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Internet Marketing Training UK April 27th in Lancaster

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Internet Marketing Training UK This is just a quick note for business owners in the North of England who are wondering if their website just might be the answer to their business growth and cash flow.

Quick Answer for Action Takers our next seminar is on April 27th at the Holiday Inn in Lancaster. You can find















Internet marketing training UK If you need more information then keep reading……………………………………… Well the quick answer is, it very well could be provided you know what to do. In case this is your first visit here we are an online marketing company with a difference. We actually got into online marketing through having a website built that got zero traffic. Well apart from our own visits and of course Sharon’s mum, who was a regular visitor to the site. However without any need to purchase our products and services what so ever!! As a result we decided to roll up our sleeves and learn the ” dark art” of online marketing for ourselves. This took us …………..well Denise actually to various parts of the globe to study what works when it comes to small business internet marketing. We then implemented this in a few of our online ventures with amazing results. Top line we started to help other local business owners do the same through sharing our 7 Step domination strategies. We now run seminars across the North of England on how to generate more sales leads through your website by branding you as the expert in your area…………….both geographically and as a unique provider. Many of the people who come to our seminars are lost in a sea of Jargon. We feel our job is to help unravel the online marketing mystery. We do this through our interactive workshops and webinars where we give step by step instructions of exactly what to do to gain the results you want. If this spikes your interest either give us a call on 0845257 0073. Have a look at our site

2 08452570073 email: or check out what other business owners have said on our najeda online testimonials page. Looking forward to perhaps meeting you soon, Sharon and Denise

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About Fast Track Your Sales We are a web marketing company based in the UK we help our clients get more sales leads. We provide a range of services:        

Marketing and Sales Strategy Product Launch Planning and implementation Copywriting Sales letter creation Lead Generation Website Affordable Websites SEO Social Media Marketing

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Internet Marketing Training UK  
Internet Marketing Training UK