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Website Design: How to Improve It in 2 Quick and Easy Steps

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How to improve my website ranking is a common question that many business owners ask themselves. The answers are much easier than you think. This blog post explores two ways Good Website rankings are becoming a passport to more clients for many local business owners. The increase on the volume of searches on Google means that many consumers hit their PC to make a purchase long before the yellow pages. Smart business owners realize this and are altering what they do on line. The important part of having a great ranking is to rank for a relevant keyword that your market is looking for. 1. Use a Blog Websites and blogs are different and yet many traditional business owners shy away from blogs and blogging. The Najeda online site that you are on now is actually a blog. The design is simple and works. The thing is that one of the quickest ways to have a high search engine ranking is to have a blog. Google loves them. Because of the way they are structured and the ease of adding content, within a matter of weeks you could have a blog filled with relevant content. If you made one post a day. By the end of the month you could have 30 plus pages of great content. Google will index blogs much faster than HTML websites. This will help you get found quickly. One of the best software platforms for a blog is WordPress. There are amazing free templates all over the internet you can use and for the cost of hosting and a domain you are all set to go. It is possible once you have a domain name and hosting to have your blog live and on the internet within an hour. 2. Research your keywords and use them Keyword research is getting easier all the time with so many free and easy ways to find all the key words you will ever need. The important thing though is to think about your customer. Exactly what is there pain or problem? When you know that think about what they will be searching on. Then use these words in the content you write for your blog. If you want to dominate a local market build those keywords into your posts. For us we work with businesses in Lancashire in the UK so our keywords might be. Online marketing consultant in Lancashire, or affordable online marketing consultant Lancashire. If someone is searching on that term they are more likely to find us. What they get then is someone locally that understands what they need. Yes it really is that simple. To You and Your Online success!, Best Wishes Denise

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