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Google Local Search Marketing In The UK: A Case Study

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Local search marketing is the buzz word in the US. Latest data suggests that well in excess of 80% of people search on line for service providers. Be that a lawer, hairdresser,accountant, or online marketing consultant. The same is also true in the uk. Local search UK is very much alive and kicking. So what exactly is local search? Let’s explain. You are looking for a local service provider in your area. So you head over to Google and tap in; plumber or electrician. Nothing much appears, so you start to drill down. You want a local person to come around and sort out your issue. So you start to add in local areas e.g. plumber Kendal, or plumber in Kendal. This is known as geo targeted search. This then provides you with a much more specific result. The video above shows the result of some work we did with a local accountancy company in chorley We promoted their site for them using a number of different tactics. We also carried out an SEO review and changed some key words. The result of which has been a number of first page rankings resulting in a phone that is now ringing. Let’s face it in honesty this is the result all business owners want. 2010 is just around the corner for all of us as local businesses. The results that expert accountancy have achieved is more than possible for local business enterprises. Accountancy is a busy and competitive market and yet within weeks this is the result that Colin Foster and Gordon Rowles achieved. So what can you do? Well first of all think through what you want to happen in 2010? What is your ideal market? Is it a local market? Or does it spread wider? If you are focused on ecommerce what line do you want to sell? These are all key questions that will help you plan your online presence. To You and your success Best Wishes Denise

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Google Local Search Marketing In The UK  
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