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How to Take Care of Your Wavy Virgin Indian Hair Since virgin hair is considered as the best variety of hair available for extensions, it becomes very important to take care of them. They need extra care to stay as good as new for long time. Apart from this, they are quite expensive; thus, one cannot take any chances with their care routine. Care regime of the virgin Indian hair extensions includes, washing, drying, applying moisture and combing carefully.

One can easily do all this, if the hairs are straight but when they are curly or wavy, the workload on care regime increases ten folds. You have to be a little extra cautious while handling your wavy Indian hair extensions. Wavy locks look great and are a perfect beach look if you need something relaxed, sassy and stylish. If you want to keep your virgin Indian Remy hair as good as new with their waves intact, try to follow these simple tips:


Wash the locks once a week to get rid of the dirt and grease or any kind of product buildup. Use a mild shampoo free of alcohol. Apply a deep conditioner to keep the moisture intact. Moisture is good for your hair extensions to keep them soft and luscious.


Do not rub them: avoid rubbing your hair together while washing or conditioning.

Let them dry naturally: avoid tying them in towel to dry. Just let virgin Indian hair extensions dry naturally or use hair dryer sparingly to keep the waves intact.

Do not scrunch: do not scrunch your hair to make them wavy. It can cause frizz and tangles. Instead, move your hair back and forth to define waves naturally.

Use curlers: you can wrap them around a curler without any heat to keep them a little wavy. You can use curl generator as well to make virgin Indian Remy hair wavy.

Use a wide tooth comb: if you are combing your wavy hair, you must use a wide tooth comb. It will untangle your hair without affecting your waves.

You must avoid using excess products on your hair extensions since it can cause product buildup, making them frizzy and difficult to manage. Before sleeping, tie your hair in loose braid that will enhance waves while keeping the hair frizz and tangle free throughout the night. You can also consult your stylist or the Virgin Indian Hair Extensions to know more about the care tips. Visit to know more about hair tips.

How to take care of your wavy virgin indian hair  

Taking care of the virgin hair is quite difficult without proper instructions. Follow these steps to keep your hair as good as new.

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