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Search Engine Rankings and Universal Search

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Search engine rankings and how they relate to universal search are becoming increasingly more important in the online marketing world. Google loves content and wants to deliver to its end user exactly what they want. So as a business owner you must exploit this and work with Google rather than against. The screen shots in the video above show a number of page one rankings. The content varies from articles, press releases, images and video. By making sure you exploit every possible media you are more likely to appear in the ranking positions that you want on page one. With the majority of people that search clicking on the left hand side of the page. The more content and links you have the better. The examples in our video, from a confidentiality perspective are our own. The terms focus around; seo services cumbria and online marketing Lancashire. When we were developing our content these were the words we used. Building online videos was just one avenue like the one above. When you are thinking about your own campaigns decide what you want to achieve either yourself or with the company that delivers your own online marketing. Making the firm decision often brings with it a focus and energy so that it actually happens! Have a great weekend‌‌‌it is even sunny in the lakes, Best Wishes Denise and Sharon

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Search Engine Rankings and Universal Search  
Search Engine Rankings and Universal Search