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Title Tags: How to Use Them for Best Effect.

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Title tags are one of the most relevant parts of your web page when it comes to your search engine optimization. The title tag helps Google know what you are about. It is also a superb way to connect with an audience by nailing your keyword to the mast. Leaving people in no doubt about what you are about. Title tags from an SEO point of view are often overlooked by many web design companies and the advantages they give to a site are unexploited. Just recently a client we started work with did not have a title tag. We constructed a relevant tag and literally within a matter of days the site appeared on the first page of Google for a specific keyword term.. Now I am not saying this will happen in every case. Though attention to areas like this can make a huge difference. Think through what you might want to achieve? What words might bring people to your site and reflect what you do? Your company name followed by a keyword and brand? or even a local specific term. For instance it could be; Acme Ltd|Rochdale Heating Engineers|Affordable Heating Engineers in Rochdale. The surfer, your potential new client is left in no doubt about you and the service you can provide. Affordable heating engineers in Rochdale might also get some specific search traffic. From people looking for just that. This is known as a buying keyword. Where the buyer has some intent in how and what they are searching for. Before you construct your title tag make sure you carry out some keyword research. That way you will make it the most relevant possible. Do this for all the different pages on your site. So if you have a sight selling Golf balls, and you have a page dedicated to Golf tees make sure you have used the relevant terms that will relate to the page. Best Wishes Denise and Sharon

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