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Business Blogging Tips and the 30 Day Challenge.

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Business Blogging Tips and the 30 Day Challenge. Business blogging is not new and yet for many smaller businesses it is a different way to distribute content and attract potential clients. As a business we it is no different. Our Najeda Online Marketing site is a blog and is one stream of attracting potential clients. Through interaction and providing useful content we hopefully attract an increasing number of subscribers. This leads me swiftly onto the thirty day challenge. In business most of us realize and appreciate that consistency works. The thirty day concept is not new and it is a phenomenon that as humans we are blessed with. It is a well documented fact that if we engage in a regular activity for 28 days or more we are more likely to continue as a new habit is formed.As we are habit forming creatures why not at least make our habits useful. From an online perspective a famous blogger wrote numerous posts about his own various 30 day challenges and what effect it had had on his life. On a conference call last night I decided that it was about time I got stuck in and created my own 30 day challenge. This time from a business perspective. So my challenge is to consistently do something every day to generate traffic for our Najeda Online Marketing site. This could include a whole range of things from article submission to blog commenting and posting. My own starter is to post on the blog here every day for thirty days, in addition I am sure this will throw up a number of other things that will happen as a consequence. There is a famous saying that builders have the worst houses. I am not sure that completely applies to online marketers/bloggers. Though when we are working with clients our own site often gets put to the back of the queue. By having the focus and discipline this will bring, it will be interesting to experience what happens. With anything in business there ideally should be an outcome for it. So for us it will be something tangible which are more visits to the site and more people signing up to our news letter. When it comes to topics to write about the ideas are endless. How about posting your comments and suggestions here so I can write on topics that you would like more ideas and suggestions on. To You and Your Online Success, Denise

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Business Blogging Tips and the 30 Day Challenge.  
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