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Small Business Website? 5 Reasons Why a blog Might Just Be for You

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Small Business Website? 5 Reasons why a blog might Just Be For You

When it comes to making a decision about a small business website many business owners ask the same question should I have a website or a blog. In fact let me clarify that often the first question is what is the difference between a website or a blog and is one better than the other. Deciding on a website is one of the first decisions new savvy business owners usually make and yet many people are confused about the best option. Generally many bricks and mortar businesses seem to prefer the classic style of website and yet this really does not need to be the case. The website you are reading this Article on is actually a blog. The fundamental difference between a blog and traditional website is that blogs are more dynamic and enable interaction and comment. So below we have listed just 5 reasons why this might be the choice for you. 1. You are on a tight budget.

This is a generalization and yet simple blogs generally are less expensive to create and have live on the internet. There are many free blog themes on the internet for every conceivable business which also look professional. 2. You like to be involved

Now blogs actually have a content management system included and this can really help if you want to be involved in adding in your own content. If you can type into a word document and you can email then using a blog will be easy for you.

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3. You need search engine rankings

Google loves blogs. Especially WordPress. The main reason for this is that blogs enable their owners to update content on a regular basis. As we know Google also loves content and the fresher the content the better. 4. You want to brand yourself as an expert

One of the great advantages of blogs and blogging is the ease with which you can communicate with your audience. For instance, from deciding to write this article typing it and adding it to the site took less than 35 mins. Imagine if every morning you did this. Say you work 48 weeks of the year. Potentially you have just added a potential 240 web pages to your site. Imagine what search engine visibility that will bring you. 5. You want speed of action.

I think the point above just illustrated how quick this can be. Using something that is happening in your market and making a comment on it, could have you in the flow of a lot of traffic. Small business internet marketing can make you nimble in a situation like this. You appear up to the minute with the added bonus that you might just get additional traffic that you never expected. Unless you have a web person on site contacting your web company will take time. You might then have to wait for them to add an additional page To You and Your Online Success Sharon and Denise

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5 Reasons Why a blog Might Just Be for You