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Private Label Rights Articles? 7 Questions To Ask Before You Buy

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Private Label Rights Articles

Private Label Rights Articles? 7 Questions To Ask Before You Buy So what exactly are PLR Articles or PLR content? The letters actually stand for private label rights. This “label” is banded about on the Internet with many new Internet users not having a clue about what it actually means. Quick lesson for you. As far as Google is concerned content is king. The more relevant content you have on your website the more Google likes you. So for instance on this site we are all about Internet marketing for business and internet marketing training. So writing an Article like this Google would deem relevant. For us writing is a bit of a secret passion. We actually have a totally separate part to our business where we write Articles for business owners. Still with us? I do like to set the scene first. Now we like writing and lots of people don’t. So what are you to do as a new website owner who wants to take their small business Internet Marketing to the next level. The thing is you will need content and lots of it if you are going to compete. You can pay for someone to write Articles for you. This will vary in price. There are places on the web where Articles are created for $3-4. The challenge is they look like they cost $3-4 as well

Might be appropriate for some niche

businesses though not if you are really serious and have a conservative audience.

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This is where PLR can help you out. For instance you can buy PLR at a really low price. Other people may have it as well and yet with a couple of tweaks (takes a couple of minutes) you can have fantastic content on your site. Just before I wrote this. I had a look at one of our sites and the stats from an Article. This Article I bought in a PLR pack. I tweaked it a little. In around 18months this one Article has generated 6895 views. Not bad for what we paid for it. PLR or Private Label Rights are rights assigned and you are allowed to tweak the content and claim that you are the Author. Generally they come in packs. This might be 5, 10, 20 or perhaps a 52 week Auto responder series. You might also be able to buy a pre written report e.g. The 7 Ways to Decorate Your Christmas cake. Most authors will tell you what you can and cannot do with them. Generally the only rule is that you can’t resell them as is. This is a growing market online. As a business owner look out for PLR sites where you can buy content. Have a good sniff round first before you buy. This is especially important if you want content for your “Authority site “These are questions we ask: 1. What is the quality of the website? 2. What range of Articles do they have? 3. Is English the first language? ( Being honest if someone asked me to write in French I might have a problem!… know what I am saying here) You can take a flyer and it could be OK. My experience is that I then spend a lot of time changing the grammar and “formal” style of writing that does not work online. 4. Can you access some Articles /reports etc for free first? 5. Can you see the title and word count 6. Are keywords supplied or can you buy them in addition 7. You do get what you pay for in life. Having said that look at the subjects. Articles on Toilet training a puppy will cost less than. How to improve your cash flow or write a business plan. My thoughts on PLR? It is a life saver for business owners and is something to be embraced. To You and Your Success Denise and Sharon

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Private Label Rights Articles  
Private Label Rights Articles