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Why You Should By Real Human Hair for Extensions Real human hair has been one of the popular pick regarding the hair extensions. Why they are so popular? Let us find it out. Hair extensions are no longer limited to celebrities. They are available in your nearest salon or over online websites from where you can order them. Get them and install easily to have long bouncy hair. When it comes to picking up the right hair extension, which is suitable to your hair and its texture, real human hair extensions in Atlanta are the most preferred ones. Being human hair, they have a huge hu similarity with your hair thus makes the extension work look more natural and realistic. Some of the additional qualities of the real human hair making them perfect for the extension work are:


Looks real: since they are real human hair coming from real human donors, they look real. You must have seen ladies with dead looking hair extensions. These not only appear to be fake but make your extension work look like a mess.


No allergies: since human hairs are similar to your texture and genetics, they will not cause allergies or irritation the way animal hair or synthetic hair might do. They are processed with chemicals for the softness and luster thus is not suitable for your skin. Apart from this people with allergies from animal dander should never wear real hair extensions made from animal hair. They are very harmful for them.


Feels real: the texture of the human hair is entirely different from the artificial hair or the animal hair; therefore, you cannot even think about having them with your hair for increasing the length or adding volume. They will not at all feel like the real hair. The animal hair is stiffer and thicker than the human hair; thus, you simply cannot use them in place for the real hair. If you are looking forward to have soft and shiny hair, get real human hair.


Natural shine: Real human hair extensions in Atlanta have a natural shine, which cannot be found in the artificial hair or the animal hairs. The luster in the animal hair and the artificial hair is due to the excessive chemical processing. These chemicals do not give last long shine, which is not enough.


Suitable for styling: real hair extensions made from human hair are suitable for styling and coloring which is not possible with the artificial or animal hair. You can style them once but not on regular basis like real human hair.

Now, you know which hair is suitable for you. Make sure to buy the hair extensions in the right color to suit your hair better.

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Why you should by real human hair for extensions  

Rreal human hair has been one of the popular pick regarding the hair extensions. Why they are so popular? Let us find it out.