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Cheap Search Engine Optimization: Is There Such A Thing? Part 1

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Cheap Search Engine Optimization: Is There Such A Thing ? Part 1

Cheap Search Engine Optimization

Cheap Search Engine Optimization is what many Internet marketers are looking for. The reality is, it is actually possible, provided you have a plan and a well thought out system. Now you can use a seo company, and there are ones you will find who say they will do cheap search engine optimization for you. However I would always think through their offer and exactly what you get for your money On the other hand you can do your own SEO cost effectively. So here are some things to consider and activities to start. First off make sure you are targeting the best keywords for your market. Do you research using free and paid tools? The Google keyword tool has made many people successful on the internet so why should you be an exception Secondly use your words and phrases both off and on your site. Having these 2 complimentary activities is the difference that makes the difference. Link building will form part of this. The more relevant the links pointing back to your site and the more of them the better. So what are our top suggestions? Well this for a start. Creating useful content on your web site for one. Blog, blog, blog, and blog. Write blog posts that will attract people to your website. Just think about it. Might you wonder if cheap search engine optimization is a key word? Give the girl a gold star. So you are writing keyword blog posts. How about some nice links pointing back?

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Well you can get these from forum posting (depending on the forum) and blog commenting. Both generally cost nothing except some time. Just do the maths. How about 2 blog comments a day x 200 working days. That is 400 links back to your site. For probably the same amount of time you spend procrastinating and wondering where to start each moring you could be building links while you drink your tea or coffee. Max time I would say 10-15 mins tops. So what are you waiting for? Come back tomorrow for a couple more gems. To You and Your online success Denise and Sharon

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