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The Legend of Pandora

About Pandora’s Pantry

Pandora's name, in its original form,

Pandora's Pantry is…

means all giving. Sadly, most know her as the female saboteur – the one who

A love forward global philanthropic edutainment (education & entertainment) adventure company

brought misery and suffering upon

for women offering online and person-to-person

mankind, the one who imprisoned hope.

experiences and opportunities for the fulfillment of needs and aspirations with a primary focus on peace.

The penning of this simple fable - of the

Social and Resource Community (Pandora’s Planet)

first earthly woman - has affected

—a worldwide networking platform supporting

humanity’s perception of women for

inspiring a caring and sharing exchange environment

thousands of years. This is why we’ve

for women of all ages (individuals and groups) who

created Pandora’s Pantry…to rewrite the

are dedicated to a peaceful, sustainable world

Legend of Pandora (and that of Womankind) for all of time...

Uniting Women and Women’s Organizations Globally: In the Highest Vibration of Love

through the empowerment of women and girls. A Galleria—providing an eclectic online shopping experience and resource for conscious, unique

At Pandora's Pantry (and Pandora’s Planet) women are rediscovering their

products and personalized gifts for every budget: Fine Tea, Fine Art, Organic Skin Care, Organic Clothing, Jewelry and more. EVERY transaction

naturally beautiful, intelligent, powerful

supports women and women’s empowerment

selves and sharing it with the world to


restore peace and hope to all. Treat

A “Bundler”—a unifying agent of organizations,

yourself to a Pandora Experience Today!

capable of mobilizing financial and human assets to improve the human condition through “kind-hearted

If LOVE were an accepted form of currency, Pandora’s Planet would be the place of exchange.

commerce, turnkey fund-raising solutions, business opportunities, resource-based community development, speaking bureaus and more. Pure LOVE!

Pandora’s Pantry

In the Highest Vibration of Love

888-9PANPAN (972-6726 )

One Click...One Story...For One Change Welcome to the Power of ONE!

ONE Shared Goal

ONE Shared Voice

Our goal is a simple but profound one: To rewrite the legend of humanity to include a happy, sustainable, peaceful existence for all — what we call Happily Ever After...

Pandora’s Pantry is a brand uniquely identified as the vehicle for conscious women (and men in tuned with their female self) who participate in change. We join together absent of anger not

All things are possible with love...

There are two primary emotions, love and fear, and in any moment we can choose to speak or act from one or the other. When we choose love, remarkable things occur; and although the effects of this choice may not be apparent in the moment, if we pay attention to how it feels within us we know its power.

At Pandora’s Pantry, we believe that this will occur

action; we fully accept our responsibility to bring

when humans have the 5 Basic Needs for a Happy

about eternal peace utilizing the Power of

Existence met (which we call our CHEFS model):

Participation, outside of religion or creed or

Clothing Health Edutainment (Education and Entertainment) Food Shelter We aspire to a new world reality by inviting a shift in perspective, making it possible to empower women

This is the power that we at Pandora’s Pantry are asking the women of the world to embrace,

belief other than Love and Happiness. H.H. Dali Lama said "The World will be saved by the Western Woman." We see this not as a challenge, but as an opportunity to engage and utilize modern tools to facilitate and quickly advance the inevitable peace on Planet Earth. As ONE, we are creating the world we wish to

to organize, focus and mobilize resources to fulfill

see and are the change we have been waiting

this goal. Shop. Share. Shift.


cultivate and develop through participation. Our ONE purpose is loving women back to love by providing a platform for the fulfillment of our dreams and imminent peace through education, action, story, information, sharing

What used to be a dream is now a perceptible reality in the hearts of women. Many are beginning to experience the power of love, and there is a very real feeling of excitement and anticipation that we will achieve this shared goal.

and heart-to-heart exchange. Together, we will co-create “redefine to redesign”

Our Credo

campaigns, that set the stage for a herstory that

Leverage the intelligent Compassion of

future generations will ponder with awe, admiration

Women; Incessantly Love Women Back to

and pride. One such tool is the soon to be released,

Love; Ever Focus our Power of Participation,

“Rewrite the Legend” Interactive Journal. You won’t

for it is the fuel for the Power of ONE.

want to miss the experience.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

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Pandora's Pantry -a meeting place of purpose driven women

Pandora's Pantry Brochure  

Pandora's Pantry -a meeting place of purpose driven women