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PORTFOLIO Denis Džambić Selected works 2009 - 2016


2 PORTFOLIO. Denis Džambić

Denis Džambić

Born on Julie 29th, 1985 - Doboj (BiH) Nationality Italian and Bosnian

EDUCATION From March 2012 to July 2015 Politecnico di Milano - Master Degree in Architecture > Final grade 107/110 > Thesis: Polihousing. Social Housing and facilities project in Città Studi, Milan. Thesis final grade 8/8 From September 2008 to September 2011 Politecnico di Milano – Bachelor Degree in Architecture > Final grade 107/110 From September 2005 to June 2008 Politecnico di Milano - Master of Science in Building and Architectural Engineering - No qualification From September 2001 to June 2005 Liceo Scientifico G. Ferraris di Varese - Scientific high school degree From October 2015 - Varese Corsi - Language course: basic German March-April 2010 - Espero S.r.l. Adobe Training – Photoshop CS4 February-December 2003 - AICA - European Computer Driving Licence

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Language: Italian (mothertongue), Croatian (mothertongue), English (TOEIC certificate C1). Social skills: aptitude to teamwork, leading capacity, deadline observance, timeliness, attention to details. Interests and hobbies: design, photography, reading, cinema.


Address Nibelungenstrasse 65 64678 Lindenfels Deutschland

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Tel +49 (0) 17630124171 Tel +39 3336894683 WORK EXPERIENCES

From April 2016 to November 2016 GBPA Architects– Milan Grafic design advisor > Interior design (with REVIT 2017) of Armani Store, London (England) From April 2014 to November 2014 and from November 2015 to March 2016 AXD Studio di Architettura – Milan Grafic design advisor > Interior design (Stage M2+ and Stage M3, CAT A) including 3D modeling and architectural layout (with REVIT 2014) of two metro stations, Doha (Qatar) > Drafting for final design of industrial buildings, Yeosu (South Korea) and Spiritwood (USA) From June 2010 to June 2012 Caruzzo – Fabbro Architetti Associati – Milan Interior and grafic design advisor > 3D modeling and rendering of interior architecture, external architecture, design objects and furnishings.







Photoshop Lightroom






AutoCAD Architecture








4 PORTFOLIO. Denis Džambić



6 | Umm Ghuwailina Station | Doha Metro, Qatar

10 | Polihousing | Social Housing and facilities project in CittĂ  Studi, Milan

18 | (De)concentration | New facilities for cycle-track Vigorelli, Milan

22 | Ex-Innocenti | Requalification of an ex industrial area, Milan

26 | Shydrapark | Centre for hydraulic and shipbuilding research, Genoa

30 | Theatre | A theatre for Creativity, Bollate

6 PORTFOLIO. Denis Džambić

Umm Ghuwailina Station | Doha Metro, Qatar. 2015-2016

AXD Studio di Architettura – Milan

The Doha Metro is a planned rapid transit system in Qatar’s capital city that is scheduled to become operational by the end of 2019. It will have four lines with an approximate overall length of 300 km and 100 stations. It will be an integral component of the larger Qatar Rail network, which will include a long-distance rail for passengers and freight, linking Qatar to the GCC, and Lusail’s city local light rail transit (LRT). The Doha Metro will ultimately consist of four lines opening in phases beginning in 2019 with an eventual completion date of 2026. The Red, Green and Gold Lines will radiate out from a central interchange at Msheireb in Downtown Doha, with the Blue Line providing a semi-orbital service.

Umm Ghuwailina Station 7

8 PORTFOLIO. Denis Džambić

Umm Ghuwailina Station 9

10 PORTFOLIO. Denis Džambić

Polihousing | Social Housing and facilities project in Città Studi, Milan. 2015 (thesis).

Team: Denis Džambić, Veronica Merenda POLIHOUSING project is a consequence of Federlegno S.r.l. Competition Announcement published in 2012. The competition, within the comprehensive “Città Studi – Campus Sostenibile” project, was about Social Housing and social facilities responding to the need of temporary housing in the “Comune di Milano” area. POLIHOUSING project is not only addressed to lower social class people. Instead, it is focused on “city-users”, such as professionals, visiting professors, University researchers, etc., that usually live temporarily in the city and need of specific facilities. Therefore, the project is aimed to meet users specific requirements, such as places for co-working, for leisure and entertainment, and in particular it is aimed to create synergy between residential and service places, in order to connect individual and collective spaces and promote social relationships. According to this, the project shows two temporary accommodation buildings discerned for short and long staying, a leisure-study-café building where people, such as resident users and University workers, can meet and a nursery house for their babies.

Polihousing 11 COSTRUITO


Location of the project

Città Studi




Concept Scheme






Concept Scheme RESIDENZE








RESIDENZE permanenti RESIDENZE temporanee


5m di rispetto da confine



12 PORTFOLIO. Denis Džambić

East Front

Ground Floor

Polihousing 13



14 PORTFOLIO. Denis Džambić

East Front

Polihousing 15

Nursery School

East Front

16 PORTFOLIO. Denis Džambić

Social Housing

Ground Floor

Section B-B

Polihousing 17

18 PORTFOLIO. Denis Džambić

(De)concentration | New facilities for cycle-track Vigorelli, Milan. 2013

Team: Denis Džambić, Ramiro Löfvall, Stefano Santamato

Vigorelli is a building made for a specific intent: to be a cycle-track. In compliance with the competition request, the purpose was to project spaces for contemporary music. The project leans on Vigorelli as a new architecture in opposition with the exsistent buinding. The project realization is made to be reversible and non destructive. We made a roofing to isolate the Vigorelli’s central part, in order to create spaces for contemporary music such as museums, technological experimentation areas and perfomance spaces. This building wasn’t meant to be temporary nor a permanent one, it is only a transition in the history of Vigorelli.

(De)Concentration 19

20 PORTFOLIO. Denis Džambić

Ground Floor

(De)Concentration 21

Section A-A

Section B-B

22 PORTFOLIO. Denis DŞambić

Ex-Innocenti | Requalification of an ex industrial area, Milan. 2012

Team: Giuseppe Ceci, Denis DĹžambic, Olimpia Rangoni Macchiavelli, Maria Ave Romani, Stefano Santamato The purpose of the project was the requalification of an ex industrial area near Lambro river (the east of Milan). The critical points were the presence of an industrial building to requalificate and to reuse, besides to consider the possibility of the Lambro river flooding. The industrial building has been designed to accommodate public spaces, film studios and the cinema museum and to be employed like a barrier against river flooding. A residential area has been designed at the back of the industrial building. This residential buildings have been built around a linear park that serves as an emergency drainage area in case of an eventual river flooding. So that all the buildings can be protected against alluvions and some damages and people can live and take advantage of this area in complete safety.

Ex-Innocenti 23

Site Plan

24 PORTFOLIO. Denis Džambić

Section A-A

Ex-Innocenti 25

Flooding scheme

Green Project

26 PORTFOLIO. Denis Džambić

Shydrapark | Centre for hydraulic and shipbuilding research, Genoa. 2012

Team: Denis Džambić, Benedetta Omarchi, Sara Provini

The plot is in Cornigliano, nearby Genoa, in an industrial site. The project arises from the necessity of keep the industrial function of this area, but considered in a new different way. The theme chosen is a centre for hydraulic and shipbuilding research. This decision has been made after the analysis of the site, located nearby Fincantieri, one of the most important industry for shipbuilding, and the Scientific Park Erzelli. All the research centre is located inside a park with a system of different public spaces, where the key elements are the presence of the water, the differentiation of the program and the human scale.


Shydrapark 27

Site Plan

28 PORTFOLIO. Denis Džambić


First Floor

East Front

Ground Floor

Section A-A

Shydrapark 29

Ground Floor

30 PORTFOLIO. Denis Džambić

Theatre | A theatre for Creativity, Bollate. 2009

Team: Clara Caldonazzi, Francesca Corti, Denis Džambić, Benedetta Omarchi, Martino Pasqua, Sara Zangari

The plot is an old factory nearby Milan, a place that nowadays is an art gallery for young artists. The theme of the project is to use part of the factory and the garden for an experimental theatre. The project is based on the willingness to recreate the original and immediate relationship between the actors and the audience, of the Greek theatre. The Cavea is embracing the orchestra with an organic curve, for exalting the community dimension of the theatre’s experience. One of the most particular element is the stage, that is located on many flying bridges, linked to the orchestra whit a spiral ramp.

Theatre 31

Ground Floor

32 PORTFOLIO. Denis Džambić

Section A-A


Section B-B

Theatre 33

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