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Internet Leads: Are They Possible For Local Businesses

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Internet leads are fast becoming the key area where most businesses are experiencing their growth. I guess it is not surprising when over 80% of consumers now search on line for local service providers. This is According to the latest data from Google. With searches increasing from 2.7 million a month in 2006 to 32 billion in 2009. I guess it is no wonder. So how can local businesses get on the band wagon and put themselves in the path of sales leads online that can arrive literally 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is a question as an online marketing lancashire company we are asked all the time. Particularly is a relevant for me in my market. Now this might seem very logical and yet both you and your company need an online presence. This includes your website or blog. Plus all the other places your potential new clients can find you on line. This takes some thought and yet time spent at the early planning stage will make a significant difference to your results. Let’s look at a couple of really practical things to consider. Starting with an off line strategy. You’re Website Details Off line Do you make sure your website details are on all your stationary? What about your business cards? How about your car or van? Anything that can push people online is money well spent. That is why making sure your company brand and your name are on line is so important. The other day I was looking for a new garage door. By coincidences a local van passed by. The website I remembered, the number disappeared too quickly! When I got home I googled them and found them eventually. A friend of our has invested in a magnetic sticker for the car with her website and contact details. To date it has brought her many more clients through her website. is a great domain name and easy to remember. A great lesson in taking advantage of any advertising opportunity you can get. The State of Your Website So if you are sending customers to your website what state is it in? Could it do with a wash and polish? Maybe it is no longer reflecting your brand quite how you want it to. Does it engage your audience? Are the types of colours you are using relevant for your market? For example if you are selling an environmentally friendly product or service black and red would not be the colours of choice. When your potential new clients eventually get to your site what could you offer the? Do you have a way to capture their name and details? Is there a call to action anywhere on your site? For example phone us for a free consultation or no obligation quote. In the cold light of day these seem really logical yet many website owners forget to think through how they might attract internet leads that they can then convert into clients. To you and your online success, Denise and Sharon

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