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Small Business Networking Ideas: How to Get Over Your Networking Fears Part 2

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Small Business Networking Ideas: How To Get Over Your Networking Fears Part 2 Following on from the last blog post aboutSmall business networking ideas, about attracting clients, let’s look at how you actually do it! This small business marketing idea is one that many local business owners have not as yet implemented. This is good news for you as it will help to differentiate you from the crowd. The even better news is that it can work out to be incredibly effective at a low cost. Today we will look at what information or help can you give them and in what format. Tomorrow we will look at the practical application of how you get it to them. First things first you need to give a potential new client something of value to them. Sounds logical I know. Ideally relate this to a “want” they have, perhaps an issue with their business or some top tips and advice. Remember you are an expert in your field and have probably forgotten more about your subject matter than your potential “new client” will ever know. The objective here is to gain a targeted client onto your database, and profile you and your company as the expert to go to for help and advice. You can do this in many forms. It could be a series of emails know as a miniseries or course (check out ours on the right hand side of this website) or perhaps a PDF report, or a recording (mp3) All the technical aspects are easy to do. You can convert a word document into a pdf for free (word 2007 allows you to do this anyway) or just google free PDF software. You can even record something and send this out as an mp3. Again there are lots of resources that are free where you can do this. So what topic? Below are some examples: 7 Questions you must ask an Accountant before you pay for their services (substitute any profession you want for Accountant i.e. Coach, Trainer, Plumber, Solicitor) 10 Fast Ways to achieve……………….whatever your business focuses around. You could even branch out and give hints and tips that demonstrate the range of your services. So how might this work? Using our Accountancy example it might be: How to apply for an Overdraft from your bank and get it approved in 7 days!

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The message is think lateral as well as specific. Just thinking of our example above. If I were looking for a new accountant and came across this information I might just be more disposed to this company. The perception from this report might just be that; A. I think they are pretty switched on as they produce reports! B. I had not really thought about an accountant helping me get extra help from the bank. All this can be delivered through the power of the internet at a minimal cost. Personally our 2 favourites are miniseries and Pdfs. The reason being they are easy to do and can go “viral”. Let’s explain. In you PDF report you can write a little about you and your expertise plus have links going back to your site. If you’re potential clients accesses this information and it is useful they might even pass it around to other fellow business owners. The same with a miniseries. You will notice that we have a miniseries that is delivered over 7 days. 7 is quite a magical number. There is a lot of evidence to say the many people will only “buy” from you after they have had up to 7 “ pieces” communication. This can be in any format. Phone calls, emails, letters, personal face to face, presentations. In essence then you are putting this small business marketing idea on steroids! Tomorrow we will cover how to actually implement this in a practical way, To you and your success

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How to Get Over Your Networking Fears Part 2  
How to Get Over Your Networking Fears Part 2