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What are .co Domain Names and Should I buy One?

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What are .co Domain Names and Should I buy One ?

.co domains names first appeared in 2010 and are set for huge growth in 2011. As web space becomes premium “real estate” more and more different domain name extensions are appearing. Last year I wrote a couple of Articles on the power of domain names and how valuable they can be. .co is one of the latest to hit the market and looks set to become popular in the internet space. I always like to watch what some of the “guru’s” do and what ethical marketers are exploring. Below is an Article clip form domainnamewire that explains how the .co name came about. .Co hits another big milestone. Just a couple months after general release, the .co namespace has now registered over half a million domain names effective today. 37% of registrations are from within the United States, followed by 17% in the United Kingdom. 12% of domain names are registered in Colombia. .Co is the country code domain name for Colombia, but has been commercialized and liberalized. Consumers and businesses have spent over $20 million registering .co domain names since the launch, including sunrise and land rush applications. About 2,500 domain names went to landrush auctions. Top sales include: for $76,000; for $60,000; for $44,500; for $41,000; for $22,500; for $18,500, for $15,500 and for $14,000. The launch period for .co has been an unequivocal success. It will be interesting to see how it fairs over the coming years. Domain names are powerful and contribute both to your brand and your search engine visibility. Have a look at the related posts at the bottom. One includes a free video you can watch. Domain names can do a lot for you and your business. On one hand they can help your brand, for instance Become a Blogger ( actually says what it does on the tin


) Is a great domain name that is also 08452570073 email:

memorable as it uses a particualr technique known as alliteration. The brain loves this by the way. It helps it store information in a nice logical way. The other power of a domain name is when it is keyword rich…………as this can help with traffic. For instance How to draw gets over 4 million searches a month globally ! Imagine if you owned that one. Just think of the potential searches you will be in front of, let alone how many crayons, pencils and courses you could deliver for your market. The same of course can apply for you and your business, the numbers might be different, yet in reality how might it be for you to get another 1000 visitors to your website each month? The .co extension could well be worth investing in, especially if you want to protect your own brand or cybersquatters grabbing your space online. For the amount they cost ( about £14 from Namecheap ) it could be a good investment. Will we be buying some…….:-)……….watch this space. To You and Your Online Success Denise and Sharon

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What are .co Domain Names and Should I buy One  
What are .co Domain Names and Should I buy One