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flowers and the bees, the frog and the fly. Create an (online) business model where you can take the lead as compared to your competition or other market parties, the organisation is stimulated to innovate and enables you to reach (new) clients and hold on to them. A very important difference is that the parties who have a good strategy, which is based on a place within the ecosystem, are the ones who can let the processes seamlessly connect with each other and benefit from this. The parties, which ensure that the fan or client has the optimal experience, which is connected to each channel, will benefit optimally from this. This requires a fundamentally different attitude towards the various parties in the ecosystem, not only to the social networks, but also to the individuals. Where previously the emphasis lay on competing and protecting within the collaborations, the emphasis is now on working together. On listening to, participating in and anticipating on the data which is created in socalled ‘conversations’ and ‘interactions’. This data must be stored, analysed and related to the data which you (possibly) already have. A short overview of the content of this document where an insight is given and trends are signalled on the aspects below. A number of trends are indicated with each of these aspects. • • • •

Vision Strategy Execution Value

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The Internet Ecosystem  
The Internet Ecosystem  

The Internet is actually an ecosystem. It is an ecosystem which consists of a community which is connected online, formed by end users, deve...