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Article Writing Tips: Just Do It!

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Article Writing Tips: Just Do It!. Sorry to be so blunt. Writing articles is not actually that hard. Just make a decision you are going to do it. The rewards are endless. Including subscribers, backlinks and sales. When we first decided to market online it was our initial strategy for being noticed. Google loves content and I could create it, so it seemed a logical first step. As time has passed, I am writing more and refine what I talk about. The spin off has been that other business owners ask me to create content for them and pay me for it! There are 101 benefits to writing articles and creating information for people. One spin off benefit that crept up on me was the power it has to boost general confidence. Let me give you an example that has probably happened to you as well. Have you ever had the experience where something has either come out of your mouth? Or gone down on paper and you had no idea where it came from? yep me too. It is amazing the knowledge we all have access to that we don’t appreciate. So if you have never written something before it is easy. Here are a few quick steps. First pick a topic that you and your target audience might be interested in. Now remember this is just to have a go. I can tell you more about that as time goes on. Then you can start thinking about keywords, backlinks, and resources boxes! Back to it. So you have a topic. Now pick three things you know about the topic you have chosen and write 3 or 4 sentences. Make sure you have a space between each paragraph and there you have it your first article. Depending on you and your area of expertise you could title it any way you want, below are some examples: Finding an Accountant: 3 things you must do. Mystery Shopping: 3 First Steps. Affordable SEO in Lancashire: How to find an SEO Consultant in the North West. Writing articles is a low cost strategy that works. It gets you and your business out on the internet. Make it one of your key strategies for the last quarter of this year. You will be glad you did Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Best Wishes Denise

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