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The step which companies, organisations and brands must make is to collect and analyse the data to subsequently implement a follow-up strategy or entirely new (marketing) strategy, with the objective of increasing future revenue.

Trends There is a huge wealth of data, also called Big Data. Is it a hype? Can you as a company, organisation or brand wait for the (strategic) deployment of data or it is actually already reality? According to McKinsey, who have published a scientific publication, the effective use of data and analytics increases productivity, profit and market value of companies by 5 or 6 per cent. In some industries the strategic deployment of data analysis can even make the difference between profit and loss. ‘Big Data Storage’ and ‘Big Data Analytics’ are two current trends. These two trends are inextricably linked to each other: not the level, but the way in which people want to make use of data determines whether data is ‘Big’ or not. The requirements which are connected to ‘Big Data Storage’ come from the analyses which people wish to carry out on the data. ‘Big Data Analytics’ concerns data which is: • • •

Rapidly available Comes from multiple sources. Is supplemented with other (unstructured) data.

One can take things even a step further. Consider internal and external data. These should be linked to each other. You can call on this data in real-time to optimally communicate with fans and clients and make tailor-made offers. ‘Big Data’ is therefore not something for the future, it’s a reality now.

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