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Password Storage Software: Easy To Use and Indispensable

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Password Storage Software: Easy To Use and Indispensable

Password storage software is a definite must have in the new business economy with most business people spending more time on line than ever it is vital to have everything you need literally at your fingertips. Only last week I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who I had lost contact with over the last few years. Suddenly an automated email appeared in my inbox from LinkedIn. So I rushed over to open it and used my trusty password storage software to go straight into my account and get Trish’s new contact details. We then spent two hours on the phone talking about old times and updating one another on the last few years of our lives!‌.it was like a scene from 4 weddings and a funeral. Anyhow back to the case in point and pass word storage software. Over the coming months I will be talking about the various products and services I would recommend to make life easier for you. I can only suggest the ones I use or come highly recommended by colleagues. As many businesses are starting to move on line, one of the first things I would highly recommend is to start with your systems all set up and running. Keeping passwords safe, secure and easily accessible is the first all important job. Trust me I remember having lots of bits of paper all over the place with user names and passwords. With password and identity theft being on the increase on hindsight this was probably not a very bright idea. As most of them centered around two or three important events in my life and a favorite walk of mine! So the first resource I would strongly recommend is password storage software. There are a number on the market. The one I use is Roboform. Now some of you may already use this.The latest download statistics are over 10 million people have accessed this great free password software. It is recommended by cnet,, New York Times, The Times, PC Manager and is actually the number one downloaded pass word manager world wide. The good news is there is a free and paid version. The free version does not run out after 30 days either and will hold up to 10 sets of passwords from day one which for many people is enough. Here are some Roboform features and what it can actually do: Securely Stores Your Passwords on Your Computer Logs You into Websites Automatically Fills Forms with One Click Protects You from Identity Theft

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Easy to Use You can actually store all your credit card details if you want to this system is that safe. Just head over to the site by clicking this link At the moment I am away from home and doings bits of updating as you do. It makes life so much easier that I can go into different accounts with one click because all my passwords are managed by Roboform. As you might imagine with the volume of people that use this service there are lots of tutorials on the site and it is continually being updated. The pro version is useful if you want to keep client details totally safe and in different identities. From a business expense perspective it is tax deductible of course. The cost, depending on the exchange rate is around ÂŁ20. Personally I would suggest giving the free version ago first to see if it something you can get the use out of. If you head over to the site it takes a couple of minutes to download. Just click the link below to take you to the site where you can then decide for yourself. To You and Your online success, Denise and Sharon

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Password Storage Software  
Password Storage Software