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Google Suggest Tool What Benefits For Business?

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The Google Suggest Tool would strongly “suggest” can and does benefit your business. As long as you know what it is and where to find it! Google, our online marketing friend provides us with a number of free and useful tools. These cover all manner of research and analysis tasks. The tools include Google trends, Google insights for search, and Google analytics to name just a few. One that very few people mention is Google suggests. As the name implies this is exactly what it does. Giving suggestions to the letters you input into the search box. If you are starting any campaign of research for say, a market you are currently in or a new one you want to explore, it is a quick first start. The easiest way to get to it is to go straight to Google’s home page. Whether that is or .com or When you see the box in front of you just start typing. Let’s use our own example on how to use it. Say for instance we want to generate additional clients for our online marketing services. As what we do is virtual, in reality it does not matter where our clients live. Imagine if we start typing in, online marketing Lancashire and discover that online marketing Leeds was actually popular as well. As the suggest tool gives you suggestions for what are other popular searches. As you can imagine this is really powerful data. This is valuable information that you can utilize in any manner of ways. The beauty is this is real time data provided to you by Google. This means you have an idea on some root keywords that people may be searching on. You can then utilize this by digging down and using some of the other tools that Google provides, to give you even more detail and facts about your market. The numbers on the right of the suggest tool when you search are meant to give a guide to how popular that term is with numbers of competing webpage’s on the internet. My personal experience is it can be out, sometimes. Though never the less it does give a guide. Google suggest is a great way to stimulate new ideas for content in your area or niche. With the volume of searches increasing daily it is a tool to use on a regular basis to tap into what is going on. The volume of searches on Google rose from 2.7 billion in 2006 to now in 2009 in excess of 30+ billion. So logic would say that many searches performed now weren’t last week. Some pundits suggest over 25% of searches occurring now on Google have never been carried out before.

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If you want to know more about Google suggest just click the links, Google Suggest Information To you and your online success Denise

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Google Suggest Tool What Benefits For Business - Copy  
Google Suggest Tool What Benefits For Business - Copy