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How to Sell Things Online: 3 Ways to Guarantee Success

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How to sell things on line is a question many businesses are starting to ask themselves. This particular strategy can be many business owners answer to all their prays. Especially when it comes to squeezing profit out of a product or service. This quick article explores 3 tips that will guarantee your success. Selling on line is the big thing now with many consumers preferring to sit in front of their PC or Mac with a credit card in hand. Don’t get too excited yet. There is a bit of work to do first. 1. Sell something Customers Want I know this sounds so obvious and yet many marketers promote a product on line and nothing happens. If it is a hot market or one where people have real problems and issues you are more likely to succeed. Just have surf around eBay and amazon and you will get some great ideas about what consumers will part with their hard earned cash for! Could your product or service add to whatever is there already? If so you will be almost home and dry. 2. Remember you are not there when they make A Buying Decision Obvious I know and yet many companies fall down on this one. If you are buying something on line you can’t touch or feel it. Over 40% of consumers like to do this. In the general population this percentage of people are guided very much by how something feels both physically and mentally. You can overcome this. Easy Video Marketing might be just one answer a post earlier this week’s shows how easy it is to do. The next challenge is most of us like to see a picture or how something works. It always surprises me how few people demonstrate their product on line via a video. You only need to look at the shopping channels on TV to know it works. Lynn Terry an internet marketer when she recommends products creates








3. Think about what you will do if they Say No My background is sales and when I was in front of a customer they sometimes would have objections or misunderstandings! I could then handle them and reassure the customer and all went well. Now generally on the internet that is not the same. Only really motivated buyers will send you an email and ask questions. So to give yourself the best shot of success create an FAQ document that handles all the possible questions and objects you can think about. If you just implement these three things alone you will be amazed at the difference in your conversion rates. To You and your Online Success Denise and Sharon

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