I recommend you have at least 1 rank in both, and obviously experiment with them and use what you like best. Providence: Applies up to X stacks of Providence affect to a target. Upon Receiving damage 1 stack is consumed and friendly target is healed for Y and a hostile target takes Z damage. The number of stacks X is determined by your quality of Dragon Tears. CD 3m. Faith Boundaries:Applies an affect absorbing X damage to a friendly target for the duration of 30s. Upon expiry of the shield all nearby enemies are knocked down for 2s. The amount Absorbed X is affected by your quality of Dragon Tears CD 2m.

Elly's Honest Opinion based on Sheer Assumption and Observation™ Well... Right now on my level 52 Healer, my Providence r1 stacks to 9x and heals per stack at 25824 and target takes damage of 12912. To me, that's a net heal of 232416. Every 3m which is 1291.2 HPS not taking into consideration Perc/Wis. Honestly I don't know if Perc/Wis affects it, I would guess like any heal it would. My Faith Boundaries r1 absorbs 68399. Every 2m which is roughly 570 HPS Well then to me, in the long run, Providence is the better choice. However, I always want people to take into consideration what exactly an Absorption affect is. It's invisible health and most importantly a static heal. You can't over-heal absorption affects. With Faith Boundaries you can give your target health he/she physically is not capable of getting otherwise. So in the long run, I believe Providence is better; however, in the right situation Faith Boundaries has a very important purpose that should not be overlooked. Now again, that's my opinion I have not used these skills frequently, I will most definitely update this guide once I have. I wont even go into the Knockdown/Damage capabilities because I see those as situational.

“You lied to me, you said you'd keep it brief.”

“Yeah I kind of got carried away...”


Role Specific Rubies

“We just went over these!”

“No... that's just Spells, there are Rubies that will affect your play-style in certain aspects too!”

“Oh, jeez...”

Reminder: Again, I'm going to try to keep it as simplified as possible, and only highlight the rubies that will directly impact the specific spells in that specific role. Stat rubies are not going to be highlighted at all as they are generally good for all roles, and many rubies are situational. The Fanaticism affected Rubies are not listed in this section as they are already listed in the Fanaticism Section, also certain particular rubies will be listed in the following section after in Special Rubies of Note.

Caster Rubies:

Holy Blast Tree: Frenzy – Grants you a 5% chance to enter a state of Frenzy for 20s every time you use HB/CJ. Makes HB/CJ instant cast and their mana cost by 70%. Using HB/CJ during this state has a 35/25/15% chance to lose Frenzy. Frenzy is guaranteed to last 3s. VERY IMPORTANT!!! Unbridled Wrath – Your HB/CJ spell casts increase your chance to enter Frenzy by 1/2/3% VERY IMPORTANT!!! Blessed Resolution – Your HB/CJ critical damage is increased by 75/150/225%. 15s internal CD. (affects crit dmg) Righteous Fervor – Increases your Critical Strike Chance of HB/CJ by 33/66/100% your current Critical Chance (affects crit rate) Power of the Pure – Increases the effects of all Holy Spells by 3/6/9% (Raw dmg/heal boost) Holy Flame – Increases HB/CJ by 5/10/15% when Aspect of Light is active. (Raw dmg boost) Angelic Grace – Reduces the Mana Cost of HB/CJ by 5/10/15 (Mana management Ruby) Light's Generosity – Increases damage of Particle of Light by 6/12/18%(Raw dmg boost) Light's Reach – When your Aspect of Light is active your HB/CJ, Particle of Light, and Chain of Light range is

increased by 5/10/15yds. In addition your Particle of Light slows down targets if cast from behind the target. (range affecting and situational) Cleansing Flame Tree: Blaze of Faith – Grants Cleansing Flame a 10/20/30/40% chance to increase the damage dealt by the next Holy attack by 40% (I don't care what other people think, this ruby is AWESOME!) Why I don't list Inevitable Punishment: Because you shouldn't be casting Chain of Light unless you have a

Fanaticism stack AND there's multiple targets. So therefore the reduction in cast time while receiving damage is null and 15% additional AoE damage is situational to the # of targets. If you like this ruby and then use it, but for me it's not a core ruby unless it's group PVP. The Heavenly Smite portion for all purposes in my guide is a debuffing effect and still considered very useful, but still situational.

“We like this word now, 'situational?'”

“Only if the situation calls for it!”


Melee Rubies:

Holy Blast Tree: Power of the Pure – Increases the effects of all Holy Spells by 3/6/9% (Raw dmg/heal boost) Verdict Tree: Blessed Steel – When your Aspect of Rage is active your physical damage dealt is increased by 10/20/30% VERY IMPORTANT!!! Devout Servant – Decreases cool-down of Holy Rage by 6 seconds when you use Particle of Light or Chain of Light. VERY IMPORTANT!!! Executioner – Increases the damage done by 10/20/30% when your target is below 30% health. Also increases your lightning damage by 3/6/9% (Raw dmg boost) Execution – Your Verdict/Anathema and Holy Rage also deal X/2X/3X additional lighting damage at a 12.5% success rate.(Raw dmg boost) Saintly Reach - When your Aspect of Rage is active your successful Verdict/Anathema and Holy Rage spell casts increase Holy damage taken by the target for 12/24/36% for 8 seconds.(Raw dmg boost) Punishing Fanaticism – In combat, while your Aspect of Rage is active, you gain a stack of Fanaticism every 24/16/8s. Power of Faith – Reduces the mana cost and CD duration of Verdict/Anathema by 6/12/20% (Mana Management) Veracity - Increases Conviction by 5/10/15% and causes Holy Rage to reduce the targets movement speed by 50% for 4/8/15s.(range affecting and situational) Cleansing Flame Tree: Blaze of Faith – Grants Cleansing Flame a 10/20/30/40% chance to increase the damage dealt by the next Holy attack by 40% (I don't care what other people think, this ruby is AWESOME!) Why I don't list Divine Instincts: This ruby is treated a lot like Inevitable Punishment at least for me. Increases your chance to block by 33/66/100% of current chance and increases your chance to dodge with a 2h weapon by 33/66/100%. Which in a PVE situation shouldn't be happening too much. The secondary affect is nice though, decreases movement impairing affects by 16/32/50%. That 50% would help a lot say if you were being CC'd, however... Again... These are situational. I always end up going Power of Faith to Saintly Reach to Punishing Fanaticism, so Divine instincts tends to always get skipped in my builds. Again, great ruby, so if you like it, use it

“You said you weren't going to mention Fanaticism rubies...'”

“Only because Punishing Fanaticism is Aspect of Rage required.”

Fuller Healer Rubies:

Healing is it's own kind of Art. The highlighted rubies in the picture above are only which rubies which actually their specific healing spells. I didn't mention the damage boost from Eternal Fire cause it's not healing specific. Holy Blast Tree: Angelic Grace – Reduces the Mana Cost of Devouted Plea/Refreshing Light by 5/10/15 (Mana management Ruby) Righteous Fervor – Increases your Critical Strike Chance of Devouted Plea/Refreshing Light by 33/66/100% your current Critical Chance (affects crit rate) Power of the Pure – Increases the effects of all Holy Spells by 3/6/9% (Raw dmg/heal boost) Cleansing Flame Tree: Surge of Faith – Increases effects of Cleansing Flame and Perpetual Healing by 5/10/15% (Raw dmg/heal boost) Divine Infusion – Increases Critical Strike Effect of Cleansing Flame and Perpetual Healing by 33/66/100% (Critical effect boost) Holy Advantage – Reduces the mana cost of Cleansing Flame and Perpetual Healing by 10/20/30% (mana management) Eternal Fire – Increases Duration of Perpetual healing by 10/20/30% (if you get this ruby, get 1 for an additional tick or all three for 2 additional ticks; two ranks in this ruby is a waste) Sacred Blessing – Grants Holy Rejuvenation/Holy Healing a 15/30/50% chance to trigger an additional HoT heal for X. (with the reduced cost of Holy Rejuvenation/Holy Healing, you should be using it more

often, therefore more chances to trigger the affect) Inquisitor – Increases the effectiveness of your Devouted Plea/Refreshing Light, Divine Prayer, and Holy Rejuvenation/Holy Healing by 3/6/9% to targets that use Energy. (boost to tank healing) True Faith – Increases healing done by Holy Rejuvenation/Holy Healing by 10/20/30% and reduces the cooldown on Divine Prayer by 10/20/30% (Raw heal boost and CD reduction on a panic button) Strengthening Heal – Your Divine Prayer grants immunity to fear, stun, and knock down affects for 5s at a 33/66/100% rate, it also dispels these effects from the target if they are affected. (Indeed situational, but because of it's placement amongst the other helpful rubies, it's useful) Why don't I list Brilliant Faith: First of all, I will be getting Brilliant Faith in my build. It's a fantastic ruby. Heals all Party Members for X/2X/3X when you gain a stack of Fanaticism. As a healer this means it is a passive 0 mana proc AoE heal. I don't list it as a core ruby here because I listed the active core spells and their rubies that affect them. This means I listed rubies that affect Devoted Plea/Refreshing Light, Holy Rejuvenation/Holy Healing, Divine Prayer, and Perpetual Healing to show you specifically what rubies coincide with what spells. Brilliant Faith is a completely separate heal and I have been using it since I've been raiding in Allods.

Special Rubies of Note

Okay, so, these are the rubies some of you are going “OMG why isn't Elly saying these are core rubies?!” Yes, it is the accepted norm and some of these are mandatory. However for purposes of discussion, I have listed them separately.

Circle of Healing – Channels a holy prayer that heals all Party members within a 20yd radius for X every 2s. Channeled for 6s with a CD of 30s. (This is considered a Full Healer mandatory Ruby) Entreaty – Heals you for X and greatly reduces your threat. Requires Aspect of Light or Aspect of Mercy. 30S CD. (the mana cost on this ruby is slightly less than your Devoted Plea/Refreshing Light, so use this when you need to heal yourself, not only as a panic button for dropping threat. You have several panic buttons, learn to utilize them all, and save time and mana while you're at it) Exorcism – causes all demons within 15yds to flee in terror for 10s with a 2m CD (this is helpful for farming, certain dungeons. Again, situational ruby. Hold in Contempt -utters a Holy word that prevents the target from casting spells for 6s with a 1m CD. (can be coupled with Divine Punishment to lessen the CD by 10/20/30%) Divine Foresight – places an enchantment on a friendly target that heals for X when the target's health drops below 35%. Healer can have one enchantment at a time. (I cannot imagine any healer not having this, in any build, with it's placement near stat rubies, it would just be crazy not to invest into this)

Elly's Final Thoughts on Ruby Section™ So I know I didn't mention stat rubies, if you read my Reminder at the beginning of this section then you understand why. All stat rubies are great. Now, that doesn't mean you MUST have EVERY SINGLE one, but if you want every single one, I'm sure you can. However you might have to sacrifice rubies in other areas. This is why I list what I felt as the necessary rubies for your role so you can pick and choose. Pick and choose HOW you want to achieve those necessary rubies, or decide for yourself what is necessary. If you noticed I listed a somewhat helpful, but situational core ruby last in all of the roles I mentioned. After that I took a further step, and even list why I didn't list some other ruby. The beauty of the Healer Class is we have a TON of versatility, and how you want to exercise that freedom will help you figure out what type of healer you are. Ultimately, you are turning blue stuff (mana) into green stuff (health) or dead stuff so as long as you are doing that effectively, then keep it up, whatever it is.


Elly's Personal Touch: My Build

So, my build? Haha. Well, it's changed for sure. I will always gravitate to being a Full healer built for PvE, so let's just hop right into it! It's always a work in progress, as I feel my skills can always get better. This is my 66/55 build it requires all World Mystery Rubies, GT, Judge, and Greatness rubies to accomplish.

I pick the minimum skills necessary to get the max healing spells. I haven't had enough experience with Providence or Faith Boundaries so at the moment I've decided to get both and rank 2. When I decide which I finally use more (probably Providence) then I'll reduce the other to rank 1, and use that extra skill point to max it out. I know I could probably look at another Healer's Guide, but I feel finding out myself is always better! I hate empty ruby squares but I felt it was necessary to get both Brilliant Faith and Sacred Blessing. I also had to sacrifice a ruby in Deep Concentration. However if I change my mind I can always switch it with a rank of Angelic Grace(mana management) or loss a rank of Surge of Faith(healing boost to perpetual healing). I felt that would be too costly in the long run, so I decided to just BE SAFER, and not have to rely on the extra 15% CD reduction on Divine Shield! Well if you made it this far you deserve a nap! Dream about being a Healer, what rubies you'll decide on, and

how much fun it is to be my favorite class in Allods! Thank you for checking out my guide, and good luck on all of your adventures!


Elly's Healer Guide  

Ellynna's Healer Guide for Allods Online MMO

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