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Hello! My name is Denise Mayang and I am a Las Vegas based Graphic Designer. How did I become a graphic designer? Well, before I became a graphic designer, I was a nursing major, but I was struggling getting that degree. It simply was not my passion. I didn’t give up just yet. I jumped around several different health-related degrees before I came in to the realization that graphic design is where my passion is. I met a friend who was working in graphic design and made me realize that graphic design was what I wanted to do. He also made me remember that it was a hobby that I have always enjoyed, and that my gifts are in the design field and not the medical field. I was overjoyed by this epiphany and am certain that this is what I want do in life. I then enrolled in the CSN Graphics Communication program in Spring 2016. I have since then developed a design aesthetic that is very feminine and often incorporates pastel colors and romantic themes. My aim in graphic design is to evolve and adapt with the constant advancement of the field. I want to always learn something everyday and be inspired by even the most mundane things.

“EMMA” BUNNY SHIRT Emma is my bunny. I adore her very much and so It is fitting that I make a shirt featuring her.I feel that she adores me as well and thus the typography in this shirt that says “ some bunny loves you.”

El Leรณn Wine

This wine logo is inspired by a friend whose astrological sign is leo. The long, flowy hair of the lion in this logo is modeled after that same friend. Coincidentally, he loves wine.

Let Go of the Wheel Cover Art

Inspired by the lyrics of the song, I depicted two lovers parting ways. The story is that they are going to stop controlling things and just let go of the wheel. If they are meant to be, they will find their way back to each other in the end.

C3 Wtr

I was inspired to do a water bottle logo for my best friend, Cheyzer Crystal Citadel. From her name I formed the fictional brand C3 Wtr.

Explore Taiwan

I visited Taiwan in January of 2018, thus I was inspired to do a travel poster featuring the places I visited there. Some of the places featured are Taiwan 101, Chiang Kai- Shek Memorial, and Jiufen.

Parachutes Album Cover ColdPlay remains to be my all-time favorite band therefore I had to do my take on one of my favorite album of theirs, Parachute. I was inspired by the red string of fate concept upon listeing to the song “Yellow.�Supposedly, soulmates are connected by a long, durable, red thread.

Struck at First Sight Book Cover

I love the idea of two people having an inner knowing that they have met “the one� at first meeting. Thus, I created an illustration for a fictional book for that idea. I used my sister, Maureen Mayang, and her boyfriend, Cris Bulanadi, as models.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 Scripture Design

I believe in divine timing. Whatever you prayed for, if it is according to God’s will, will come into frutuition in His time. Thus, I made this design of scripture verse dealing with timing. The verse is taken from the book Ecclesiastes in the Bible.


Boss Ramen Logo

I came upon this restaurant on facebook called “Boss Ramen” and I thought their logo needed to be reinvented. I took it upon myself to revamp their logo. The noodles form a “B” for Boss Ramen.

Purple Rose

One time, I went to downtown Las Vegas and bought this gorgeous purple rose. I have always been fascinated by roses and the color purple. I loved the rose so much that I decided I would create a fictional product line based on the idea of that rose. The pictures used here are that very rose I bought from downtown.

Digital Portraits

In summer 2017, I decided to do digital portraits of people I love and adore. I did this because I want to show them I love them and to practice and hone my illustrator skills.I decided to use bold colors for background to highlight their bold personalities.

Acrylic Paintings

My love for roses spill into my paintings. Different colors of roses in my paintings hold different personal meaning. I also so a self portrait from time to time as a way of reflecting of where I am at in my life.

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Denise M portfolio  

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Denise M portfolio  

My portfolio