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Affordable Small Business Marketing Ideas 3 Things to Consider

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Affordable Small Business Marketing Ideas

Affordable Small Business Marketing Ideas Affordable Small Business Marketing Ideas are plenty and varied you just need to get you creative juices flowing and you will have no end of ideas. With times “tough� for many smaller businesses both in the UK and the US you have to focus on both your small business marketing and sales. Wise to remember that marketing is about creating demand and a sale is about converting that demand into cash. The reality is you can implement lots of low cost strategies that will work. That is one of the reasons we love Internet marketing so much and why we recommend it to small business owners locally. People search on line for products and services all the time. Latest data says that over 80% of the UK look online first. So if you are going to leverage anything here is a place to start. So what can you do that is affordable. Here are 3 ideas that work for us. 1. Have a blog

Yes you are reading this Article on our website that is actually a blog. Generally they are low cost and importantly search engine friendly (hint you can have more than one for your business)

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2. Drill down your target group The reality is you cannot serve everyone. Yes we would all love to and in real life it won’t happen. Searching on Google you would be amazed at the small groups of targeted searches. For example if you are making silver pendants perhaps you should target women over 50 or fewer than 30. You know the kind of thing. This is called niche marketing and it is easy to do on line. 3. Build a database and give something away for free. Now this might. Feel counterintuitive and yet this works. So here you are on our site maybe attracted by this article. If you like what we say you may decide to sign up and receive our free videos. Over time you might then buy one of our products or join our affordable small business marketing training course. The real take away point is do something and have a plan. Consistent actions will always win out over time

To You and Your Online Success! Denise and Sharon

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Affordable Small Business Marketing Ideas 3 Things to Consider