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How to Turn ÂŁ18 into ÂŁ1500 with a Simple Online Tactic

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How to Turn £18 into £1500 with a Simple Online Tactic. Hopefully the title grabbed your attention long enough to read on. With the business growth in the UK still being slow. Squeezing the maximum profits out of a business is on many business owners minds. Here is a simple and easy way to do just that no matter what business you are in. If you are anything like me and many business owners you are always open to anything that answers the following questions; 1. How can I make more profit 2. How can I increase profit 3. How can I improve cashflow 4. How can I make more money in my business with less work Do any of these questions ever pop into your mind? Well here is a very quick and simple answer that works. A great first step is to sell something from your site. Now before you panic thinking ; ” What can I sell? I don’t want to outlay on stock?” Let me relate a few facts to you. First off I would suspect that either you or one of your staff is an expert in what you do? Yes or Yes? Thought so! Imagine then that you have a chunk of knowledge that people would gladly pay for. Yes actually you do and a lot more than you think. This is called information marketing. Some people also call it internet marketing. Though if I am being picky they are actually different. So you sell to a customer, client or someone that visits your site a bit of information. This information answers a problem or issue they have. I will share a story with you. Just a few years ago I was looking for a specific answer to a question that I had. I actually found it in a short report called the the internet dictionary. I bought the report for around £5 in UK money. What a relief to have the answer. I also got the spin off benefit that since that day it has always saved me hours of time. If I added up my cost per hour and how long it takes to find information, I was in profit within minutes! Out of interst I bought the re sale rights and now sell it on the site. An actual example of this idea in action.

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Now Imagine if you did this for your current clients. You are an expert in your field and the information you can share is huge. Think about some common questions that clients ask you. Make a note of them. Sit down with your favourite tipple or a cup of tea and write away. Cover the key points on the subject area. Or even get someone to record you. Then put something on your site about your product and email your database. To make things look really professional and increase conversions you can have a low cost ebook cover designed by the team at Planet Divinity. They are a bunch of guys based in the North East. Just check out their site at by clicking Planet-Divinity Depending on the exchange rate it is usually around £16-18 for an ebook cover. I recommend them to all my clients and they create graphics for us as well. Steve at Divinity is fast. If you are unsure about anything. No problem he will change it for you at no extra cost. With something I had created I forgot to tell him about the colours ( my fault!) so he changed it and did not bill me. A real change. If you look over to the right on the site there is a banner that links to his site. I only recommend products and services I use. If you are looking for a cheap eBook cover!. They are the guys. By the way the finished ebook cover looks top notch. So you have created your report or CD. You have had an eBook cover designed. Then just place it on you site. Now do the math’s. Let’s say you sell one a day at just a fiver, £5. That is over £1500 in a year. Now what if you created 10 simple reports like this for customers each selling at approximately £5. This could make a great profit for you and at the same time be filling a real need for your customer. The price point is low for your customers. Also for you, a low cost in product development maybe a bit of time. No production costs either. This is a major benefit of digital marketing. Most people have word on their system. The latest versions even allow you to create a PDF for free. Your website is already hosted. So in reality actual costs would be an eBook cover. There are not many things you do in business that can give you such a return. To You and Your Online Success, Denise and Sharon

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How to Turn £18 into £1500 with a Simple Online Tactic  
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