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How to get free books and software on jyotish astrology Biggest free library on the web, a gold mine for astrologers, all in 1 link, in 1 place… Hundreds of books and lots of software as well….. Please read attentively because this is a free jyotish gold mine Jyotish biggest-free link to Jyotish and astrology books, software, audio & video lessons so far; note…better to use google chrome or firefox browsers to access , other browsers will not work or will take long time to access the files/download, or will not show the full contents of the files. go to root folder!ypZ0VQAK!WeYDWQVYLpVv7BNCVo_opQ !WeYDWQVYLpVv7BNCVo_opQ is the key to open/decrypt the file, then you have access to all the subfolders inside like here;

if you have problems to download I recommandʼ

# 1st; register on for a free account, then click or copy paste the link - F!ypZ0VQAK!WeYDWQVYLpVv7BNCVo_opQ ( it is a public access link); some screenshots; I recommend also to install for free this application; (for windows or mac, in multilangages) , this application Synchronizes files automatically between your computer and cloud files (automatic upload- download whole folders as it is on your computer or in your mega account) so with this application you can just drag/ copy my main astro folder (or any folder inside ) to your mega account; files will be copied instantly, because there is only 1 copy on the server available to many users. then automatically download the whole thing…gigabites your PC or mac…automatically, during night preferably.. (this may take days if you have a very slow internet), You donʼt have to download each file separately……what a pain!. You an also get a google chrome extension for @;

Access my files from your smartphone or tablet for free if you have an android tablet or phone go to it is a free software

Description MEGA is a secure cloud storage service that gives you 50GB for free. Unlike other cloud storage providers, your data is encrypted and decrypted by the client devices only and never by us. Your data is accessible any time, from any device, anywhere. Share folders with your contacts and see their updates in real time. The cloud in your pocket. Access your files from your smartphone or tablet. Upload and sync your media to the cloud. Search, store, download, view, share, rename or delete your files. It's all there - in the palm of your hands. For more info, please check :

How to copy any folder to your free account instantly;

Please copy-print-share-email-post-put in torrent or put in the a cloud storage on the web; 1_this letter or link(s) to your friends, 2_or any books, software 3_or make your own duplicate of all the files and share it (see bellow) (You will get the mercy of all the great souls from the past who endeavour to get this divine knowledge out for helping the condition of humanity, divine knowledge frees us from bondage and suffering)

Why free? Because we believe that jyotish astrology is divine, secret, and sacred knowledge it should be free. Also because it is divine and godly, so do people who have it, receive it, practice it should also be divine, godly, moral, ethical and wise; not only to improve themselves, but for the good of society and suffering humanity. Why everything only on ? #1_It is free #2_We try to upload files on dozens of other websites, servers, torrent, etc…it does not work; some sites delete files after some time, some are slow, need to wait, get publicity or adds, are limited in file size/ upload/ download speed, delete copyrighted books or software…etc….etc…with mega we can upload anything and it will stay there forever (almost, or till internet disappears…means till humans go back to the stone-age) #3_50 gb. free is what offers.. + no pub-adds, waiting, no deleting files. + all accounts files and folders are encrypted before they enter the server ( means cannot access/open your files) + all files & folders can be shared with anybody, or made public provided You have the link and code to decrypt. + all files & folders are downloadable and copy/ paste-able instantly to any other person who also have a free account + everything can be synchronized or downloaded to a mac, p.c. or mobile device

Free jyotish astrology books sofware  
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