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30 Day Challenge: Progress So Far!

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With just over a week to go the 30 day challenge is well on its way. Though in honesty it has a been a push today to sit down and write. So this might be a wimpy post. Apologies in advance. I have now finally lost my voice! Good job I write for a living. At the end of next week I will write more on the challenge and lessons learned. So far the visits to the site have increased daily which is good news considering I have done minimal keyword research. I wanted to go through the process as a new person would. Our key phrases are around online marketing and seo targeted to geography. Though over this month I have not used these specifically in a lot of posts. The only additional things I have done is to write an article and post on Ezine articles every day. Plus to ping the site, using pingomatic. I have also social bookmarked about half of all the blog posts and a third of the articles. Progress so far is that visits have almost doubled. This is a new site in a very competitive area. Pre the challenge we were looking at about 150 a month. This is now well over 300. So good news. The number of backlinks to the site have increased which over time will bear fruit as this site matures. Well I think that it’s for me!!

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30 Day Challenge Progress So Far!  
30 Day Challenge Progress So Far!