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Small Business Internet Marketing Ideas: Motivation and Goal Setting

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Motivation and goal setting are both activities that “should” be carried out at various times during the year. As we have just had the summer solstice it is a fitting time to review exactly where we are at with what we want for our business and importantly why. Many people seem to think that small business internet marketing is really easy and sales and clients will flow in. Well the answer is yes and no. The potential is there for increased client contact. The goals and ideas though need to first be in place. Ruth points out in the video that you need to review where you are. Having done that what would you now like to make happen. It is an interesting thing to notice that once we have these two” reasons” nailed down everything else seems to fall into place. It is always vital to have focus in your business as this gives a sense of purpose and direction. A strategy can then be put into place.

Motivation and Goal Setting for Your Online Business

Ruth Sanderson from blue pea pod is a bit of an expert on Goal setting and consults with many clients in the UK on how they can take their business forward. This is a video Ruth recorded at the end of last year that is relevant for any business. Why not take some time to think through your own goals as we move into the second half of 2010, To You and your online success Denise and Sharon PS. If you click this link onto Ruth’s blog you can Opt in for 3 practical Goal setting tips

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Small Business Internet Marketing Ideas  
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