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Small Business Internet Marketing: How to Get On Page One of Google

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Small business internet marketing is the way of the future. No matter if it is just you or hundreds of people in your business. Some of you already know our story about how we came to be helping small businesses dominate their local market. The truth is there are only 2 of us full time in our business. There are others though who because of the power of the World Wide Web can work for us at home and on a part time basis. The power of what is happening with technology means that Jane or John can work from home run a business and even take the children to school. The basis of success online revolves around a few key elements: 1. Having a product or service to sell that people want or need. 2. Having an online presence 3. Getting found one page 1 of Google (less than 20% of people bother looking past page 1 ) You may have already made your decision on number 1 though you might want to think about your approach to your target market and how to engage with them. Number 2 and 3 are where people get stuck. You have to be seen for people to start a relationship with you in the first place. We have hundreds of subscribers and many clients who took our survey a couple of months ago. The key challenge that came back was where do you start? We need step by step help and we don’t have any money! If you watch the video above you will see some of the feedback we got. If this subject interests you why not sign up for our pre launch videos. As promised we will be launching our new step by step training at the end of this month at a cost that is a no-brainer when it comes to investment in your business. If you are interested go and register at Get Going on Google To You and Your Online Success Denise and Sharon

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How To Get On Page One of Google  
How To Get On Page One of Google