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What Can I Do To Get More Traffic and Sales ?

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What Can I Do To Get More Traffic and Sales ?

A quick and shorter than usual post. Over the past week or so we have been focused on Sharing lead generation strategies and how to work with Google and its latest updates. I just want to clarify a couple of points raised by Ray a fellow SEO Consultant in Cumbria. My response is below. I have also shared the fact that we are getting better results now than ever before. So the Google updates are working well for us.

Consistency is always the key when it comes to online marketing. Find out what Google wants and give it to them. Be ethical at all times and think about your clients first. As a Mentor of mine says. You need to fall in love with your clients that way you serve them better and everybody wins.

Hi Ray I thought I would share the comment I left on LinkedIn .The story goes that every 17 hours a change occurs re Google. The thing to do is stand back and look at the key themes and base your ‘promotion’ around that. 1. Serve your market. Give value and content. 2. Change it regularly. 3. Add more content and reference others. 4. Make your Articles/posts 500 words 5. Prioritise content first advertising second [though somehow Google still don't mind a certain level of ad sense??!!] just make sure you surround it with good content. 6.














As you know Ray we got into online marketing to promote our own sales manager site and services. Then we got hooked and now have a whole range of websites that generate income. When I first started I could not put up a website etc. Though I could write a half decent Article. So that’s what I did.

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This is still a key focus for us.In the last few months during all the Google changes we are getting more traffic than ever, so I have my own evidence that this strategy works. We have more WebPages on page 1 for decent keywords. Our ad sense sales are bigger and so are our eBook sales. So something must be working!

All the Best Denise

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What Can I Do To Get More Traffic and Sales  
What Can I Do To Get More Traffic and Sales