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Strategy We are currently living in a digital feudal economy where social platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter etc give unlimited (free) access to our data and behaviour by way of the Social Identity which is created there. The ‘Single Sign-On’ button is the holy grail which leads to connection on the basis of demography and relevance. It is the button which gives access to the data of the profile itself, the references but also the purchases and promotions of a fan or related client. The strategy must therefore be coordinated with this. Standard data from the Social Media channels, such as those which exist at a number of companies, do not offer direct value. Only after meaningful correlations, analytics and setting up (additional) earning models on the validated ‘fan’, ‘tweets’ and ‘like’ data (in)direct cash streams can be generated. The value of the company, the organisation or the brand will increase in the form of potential goodwill. The strategy must be coordinated with the collection of data from all possible sources.

Trend ‘Single Sign-On’ (in short SSO) allows end users to log in once and subsequently automatic access is granted to all applications and resources in the ecosystem of a company, organisation or brand. Fans or clients log in with their favourite Social Identity (for example: via Facebook or Twitter) or their user name /password. The SSO module collects this data to then enter it automatically, or to add to additional data if requested, when a fan or client wants to open an application. When the end user has logged in, the SSO module takes over the login process and allows an automatic login in all applications and systems which the fan or client has access to. Therefore the fan or client does not have to login each time. The application is immediately started if they click on an icon of an application. The login screen is removed and no longer displayed. The advantages of ‘Single Sign-On’ are: • • • •

Straight-forward for the end user. The end user is more productive. The registration procedure is tightened. Data from Social Identities is saved in own database.

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