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Small Business Networking Ideas: How to Get Over Your Networking Fears Part 3

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Small Business Networking Ideas: How to Get Over Your Networking Fears Part 3 Over the last couple of days we have covered an easy strategy to take some of the fear out of business networking and how to build a targeted list at the same time. So far you know that it is important to offer something of value to your potential new client. This can be advertised on the back of your business card or perhaps a flyer. You have some ideas on how you can transfer your knowledge in an easy to digest format.e.g a report or emails. You now just need to know an easy way to do this. All successful recipes have ingredients for ours they are; 1. A squeeze page ( i.e. a way to capture and entice people) 2. An offer of useful information ( report email series mp3 recording) 3. An email auto responder e.g. Aweber is the one we use.

A squeeze page helps people make a decision. It is basically a web page with writing and a section where someone can join your database. This helps people make a decision yes or no without too many distractions. In other words people have one or two options or actions. They either sign up or leave your site. If you want to see a simple squeeze page of ours in action visit Online profits HQ

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A very famous squeeze page was Eben pagans squeeze page. Below we have a free squeeze page for you that are similar in its effectiveness. Just click the link that says free squeeze page template and it will download for you in a zip file. All you need to do is change the text. First you need a compelling benefit intimating what your potential new client will receive if they “opt in� to your free report or miniseries. Free squeeze page template Remember people have problems and they are looking for answers so think about this when you are writing out your page. You can then add a thank you page to let people know they are signed up. Your email auto responder then does the rest once you have set it all up to work. This is now live on the internet and people who have your business card can find it and opt in. We use this idea in a number of online markets that we are in and it is a really effective way of building up your database in a cost effective way. As a technique at networking events it works. No you might not get hundreds of people yet the ones you do are actually really interested. In fact you are doing a service for everyone. No need to hound people attached to all the business cards you picked up! To you and Your Online Success Denise and Sharon PS Must dash I need to hang the flag out!!

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Small Business Networking Ideas