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Astrology and AthrishtaJCP. 12 issues 1972

STELLER ASTROLOGY SHOWS THE WAY »y BALA There are various methods available in Astrology which offer guidance in interpreting a horoscope and reading events in a man's life. In Hindu traditional astrology, a number of classical works attributed to sages explain the various rules and expound the various dasa systems to be emplbjed. In the Western countries, in modern times. Astrology has had a phenomenal growth and a Lot of literature has been added to the subject. And t et, there is no foolproof method of finding out when events marked by the horoscope a^ birth would fructify. In the Hindu "fraditi'opal system; we find- a number of rules stated in regard to a planet's effect accorcing to its benefic or mai:Gc nature, its sign position, its house position, its conjunction and combination with other planets, its lordship of housefs), its aspects to others and the aspects received by it from other planets, its navamsa, strength and various amsas occupied by it, and the strength of its depositor by sign, navamsa, dwadasamsa, trimsamsa, etc. Even those who bail the traditional system pay . only lip service to it as they rarely follow its advice in the sense tbat they do not pay heed to shadbala or six souices . of strength, shadvarga or six vargas, and various other considerations. Then again, thp actual bbava position of a planet gets distorted because ,of the confusion as to where a begin commences and where it closes. The general run of Hindu astrologers simply identify the sign on which lagna has fallen as the first house, the sign succeeding it in the natural order of the zodiac as the second house, and soon. The more sophisticated among them depend on the method advocated by Sripati, though bow far they make actual use of it is known only to them. Furthermore, the importance of nakshatras and the role they play has been completely lost sight of, and though the Hindu system of Astrology is based 9

on the Nirayana Zodiac' no one has bothered to emphasize the value and significance attributed to nakshatras by our great mabarishis like Parasara. The great sage who gave to us the best system of delineation of events in life so far known to us—Vimshottari Dasa system, or Udu or Naksbatra Dasa sysiem as it is variously called—based it on nakshat- ras and apportioned to the nine significators employed by him unequal dasa years and, similarly, unequal periods in bhukties, anthras, etc. If the naksbatra influence is left out of our consideration, is there any merit in following _his Dasa system or, for that matter, even the Nirayana Zodiac ? la such an event, there lies really no argument against the acceptance and use of the Sayana Zodiac for predictive purposes for the western world is known to have outstanding men who have unerring predictions to their credit entirely based on the, Sayana System. Tbeyhaye in their ranks great thinkers and AucceiMfuf scientific astrolo-gers such as Sepbafial, Alan Leo, Evan-geline Adams, Marc Edmund Jones, Carl Jung and a host of eminent men. It is entire by for us to sift the material us, codify the rules in suctf a' way thaf tfiey best. serve .its, - omit' the unessentials and evolve a .system that, is, at once simple, scientific and satisfactory. K.RISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI fills this gap:. It fit based on" the tenets of Parasara's system, tough the treatment of the influence of the naksbatra and its various subs ia original. It is unbelievable that the great sage whose system is naktbatra-based would not have known the use of nakshatras and their unequal subdivisions, and from this standpoint it seetnA doubtful whether the many works attributed to him, where no reference to the inflaence of nakshatras or their different unequal subdivisions

finds mention, were indeed bis. There is no use labouring on this point any more, except to say that the actual original works have been lost in antiquity. We shall take a horoscope for illustrating the utility of KR1SHNAMURTI PADHDHATI in reading results. Prof. Krishnamurti has on several occasions explained that the several horoscopes in a family would all denote the same event to a particular member of the family, their karma being intei-related. When father goes overseas, the horoscope of the wife will show such indication, the horoscope of bis son and daughter will point out separation from father going on a foreign voyage etc. If a man's horoscope denotes birth of 4 children, his wife's horoscope should indicate the same number (unless father has more than wife or friendship which again has to be inferred frbn his "horoscope a s well-as of his wife), the horoscope of the first child would show the number of bis brothers or sisters to be 3, etc. In this manner, all the separate events in the' life of a member of the family can be

gleaned from the horoscope of every member of that family, and all the results will entirely agree in nature. I. The following is the chart of a native born at 8-48-20 A.M. (I.S.T.) at Lat. 3r-I9'North, East, on Wednesday, March 2, 1938. Maoeal II 1-18 29-52 C-agna 27-46 Uranus Ketu 8-17 IV.20 07 Fortuna (Vakra) 17-45 III 27-07 26-26 Sani 11-52 Sukra 24-28 Pluto Surya 18-09 Chandra Vakra 5-16 16-49 V 15-07 XII 16-08 NfRAYANA Sudha 12-39 Ayanamsa 23-54 VI 16-08 Guru 23-59 Meptuuc XI 15-07 Vakra 27-08 IX 27-07 X 20-07 Rahu 8-17 VIH 1-18

VII 27-46

II. Planetary Significations


SURYA Cha!ndra

Ruling Deposi ted in Sub Deposited in Cons Occupying Housc(8) ow sed by owned by Ruling Ruling As - As Houseis) House (s) lord lord of of sigfl'^GoNs 1 Sign House Occupying Occupying on on As As House As Ai House cusp cusp sign Cons 1 sign Cons of of lord lord lord lord house house 6



Kumbha 12



8 5



8 2/3

6/10 Sukra





3/7 Meena



1/9 Kumbha 11




1/10 4/8 Makaia 11 8/9 3/7 2/3- 6/10 Kcmblia 12 J/10 4/8


(1/12 5

12 11/12 5


12 5 - 11

Vrischika 8 11/12 5


12 2/3 13 2/3



Kumbha 12



1 4/7

1/9 12

Budha 11 11/12 5

Chandra 12 12



8 4/7




1 8/9 Guru ,11 4/7








Chandra 12

6/10 Sukra


6/10 Sukra


2 6 1 2/3


Uranus (R)

Rishaba Slesba



Neptune (R)


6 6



12 6




Pluto (R)


4 11/12 5


12 11/12 5





6/10 Sukra 12 8/9


Cons = Constellation in Hindu Astrology. Sub Sub-division of constellation according to Krishnamurti Padbdbati. •Rahu, unlike other planets, has not been assigned any sign of its own. It acts as the agent of the sign it is in. So Rabu is the representative of Kuja. t Ketu, like Rabu, has no sign of its own. Ketu and Rabu are only shadowy planets (chaja grahas) and give the results of the planets in whose sign they are placed. Also those planets with which they are conjoined/aspected. Ketu is thus Sukra's agent being in Sukra's iign, and also of Sani who aspects it by the 3rd aspect.'and futtber of Guru who aspects it by the Sth aspect. II

III. Nirayana House Significations

Cusp of House

Planets in Cons of 'A' B

i Guru n ni

" __


Planets occupying house A

Planets in Cons of 'D' C

Mangal Sukra Guru Ura (R) Ufa (R) Sukra Ketu

Planets in Sub of •A* E Guru Ura (R)

Ura (R) Sukra —

Mangal Budha




Planet ruling cusp as sign lord D

Nep (R) Ketu Surya Nep(R) —

VIII Surya Rahu Chandra Budha IX —

Mangal Budha Guru





•D' F — Chandra Rahu Ketu Chandra Rahu Ketu Budha Sukra Surya Sani

Planet ruling CdNS on ctisp 6

Planets in Cons of sub-lord of cusp L

Planets in Cons of G' J

Plaueti in Sub of G' K



Surya Guru j Mangal Guru i j1 Gjuru Guru

Kcfu Nep (R)

Budha Sukra Sukra Nep (R) Sukra


Planet ruling Sub on cusp H

Guru Sukra

Guru Sukra Ura IR) —

Sani Mangal Rahu Flu (R) Flu (R) Nep (R) Sukra Surya •,Ura (R) Chandra Rahu 1 Ketu 1 Guru Guru Budha Mangal Guru Ura (R) Sukra Guru Guru Mangal Sukra Ura (R) 1a Budha Guru Mangal Budha Guru Ura (R) Sukra Sani


Sukra Sukra Nep CR) it Ketu Sukra Guru Sukra


X XI Sukra Kuja XII

Guru Budha

Ura (R) Sukra

J Sukra


Sani Sani Rahu Plu (R) Sani Sani Rahu Plu (R)

Sani Sani Rabu Plu (R) Surya Ketu Nep(R) Chandra — Cons = Constellation (nakshatra). (R) = Retrograde.


lira tR) Chandra Sukrd Rahu Ketu — Surya Sukra Sani

Kuja Chandra Guru Budhra Plu (R) Sukra Chandra Kuja ( Rabu Sukra Surya Ura (R) D. Head Plu (R) 1 Chandra Ketu Budha Kuja ' Plu (R) ' , Nep (R) , , Sani Surya Sub = Sub-division of constellation according to Krishnamuiti Padhdhati.

IV. The various dasa and bhukti periods in Vimshottari dasa that have been undergone/yet to operateare as follows Dasa Rahu Guru


Sani Budha Kelhu Sukra Surya Chandra Mangal Rahu



2- 3-38 19- 6-42 7- 8-44 19- 2-47 25- 5-49 1- 5-50 1- 1-53 19-10-53 19- 2-55 25- 1-56

19- 6-42 7- 8-44 19- 2-47 25- 5-49 1- 5-50 1- 1-53 19-10-53 19- 2-55 25- 1-56 19- 6-58

Data Sani



Sani 19- 6-58 Budha 22- 6-61 Kethu 1- 3-64 10- 4-65 Srkra 10- 6-68 Surya Chandra 22- 5-69 Mahgal 22-12-70 1- 2-72 Rahu 7-12-74 Guru

To 22- 6-61 1- 3-64 10- 4-65 10- 6-68 22- 5-69 "22-12-70 1- 2-72 7-12-74 19- 6-77

I. Death of Mother on 16th August 1943 at 11 A.M. At this time, the native was running Guru Maha Dasa, Guru Bbukti and Sukra antbra according to the Vimsbottari Dasa System,

12 houses or bbadaka stban, it will bring about death, subject to other factors as indicated in the horoscope. To Mithuna, which is the sign on the house of mother. Guru is lord of 7 ; Sukra lord of 12, and Chandra lord of 2. Guru is also bbadaka sthana adbipatbi. The cusp of the lOtb bouse (the 7th from the 4th bouse) is ruled by Guru and Sukra as co-rulers (Dbanus sign, Sukra's constellation Poorvabbadra and sub of Gmu). Guru occupies the constellation ruled by Kuja (Mangal), who is ruler of (he constellation on the cusp of the 3rd house (I2th to the 4th), and thus gets added power to cut short mother's longevity when his period operates. Sukra is lord of 3 (12 to 4) in the constellation of Guru (lord of 7 to 4) in asbtama (8th) to 4, and sub of Budha who again is in asbtama to 4.

Wordsworth, England's great nature ^)oet, wrote : "The good die first; and they whose hearts are dry as summer dust burn to the socket." As soon as radiance (Sivam) goes.away the body no longer takes in the life-con-, 'laming breath (Swaasam) and the physical body becomes a corpse (Savam). Death js not designed by Providence as an evil ~to mankind. But everything that has a beginning must have an end according to the law of Nature, and human existence is no exception. Our present life is but a milestone in the pathway of our evolution towards our reunification with Consciousness—the state.of Knowledge, Being -and Bliss.

Transit By transit, Sani who lords the 8th bouse (longevity) to the 4th house (by sign) and the 3nd bouse (by ruling the constellation on the cusp of the"5th 4th) was in 12 (to 4) in the constellation of Kuja-Mangal (constellation ruler of 12th bouse to the 4tb). Guru, lord of 7 (to 4) was exactly over the 5th cusp of the chart —i.e., the 2nd cusp counted from the 4th. Most significantly, Sukra, lord of 12 (to 4) by sign and constellation lord of 7 (to 4) was transiting in conjunction with natal Neptune in the 3rd house (to 4). The 3rdbbava connotes longevity, Neptune is the planet of dissolution, and Sukra is connected with bouses 12 and 7 (death and separation). Transiting Kuja-Mangal was over the Progressed Moon, exciting the Moon to sudden action. Lord of lagna to the house of mother, Budha, was also transiticg in conjunction with transiting Sukra over Neptune's radical position in the bouse of longevity (to mother), all the planets opposing the natal Sukra's position.

The Fourth House in a horoscope designates mother. The lOtb bouse reckoned from the lagna is the 7th bouse ■or "marakasthana" from the 4th bouse or the house of mother, and the 3rd house of the chart is the 12tb bouse of the mother. The 4th house falls in Mithuna, a common sign (ubbaya rasi), and according to Jataka Farijata the 7th bouse to it is "bbadaka sthana" (inimimal for long•evity). Death is to be ascertained from the significators of bouses 2 and 7 (marakaslhanas), 12tb bouse (separation from the world) and bbadaka sthana (11th bouse for movable signs ; 9tb bouse for fixed signs ; 7th house for common signs on the lagna). Houses 3 and 8 which rule longevity or life span are less strong than marakaslhanas and: bhadakasthanas. If, however, there occurs (he major or sub or subsub period of significator of houses 3 and £ having also connection with 2 or 7 or

It was a Monday, ruled by lord of 2 to the 4tb bouse. The Moon itself was 15

transiting in the 8th bouse (to 4) in the consts-ilaiion of Kuja-Mangal ruling the constellation on the cusp of the 12ih bouse to 4 Sun, lord of 3 ruling longevity, transited in the 2nd bouse to tbe 4tb. At tbe exact moment of death, tbe rulinn lagna was Tbula and the naksbalra was Visakba governed by Sukra and Guru respectively Guru and Sukra together rule tbe dasa, bbukti and antbra. II. Father remarried on 19—2—1944 Houses 2, 7 and 11 together with Suk'a Kabthra kataka, should be examined, tbe 2ad bouse ruling family and its grovtb by additions by marriage and progeny, tbe'7tb bouse governing contracts, agreements and partnerships, and tbe 11th bouse having dom.nion over intimate and abiding friendships. Father is signified by tbe 9ib house from theJagna._ Therefore, the 3id hduse becomes the 7,h hou,e ' to "father: 11 n ruled by K-uja ai constellation lord and Guru as sub-lord. Guru is in tbe coastellation of Kuja occupying a dual sign. Therefore, more than one marriage to falhei is indicated.

Transit At Ibe time of tbe event, tbe Moon was transiting exactly over tbe father's lagna (i.e., cusp of 9tb bouse) aspecting therefrom the 7th bouse to father. It was in tbe conslellation Jyesbta ruled by lord of 11 (to 9). Sukra, lord of 7 (to 9) was transiting in lOib (2cd to 9). Sani was transiting in exact conjuction with tbe cusp of ibe 7tb bouse counted from 9. Dasa lord, Guru, was in transit over Kataka, sign owned by Moon, tbe bbukti lord, and transiting Guiu was in Aslesha governed by Budba, loid of II to the bouse of faibir in exact trine (120 degree) aspect to tbe transilitig Moon. Guru was also in stxiile to ibe 7lb bouse cusp (to 9) se x ite to tbe I Itb bouse cusp (to 9) and trir.e father's lagna (i.e 9th bouse). KujaMangal nas transiting in tbe sign of Kalathra karaka in ibe asieriim of Moon conjoined at birtb with Sukra, lord of 7 to father's house (9tb). Sun was transiting in'ihe nakibatta ef Mangal who rules the 7th bouse (to 9, by constellation. Lord of l 1 to -9th -house, Budha, was. transiting in tbe constellation of Chandra and sub of Gum, Chandra and Guru being tbe conjoint rulers of tbe dasa, bbukti and antbra that was in operaiion. Progression Whenever Sun by progression conjoins tbe natal position of Sukra, it is indicative of marriage. In tbe example cbait, Sun by progiessing at tbe rate of about 1 degree per year comes to Sukra s birth posidon 6 years later, and so 1938-1-6= 1944, when Ibe native's father got married At Ibis lime, Moon was progressiug in ccnjuncticn with the radical Ketu in 6 (to 9) and opposing radical Rabu in 12 (to 9). The lady to whom father was marritd passed away after a brief span of 5 years of married life. III. Death of stepmother on April 23, 1949. Step mother is father's wife by legal bordage. So tbe 7ib house to tbe 9th representing fatter would stand for step

Guru is lord of 2 to tbe 9tb bouse, and rules tbe subs on tbe cusps of tbe 10.b, 3rd and 7tb bouse which are respectively tbe 2nd, 7tb and 1 Itb from tbe bouse of father. Further, Guru is in tbe constellation of Kuja, Kuja (Mangal) being tbe constellation lord of houses 7 and 11 from the bouse of father (9ih bouse). Cbaudra is situated in tbe constellation ruled by Ratu Rabu, it may be noted, is tbe agent of Mangal oeiog in Mangal's sign all alone and unaspccted by any planet and so has to indicate the lesuhs cf Mangal's consicllation lordship of bousts 7 and 11 (counted from tbe 9ib). Chandia in Rabu'sconsttllatioo, occupies the tub of Sukra who is kaLtbra Karaka as veil as sign lord uf 7 (to 9). Chandra is also conjoined with 'Sukra at birtb. 17

respectively to the 3rd house. (AH harmonious aspects are not favourable and all inharmonious aspects are not evil. Good aspects to lords of benefic houses for longevity are good ; evil aspects to such lords brings about evil. Good aspects to planets situated in malefic houses or evil aspects to lords of benefic houses or their occupants contribute to evil Kuja, lord of 7/12 to 3, was transiting in Mesha in conjunction with transiting Rahu in the constellation of Kethu who at birth was in 12 to 3. Surya, lord of 4 (to 3) and Sukra (who also rules 12 to 3) also transited the constellation . of Kethu. Budha,lord of 2 (to 3) came, by transit, to the constellation of Sukra (lord of 12 to 3). Budha as the constellation lord Jyeshta and Guru as sublord conjointly rule the 9th cusp (7th—marakasthana—counted from the 3rd) and their periods are harmful to longevity to the relation denoted-by the 3(d . house. If_ the constellation and sub-lords of any bouse cusp rule the period according to Vimshottari dasa, life would in danger to that relation to whom thb above cusp happens to be in 2,7 or 12. We have judged stepmother's longevity from the native's horoscope correctly because she was destined to marry the native's father and thereafter separate from the world.

mother. The 3rd bouse is the 7th counted from the 9th and falls iu a fixed sign (sthira rasi) and the 9th bouse counted from the 3rd bouse (step mother) is her bhadaka sibana. So houses 4, 9, Hand 2 have to be considered while predicting her end, and these bouses are 2nd. 7ih 9tb and 12th counted from the house denoting stepmother. Now, Guru, dasa lord, is in 11 (bhadaka sthanatoS) Guru is also sublord of cu>p3 of houses 4, 9 and 11 (houses 2, 7 and 9 from the 3rd) and is placed in the constellation and sub of Kuja who assumes rulership of bouses 7/12 reckoned from the 3rd bouse. Etadha, bhukti lord is lord of 2 (marakasthana) to the 3rd house and is posited in the bhadakastbana (9) from the 3rd, in the constellation governed by Rahu, acting as an agent of Ruja (Mangal) _ru!itig houses 7/12 to 3rd Budha is in his own sub. Budha is also- constellation, lord of the 7th bouse (from the 3rd). Budha. thus; is a powerful maraka to the individual represented by the 3rd house. Sani, ahtbralord, is lord of bhadaka sthana—9th to the 3rd—in bis own constellation and sub of Chandra, who rules the 9th house to the 3rd bouse by constellation. Transit The death took place on a Saturday (ruled by lord of bhadaka sthana) when Moon was transiting the nakshatra of Rahu (Rahu substitutes for Kuja-Mangal, lord of 7/12 to 3 and also for Sani, bhadaka sthana adhipathi, being in Sani's constellal ion). Sani, lord of bhadaka sthana to step mother, was transiting in Simha in the 3rd bouse (longevity) to 3,in the constellation of Ketu in 12th house to 3 at birth. Guru (lord of 8 to 3) was transiting in ashtama (to 3) in the constellation of Sun, lord of 4 to 3 in trine—a favourable aspect—to Ketu and in sextile again a harmonious aspect to natal Rahu in houses 6 and 12

PROGRESSION Progressed Moon was in the bouse of longevity (3 to 3) opposing the natal position of Guru, dasa lord. Moon Progressed was in quincunx (sashta ashtama) aspect to Sukra's natal position, Sukra being lord of lagna to the 3rd bouse relative. Guru is lord of 8 to 3. Sun, by progression, was in semi sextile (30 degrees) aspect to radical Kuja (lord of 7/12 by sign to the 3rd bouse). Sun also squared the 3rd and 9th cusps (lagna and 7tb house respectively to stepmother). Prog. Sun was also in opposition to natal Neptune in the 4th house (to 3.) The 19

4th house determines the latter part of life and is a trine house to the bouses 8 and 12. and on this account some authors advocate consideration of the 4tb house al'o for the purpose of ascertaining longevity. Lord of 7/12 to 3. JCuji. was progressing in the constellation of Ketbu -who at birth stood in the 12th house to 3. Sukra, lordof stepmother's lagna as well as her 12th lord, and Budha (lord of marakasthana to 3) were progressing in the constellation of Sani,' lord of Trbadaka stbana. IV. FATHER REMARRIED ON 11—6—1949: Guru dasa, Ketu bhukti and Ketu Anthra Guru, as described previously, is lord of-2 to the 9th house and sub-lord of houses 2, 7 and 11 counted from the -9th house. It is in the constellation/sub of Knja who owns the 7th and, llth houses to the 9th by constellation. Guru is a powerful significator. Ketu is in Risbaba aspected by Guru, lord of 2 (to 9). Kethuis not conjoined with any planet in Risbaba, and so it acts as the agent of Sukra owning Risbaba which sign is on the cusp of the 7th bouse from the house of father. Therefore. Ke hu offers the results of the 2nd and 7tb houses. Transit On 11-6-1949, Moon was over the father's lagna aspecting the 7th bouse re. koned from the father's. Trans ling Moon was in trine or 120 degree aspect to Kuja (Mangal), constellation ruler of 7th and llth bouses from the 9tb, and in sextile or 60 degree aspect to the i' th house from the 9tb. Moon transited the constellation of Jyesbta, ruled by Budha who govern the 11th house from the 9th. Transiting Moon was in trine to Progressed Moon. On the same dav, Surya was coojoinel with the cusp of the 7th house (to 9) Kuja was tnnsiting in conjunction with radical Ketu Guru (lord of 2 to 9) was in transit in the 2nd

house (to 9) and Sukra lord of 7 (to 9lhV was transiting in the 7th bouse to 9th. Guru was in retrogression in transit in trine to Kethu and aspecting bhukti lord Kctu's natal place The transit of Gum: rebuts the oft-repeated assertion that a retrograde planet will not bestow beneficial results. A planet will offer whatever results in indicates when, by transit, it comes to a favourable position in the zodiac, and will not deny such results fimplv because it is retrograde. In Horary Astrology, however, retrogression of a p'anet by transit has a bearing in the sense that if such a planet is the significator oftbe matter in question, the fructification of (be matter will be a eferred till the planet takes direct motion. On 11-6-1949, Saturn was in Simba in Ketu's star and Guru's sub (Guru and Ketu are the joint rulers of dasa. bhukti and anthra). exactly squaring the natal position of Ketu according to the Western _ method. According to the Hindu system, Sani aspects (ByllsTeinlraspect)-the-signRishaba containing the father's 7tb houses Square is an inharmonious aspect being 90°, but as has often been observed in actual practice, an evil aspect of a planet denoting delay in matters of the 7th bouse and the llth house (to 9) as a result of its aspect to these houses at birth is conducive to good results Such a planet denies its natal indication, namelv delay in matters of marriage. Sani also t'ansited in quincunx (150 degrees or sasbtashtama) aspect to its radical position, and so it denies its birth indicatiou of delay in matrimonial matters. (Whenever a planet transits in unfavourable aspect to its radical oo-ition, it acts contrary to its natal indications. If, at birth, a planet was beneficial for certain affairs by reason of its situation etc, it will advance those affairs whenever it is in favourable aspect to its natal position. If, as a result of various considera'ions. a planet is indicative of malefic effects for certain nffairs of life, it becomes weak to translate such effects whenever, by transit, it adversely aspects its radical position). 21

agent of lord of 9 in the lagna. Chandra is also conjoined with Budha, Lord of 4,h house, Surya lord of 6th house and Sukra, lord of 8th house (4th house—Education; 6th house—scholarship; 8th house—scholarship as merit gift). Sani, anthra lord, is himself lord of the 11th house. Since Chandra and Sani are also significators of the 12th house matters, it' shows discomfort. When a native! prepares himself to succeedjn the examination with distinction he i, sure to bum .midnight oil and thus sleep is bound to be disturbed, the 12th house ruling bed comfort or sleep. Lord of 9, Kuja, was retrograding in the natal 9th house by transit, and lord of 4 Budha was transiting the natal 4th bouse. Guru and Sani were in trine tacach^ cther_ by transit in Rabu's constellation (Rahu acting for Mars on the cusp of lagna as lord of 9). Both Guru and Sani by transit were in trine to the natal position of Budha who lords the house of education (4th house).

Kuja (lord of constellation on cusps of 7 and 11 to the 9th) transited to a conjunction of Ketu's natal position, Ketu being bhukti and anthralord. Ketu itself was transiting in the Uth house to the 9tb house representing father. Progression Progressed Moon in constellation of Budha, lord of 11 to 9; Progressed Sun in constellation of Guru, lord of 2 to 9; Progressed Sukra, lord of 7 to 9, sextile to Ketu, bhukti and antfara lord, and in conjunction with Progressed Budha (lord of 11 to 9); Progrgssed Kija (Maogal) -in sextile to Progressed cusp of the 7th house; Guru, lord of 2 to 9, by progression in trine to cusps of radical 7th and 1 Ith houses (to 9). V.. Passed Matriculation securing first rank and scholarship June 1954. Guru dasa, Chandra Bhukti, Sani anthra. Firstly, the 1 Ith house cusp in the chart is conjointly ruled by Sani as thesign lord. Moon as the constellation lord and Guru as me sublord. During their conjoint period the native had his ambitions fulfilled and won great honour and esteem. He was awarded a gold medal and was rewarded with a scholarship. Guru is in 11 as lord pf 1/1D .in the ccnstellation/sub of Kuja (Mangal) is lagna cusp. Kuja also rules 9th house ; therefore success in education. The cusp of the 4th house is ruled by Budha and Guru as co-rulers of the sign and constellation, and both these planets are in Uth house, and this is a sure testimony of success in educational maticrs. Chandra, constellation ruler of the 11th house, is in the constellation of Rahu.

As mentioned before, a planet in retrogression by transit does not fail to bring the natal indications to the fore. My experience is that the benefic effects of a ' planet as revealed by its birth position are not at all denied when the planet is retrograde or direct in motion by transit, but it should transit in the zodiac in a favourable house and favourable nakshatra and in harmonious aspect to its natal position. VI. Joined an All-India Service after coming out successful in a competitive examination. Bate of joining 5—6—1963. Sani Dasa, Budha Bhukti and Guru anthia was in operation. Sani, as we have seen, is lord of 11 and is in its own corstdlaJon and in the sub of Moon who is lord of 11 by constel23

lalion, Budha, bhukli loi-d, is in 11 in its own sub in the constellation of Rabu who is a substitute for Mais lord of 9 in lagna on the cusp Guru is lord of houses l/!0 In 'he 11th house in conjunction with Budba, bhi kti lord. Further Guru occupies ' the cor stelhtion and sub of Kuja-Mannal who oms the 9th bouse and occupies the cusp of the lagna (houses 1. 9, 10, U connected). Guru is also sublord of cusps of houses 2, 10 and 11 and thus strong for matters connected with profession. Transit On 5—6—1963, Moon was transiting in trine to natal Sukra (constellation lord of 10th house) in Visakha owned by Guru


in Sukra's sign Thula (Sukra as lord of the coosicllation on the cusp of the lOlb and Guru as sign lord of the iOth as well as sub-lord of the cusp together signify professicnal matters). Sani was tiaositing in enact sexti'e m lagna and Kaija occupying lagna. Sani's transit was in the 11 h house in tb; constellation of Ruja Manga! and in bis own s b Gu u was trausitiog in bis own si;n in Budha's nakshatra in the sub of Sukra. constellation lord of 10. Surya was in the ?.nd borne in the constellation of Chandra lord of 11 by constellation and apptving to the trine of radical Guru. Transiting Bucha was applying to a conjunction of the radical' 2tid cusp.

TWIN BIRTHS f LONGEVITY,) Br B. DANANSURIYA. Pallegama, Boptiya, Ceylon Twins were born to the wife of a Government (ervant. The second child lived only for six months. The first child although sickly is still living. The lagoa could fall in any Rasi, but the sub-lord of the Ascendant is the deciding factor in ones longevity. If the sub-lord of the Ascendant is the lord1 of 6, 8 or 12th hbuse, short life is promised^

Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are moveable signs, the Bhadhakasthana is the 11th house counted from the Ascendant. The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, the Bhadhakasthana is the 9th house. The Bhadhakasthana for Gemini, Virgo, Saggittarius and Pisces, known as mutable signs- (Bhadliakasthana) is the 7th house counted from the Ascendant

If the sub-lord owns 1, 5, 9 or~10th house, long life is assured. If the sub-lord- of the Ascendant owns both groups i.e. 6, 8 or 12 houses and I, S, 9 or 10th houses middle life is promised. When the gub-lord owns other houses, judgement is to be made according to the sigmficators of Bhadhaka and Maraka houses. <. Generally, when the sub-lord of the Ascendant is in the constellation of a significator of Bhadhaka or Maraka house short life is shown. When the sub-loid of the Ascendant is in the constellation of the significator of the 6th bouse, the native falls ill. If the sub-lord is in the constellation of the significator of the Sth house, the native meets wi th an accident. Significators of Bhadhaka and Maraka houses bting death

Marabasthanas: Are the 2nd and 7ih houses counted from the Ascendant. Method of Analysis (Ij Planets in the constellations of the occupants of Bhadhaka and Maraka houses aie the strongest significators. (2) Occupants of Bhadhaka'andMaraka houses are next in strength. (3) Planets in the constellation of the lords of Bhadhaka and Maraka houses, comes next. (4) Lords of Bhadhaka and Maraka homes, comes last. (3) Planets conjoined or aspected by the' above mentioned significators are also capable of inflicting death.

Bhadhakasthana: According to Hi; du Astrology, the lord of Bhadhakasthana will not be slate to bring death.

Let us analyse the birth chart of the 1st Twin for longevity. 23

Mars 9°-52' Sat 230e-ir Sun 72°-37' I 21" 40' XI 24 -2l' Monn XII Mercury 27M6' 24a-2l' Venus 280-45' 250-15' 208-2l' 20"IX21' BIRTH of 1st TWlKl IIFortuna Rahu 27°-19' 8 7-16 A.M C.S.T. 130-39' 7—6—1970 Lat. 70-27' Ketu a Lon. 80oE 3' vm 20 -21' in 20o-2l' Ayanamsa 23o-20' X 220-2r

VII 22o-40'

VI240 21; Jupiter 3a-8' Nep. 50-44' 24° V21'

Uranus 11'-20' IV 22a-21'

Jupiter dasa balance 7 Years, 3 Months, 11 days. The A see o da at in this chart is Gemini 22o-40' in the constellation of Jupiter and Sub of Saturn. Saturns 'owns gth and 9th houses.and is.o.ccpyingthe constellation. of Venus posited in the 1st house. Therefore, no danger to life is indicated. Middle life is promised The birth chart of the 2nd Twin is as follows: Mars 90-52' Saturn 23°-11' Sun 220-38' Vcnua Mercury 250-l6' 28Q-46' XII 28'-40' I 270-!3' Moon 270-26' XI 29° 40' IX 25°-4Cl' BlfVTH of 2nd TWIN II 24o-40' Rahu 13° 38' 8-26-57 A.M. C.S.T. 7—6—1970 Lat. 70Na 27' Ketu l3'-38 Long. ?0 E 3' VIII 24a-40' Ayaoamsa 2 3°-20' III 2So-40' VI 28o-40' Neptune 5a-44'

In this chart the Ascendant falls in Gemini 27°-13', in the constellation of Jupiter and sub of Venus.' The sub-lord Venns owns the 12th house and is occupying the 12'h bouse, although in a different sign. Venus is in the constellation of Bhadhaka and Maraka sthanadipathi Jupiter— the lord of the 7th house. This position shows short life. Let us judge the Bhadhaka and Maraka houses. As the Ascendant falls in Gemini, a mutable sign, the Bhadhaka house is the 7ih house, which also is a Maraka house. The 2Dd house is the other Maraka house. There are no planets in the 7tb house. Jupiter owns it. Venus and Moon are in the constellation of Jupiter. Hence the significators for the Bhadhaka and Maraka 7th house are Venus, Moon and Jupiter. 2nd house is occupied by Ketu._ "No_ planet is'in" the-constellatrbn of Ketu Sun is in the constellation of Moon, the owner of the 2nd house. Ketu, Sun and Moon are the significators for the 2nd house. Jupiter is asprcling Rahu. Saturn. Mercury and Mars, hence they also become significators. The 2nd Twin died in Jupiter dasa, Venus bhukti, Venus anthra oo IO-l2-'70. The death occured oo a Thursday belonging to the Dasa Lord The sub-lord of Ascendant Venus is mysteriously connected in inflicting death. Place of Death : The sub-lord of the gth cusp is Rahu, Rahu is m the gth house in ils own cons'elution. Rahu represents gth and 9th bouses. The child was taken to hospital and died there.

V 29o-40, Uranus Jupiter U#-20' S'-S' IV 27°-40'

Jupiter dasa balance 7 Years, 29 dais.

Good Luck. 26

My First Experiment with Krisimamurti Padhdhati SUCCESS IN THE EXAMINATION By S V, NARASAIAH. M.A., B.Ed., Lecturer, Nagarjuna Government College, NALGONDA. (A. P.) Sun—Sun-Venus-Mars Moon—Saturn-Rahu-Jupiter Mars—Salu rn-Moon-Mercury Mercury—Sun-Ketu-Moon Jupiter—Msrs-Sa turn-Mercury Venus—Sun-Venus-Jupiter Saturn—Venus-Moon-Rahu Rahu—Saturn-Moon^Mercury Ketu—Moon-Mercury-Venus

One of my students, who knew that I am studying Astrology, came to me and desired to know the result of bis examination in which be has appeared on I?-?—1971. I asked him to give a number ^within 249. It was 116 given by him. The judgment was taken up at 6 30 p.m., I.S.T. on 11—9—1971 at Nalgonda. The number 116 places Nirayana Ascendant at JCanni J5-40. With the- help of ' the Raphael's Table of Houses, other cusps were found out (in Nirayana position) and the Nirayana position of planets for the time of judgment was calculated. The map of Heavens is as follaws. .VII IV 16°-16' Mooa 9°-13' V )5»_16' Mars <R) l80-43' Rahu 190-33' VI 150-16r


IX 130-16'

4—9—1971 6-30 P.M. I.S.T. NALGOND\ for fig. 116 III 15^-16' JupUcr 50-46'

11 150-46'

CUSPS IV Jupiter-Venus-Venus XI Moon-Saturn-Jupiter. According to Krisbnamurti Padhdhati the Houses 4, 8, 11 are to be judged. The sub-lord of IV cusp Venus is situated in XII Bbava which shows Uraya' and a malefic to the native or Qneriest. Hence I told him that the succtss is not promised to him.

X 15e-16' XI 15®-16' Ketu 19V33' XII 16^-16' McrcurylR) 40-03' Sun I70-59' Venus ZQo-O?'

The prediction came out absolutely correct. The querist came to me and informed about bis failure on 18—9—1971. The credit of this prediction goes to the author of Krisbnamurti Padhdhati, Sri K. S. Krisbnamurti. May God bless him for bis long life and Krisbnamurti Padhdhati.

Lags a 15o'40'


MIRACLES OF RULING PLANETS Bf Shri G. S. NANJUNDIAH: Karnauk University Dharwar-3. On Saturday tbe 23rd. October 1971, a friend of mine called at' my residence at 11-4S A.M. He wanted to know bis correct birtb Rashi, as there was some controversy about the same. His Rasi was said to be Tbulam (Libra), wbereas in some of tbe family records it was mentjoned as Scorpio (Ytischika), and hence be was in a fix as to tbe correct Rasi. .. It immediately gave me a chance to verify Krishnamuni Padhdhati by taking tbe ruling planets. The lagua lord was Mars (Scorpio). La8bff"star-lEird"was Saturn tArmradhn). Star-lord of the Moon sign was Mercury (Jyeshta). Rasi lord of Moon sign was Mars (Scorpio). The day lord was Saturn (Saturday). So, the ruling planets for the moment of query were Mars, Saturn and Mercury. Venus was in no way a ruling planet. I could immediately make-out that his birth Rasi was definitely Scorpio, as Mars was a very strong ruling planet being both lagna-lord and Rasi-lord for the query time. Besides this, I confirmed it by one more test. I just noted No. 9 (nine) on a piece of paper without bis knowledge and asked him to mention a number within 12 (twelve). Immediately mentioned 9 (nine), and was then surprised to see tbe same number to have been noted by me on the paper. I then declared that bis birth Rasi was definitely Scorpio and be should not

have any doubt about it. As No. 9 (nine) is ascribed to Mars he was incliued to mention only that Number. Further as per Krishnamurti Padhdhati if bis birtb sign were to be Libra, be would have certainly come to me tbe previous day which was a Friday. The ruling' planets help us miraculously to tackle such problems, so easily and accurately as this. I, also thought of putting him for one more test on Krisbnamutti Padhdhati I asked him to mention a number within .249. He calmly inentioned 15L " Seehow planet's will inffnew V tFe minrt;~r.r tti f' querists! This N also pertained to Scorpio lagna. Ad d students of Krisntlamurti'Padhdha' an'fix up even the exact- position of oon at birtb in such cases. Good Luck.

Mr. V. K. Jhajhrria and Mr. Taadoo, active suptxirten of k.p. in u.p.


SIGNIFICANCE OF SUB (K. P. Verified) By V. C. CHAVADI & R. S. HANAGODIMATH, Department of Geology, Karnatak University. Dhacwar-3. Planet Star lord Sub lord Moon Rahu Saturn (R) Mercury Mercury Ketbu Mars VetluS Sun Rabu Mercury Mercury Mars Rahu Venus Mercury Saturn Moon .Saiurn—— - -Rahu Jupiter _ Rahu Moon Saturn Mars Saturn Mars Cusp Lord Star lord Sublordt VI Saturn Moon Saturn XI. Mercury Rahu Venus XII Moon Satum Jupiter V Jupiter Venus Sun Moon ca'Ied Mathi occupies the HE bouse in the constellation of Saturn the lord of VI and VII and these housesindicate competition.

It was on Friday the 22nd October, .1971 at 9-16 a.m we were discussing with our friends about, the India's chances against Palcistan in the world cup Hockey Tournament to fie played the same evening at Barcelona in Spain. One of us requested us to predict about this according to IC.P. and gave us the number 95 within* 249. Horary Nirayan a. chart-waserected" for' Dharwar latitude and the planetary positions for the time of judgment, 9-16 a.m, were found out with the help of Raphael's Table of Houses and the Krishnamurti Epbemeris.' Conslellation , lord and the sublord for each planet and cusp were found out with the help of K P. Vol. 1. VIII 15-49-20 VII 16-13-20 Mars 29-09-51 Rahu 17-02-02 VI 16-14-10 17-14-10

IX 16-14-10

Saturn (R) 12-13-02 X 17-14-10

No. 95 9-16 A.M. 22—10—1971 Dharwar

XI 17-14-10 XII 16-147-10 Ketu 17-02-02 Aac.16.I3.2C

■ IV Venus 17-14-10 19-22-16 Jupiter HI 16-14-10 13 27-53 Mcrcuiy 15-49-20 Moon 13-43-15 5-46-30 Sun 4-44-25

Analysis It is but natural that the wish of the querist is that India should win this match. Therefore, first judge the XI cusp which is for one's fulfilment of' desire. XI cusp falls in Mercury sign Gemini in the constellation of Rahu and sub of Venus,, which occupy the VI and III bouses, respectively Further, Venus is in the constellation of Rabu and sub of Mars both occupying the VI bouse. This at the first sight seems to be a favourable indication for India's victory. But to win over in a competition, we have to judge the VI cusp. The VI cusp falls in Saturn sign 30 -

-Capricorn in tberconstellation of Moon sub of Saturn. Moon being the constellation of VI cusp, posited in III bouse gives hopes for India's.victory but Siturn being the sublord of the VI cusp who is retrograde denies a clear victory over the opponent. Let us also judge the VI house. Rabu .and Mars are the occupants. Both ate posited in the sub of Saturn and thus denies the possible victory because it being in a retrograde motion. \ Now let us judge the V and the XU cusps which are the XI and VI to the -opponent respectively.â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The - V- cusp falls 'inTupitersign Sagittarius in the constellation of Venus and in the sub of Sun. San is the lord of the Ascendent (India) and is posited in the II bouse which is detrimental to the III house. The XII cusp which is YI for the opponent (Pakisthan) falls in Moon sign Cancer in the constellation of Saturn and in the Sub of Jupiter. Jupiter is the lord and the strong sijim ticatoc of V cusp (XI to Pak). Therefore this is a favourable position for them irrespective of some hurdles indicated by the Saturn the constellation lord of the XII cusp which is VI to them.


Thercfore, it is of significance to note that victory for Pakistan and, defeat for India can only be predicted by applying the theory of sub enunciated by our Revered Guruji Sotbida Mannan Jyotish Marthand Prof. Krishnamurti. Good Luck


Ganesa's JATAKALANKARA (Continued from the November issue) Adhyaya tl (iv) Kuja occupies the 7th bbava counted either from Surya or Chandra and Budha occupies a pirsbtodaya sign.

Sloka 1: The author declares that what all is going to be described by him should be traced to Sage Suka.

Sloka 5: Lord of 2 in bis own rasi in conjunction with Guru, denotes gain and wealth. Loss and financial poverty is the result if the 2nd lord is placed in a kendra stbana (I, 4, 7 and 10 bouses) or dus stbana (6, 8 and 12 bouses). A person is born blind if lords of 2 and 12 go to bbavas '6, 8 and 12 in conjunction with Sukra and , lord of lagna. Visual power suffers if Chandra occupies 2 in association with ""Sukra and another malefic-planet

.Sloka 2: The native will not have sound beallb, if lagna lord is conjoined with a malefic planet in the 6tb, 8tb or the X2th bbava. The same result will be experienced if the loids of 6th, 8tb and 12lb bbavas are in their own rasis. If lagna is occupied by a malefic and its lord is weak, the native is liable to affliction with diseases. Sloka 3: The native will have a strong constitution if the lagna lord (1) occupies lagna in conjunction with Budha, Guru or Sukra, or (2) occupies a kendra'(bbavas 1, 4, 7 and 10), or (3) is in exaltation, or (4) the bbava owned by a friendly planet, or (3) be aspected by 'benefic' planets. In such a case, be will be wealthy, intelligent, respected and be of a virtuous disposition. He frill be a clever counsellor and a leader among bis people.

Sloka 6: Night-blindness is shown by Sukra occupying bbavas 6, 8 or 12 in conjunction with Chandra. The native is born blind if bis lagna lord is in conjunction with Surya and Sukra at birth. Similarly, predict tesulls for father, brother, etc. (Lord of 9 representing father in conjunction with Surya and Sukra causes blindness to him).

,Sloka 4: The native will be self-willed, blind, act wickedly and sensuous ofâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; (i) the lagna be malefic (owing to its lord being malefic); or (ii) the lagna lord occupies bis enemy's rasi; or (Hi) the luminaries, viz., Surya and Chandra, are posited between malefic planets (by nature); or

Sloka 7: Relationship will be deprived of if, at birth, Kuja and lord of 3 are in 6, 8 or 12. If the 3rd lord is in bis own bbava and aspected by benefic planets, be will have brothers. If the lord of 3 occupies a kendra bouse, he will have happy relations. If he is in conjunction with benefics, the native will be happy. Unbappiness is shown by the 3rd lord's conjunction with malefic planets. 33

Sloka 8: If the 4th lord in conjunction with the 9th lord or a benefic occupies his own rasi, the person born will be equal to a king. If the 4th lord in lagna is aspected by Guru, be will be the recipient of honours. If the 4tb lord be in the llth bhava and aspect the 4tb bhava therefrom (which is perhaps possible only in higher northern or southern latitudes), the native will be gifted with conveyances.

degrees). If the bhava occupied happens to be the planet's own, the person will not have this defect and he will be shrewd. Sloka 12: Dumbness results as a result of lord of 5 or Guru occupying bhavas 6, 8 or 12. Similarly, should results be predicted for the other relations, such as father, mother, brother, etc. (For instance if lord of 5 counted from the bhava signifying father, i.e., 5ih to the 9th bhava-Lagna-or Guru is in dus sthanas, the father is dumb.) If the planet owning the bhava which is fifth from the bhava occupied by the 5th lord be placed in 6, 8 or 12 and the owners of 1st, Stb and 9th bhavas occupy 6, 8, or 12 childlessness is indicated.

Sloka 9: If lord of 4 in conjunction with the lagna lord occupies bis own bouse, he will acquire a house or come in contact with friends. The number of houses that will be consumed by Qre would equal the number df malefics posited in bbavas 6. 8 cr 12 in conjunction with the lords of â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Sloka tS'. 2, 4, 10 and 12. Lords of 1,5 and 9 conjoining benefic Sloka 10: planets promise progeny, bat after delay. If Kataka happens to be the Sth and its The number of planets in 4 without lord is [j||ced there, the person will have bemfic aspect indicate the number of more female issues than male (Meena conveyances that would be destroyed. The lagna horoscopes). If an asnbha (malefic) number of vehicles unfit for use should be occupy the fifth bhava from the one found out from the number of malefic occupied by Guru identifical with the Sth planets posited in 8 or 12 and aspecung 4 from lagna, the.person is bereft of issues. (no planet except Guru in Hindu Astrology (This applies to Meena lagna with Guru in aspects the 4th bhava from 8 or 12 with Meena at birth) If Sani occupies a rasi its full rays, though some sages have opined which is fifth from his own, the native's that all planets have half a glance at the progeny is limited to one son. 5th and 9th bhavas counted from the. bhava occupied). Sloka 14: Sloka 11: If Saai happens to occupy Kumbha rasi One is devoid of learning if, at birth, identical with the Sth bhava (For Thula. lord of S singly or in conjunction with lagna), the person will have 5 sons: Guru and Budba be in 6, 8 or 12 from If Makara identical with the Sth bhava the lagna. If, however, they (lord of 5, (For Kanya lagna) is occupied by Kuja or Guru aed Bud ha) occupy the 9th bhava Sani, then three daughters will be bora identical with their own (rasi) or one of to him. The same result to be predicted the kendra houses (1, 4, 7 and 10) the when Budha or Sukraor Chandra occupies person will be learned. If at birth the Makara as Sth bhava. If Makara planets concerned be in their infancy or identical with Sth bhava be occupied by advanced age, the person will have a dull Guru alone, then he will have S sons. understanding. (A planet is said to be in When Mesha, Vrishabba or Kataka infancy if it is in the earlier degrees of a happen to be the Stb bhava (Dhanur, rasi and in an advanced age if in the latter Makara and Meena lagnas respec lively). 35

and occupied by Ketu or Rahu, progeny -will not be delayed,

Sloka 19: The native destroys his enemy if lord of 6 is in 1. If the 6th lord be in 2, be is wicked and his wealth will be appropriated by bis son. If lord of 6 is in 3, be causes misery in his environment; if the 6th lord is in bis own bbava, he suffers from diseases. Sukra as lord of 1 and 8 in 6 (in case of Tbula lagna) causes suffering as a result of affliction to the eye. If Sani be the planet in question (as lord of 1 or 8 in 6), foot will be affected. Sloka 20: Rahu or Ketu in 6 indicated ulcer in the lips or the teeth. Lagna lord in a rasi governed by Budha or Kuja and aspected by an inimical planet (Sloka 10, Adbyaya L lists the friendly, neutral and inimical planets to the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Sukra and Saqi) fro!n_any house whatsoever, 'shuws wound near the anus. If Kuja and Sani occupy 6, they causes diseases after their own nature (as for example Sani cold and rheumatism; Mars, inflammation and fevers). Sloka 21: A person is sickly if Chandra is in 6 in conjunction with a malefic, or it is in lagna . afflicated by a malefic by conjunction or aspect. Disease also results if a malefic planet is in a kendra (1, 4, 7 and 10) without benefic aspect, or Sukra happening to own the bouse occupied by a malefic unaspected by Kuja, Guru or Sukra. Sloka 22: The sixth lord in lagna in a male sign (The twelve signs beginning with Mesha ate alternately male and female) identical with its own or exaltation, and aspected by a malefic, denotes serious disease caused by enemies. , Lord of 6 in 12 in conjunction with Surya or Rahu shows life in a place far away from native surroundings and engagement in occupations of a despicable nature. (to be continued)

Sloka 13: Progeny will be delayed till the native nttains 30 years of age, if Guru or a malefic (by nature) occupies 4 and Chandra is in S or 8. Progeny will be delayed for as many years as the number of malefics posited in 5 and not aspected by benefics. Sloka 16: If the nativity indicates childlessness, it can be got over by propitiations to the various planets. Budba andSukra should be appeased by charity; Chandra by -worshipping Sankara; Guru by herbs, talismans and hymns; through magical powers in the case of Sani, Kuja orSurya; if Rahn or Ketu are afTUcting, through worship of the family deity. Sloka, 17: Lord of 6 conjoined with a malefic (by nature) in 1 or 8 cause ulcers in the body. (Similar results to be predicted in the case of father, mother, etc. counting the bouse signifying such relation as bis lagna.) If such planet . (lord of 6) happens to be Surya, the part affected is the head; if Chandra, the face; if Kuja, the neck; if Budba, the chest; if Guru, the would will be in the navel region. Sloka 18: Iflprdof 6. in the 1st or 8tb bbava conjoined with a planet malefic by nature be Sukra, the wound will bd in the region of the eye or the back. If it be Sani, there is ulcer in the foot; if the planet in question be Ketu or Rahu, the lower lip would be affected. If lagna lord is posited in a bbava ruled by Budha or Kuja and aspected by both of them, there is eye disease, even if Budba or Kuja occupy beneficial houses. 37

SOMETHING ABOUT PALMISTRY Upon all machinery there-are gauges -fixed to indicate the quantity and pressure of energy being used, the flow of lubricating substance, the beat of various bearings and so forth ; and the engineer in charge has only to glance at these small clock dials and they at once tell bim whether the power is falling or rising. They indicate unfailiog any tendency for a serious defect to occur. In the same manner the divine machine, MAN, has been fitted with a gauge which surely indicate the pressure of the vital force, the resistance to dis-ease, the organs that are weak, thereby revealing at what speed and in what direction this machine may be used so as to prevent it from breaking down. We know that some people have thumbs which are short and thick, others possess thumbs thin, long and supple. Here we find a mental quality expressing itself in the moulding of living matter. People with short thick thumb are always inclined to be obstinate, while the long supple thumb is expressive of a flexible mentality and generous impetuosity. The creases and markings of no two bands are identical because no two men are equal in all direction This cannot be accidental; as anything always accidental must be broken sometime or other. It is therefore logical to assume that it is < destined not to be equal. The left band is the symbol of inherited or sub-conscious mind while the right band symbolises the super imposed conscious mind, the later being the directive force of most of the people. The right band shows the maturing crystallisation of the inherited pattern based on personal and emotional motivation, A careful comparison of both bands gives the indication of the development that has taken place psychologically; these

differences reveal progression and show whether a greater inward balance has been established. Through the ages a rich crop of superstition has grown around the very abstruce term'luck'. This is absurd. The personal destiny is the crystallisation of ourselves. It is not the event that is so important but our re-action to it. If one inherits a fortune that very pleasant event is relatively unimportant, but what one does with it, is of utmost importance. The type of brain one has is relatively unimportant, but the use one makes of it is very important. The fact that one man is genius does not matter as much as the use to which he puts his genius. To expect m^icles and fortune-telling by the study of hand one must be doomed to utter failure. This study is a mirror wherein we can find, the reflated picture of the whole in the details. It has been proved beyond doubt that the basic principles of efficiency is merely maintenance of balance. The actual degree of effective effeciency is determined by the balance of compatibility between the physiological and psychological composition of the individual. Health, efficiency and consequent happiness is a matter of equality of compatibility. It is thus possible to say that faulty physiological composition, or for that some defective infection of the physiological mechanism can prove to be just as destructive in effect as adverse material conditions or faulty psychological processes. A combined condition seriously disturbs the self-confidence. Faith in ourselves and in our abilities and in our strength to overcome dsngers and defects that reside within ourselvesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;all these are overlooked. Thus the greatest of all defects is the lack of faith in self. The deep-rooted idea in 39

mind that I can never deal with this or that; I think and really believe that I am incapable of doing this or achieving that, the very fact that I bel eve in that inability, does produce that active and operational inability. The one blames his gods for the ill-luck that is within himselfâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;how rarely he blames his own lack of faith in himself. It is wise and justifiable indeed that one must be prepared to accept bis share of responsibility for the patterning of his own destiny. One must work with the material that is there. One cannot suddenly alter the -scope of understanding. Certainly it is impossible to alter basic characteristics or desuoy emotional fixation. But one can definitely make them work in a different way. One can change the value of intimate re-actions. One can remove inhabi-tions and destroy fixationsr A deep-rooted distortion may seem to defy all known treatment, although theie is no doubt that one can bring various lesser adjustments such as inaugurating different directional trends, eliminating inward conflicts and destroying apprehen-

sive fixations. AND EVEN THESE SLIGHT CORRECTIONS HAVE FAR REACHING BENEFICIAL RESULTS. The moment the individual attains inward balance and harmony, there is created a peak of efficiency within of course the boundary of individual limitations. The external events and materials conditions ate relatively unimportant. The formations in the human hand are signatures of time to the present and they can be altered by skilful re-adjustment and by extention of mental scope. Most of the problems and difficulties that assail individuals in life are un-consciously created and produced by defective â&#x20AC;&#x201D;reasonings and uncensored re-actions ; the circumstance and events in themselves are not so important. There is so much misery in "the world "because we allow ourselves to be the fearful slaves of our emotions. There is no doubt that once the personal pattern has become established, most of other aspects automatically fall into place. SjJ-

JATAKA CHANDSIKA By VISAKHA (Continued from the previous issue) Rishaba lagna : Combination of Surya and Sani Mithuna lagna: Nil Kataka lagna Combination of Kuja and Chandra Simha lagna : Kuja and Surya combining-together Kanya lagna : Nil Thula lagna : Combination of Sani and Chandra Vrischika r^gna: Combination of Surya and Chandra Dhanur lagna : Combination of Surya with Guru and or Bbdha Makara lagna : Combination of Sukra with Chandra Kumbha lagna : Combination of Sukra and Surya Meena lagna : Combination of Chandra with Guru and or Budha

"Stanza 13 If the lords of the kendras and thrikonas are in conjunction without any association with the other lords, they bring immense good. (In this stanza the learned author has clearly laid stress on the combination of the planets owning kendra .and thrikona - -houses -without' the association of the lords of.other houses. Houses 1, 4, 7 and 10, as we have already seen, are kendras ; houses 5 and 9, tbrikonas. Excepting $urya and Chandra, all other placets own two houses each in a horoscope. Of these [again, only Sani, Kuja and Sukra own both a kona and kendra house and that too only in the case of Sani in respect of Rishaba and Thula lagnas, Kuja in respect of Kataka and Simha lagnas and Sukra in respect of Makara and Kumbha lagnas. In all other cases, with the exception of Surya and Chandra of course, every planet will rule a bouse other than kona kendra in additidn to the kendra or kona bouse. In the case of births in Mithuna, Kanya, Dhanur and Meena lagnas Guru and Budha will rule two kendra houses each. If the rule stated in this si ok a is rigidly followed, many combinations of the kona and kendra lords will have to be left out of consideration for the purpose .of this yoga, for the reason that one or both of the planets in the cdmbination will also have deminion over a house other than kendra or kona. This leaves only the following combinations as constituting the yoga for the purpose of this rule : Mesha lagna ; Combination of Surya and Cbandra.

What really will be the effect of the yoga stated here, has not been spelt out. Without meaning any disparagement to the learned author, it must be said here (hat a vague rule like this does not guide us in pinpointing results. All kendra houses do not have dominion over the same affairs and the two tbrikonas do not influence the same affairs. Every one of the houses controls some aspect of life. A planet in a house advances the matters ruled by that house through the source of its lordship and nature and other considerations. The influence of the stellar lords Is another important consider alion. Further, even when a number.of planets are 41

in the same constellation, their expression will be modified by the tub-ruler of the part of the constellation occupied and so each planet will differ in its results. When we descend from generalization to parti-r cularization, we need to know the details. That Moon rules milk, for instance, is a general statement. The water in the milk is ruled by Chandra, the ' salt in milk is ruled by Sani, caseine and extractive matter is ruled by Surya and the fat in milk is represented by Guru. We must endeavour to reach a stage wheie such a classification will be possible. Stanza 14 If thc powerful" lords of th kendras -—and thrikonas conjoin, they produce beneficial results, even though they may be otherwise evil. ' (In the previous sloka the author dealt on the need of lords of kona and kendra houses conjoining without any association with the lords of other houses. In this sloka he avers that :even if the lords of kona and kendra be weak, their conjunction will be productive of good. There is apparently no contradiction between the stanzas 13 and 14. A planet becomes evil not necessarily by ownership of an evil house alone. It becomes evil by occupation of an evjl house, debilitation, an enemy's house, etc. When cne of the two planets in combination is in debilitation or in enemy's camp ' or when both of them occupy a dus sihana, they are said to be weak and afflicted According to this stanza, even if the kona and kendia lords combine together in this way, they will be productive of good, but as already stated in the previous sloka the association of the kendra and kona lords with lords of other houses should certainly be precluded. Truly speaking, in no other system is so much importance ascribed to kendra adhipatbya and there is no mention any-

where of benefics owning kendras becoming malefic and malefics owning kendras becoming auspicious for longevity purposes. Moreover, .the rationale behind the inclusion of lagha for the purpose of this rule is not understandable. It appears logical that the cusps of houses 4, 7 and 10 are inimical to longevity being in square, opposition and square respectively to the cusp of the lagna which stands for positive health and life. It does not sound plausible why benefic planets should become evil and why malefic planets by nature turn to be good in this_respect;— unless it be the authprls viewthat a malefic planet—in—malefic aspect to the point "constiiuting life and longevity (namely the lagna) becomes auspicious on the basis of the mathematical principle that two negatives make a positive. In aciual fact, it should not be the ownership of the keadra houses (except the lagna) but their occupation—more precisely occupation of the cusp of the 4tb, 7th and 10th—that should offer far effective results in this respect. Another point here. Even in the case of coajunction of lords of kona and . kendra houses without any association with any other lord and in full strength, do we not find the combination of Surya and Sani for Risbaba lagna, Sani andChandra for Thula lagna, Sukra and Chandra for Makara lagna and Sukra and Surya for Kumba lagna evil if we take the natural relationship between the planets in combination into our consideration ? There is no use in saying that all factors must be propetly synthesised and blended and then the results prognasticated. Can anyone confibenlly come out of this mess of vague and contradictory rules and make a proper prediction ? I have not so far come across an astrologer practising the Indian system who applies the various divisions of a sign, avasthas, vargas, balas etc. in every day life. If Astrology has to be made useful, it must be made understandable and capable of being applied in a simple, scientific manner.

EMPLOYMENT WHEN? By K. R. MOHAN RAO. S.A.R. I. Chitrakonda Number given by the Querist is 6S between I and 249 at Chitrakonda 18o-07' *N' and the judgment time is at 6-57 P.M. on 23—5—1971. Map for the Heavens as follows:— Venus XI 0o0-37' 12M4' XII X Mercury o Sat 3 0-22' 0 0 13 -40' l -37' 27 -37' Moon Sun 8 -25' 250-23' LaglMZO^ IX Ketu 5 r 25o-04' No. 65 — 25 -37 II 26"-37' ^23—5-1971 Vni 260-37' At 6-57 P.M. Rahu HI IS'-O?' N. 25 MM' 250-37' Mars 160-15' o VII l ~20' Jupiter (R) IV VI r-37' 8°-13' 270-37' v 0o-37'

of Mercury the Lord of 12 in 10th house. So it is clear that the querist worries for an employment. Is employment promised? The lOtb cusp is the deciding factor whether one will get employment or not. Here the Sub-Lord of 10th Cusp is Jupiter, the Lord of 6 and_10-and_is"lf the constallation-of-Saturn who is in 11th bouse;which is advantange. So When? For employment homes 2, 6 and 10 should be judged. Employment will take place when the significators of 2, 6 and 10 houses will conjoinedly operate. In the above chart the significators for 2, 6 and: 10 are Mars, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Ketu and Venus. When all the planets or more planets come under significators there are two, methods to find out the fruitful! ones. (1) Sellect the planets which are in the Sub of a planet, signifing for the houses at judgment, specially in the Sub of a planet ' occupied in the houses at judgment. . (2) Select the planets which are the ruling planets at the time of judgment. ' Here the occupents of houses 2, 6 and 10 are Venus Mercury and Moon. The significators deposited in the Subs of either Venus, Mercury and Moon will give fruitful results for employment. Out of the above significators, Jupiter, Venus,. Moon and Mercury are deposited in the subs of the occupents of 10th house. Hence according to the 1st Method the fruitfull significators are Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and MOon.

Star-Lord Sub-Lord' Planet Mercury Rahu Ketu Venus Jupiter (R) Saturn Saturn Mars Moon Rahu Mars Rahu Mercury Venus Ketu Venus Mercury Venus Mercury Moon Venus Saturn Saturn Sun Venus Sun Sun Before proceeding to analysis, let us check whether Moon indicates the nature of querry. Moon the Lord of I and 2 in 10th house and in the constallation of Yenus the Lord of 11 in 10 and in the Sub 45

period of Jupiter anthara 26—7—1971 to 14—9—1971.

Ruling planets at 7-35 P.M. on 3—5—1971 at Chitrakonda are Day Lord (Sunday) Sun. Rasi Lord (Mesham) Mars. Star Lord fBharani; Venus. Lagna Lord (Vrichika; Mars. Lagna star Lord CJesta; Mercury. (Jupiter is aspected by Sun (7th aspect) and Moon is aspected by Mars rtth aspect Summing up the above are Sun, Mars^. enus, Mercury and Jupiter-and'Moon, he common planets between the ruling lanets and the significators are Venus, ercury, Jupiter and Moon. According the 2nd' Method also the fruitful! ignificators are Venus, Moon, Jupiter nd Mercury. The native is running Venus dasaercury bhukti Jupiter anthara from i23—5—1971 to 14—9—1971, All these Conjoined planets are the fruitful significators for 2, 6 and . 10. So he must get an employment during the above period it self, if transit agreed. Here the Jupiter, the antharanath being the Sub-lord of jlOth Cusp and 2nd Cusp, is one of the Strong significator being the Lord of 6th and 10th houses, is in retrogration. So he twill drag on the results till he gets his motion direct. Jupiter gets his motion direct on 25—7—1971. So the balance



from !

Then Transit This event will come to picture wheq the Luminaries will be transiting in the Stars, Rasis and Days ruled by the signifiJ cators. Here Sun on 26-7-1971 is at 9°-00' is Karkatak Rasi ruled by Moon and in the star of Saturn. Saturn is not one of the sign! Gcators, So I passed on to' nest star of Mercury who is one of the fruitful! significators i.e. at 16c-40' to 30°-00' in Karkatak Rasi, Duriog_this-—period when sun ,transits-at'76o740' to 30°-00--Karkatak, on 11—8—1971, Moon will be transiting in Meena Rasi ruled by Jupiter and in the star Ravati ruled by Mercury, and the Day Wednesday ruled by Mercury. On 11—8—1971 the native is running Venus Dasa-Mercury BhuktiJupitcr Anthara and Moon Sukshma i.e. from 3—8—1971 to 14—9—1971. Actually he got a j ob with much more difficulty on 11—8—1971. The difficulty, Disappoinments and abstructions were caused due to the Jupiter being the SnbLord of 10th cusp retrograde till 25—7—1971. This is how "Krishnamurti Padhdhati" proves every event with sceintific, simple and Universal principles which one can confidently declare the time and date of any event before hand. I pray God to bless long life to our Guruji Prof: K. S. Krishnamurti, the inventor of the noble sceince of K. P.

SENIORITY—DECISION—WHEN 7 Numbet given is 89. ;

VIII lo-20' ix r-20'

x y-isy XI 5°-20' sat. ti'-ir

VII 5^-33-20'

XII6° 20^o Venus 10 -4 Sun I70-49' Ketu 2r-16

|Mara 250-29' '.(Raho 21o 0-16' VI 6 -20'

Lagna 5 "-33'-20" Merc, I3V»

The audience Moon29»-55 which position in a sign, star and' V 50-2a' Jup. 3o0-23' in r-20' ii r-20' sub is governed by the ruling ; IV 3 -20' planets or significators or_both,IT it is within a few years, move Jupiter. -■Tbe-queition is to know the date when to that sensitive point. he can have the decision. To find out To-day, Tuesday, Moon is in Scorpio:' the time ; both governed by Mars; star is that of (a) if it is within that day, move the Mercury. Ascendant now is ruled by slgo ascendant to that position in the lord Mercury and star lord Moon. .. zodiac, where the lord of Lagna, Therefore Moon, Mars, Mercury'ace the star and sub are governed by the ruling planets. Ketu is~td he included as ruling planets or significators of it is an agent of Moon. So, the sensitive the houses or both. Note when points are 22°-13'-.20' Scorpio or 5°-33'-20' that particular position will rise in Gemini or 23o-20' Cancer or ll°-6'-40" the east for that place of judgement. Virgo. .(b) if the matter wil be done in a month's time, note when Moon ' ' Hence Lagna, Moon;Sun are to transit will transit a position of the zodiac all in one point or each in different sensitive points. Since it is expected at , the latest in 3 months time, on any day from to-day. Sun can be in 23o-20' Cancer or ir-6'-40" Virgo. It may be 10—8—711 or28—9—71. / Now we have to find when, on thesetwo dates. Moon will transit any of the four sensitive points mentioned above. On 10—8—71, Moon will be in Pisces. Reject. On 28—9—71, Mars will bedirect. Sun wiQ be in the sensitive point. Moon will be in Ketu, star Moolam. Lagna also, will be . with Moon then. Therefore around 11-30 A.M. on' Editor addresaiog the audience 28—9—71, the decision will be taken.

LOTTERY AND LUCK {Node Stronger than Planets', Sublord Confirms) By ■ K. S The natal horoscope of a lucky person is given below; Rahu 20° 08' IX 27B-07' XI 28o-09' XII 29--09' Chandra X 25 -09' Uranus (R.) o 2°-3 3 / 28 -ir Sani 15®-4r Place of birth Lagna 0 28M)9' 27 -54' SO^SE Timc/C-IZ A.M. I S.T. Date 5—11—194* o , VII 28 -09 III 23o-09' VIII 23o-09'

V 280-oy' Ketu 20°-08' IV 25°-09' Neptune VI 27 -09' Budha Surya l60-36' Forttma 0 / 19"-45' 12'-26' 10v-57' Sukra 8o-00' Guru iy-5V III 23 -l7 K.uja 6f-l8' Balance of Guru dasa (Vimibottari) at birth 0 Year, 11 Months, 8 days. In . the above chart. Mars, Venus> Mercury and Ketu are In the lourtb bouse, all in Sc rpio. In Uitara Kalamriiha, Kalidas elucidates that nodes offer the rciultr of the planets with which they are conjoined or by which they are aspected, if any, only when' there is no conjunctioa or no aspect do the no2es offer the re ults of the lords of the sign> where they were dspo sired. Thisnative b id won aprize in tbelottery. (His Ticket No. 02 2 2 20). It was oo 23—12—1969. He was ruaning ha dasa, K;tu bhukti, Sani antbra at itm time. Ketu baakti slarted on 10—3—1969 and. ended on 7—i—-19/0. Ke u is in the c josttlUlion of Budha lord of 12. o

Budhi, Dasanatha, is lord of 12. Saiurn, is in 12th bhava. According to Hindu traditional astrology, toe occupant of a bhava, cne bhava lord and the planet conjoinca with the lord all. Wneu all tht thiee are connected with the 12tb nouse, how is it thai the native bad guns without pains ? Powerfully infiuence mat oaava. Here dani, Budha and Ke.u are strongly connected to 12th house. Look : Sub-lord is the deciding factcr. Ketu is in the sub of Venus lord of 11. _(Cpn.itella_tion lord is the owner of 12lli nouse means investment; gives money to buy the ticket. Sub-lord, lord of 11, piomises gain, profit, fulfilment of desite. Hence Ketu is a benefic ) Budha is in Mars sub. (Mars is a planet to compete, and be is lord of S to speculate and also 10.) 5th bouse gives the mind to speculate. 10th shows success. Hence Mercury dasa contributes to success in competition and gam in speculation. Saturn is in 12. It is in Saturn's star and Sub of Jupiter. Jupiter is lord of 6, Victory over enemies. It is conjoined with lord ol 2, Sun. Jupiter himselt is in 3 sub of lord of 11 and also in the constellation of Rahu, significator of 10 and 11 houses. Therefore, the conjoined period of Mercury, sub-period of Ketu and Sut-sub Saiurn gave him the fortune of winning a prize in the lottery on 23—12—1969. The amount was received during Mercury dasa, Ketu bhukti, Mercury antbra. Hence, one can note that the sub-lord decides one's fate; the constellation lord

Ketu is posited in Sun star and sub is ruled by Jupiter, who is Lord of 3rd. Mercury is posited io Mono star and sub of Rahu. who is a strong significator as stated above.

Rabu is aspected by Mercury, Lord of 12th and a Planet in the constellation of the Lord of the 10th i e.. Moon. Ketbu is in the sign owned by Venus. Ketu is aspected by Moon, Lord of the 10th house and by Saturn, a significator of 3rd and 12th house. As the significators are many, beneficial significators are to be selfbted, rejecting the useless ones. To select the bmeSc'ial significators, there are two methods , and both have to be scrutinized. (a) Note the ruling planets at the time of Judgement. (b) Note the Sub Lord of the significators. If the Sub Lord is one of the -significators, tbcn tbe planet ^deposited in such a sub is beneficial, otherwise not.

Ketu dasa, Mercury bhukti operate between .26—3—1971 and 23—3—1972 In this period Ketu anthra will start fro-n 6—5—1971 and ends on 7—6—1971. Thereafter Venus anthra operates upto 6—8—197L Venus is in Jupiter star and sub of Venus, who is a significator of 3rd honse and is Lagna Star Lord at the time of Judgment. So Venus may refiect the event in^ her Sub.Suh-period. transits in Venus sign (The s ga occupied by Ketu at the time of birth) in Moon star (Lord of the constellation io which the bhukthinatha. Mercury is posited) between 25—5—71 and 8—6—71. Moon will be in Mars sign — Mercury star on 8th and 9th June 1971. Ketu will be in Moon sign — Mercury star. So I expect that the native must be transferred by 2nd week of June, 1971.

Ruling Planets [11-38 am. (LS.T.) on 7—2—1971] Day Lord Sun Sign Lord Mercury Star Lord Jupiter Lagna Lord Mars Lagna Star Lord ... Venus (Ketu is in Leo sign, owned by Sun. Rahn is in Aquarius sign, owned by Saturn and is aspected by Mars, a ruling planetj.

[Editor—The above came very correct— Congratulations.]


REPORT TRUE OR FALSE 7 By A. M. KALKAR. Raipur. M.P. It vas month of July 1970. . I was anxiously waiting for my promotion order. It was with held for the teatons not known to me ; but t)ie rumour was awaiting early rectification of the omission. My visit to Bhopal in the 2nd week of July proved to & of no use as tbhre was silence over the issue. On my return to headquarter, from Raipur I received a letter from my friend. The lad actually congratulated tne for my promotion. I was taken by_. .surprise and-it made meTmeasy because my personal visit did not indicate so. Hence I wanted to confirm astrologically correctness of the news. I took a number between 1 to 249 and calculated as below; No. 132 Time of calculation : 7-40 A.M. on 19—7—70 Place: Shangarh Lat. 24° Lagoa degree for 132 6s 10° 26'40" Add; K.P. ayanatnsa 23° 20' 73' 3° 46' 40' from Raphael's Table of Houses for 24 Lat. sayana cusps are: X XI Xtf I 11 III 5°6' 706' 7°6' 3°45'40" 3°6' 3C6' , deduct 23°20' . ( ]r46' 13°46' 13°46' 10°26'40* 9°46' 9°46' Ni ayana cusps are as below: VII Os 10°26'40' I 6s 10°26'i0' Vlll Is 9°46' II 7y 9°46' IX 2s i.°46' III 8i 9°46' X 3s 11 °46' V 9s 10°46' XI 43 13°46' IV 10s 13°46' XII 5s ]3°45* VI 11s 13°46'

Position of the planets for 19—r?—1970 "t 7-40 A.M. are as below (calculated from A and A July 1970 issue): Run Sukra 4-14-10 3- 2-41 Moon 9- 6-28 Sani 0-27 22 Mars 3- 7-12 Rahu 10-ll-'5 Budha 3-16- 1 Ketu 4-10-25 Gmu 6- 3-42 VI V Rahu IV Moon in

vn Sini


I No. 40 Place .• Shahgarh 19—7—70 7-40 A.M. n

1 Gum

DC Sun. Mars X Budha Ketu . XI Sukra XII

III cusp ,8-9-40 Guru fasi Ketu star Sani sub As per Krishnamurti Padbdbati sub-lord, of III cusp will indicate the correctness of. news. Jo this case the sub-lord itself is Sani. Hence I concluded that news must be false. However I found that Sani is aspecled by Guru hence it was my conclusion that there are no eVil intentions 'on the part of my friends On later verification I found that he was given the news by one who look it for giamed that my promotion order:-as expccted-mrght be issued by June end. This gave me a satisfaction that even small events if dealt systematically as per Krishnamurti Padhdbati can be judged correctly. II

TRANSFER WHEN? By Jyotish Praveena P. R. MURALIDHARAN, B.E., CCivilJ A.M.I.C.E., D. Astrological Analysis: In a horoscope, the 3rd house signifies change of place and short journey, the 10th house shows employment, and the 12th house indicates life in a to;aly different environment. Therefore accjicling to Krisbnamuiti Padhdhati, one has to Judge the houses 3, 10 and 12 for transfer. The transfer will materialize, during Chi; conjoined period of the significators »f houses 3, 10 and 12 operates and when transit agrees. Let us tabulate the significators of houses 3, 10 and 12, as per Krishnamurti Padhdhati.

A. Particulars of Birth : Date of Birth : 11—5—1938. Time of Birth : 3-50 p.m. (I.S.T.) Place of Birth : Bhadravati. / B. The following is the Nirayana Chart of the native. Kcthu Mars VII Fortuoa" . Mcrcuiy 0IX Saturn VIII ]50-35' 0 14 ^27' JVX-13^-27— -Uraou»— H -2T— Venus Sun V 150-48' Jupitei

140-27' AYANAM5A 22°-54'

IV J4®-27' III 14®-27'

n 140-27' Moon Rahu

is'-as' Lagna

Balance of Saturn dasa at 9 Years 9 Months 12 days. C. Planetary Positions : Actual 1 Position Starlord Planets 560:>-56' Mars Sun Moon 219' -48' Saturn Mars 70°-00' Rahu Mercury 4Jc,0-35' Moon Jupiter 309 -lT Rahu Venus 88° 27' Jupiter Saturn JSS'-OS' Mercury Rahu 2120-4S' Jupiter Ketu 32°-45' Sun Uranus 22°-53' Venus Neptune 145o0-30' Venus Fortuna 358 -27' Mercury

XI ;15^-48' Neptune^ XII I70-27' Birth is Sublord Jupiter Venus Jupiter Rahu Jupiter Venus Moon Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Saturn

Significators III Bhava' H Bhava XII Biiav'a Planet in the constellation of the occupants of a bhava , Occupant of the bhava Planets posi- Venus Mercury Saturn ted in the Rahu conttellation ruled bv the lord of the bhava. Planet owning the bhava Jupiter Moon Mercury Mars and Venus aspects the 3rd honse. Saturn aspects the 3rd house by 10th a.pect and the 12th house by 7th aspect. Mars also aspects the 12th house. Rahu is in the sign owned by Mars along wdh Moon, Lord of the 10th house. 13''


indicates the matters of the houses'; whether it brings out fruit or not, is judged only from the sub. Further, we have to compare traditional system and try to somehow find out how Ketu can do good. Not possible, as long as Budba is lord of 3 and 12 and Budha is close to Ketu.

On the date of the winning of the prize, i.e. 23—12—1969, Sun was transiuing in Jupiter sign, Ketu star and Jupiter sub. That Ketu was re,(;, nsible is proved beyond doubt. The day was Tuesday, Star was Mrigasira go.mi d by Mara-(rep ejCQtcd by Ketuj and in Gemini (Mithunaj ruhd by Mercury.

Editor docs Pooja in Secuoderabad on 26-10-71 to Lord Uchista Maha Ganapathi,'

Mangala Harathi after Pooja in Secuoderabad on 26-10-71 '

Prasadam served !• hundreds sumptuously at Sccunderabad by the Tourist Hotel immediately after Pooja on 26-10-71

From Left to Right j 1) Shri ICarralicar V- Sawai, Marathi translator of KrishnamuTii Padhdhati & Horary Astrology. 2) Jyothish Marthand K.S. Krishoamurti, Author of Krishoamurti Padhdhati etc. 3> Shri R.C. Bbatl, Hindi translator of K. P« 15

J ATAK ALAN KARA (Continued from ike January issue) years. If lord of 8 is a malefic and in ll* he lives for a short period; if . it is conjoined with a benefic planet, then be will live long.

Sloka 23: The person will contract as maov marriages as are the number of planets in 7 or aspected by lord of 7. (Similar results to be guessed in the case of other relations taking the bouse signifying such relation to be the Ugna).

Sloka-27; The native is short lived if (1) lord of 8 in conjunction with a malefic is in 6 or 12 or (J) lords of 8 and 1 are in 6 or 12 together. Long life is indicated if (l)iord of 8 is in^ 8 it self_o r -(2)' 1 Ofd o f 8 from tbe-bhSVa occupied by Sani be in 8 from lagna. Lord of 8 in 2nd bbava either from the lagna or Sani makes one a thief and brings enmities.

Sloka 24: If the planets signifying the 7th bbava are in a kendra (1, 4, 7 or 10) or a Trikona (5, 9), if lords of 2 and 7 are in their_own_ rasis,_ thenative-hasonlyâ&#x20AC;˘one"wile. Lord 'of'2~or7 along with Sukra in adushsthana (6, 8 or 12) afflicted by malefic planets (by conjunction or aspect) shows loss of wives, the number depending on the number of the malefics in question. 4

Sloka 28 : . Lords of 8 and 1 weak and in 8 and 6 (lord of 8 in 8 and ford of 1 in 6, of lord of 8 in 6 and lord of 1 in 8), causes death in battle. If they (lords of 8 and 1) be strong, victory. Lord of 4 in conjunction with Sukra, shows vehicular comfort. Lagna occupied by its lord, .lord of 4 and Chandra makes one victorious. Similarly, if lord of 4 conjoined with Guru occupies lagna.

Sloka 25: The wife does not conceive (I) if Surya is in 1 and Sani in 7 or (2) Surya and Sani being in 7, Chandra is in 10 unaspected by Guru. The wife is barren, if the 6th' bbava is occupied by its lord, Surya and Sani and Budha occupies 1 and aspect Chandra therefrom. There will be no conception to wife if Kuja and Sani be in 6 and in a watery sign (Jala rasi). (All these results will have to be predicted in the nativrty of a female by taking the 7th for lagna, lagna for 7th, 4tb for the 10th, and 12tb for the 6th.)

Sloka 29: â&#x20AC;˘ Honour from Government if lord of 9 is posited in lagna with Guru's aspect. Prosperity of all kinds is presaged if lord of 4 in 1 and lord of 9 both, aspect their respective houses (lord of 4 happening to be Kuja and occupying lagna can aspect the 4tb bbava by its 4tb aspect fully, but other planets have only three/fourths aspect). No luck is to be expected if lord of 4 goes to 8. Further, the native will be fickle-minded.

Sloka 26: Sukra, Guru and Budha .in 8 and in a Sthira rasi (Risbaba, Simba, Vrischika and Kumbha) burdens the native with bard and painful duties and makes him hardhearted. Lord of 8 in 11 makes him suffer in earlier years and bring happiness in later 17

Si.oka 30:" If 1VJ, •> Ol y Jt ivxvvuuua new aw uwv S.M tas.aa, malefic planets are in panapbara houses': 'Lord of 9 in 11 bestows bonour from (2, 5,8 or 11] or 4 or 3. If malefics occupy; Government, long life and virtuous disApoklima houses (3,6,9 and 12), short life' is presaged. The native will live, upto tbel position. If lords of 1, 2 and '4 be in their respective houses and lord of 9 in I, dasa period of the weakest among planets' the native will be very affluent and occupy in 8, lords of lagna and' 10, and Sani.j an exalted position. During the dasa peiiod of the strongest among the lords of 9, 10 and 5 occupying; Sloka 31: their own rasis, the native's disposition; be virtuous; if the said lords are weak.' ' Whatever yogss have been mentioned so . will by occupying inimical rasis. the mental) far, will be realised in the dara or bbukli disposition will be affected. When a person; of the planet in full strength and causing runs the period of the stronger of lords of! the yoga. A person will be equal to a king 1 and 8 conjoined with Sani, Rabu or Ketut if, at bis birtb, Guru or Sukra conjoined in 6, be will suffer from wounds. ! with lord of 4 in a kendra house other than 4 (i.e., in 1, 7 or 10) or a Trikona Slokas 36-37: (S or 9). Also when lord of 9 conjoiped with Guru or Sukra occupies 4 or 9. Lord of 4 in 6 in conjunction With Sani: brings end of life through vebicula ' Slokas 32-33: accidents; in conjunction—with Rahu,' Lhrough thief; With Ketu, through weapons. Mars (Kuja) in 10 causes anxiety in regard to agriculture and mattasjconnected ■ Prosperity, luck, higher education and' with it. Kuja. jn 2 makes him other matters ruled by the 9th bbava! - think"about bis welfare. If Guru he in should be determined with reference to the; such a position, bis thought will centre nature of the rasi on the rasi on the (cusp round vehicles, ornaments, clothes, etc. of the) 9th bhava, the planet owtiing the . If Chandra or Sukra be such a planet, bbava, those placed- in it, and those! the thought will be about cbowries and aspecting the bbava; in similar manner,! umbrellas. Guru in 7 shows thinking in affairs governing honour and reputation,. regard to issues, cattle protection, etc. Government, ornaments, clothings, underBudha !□ 8 is said to make a person to takings should be inferred from ~ithe 10th engage himself in pursuit of . knowledge. the 11th has to do with income, acquisition: If .Surya is placed in 11 of a Trikona of anything, realisation of desire, etc. (S or 9), the person thinks about bis father Lord of 12 in'lagna makes one sweet-'' and other relations. If Sukra is in 5, 7 tongued and handsome. Lord of 12 in or 9, the mind is turned towards travels. lagna and in own rasi shows him to be Guru in S or 9 denotes thinking about niggardly and narrow-minded. Of course,' children and their welfare. Lord of 10 he will own cattle and also engage himself at birtb weak is not conducive to bring in the affairs of bis environment Lord of. the person to the fore in public life. If, 12 in 9 interests; a native in pilgrimages however, lord of 10 is in his own together to holy places, besides making him virtuous! with a benefic, be comes to the fore and| and charitable; in such a position, if the commands respect, planet be with a malefic, be commits sin and squanders away all accumulated Slokas 34-35: ancestral wealth. , Long life is indicated if lords of 1, S and (To be continued) 11 be in 11, a kendra/kona bouse (i.e., 1, 4,


WILL THE PROPOSED BUSINESS VENTURE WITH MY FRIEND BE SUCCESSFUL? B. DANANSURIYA: Pallegama, Bopitiya, Ceylon. The gentleman wants to go in to partnership business, so let us see first whether the partnership will be permanent. The 7th Cusp is in Taurus 0o-00', Venus Rasi, Sun's constellation, and Rahu Sub. The Sub Lord Rahu is in Moon's constellation, the occupant of the 12th bouse. Therefore the partnership will break. The questioner himself will move first and get seperated.

A Gentleman wanted to start a business -with a friend and wanted to know whether it will be successful. The number quoted by the querist is 146. Time and date of Judgement:— 8.35 A.M. C.S.T. oon 26—8—1971. Lat. 7 N" 17' Long 80 E 3' the horoscope erected for the number 146 within 1 & 249 is as follows;— VII OMX)' IX 270-35' VI 0o-35' Sat. \r-40' VX11 28<'-35'

Will the Business be Profitable? In this chart the 1st bouse is occupied by Jupiter^ Jupiter isjn the constellation" ^ of Sa turn and Sub of Saturn, who owns 4th & Stb bouses showing losses. Lagna is not aspected by the Lagna lord. 2nd bouse is owned by Mars, who is occupying the constellation of Moon in the 12tb bouse, showing tosses. Mars is in the sub of Ketbu, Kethu represents Moon in 12th"house showing losses again. Saturn is in the 7th house in the constellation of Moon in 12tb house, showing losses again. The situation of Saturn in the 7tb bouse is a disqualification itself. The Sub lord of the 7th cusp Rahu is in the constellation cf Moon in 12tb house. The Sub Lord of the 1 Itb Cusp is again Rahu, showing losses. The credit for this prediction goes to my revered Guruji, who has (through me) saved, the Gentleman from losing thousands of rupees. I adviced the Gentleman accordingly and I am happy to say that he has taken my advice. GOOD LUCK

Ketu 20o-3' HORARY b r No. Within 249 is 146 -X'7f ~3S Time; 8-36 A.M. C.S.T. Date: 26-8-1971 Sun 88-54' Venus Lat. 70.E 3' IV 270-35' 8°-27' Rahu 20°-3' Long. 80° B 3'0 0Mercury ' 0Mars AYANAMSA 23 -21' 9 -46' (R.) 19 -35'(R) XI 290-35' V 290-35'

II 280-35' Moon 5®-38' o III 27°-35' Jup.1 04®-47' -00' XH 0®-35' Mars Dasa Balance O yrs. 16 Days. Planet Constellation Lord Ketbu Sun Mars Moon Mars (R) Moon Mercury (R) Ketbu Saturn Jupiter Kethu Venus Moon Saturn Moon Rahu Mercury Kethu

.6 Mths Sublord Jupiter Moon Ketbu Saturn Saturn Jupiter Rahu Kethu Venus 21


J.J. M. Medical College, The question was very much surprising, because selection of seat was said to be already over by that time. Even then the prediction was given before all of us after working out in detail, with due explanation that, be mult be selected and admittad to the college on 9-9-71. Thiscametrue as per predictions. Likewise all predictions came correct. In this connection, we would like to bring to your kind knowledge that, we are able to learn erection of chart and selection of significators as per K.P. within 25 days of attending the daily course. We ourselves wonder how we were able to pick up K.P. so far Mind you, we did not know anything about astrology, a month ago. This is nothing but the simplicity of Krishnamurti Padbdbati and the ability of Mr. Muralidharan to leech. . Finally with due regards and respectst. we endorse our appreciation to the_greai— K.E. -and- we- are-highly graf-fiii to Sr, P. R. M., for bis sincerity in teaching Astrology and zeal in K.P. ' We request that, we, may be enrolled as the members of the Stellar Astrological Research Institute, Madras. Thanking you, Sir. Yours faithfully, (Sd.) by many admirers. * * * 59, B. I. T. Blocks, Scheme 6, Road 4, Matunga, Bambay-19. To The Editor, Astrology & Athrisbta Madras-lS.

To The Editor, Astrology <& Athrisbta 12, Brahmin Street,, Saidapet, Madras-IS. Respected Sir, We came in contact with Jyothish Praveena Sri Muralidharan, who has made b:s name in Stellar Astrology i.e. Kri'sbnatnurti Padbdbati. Series of correct predictions offered by blm, tempted us to learn, the great Krisbnamarti Padbdbati. While teaching us he predicted us many correct minor events. The following ai c •the few out of them. Our opinion is that, Krishnamurli Padbdbati made Astrology a perfect Science. On a particular day, be predicted that, •the food will be taken exactly at 9>16 P.M. We tried to avoid,' we did not buy tickets, but to _our surprise..the server-served-ths—food 'exactly at the time-predicted and called us to take food at 9-16 P.M. On 12—9—1971, we all went for coffee, there the time of returnihg home was •questioned. Sri P.R.M., predicted, without refering to any book, with mental calculations said that the room will be reached exactly at 7h-28'-30' P.M. Although we .tried to avert the event, the event materia-' Used as predicted. ' It was really wonderful We, the learning students, used to put questions regarding some minor events to be predicted by him and tested daily. On 1,8—9—1971 when we sat for study, we asked give the time when we will leave the room. He wrote the prediction on a piece of paper and kept it. We were in deep study. We forget the very question. • But one of us remembered and asked Mr. P.R.M. to show the slip. It was Dear Sir, exactly 8-59 P.M. just a minute to 9 P.M. I give below details of a simple exercise carried out on Ruling planets. On On one day a consultant came, when we 12—10—71 at 7-36 P.M. I started to find were all working K.P. His question was, out when my brother, who bad gone out on whether bis brother would get a seat in 23;

some work will return. Even as I started friend of mine showed me two volumes of my calculation, my brother came in, but your Padbdbati. I at once purchased front I continued to check bow far the ruling him. Later on I got Raphael's Table of planets law bad applied. Houses. Then, I bad your magazines and Horary Astrology. As I am yet to master The ruling planets at the moment of your rules,, as such I have not yet slarted working out i.e. at 7-36 P.M. on 12-10-71 predictions. I .will let you know my were as follows: progress. About ten horoscopes of influenDay Lord Mars tial and wealthy persons of my town, were Moon sign Lord — Moon examined by me. They all have Shani in Moon star Lord ' — Saturn Mesha (Neecba). Yet they are wealthy Ascendant sign Mars and influential. Traditional astrology Ascendant star Venus puzzled me very much. I started disbelievAt 7-37 P.M my brother1 bad already ing astrology. Now. your most scientific come in and the Ascendant at this time was method gave the solution at once. The; checked and found to be pasting at Mars constellation lord and sub-lord were very sign, Venus star and Rahu sub. favourable to all of them Now.letus check the above Ascendant Just this morning at exact 8 A.M., ^ am. with the ruling planets. Rahu was in writing ibis letter you. Why? I underCapricorn and would represent Saturn. stood that one of your colleagues called As.per Krishnamurti Padbdbati, Node is you 'A new entrant * I got annoyed and. stronger. Include among the ruling planets angry. I will go through the rest. Mars, Venus and Saturn; Rahu is an agent _oL_Saturn. lake_Rahii_And .the1 .event —Respected Sir, actually look place in Mars sign, Venus I have to make an bumble appeal. Please star and Rahu sub. A simple exercise do not get disheartened by comments from would reinforce one's faith in KLrisbnamurti persons who lack knowledge whosoever Padbdbati. Only it requires a constant, they may be, I feel that, they have malaces. thorough and patient perseverence with' for you. Your method and your's only inquiring mind if we are to derive the is definitely the only scientific method. benefits of a system propounded by our Please, please...sir, my respected Guruji— Guruji after bis researches, which as every Do not read criticisms about your method. one that practices will know, must have Let any bark like street dogs. Your taken long, painful and persistent effort. researches have certainly opened the eyes, May Ucbisbta Maba Ganapati - bless of all the astrologers. us all. In my own horoscope traditional (Sd.) K. Sesbadri. -astrologers failed. After studying your « • • method I corrected my horoscope using, your ayanamsa. Then calculated the date. Malla Jhijar, of father's death, etc, my promotion. Almora. O. P. These tallied and there was exactness of Sub : Krishnanmrti Padbdbati is the only Transit as per your method. How all these correct one. calculations were made will be informed in a few months when some more predictions Respected Guruji, come out correct. Many ancestors bad Sadar Namaskar. May Lord Ganesh biiilt a small temple of Lor^ Ganesh near give you a long and happy life. Certainly my bouse.' Nowadays I have started you are JyoiLb Martband. By God's praying Lord Ganesh also. Success has. grace, I tried to learn astrology, Traditional crowned you. May God give you long life. methods, Hindu astrology. I read many Good Luck. books on the subject but gained nothing. (Sd.) D, M. Josbi. 1 always pray my Msbta', Luckily one

Venkatesa Pandila's JATAKA chandrika Bx VISAKHA (Continued from January 1972 issue) rate, but on the basis of the consideration' thai occupation of a house is stronger than lordship, the learned, author holds that mutual exchange of lords of 10 and 9 in the said.bouses or occupation of one of these bouses by the lord of. the other ensures highly auspicious results. In assessing the effects of the above combination, the principle enunciated in, stanza 13should not be lost sight of,.' namely that the lords of kona (trine) and kendra (quadrant) houses should not have any association with the lords of -other -houscs. Stanza fi -avers that 'lorffTship of houses 3, 6 and II is evil, and in stanza 21 association of - lords of 9 and 10 with lord of 8 (as well as 11) has not been considered auspicious. In various astrological works, houses 3, 6 and 11 (also 10) have been classified as 'upacbaya sthanas' (improving bouses), some of the authors holding that occupation of these houses is good but not rulership of these. This has caused confusion all round, because it is a well known axiom in Hindu traditional system that the effects of a bbava are given not only by the planet posited in the bouse but also by the planet con-' joined with the bbava lord. Indeed, the planet associating with the bbava lord is considered a shade stronger than even the occupant and the bbava lord to offer the bhava results. Then again, bouses 8 and 12 have almost, unanimously been condemned as harmful houses and their lordship has been termed inauspicious. These bouses are referred to as 'naasa sthanas* (destroying houses). Thus, houses 3, 6, 11,8 and 12 are among the evil or malefic houses and their lordship should not bs conducive for beneficial results. (As has

Stanza J5: Lords of the 9th and lOtb houses become yoga karakas and give auspicious results when they interchange their respective . bouses or when one of them is in the house of the other. Arising out of this sloka, there are three possible combinations, namely (i) lord of 9 and lord of 10 occupying houses 10 and 9 re>p:ctively, fit) lord of 9 in 10, and lord of 10 in a bouse other than 9, and (iii)â&#x20AC;&#x201D;lordâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;of -10 -in--9-whiiedord of 9 Is placed in a house other than 10. The second and third, combinations are less powerful in effect than the first. The conjunction of these two lords has been treated in earlier stanzas (Stanzas 13 and 14)i la astrological parlance, the j 9th bouse is extolled as a benefic bouse as it signifies pootva punyaâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;luck or merit brought over'from the past. It refers to Ishta < Devata (family deity), happiness in all undertakings, prosperity, virtue and spiritual inerit. It is a tbrikona or trine house, and according to stanza S a planet owning this house is a benefic (eveo though he may be malefic by nature). The other house, namely the 10th bouse, is the apex of the horoscope and is the, strongest of the four kendra houses (1, 4' 7 and 10).' In the West, they pay so much importance to this bouse that a planet occupying it is considered as the most elevated in the entire horoscope. Such a planet is fully powerful for fruitful results. The lordship of houses 9 and 10 should be enough for favourable results to ope25

been explained in the notes under some previous stanzas, every house has both aspects under its dominionâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the so called' bcnefic affairs and the so called malefic affairs. No planet, malefic or benefic by nature or malefic or benefic by .lordship will offer only the results' of the bhava owned or the bhava occupied. There is many a modification arising out of such a planet's sign position, house occupation, naksha'ra and sub position and also iis combination with other planets, their aspect, etc. and no conclusion can be drawn simply from lordshtpofhouses alone) Krjshnamurti Padhdhati lays particular emphasis on the nakshatra position of the plrne s and says that ap.Ianet ina 'nakshatra is modified according ' to the nakshitra lard's strength by sign, house, and lordship. In view of this, the effectiveness of the Rajayoga can be realised only if the planets connected with the Rajayoga are placed in the nakshatras -of planets favourably situated. In any other case, the value of-tbe-yoza would 'be diminished and even nullified. Stanza 16: When the strong lord of Quadrant is related to the lord of a Trine, he bestows Raja Yoga. Stanzas 13 and 14 have dealt with the , conjunction of lords of quadrants (kendras1,4, 7 and 10) and trines (thiikonas-S and 9), and this stanza would therefore seem to apply to other reli'ionships between the quadrant and trine' lords. In traditional astrology, five kinds of sambbtnda between planets are recognized. They are (i) conjunction, (ii) interchange of houses, (iii) aspect, (4) kendra posiiioo from one another and (v) koaa position from one another. According to the learned author, two condidons must be fulfilled for the yoga to be r> a'i ;ed. F rst, the lord of the quadiant should be strong (by sign and house position) and Siuoocly he should be associated with the lord of 6 or 9 by one of the above rehtioaships. According to us, the lord of quadrant strong by sign and house 27

position can become good only if - be occupies the nakshatra of the Sth or 9th lord who, in turn, should be equally strong by sign and house position. Even if lord of quadrant occupies a strong house and sign and is aho related to a trine lord by one of the five kind or relationships enumerated above, be cannot bring about beneficial results if he is placed in the nakshatra of a planet inauspicious by nature and weak by occupation and Iotaship, or if the trine is itself weak by sign and house occupation, etc. Some commentators have stretched' this stanza to mean that where a kendra (quadrant) lord stands in between the lords of fhrikpnas (wines) he would prove to be a rajayogadhipathi. Rationally speaking, this interpretation is correct if the quadrant lord is related to the trine lords by reason of all of them configurated in the same sign with the quadrant lord .in between_the trine-lords:" Aocofding to traditional texts, papa and punya madhya stithi of the (fianets is taken into consideration in arriving at results, and on this consideration a planet between benefics is strong to offer ithe good effects of the bhava he owns. Applying this principle, a strongquadrant lord when hemmed in between trine lords should prove beneficial. Thus, if the quadrant lord is placed between trine lords occupying the same sign or posited in adjacent signs or the two signs on either side of the sign where the quadrant lord is posited, the yoga wouldfructify to the full extent but not in a case, say for a Simha lagna birth where Sani . occupies a quadrant, Kumbha, and Guru is in Dhanus as lord of 5 and Kuja is in 9 in Mesha as its lord. It is. needless to emphasize-that the planets in question should be so placed that the combination occurs in nakshatras ruled by planets favourable by occupation as well as ownership of houses. Stanza 17; The Major period intervening between the Major Periods of Yoga Karakas will be auspicious. Benefic

are auspicious according to the resolts will come to pass when the Subperiod of such Major period lord strength of their connection with the yoga karakas. operates in the Major periods of the Yogi karaka planets, even if lord of According to stanza 13, the kendra and the intervening Major period is not kona lords' association with the other associated with the yoga karakas in lords was not considered helpful, but here any manner. it is said that the association of lords of As explained in our notes under the 3, 6, 8, 11 and 12 with a yoga karaka is auspicious. previous stanza, much attention is paid in traditional astrology to the placement of a It is a recognized idea that when planet between benefics or malefici. A a natural benefic is in the company of planet standing in between beucfics advances a natural malefic, both of them lose a part the favourable affairs iuflueoced by the of their natural qualities just as happens bbava of which .be is the lord; a planet when water and milk are mixed together. hemmed in between maleScs, on the other In the same way, lords of 3, 6, 8, ll^andband, brings to the fore the malefic 12 stand to gain_.when-essffciaie3 with affairs ascribed to the bbava owned. The ^-yoga-karakas, and when such association learned author has extended this principleâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; occurs from naksbattas ruled by planets to the major periods in-VimShottari Dasa. strong by occupation and. lordship, On a strict interpretation, this stanza favourable results will b: reaped. Unwould be applicable only when the lagna favourable nakshatra position,, as stressed involved is Kataka, Kanya, Makara and before, cannot contribute to happiness. Meena. For Kataka lagna, Rabu dasa ' Stanza. 19: operates between the dasas of Kuja and Rabu and Ketu posited in quadrants Curu, yoga karakas; for Kanya, Ketbu (kendras) and associated with lord of dasa comes between that of Budba and' Trine (tbrikona), or occupying trine Sukta; for Makara lagna again, Ketu dasa and combined with lord of quadrant occurs between the dasas of yogakaraka ensure Raja yoga. planets; and for Meena lagna, Rabu dasa . intervenes between the yogakaraka planets* The nodes Rabu' and Ketu are cbaya dasas. For all the rest, there occurs more, grabas (shadowy planets) having no bouse than one dasa coming in betwSen the yoga of their own. They adapt themselves to karaka planets' dasa periods and the applithe planets with which they are. conficability of this stanza is in doubt. gurated. Kendra or angular bouses are stronger than the other bouses of the Then again, it is toq'general a statement horoscope, and when the nodes are in to say that the major period of a planet angular bouses in conjunction with lords would be auspicious simply because it of 5/9 they have abundant power to bring occurs between the major periods of yoga abdut the results of the associated planet, karaka planets, for the effects in a major lit bouses 5/9 when conjoined with lord period or maba dasa are to be judged on of a quadrant.i Rabu and Ketu give the the basis of many factors like the major same results in a little less proportion. lord's bouse lordship, sign and bouse occupation, naksbatra position, conjuncFor the Raja yoga to be effective, the tion with and aspect by other planets, and planets concerned should be favourably similarly the strength of the bhukti, antbra placed by naksbatra. lords etc. Stanza 20: Stanza 18: If lords of quadrant and trine combine, they give rise to Raja yoga. Planets malefic by owning bouses 3, The yoga is exceedingly powerful in 6, S, 11 and 12 but favourably case another lord of trine combines. connected to yoga, karaka planets 29

This is akin to Stanza 16. In Stanza 13, it has been averred that combination of lords of quadrant and trine assures Raja yoga. If a planet rules both trine and quadrant and is related or associated with another trine lord, or if a quadrant lord is joined to lords of S and 9, immense benefit will accrue. Lordship of houses .alone will not contribute to the realisation of the yoga mentioned here and unless the combination occurs from congenial signs, favourable house and from placement in nakshatras of planets who are favourable the yoga effect will only be feeble. Stanza 21: The Raja yoga arising as a result of union of lords of quadrant and trine is spoilt by the association of lords of S and 11 to the yoga karakas. This, in a way, resembles Stanza 13 where the association of kendra / kona lords with the lords of other houses was not held good. Here the author is more specific in his reference. According to Stanza S, the 11th house lordship is evil. The 8th house is one of the dus sthanas. So the association_qf_lor.ds..,of 8.and .11â&#x20AC;&#x201D; "affecfs the value of the Raja yoga. Some authors interpret this stanza in a different sense. According to them, the them: developed here is that lord of a quadrant or trine should not also own 8 or 11, as in the case of Mesha and Mithuna. This argument would seem to run counter to the idea expressed in Stanza 14 where it was stated that the con. juactioa of lords of kendras and thrikonas would cause Raja yoga even though they may be otherwise evil which term would include ownership of an evil house also. Stanza 22; The 8th house from the lagna and the eighth from the 8th house are houses of longevity (life giving houses). The twelfth from these two resoective houses are houses of death (Maraka sthanas). It is geaeraily believed that our-life on earth or karma bhoomi is proportionate to the actions performed in previous existences, and we are born here to work

out our karma whereafter we attain moksha or take life again, depending upon our deeds in the present life. In classical literature, the 9lh house determines the quantum of punya accumulated by us; the 4th denotes the scope and extent of sukha (happiness) to be enjoyed. As soon as we have reaped the consequences of our past actions, the purpose for which we were born into this world comes to an end and life ceases. The twelfth house (vyaya sthana) indicates, among other things, loss, expenditure, negation etc. In Stanzi 72 of this work, the learned author advises us to judge the significations of each of the twelve bhavas as if they were so many lagnas, and following this suggestion we find that houses 8 and 3 are in twelfth to pupyasthana (9th) and sukhasthana (4th) respectively. If the 9th and 4th show the amount of punya and bhagya in our store, the twelfth houses to them, namely the 8th and the 3rd, show the limit up to which our life can go in order to experience, punya, bhagya and sukha. In other words, JjousesjB. and.3-show-longevity or lengthâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; of life in the natural scheme of the zodiac. Stanza 23: Of the â&#x2013; marakasthanas, the 2nd' house is stronger than the 7th. Planets posited in marakasthanas are stronger than lords of maraka sthanas, and planets conjoined with lords of marakasthanas are stronger than planets placed in maraka sthanas. While the above is the view of the learned author of the work, our own experience confirms that planets situated in the constellation of occupants .of marakasthanas are more powerful than the occupants themselves, and occupants of marakasthanas are stronger than the lords of marakasthanas or the planets situated in their constellations or the planets conjoined with the maraka planets. Furthermore, planets connected to bhadaka sthanas in any manner will also have to be taken into reckoning in our study of longevity. (to be Continued) 31

VERIFICATION OF KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI (horoscopy) By R. S. DOSHI. B.E. (Mech.), Dombivli (East). Tbe absolute requirements of KrisbnaiDurti Padhdbati for casting horoscope are (i) Place of Birth i.e. Longitude and Latitude of the place of Birth (ii) Date of Birth (iii)- Exact time of Birth (iv) Correct use of Ayanamsa i.e. Krishnamurti Ayanamsa. In many instances it is observed that Birth time recorded is either done by_ patents or Hpspital-Authorities "and it ■js-incOfrect or approximate. Therefore rectification of birth time is a must for casting horoscope as per Krishnamurti Padhdbati wherever predication is to be offered on Natal Charts. I. Rectification of Birth Time: The native informed me that he was born at 1-00 A.M. (I. s. t.) on 18/19th September 1935 at 15-27' N. and 75-05' E. Now let us proceed with the calculation of exact position of tbe Ascendant rising in the East at the locality for time and date furnished by the native. Calculations (i) First convert the Birth time from I. S T. to L. M.T. (Local Mean Time) by adding or deducting the time difference of 4 minutes/ degree longitudinal difference between 82°-30'E and longitude of Birth place if it happens to be Eastward of 82o-30' East or westward of 82°-30' West respectively, as Indian Standard Time(i s.T.) is icckoned from 82°-30'E longitude. 33

Therefore ; Birth time 1-00 A.M (i s.T.) = 1.00 — 0-29'-40" [ 82°-30' — 75°-05') X 4 ] = 0°-30'-20' L.M.T. (ii) Next find out difference between previous day's 5-30P.M. (I s.T.) and Birth time in (L.M.T.) which will be 7 hrs. 0 mts. and 20 sees, in the present case. (ui).-GalcoIktetire sidereal iime at Birth as follows: ' Hrs. Mts.Scs. 17 15 55 Sidereal time at 3-30 P.M. I.S.T. on 18—9—1935 (As per Krishnamurti Ephemeris) 7 0 20 Add difference between previous day's 5-30 P.M. I.S.T. and Birth time in L.M.T. [from (ii) above] 0 1 10 Add correction at the rate .of 10 seconds per hour of difference. 24 17 25 24 0 0 Deduct 24 hrs. if sidereal time is more than 24 hrs. 0 17 25 Sidereal time at Birth. (iv) Refer Raphael's table of houses or Krisbnamurti's table of houses when it is ready (under print) and calculate exact position of .Ascendant in Sayana, corresponding to sidereal time of Birth and for the place of Birth i.e. latitude.

The native is bom at 1S°-27'N latitude tut in Raphael's table of houses there is no table of ascendant for 150-27'N latitude. However, it furnishes table of ascendents for 15° N latitude and 16° N latitude. Therefore calculate the ascendents for 15° N and 16° N latitude for sidereal time of Birth and take mean value of both, which will correspond to position of ascendent at IS°-30' latitude. Sidereal Tims 5 ay an a Position of at Birth I Ascendent Hr. Mts. Ses. 0 17 25 15° N 16° N 15-30'N 10°-02' 10-26' 10o-14' Cancer From Sayana position of ascendent calculate Nirayana ascendant by deducting 22°-51' Ayanamsa (Krishnamurti Ayanamsa _tor.the-year 1935)henceNirayana"ascenaant' will be 17° 23' (100-14' minus 22-51') in Gemini—Mithuna owned by Mercury in the constellation Arudhra (6° 40' to 20° Gemini) Governed by Rahu in the Sub (15°-13'-20' to 17°-26'-40' Gemini) owned by Venus. The Nirayana position of 170-23' Mithuna Ascendant is mainly governed by three planets viz. Mercury, Rahu and Venus. <v) Our Guruji Sothida Mannan, lyolish Marthand K. S. Krishnamurti has advocated to rectify Birth time by taking " Ruling Planets" at the moment of judgement.. The theory of Ruling planets and their applications in predictive Astrology are the marvellous findings of our Guruji, which is result of his hardworking and sincere research he has conducted during the course of over three decades with yearning and enthusiastic mind. According to K.P. "Ruling Planets" at the time of judgement govern the position of ascendent and thereby give correct clue and guidance to the Astrologer while

rectifying the Birth time. This is the simplest' and accurate method for rectification of Birth time which is available at present. The native's birth time was taken by me for verification of correctness on 16-12-70 at 7-00 0a.m. 1ST at Bombay i.e. 18° 15'N and 72 -S4'E, when the ruling planets were as follows. Day Lord Mercury (Wednesday) Moon.Sign Lord Moon (CancerRatafca) Moon Constella-. Saturn (Pushyam) tion Lord Ascendant Lord Mars (Scorpio) Ascendant Con- Mercury (Anuradha) steUation Lord. _ JThPrefoxe .ruling-planets-are—Mercury, Rahu (Rahu represents and replaces Saturn, as nodes are stronger than owner and Rahu is in Saturn Sign now) Moon and Mars These should be the Governing planets for the Ascendant of native. But ascendant is Governed by Planets Mercury, Rahu and Venus as per the time given by the native. Mercury and Rahu appear in the ruling planets but Venus is not there in the ruling planets alid therefore Birth time recorded is incorrect and needs rectification. Here sign and star of ascendent confirm with the planets viz. Mercury and Rahu. Therefore fix up the "SUB" from the remaining ruling planets i.e. Moon and Mars. Now the problem and confusion arises in the minds ol beginners, butthere is nothing to worry just observe following rule while assessing strength of ruling planets and make a selection for stronger planets. "Moon sign lord is stronger than Day Lord, Moon Star Lord is stronger than Moon Sign Lord, Ascendant Lord is stronger than Moon Star Lord, Ascendant Constelletion Lord is stronger than Ascendant Lord". 35

On examination af the above chart, it will be observed that if sub-loici of ascendant would have been in "Moon Sub" i.e. if native would have been born only 4 minutes early, the native would have died in the infant stage only. Wbj? Because Moon is a strong significator of 2nd Bhava - Maraka (for loDgevity)-poa er to inflict death, as well as 12ib Bhiva (negation of 1st bouse of health) in addition, the native was running Moon Dasa, Sun Bhukti (conjoined with lord of 12th and in the Sub of Planet signifying Badbakastbana, Marakasthana and Kendrastbana i. e. 7th house), Moon Antra' which is favourable to inflict only death. But the native is now aged 36 years and ' still alive and hence his Sub-lord of Ascendant can NOT be Moon. It should be Mars and nothing else. Thisjs.howJyothish Marthand K.S. K's theory of "SUB" of ruling planets proved to be scientific, precise and crystal clear. Now let us examine whether the following events experienced by the native, corrobbraite with bis above natal chart cast as per rectified time. (II) Longevity - Demise of mother from Son's chart. For longevity first of alt see in which sign ascendant has fallen i. e. Movable, Fixed or Common. If the ascendant is in a Movable sign (Aries, Cancer. Libra and Capricorn), the 11th bouse is the badbakastbana. If ascendant falls in a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio) the 9tb bouse is the badbakastbana, and if the ascendant falis in a Common sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), the 7th house is the badbakastbana. Whatever be the sign in which ascendant falls the 2nd and 7th houses are marakasthanas. Therefore, one is to judge all three bouses and find out the significators. 1st bouse represents; the native, 3rd younger brother or sister to him. 4th

Out of the two ruling planets i. e. Moon and Mars, Mars is stronger than Moon as Mars is the Lagoa Lord where as Moon is Chandra Sign Lord, Therefore correct Ni rayana position of Ascendant will be Gemini Sign, Rabu Star, Mars Sub in that select Moon Sub Sub i. e. 19° 56' Mithuna. The time to tise 19° 56' Mithuna in the east for given locality works out (when worked backwards) to 1-11 a.m. 1ST, which is ihe exact and correct time of birth of the native. The following is the Horoscope for the rectified time of Birth of the native and this is errected strictly in accordance with "Krishnamurti Padhdhati." X 15M)2'

XI 18o-02'

""XII 20®-02' Moon 22°-42'

I 19°-56' Ketu

IX 13o-02' Sat0 (R) 12 ~36'

18/19lh September, 1935 1-11 a.m. 1ST II 15° 32' Lat. iy-ZT N o Lon. 75 -05'£ Ayanamsa 22a-5V Dasa Balance of III IJMfc' VHI I5d-02' Mood Dasa Venus (R) 16o-08' 0 yrs. S Mtbs. 21 days VI Rahu 20o-020 / 250-3S/ VII 19°-56' Mars 8 -42'

Jupiter 26°-58' V 18o-02'

Bhava Star Lord Planet HI Sun Sun XII Moon Moon V Saturn Mars IV Mais Mercury V Jupiter Jupiter Venus Venus (R) m Saturn (R) vni Rahu VII Venus Rahu i Kethu Jupiter Rabu represents Jupiter represents Mercury.

Sun 2°-06' IV 15®-02' Mercury 270-54' Sub.lord Jupiter Sun Venus Sai urn Venus Sun Mercury Mercury Mercury and Ketu 37

house the Mother, Sth house first child, 6th house maternal uncle, 7th house wife, partner, 2nd child etc., 9th house father, 3rd child etc., 11th house elder brother or sister and 4th child. Therefore house of a relative shall be taken as ascendant whose longevity is to be judged and Badhaka and Maraka houses should be counted therefrom.

planet Mercury posited in 4the house (lagna to Mother) it will offer result of 4tli house firstly and therefore it is not evil to cause death to Mother. Hence discard the same. Therefore remaining planets viz. Rahu, Mars and Saturn ate the strong significators of Badhakasthana and Marakasthana of 4th house - Mother and hence death of Mother should occur during the conjoined period of these significators.

We are considering the longevity of native's mother. The 4th house indicates the mother, it falls in a Common sign virgo - Kanya. Therefore Sth house (2nd to 4th)is the marakasthana and 10th house Next, note the Sub-lord of ascendent, <7th to 4th)isBadhakasthana, Maraksthana and Kendrasthana, to his mother counled-'— (whose longevity-is to be found oulj, if it is posited in the constellation of the -from the native's ascendant. significators of Badhakasthana and Marakasthana, the life will be short after Sth house is occupied by Jupiter and the time of judgement in the Horary Mars, Jupiter and Ketu are in Jupiter star Astrology and after the Birth of the native and Mercury is in Mars star. Sth house is in Natal Astrology. owned by Venus, Rahu and Venus are in Venus star. Planet aspected by signiflcator/ In the present case the Sub-lord of 4th significators, offers the result of house cusp (indicating mother) is Jupiter, it is signified by them. posited in his own star who is strong significator -of Badhakasthana and Mars, Jupiter and Venus aspect. Saturn Marakasthana. Therefore life of Mother by their 4th, Sth and 7th aspect respectively. will be short from the time of birth of Therefore Saturn is strong significator of the native. Sth house. Native's Mother expired on 6/7—3—1950 Therefore Sth house significators are when native was running Rahu dasa, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Saturn Bhukti and Mars Antra and Rahu Rahu and ICetu. Sookshma i. e. during conjoined period of significators of Badhakasthana and 7th house is vacant, and it is owned by Marakasthana. Jupiter, Jupiter and Ketu are in Jupiter star. Rahu is posited in sagittaiius owned Further, let us check this by transit of by Jupiter. Therfore Rahu represents slow and fast moving planets, to see their Jupiter and Saturn is posited in Rahu star. agreement with the event. Nodes are stronger than planets. Rahu represents Jupiter and Venus. Therefore On 6/7—3—1950 Rahu dasanatha Rahu will be giving what Jupiter and was transiting in Meena owned by Jupiter Venus has to give. Hence, eliminate Jupiter (Badhakasthana and Marakasthana) in the and Venus and take only Rahu as strongest star of Bhuktinatha Saturn in Sub of significator. Jupiter. Saturn the Bhuktinatha was transiting in I2th to 4th in star of Venus and Sub of Saturn. Jupiter the BadhakasKetu represents Mercury being posited thanadhipati was transiting in Saturn sign, in Gemini. Therefore, replace Mercury by Jupiter star, Venus Sub. Ketu. As Ketu is posited in sign owned by 3?

The fast moving planets - Sun was transiting in Saturn sign, Jupiter Star and Saturn Sub. White Moon was transiting in Marakasthnna (2nd to <}th) owned by "Venus in Mars star. The day was Tuesday Governed by Mars. Thus every point agrees and K. P. is found to be very correct. This is how Krishnamurti Padhdhati reveals the truth and is useful to offer correct predictions even to the date, hour, minute and second, giving meliculous and

candid prediction is the crowning success of Krisbnamui'ti Padhdhati. I. therefore, sincerely advise you to learn and follow K.1?. alone to read your future youreself and bell ' with the bluffers. ^ May God bless our respected Guiujr and his Padhdhati with longevity and prosperity. Good Luck

K. P. & ELECTION By Sri V. C. CHAVADI M.Sc., and Sri R. S. HANAGODIMATH, M.Sc., Department of Geology, Karnatak University, Dharwar-3. Mysore state The month of September is very important for those who are in the cooperative field in this part of our country. This is the period for them to elect new bodies of managemeat for the new year. So one gentleman having decided to contest for 'a seat on the board of directors qt_ jyne.-of-thebiggest-co-Dperllive IhsTitution came to us on the day of the filing of his nomination paper. We wished him the best of luck. But as he was fully aware of the scientific approach of K.P. in the field of Astrology, he requested ui to find out what is in store for him in this election. He gave us the number 27 within 249. It was 3-3S P.M. on Tuesday the I4tb Sept. 1971 and the place of judgement was Dharwar (Lat. IS'-IT N; Long. 750-05,E). Horary Nirayana Chart for the Dharwar latitude and the planetary positions for the time of judgement were found following qhe method given by our respected Curuji Scthida Mannan Jyotisb Marthand Sri Krishnamurtijee. Ascendant II 3-45-CO 7-00-00 Moon ■ 29-34-00 Saturn 13-09-00 III 29-45-00 Ketu No. 27 19-01-19 Tuesday 14th Sep, '71 IV 26-43-00 at 3-35 P.M. Mercury 9 57-20 Dharwar V 26-45-00 Sun 15-27 N. 75-05 E. 27 35-21 Jupiter 7-01-21 VI Venus 2-45-00 2-23-00 VII 7-00-00 XII 2-45-00

XI 26-45-00 X 26-45-00 Rahu 19-01-19 Mars 18-36-03 IX 29-45-00 VIII 3-45-00


Planet Saturn Moon Kethu Mercury _Sun_—; Venus Jupiter Mars Rahu Cusp XI VI V XII

Cooatcllatina lord Moon Jupiter Mercury Kethu Sun Sun Saturn Moon Moon

Lord Saturn Venus Sun Mars

Sub lord Rahu Moon Kethu Saturn oon Jupiter Mercury Mercury Mercury ■ Coast. lord Sublord Jupiter Venus Mars Venus Sun Sun Kethu Venus

Analysis Sothida Mahnan Jyotish Marthand Sri Krishnamurtijee should be remembered by the generations to come for the enunciation of simple lucid rules to decide any event by the astrological method. The simplicity is reflected in his rule he has enunciated to predict about an election. Accordingly for winning the election the sub-lord of the eleventh cusp should be a tignificator of 1,2, 3,6, 10 and 11 houses and if it happens to be a significator of 4,5,7 8 9 and 12 defeat is certain. Based' on this rule, let us find out what is in store for the querist. The eleventh cusp in this case falls in the Saturns sign Aquarius in the constellation of Jupiter and the sub of Venus which are found to occupy the houses 1, 7 and 5 respectively and are detrimental to win an election. The sublojd of the eleventh cusp Venus is the occupant of the fifth house and is a strong

with the help of his well wishers. As he had many good promises, on many occasions he challenged us on our prediction. But we reiterated that K. P. can never fail and on each occasion K. Pprediction on this election was made known to many present there. At last on Monday 27th Sept. .1971, it was in the evening at about 8-30 P.M. the.results of the election were made known'and the querist who bad challenged the K. P. bowed his head down to K.P. He was defeated. Hats off to K.P, Long live Guruji .Astrology-is a perfeotTiCtence "and our Guruji must have the credit for having brought it on par with the other branches of science.

sigoificator of that house as no planet is found in his constellation and Sun the lord and lac occupant of fifth house is the constellation lord of Venus. Therefore, Venus' the sub-lord of the eleventh cusp in all probability indicates a sure defeat .for the querist. To confirm this the sixth house was examined.The sixth house is concerned with the win over the competitor or not. Venus once again becomes the sub-lord of the sixth cusp and as already noted is the strong significator of the fifth cusp which is eleventh to the opponent. Therefore, we had no other alternative but to declare. Jhat-the-queiist hastoTose' "In' this election. The querist filed the nomination the same day and the election was held fifteen days after.. In the mean time tho qnerist had a brisk canvassing

Good Luck


CHILD BIBTH ABORTION By K. R, MOHAN RAO, S.A.R.I.. Chitrakonda Native is running Rahu dasa, Saturn Number given by a Gentleman is 45 bukthi and Rahu anthra balance from between 1 and 249 at Chitrakonda i. e. 26—8—1971 to 26—10—1971. 18-07' N. and 82-07' E. about to know when his wife will deliver. Judgement time Moon indicates the nature of query. is 9-45 P.M. on 26—8—1971. It is in the Sth bouse and in the constellation of Rahu and_sub of-Samsignifica'ora The horoscope for the number given and So it is clear that question for the time of judgejnent is as follows- —forsnrfibuse. is about Child Birth. XI 290-43'

Xfl 30-43' La go a 4'-53' 0 Sat. 120-41' II 29 -43'

X 25°-43'

Kctu 20o-02' in 250-43;

IX 258-43'. Rahu 20MK' Mars (R) , l90-47' ,

Vemia 90-C6' Mercury (R) 9°-2(r . Sun 90-25' IV 2 5°-43'

Is child birth promised 7 . As the question is from male note the 11th house and then only Sth house; 11th Cusp is at 29-43' in Meenam, sign of Jupiter lord df Sth besides 7th and 'llth house in 6th house and in the star of retrograde Mercury lord bf 1' i.e. 12th to 2nd besides lord of 2nd 'and 5th in 3rd house and in thesiab of Satum' in 12th bouse being lord of 10th house i.e. .12tb to 1 Ith bouse. - .So, llth Cusp Sub-lord is not favou, rable,. . . Sth Cusp falls at 29-43' in a barren sign Kan) a. sign of retrograde Mercury and in the star of retrograde Mars lord of 6th in Sth house and in the sub of Saturn is as above as 11th Cusp. So, Sth Cusp Sub-lord is also not favourable. For Child birth we have to judge houses 2, S and 11. Let us see the strength of the aigniScatorsof 2,5 and llth houses. All the nine planets are the sigm'ficators for the houses 2, 5 and 11. According to K. P. Reader III a planet is the source to indicate certain matters, the Lord of the constellation in which the planet is situated indicates the nature of the results and the Sub is the deciding factor whether the matter is favourable or not.

VIH 29t,-43' Jup. 4o-50' Moon 12o-09' y ir-AV VII 40-'53 vi r-Ay .*• v ■ • Star lord Planet Mercury (R) Ketu Venus Ketu Ketu Mercury (R) Ketu Sun Rahu Moon Saturn Jupiter Moon Mars iR) Moon Rahu Moon Saturn Star lord Cusp. Jupiter 2nd Mars (R) 5th Mercury (R) llth

Sub lord Venus Jupiter Saturn Saturn Saturn Saturn Ketu Ketu Rahu Sub lord Moon Saturn Saturn 43

jiu mis case, an me nine planets maicate the source of child birth, but the subs are the deciding factors whether favourable or not. Let us check each planet:— Moon is in the sub of Saturn lord of I Oth house i.e. 12th to 11th houses—Bad. Saturn is in the sub of Rahu in 8th house and conjoined with lord of 6th in 8th house—Bad. Venus is. in the sub of Jupiter the lord of 8th house besides 7th and 11th houses in 6th house—Bad. Jupiter is in the sub of Saturn in 12th house i.e. 8th to Sth house as above— Bad. Ravi is in the sub of Sani in 12th house as above—Bad. Mars (RJ is Ju_ the sub-of-Ketn-in-Znd . —houses agent of, Moon as above and aspected by Saturn in 12th house and as above—Bad. Mercury (R) is in the sub of Saturn in 12th house as above—Bad. Rahu is in the sub of Retu is in 2nd house agent of Moon as above and aspected by Saturn in 12tb house as above—Bad. , Ketu is in the sub of Venus the Lord of 12th house—Bad. Thus all the planets being significators houses 2, 5 and 11 are deposited in the bs of evil planet is indicate loss, difficulty d failure etc. i.e. leads to abortion secially because the 11th and Sth cusps : fallen in the sub of Saturn in 12th use i.e. Sth to Sth house. What does 8lh to Sth house indicate ? [t is for danger, accident besides house death to child. L«t us check how the houses 2, 3 and 11 ; spoiled. '.nd house : 2nd house is occupied by Ketu, a natural malefic is in the star of

retrograde Mercury lord of 1 i.e. 12th to 2nd house and in the sub of Venus lord of 12th uouse. Thus 2nd house is spoiled. So, where is the question of increasing family members ? Sth house: Sth house is occupied by Moon. Moon is in the star of Rahu in Sth house and in the sub of Saturn in 12th house being lord of I Oth i.e. 12th to 1 Ith house Thus Sth house is spoiled. So, there is no question of expecting good results about child birth. 11th house: 11th house is not occupied by any planet. It's Lord is Jupiter. The planet for children is in the constellation and sub of Sani is as in case of Sth house. Thus 11th house-isalso— _spoiled. Considering from all aspects, the child birth leads to abortion only. Childbirth is not promised for this conception. So, abortion When ? For abortion I have considered houses 1, 4 and 10 because these houses are 12th to 2, 5 and 11th houses and 12th house because it is Sth to Sth house. Significators for 1, 4, 10 and 12th houses are Ketu, Mercury, Ravi, Jupiter,Saturn, Venus and Rahu being agent of Saturn. All these planets are in the subs of significators of the above houses. When I considered the Ruling Planets at 10-43 P.M. it is found: Lagna star (Krithika) ruled by Sun. Star (Swathi) ruled by Rahu. Rasi (Thula) rulad by Venus. Day being Thursday ruled by Jupiter. Summing up the above are Ravi, Rahu, Venus and Jupiter. The common planets between ruling planets and significators of 1, 4, 10 and 12 are Venus, Rahu, Jupiter and Ravi. 44

When I considered Transit, on 5—9—71 "Sun transits in Simha Rasi ruled by Sun in the Star ruled by Venus and in the Sub of Rahu and Moon transits in Kumbha Rasi, Star of Rahu and the Day being Sunday ruled by Suo. Transit fully agrees -on 5—9—1971 for abortion. As the Gentleman I know is so sensitive and keeping view in limitation of Astrology I informed him that the Child birth is not favourable and I advised him to keep his wife in a place near by the Hospital before 5-9-1971. Days passed. On 13-9-1971 at 9-30 A.M. he met me with sarrowful. face and informed that he has' received a letter from his native place that his wife has lost her pregnancy of 4 th month and that abortion had taken place exactly on

5—9—1971. At the time he Informed me Lagna was transiting in Thula rasi, Rahu star and the day is Arudra star day. I consoled him and said next time better Luck. Thus any one who follows 'Krishnamurti Padhdhati' can confidently predict any event before in hand within a couple of years like me because the principles laid in this Padhdhati are so simple, Scientific and convencing. I pray God for long life to our Guruji Professor K. S. Krishnamurti, the inventor of his jiqble j^adhdhati,—L-shall also thank^Sri Sastry, my dearest teacher of K P. who has shown me the way of serving for mankind through K.P. Good Luck to all the K.P. Readers.

RETROGRADE PLANETS VIS-A-VIS MINOR EVENTS By Sri T. SURYANARAYANA RAO, 1739, Wright Town, Jabalpur-2. More1 often than not, some of the astrologers discuss the charts which they have erected for finding out fructification of certain events irrespective of their nature—whether minor or major events in life—reject outright the planets that are Retrograde in motion. I have come across a few where even in case of minor events they rej ect retrograde planets while discussing and pitch up the very planet while ofiering prediction, as has happened, for example, in one article published in the Magazine, September issue. Before writing anything further on this issue and giving my own experience, I would like to refer the readers to the Text Book on Horary Astrology by our Great Guruji, wherein on page No. 146, ;under the heading 'Ruling Planets' he. clearly and categorically states that 'planets in retrograde motion if deposited in the, constellation of a planet which is in direct : motion indicate that after some obstacles and delay, the matter -will materialise ' (underline mine], when it is in direct motion again and passes beyond the point wherefrom retrograde motion started.* What I make oat from the above is that I e never said that whenever you come across a Retrograde Planet • among the Ruling Planets, it deserves outright I ejection. You will have to find out first whether it is in the constellation and Sub of a retrograde planet. If so, it cannot give the results and hence to be rejected. If it happens to be in the constellation and Sub of planets in direct motion, it will definitely offer the results and the matter will materialise. Bat when? When the planet ccmes again into direct motion and passes "tie point wherefrom it started retrograde motion. (Correct K. S. K.) In case of Minor events which would fructify in a day or two or even within . 46

a few hours of time, if anybody predicts that the matter will fructify when the planet comes into direct motion and passes that point from where it started its retrograde course, I need not say how miserably the astrologer would fail. "As the planet still1 continues to be retrograde we should reject the same outright." If anybody says like thi8,his experience would itself opentiis eyes and tell him that by disregarding sucl^. planet he failed to arrive at the correct conclusion.- Dn theiasis_of _my_above. reasoning I started working out some questions, predicting the events taking the Retrograde Planets also into consideration and in almost all cases where the Retrograde Planets are involved, my predictions have come correct. This is not any deviation from the principles of K.P. This, I feel, what just our Guruji has stated in bis most popular work on Horary Astrology; (Statement is clearly and correctly stated— K. S. K ). I, therefore, though- it is advisable to bring it to the notice of the readers of 'Astrology & Athrishta', one of my latest experiences, so that the readers, particularly those who have been outrigbtly rejecting Retrograde Planets may hereafter, verify their results considering the Retrograde Planets also in judging the events— particulary the Minor Events. It was on the 28th evening (28—8—1971> when, I was going for evening walk with a friend Mr. Nageswara Rao, who is also a student of K.P., Mr. Rao reminded me of the fact that a common friend of ours, who is staying about 8 miles away from here, informed him that be would be coming to my place on Saturday evening. Therefore if we go out for walk as usual, he may come and finding none in the house think that these fellows have gone out even

after their being informed well before. results after sufficient delay. I, therefore,; thought that he would not allow thef He, therefore, suggested that as it will not fake much time, I should find out astrogentleman to meet us so shortly when the;: logically when this gentleman would come. , Kumbha Lagna rises. In addition to that,!: Rahu is the strongest, being conjoined i Immediately I came inside my chambers with one Ruling Planet and occupying the; and started working out the ruling planets sign of another ruling planet. Therefore,:' ifs per K.P. The time then was exactly it will be during Rahu sub only and that ti-00 P.M. The sidereal time was noted, too in the Sub-Sub of Saturn i.e. 6c-07'-20' the Raphael's tables were referred and Aries (Nirayana). From the Table of; found that the Lagna rising in the East for Houses I calculated the time when that'1 23o-10' N at that time was around 3° of position would rise in the East and it Kumbha. That means Saturn sign and comes to 9-16 P.M. (l.s.T.). Therefore,! Mats (R) star. Moon was then transiting I told my friend Mr. Rao that he would' *n Saturn star and Mats (R) sign Scorpio. The day lord was aJan Saturn. Therefore,. come,onlyjt 9-J6 E.M.-(x.s.i.). the ruling planets were Saturn & Mats (R). We went out for walk accordingly, and. As soon as I noted down these planets as returned only after 7.30 p.m. It was then Ruling Planets, my friend Mr. Rao, said raining heavily. 'My friend therefore, to himself, 'Mars' a Retrograde Planet— thought that the prediction would fail., How can he ofiier the results ? Then said -But he did not tell me. I was trying to ■ to me, as the sky was cloudy and might look calm and indifferent. But, still in my; tain anytime thereafter this gentleman may mind I was thinking of it alone and I had' not come that day and come to us only on the confidence that the Retrograde Mars the Sunday morning. I reacted immediately and bis agents Rahn and Ketu would not and said that he would opt come on a fail me. Sunday as Sun was not a ruling planet to Thereafter, we had our dinner talking J which he also readily agreed. matters connected with housing problems. > The ruling planets are Saturn and 'Then there was knock at my doors. The Mars (R). Mars is conjoined with Rahu next moment the gentleman was in. It. and aspects Ketu. Therefore, Rahu and was sharp 9-16 p.m. My friend enquired Ketu are also to contribute for the fructififrom him how he could come in such rain; cation of the event in question. That the gentleman gave his own explanation. means, all these four planets conjointly That gentleman, who also knows traditio. operate when our common friend comes nal astrology was later informed about to us. The combination of all the above our prediction and the readers can well four planetso are found in o the zodiac imagine his feelings at that moment. between 19 -l3'.20' and 20 .00'-00* of Kumba; between 14o-26'-40" and 15°13'-20" In the meantime I thanked the Retroofo Kumbha and between 5o-33'-20' and grade Mars for not letting me down. I 7 -33'-20' of Aries—Mesha and so on. bowed down my head and paid regards to my Gutuji who has discovered such & Experience shows that wherever Satum system as K. P. which will never fail. is involved in oifeting results he offers the 47

BYE-ELECTION FORECAST OF ORISSA-ASTOUNDINGLY CORRECT (k. p. verified) By ' Sri MAHSNDRA SARAP, B.Sc.. BURLA, As the Bye-Election in Orissa for four Assembly seats was nearing, the. curiosity about the outcome of Rourkela and Rajnagar constituency was growing among the people - throughout the—state-—Mr— Bishwanath Dash, Chief Minister of Orissa contested from Rourkela constituency and Mr. Biju Patnatk, M. P., the FounderLeader of Utkal-Congress contested from Rajnagar constituency to the Orissa State Assembly. On 17th September 1971, Dr. K. K. Mohanty who is actively interested in Politics, came to me in the morning hour and asked : . "Can your Astrology make Election fore-cast?" ■"Definitely." : "Wilt Mr. Bishwanath Dash, be elected in the ensuing Bye-Election from Rourkela constituency to the Orissa State Assembly?" Will Mr. Biju.Patnaik,be elected in the ensuing Bye-Election from Rajnagar constituency to the Orissa State Assembly?" Please mention a number between 1 and 249 for each candidate." "No. 69 for Mr, Dash and No. 82 for Mr. Patnaik comes to my mind." I requested him to come next day as I was very much busy on that day. I attended the qnerries on the next day night. It was 18—9—1971 at 10.04 P M. The Place was BURLA. WILL MR. DASH WIN ? Number given for this query is €9. It represented 8°0 06' so' of Cancer. Add Ayanamsa 23 -2r which gives lo-2T-40'

of Leo. From Raphael's Table of Houses the other cusps were found out The Planets' position from September issue of" Astrology & Athrishta was calculated and noted as follows.: IX 2 -24' B

vin 3*-24' Mar* 19*-06' Fabu 180-49' o VI1 -s 8 -06'-40"

X 40-24'

. XI 70-24' Saturn XII 8*-24'

No. 61 Place; Burlt Time 10-04 P.M. (1. S. T.) 18-9-71

189-06'-40" Ketu

II 30-24' Mercury 16o-03' Moon 21o-40' Sub l0-44' Jupiter T-W VI 8*-24' IV 49-24' Venus 7«_39' Vr-24' 111 20-24' To judge whether one can come out successful in an Election in Horary Astrology Prof. K. S. Krishnamurti insists to judge the Uth cusp. If the Sub-Lord of" 11th cusp promises victory, one must win otherwise he must lose. Then where is the Uth cusp? It is 7a-24' in Taurus, which means, it is in the Sub of Ketu. What does Ketu signify in this Horary Chart? It is in 1st house, in Moon Sign,. Mercury Star and own Sub. Ketu is strongly aspected by Saturn from 11th. Ketu has no conjuclion with any planet. So whatever Saturn signifies, Ketu will represents, strongly. Saturn is a strong significator

of 1st, 2nd and Iltb house as it is in the -star of Moon and occupies lltb. Other significations of Saturn arevery weak. Nowletus apply Krisbnamurti Padbdbat! as applicable universally Houses 1, 2, 3, 6, :10 and 11 are connected with the victory where as bouses 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 12 are •connected to defeat. In the present chart, Ketu strongly signifies bouses 1,2 and I ll which are advantageous to 1st bouse, Here Ist bouse represents Mr. Dash. So lie must win. Confirm the above from the 7tb bouse as this represents the opponents. If the -candidate wins the opponent loses. Look at the opponents'11th bouse, here 7°-24' Scorpio whose-sub-lord-is Ketu.—Ketu isa strong significator of bouses 7, 8, and 5 counted from 7tb, house. It promises -defeat to the opponents. How crystal clear is the Victory of Mr. Dash astrologicaily through Krisbnamurti Padhdhati ? WILL MR. FATNAIK WIN ? Number for this query is 82. Time of judgement 10-32 P M. (I. S. T.) at Burla, on 18—9—1971. Chart is as follows: DC 238-06' VIII 23M)6' VI1 A 26«'_6'-40" Mars 19°-06' Rahu

VI 2T-Q6'

X 25°-06'

Confirm it from the 7th bouse which is opponent's lagna, 1 Itb to it is Stb, which is 2T-06' in Scorpio, tbalg means in this sub of Jupiter. Jupiter is strong significator of oppnents' 4th bouse. So defeat to opponent's is sure. So I made the following predictions:— 1. Mr. Bisbwanatb Dash will definitely be elected in a top contest from Rourkela constituency to Orissa State Assembly. 2. Mr. Biju Patnaik will definitely be elected from Rajnagar constituency to Orissa State Assembly. Now the results are already announced. Dr. Mobanty came to me on the date of announcement and exclaimed "ByeElection fore-cast of Orissa-Astoundingly correct. Both Mr. Dash and Mr. Patnaik ' have been elected."

Satarn I3M1' XII 27o-06' XI 27o-06'

No. 82 10-32 P.M. I.S.T. 18—9—1971 PLACE BURLA V 27°-06' Jupiter 70-38'

2T-0S' Of Taurus is the lltb cusp^ which is in the sub of Jupiter. Jupiter in the star of Saturn is in lOtb. So Jupiter is the strong significator of ICItb bouse. It promises Victory to Mr. Patnaik.

Ketu I80-49' I 26»-6'-40'

Many astounding predictions are made by the followers of K. P. It gives an open challenge to those Traditional Astrologers who recite long Slokas and show their knowledge in Sanskiit and cheat tfaie ignorant people.

Mercury l6®-03' MoOD 21<>-54' 11 2^-06' Sun r-44' Venus IV 25M)6' 7°-40' m 230-06'

Long live our revered Guruji and Ever live bis Padhdhati.


March 1972

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MARRIAGE DENIED (Krishoamurti Padbdhati Verified) Sr Jyotish Praveena P. R. MURALIDHARAN. B.E.1A.M.I.C.E. & Jyotish Praveena S. S. PATIL, 3.A.,LL.B-, Dharwar-7. We are living in the scientific age. Every (b) The description of the partner. subject needs a. scientific approach and (c) The time of marriage, Astrology is no exception. In every field and (d) The state of married life. research is carried on, and all the subjects are developed on scientific basis. The In this article we are concerned with, credit of developing Astrology on scientific whether the marriage is promised or not. basis goes to Jyotish Marthand Sri. According to K. P., marriage is promised, K. S. Krishoamurti. if the sub lord of the 7th cusp is .a Americans have explored the planet^ significator of .houses-Z-or-TrsrU. The Moom On the.contrary,-Sri. KrSrK. has" ~ marriage takes place during the conjoined period of the significators of marital bouses —explored all the nine planets by making and when the transit agrees in fall. extensive research about the effects of planets on human beings. 1, 6 and 10 are the bouses of negation to 2, 7 and 11. That means there will be, Among the systems available in Astrology no additional member to the family, no K. P. is the only reliable system by which agreement, no permanent tie of friendship one can predict not only the nature of the for pleasure and progeny. Therefore, event, but also the exact date of happening. according to K. P. if the sub-Lord of the, It is said, "Krisbnamurti is another name 7th cusp is in no way connected to the for precision of prediction in Astrology". houses 2, 7 or 11 and the sub Lord is The Padbdhati is most scientific, methodimainly connected to houses 1, 6 or 10 then cal, systematic and simple to understand. the denial of marriage in promised. The Above all it has an universal application. importance of the Krishnamurti's sub can We have collected a number of be seen here. The sub Lord makes or mars horoscopes of persons, who have not one's career. The position of Venus, the married. In this article we have dealt with Chief governor of marriage is also to be only four horoscopes and we have verified looked into. The position and aspect of K. P. These persons are living and wp know Saturn cannot be ignored. them personally. Now we will apply the above rules of K. P., and verify how the rules can be In this article, we desire to prove beyond doubt, bow K. P. is scientific and secondly applied to all the horoscopes. We shall also see whether the rules stand to test. the importance of the Sub. In a horoscope, 2nd house indicates I Particulars of birth: addition of a member to the family, by (a) Male this addition, an agreement takes place. (b) Birth date 6—4—1917 The agreement is indicated by the seventh house, and such an additional member (c) Time 2-53 a. m. brings permanent tie of friendship for (d) Longitude 75° S'E, Latitude I5°27'N pleasure and progeny, which is shown by the lltb house. Therefore houses 2, 7 and (e) Balance of Sun Dasa 2 years 11 are to be judged to find out whether:— 10 months 27 days. (fj Ayanamsa 22° 37' (a) Marriage is promised or not. 3

Signlficators of hboscs 2-7-U and 1-6-10 are:—

III 28°~54' Sun 220-54' Mere. (T-Se' VI 26'-54' 0 Venus Jnp. 17g-46' l7°-36' IV 280-54' V 24 -54' Ketu 220-43 Mais 14»-16' JI 24 -54'

Sat. I'-oy VII

Lagna 19o-03'

VIII 240-54'


(a) lap. Rahu, Moon (a) None (b) Mars Venus; Sun (b) None (e) Mars (c) Mars (d) Saturn (d) Saturn VII (a) None VI (a) Mercury Mars (b) Kethu, Saturn (b) None (c) None (c) Venus, Sun (d) Moon (d) Mercury XI (a) None X (a) None (b) None (b) None (c) Jupiter, Rahu (c) None (d) Venus (d) Mars Total signiflcatarsofhonses2, 7 and 11 are:Sun, Moon, Mars,.Jupiter, VenuSi-Satnrn —andRsliu. Total signlficators of houses 1,6 and 16 are;Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Kethu. Astrological Analysis. In this chart the 7lh cusp falls in Moon Sign-Mercury star-Kethu sub. The sub Lord Kethu is not at all a sigmficator of houses 2, 7 or 11. But he is a stiong significator of 6th house by being .occupant and secondly representing Mercury the lord of the 6th house. Further Kethu is deposited in the constellation of Jupiter and sub of saturn. The constellation lord Jupiter is posited in 3rd house and who rules the houses 3 and 12. Jupiter is aspected by saturn .by 10 th aspect. The sub Lord Ketu is posited in 6th house with Saturn. Saturn the Lord of the 1st house is aspecting the 1st house. Hence he too denies. He is posited in the star of Jupiter who is posited in 3rd and who rules 3 and 12. Hence the sub Lord Kethu does not promise marriage to the native. VENUS the karaka for marriage is a significator of the 2nd house. She is posited in Mercury star and Mercury sub. Mercury the star lord and sub lord, is the Lord of the 6th house, which gives negative answers

Rahu 22°-43' Moon' X| 24°-54' X 280-54' 30-32'-19" XII 20° 54' IX 280-54' 7th cusp falls in Moon sign-Mercury star-Kethu sub. ' Planet Starlord Moon Sun Mercury Moon Sun Saturn Mars Saturn Rahu Mercury Kethu Kethu Jupiter Venus Mars Venus Mercury Mercury Saturn Jupiter Mars Rahu Venus Saturn Kethu Jupiter Saturn Rules to arrive at signiflcators. The respective strength of the signiGcators of a house is to be ascertained in the following manner. (a) Planet in the constellation of the occupant of the bhava. (House) (b) Occupants of the house. (c) PUnet in the constellation of the lord of a Bhava. (d) The lord of the Bhava. and (c) The planets cocjoined with or aspected bj the above signiScators. Now we shall apply the above rules to find outthesigmScatorsof houses2, 7 and 11 i. e., marital houses and also the houses 1, 6 and 10, which are negation to the marital houses. 5

Significators of bouses 2, 7, 11 and 1, 6, 10 are:— 11 House I House (a) None (a) Sun, Kethu, Venus, Mars, Jupiter Saturn and Rahu (b) None (b) Sun, Kethu, Venus and Mars. (c) None (c) Rahu (d) Jupiter (d) Mars VII House VI House (a) Mercury (a) Moon (b) Rahu (b) Saturn (c) None (c) None (d) Sun (d) Mercury XI House X House (a) None (a) None (b) None (b) None (c) Mercury (c) None' (d) Jupiter (d) Saturn ' Total significatorsofHouses Z, 7 and 11 are:Moon, Mars, Mercury, Saturn and Rahu Total significators of bouses 1,6 and 10 are:Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Rahu, Saturn and Kethu. Astrological Analysis:— The Star Lord .and the sub Lord of the 7th cusp is Mars. Mars. the. sub lord is a weak significator of the 2nd house, by being the lord of that house. But he is a strong significator of the 1st house by being deposited in the constellation of Venus an occupant of the 1st house and Mars himself is an occupant of the Isc house. Mars is also aspected by Jupiter Lord of 1 and 10. Further Mars is deposited in the constallation of Venus and in the sub of Jupiter. The constellation lord Venus is the occupant of the 1st house and Lord of 3 and 8. He is aspected by Jupiter, the Lord of 1 and 10 The sub Lord Jupiter is posited io the 5th house and he is lord of 1' and 10. Jupiter is in the constellation of Venus who is occupant of the 1st house. Hence the sub Lord Mars denies marriage. VENUS the pleasant partner is posited io the 1st house and she is in her coostella-

io the 7th house matiers. Mercury aspects the 10th house which is negation to 11th house.- Hence marriage is denied to the native. n Particulars: (a) Female. (b) Birth dale 14—4—1921 (c) Time 6 a. m. I. S. T. (d) Latitude 14° 48' N; Longitude 74°11'E (e) Balance of Rahu dasa 10 years 3 month 19 days. (0 Ayanamsa 22° 39' Lagoa Sun IT-SS' Moon 40-53' 23^-26' Kethu III Venus 12'-22'-09" 0 0 23 -24' 14 -2S' 0 Mercury IV \r-2A' 21 -42' ■JO-IS' Mars II 26#-24* V 160-24'




Saturn ^R) IX 23'-24'

, vm 26''-24' Rahu 4°-53'

7th cusp falls in Mercury star Mars sub. Planet Starlord Sun Kethu Moon Rahu Mats Venus Mercury Saturn Jupiter (R) Venus Venus ' Venus Saturn (R) Venus Rahu Mars Kethu Kethu

Jupiter (R) l6a-52' VI 17'-24' vn 23'-26' sign Mars Sublord Venus Saturn Jupiter Mercury Moon Venus Kethu Sun Mars. 7

Signilicators of houses 2, 7, 11 and 1, 6, 10 are:— I House 11 House (a) None (a) Rahn (b) None (b) Saturn (c) Mars (c) None (d) Mars (d) Jupiter VII House VI House (a) None (a) None (b) None (b) None (c) Mercury Saturn Venus and Sun (c) Mars (d) Mars (d) Venus XI House X House (a) Jupiter, Sun, (a) Mars Venus, Saturn. Mercury, Moon, (b) Mars fb) Mercury, S_un, VenorpKetEu. {n} _CC)-Jupiter (c) TsTnnr* None (d) Sun (d) Mercury Total signiScators of houses 2, 7 and II are;. Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus Saturn and Rahu. Total signilicators of houses I, 6 and lOare:Sun, Moon, Mara, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Ketbu. Astrological Analysis:In this chart, the 7tb cusp falls in Venus sign-Moon star-Moon Sub. The sub Lord Moon is not connected with marital houses. Moon is posited in ' the 9tb bouse and sbeiaastrongsignificator. of lOtfa house by being deposited in a constellation of a planet who is posited in the lOtb house. Further the Star Lord and the sub Lord of Moon are posited in 10th bouse. The Star Lord Ketbu being a node rerpresents Mercury, who is also in lOtb. The Star Lord Ketbu and sub Lord Mercury are in lOtb house, which is 12 to lltb house. The maleSc Saturn aspects Ketbu, the star Lord and the 1 Ith cusp by lOtb aspect. The Lord Mercury is posited in the constellation of Venus, who is posited in 10th and

tion. So Venus predominantly gives the 1st house results which is a negation to the second bouse matters. Jupiter the Lord of 1 and 10 is aspecting Venus. Hence according to K. P., the native is not destined to marry; Remains unmarried. Ill Particulars:— (a) Male (b) Birth date 11—9—31 (c) Time 11-45 a. m. . (d) Longitude 75° 5' E; Latitude 15° 27'N. (e) Balance of Ketbu das a is 10 months 5 days. (f) Ayanamsa 22° 48' V 150-21' VI l4®-46' vn ir-03' VIII l(y~2l' Rabu 130-24' IV 13®-2r

IX 10e-5l' Jap. I9MT

ni ioo-5r

Mocn H0-43' X I3*-21' Mercury (R) I3c-5(y Sun 249-45' 0 Venus 25 -36

Sat. 23°-56' II 10"-21'

Lagua ir-03'

Xll l4»-46' Ketn 130-24 Mars 3®-08' XI 15'-21'

7th cusp falls in Venus sign-Moon StarMoon Sub. Starlord Subiord Flaoct Mercury Venus Sun Mercury Ketbu Moon Venus Mars Mars Venus Venus Mercury ' Ketbu Jupiter Mercury Mercury Venus Venus Saturn Saturn (R) Venus Rafaii Rabu Saturn Rafau Ketbu Moon 9

who rules 7 and 12. Hence, the sub Lord of the 7th cusp Moon denies marriage. Venus is the significator of the 7tb house, as she rules it and is posited in its own star and sub of Mercury. Both the star Lord and sub Lord are posited in the lOtb house and be is conjoined with Sun the Lord of the 10th house, which is negation to lltb bouse. So Venusdoes not promise him marriage. IV Particulars;— (a) Male (b) Birth date 5—11—1938 fc) Time 9.40 P. M. (d) Longitude 76025'E Latitude 13°15'N (e) Balance of Mercury Dasa-11 years 4 months 9 days. (f) Ayanamsa 21° 54' Mood 21-5-35 XI —13-22-17 — XT" Lagua Saturn^R) 19-38-18 Ketu 15-22-17 15-4-34 X 24-57-29 10-22-17 IX 9-22-00 11 11-6-00 Jupiter 0-0-31 VIII 11-6-00

III 9-22-00

VI Rahu 15-22-17 IV Venus(R) 24-57-29 10-22-17 Sun 11-18-24 Mars 19-41-10 Mercury V 13-22-17 14-18-25 5-11-17 7th cusp falls in Jupiter sign Venus star Venus sub Planet Starlord Sublord Sun Mars Rahu Moon Mercury Venus Mars Moon Jupiter Mercury Saturn Saturn Mars Jujjiter Mercury Saturn Moon Venus Saturn Mercury Venus Jupiter Mercury Rahu Mercury Venus Ketu VII 15-4-34

Significators of bouses 2, 1, 11 and 1|6, 10 are: I (a) None n (a) None (b) None fb) None (c; Moon Saturn (c) Mars (d) Mercury (d) Moon VI (a) None VII (a) None (b) None (b) None (c) Rahu (cj Jupiter (d) Mars ■ (d) Jupiter XI (a) None X (a) Mer. Ven. Mars fb) Saturn Moon (b) Ketu (c) Rahu (c) Jupiter (d; Jupiter (d) Mars Total significators of houses 2,7, and 11 are: Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu Total significators of houses 1, 6, and 10 are: Moon, Mars, Mercury,,Jupiter—Venus,*" -Saturn;-Rahu" " Astrological Analysis; The natives 7th cusp faDs in Jupiter sign Venus star Venus Sub. The sub Lord Venus is not a significater of marital houses She is in no way connected with 2 oi 1 oi 11. On the other band, she is a strong significator of the 10th house. Venus is posited in the 5tb bouse. Venus rules 5 and 12. Venus is in the constellation of Saturn and she is in the sub of Moon. The constellation Lord Saturn is posited in 10th which is 12tb to lltb bouse. Saturn rules the houses 8 and 9. Moon though she rules the 2nd bouse, she is also posited in the lOtb house along with Saturn. Saturn is aspecting the 7th cusp by lOtb aspect. So, the sub Lord Venus does not promise marriage to this native. It can be seen here that Krishnamuiti Padhdhati is scientific, methodical and we can analyse the problem step by step. The most important thing is that the Principles ofK. P., canbe strictly adhered to and applied to one and all. On the contrary in other systems the principles cannot stand to this test. In other systems there is

much of confusion and contradiction. By reading them, we get only a general idea of Astrology. The rules in K. P. have been verified and are found to be very correct and. they are based on scientific lines.

We pray Lord Ganesh to give a long life to our Guruji to make further research and improve this noble science to be of real use to the mankind. Good Luck

(1) REINSTATEMENT—WHEN? (K. P. Verified) B? Sri MAHENDRA SARAP. B.Sc.. SamBalpur (ORISSA) On 16—9—1911 a worried gentleman Which houses are to be considered for Reinstatement? The desire is to enter into came to me who was under suspension. service again after suspension .^Therefore He wanted to know the date of his one hasj;o_judge -theTionses 2, 6 and reinstatement- He posed the querry, "Will -fRefi'Horary Astrology page 299) I be reinstated? If so when?" The Dumbergiven between_l_/k.24? is-55i Does the moon reflect the querry? —Tt was 10.02 p. m. on 16—9—1971 when It does. Because Moon is lord of 2ttd T took it for judgement. Place was Burla. in 2nd. It is deposited in the star of No. SS corresponds to 19° 13' 20' Gemini Mercury and Sub of Jupiter. Mercury is of Nirayana Zodiac as profounded by our lord of 1 and 4 in 3. Jupiter lord of 7 and Revered Guruji. Prof. Krishnamurti. 10 in 5. Moon is aspected by Mars lord Ayanamsa for'the year 23° 21' which when of 6 and 11 who is in Moon star. So added to above gives 12° 34' 20' of Sayana Moon signifies the querry. Moon is with Cancer. The chart prepared for the date, Ketu which indicates.worry. time and number 55 is as follows refering Table of houses by Raphael and-' the Will he be reinstated at all? esteemed magazine. Astrology & Athrista Yes..Why? The meridian decides. It is for the month of September 1971 for other in the Sub of Moon who is second lord cusps and planet position respectively. strongly placed in his own sign in 2'nd and aspected by Mars a strong significator of o 2. 6 and 11. Sat. 13 -10' 0 1 X ll -23' DC 150-23' But when? XII l80-23' 19'-13'-20" Houses to be considered for this purpose 0 are 2, 6 and 10. Moon and Ketu are in H 13 -23' No. 55 2nd. Mars-Saturn-Rahu in Moon star. XI 10^-23' Time 10-02 p.m. Ketu 18°-55' Mercury in Ketu star. Moon is 2nd lord, a Moos 27 -3S already discussed. Dale 16-9-1971 Place—Burla 6th house is vacant. Mars is 6th lord. III IV-IJ' Mercury Dasa RahuI8'-55' No planet in the star of Mars. So take o 0 Met. 13 -00' Mars as strong significator. Rahu conjoint Mars 18 -52' Balance 3 yr. Om. 29 days Mars so include Rahu also, Sun 29"-48' VIII 13'-23' 10th is vacant. Jupiter is lord of 10. No planet in the star of Jupiter. So Jupiter VI 18'-23' Venus 3M2' VII .is a strong significator. V l3*-23' iv w-iv j 19-13-20 Jupiter So significators are Mars, Saturn, Rahu, 7o-20' Mercury, Moon, Ketu and Jupiter. IB

Now reject those planets who are in unfavourable Sub and select those who promise. Finally we have Saturn, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Rabu. Confirm from the common planets between the above significators and the ruling planets at the moment of judgement. Killing Planets:— Day lord—Jupiter Moon sign lord—Moon Moon star lord—Mercury Lagoa lord—Saturn. Lagoa star lord—Rabu. Common planets are Saturn, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Rabu. Rabu in Saturn sign Moon star—so represents both. Ketu represents Moon by conjunction but Mercury in Ketu star still stronger tha Ketu, so reject Ketu and. take Mercury, NoW-tve have Mercury, Jupiter and Rabu as the planet who promise to fulfil the desire. Find out the conjoin period of these planets. At the time of judgement Dasa balance of Mercury was 3 yr. 0 m. 29 days. Mercury Dasa—Jupiter Bhukti operates at the time of judgement, both are strong significators. Mercury Dasa-Jupiter Bhukti must give the result in Rahu Autara and Sookshma which operates from 3—10—1971 to 21—10—1971. To pin point the date take the transit of the luminaries along with the Dasa Bhukti and Anthra lords. On 12th October 1971 Sun transits Mars star Rahu sub, Moon in Mars star, Dasa lord Mercury in Mars star Jupiter sub, Rahu in Moon star Saturn sub. The day is ruled by Mars as it is Tuesday. The transit agrees in full. Therefore, I boldly declared that "He will be reinstated on 12lh October 1971, it is definite." The person met me on 13th and conveyed that he resumed his charge of the post of S. A. E. only on 12th October 1971. He could not get the charge earlier though he was having the order in bis band. It confirms 100% accuracy of Krishnamurti Padhdbati. Good Luck

<2) RESULT OF EXAMINATION—K. P. REVEALS WELL IN ADVANCE Moon lord of 4th in 11 clearly reflects A Final M B B S student came to me who that the query is connected to success in appeared the university examination. He examination. < was eager to know bis result, and posed the query— For success in examination bouses to be "Whether success can be achieved in the considered are 4 A 11. The Sub lord of examination appeared?" 4th cusp is the deciding factor, whether success or failure is there. In this case Number given is "19". Sub lord of 4th cusp is Rahu who is in I started the judgement when it was 10th with Mars in the star of Mars and 8-10 p. m. on 15-6-71. Chart prepared Sub of Rahu. Rahu is strong signiflcator for the moment and number: of 10th house which is 12th to 11. So Sub lord of 4th is not a strong significator Sat Venus of 4tb or 11. 10°-41' Sun V-IV XII III 18"-44' J9M4' I 26°-40' Mercury Again at the time of examination Jupite 23a-21' Dasa, Buddh a Bhukti and "Sun Anthra II 240-44' —operates." Sun is in the star of Mars and Sub of Mercury so Sun signifies the houses 'iV 140-44' Moon Ketu 1, 8 and 10 along with 1, 3 and 6. There—24^6 Np. 19 239-51' XI 14°-44' fore, the operating period is not favourable P)ace—BURLA for success. Sun is in Gemini a dual sign Time 8-10 P.M. which confirms failure in two subjects. Mars 0 24 "41' on 15-6-1971 V Under painful circumstances . I had to 0 Rahu I4 -44' declare that he will fail in two subjects in 23a-5r X 14a-44/ the examination appeared. After the result was published he informed me that actually he failed in two subjects as preIX (A) VD 26°-40' ]90VI-44' ' dieted by me How clear cut is the 180-44' Jupiter 5°-28' PADHDHATI! Ever live KRISHNAMURT1 PADHDHATI. Moon reflects the mind:—

(3) "TANTRA OR ASTROLOGY ?» On 13th September 1971 with one of K. P. Admirers a gentleman came to me. I was busy with other consultants at that time. The gentleman was eager to test the K. P. follower at the same time the Padhdhati. He asked me what can be bis birth rasi without giving any birth detail of his own. Immediately I could know his intension. He wanted to test the principles devined by the modern Varahamihira of 20th century. Prof. K. S Krishnamurti. Anyway I did not pose

any query to know bis birth Informations and started to work out the Ruling planets for the moment, which are as follows;— It was a Monday, so the day lord is Moon. Moon was transiting in Gemini Sign, Arudra Star; so Mercury and Rahu are sign lord and.Moon star lord respectively. The time was 7-35 p. m. Lagna rising was Pisces. Lagna star was Revati, hence Jupiter and Mercury are ruling planets. 17

(c) Mercury sign— Moon star, i. e. Hasta—Kanya. Out of the above sets only Moon and Mercury have mutual favourable aspects, so I declared bis birth rasi to be Hasta— Kanya. He exclaimed "Sir, are you a devotee of Tantra or Astrology?" I impressed him that it is not Tantra vidya but it is cure science — KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI. Then he disclosed bis rasi to be Kanya and gave bis horoscope for analysis on cetain matters. In traditional Astrology there is no rule to apply and satisfy the consultant. It is only the follower of K. P. who can help bim. Good Luck.

Finally ruling planets are Moon, Mercury Rabu and Jupiter. Mercury is the strongest. He is in Ketu star who represents Moon and Jupiter by sign position and aspect respectively. Mercury becomes still stronger as ruling planet. I picked up Mercury as sign lord of the gentleman's rasi. ^Mercury has got two signs- Gemini and Virgo, which one to select and which . one to reject is the problem. See who are /tq mutual favourable aspect and decide. There are three possibilities as follows; (a) Mercury sign— Rahu star, i. e. Arudra—Mitbuna. (b) Mercury sign— Jupiter star, i. e Punarvasu—Mitbuna.


WILL I CONSTRUCT A HOUSE? scruftnise the houses 4, 11 "and 12 for construction of a building. If it is a building already constructed and is to be purchased, include the houses 6 and 9 also. (6 shows that the seller gives and 9th shows the agreement with owner) Whether the construction of a house is Proiqised? First of all, it should be foundout whether the chart promises the construction of a house or building at all. According to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, the planit ruling the subdivision of the constellation on the cusp of the 4th house gives the clue. If the sub-Lord is neither retrograde nor it is in the constellation of a-relrogratte Planet^and.if-it-happenTto^Ta sigrrficator Of the houses 4 or 11 or 12, then one will be able to construct a building/ The fourth cusp is in 60-53' Pisces. It is in Jupiter sign, Saturn Star Utbaranaihi and sub of Mercury. The Sub—Lord, Mer cury is neither retrograde nor deposited in the constellation or Sub of a retrograde Planet. Mercury is in Venus Star—Venus Sub, Lord of 6lh and 11th cusp. Venus is aspectedby Jupiter, Lord of 4ih and occupant of the 11th bhava. Mars, the chief Governor for landed property, building and Lord of I2th house aspects Mercury by 8th aspect and Venus by 7th aspect. So the construction of a house is promised. Timing of Event:— The fourth cusp indicates whether theconstruction of a house is promised or not. The significators of houses 4, 11 and >12 pin point the time of event. The respective strength of the significators of a house, according to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, is to be assertained in the following manner:— 1. Planet in the constellation of the occupant of a bhava; 2. Occupant of the bhava; 3. Planet posited in the constellation ruled by the Lord of the bhava;

Particulars of Query: 4-8.-1971 1. Date of Judgment 2. Time of Judgment 9-45 p. m. (I.S.T) Davangere. 3. Place of Judgment 168 4. Number wit bin 249 230-2r 5. Ayanamsa IV 60-53'

V 7®-53/

VI 50-39' o VII Saturn 0 -46'-40" VIII O'-SB' Venus Sun Kethu

III 36-53' RAS1 CHART Mars (R) Rahu Moon xii I 0o-46'-40" Jupiter -

Mercury XT T-5y


Balance of VENUS dasa at the time of Judgment is 9 years 9 Months, 27 days. Exact position io8o-n' Sun Moon 260oo-07' Mars (R) 299 -0T Meicury 134°-3I' Jupiter 2 1 30-25' Venus lor-56' 41°-24' Saturn 29i°-U' Rahu Kx. h u ur-ii'

Starlerd Mercury Venus Mars Venus Saturn Saturn Moon Moon Mercury

Sublord Mercury Jupiter Rahu Venus Saturn Moon Mars Venus Venus

Houses to be Judged:— In a horoscope, the fourth house signifies permanentpossession, Land and Build, ing, other than Vehicle., The 1 Ith house shows the gains and fulfilment of desire and the 12th house indicates the investment. Therefore, according to K. P., one has to 19

So the, Ruling Planets are Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Satum. Venus is posited in Satum Star and Sub is ruled by Moon, who is one of the significators, i.e., by occupying the constellation ruled by the Lord of the 1 Ith house. Hence Venus dasa is selected. This period runs up to 31-5-1981. Jupiter is the occupant of the 11th bhava. He is Lord of 4th cusp and aspects the 4th house by Sth aspect. No Planet is in Jupiter's Star. Jupiter is in Saturn star and sub of Saturn. The sub Lord is one of the Significators. At the time of Judgment. Jupiter is the Lagna Lord, kasi Lord and fosited in Saturn's star, another ruling lanet. So Jupiter is one of the beneficial strong significator. Venus dasa - Jupiter bhukthi - Jupiter anthara operates between 3I-7-I971 and 9-12-1971.

4. Planet owing the bhava; and 5. Planet or Planets conjoined with or aspecting the above signiflcators and also the house in question. Let us apply the above principles and tabulate the significators of houses 4, 11 and 12. iVth0Bhava Xlth Bhava XUlh Bhava 7»_53' 6 -53' 5°-39' Significatois Pieces to Libra to Scorpio to 70-53' 50-r39' 0o-46'-40" Aries Scorpio Sagittarias Planets in the constellation of the occupant of a.bhava — Occupant of the bhava Jupiter planets posi_— -tedinlhe constellation ruled Moon Mars by the lord Mercury of the bhava Planet owing the bhava Jupiter Venus Mars

TRANSIT; Sun will transit in Venus sign-Jupiter star (Visaka) between 6th Nov. 1971 and 16th Nov. 1971. On Sunday, the 7th Nov. 1971, Sun will be in Venus sign-Jupiter star Jupiter Sub. Moon will be in Gemini i. e.. Mercury sign in Punarvasu star, ruled by Jupiter. Venus will be in Mars Sign. - Saturnstar - Venus Sub; Jupiter will be in Mars sign-Mercury Star - Mercury Sub. Hence Transit agrees in full. So the constructions of a house will be on 7th Nov. 1971. g The Sub Lord of the 4th cusp is Mercury, It indicates that, the native will construct a twin house. Mercury is in Venus star and Sub of Venus. Mars aspects Venus and Mercury. Satum aspects Venus. Both Dasanatha 8c. Bhukthinatha are in Saturn star. Saturn, Venus and Mars indicates R. C. C. Therefore the native will construct a building made out of Light Weight R. C. C. materials. Good Lock

Jupiter, Lord of 4th and occupant of : the 1 Ith aspects the 4th house. Saturn, aspects the 12th house. Jupiter aspects : Saturn (7th aspect] Venus, Sun and Kethu <9th aspect). Mars, Lord of 12th aspects Venus, Sun, Kethu (7th aspect) and Mercury (8th aspect). As many planets are the significators, beneficial strong significators are to be selected by elliminating the weak one's. iSuIing Planets Day Lord Mercury Rasi Lord Jupiter Moon's Star Lord...Venus Lagna Lord Jupiter Lagna Star Lord Saturn 21

Ganesa's JATAKALANKARA (Continued from February 1912 issue) ADHYAYA III "Sloka 1: The author quotes Sages Vasisbta'^Suka, Parasara and others as having declared that the effects experienced by a person in life depend on the various yogas which in turn are dependent on the placets constituting them. Sloka 2: The person will be of wrathful disposi- ■ tion if, at bis birth, lord of Chandra rasi : (rasi occupied by Chandra) occupies 5 or 9 and is weak. If the said lord conjoined with lord of lagna be in 6, 8 or 12, the -native is emaciated. If lords of 9, 6 and ' "8 _ac?npy_any—house—whatsoever,- bnt — afflicted by being in conjunction or aspect with malefic planets, the person will, have an unfaithful wife. Sloka 3: In case lords of 6 and 8 occupy 4 in conjunction with Kuja and Chandra, or lords of 9 and 8 conjoin malefics or Rabu and Relu, the native would have been born as a result of mother's adulterous ; relations. Sloka 4:' I If the above planets (lords of 6 and 8 and lords of 9 and 8) associate with Sanl, the native is begotten by a low caste person; with Budba, through a merchant or a trader; with Surya, through one of princely familv; with Sukra or Guru, through a brahmin. - The native himself will have adulterous -relations if Guru and Sukra conjoin a -malefic in 7, 6 or 2. If the 6th and lOtb lords conjointly -occupy 10, the native's father will be adulterous. SLOKA 5; If lagna lord and a malefic conjointly •occupy 2, the native's father has illicit 23

relations with a noble man's wife, or she may be a high class woman. If lords of 7, 6 and 2 and a malefic conjointly occupy 2, the same effect is indicated and also eating of prohibited food. Lords of 3, 4, 7 and 10 conjoined with lagoa lord anywhere show the native to have been born as a result of mother's illicit connections. Sloka 6: •Leucoderma (or white leprosy) results when (a) lord of lagna and Budba or (b) Kuja and Chandra occupy any bouse in conjunction with Rabu or Ketu. If Surya associates with KujB_and_S.ani, hlack-fcprosy results. If lagoa lord and Surya conjointly occupy 6,.8 or 12. the person is afflicted with goitre (morbid enlargement of the thyroid gland, a swelling in front of the throat) etc. caused through beaL Sloka 7: Goitre is caused as a result of the placement of lord of.lagna in 6,8 or 12 in conjunction with Chandra. If lord of 1 in 6, 8, 12 is conjoined with Kuja, then swelling or wound through weapons; ; with Budba, bilious diiease (bile is a thick yellow Quid secreted in human beings by the liver); with Guru, be suffers from digestive troubles; with ' Sukra, cdnsuinptioo (wasting of the body, pulmonary tuberculosis). Sani, Rabu and Ketu and lagna lord conjointly placed in 6, 8 or 12 causes suffering and disease through thieves, etc. SLOKAS 8-9: A person suffers from white leprosy if Chandra occupies Mesba or Rishaba conjoined with Kuja and Sani. Affliction to health, sinful acts and suffering from leprosy (fed leprosy) is denoted by the conjunction of Kuja, Sukra, Sani and Chandra in the water signs Kataka, Meena and Vriscbika. Facial tumour, if Guru or

Sakra (as lord of 6) occupy lagna and aspected by malefics. If the three bouses signified by Kataka, Vriscbika and Meena (all jala rasis) contain malefics, chronic diseases aifectiug the skin and the nerves with loss of sensation in the areas of skin (including leprosy). If Guru is in 12, acute troubles in the anus (the opening of the alimentary canal by which undigested residues are voided). If Kuja and Sani are either in 12 or 6, ulcer is caused. Sloka 10: Sani and Chandra along with a malefic conjoined in Mesba, Kataka, Makara and Vriscbika identical with the 9th bbava, the. native is crippled. The person will be less intelligent if Kuja (from the 7th bbava) aspects Chandra and Sani in lagna. Also, if Kuja is placed between Sarya and Chandra. Sloka U: -â&#x20AC;&#x201D;-â&#x20AC;&#x201D;-- MoomJCCupying lagna, and Sani strong in 10 aspected by Budba (from 4) shows a highly intelligent person. Intelligence is lacking in the person if Kuja and Chandra in lagna are aspected by Budba (from 7); or Chandra and lagna lord are aspected by Mars (Kuja) powerfully. Slokas 12-13: Loss of intelligence results from Budba occupying lagna, and Surya and Sani in inimical bouses (in the bouses owned by their enemies) aspected by Kuja or Surya and Sani together in 6 or in the same hemisphere oriental or occidental without any benefic aspect. Surya owning 6 and occupying 4 conjointly with a malefic, causes heart disease. Bilious complaints and trouble' from wicked people, if Sani or Guru (as lord of 6) conjoin a malefic in 4. If Kuja, Sani and Guru are together in 4, the person always suffer from wounds and heart disease. Much misery and mental anguish is caused when Kuja is in 4, Surya, Budba and Rabu are in S and Sani occupies 8. Sloka 14; If Kuja aspects the lagna from bis own (bouse), the native is a coward; similarly, in a night birth if Sani occupies 10. Discordant relations, if Kuja is placed in lagna. 25

Kuja in 7 not in bis vargas (vargas are part s the zodiac ruled by a planet, say as ras i lord, bora lord, drekkana (or decanate) lord, Navamsa, Dwadasamsa lord etc.) gives good physique and interests a person in martial matters besides making bim rude and of fiery temperament., Slokas 15-16: If Budba and Kuja aspect each other by the 7th aspect, the person will have a tall appearance. If Chandra receives aspect from Sani, Surya and Kuja, sluggish in disposition. Waning Moon (Ksbeena Chandra or Chandra separating from an opposition of the Sun - Pournami - and applying to a conjunction with the Sun) and Kuja conjoining makes a person indulge in sinful deeds and also hottempered. Budba in lagna aspecting Gunr therefrom or-if Budha and Kuja are in 9, "the i person derives enjoyment from indufging in absurdities and mocking at others. Kuja and Budba occupying a rasi ruled by Sani and aspected by bim, endows, cleverness. Chandra in a dus stbana (6, 8 or 12) aspecting Sukrs, the native is of a wondering nature. If Kuja, Budba and Chandra be aspected by planets powerful by position, the native turns out to be a good speaker. Sloka 17: The native is adulterous if Budba and Sukra occupy bbavas 7, 8 and 10. Sukra and Kuja placed in 7, 8 and 10 or 10 and 4 also makes one adulterous. The same result is indicated when (1) Sukra is in 10 reckoned from Chandra or 4 from the bbava occupied by Sani or (2) Sukra occupies its own rasi and Budba, Sani are in 7 and 10. Sloka 18: Sani occupying a bouse prior to that occupied by Chandra or Sukra (i. e., in . twelfth bbava to Chandra or Sukra), or Sukra and Chandra in lagna are aspected by Sani, denotes ill fdme and disgrace. The native is disgraced by being deorived of bis generative organ (it may be afflicted by disease) (I) if Sani and Surya conjointly occupy 4tb kendra (10th is the 4th kendra and denotes honour or dishonour), or if

the lOlh or the 4th place (rasi) from (the rasi occupied by) Kuja. Sloka 20: Lustfulness or sensual desire of a degraded kind is shown by Sukra (as lord of 6) conjoining with Mars, more especially if aspected by a malefic. If Sukra occupies his own rasi or is in Mithuna, the native is , infatuated by love (foolish passion). Not much sexual desire would be there if Sani occupies Dhanus or Rishaba identical with lagna.

Sani is aspected by Chandra and Sukra, or if Surya is eclipsed (Solar eclipse). SLOKA 19: . The author says that Sukrti occupying a rasi ruled by Kuja deprives a person of sufficient sexual power to satisfy his wife. If lagna lord posited in his own rasi aspects Sukra in 7, then also the native is weak sexually. Sex weakness is also shown when Chandra and Sani conjointly occupy

CONFIRMATION IN HIGHER POST Br Sri G. V. SHARMA, Bhilai-I. M. P. On hearing that the General Manager of our Steel Plant was transferred in the 2nd X 5-16-20 XIF 6-16-20 VIII 7-2-32 Saturn half of August, *71, for curiosity sake, I 3-16-20 IX 3-16-20 13-9-0 Moon 29-2-9 myself put a question, whether Shri. P R. Ahuja, General Superintendent whq_ took charge as -General Mana gef" will be XII 6-16-20 No. 89 VII promoted as General Manager and conKethu - 5-33-20 Date of Judgement firmed as he took charge in the vacant 19-1-29 14-9-' 71 at 2-35 P.M. Post. This is only to verify K.P. and show I.S.t. to one and all how K. P. always triumphs VI Asc. 5-33-20 Place; BHILAI 6-16-20 and never, never fails. Mercury Lat; 2IM2' N Rahu 0 19-1-29 i Long t 81 -24'E. , ' 9-54-22 I took a book and opened and saw the "Sun Mars page No. on right hand side. The number 27-32-57 18-41-38 is 89. But due to unavoidable circumstances I took up the-question on 14—9—'71 at IV 5-16 20 Venus 2.35 P. M. and I prepared horary chart for, V 6-16-20 /u piter 111 3-16-20 2-19 53 7-1-2 1 H 3-16-20 the No. 89 and calculated the planetary positions as shown below;— Balance of Jupiter Dasa is 5 years 1 I Cuspal Positions:— month 28 days Sub lord Cosp. Star Lord Planetary Positions: I' Kethu Rahu PlaDet in Bhava Star lord Sub lord Sat. II Sun Mobn III Mars Venus 1. Sun i Sun Sat. 2. Moon XI Jupt. Sun IV Sat. 3, Mars Merc. Rahu Mood V V Kethu Merc, 4. Merc. I Ketu Sat. VI Sun Merc. Moon Sat. VII Mars 5. Jupt. IV Rahu 6. Venus I Sun Jupt. VIII Jupt. Sun 7. Sat. Moon Rahu X IX Kethu Marc. Merc. 8. Rahu V Mood X Sun Moon XII Merc. Ketu 9. Ketu XI Mars Merc. 10. Fortune XI Rahu Rahu XII Sat. 27

Here below discussed the question:— For promotion and confirmation we are to judge the houses 2, 6, 10 and 11. Our Guruji, in his Horary Astrology Page No. 287, gave the following Rules to dedde the promotion. ■1. "Consider the 11th Cusp and find out whether the lord of the sub of the 11th Cusp is either retrograde or deposited in a constellation whose lord is retrograde. If either is retrograde, one cannot get promotion. 2. If the sub-lord and the lord of the constellation in which it is situated are in direct motion; 3. And if the same sublord Is also a slgnificator of houses 2 or 6 or 10 or II, then the promotion is promised. Otherwise NOT; fulfilment of all these three conditions is a MUST. If any one-of- them—is- NOT—fulfilled, promotion is not guaranteed." See how simple and cut and dry without any ambiguity Guruji stated whereas no sage gave such a simple rule which can be understood by any intelligent man hnowing K. P. Now let me discuss one by one. I looked at 1st Condition:—1 Ith Cusp is in Mars . Star, Moon Sub. Mars is not retrograde and Moon is never retrograde. Regarding 2nd Condition:—Sub lord Moon is in Jupitor Star-Iupt. is direct, lord of the constallation Mars is in Moon Star. Moon is ever direct. So these 2 conditions are fulfilled. Let us see the 3rd Condition:—Sub lord of 11 Moon is in 11. The 3rd condition is also fulfilled. As such, he should be promoted. Then when this promotion and confirmation comes? For this judge the houses 2, 6,10 and 11. II. No Planets. Mere is lord of II. Ketu is in Merc. Star; Merc.

VI. No planets in Bhava. Sat. Is lord of VI. Jupitor is in Sat. Star. Sat. X. Sat is in X. fup. is in Sat. Star Sat. Lord of X is Venus. No. planets arc in Venus Star. Ven. is a significator. XI. Moon is in XI. Mars. Sat. Rahu are in Moons star. Moon. Lord of XI is Merc. Ket'u is in Merc. Star Merc. .*. Ketu, Merc. Jupt., Sat., Ven., Mars, Rahu, Moon are the total significators that means except Sun all are significatots. Now only we are to decide who gives promotion and who are not fruitful! for giving promotion. For this also Guruji declared unambiguously that ruling planets at the time of judgment will decide the issue and clear the mind of the astrologer and consultant. So find out ruling Planets at the time of judgment i. e. at 2.35 P. M. 14—9—71. 1. Lagna is in Dhanus. (lupt. Sign, Ven. SlarT Ketu Sub.j2. Lagna in star—Lord—Venus. 3.. Moon is in Mithuna-Lord-Mercury. 4. Moon transits in Star-Lord-Jupiter, 5. Day Lord. Lord.—Tuesday—Mars. .'. Jupt. Ven. Merc, and Mars are ruling Planets and all these four are Significators. Out of these except Venus all the 3 planets are in the Star & Sub of Significators. (i. e.) Jupt. is in Sat. Star Merc. Sub; Merc, is in Ketu Star Sat. Sub., Mars is in Moon Star, Merc. Sub. .'. In the conjoined period of these three planets (Jpt. Mars & Merc.) only the native should get promotion. The native runs Jupt. Dasa Moon Bhukti from 12-3-1971 to 12-7-1972 Jupt. Dasa Mars Bhikti from 12-7-1972 to 18-6-1973 At present as per horary the native is running Jupiter Dasa Moon Bhukti from 12-3-1971 to 12-7-1972. Here lies only the most wonderful! thing (i. e.)—the part of a rulling Planet and the Siguificator. It is Moon Bhukti. Moon is not a ruling planet. As such. Moon should not give permanent promotion. But Moon is a 29

given by Shri. K. S. K. and Shri. M. Madhusudhana Rao in. Adrusktam. That clue is to look at the transit of Sun and Moon. I do not have the ephemeries for 1972. However, it is seen generally Sun transits on 11—10—1972 in Kanya ruled by Merc. Lord of II., Mars Star (Chitta) Mars is Bhukti Lord and a strong Significator of II. Moon Transits in Mithuca in 11th Bhava (Lord Merc.)in Jupt. Star Punarvssn. Day being Wednes day 11—10—'72. This reveals once more every lay me n can pinpoint if be follows K. P. and improvement in K. P. With pranamams to Guruji and Sbri. Madhusudhana Rao I conclude.

Significator of 11 in 11 and also a Cusp lord of 11 who is to decide. What this moon as a significator did. He cleared the path for promotion only and made the native to take charge asG.M. in Jupiter anthara which runs from 2-8-71 to 6-10-1971. This clearly shows unless a planet is a ruling planet it cannot give a permanent confirmed position, besides being a significator. I^rrcnt on to look at in which Bhukti he can be made permanent G. M. As Mars is both a ruling planet and a significator he must give the confirmed position as G. M. look at Mars—Mars is in Moon Star. Moon 11. Also Mars is in Rapt conjunction with Rahu. Rahu is a Star Lord and Sub Lord of Fortune in 11. This shows Mars must give confirmed position (i. e.) during 12—7—1972 to_ 18-6-197^ Then in which Anthara 7 To find out anthara Guruji and Shri. M. Madhusudhana Rao (Editor: Adrushtam-Warngal) told, the planet must be a significator of the particular Bhava. In the present case, Merc, is left over.' How Merc, can help. He is a significator of 2 .and 11 as lord only. As such, I looked to Jup. who is a strong significator of 6 (Service) 10 (professions) and confirmed -that in Jupiter anthara which rules from 22—9—1972 to 6—11—1972 alone he should be made permanent. Then I further looked to Sookshma Dasa. It is now clear that the let over planet Merc, sookshma who is both ruling Planet and Significator only the native will be confirmed as G M. This Merc. Sookshma Dasa runs from 5-10-1972 to 11-10-1972 (6 days) Period. Out of these six dayd period on which ■day be can be confirmed. The clue is only



KRISHNAMtlRTI PADHDHATI By Sri P. R. MURALIOHARAN B.E.. A.M.I.E, is not found either to tfaeconsultant or for INTRODUCTION : I have pleasure in the astrologer in this atomic age. presenting ,'b: article "Krishnamurli Padhdhali for Beginners" to students in Jyotish Marthand, Sothida Mannan Sri the Science of Astrology, with the hope K. S. Krisbnamurti realised the impairing that they will find it nscful, instructive and state of astrology and devoted wholly to simple explore it into Science of precision. After a long tesearch with the grace of Almighty, ' Astrology is a noble divine science of he propounded a new theory based on toe hoary antiquity and is hailed as one of the Stellar reckoning, which is illustrative, Vedangas. The true meaning of the word devoid of ambiguous technical explanaAstrology is "The Message of the Stars." tions, with astonishing accuracy of predict It is the master key to the lock of truth tions. This explanatoiy hypothesis is now giving clear and definite answers to the popularly known as "Krjshnamurti immutable events in one's daily life which Padhdhati". cannot be solved by any other science. With a Scientific approach it points to the THE ZODfAC AND THEIR VISIONS; planets and the stars to know the cause for the unforeseen events in one's.Jife_which " 1. The Ecliptic: The ecliptic is the take theiririse fronrhntnalf birth and in its apparent path way of the Sun, which it metaphysical aspect leading to an ocean ' traces on the celestial sphere with the earth of knowledge latent behind the stars. as'a centre in the course of a year. This ' is also known as 'Apamandala' or 'Ravi Hindus believe that, the divine Science marga'. The plane of the ecliptic is not was originally handed over to Sage Garga coinddent with the plane of the equator. " by the creator, later on other sages got it The angle between them being known as 1 and it was spread all over. Westerners the Obliquity of the Ecliptic. Its value i s believe that, Seth was (he world's first about 23°-27'. astrologer 13769 B.C.) Ancient records prove that astrology was held in great esteem in all ages by the rulers and leaders of other sciences also. As time elapsed by, the noble divine Science 'Astrology* has lost its importance and power of fasdnation. The main reason is due to non-availability of. all original findings of our Sages and other Scholars. In addition to above, we are not blessed with a Venerable person who can enlighten us with a correct Scientific knowledge. Further, by constant study of the ancient works and also the literatures of other countries, it is noted that the principles distinctly pronounced cannotbe strictly followed and applied universally to all cases in general and particularly in case of twin births. As it creates chaos, confusion and contradiction, much usefulness Sri P. R. MURALIDHARN.  p . a.m.i.e., 33

2. The Zodiac : It is the apparent pathinto 12 equal pans, is due to the Sun and the New Moon conjoining in a year 12 way of the planets belonging to Solar times before the Sun completes one revoluSystem extending to 7}°N and 7}°S {approximately) of the ecliptic, and known tion. So also in the same periods there are to the Hindus as Bhachakra or the Circle 12 full moons. of Light. The Zodiacal signs and their extension from the vernal-equinox or the first point 3. Divisions of the Zodiac ; The Zodiac of Aries are as follows:— is 360P in celestial longitude. The sanctity Sign in number 360 appears thus; that the Sun English Extension Hindus equivalent from the rises in the East 369 times in a year, but Veroalequinox 360 is the least common multiple of numbers Northern; 1 to 10 except 7. Hence it appears that the Mesha Aries 0° to 30° circular route is said to cover 360° and the Rishabha Taurus 30° to 60° mathematicians have also taken 360° for Mithuna Gemini 60° to 90° a circle. Kataka Cancer 90° to 120P The whole Zodiac is divided into 12 Simba Leo 120° to 150° equal compartments, measuring each 30°. Kanya Virgo 150° to 180° Each such compartment is called a Solar Southern: mansion (or Rasi or Sign]. The commencement of the Zodiac is reckoned from the Thula Libra 180° to 210° first point of Aries. Westerner's opinion Vrischika Scorpio 210°o to 240° that 'Seth' was the first man to observe the Dhanus Sagittarius 246 'to"270° planets and their pathway. It is he who Makara Capricorn 270° to 300° divided the Zodiac into 12 equal parts^ Kumbha Aquarius 300° to 330° Probably, the reason tqjllyide -the -Zodiac Meena Pisces 330° to 360° ThcDialtimatic representation of the above table is as follows:— E3 Pisces GSSEEI 330-360 AQjJARlbS OESIBD 300-330* Etl CAPRlCQSiJ 370 - 300'

ca ARIES o'-ao* 1

E3 0 TAURUS GiErllNI CHM 30°-60* feo*- so' m Cancer 90°- 13 D° CD 0 LEO sisnQ 130'- 15-0°

wa sna E3 ca SAt ITTAaillS SCORPIO l-IBRA VIRGO imm 1 VRiSHCMIK CCTJEa *24-0- 270*" ieo-'2io* iso'-iao*

4. The Constellation: The Zodiac is Asterisms, Stars, Constellations;. Each divided into o 27 equal parts of each star contains 4padas or quarters, Each pada is equal to 3o-20' in longitude, thus measuring 13 -20' in longitude, starting from tbefirstpoint of Aries, which is often each sign contains 9 padas and totally 108 called as Lunar mansions (Naksbatras, quarttis or padas in the Zodiac. The names of the 27 stars and their extension in the Zodiac are as follows:— SI No. Constellation 1. Arietus-Stars 3 2. Arietisa Mus 3 3. Tauri Aloyoni 6


Aswini Bharani Kritbika Krithika 4. Tauri Aldeooran S Rohini 5. Orionis 3 Mrigasira Mrjgasira— 6. Orionis —' 'Aruora . _7.-Gemini Pollux 5 Punar-Vasu Punar-Vasu Pusbyami 8. Cancri 3 Aslesba 9. Hydrae 6 10. Leonis Regular 5 Makha 11. Leonis 4 Pubba 12. Uttara Lfttara Hasta 13. Corvi 5 14. Virginis Spica 1 China Cbitta 15. Bbootis Arcturus 1 Swath 1 16. Librae 3 Visbaka Visbaka Anuradba 17. Scorpionis 3 18. Antaras 3 Jyesbta Moola 19. Scorpionis 6 20. Sagittaris 4 Poorvasbada 21. Sagittaris 4 Uttarashada Uttarashada Sravana Aquilate 3 Dbanishta Delpbini 4 Dbanisbta Satabbisba 24. Aquari 130 Poorva Bbadra 25. Pegasl 4 Poorva Bbadra 26. Pcgasi&Andremedae 4 Uttara Bbadra 4 27. Picium 3 Revathi

Pada 4 4 1 3 4 2 "2 4 3 1 4 4 4 4 11 3 4 2 2 4 3 1 4 4 4 4 1 3 4 2 2 4 3 1 4 4 35

Extension 0

13o-20' 26oo-40'

Sign or Rasi

, 00 -00' to Mesha-Aries IS^IO' to o 26 -40' to 30 -G0' 30oo-00' to 40'o:,-00' 40 -00' to 53 -20.'.- Rishaba-Taurus Mf-lO-to "bD^OO' 60o-00' to 66o-40' 66°-40' to 80°-00' Mitbuna-Gemini 80°-00' to 90o-00' o o 90 -00' to 93o-20' 93°-20'to 106 ~40' Kataka-Cancer ]06o-40' to 120o-00' 120o-00' to 133oo-20' ISS^O' to I46 -40' Simba-Leo 146o-40' to 150o-00' 150o-00' to 160o-00' 160oo-00' to 173oo-20' Kanya-Virgo 173 -20' to 180 -00' 180°-00' to I86oo-40' ISeMO' to 200 -00' Tbula-Libra 200o-00' to 210o-00' o 210 -€0'to 213o-20' 213oo-20' to 226o-40'; Vriscbika-Scorpio 226 ~40' to 240°-00 240oo-00' to 253oo-20' 253 -20' to 266 ~40' Dhanus-Sagittariua 266°-40' to 210P-00' 210o-00' to 280'0:,-00' 280P-00' to 293 -2<y Makara-Capricora 293o-20' to 300o-00' 300°-00' to 305o:,-40' 306°-40' to 320' -00' Kumbha-Aquarius 3200-00'to 330o-00' 330o-00' to 333o:,-20' 333°-20' to 346' -40' Meena-Pisces 346':,-40' to 360o-00'

5. Krishnamurti's Division:- To offer sub-divided each constellation into 9 parts precise predictioDS, Jyothish Marthand, not equal in Longitude, but the longitude Sothida Mannan Sri K. S. Krishnamurti, of the each sub portion is in the proportion divided the whole Zodiac into 249 parts or in which they are allotted the total number Subs. The Longitude of each constellation of years in Vimsbotbori Dasa system, (i. e., is 13°-20' or 800' The total number of years allotted in Vimshothari Dasa system 20/3 multiplied by the Number of years is 120 years. Professor IC. S. Krishnamurti, allotted in Vimshothari Dasa system). Therefore Sub Kethu will be equal to 20/3 x 7 = 0°-46'-40' whatever be the Constellation Sub - do - do Venus 20/3 X 20 = 2°-13' -20' o Sub - do Sun 20/3 X 6 = 0 -40'-00' - do Sub - do Moon - do 20/3x10 = l°-06'-40' Mars Sub - do 20/3 X 7 = 0°-46' -40' - do Sub 20/3 x 18 = 2°-00' -00' Rahu - do - do Sub 20/3 x 16 = l°-46' -40' Jupiter -do - do Sub Saturn - do 20/3 x 19 = 2oo-06' -40' - do Sub A Mercury - do 20/3 X 17= l -53'-20' - do Even though the portion allotted to each The table showing the sign-Lord—theplanet in each star is same, yet the order star Lord,—the—stib^Lord, with their in which they occupy in the constellation 'positions in the Zodiac is furnished, for differ^ (.[n-Subsequent atliCIes, this puitiuu -ready—reference, to follow Krishnamurti "will be explained in detail). Padhdhati in his books, (to be continued)

FATHER'S END FROM SON'S CHART (K. p. Verified) Br Mr. VITHAL6HA1 D PATEL B A., Dakalpole, Matar, Kaira. The following is the horoscope of a native erected strictly in accordance with Krishnamurti Padhdhatk— Sat. 250-49' IX TMy Mercury (Rj Ketu Moon 240-l7' 170-26' Sun 10°-59' vm 7o-oo' 30-53' o VD S -02' Jupiter 260-35' VI 9M)0' Time 6-35 P.M. Venus 0°-9' 25-3-1939 230-2' N V _7X-38'-£ roc Man 9o-19'-50" IV

III T-0'

Rahu IT-26' II 7o-0'

X 8o-0'

XI 9»-0'

XII 90-C Asc. 80-2'

At Birth, Sun Dasa balance 2 years, 9 months 1 day. Planet* Bhave Starlord Sublord occupied Sun 7 Saturn Sun Moon 8 Sun Saturn Mars 4 Kethu Jupiter Mercy (R) 7 Mercury Rahu Jupiter 6 Jupiter Venus Venus 5 Mars Mercury Saturn 7 Mercury Rahu 2 Rahu Rahu Venus 8 Ketu Venus Mars Analysis:—According to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, we have to consider the bhadalcasthana and marakasthana for the end of life of a person. If the ascendant is in a movable sign the 11th house is the bbadakasthana. If ASC falls in a fixed sign, the 9tb house is the bbadakasthana; and if the ASC falls in a common sign the 7tb house is the bbadakasthana.

Whatever be the sign in which the ascendant falls, the 2nd and 7th houses are Marakasthanas Therefore one is to judge all the three houses. Find out the strongest significators for the end of life. The 9th house from the native's ascendant denotes the father's ascendant. Lagna of the son is Virgb. 9th cusp therefrom . represents his father. It is in Taurus 7° Taurus is a fixed sign and hence the 9th house from Taurus is a bbadakasthana. It falls in Capricorn. The 2nd_aad_7thhouses_Jtom—the—Stlrafe Gemini and —"Scorpio respectively. These three houses are evil for the longevity. Venus is in the 9th house from Taurus. Kethu alone is in the star of Venus. Rahu represents Venus because it is posited in Libra owned by Venus. There is no planet in the 2nd house from Taurus. Its lord is Mercury Mercury'and Saturn are in' Mercury's star. Saturn is also lord of bbadakasthana. There is no planet in the 7th house from Taurus. Its lord Mars is posited in the 8th from 9th. Venus alone is in Mar's star. Sun occupies the constellation of Saturn who rules bbadakasthana. Hence the significators are Venus, Kethu, Rahu, Mercury Saturn, and Mars. Of all the above significators Rahu and Venus are the most evil. , Venus is posited in) bbadakasthana, in the star of Mats. Mars is posited in 8th to the 9th and also lord of the marakasthana. Moreover the sub lord of Venus is Mercury, which is also the lord of marakasthana. Mercury is posited in its own star andinrapt conjunction with Saturn who is the lord of badhakasihana. Hence Venus is the worst evil. Rahu represents Venus and posited in its own star. It is posited in the 6th from 9th. The sub-lord of Rahu is Venus which is in the 9th and hence Rahu is also very evil. Hence death must take place 37

during the conjoined period of the evil significators. Actually the native's father died on 27-S-1970. When the native was running Rahu Dasa, Venus Bhukthi and VenusAnthra. Furthertransits also agreed in full. Rahu, the Dasanatha was transitting in Saturn sign Rahu star and Jupiter sub. Venus, the bhukthinatha and anthranatha was transitting in Mercury sign. Mars star and Jupiter sub. Saturn lord of bhadakasthana was transiting through Mars sign Sun star and Mars sub in the il2th house to father. Jupiter the slow moving planet was transitting through Venus sign, Rahu star and Rahu sub. .

Mercury lord of marakasthana was transitting in its own sign, sun star and saturn sub. Mars the lord of markasthana was transitting in sun sign-Ketu star and Venus sub. Sun was transitting in Leo sign Ketu star and saturn sub. Moon the fast moving planet was transitting in marakasthana. It was in Mercury sign, Jupiter star and Mercury sub. Ketu was transitting in sun sign Ketu star and Jupiter sub. Thus every point agrees in full and K. P. is found to be very correct. It is the most scientific one to pin point the event.

EXTRACT OF SPEECHES BY MEMBERS ON THE DAY OF INAGURATION OF " STELLAR ASTROLOGICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE " DAVENGERE Next to the secretarial speech, our murti has the same Rasi chakra, the President gave a brief life sketch of Vimshottari Dasa. While the good princiSri Krishnamurli and his system of ples of Hindu and Westernsystems-have prediction, the easy way to erect the map been appreciated,^the Vague terms have of heavens, directions to decide the __ _-beeii'ebndemned. He has shown in his significators of events and arrive al the system the weak points of both the precise timings. -He-'explained as to how systems where one errs and has explained -one pefson can enter into the subject of how they are to be corrected according to astrology within a short period of 45 days his system. He encouraged the students to even if a, b, c, of the science were unknown. learn the science and serve the human kind as this is the science which guide the man Mr. Appaji Rao inaugurated the assoto understand the decisions of almighty ciation and blessed every success to the soothens him relieving the tension of the great cause. vexed mind. Then our vice president explained in Sri Nanjunda Sastry explained his varibrief the traditional astrology both Hindu ous experience from all over India and said and Western, giving the different methods how the genuine principles blended with adopted in these systems. He said that common knowledge helped him to predict none can be claimed as authoritive because precisely. He said that casting a horoscope of their general and vague terms. The has become difficult for want of correct student of this science is left in the wildertime of birth and the predictions are ness without achieving anything. He said, ridiculed when cast for incorrect time of it is the greatness of Sri Krishnamurti birth. Even the educated man lacks in who found the path out of this wilderness recording the correct time of birth as he when others lost themselves. It is here, we does not know what exactly is the correct call him the sage - the Rishi - of our age time the science demand. He suggested to whose research work has opened all of us form different study circles and make a bright royal path to success. He advised research in the various branches.He wished that none need to search in the traditional all success to the association. books for rules, but only learn the sound principles laid down by Sri Krishnamurti. The function ended with vote of thanks It is noteworthy to say that Sri Krishnaand Prasadam. â&#x20AC;˘

WHY I PREFER K. P. B) K. M. SUBRAMANJIAM. l56,*Teeds Gardens 4th Street, Sembiam, Madras-ll. Following is the horoscope of a Gentleman born in Madras on 23rd December 1918 at 12-41 P.M. I.S. T. Lama 8o-10'

II 21#-34'

Kethu 19M3' HI 198-34/

Western system: On the day of Marriage by Progression Moon opposes lord of 7, by Transit Saturn squares Keptune; Uranus at birth was exactly 90° away and so it is exact square. Westerners consider the square aspect to be very bad. Epbemerical aspect lord of 2 conjoins lord of 8. If already married. Westerners will and must predict, that JbisJstbe time when there will be disharmony or .separation-etc. So according to the Westera system there is no strong aspect either by Progression or by Transit indicating such a pleasant and important function.

IV 158-34' Jupitei Saturn SMOV 128-34' NajKjSM?'.

KJ1 128-34' Uranus Ayanaaiia-22*^5 ' XI 120-34' rs 98-22' X 158-34' Mercury 260-53' Venus 14®-55' IX 198-34' 0 Sun 7 -45' Rahu 198-15'

VI 12c-34' Moon 150-39'

Krishnamnrti Padhdhati: vm 2l0-34'

vn S'-IC

According to Rrishnamurti Padhdhati, we have to judge bouses 2,7 and 11 and verify wbetbertbese three have got connection with the dasa lord, bhukthi lord and antbra lord. Sun the dasanatba is in the constellation of Ketbu in the 2nd bouse. Kethu is in the 2nd bouse and Mercury is Lord of 7 in its own constellation. According to Krisbnamurti Padhdhati, on the day of marriage Sun transits in the constellation of lord of 2. Moon transits in the star of lord of 2 and sub of Ketbu. Ketbu is transittiog in the constellation of Mercury, lord of 7. Thus the method by which one caa scientifically offer convincing rules is only Krisbnamurti Padhdhati.

Balance of Yenus Dasa (Vimsbottari) at birth 16 Y. 5 M. 28 D. He got married on 7tb June 1940. At the time of the birth, Venus Dasa Balance was 16 Y 6 M 28 D. At the time, be was running Sun Dasa, Ketu Bbukti, Mercury Antbra. Tradition: • Sun is lord of 6 and is deposited in the lOtb bbava. Kethu is an Agent of the lord of the bouses 3 and 8. Budbais the lord of the 7th house. Therefore Sun and Kethu do not have any connection whatsoever -with the bouses to be judged for marriage.

Western system misleads; Tradition isnot useful as Sun dasa itself will not be chosen for marriage and so we will fail.


PRIME MINISTER—SALARY INCREASE AND AWARD The followiog is the horoscope of the Prime'Minister i6f 'England:- supplied ."by Sri. L. Devaseoa of •Ceylon. Met, 60-24'. IV 9®-24' * Jupiter Vcn(R) Lagna 0 ini. 21 •-24' SUQ 2415-24 r24' 13V24' ill9*-24' 27•-24' Sat. 27®-24' 0 i -v. 27 -24 i Uranus Ketu 7o-07; : 26V24' ' Mr.'Edwaid Heath Hep. 9°-24* <, XII 22^-24' 9-7-1916 at 11-55 F.M. -VI 22 -24'. Rahu .. 7M)7'

Broadstairs, Eoglaad Ayanamsa 22-36 Rahu 8.10.27

XI * IX 27V24' X S'-W _2Jl-24^-r

Moon 13*22412T-24'

Balance of Sun Dasa .(Vimshottari) at birth 1 ,Year'10 MonthsU2.ttays. ' To Sod out the prestige,.'honour, name, fame and award from .-anybody .jtfdge the .'bouses 6, 10and 11; if :in.'.politics, significator oLSmastEe connected. (6th house shows that it is given tby sanother fperson whom' Tth. house indicates. 10th shouse sshows the mame,: fame, success and reputation. lltb bouse shows the - achievement of one's aim and also the gain. In Mr. Heath's horoscope, it will beseen_ that he had Rahu Dasa at the time^-nf TKiT" birth and the balance-to run for'? years, lOjnonthrand 27 days from the idale of birth. So, from 3rd December, 1969, till 2ist June, 1972, be will be running Mercury Dasa, Rahu Bhukti. In this period Mr. Edward Heath's salary was increased from 14,000£ to 20,000£ a year; and Too 7th December, 1971, an organisation, in West Germany, awarded him a price of ' £ 3,000 In recognition of his services. to the European Market. At that time' he had been running Venus Sub-Sub period which is in the dual sign Gemini, indicating more than one at a time. Mercury, the Dasaoatha is ..'in the constellation of Mars deposited in the 6th bouse and in the Sub Sub of Moon who is Lord of 9. Rabo is situated in the 11th house and is in the coostciiatioo of Sun and Sub Sub of Kethu. Sun is in4-.aodis in the star of Lord of 10 and 11, -Rabu, therefore in 11 will .satisfy the rnative and the native's ambition willbe fulfilled by Rahu. Venus, anthra Lord,-Sub Sub Lord, is in the constellation of Rahu, in 11. Thus 6th house is indicated by Mercury, ] lth:house is indicated by Rahu and also Venus. In any horoscope the period of the . Planets connected with 6 and 11 indicate .grand success. During Mercury Dasa, - ■ Rahu Bhukti, Jupiter Anthra 19th June, 1970, he won the elections.

Mars 290-24' 'VlT" l3e-24'

He.tvas born at Broadstairs in England on 9tb July, 1916 at about 11-55 P.M. G. M. T. The horoscope is erected in Nirayana System. The other horoscope given below belongs to our Prime Minister "Bharat Ratna" Srimatbi Indira Gandhi born on 19th November, 1917, at 11-44-34 P.M., L.M.T. at Allahabad. X 2a-09f XI 4o-09' vni (p-y IX c-y Jupiter Ketu lO0^' l5®-06' VII 3'-42'


XII iS<'-09/ Neptune 14a-28' Sat. 2I*-53'

NIRAYANA Uranus 27'-21' MOOD S'-Sl' VI s'-oy


Venus Mcr. U--22' 2IMJ7' 40-25' in r-r Rahu lO'-jy Son V 4®-09* IV 2«-«9'

Lag na 30-42' Man 16*-29 II r-w 41

Indeed this is a token of recognition of the Indians and other nations living in India and abroad. In a way this suggests that if our Prime Minister is to live long enjoying good health the astrologers are sure that she will achieve all her aims during Saturn Dasa, Venus Bhtikii. India will be able to dictate Terms to such of those nations who are not for co-operation. As I already wrote in my magazine July '71 issue, she will have bright future, success after success. She will raise the status of India in her life time. Again I reiterate that anybody who thinks of or acts against the wishes or the intentions of Mrs. Indira Gsndbi, will have their own natural end. May God bless our Prime Minister with good health; May He Grant long life.

When Mercury Dasa, Rahu Bhukti, Venus Acthra operated since Venus is deposited in a plurality sign hehad increase in bis salary and also an award. These planets are connected with the houses 6, 11 and also 5. * * Regarding Mrs. Indira Gandhi, she is running Saturn Dasa,Saturn Bbukti, Venus Anthra, hence Salum Lord of 6 deposited in the constellation of Mercury, Lord of 2 and 11 and Venus Lord of 10 in its own constellation on the Sib hosue of Sub Sub Jupiter in 10 has give n her 'Bharat Ratna' ' at 3-30 P.M. on 26th January, 1972 when Moon was transitting in Venus sign.


o ovember 6, 1971 (Saturday) at!5-02 P.M. (I. S. T.) that my one intimate relative, Sri Girija Prasad Jaiswal, called on me along with his father-in-law, Srr Satyanarain Prasad, in my Branch office of my astrological society at Motihari (N. Bihar) and instantly, put the following question to me:— "Guptaji, will 1 get the licence from the District- Magistrate (Cbamparan) to deal in country liquors (wine) and toddy on Monday, November 8, 1971 ?" Calling the most sanctifying image of our Most Revered Guruji to my mind's eyes, I proceeded to answer bis qnery on the most popularly convenient method of Guruji known as the Ruling Planets method of Krisbnamurti Padbdhati. The Horary Chart of the said occasion is as follows;— 11 I Lagna Saturn ir~8'(R) Ascendant XI tfars. X Rahu . 16'-03' IX

in Moon 8M7'

IV / Horaiy Cbart at —Kothcr^ MOJIHARHNrBtEaFT 16M)3' Let 26'-38' N.' Loag. 840-54' Ej on November 6. 1971 (Sac) at5M)2 P.M. Y I.S.T. VIII Ven. VII Merc. 6o-07' Sun 190-5(y Jup, 16"-24'


Judgment:— The day of the query was Saturday. Saturn (Sani) rules over, this day. Saturn was deposited in Taurus (Ristaaba). Venus rules over this Taurus. Venus (Sukta) was posited in Scorpio (Vrischika) Mars (Mangal) rules over Vrischika (Scorpio). Saturn was in Moon's star-Rohim, Moon (Chandra) was posited in Gemini (Mitbuna). Mercury (Budha) rules over Gemini (Mitbuna). Mercury was in Saturn's star-Anuradha. Venus (Sukra) was in Saturn's star-Auuradba. Saturn was Retrograde (Vakri). Moon was

posited in Rabu's Star-Arudra. Rabu was deposited in Capricorn (Makar). Saturn rules over Capricorn. Rahu is an agent Saturn. The Rising sign (Lagoa or Ascendant) was Aries (Mesba). Mats (Mangal) rules over this sign-Mesba (Aries). Mars was its own Star—Dhanisbta. Rabu was also in Moon's star Sbravana. Saturn appeared to be the most prominent and signifying planet, Venus and Mercury were in the eighth Bbava—an evil Bbava. Mars—the 8tb Lord—was deposited in the 11th Bbava. Saturn was retrograde. Hence its prominence and significance came to nothing. Venus and Mercury though benefits were placed in the eighth House. They are therefore not promising in this point of view. Moon was, hewn betwixt malcfics like Saturn and Ketbu. Consequently she was also not, at all, promising and favourable in this respect. The 1st Lord Mars deposited in the Utb House showed that the querist's desire for it must be fulfilled. But Mars was posited in Aquarius (Khumba) Saturn rules over_this— sign (Rasi) Khumba SatunrisTotT slowjnovingTpIaneT Mars, therefore, marked difficulties and deterents on the way to the grant of the said license to him. November Stb 1971 would fall on Monday. Moon rules over this day. Moon in Gemini (Mitbuna) shows duplicity of ideas.' Moon is badly afflicted in grip of malefics like Saturn and Ketbu. Saturn remained Retrograde January 30, 1972 (Sunday). From January 31, 1971 (Monday) Saturn will be Directional (D). On January 31, 1972 Moon will be posited in her own sign (Kadaka Cancer). Conclnsion;—I, therefore declared to him that there would be unnecessarily overdelay in its grant because of the retrogression of Saturn till January 30, 1972. On November 8, 1971 (Monday) he wont have it. He must have it only on 31—1 —1972 and he must legally be authorised to deal in tbem only from 1st of February 1972. Actually, Sri Girija Baboo thanked me for the 100% correct predictions about it on the most unfailing ' and scientific K. P. method based on the K. P. of our most respected Guruji. O

AMKUIAJGY — Extract of the speech by /the Ihftovator» Comnjcarry By • N. V. S. RAO. Hyderabad A.P. "If one carefully observes the experiences of any man, one will find out that every person has bis share of trials and tribulations, of which most of them cannot be explained -when viewed in a materialistic point of ' view. In the metaphysical aspect; if there is any science to explain these inexplicable anomalies and inequalities, it is only the science of Astrology. The science- of astrology alone can convincingly explain such anomalies and enables one to know beforehand the future course of events 'meticulously correctly, so that one can face the future wisely", says the innovator of ' stellar theory of Astrology, the Abhinava Parasara, Sri. K. S. Krlshnamurti, addressing the distinguished gathering ' in the lecture hall of Arts and Science Collcgc qf Secunderabadon —ToTSReisThe same, he quoted the following common . place examples such - as (i) a wealthy land lord suffering from diabetes cannot enjoy even a bowl of rice (ii) a stone-deaf person cannot enjoy -the melody of his talented wife, (iii).an emaciated and -dirty - looking, person with meagre resources being blessed with several children-to from a cricket team' of his own., where as a very well-todo and healthy man will be found to be in. immense misery, for lack of-even one children. Giving such instances of apparent in consistencies, the Professor, proceeding to explain them Philosophically said. "All and any such paradocical occurances can be convincingly explained only by astrology and astrology hasKarma and reincaruation as its basis. Under the law of -Karma, there is nothing as a chance of an accident. The Almighty is neither partial nor unjust and everythingr bappens according to one's actions -in the previous birth. Karma and reincaruationare like a seed growing into a tree which., bears fruits-yielding-seeds which - in turn > produce mote trees. The seed is the Karma • •45.

and the growth of the tree is the life. As is the seed, so will be the plant that springs out of it" said the Professor explaining the basis of astrology. Further clarifying on this point, be said that the doctrine of Karma alone can explain and reconcile the terrible- and apparently inexplicable' injustice. Destiny is the inevitable and unavoidable occurance of events in one's life, which is not at all under the control of any. individual but is directed by the* Almighty according to Sbubha and Ashubba Karma done by the person'inprevious birtb-Avasyam Anubhoktavyam Krutam' Karma Shubashabham. "Such an unforceable desjtiny.-the-divine plan of_.anjndividua1,_can_be foretold by a wistTastrologer to enable the individual to appreciate the basic principles of Karma theory, to take recourse to Sadbana, to achieve the-' aims as enunciated in Hindu Philosophy. and-thereby to lead blm in being good and doing good to bis ownselfand'to his fellowmen" said the Sothida Mannan (King --of astrologers) Jyothish Marthand K. S..Kirshnamurti explaining, the purpose and utility of astrology. The - scholar,1 speaking on the timing, aspect; said'that \ the'planets only reveal what type of events happen when and how, indicating the nature of destined events of > an individual depending upon his Karma like the hour and minute bands indicate the time of the day. Further explaining the non-avoidability of events, he said that as altering the hands of a watch dose not change the time of the day, so also any amount of sbanti'or Karma does not alter, enhance, mitigate or vary the nature and extent of occurances and one has to enjoy or suffer his share due to him which is nothing but the outcome of his own deeds in his previous life. Stressing further the nonavoidability of destiny he said "Destiny is so powerful that even after knowing the time and nature of an event one cannot.

however mighty one may be, avoid it" la this regard, the Professor cited the examples of (t) Mihira's miraculous prediction given years earlier the time, date and nature of occurance of death of the son of the king which occured as predicted and which could not be avoided inspite of all precautions, (2) the soothsayers prediction regarding the death of Juliusceesar on the ideas of march and (3) that of parikshit. Prof. Krishnamurti speaking on the controversial topic of the origin of astrology declares thus "some scholars are under the wrong impression that westerners borrowed from the Hindus. Some others say that the Hindus gained from the chaldeavs, Hebrews and Greeks When we study biasedly and unmotivatedly and judge impartially, we will be forced to confess that neither the Hindus borrowed from westerners nor vice versa". The research scholar emphatically stated that every nation has developed this subject on its own investigations and research findings and that different nations follow. jJiffetentsystems which differ distinctly from one another. He said that the Babilonians were observing since 4,73,000 years according to Didorous in his writings in 30 B.C. and they still continue to observe; that Several nations like that of Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, Saracens, Moors and Chinese have been studying this subject of astrology from more than 3000 years B.C. as revealed by the modern investigations dikemonumental andinscriptional evidences placed in the British museum.

giving room for various interpretationsresulting in the verses being misinterpreted. inexcusably. This accumulative process over generations caused irresparable damage and brought the divine science to the present state of redicule and ignoring with its self-contradictory rules, lack of coherence and clarity. The Professor explaining how these systems are incomplete and useless from, the querists point of view he went on to explain his technique of doing research which enabled him to complete his research, on the fundamental aspects and stabilise them said 'Since more than three decades, I did research upon the births of persons born in the same locality with an interwal of 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes and so on, to find out the decisive factors of the science and ultimately I found that the sub.-Iord of a cusp or a planet being of decisive importance. I further developed on these lines and evolved a system, which is the Advanced Stellar Astrology, which is clear, uoambiguous, convincing and aboveall highly useful from the querists point of view. As a practical proof,, many of my students expressed that with only a few years of practice they are found to be faring much better than so called several stalwarts of astrology with several decades of popular practice". The Professor who is being looked upon as an incaruation of Goddess Saraswati for the reason that for any mortal being it would be impossible to minutely study several systems, gaze their merits and demerits invent a new system and stabilise it, answered some of the questions raised by a few from the audiance to conclude his speech. Replying to a query raised by a press correspondents on the justification of the proposed ban on astrological {predictions regarding political and national issues, the scholars Scientist opinioned that the Government is fully justified in imposing ban on such magazines which too frequently forecast the forthcoming events of political leaders and over burning political issues which have creating a momentary sensation and at last found to

Referring to the plight of astrology in the modern world, he said that astrology as it is handed over to us is incomplete and defective and needs to be vastly supplemented and that it is only a past of the divine knowledge possessed by our great sages but vastly manipulated and grossly misinterpreted. He said "The original literature was mostly in verses with deep, hidden and symbolic meaning which were supposed to be explained detailedly orally by learned scholars. Later, as the times passed by, variations of the texts occured due to copying difficulties and thereby 46

"be useless prediction. Whatever be the aim of the publishers and authors, practically they are serving no other purpose than that of probably propaganda as an immediate transitory effect and constanlly bringing redicule to the already degraded divine science as a permanent effect.

Mr. P. Swamy, a brilliant student of Prof. Rrishnamurti, proposed vote of thanks as the secretary of the students advisory Committee of Arts aud Science College of Secunderabad, where the public meeting on the subject of Astrology as a science was arranged.

REALISATION OF AMOUNT LENT Br K. LAKSHMINARASIMHAN. A.M.I.E., A Gentleman asked When will I get the amount lent to Mr. X and gave the number 133. The Chart; The Cusps for the given number are as follows;—


House Longitude Siga Cancer x IT 10' 14c 10' XI Leo XII 14' 10' Virgo 12' 33' I Libra. Scorpio 11° 57' II Saggitarius. in 11° 10' The Planetary positions for the time of _working_L. e l=30_p. m. on _28-9-70,_ls given in the chart below;— Dasa. Bhukti periods: Dasa Bhukti Venus Venus Sun Venus Sun Venus Sun Sun Venus Venus Sun

VII Saluro 280-48'

V Rahu 70-38'



Ketu 7° 38' XI Mton 160<,-32 Mars. 22 -38 Merc. 23°.37

Jupiter 14°-12' Sun 110-27' XII V CQUS 230-43' Venus dasa-was.on_aQd-lhe_ balance i IS years 9 months and 12 days. III





Kethu Venus Venus Venus Venus

Venus Sun Moon Mars

9—8—1970 10—9—1970 20—9—1970 23—9—1970 29—9—1970

Analysis According to Prof. K. S. Krishnamurti' II house must be taken into consideration for all money matters including loans (please refer page No. 324 in Vol I. K. P.) and XI house represents the Principal and interest of the Loan given (refer page 354 Vol. I K. P.). XI house also refers to fulfilment of desires. HcnCe the houses to be considered to find out when will the amount lent, be returned are II and XI. First of all, find out whether the amount will be realised at all. The amount will be


to 10—7—1986 20—9—1970 20—9—1970 23—9—1970 28—9—1970 1—10—1970

realised if there is any connection between the Sub-lord of the XI Cusp and the concerned houses II and XI. In this case the XI Cusp falls in Leo Sign, Venus Star, Venus Sub That is, the Sub-Lord of XI is Venus, Significators. 11 House:—No Planet occupies the II house. The Lord of the II house is Mars. No Planet is situated in its stars. Hence the Significator of the II house is MARS.

(Moon, Mars and Mercury are all in the Star of Venus) of the houses II and XI and also since the Dasa, Bhukthi, and Antara Lords are all significators for the matter, the amount lent will certainly be realised in the present antara in Venus Dasa, Sun Bhukthi, Venus anthara itself

IX House:—There are 4 Planets in the XI bouse-Viz; Moon, Mars, Mercury and Sun. Saturn and Sun are in the stars of Sun and Moon respectively. None is in the Stars of either Mars or Mercury. XI house is owned by Sun and as seen above only Saturn is in its Stars. Venus and Jupiter are aspected by Saturn, a significator. Hence take Venus and Jupiter also. Kethu and Rabu represent Sun and Saturn who are both significators. Take Kethu and Rabu also. Heuce the significators for the matter being considered are — all the nine planets To arrive at the final list, compare with the ruling planets and select the common ones. At the time of Judgment i. e., at 1-30 P. M. on 28—9—70, the ruling planets were as follows;— Day Lord ■ Moon Moon Sign Lord. Sun Moon Star Lord; — VenusMoon Sub Lord. Mars. Lagna Jupiter Sign Venus Star Hence the final list of the Planets to give the desired result are Venus,' Sun, Mars, Moon and Jupiter. Judgement Since the XI cusp Sub-lord is Venus, which is connected with the significators

When? It will be when the Planets of the final list conjointly function. In Venus Anthara, moon Sukshma was just over on 28-9-70, ind Mars Sukshma was on and because Mars is a strong significator the event must happen in its Sukshma itself. As Mars snkshma ended on 1-10-70, the amount should be realised between 28-9-70 and 1-10-70. To pin point the date. I turned to transit. It can be seen from Krishnamurti Ephemcris.-t-hauMoon was-traositting in Virgo_ sign Kuja Star on Thursday the 1st October 1970. Hence I decided that the amount will be realised on Thursday the 1st October 1970, in the evening when moon will be transitting in Mercury Sign (Virgo) Kuja Star (Chitra) Rabu Sub, since Rahu represents Mars. The amount was actually returned to the lender at 6-10 p. m. on 1-10-1970:


Wi-L-Ll 1 liUii AUiVIlOOiU.1 mil JL ■ jI'J viumuuvvu * {HORARY) By Mr. MATHURA RAM M.A.. P;0. Digha, Patna-12. VHI Sun Mercury Venus JatrodDCtion:- Shri Davakumar was very DC Jupiter anxious to know whether he would get XI Raha admission in the medical college for which XIT Mars he had appeared in competitive test. He requested me to judge astroiogicaUy just Planet Constellation Lord Sublord to test "Advanced stellar Astrology" propounded by our revered Guruji Prof: Sun Rahu Mercury K. S. Krishnamurti. I asked him to menMoon Sat (R) Moon tion a number between 1 to 249. He gave Mars Mars Venus ■'223'. The chart;—A Dalails: Mercury Jupiter Venus Jupiter Sat (R) Jupiter Date of Judgment. 31-10-1971 Venus Jupiter Mars Time 7 P.M. 1ST Saturn Moon Mars Rahu Moon Saturn (R) Place - Dinapur (Patna) Ketu Saturn Jupiter Day - Friday Analysis; Please refer "Horary AstroI began the horary chart immediately logy'' written by Prof. K. S. Krishnamurti according to "Krishnamurti Padhdhati" at pageJ91 where he has clearly menti oned and used Raphaks table—of. -houses— -that tKnath h'nuse iri?iratrs the fdurational Krishnamurti Ayanamsa and ephemeris institution and since his desire is to get as per strict instruction by Prof. admission, the llth house shows realisaKrishamurti. tion of one's ambition. Therefore sub lord of the 4th is to be deposited in the constellation, the lord of which is the significator 11! l®-36' Mood n 0Qo-36' Satura 0 (R) V 20*-36' of 4 and 11. If above mentioned principles n"-22' ll -29' to be applied we find that in this Horary IV 26e-36' as'rology chart 4thcusp'has fallen in Taurus i. e. 26°-36' and sub lord of 4th cusp is Asc. 21"-46' Ketu Jupiter. Jupiter is deposited in the constellaNo. 223 Mart l6®-32' tion, lord being Saturn which is retrograde. 30-36' VI 170-36' Saturn is no in way connected with 4th and 3;—.|0—71 1 Ith houses and so he is not the significator of 4th and 1 Ith housee. Hence 1 declared Time 7 P.M. 0XII that this desire' would not be fulfilled. May 17 -36' .VII 21M)7' Rabo God give you more energy and enthusiasm (1. S. T.) W-32' to appear next time. Better Luck Next Time. X 26--36' Mercury To utter surprise, result was announced Jupiter 28M1' in the month of January 1972 and he was e 15"-22' SUD 0 XI 20 -36' XI l -36 not selected for admission in the Medical l4*-07' VfH Venus College. This was conveyed to me by his f-05' 00--36' elder brother who is my senior officer in co-op. department. He appreciated Bbava Chart. Krishnamurti Padhdhati and paid respects ASC Moon to bur Rev. Guruji. O III Sat V Ketu Good Luck. 51

ERECTION OF CORRECT HOROSCOPE A Gentleman has written a letter saying <that his birth> happened to be on 28th May, 1925. at l{y 36 Minutes North and 7603 Minutes' East, around 8.00 A. M. The following is the^. horoscope erected for him on 31—12—1971 at 12 noon. At the time of the coramcnccment of the judgement, Jupiter is the Lord of sign where Lagna falls; Moon is in Rahu Siar Mercury sign: hence the ruling planets were Mercury, Jupiter and Rahu. The sensitive point may be in RevathiStarin Mcena or be in Arudra Star,, and it cannot be in Punarvasu Star as Rahu Sub is out side Mithuna. If the birch would have been in Meena Lagna then he ought to have been born a few hours before Sun rise but his iotcrsled parties have told that nearly a couple of hours after the Sun rise he was bom. Therefore we have to take necessarily that his Lagna should be between 8° 40 Minutes to ^40?26f-49-'. It is necessary to find out the Sub Sub in which Ascendant should be. Today Friday: so the Sub Sub will be ruled by Venus; as Venus is also one of the ruling planets Venus has no

Star in Mercury's sign. If one takes Taurus as the Ascendant, then Mercury Rahu or Jupiter has its Star in Taurus. Thus it can be found that his Ascendant at the time of the birth should be 9047/ in Mithuna (Gemini). The horoscope is as followes;— X SM)!'

Venus Merc. 4M5^ Ligna 9°-47' 0"-48' XII lOM)!' XI S8-01' Sun 13M8' Rahu 25B-07'

Mars Ayanamsa 220-44, II 6B-01' 240-45' ix 4B-or 0 Jup. 3 -51' Balance of Mercury Dasa (Vimishottari) at Birth 11 Years B / VIII 6 -01 4 Month 20 Days HI 4B-0l' Ketu25M7' VI 10*01' v 8"-or Mood iv 5B-or VII 9M7' 21B-04' Sat. 29*-0r

OCCUPATION OF OWN HOUSE First, we have to find out whether one is The horoscope of the person who occupied distined to have one's own house, then we his own house, on lyth April,l970, is as have to find out the time when he can occupy follows;tbe same Mars, if it happens to be the strong 8°-5' significator of possessing a house aod it ,90-5' IXMoon VII 9° 2' VIII B Mars happens to be the Sub Lord of another Planet 0 I3--IJ' Venus VI 9 -5' l4 -45' 0 connected with the houses 2 or 4 and 11, the |y*-4y Sun 28 -50' Mercury person will purchase a house outright and ,23B-15' / occupies. The difficulity of evicting the original tenants will or will not be there. This is shown 4 Mercury V 8 -5' T-5' by Saturn or the significator of 6 and 8 th 2-58 P.M. I.S.T. Saturn Kcthu houses. If Saturn happens 10 be the signifi' y-iv 2J--5' cator of the 4tb house and if it happens to be 13—6—1934 the Sub Lord of another planet who is the Rahu dasa Balance significator of the houses 2 or 4 or 11; the Rnhu 20'-5 9 Years 3 Months XI 80-5' native will employ labour; slowly construct the house and then occupy the same. 19 Days. IV 7*-5' Mercury under (he above circumstances indicates that the native will hand over the 0 XII 9 -5' difficulties of construction etc. to a contractor , III 80-5' 11 90-5' A sc. 9*-2 Jupiter and at last enter in new house. There, where 20a-27' Mercury is the significator of the houses 4 and 11, the native will have plurality of the houses. 3

Sun Lord of 11, is deposited in the constellation of Lord of 2 and in the Sub of Saturn,NSignificator of 4; Sun is also conjoined with 'Mars. Rahu is an Agent of Saturn, deposited in the 4th house and in the constellation of Moon, who is in Rahu's Star;. Hence on 19th April, 1970. During the above conjoined period this native occupied his own house. This was built for a long period due to Saturn and atlast circumstances forced him to occupy on this day,

This native had 9 years, 3 months, and 19 days of Rahu dasa to run from the date of his birth (i.e.) 13—6—1934. At the time of the occupation he had been running Saturn -dasa, Sun Bhukti, Sat. Antra and Rahu Sokshma. Saturn is Lord of 4 deposited in the 4th house and is in the constellation of Mars Lord ■of 2; Saturn aspects 11th house, and is in the Sub of Sun, Lord of 11.

MOTHER'S END commences in Capricorn at 16° 16' extends to 5th cusp i.d. 17° 16' Aquarius. In this are there is no planet. The Lord of the sign in which the 4th cusp falls in Saturn. It is a movable sign. The question is the loss of the mother i.e. the end of the mother's life.

The Lagna indicates the native of the horoscope and the 4th house denotes the mother of the native whereas the 9th house shows the father. ^ To fi nd out the matters connected with iriQ'ther take the 4th-cusp an d the4th house counted from the Lagna of the native in this horoscope: VI 19M6' V 17M6' IV 16M6' Mar* 70-38' Mercury l38-bl'

Jupiter 38-29' VII 18D-23'

VIII I?8-!*'

Since it a movable sign. I TtTi House there from is the Bhadhakasthana. The 2nd and 7th houses are the Marakasthna. Venus is deposited in the Bhadhakasthana house whereas, no planet is in the Marakasthanas. Saturn and Moon are the Lords of the Marakasthanas.

IX 168-16' Kelu 270-l7'

Time 1-48 A.M. Sat. 50-ll' Moon 12° 55' Dt. 9/10—1 — 1917 X 168-I6' 0 Ayanamsa 22 -37' Balance of Saturn Dasa at Birth 5 Years XI 17M6' 3 Month 0 Days

Rahu 27°-! 7' Sub 26°-25' II 17M6' in w-w Venus 0®-25'

I 188-23'

Venus constellation is occupied by Sun, Mars is Lord of the Bhadhakasthana. Therefore Sun, Venus, Mars, are the 3 strongest signiOcators; next falls Saturn and Moont Sun is conjoicied with Rahu. The date on which native's mother died happened to be 18th February, 1967. At that time Sun Dasa,Mars Bhukti, Rahu Anthrawas operating. According to progression there is no evil aspect, indicating such a danger to mother.

XII 198-16'

Transit: Sun was in Mars: Moon in Sun's Star: and Rahu in Mars sign Venus Star. Transit as per Stellar theory agrees.

The native is born in Thula Lagna and the 4ih cusp falls in Capricorn 16*16'. 4th


DEATH STRIKES AN INFANT By K. MURTE 8-A'., B.L, Madras-35. ■On Saturday the 25th December '71, at Cusp Sign Lord Star Lord Sub Lord 3-45 pjn. a child was born at a local Nursing I Moon Moon Home. The father of the new-born baby Venus Rahu Rahu approached me the same evening and desired II Mercury Saturn Saturn to know whether the child had been born III Moon Ketu IV Venus Sun under favourable stars.' As I needed time for V Saturn Sun calculations. 1 asked him to call on me the Mercury VI Rahu Rahu following day. Late in the night, I could hnd Venus VII Saturn Moon Mars time to cast the horoscope of the baby and Ketu via Jupiter Jupiter to my utterdismay the planets proteneded a IX Sun Saturn Saturn very short life. Mars X Saturn Mercury .The next morning the father came with a Saturn X( Jupiter Saturn beaming look to see me. When I saw him, I Ketu Jupiter XII Mars had no heart to convey the shocking indications in the baby* s chart. I had therefore to tell him in dubious terms that all was well with the child. After the father had left, I wrote Ketu Moon Saturn Rahu down the predictions in a piece of paper, put Mercury Mars Mercury Ketu it in an envelope and was praying that my Jupiter Mars Mercury Jupiter predictions should go wrong. _.San Jupiter Kcar bat urn The_same_eyening- around-7-0'clock the— Venus Saturn Sun Venus ~tEe father came rushing to me and told me Rahu Saturn Moon Rahu tearfully that the infant had died at 6-45 p.m. Moon Jupiter Saturn Rahu He was about to say that Astrology was all Mars Jupiter Saturn Mercury stuff and nonsense, when I brought the Satuni(R) Venus Sun Ketu envelope, opened it in his presence and showed him the piece of paper. I was written by me thus: 'The child will not live Jong enough' I Analysis: then consoled him and sent him to hospital. Taurus, a fixed sign, being the ascendant, What God has given. He has taken back the Nineth House therefrom is the Bhadakawithin 27 hours. What celestial conspiracy was stbana. Houses Two and Seven- are the resfonsible for this tragedy? Marakasthanas. An analysis of the birth chart of the baby is given below for the academic interest of • Lagna Lord Venus posited in thy K. P. followers:— Nineth Bhava in the constellation of Luminare in 8 conjoined with malefic Rahu weakens the Moon Lagna considerably, Rahu represents Saturn (R) 140-2/y XII 7o-40' Saturn 7°-27' 11 7*-40' in the twelth Bhava (Mokshasthana). Saturn Mars oS'-SO' I UM)1' is also In the constellation of Sun in 8. XI 3 -40' • Rahu representing Saturn in 12 is in the constellation of Moon Significator of 11 & 25-12-1971 in 3o-40 Kethu X 12. Further Moon is represented by Ketu Birth Time 3-45 p.m. 13^-37' in Cancer aspected by Venus. at Madras • Mercury Lord of 2 is in 7 f Both Marak RASI asthanasj in its own ccnstellation and Keiu's Rahu (Nirayana) 13*-37' IV sub. of Saturn Vcmis90-l9' Balance 1--40' Dasa at Birth IX 3--40' • Mars Lord of seven is in Satunfs constellation and Mercury sub. Saturn aspects both Ketu and Mercury. VII 11 "-or Sun 9*-IT Mercury vnr VI 7M019-07' Thus almost all the planets - Saturn, 7 MO' Jupiter Rahu, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Ketu, Mar& 2T32' and Sun-arc potentially ill-disposed.

9 A scrutiny of n, VII and IX cusps also reveals that Saturn and Kahu are bent upon snatching away the life of the infant, 9 At the time of birth the baby was running Saturn Dasa Rahu Bhultthi Venus Anthara. This inauspicious combination at birth tolled the death bell. The child expired on 26—12—71 at 6-30 P.M. when the rising ascendant was Gemini fLord Mercuryt. The Lagna star lord was Rahu. The lagna was powerfully aspected by Mars fLord of 7 and 12) and Sun m 8, Moon was then transiting in Aries fMars) in the constellation of Kctu (Aswini)

Thus the conspiracy of the heavenly bodies won over human life. And nothing but Krishnamurti Padhdhati can divulge to us the mystery of the divine science of Astrology. Editor;—This Gentleman Mr. K. Murte, B. A , B L., the author of the above article, years ago consulted me to predict his profession I predicted and published in my magazine that he would .act in Cinema and make fortune. Actually since years, be is earning name, fame and also most satisfactory income as an actor in Cinema only..

SHALL I PASS IN THE EXAMINATION? By , lyotlsh Siromanl, S. CHANNAKESHAVA REDDY, Challakere: Mysore State. Mr. 'A' who appeared for the Supplementary Exanynationjjuring-OctoberrWTlrpOsea' —tne-the question whether he would pass in the exam. I judged at 4.15 P. M. on 8—10—71, Friday at Challakere 14N20:: 76E46. Native chart Dasa, Bhukti and especially Aothra Lord have to co-operatc for one's success. XII S'-43' Asc.llfl-22' Ketu 5'-3' III VMS' H 11M5' Mars 5 "-21' XI 20-45'

X 30-45'

Birlh 3-30 P.M. 3-12-56 14N 20; 76E A6 HOROSCOPE

IV 3"-45'

Y 2M5'

(iahu 5#-3' 0 0 IX 70-43' Vlll II--45' VU lI -22' Jup. 5 -44' >81. 12®-52' o Venus 16**33' VI 5M5' Moon 0 -22' Sun ISM' Mcr; 290-21' Ketu dasa 6 Years 9 Month 21 i days balance at birth 25—9—62 I

Venus-dasa from 26—9—62 Rahu Bbukti from 25—11—69 Ketu Anthra from 16—8—71 to . 18—10—71 Ruling Planets at 4.15 P, M.on 8—10—71 Friday at 14N20 :: 76E46 are as follows.— , Asc. at 17° 54 Kumbha star Rahu Rasi Saturn fRctj < Moon at 16° 7in Vmsbabha Star Moon Rasi Venus. Day Friday • Lord Venus. Rahu acts as an Agent of Rahu. Moon was replaced' by Ketu which is posited in Moon's house Kataka as a node is stronger . than the Planet which it' is representing. So , finally took Rahu, Venus and Ketu. Finding put the Anthra of Ketu who is ; posited in the sub of Lord of XI and the ruling i Planets at the time of Judgment were ruling . the native's (Querist's) Dasa, Bhukti and Anthra, I predicted that he must pass in the . Exam, surely. His father asked why he was failed iq March session. I told that it was due to non- . co-oparation of Anthra Lord Mercury who is posited in VIM cusp in his own star fstroog). The results were announced. It was declared that the boy had been promoted. Indeed suhlords decide one fate and bring honour to the astrologer.

PREMATURE DEATH OF A CHILD By Mr. G. V. SHARMA Bhilai-1. (M. P ) After a gap of 40 years I s blessed with a grand-daughter on 17—1—1971 at 17-48-12 A sc. II Suturn 10.35 A. M. at Waitair. .Everybody was IB 16-48-12 IV 11-48-12 13-45-43 22-21-0 jubilant and more so my eldest son as be was promoted as Class I Officer within 4 months from the date of birth of the girl. But she was not keeping good health till her premature XII7-48-12 death. She expired on 2/3—8—1971. Rahu V 7-48-12 17-1-1971 l-H-50 .Many old traditional'astrologers orally 10-33 A.M. told that the girl has full life and strangely one Lati n'-td' N. astrologer gave in writing that the girl is long; 82'-2yE. blessed with full life as the Ascendent lord Ketu XI 7-48-12 Ayanamsa 23'-21' 1-44-30 Jupt aspects powerfully Ascendent itself. But Suo 3-4-26 VI 7-48-12 ultimately she expired to the utter surprise. As my eldest son (Girl's father) repeatedly Mar 2-57-20 has been writing that the girl was not at all Moon X 11-48-12 Jup. 7t8-8 keeping good health but deteriorating day by vm 3-16-0 Nep 9-6-31 17-43-12 day. and requsted me to prepare her horoscope VII13-43-43 Mer. 9-8-27 Vcq 16-11-0 Uta. 24-13-0 and find out her longevity. This happened in IX 16-48-12 the month of June 1971 and incidentally he aloogwith his wife and the ailing daughter came to Bhilai in 2nd week of July. 1971. M—D— -Inthe fi rstTveekmf Julyl "prepareci 'mysil f Balance of Sun's Dasa at Birth; 2 1 17 the horoscope of the girl strictly following Date of Birth; 1971 1 17 K. P. Propounded by our respected, unparalleled Guruji using Raphael's Table of bouses, 1973 3 Krishnamurti Epbemeris and Krishnatnurti Ayanamsa only which is as follows;— Cuspal position Planetary Position Star lord Sub lord Btuva Planet Star lord Sub lord Ven, Ven I Mars. Ven. II Sun. Sun. Sat. III Moon Sat. Sun. Moon Merc. Sat; IV Rabu Mars. Jupt. Rahu. Sat. V Ketu. Ketu Mere, Ketu Jupt. VI Jupt. Rahu VII Moon Sat. Merc. Jupt. Sun VIII Rahu Ven. Sat. Jupt. Merc. Mere. IX Sati Ven. Sat. Merc. Ketu X Mars. Rahu Merc. Sun Ven. XI Rabu' Ketu XII Rahu. Ketu Yen. Sun Dasa, Merc. Bhukti 22 12—1970 to 2s—• 0—971 0—-971 !_12—1970 to 5—-2—■1971 Sun Dasa, Merc. Bhukti Merc antara i— 2-1971 to 23-2-■1971 Ketu I— 2—1971 • to 14-4--1971 Ven 1— 4T-I97I to 29—4—1971 Sun 29— 4—1971 to 25—5—1971 Moon Mars 25— 5—1971 to U—6—1971 ]3— 6—1971 to 23—7—1971 Rabu 28— 7—1971 to 9—9—1971 Jupt Jupt, Sooksbma 28—7—1971 to 3—»—1971 Jupt II

As my son doubted her longevity itself ■due to constant deteriorating condition of the girl, I examined longevity only. Also it is useless to find out other yogas if the native is not blessed with long life. Our Guruji wrote in Vol. TI of K. P. in page 49 ♦ If the Asc. sub is governed by a Dialefic, his life is short. This is very clear in the case of Twin births where one lives and the other dies. The sub lord is the deciding factor. Lords of L 5, 9 and 10 are benelics. Lords of 6, 8 and 12 are raalefics; If Lords of I, 5, 9 and 10 also rule 6 or 8 or 12 consider the planet as mostly a benefic.', This is a simple unambiguous ruling given by our great Guruji unlike tradifiourals. I quote below for example only 2 slokas from "Phaladeepika 17th chapter—-Niryana . Bhava — to show how complicated and absurd: Sloka: Randhreso Guliko Mandaha Ktmatlrrkkana pn—2—pivfr —yatra tishiafi'tatbhamsa trikone Ravije mrutihi i. e. Native dies when Sat enters in the house-i or in Navamsa houses occupied by lord , of 8 or Gulika or Sat or Lord of 22nd drekkanadhipati. I do not want to waste much time on this but see in the present case Sat enters Vrishbha on 27—4—71. But lord of 8 Venus occupied J Vrischika. Navamsa tasi occupied by Venus is ! Vrischika (i e.) Vargottama. Regarding Sat, • Sat occupied Mesha in Rasi The girl; expired on 2/3—8—71 (i.e.) after full 3 months from the date Sat entered Vrishabha. Sec how this rule is not useful Another example from the same chapter. 15th sloka: Sfoka: Shasthavasana rundhresa sputaikya bhavanam gatea Talrikonopagevapi maade mrutywbhayam nrunam. This means the native dies when sat enters in a house, or in its Trikona Rasi, which house is that house whose total sum of the longitudional distances of lords of 6, 8, 12. In the present case:

Lord of 6 — Sun — 273°# Lord of 8 — Ven — 226 Lord of 12 — Sat— 22° 521°

4' 26" 17 0 21 O 42 26 (i. e.) 11° 42' 26' Kanya According to the above Sat should crttei either io Kanya or VrishbhafTrikona Rasij.No doubt Vrishabha is the sign which Sat occupied at the time of death of the girl but entered on 27—4—7i. Does this not show that this is not useful to pinpoint but has innumerable alternative long perioos. Let us see the rule given by Guruji. Asc. Sub lord and star lord are same— Venus. Lord of 8 in 8. Venus gives the clue that the girl has no full life. So ( started calcuUting on which day the girl would expire. Herebelow the same is discussed. Asc. is Meena (CqinrnQn_sign)-as—such— —fiadtraka"-Slana"irTth Tibuse. As already known to one and all 2 and 7 are Marakasthanas, 7th being Maraka and Badhakastana it is the most evil house. Let us find out sigoificators of 2 and 7 which indicate death. 2. — Sat is in Bhava—Veu, and jupt. are in Sat. star Sat as it is in Bhava. Lord of 2:—Mars:—Rahu is in Mart star, Mars is Lord of 2. Sat aspects Sun by its IOth aspect. Mars, Ven and Jupt. occupied i (a death house) 7. — No planet in Bhava: Lord Merc:—No planets are in Mere.' Star. That means Merc is the strongesi planet to inflict death. Therefore Ven, Jupt, Sat, Rabu, Mars, Sun. and Merc, are the total sigoificaton which inflict death. That means except Ketu, Moon all are to give death to the native in their conjoined period. All the 8 planets arc in each others subs, At this time, the followers of K. P. only easily decide the antara and Sooksbma and Day if 13

|hey strictly . follow Guruji's Principles and the principles enunciated by Shri •M. Madhusudhna Rao(Editor'ADRUSHTAM' Warangal] Both told that planets in death inflicting fihavas and in their strong subs will help in deciding antara and Sookshma and the day will be decided by the transit of luminaries. See Jupt and Merc. Both are in Sookshma parivarthava. That means Merc helps Jupt and Jupt helps Merc, in their conjoined periods. I selected Jupt. antara and Sookshma also, as Jupt in 8 a death house and particularly jupt must give results of Merc due to Sookshma Parivarthana (Merc, being the strongest of all the significators and also strong lignificator of 7th house, 7th being most evil house.) At the time (i. c.) July 1st week of preparation of this horoscope the native was surprisingly running Sun dasa Merc. Bhukti Rahu antara. In this Antara period only my son, his wife and daughter came to Bhilai. At times she appears to be alright. This also I checked.- This_is ^nly due-to Rahu^ Ruira -is^in l tr As no planets are in Rahu, Rahu is a strong significator of 11 besides representing Sat in Mesh a (weak Sat as it is neecha) As 11th house is to give cure I looked to Jlth Cusp, This 11 th Cusp ism Sat Sign—Sun— Star—Ven Sub. As the sub lord Yen is a strong significator of II and also lord 8 to inilict death, how a malefic can give cure? It is sure that even though Rahu a significator •f 11 (a curring house; as it is under the powerful influence of Mars a significator of 2 by being Rahu in Mars star Merc. Sub and aspected by Mars by its 4th aspect.

Rahu made us believe that it -^ives cure but actually became helpless due to other influencing factors. Sun Dasa Merc Bhukti Rahu antara from I3_6—71 to 28—7—71 Sun Dasa Merc Bhukti Jupt antara from 28—7—71 to 9—9—71 Sun Dasa Merc Bhukti Jupt. Sookshma 28—7—71 to 3—8—71 This period of Jupt antara. Jupt Sookshma runs from 28—7—71 to 3—8—71 (7 days) During this period I looked at transit of Sun first to find the date of death. Sun transits from 27—7—71 to 3—8—71 in Kataka in Sat Star. Let us see Moon. Moon transits Tula, Vrischika during the above 7 days I selected Vrischika sign as Mars. (Lord of II Maraka house) is conjoined with Jupt & Ven. in Vrischika itself. Moon is also in Merc, star, the strongest death inflicting planets. Jup. sub (antara & sookshma nadha) which extends from 236° 6' 40" to 237° 53' 20"—This 236° 6' 40" is entered by moon on 2/3—8—71 at 2.48 A. M. The girl child exact!y_expired at-2.50 A.-M. ~ This I revealed to my wife in the first weeh of July with instructions fiot to get alarmed and make my son and his wife to get alarmed. Strangely it can be seen how jupt., lord of Lagna (Jupt) aspecting lagna itself inflicted death whom, the traditionals gconsider to save life by mitigating even a lakh of Doshas. Once more this has proved K. P. ever prevails but never, never fails. With Pranams to Guruji and Shri M. Madhusndhana Rao I conclude. Let K. P. keep all in peace. Subham.

RULING PLANETS What do you mean by Ruling Planets? 1. There are 7 days in a week and every day is ruled by one planet. The nodes are not given any day. They don't own even any sign in the zodiac. They are considered stronger than the planets who own the sign or who rule the day. Sunday is ruled by Sun, Monday by Moon, Tuesday by Mars, Wednesday by Mercury, Thursday by Jupiter. Friday ^ /by Venus and Saturday by Saturn, therefore these planets are respectively the rulers of the day. Here the day is taken into consideration

according to Hindu Theory flrom the momcat of Sun rise to the moment of succeeding Sim rise. It may be less than or greater tham 24 hours, whatever it is, sun rise, to sun rise is a day. The day changes only just after the sun rise, and so the ruling planets as mentioned above wjll begin to operate from the moment of .sun rise and the next planet will begin tt govern the day from the time of next sun rise. This is called lord of the day. 2. The Zodiac is divided into 2/f equal parts and each area is called Lunar

Mansion and they are supposed to be ruled by the planets includiug the nodes. So 27 constellations are distributed among the 9 planets and nodes in the order of Vimsbodbari dasa system. Therefore if either the ascendant or Moon or any planet were to be in a particular constellation it is said that the ascendant or Moon or the planet is in the constellation ruled by a Planet which is ascertained from Vimshodhari Dasa. The lord of the constellation in which Moon was, is said to be the ruler of the Nakshathra at that time, on that day. If at a particular time, the ascendant falls in one of these constellations then the led of the constellation is said to be the ruler of the star of the ascendant. 3. Zodiac is divided into 1^2 equal parts and each is called a sign and these signs are ruled by 7 planets ard nodes having no sign of their own, The behaviour of the nodes is peculiar and it should be understood after referring to Krishnamurti Padhdhati. Regarding the ownership or ruler ship of these signs Mars i ules the signs land 8, Venus governs 2 and 7 Mercury 3 and 6, Moon the 4th alone. Sun the Sth^sign aloncrTupiter 9 aad-12and Saturn 10 and 11 Counted from Meshaâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; Aries. Therefore if either Moon or the ascendant were to be in any of these, then the owner of the sign is said to be the ruler of the Rasi where Moon was and ruler of the ascendant where Lagna was. These ruling planets included the lord of the day, the lord of the Nakshathra where the ascendant is, the lord of the Rasi where Ascendant falls, the lord of the constellation where Moon is, the lord of the sign where Moon is. Regarding the planets there are two ways of ascertaining.

a) Star lord of the ascendant, lord of the ascendant, star lord of the Nakshathra. star lord of the Rasi and then the lord of the day. b) Of these planets, if any were to be in the constellation of a planet in exaltation that is the strongest. If any planet even though strong in sign if it were to be in the constellation of a debilitated planet, ij is weak. In this manner one is to judge a planet which is stronger than the other; that must necessarily operate while judging for the ruling planets. c) Even though ruling planets are selected in the order given in para 1, if a ruling planet were to be in the sub of another who is detrimental to the houses to be judged for a particular matter by being the significator of houses 8 and 12 to house to be judged then this will not be a fruitful ruling planets. d) If ruling planet selected according to para 1, were to be in the sub of a retrograde planet t -en also this ruling planet is not useful. Hence while selecting the ruling planets these conditions are to be observed. ejâ&#x20AC;&#x17E; 111 he niling Jjlanet is retrngrade or even though if the Inrd nf the constellatiDTi in which ruling planet whether in direct motion or retrograde motion is retrograde one should not decide that the matter will not materialise because of the ruling planets. After thorough research it has bsen established, that a ruling planet fails to offer only when it is in a sub the lord of which is retrograde. If Rahu or Kethu were to be in conjunction wiih another planet or aspected by another planet or if it were to be in a sign Rahu and Kethu will act as an Agent for them. Foe further details refer to Rahu and JKethu in Krishnamurli Padhdhati.

THE USE OF THE RULING PLANETS The advanced Stellar Theory of astrology, Ruling planet can better be named as the commonly known as the Krishnaraurti masterkey which can be fitted to any problem Padhdhati has revolutionised ths whole lock to unlock the secrets of such problems predictive asTrolugy and it is a definite which one may face in any walk of life, may improvement over Uk old traditional system it be a question related to one^s education, of prediction. It has givea a new vision to marriage, child birth or it, may be a question the astrologer and it is only after related to one's employment such as promo.inirodyjtion of K P. that we can call astrology tiou, transfer etc. The Ruling planets are a Science. But the Masterpiece part of always there to guide the wise astrologer. Ruling planets can be applied to the Natal ihe whole work of Sri IC. S. Krishuamurti is the invention ol Ruling Planets. The Horoscopy as well as to the Horary Astrology U

w with the sattie accuracy and at the same time figured in the Ruling planets and the Moon is the application is so simple and easy that even replaced successfully by the two Nodes. Thcrcfofo we can safely exclude the second Mercury a novice of this science can make use of Ruling planets with the same authority as an master sign Virgo and concentrate upon Gemini expert can do. Whether if be a major or a only. . minor event, the rule of the Ruling planets is Here we are mainly concerned with fixing infallibly helpful in correctly fixing the time of the time of arrival but it is interesting to note that event. that the ruling planets have not fall short of I am narrating here one'such example out their role and the strong Mercury suggests that of many where the Ruling planets have been the team will come on a Wednesday and no correctly used to fix up the time of occurance other day as no other planet ruling of an event. A team of experts was scheduled the week day is included in the ruling to visit my office on January i9, 1972 at planets except one, so it cannot be Tuesday or Thursday, or any other Week day. 13-30 hours. But there was no mention in the programme where the members of the team The Gemini sign consists of Mars star will take their lunch on and so I became Chitra till 6° 40', then Rahu star Swati till 203 anxious to know before hand the exact time and lastly the Jupiter star Vishakha. The Mars of arrival of the team so that the necessary and Jupiter are not amongst the ruling planets arrangements could be made. Equally and so we are left with the strong node Rahu interested were my office assistants. could star Swati to consider. not get time for a few days and only oil 17th January, 1972. I got some time and at Therefore I declared that on 19th January, 3.48 P. M. sharp I sat to work out time of 1972, Wednesday at a time when ascendant arrival of the team by making use of the rises in Gemini sign, Rahu Star, Mercury sub Ruling planets. The whole procedure is given the team will arrive, or the team will arrive below:— ; J^\ when the ascendant rises in the Mercury sign star' KeTir~s\jb. The Merciny The day is (17th January, i972j a \Vednesi * sub rangesRahu 12° 33' 20" to 14° 26' 40" and day. The time of calculation is 3.48 P.M. 1ST ' the Ketu subfrom is from 14° 26'40" to 15° 12' 20". The Moon is transitting in Capricorn sign, In Marcury sub I select the Ketu subsub and RohiniStar. The ascendant was in rising in in the Ketu sub I select the Mercury subsub. XjemmrSTgn and in Arudra star. So the Ruling These two points of zodiac are jointly conplanets at the time of judgment are trolled by the three ruling planets, and we take 1. Day Lord is Mercury. the starting points of them only. The details of the calculations are given as under. 2. Moon sign Lord is Saturn. 1. Mercury sign Rahu star — Mercury 3. Moon star Lord is Moon. sub & Ketu subsub ranges from 12° 49' 20" to 4. Ascendant sign lord js Mercury. 12° 55' 59" of Gemini and 2. Mercury sign— 5. Ascendant star lord is Rahu. Rahu star — Ketu sub & Mercury subsub elongates from 15.06.40 to 15.73.40 of So the total Ruling planets are Mercury, Gemini. Saturn, Moon and Rahu. The Moon is conjoined with Rahu and Ketu is in Cancer. 1". The Nirayana ascenThus the two strong nodes replace the Modn dant to rise in the completely. Rahu is in Capricorn and Saturn east 12° 49'20" Gemini is retrograde so we replace it with Rahu. Kfishnamurti AyaTherefore only Mercury, Rahu and Ketu arc namsa , for 1972 our final Ruling planets. Since the Ruling added to it 23° 22' 00" planets are limiteo to three only and the two nodes are not alloted any signs in the Zodiac 06° 11' 20" of Cancer we are not left with many alternatives to The corresponding Sidereal time to this consider except the two signs, Gemini and the Virgo owned by Mercury. TTie Virgo consists ascendant fOfi® 11' 20" of Cancer) to rise from the Raphael's Table of houses comes to 23 hrs of three padas of Sun star Ultraphalguni, upto 32 mts 26 sec. The Sidereal time at previous 10 deg. and then Moon star Hasta to 23° 20' and lastly the two padas of the Mars star 5.30 P.M. (18—1—72) is 01 hrs. 18 mts! 01 sec., deducted and also the correctTon time Chitra til! 30" Virgo Sun and Mars have not 17

at the ra^e of 10 sec per house which comes to 3 mts 40 sec. deducted from this figure and We finally get figure of f23h—32' 26"— Ih; 21' 41") 22 hrs 10 mts 45 sec. That means 22 hrs 10 mts 4S sec. after the previous 5.30 P, M. LMT the team will reach or in Other words the team will reach Rampur at 3.40.43 LMT or we may, say that the team will arrive at 3.54 37 P.M. 1ST ("after adding 13 mts 52 sec. which is the LMT correction for Rampur). When we apply the same calculations to the second point i. e. 15° 06' 40" to Gemini Nirayan or S® ^8' 40" of Cancer sayati to rise in the east the corresponding Sidereal time comes to 23 hrs 42 mts 36 sec. and after making the necessary deductions of 1 hr 18 rats 01 sec. and 3 mts 40 sec. as explained above we get 22 hrs 20 mts 53 sec. That means after 22 hrs 20 mts 58 sec. after the previous 5.30P.M. LMT the team will come. This comes to 3.50.5 8 P.M. LMT or 4,05 P.M. 1st the teim will come (13 mts 52 sec. which ■ ' LMT corTection tira^Tof R anipurTs^addedr)

But it appears little funny since two times for arrival of one team have been calculated. It is difficulty to fix up one of these two times. I consider that the^Mercury is an important planet and it is repealed twice, and the day is Wednesday ruled by Mercury and the sign is also a dual one Gemini. So the dual t atiire of Mercury and the Gemini will play th<' role of duplicacy and the team will arrive in two instalments. The first batch of team will arrive at 3.5 5 P. M 1ST and the second batch of the team will arrive at 4 05 P.M. 1ST. On 19—I —71 we started waiting right from 1.30 P.M. but to our surprise the first vehicle carrying three members of team arrived at3.55 P.M. and the other vehicle carrying the last batch arrived at the office at 4.05 P. M. 1ST. We all were happy and many of the office assistants congratulated rae for the correct prediction and 1 expressed my gratitude to the Master astrologer, Sothida Mannan, Jyotish Marthan K. S. Krishnamurti, the inveutor of Krishnamurti Padhdhati and the Ruling Planets.

! fi

ASTROLOGY—IS IT A MIRACLE ? By P. 5. SA5TRI, S.A.R.I., Koraput ('Orlssa; As per K. P., planet is the source to indicate certain matters. The Icrd of the constellation in which the planet is situated^ indicates the nature of results and the Sub is the deciding factor as to whether the mailer is favourable or not. In this case Dasa lord Moon is in the Sub of planet in 6th bhava. Buktl lord Saturn is in the Sub of planet in 10th. Anthara lord Venus is in the Sub of lord of Lagna. Since the Dasa Bhukti and Antara lords aie signif>ing 6, 10, 9 and 5bouses as well as Dasa lord's and Bhukti lord's disposition in the Sub signifies the houses_i> —and-which is —excellent Antharnaaha signifies 5 and 9 houses, which shows change of place. Hence I predicted that he will get promotion and change of place during last week of January 1972. Since the Transit Ravi passes through in Bhukiinadba sign in Sub of Rahu fwho is in llth also is the agent of of Venus) on 27—1—72. Surprisir gly the querist received promotion order as S. D. O. fRural Engineering Organisation) and change of place on 27—1—'72, morning. He came to me on 28—I—'72 evening and conveyed his congratulations so 5a>ing 'Is astrology a miracle?*, as there was a proposal to lift ihe promotion of S. D. Os by Government of Orissa. He wholeheartedly expressed that all K. P. followers can give correct predictions and the picture of divine plan with perfection and "precision whereas Long Live Gurujee. Ever Live K. P.

Hullo, Sastri, Your prediction about ray promotion has come true. So saying Sri. Sridhar Mahapairo acknowledged on 28—1—*72 at evening. Tim querist had met me on U—10—'71 at 5.40. P. M. to get his — horoscope rectified and to have a copy cast in K. P., when he met me he handed over details. Moon position at that raomeut was in the sign Gemini 27 degrees 28 minutes. His birth lagna was also the same. * I Horoscope is as follows:— ' M oon 22°-14' Rahu CMS Mars 190-49' 28c-2ro lup.Vcnu« Havi 2f) -09 Lagna XII 27"=2r 17*-28' Merc. 60-19' XI 25° 12'

D/B 9-4-1929 iX 20o-2r Tuesday 11-41-04 A.M. II 220-21' I.S.T 18'-47' N. 84o-08' E Budha Balance o VIII 22®-2r 4 Yeais 10 Months m 20 -2I * 27 .Days VII 28®-28' VI 270-i.r Sat. 7®-45' Ketu 0o-18'

V 22p-39' IV 22''-21'

Secondly the 7ih cusp Sub lord in the horoscope happened to be Moon and situated in Revaihi star. It means 7th Cusp Sub lord occupied dual sign and with star whose lord is a dual planet. The native admitted that he had two marriages. Then I found Moon dasa Saturn bhukti and Mercury antara runs at that time from 2—9—'7ito9—II — '71. Then follows Ketu antara from 9—11—'71 to 2—1—'72. Then follows Venus antara Irom 2—I—'72.

Good Luck


TRANSFER JO MYW1FE By P. S, SASTRY, Koraput COrissa; of the occupants,, are stronger than the On the 8th September 1971 one of my occupants themselves. AH these planets will fcolleagues wanted me to predict when his wife give the result of the house in varying degrees will get a transfer to the place where he is depending on the subs occupied by them. working as they had so far been to live Rahu and Kethu are Moon^s ascending'anc: seperatcly at a long distance away from each descending nodes. They are always stronger other. He put the query at 6.40 A. M. on than the planets represented by them. They 8—.9—71 at Koraput (18-45N). I took it for give, first the results of the planets with which judgement at 5 P. M on the same day for the they are conjoined then the results of the number given by his wife within 249. The planets in whose constellation they are number was 215. deposited then those of the planets aspecting them and then the results of the owner of the Moon Saturn sign occupied by them. 0 13M)3' V l20-23' II \V-2Y 8 -21'o III 20 -23' Vi W-IY When will the Transfer Materialse? One can expect transfer during the conjoint period of the significatdrs of houses VI 8'-23' Lagna No. 21 (215) 3, 10 and 12. The significators for these houses 8—9—71 19 N. Ketu 19°-21 10°—26' are Mars, Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn. But S^DOTrM.TSiT. —Mars wiioria-lord of—3-aiid IB is-posited in. 12th conjoined with Rahu and aspecting Ketu . Balance of Ketu Mere, 4o0-48 Rahu 29°-24' Dasa Hence the favourable planets are Mars, Rahu 2 years 7 months VU 10 0-26' Marss (R) and Ketu. Whenever the significators are Ravi 21 -48' l8 -33' and 12 days numerous it is necessary to select the strongest Venus 2So-0' XII 80-23' planets; the best method is to find out the ruling planets at the moment of judgement and to see which of them agree with the X l7®-23' 0 9 <> signifactors. Those ruling planets which are Xt 12 -23' Jupiter IX 20 -23' VIH l7 -23' 60-15' deposited in the sub of retrograde puhiets will not advance the results. Reject them and . take the remaining. In the above chart the For transfer in service we have to judge ruling planets are as follows:— houses 3, 10 and 12. The third house shows change of place and short journey, 10th house Day Lord Mercury (Wednesday) employment: and 12th house new envoirnRasi Lord — Mars (Aries) inent and thorough change. Star Lord — Ketu (Aswani) Is Transfer Possible? The common significators are found to be Mars and Ketu alone. At the time of the In Horary Astrology the sub lord of the judgment, Ketu dasa balance was 2 years 5th or 9th cusp should be situated in the star 7 months and 12 days. Ketu dasa, Mars. whose lord should be in a moveable or dual sign. In this case the 5th cusp sub lord is Bhukti is now running. In this period Ketu saturn who occupied Moon's star and Moon Antara operates from 2—11—71 to 12—11—71 As the Antara is of a short duration J conis in Aries which is a moveable sign. Hence sidered the Moon transit during the above transfef is indicated. Rut for natal charts if period. On 2—11—71 which is , a Tuesday the Antara lord happens 10 be the sub lord of 5tb or 9th cusp then move is possible. fruled by Mars) Moon transits in Mars sign (Aries) Ketu Star (Aswani), Hence T boldly Now according to Krishnamurti Padhdhati declared that she will receive her transfer the owner of a house is the owner of the sign order on 2nd November 1971. The querrent where the cusp falls. Planets in the constellacongratulated me on *5—11 —/I in my ofirceoit tion of the owner of a house arc stronger than receipt of a letter from his wife saying my the owner give the result of that house. prediction had come true to the letter. # Further the occupant of a Bhava is stronger than the planet of in any of the constellations "Lonc Live Guruji"


One gentlemen, with his wife and. two children were on pilgrimage tour. They took, a chance and paid visit to my place on their way. In the course of the talk, the lady ÂŤaid ^'Whenever we consult any astrologer he or she says that if at all we suffer it was due to Sade-sati L e. 7^ years Saturn and they threaten and depress us." As you are an .authority we wanted to consult you. Now only we had the opportunity to meet you at Madras. You kindly go through the 4 horoscopes and tell us what Sade-Sati can do for us. The elderly Gentlemen (the head of the family) was born in Punarvasu star whereas the elderly lady (bis wife) was born in Poorvashada. The first daughter to them was born in Revathi and the second issue, a son. jvas bQm_in Hastham. Hence in â&#x20AC;&#x201D; that family all the 4 members, had Moon Tn 4~ai!!erenE Rasis. One had Moon in Mithuna, the other In JKanya, another in Danus and 4tb in Meena. lit years Saturn Traditional astrologers -opine that one experiences adverse results when Saturn transits in the sign, 12 to Moon's sign (for nearly 2^ years) then in the same sign where Moon was (for 2% years) and then in the next sign counted from Moon's sign (for a period of nearly 2ÂŁ years). Thus when Moon transits in 12, one and 2 counted from Modn^s sign i. e. in 3 consecutive signs it takes nearly. years. Sox Saturn transiting in these signs for nearly 7^ years is called 'Sade-Sati'. In. a family where the members have Moon in MithUna, Kanya, Danus and Meena, one member or the other must ever have SadeSati. When one is having Sade-Sati, any one of the other members can have Ashtama Sani alio. This family, though not actually suffering is terribly afraid of the various threatening predictions of Sade-Sati, heard from Traditional Astrologers.

The-eldest member of the family put me the following queries. (a) When will I have next promotion? (b) When will I change my car, (c) when will I extend my building and (d) when can I have a grand son? This clearly implies that inspite of SadeSkti, to one or the other, the eldest member is in service, having enjoyed already some promotion and he wants to find out the next" (c) he had already constructed a house and he would like to extend it, due to the birth of grand daughters, (b) he enjoys the benefit of conveyances, (d) he had his children already and they had so far only daughters etc. SadeSati to one member or other did not deny any to that family. My^confinned opinion or Adding is that Sade-Sati would not necessarily spoil all" the persons and stand on the way of their progress. No importance be given to Sade-Sati. This is; a crude method, most unscientific one. To satisfy the consultant, every one has some problem or the other, some worry or the other and immediately to dispose the consultant by repeating the Sade-Sati like a parrot is most unscientific. Has any body confessed that, (a) most of the people having Sade-Sati enjoyed their life, (b) had been cured from Chronic diseases, (c) had marriage celebrated, (d> children born, Ce) got into service, (f) opened business, (g) had promotion and, (h) made much money in the business. Indeed, it is a fact, Nobody can deny that people who had Saturn transitting in 11 experienced lot of difficulties whereas the same group of people enjoyed when Saturn was in 8 or in 12. Therefore one need not entertain any fear only due to Sade-Sati. 1 strongly advise ray readers to go through my book on 'TRANSIT and know the correct results of Gochara Phala.

RECEIPT OF ARREARS OF PAY By JyotisK Praveena P. R. MURALIDHARAM. B.E., A.M.I.C.E., & H. N. NAGENDRA, B E., fMech ) a. The horoscope for the moment of Judgment is as foil, ws;— 11! 5®-l9' 11 0P-I9' Mars Rahu 1 27®-20' xn r-i9'

IV 7°-19'

V 5°-19' VI I'-ir Saturn VII 27O-20'

No. 186 .6-26 P.M. I.S.T. tl'HMiDavangere0 Ayaobmsa 23 -2r Jupi ter XI 5°-19'

X 70-l9'

Kethu Vlll 0®-19' Moon Mercury Sun JX 50-l9' Venus

b. Planetary Pos'tions— Sia. lord Planet Sublord Sun Jup SuD Ven Moon Rahu Moon Mars Mire Mere Ven Sun Sal Ketu Jup Ven Sun Kelu Moon Rahu Sit Rshu Moon Meic Merc Kelu Ketu «. Astrological Analysis— In asirological paralance, second house indicates one's bank position and self acquisuion. 6th house denotes gelling moriey b. Idan or loan repaid by one who borrowed far by receiving one's due, due to service rendered to anfaihei. Temh house shows one's profession, receipt of money i hereby, etc., Eleventh houseshows the net profit.

Second, Sixth and Tenth house isunoccupied. Eleventh house is occupied by Jupiter. No planet is in Jupiter Star. The lords of the second, sixth, tenth and eleventh.houses are Saturn, Mercury,. Venus and Mars respectively. Jupiter is in. Saturn Star. Kethu is in Mercury star. M ion and Mercury are in Venus Star, No planet is in Mars Star. Saturn, Moon and Mercury aspects the -second-bouse^ Saturn aipecls the elevenl house also. Include Sun since posited in. the same sign in which Venus is posited, (The difference of Longitude is about 5a-53'j Hence Jupiter, Kethu, Mood, Mercury,. Mars, Saturn, Venus and Sun are the significators. In Uttarakalamrita, Kalidas implies that nodes offer the results of the Planets witb which they are conjoined or that b/ which they are a.peeled or offer the results of the lords of the signs, where they are situated, if there is do conjunctjon or aspeci. Rabu is conjoined with Mars. Rahu is in Moon star and is posited in Saturn sign, SaRahuis a sigoificator. Kethu is net only the significator, by being tenamed in the Star of Mercury, lord of the sixth, house, but also he is aspected by three eigoiSciitors. i. e., Mars, Saturn and Jup ter Further Kethu is in Moons' sign. So Kethu is a strong significator. the ruling planets at the moment of the judgmem are:— Sat—Day lord; Sun—S'gn lord;; Ven Star lord; Jup-Lagna lord; Lagna Star lord Jupiter. - (Rahu represents Saturn; Kethu represents Saturn A Jupiter.)

1971 and 16th Nov. 1971. Moon will be Hence consider Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, in Sun sign—Kethu Star (MagbaraJ on Sun, Rahu & Ketbu. Thursday,the UthNovember 1971. Jupiter, No Pianet is retrograde on this day, a beneficial strongest significator on this hence no Pianet is posited in the star of day transits in Mars sign-Mercury starretrograde pianet. According to K. P., if Mercury sub (Mercury is in Venus star the Sub-lord is one of the sigoificator, then (Lord of ICHh) and lord of the 6lh cusp. the planet deposited in such a sub is Mercury aspects the 2nd cusp and is beneficial, otherwise not aspected by the Uih cusp lord Mars. So In this chart Jupiter, Venus and Kethu Mercury is connected to 2nd, fiih, 10th and are in K.ethus' sub, a strong significator. 11th houses. So Mercury is equally Sun is in Jupiter sub. Saturn is in Rahu powerful significator). aub. Rabu is in Mercury sub. Out of the above sigaificators Jupiter, Venus and Therefore on 11th November 1971 the Kethu are the strongest. native will receive his arrears of Salary. The event fruitifies, when the strongest [Editor; Congratulations to both for beneficial sigoificator or the luminaries your correct prediction. In future you take transit any or many of the sensitive points Natal charts also and explain various aspects ruled bv the beneficial sienificators. , .ofJife,4)lease.] Sun a significater and a luminary transits in Venus sign Jupiter star between 6th Nov. Good Luck WILL BUSINESS SUIT ME? ANY PARTNERSHIP? Tbe Astrologer is to predict whether he will enter into partnership or not. Astrologer is not to offer advice and astrologer is to predict what has happened and what will take place.

Example ^ The Horoscope of the querist is given below— VIII na-v

Rahu ]20-\4' IX l80-6'

Moon 60-35' Mercury 188-6'

XI I7»-6'

Today, 2—2—72, is a Wednesday, and Moon is transitting in Poorvapaiguui Nakshathra; therefore Sun, Venus and Mercury (the Lord of the day) are the ruling planets. His Nakshathra Karthik is correct as it is in Venus sign. Sun's star and Mercury's sub. Also his Ascendant is in Sun's sign Venus star. Taking that the horoscope furnished . by the Querist is correct, he is replied as follows ;—

■ Dt. 20/21-KM 948 XII17®-6' at 2-47 A.M. I.S.T. Ay a oam sa 230-2' Sun dasa Balance Sat. 0 B 1 Year 6 Months Asc. 16 -48' VI 17 .6' Venus 14 Days. 230-52'

vn ic'ms'

Meridian indicates the nature of the profession by which one can earn. Meridian is in 1806' in Taurus, so it is in Moon's star and Mercury's sub. Mercury is Lord of 2 and II and it is in the consteliation of Lord of 1, deposited in the second house. Meridian receives the aspect of Lord of 7. Therefore business will be really satisfactory and profitable.

III 18°-6' Merc. 20-26' V 170-6' IV Kethu Jxyiiter 1S6-6'0 2--09' Mars 9 -28' Sun12°-14' 4'>-2!/ II I7»-6' First we should see whether he wil have any business. Secondly whether partnership will be had by him. ti

Will I have partnership? From our' experience, we have found that some people have partnership from their commencement oi their career till the end of the lite. Some start independently and in the middle, they have partnership. Some -start with partnership and then become independent. Some wind up the show. There are so many varieties. Astrologer can find all these different conditions from the horoscope of a person only b y judging the Dasas which ate running. In this case, the Dasas that are to run, are Rabu, Jupiter, Saturn etc. Rabu is deposited in Lhc.constellation of Ketu_and isjn _the_sub._ ofMtrcury. Ketn is in the second bouse and Mercury is Lord of 2 and 11. Therefore Rabu is a very strong significator promising the commencement of a business as well as running business. Jupiter, is also depot ited in the constellation of Ketu which is in the second bouse and Jupiter is in the Sub of Venus, who is Lord of 10. Saturn is also in the constellation of Ketu situated in the second hoUse and it is in , its own sub. Therefore after this person has completed 18 years and 6 months of hjs age for a prosperous period of ^3 years, the Dasas of Rabu, Guru and Sani have to run. Therefore the future is really bright and ever improving. It is a progressive horoscope. Partnership is indicated by the 7th Cusp and the significator of the 7; just like for marriage, we have to find out the partnership. 7tb Cusp is in }6°48' Aquarius/ Therefore it is in Rabu's star Venus sub! Venus is Lord of 3 and Lord of 10 It is in its own constellation. Therefore partnership will be bad and it is also advantageous. During Rabu dasa, .Rabu bhukii, Venus antra, in April, 1969, the partnership ought to have been made. Whomsoever Venus indicates, you can cake as partner cr you would have taken - as a partner. Venus is being aspected by Jupiter. Venus is in the Sun's sign, along with Saturn. Therefore any one whose luting planet happens to be Jupiter, Venus and Saturn will be your permanent partner. Since the Sub-Lord of the 7tb Cusp is Venus and it is Lord of 3 and 10. situated

in its own star, you can have your younger brother or sister or a neighbour as your partner. Wjil I be cheated by any ? Always for deception we have to judge the 12th bouse. 12th bouse is occupied by Saturn and is owned by Moon. SinceMoon is in the constellation of your Lord of the Ascendant and it is in ibe Sub of Mercury, Lord of 2 and 11, any one born in Moon's star that is Robini, Hastba, Sravanam will be ever working to your advantage and they cannot in any manner cheat you. Sani is in the constellation of node in-2~ihd is in the^Sub •f Lord bfTand 6, hence even if any body wuuld try to cheat you in their periods and subperiods then they are throwing mud om their own bead, whereas their attempts would never deprive you, but anything will be to your advantage and their disadvantage. Hence you need not entertain any fear. But Mars is the planet, which is in. Saturn's star. Hence during Mars period, you ought to have lost. Mars major, period will hot return in .your life-time. Be Bold. Go ahead. Believe in God. Be true. Do the right. Good Luck. Example 2: The horoscope of another is as follows: Mercury 24a-42' Jup 20o-38/ < / Veous ,19V21' XI 26'-54' Xll 2^-42' fi,sc. 27 '-00 Mars 0 : l2 -2r I; Moon : Ketu 18'-34' 15-2—1953 22"-49' IX 22<'-42' 3-35 P.M. I.S.T. • II 23>42' Merc, ty-ll' Sub 3o-20' ' Ayanarnsa 23c-6' Jupiter Dasa VIII 23M2' Balance 12 Years . Ill 229-42' 0 Rahu 1S -34' 7 Months 13 Days VII 27"-OC' VI 27®- 42' '

V 26®-54' Sai. (H)

IV 24°-42'

The 7th cusp indicates bot{i the partner- palguni or Uthrashada will be your ship and business. Whether one will partner. prosper in the business or not. It is Secret enemies are judged from 12tb advisable to judge the Sub Lord of the 7th house. planet is in 12. But Lord of Cusp. The Sub Lord must be a significator this signNowhere the 12th Cusp falls, is of the houses 2 or 6 or 11. Then only one Venus. Hence Jupiter which is in Venus will prosper in this .business. constellation indicates either in investment 10th house is for one's reputation, or expenses and loss; but Venus in its Sub popularity and profession. Here the 10th period will give the results of the houses 1, house is owned by and also occupied by 4 and 8. Jupiter. The Meridian is in 24° 42' Venus indicates purchases of Land, Pisces. It is in the constellation of the conveyance. His period is to Lord of Lagna and the Sub of Rahu, who building, commence from July, 1972; thereafter ail is the significator of the second bouse and conveniences will be had and the most 7th. Therefore business will be profitable; peaceful and pleasant period of Venus, -popularity -will Jse..increasing; rt-WilLsuit will commence: — you. For you, as regards, Saturn Dasa, Venus. The period when your self aquisition Bhukti in traditional astrology, there are will start, will be judged from the houses two contradictory rulings. It is said that 2, 6. 7, 10 and 1-1. Second house is not if Saturn or Venus or both happened to be occupied by any planet but it is owned by the planets causing Rajayoga, then, when Moon, whose star is occupied by Rahu. both of them oir either of them, happened Second house is represented by Kethu. 6th to be exalted, the native will beg alms in house is not occupied by any; Mars is its the street even though he is bom a King lord; Saturn is in Mars' star and in the sub or a Kubera. of Venus. Saturn aspects the 2nd bouse. 10th house is owned and occupied by It is also said that if either Saturn or Jupiter and Moon alone is in Jupiter's star. Venus happen to be the owner of the 8th Moon is represented by Kethu; therefore or the 12th house, then, if they are you will have self aquisition from Saturn mutually placed in the houses 6, 8 and 12, Dasa, Kethu Bhukti, i. e., immediately to each other, then the native will have after yon attain majority. Mars must have most brilliant results. Thus there are tw» some connection or the other to give different rulings, one says that you will courage, to do the business and the present become a prince and the other a begger, Dasa Lord Saturn receives the 8th aspect Saturn is Lord of 8 and Venus is Lord of from Mars; therefore you will do business 12. They are in 6 and 8 to each other; from Saturn Dasa. therefore they will offer for wealth and life. So which to predict is a problem to For prosperity we have to note the the traditional astrologer. Krishnamurti Dasas which are to run. Now you are Padhdhati, gives clearly the clue. Saturn running Saturn Dasa; then Mercury Dasanatha is in the constellation of Lord follows, later Kethu and so on. Saturn is of 6 and 11 and is deposited in the constelin the 4th house; it is in the constellation lation of Venus. Venus is exalted and is of Lord of 6 and 11. Next Mercury Dasa in the 9th house. Venus is in Jupiter sign. which is in Rahu's star, which is the Mercury star, Venus Sub. It is conjoined significator of 2 and 7, then follows Kethu with Lord of 6 and 11. So Venus is also Dasa which is also connected with the advantageous; Saturn Dasa, Venus Bhukti house 2; for many years you will be only will prove to be good. Therefore it is in business: Gain or loss depends on the advisable to take up a - business and'the lords of the sub period. advantages will accrue straight from the Since the 7th cusp is in Sun's star and Q Sun's Sub,any one bom in Simba Lagna .. .timcyou start the business. '' ' Good Luck. or Simha Rasi or in Karthik, Uthra2.5

THAISSFER .'ORDERS—WHEN ?. Br B. V. S. S. RAMA RAO, Rajam,' Dt. Srikakulam, A.P. Time of Judgment: 28—I—1972 (Friday) 2-57 I. S. T. (Noon) Place of Judgment. Rajam. 83° 40'E 18* 2S'N No. Within 249 - 87 Leo (Sun, Kelhu, —Moon) Kuja 270-55' IX 2'-26' vjn r-2'

Sat. (R) 6®-3' X 4 *-2'

Sukra ZC-SS' vn 3o-40'

RASI CHAKRA Balance of Rahu Rahu 1 r-48' dasa 1 Year 0 Ravi 1I0 -41' 7 Months 21 Days YI 4 -2' Budha 0a-57' V 5"-2' Jap. 4D-48'

IV 4e-2'

III 2*-26'

IX 5V2' Moon l80-47' XII 40-2' Kethu ll'-48' I 3 *-40'

n ivz'

Horary chart was casted as per Advanced ' Stellar system advocated by Prof. Krishnamurti Cusps of Twelve houses were determined as per K. P. Number 87 within 249 shows Sun's sign Ketu Star and Moon's sub rises. Qther cusps were determined using Raphaels Table of Houses for the place of the query deducting Krishnamurti Ayanamsa 23° 22' IV Bhava Jupt Mercury V Bhava Bhava Sun Rahu Vi Bhava Sukra VII Bhava VIII Kuja Bhava X Saturn Bhava XI Moon Bhava XII Kethu

Planet, Star lord Sub lord Kuja Budha Sani Guru Ravi Moon Moon Rahu Moon Ravi Budha Rahu Sufcra Guru Guru Sani(R) Ravi Budha -MoosRahu— Knja_ San i Moon Kethu Guru Ketu Kuja For transfer, houses 3,10, 12 are to be considered, (1) 3rd House is vacant (2) 10th House is occupied by Saturn. As Rahu is occupying Capricorn, Saturn is represented by Rabu; Kcthe is in Saturns star. (3) 12th House is occupied by Kethu: lord of the I2lh house is Moon and it is in Rahu's star and in its own sub hence powerful. To sum up Rahu, Moon and Kethu are the strdng signiheators. Moon is also in 11 tb JBhava aspected by Jupiter. Surprisingly Moon isoccupyiog Rahu'sstarand Rahu is occupying Moon's star and Hence Rahu and Moon are inter-related. At the moment of the query the day lord is sukra, star lord is Rahu Moon is transniting in Gemini and its lord is Budha and the Lagna lord is Sun, in whose star, Budha is. According to Dasa balance, Rahu dasa Moon Bhuktbi and Ketu antara begins on 2—4—1972. Hence T predicted him that he will receive his transfer orders on 5—4—1972 on Wednesday when Moon transits in Moola (Ketu constellation in Dhanus) and when sun enters Pisces in Mercury's star Moon's sub, Rahu will be transiting in close conjunction with Fortuna i. e. 8-16' in capricorn on that day. Let us wait and see tbcresult. [Editor:—In June issue, the fate of the prcdictiou will be published.]


MARRIAGE—WHEN L. K. GANAPATHI PULLE, Matjle fCejflon) I am a new student of K. P. and to [ astrology too. I was attracted by our Guruji Honble K.S. Krisbnamurti's lecture, which was . delivered by him last year at Matale. I bought , the K. P. books with the help of Mababala '■ Publishers. I have to thank them for this j help. Recently a friend of mine went to India -Uo-seehis.thtfejiisters alSalem,from there he | wrote to me to know'His mafTlaBe-dater-l-havecalculatcd bis horoscope and predicted the ; date of his marriage according to K. P. He was bom at 2.30 A.M. on 12th July, 1942 at 7° 30' N; 80° 37' E. His horoscope.-— II 4"-26' 0 / A sc. 60-56' Mere 5 -44 XI la-26' XII 40-2S' Sat. 1500~Q' Moon 800-07' Vcd. 23 -31' Jup. 14a -I2' Suo 25 -57' Birth Chart in i"-or Kcthu Mars 24M4' 2-30 A.M. 13'-44' IV Z98-26' 1J/12 July, 1942 7#-30' N. 80o-37' E. X 29a-26' Rahu Dasa Balance Rahul36-44 IX lo-03' at birth 16 years 15 days.

in Gemini the 2nd Bbava. Hence the significators are Mars, Saturn Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Moon. Selection:— According to K. P. we have to select the fruitful significators those are on the sub of planets signifying'7, 7 and 11. Jupiter is in Mercury Sub; Mars is in Rabu Sub, Rabu represents Sun in 2nd, Mercury is in Moon Sub posited in 2nd.. Saturn is in -Jupitet_Sttb. Hence Jupiter Mars Mercury and Saturn are Truilful Significatcrs—to—givemarriageHe is running Jupiter Dasa from; 26—7—1958. He will be running Jupiter Dasa Mars Bhukti Mercury Antrafrdm 14—9—1971 to 1—11—1971. In that Sat Sookshma is between 24—10—1971, Hence I happily wrote to my friend on 13—10—71 that his marriage dale would be between 24th October, 1971 and 1st Nov. 1971. Actually bis marriage took place on 29th October, 1971 at Salem. Born Poet: The following is the horoscope of a person born on 10th January, 1917, at 10° 22 North and 78° East. VI 19*-16'

VIII 4'-26' VII 60-56' VI 4"-26'

V I *-26'

Jupiter 30-29' VII l8D-23'

VIII 17M6'

IX 160-16' Kctu 27*-17'

Sat. 5--ir: Time 1-48 A.M. Moon 0 Date 9/10—1—1917 X12I6"-55' -I6' < Ayanamsa 22 '-37' IV 16°-16' Balance of Saturn Mars I'-W Dasa at birth 5 years XI 17°-16' Mercury 3 months 0 days i3*-or V !7*-16'

Vllth Cusp—Mars, Sat. Merc. His lagna" falls in Taurus on Sun star Mercury Sub at 6' 56'. The 7th cusp is Scorpio, Saturn Star Mercury Sub. Mercury posited in Gemini the 2nd house, Hence the marriage is promised. Mercury, Mooh, Jupiter and Sun posited in 2nd Bbava, Mars is in Mercury's star; Saturn is in Moon's Star: Sun is in Jupiter's Star: none in Sun, 7tb is unoccupied. Lord of 7 is Mars. Mercury is on Mar's Star, also unoccupied. Lord of 11 is Jupiter. It is

Rabu 27--17 Sun 260-25' 11 17*-16' III 16*-I6' VefcusO'-25' 27


XII 19°-16'

to be bom a Poet one should have strong Venus as a significator of the 2nd house and Mercury as the significator of the 9th house. "These two planets should bein the constellation 'of the planets deposited in Airy and Watery sign. Airy's sign gives much of imagination, whereas Watery signs makes it fruitful, Venus and Mercury give good intelect, imagination -and taste for poetry. Whenever Moon is very strong their works will be appreciated by -others as they would be pleased. In this horoscope Venus is in the 2nd

Itouse in the constellation of Kethu in 9, is an Agent to Mercury, the Lord of the 9lb house. Mercury is the Lord of the 9, but Mercury'mighVhave been in the constellation of a planet, not connected with 9th house. In that case, Mercury is to be weak. But now Mercury is in Moon's constellation, who is in the 9th house. Therefore Mercury is the very strong significator of the 9lh house. Therefore this person is a poet and he isverygoodin various languages more than 8.

Editor is blessing the couple and is congratulating Herr Khoul during the occasion of the marriage. Mrs. Kalyani Ramanan, got married on 9th February, 1972, at Madras. Traditional Transit System miserably fails. The bride has years Saturn and Ashtama Brihaspati as she is born in T^ohini starâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Rishaba Rasi. The bridegroom has Ashtama Sani and Thrithia Brahaspati as his birth star is Swathi, in Thula Rasi. In the next issue, how the Editor came very correct in his predictipn given about a couple of years ago and K.P. alone proved correct will be explained. It is really a miracle which has happened to fulfil the prediction. Mr. Ramanan and Herr Khoul, both came to India from Germany a week ago and for the first time saw the bride on 7th February, 1972, at 5-00 P.M. - Fixation;" and arrangements were made on 8th February, 1972, and the marriage went on pleasantly on â&#x2013; 9th February, 1972 at 10-00 A.M. Neither the girl has seen him before, nor the boy, <he girl. 29

MOKSHA WHEN'?The horoscope of the native is as follows: Ketu 9o-06' Jap. 14M)9' Sat. 8°-04' Asc. 9°-05' 11 G'-W' Moon 40-23 XII 4*-55/ Hi I'-OC 31—8—1929 XI 29o-00' Merc. 26°. 53 11-20 P.M. (I5T) IV 28°-00' .X 28o-00' VeDUSl3o-06 1 N 0 71°-IT E Sunl4<,-3(J' Mat* l -24' IX 1MJ0' V 29°- OC vni ^-oo' vn

bbukthi, one must use the ruling planets. TodayS—10—1971 Friday Star Robini; Moon in Taurus: Ascendant in Moolam star. Ruling planets are Venus, Ketu, Moon and Iupiter. These agree in Full. Next note the tiansit of all the significators in their conjoined periods. The transit during 3rd April 2000 agrees and indicates end of Life. Venus Transits in Jupiter sign, Jupiter star Pisces. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars all the tbiee transit in Venus star Bbarani in Mars sign Aries. They are in close conjunction. Sun enters in the star of Lord of 2 Mercury. Mercury will be in Jupiter star in Aquarius. Hence -3=-4^2000_ wi]l be_ the_tjme_when_even expert medical aid will be of any Shanthi done cannot prolong the life. As Ketlm is in the conjoined with the Saturn in Kethu constellation and Jupiter sub. You will be after celebrating Shasti Abdha Poortbl bent on Paraloka Sadhana, prayers etc. If Ketu is in its own constellation and is in 12 and if Ketu is in any manner connected with Jupiter then chances of having another birth is rare. But here Jupiter is in 12tb Ketbu. Hence you will have another birth Married Life. You were married during the major period of Mercury . (Mercury Lord or 2 is in i ts own constellation) in the sub-period of Rahu (aspected by Lord of 11 Saturn) in its own star and sub of Jupiter in U on 19—2—1969 when Sun transited in Rabu's star in Aquarius and the day was ruled by Disanatha Mercury. Mercury was transitting the constellation of luminary in 11. Moon was transiting in Utbrapadrapada ruled by Saturn lord of 11 .and in the sign Pisces owned by planet Jupiter occupying lltb bouse. According to tiansit-Tradition and KP. you were having Sade sati Janma Sani when traditional astrologer's do not normally expect. ' But as per K.P. Saturn' was in Pisces., in .the star of Dasanatha Mercury and sub Jupiter lord of 1L Rahu the Bhukihinadha was transitting in the sign of Jupiter and star of Saturn Utbrapadrapada (Jupiter and Saturn both are the significators of lltb bouse).

Rahu 9M)6' VI 40-55'

let ns first find out the longevity;' Your Ascendant is in Nirayana Taurus, owned by Venus, in the Constellation, Kartik, ruled by Sun and the sub is governed by Venus. Longevity and Moksha: As the Ascendant is a fixed sign, the ninetb s-go, therefrom is Bhadhakastbanei, occupied by Mars and owned by Saturn. The second house is owned by Mercury, deposited in its own Star (thereby gaining strength to do what it signifies) aspected by 'Mars lord of 7, the other Marakastbana, situated iu Bbadbakastbana. Ketu a node is in Mars sign (who is Lord of 7) conjoined with Saturn (who is lord of Bhadhakasthana) is in its own constellation in the 12th bouse. Ketu appears to be very strong malefic. It is in this stage clarity to decide is needed. K.P. says that one should note the house signified by the sublord where a planet is situated. Ketu is in its own star and sub of iupiter who is Lord of II, will. But Jupiter is in the •constellation of Saturn and so it is connected with 9th bouse when it is indeed a problem to fix the planets and dasa ,31

SHALL I PASS IN THE EXAMINATION ? By Jyotish Siromanf, S. CHANNAKE5HAVA REDDY, Challakere, In the Native Chart Dasa, Bhukti anc£ Mr. 'A' who appeared for the Suppleespecially Anthra lord have to co-operate for mentary Examination during Oct'?!, posed one's success. me the Question whether he would pass in the Exam. Asc. at no-54' Kumbha Star Rahu i Judged at 4-15 P.M. on 8—10—71, Rasi Saturn (Ret) Friday. Moon at 160-7 in Rishabha Star Moon Rasi Venus , Day Friday Lord Venus Ketu 5"-3' xn 50-45' Rahu acts as an agent of Rahu. Moon, Mars 5°-21' II lI0-45' was replaced by Ketu which is Posited in Moon's house Kataka as a node is stronger than the planet which it is representing. So' finally took Rahu, Venus & Ketu. Birth 3-30 P.M. IV 30-45' XI 2*-4S' Finding out the Anthra of Ketu who is 3-12-56 posited in the sub of lord of XI and the I4ll25}i. 76E 46_ _ ruling planets at the time of Judgment were ruling the native's^Quenest'sJ'Dasar'^fi^ltti7 Ketu dasa Balance and Anthra, I predicted that he must pass in X i0-45' 6 Years 9 Months V 2®-4S' the Exam surely His father asked why he was21^ Days. failed in March'session. 1 told that it was due to non-cooperation of Anthra Lord Mercury0 who is posited in VIII Cusp in his own star Rahu 30 -3' 0 0 (strong). The results were announced, It wasDC T-i$' VllI ll <>-45' VH U -22' Jup. 5 -44' Sat. l2 -52' declared that the boy had been promoted. Von. If-jy VI 50-45' Aoon 0°-22' Sun ig"-* Indeed Suhlords decide one's fate and Mere.?*)0-!?' bring honour to the astrologer. Q

ASTROLOGY AND ADMISSION TO MEDICAL COURSE By Sri. V. N. N. RANGACHAfc. Bangalore-40. Planets One of my friends who knew that I follow Const Lord Sublord Bhava K. P's advanced Stellar Astrology gave me a Sun Jupiter V Kethu , number 245 and^ci anted me to answer a query Venus VII Moon Mars CR) which is the subject matter of this article. I Mars (R) Moon Kethu XI had no belief or faith in Astrology till 15th Merc (R) Ketbu V Saturn March 19 70. A friend of mine by name Sri VIII Jup. Saturn Saturn K. S. Krishnaswamy, a follwer ofKrishnamurti Venus V Jup. Kethu Padhdhati, casually happened to come to my Rahu Saturn Moon 11 house on 12th March 1970 and went Rahu Kethu Moon XI through my horoscope, due to my wife's Kethu Mercury (RJ Venus V pressure as to when we would own a house. This friend of mine, instead of The Moon's position, constellation and answering my wife's query, told me that he sub should be the guide to give out the query. could teach me the advanced scientific method Moon is posited in 7th Bhava in the constellaof Astrology so that I could answer my wife's tion of retrograde Mars and in the sub of query myself.' With reluetanec—l-agreed, to_ "Venus:Constellati"oa-Locd._Retrggrade Mars, spend 2 hours on every Sunday and thereafter. is in the constellation of Moon, Lord ofV and During May 1970 after learning the fundain the sub of Kethu who is a strong significatur mentals, my friend gave me the MagazineofV. Sub-lord Venus is also posited in the Astrology A Athrishta—to go through. This constellation of Kethu and in the Sub of was the turning point. Immediately I placed Jupiter, occupant of 8th bhava., i. e., IV to V an order for "Krishnmurti Padhdhati" and House. Above all Venus the sub-lord of became an annual subscriber for Astrology Moon is conjoined with Sun and Retrograde and Athrishta from July 1970 onwards. Since Mercury in Leo. Sun the Lord of Dhanvanthen I have advanced my knowledge. This is thari is in the Sub of Jupiter, occupant of 4th my first attempt to predict and have come out Bhava from 5th and is in the constellation add successful. I have analysed the prediction on Sub of Saturn. the basis of the principles enunciated in •"Krishnamurti Padhdhati" Hence one could boldly say that the query .Details is about the medical education of his sob. Place — Bangalore; Lat — 11° 56' N;-~ The querist wanted to know whether his son Lon. IT SS'E. Time—10.10 A.M. CIST) could gel a seat in Medical college. Day—Thursday; Number given between 1 and 249—245. Date—26th August 1971. Regarding admission to college, Horany HORARY CHART Astrology of Prof. Krishnamurti says "the fourth house indicates the educational institute Sat. 120-40' and since the desire is to get admission. The < IV 18® 32' 1IVAV-W II 24 '-32' 11th shows the realization of ambition ThereIII 22,-32/ fore Sub-Lord of 4th is to be deposited in such constellation the Lord of which is the signifcator of 4th and 11th. Now for V 15®-32' further calculation 5th has to be taken XII 16°-32' as the 1st (or lagna of the querent's son), 4th Kctu ZO'-Oy cusp from Cancer Lagna falls in Libra in the constellation of Jupiter and in the sub of retrograde Mercury. The 11th cusp to Cancer Sun VST Mars (R) falls in Rishaba in the constellation of Moon Ven 80-Sl' I9*-57' o and in the sub of Venus. Venus, owner of 4th Merc. 0 (R) Rahu 20 -03' 10 -07' and 11th and the owner of the above houses 0 XI IS'-SZ' VI 16 -32' are all posited in the constellation of Kethu in Lagna Bhava. The 11th Sub-Lord is neither 0 c retrograde nor posited in the constellation of Jup. 4 -47' Moon 4 -2C Vll a retrograde planet. 4th Sub-Lord Mercury X 18°-32' IX 22°-32' vni zv-sr 22M3'-20" though retrograde, is not posited in the constellation of a retrograde planet. Mercury

Lords of 2, 7, 11 houses are Mars and Sun. Occupants of 2, 7, 11 houses are Jupiter Sun and Saturn. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Mars and Ketu arc occupying the constellation of the above. Rahu is the agent of Saturn and Venus. Ketu is aspected by Saturn and Venus. Hence Rahu and Ketu will act on behalf of Saturn and Venus. According to Krishnamurti Padhdhati if the sub lord of ascendant becomes a significator of Bhadakastana or markastana the life will be short. —Analysis 4—— Here the sub lord of Ascendant is Mercury who is lord of 12th house conjoined •with Jupiter who is a strong significator of Marakastana and lord of 6th fdisease; and Jupiter is in the constellation of Mercury, lord of 12th house and also in the sub of Saturn who is in the 7th house and significator of 2 and 11 houses which are Badhaka and Maraka stanas. The sub lord of Ascendant is in the sub of Venus who is lord of lagna and 8th house, which indicates danger; Hence' Mercury though he is situated in the first house has connection with 6? 8, 12 and 2nd houses. All the above houses indicates danger, disease and demise and moreover the death causing planet Saturn is aspecting Mercury and Jupiter from the 7th house. fSuch Saturn is in the constellation of sun who is in the 2nd house as lord 11th. The lord of 2nd and 7th houses, Mars is aspecting (8th aspect) the lagna. The 2nd and 7th houses, arc marakasthanas to the native. Moon is also aspecting lagna bhava and is situated in the star of Venus and sub of Rahu. Venus is the lord of 1 and 8 houses and sub lord Rahu is the agent of Saturn signifying houses 2,7, 11 The above planetary disposition quite evidently leads to the conclusion that the child cannot live long. Transit at the time of demise At the time of birth, Venus dasa balance was 10 years 5 months 3 days. At the time of demise, Venus dasa, Rahu Bhukti, sun antara Rahu sukshma runs. Rahu is the agent of Saturn and Venus significators of 1, 2, 7, 8, 11 houses. Hence Rahu is a strong malefic planet.

Venus the Dasanatha is lord of 8th house and in the constellation of Moon which is in. the 6th (6 and 8 houses causing disease and danger) and sub of Rahu. The Antaranatha Sun is in 2nd as lord of 11th both these are Maraka and Badhakasthnas. Hence the demise took place while Venus dasa Rahu bhukti Sun Antara and Rahu sukshma operated. Dasanatha was transiting in Mars Star Saturn sub Bhukthinatha was transiting in Moon star, Rahu sub, Antaranatha was transiting in Venus star Ketu sub-Neptuhe occupant of lagna Bhava,- was deposited in Saturn star. Sun sub . K. P. explains clearly and scientifically as no other method. Under the heavens there is time for everything and to know such Tnne~df evehl. K- P. isthe onlyrorrecrmethod:— Long live Gurujee. Ever live K. P. I am grateful to Sri P. S. Sastri who showed me the way to learn the great science according to K. P. GOOD LUCK

MINOR EVENTS—SELF THOUGHT By K. R. MOHAN RAO S.A.R.I. Chitrakonda Ruling planets which are common with 1 posed my self a question (After reading the above arc Moon, Sani Venus and the article published in ' Astrology A Mercury(R) respectively. Mercury is retrograde. Athrishta" March 1971 Magazine) about the Hence rejected. The remaining are Moon, receipt of K. P. Magazines Parcel on 14—y—1971 at 2.45 P. M. at Chitrakonda Sani & Venus, The Krithika star ends by 3-45 P. M. on 14—8—1971. Later Moon's 18° 07' 'N* and 82° 07' E' Immediately 1 took star Rohini itaits from 3-45 P.M. on a number 112 between 1 and 249. 14—8-»97l itself The Venus, Rasi-Lord Mup for the Heavens as follows:— and Saturn, the Day-Lord being the significators remain same and the star of Moon who is Moon 90-31' one of the fruitful significators, starts from o X—9V52'Tin o -oo' -Vlll-9*^ - 3-45 Pr-M-on—J-4^8=19lL_iueJf._.So_L coit. firmed that the receipt of parcel is certain on Sat. 12o-03' 14—8—l97i itself after 3-45 P. M. So, at what hour and minute? XI 9» o52' Ketu 20 -4I No. 112 The Lagna at 2-45 P. M. on 14—8—1971 VI 10°-52' Venus 2300-54' at chitrakonda runs at 2° 54' Dhanus ruled by 14—8—1971 Jupiter. Jupiter is notone of the significator. Sun a7 -36' So I passed on to next sign0of Lagna. At Mars (Rj at 2-45 P.M. 4-45 P. M. Lagna will be at 2 -54'f Makaram XII ic-sr 22VJ5' ruled by Saturn. Saturn is one of the o Rahu 20 -4l' 18° N Merc. ( R) significator. So I selected this Saturn sing. In 17M)5' Makarasign there is a star Srawanam ruled V !#®-52 by Moon, which is one of the strong significator and the first commencing Sub is Moon's Sub III 90-52' Uranus 0 i. c. at 10° 00' Makaram. l.agna 17®-29" IV 9 -5^' Nept. lOMW Jupt.3'-52' 11 9®-52' So, the time of receipt of the Parcel will be when Lagna transits in (Makara) Sign ruled Ruling planets; by Saturn, (Srawana) Star ruled by Moon and Sub of Moon i. c. at 5-13 to 5-17 P. M. on Day Lord Saturn. 14-8—1971 itself. Star Lord Sun. Rasi Lord Venus. Observing all my keen calculation my Horary Lagna Lord Mercury. friend laughed at me because there could be Horary Lagna star Lord Moon. no possibility of getting postal^Dak after The 11th house and it's Sub-Lord is the 5-00 P.M. of any day generally. But I am guide to know the results whether advantageous confident on my calculation that I must receive or not. In the above chart the 11th Cus-p the pared surely on 14—8—1971 it self. Wc falls in Karkat Rasi and the Sub-ruled by were eagerly waiting for postal Dak till Venus in I HtThouse and the Sub-Lord of the 5-15 P.M., though our offices were closed. Lagna is Moon who is also the signiheator of I got disgusted and returned to my residence. Hth house wlych is advantage. So, I confirmed Just we stepped down the office Verandah, my that the receipt of parcel is certain, peon has appeared before me and handed over the parcel and informed that the Bus which So, when? carries the postal Dak is delayed. My friend; (a) The conjoined planets for No. 112 who was by my side is astonished, because the are Mercury ^R)-Moon-Moon. time I have received the Parcel to my hand is exactly at 5-16 P. M. as I have calculated and (b) The conjoined planets for IIth Cusp arrived. are Moon-Sani-Venus. 35

The above principle is verified many times for finding out the'materialisation i)f minor events with Pujyasri^ JV S^Sastry, my . Nearest teacher of Krishnamnrti Padhdhati. i . . . ;• . I thank Sri. P. S. Sastry and Guruji Prof; IC S. Krishnamurti the inventor of valuable science of K. P. for the Mankind. Good-Luck to all the K P. readers.


"£ Ifeallj; astonished tlie: ac^uraccy of the atove prediction and 1 am happy to acknowledge the findings of truth by scientific simple and Universal principles of "Krishnamurti Padhdhati'*. (Sd,) G. KotesWar Rao)

GAN I CLEAR OFF LOANS, IF SO WHEN 7 By Sri SYED BASHU, A.P. The above is the question put by a Consultant. I asked him to give a number out of 249. He gave number 4. The following is the chart erected for the said number.

Moon indicates the mind of the Querist, Moon is conjoined with Saturn in 1st House. Saturn is the lord of 11th and 12th Bhavas. 11th House is desire and 12th House for repayment of loans. So Moon is indicating the mind of the consultant. Now we have to find out whether the querist can repay the loan or not. In Horary Astrology (by K. S. K.) in page No. 222 it is stated that the sub lord of the 12th cusp decides whether one can repay the loan or not. If the sub-lord of the 12th cusp is either retrograde or deposited in a constellation whose lord is retrograde cannot repay the loan. If the sub lord of the 12th. cusp is in direct motion and the lord of the' constellation in which the sub-lord of the 12th cusp is deposited if in direct motion one can repay the loan. In this chart the 12th cusp is 26° "55' that is in Saturn sign Jupiter stai Venus sub. The sub-lord Venus is deposited in Mars sign Saturn star and Saturn sub. Saturn is in retrograde motion- So the native'cannot repay the loan. But the native has got fidl confidence that he will repay the loan; as Krishnamurti Padhdhati never fails, we shall wait and see.

S a torn III l'-55' Lagoa 30-40/ I--29'-20' 0 Mood II 40-55' IV 26 -55' No. 4 0Kefhu Date of Judgement 16 ~25'-W D 2—11—1971 Time of JudgeacDt V 24 -55' 9-30 P.M. Place: VlMYAWADA XI 24»-55/ |60-31' N. 80°-39' E. VI 260-'55 oRabu Ketu dasa balance I6 -25'-30' 1 Month; 24 Daya* iup. 14'>-49' 0 X 260-55' VIII 4',-55' Sun 16 -I3' 0 oVenus IX r-55' 3 -43'-20' VII 3 -W Merc. lD-20' 12th cusp Saturn sign, Jupiter star Venus sub. Venus is in Mars.sign Sat star Sat sub. XII 26<>-55' Mars 4®-39,-10'


SHALL I PASS IN THE EXAMINATION ? By J/otish Siromanl, S. CHANNAKESHAVA REDDY. Challakere. In the Native Chart Dasa, Bhukti ancft Mr. 'A* who appeared for the Suppleespecially Anthra lord have to co-operate for mentary Examination during Oct *71, posed one's success. me the Question whether he would pass in the Exam. Asc. at 170-54' Kumbha Star Rahn I Judged at 4-15 P.M. on 8—10—73, Rasi Saturn (Ret)Friday. Moon at Id"-? in Rishabha Star Moon Rasi Venus Day Friday Lord Venus XII 50-45' Ketu 5a-3' III 7'-45' Asc. ir-22' Rahu acts as an agent of Rahu. Moon, 0 Mais 5 -21' U 1IM5' was replaced by Ketu which is Posited in Moon's house Kataka as a node is stronger than the planet which it is representing. Sofinally took Rahu, Venus & Ketu. Birth 3-30 P.M. XI 2'-45' IV 3M5' Finding out the Amhra of Ketu who is 3-12-56 posited in the sub of lord of XI and the 14N 20: 76E46 ruling planets at the time of? Judgment were ru 1 ingjhe.native!s-(Querieat s}-"Daya, Bhuk'fiKetu dasa Balance and Anthra, I predicted that he must pass im —6 Years ^Months V 20-45' the Exam surely His father asked why he was211 Days. failed in March'session. I told that it was due to non-cooperation of Anthra Lord Mercury 0 who is posited in VIII Cusp in his own star Rahu 5 -3' 0 Q (strong). The results were announced. It wasIX 7 -45' VUI ir-45' Vl3»Il'-22 Jup. 5 -44' 0 Sit. 12 -52' declared that the boy had been promoted. Mooq 0o-22 Sun 18"—4' Von. 160-33' VI 50-45' Indeed Sublords decide one's fate and Mere.79°- 22' bring honour to the astrologer. Q

ASTROLOGY AND ADMISSION TO MEDICAL COURSE By Sri. V. N. N. RANGACHAR. Bangalore-^O. One of my friends who knew that I follow Planets Const Lord Sublord Bhava ~K. P's advanced Stellar Astrology gave me a Sun Jupiter V Kethu /number 245 and wanted me to answer a query Venus Moon VII Mars fR) which is the subject matter of this article. I XI Kethu Mars (R) Moon had no belief or faith in Astrology till 3 5th Saturn Merc (R) Kethu V March 19 70. A friend of mine by name Sri VIII Jup. Saturn Saturn K, S. Krishnaswamy, a follwer of Krishnamurti Venus V Kethu Jup. Padhdhati, casually happened to come to my Rahu Saturn Moon II house on 12th March 1970 and went XI Rahu Kethu Moon through my horoscope, due to my wife's V Kethu Mercury (Rj Venus pressure as to when we would own a house. This friend of mine, instead of The Moon's position, constellation and -answering my wife's query, told me that he sub should bejthe guideTo_give.out-the-query.— could teach me the advajiced_scientifin method "Moon is posited in 7th Bhava in the constella'^ofT^StrOlogyljcTfhatT could answer my wife's tion of retrograde Mars and in the sub of query myself. With reluctance I agreed to Venus. Constellation Lord, Retrograde Mars, spend 2 hours on every Sunday and thereafter. is in the constellation of Moon, Lord ofV and During May 1970 after learning the fundain the sub of Kethu who is a strong signiScator mentals, my friend gave me the MagazineofV. Sub-lord Venus is also posited in the Astrology & Athrishta—to go through. This constellation of Kethu and in the Sub of was the turning point. Immediately I placed Jupiter, occupant of 8th bhava., i. e., IV to V .an order for ^Krishnmurti Padhdhati" and House. Above all Venus the sub-lord of became an annual subscriber for Astrology Moon is conjoined with Sun and Retrograde and Athrishta from July 1970 onwards. Since Mercury in Leo. Sun the Lord of Dhanvanthen I have advanced my knowledge. This is thari is in the Sub of Jupiter, occupant of 4th my first attempt to predict and have come out Bhava from 5th and is in the constellation add ~ successful. I have analysed the prediction on Sub of Saturn. the basis of the principles enunciated in ■"Krishnamurti Padhdhati" Hence one could boldly say that the query .Details is about the medical education of his son. Place — Bangalore; Lat — U0 56' N;— The querist wanted to know whether his son Lon. 77° 36'E. Time—10.10 A.M. CIST) could get a seat in Medical college. Day—Thursday: Number given between 1 and 249—245. Date—26th August 1971. Regarding admission to college, Horary HORARY CHART Astrology of Prof. Krishnamurti says "the fourth house indicates the educational institute and since the desire is to get admission. The Sat. I2o-40' IV 18° 32' 122o-13'-20" 11 2 4°-3 2' 11th shows the realization of ambition ThereIII 22--32' fore Sub-Lord of 4th is to be deposited in such constellation the Lord of which is the signifcator of 4th and 11th. Now for s further calculation 5th has to be taken V 15 -32' XII l60-32' as the 1st (or lagna of the querent's son), 4th o K.ctu20 -03' cusp from Cancer Lagoa falls in Libra in the constellation of Jupiter and in the sub of 0 retrograde Mercury. The lith cusp to Cancer SUQ 8 -57' Mars (R) falls in Rishaba in the constellation of Moon Ven 80-3r and in the sub of Venus. Venus, owner of 4th Mcrc.(R> R ah u 20°-03' 0 10°-07' and 11th and the owner of the above houses XI 15 -32' VI 16°-32' are all posited in the constellation of Kethu in Lagna Bhava. The llth Sub-Lord is neither o B retrograde nor posited in the constellation of Moon 4 -20' VII Jup. 4 -47' a retrograde planet. 4th Sub-Lord Mercury X 18°-32' IX 22°-32' Vni 24*-32' 22®-13'-20" though retrograde^ is not posited in the constellation of a retrograde planet. Mercury

becomes direct on 5th September 1971 and Mars on 10th September 1971, hence the desire will be fulfilled only after 10th of September 1971. The notable feature is that the Sun, Chief governor for medicine and lord of 2 (to 5th) and Sukra, lord of 4 and 11 fcounted from the 5th house denoting querent's son) are in rapt conjunction in lagna (5th from querent's lagnaj in the constellation of Kethu occupying the house that stands for the sod's lagna. Both Sun and Venus arc in the sub of Jupiter who lords of 6th (from 5th) governing service and illness as well as the 9th Cfrom 5thJ denoting higher education. Further, they are both

aspected by Kuja (Mars) lord of 10 ('to SthT* from Makara by the 8th aspect. The native'^ son is bound to be a doctor. With due salutation and prostration to Ucchishta Maha Ganapathi, I said that the boy should get a seat in the medical college. On 16th September, 1971 I was happy to receive news from my friend who expressed his gratitude to the system I followed in predicting. May He give good health and long life toGuru Dev whose simple and convincing, method is a boon to us all. Good Luck,

MARRIAGE WHEN? ■r B. DANAN SURIYA Pallegama, Bopitiya, Ceylon Is Marriage promised ?. According to K.P. the 7th cusp is to bs judged to ascertain whether marriage is promised. If the sub-lord of the 7tb cusp is a significator of the bouses governing marriage i.e. 2, 7 and 11 bouses, marriage is promised. The 7th bouse in this chart falls in Gemini 17°-30' in the constellation of Rabu and sub of Venus. The sub-lord Venus is in the 7th bouse in the constellation of Jupiter and sub of Rabu. Jupiter is in the llth bouse and Rabujs —There" is" nrriinnertalnity about marriage happiness at all. Marriage is promised. When is the Marriage? Judge bouses 2, 7 and 11. 2nd bouse is called the Kutumbhasthana, a new member is added to the family by marriage. The 7th bouse denotes wife, legal bondage and the llth bouse shows permanent friendship, love, pleasure and progeny. The 2nd bouse is occupied by Mars and Rabu. Mars is in Mars' constellation, none in Rabu's constellation. Saturn owns the 2nd bouse. Sun is in the constellation of Saturn. Therefore the sigciflcalors for the 2nd bouse are Mars, Rabu, Sun and Saturn. The 7th bouse is occupied by Sun and Veuus. Moon is in Sun's constellation, none in Venus constellaiion. Ketu is in the constellation of Mercury who owns the 7.h bouse. The significators for the 7tb bouse are Moon, Venus, Sun, Ketu and Mercury. Jupiter is in the Utb bouse. Venus and Jupiter are in Jupiter's constellation. The 1 Itb cusp falls in Venus rasi—Libra, there are no planets in Venus constellations. The significators for the llth bouse are Venus and Jupiter.

A gentleman who is studying in America wrote to me. The question was; Is marriage promised? If promised. When? The number quoted by bim is 179. As advised by our Guruji, the horoscope is to be erected for the Geographical cordinates of the place where the question is answered and for the time of judgment. The querist could be anywhere in the world —North or South latitude, East or West longitude. I sat down to make the necessary calculations at 9-30 A.M. (c. s t) on _ 21—7—7 t-iatf TMrnrEdngTW-yET The following chart was prepared for the number 179 between 1 to 249. 3V 22*-31' V 226-39'

Sat. 10° 42' VII 17o-20' VI 20o-3r

HORARY CHART No. within 249 is 179 m Tirtie; 9-30 A.M. (c.s.t.) Date: 27—7—1971 Mars 27° 2' Lat. 7M7' N Rahu 021°-38' Long. 80o'3' E 11 i7 -31' Ayanatrsa 23'-2r I I7o-20'

Venus 10o -27' Sun 10 -8' VIII 170<-3r Ketu 2I V38 Mere. 70-8' IX 198-3r

0 XII 20o-3T XI 220-39' Moon 4 -3' 0 X 22®-3r Jup. 3 -16'

Sun Dasa Balance : 2 Yrs., 8 Mtbs., 4 days. Let us see whether the question is reflected by Moon, otherwise called Malhi. Moon is in Virgo 4°-3' in the constellation of Sun and the sub of Saturn. Sun is in the 7ib bouse and Saturn is tbeowner of the 2nd bouse. Therefore the question about marriage is confirmed. 4

Therefore,' the total significators for the 2, 7 and 11 houses are Mars, Rahu, Sun, Saturn, Moon, Venus, Ketu, Mercury and All the nine planets are significators, but all of them are not fruitful. To eliminate the tempters the sub portion of these planets are to be considered. Mars is retrograde and is in its* own constellation, reject Mars. Saturn is in Moon's sub, who owns the gth house and is posited in the 9th house. Therefore Siturn can be easily dropped. . The most useful method of eliminating the barren significators is by taking the ruling planets at the time of analysis. To-day is Tuesday, the Day lord is Mars retrograde. Moon is in the constellation of Sun in Mercury's sign. Lord of the Ascendant is_Sun-and-the-fcoTd OfXagna constellation rising in the east is Sun.

Mars will not give results as it retrogrades in its' own constellation. Take Sun and Mercury. Sun is very strong among . the the ruling planets as it has appeared thrice, being the lord of the Ascendant and lord of the constellations. Sun dasa, Saturn bhukti is already on. Mercury bhukti starts on 19—I—1972 Sun anthara will start on 11—5—1972. The native should get married during this period, i. e. Sun dasa. Mercury bhukti. Sun anthara. As this event is expected take place within a few months, let us see the transit of Sun, the exciting planet which also is the Dasa Lord. Sun will be transiting Mercury Sub in Sun's Constellation Krithigai on 19—5—1972 This— -transit wiH-give^the ""gentleman marriage. Gooo Luck.


KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI By Sri P. R. MURALIDHARAN B.E., A.M.I.E. ^Editor: Mr. P. R, Muralidharan has reproduced the table wherein the extension of each sub is given. The same had been published in my books & also in my magazine previously. Hence there is no need to give here;.

PLANETS The Hindu and Western names of the nine principal planets which influence the earth are as follows:â&#x20AC;&#x201D; SjmBol Western 51. No. Hindu 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Ravi or Surya Chandra or Soma Kuja or Mangala Budba or Soumya Guru or Brhaspati Sukra or Bhargava Sani or Manda Rahu

Sun G Moon J 3 Mars Mercury S Jupiter a Venus Saturn b Dragon's Head n Dragon's 9. Kethu Tail t? Rahu and Kethu are 'Chayagrahas' or 'Shadowy points'. But they are considered as planets for purposes of Predictions. Rahu and Kethu are the points at which the path of the Moon in the celestial sphere cuts that of the Sun i.e., they are the ascending and descending nodes of the Moon. Westerners have got poor knowledge in these two Chayagrahas But Westerners include. Herschel or Uranus, (9), Neptune ( 7 ), and Pluto, (P) which have been discovered by the asironomers recently. Pluto is discovered as recently as 1930. These planets are not mentioned in the ancient literatures of Hindu Astrology. The planets move along the ecliptic (Ravi Marga) which is marked by 27 constellations or stars. The planets moves from west to east, while the Zodiac or the circle of light marked by the twenty-seven constellations moves from east to west. 43

Velocities of Planets tT Each Planet has its own rate of motion or velocity depending upon the ,relative...position from the earth. Moon is the nearest planet to the earth.. So Moon is theJastest of-all'the planets, -its-daily motion varies between 12 and 15 degrees. Mercury is the next in the order of speed. It moves daily between 66 minutes and 100 minutes (average motion being 59' 08' of longitude). Venus moves daily between 62 and 82 minutes, (average motion being 59' 08' of longitude). Sun is the fourth in the oorder of speed. It moves daily between 0 -57'-]0" 0 to l -or-10* and its average motion is 59 -08'per day. Sun, Mercury and Venus completes one rotation of the Zodiac in about a year. The daily motion of Mars ranges between 31 and 44 minutes, its average motion is 33'-28'. Jupiter moves daily between 5 and 15 minutes. Its average motion is 5 minutes per day. Jupiter completes one sign of 30° in a year and takes 12 years to complete one rotation of the Zodiac. Saturn is the distant planet. As such Saturn has got slower motion than Jupiter, but faster than Uranus and Neptune. It takes 2) years to transit a sign and 29i years to traverse the Zodiac. Its average daily motion is 2 minutes. Rahu and Kethu takes 18 months to complete one sign. Its aveiage daily ' motion is 3 minutes. Uranus lakes 84 years to transit the Zodiac and about 7 years for each sign. Its daily motion is 42 seconds.

clockwise motion or decrease in celestial longitude is called Retrogradation. ' When the planet's come nearer and1 nearer to the Sun, the gravitation of the . Sun increase more and more, so that the velocity of the planet is accelerated i.e., the state of accelaration is attained. The Sun and Moon are never retrograde. Rahu and Kethu are ever retrograde. The period of retrogradation and stationary of the planets are as under:—

Neptune complete one round of theZodiac in 16S years. Its daily rate of motion is 24 seconds. Pluto is the slowest ■of all the planets. Retrogradation and Acceleration:—No planet actually retraces its orbit. But ever moves in forward direction i.e.. Clockwise. Some times planets appear to have backward motion, i.e., anticlockwise, mainly due to the relitive position and motion of the earth. This appearance of antis . No. Planet ]. 2. ~ 3. 4. S. 6. 7. 8.

Distance from Sun Direct Retrograde

Mars—Kuja Mercury—Budha Tnpiter—niim Venus—Sukra Saturn—Sani Uranus—Indra Neptune—Varuna Pluto—Rudra

No. of Days Retrograde

No, of Days Stationary Before-After

80 24 120 42 140 155 157 160

2 to 3 1 5 2 5 6 6 7

132° 17° to 20° 115° 29° 109° 103° 111° 100°

228° 245° 29° 251° 257° 259° 260°

The Distance, Mean Velocities and Diameter of Planets:—The mean distance the Sun, Mean velocity and the diameter of planets are noted below: Planets Mercury—Budha Venus—Sukra Mars—Kuja Jupiter—Guru Saturn—Sani Uranus—Indra Neptune—Varuna

Mean Distance from the Sud in Millions of Miles

Mean Velocity Miles per Second

Diameter ia Miles

36 67 141 489 886 2,793 3,670

29.7 21.7 15,0 8.1 6.0 3.4 2.9

3,000 7,600 4,200 87,000 72.000 33,000

Assignment of Signs to Planets: The twelve signs of the Zodiac are distributed to the seven planets in the following order, and are called the planet's houses or mansions or owners or Swakshatras':—

(Westerners are of the opinion that the planet in its own sign are said to be very powerful) Mesha (Aries) and Vrischika (Scorpio) are the houses of Kuja (Mars). 45

Rishabba (Taurus) and Thula (Libra) .are the houses of Sukra (Venus) Mithuna (Gemini) and Kanya (Virgo) are the houses of Budha (Mercury) Kataka (Cancer) is the house of the •Chandra (Moon) Simha (Leo) is the house of the Ravi (Sun) Dhanus (Sagittarius) and Meena (Pisces) are the houses of Guru (Jupiter) Makara (Capricorn) and Kumbha ■(Aquarius) ate the houses of Sani (Saturn) Rahu and Kethu, unlike other planets, have not been alloted any sign, they act as the agents or representative of the sign they are in.

Mtena Guru (Jupiter)

Mesha Aries Kuja (Mars)


After the discovery of Herschel (Uranus) and Neptune, Westerners alloted the house 'Aquarius' to 'Herschel' and the house 'Pisces' to 'Neptune.' The reasons (or the assignment of houses to planets in the above manner appears to be this: The Nature of the sign Mesha (Aries) and Vrischika (Scorpio) are most appropriately agree with the nature of Kuja (Mars) more than with any other planet; similarly the nature of the sign Rishabha (Taurus) and Thula (Libra) mostly agree with the nature of Sukra (Venus) than with any other planet similarly other houses. The Diagramatic representation of the above assignment is as follows;—

60° Rishabha—Miihuna— Taurus Gemini Sukra (Venus)

Sani (Saturn)

Budha (Mercury) Chandra 9* (Moon) S *■


120' Sani (Saturn) Guru (Jupiter)

Ravi (Sun) Kuja (Mars)

Sukra (Venus)

•B Q gf

Budha (Mercury)

Dbaous Vrischika Thula Kanra Sagittarius Scorpio Libra Virgo 240° 210° 180° Assignment of Stars to Planets:—As already stated in the first article, there are 27 constellation or stars. These Twentyseven constellations are alloted to the seven planets and two Chayagrahas in a

particular order, so that each planet gets three stars. They are called the star lords or the lord of the constellation. The assignment of stars to the planets is tabulated below;—

Planet (Star Lord) Kethu Sukra Ravi Chandra Kuja Rahu ' Jupiter (Guru) Sani Budha

Stars Aswini Bharani Krithika Rohini Mrigasira Arudra Punarvasu Fusbyami Aslesba

Makha Pubba Uttara Hasta Chitta Swathi Vishaka Anuradha Jyeshta

Moola Poorvasbada Uttarashada Sravana Dhanishta Satabbisba Poorva-bhadra Uttara-bhadra Revathi

In Krishnaraurti Padhdhati, importar1^ is given to the constellation Lord and -sub-lord in which the planet is situated than the planet itself.


RETURN OF WIFE By V. P. OJHA University of Gorakhpur, Gorakhpur DurinE ray stay in Varanasi in the winter vacation 1 nad been asked to consult with a local astrologer and fix some auspicious date so that my wife, who is staying with her father after giving birth to twin daughters in October, might come to my parents house with the daughters. It soon struck" to my mind to have an experiment with K. P. by precalculating the possible dates which the astrologer would tell me. As I have satum in my ascendant. X could not calculate it for next two days and,so, X had to postpone my^visite -to-hei-and any ^astrologer: Finally X sat down on 25th Dec. 1971 at 1.20 P. M. in Varanasi with No. 77 to calculate her date of coming back to my residence. The chart at the time of judgment is as follows;— IX 130-53' Saturn (R) 70-28' Mood X iS'-Sl' 128-55' 0 9 XI 18 -53' Mars 5 -44' VIII 140-55' VII 19o-20' Rahu !30-38' Venus 9M 2' VI Sun 9o-30'

Nirayana Chart No. 77

XII 190-53' Kctu Asc. 19o-20/ II 140-53'

V 18®-53' Mercury 19°-04' Jupiter 27o-30'

0 iv w-sy III 13 -53'

Pianots Constellation Lord Kethu Sun Saturn fR) Moon Saturn (R1 Mars Mercury Mercury Mercury Jupiter Sun Venus Satum fR) Sun Moon Rahu Saturn f R) Kethu

Sublord Satum(R) Rahu Mercury Kethu Jupiter Venus Kethu Rahu Rahu 49

XX cusp falls in Venus sign-Moon starMercury sub. Mercury is in V house and is aspecting XI house. Further, Saturn^ who is also the Lord of VII house CWife), aspects Mercury. Hence, she will come Further Mercury is the planet of plurity hence she must come more than once before finally proceeding for Gorakhpur. Her journey will be an arranged one as Jupiter conjoin Mercury. J^pj- jneeting-wiilPwife" I had consider "houie Xl, VII and VI alongwith V as per K.P. Horary Astrology Analysis V house. Sun, Jupiter and Mercury arc the occupants. Venus and Saturn occupy Sun Star. There is no planet in the Jupiter star. Jupiter is in its own sub. Mercury and Jupiter are in Mercury star. Mars is the Lord of V house. There is no planet in Mars starHence Mars is a significator. Sun and Mars are in the star of a retrograde planet satum and hence are not so much effective. Rahu conjoins Venus and represents Saturn also. Hence, Rahu, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn (Rj and Mercury are the fruitful significants. VI house: Lord is Jupiter, Rahu and Venus are the occupants. Therefore, Rahu and Venus are the significants. VII house: Vacant. Lord is retrograde Satura. Rahu is the agent of Satum. There fore, Rahu and Satum are the significators. XI house. Vacant. Lord is Venus. Rahu conjoins Venus. Hence, Rahu and Venus are the significators. Hence, Rahu, Satum (R), Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are the significators. Then, I checked them with the help of Ruling planets. (i) Nirayana ASC: Aries 9°—02' i. e. Mars sign-Kethu star-Jupiter sub. (ii) Moon Position;—Pisces 120-55'i. c, Jupiter sign-Saturn star-Rahu sub. (iii) Day:— Saturday i. e. Saturn. Mercury conjoins Jupiter and is being aspected by Saturn, falls in Mars Sign and Kethu Sub-

Therefore, Saturn (R), Rahu, Jupiter and Mercury are the ruling planets left after rejecting Mars and Kethu as they occupy retrograde Saturn star. Thus. Rahu,Saturn, Jupiter with Mercury are the strongest significators. Since, one of the significators Saturn is retrograde therefore, I was confident that no date before 31st Jan. 1972 would be acceptable. Time:— Dasa Lord Saturn is in Taurus in Venus (Rahu) sign-Sun star-Mercury subbetween 2nd January 1972 to 29 Feb. 1972. Saturn Oasa-Rahu Bhukti-Rahu Anthra and Mercury Pratyanthra start from 25fil Feb. 19/2. 25th is Friday (Rahu day as Rahu conjoins Venusj. On 25th Feb. 1972 Moon transits Jupiter star. Conclusion: Hence, I told that the— astrologer would giye._ine—Friday 25th Feb. 1912 .as—the "date, which would be finally 'accepted. Verification:—Next day on Sunday 26th Dec. 71. 1 went to a Traditional astrologer. <to please the other members of my family) 1 contacted him at 9.42 A. M. in Revati star with ASC. capricorn 25° (i. e. Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Mercury. Sun as the ruling planets) I put him Two questions:— (i) Date foe Mundan Sanskar of daughters. (ii) Date of return of my wife with daughters. For the first one, he gave Wednesday (Mercury) 16th Feb. 1972 in Poorattathi star (Moon in saturn sign-Jupiter star) and Wednesday (Mercury) 23rd, Feb. 1972 after 11-30 A.M. i.e.. Mrigasira star. (Moon in Mercury sign-Mars star) I too was anticipating that he will give only Wednesday as moon was then transiting in Revati (And my daughters are born iu Kanya Langa) For the second one he gave me Vasant Panchami Friday (Rahu) 21st Jan. 72 and Friday (Rahu day) 25th Feb. '72 as predicted. I can be seen that both these days arc Fridays (Rahu is a very strong significator) When I conveyed these dates to my family members, they rejected 21st. Jan. 1972 due to some reasons have accepted 25th Feb. 1972. Thus, we find that K. P. is so useful and •OrrecL 50

May 1972

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50 5J 52 55 56 57 69

Venkatesa Pandita's JATAKA CHANDR1KA Br Visaka (Continued from February 1972 issue, pages 25—31) or life beyond 120 years (unlimited span of life). The length of life having been determined in accordance with one or the other of these classifications, the time or period (dasa, bhukti and anthra) when life will actually terminate has to be fixed with reference to the relative strength of the planets possessing death-inflicting power which, according to Venkatesa, are: the planets owning or occupying houses 2 and/ or 7 or associated with these house lords being the most powerful; lords of 6, 11 and 12 coming next; and lords of 3 and 8 being the weakest.

Stanza 24: Death will be caused during the close of the period of the planet in conjunction with the lord of maraka stbana, failing which during the period of the planet standing in tnaraka stbana. Should this also fail, death results in the period of the lord of maraka stbana. Notes: Here, Venkatesa Pandita enumerates the periods of the planets harmful for longevity in the order of their importance. As has been repeatedly stressed in our explanatory notes under the previous stanzas, the constellational position of a planet is of prime importance. Accordingly» a planet in the, constellation a , . lhe.stroagest,an_o ^ of the occupantecuof maraka -sthanais pant„ of a maraka sthana commg next planelfsT tenanting the constellation of the lord of maraka sthana third, the lord of marakasthana fourth in strength, and, lastly, the planetfs) associated with and aspected by the maraka sthana adhipati. Stanza 25: If the major period of a planet occupying or owning a maraka sthana is not due to occur until very late in life, death may ensue during the major period of a planet who is not a yoga karaka but is least auspicious and associated with the planet occupying or owning a maraka stbana. Should death not happen even here, it will be caused during the period of the lords of the 3rd and 8tb houses. Notes: In Indian classical texts, a number of arishta yogas or evil combinations for longevity are mentioned. According to these, longevity is classified into various kinds: Balarishta or life up to 8 years, Madhyarishta or life between 8 and 20 years, Yogarishta or life between 20 and 32 years, Alpayur yoga (short life), 32 to 50 years Madhyayur yoga (middle life), 50 to 75 years Poornayur yoga flong or full life) upto 120 years and Aparamithayur yoga

Longevity is an aspect which has to be determined, in our opinion, not only with respect to thein relative strength the planetary periods Vimshottari Dasaof but Ss^-witE STerSnce-rs -thecmrent wansitsalso witE relefSnce^ttnhE—current transits*— Secondly, while deciding the significators of death, the constellational positions would have to be kept prominently in view. Thirdly, the relative power of the planets has to be carefully weighed. It may be all right, theoretically speaking, to enunciate a rule as to what, most probably, will be Ihe period to which death of , can be ascribed, but it simply fails in actual practice. For instance, a planet becoming' a yoga karaka by owning a trine house(5 or 9) may occupy house 2 or 7 or associated with the lord of such house, or stand in the constellation of a planet in 2 or 7 or the constellation of the lord of 2/7. In such a case, it is bound to put an end to life, other testimonies lending support, such as transits, etc. In another case, even the lord of 2 or 7 or the planet occupying 2 or 7 does not kill, as a result of its occupation of a constellation whose lord has no connectioa with death. Then again, it is not mere owneiship of houses 6, II or 12, or of 3 or 8, that endows a planet with the powet cause death, or even such a planet's association with the lord of maraka sthana. In some cases, such planet causes death and in some others no harm ensues, depending on whethci the constellation tenanted is ruled by a planet 3

iiaviag death inflicting power of not. In deciding this matter, a rule stated in ' "Jataka Farijata', that bouses II, 9 and 7 are respectively bhadaka sthanas to chara, sthira and ubbaya lagnas should not be lost sight of. There is ample confirmation, in our experience, of this rule in a variety of cases and we would give credence to the role of bhadaka bouses in inflicting <Ieath even though other Indian texts do not contain even a cursory reference to them. Now, every planet except the Sun and the Moon owns two houses and may occupy either house 2 or 7, or 6,11 or 12, or 3 or 8 fseven houses out of the' total of twelve bouses) or associate with the lords of these bouses. In ninety-nine cases out of a hundred, almost all planets will have connection, one way or the other, with these bouses when it becomes a stupendous task to assess the relative strength. With due deference to our ancient masters who have banded down to us some excellent texts, it must be said that they could not have exepcted us to follow all their rules in a rigid manner without any right to modify _thcm by objective test, though some eminent men in fhe "field Df "astrology,-foc reasons_^ best known to them dare not openly agree with this suggestion. KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHAT1 seeks the simple, naked truth, w he reeve r it may come from. It draws inspiration as much from the Indian . classical texts, to which other Indian traditional systems subscribe, as from the western astrological knowledge where systematic research in recent times has led to the evolution of a clear-out technique of prediction. But what distinguishes KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI from the traditional Indian system as now known and practised, is its novelty of approach. In a way, KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI may be described as crystal water cleared of the impurities, in the form of many failing rules erroneously attributed to some of the great risbis of old. Many of these failing rules which the Padbdbati rightly seeks to condemn, we have reason to believe, were interpolations into the original texts by lesser men. Krishnamurti Padbdbati, following an approach which neither hesitates to condemn what is wrong in these texts â&#x2013;Ąor fails to advocate what has been proved to be true in practical application, has codified the rules in a simple, systematic way supplying the many missing links and adding some useful knowledge from the

western astrological science, thus making it easier foe an earnest student to arrive at an event even jn its minutest detail; within a short time and with a degree of accuracy the traditional system has not given. Any detailed discussion on this topic would be beyond our purview, and we would sum up our view on the point of longevity by stating our experience that longevity will be cut short in the conjoint period of the planets fdasa, bbukti, antbra, etc.) invested with the power to kill and at a time when current transits are favourable, the signifying planets being ascertained in the manner expounded in Krisfanamurti Padhdhati. Stanza 26: If the determination of the marakas in a horoscope presents difficulties, then the planet(8) who is the most inauspicious among the malefics will cause death. Stanza 27: Saturn, inclined to evil, when conjunct .with jnaraka lords or planets who nave become mafakaa H? virtue of-their position . or association, is stronger than the conjoining planets to bring about death. Notes: Perhaps the author's view stated here is based on Saturn's nature ' as a malefic and its karakatva (chief governorship over longevity). According to' this view, if Saturn assumes maraka power by ownership, occupation or association, it will lay its icy hand and end life in its major period if it operates in due time, but if the major period of another maraka planet precedes Saturn's major period, then the sub-period of Saturn, rather than the sub-period of the other maraka planets, is dangerous and Saturn will put an end to life: Stanza 28: Planets offer their malefic or benefic effects according to their nature, ownership, occupation, etc. in their major periods, but not in their own sub-periods. Notes; This is an oft-repeated axiom in most of the Hindu texts, - to which Venkatesa Pandita also lends support. Various authors have interpreted this in various ways, some holding the oppinion

that this refers only to the planet's own bhukti in its major period and some others feeling that it also includes the sub-perit's in other planets' major periods. It is o.\ no advantage to advance arguments for or against this view, as the logic behind this statement seems irrational, unless it be based on the belief that a planet's effects in a major period take shape slowly and as the initial bhukti in every major period is ruled by the major period lord the major period effects would not be appreciably noticeable in the major lord's bhukti. But actual experience points to a contrary view. A planet in its major period bestows, •whatever results it has to offer, in its subperiod, sub-sub period, etc. In another planet's major period, the results realised are those that are conjointly governed by both the planets. For instance, if 'A' signifies 2nd, 6lh and 10th house matters and 'B' •denotes matters ruled by houses 6, 8 and 10, in the conjoint period of 'A' and 'B', the matters of houses 6 and 10, which are common to both •A' and 'B', come to -the foTe7 tliat is to say, the' native gets recognition in professional life and has higher and heavier responsibilities to shoulder, but he cannot expect to derive monetary .gain as the 2nd house is not signified by 'B', Stanza 29: Planets associated with, or occupying the signs owned by, the lord of the major period, and the planet ruling the sign where the major lord is standing, bestow, in their periods and sub-periods, the same effects as the lord of the major period. Notes; The Indian classical texts speak of five kinds of sambanda or relationship between planets — conjunction, aspects, interchange of places, and kendra and kona positions to one another. When two planets are related in some way, each planet, partaking something of the other, gets modified in its effects. Stanza 30; In the sub-periods of planets inimical to the lord of the major period, the results -will be of a mixed character. Stanza 31: Auspicious effects are realised in the subperiods of lords of quadrants in the major

period of the lord of a Irine (5/9) unspoilt by association with evil planets or houses. Similar results will come to pass in the subpiriods of lords of such trines in the major period of the lord of a quadrant (1, 4, 7 imd 10.) Stanza 32: The benefic effects of Rajayoga are reaped in the sab-periods of maraka planets and such results also cease in the sub-periods of maraka planets. Notes: A Raja yoga planet has to bring about its raja yoga phala in its major period. The term ^maraka' here is used in the context of death. 'Every planet has dominion over many matters affecting life and, similarly, every house has m ny influences ascribed to it, both good and evil. Houses 2,3,6,7,8,11 and 12 are considered beneficial from many points of view— house 2 for financial matters, 6 for over draft or loan Jacilities and success in_ competition, "ll'Tor siddhT or achievement of ambition or fulfilment of desire, etc. but they also have connection in bringing life to an end. It is natural, therefore, that in the sub periods of some of these planets raja yoga results are enjoyed in full and such results cease, when death intervenes, in some other sub period governed by one of these planets. Stanza 33: Planets in association with yoga karakas give results similar to those indicated by the yoga karaka. Benefics not so associated give moderate success in their subperiods. A yoga karaka planet not related to another yoga karaka offers its own yoga phala as well as those of the other yoga karaka. Stanza 34: Planets who have to cause Raja yoga confer such yoga phala not only in their own sub-periods but also in the major periods of other beneficial planets with whom they have no association. On the face of it, the stanza does not make itself clear. Perhaps, the meaning is that a beneficial planet gives its results not only in its sub-period in its own major 7

Seriod but also in its sub period in the X-bim in the foregoing stanzas, be would ajor period of other becefidal planets. C-tssify the various planets as harmonious Ok* inharmonious for each of the twelve Stanza 35; lagna > beginning with Mesha and ending When Rabu and Ketu stand in quadrants with Meena. (kendras) and trines (konas) without any Stanza 41: other planets' association, they confer For a person born in Mesha lagna, effects akin to those of the lord of the sign Budba, Sani and Sukta are malefics. Guru occupied. and Surya are auspicious. The combiNotes: Rahu and Ketu are really not nation of Guru and Sani does not bring planets. Ihey are shadows and are included about any beneficial results. among planets in astrology purely from the standpoint of their importance. They have Notes: To Mesha lagna, Budha is lord no characteristics identifiable with those of of 3 and 6; Sukra is lord of 2 and 7'; any of the twelve signs of the Zodiac, and and Sani is lord of 10 and 11. In the so have not been assigned any sign as previous Stanzas, the lordship of houses 3, 6 their own. Rabu and Ketu take the shape and 11 and 8 and 12 was considered of the sign in which they are contained harmful, and following this treatment Budba and offer its results in a stronger manner is a malefic for this lagna. As for Sani, he than even the lord of the sign. owns a kendra (lOih) but also rules the Ilth house which, in the teamed author's view, Stanzas 36 and 37: is an inharmonious bouse (from the point If the lord of the major period is evil, of view of longevity). . Saturn thus stands blemished. The 11th house, according to ffT fhe'Sub-period-of-a benefic plany not -Jataka.-Eatiiata, Js a^ bhadaka sthana for connected with the major lord, bcfhall chara lagnas (movable "Signsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;onâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;thebeneficial and evil results will come to pass. Ascendant), and Mesha is a chara rasi. If the lord of the major period is a malefic Following the author's declaration of lordand is connected to the lord: of the subsbip of trines as good and harmonious, period, who is also a malefic, the evil Surya and Guru have been treated as results will be accentuated. auspicious planets by reason of their governance over the 3th and 9th signs Stanza 38: reckoned from Mesha. Although, in stanza The lord of the major period invested 2U, it was stated that ths combination of lords of quadrant and trine gives rise to with death-inflicting power does not cause Raja yoga, stanza 21 modified it to the death (in its major period) -in the subextent that such Raja Yoga would be period of a benefic planet connected to .spoilt by the association of the lord of 8 bim, but it does so in the sub-period of or 11. Therefore, though Guru owns the another malefic not connected to bim. 9th house - and Saturn the lOch house, their combination would not be fruitful Notes; Stanzas 33, 35, 36 and 37 appear because of Saturn's additional ownership differently in some other texts. of the Ilth house. Guru alsq owns the 12th Stanza 39 bouse, one of the evil houses according to the author, but Guru is a natural The good and bad effects denoted by benefic and owns a trine (9th) house. A Sukra and Sani will be realised in their trine house, as stanza 3 says, is a benificial respective periods and sub-periods inversely, house, and a quadrant is not so powerful Sani offering in its sub-period in Venus' for good as a trine (all these from the major period the effects of S;kra, and point of view, apparently, of longevity); Sukra in its sub-period in Sani's major then again, the 12th house is not so evil period translating what Sani indicates. for longevity as the 11 th (for chara lagna), and, further. Guru is a natural benefic Stanza 40: whereas Saturn is styled as the worst In this sloka, the author says that on malefic. The assertion that a Guru is a the basis of the principles enunciated by benefic and Saturn is a malefic for this 9

learned authors of ''Uttara Kalamiila" Ugaa does not, rationally speaking, appear and "Bbavartha Ratnakara". to be incorrect. Our own feeling is that both Guru and Saoi will offer bencfical A statement attributed to Mabarshi Paraas well as harmful results denoted by the sara says that Sukra docs not herself kill but bouses owned by them, whenever their period becomes a maraka if conjoined with Budha or subperiod or sub-sub period operates. and Sani. Guru has control over the affairs of the bouses 9 and 12. Saturn, likewise, has sway Stanza 43: over the 10th as well as the Ilth bouse matters, and while Saturn may be inimical Evil planets like Sani will indicate the so far as longevity is concerned, it cannot period when death will happen. In Uttara fail to bring about the beneficial influences kalamrita, it is said that Sani does not ascribed to the lOtb and lltb housesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; prove a maraka for Mesba lagna, even if professional honour and recognition, gain and fulfilment of desire, etc. In sum, no- he is inauspicious. planet is wholly good nor any planet Stanza 44; wholly evil, the terms being relative. The text-book classification of a placet as To the native of Yrisbaba lagna. Guru, malefic or benefic by nature or even by its Sukra and Chandra are malefics. Sani and lordship does not simply wprk. in.actual -Snr7irare1SEneficial"pIanets. Saturn alone "pracfice, and many other factors have to Is productive of Raja yoga. enter into our reckoning before we can assess what a planet has to do. -Stanza 45: Guru, Sukra and Chandra occupying â&#x2013; Stanza 42: houses 2 or 7 or conjunct these bouse . Not only does Guru combined with Sani lords, kill the native in their respective not produce good, but it will actively cause periods and sub-periods.. undesirable results. Sukra will not bring Notes.- Based on the theme stated in about death, though it is a marakadbipatbi. stanzaS, Guru owning the II lb house, Sukra owning the 6th house and Chandra Notes: Guru owns a good (9tb) and a ruling the 3rd house for Vrishaba lagna, bad (12th) bouse; similarly Sani owns a have been called as evil (stanza 44). Sutya good (IOth) and a bad (lltb) house. When governs the 4th house,a kendra ("quadrant), two planets combine, both gain and lose and so it is taken as a good planet. Sani a part of their nature, and on this is very beneficial because it rules a ttikona consideration Guru is the loser and Saturn (9th house; and also a kendra(tie most the gainer. Perhaps the learned author's powerful of the kendras, namely lOtb). statement in this stanza springs out of the Sani is no doubt good by lordship for this ownership of houses 11 and 12 by these lagna as for Tbula lagna, but the beneficial planetsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; an evil combination for longevity. of Sani, or, for that matter, any pther Otherwise, the conjoint period of Guru-. results planet benefic by lordship and nature, will Sani should bring to the fore all the depend on the location in the horoscope affairs ruled by bouses 9., 10, Hand 12 and and other factors like association, aspect, material prosperity would be fully enjoyed, coDStciiational position, etc. though from the longevity angle the combination is not productive. In Bbavartha Ratnakara, it has been averred that Saturn is not a yogakaraka Kalidasa, in ' his "Uttara Kalamn'ta" for this lagna but Parasara says that Saturn considers Guru-Sani conjunction as beneficial is the only yoga karaka for this lagna. for Mesba lagna. Stanza 46: The statement that Sukra will not cause death in its major or sub-period, in For Milbuna lagna, Kuja. Guru and spite of his adhipathya over the two maraka Surya are inauspicious, Sukra alone is sthanas 2 and 7, runs contrary to the benefic, and the combination of Sani and accepted principle and the views of many Gnrn causes the same effect as for Mesba, other. eminent authorities, including the

Stanza ytf:. Kuja, Surya anUChandra are inauspi^ cious, oSnkra. is beaefic, and the .interrelntion (pf .Sufcra ,and Budha produces Raja tjfqga. Stanza 48: Sam-Guru combination produces the same effect as for Mesh a. Chandra, though malefic, does not cause death. Stanza 49: Kuja and Surya are death-inflicting planets for Mithuna lagna. Notes to stanzas 46 to 49: The contents of stanza 46 differ, in some way,, from those of stanzas 47, 48 and 49. This difference is known as Matantaram or separate doctrine. While both stanzas 46 and 47 classify Kuja and Ravi as evil, based on Kuja's rulcrship of houses 6 and 11 and Surya*s ownership of 3, stanza 46 speaks of Guru as evil perhaps .. brcausc_hcJias_keBdradhTpathya""aosha by vinue of ownership of two powerful kendras 7 and 10. Stanza 47 does not include Guru' among the malefics, but it

calls Chandra a malefic, by rvictue of Chandra's ownership of the r2nd houseÂť ,a maraka sthana, though in stanza 48 .it ,ls made clear that chandra does not. cause death, on .the consideration that -the luminaries do not exercise the [power of. death. Both stanzas 46 and 47 agree on Sukra as a helpful planet. :Sukra is .a natural benefic and owns a trine housef Sth), though it also rules the I2th. In the case of Sani, however, though he rules a trikbna (9th),he has been termed evil because he is a natural malefic and also rules, additionally, the 8th house. In our opinion these rules cannot be adopted for use as if they are sacrosanct, but tested in practice keeping the spirit in which the planets have been classified as good and bad. No person can ever become proficient in astrology so long as he looks to text-books every time for guidance. Instead, he should attempt an intelligent synthesis of what a planet has to indicate by his nalurc,_JpÂŁ;dship,--T0ccu:j5atioaj-a9sociatiori7~constellational position, constellational sub-division, etc. Aspect or planetary drishti is also another factor which causes modification in a planet's effect.

'Ganesa's JATAKALANKARA (Continued from pages 23—27, March 1972 issue) ADHYAYA III and is related to malefics by conjnnctiou iSlokas 21-2} or aspect. Enlargement of spleen is shown If Sani is placed in Makara, the native if Sani occupies the lagna. is disinclined to speak. .If the Moon as Sloka 26 lord of 6 joins a malefic in the invisible hemisphere, there will be a mark in both Malefic planets in Kendras (quadrants the eyes. Weak sight results if (i) waning i.e., houses 1, 4, 7, 10) cause defect in the' Moon receives Saturn's aspect and not limbs. The Sun and the Moon occupying > aspected by Venns pnd. (ii) Moon in kendras (quadrants), or Venus in lagna Kataka receives the aspect of a malefic aspected by Sani, denotes defect in the . planet from the 7th or 10th house. A limbs near the loin part of the body.. Defective.limb.nearthe-hipsrarms-pr the person is one-eyed in whose horoscope Mars (Kuja) or the 8th lord_occupies-the- "feet Is shown in a chart where Venus is in ..lagna—with aspsct^from Jupiter and/or 4 and Sani, Budha or Kuja is conjoined Venus.—If Mars riaes before the Sun, the with Guru (anywhere). sight is devoid of lustre; if Mercury rises Slokas 27-28 before the Sun, some spot in the eye will be there. Venus in lagna or 8tb receiving If the planets owning the 8th and 9th1 malefic aspect, denotes eye trouble. Rapt be conjunct a malefic planet in the 4th {exact) conjunction of Mars and Moon house counted from that of the malefic, causes a spot in the eye, The Sun in S or the native will have crippled thighs or 9 or 12, with strong malefic aspect, gives shanks, and this will be the case when the . defective eye, and Sani in the same Son or Rahu join the 6th house in position gives a sickly appearance to the conjunction with Mars and. Saturn, or person. Saturn and the 6th lord occupying 12 are aspected by malefics. Pain in the band is. SLOKA 24 Shown by the disposition of the Sun, the If Sani posited in 4 aspects the Moon Moon and Sani in 6 and 8. Impotency, if in a prishtodaya* sign when the lagna Sani associated with Sukra occupies 10, or lord occupies Mesha, the native is short if Sani is in 12th or 6th from the house statured. If the Moon occupies a wateroccupied by Sukta. The native is oneresorting sign (Vrishaba, Mithuna, Kanya eyed (i) if the Moon in Simha in lagna and Kumbha) in the 2nd house or if aspects Mars in Kumbha in the 7tb or (ii) Moon be conjunct Sani with the Sun in the Sun in Cancer (Kataka) aspects Mars lagna, leprosy results. in the 7tb house or (iii) lord of 9 is placed in Mesha, Simha, Vriscbika or Makara. Sloka 25 Sloka 29 Enlargement of spleen: The Moon as lord of 6 receiving aspect of malcfics and The native of the following six yogas not benefics, or the Moon owning 1 or 7 becomes a eunuch: receiving malefic aspect. Sani in 4 with (i) Opposition of the Sun and the malefic aspect causes loss of eye sight. Moon (from any sign). Unhappiness results if Sani is lord of lagna (ii) Sani and Budha opposing each 'Prishtodaya signs are those which rise other (from any sign). (iii) Kuja aspecting Surya in a female by leg. These are Mesha, Vrishaba, Kataka, Dhanus and Makara. or even or negative sign. 13

(iv) Kuja aspecting lagna and Chandra in odd sign, he., male signs. (v) The Moon and Mercury in odd and even signs receiving aspect from Mars. (vi) Venus, the Moon and the lagna in odd (male) signs in tasi or navamsa (l/9th part of a sign). Sloka 30 Enlarged scrotum (enlargement of the bag containing the testicles) is caused by the disposition of Sukra with Kuja in the 8th house, or Sukra is conjunct Kuja in Mesfaa or Vrischika. Those who have Sukra and Chandra in their horoscope placed in Mesha or Vrischika with aspect from Guiu and Sani, would have this defect right from conception. Sloka Bl Irregular.teeth;- Lagna iu sigus DHanusr Rishaba or Mesha aspected by malefic planets. Bald head: Lagna in signs Mesha, Vrischika, Simha, Makata or Kumbha, or Dhanus or Rishabha on the lagna aspected by malefics. Imprisonment: If malefic planets (by nature) are in 2,5, 9 and 12, mote especially when Mesha, Dhanus or Rishaba rises in the lagna. Sloka 32 : If Sukra occupies Makara or Kumbha owned by Sani, or lord of 6 is in Mithuna or Kanya governed by Budha or Sani's sign Makara, or Sukra is placed in Kanya or Mithuna conjunct Budha ina quadrant, or Sukra and Sani occupy their own trimsamsas* the body of the person win emit foul smell. The face will emit such foul smell if Chandra in lagna is in Mesha. *Trim8amsa is division of a sign into 30 equal parts, each part getting one degree. In odd (or positive) signs the first 5° ate governed by Mars, the next S° by Saturn the next 8° by Jupiter, the next 7° by Mercury and the last 5° by Venus. In even (negative) signs, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars respectively rule S, 7, 8, 5, S degrees in that order.

Sloka 33 and Sloka 34: —Epilogue. Adhyaya IV Sloka 1 A girl born when Chandra at birth occupied the asterism Asiesha or Krittika or Sathabisha coinciding with Sunday, Saturday or Tuesday and Tithis Dwitiya, Saptami and Dwadasi, is a Visha Kanya. Also when two benefic planets occupy the lagna, one malefic in the 10th and two other malefic planets in the 6th house. Sloka 2 A girl is a Visha Kanya in any one of the following cases: (i) Birth on Saturday, Asiesha nakshatra and Dwitiya Tithi; (ii).Birth on Tuesday inBaptami TitHi in Sathabisha nakshatra; (iii) Birth on Sunday in Visakha nakshatra coinciding with Dwadasi Tithi; and (iv) Kuja in 9, Sani in 1 and Surya in S. Sloka 3 The evil mentioned in slokas 1 and 2— childlessness and widowhood—is warded off when lord of 7 from the lagna or the Moon occupies the 7th, or if a benefic occupies 7th counted from the lagna or Chandra. Sloka 4 Epilogue of the Adyaya. Adhyaya V Sloka 1 Longevity is the basis on which ail predictions depend. This is dealt with in this Adhyaya. Sloka 2 Lord of lagna strong with aspect from benefics in quadrant houses confers prosperity, wealth, longevity, etc. The native lives for 60 years if benefice ate in quadrants, the Moon in her own or IS

ejallatioff sifn-and the liagna- lord-' is strong.

Giiru and Sukra occupy quadrant bouses. The same is the case when Guru in lagna occupies Kataka, with Sukra in a quadrant.- Such a. life of 100 years is also promised when Sani occupies 1 or 9 and Chandra is in 9'or 12.

Sloka 3 A life- of 70 years is promised if bsnefic planets occupy quadrant bouses. Guru is in lagna, and the 8th from the lagna or Chandra is free from malefic association/ aspect. A native will have a lease of eighty years if benefics (by nature) are in their moolatfikona rasis, Guru in his exaltation rasi and lagna lord is extremely powerful.

Sloka 7: A life of 100 years is denoted if (i> malefic planets are placed in houses other than 1, 4, 5, 7,- 8, 9 and 10, (ii>. Dbanus of Meena is on lagna, (iii) Guru or Venus in a quadrant and (iv) bouses 8 and 9 are aspected by benefic planets. Also when the 8th from the Lagna or Chandra lagna is vacant and Guru and Sukra are very strong. 60 years' life is shown if Chandra is in Vrisbaba in lagna and-benefics stand-in their owir Signs.

Slokas 4-5 A life of 30 years is assured,, if Budba in strength is placed in a quadrant with the 8th bouse unoccupied. If in this case, the 8th house is aspected by a benefic, the native will live for 40 years. Jupiter _occupyingDhanns.or Meena and his-own decanate (division of a sign into 3 parts of 10Oieach, also called Drckkana) gives a life of 27 years. 60 years Will be the span of life if Chandra is in lagna or Kataka and a benefic occupies the- 7th house.. If benefic planets are in 5 and 9 and lagna falls in a centipede sign (Keela rasi)— Vrischika (also Kataka according to- some authorities) with Guru in lagna,. the native lives for SO years. A short life of 24 years is indicated if the'lagna lord is posited in lagna, lord of S goes to 9, and an occupant of the 8tb bouse is maleficially aspected. Life will be cut short at the age of 27 if the lagna and Stb lords are together in the Stb bouse. A poor life of only 22 years will be the case if Kuja and Guru are in lagna aspected by Chandra and another planet occupies the Stb bouse.

Slokas 8-9 :■ If the latter half of-Dhanus (i.e., 15° to 30°) be on the lagna, all the planets are in exaltation, and Budba is in the 24th degree of Vrisbaba, the person. will live the full period (of 120 years). The same will be the case, if Sukra and Guru are in quadrant houses and Chandra is stationed in the 11th bouse. Such a life of 100 years is also promised when Sukra occupies Meena identical with the lagna, Chandra is posited in 8 with aspect from a benefic and Guru stands in a quadrant bouse. Of, when lord of lagna is in 8, Chandra in 10, Guru strong and all others occupy 9. Or, when Kataka is on lagna, Chandra and GUru in 3, 6 or 11, and Sukra and Budha are in mutual quadrant positions to one another. In the case of a native in whose chart Surya, Kuja and Sani occupy kendra positions and in Guru's navamsas. Guru occupies lagna, and the other planets are not stationed in 8, the life extends to 83 years.

Sloka 6; A long life of 70 years accrues to .the native in whose chart the lagna and Chandra are free of malefic association. Guru is in the lagna, no planet in S and a benefic occupies a quadrant (kendra). The native lives for a hundred years if


FRIJITIFICATION OF TRUNK-CALL By ^yotish Praveena P. R. MURALIDHARAN, B.E.^ A-M.f.C.E., On 19th Feb 1972, in the evening, I was kitting with my friends discussing Krishnamurti jHorary Astrology. At this moment a friend of mine stepped into my chamber and wished Good evening. "Good Luck", I told. Immediately, he asked me to predict, whether he will be able to contact his relative by phone and to give the time of fruitification. He quoted 200, a number within 249. Number 200, means Saturn Sign-Moon star-Mercury sub0 rises. Question is answered at Davangere 14 -31'N; 750->58'E. Time: 7-00 P. M. Position of 12 cusps and the planets are tabulated below:

4. 5 6. 7. 8. 9.

Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Kethu

Rahu Kethu Mercury Sun Moon Saturn

Rahu Jupiter Mercury Mercury Moon Sun

Astrological Analysis According_ to .Jitellap—Astrology for— fniitifieation of Trunk-call, houses 3, 9, and 11 are to scrutinisedi If the sublord of the 3rd cusp is situated in the constellation of planet in retrograde motion, in a few minutes, the departmental staff will inform that,, the line is out of order and call is cancelled. If the sub lord of the 9th cusp is situated in the constellation of planet in retrograde motion, the concerned party will not be available, hence the call is cancelled: Saturn HI 27o-30' Moon If the sublord'of the 11th cusp is situated Mars 0 in the constellation of planet in retrograde! Venus IV 27^30' V 23 -38' motion, though the connection is given due to much disturbance the purpose of the call will not be served. But if the sublord Ketu II 23l>-22, of the 3rd cusp is retrograde and lord of 0 Mercury the constellation is direct, then call will VII 17 -46' Suo ^ ^materialised after sometime. If the sublord of the 9th cusp is retrograde and the lord of RASI CHART the constellation is direct, then the relatives <, I 17 -46' of the party will send words to the party Vin 23'-22' later the call materialises. If the sublord Rahu of the 11th cusp is retrograde and the lord the constellation is direct, then thb departmental authorities are asked to rectify the defect for the disturbances and after IX 270-30' rectihcation call will materialise. Jupiter No planet is retrograde on this day, hence no planet is in the constellation of retrograde planet. The sublord of the 3rd and Star-Lord Sub-Lord the 9ih cusp is Jupiter, who is in the llth ■SI. No. Planet house. The sublord of the llth cusp is Mars. Mars is the occupant of 3rd house, lord Moon Mars * 1. Sun of llth cusp, and aspects llth cusp. Jupiter Kethu 2. Moon Hence the fruitification of Trunk-call is Mercury Kethu promised. 3. Mars I


The sigoificators of house 3,9 and II are tabulated below:IX Bhava III Bhava 2T-vy 27'>-30' Virgo to Significators Pisces ta 27"-30' Aries 27o-30' Libra Planets in the constellation of the occupant of a Bhava. Sun, Rahu Occupant of the Bhava Mars, Moon Planets posited in the constellation Venus ruled by the lord of the Bhava Mercury Planet owing the Bhava Jupiter Venus aspects the 9th house (lih aspect). Saturn aspects the llth house (7th aspect). Mars occupant of 3rd and lord of 11 th aspects the llth house (8th aspect). ' Mars the ocCupant~of 3rd "and 'lord of llth cusp aspects Kethu (4th aspect). Saturn a significator aspects Kethu Hrd aspect). Further Kethu is in Moon sign. So Kethu is a strong significator. The Ruling planets at the moment of judgment are:Day Lord : Saturn. Sign Lord Mars. Star Lord Kethu. Lagna Lord Sun. Lagna Star Lord.......Venus. Hence consider Saturn, Mars, Kethu, Sun and Venus. According to K. P., If the sub-lord is , one of the significator, then the planet deposited in such a sub is fruitful, otherwise not.

XI 0Bhava 23 -38' Scorpio to I99_30'Sagittarius: Jupiter Sun Mars

In this chart Saturn, Venus, and Mars are in Mercury sub, a significator. Kethu is in Sun sub. Sun is in Moon sub. For minor^events which are to happen in few minutes-of-in-Hfew-hoursT-onc—has-^o note down the point in the Zodiac to rise in the east, when the strong fruitful significators conjointly operate. The point in the Zodiac to rise in the east, at time of fruitification should be SUN SIGN —VENUS —STAR—KETHU SUB.i.e, 25o-53'-20" to 26M0' Leo. Out of this select Mars sub- sub. i.c,260-l2'-47" to 26M9'-47" 0Leo. The Sayana—Asscendant would be 19 -34'-47" to 190-41'47" V1GRO. Referring to the Raphael's Table of Houses for 150North Latitude, note down the sidereal time then convert to Indian Standard Time. The I. S. T. will be 7-49 P. M. So, I predict that my friend will be able to contact his relative by Phone at 7-49 P.M. As predicted the call frutified exactly at 7-49 P. M. "GOOD LUCK"


CYCLONE ADVANCE—GETTING OR NOT ? IF SO WHEN ? (horary) B, P. S. SASTRY, S. A. R. I. Koraput So saying a person entered into my quarter on 14—12—71, I asked him to furnish a number within 249. He said atonce 130. Time was d-05 P.M. LS.T. at Koraput 180N. Map for the heavens as follows:— vn 6o-40'

sub lord alone retrograde and signify the above houses, one has to wait till it takes direct motion. In the above case the sub lord of 11 cusjp is Rah i. Luminaries are never retrograde and nodes never retrace their path. Therefore Ralm and Ketu _caDnot—be -considered- as Retrograde Planets. Rahu has occupied Moon constellation (Sravana) and Moon is the occupant of Lagna Bhava, Hence querist's desire will be fulfilled- As the 11th cusp sub lord deposited in Moon Star who is a fast moving Planet as well as 11th lord Ravi, the matter will be materialised in days. Hence I considered the Ruling Planets as follows:— Day Lord—Mars (Tuesday) Rasi Lord—Venus (Tula) Star Lord—(Jupiter) (Visakha) Number Lagna Lord is Venus Considering the Moon transit to Mars sign (Aries) Venus star (Bharani) and in Jupiter sub and the day will be Tuesday ruled by Mars which comes to 28—12—71, at 11-00 "a.m. Surprisingly he received a bank draft oh 27th after noon and the same was encashed and received exactly at the predicted hour. Thus K. P. simplified the predictive astrology. Long Live Guruji.

-Vffi60-25<IX 50-25' Sani 80-12'

X 6d 25 ' No. 130 At 6-05 P.M. Kethu 140-12' l.S-T. ISMS'N. Rahu 140-12' XI 7®-25' 14-12-1971 0 IV 6 -25' ' 0 0 Ravi 29 -29' Ven. 25 -A6' Jup. 2SM)4' Moen 7 240-37' 2 IMS' XII SMS' III 50-25' Mer. II 6#-25' Lagna 6°-40' v v'-as'

In K. P. Houses 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 and 11 are always advantageous. In horary if the sub lord of the 11th cusp is deposited in the constellation of a retrograde planet then the ambition cannot be realised. If the sub lord is not retrograde and not deposited in the retrograde Planet constellation^ also happens to be the significator of any of the above houses, the answer will be positive. But if the


"ANY PROMOTION" ASKS TRADITIONAL ASTROLOGERS (Time predicted to years ahead) By Sri. BIMAl KANTI GHOSE, Sahebjada Bazaar, Cuttack-2. 11 th September 1969, two gentlemen came He supplied his birth particulars and I to my chambers. One of them was Sri. drew up a chart of Heavens at birth time Antaryami Tripathy, who is well-known as an which is as follows;— adept in Traditional Astrology. Sri Tripathy introduced, the other gentleVIlI12"-07' man, who is a young engineering graduate and V 19o-07' VI17--07' VII 12*-07' Sal. l«"-59said "Sri Ratha is a student of traditional astrology and he wants to consults you in certain matters." Rahu r-07"Yes, Mr. Ratha, what can I do for you." Bom 23-9-44 iv i7°-or Sri Ratha said "I am studying traditional JXJ4!d07'al-10-37 — astrology;, but I havr heard about Krishnamuiti — Padhdhati and its successful applications,-will Balance of Saturn o you kindly explain me its principles. Now I HI 14"-07' Dasa 9 years 8 .months X I7 -07' am working as a junior engineer, on a Jup.l9'-41' and 17 days Ketu f-Oltemporary tasis, could you also find out when Mcr. 19--15' I shall have my promotion and be made fermanent, which has been long delayed and am dejected". (I explained him the general Asc. 12o-07' XH 17°-07' XI 19o-07' II 12°-07' principles of K. P. and my experiences about Sun 7»-02' Moon 9°-51' Venus 0°-30' Mars 23-28' K. P. Traditional astrology and Western astrology). Analysis of Planetary Influences 2 3 4 6 5 7 Significator Significator Constellation Owners of OccuPlanet as per as per Sub Lord lord pant occupancy Houses ownership Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu

Sun Saturn Mars Venus Venus Mars Rahu Jupiter Sun

10 9 1/6 8/11 2/5 7/12 3/4 X X

10 3. 4 1. 6 7, 12 7, 12 1, 6 X 2, 5 10 ,23

10 12 11 10 10 11 8 8 2

10 8. 12 11 11, 10 11 11 8 10 10, 2

Kethu Venus Mars Rahu Rahu Mercury Venus Mars Rahu

Rabu is Moon's boose. Ketu is in Saturn's bouse. Vertical column 6 and vert. Col. 4 ! indicate tbe slrongeit influence. . Now at birth Saturn's Oasa balance was 9.8.17 days. There after, Budba dasa for 17 years. In other words, Budha dasa ends on 9—6—71 and Ketii dasa begins. . At the time of judgement on 11,-9—69. he was running Budba dasa and Saturn Bhuktil which.was to end on 9—6—71. For promotion houses 2, 6,10 and 11 are,, to be consiijcrcd as per K. P. It may be seen from the chart of analysis that Budhals signiflcator of 11 and 10 and so he is favourable. But Saturn who is occupaoti of eighth is also signifi cator or eighth. iSo he is not favourable. ^ -"InnayalsiTKr seen that Ketu is a strong' significator of 2 and 10. So it was predicted that till 9—6—71, he should not .expect any promotion. But since the last part Budha dasa Saturn Bhukti, anthra of Jupiter, will; come: he is the signiflcator of 11 foccupant of 10); so paving the way for promotion would be made, in the 1st part of 1971. But actual, promotion would come only with in Ketu-.

Ketu (0 4 27) days i. c during the period between'9—6—71 and 7—il—71. During this period Ketu-Ketu-Iupiter is very favourable (30 8—71 to 19.—9—71) since Jupiter is occupant of 10 and signifies II, by being conjoined with Mercury lord of 11. ..... . In ruling planet tnetho'd it was found that. Ketu and Jupiter were prominent. So it was predicted that in Ketu dasa-Ketu Bhukti and. Jupiter Anthra,' when transits Would ' be" favourable (I-bad no ephemeris of 1971 then), promotion order would be received i. e.. in- thei period between 30—8—71 and 19—9—'71. Sri Ratha met me recently and informed me that be was called for interview by PublicService Commission in July, 19.71 and bad received final promotion order as' Assistant Engineer on 1st September, 197l_ V'henJCetu— dasa-Ketu—Bhukfr"and"~XupJter 'Anthra . was' Under operation. The transists on that day are.—Sun in Venus ^star fdecupant. and significatorof 11, Moon in Venus star. Mercury iu Ketu star, Venus in Venus star, (Significator of 11. and 10)'and the day was a Wednesday.Sri Ratha is now fully convinced about!' the usefuluess and accuracy of Krisbnainurti' Padhdhati and he himself has switched onto K. P. and it now well versed'in that.

TWIN BIRTH AND SIGNIFICANCE OF THE SUB Krishnamurti Padhdhati proved true By Sri. S, V. RAMANARSAIAH, M.A., M.Ed., Lecturer, Nagarjuna College. Nalgonda fA.P.; When we study the lives of twins born within a few minutes at the same place, a lot of difference will be recorded. The following is a case of twins born at Nalgonda, on 6—8—1971 with a difference of 10 minutes whose birth charts are prepared, studied and judged by me. The Lagna and bouses remain the same. Planets are in the

same houses for both of them. But one suffered from ill-health; the other is healthyOne is living, the other died shortly after birth. Why it is so? A study of the following charts will reveal that the diametrically opposite effects experienced are due to the cuspal differences and the planet holding the cusps as sub lord. B. fMale child;

XI 260-27'

XII 0#-27' Lagna 20-27* S3t. ir-29 U 2T-2T

Vco. 130-25' Sun 190-26' X 23°-27' Keto 6-8-1971 2 i*-08' 0 Time 2-30 A.M. I.S T. III 23 -27' Mars Nalgonda 24°-W L-M.T. 2-16-24 M«r. 15M3'. IX 23®-27' o Rahu 21 -08' S.R.T. 23-11-24 IV 2i0-27' Moon m 6 -49' VIII 270-27' VI 0*-27' VI1 20-27' Jup. 3'-28'


XI 290-39'

Xlt 3°-09' Lagna 40-47' Sat. ll'-29' 11 290-39'

X 26M)9'

Vco. l30-25' Sun 19° 26' Kethu ZI'-OS' III 26M39'

IX 26o-09, .Mars 24<>-48' Rahu 21 "-OS', Moon

■ 6-8-1971 2-40 A.M. 1ST Nalgonda L.M.T. 2-26-24 S.R.T. 23-21-25

Merc. 15M' IV 26'-09'

VIII 29°-39' VI 3<-09' VII 4«-47' Jup. 30-28'

V 24°-23'

A. Sign, Star, Sub Lords Mercury—Mars—Kcthu Mercury—Jup—Venus Moon—Mercury—Mars Sun—Venus—Saturn Mercury—Mars—Jupiter Mars—Jupiter—Moon Jup—Kethu—Venus Jup—Sun—Moon Saturn—Mars—Mars Saturn—Jupiter—Saturn Jup—Mercury—Jupiter Venus—Sun—Rahu


B. Sign, Star, Sub Lords Mercury—Mars—Venus Mercury—Jupiter—Moon Moon—Mercury—Jupiter Sun—Venus—Kethu Mercury—Mars—Saturn Mars—Jupiter—Rahu Jupiter—Kethu—Mars Jupiter—Sun—Rahu Saturn—Mars—Jupiter Saturn—Jupiter—Kethu Jupiter—Mercury—Saturn Venus—Sun—Saturn

V 290-39'

A- SUN—Moon—Mercury—Venus MOON—Saturn—Sun—Mercury MARS—Saturn—Mars—Rahu MERC—Sim—Venus—Venus JUP—Mars—Sat—Saturn VENUS—Moon—Sat—Rahu SAT—Venus—Moon—Mars RAHU—Sat—Moon—Venus KETU—Moon—Merc—Venus

B. SUN—Moon—Mercury—Venus MOON—Saturn—Sun—Mercury M A RS—Saturn—Mars—Rahu MERC—Sun—Venus—Venus JUP—Mars—Saturn—Saturn VENUS—Moon—Saturn—Rahu SATURN—Venus—Moon—Mars RAHU—Saturn—Moon—Venus KETU—Moon—Mercury—Venus

A comparative study of the two charts will reveal that the subdords of the cusps of houses in the two births are different. Otherwise, the horoscopes, especially the planetary positions, the signs on the lagna and other house cusps, and the constellations on the different houses are the same. As Moon's-position-in ^be^two-charts -has-not varied very much, the Vimshottari dasa, bhukti and anthara in both the cases also remains almost the same. The sub-lord of the Ascendant in chart *A' is KETU deposited in the constellation of Mercury, a very strong significator of 2nd house, marakasthana? not only by ownership but also by occupation and ccnstellational position. . On the other hand, in chart 'B', the sublord of the Ascendant is Venus, who is deposited in the constellation of Saturn who is not a significator of houses 2 and 7. Thus the life of the female child (chart A) is short. The male child (chart Bj is promised a long life. The sublord of the VI cusp in chart •A* is Moon, a strong malefic by tenanting the constellation of Sun deposited in the 2nd house, a marakastbana. As a result, the child suffered from illhealth till her death. Taking the other chart B, it is seen that the sublord of the VI cusp, Rahu, i« deposited in the constellation of Chandra placed in the Sth house. Rahu itself is posited in the 8th house of longevity and is thus not harmful. The Moon is not so much of a malefic merely by its ownership of a marakastbana, but assumes such a role by tenanting. the constellation of an occupant of marakastbana. Rahu is in Moon't star and Moon is also in 8. Rahu, therefore, has no connection to death. The child of the second chart (B) is healthy. As the chart of child 'A' did not promise long life, there arose a curiosity to

know the date of her demise. According to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, the significators of death were calculated. Ketu and Sun are in the constellation of Mercury, ruling the 2nd house. Ketu, along with Sun and Venus, also happens to occupy the 2nd house. Mercury is in the constellation of Venus, and Moon-in the-constel]ation.-of_Sun. No planet occupied the constellation of Ketu. Jupiter is lord of 7 and there is none in Jupiter's stars, but Jupiter is aspected by Saturn. There is no planet in the 7th house. The significators of Marakastbana and Badhakasthana are Sun, Mercury, Moonj Ketu, Venus, Jupiter and death would happen during their conjoint period, I had predicted that the child will collapse during Sun dasa and Ketu bhukti, but could not fix the Anthra and Sookshama as I was not fully proficient in the subject at that time. However, the period commencing from 26—9—1971 to 18—10—1971 was marked by me as the most dangerous period during which the child was expected to collapse. Actually the child left for its heavenly abode at 2-30 A.M. on October 14, 1971, when it was running Sun Dasa, Ketu bhukti. Moon anthra and Jupiter sookshama. The day(according to Hindus before Sun vise) was Wednesday ruled by Mercury and Moon was transiting in the 2nd house in the constellation Aslesha, ruled by Mercury. The role of the Sub is very significant. KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI alone highlights the importance of the Sub (subdivision of the constellation; on the cusp of a house, and on more than one occaiion 1 have found this truth proved bejoud a shadow of doubt. GOOD LUCK 27

NATAL ASTROLOGY AND KR1SHNAMURTI PADHDHATI By Sri MAHENDRA SARAP, B.Sc., Burla, Sambalpur (Orissa) In the mid-twentieth century, the long -standing desire of astrological students togive correct and definite forecasts on different aspects of life has been fulfilled with the advent of the Varaha Mihira of Modern Age, • our revered Guruji Prof. K. S. Krishnamurti. His unique Padhdhati has made many traditional astrologers to throw aside the -defective traditional system and change over to the new system of Prof. Krishnamurti which is as simple and easy as it is original. A class of professional critics in this field are still existing, may be due to their ignorance of the underlying principles or due to false vanity, making them hesitate to accept the truth of the new system. "They-timply—go_£m_ beating the drum of slokas to display theii kuuwledge"df Sanskrit— and repeat stanzas after stanzas from a number of books they have read. A famous magazine on Astrology opines that astrologically it is impossible to give the date of an event.''* The followers of Krishnamurti Padhdhati cannot but sympathise with the ignorance displayed by all those Jbolding the above view. If only they learn K. P. sincerely with an open mind and without any prejudice, they will find themselves disproving their own former views and start appreciating the Stellar System which enables us to predict the nature, exact date and time of an event. Days .are fast approaching when the astrologers all over will follow the one and the only irue system of prediction profounded by Prof. K. S. Krishnamurti. Speaking from my •own presonal experience, I have verified a number of cases where exact date of events were predicted accurately and here also I give ■one instance on Natal Astrology. Male Born on 23—2—1942 at 1-00 A. M. fl. S. T.) Birth Place-84o-00'E; 2r-28'N (-Supplied Birth Data) Is The Birth Time Correct? The first and foremost duty of an Astrologer is to check up the correctness of the birth-time supplied. One should not take blindly the supplied birth-time to be correctBut how to check up? Does traditional astrology help in this respect? Certainly not. It is confusing and misguiding. You must take guidance from Krishnamurti

Padhdhati and the ruling planets at the time of judgement to arrive at the correct birth-time of a native. 1 took this horoscope for analysis on 13—10—1971 at 9-52 P. M. (I. S. T) at Burla. The ruling planets at the time of judgement are as follows: Mercury Lord of the Day fWednesday) Moon fCancer) Lord of Moon Sign Mercury Lord of Moon Star (Aslesha) Lord of Lagna Mercury (Gemini) Rahu (Arudra) Lord of Lagna Star Ketu is in Moon-Sign, Mercury-Star and aspected by Mars. Rahu represents Mars by conjuilCtion:^ Tb e -stated birth:time gives the Lagna in Mars Sign Vrrschika an3 MTefcuYy's— Star Jyeshta, Mars and Merc, being ruling planets at the time of judgement. As Ketu, a node, represents Moon, Mercury and Mars strongly, we can take Ketu sub in its own Sub-Sub as Cthe rising degree at birth. It corresponds to I8 33'20" of Scorpio. Adding Ayanamsafor the date of birth we get 1I030'17" of Sagittarius (SayanaJ. By the usual process, taking Table of Houses, the Sidereal time at birth and consequently the birth-time was found out. The correct birth-time was 1-01-39 A.M.(I.S.T.), The planetary positions and cusps of houses for this rectified time are as follows: V 26o-04'

VI 24M)4' Saturn 29°-33' . Mars 29M6'

Ura. 3'-34' Mood 60-55 Vin 19ft-04' VIIIS'-SS' lup. 18°-56'

IV 25o-05' Ketu 21°-06' For tuna 14°-51' Sun 10^-38'

IX 2lo-04' Date 25-2-1942 Time 1 Hr. 01 m.' 39s A.M. (l.S.T.) o 84-00E, 21-28N. III 2! -04' Mercury Ayaoamsa 220-S6'-57" Rahu Zl'-Oe' 18<>-41' X 25o-04' Ven. 120-35' II 19M)4'

I l80-33'

XU 24"-04'

Ncp. 60-14' XI 26M)4'

Bbava Lordship Star-Lord Sab-Lord Positions ofBhava .Sun 3 10 Rahu Saturn Moon 6 ^9 Sun Mercury Mars 6 1 & 6 Sun Rahu Mercury 2 8 & 11 Moon Mercury Jupiter 7 2 & 5 Moon Mercury Venus 2 7& 12 Moon Rahu iSaturn 6 3 & 4 Sun Rahu Rahu 9 Jupiter Venus Ketu 3 Jupiter Jupiter Confirmation of the Corrected Birth Time? One should not be satisfied by taking •only the ruling planets but should confirm by taking some important past events of the native and his present position in life. - IovilLtake_a few sjli ch_ event5 as follows: ^A) Date of marriage. (B)-BiftK"of soO— <C) Profession, for this purpose. (A) Date of Marriage: Foe this, examine the houses 2, 7 and 11 and find out the significators which rshould agree with the date of marriage. Mercury and Venus in 2nd house; Rahu in the star of Venus; Jupiter is 2nd lord; Ketu in Jupiter's star. Jupiter is in 7th house and Venus is lord of 7th. No planet is in 11th. Mercury is lord of llth house. Marriage was celebrated in Rahu Dasa Mercury Bhukti-Venus Antara on a Wednesday. Moon was transiting Gemini in Arudra Star. Day and Mopn-Sign are ruled by Bhukti lord, whereas Moon-star is ruled by Dasa-lord. The lagna at the time of marriage was ruled by Venus, the Antara lord. The date of marriage was 29—1—1969. Ths Sub-lord of 7th is Mercury, who is lord of 8 & 11, in 2nd in the star of Moon. Moon is exalted in Taurus at the time of birth. So his marriage should be in a highly reputed and rich family which actually happened. Since Mercury is lord of8&ll in 2nd, he will definitely inherit some sizeable properties from in-laws. (B) Birth of Son: 2Dd, 5th and llth are judged. Venus ^nd Mercury in 2nd, Jupiter 2nd and 5th lord; 5th and llth are vancant; Mercury llth Planets


lord; Rahu in Venus star; and Ketu in Jupiter star. Rahu Dasa-Ketu Bhukti-Rahu Antara blessed the native with the birth of a son. Rahu and Ketu are in a male sign. Rahu sign lord & Ketu sign lord, Sun and Saturn, occupy male sign. So birth of a male child in the above period was as it should be. (C) Profession: Cosider for this purpose the 10th cusp. It is in Sun sign-Venus star and Mercury Sub*Mercury is a strong significator of 6th house. So he will have to serve. There is no independent profession or own business. He is in Government Service. Mercury and Venus in conjunction in 2nd in (he star of Moon in the 6th house. Hence Moon has got strong connection with profession and whQ_is _co njoined with ^ Mars, Saturn and Uranus. Mars - Saturn -Ve^is^^rcury^ Moon— and Sun are connected with profession in every way. Moon-Saturn indicates use of petrol and mobile. Mars-Mercury and Saturn indicate mechanical engineering or geology. Venus stands for vehicular transport, refinement, etc. Mercury is for inspection. The native's job exactly fits in with this description. Mars, Venus and Mercury indicate transport. Mars and Saturn indicate workshop, and Sun indicates Government. He had a service as mechanical engineer in a State Transport workshop. Now we infer that the corrected time is corroborated by events in life. We can now safely proceed for predicting future events. Transfer—My prediction; At the time of analysis, the native was having Rahu Dasa-Ketu Bhukti. Ketu in 3rd with Sun who is 10th lord in 3rd. Both Rahu and Ketu represent Sun. Sun is a strong significator of transfer. So transfer in Rahu-Ketu-Satura (Saturn being in Sun-Star and Rahu Sub) is certain. Coming to transit, Sun transits Rahu-Star and Ketu-Sub on 30—10—1971. Moon transits Satabhisa in Saturn Sign, Aquarius. Since Rahu and Ketu represent favourable planets in the horoscope, so also Saturn, transfer to a better place was predicted. This came out very correct. As per the version of the native,** and was really very much

astonished. Your prediction came out 100% correct." The fruitful significators for transfer are Rahu-Ketu-Saturn-Mars and Sun. Whenever these planets jointly operate, transfer will take place, especially when transits agree. Future Prospect In Service: During his life time, he will run the major periods of Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn in full and partially that of Mercury. Jupiter will be the most promising of these. He will get promotion during the following periods as arrived at from the significators of houses 2—6—10—II and taking the fruitful significators only. Rahu Dasa^ Moon Bhukti—(from24—12—1975 to 26—6—1977); Jupiter Dasa Mercuiy Bhukti-Ketu Antaraffrom?—7—1983 to 24—8—1983); Jupiter Dasa-Moou Bhukti (fiom 12—11—1989 to 12—3—1991J. These are the three promotions promised to the native. As all the planets are connected with houses 2-6-10-11, the native will have self-earned wealth and will enjoy the fruits of the material world to his utmost satisfication. Span Of Life; In "Krishnamurti Padhdhati", we have to consider the maraka houses along with the Badhaka. Scorpio fVrischikaJ rises at birth. It is a fixed sign and hence the 9th house is Badhaka. The 2nd and 7th are maraka houses for all lagnas. Mercury and Venus in 2nd; Jupiter is 2nd lord in 7th; 7th lord is Venus; Rahu in 9th; and Moon is-9th lord. Rahu in Venus Scar and Ketu in Juqiter Star; Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the Star of Moon; Mercury and Ketu are the strongest to offer death. So Mercury Dasa-Ketu BhuktiKetu Antara will be evil for longevity of the native, when Sun will transit Jupiter signK'- ,a Star-Mercury Sub on 28—12—2015, a W onday. Moon on this date transits 9th house, a Badhaka Sthana, in Aslesha Star ruled by Mercury, so transit of luminaries agree in full. The heavenly portents are that the native will leave the Earth for good on 28th December 2015. GOOD LUCK 32

TRADITIONAL TRANSIT SYSTEM—DEFECTIVE On I—2—1972 to this native actually Rahu dasa, Saturn bhukti had started. In a week's time the marriage was celebrated. Saturn is considered to be a delaying planet and occasionally a denying one depending upon the ownership and accidental occupation at the moment of birth of the native. Whenever Saturu is in any manner connected with Moon or Mars or Jupiter, there cannot be delay It can delay till its own, i.e. Saturn period commences and when once Saturn sub-period starts, it fulfills surprisingly suddenly, and most satisfactorily. If Saturn is said to be a delaying planet, it does not allow the lords of the previous sub-periods to offer the_result which he is also entitled to give. When Saturn is really very much connected with Jiouses 2, 7 and 11 by being the owner, by being the occupant—of—the-c onstcll at ion o f Lord of 7, by aspecting 11 etc., and is conjoined with Mars, aspected by Jupiter etc., then Saturn does miracles with lightning speed. According to transit, at the time of marriage the positions of planets were as follows:

The following is the horoscope of the gir/ who got married on 9th February, 1972 at Madras. , ni 18°-56' IV 190-56' lup. ir-26'

0 Moon i20-:.7' VI 13 -56' 0 V 170-56' Ura. 19 -49'

II l40-56' Place: Pudukkottai VII 1 lo-40' Rahu 110-26J Time of birth: 9-34 A.M. Date; 12—12—1951 Ketu ll0-26' "Trr^O'— —Ayanamsa.:, _23o-04' VHlT4?-56' 17o-03 XII 130-56' 1 XI 170-56' Vcnusll®-42' Mars IX 18®-55' Merc. 7°. 16' Sun 250-58' X l9®-56' Sat. 20M7' Nep..28o-09' She was born at 9-34 A.M. on 12th Dec. 1951, at Tiruchi. Moon dasa was 8 Yrs. and 13 Days left over as balance at the time of the birth. For marriage purposes, we judge the houses 2, 7 and II. The 7th cusp must also -be studied to 6nd out whether marriage is promised and, in a way, it shows the state of married life also. The 7th cusp falls in Cancer in the constellation of Saturn who is lord of 2 (in the constellation of lord of 7) and the sub-lord of the 7th cusp is also Moon. Therefore marriage is promised. Generally, whenever the sub-lord happens to be Moon marriage comes in an earlier or in proper age and never late. The 2nd house is occupied by Jupiter and owned by Saturn who is represented by Rahu. 7th house is occupied by Kethu. Both Mercury and Kethu are in Kethu's constellation. 7th house is owned by Moon and both Moon and Saturn are in the constellation of Moon. 11th house is occupied by Mercury and no planet is in its star. Of these planets, Rahu represents Saturn, and Saturn in the constellation of lord of 7, Mercury in the constellation of Kethu in 1 are the strongest.

Venus 50-32'

Mars SMC Sani 60-l7'

Nirayana Position of Planets on Sun 26o-10' Rahu 9—2—72 11 Ml' Mere. 60-39' Jup. SMI-

Kethu UMl'

Moon ISMO'

(1) It was a Wednesday ruled by Mercury. Moon was transiting in the constellation of Saturn, the bhuktinatha in Anuradha Nakshatra. Rahu was in Moon star. Moon sub in Saturn sign, and Saturn was transiting in Taurus in Mercury sub. Thus those planets which are 'Ung the dasa period etc. were 33

transiting in proper position and sub, promising marriage on 9—2—1972. According to K.P., transit is very correct. But if we take the transit according to traditional system, we have to consider the sign in which Moon was at the time of the birth of a person. Then 1 rom that sign we have to calculate or count the sign in which the other planets arc transiting. The above chart shows the position of planets at the moment of the marriage of the girl on 9—2—1972 and both the horoscopes are given in this article so that it will be easy to quickly note down and confirm that transit according to traditional system is meaningless. Her Moon was in Rohini star and so it was in Taurus. From Taurus we have to couriC Sun--on -the day of majriage was in the 9th sign counted from Taurus as^irwasin — Capricorn. The results given by the tradition is "Gives up hopes; meets with danger and suffers from ill-health." Mars in 12 shows " Eye trouble, dispute and ill repute." Mercury in 9 " Relatives disagree, health fails," Jupiter in 8 "Health not satisfactory, danger at home, chances for imprisonment and also roaming about." Saturn's transit in 1, in Taurus "Health fails, food not to taste, afraid of enemies, disharmony, disagreement and dispute."


Rahu transiting in 9 is for delay, difficulty, disease and disharmony. So, if we take the horoscope of the gir i according to the traditional system of transits, none of the planets blesses her with such a fortune. They do not promise, yet marriage has been negotiated, arranged and Celebrated within a few hours. They are happy. The girl is learning German language. She will proceed shortly to Frankfurt. If we collect the horoscopes of our friends, who are all getting married and note down the position of Moon in their horoscopes and the position of other planets on the day of such pleasant occurcnces, there is no meaning in continuing to say Guru balam or Vyazha balam or Gochara etc. I trust the day will come when these transit ,_resjults advocated by the traditional astrologers will be given up without -aay-further^consideration as not even 10% of the results agree atleast accidentally. I have instructed a few of my students to have house to house survey in Madras and collect the horoscopes of couples and also their time of marriage. Further I have instructed them to tabulate side by side the birth horoscope and the horoscope at the moment of marriage so that in more than 90% of the cases, traditional system is tested to be useless. My honest advice would be " Forget once for all Traditional Transit system. Thoroughly master KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI."

RETURN OF ABSCONDING BOY (K. P. Verified) By V. N. N. RANGACHAR As the query is about his friend's son, the 11th house has to be taken as the Ascendant of his friend for further investigation. The houses to be judged as per K. P. are the 2nd, 8th and 11th (Krishnamurti Padhdhati Reader VI, page 310, para 4). To know whether the boy would return, we have to note the planet who rules the sub on the cusp of the 11th house. This sub lord should be the significator of the 2nd or 8th or 11th house and should not, at the same time, be in. retrograde motion nor posited in the constellation of a retrograde planet, to assure a safe return. Here the 11th cusp falls.on.Libra Jn-lhecoBStellallon of Rahu and sub of Mercury. Sub-lord, Mercury, is not retrograde and is posited in the constellation of Sun who is never retrograde. Mercury is posit#d in the 2ttd bhava, conjoined with Sun. and Rahu— the constellation lord of the Ilth cusp. Sun is placed in the constellation of Moon, occupant of 9th and lord of 8th. Sun is in Mercury's sub. Hence the return of the boy is assured early as sub-lord Mercury is in the constellation of Sun, a fast moving planet. Jupiter, lord of friend's lagna, aspects the 5th house (his child) therefrom as well as the 5th lord. Mars. Jupiter also aspects the Moon. The Moon, in turn, is exactly trine the^ cusp of 5th house. So success and happiness to the friend in the matter of his son's return is a certainty.

A friend of mine wanted to know if tke boy of his close friend, by name Mr. Pandith, absconding since 1st Feb'?2 would return home and if so what time.c, Number 213; Place Bangalore; Latitude 12 58' North; Longitude East. Time 5-27 pm. (1ST) on Tuesday, 1st February 1972. The chart for number 213 is given below;— n 100-38'

Mars 0o-38' Sat. 6M3' V 7'-38' III I20-38' IV 110-38'

-VI-4^38'VeQ.250-56' Kethu 0 I 4,,-40' Balance of Kethu Dasa 11 -36' at query: Mercury 4o-40' Sun 18° 22' bhukti 5 months and VDMo«n a Rahu ir-36' 20 days 0 l2 -26' Mcr. 70 -27' Fortuna XII 4 -2Sr 280-44' VIII 10o-38' XI 70-38' X ir-38' IX 120-38' Urn(R) 0 24° 55. Jup. 5'-37' Nept. ll -33' Planots Coostfl Sub Sun Moon Merc Moon Kethu Merc Mars Kethu Kethu Merc Sun Kethu Jupit Kethu Rahu Venus Jupt Kethu Sat Sun Merc Rahu Moon Mars Kethu Sat Moon Uranus Mars Rahu Neptune Sat Moon Fortuna Sun Mars At query, Ketu dasa balance was 5 mon. 20 days. Rahu represents Saturn by occupation of Sani's sign. Moon by consellation. It also gives the effects of Sun and Mercury by conjunction. Kethu represents Moon by occupation, Saturn by constellation and Sun and Mercury by aspect.

Analysis: Mercury, Rahu and Sun occupy the 2nd bhava; no planet is posited in the constellation of Mercury and Rahu. Mercury and Sun are posited in the constellation of Sun. The eighth is occupied by Kethu who also represents Moon. Jupiter, Mars and Moon are in Kethu's constellation. Fortuna in Sun's constellation is configurated with Moon, and its position offers encouragement to the astrologer to predict favourably. The 11th house is vacant. Venus is its lord; none in its constellations. In order to select from among the significators, the ruling planets should be reckoned. 37

On February 3,1 was immensely happy to receive a phone call that the boy had returned on the 2nd February 1972 at 9-20 p.m. Looking to transits, dasanatha Kethu was transiting in Cancer (Moon's sign) in Saturn's constellation, in the sub of Moon. Mercury bukthilord, was in Capricorn in the constllation/sub of Moon. Anthra lord. Mars, was in Mesha in Kethu's constellation and Venus' sub. Sun was transiting in the constellation of Moon ond sub of Sun. Ascendant rising was in the constellation of Sun and of Saturn,

Ruling Planets; MARS is the lord of the Day (Tuesday). Moon is transiting in Simha in the constellation ofKETHU. SUN rules Simha. Ascendant rising at the moment is Cancer (Kataka) ruled by CHANDRA, in the constellation of SATURN. The ruling planets are therefore Mars, Kethu, Sun, Moon and Saturn. Kethu, as already stated, deputises, for Moon by occupation and Saturn by constellation. Hence the final ruling planets are Sun, Kethu and Mars. We have in Leo all these as sigmficatorsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Sun's sign and Kethu and Venus* stars. As the sub lorb of 11th cusp was in the constellation of Sun, with implicit faith on Gurudcv I said that when Moon moves to Sun's constellation and conjoins Fortuna, the boy should return (i.e., before 10-15 p.m. on the 2nd February 1972).

May Lord Ucchishta Maha Ganapathi bless our Gurudev with a long and fruitful life in spreading the message o f scientific stellar astrology in all directions. Good Luck.


Sri KAMESWARA RAO & K. P. From Sri. S. Kameswara Rao B.A., Sub Treasury Officer, Chipumpalli. statements originate in a morbid mentality finding its sustenance in mythological phentasia of olden days. These are persons who sell that was already produced but do not possess capacities to invent new things. Naturally such persons exhibit inimical disposition towards researchers for fear that they would lose their interests. The world does not depend upon these vested interests but encourages reaseachers when they achieve a breakthrough in new fields. They may try vainly to prevent the onslaught of new winds of progressive and scientific thoughts of modern generation -endgavomiug to - destroy -all" that-is- -prudisft and sentimental and establish the all prevading truths on scientific basis of reason and logic but the chariot wheels of Lord Sri Jaganath roll on unimpeded releasing new forces of reaserch and fresh conquest. You gave a smashing reply in your article entitled "Is Thinking a Sacrilege". It is an article well written deserving the approbation of all sane thinking people.

My dear Respected Guruji, Kindly accept my pranamams When Jesus was born it was said that a bright', star appeared in the East beckoning the wisemen to the place where Jesus was born. This is a religious phenomenon. But in the astrological world of today, such a phenomenon happened again or else how would we, the educated class of modern times, firmly rooted in the beliefs of a scientific world, believe the wonders thrown open to us by the genious that is Jyotish Marthand, Sothida Mannan Sri K. S. Krishna-minti;- Varahamihira' may^e^great burfie did not leave behind him any account giving out the various rules that were propounded by him to arrive at the exact nature and time of an event so as to make us believe in his greatness. This is not to underestimate the value of his astrological works which are of great use to us. He is a pioneer in this field holding out the torch of astrological Truths found out by him which is an exhortation to scholars in future generations to undertake further reasearch and arrive at lofty heights which he himself could not reach. The attainments of human thought will never end with one individual however great he may be. A living culture will always produce men of calibre to continue its onward journey to a higher perfection, Hinduism produced a dynamic culture which never ends with the thoughts of one individual and it is a source of inspiration for future generations to mould their thoughts and actions in conformity with the universal truths on which it was built up. Man's mental capacities and understanding will ever be increasing and reaching new heights due to the impact of new knowledge gained in every generation on account of research and it is a folly to tell us that our ancient rishis have left behind them all the truths that this astrological world can give out and there is left nothing for us to know. Such astounding

You have invented a new theory which is exact, scientific and complete in every respect. It shows the depth of your profound imagination and constructive thought based upon pure logic and reason, with smashing of Atom, flood gates of new knowledge in all fields of scientific activity have been opened suddenly and today we are in a new world entirely different from the old world. Similarly you have opened the flood gates of new knowledge in astrological world which changed the basic concept of interpretation of planerary forces and brought about a revolution in human thought in Astrology. For the first time in the history of the astrological world you have established astrology as an exact science and gave it an honourable seat in the fraternity of all other sciences of world. You have carved out a niche for yourself in the history of glorious people who have attained eternal fame for their valorous deeds of service to humanity and hence you richly deserve a noble prize for your services. 39

LONGEVITY: KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI VERIFIED By T. SURYANARAYANA RAO. 1739, Wright Town. Jabalpur-2 There is no denying the fact that with Saturn the advancement of medical science and VI 29°-42' VII250-45' 11°-02' IX 25°. 42' other preventive public health measures V 009-42' VIII 240-42' infant mortality has been considerably reduced and death rate has come down But still there are unfortunate people on Moo043k-O4 Mars 80-51' Ketu le-'-OS' whose hopes and aspirations cold water is X 280-42' being sprinkled by the Great One whom „differeiLt_r£ligions_calI_by. different --names.— The point I wish to discuss in this IV 280-42' article is the longevity of an infant, as per Rahu 16"-06' the system of Krishnamurti Padhdhati According to the traditional system, the 0 Jup. 27°-JO' ayu or span of life in this Karma bhoomi 11 240-42' Asc. 2S0 -A5' XI 00*-42' III 25°-42' Wen. is classified into three main groups, viz ir-36' o Sun 22 -37' XII 29D-42' Merc. 10 -26' Alpayu—Short life—(00-33 years 4 months), Madhyayu (33 years 4 months to 66 years 8 months) and Dheergayu (6S years 8 months Cusps: to 100), 100 years and above being considered Asc. Jupiter Star, Mercury Sub to be Purnayu. Also there are certain combiII Mercury Star, Rahu Sub nationsof planets and specific points or degrees III Venus Star, Mercury Sub in each sign which promote or" affect the IV Mars Star, Saturn Sub longevity of the native. These rules are V Jupiter Star, Mars Sub general in nature and vague. These rules VI Mercury Star, Saturn Sub miserably fail in actual practice. VII Venus Star, Mercury Sub VIII Mars Star, Rahu Sub Krishnamurti Padhdhati, on the other DC .Jupiter Star, Mercury Sub hand, deals with longevity in a clear manner free from all manner of doubts and is X Mercury Star, Saturn Sub XI Sun Star, Rahu Sub universally applicable. XII Mars Star, Saturn Sub (These rules can be applied both in Natal and Horary Astrology. The only Planets; difference is that, in the case of a nativity, the Sun—Jupiter star, Saturn Sub span of life can be judged from the time Moon—Saturn Star and Rahu Sub of birth whereas in Horary it can be Mars—Rahu Star and Jupiter Sub assessed from the time of judgement of the Mercury—Saturn Star and Sun Sub query.) Jupiter—Mercury Star and Jupiter Sub Given below is the chart of an infant, Venus—Saturn Star and. Moon Sub who inspitc of best medical care, met Saturn—Moon Star—Moon Sub with his end in an unfortunate manner an Rahu—Moon Star and Saturn Sub hour after he was born. Kctu—Satura Star and Jupiter Sib 41

The-above chart was* erected* taking: the correct time of. birth, and by using Krishnamurti Ephemeris, Raphael's Table of Houses and Krishnamurti Ayanamsa, fox 79-59 E. Long and 23o10' N. Lat. The delivery had taken place in a local Nursing Home on Tuesday the 9th November 1971 at 6-37-33 a.m. fl.S.T ) At the time of birth, the sign0 Libra was rising, the exact degree being 25 45'. The Ascendant was thus in the sign Libra ruled by Venus (lord of 1 and 8) in the constellation of Jupiter (lord of 3,5 and 6) and in the Sub of Mercury ('lord of 9, 11 and 12.) Badbaka Sthana and Maraka Sthana. Tf""ffie ^ AScendanrfalls- in-a --MovableSign (chara rasO the 11th House is the Badhaka Sthana; if the ascendant falls in a Fixed Sign the 9th House is the Badhaka Sthana; if the Ascendant falls in a Common sign the 7th House is the Badhakasthana. Whatever be the sign in which the Ascendant falls, the 2nd and the 7th Houses are Marakasthanas. Krishnamurti Padbdbati; According to K. P., if the Asc. Sub-Lord is in the constellation of a significator of Badhakasthana and/or , Maraka Sthana, short life is indicated. If the Sub-lord of the Ascendant is in the constellation of the significator of- the Sixth House, the person will suffer from disease but will not succumb to it. According to thÂŤ strength of the lord of the constellation in which the Sub-lord of the Ascendant is deposited, we have to fix the Dasa and Sub periods. As already stated, the SubrLord of the Asc. is Mercury. Mercury is lord of 9, 11 and 1 =: houses. As the Asc. falls in a movable Sign; the 11th house is Badhakasthana and, therefore. Mercury becomes the Badhakasthana Adhipathi. He is also the Moksha Sthana Adhipathi being the owner of the 12th house. Badhaka Sthana Adhipathies are the worst malefics who will never hesitate to put an end to one's life. Mercury is deposited in the constellation of Saturn and in the Sub of Sun. Saturn, the constellation Lord, occupies the seventh bhava which is a maraka sthana. Sun is in the constellatioo of Jupiter in the second bhava, also a maraka sthana. From the above, it will be. observed that Mercury by 43

owning Badhakasthana^ and Mbftshasthanais evil for longevity. His placement in* the constellation of Saturn, a significator of death, has already been discussed. Mercury-, therefore, becomes the worst malefic to inflict death on the individual, shortening th* span of his Life. As the span of life of the native has been found to be very short, we can judge the Badhaka and Maraka Sthanas: 11th house, the Badhaka Sthana, extends from 00-42' Virgo to 29042' Virgo, and this Zone is vacant. The lord of the sign where the ] Jth cusp falls is Mercury. Jupiter tenants Jyeshta ruled by Mercury. The 7th<5 house, Maraka Sthana, extends from 25 45' Aries to 24042' Taurus. Saturn _occupies^?ih Bbava. Mercury. Mopn^ Ketu, and Venus are the occupants of the constellations ruled by Saturn. Rahu represents Saturn being the occupant of: one. of. the signs owned by Saturn, Mars is lord of 7th house. The 2nd house, also a Marakasthana, extends from 24,>42' Scorpio to 25042' Sagi. Jupiter is in the second bhava; Sim is in the constellation of Jupiter. Mars is lord of 2. None in-Mars Star. All the planets have connection to Badhaka or Maraka Sthanas. When such is the case, how can the infant survive? He succumbed to death at 7 Jiours 55 Minutes and 44 Seconds I. S. T. the same day, when Scorpio (Mars) sign, Aouradha (Saturn) Star and Rahu Sub was rising. It is interesting to note that when all the nine .planets are significators of Badhakasthana and / or Marakasthanas, only the planets Mars, Saturn and Rahu. could inflict death. Moon, at the time of birth as also at the time of death, was transiting in Saturn Star, Rahu Sub only. If he were born only to die, so quickly, particularly when all the nine planets are out to inflict death, why should not he die immediately after birth? It is indeed a point for a student of K. P. to study. A careful observation of the Sign/Star/ Sub rising from the moment of birth till end is very essential, as that is the only point which has undergone a change. (Moon's position, of course, underwent a little change from Jupiter Sub-Sub to Mercury Sub-Sub ) At the time of birth, the rising Star was Visakha-ruled by Jupiter. Though Jupiter

is a significatot of death, as per K. P., a Sun Sub. As the Subs of Moon and Mars planet in a constellation will oifer, more were rising, the doctors present attending predominantly, the result of the Bhava/ on the infant were trying their best to save House occupied by the lord of the constelthe infant from death. Rahu Sub is on. Rahu is the strongest representative of both lation. Therefore, Jupiter being in the constellation of a planet (Mercury) deposited Saturn and Moon and Rahu is also in in the Lagna Bhava should give long life the Sub of Saturn. And as the representative â&#x2013; to the native. Therefore, as long as Jupiter of Sathrn, Rahu inflicted death on the was ruling the moment, as the rising Star Lord native and the Sub passed. The father reand as long as Moon was transiting in turned the saviour of life, during Jupiter Jupiter Sub Sub, Jupiter protected the infant Sub, but it was too late. Rahu Sub was from the Hands of Death. But Saturn's Star already over, so was the unfortunate event! rising would be inimical for longevity. Such a detailed analysis of any event_ Death has. therefore, to take place beforeMoon moves_out_of Jtahu Suo-and -duringâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; -is-possible-rnly if K, f. ilTdllowed scrapul ousiy by which it is mean t that the followers the period when Saturn Star is rising. Saturn of K. P. should invariably use the only Sub set the stage; Mercury, a strong signibooks prescribed and the Ayanamsa suggested; ficator of death and a week signifieator of otherwise, inspite of their following the Lagnabhava was in two minds, as his nature most scientiBc system they will fail miserably. ' indicates. Ketu the representative of Moon In view of this I would commend to the and Saturn was indifferent by being in the new readers to equip themselves with all Sub of Jupiter, for reasons already discussed. the material required for erecting and judging Venus is lord of 1 and 8. During Venus Sub horoscopes on the basis, strictly, of the the father was informed that the life of the rules enunciated by Guruji when they will infant was in danger since it swallowed water be crowned with success. and has been feeling suffocation. Father runs to the consulting physician, might be during GOOD LUCK KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI AND EXAMINATION (By T. Sutyanarayana Rao) 'Holi', the colour festival of the Indian how many of them are going to get through people, bids farewell to the old Samvat at all in the examination even in 'Janata' Year and ushers in a New Year of hopes - class, if they can be assured definitely andL and aspirations for all. The areas which categorically that they are going to achieve till recently were subjected to severe coldsuceess, brilliantly or otherwise, be it a .waves are warming up and the streets ace school, college, university or a profeisioactive with beaming crowds busy doing nal examination, how encouraged they shopping. will be I As we walk into the streets for a stroll after dinner we cannot fail to see windows As I walked along, I recalled an old incident that took place in my school days open with glittering lamps. Every boy and when I was in the 10th class. Oae evening, girl is at bis or her desk, burning midnight oil. They are anxious, naturally enough, on return from school I f ound an old man, apparently over 60, sitting ona mat in the that their preparation for the annual entrance ball. He was fair cbmplexioned, examination is as thorough and satisfying tall, plumpy-bodied, round faced and as it can be. A section of them aspires for a position of distinction or first class -bald-beaded and looked in all manner of and another section wish to secure reasoof ways as an astrologer I was introduced to bim as the fourth son of my revered nably high marks. A third group is content .with getting through the examinaparents. In a few minutes my birth chart tion even with a narrow margin. How was placed before bim. As usual with alt those who go with hope to an astrologer, many of them are lucky enough to get I guessed what destiny bad in store forme. Merit/Distinction/Class in the examination! He recited various slokas in support of Indeed, very few. It is also not known 44

many good yogas present in my chart and The query was taken up for judgement predicted a very bright future, tyhichl have on 20—7—71 at 8.35 P.M..(I.S.T) and the yet to come across, with some breaks in chart erected for the moment of judgement education. Having satisfied herself about as per K. P. is given below: the very bright future ahead of me, my mother was diffident at the way I took to # IV I•-24' Sat. I0M)7' 12Moon my studies and asked him whether I would -47' V I I8®-6' get through the examination that year. 0 •V 29°-24' VI 23»-24' Ven.2J -26' He then shifted to 'Prasna-Sastra' and 1 asked me for a number—I said 7. After . Sun 3®-54' sometime, he declared that I would have to sitagain for the same examination .in_ J11-289-24' Vill 220-24' —the yearfollowing. Disheartened at this, Mer. 29°-12' my mother banged me for giving an inauspicious number. The examinations Maiso (R) were over, we bad our holidays and 28 -02' IX 28,,-24' the time for declaration of results came. 11 229-24'Rahu 22*-W The as troquack's soothsaying was falsified. He merely blushed when I told bim I had succeded. What 1 wish to stress here XII 230-24' XI 290-24' Asc. 18*-6' Jup. (R) is that people's faith in Astrology can be S'-IT X f-24' sustained only by reasonably accurate predictions, and to this end no other system offers us as much scope and proRahu Dasa, Mercury Bhukti upto 17lh mise as KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI October, 1973. does. Cusp. Sign-Lord Star-Lord Sub-Lord With the emergence of the new and Venus Rabu I Jup. (R) unique system of scientific stellar astrology Venus II Sat. Moon discovered by Jyothisb Marthand KrishnaSaturn Jup (R) Venus III murti after decades of labour and research, Venus. Mars (R) Ketu IV theastrologeroftoday .is in an unenviable V Mars (R) Sun Rahu position, of being able to foresee the events Venus Mars (R) Mars (R) VI that are to be experienced by an individual in bis life. No IPs and no BUrs. The Sub Lord Cusp. SiB^-Lon1 Star-Lord prediction is categorical and clear, based Mercury Rahu VII Moon on simple, correct rules. And, it is Mercury Rabu Vill Moon universally applicable. KRISHNAMURTI Sun Moon IX Sun PADHDHATI is clear, unambiguous, Venus Mars (R) Mercury X specific and precise to the date in a nuhtber Sun Venus Jup. (R) XI of cases. This is where its merit lies. Mars (R) Mars (R) Mercury XII To cite an example. During my last visit Plancis Constcllatiou Lord Sub-Lord to Andhra Pradesh, Mr. 'S' asked me to Saturn Saturn Sun predict whether he would be able to appear Mercury at examination which was to be Moon Rahu held in Drcember 71 and if so, its result. Mars (R) Saturn Mars(R) Mercury Saturn Mercury Unfortunately, I bad not taken the 'tools' Jupiter (R) Jup. (R) Rabu with me. I however, assured him that soon Jup. (R) Saturn Venus after I reach Jabalpur I would answer bim and asked him to give a number between 1 Moon Moon Saturn Rabu Moon Venus and 249, to which be had readily resMercury Sun ponded. The number was "180" out of 249. Kelu 45

(Rabu represents Mars with wbicb. it Ss coojoined and Ketu deputises for Sun and Mercury with which it is.configurated.. Mocn indicates the nature of query: Moon isiin the 6th bouse in tbeconstel-. lation of Rabu in 2nd bouse conjoined with Mars. Moon is conjoined in Mitbuna with Venus, lord of 6,10 and 11. So,- the bouses denoting examioation, education and profession are well connected, correctly reflecting the querist's mind. Before going further, it should be borne in -mind that the question has got to be split up as under: (Q Caji he appear at aiLin the_examination? and (ii)iftbe planets allow bim' to do so, the success or failure in the examination. Here the querist is more worried about getting permission to appear in the examnation: when be put-this question; becauseon previous occasions be could not get tbe permission. Can he appear?As per K.RISHNAMURTI PADHDHA'TI the Sub-lord of 3rd cusp decides whether one has tbe courage, etc. to appear in tbe examination. The Sub-lord of tbe 3rd Cusp is Venus - a natural benefic and lord of. 6, 10 and 11 in tbe constellation of Guru, lagnalord placed in II. Tbe Sub-lord.of 1 lib cusp is Sun, lord of 9 in tbe oonstel. lation of Saturn who is tbe lord of 2 and 3 in the Stb bouse. Guru, star lord of the Iltb cusp is in 11 and is trine (120 degrees) to sublord of Iltb cusp. So, tbe desiie'of tbe queries! to sit in the examination will be realised. But there will be delay because of Sun's.disposition in the constellation of Saturn, a delaying planet. He would get permission to appear in tbe examination, though late, and would appear. Success or Failure? As per K. P. we. have, to find tbeaigniGcatots of 4tb house and Iltb bouses. As this examination is connected with bis profession, we should also take tbe Tenth

house. Such significators of 4, 10 and 11 should operate conjointly at the time of examination. If it is so, success is assured, if not failure is tbe result. So, to begin with we can judge tbe Fourth bouse. Fourth house extends from. 1-24 to 29-24 Aries. This zone is vacant. It is ruled by Mars who is retrograde. Rabu is conjoined' with Mars (R) and Mars(R)bimself is in bis own constellation. 10th House; It extends from 1-24 Libra to 29-24 Libra. This zone is also vacant. Lord is Venus-None in Venus star. Iltb House: This extends from 29-24 Libra to 23-24 Scorpio. Jupiter(R) is in I ItbUouicryenuslnlupitir^RJStar. Saturn aspects Jupiter. Therefore, tbe significators of 4, 10 and 11, irrespective of tbe result they offer, wbicb entirely depend on the sub they occupy, are Rabu, Mars (R), Venus and Jupiter (R). Analysis: 1. Rabu is tbe represntative of a planet in retrograde motion. It is in tbe constclation of Moon in 6 and Sub of Venus, lord of 6, 10 and 11. 2. Mars is Retrograde and is in bis own constellation. So reject. 3: Venus is also in tbe constellation of a' planet(Jup) in retrograde motion-Also reject. 4. Jupiter is retrograde in bis^own constellation and is in tbe sub of Rabu representing retrograde Mars. As per Vimsbottari Dasa, at tbe moment of judgement Rabu Dasa, Mercury Bbnkti was running. That means Sa'urn Bbukti was already over. Mercury is lord of 7 and is deposited in 8. So, Mercury is not favour able to the querist. That means, be will be appearing in tbe examination only to fail. (I may mention here that tbe above candidate was, in the first instance;, denied

can be answered -so correctly and convincingly and without any ambiguity? I thank our Ouruji for providing us a unique system'by Whidb 'any event can be precisely predicted. I am grateful to bim t or the entbusiam he has generated in me in making predictions baldly.

permission to sit in 'the-examination: and after a great deal of delay got the permission, to sit. He appeared in the examination but failed, as predicted.) Is there any system, other than KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI, by which a query of the kind described here


On 19th January 1972, at 9-29 p m, (1ST), a close friend of mine Who had announced that his engagement would take place on 28-1-7.2 came to me and wanted to know "whether the Lagnapatrika would take place on 28-1-7-2" and secondly "whether the negotiated marriage would take place". He knew me as an earnest -follower of the most scientific method of prediction evplved by our Guruji iSbri K.S. Krishnamurti. After praying for Guru's blessings,'' I asked my friend to give a number between 1'and 249 for each query. After a while, be gave me No. 1S3 for the first question and No. 107 for the second query. I gave the below-mentioned prediction on the 'basis iof -the -subs and ruling planets at that moment according to Rrisbnaqmrti Fadbdhati and the .method of the Modern Astrological Society, Golbarga (Feb. 71 Issue) No. 155 Sign Lord Mars Star Lord Sat Sub Lord Mats No. 107 Sign Lord Mercury Star Lord Sun Sub Lord Jupiter 47

Ruling Planets Mood Sign Lord Sat , Moon Star Lord Rabii Asc. 'Sign Lord Sun Asc. Star Lord Venus As the sub lord of both numbers were not the same 'as (hat of either the Moon 'star lord or Ascendant star lord, I said that neither the lagnapatrika wonld take "place on 28-1-72 nor would the marriage take place. My friend, though . depressed, showed me the reservation ticket, but 'I emphatically reported thai anything may go wrong but the prediction based "on our Gutuji's system, vii, KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI, 'can .never err. On the morning of the 22nd January,. my friend received a telegram at about KMK) a.m. from bis father stating -that the negotiations for martisge had been brought to an end and the lagnapatrika has been cancelled. My friend was dumbfounded. While feeling sad about the.turn of events, be gave me a hug and congraulated me for my accurate prediction. All credit goes to Sotbi'damannan Sbri K.S. KRISHNAMURTI, the doyen of KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI, who has taught us all that we have to know (or precise prediction. LONG LIVE GURUJI AND HIS IMMORTAL PADHDHATI.

TECHNIQUES OF PREDICTION : MINOR EVENTS Arrival of House Owner—Krishnamurti Padhdhati proved true Bf T. V. RAMASWAMY. 6-A Devi South Street. Tiruchy-6. My wife who knows that I am studying So. the ruling planets were Venus, Rahu, Astrology fK. P. Method] came to me and Mercury, Sun and Moon. Moon is represented desired to know the arrival of my house by Kethu. Moon, lord of 2, is posited in the owner, Sri. Nawab T. S. Rajamanickam 12th house in the sign of Venus. Mercury, Pillai ("proprietor and actor of -a famous lord of I 4 4, is posited in the 9th house and Saturn is the owner of Sth arid 9th houses. drama troupe] who bad gone to Vaitbeeswaran Rahu is also posited in the Sth house and Koil temple on 19—2—71. His Company Rahu is also the star lord of Mercury. As per Manager and my family members expected his arrival on 20—2—71 after Sunset. He K. P., nodes are stronger than even the owner. did not come as already informed. This So, the party should come during the conjoint delay created in us the urge and curiousity to period of fruitful ruling planets. His arrival £nd out by means of Krishnamurti Padhdhati was expected within a day. It_was .nol.the actual time of his arrival. The method .jecessary-to find-outthe Basa balance at the _adogted_ was -ttRuling -Planets". TBe judgetime when the urge was there. The arrival mentwas taken up at 3-OS P.M. T.S.T. on time was worked out to be Venus 0Sign, Rahu ,21—2—71 at Tiruchy. The map of heavens * Star. Mercury Sob. This was 12 -33'-40" to 120-49'-22 (Thula). For this sidereal time at that time was as follows .was 6 hours SO minutes SI seconds as per Raphael's table of houses. The Sid. Time for Vcnual90-I7' Mars l30-46' Sat. 6'-38' 0 21—2—71 as per 'Astrology and Athrishla' La go a 0 4 -13' was 3 hours 31 minutes Sf seconds. The X V-IV XI 12'-47' Moon XII l3®-46' . 13 -4I' difference was 3 hours 17 minutes 47 seconds. This is the time when the party would arrive.' 0 i.e., 3 hours 17 minutes 47 seconds, after Mercury 1 i*-36' 5-30 P.M. (I.S.T.) 305 P.M. I.S.T. II 9 -47' IX 70o-47/ Time on Ketu 10'-32' 21 2-71 (i.-e.) 5—30 P.M. Sun 8 -30' NIRAYANA BHAVAS plus 3—17—47 Lat. 10'-5'N , 8—47—47 [Rahu \V*-22' Lod, 78' -46'E <, Add the difference in 7M7' VIU 90-47' Ayanamaa 23 -22' of L.M.T. and I.S.T. for Tiruchy 0—14—56 9—02—43 or 9-02 P.M. VII 0 YI 13'-46' V l2 -47' IV 9'-39' I predicted that the party should come at Jupt. 13'-41' 9-2P.M.on21—2—71. Mywifewho posed the question and the company Manager who was at that time with us were astonished when the Ruling Planets: party did come as the clock struck exactly Lord of the Day (Monday) Moon 9-02 P.M. The Ruling Planets never en to Lord of the sign in which play their part at the time of fruition. Moon transited Venus Toe credit for this prediction belongs Star in which Moon "Krishnamurti Padhdhati" and its illustrious transited Sun Constellation on the cusp author. I pray god for long life to out Guruji Professor Sri. K. S. Krishnamurti. of Ascendant and Sub Rahu Good Luck to all the followers of (Sublord Mercury) Planet ruling the sign on the scientific stellar astrology, otherwise widely lagna Mercury known as "Krishnamurti Padhdhati". 41

UTILITY OF KRISHNAMURT1 PADHDHATI K. C. SUBRAMANIAM. L.T.C. CHonsJ, Technical Chemist. Titan Paint & Varnish Co. Ltd.. Podanur A friend o f mine furnished the following particulars for casting a horoscope;Male child—Born on 22—3—67: Tuesday at 10-10 P.M.fl.S.T) Place. Trichy. Star; Not given. When I referred to Krishoamurti Ephemerjs, I found that 21—3—67 was a Tuesday, and 22 — 3—67 was a Wednesday. _ Now the question i£ whirh qne_is .corrects —To refer" the Tnafftr to the person concerned for clarification, would' entail a delay of 3 to 4 days, as' the person was far away. I wanted to fix the day of birth according to the principles enunciated in "Krishnamurti Padhdhati" and then cast the horoscope. Rnling Planets for the time of Jndgement. 10-12 A.M.(I.S.T.) 3—4—1971, Place: Coimbatore. ' Saturday—Day lord Sani. Moon transits Punarvasu Star—Guru Moon Rasi—Moon Asc. 10°50'—Scorpio—Mars Sign.

Asc. Star Anuradha—Sani. Ketu represents Moon being in Kataka Rasi. Rahu represents Sani being in Makara Rasi Now the doubt is whether Wednesday" or Tuesday is the week day of birth. As Budba is not a ruling planet. I fixed upon— Tuesday—confidently Ss ISe week day of birth. The date is 21—3—1967. I cast the horoscope for this date and handed it over to my friend the next day. I told my friend that the person who gave the details of birth must have made a mistake, when writing the date. , It must be 21—3—1967 only. I asked him to hand over the horoscope to the'person concerned, after checking up the date of birth and inform me about the ' week day of birth and the English date. After four days, my friend confirmed that the person bad made a mistake when writing the date. Now, see the wonderful utility of K.P. Is there any method to check such doubts in the Western or Hindu Traditional Systems of Astrology?

ANOTHER DOUBT CLEARED BY K. P. Birth particulars furnished by a friend from Calcutta; EKNATH— Born in Bombay on 2-5-1936 Saturday at 2-3 a. m. I. S. T. Birth - star not mentioned. The Hindus reckon the week day and date from sunrise to sunrise. Westerners reckon the week day and date from 12 midnight or zero hour. The former is more scientific than the latter, which is an artificially created system. The week day takes its name afte' the Hora at Sunrise. The word 'hour' is lerived from the word 'Hora'. There are sc a Horas of the seven planets, Sun, Moon, .ats, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, ibey have a particular order, namely Sun—Venus—Mercury—Moon—Saturn—Jupiter—Mars. In this order they ' 49

complete three full cycles a day covering 21 hours as each Hora rules an hour. At Sunrise on a week day, the first Hora takes the name of that week day. Thus after 3 cycles a day, there remain three Horas to complete a day. The fourth Hora starts the next week day. Thus, we find that observing the order of Horas, the fourth represents the next week day. From Sun, the fourth is Moon in the order given above. So after Sunday, we have Monday. From Moon the fourth Hora is that of Mars. So we have Tuesday. Fourth Hora from Mars is Mercury. So, we have Wednesday, then Thursday, Friday and Saturday in this order. Hora plays an important part in the time of daily predictions. Now coming to the subject proper, even when following the English dales, sometimes many

Moon Rasi — Guru Hindus commit the mistake of continuing the week-day after midnight. For example, Asc. 20''46' Tulam—Venus in the above case, it may be Friday night Asc. Star—Guru 2-3 A.M., or Saturday night 2-3 A M. When As Saoi is not a ruling planet, the birth star is mentioned, we can fix the time is during Friday night. So the birth day. When it is not mentioned, we get time 2-3 a.m. is before sunrise on Saturday. confused and we have to refer back to the This was verified afterwards and found person concerned, for full details. K. P. can . correct. The method of ruling planets can help us in such a predicament. Now the be applied to solve many conflicting problems ruling planets for the time of judgement in our daily lives. K. P. is unique and are as follows;we are all indebted to the Twentieth Century VARAHAMIHIRACHARYA, Sri 16—4—1971: Friday, Coimbatore. Time K.S. Krishnamurti, for his unique and 7-45 p.m. I.S. T. original contribution to the Science of . Friday— Lord Venus Astrology in general and Indian Astrology Moo lam— Ketu ' in particular. K.P. GIVES J^ORREC.L-GUIDANCET WHEN IN A MAZE — OF GR WE DOUBTS I had recently gone on a visit to Ruling planets; Wednesday—Lord Buda Qnilon in connection with some of the Star transited by Moon — Utram — Sun Company aSaiis. At Quilon I had to visit Rasi—Kanya—Buda a factory about three miles away to meet Ascendant Rasi . ,3C25' Dhanus—Guru certain persons for discussion on some (Retrograde) important matters. On 2—6—1971 1 visited Ascendant Star — Moolam—Ketu the concerned factory near Quilon. On that < I analysed as follows. Ketu represents day, I met all the persons except one Moon being in Kataka Rasi. Ketu is important gentleman. Without meeting this aspected by Mars, Sani and Guru. So the person, my job could not be completed. . strong ruling planets are Budba, Sun and I was told tbat be was on leave for 3 or Ketu(Moon, Sani, Mars). Ketu represents 4 days. I got some more information from Sani and Mars as these planets aspect it. others, tbat he had gone on a visit to It represents Moon also, as it is in Kataka Ernakulam and thai he might come to. I dropped Guru, as it is retrograde. Quilon on Friday evening (4—6—1971). I • Rasi. Since the event is to happen very shortly, learnt also from some others that he might to fix the date and time, we have to take remain in Quilon in his lodging only on the transit of the Moon over the sensitive Saturday, 5—6—1971, and would be leaving points in the Zodiac indicated conjointly by Quilon:the same evening for Canoanore, the strong ruling planets. The strong planets and would be coming back to Quilon after are Budba, Sun and Ketu. Since the node a fortnight or so. However, to check the is generally very strong, I came to the reports, .1 went to his Lodge on 2—6—1971 conclusion that I would meet the peison at about 4 P. M. The doors of his room when Moon transits in the Hastham stac were found locked. I was in a fix at this (as Ketu represents Moonj, Kanya Rasi moment. I was thinking on my next proand Sani Sub. Since Mars has some connecgramme, namely returning to Coimbatore or tion, the rising sign at that time would be prolonging my slay in the town till I that of Mars. So, according to this fixation meet the person.' To prolong my stay, I of time, I must meet the particular person had to get permission from my company on 3—6—1971 (Thursday) at about 5-45 P.M. authorities. As things stood then, there deciding tbus, I wrote a letter to was no certainty of meeting the person . After my company at Podanur with regard tb even by Saturday fS—6—1971). While deeply prolonging my stay in Quilon till Saturday pondering over my disappointment, 1 (■5—6—1971), On Thursday I went to the suddenly felt au urge to solve the problem residence of the . person at 5-45 P.M. To by the application of Krishnamurti Padhdbati. my wonder, I actually met the person in Question: When will I be able to meet his room at the same time. He told me the Chemist of Phenolic Resins, Quilon? be arrived at the place only a few minutes back or so from Ernakulam. Time of Judgment: 7-45 P. M. I. S. T. K. P. oilers timely aid. Quilon on 2—6—1971

ON PROFESSION Engineering Graduate in Search of Job V. N. N. RANGACHAR It was a Friday. I had just returned home, when a relative of mine who had passed his B. E, wanted me to find out. according to KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI', when he would land himself in' a job. Number given: 222. Place: Bangalore: Lat. 12'53'; long 77»56'; Time 5-33P.M. on 29th Sep., 71. .The chart is given below. HI 25"'56'

Forl 1S0-46' VI 2J«-56' V 19°-56-

I 20°-0' Ketu 16°-38' Mo6a 10M9' Macs 2'-3S' Balance of Rahu VI 17»-56' Dasa 12 years 4 months and 23 days XII VII 20"^)' Rahu 160-38' X 23'-56' IX 26'-56' 280^32' Uran 2l°-5T Kept 8°-2T Ven. XI I9"-56- Jup-N'-JT Sun l2'-03' Mer. 25o-0S' VIII24'-56' Consta. Planet Rabu Sun Rahu Moon Mars Mars Mercury Jupiter Saturn Jupiter Venus Jupiter Moon Saturn Moon Rabu Ketbu Saturn Moon Uranus Neptune Saturn Fortuna Rahu Rabu represents Saturn by and Moon by constellation. Ketu represents Moon by and Saturn by constellation,

Sub Saturn -Saturn Kethu Mercuty Jupiter Venus Mars Saturn Jupiter Venus Venus Moon occupation occupation

The Moon serves as a guide to find out the mind of the querist. Here, Moon is .in lagna posited in 12tb Bhava. It is the lord of the 6tb Bhava posited in the constellation of Rahu, occupant of Iltb Bhava, in the sub of Saturn, lord of 1 and 12, posited . in the 3rd house: The sub Lord, Saturn, is also posited in Moon's constellation and is in the sub of Mars, owner of 3rd and 10th houses posited in 12th Bhava with Mooa_ The disposition of.the.planots-clearlyTHiJrcate —that—the person is interested in exiling a job outside Bangalore. For securing a job, we will have to seek the signiBcators of houses 2.6,10 and 11, and to know how far one will be successful the 11th'sub Lord will give the clue, i.e. the the sub lord of the cusp should not be posited in the constellation of a retrograde planet. Also, the sublord must have connection with signifieators of 2,6,10 or II. Here the Iltb cusp falls in Sagittarius in the constellation of Venus and Sub of Rahu. The sub lord, Rahu, is posited in constellation of Moon, lord of 6tb, and Rahu is posited in 11th Bhava in the sub of retrograde Saturn.[Rahu represents Saturn by occupation). Jupiter is the lord of 2nd and Utb and is posited in the constellation of Saturn. Therefore, the sub lord .Rahu is is connected to all the houses concerned, but the native cannot get a job till sueb time as Saturn becomes direct in motion. . Analysis: The 2nd, 6tfa and 10th houses are vacant. Their lords are Jupiter, Moon and Mars respectively. Mercury and Venus are: posited in the constellation of JupiteifSatura. and Rahu are posited in the constellatioa of Moon. Mars is posited in its own constallation. The 11 tb is occupied by Rahu and Moon is posited in Rahu's constellation. Hence the signifieators of bouse 2,6,10 and 11 are Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Moon and Mars. As Ketu represents Moon by occupation, we will have to take Ketu in place of the Moon. 6)

If the significators agree with the planets ruling at the moment of judgement, they will be fruitful. Ruling Planets: Venus is the day Lord. Moon is posited in Rabu's constellation in Aquarius. Ascendant rising in East is Aries in Kethu's cDnstellation Hence the ruling planets are Mars, Kethu Rahu, ■ Saturn and Venus. The common planets arc Mars, Kethu, Rahu, Saturn and Venus. As Saturn is a strong significator, the event cannot come to pass till 31st January '72 as Saturn will be in retrograde motion till then. Now, the querist is running Rahu dasa, Saturn bhukti and Kethu anthra, which will be operating till 7th November *71. As Kethu is posited in 5th Bhava representing Moon, Lord of 6th house, and is posited in the constellation of Saturn, occupant of 3rd Bhaya# in Jhe_sub of Jupiter- Lord2 and 11 occuping ' the 9th Bhava, he should appear for an interview during the 1st week of November. Rahu dasa, Saturn bhukti, Venus anthra, will be operating between 7th November '71 and 28th April '72. During Rahu dasa, Saturn bhukti, Venus anthra, Rahu sookshma which will operate between 8th January '72 and 3rd February '72, he will get his orders. He should report for duty during Jupiter sookshma which will be operating between 3rd February '72 and 28th February *72 by which time Saturn will have become direct. When the prediction on the basis of the Horary system was over, he produced his ' horoscope which was written according to the usual Hindu traditional system. I told hioi that I will not be able to read the horoscope written in this system and also told him that I will have to convert this into K.P. system. Hence I asked him to come the next day. This horoscope was taken up for conversion according to K.P. system at 8-30 P.M. on the same day, i.e. Friday 29th October *71, See how the ruling planets beautifully indicate the correctness of the horoscope and the ruling planets of the individual. Day Lord—Venus Moon is transitting in Capricorn in the constellation of Rahu and sub of Mercury. Ascendant rising in the east is Taurus in the constellation of Mars. Therefore, the ruling planets are Venus, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Mercury. 70

He was born at Bhadravathi, Mysore state, latitude 13052', longitude 75o40', on. Wednesday the 9th February *49 at 10-45 P.M. The chart corrected as per K.P. is given below: vi r-w Sun 7e-36' Mars < , Fort 00 '-57 V V-W Von, 11 "-OS' Merc.0 (R) 13 -19'

VII 00o-29' VIII 00o-14/ Uran 30o-42' Moon 8 ~04' Rahu 60-iT IX 29°-! 4' X 29M4' Balance of Rahu dasa at birth 16 Years I Month and 10 Days.

XI 0o-14' Sat.o (R) 10 -40'

IV 290-14' Ill 29VI4' Ketu 6M7' KII 10-I4' Jup. 26o-20' 11 00°-!4' I 00o-29' Ncpt 210-58' Const. Sub Planot Rahu Rahu Sun Rahu Rahu Moon Sun Mars Mars Rahu Moon Mercury Kethu Venus Jupiter Moon Mars Venus Kethu Saturn Saturn Kethu Kethu Rahu Moon Mars Kethu Venus Mars Uranus Venus Moon Neptune Mercury Mars Fortune Rahu represents Mars by occupation and Kethu by constellation. Kethu represents Venus by occupation and Moon by constellation. ■Now, he is running Jupiter dasa. Mercury bhukti, Saturn anthra, which will operate up to 25th January '72. Then Kethu bhukti will operate from 25th January 72. The analysis was taken up on Saturday the 30th October '71 at 6-30 P.M. Let us investigate the houses of appointment. They are 2, 6, 10 and 11. The 2nd, 6th and 10th are vacant (even in the horary chart they arc vacant). The owners of these houses are

Mars, Jupiter and Moon respectively. (The -owners are the same as in the horary chart, but the difference is in the order of ownership). Mars, Kethu, Uranus and Fortuna are in the constellation of Mars. None in Jupiter's constellation. Mercury and Neptune are in the constellation of Moon. 11th houses is -occupied by Saturn and none in its constellation. It is owned by Sun and none is posited in Sun's constellation. Let us take the ruling planets. They are: Saturn, lord of the day; Rasi lord, Saturn; Nakshatra lord Jupiter as Moon transits in Guru's star in Saturn's sign. Lagna rising was Aries fMcsha) in the constellation of Venus and sub of Saturn. The ruling planets, therefore, are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus. As Kethu represents Venus by occupation and and Rahn dgpiitiggs for MaifLb^ nrrriipatirtn.. we will have to take both Rahu and Kethu also as significators. Kethu is in the constellation of Mars and therefore he is stronger than Rahu and replaces Venus, Mars and Saturn. The sub of 11th house falls on the cusp of Leo (Simha) in the constellation and sub of Kethu. Kethu is connected to all the significators and is posited in lagna bhava and thus becomes a strong significator. As Saturn becomes a significator, the event cannot happen

till it becomes direct (Saturn has become a common significator in the horary chart also). Hence, the native must get a job outside Bangalore during Jupiter dasa, Kethu bhukti and Kethu anthra which will commence after February, 15, 1972. I was told that he had his interview in the first week of November 1971 and received his order of appointment on the 17th January 1972 asking that he report for work on or before the 16th February 1972 exactly as predicted. How wonderful is Krishnamurti PadhdhatiI Now, look at the planetary positions on the day he received the order. It was a Monday, 17th January 1972. The time was 10-30 a.m. when Sun^ was transiting in Sagittarius in the constellation of Kethu (dasa and bhukti lords rule) and the Ascendant was Pisces (Meena) in Jupiter's constellation^ According to my information, the native reported for duty on the 16th February 1972,, Wednesday, at Bhopal at about 8-00 a.m. The transit on this date also agreed in full. May Krishnamurti Padhdhati grow from strength to strength and bloom to be a banyan tree benefiting all who seek its shelter. Good Luck.

KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI AND MYSORE ELECTION (Kundgol Taluka Constituency; By Shri. G. B. KUS1BI, B.A., B.Ed., Head Master, New High School, Lakkundi, Tq. Gadag One of my bosom friends from the Ruling Indian National Congress was competing from Kundgol Taluka Constituency to the Mysore State Legislative Assembly. We were therefore anxious to know, astrologically, whether be would be elected. So I asked for a number between 1 and 249. He mentioned 18. It was 4-30 P. M. on Saturday the I3th February, 1972. The horary Nirayana chart for the Lakkundi latitude and the planetary positions for the time of judgement were found following the method given by out respected Guruji

Sothid Mannan Jyotish Marthand Sri Krishnamurtiji. Planets Sigolord Const Lord Sublord Sun Saturn. Mars. Mercury. Moon. Saturn. Ketu. Saturn. Mars. Mars. Ketu. Jupiter. Mercury. Saturn. Mars. Rahu. Jupiter. Jupiter. Ketu. Jupiter, Venus. Jupiter. Saturn Venus. Saturn. Venus. Sun. Mercury. Rahu. Saturn. Moon. Moon. Ketu. Moon. Saturn. Moon. 71

itself. No planet is in any of the constellations ruled by Venus. Hence, Venus is the strongest significator of the eleventh bouse matters. Further, Venus is in the constellation of Saturn who is deposited in the first bouse. Venus, therefore, is the significator of the first house as well as the eleventh bouse. Therefore, Venus, the sub-lord of the eleventh cusp, portrays sure success for my friend. To confirm this, the sixth bouse was also examined. The sub-lord of the sixth bouse was also the same Venus. Hence it was with confidence predicted that my friend would certainly win over bis competitor in the field. ■ In the mean time, I hadan occasion tp_ga_ -overto TCondgol. I fourul mauy uf uiy guud friends ranged on the opposila-camp. As they knew that I offer correct predictions on any event, they asked me who would win in the election. I boldly said that the Ruling Congress Candidate would win. They all laughed at me and told me they were . cocksure that the Sanstha Congress candidate, an eminent pleader, an Ex. M L. a., the President of the Janata Bazaar of Hubli and also the President of the District Congress (old) Committee would be victorious. He further said that it was superficially known that the Sanstha Congress candidate bad canvassed confidently with the help of all the chairmen and members of the Pancbayats of all the villages coming under thai constituency. I too noted that most of the eminent persons of that Taluka sided with the Sanstha Congress Candidate. Hence a doubt arose in my mind that I might have gone somewhere wrong. When I came back to my place, I took another number 153 at 6-35P.M. on 16—2—1972. This also corroborated that my friend would certainly win. When the result was announced that my friend defeated the Sanstha Congress Candidate by a margin of 9036 votes, my joy knew no bounds. Hats off to KklSHNAMURTI PADHDHATl! Let my friends who insulted Astrology through me open their eyes and know now that Astrology is a perfect science in the hands of those who follow the method propounded by our Guruji, the "Naveena"Varaha mihira of this age, as be has been bailed by his admirers during bis last Ceylon visit.

Saturn XII 2r-08' Mars III 19a-38' Venus Asc.250-53' II24°-08' XI l66-08' Sun

Kctu VI l6o-08'

MerCury X 16M)8' Moon Rabu

V 16'-08'


VlIlY4M)8' VII 25a~53' IV 21o-08'

Plaocts Bbava occupied Sun X. Moon IX. Mars. xir. Mercury. X. Jupiter. vnr. Venus. XL Saturn. i. Rabu. IX. Ketu. in. Const, lord Sub-lord Cusp Lord Venus. Rabu. XL Saturn Venus; VI. Mercury. Moon. Sun. Venus. V. Sun, XII. Jupiter. Mercury. Venus. Analysis The principles laid down by our revered Guruji are so simple, scientific and convincing that any event can be confidently predicted. This includes election to a political office. For winning an election, the sub-lord of the eleventh dbsp should be a significator of houses 1,2, 3, 6, 10 and II and if he happens to be a significator of bouses 4, S, 7, 8, 9 and 12 defeat is certain. Based on this, I probed the possibility or otherwise of my friends' election to the Mysore Assembly. The Sub-Lord of the eleventh cusp is Venus. He is posited in the eleventh bouse


June 1972

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ASTROLOGY AND ACQUISITION OF HOUSE PROPERTY By Jyotish Visharadh K, GANAPATHI If the 4th house and Mercury receive harmonious aspect, successful in studies; otherwise fails or discontinues studies. Therefore, planets connected to the 4th house and Mars indicate possession, acquisition or sale of a house. 4th house and Venus denote conveyance. 4th house and Moon represent mother. 4th house and Mercury are judged for education. 4th house and Saturn stand for treasure or digging. A IwaySj -for purchase.of house_prQperty,. consider houses 2, 4, 6, 11 and 12. Why? The second house indicates all those that one acquires and it shows his worth, just as the 2nd house includes all members of the family. The 4th house reveals the natives permanent possessions of property. The 6th house shows loss to the seller, - being in 12 to 7. The 11th house potrays the profit of the native and the 12th house his investment. Generally, planets benefic by native, ownership and occupation and ruling the 12th house denote investment of money and purchases. Planets, malefic by nature, ownership and occupation, threaten loss, waste, treachery, secret inimical activity, etc. In the above chart, Saturn is the lord of the 4th house. It is occupying the 4th house and is aspected by benefic Mercury who owns the house of investment, the twelfth. To the seller, Moon is the owner of the 4th house, Mercury is in 4 and Jupiter is lord of 12. Saturn aspects the 12th house of the seller as his lagna should be taken as the 7th house to Libra ascendant. The seller's sign is Aries(Mesha). Jupiter is the owner of the 12th Bhava to the 7th and Saturn aspects the house. Saturn is the strongest signlficator. Jupiter is in the sub of Saturn. Saturn's results will be offered by the planets that

Mars 22o-30' Moon 250-5X' Voo. 26° 24'


Uran 0 -13'

Mercury 260-3r

Rahu 240-44' Rasi

Jup. JO'-Sl' Sun !P"4y" Nept 140< -47' Kctu 24 '-44'


Sat. 6 -l7' Lagna 3"-21'

Purchase of House Property:The 4th house indicates permanent possession of immovable properly, mother, conveyance, education, treasure, garden, etc. If the 4th house receives good aspect, which of the above matter is to be predicted? One purchases a car, but mother is ill. One builds a house but disposes a car. One stops education as the helping mother passes away. Even though there is good aspect â&#x20AC;˘to the fourth house, yet a few of the matters " signified by the 4th house thrive, 1 and a few suffer. To differentiate and predict correctly is a different task except by following Krishnamurti Padhdhati method. Whenever both the 4th house and Moon, receive good aspect, it is benefical to mother. If Moon receives bad aspect, mother's health will be affected. If, at the same time, Venus receives good aspect, one gets a car or conveyance. If Venus receives bad aspect, there is danger to vehicle or it may be disposed of. If the 4th house and Mars receive beneficial aspect, one acquires a building or land. Bad aspect threatens loss. 9

occupy its star or sub. Jupiter was in Kethu's star (Labha-Profit) and in the sub of Saturn. No other planet is under the sway of Saturn (Mercury is aspected by Saturn. So it will give the results of Saturn also.) Jupiter as lord of 6 shows disposal by the seller and in 11 promises your gains. Jupiter in Saturn's sub indicates house, car, etc.

So in the conjoined period of Saturn dasa, Jupiter Bhukti, Mercury Anthra the native had a building purchased. Mercury promises that the native will have another building — mostly a twin house or a house with an out house attached— in Mercury dasa, Jupiter Bhukij Saturn Anthra in April 1973, when Sun transits in Mercury's star Revathi, in Jupiter's sign, Pisces Meena.

ASTROLOGY, ACCIDENT AND SURVIVAL (T) Lord of the week day. (2) Lord of the Astrology is the lamp that illuminates constellation occupied by Moon at query. --the path way-of- our_ .life. Lord-of .the RasLqcgupjed by Moon. At birth each being is stamped with (A) Lord of lagna. (5) Lord of the consteP" the planetary pattern then in the sky and lation rising in the east. These five are the planetary impulses travel across the ethcric ruling planets. The periods of these planets will be the same as shown by the horoscope. ocean and surge into every atom of the body. The child than starts upon a cycle A relative of mine came to visit my of its own. The initial stellar configuration house on a Sunday at about 4 p.m. The received at the time of birth remains unruling constellation on that day was Chitra disturbed in its enitty and the tendencies upto 6-06 p.m. at 4 p m. 6° Pisces rises in marked at that time fructify as events as east.-What are the ruling planets? the planets progress during the pilgrimage of life. (1) The day is Sunday ruled by Sun. The ruling planets at the time of an (2) The Moon is in constellation Chitra event will always hold sway in the dasa ruled by Mars. system. Suppose, an event has taken place (3) The Moon is in Libra ruled by on a particular day and at the particular Venus. time, the ruling planets will reveal the (4) The rising sign at the time of proruling dasa. When an individual is grammed visit is Pisces ruled by running the major dasa of Venus, the Jupiter. sub-period of Sun, the inter-period of Mars andj the Sookshma period of Jupiter, then (5) The constellation rises in Uttaraall these planets, Venus, Sun, Mars and bhadra ruled by Saturn. Jupiter, must ' rule the time of the event. Errors in prediction can be minimised to a Therefore, the ruling planets arc Sun great extend, if one verifies this rule and Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. rectify the time of birth. 1 know bis horoscope. Before his The great Kalidasa avers in Uttarakalaarrival 1 went through his horoscope as mrita that the horoscope for the time of he will ask me something about his immequery reveals the events in the same way diate future. I found that he is running as birth chart. It means that the ruling the major dasa of Moon, Bhukti of Jupiter, periods at the time of query will be the Anthra of Rahu and Sookshma of Sun. same as shown by the horoscope and there- i Therefore, the ruling planets, when he should fore, prediction based on question time will meet me for astrological consultation, should reveal what is ahead. This is true in all cases be Moon, Jupiter, Rahu and Sun. But the without exception. The ruling planets are: ruling planets on the day and time when

he programmed to meet me, are Sun, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturo. As Rahu occupies Taurus and is placed in the consteljalion of Rotaini ruled Dy Moon, Rahu represents Venus and Moon. Hence, it is found that Mars and Saturn are not in the picture. As he is a close relative and as he had fixed up appointment, I was waiting for him in the bouse. But, alas! he did not come nor did he send any word. The ncrt day when he came I was absent. The ruling planets then were;(1) The day is Monday ruled by Moon. (2) The constellation is Visakha ruled by Jupiter, f3J Moon is in Libra ruled dy Venus. (4) Lagna is Aries ruled by Mars. fS] The rising constellation is Bharani ruled by Venus. Tbcrcforc'thcTulIng planets are Moon, Jupiter, Venus and. Mars. Again it is found that Mars has no place which warrants our meeting as he is definitely coming for astrological consultation only. Mars is responsible for my absence when he arrived. On that day, I' arrived at about 7p.m. The ruling planets were Moon, Venus (who represents Rahu), Jupiter and Sun. The, ruling planets at the time of query will represent the ruling planetary periods of the native. Events in life take place only during the conjoined periods of planets. The ruling planets at the time of event will represent the ruling planetary periods of the native. Born on 21—1—1925 at 9-53 p.m. Lat. I6°N52. Log. 80°E 53. The horoscope is as under: Mars 270-47'

Pluto 19*-7'

Rahu 21•-29' Balance of Mercury Neptune 28<,-38' dasa at birth 3 Years Kethu ♦ 2l0~29' 6 Months 2 Days. Sun 8°-19' Hershel 26'-32r

Venus J5a'35' Jup. ISMK Mercury 14#-45'

Moon 270-l5'

Sat. 20'-29'

lagna 4M8'

The peculiarity of the horoscope is that the native, whenever meets with an accident, escapes from it miraculously. He met with an accident on S—2—52 and another on 16—2—52. But, be was unhurt and safe. On 8—2—52 he was driving a Cbevorelt new car. The owner of the car was also by his side. Suddenly the car dashed against a palmiyab tree. He had a hit, but there was no external injury at all. But blood came our from his nose. The owner of the car who was by his side stuck against the front glass when blood came out from his forehead when the skin had scrapped. The time of the accident was about 1 p.m. How did he escape? Why was the owner of the car hurt? What has astrology to say about this incident? Tigain on 16—2—52 at about 2 p.m.. when native was. driving his friend's car, the. front tyre suddenly burst and the entire vehicle was taken aside where there was a ditch. There was no injury at .all to the native. He was unhurt and safe. Man's destiny is moulded by the star. Planets speak . the language. of destiny. Astrology is the science to reveal this language to us. In a horoscope, the 4th house shows accidents from carriages. The 5th bouse and the 8 th bouse represent wounds and injuries. 12th house speaks of unexpected happenings. Mars and Saturn arc . kanakas of accidents. Therefore, consider bouses 4,6,8 and 12 and Mars, and Saturn for accidents. The significators are> (1) Planets in the sub or in the constellation of the occupants of houses 4, 6,8 and 12. (2) Planets in bouses 4, 6, 8 and 12 (3) Planets in the constellations of the lords of 4, 6, 8 and 12. (4) Lords of 4, 6, g and 12. fS) Planets in conjunction with - or aspected by the above significators. In the present horoscope, (1J The 4th house is occupied by Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Rahu is in the constellation of Mercury, and in the sub of Venus. Moon is in the constellation of Mercury in the sub of Jupiter. Mars is in the constellation of Mercury in the sub of Jupiter. Saturn occupies the constellation of Jupiter and is in the sub of Jupiter. Mercury is in the constellation of Venus in the

sub of Venus. Venus is in her own constellation and in the sub of Sun. Therefore, the significators are Rahu, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Mercury. Jupiter and Venus. a -

meet with the accidents. Venus rules Libra and Taurus. Taurus is having the constellation Krithika ruled by Sun who is also the lord of 12th house. Libra is covering the constellation Visakha ruled by Jupiter, the significator to cause accidents. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces and covers the constellations of Venus, Sun and Saturn, namely Poorvashada, Uttarashada and Uttarabhadra. The sign Capricorn has the constellation Uttarashada ruled by Sun. Leo vyhich is ruled by Sun contains the constellation Pubba. Therefore, the ascendant at the time of accident must be Taurus-Krithika, LeoPubba, Libra-Visakha, Sagittarius-Poorvashada and Uttarashada, Cappricom-Uttarashada and Pisces-Uttarabhadra. The native cannot meet with accidents at olhen-timesr— -The—above^accidents took place in Taurus lagna, when Krithika was on the eastern horizon. The following are the planetary positions on 8—2—52 when the native met with the accident:—

Mars is placed in the constellation of Mercury who is the lord of Lagna. He is not the lord of either 4, 6, or 12. Therefore, Mars cannot cause the native any accident. Mercury is the lord of . Lagna and as such he cannot cause accidents. Moon is in the constellation of lord of lagna. Rahu is also placed in the constellation of lord of lagna. Therefore, Moon and Rahu cannot cause accidents. • Planets in the constellation of lord of lagna will not cause barm. Leaving aside the planets in the constellations of lord of lagna, namely Rahu, Moon and Mars and lord of lagaa, ' Mercury, we are left with Venus, Saturn and Jupiter as significators to cause accidents. Venus rules Friday, Saturn rules Saturday and Jupiter rules Thursday. Therefore, the native will be involved in accidents only on Friday or Thursday or Saturday. Look at the significators and their malefic aspects to other planets. Saturn aspects Sua adversely. So, Sun is also to be included in the significators of accidents. ^He has also become lord of 12th house and hence strongly indicates accident, an unexpected occurrence. During the conjoined periods of the significators, the native undoubtly meets with accidents. On 8—2—52, he was running major period of Venus, sub period of Saturn, anthra finter-period) of Sun Sookshma (subtle period) of Jupiter. And on 16—2—52, he was running the major period of Venus, sub period of Saturn, anthra of Sun and aookshma of Saturn. Significant to note is that the week day on 8—2—52 is Friday and the week day on 16—2—52 is Saturday. The significators who inflict accidents on the native are Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Sun. What are their constellations? When they rise in the east, the native will




Rahu 8—2—52 Sun Mercury "Venus




Why did the native not receive any wounds at all? Why did he escape un scathed? Wounds are represented by the 6th house. 12th house to any house is negation of that house. When the 6th house speaks of wounds, the 5th house, which is 12th to the 6th house, is its negation. Who is the lord of 6th house? He is Saturn. Who is the lord of 5th house? He is also 15

Saturn. Therefore, it is observed that a planet who is capable of givinj? wounds also becomes strong enough to avert wounds. Is Saturn weak or strong? A weak planet will always afflict the native while the strong planet will always benefit Saturn is exalted in Libra. He is also in the constellation of a benefic Jupiter, who is strongly placed in his own sign, Sagittarius. Therefore, Saturn who is the sub lord, will have to offer good results and therefore,, did not inflict the native with wounds as he is controlling the period when the accident took place. The other lords also are beneficial. Why was the owner of the car hurt? Why was his car damaged? The following is the astrological explanation. Friends are denoted by the 11 th house. Which is the 11th house? It falls in sign Cancer. So, Cancer' is the house of the friend. It is a chara sign. The native is unnmg the major period of Venus. Venus Js.Jprd_of._4lh hojuse ..which is .bad forJhe — friend. Venus is also lord of 11th house which is "badhakasthana" to the friend. Therefore, the major lord is bad for the friend. What about the other lords? Sublord Saturn rules 7th house and 8th house and is placed in the 4th house from the 11th house which represents the friend. Therefore, Saturn is bad. Sun, the anthra lord rules the second house and is placed in tha 7th house. 2nd house and 7th house are called marakasthanas. Therefore, Sun is bad. Sookshma lord, Jupiter is ruling the 6th and 9th houses. 6th house speaks of wounds. Therefore, the native's friend received wounds. Why was his friend's car damaged? The 4th house represents vehicles. What is that house to the friend?, It is Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus is placed

in the 6th house from the 11th house. Therefore, the car was damaged. The following are the planetary positions on 16—2—52, at time of accident:— Jupiter


Rahu Sun 16—2—52 Venus Mercury .

Kethn Mars. Moon ' Saturn

The day is ruled by Saturn. The Moon is transiting the sign Libra ruled by Venus. The accident took place in Taurus Lagna ruled by Venus. The constellation rising at the time of accident was Krithik whose lord is Son. So, the ruling planets at the time of accident are Venus, Saturn and Sun. The native wai running the major period of Venus, sub period • of Saturn, inter-period of Sun and Sookshma period of Saturn. The period and the day speak vividly. Saturn again influences the time of the accident, but he could not cause wounds, the reasons for which, as already explained astrologically, were obvious. 0

PROSPECTS IN PROFESSION (Service or Independent Workj 4th).

Sat. l*-43'

Raha 9e-29' Vcn:-22»--39' Sun U0-^ Mercury 11 *-39'

9th house (12 to the 10th): So in profession, a change, probation or long journey and transfer to a far off place. Also leave. 12th house:—Thorough change; leaving one job and taking up another.

Lagoa 200-I0'

Uranus 4<'-38/ Rasi 28—12—1934 7-13 P.M. 23-02N 72-38E

Jup. 23°-! 8'

3rd house;—Change of place filth to

Kelt) 9° 29'

How to select significators: Note down which signs arc occupied by Rahu and Kethu. They act as agents of the lord of the sign. Therefore if a planet ruling the sign occupied by Rahu or Kethu is to be taken as the significatbr, substitute the node. Why? -— The tenants are stronger than the owner. Rahu and Kethu arc ever tenants. So they are' stronger than the lord of the sign. Rahu or Kethu may be in either of the two signs owned by the planet. They will represent both the houses. Planets are important in the following order:— (1)The planets situated in the constellaion of the occupant of the house and the planet in a constellation is the source offering such nature of the results signified by the lord of the constellation. My finding is that a planet not only owns one sign (Sun and Moon) or 2 signs but also 3 constellations in the 27 stars. Further, they influnce ultimately the planets in their sub and these subs are 27 in number and one in each star. (2)The occupant of a house (because the occupant is stronger than the owner; The occupant may be debilitated and owner exalted; even then the occupant is stronger. (3) The planet in the constellation of the lord of the house (Lord of a house is the lord of the sign on which the cusp of the house falls). The cusp may be in 27' in a sign and the next cusp may be in 28° in the next sign and the house extends from 27* in a sign to 28° in the next. It may occupy a major portion in the next sign. Yet tt^e lord of the previous sign where the cusp falls is to be taken as the house lord.

Nept. 2r-34' Moon70-27 Mars 15Mr

Dasa Balance—Sun Dasa 1 year, Imonth and 20 days. For profession we take houses 2, 6 and 10; for promotion we include the 11th house also; for transfer we consider houses 3 and 9; for thorough change, houses 9 and 12 are judged. If we follow the traditional system the nature of the profession is judged taking the lord of the Navamsa Sign in which lord of 10 is poisted in the chart. It does not come true in most cases. In the vast majority of cases, it fails. Here Mars is to indicate his calling, but he is an advocate. Therefore, research is necessary and the following rulings are arrived at after successful research, 2nd house denotes self-acquisition and bank position. 6th house:—Service or servants. 10th house:—Profession, calling, service, business, independant vocation. 11th house:—Profit, gains, increase in income, improvement in status, etc. 17

(4) The owners of the sign on these houses. r5) Planets conjoined with or aspected by any of the significators. [While ofifering prediction, it should be noted what dasa and bhukti runs, which of these, to be selected and then follow scrupulously the method. At the moment when one judges a horoscope, note the lord of the day, the lords of the sign and constellation on the lagna, the lord of the rasi where Moon is placed, and the lord of the star in which Moon is posited. This must be used for confirmation,, selection of 3 or 4 significators, if many come up. It does not mean that ruling planets always promise success. the result, ^these planets will offer. The above is the only\ procedure to judge which planet will offer the result and which is connected with the matter.] If one applies step by step, and if one gets four significators to start with, do not proceed—further—as-the-Strongest are already selected. But if the dasanatha is not bnff of the four, go further and find out whether dasadatha has any connection. If it is not connected, that matter will not happen in its dasa, though bhukti nadha may be a significator. Suppose there are many planets in any constellation* then they all are entitled to denote the matters signified by the lord of the constellation; but those planets situated in the sub of the benefics connected with the houses to be judged will contribute to the fulfilment of the matters indicated by that house; Those which are in the sub ruled by the planets not connected with the houses to be judged will not contribute. They remain neutral, if they do not own 6 or 8 or 12th houses counted from the house to be judged. If they own, they spoil. The 4th house denotes mother, vehicle, building. 'Planets A, B, C and D are in the constellation of the lord of 4lh house. Planet A in the Moon sub denotes mother, Venus sub indicates vehicle, Mars sub shows building. .Thus sub is also useful to select the planet. Otherwise, how can we pinpoint and say. mother or land or car. No planet is in Mercury constellation. Venus alone is in Venus star (ruling 12th house) indicating changes. 10th house is unoccupied. Hence Rahu, Venus and Kethu are the three significators.

[If one proceeds further, one can note that Mercury and Sun arc in the constellation of Kethu, Sun is in the sub of Saturn which owns such houses which are not connected with 2 or 6 or 10. But Mercury is in the sub of Jupiter which owns 10th house. Therefore select Mercury. Reject Sun.] When such questions are should say without doubt that be will surely have changed his job during Rahu Dasa, Venus Bhukti. Kethu Anthra. [Kethu is in Venus sub who rules 12th house for changes. So change is a certainty. Venus will give in its Sub period, as Venus is in sub of lord of 9. who indicates changes. Rahu is in Venus sub.] Hence in the conjoint period of the planets connected with houses 2. 6 and 10 by constellation and in the conjoint period of the planets connected with 9 and 12 by sub, the deciding factor, he will change. Calm thinking give clear understanding and leads to proper application. When one_asks about profession take 2, 6 'an3'ITr~'hdus62r~WticrHi^—asks—ebou4-1 change, note 9 and 12. When one wants to know about plurality of interest* note in which sign Bhukti nadha is. Because dasa T runs for many years. In that, many changes i come up. It is Bhukti nadha who is res- ' ponsible for such changes. Suppose there are 3 planets A, B and C in the constel- ' lation ruled by planet D. Then A, B and C are the sources to offer the results of D by occupation, ownership, etc. If A is in the sub of D itself, it fulfils the matter. If B is in the sub of a planet signifying 6 or 8 or 12 counted from the sign owned by or occupied by D, it is in capable of contributing for the achievement of the matters signified by D. (Western aspect must be included.) If C is in the sub of a planet who neither owns the houses to be judged, nor in 6 or 8 or 12, then it remains neutral. It will delay. It cannot disappoint and deny. Delay means a few disappointments on previous attempts and ultimately coming out .successful; denial means frustration finally. The native of the above example had plurality of interest when . he was. running the dasa of Rahu and bhukti of Sukra. He was in service and was at the same time practicing law. Krishnamurti Padhdhati is proved right. ^ 19

HOW TO JUDGE THE NATIVITY BY PROGRESSION 1 'ARUDHRA' Progression or Direction, is one of the methods followed by Astrologers in the west to judge the nature of the results of a person and also the time of the event. In the text-books published by the various authors, one can learn the results offered by a planet forming an aspect to the various cusps of the houses or by a planet while progressing, . forming an aspect with a planet in the horoscope of a person. But no one bad discussed systematically the results of the lord of a particular house forming an aspect with the lord of another bouse in the horoscope. Suppose one is born in Aries (Meshaj ascendant; Mars progresses. Mars is lord of I and (. It can form aspect with its original position and also with other planets. So one is to read - -the results as foltowsr (aj If Mars aspects Sun to Aries fMesha) lagna boms, (i) The Lord of 1 forming aspect with the lord of 5, and (ii) The Lord of 8 aspecting the lord of 3. fb) If Mars aspects Moon, ° (i) The Lord of 1 aspects the lord of 4. fii) The Lord of 8 aspects the lord of 4. (c; If Mars aspects, by progression. Mars radical position:— (i) The Lord of I aspecting the lord ofl. .(ii) The Lord of8 aspecting the lord of I. ' (iii) The Lord ofl aspecting the lord of 8. (iv) The Lord of 8 aspecting the lord of 8. (d) If Mars aspects Mercury. (i) The Lord of 1 aspecting the lord of 3. fii) The Lord of 8 aspecting the lord of 3.

(iii) The Lord of 1 aspecting the lord of 6. (iv) The Lord of 8 aspecting the lord of 6. In the same way, Che results should be read for Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. As the lordship of a house can thoroughly change the nature of the planet, let us discuss the results of the aspects taking the lordship of various bouses. Suppose Jupiter is the lord of 12. What can it indicate? It shows withdrawal of money frnmthe bank. It Jupiter forms.favourable aspect with Venus, normally one will predict _most beneficial results. But for Arietboms, it threatens loss and many other such as visiting hospital due to the illness of the. wife or partner in business. (12tb house is' the 6th to the 7th wife.) Therefore the correct method is to judge, by taking the lordship of a planet. Benefics'; by nature will prove to be the worst evils for, some and the malefics by nature will offer luck to some. ■ One should not decide the result merely by the name of a planet. All Ramas are not ideals for character. All Krishnas to not mingle freely with women. How many Krishnas there are who remain unmarried as no girl likes them. Therefore, always consider which planet by progression forms an aspect and note which bouses .are ruled by it. Then systematically note down as explained above. (2) Then the extent to which the native can gain or loss depends on the strength of the planets in the birth chart. The redical chart is the root in the soil on which depends the growths of the planet. (3) The environment of the native is the be included while judging a chart. It is similar to the fertility used. Two people may have the same, identical aspects. One will be very fortunate while the other will enjoy only to some extent. This is because the former is 21

Suppose the following is the chart and an aspect is being formed between progressing &un and radical Moon. Sun was in 4° in

born in fortunate circumstances and the latter under the very lash of tyranny and oppression. f4) If the birth horoscope (radixj does not promise fortune, no aspect by progression can permanently secure it to the native. So also any adverse result. That is, if the birth chart shows good constitution and long life, do not conclude that the first attacks made upon it will be fatal or anxious — the native may have some sufferings and get over them. (5J Aspects among the planets may be found to be formed in a particular week. It is not necessary that the results will manifest in that week itself. Moon alone moves fast. Its aspects and the results indicated by its aspects will be enjoyed in the same month; But other planets move slowly. Hence the period when the results will be actually enjoyed is to be modified by adopting the following method:— —Suppose—Suo,-by-progressro 117 "foYBis^ir harmonious beneficial aspect with Jupiter owning good houses and you expect increase in income and improvement in status, say in the second week of December 1972 by careful working. Then take the Exhemeris for 1972 and find out the nearest date with Sun by transit forms a favourable aspect with Jupiter. That is the date on which the progressed Sun's aspect to Jupiter will operate. Similarly, take the example of Jupiter owning favourable houses forming good aspect, by progression, with Mercury and you look for sudden gains by lottery or agency or receipt of the accumulated commission amount. Then, you will enjoy the results when there is good aspect between Mercury and Jupiter by transit near about the time wben the progressed aspect is in operation. The effect of the progressed aspect will be most noticeable when the same is supported or accentuated by transits of similar nature. Therefore, the planets having good aspeefs by progression should also form good aspects fneed not be the same: trine aspect by progression will mature by semisextile aspect by transit) by transit fgocharam) also. (6; Note which planet forms an aspect while progressing with a planet in the birth chart. The planet which is aspccted indicates the nature of the results. The progressing planet (i. e , the aspecting planet shows the source through which the result is enjoyed).

Man 8°


Moon 28°

Sun 4°

SimhafLeo). Moon was in 28° in Kataka (Cancer). Therefore, at the age. of 16^ Sun Prog, formed 22^° aspect with Moon radical. At the age of 24, Prog, Sun formed semisextile or 30° aspect with radical Moon. Results enjoyed were: (a) At the age of 16-1/2, younger brother went out for study. ^ (b) At the age of 24 to the n/ e, the native gained monetarily through younger brother. 'At the age of 16-1/2, Sun who the Lord of 3 (for younger brother) formed evil aspect with the lord of 2 (for family and finance). So separation from family and expenses due 10 younger brother's studies, his life in a foreign place is shown. At. the age of 24 to the native, Sun, lord of 3 formed good aspect with lord of 2 (finance). So the native gains money through the younger brother. 2nd house to the native is vyaya (loss) to the younger brother as it is 12 to 3. Thus, Moon as lord of 2 shows income or expenses in the family, union or separation from the family. Sun as lord of 3 denotes that the result is due to the younger brother, i. e., income or expenses through him, short journey 22

to the native etc., and also separation or re-union of the younger brother. So also, if the lord of 11 forms beneficial aspects by progression to the lord of 2, it promises income through the elder brother os through friends filth house for elder brother and friends). In this case the lord of 11 is Mars. He is also the lord of 6. Therefore, one is to say that the gain may be from the elder brother or friends or from a maternal uncle or by borrowing f6th house). It may be that the elder brother of friend may lend money or the maternal uncle may help the native. So it should be noted from which house Mars by progn., forms this aspect. If it progresses in Thulam fLibra) 10° and forms quintile (72°) aspect with radical Moon, it should be taken that the maternal uncle will render help as Tbulam (where Mars progresses) -is-T2th-to the-fitfa-houserBntif Mars progresses in Meena from 8° to 28° and forms trine (120°) with radical moon in Kataka (Cancer) 28°, it indicates that either an elder brother or friend will give monetary assistance to the native or they would give him an appointment as Mars progresses in the 10th house. Thus, note the houses over which the planet, forming the aspect, rules. From the ownership of the houses, note who will give the result, or through which source you gain or lose. If the same Mars were to progress in Meena 13° and form sesquiquadrate (135°) aspect with the radical Moon, through an elder brother or a friend your income is reduced or you will meet with uncommon expenses through them. Thus, though an aspect may be formed on a particular date by progression, yet the said aspect fertilises and blooms into physical manifestation in the week when the progressed planet, by transit, forms a similar* aspect (Not necessarily the same as the one formed by progression) with the planet in the radix. In the foregoing example, though a good aspect may be formed on a particular date according to progression by Progressed Mars to radical Moon, yet the effect of such a good aspect will be apparent only in the week when Mars by transit froms a good aspect (need not be the same as the one formed by progression) with the planet Moon in the natal or birth chart. * Similar nature, i.e., if a good aspect is formed by progression, then a good aspect by transit.

Applying aspect An applying aspect is always strong. It brings new experiences in life. It becomes more and more powerful. It may be either good or bad aspect. The aspect is nearing completion. These effects begin to wane off slowly as the aspect separates. Separating bad aspect from any evil planet is advantageous, i. e.t evil will disappear. Separating aspect after a good aspect also indicates that the jubilant spirit will fade away slowly. There is no further cause to enhance the pleasure. Illustration

Mars 20°

Son 28°


Eg., Sun forms a good aspect with the lord of 7 Mars to a Thula Lagna native. Sun is lord of 11 and Mars is lord of 2 and?. Hence when Sun applies good aspect with Mars, say about even 1-1/2 years prior to the exact (partile; aspect date, the native will have. pleasurable pursuits, make friendship with a girl and every day till the date of culmination of the exact aspect, he will enjoy due to frequent contacts with the said girl and dreams (5th house; Mars in 5. This is an applying aspect. After that date when Sun progressing in 20° Dhanus. (Sagittarius) forms sextile (60°) aspect with radical Mars (i. e.. Sun, lord of li with Mars, lord of 7 occupying 5th house) and then commences to separate from the sextile aspect, then within a period of 1-1/2 years gradually, imagination, dreams, etc., will end, frequent contacts with the girl will 23

get reduced, pleasure is also not measured on the same scale and the sweetness of the milk disappears and slowly becomes either rancid or flat and insipid. An applying aspect keeps one either cheerful and buoyant if the aspect is good or much frightened if the aspect is bad. Similarly, a separating aspect after a good aspect shows fading away of one's benefits or pleasure. To put it bluntly, applying aspect is similar to "Mappillai Azhaippu" "Welcome to son-iniaw" on the eve of marriage; separating aspect, is similar to the feeling for the same person, a few days after marriage. Important "" Separation of a planet from a malefic and its application to a benefic gives health, happiness, expansion, etc. after a struggle. If . by progression a planet t'lord of 2 or 11 forms evil aspect with lord of 1(W forms a bad aspect and due to that one is kept under suspension from service, then when the planet further , progresses and forms a good aspect, he will be reinstated in service. When the planet applies and forms bad aspect, he is terribly afraid and is put into lot of troubles, worry and ill-repute. Once the aspect (exact asepectj is over and it gets separated, the native gains strength of mind gradually and all matters tend to take a favourable course and when the planet applies to a good aspect, encouraging news will be received and at the time of the exact good aspect he will join duty.

But if a planet by progression separates after a good aspect and applies to an evil aspect, misfortune will overtake the native. If by progression, a series of good aspects are formed, one can definitely -expect luck after luck, one following the other, so that for a long period, without any interruption, one enjoys the beneficial results. But if by progression a series of bad aspects are formed, then one will suffer much due to a series of misfortune. If there is a good aspect, then a bad one followed by a good one, and then again bad and so on, then the native's life will be like a wheel, like day and night, alternately enjoying good and rxpmtinring had If a planet separates from a~malefic~aTid applies to another malefic aspect, the evil is augmented doublefold and worst experiences will be undergone like a person on his way home from office being pickpocketed on the salary day and finding a pattalion of creditors waiting for him to return home. Aspects to the cusps of .houses nfeed not be considered unless the birth time is very cprrect. A difference of every four minutes in the birth time changes the cusps by one degree, but such a difference of ,4 minutes or" so does not perceptibly change the planetary position. So rectification of cusps is needed. Of aspects'to cusps, the conjunction is. of most importance, especially with the cusps of the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses.

ASTROLOGY AND DISEASE B5 K. S. K. Various works written by western authors, especially, "The message of the stars" written by MaxHeindel and Augusta Foss Heindel, Zadliiel, Sepbariel, Llewlyn George, Alan Leo, etc. deal with the subject of astrodiagnosis in a detailed manner. Heindal's advice is "Never tell a patient a discouraging fact, Never tell him when an impending crisis is due. Never predict sictccess at a certain time. Never, never predict death." He adds tfaat-it4s-a_grave mistake, almost a crime, to tell sick persobs"anything, discouraging, for it robs them of strength that is necessary to faciliate recovery. Even students of medical colleges feel the symptoms of every disease they study aid suffer greatly inconsequence of auto-sugges tion, bnt the ideas of impending disease implanted by one in whom the victim bas faith is more dangerous. Therefore, it behooves the medical astrologer to be very cautious. K be cannot say anything encouraging, be had better nmain silent. Planets: Which part of the body and disease do they indicate ? Sun : The vital the body, the heart, the pons varolii, etc. Radiant health is given by Sud . Mood : Rules the stomach, the uterus, the ovaris, the lymphatics, the sympathetic nervous system, the synovial fluid. It indicates whether one can have menstrual troubles,. uterine and ovarian afflictions, dyspepsia, eye trouble, lunacy, and diseases connected with breast. Mars ; Governs the ted bone marrow, haemoglobin, red blood corpuscles, which carry food to various parts of the body and help in throwing out the waste. It also governs the genitals. Accideuts, bums, gunshot, injuries, surgery, are shown by Mars.

Mercury; Pulmonary system, respiratory diseases, motor segmcut of the spinal cord, vocal cords, locomotor ataxia, nervous disorders, deafness. Jupiter: Liver, glycogeu, adrenals, arterial circulation, fatty degeucratiou of the muscles, tumours, cancer, morbid growths, enlargement of orgaus, waste of sugar, albumin iu the urine, blood poisouing, hyperaemia, apoplexy. Venus: Throat, kidneys, gastronomical indiscretions, lack of exercise, sedentary habits, poor ciTCulatiou of various blood, onsillitis, venereal diseases. Saturn : "Obstructrcm,â&#x20AC;&#x201D;atrophy, gall bladder, boues, painful ifaeumatism, teetBT^ mottled euamel, fluorine introxication, stiff boue, dullness iu the peristaltic action thereby poor digestiou falls, bruises, colds chronic diseases, fear complex,never believes that he will be cured. Always'pessimistic, fracture. Therefore one is to note which plauet will cause the disease, in which sign it is, aud it which sigu the lord of the constellation of the planet which is the significator of both the first and the sixth bouse is placed. Cousidering all these, one has to come to a decision aud then predict the nature of the disease from which one will suffer; then calculating the time when the significators of cue aud six operate, one bas to give the time when one will fall ill. Similarly cue bas to note down when the eleventh house significator will operate. If the 11th house significator is also the significator of the fifth bouse, cue will surely have cure for the disease from which cue suffers. Unless the sub-sub period of the significator of (be lllb bouse operates following the period of the disease, immediate cure is denied, and one must wait till (besiguificatcr of the Stb aud for the I lib begins to operate. Nature of the disease: The Ascendent aud the siguificators of the Ascendant 25

one should note the nature of the disease as explained below. Note the sub-lord of the 6th cusp. This needs correct moment of birth. If it is not available and if you want to know the sub of the sixth, take the ruling planets at the moment when you have the urge. Mysteriously, God will help by eliminating the previous and the next sub to the one which you have to select - Now a gentleman has arrived. His question is whether there will be any relief from the disease from which be is suffering. Today is Saturday. The constellation in which Moon is Iransitting is Poorvasbada, governed by Venus in the sign Sagittarius, owned by Jupiter. This shows that the body gets emaciated due to passing of sugar in the urine. Hence decide that it should be diabetes. When I asked the gentleman whether be suffers from diabetes,.he said "yes". His horoscope also indicated ~the -saaie_disease. It is as follows:

indicate whether one can maintain good health or suffer from disease or will have rapid or slow recovery from the ailment or succumb to it. The sixth bouse denotes upset of health, the disease from which one will suffer, its nature and duration. It is not .necessary that one should sufferfromany one variety of the discesse in bis lifetime whenever be falls ill. The nature changes according to the significatcr of the disease and the period running. Normally there will be a few signiScators of the sixth bouse. All cannot cause disease unless the same significator of the sixth house is also the signiScator of the first house. The 6th house indicates not only disease but debts, difScultier, separation from the partner, etc. Hence, to predict precisely that one wi(rs"uffsr-ffom.spme disease, one should note whether the siguifiCator-of-ib6_sjxlh bouse is also connected with the Aicett~ dant. If it Is connected with the second and not the first, then it Indicates either entering into service or borrowing money.If it is connected with the second and also the 12th it shows that be would have lost what be bad borrowed or repaid the loan already taken, etc. But if the significator of the sixth bouse is also the significator of 1 and 12, one will be confined to bed or isolated, i.e. admitted in the isolation hospital or other-wise hospitalised. Fatal disease is shown by the significator of the Stb house. One may suffer from various diseases during bis lifetime. But the last disease from which one will suffer is indicated by the sub-lord. of the 8th cusp. Twins may be born. The lagna and also the Stb cusp may be in the same sign and star for both of them. But the nature or type of the death differs. How? .Which'can explain the reason for this, except the sub-lord of ,tbe Stb? One of them meets with an accident. The other passes away on another date, after suffering from some disease. The only method by which one can decide is by judging the sub-lord of the Stb cusp as the cusps/alone have changed within the few minutes' jUterval in their birth time. Therefore,

IV 29MO' Fort S-'SS' o Ketu 60-29' V 27M0' VI 22°-10' VII 16 -20' III 26°-10' Ufa. 17°-54' Moon 40-56' II 20MO'

Born 12-17 P.M. 2-10-1922 22-23N 88.24E

27°-10' Mars ]80-25' XII 23"-30' XIMercury 0 Venus Asc.16a-20' 0M4' Jup.7 -28' l0-57'

Vni 20°-10' Ncp. 240-5l IX 266-10' Raha Sun l5*-38' Sat. 17^-43' X 29M0'

Now.let us see the 6th cusp of the native. It is in 'Venus sign, Moon star and Venus sub. Combination of Venus' and Moon shows one who deals in milk, petrol or syrup. Here, for disease, we have to take that he passes not urine but syrup-like fluid. It should be clearly stated as diabetes, as Moon is connected with the 27

8th bouse by owning it and 8tb bouse shows micturitibn-passiug urine. If it is desired to note tbe sub from the ruling planets, it can be seen that it may be Jupiter or Saturn or Venus sub as it is Saturday and tbe star is Fooivasbada. Tbe lord of tbe star is stronger than tbe lord of tbe rasi which is stronger than the lord of the day, Therefore Divine Grace is evtr there to fix correctly what you want, by taking tbe ruling planets at the moment of judgment. Therefore, whenever you want to find out tbe disease of a person, note tbe sub-lord of the sixth cusp; find out in whose constellation it is jieposited.Find ouyhe_sigtL-where-the"Ibrd of tbe â&#x20AC;&#x201D;-star was at tbe moment of birth or at the time of query and also the sub-lord of tbe sixth. Both together give tbe clue.

Taurus: Diphtheria, croup, ' apoplexy, goitre, diseases of tbe cerebellum, cervical vertebrae. Planets deposited in Taurus will oppose tbe sign Scorpio. Hence they also cause venereal diseases, piles, fistula and constipation. Irregular menses and troubles thereby. Gemini; Pulmonary diseases, eosonopbilia, dry cough, pneumonia, broncbities, pleurisy, asthma, infiammation of pericardium,'affections of tbe bands, asthma, and tuberclosis. jCancer--Pains in the stomach, gas trouble, indigestion, cough, hiccough, dropsy, melancholia, hypochondria, hysteria, jaundice gall stones. Leo; Regurgitation of blood, palpitation, aneurism, feeling giddy, faintings, spinal meningitis, curvature of the spine, arterio-sclerosis, angina pectoris, byperaemia, anaemia, hydraemia. Virgo: Tepeworm, roundworm, book worm, malnutrition, peritonitis interference with tbe absorption of tbe chyle, typhoid, cholera appendicitis, loose motion. Vitamin B deficiency. Libra: Folyria, suppression of tbe urine,, infiammation of the uterus brigbt's disease, lumbago, rheumatic pains, eczema, skin diseases, affection of the vasomotor system ^kidney Appendicitis, Hernia. Scorpio: Affections of the bladder, coliform infection, trouble in tbe urethra and generative organs, rectum, colon, tbe prostate gland, tben, nasal catarrh, adenoids, trouble in the womb, ovaries, venereal diseases, irregularities of tbe menses, leucorrboea, rupture, renal stone. Sagittarius; affections of tbe hips, thighs, femur, ilium, locomotor ataxia, sciatica, rheumatism, diseases in tbe hip. Also pulmonary troubles fracture of collar bone, varicose veins. Capricorn: Affects tbe skin, tbe patella, kneecap and the knee, stomach, eczema, erysipelas, leprosy, leucoderma, digestive disturbances, rheumatism, chills gout, neuralgia, melancholia blood disorders.

In tbe above horoscope tbe sub-lord is Venus. It is in Scorpio, the 8th sign of tbe zodiac a watery sign indicating sexual organ and excretion from the body. Venus was in tbe constellation of Jupiter in Libra. Libra is for kidney, bladder, etc. How clear it is, can be judged by the readers themselves. Tbe native of this chart found out that he had unusual thirst at nights and when be sent bis urine to tbe cbnical laboratory be found that there was sugar in the urine. Thus every reader can become a capable astrologer and diagonse tbe disease with tbe least effort even without seeing tbe patient. It is tbe . chart erected for the moment of judgment which reveals. Where is tbe necessity for tbe patient to visit tbe chamber of tbe astrologer? A medical officer should see tbe patient, bear bis case, do all tbe possible tests and arrive at a correct diagnosis, but for a good astrologer it is easy to pitch upon tbe disease correctly. Tbe pathogenic effects of the twelve signs of the Zodiac are; Aries : Reacts upon tbe bead produciing headaches, neuralgia, coma, trance, diseases of the brain and cerebral hemorrhage, insomnia, tendency to infiammatory diseases pains etc. 29

Aqnarios: Affects the ankles, the limbs, Pisces (Sun).- Perspiration of the feet, varicose veins, sprain in the ankle, dropsy, intestinal troubles, typhbid fever. irregularity of the functioning of the heart, If Moon would have been tbesub-lordof skin and eye diseases. the 6th cusp and is the significator of the Pisces: Affects the feet- and the toes. ^ bouses 6and also l,or if the significator of It also affects the intestines. Deformities of ' 6 is also the significator of 1 and is deposited in the constellation of Moon and if the feet, dropsy, delirium tremens due to Moon would have been in the following drugs, addicted to drinks and thereby comsigns, then the native will suffer from any plications. of the following diseases. If Sun is the sub-lord of the 6th cusp Aries (Moon); Insomnia, headache, and is the significator of the bouses 6 and lethargy and weak eyes. also 1, or if the significator of 6 is also the significator of 1 and is deposited jn the Taurus (Moon); Sore throat, eye trouconsteilation of Sun and if Sun would ble, also menstrual complaint. have teen in the following signs, then the Gemini (Moon); Catarrh of the lungs, -asthnia,"bfo3ibitii. pneumnnia, rhpumatism â&#x20AC;&#x201D; native will suffer from any^fthefpllowing^ diseasfs': in the arms, sprain and pains in the shoulders. Aries (Son): Aphasia, loss of conscience, brain fever, cerebral haemorrboge meningiCancer (Moon); Chronic ailment in the tis, cerebral anaemia or congestion of stomach leading to Cancer dropsy, obesity, the bloods, faiotings, headaches, thrombloating digestive disturbances, epilspsy. bosis etc. â&#x2013; Leo (Moon): Backache, disturbed circuTaurus (Sun): Quinsy, diphtheria polylation, convulsions, heart trouble, eye defect. pus of the nose eye trouble. Virgo (Moon): Bowels disorder, abdoGemini (Son); Pleurisy, Eosonophilia minal tumours, dysentery peritonitis. bronchitis, byperaemia of the lungs. Libra (Moon);. Brigbt's disease; abscess Cancer (Sun):. Anemia, dropsy, dyspepof the kidneys, uraemia, headache, sia, gastric fever. insomnia. Leo (Sun): Palpitation of the heart, Scorpio (Moon); Disturbed ' menses, backache, spical affections and eye trouble. bladder troubles, taydrocele, genito-urinary disturbances, throat troubles. Virgo (Sun):.No proper digestion and Sagittarius (Moon); Affections of the assimilation, peritonitis, typhoid, dysenblood, hip disease, femus fracture, asthma. tery. Capricorn (Moon): Rheumatism, lack Libra (Sun): Brigbt's disease, eruptions of synovial fluid, skin eruptions, poor of the skin, boils. digestion and digestive disturbances. Scorpio (Snn); Reveal calculus, genital Aquarius (Moon): Varicose veins, ulcers system disturbed urinary trouble, menstrual of the leg, dropsy, hysteria fainting and difficulties, affections of the uterus and heart trouble. ovary. Pisces (Moon): Either drinks much or Sagittarius (Sun): Sciatica, paralysis of ever used to take drugs. Tender feet, the limbs, pulmonary diseases.' varieties of disorders in the abdomen. Capricorn (Sun): Rheumatism, skin If Mars would have been the sub-lord of affection, digestive disturbances. the sixth cusp and is the significator of Aquarius: Varicose veins, dropsy, poor bouses 6 and also 1 or if the significator circulation, palpitation of the heart. of 6 is also the significator of 1 and is depo31

sited in the constellation of Mais and if Mars would have been in the following signs, then the native will suffer from the following diseases:— Aries (Mars).- Sunstroke, cerebral haemorrhage, congestion, thrombosis, brain fever, delirium, shooting pain in the bead, insomnia, wounds or boil in the head, inflammation of the kidney, renal haemorrhage, renal calculi. Taurus (Mars): Mumps, enlarged or inflamed or septic tonsils suffocation, adenoids, diphtheria, polypus, nosebleeding, goitre, inflammation of the larynx, excessive menstrual flow, scalding urine, venereal ulcers^ enlargement of the prostate gland, stranguary. Gemini (Mars): Haemorrhage of the lungs, pneumonia, bronchitis cough, wounds aod fractures-in—the arms"collar Bone, fracture in the femur, sciatica. Cancer (Mars): Milkfever, inflammation, ulceration, haemorrhage of the stomach, dyspepsia. Leo (Mars)r Muscular rheumatism, especially in the back, enlargement of the heart, palpitation, pain in the heart suffocation fainting, inflammation of the pericardium. Virgo (Mars): Typhoid, inflammation of the Dowels, peritonitis, worms, diarrhoea, cholera, ventral hernia, appendicitis. Libra (Mars): Inflammation of the kidneys, excess of urine, haemorrhage of (be kidneys, renal stones, brain (ever, sunstroke, pains in the bead. Scorpio (Mars); Excessive nenses, profuse bleeding, scalding urine gravel renal stones, inflammation and ulceration of the uterus and ovaries, vagina, urethra, enlargement of prostate gland stricture and stranguary, tonsils, larynx, nosebleeding, Sagittarius (Mars): Fracture of the femur, dislocation, sciatica and ulcers of the thighs, pneutnooia bronchitis cough. Capricorn (Mars): Carbuncles, erysipelas, smallpox, chicken pox, measles, pimples, itches, inflammatory skin diseases, dyspepsia ulcerated stomach.

Aquarius (Mars): Varicose veins, fracture of the leg, blood poisoning heart failure, fainting palpitation of the heart. Pisces (Mars)-' Deformities of the feet, accidents to them corns bunions and perspiring feet ventral hernia, inflammation of the bowels, diarrhoea. If the sub-lord of the 6th cusp is Mercury or if Mercury is significator of the sixth house and also the significator of the first or if the significator of the sixth and also the first bouse be deposited in the constellation of Mercury and if Mercury would have been deposited in any of the 12 signs, the following diseases are indicated:— Aries (Mercory): Brain fever, nervous headache, vertigo, neuralgia nervous disorders of the kidney, lumbago. Tauros (Mercury).: __Stutteiing,—hoarsennss and deafness, nervous affections of the genito-inlnary system. Gemini (Mercery); Gout in the head, arms, shoulders, bronchitis, asthma, u phaxiation, pleurisy, nervous pain in the hip. Cancer (Mercury): Nervous indigestion, phlegm, flatulence, drunkenness. Leo (Mercury); Pain in the back, fainting, palpitation of the heart. Virgo (Mercury): Flatulence, wind colic, short breath, nervous debility. Libra (Mercury); Suppression of the urine, renal parexysms, lumbago vertigo, nervous headache, eye trouble Scorpio (Mercury); Paias in the bladder and genitals, meostural trouble, stuttering, deafness. Sagittarius (Mercury): Pains in the hips and the thighs, cough, asthma, pleurisy. Capricorn (Mercury): Rheumatism, pain in the knee, difflculty to bend, pain in the back, skin disease, melancholy nervous iudigestton, flatulence. . Aquarius (Mercury); Shooting and gnawing pains, varicose veins, corrupt blood, palpitatiou and neuralgia of the heart. Pisces (Mercury); Gout in the feet, general weakness, lassitude, worry, tuberculosis, deafness. (To be continued)

CHANDBA AND THE NINTH BHAVA By Jyotish Visharath K. GANAPATHI , Moon is the fastest moving planet in the Zodiac. It moves daily on an average about 13 degrees. It is a watery planet and owns the movable watery signs, Therefore its cbaracieristic is changeability and its inBuence is often unsettling. If Moon is the ruling planet of a native, bis desire will be to have changes very frequently. Neilbei will he live in one premises, nor will be stick on to any profession. , Moon signifies liquids, water ponds, lakes, rivers, sea, etc , Neptune indicates -ocean. Ninth house, according to Bamadayalu, author of Sanketa Nidhi, is the bouse of prosperity, auspiciousness, etc.", meritorious deeds, ifemples, wells, circular reservoirs, sacrifices, pilgrimage, long journey to holy places and charity are indicated by the 9th bouse. Kalidasa in Utbra Kalamritha says that the following matters are to be investigated form the 9th bouse;â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Charity, virtue, visit to holy places, japam, respect to elders, medicine, good conduct, pure thoughts, worship of God, higher studies, conveyance, one's policy, dignity, mythology, long journey, association with good people, ancestral property, children, horses, elephants, buffaloes, coronation ball, vedas, circulation.of money, etc. Father and his qualities etc., according to Hindus are to be divined from the 9tb bouse. As 4tb bouse indicates one's permanent place of residence, the 12tb house counted from the 4ih house, that is, the third bouse indicates short journey, the 6tb house to the 4th is the 9th bouse Hence it indicates long journey. 9tb bouse indicates religion, philosophy, spiritual initiation, sea voyage, cross33

ing the sea, dreams and higher education, submission of thesis, research work, etc. One's success in publication, insurance and success of voyage ate solved from the ninth bouse. Discovery, exploration, the previous birth and punyam, i. e. the luck due to meritorious deed in the previous birth are indicated by the 9th bouse. In Satya Samhita, the author says that the rest bouse and favour from others ate investigated from the 9th house. One may be in danger; but in the last moment, he receives the aid which we call "Pfovi"demial Help . inisls'due to the occupation of benefics in the 9tb btrase or its loid situated in a favourable house. In Fbaladeepika, Mantreswara says that the 9tb house shows one's Acharya, deity, father, meritorious deeds, previous luck, worship, tapas, grandson, etc. 9th house also indicates younger brothel's wife or younger sister's husband, ill-health to mother, pleasurable pursuits of children, wife's younger brother or sister and elder brother's friends. Moon as lord of the Ascendant, Lagna, in the 9tb bouse, in Poorvapatbrapada 4tb quarter, indicates that one will have higher studies, long journey and high parentage. He or she will be lucky after 43 years of age. One may get into service in External Affairs, Foreign Embassy, International trade, Foreign Exchange, Shipping, Export, Import, etc. Moon as lord of Lagna in Ulbrapatbrapada in 9, throws many obstacles in youth; one becomes dejected: but later be will have success in research work which needs peiseversnce. In the first attempt, he will face some problems. He will be able to solve them subsequently. He may.bc born in a poor family. But he will be able to get scholarship and other assistance to camplete bis higher studies. Moon in Revatbi star in 9, shows that one will be

cation, foreign travel, seivice in a foicign intelligent, will come out successful in examinations and hold transferable posts. embassy, export, itrpoil, or as an ambassador or in inte malional trade, etc. He will be fond of travel and he will make To be an adviser, minister, secretary, bis fortune in foreign land. He will have etc., Moon is well posited. prophetic dreams or visions. In whichever star, Mobc as lord of I is Moon as lord of 3 in 9 in Utbirasbada star indicates (bat one may dispose of bis in 9, it gives long journeys, psychic ancestial property, petmanent possession, experiences, study of science, law, philosoetc. One will ever be studious. If it is phy, etc. and also gain through prrtnci's relatives. If Moon is tfflcted, trouble afficted, be will be dull but fcsrd-woiking during bis high school course when be will through foieign affairs, experts and be running Mocndasa followed by Mars imports, and foreign exchange ere to be who is tie lord of the 12ih house. Mother expected. If one bets in hcrte races, he will wiii fall ill and will be admitted in the invariably lese in long dis'ence races, as hospital. There will be wattage of mctey nirlb house shows Icng dittacce mreling. Bcrrvse, Moon, as lord cf Lagra, has to through conveyance. Moon in 9 in Sravncam star indicates that one will go occupy either the ccnslellaticn of Jupi er, the lord of 6 (Peers aralfcxapads) or cf on long jouireys, gain by editicg, publish_Salum, the lord nf S fTT——iogretC;;—or-by-taking Bgcricy of foreign produce, will have foreign collaboration, or of Mercury Icrd cf 12 (Resathi) will be a representative of concerns Hence, even though Moon is lord of managed by strangers, will occupy transLagna, and the house it ccctpies is slso a ferable posts and enjoyi the gocdwiil of Bhogya Sthana—9(2), yet the lords of neighbours, cooperation of colleagues and constellation owning the Dustbanas f, S assistarce from brothers. One may be or 12. spoil.. Mocn and during Moon's interested - in busiutss, in commcditics periods, ore cannot has e peace of aind or pleasure. Worries and delay, to ntke usually, focdsUffs, oils, etc., in foreign liquor, in shipping agency, etc. attempts frequently to come out rucccssul are indicated. Mcon'as lord of 3 in 9 in Dbanishta Moon, lord of 2 in 9 in Aquarius, shows ruled by Mars, lord of 7 and 12 shows that that one comes out successful in competiore may' entertain hopes to many a tions, if Moon would have cccupied which will fqll through on a Dbanisbta star; fcecausc Dbanishta is. neighbour, later date.' Long journeys made will be ruled by Mars which is the Icrd of 6 and fiuitlos. If one takes a person, born on a 11 to Gemini-boins. Flanels owrirg 6 Tuesday, or in Aries or Scorpio Ascendant and 11 show that they, u-ay have open or in Miigasirisham dine stars as a partner eoesry, and may have to fight cue to 6ih and tuns a shew, it will erd in loss and house and come out vicionoua as it cwr.s the pailneitfcip will get dissolved during IIth house also. So also in cotrpeihive the ccnjoited period of Mars and Mcon. or departmental cxamfna'icn, one gels selected. One may fall ill in a foreign Moon as lord of 4 in 9 in Mcoiam star place and be cured or one may go causes ccnfusicn during Mcon's periods. overseas for medical trcaiment. .6.h All matters will be in a liquid state. It. bouse shows disease and the lllh bouse will not be possible so take any ' decision indicates the cure. and stick on to it. The partner will have promotion and transfer. Mother's health Moon, lord of 2 in 9, in Aquarius in will fail. She may have fear-complex or Satbabbisha will offer such results which s> ffer from hysteria. One may mortgage Rabu, the lord of Satbabbisha shows. the property and raise loan. Moon in Moon, lord of 2 in 9 in FoorvapathraPoorvasbada star indicates (bat one will pada indicates that one can gain by publigain money and also possessions, (broogb 35

partners. One may go on a long journey, foreigners and to gain much through per. contact foreigners and enter into an agreemanent investments and wife. ment with them. Happy life with wife and children and other pleasent domestic Moon as lord of 6 in 9 in Cbithrai star, governed by Mars, shows that one may environments ars his fortune. The owner enter into service in the neighbouring of the house in wibcb a person lives will town, enjoy free conveyance, and have be friendly and provide bim with all promotion and prosperity in his career. comforts. But be may fall ill while travelling or by Moon as lord of 4 in 9 in Uthrasbada over-study. He cannot live amicabiy with star indicates birth of dutiful and fortunate bis father. Tbey will never agree. Moon, children. One will gain renown in specuas lord of 6 in Visakam star, promises lation, in the theatrical world and will fortune in bis service and gain through enjoy life, receiving substantial assistance wife's relatives. He may have work in the from children. A person is born in Aries. university. He may make profit by linking He has a son employed in the Government. fortune with a friend or elder- brother. As the son was transferred to a foreign ■ his Moon in Swathi will give the results of— land, the boy took the father—the native RahmJf.Rahu-is-also-iirElbra, the person who had Moon in Uthrasbada star—with wiil-be extremely lucky. He will often himJelfjrnjlofrered-ail-comforts to "him. visit holy places orforeign land. If Moon —Sol'oftune through children may be expecis in Visakam and Venus or Jupiter is also ted, for 9tb bouse indicates one's enjoyin Libra, be will come by a treasure. ment. 5tb bouse shows children while the 4th house iudicates expenses to children Moon as the lord of 7 in 9 in Uthtaand tbeit stay in a foreign land. palguni star, ruled by Siln, indicates that the native may marry a bride, born in a Moon, as lord of 5 in 9 in Yisakam 4th family, not already closely related. He pada, gives covetable job in foreign conwill try to contract a love marriage. He cerns: name and fame in foreign land; will secure a job under strangers or in a Successful long journey and new contracts foreign Government Embassy or Inter' —gain in speculation : easy overdraft national trade, Exports and Imports. The facility from Banks—no difficulty for ' foreign exchange—substantial gains in ' ' person will be pains-taking, sincere and honest and, by sheer labour, be will gain shipping, export, import, cinema, drama, but comparatively much less than that his etc. employer will bo benefited by bis service. Moon as lord of S in 9 in Anuradha [Lord of 7 in the constellation of lord of star is evil. There will be opposition: 8 means, lord of 1 in the constellation of secret inimical activity, loss, etc. One lord of 2 when counted from the 7th may be tempted due' to Saturn ruling house ] The person will not be successful Anuradha and the 12th bouse to Pisces. in any competition or election during theBut ultimately disharmony, displeasure, period of Moon. difficulty, dispute and disappointment will Moon as lord of 7 in 9 in Hastbam be the result. One old man having Moon in star, gives marriage with a foreigner; in Anuradha, was tempted by a cheat who said business, agreement with strangers; that in the bouse in which the old man arrangements for foreign collaboration: v/as living, there was a treasure. He was frequent long journeys; working hard then running Moon dasa, Saturn Bbukti. but ever trying to change the partner in He spent what little be bad and in a few business; unsettled state of affairs; service weeks, be realised bis folly. Moon as in Engineering departments, Textiles, lord of S in 9 in lyeshta star is very auspiTelevision, Agency, representative Consulcious to have a lucky partner, to make long journeys, to make beneficial friend- ' general's office, Liason officers, Broker etc. ships, to' enter into agreement with 37

enterprises with a partner so that he can gain. Export, Import, agency, etc., will be advantageous. Moon, as lotd of 10 in 9 in Mrigasirisfaa, is auspicious to gain through Military, Police, Industry, independent auditing. Editor, Press owner, milk owner etc. It indicates bold venture and grand success. One may have plurality of interest like printing newspapers in various parts with vaiiuus titles, to have branches of repairing sheds, etc. Moon in Arudhra star will give such rtsuLs as Rahu in cne'^ chart indicates. If Rahu is in 4, in the birth chart, as Le would have been bern in Libra Lagca, Mocn shows chacgj of residence, separation ftcm father, life in a foreign piece, etc.

Moon, as lord of 7 in 9 in Chittrai star, promises pleasure, profit, permanent tie of friendship, good yield from holdings, satisfactory returns from property, purchase of wet lands, service in Press, Publication, Atmy, Defence, Military or Postal Audit, Mechanict 1 Engineer, Bo'hrs, Steam Engines, etc. But it is inauspicious to father as Moon is in the constellation of lord of 8 to the 9th house. Moon as Lord of 8 in 9 in Makham star is net in a favourable disposition. Confmioc, fear complex, worries, and danger fiom poisonous.drugs are indicated; gain so partner by editing, or by snaking frcqvent journeys is the only beceiicial result. Father will incur loss. Moon, as lord of 8 in 9 in Poorvapalguni star, shows dangi r in a foreign place, accident dufirig jxayol_wilh-foffltty-anck "I'rieca,-, Ibss of money by partner, ailment to wife especially during pregnancy. Father thrives in a foreign place. Actually, a friend cif mice bom in Dhanur Lagca end in Poorvapoiguci star, during hia Moan dssa, V-1 u. Bhukti, went to a, tnarriags pany and all those who travelled in that cat met with an accident. Moon as lord of 8 in 9 in Uthrapalguni star, thews that, during the periods cf Moon, he will face many difficulties and his attempts to go overseas or to execute higher studies will be in vain. Moon, as lord cf 9 in 9 in Punarvasu, gives good luck to wife or partner ia 'business after initinl troubles. Expansion â&#x20AC;˘ of business, assi-iaace from barkers, iicreign collabcta n n, practice cf Law in iH'gb Court. Suptr me Court, etc., to have â&#x2013; iidchi in Mamhtas, to be blessed by G ddess Parveti, Gowri, St Mary ate indicated. Moon, as Lord cf9ia9in Pushyam, indica'es frequei.t short journeys, changes ' ' of residence pjclWsion, etc. One will feel depressed and di j cted. Moon, as lotd of 9 in 9 in Ashlesha rokd by Mercury, ind cates that one can link bis fortune with another and make all 38

STELLAR ASTROLOGY IS NEED OF THE HOUR By N. V. RAGHAVAN, m.A. Civilization marches on and along with star in Jupiter's sign) as the day was proit science and technology. Researches going gressing. Whatever i would be experincing on in every branch of activity all over the on that day in a small way, he told me, world, and new theories arc. being expounded would be experinced by me in a large and and experimented upon. The ' horizon of substantial measure during Kethu-Jupiter. knowledge is expanding and more Truth Lo! & Behold! What happened to roe on comes to light as days roll on. When such a Moola Nakshatra day? I saw a colleague, is the trend in the modern world, who de&r near to me, off at the Palam airport; would keep quiet with his mouth zipped I received a letter from my father-in-law when another important science, Astrology, making a proposal for the marriage of my is neglected and predictions based on old daughter; 1 took my wife to the hospital patterns and which fail, and tniseiably are for a severe pain in her abdomen; and a friend and wdl-Wishcr who was staying boldly made. To my mind, Astrology is on the thseshold of an era of extremly rapid with me did not return home that night. growth. There is no longer any use for fossilised theories, old dogmas, pet ideas and Now see what results I enjoyed during disjointed slokas found in anciera tcx^bopks^ -byâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Kethn-Jopiter; The _ same colfeague in new Transformation is called for. This office was transfered, resulting in my setransformation lies in the proper sifting of paration from him; 1 got my daughter married; data, abosorption of all that is good in all my wife was hospitalized for an abdominal the systems of prediction and striking at new operation and the same close friend and ideas through continuing experiments and rewell-wisher stayed outside myi house during search. Born out of such an indefatigable his sojourn in Delhi. What do all this ineffort is Krishnamuru Padhdhati. U is the dicate? A star or a constellation and its lord product of more than a quarter of a century are nib re powerful than a planet, in bringing of laoour in predictive astrology based on about a result. The seed-bed or corner stone advanced stellar formula. of successful prediction is the extend of There is no doubt that this advanced stellar influence noticeable in a horoscope. method of prediction, named after the author This is the quintessence of Krishnamurti Shri Krishnamurti, requires a base from one Padhohatj. Is this not an improvement on has to proceed. This base is provided by the the traditional method of prediction? It is fundamentals of Hindu Astrology such as now left to the votaries of astrology to conthe 'Udu Dasa System', interspersed with stantly preserve and make a conscious effort Western concepts of House Division and to seek new ideas. Where the mind is clogged Aspects This system of prediction is appor under-developed, any improvement is licable on all fours to all problems in the bound to be slow. Where the mind resist , modern age, be it the- determination of longinnovations and is cribbed, cabinned and levity, celebration of marriage, pinpointiog confined to diluted notions, new horizons 'profession in this modern complex world, cannot be forged, and failures will continue to postulating progency, etc., etc. No other result. It is, therefore, incumbent on all those system answers the funny contradictions in interested in the growth of Astrology as a a twin birth, be it the sex, longevity, proscience, to work on the new findings in the fession and pattern of life so completely, Krishnamurti Padhdhati to a rational coqas Krishnamurti Padhdhati. clusion, and do anything that could be conFor the benefit of readers, here I would structed as jealous, inimical activities. This quote an interesting event experinced by me does not mean that one should do the robes to bring relife the stellar inBuence on a of a prophet; it does mean, nevethcless that native. I was about to begin Kethu Dasa, wisedom and foresight should mark our Jupiter Bhukti. I was anxious to know effort. With these thoughts in my mind J from Krishnamurti what Kethu-Jupiter procommend Krishnamurti Padhdhati to all mised me. aspirants. Let us work hand in hand and He wanted me to note down the hapmay Lord Ganesh lead us from darkness to penings on a Moola Nakshatraday (Ktehu's light.

RECTIFICATION OF BIRTH TIME By L. PRA5AD Often we are confronted of casting with the problem* 1 he correct horoscope when the exact time of birth is not known. There arc a number of methods advocated by traditional astrologers, but all of them leave tbc astrologer as confused as he was before he applied one of tbcSe methods. But thanks to Krishoamurti Padhdhati,.you can arrive at the correct time of birth without any doubt by simple straightforward method which can be universally applied to all cases of rectification of birth time. It is an unfailing principle of Krishnamurli Padhdhati which says that the ruling planets at the time of birth must necessarily govern the time when you take the Birth Chart for consideration, and this becomes the major guide to arrive at the correct time of birth. Now apart from this, if one applies his mind Sincerely and with devotion, undoubtedly the divine also helps him to come to the correct conclusion. To give an example, an I. A. S. Officer came to rne and asked me to cast his horoscope. He gave the following data:— Date of birth II—11—1942 at Latitude 26® 21' N Long. 92° 42' H. The lime he gave was that his mother only said it was between 4 to 6 A. M. The ruling planets when I took this horoscope for casting were as follows:— Jupiter Venus

Lord cf day Lord of the Rasi X Sid. Time 9-25-44 Leo 19 9-29-40


XII XI Virgo 21 Libra 20 22

Lord of the Constellation ... Jupiter Lord of Ascendant Saturn Lord of Ascendant star Sun So we find the Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Sun are the ruling planets at that time. Now we know that ibe birth is just before Sun Rise on 11—11—42 and Sun was in 24° of Libra. Therefore, it is certain that Ascendant is to be Libra, governed by Venus as ruling planet. In Libra, we find there is Jupiter star andJSalnm sub.—As tht ascendantTfarTTSuo, therefore, I fixed that the sub sub must be Sun. Now we find that Jupiter star, Saturn sub, Sun sub sub is from 22° 53' 10" to 22° 59^ 30", Now how to fix the exact minute was the question. As I was thinking about this . problem, I was suddenly called away and only - came back to work on the horoscope at 10»55 A. M. At that time I found that Mars star was rising. So without any hesitation, I took, the Sub Sub Sub of Mars andfixed the .Ascendant as Libra 22° 54' a point which was being ruled by Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mars. Now as the bitth is the 1942 I took Krishoamurti Ayanamsa as 22° 57' and by adding this to Nirayana Ascendant I got the Sayana Ascendant, it was Scorpio IS" 51'Now referring to Raphael's Epbemeris, ,1 found that the sidereal time at G, M. N. on • 10—11—42 was 15 hours 16 min. 3 see. After correction for Longitude 92° 42' E I got the sidereal time at L. M. N. on 10—11—42 to be 15 hours 15 min. 2 sec. Now from Raphael's Table of Houses wc find as under: Scorpio. 15° 29' 16° 29'

21 43

11 Sagatarius 15 16

II Capricorn 16 17

So we find them I8hrs. 09 min. 27 sec, have elapsed after. L. M. N. on 10—11—42, which fines the time of birth at 6-09 A. M• L.M. T,onll—II—42. To convert it into I. S. T. we subtract 40 min. 8 sec. as we get 5—28—12 A.M. I. S. T.

Therefore, by applying rule of three we find that when Sayana Ascendant was Scorpio 15° 51' the sidereal time was 9-27-28. Therefore subtracting the sidereal time at L.' M. N. from the sidereal time at birth we get 33—27—28 15—15—02 18—12—2S Converting this into meantime we get 18—12—26 0- 2—59 18—09—27.

Therefore, the birth was at 5-28 A. M. L S. T. Can there be more reasonable and systematic method of arriving at the correct time of birth?

NO MORE DOUBTS GANAPATI JYOSIER I. In Horary Astrology, are all the ruling planets at the moment of query, beneficial? The ruling planets at the moment of the Judgment of the query are:— (a)- Lord of the constellation in which the Ascendant falls. (b; Lord of the sign rising on the Ascendant. (c) Lord of the constellation in which Moon transits. fd) Lord of the sign where the Moon is at the time of judgment. (e) Lord of the day. In Horary Astrology, those ruling planets -which are deposited in the constellation of retrograde planets, occupying or owning the bouses to be judged, appear to offer the results but ultimately, in their subperiod, the matter falls through; success is denied. II the ruling planets are posited in the .constellation of planets which occupy houses which do not signify the matter in query, or own bouses and either of the houses do , not refer to the query, they do not produce .the results.

The ruling planets in the constellation of those in direct motion and in the constellation of the occupants or owners of the bouses signifying the matter in question are the real beneficial significators and they offer desirable results. II. A querist asks about journey overseas. He gives a number. We calculate, the dasa and bhukti. We take into consideration the . ruling planets and then give a dale... Then he gives his horoscope. We independent by calculate the time of fruition of effects according to the horoscope and find them to be the same as obtained by Horary system. Ans. On some occaison's the names of the planets will agree. In some cases, not. If you take the ruling planets for- the horary chart, you will find that it agrees' with the dasa bhukti in the Horary Chart If you do not take the ruling planets, but simply judge . following the principle, expounded in Krishnamurti Padhdhati then while judging the chart alone, you remember the ruling planets and judge the ruling planets' for hordscopy. It will agree with natal chart. 45

If you take the ruling planets, for horary then a few of the ruling planets will agree with the natal chart The other few.ruling planets will be found weak in the natal chart, and the planets in the natal chart posited in the Constellation of the planets (which are weak in the natal chart) will offer the results.

Dot produced any good result, unless they occupy beneficial constellation.

Always ruling planets clearly indicate. It is God's guidance. Those ruling planets which are weaker than the planets posited In their constellations are incapable of giving in their periods, whereas the stronger planets in their constellation give' in their own periods. Both dates arrived at following Horary and Horoscopy will be the same. III. Vipareetha Rajayoga will you comment please according to Krishnamurti. Padhdhati? Planet ia 6 in the cons.ellatbn . of occupant or owner of 5 or 8, planets in am the constellation of occupant or owner of 6 or -8 alone can cause Vipareetha Rajayoga. Example: Moon in Aslesha and Mercury in Hastha to Aquarius born will give gains without pains. One comes out victorious, unopposed, etc. Moon in Hastha, Mercury in Ashlesha to Aquarius-boms will bring fortune. Why? Aquarius indicates the native. The seventh house denotes his opponent or competitor. It is'.said that parivartana of lords of 2 and 12,orlord of 2 in 12 or 12 in.2, brings loss. Hence houses 6 and 8 are 12 and 2 to the seventh house. Therefore, the enemy loses, and the native gains. ' Suppose the opponent is toapi^arina •Court of law on a panicular day, wnen you run the conjoint period of the above mentioned plaoets. The opponent misses the transport .and is not able to attend the court, nor able to communicate. ■ He is forced to absent himself. Anex-parte degree is given. Loss to opponent brings luck to the native. A person loses,a purse. Another comes and takes it. This event will be indicated in the chart of the person who takes the purse. In our experience, lords of 6 or 8 in 12 or in the constellation of significator of 12 baye^. -17

IV. When will Gaja-Kesariyoga operate? If Moon is in the constellation of Jupiter and Jupiter occupies any of the favourable houses !, 2, 3, 6, 10 or 11 and if Jupiter is in the constellatron of Moon in 1 or 2 or 3 or 6 or 10 or 11 and if the sub-lords are well posited, there will be beneficial results. Advantages will accrue, whether you call it. Gaja Kesari yoga or not. No one can reap beneficial results. If Moon and Jupiter are ia the coxrtellation and sub of planets which occupy evil houses. Gaja K.csariyoga will thea be a miserable failure. Instead of giving pleasure it will cause pains, loss, agony and anxiety, will be the real results, ft is a fact. Therefore, please do not cousicuiauon xneory ana A-fisnnamuru sub division. Twins are born, both have Gaja ICesari yoga. According to traditional system both suffer. What is this! Again look at a person born at Kerala at 9 P. M. on 25—8—1931. Born in Mflena. Lagna, with Jupiter in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn, running Jupiter, Dasa and seaichlug for some appointment this is his pitiable condition. 5. Sir, Which God are we to pray to get sons? Prayer to God cannot change the sex of the child to be born. The astrologer cannot change the sex by his prediction. Gems cannot alter one's fate. Is not fate only the result of our action? Anyhow„ pray to Lord Santhana Gopala Krishna. Unless you -are destined to pray, you will not. Every action has the reaction. If you are. destined to have boys ^nd also destined to pray, you will attribute the birth of sons to your prayer. V Is jihere anything as Neechabanga Rajayoga, in your Padhdhati? Ans:~ In my Padhdhati. we^spnsider Neecha and Uchba of the planets, while iudging the strength of a Bhava.

If a planet 'A' is in a bhava and is exalted, then the planets in the constellation of'A' will five the results to a good extent, as though they are exalted. The planets in the constellation of'A'may be debilitated or week. That does not count. But they will offer the results (good or bad depending on the bhava) to the maximum extent as the lord of the constellation occupying its exalted sign. If there is no planet in the constellation of 'A' then 'A', will give the results of the H-)use-(Bhava) occupied by it to the maximum extent. But the planet 'A' will also offer the results of the lord of the constellation in which

it is posited. If the lord of the constellation is exalted, 'A' gives this result also, to a very good extent. But if the lord of the constellation in which planet 'A' is tenanted happens to be debilitated in another house — (bhava), then 'A' will give the results of the lord of constellation to a small extent whereas 'A' will give the results.of the bhava occupied by it to a good extent, if there is no planet in A's constellation. Therefore, in Krishnamurti Padhdhati, a planet "P" may be Neecha. Yet it gives brilliant results to a maximum extent, if the lord of the constellation in which 'P' is posited, happens to be exalted.

ASTROLOGY AND THEFT: A LEAF FROM MY NOTE BOOK _&■ — Sri BIMAL KANTI GHOSE, Sahebjadabazar, Cuttack-2. On the 11th July 1970 at 7-10 A. M. (IST); at Bbubanesbwar. a high placed Government official consulted me regarding the theft of a transistor and wanted to know whether it would be recovered. I requested him to quote a number between 1 and 249. He said "87" The planetary positions at the moment of judgement were as follows:— viu r^io'

XI 4«-40' X 3'-47' Mer. J90-58' Sun 26°-01'

Saturn 260-43' IX l0-^

Man 2a'03' XII 4o-90'

Rahuir-SC VII 3*-40' Rasi VI 4*-40'

V 4'-40'

IV 3°-40'

Asc, 3oa-40' V«n, S ~04' Ketu U'-W

Jup. 3M2' n r-40' in r-4<y Mooo 16*-53

Let us first examine Chandra. It is ruler of 12 (loss) and is in its own coustellation, h is in the 2nd house (article stolen). So the query is about the loss of a movable article. According to Krishnamuni Padhdhati, bouses 2,4,7 and 11 arc to be considered in connection with stolen property, and a property stolen or lost can not be recovered, if the lords of 2 and 11 are in the constellation of signifcators cf either fi, 8 or 12 bouses. 1) 2nd House-Owner Marcury-He is in the constellation of Jupiter, lord of 3 and 8. Occupant-Moon-is in bis own constellation as owner of 12 , 2) lllh house-Owner and occupant Mercury-He is in the constellation of Jupiter, lord of S and 8. Occupant Sun - He is in the constellation Jupiter, lord of 5 and 8. All the infiuences are unfavorable. So it was predicted that the transistor can not be recovered. Around fifteen months* time have since' elapsed and the party informed me that the transistor has not been recovered so far. They have purchased a new one now

MOTHER'S LONGEVITY a, A. RANGASWAMY. Sub-Postmaster, Singanallur Post, Colmb»tore-5. Male child bom on 27—10—68 Sunday.

Saturn ^ Rahu

Time of birth; 7-30 P. M. 1ST.


Place of birth: Coimbatore 1T N Lat. and 77° Long. Ayanamsa; 23° 19'.


Sidereal Time: 21—31—54. The baby was born on 27—10—68. Mother fell ill and was admitted in the hospital. In spite of treatment, she breathed her last on 16—II—68 leaving her beloved child to the mercy of God. She survived only for 20 days.


■ Sua

Mercury Jupiter Kcthu

Balance of Sun Dasa at the time of birth J years 4 months 24 days. Cusps— II Gemini 3° isIII Gemini 29 is IV Cancer 27 15 V Leo 29 15 IX Sagittarius 29 IS X Capricorn 27 15 XI Aquarius 29 15

On the basis of Krisbnamurti Padbdbati, the reasons why the child's mother died within a spell of short period is clearly obvious. Krisbnamurti Padhdhati alone explains. At the time of birth the planetary positions are as follows:

Lagnam Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn (Ret) Rahu Ketbu


Longitude Deg, Mn. 5 56 10 54 28 00 56 21 23 12 3 12 14 17 27 49 14 46 . 14 46

ConstellatiOB Lord Sun Rahu Sun Sun Moon Sun Saturn Mercury Saturn Moon 49

Sab Lord Mercury Saturn Moon Mars Sun Saturn Rahu Jupiter Rahu Jupiter

First of all, let us see the IV cusp and Kanaka for mother Moon. If they are well placed and receive good aspects, mother will live long. Otherwise, she will be shortlived. The IV cusp falls at Cancer 27° 15'and its owner is Moon. Its Constellation Lord is Mercury and sub lord is Jupiter. (1) Moon' is Karaka for mother and also owner of IV cusp. Moon is in 8 from lagna and in 6 from IV bouse. It is in the constellation of Sun, Marakasthanhaipathi from IV house, and in the sub of Moon in 6 from IV house. Hence, Moon is highly afflicted. (2) Constellation lord is Mercury, It is in the constellation of Moon in 6 and i n the sub of Sun Marakasthanadbipadhi. Hence Mercury is also afflicted. (3J Sub lord is Jupiter. It_is_also inahe constellation of Sun and itrfhe sub of Saturn, owner of 7 and 8 which is also very bad for longevity of mother. As all the planets connected with 4th bouse and Karaka Moon are highly afflicted, the mother was shortlived and lived for only a very few days after the bady was born. At the time of birth, the baby was running Sun Dasa, Moon Bukthi, Budba Anthra. Now, we should find out in whose period the mother passed away. ' For that we should select strong significators responsible for her death. Mother's lagna is Katakam. It is Cbara Rasi (movable one). Eleventh bouse is Badhakastbanam. There is no planet in II. Venus is Badbakastbanathipahi. No planets are in its constellation or sub. Hence Venus is a significator. Then, marak'asthanams are 2 and 7. None in 2 or 7. Owner of 2 is Sun and owner.of 7 is Saturn. Moon is in Sun's constellation and sub of Moon in 8.

Moon is a significator. Mars is in Sun's constellation. Hence Mars. Mercury is in the constellation of Moon in 8 and in the sub of Sun. Hence Mercury is a significator. J upiter is in the cons tellation of Sun and in the sub of Saturn, owner of 7 and 8. Hence Jupiter. Hence altogether Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter are significators. Saturn is owner of 7 and 8, a strong malefic. As Rabu, a node, is associated with Saturn, Rabu is more powerful to give malefic effects and infiit death. Sun is in Rahu's constellation and in Saturn's sub. Hence, Sun is a strong significator. Therefore, the significators responsible to kill her mother are Sun, Moon, Mars Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. She_died—on—16=11—6S~ (Saturday) at '5 P. M. On that day* the baby was running Sun Dasa, Moon Bukthi, Venus Antbara and Venus Sooksbma. All are strong significators. The day was Saturday. Satum is a malefic being owner of 7 and 8. According to transit Sun was in Mar's rasi Vrischikam. Jupiters constellation Visakam and in the sub of Mars. Mars and Jupiter are strong significators. Moon was in Mercury's Rasi Virgo in Sun's constellation Utbaram and in the sub of Venus. All are strong significators. AC the time of death, the lagna rising in the east was Aries and the constellation was Barani. Mars and Venus are strong significators. Hence, when all the strong significators responsible to infiict death conjointly operated, the mother's soul departed. Krisbnamurti Padhdbati alone clearly pinpoints the time of occurrence of the event.



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Page 41 43 44 47 49 55 56 57

HOW TO CAST A HOROSCOPE I S1NG MAHABALA* 1971-80 NIRAYANA EPHEMERIS 7 Bf S. BAIASUNDARAM 21, 1971, creating a doubt as to whether Essential Data: the dale is wrong or the week day is h flj Year, month, date and name of wrong. Avoid all such confusion. the week day fof birth or event); (3) Time of birth fMention category of (2) Sex of the person fto erect chart time: Standard Time: Summer Time, Local for birth); Mean Time, etc.); The year, month date should be as f4) Place and country fzone) of birth, flf cenained according to the Christian Bra, in a village, the nearest town/city, and preferably, to be free from doubt. When preferably get the longitude and latitude of stated in any other way. as Samvat Era, the place if known immediateiy.) Saka Era, Kali Era, Kollam Era, etc. In India and perhaps in some other convert the same to Christian Era. When a it is traditional to record time birth occurs, say at midnight at 0—13 A, M. -incountries, terms of ehalik as fnazt ig)_ (IS 1) on Saturday Aagiist—2h—1971—it- andJioroscopes_in vighatikas (vmazhigas) after Sunrise should be clearly expressed as fSiiryodhaya) or Sunset fSuryastbamana) in Friday. August 20, 1971 the locality. In such cases, comult Table I, 11 or lit as may be necessary and Saturday, August 21, l97l ascertain the local mean lime of Sunrise for showing that the event was before Sunrise Sunset). Then, add the interval (convening on Saturday, August 21, 1971. In India, ghatikas and vighatikas into hours, minutes the day is reckoned from Sunrise in the and seconds of time) elapsed till birth, and locality and, consequently, the birth the sum .obtained is the correct Local may be wrongly stated as Friday, August Mean Time of birth. Conversion table from ghatikas/vighatikas to boors, minntes and seconds of lime 60 ghatikas (nazhigas) 24 hours of clock time = 2-1/2 ghatikas (nazhigas) I hour of clock time 2-1/2 vighatikas fvinazhigas) 1 minute of clock time i 60 vighatikas (vinazhigas) 1 ghatika (nazhiga) 24 minutes of clock lime 1 ghatika fNazbigaJ = 24 seconds of clock time 1 vighatika (vinazhiga) = M/s. Mahabala Publishers will shortly Requirements: bring out a Table of Houses - UNIVERSAL 'fl) An accurate ephemeris' (panchang) TA8LE.OF HOUSES where the cusp of each for. the year of birth at a low price, house (for all lalitudei North and South) 'A' such as Mahabala Ephemeris of Krishnais calculated to the nearest minute of muni Ephemeris. longitude. This proposed publication is thus a vast improvement over the available (7) A reliable Table of Houses. Tables of Houses, including Raphael's, (3) A good geographical Atlas. which give the cusps of 11, 12, 3, and 2 only 'This Ephemeris is available from M/S. Hariman Booksellers, 12, Brahmin St., Saidapct, Madras-15. This gives the daily longitudes for every day for 10 years 1971-ta 1980 at 5-30 A.M. fLS.T.J Sidereal Time at 5-30 A.M. (L.M.T.) at 82V30' E. long. 9

to the nearest degree. The various methods of Houses Division and how to tabulate house positions in accordance with these divisions will also be taught in an easily comprehensible manner.) Points to Remember: fl) State the time of birth in Standard Time of the area. (Watch time, usually, gives Siandard TimeJ. If birth occurred where Summer Time or Winter Time for Double Summer Time as in the case of UlC during the war years 1941-45 and again in 1947) was in force, subtract one hour or two hours as may be necessary. For precise work, the interpolated positions of cusps for an intermediate latitude between two latitudes for which positions are stated in a Table of Houses can easily be ascertained by the rule _ of proportion. ("5) deduce the Sayana positions of houses to Nirayana positions, by subtracting

the Ayanamsa for the year of birth given in Table Vllf. (6) Calculate the planets' places for the Standard Time of the country of birth. This Ephemeris is tabulated for 5-30 A.M (IST) which corresponds to a certain Standard Time equivalent in another country or zone. Table XV lists in detail the local Standard Time equivalent in each country/ zone. Suppose we have to set up a horoscope for a child born at Bombay, India at 0-13 A. M. clock time on August 21, 1971 (Saturday according to the calender because a day commences according to the clock at midnight or zero hour) and horoscopes, similarly, for five other example births which took place at the same moment or instant in (ij Osaka, Japan, (ii) Adelaide^ A ustrafa: fiiil Dar-_es:Salam,-JEanzania,.-(iv) Manchester, England, and (v) Qubec, Canada.

The moment of birth of all the six example cases is the same, and we may proceed to state it in terms of the Standard Time obtaining in the six countries/zones and also note the Latitude and Longitude of the locality of birth. Like this, Exam- Place of birth tplc I Bombay, India

Week day Friday

Calendar dace of birth


Standard Time of birth

Longitude 0' 72-54 East

Latitude (y 18-55 North

3-43 A.M. 4-13 A.M.

135-27 East 138-38 East

3-4-39 North 35-57 South

9-43 P.M.

39-17 East

6-50 South

20, Aug. 1971 0-13 A.M.

Saturday 21, Aug. 1971 —do— —do— 11 Osaka, Japan —do—do— III Adelaide, South Australia Friday 20, Aug. 1971 IV Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, Africa V Manchester, Friday 20, Aug. 1971 England VI Qubec, Canada


7-43 P.M. (British 2-12 West 53-28 North Standard Time) = 6-43 P.M. (GMT) 20, Aug. 1971 1-43 P.M. 71-15 West 46-48 North. (Eastern Time)

In examples IV, V and VI, there is a little discrepancy and the calendar date of birth is 20th August 1971. CONVERSION Of STANDARD TIME OF BIRTH TO LOCAL MEAN TIME The next step is to convert the Standard Time of birth to its equivalent Local Mean Time. This is illustrated here. 10

Example 1 Indian Standard Time of birth

0-13 A.M. on 21—8—1971 or 24-13 Less time difference by which 1ST is ahead of GMT (—) 5-30 18-43 or Equivalent GMT of birth 6-43 P.M. on 20—8—1971 Add fas Bombay is East) time difference between Greenwich and Bombay, i, e., longitudinal difference of 72°-54' multiplied by 4 mis. of time per degree and 4 seconds of time per minute of long. ^=4—SI—36 fTable VII saves time) (4.) 4-51-36 LMT of birth 11-34-36 P.M. on 20—8—1971 OR 1ST of birth 0-13 A.M. 00 21—8—1971 Less (as Bombay is west of 1ST (Meridian) time equivalent for longitudinal difference of 9''-36' (by refercBceto-TableJfll) ^ (—) 0-38-24 1 l-34-3T"P.^iron"20=«—1971\olc: The LMT of birth occcurs on a date previous to the stated calendar date of birth.) Example 11.' Japan Standard Time of birth 3-43 A.M. on 21— 8—1971 Plus time equivalent of longitudinal difference of 27' east of the Standard Meridian (of 135" East)—Refer Table VII (+) 0- 1-48 LMT of birth 3-44-48 A.M. 00 21— 8—1971 Example III Standard Time of South Australia, 9i hours faster than GMT, is based on the local time of meridian I42V30' East. Adelaide (ISSMS') is 3°-53' west of the Standard Meridian. Local time difference (time equivalent of longitudinal difference) between the Standard Time Meridian and Adelaide Meridian is 15 minutes 28 seconds (ascertained from Table VII). I Therefore, Standard Time of birth 4-13 A.M. od21— 8—1971 Subtract time difference of 15 minutes 28 seconds fwest) (—) 0-15-28 MLT of birth 3-57-32 A.M. on 21— 8—197] Example IV Standard Time ofTanzania, Africa, 3 hours faster than GMT and 2J hours slower than Indian Standard Time constantly, is based on meridian 45'' East of Greenwich. Dar-cs-SaIaamf Long. 39*-17' E., is west of the Standard Time Meridian. Difference in Longitude between Dar-es-Salaam and Standard Meridian; 45° (-) 39°-17' II

Longitudinal difference fwest) 5M3' equals OH-22M-52 Sees, (vide Table VU) Like this. Standard time of birtb 9-43 P.M. on 20— 8—1971 f—) 0-22-52 Deduct time difierence of longitude 9-20-08 P.M. on 20— 8—1971 Xxatnple V Birth according to clock time ("clock time being British Standard Time one hour fast on GMT) 7-43 P.M. 20— 8-1971 Subtract 1-00 GMT of birth 6-43 P.M. 20— 8-1971 Manchester lies to the west of GMT Meridian (i. e. 0° Loiig.J the longitudinal difference being 2°-l2'. So deduct local,lime d'Jfereuce, pLD Hour ^ """Minutes - 48 Seconds (2°-12'X4 mts. per degree, 4 sees, per minute of long.) (—J- 0- 8-48 LMT of birtb, therefore, is 6-34-12 P.M. of 20— 8—1971 Example VI Qubec, Canada fArea west of Long. 68° West Long.) follows Eastern Time fET). ET is ,5 hours slower than GMT, and is based on the Local Mean Time of meridian 75° W. Long, Qubcc f7l°-l 5' W. Long ) is SMS" to the east of the Standard Meridian, and therefore the local time difference between the Standard Meridian and Qubec (Table VII gives 15 minutes of time as the equivalent of 3°-45'2 is to be added to the Standard Time of birth. Birth stated in Standard Time .... 1-43 P.M. 20— 8—1971 Plus local time difference between the meridian of birthplace and the Standard Time meridian (+) 0-15, 1-58 P.M. 20— 8—1971 LMT of birth Plate: Local Time difference is the time equivalent of longitudinal difference between two meridians. We are now ready to convert the LMT of birth in all the examples to their equivalent Sidereal Time. If the reader turns through every page containing the planetary positions he will Gnd in the third column a beading "Sidereal Time" and thereunder figures for every day, expressed in Hours, Minuies and 'Seconds. These denote the acceleration of sidereal lime over solar lime for every day These figures are tabulated for 5-30 A.M. (LMT) at 82°-30' East Long. At the .same Local Mean Time (i. e. 5-30 A M.) at any other meridian, the Sidereal Time is different, lesser to the east, and greater to the west. At every place on Earth, at midday, the Sun will be exactly overhead, when it is noon at that place. At another meridian it is not noon—it may be past noon or before noon. Thus, local time differs, and when it is 5-30 A.M. (LMT) at long. 15° East, it is 10 A.M. (LMT) at .82°.30' E, (4 hrs 30 mts past 5-30 A.M. (LMT) at 82°-30' E J, the local mean time being reckoned with reference to the meridian of the place. Sidereal Time accelerates over solar time every minute, 4 minuies approximately (210 seconds; in a day of 24 hours or 10 seconds per hour or 1 second for every six minutes of solar lime. In another way. Sidereal Time increases for every rotation of tha earth-240 seconds for 360° or 2/3rd second for every degree of longitude. Ifcorrcction for acceleration of sidereal time for longitudinal difference east or west of 82°-30' £ Long (or acceleration of sidereal time for time equivalent of longitudinal difference) is applied (Added if west of 82°-30'£. and subtracted if east of S2°-30'E.) to the Sidereal Time 13

found in this Ephemeris, the result is the sidereal time at 5-30 A,M. fLMT) at the local placc> To this, add the interval elapsed up to Local Mean Time of birth fnot standard time of birthL and another correction for acceleration of sidereal time during the interval, and the sum obtained, is the sidereal time at birth. To make the task Of the reader easier, the amount of correction to be applied for longitudinal difference between two places, or time difference between two places, has been tabulated and furnished in Table VI to which always refer. CONVERSION OF LMT TO SIDEREAL TIME : Example I—(birth at Bombay): H m s Sidereal Time at East at 5-30 A,M, (lmt) on 20—8—1971 (i.e., immediately previous to birth) 3 20 4S [If birth occurs between 0 hour (lmt) and 5-29 A.M. (lmt). it is advisable to refer to 5-30 A.M. (lmt) previous, i.e., for the previous calendar date.] 0 Bombay, 72 -54' East, is west of the (lst) Meridian of 820-30, E., the exact longitudinal difference being 90-36'. Therefore, Add<> acceleration of sidereal time for longitudinal difference of 9 -36' (at 2/3rd second per degree) (or time difference between Bombay and the meridian of 82o-30' East, namely 38 minutes 24 seconds, at the rate of 1 second for 6 minutes) Always refer to Table VI for exact calculation. ( + ) 0 00 0t> re _ Sidereal Time at Bombay at 5-30'A."Mi~(Livfr)"p vious tO birth (that is on 20—8—1971) 3 20 49 Birth took place at 11-34-36 P.M. (lmt) on, 20—8—197], after an interval of 18 hours 4 minutes 36 seconds from 5-30 A.M. (lmt) of 20—8—1971, so Add birth time'(lmt) elapsed from previous 5-30 P.M. Clmt) ( + J 18 04 36Sidereal Time constantly increases—at the rate of about 240 seconds in 24 hours, 10 seconds in an hour, and 1 second in six minutes f of time. Therefore, Add acceleration of sidereal time for interval (Table VI) ( + ) 0 02 58 Sidereal Time of birth 21 28 23Example II (Birth in Osaka. Japan): LMT of birth = 3-44-48 A.M. on 21—8—1971. 05-30 A.M. (LMT) of 20—8—1971 is previous to birth. Osaka, Japan, 135 -27' E. Long., is east of the meridian 82o-30' E., the exact longitudinal difference being 520-57' <say 53^9 and time equivalent of longitude being 3 hours 31 minutes 48 seconds (local time difference between Osaka and the meridian of 12o-30' East Long.) Sidereal Time at 5-30 A.M. (lmt) on 20—8—1971 at 82o-30' E. 3 20 4J Subtract correction for longitude difference east (or correction for sidereal time for local time difference betwean Osaka and 82o-30'E. Long.) by referring to Table VI (—) 0 0 35 3 20 OS Add interval from previous 5-30 A.M. (lmt) to lmt of birth (-I-) 22 14 48 Add correction for increase of sidereal time during the interval (of 22 hours 14 minuter 48 seconds) ( + ) 0 3 39 25 38 35 Less 24 hours (—) 24 0 0 38 35 Sidereal Time of birth

Jlote:- If the Sidereal Time obtained is more than 24 hours, always subtract 24 hours from it, as after reaching 24 his sidereal time commences again from 0 hour). Example 111: Birth at Adelaide, Australia: Following the method enumerated for examples II and III, the Sidereal Time of birth in this case is 1 hour, 51 minutes, 19 seconds, expressed as 1—51—19. Example IV: Birth at Tanzania, Africa: Similarly working, we arrive at the Sidereal Time of birth in this case as 19 Hours, 12 Minutes, 59 Seconds. Example V: Birth at Manchester, England: On the basis of the formula outlined before, the Sidereal Time of birth here come to H. 16—28—00 Sees. Example VI: Birth at Qubec, Canada: Applying the same method, the Sidereal Time of birth in this example is ascertained to be 11 Hhours, 36 Minutes and 53 Seconds, Another way is to relate the Sidereal Time contained in this Ephemeris for every day at 5-30 A.M. ClmtJ at 82o-30' E, Long, to the Standard Meridian of the country or zene of birth, or to 0° Long. Greenwich Meridian. For this purpose, the constant time difference between the Standard Time Meridian of the country or zone and the 1. S. T. Meridian of SZMO','readily —available in Table XV, should be subtracted, if the Standard Meridian is west of the 1. S. T. Meridian, from tEeSidbfCal Time-found-for-every dayJn.fhis.Ephemeris. If the Standard Meridian of the country is east of the I. S. T. Meridian, then the time difference^sboaT3_be addedfigure under "Sidereal Time'* in this Ephemeris. The sidereal time obtained after this addition or subtraction, as the case may be, is the sidereal time in the country/zone at the equivalent Standard Time in that country when it is 5-30 A.M. (istJ. In Table XV, the Standard Time in each country/zone corresponding to 5-30 A.M. ftsx) has also been given, which lightens our task. For example, if the time difference of 5^ hours between the Greenwich Meridian and 1ST Meridian is .su/urac/ed fas Greenwich is west of ist Meridian) from the sidereal time tabulated in this Ephemeris, the result will refer to the sidereal time at 0° Long, at 0 hour (5-30 A.M. 1ST minus 5^ hours). As a day extends from 0 hour to 11-59 P.M., the interval of time from the previous 0 hour is easy to calculate. This will be an easier method for a beginrer. HOW TO CALCULATE HOUSES? Having ascertained the Sidereal Time of birth, we may now enter upon the calculation of the cusps of the various houses fox the Sidereal Time of birth of our example I. fCusp is the point of commencement of a house). We must presently turn to a reliable Table of Houses for Northern Latitudes, as the .example birth was at Bombay in the northern hiraisphere. Mahabala's Universal Table op Houses for all latiiudes South or North and from 0° Lat. to 60° Lat giving the longitudes of all the houses calculated to the nearest minute, unlike the available Tables which only give them to the nearest degree, will shortly be published, and till then Raphael's Table of Houses for Northern Latitudes may be relied on. Raphael's Tables state the Sayana longitudes of the cusps of six houses, the longitudes of 10 (Meridian) and Asc. (1st) accurately and the rest to the nearest degree only. The Sidereal Time of birth of our example I, lat. l80-55' North, was arrived at to be 21 Hours 28 Minutes 23 Seconds. Turn to the page for lat. 19° North, nearest to Bombay's. Look for the Sidereal Time of birth or the two Sidereal Times nearest to it in the left hand column marked "Sidereal Time". They arc 21-25-44 and 21-29-40. Prepare a table as follows;— 15

Sidereal Time HMS

Sayana cusps of bouses

10 11 12 Aac. 2 3 A. Nearest earlier Sidereal Time 21—25—44 19*Aqu. 20''Pis. 26° Aries 0°Mith.. 55' 27° Gem. 22° Can B. Nearest later Sidereal Time 21—29—40 20° 21° 27* 1° 56' 28° 23° Movement

1* HMS


1° HMS

Nearest later Sid. Time 21—29—40 Nearest earlier Sid. Time f—) 21—25—44

Sid. Time of birth 21—28—23 Nearest earlier Sid. Time (—)'21—25—44

Difference Call this...

Difference Call this...

0-03—56 Y

0-02—39 X

RETIREMENT FROM SERVICE Br Sri P. C. BHATTACHARYA 'Nirala' Bisar, GAYA Cusps Vllth Vllltb IXth Xth Xlth Xilth

kniSHNAMintTt Padhdhati is, verily, astrological wisdom. The deeper we go, the greater is its merits. Our Guruji stands very high above bis contemporaries. His discovery and use of the.'SUB' has made him unrivalled in bis field. This article is designed to throw some light on the role of the constellation and SUB lords: The problem under discussion is the retirement of a gentleman whose birth details are furnished hereunder;

Planets Moon Mercury ■Venus Sun Mars Jupiter Saturn Rahu Kethu

Birth Details: Born on Sunday, 4th Scptemec, 1910, Place—Lat. 23'' 36' N. Long. 80° 19' E. Time—4-6-23" P.M.I.S.T.=4-29-39" P.M. LMT, ~N irayann Chart:

Venus 27°-17' Ascendaot 17*-30'

Ketu (P-O^ CuiP Ascendant Hnd Illrd IVth Vrh Vlth

Sign Capricorn Aquarius Aries Aries Taurus Gemini

Star Venus Moon Mercury Venus Venus Moon Venus Sun .Jupiter

Suh Kethu Jupiter Jupiter Rahu Kethu Sun Venus Rahu Moon

According to Krishnamurti Padbdbati, for judging "Retirement from Service" the conjoinedeffeits-of--the-JLojlses 1,5, 9 and 12, should be studied. The first threcTtonscs—ar respectively the houses of negation (of 2nd house (seir-earning), the 6th house (service), the lOlh bouse fstatusj. The 12th bouse has . connection with seclusion and separation. The 1st house is unoccupied. Its lord is Saturn. There is no planet in its constellation. Therefore, Saturn is a strong sjgnificator. , The 5th house is also unoccupied. Its lord is Venus. Saturn. Sun, Mars and the Moon are in the stars of Venus. Mars and Moon are in the sub of Kethu, which is as good as Mars, being in the sign of Mars and also aspected by Mars. Sun is in conjunction with Mars, lord of 11. But Saturn which is in the constellation and sub of Venus is highly unfavourable for continuancy in job. Therefore. Of the planets in the. constellation of Venus, Saturn has to give the most adverse effects. Rahu deputising for Venus, is also malefic. Jupiter, Iprd of 12th house, aspects Rahu. Therefore, Rahu is connected with bouses 5, 9 and 12. The 9th house is also unoccupied. Venus is its lard, and Rahu will give the effects of

Saturn Rahu 0B-9' 13°-52' CR)

BaJaoccof Veous Dafa Oyr. 0 m. 27 days

Sigo Cancer Leo Libra Libra Seorpio Sagittarius

1 Sun I8a-31' Mars 26°-12' Moon 26'-37' . Mercury 15B-3' Jupt. 23B-2'

17° 30' 25° 1° 29° 59' 25° 20° 17

Venus, being in its sign. The arguments put forward as regard the 5th house fully apply to the 9th house also. The 12th house is not tenanted by any planet. Its lord is Jupiter. Kcthuis in Jupiter's constellation. Therefore, Kethu is stronger than Jupiter. Thus, Kethu is obviously a strong siguificator. The native's retirement from service, took place on 30—9—1968, when he was running Saturn Dasa, Saturn Bhukti, Kethu Anthra and Rahu Shookshma. The most^ intriguing

thing is that on the day of retirement, the Moon was in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. Furthermore, Moon was transitting in the constellation of Venus, lord of the houses § and 9. What I want to drive at is that systematic application of the stellar principles laid down by Prof. K. S. Krishnamurti alone secures' most satisfactory results and the method advocated in Krishnamurti Padhdhati is the only right method to be followed fop purposes of prediction.


CHANGE OF GRADE & REVERSION fK. P. Verified^ By M. C. KHARE, MFC. A.R.I., Bhopal On 27-2-72, a friend of mine who was alleged to have been involved a railway accident case, wanted me to assist in bis defence since be was seived with a charge sheet for a major penalty and was given the fecilky of a S.O.D. enquiry. Before offering my willingness to defend his case, I wanted ta make an astrological analysis as to what the planets forecell for him. I asked him to quote a number between 1 and 249. He gave No. 77 for calculations. Given below is the chart prepared for No. 77 at Bhopal at 5-30 P.M. (IST) on 22—2—72. I. Horoscope fx 'l4°-40' X 16°-40' XI ISMO' Xll ir-w 0 Venus -26»^4' Mars 17 -48' Sat. 6°-54' VIII 14o-40' Mercury 230-25' Sun 140-38' o

VII 19 -20' Rahu I00-l3

No 77 (BHOPAL)

Asc. V9a-22' Moon 25">-46' Kctu 10M3' 11 14«-40'

VI 19o-40' V ISMCP IV l6o-40' III 14o-40' Jup. JOMT Balance of Mercury Dasa 5 years 4 months 23 days. II. Planetary Position:— Planet Star lord Sub lord Sun Kethu Rahu Mercury Moon Rahu Venus Mars Mars Jupiter Saturn Mercury Jupiter Saturn Kethu Mercury Jupiter Venus Sun Saturn Mercury Moon Moon Rahu Saturn Kethu Venus

III* Confirmation of Query with reference to i Moon. As Moon indicates the mind of the querist, it is necessary to see whether the Moon indicates tie nature of query or not. Hete Moon posited in Lagna indicates the consultant himself. Moon is in Mercury Star Rahu sub. Mercury is owner of XII (fear) posited in VIII (fine, punishment) indicating worry due to fear of punishment. Rahu, the sublord, is posited in VI indicates worries. Thus Moon correctly depicts what the querent has in mind. So, What will happen? Since Lagna is a jfiicted by three malefics viz, Mars (4th aspect), Saturn (3rd aspect) and Rahu (7th aspect), success in the S.O-D—enquity_is._iio.t_promised. -Lord of VIII (punishment) Saturn posited in X (Profession) and Rahu, the agent of,Saturn (lord of VIII) is posited in VI, which also indicates that the consultant can not escape from punishment. But since I he lord of X Mars is posited in its own sign in X, squaring Asc (4th) he will not be deprived of bis profession and there will be no break in service. However, the lord of fith being posited in V (negation of 6th service or trade) indicates that the consultant can not secure bis present trade in service. Thus, I assured the consultant that even if be does not prefer an enquiry and its defence, there is no need to entertain fear of losing bis railway service, and at the most the punishment of reversion will be awarded by the Department. As it was a lengthy process for the Enquiry Committee to decide the case, it was very troublesome for the consultant to remain under suspension for a considerably long priod during these bard days, and as the nature cf allegations were such that the consultant could not come out completely unscathed from the Enquiry committees findings, be'

was advised to accept the changes and resume to duty at once. The consultant accordingly accepted the charges on 12-3-72 and got orders for reversion to the lower grade on 13-3-72. "He has resumed the new post on 15-3-72.. Thus be was saved from a long suspension and worries arising during the course of the proposed S.O.D. enquiry. How did the planets act ? The consultant was running Mercury Dasba/Rabu Bbukti/Venus antbra from 15-11-71 to 6-5-1972. In that. Mars SuVshma operated from 6-1-72 to 16-1-72. (Horary). He was involved in the accident case which took place on 8-1-72, and was placed under suspension from 10-1-72. Further, in Mercury Suksbma from ■11—3—72 to 5—4—72, he was reveled to the lower grade and resumed the new post on 15—3—72. Thus, the significators of —3,5.8.9,10 & 12 flayed their respective role, asunder:-— 8—owner Mercury. Moon and Venus in Mercury Star.

5—occupant Jupiter — Mercury in Jupiter Star! 9—occupant Venus—Mars in Venus Star. 10—occupant and owner Mars—None in Mars Star. 8—owner Saturn—Kethu in Saturn Star. 12—owner Mercury—Moon and Venus in Mercury Star. Rahu represents Moon by constellation. Ketbu represents Saturn by constellation and Moon by conjuncjion. Thus Rahu, Mercury, Venus, Mars & Ketbu are the significators for reversion, so during Mercury dasa, Rabu bbukti, Venus antbra and Mars suksbma the grount for .reversion was prepared Further, Mercury Suksbma caused him to resume duty and join the new post after getting reversion. The advanced stellar system discovered -by-our—ievered_.Guruji is_a Tnarvellnnc masterpiece to pinpoint TEe events. Good Luck!

MINOR EVENTS AND IMPORTANCE OF RULING PLANETS hj V. N. N. RANGACHAR My wife who bad been to Cbamarajpet on the 1st April 1972 in connection with some work was expected back by about S a. m. on the ^morning of the next day. As she did not turn up even after 9 a. m. 1 immediately thought of applying the theory .of ruling planets to work out when exactly she would return. Place; Bangalore " Latitude: 12° 58' North. Longitude; 77° 36' East. Date; 2nd April 1972 Time: 9_23 a. M. (1ST) Ruling planets; The Ascendant (lagna) rising at the time of judgement was noted to be Taurus 10°--09' (Nirayana system).

Lord of the day Sun Lort of the rasi transitted by the Moon Sukra (Libra) Lord of the constellation transitted by the Moon Guru (Visakba) Lord of the sign on the Ascendant — Sukra (Risbaba) Lord oftbeconstel- lation rising on the Ascendant —Chandra (Robini) The ruling planets were Chandra, Sukra, Guru and Surya. Although Sutya was transiting in the constellation of retrograde Budba and was conjoined with Budba, yet 21

as the matter has to materialise in a short time, Surya was not rejected. I worked out and came to the conclusion that when the Ascendant moves in Rishaba owned by Sukra, in Chandra's constellation Rohini and to the sub of Gurii and sub-sub of Surya, i. e,, between 150-3'-34' and IS'-S'-S^* in Rishaba, she should arrive. Adding Kiishnamhrti Ayanamsa, we get g<l_25'-34' to 8°-30'-54' in Mithuna (according to the Sayana system), and with the aid of Table of Houses for the latitude of Bangalore,rhe corresponding Sidereal Time when this would be on the Ascendant ' observed to be 22 hours, 3 minutes, S3 seconds Subtracting the sidereal time of the previous day at 5-30 A. M. (LMT) at â&#x20AC;˘ 82o-30' E. Long, given in "Astrology and


Athrishta" which was 6 hours, 9 minutes, 46 seconds and adding the difference of 10 seconds per hour (2 minutes 39 seconds). So the time of arrival should be 9 hours 23 minutes 28 seconds A. M. Local Mean Time. Adding 19 minutes 36 seconds being the difference in the local mean time between Bangalore Meiidian and the.Indian Standard Time Meridian, the arrival time was calculated to be 9-43 A. M. (IST). X was very happy to hear the knock at my door at 9-43 A. M, (IST) exactly as surmised by the application of Krisbnamurti Padhdhati. The ruling planets, in my experience, have never failed to indicate and our Guruji rightly deserves the title 'Naveena Varahamibita' for bis wonderful discoveries.

MANY ASPECTS TO A HOUSE AND THEIR RESULTS By Jyotish Visharath K. GANAPATH1 also it clearly indicates only the matters In a horoscope there are 12 houses and of that house and nothing else. But a planet .according to the Western system, a house commences from the cusp and ends with occupying a Bhava has to include the results the succeeding cusp. Lagna Bhava commences of the Bhava where it is posited other at the point that rises in the east and exthan what it has to bestow by its nature and lordship. In these cases, for health and tends to nearly 30°, depending • upon the success, beneficial aspect to the cusp is latitude. The second house commences at advantgeous. For the matters signiBed by the cusp of the second and ends with the Spn as lord of 4, it shows that he may cusp of the third. The third cusp will rise sell away the property, because Jupiter is just around 4- hours after the ascendant has transiting in the I2th house and it forms risen. Thus each cusp rises in the east at an inharmonious aspect with Sun who an interval of more or less 2 hours. The owns the 4th house. .Or, his mother may •area between the second cusp and the third be ill in the hospital or he may give a way cusp is the second bhava and the space between the third c_asp_jipd_lhe fourth cusp-is- -—his—vehicle-forrephtrrTj'r Be will be without a vehicle at that time. Thus it can be seen., the "third" bhava and so on. Suppose a person that ill-health of mother and bad condition has a planet 'A'7 in a house about 15° from of the vehicle are indicated by the adverse the cusp and another planet 'B' about 22h aspect from Jupiter to Sun in Lagna Bhava; from the same cusp. fTaurus 3° is the Aswhereas he maintains good health as the cusp cendant; Sun is in l80Taurus; Mercury in receives beneficial" aspect. Planets may be many in number in the same house. One Cusp 3°9 may receive a benefical aspect and the others A-tS adverse aspects. The planet receiving bene8-25" ficial aspect indicates that the matters sigdi? fied by it lordship occupation, etc. will by thrive^. Bad aspect to a planet in a Bhava threatens evil results to the relatives denoted aod unfavourable results or such matters as indicated by the plauet by its lordship, occupation, etc. provided the cusp of the house does not receive simultaneously a beneficial aspect. 'A planet may-own the 5th"house and" it may occupy any other Bhava. It may receive a bad aspect. Therefore, one should not conclude that the chart will suffer unless the cusp of the 5th house remains unaspected. If the cusp of the 5th house receives good aspect, then • he will enjoythe favourable matters of the 5th house and the other matters denoted by the lord alone will receive a setback, if lord of 5 is in 7 and it receives bad aspect, whereas the 5th cusp' receives good aspect, then wife will suffer and not the children. If the same planet in the 7th Bhava receives good aspect and the 5th cusp receives bad aspect, then even though the planet owns the 5tb house, yet wife will be maintaining good

25|0 in Taurus). If a planet, say Jupiter, transits in Aries and it has come to the third degree in Aries; then. Jupiter forms semi-sextiie aspect with the Ascendant and semi-angular with Sun. On this occasion, one may be sure that his health will be good and he will be successful in his attempts even though Jupiter forms adverse aspect with Sun in Lagna Bhava. Always the cusp of a house is the strongest and 23

health whereas it is disadvantageous to the children; Similarly, one is to note the various aspects to each cusp of the house and to each planet. And whenever an aspect is formed to a planet in a bouse* immediately one is to note whether the cusp of the house receives an identical aspect or a diametrically opposite one or remains unaspected at all. Accordingly, one should modify the results. It is complained by many students that many aspects pass without any events. Always one considers only the beneficial or disagreeable results which he enjoys or experiences but docs not note down what had happened to his close relatives, partners and friends. For example, to Tula lagna natives one may'say that Sun has conjoined Venus and it has not done any good to him. He will be feeling sorry and also complaining tl^at he was disappointed because lords of 1 and 11 conjoining together had not ■brought marriages—At the., time of birth, Sun and Venus were about 35° away and •t his age of 35 Sun conjoins Venus. He remains unmarried. So he loses faith and becomes vexed. But if he had noted whether

Sun while conjoining with Venus formed a favourable aspect with either the 7th or the 11th cusp, then he would have understood that at the time Sun 4and Venus conjoined by progression they formed evil aspect to the 7th cusp, so that the marriage did not come up. It also implies that Venus at the time of bjrth was forming an adverse aspect to the 7th cusp. Then only when Sun conjoins with Venus it will be in such a position which is unfavourable to the 7th cusp. Thus, it is necessary to observe aspects to both the significator and also to the cusp of the house which indicates the matter. A particular aspect may be formed in such a position which is favourable to t)ic person. Therefore the person may enjoy beneficial results, . have promotion or get married aod so on. But ' the same .aspect will-be-advecsed —to_a, , cusp and thereby that relative indicated by that cusp br lliTr" planet which receives the bad aspect indicating certain relative may pass away.

NEW TRENDS IN TRANSIT PREDICTION Bf BALA Sade Sathi and Ashtama Sanl: Life js not always a bed of roses. Every individual undergoes sufferings at some time or the other. When difficulties crop up, one is naturally anxious to get over them and wants to know when and how. he can do so. Suppose a native is running the seven and a half-year's Saturn period and .has some problems. He seeks astrological advice He is told "Oh, 1 sec from your chart that you are running the 7-1/2 years .Saturn period. Be careful. Vou may have to experience for some more years similar worries and obstacles". A few astrologers arc considerate and grant that one need not feel unBuIy distirbed:-They-cjuoie-the-tiadjtiojiaL saying that the first round of 7-1/2 years. Saturn will be moderate, the second round of 7-1/2 years immensely beneficial and only the third round will invariably cause â&#x20AC;˘ harm. It may even put an end to life when the native is 65 or more. The term 'Sade Sati' or 7-1/2 years Saturn is used to designate Saturn's transit through the sign occupied by Moon at birth and the two signs on cither side of the Moon sign. As Saturn takes more than 29 ' years to pass through the entire zodiac of 12 signs, it will take 1\ years to pass through the three signs. The traditional astrologers do not note the exact longitude in which Moon was at birthâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;whether it is in the beginning or in the middle or in the end of a sign They do not consider the houses ruled by the planets Moon and Saturn in the natal chart. Either or both of these ma) rule beneficial houses or evil houses in the nativity. Or they may own a beneficial house as well as ah- evil house. The exact relative distance at "which the transiting Saturn is away from the Moon docs not enter into the re koning. The constellation is not included. These are the defects while judging the transit results The sufferings are not uniformly spread all through the 7i years period. Per example if we take any one day, we experincc happy


as well as unhappy results alternately. Therefore, in the 1\ years period one will naturally have both good and bad results. Further, Saturn is cot the only planet to cause pain or produce pleasure. We have to consider all the planets. So we should not attribute the evil results only to 'Sade Sati'. The prediction offered without taking all factbrs into consideration can never come correct. Misery and misfortune cannot be attributed to 4 Sade Sail' alone. Occ may ask how can 'Sade Sati* do any harm to one at a time when one runs the mahadasa and :bbukti of the planets who have to do only good to him by owning beneficial houses in the chart? True. If the dasa and bhukti are favourable, during the 7i ycars-wben- Saturnâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;translts.in_a__favojjrable position, constellation and sub, it will bestow only brilliant results. Indications will never be contradictory. The consultant may not be running 7-1/2 year's Saturn period but Ashtama Sani may cause some difficulties, so he consults an astrologer , who has no hesitation in saying that Saturn's transit in the eighth (asthama) sign to the one occupied by the Moon, is the cause of all the miseries and the native has to put up with the sufferings, till it is over. The auntce's proverb is that a man will be caught when Saturn transits in the 8th house io Moon. But some people enjoy. How is it? Because the lordship of the two planets affcl the constellafion in which the transit are favourable to such persons. Generally it is said that one cannot escape the troubles one must bide his time and wait till the transiting Saturn passes from the sign occupied by Moon in the natal chart to the third sign, counted from it. When Saturn transits the radical chandra rasi it is called 1 Jaoma Sani'. It is persumcd to be uniformly undesirable by uninformed people. When Saturn ia transiting in the eighth . sign to the one occupied by the Moon, it is said to be Ashtama Sani. It . is also considered to be evil. These arc not borne


cut by facts. The application of stellar astrology proves useful. Sani may transit in the 8th rasi in some stai\ the lord of which may own a good or a bad house to that person. The nakshatra and sub transited by Saturn is to be noted. If the naksbaira and sub lords happen to be the significators of houses 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 and 11, Saturn offers desirable results in competition election and litigation. But if such lords signify houses 4,5.7,8.9 and 12 then it is-harmful. Also what houses Saturn rules in the chart and which bouse it occupied, etc. while-judging. The transiting Saturn is the source according to its nature,' lordship and occupation at birch. Westerners aver that when any planet comes to its radical position, it tends to indicate what' is implied in the radical chart. Suppose Saturn is the lord of 5 and transits in the fifth house. Other testimonies also Stipportr-Then-it-shows—that there_1wijl be _ birth of children.^Saturn will come hy ixansk to this position once in 29 years. 1c could have come when one is 16 or 17 years old when he would not have been married. Then at the age of 46, it may again transit when his wife would have been sterilised, as in between she would have had number of children. Also one who had been issueless, will have Saturn in 5, during transit. It does not mean .that Saturn must .bless the native with a child. One has to know the age, the condition, etc, note Dasa and Bhukti and after considering all points, declare the results df transit. , On any day 25 per cent of the world's' population will be running the 7-1/2 year's Saturn period. Jn 8-1/3% of the cases, Saturn may be transiting, in asthama sign to Moon rasi. Still others may find Saturn .transiting its radical position. If we literally follow the rules and reproduce the slokas. we are left with no other conclusion except that one. will have continuous difficulties. Saturn is not the only architect of misery. Many planets will share, in some degree or other. Have we not seen people complaning of bad days whenever they run Jupiter's dasa or sub period? Is not Jupiter a boon, giver? But is he uniformly good to all? Are we to go .simply by the name Jupiler and extol blip and on the same analogy condemn Saturn? No planet can be uniformly good and no planet can be. uui27

formly evil to all. The nature of the results which a planet gives depends on the lord of the constellation, the bouses it rules in the horoscope, its occupation etc. Bcnefics by nature will prove to be the worst evils by lordship for some people and the naturalmalefics bestow the most beneficial results to others by lordship and occupation. Jupiter is ruler of the I2th house to MeshafAries) lagna borns. He owns the Sth house to Vrishaba (Taurus) and Simha (Leo) lagna natives? To Mithuna (Gemini) and Kanya (Virgo) borns he happens to own the 7th bouse, a marakasthaca, also. To Kataka (Cancer) and Thulam (Libra) people, he is the lord of the sixth house denoting disease and sickness. To Makara (Capricorn) people, he is the 3rd. and 12th lord. Only to Kumhba (Aquarius) and Vrischika (Scorpio) borns, he is a real benefic by ■ ownership. Even then he is a marakabbipathi by ownership the 2nd ,house. Therefore Jupiter;—the- strongest—bcnefic_by_natufe, becomes evil to some extent by lordsbip.,innumerable instances, can be cited of people enjoying very good health, getting married and leading a harmonious wedded life, en tens g into service and securing sudden advancements and also be getting children, when Saturn's 7-1/2 years period was on, or when Saturn was transiting the Sth sign from the Moon sign. No useful purpose will be served by reciting memorial slokas and threatening lay people. Cbandrashtama:. Houses lf'2, 3, 6, 10 and II are favoursbh to a native m the matter of competition,l , litigation, election, speculation, etc. while their opposites—houses 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 12 *1 arc'advantageous to the person denoted by the 7th house. When Saturn transits in. ashtaraasthana reckoned from Chandra or Jo the same sign as Chandra at birth or in 12 or 2 to it, no evil results will ensure, i unless Saturn transits in the constellation i and sub of planets unfavourable for the i matter in question and catum is also ruler of sub sthanas (evil houses) or occupies evil . houses at birth. Every house rules both j favourable and unfavourable results to a native- and similarly to the relatives, etc. The .91 h and 12th houses are good for matters concerning voyage overseas but not harmonious for finance, speculation or liti-

gation. The 6th house rules both debt and disease. While disease is not welcome, debt is not always so. Debt is a temporary loan obtained to tide over an immediate difficulty and, to this extent, is favourable. According to Krishnamnrti Padhdhati, the nature of an event finance, profession, litigation, progeny etcâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;is judged from the constellation lord's signification. sub denotes the end result, favourable or otherwise. The planet transiting is the source according to its role in the horoscope. For instance, for Kanya lagna, Saturn as lord of 6 occupying the 8th house in Mesha in Barani constellation (when rasi occupied by Chandra also happens to be Kanya) affects the matters of the house â&#x2013; occupied by Sukra, Suppose Sukra is in 2 which is concerned with finance. If Saturn is posited iu the sub of a planet signifying housefs) 1,2, 3, 6, 10 and 11, it brings about -fioancial-gain -by -botxowing (SaturQ_rules 6thJ or tnrough speculation (Saturn also rules 5). Or, the native may derive benefit from children's prosperity (5th stands for children and 6lh being in 2 to 5 denotes thcic financial gain). But if Saturn occupies the sub of a significator of houses 4, 5,7, 8, 9 and it indicates loss by borrowing, etc. If Saturn in 8 in the constellation of a planet in 2 is situated in the sub of significators connected to houses 1,2, 3, 6, 10 and 11 and Saturn is lord of 3 and 4, then mother helps (4lh for mother; 3, her expenccs). In the above case, Saturn is lord of 4 and 5, benefits through , sons or daughters f4th is 12 to 5 showing jrhildren's vraya). If Saturn is lord of .2 and "l, 'brothers or sisters will be helpful (2ad house denotes deterioration in thdr bank position). If Saturn happens to be lord of 1 and 2, gains by self-effort, by delivering lectures, etc. If Sani is lord of 7 and 6, benefits from wife or partner in business. Also when Sani is lord of 7 and 8. In the former case, it indicates overdraft facilitiesfrom a bank; in the latter case, a legacy or insurance money left by a person denoted by the 7th house. The 8th house rules unearned income, a foreign scholarship (12 to" the 9th house representing a foreign government), father's property or investment, etc. and gain through these. Thus should a planet's effects be determined. Whether the wife (or husband) or business partner will help (both are re-

firescnted by the 7th house),- is ascertained rom their horoscopes. The ruling planets in xhe horoscope of those who will assist will be the same as those that rule the native's dasa, bhukti etc.-. period. If Sani and Kuja have to render .your help, it will be through" a person born in Dhanishta or Anuradba, etc; if they have to cause deteriment, then too the ruling planets of the person causing harm will be the tame. Is there a . more simple and scientific taethod to arrive at a correct conclusion" than Krishnamurthi Padhdhati? Often we come across with the quacks saying ''Oh. You are having chandrashtamal you will have some mental worry or the other. " (When the Moon transits in the asthama or the eighth sign to the one occupied by it in the birth chart, it is called 'Chandrashtama',) It is evil. This prog oostication dOES" aot^comeime^n-many cases, as we shall see presently. Moon takes about 27 days to transit the 12 signs of the zodiac and takes about 2-1/4 days to go through one sign. Suppose the lagna is Virgo (Kanya). Moon may be in the 3rd house in Scorpio (Vrischikaj in the birth chart. Counting Scorpio (Vrischika) as the first, one finds thai Gemini (Mithuna) is the eighth sign. Moon by transit will pass over Gemini (Mithuna^ every month and when it transits this sign it is said to' be evil. This is the general rule. Now, at birth. Moon would be in a particular nakshathra and in particular sign (rasij. If Moon at birth was placed in Aswini 1st to 4th padas, Bharani, 1st to 4tb padas or Krithigai 1st pada, then it will be in Aries (Mesha). So the Moon rasi is Aries (Mesha). Similarly, if Moon is in Krithigai 2nd to 4th padas, or Rohini 1st to 4th padas, or Mrigascerisha '1st and 2od padas, then it will be in Taurus (Rtshaba). In this way, the Moon will occupy any one of the 27 nakshathras and will be in any one of the 12 signs or rasis from Aries (Mesha) to. Pisces (Meena). Every sign has 9 padas or 2-1/4 nakshathras contained in it. Suppose one's rasi is Aries (Mesha). Counting from Aries (Mesha), Scorpio (Vrischika) is the 8th rasi or sign. During the 2i days when the Moon transits in the 28

sign Scorpio, the native is said to run •Chandrashtama'. It is said that generally those days are not good for any undertaking; at best, there will" be some sort of mental worry. Why? Moon otherwise called 4 Mathi* indicates the mind. One is diffierent from the other in regard to mental makeup. This depends on the rasi occupied by the Moon at birth. By the Moon's occupation of a particular rasi in the birth chart one is endowed with a particular frame of mind. Whatever it is there will be disturbance to this mental make-up when the.Moon transits the 8th sign from the one in which it was placed at birth. For.that matter, any planet occupying , by transit a sign 6,8, or 12 to the one occupied, by it at birth, produces results contrary to what it indicated at birth. Suppose Jupiter is in 2 to Scorpio (Vrischikaj lagna, Jupiter owns houses 2 -and 5—which _ace, _bcneficial .houses—It, occupies its own house. •Itdenotes financial gain through'children, speculation, etc. Whenever Jupiter by transit forms good aspect such as 18% 24°, 30°, 36°, .540, 60°, 72°, 108", 120M44' and 162° it will offer beneficial results. Whenever it throws 22^, 45°, 67*% 90% 112^% 135% 157^°, and 180° aspects, it will not give such good results. On the other hand if the same Jupiter were to be in evil aspect at birth to the cusp of the 2nd house, whenever it forms good aspects by transit to its 'radical position in the horoscope it will not contribute to beneficial results. Jupiter who owns the beneficial 2nd house, in evil aspect to the 2nd cusp at birth will cause difficulties in the accumulation of • money. Good aspect by. transit to radical Jupiter allows it to offer such results . which it indicated in the natal chart. So whenever evil aspects by transit are formed by Jupiter to its radical position, there will be no difficulty in the accumulation of wealth as the transiting Jupiter is not harmonious. This is one of the departures from the orthodox Western view thaf».all good aspects are good and all bad aspects arc evil. The Moon is to offer a person peace and fits transit in the 8th sign (its ashlama position) denies peace and denotes -mental worries though of a temporary nature. It may be a passing cloud.

Wc have to go a step further. (1) Is the Moon a bcnefic or a malefic by. its lordship and occupation? (2) Does it transit only in one nakshathra in its ashtama sign? When we judge the horoscopes, we find some people prospering when they run the period or sub period of the Moon according to Udu-Dasa system. They earn good name, fame, honour and reputation. They lead a peaceful and prosperous life. Others, when they run the Moon's periods, earn only ill-repute. Untold suffering is their lot. Why? Because the results depend on the Moon's lordship of the house In the chart and the position in which it was at birth. Generally, those in whose charts the Moon rules and occupies a favourable house will not experience good results during -thc- Mooo's--transit-in-the ashtama-sign:-Tothose to whom it is a malefic by owning an evil house in the horoscope, Moon transiting in the ashtama sign is bereft to produce malefic results. For instance, for persons born in Kanya (Virgo) lagna or rasi Moon becomes a Labadhipathi and so one can look foe fulfilment of one's desire. If the. Moon .at birth was so placed as to cause a favourable aspect to the 11th cusp, then it improves the matters of the 11th bouse. That is the indication at birth. When the native runs the Moon's period or sub period, most favourable results will be enjoyed, for these persons. Moon's transils in the ashtama sign, that is those 2| dapo when it transits the ashtama sign, doe& not conduce to mental peace (except when' it is in Bharani star). He may, for instanceii have headache and recover only when the Moon passes on the 9th sign, especially to Rohini star. The Modern Astrological Research Institute, has analysed the transit results of the Moon and the findings arc given here. Each sign has 2-1/4 aakshathras contained in. it. According to Udu Dasa system, everyone of the 27 stars or nakshathras is owned by a planet. Thus, Kctba rules Aswioi, Makatn and Vcous rules Bbarani, Pooram Pooradam. Sod governs ICartigai, Uttiram and Uuiradatn. 29

3^ooq owns Rohini. 'Hastham Sravaoatn. Mars rules Mrigaseerisha. Chittra and Avittam. Rahu rales Arudhra, Swati and Sadbabhishak. -Gum rules Punarvaau Visakha and Pootva-bhadrapada. Sani rules Pushy a, Anuradha and Uttarabhadrapada. Mercury rules Aslesha, Jycshta and Revathi.. It has been established that whenever Moon transits, in the ashtama sign, in the nakshathra of the planet who is a significator of benefic houses -in the chart, the native enjoys desitable results. The following are the naksbathras in ashtama rasi to the diffiercnt rasi-borns which are conducive to good results. Whenever the Mooa transits the said naksbathras in its monthly transit they expect and enjoy -only favourable results. Mcsha rasi ~XpuraaBa~or-Aoathagi Rishaba rasi Uttarashada or Uttirad Mitbuoa rasi Sravaoa or Thtravonam Kataka rasi Danishta or Avittam Simha rasi Revatbi TCanya rasi Bharani Tbula rasi Rohini Vrischika rasi Punarvasu Dhanur rasi Aslesba or Ayilyaoi Makara rasi ' Poorvaphalguni or Pooram Kumbha rasi Chittra 1st and 2ad padas "Meena raci Chittra 3rd acd 4tb padas and Visakba 1st to 3rd padas Therefore, whenever Moon transits the maksbaihra of a planet owning beneficial houses in the horoscope, one should except •only favourable results even though the house may be 6,8, or 12. This is true of Either planets also, e.g . one cannot expect beneficial results if. Jupiter transits .in'the 11th house in an evil constellation. One need not also entertain unnecessary fears if Saturn in the 8th transits in the constellation or nakshathra of a planet who signifies beneficial houses. Therefore, it is important to note the nakshathra transited by the Moon and the house ruled by that particular nakshthra lord. The nakshthra traosited is the most important. It alone gives correct clue. It is not the rasi. Otherwise, how can you explain the •reason for people born in Makara (Capri-

coruj rasi earning a treble in horse race on the very day when Moon was in Pooram (Poorvaphalguni) star? Pooram star is in Leo fSimha) which is the Ashtama rasi. According to the general method adopted, the Moon's transit in Leo is not good. But the native was immensely happy as the result was unexpected.' Similarly, we see persons bom in Leo iSimha) rasi'getting into service on the day when the Moon was in Revathi in the ashtama rasi Meena (Pisces). This is so . because, to Leo (Simha) rasi , persons. Mercury is lord of 2 and 11. One may ask: "If a particular nakshathra is considered evil to one, does it mean that all those bom in that particular nakshathra-will not be favourably disposed to that native?" The,reply is in the affirmaiive. If Saturn is an evil planet to one by reason of owning an evil house acd is to cause misery and misfortune, one ; will ir5a~~iiT3—6uperior__as the avathar in this respect. The superior ~wb"liIdH)e-bonLjn^any one of the bakshathras Pushya, Anuradha and Uttarabhadra'pada ruled by Saturn or in Makara (Capricorn) or Kumbha (Aquarius) lagna or rasi or 6a a Saturday, if the Sun were to do good to one, he can expect •assistance from those born on a Sunday or in Leo fSimha) lagna or rasi or in those naksbathras owned by the Sun, Karthika, Uthra, Ifthrashada. Even if one of these stars^werc' to be in the ashtama sign to the Moon sign, one should expect only beneficial results whenever.a planet transits such nakshathra in its course. It is not unusual to find people bom in rasis which, are mutually in sashtasbtama, collaborating with each other in business or trade and proving to be"the closest associates, in day to day life we come across many persons born in Leo (Simha) rasi getting assistance in securing service from those, born in Revathi nakshathra and especially when the Moon transits Revathi in the ashtama rasi. Why? Betause Mercury who is the lord of Revathi. owns houses 2 and II to the Leo (Simha) rasi natives. We can go on multiplying instances of persons benefiting by those bom in rasis mutually in sashtasbtama to each other but bom in that particular star in the ashtama rasi, the lord of which rules a favourable house in the native's chart. 31

lation occupied. The sub decides whether the matter will prove fruitful or otherwise. The planet in transit shows the source through which the matter is promoted according to the naiute of the planet, the housefs) owned by it and the ^housetsj occupied by. it.

From what has been said above it follows that one may give rarely correct predictions taking only the house positions transited by the planets. One must observe the constellation—the nakshathra-iransited by them. A benefic planet transiting a good house but in a naks/mlhra ruled by a malefic cannot bring about detiruble results, nor con a malefic planet transiting in an evil house in the nakshuthra of a benefic by ruiership (adhipatyam) deny goad results. Planets throw light. They illuminate the matters signified by the lord of the constel-

The seed-bed or corner stone of successful dtclination is the extend of stellar inlluence noticeable in a horoscope. This the quintessence ofKR1SHNAMURT1 PADHDHATl.

TIME OP MARRIAGE By The purpose of this article is to impress upon the readers of this magazine and astrologers following various systems of prediction other than Krisbnamurti Padhdhati. That Krishnamurti Padhdhati alone is 100% correct and accurate. The problem is to find out the time' of marriage of the native born on 8—S—1931 . at Madras. Time of birth- 11-33 p.m. The birth chart is given below: Ura. 25M2 Sun 24*-ir Vcn. 29M7' Merc try Rahu 3a-06' Moon 29a-27' Lagna 20°-07'

Sat. (R) 29° 08'

RASI CHART ' Asm 20° 07 Aquarius II cusp: 16° 12' PISCES III 18° 12* ARIES IV 16° 12' TAURUS V 12° 12'. GEM INI VI 9° 12' CANCER VIl 20° 07' LEO VIII 15° 02' VIRGO IX 18° 12' LIBRA 16° 12' SCORPIO X XI 12° 12' SAGITTARIUS XII 9° 12' CAPRICORN The method of analysis according to Krishnamurti Padhdhati is as under:— By marriage it is meant the permanent legal bondage with the other sex. an addition to the family and a new cycle of life to start. Hence Bhavas (Houses)2, 7 and 11 are to be jnvcsligatcd. The planets signifying the marriage are selected according to the only rule and the order which arc as follows;— d). The planets tenanted in the constellation of the occupants of th« Houses— Bhavas 2, 7, and II.

luoiier 27V57'

Born on 8-6 -1931 n-33 P.M. O.S»T.3 Mr. C. A. M. Balance of Jupiter dasa at birth 2 Years Neptune 10^22' 7 Months 24 Days. Mars 60-13' Kcthu 18--23' 33

(2). Occupants of 2nd, 7(h, and 11th lord of the house become significators Bbavas. besides the planet conjoined by it.] f3). Planets in the constellation of the Hence the significators are Rahu. Mercury, lords of the houses 2, 7, and 11. Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, The final step is to judge the strength of the significators. (4). Lords of 2, 7, and II, 1. Mercury is in the constellation of. (5). Those conjoined with or aspected Sun, the lord of 7. So Mercury is a by any of the significators. strong significator. It is important to note that if one 2. Rahu is a node; it is the strongest* does not get significators according to the order 1, then only should apply to Rule 2 It gives the marriage, in its sub periodsince Rahu Dasa the major period wil* and stop at a stage when he gets enough significators at least 3, (as wc have to refer come very late to the native. to Dasa Bhukti and Antbra for the timing 3. Jupiter is in its own constellation of eventsj When one is to further proceed, besides being lord of 11. one is to apply No. 5. 4. Venus is in the constellation of Now let us analyse the chart. \ lord of 7, Sun So the significators are 1. (This is the strongest significator.) Mercury, Rahu, Jupiter and Venus. Second Bhava is 16" 12' ^Pisces—Meena The native got married when he was "to-16* -12—Aiiee—Mesha^Raixn^and Uranus_ ■nmofng M ercury -Da sa, Ra bu-Bul^hj,_Jupiter are posited in this area. Uranus do not own Aotbra and Venus Sooksbama. This agrees any stars. Rahu governs Arudhra, Swathi well with the signiticators. So, events can and Sathabisha. No planet is found deposited take place only when the native runs the in any those stars. conjoined period's of the significators of Seventh Bhava is 20° 1,7' Leo—Simha the event. "to 16° 12' Virgo-Kanni. Ho planet occupies seventh. Bhava. Another important Rule enunciated in Krishnamurii Padhdhati is this. Important Eleventh Bhava is 12* 12' 'Sagittarius— events take place only when the time of Dhanur to 9° 12'Capricorn Makara. Saturn event is governed by the lords of Dasa, is in the 11th Bhava. No planet is poisited Bukihi, Antbra and Sooksbama, the native in its stars Pushya, Anuradha and Uthraruns at the time of event. pada. Let us verify it. The marriage took 2. If no significator is obtained by place • on a Friday, ruled by Venus [8-30 No. 1, take the .occupants of 2nd, 7ih and Uth Bhavas as significators. Hence, Rahu A. M. (approxly.) 24—4—1964] Lagna was Taurus—Rishaba—ruled by Venus. The star and Saturn are significators. One need not apply Riilc 3 and Rule 4 now. rising was Arudhra ruled by Rahu. Lagna was in the sub of Jupiter. Moon was 3. Planets conjoined or aspected by transiting in Haslham siar, in the sign Virgo significators:— governed 'by Mercury. Hence Mercury, Yenus is in trine aspect to Saturn, the Rahu, Jupiter and Venus ruled the time of events also. significator Jupiter opposes Saturn according to Westerners, but is aspected by Saturn Nothing is left out of explanation by according to Hindus. Krishnamurti Padhdhati, for it alone is Rabu is in Revathi star, ruled by 100% accurate. Through this article I appeal Mercury, in the sign of Jupiier (Pisces) to all astrologers to share this truth, and who owns" houses 2 and U. benefit the mankind let all open their eyes and with clear and pure heart, understand [No.e: Whenever a node becomes the what the wonderful man of our time says, significator the lord of the conitellaiion in and ..get benefittcd by his Padhdhati. which the node is posited and also the


ASPECTS BETWEEN LORDS OF HOUSES By BALA The following are the results indicated The lord of lagna in good aspect by the aspect formed between the lord of to the lord of I. lagna and the lords of the other houses, whether the aspect occurs in the birth chart Increase in the native*s self-acquisition or by progression or by transit. Such results is promised. The native may purchase movwill operate also during the conjoint period able property. He is likely to benefit through industrious activity. His memory power will of the planets in Wimshottari -Dasa. increase. Children who were not able to Lord of lagna in good aspect to the talk will begin to speak. Eye troubles will lord of Lagna or to the Ascendant (1st be cured. For old people, cataract may be bouse;. removed and vision will be regained. When the native runs the conjoint periods of the (Suppose the lagna is Simha. Then the lords of 1 and 2, he will be happy and lord of the lagna is Sun. Sun would be prosperous. Money once lent and entangled in a particular position in the natal chart. may be realised. One may open bank Sun, by progression and by transit, will form account for the first time. Those already aspects to the position which it occupied having bank accounts may invest in fixed â&#x20AC;&#x201D;iti_the radix .or natal chart at the time of deposits and the bank position will be birch. Result! indicatedâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;by^such an aspect ^satisfactory. 1 There will be expansion of the are indicated here.) ^ famity.^heâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;native_will do virtuous acts. His child may go on a~Jorig~}ourney--fot_ Whenever the native runs the periods or higher studies1 or professional studies or on sub periods of the lord of lagna according to progression or according to dasa bhukti promotion to a far-off place, as to the 5ch house (representing child) it is an aspect system, he will have mental strength between the lords of 10 and 9. and good cheer. The individual's health will be regained or maintained. There will be harmony and compromise and triumph Judge contrary results if the aspect is over enemies and difficulties. Success in all adverse. attempts, especially those indicated by the lord of the lagna, is assured. For some The above results are to be read, as stated here, only when the lord of a house persons, a new cycle of life starts. No more deficiency of vitamins will result. The does not occupy a sign, 6 or 8 or 12 coungeneral constitution will be sound and ted from the sign it owns. Therefore, if satisfactory. The temperament will be similar the lord of 2 were to be in 7 or 9 or to that of the nature of the lord of lagna. lagna (7 is 6 to the 2nd house; 9 is 8 to the 2nd house; lagna is 12 to the 2nd If it be Mars, due to boldness or sudden action, the native comes out successful. If house), the above results given under good aspect will be enjoyed only when the aspect it be Saturn, be incautious and economical and gains thereby. For someoihers, it brings is bad. This is so because any planet which fortune. There will be a marked improveoccupies the btb or 8ih or 12th sign to its meni in status and rank. This is a desirable own will give results contrary to what it aspect similar to the one formed by the indicates by ownership. Thus, if either of lord of the eleventh house. the two planets owning different houses occupies a position (sign) 6th or 8ih or 12th Judge contrary results if the aspect is counted from its own sign and there is an evil; Lagoadhipathi is to do good to the aspect between them, good aspects generally native, provided it does not occupy 8 or 12. produce evil results and bad aspects beneIts good aspect fulfils one's desire if it is ficial results. not in 8 or 12. If it is in 8 or 12, bad So, lord of lagna forming good aspects aspects give favourable results Good aspect to the lord of lagna in 8 or 12, affects with lord of 2 who is in a bouse other one's health, repuiation and financial position than the 7ih or the 9th or lagna, gives beneficial results. and he may have difficulties. 31

girl. Father will lose heavily in speculalion and will be put to trouble. This is so because the lord of Jagna is the lord of 5 to the 9th house representing father, and the lord of 4 is the lord of 8 to the 9th house. Always the third house to ore's lagna is 7th or opponent to the father. Hence the father will lose. But if the younger brother makes any attempt, he willv gain by fortune (1st house is 11 to 3; 4th house is 2 to 3). That is, the lord of 11 (to the 3rd house) will form good aspect with the lord of 2 to the 3rd house. Thus one can see that at the time when the native has a good aspect between the lords of I and 4, the younger brother or sister gains by fortune but the native himself may have the luck to buy only a few furniture or so; due to the fact that, in the brother's chart, these planets are inherently strong whjle, in the native's horoscope, they arc only miloly strong. if the lord of 4 were to be in the 9th or 11th or 3rd house to the lagna -fi-Cit in 6 or 8 or 12 its own sign) and if thc~ToTd~oT-Jagna-Jforms^good aspect with the lord of 4th, opposTle "results alonewill be experienced. There will , atleast be trouble with the house owner. Those who have the lord of a particular house occupying the same sign and house will enjoy the results to a large extent satisfactorily. To Mithuna Lagna narives, Budha (Mercury) in Katmi (Virgo;, especially in Hastham star, will give a house ..with all. facilities and well furnished. The lord of 4 in 12 to the lagna, shows change of quarters during the period when aspects arc formed to the lord of 4. To Kanya lagna natives. Guru, the lord of 4 in 12 in Simha, shows many changes of residence and the date of shifung of the house will be when the lord of 12 and the lord of 4 form by transit good aspects with the lord of 4 (the Lo.rd of 4 should form good aspect by transit to place he occupied ia the radix or natal chart). 4th house stands for permanent residence. Owners of houses living in their own quarters will stay in friend's or relative's quarters or live in a room in hotel whenever the lord of 4 receives evil aspect. (to he continued)

lord of lagna in good aspect to the lord of 3 Jf this aspect is formed ia married life and if the mother is not sterilised, one can look for the birth of an younger issue to the native. In old age, it shows beneht to the younger, good relationship with the youngsters and neighbours and also support or assistance from tdem. Short journeys will be successful. Publication of books m this period will be protitablc. Much mental development is assured. One generally very poor in malhemaiics will score luckily good marks. The native succeeds in attempts made for betterment of brothers and sisters. Agreements or contracts will be signed. He will gain considerable mental strength as he will meet with success after success. He will undertake any enterprise with courage. He may regain hearing. Good report about the native will enhance his reputation. Increase in one's inco&ie by publications and â&#x20AC;&#x201D;-publicity is promised. Troubles through the reIatives^nd--neighbours_wiU come to an end or will be absent temporarily.. Tfac-nativc!s, wife or business partner will go on a long journey. The native will hear encouraging news. Adverse aspects offer undesirable results, i.e., contrary to those indicated above. The lord of lagna in good aspect to the lord of 4. Mother's health shows improvement. The native may purchase landed property or vehicle or furniture or any immovable property. Ttic domestic cDvironment will be ^congenial and satisfactory. There will be peace and pleasure at home. Inheritance will be achieved. The* native may gain garden, mine produce or hidden treasures, etc., especially when the lord of Lagna is also , the lord of the ind house fas for instance, when the lagna of the native happens to be Capricorn-Makara). fa some cases, the native arranges and purchases landed property in the son's name with the son's money. Some will gain through partner's fortune and effort In a girl's chart, this aspect denotes that her husband will be promoted due to the efforts of the native, i.e., the


HORARY ASTROLOGY HELPS IN TIMING EVENTS By ROSHANLAL GUPTA. New Delhi. K was Ihe 7th February 1972. I boarded a passanger bus of the Haryana Roadways at Palwal (Haryana) bound for Delhi at about i7-20 bouts. There was unusual stream of men trying to had a berth in the bus on that day and the conductor was beckoning the passangers not to overload the bus. It was a most chilly day and everyone was anxious to reach bis destination before the night fall. At last, the bus started and hardly bad'it covered ten miles when one of its fear tyres burst, making a- loud noise, and aU were taken aback. It was getting late an<l there was no .hope of our reaching Delhi before the night fall. After-some—anxious moments, the driver was persuaded to take the" vehicle on single tyre slowly to Ballabgarh town where facilities existed for changing the stepney. At that moment I thought.' of -the utility of Krishnamurti Padhdhati and I wished to find the time when the bos will arrive at Rajghat, Delhi, where I was to get down. I opened the leaves of a bock I carried and ,saw-"36" .and immediately I took it to represent the lagna between 1 and 249 and started calculating. The cusp of number '36* is governed by Venus as the sign lord of Rishaba, Moon as the constellation lord of Rofaini, and Venus again as the sub-lord. .So. Venus and Moon were the signi, ficators. 1 also included' Ke.ttr as it is deposited in the sign of .Moon. No. other planet is conjoined either with Venus Or Moon. Since the event was to happen within a very short time, I considered the the transit of lagna in a sensitive part of the zodiac | conjointly governed' by Venus and MoonJ As Moon was in a movable sigtr and points, to an early time, I ignored the node Kethu which is powciful to offer the results of Moon and nlso as there was no other point in the zodiac conjointly ruled by Venus and Kethu which can rise. before a point together governed by Venus and Moon rises in the lagna. For verification of the significators, I noted the ruling planets at the moment. 41

namely 6-35 p. m.- (IST). They were as follows;— (U Day (Monday) Lord Moon (2) Moon sign (Thula) Lord Venus' (3) Moon constellation (Visakha) ■ Lord Jupiter (4) Lagna rising (Simba) Lord Sun O) Constellation on - lagna (Makba) Lord Kethu The ruling planets also agree with Ihe ■earliest sensitive point, namrty I6°-13'-20" in Simba (Leo). A11 ho u g Iff ' k'cf pollutes—i n - m y -d ;a ty_o f. the sidereal time for. 5-30p.m. every day" and also for commencement of lagna in the different signs and constellaiions foe the latitude of Delhi where 1 resided and this serves me as a ready . reckoner, yet I .preceded to make mental calculations as to when the lagna will transit the foresaid sensitive degree conjointly ruled by Moon,' Venus and Sun. It took me just a few minutes to arrive at this time as 7 40 p. m. (IST). Purely from memory, I can cite the sidereal times for the commencement of lagnas in all the twelve signs for Delhi. Simba lagna rises here when the sidereal time is 3 hours and 12 minutes, and Virgo 1 rises when the srderal'time .is 5 hours 30 minutes (seconds being rounded to the nearest .minute). Therefore, Simba will be . on the lagna for a total duration of 2 . hours 18 minutes or 138 minutes. Accordingly,-, every degree .0 Simha will rise successively, on an average, after every 4-2/3 minutes (138 minutes/ 30°) On this basis, l6',-l3'-20" Simha- will rise at about 74 minutes or 1 hour 14 minutes after the time when Simha will rise on the lagna. As Simba rises at 3 hours 12 minutes of sidereal,time, I6°-l3'-20" will be on the lagna 1 hour 14 minutes after 3 hours 12 minutes of sidereal lime. That is to say. the calculated sensitive point will rise when the' sidereal time is 4 hours 26 minutes.

According to the February issue of the magazine, the sidereal time at 5-30 p.m. (LMT; at 82°-30' E. Long, on 7—2—1^72 is 3 hours 36 minutes and 52 oseconds As Delhi lies 5°-18' west of 82 -30' E., we have to add 4 seconds being the correction for longitude, and thus we find that at 5-30 p.m. fLMT; the sidereal time is 3 hours 36 minutes and 56 seconds. The difference between the two sidereal times, namely 4 hours 26 minutes when the required sensitive point will be on the lagna, and the sidereal time of 2 hours 37

nearest minute), is 1 hour and 49 minutes. Therefore, the bus should reach Delhi L hour 49 minutes after 5-30 p.m. fLMT) at Delhi, i e., at 7-19 p.m. rLMT). Adding the local time difference of 2l minutes 12 seconds, I came to the conclusion that the bus should reach Rajghat in Delhi at 7-40 p. m. HST;. My prophecy, • based as it is on the solid and sound principles erumeraied in Krishnamurti Padhdhati readers, proved right as I had anticipated. good lu^k:

SIGMElCAMCE-QELHEXfiQGgSDEZLAHEISz ROSHANLAL GUPTA. and the bank sent the same to the treasury for collection. But when the cheque could not be cashed for about two weeks, I became : apprehensive if something had gone wrong. Suddenly, it struck my mind that 1 was" running the main dasa of a retrograde planet, Saturn, a planet of delay, and that at that moment it was also retrograde in transit. Although it was clear to me that I cannot draw tne money till= it turned direct in motion, yet I made all possible efforts to realize the payment as expeditiously as possible, but in vain. The cheque was repeatedly returned to the bank for completion of certain fieft over* formalities and its payment could not be drawn till the 4th February 1972 when Saturn became direct in course.

Id Horary Astrology interpreted according to the principles outlined in Krishnamurti Padhdhati, a planet deposited in the constellation of a retrograde planet does not denote 'favourable re ulis, while a retro-, grade planet deposited in the constellation of a planet direct in course will deny favourable results till it changes its motion. The same rule does not hold good in respect of a radical chart (birth horoscope). Many prominent personalities rise to the zenith of their career and many others enjoy prosperity during the periods of retrograde planets. As a devoted student of KrishnamurtijiV method and ever eager to verify the authenticity of certain doubtful and dcbaiable propositions, 1 had an occasion to verify the above statement regarding retrograde Saturn. In my birth chart, Saturn is retrograde and, incidentally, its main dasa is operating at ibe moment. Although I uid not experience any beneficial results during its dasa due to us signification according to my chart, yet I found it to offer its results instalments and with a delay and only partly and never in full. The narration below would reflect upon an important astrological deduct icn. Tn the second week of November 1971, I received a cheque for a few thousands of rupees as refund on the Delhi Treasury from a Government office. Consequently, I deposited the cheque in my bank account

.As I was busy with certain guests )hat usually invade the residents of Delhi during the Republic Day celebrations, i could not contact my bankers directly till the 29ih January 1972. On the 29th January when I got in touch with them, I was told that the payment had not been received till then. 1 felt completely frustrated, all possible endeavours and efforts on my part to realize the payment having proved fruitless. I remained away from Delhi from the 29th January 1972 and I could contact the-bank again only on the 4lh February 1972. On that day, the clerk in the cash branch of the bank dealing with the treasury receipts 43

told me that the payment had been received on the 24(h January but somehow ia the ledger the amount could not be credited to my account. On my persuasion, immediate efforts were made to trace the paymeat aad it was discovered that the amount was wrongly credited to some other person's account. As such, a transfer entry was made and I could draw upon the sum only at 1-35 p.m. on 4—2—1972! It would appear that Saturn remained retrograde till 31—1—1972 and remained stationary thereafter on 36 degrees 13 minutes position and it was only on 4—2—1972 that it actually began to move direct in course and reached a position 36 degrees 14 minutes. The fact remained that the payment was .denied to ma though it actually reached

me oaiiR. uu -4 . . which is obvious. Retrograde Saturn did not allow it to happjxi till it took a direct course. This instance warns us that although a retrograde, planet in the radical chart does nO't deny, wnatever it portrays, ia its dasa or'bhukti oranthra period, it only contributes to Tr us (rating attempts and delays whenever it is." retrograde by transit. At the same time! it docs not deny favourable results wheun it transits io direct motion. This is ampjly demonstrated here. (•Fellow scholars may like to throw light on cthiS point based on their experience, suppcorting their findings with, the aid of cleart and unambiguous data, the complete horogscope, transits, etc.

VICTORY IN VIDHAN SOUD 'HA ELECTIONS By Jyotish Sironmani S. CHANNAiriKESAYA REDDY Mr. D of Challakere, an active member of the Indian National Congress owing allegiance to Shrimati Indira Candhi, our llustraiious Prime Minister, came to me on ;he 16th February 1972. He wanted to know vhelher, on the basis of the scientific system if stellar astrology taught by Prof- IC S. irishnamurti which I follow, I can predict he outcome of the General Elections to the vlysore Legislative Assembly to be held in he next month, i. e., March 1972. His query ^as whether the Party to which he has the onour to belong will win the elections to he Assembly with a majority and form Jovernment I explained to him that Irishnamurti Padhdhati is a scientific system ased on sound, stellar theory and enables n astrologer in arriving at clear cut preictions. 1 took the number '212' from him, itween I and 249., for the query. This umber represents 5° - 33* - 20" Kumbha kquariusj in the zodiac according to rishnamurti Padhdhati. I added the yanamsa for the year 1972 to this figure order to convert it to its equivalent tyana position, and then by refering to c Raphael's Tablei of oHouses for latitude judgment, namely^ 14 -20' North, I cal-

culate/ d thd points in the zodiac that will be on the cusps of the other houses when .5o-33'-;ul20" Kumbha rises in the lagna. The planeta'r"ry positions Were ascertained for 10-30 p. ui. (IST) on 16—2—1972. A. The v chart was as follows:— Ven. I40-P^' Mirs 10M0' Sat. 6°0 27' V 80-35' III l30-35' IV 12 -35' M oon ft •26' 2J' Asc. 5°-33' Sun 3ft-46' Mercury 3°-19' * <ahu ICM XII 40-3!

NIRAYANA Ayanamsa 234-22'

VI 4°-35' Ketu 10^-47 VII 5'-33'

# XI -80-3: | X lZ0-35' IX 13'-35' Vin U -35' lup. 15' R. E Balance, nc of Jup.ter Dasa (VimshoitanJ ai birth = g years 4 months 2 days

B. Does the Moon confirm (he query? Moon is otherwise called 'Mathi' or ■ the mind. Its position at query determines what passes in the mind of querent. Moon is lord of 6 posited in lagna bhava in the constellation of Jupiter and sub of Ketu. Jupiier, the constellation lord, is lord of 2 and LI placed exactly on the cusps of the Ilth houses; Kethu is in the 6th house and is not conjoined with any other planet. A node is ever stronger than the planet with Which it is conjoined, even if such a planet is in its exalted. When not so conjoined, a node acts as the lord of the sign's agent. In other words, Ketu takes the shape of the container in which it is in, and so represents Moon. In Mundane Astrology, the Ilth house "refers to legislative ^assemblies in the States or-their—equivalent—and-bears_relation^to legislation, governmental policies, planning; etc. Among the planets, Jupiter indicates the legislative assembly and forming of legislation. It is connected with the leeal, finance, educational and political departments. At the query,, Jupiter occupies the 11th house as lord of houses 2 and 11. Ketu, as mentioned in the foregoing, represenis Moon who governs the masses or the public in general and dealings with them. Ketu is stationed in 6 in the constellation of Saturn, the planet of dembcracy. The Ilth house governs desire as well as its fulfilment; the 6th house, victory over enemies. As the Ilth cusp is.conjointly ruled by Jupiter and Ketu, the desire? is clearly denoted, and the situation of Moon in the constellation and sub of Jupiter and Ketu shows beyond doubt the querent's mind. C. Is success promised? To find this out, let us note the Ilth cusp. It falls in the sign Dhanus owned by Jupiter, in the constellation of Ketu and in the sub governed by Jupiter again. Jupiter is poisted right on the cusp of the house. If Jupiter, it is said that success rides laughing at his right hand, and his position on the cusp of the Ilth house as" the planet of 'good luck' is the surest indication of success beyond expectations. It is a position conducive for social success, popularity and credit. (Mark Jupiter in trine aspect—J20 degrees aspect—to Mars, lord

in 2: political success). Ketu is placed ; 6th house (victory in com petition) as (gent of Moon, lord of 6 in lagna ss), aspecled by Mars, the tenth lord, the 2nd house and Saturn, lagna lord, the 3rd house. The situation of r and Ketu clinches the issue in .* of the querem's party. here was a remarkable connection !n the Moon and the 11th house as is Jupiter in that they were connected te constellation / sub to Jupiter and very strong signiheators of po itical s. Moreover, at the time of the ai Elections, Sun will transit the >n of the Moon at query, passing gh- -its-own-constel 1 ation Poorva bhadra. here be more favourable clue to the /e victory of the Ruling Congress in the elections? .II the planets are situated favourable on in lagna; Mars and Venus in 2; i in 3; Ketu in 6; and Jupiter in 11 e cusp. Rahu in 12 is in the conion of Moon, lord of 6 in 1. Sun dercury are in the constellation of lord of 3/10 in 2 and sub of Venus That this angurs well for the fulfilof the querem's desire, there can be >ubt. we take the 7th house cusp which ents the parties competing in the )ns opposing the party to which the it belongs, and the cusp of the 5th which is the house of gain reckoned the 7th house, we find Rahu as the llation and sub lord. Rahu has gone ! 12th house (6th house counted from ;h), but it is situated in the con-

stellaiion and sub of Mood, lord of 12 in 7 (from . the 7th home), denoting their defeat. Based on the above analysis, I predicted that the querem's Party â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the Indian National Congress of Smt. Indira Gandhi will be returned to power in Mysore sweeping the score board. GOOD LUCK

August 1972

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KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI-AN EYE OPENER By K. PRABHAKAR, B.E.. Grade. Shthabad It is customary to hear from tbe dealt by him in sufficient detail in bis general run of people that the horoscopes book 'Reader IV. of the boy and girl were found to tally . An opportunity arose for me to test in all'respects but the marriage did not the truth of Guruji's statement. On April take place between them, and when the 4, 1972, at 3-30 p.m., one of the senior horoscopes are handed to pandits practising executives of my office came to me with the old system of astrology they would two horoscopes both certified to be matching only venture an opinion on the agreement well by a traditional astrologer. He wanted between the two horoscopes or otherwise. me to find out as to whether the contemThese men who have been going by the plated marriage would take place. T wanted 짜 dicta found in old works without bothering _teL_s Late_ a-jiom be r bet ween' f ah 3" to .find. out^whether alHhe-tradi tional rulesr I took out the April issue of 4Astrology work satisfactorily in actual life cannot and Athrishta' and noted the position of give a catergohcal answer whether the Moon at the moment. For the number *21*, persons, whose horoscopes were found by then the Ascendant (lagna) falls in Mithuna in to match according to their astrological Arudhia nakshatra 1st pada. Moon was in o / o , knowledge and skill, would at all bind 232 -20 or 2^ -20 of Vrischika in sixth themselves by' the bond of marriage. The to the Ascendant and in twelfth to Jupiter. truth is there is no foolproof and clear I had no hesitation in telling him that the method by which they can say so. This heavenly portents are that the marriage problem does not pose the same difficulty would not take place. The gentleman was to adherents of Krishnamurti Padhdhati, none too satisfied and. Said he would let they can immediately say whether tbe me know. marriage will take place or not. Herein On the 10th April 1972, he told me lies their merit. that I was correct in my prediction and I am reproducing here the rule and an that even though the boy's parents had illustration support my statement. Our to agreed to the alliance and the traditional Guruji, Shri; K. S, Krishnamurti, Sotbida astrologers had given the green signal, the Mannan or king of astrologers as he was boy did not approve of the alliance at the hailed in a foreign country, tackles this last moment and the negotiations were issue dearly in Krlshoamurti Padhdhati -consequently dropped. Readers written and published by him. He says, Whenever a consultant comes and. The proof of the pudding is in the asks you whether the marriage between A eating, so goes a saying, and while endorand B will take place, then the answer sing this statement fully I would only add should be 'Yes* if the lagna that rises that tbe merit of^ correct prediction lies in according to the number given by the coninterpreting the message of the stars in the sultant Moon is posited in any one of the manner contained in Krisbnamurti Padhdhati. houses 3,5,7,10 or II with beneficial Good Luck aspect from Jupiter.*' This aspect has been

ASTROLOGY AND ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS IN MYSORE By G. B. KUSIB1, M.A., B.Ed. One gentleman, who knew me as a 'devoted follower of the system of scientific, stellar astrology enumerated in Krishnamurti Padhdhati Readers, came to me and wanted to get my forecast regarding the chances of Jhe. Sanstha Congress—cairdidate'in the general election to the State Assembly of Mysore from Mundargi Taluka Constituency. The number between 1 and 249 given by the candidate was '112'. The time was 6-36 p. m. . on Tuesday 15th February 1972; the place of judgement, Lakkundi. The planetary positions for the time of judgement and cusps of houses for the latitude of Lakkundi, the place where the query was judged, calculated according to the scientific method taught by our respected Guruji Sothida Mannan Jyotish Marthand K. S. Krishnamurti are as furnished below.

H. Planetary positions: Planets Sign lord Constellation, Sub lord lord Saturn —Mars "TTetuT" Sun "Moon Saturn Rahu Jupiter Mars Ketu Mars Saturn Mercury Saturn Mars Mercury Jupiter Ketu Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Saturn Mars Venus Sun Venus Mercury Saturn Saturn Moon Moon Rahu Moon Sun Ketu Saturn III. House cusps: Cusp of Constellation Sign lord lord House Rahu VI Saturn XI Moon Saturn Sun Ketu XII V Saturn Sun

I. Horary chart;

Rahu l0*-48' V 9a-47'

XI 9®-47' NIRAYANA Ketu 109-48 (Horary) No. 112 lO'-OO' Kanya Ayaoamsa 23®-22' XII 9®-47'

IV 90-47, UI 9°-47' Jup. 8'-13'

Jupiter Venus Saturn Venus

IV. Rules for winning an election: {1) The first house indicates the quererit or the person who puts the query. (2^ The seventh house indicates the competitor. f3) For winning an election, the sublord of the 11th house cusp should be a significator of houses 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 and 11, and if he happens to be significator of houses 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 12, it portends failure and defeat. f4) If the sub-lord of 11 and the lord of the constellation in which he is deposited are retrograde, then failure is certain. If the sub-lord of 11 is direct in course but the constellation lord is retrograde, then also it is unfavourable to the native.

Venus VIII 90-47' Sat. 60-26' 120-43' X 9®-47' Vll 9®-47' Mars 90-55' IX 9°-47' VI 9M7' Moon 9"-34' Sun20-35' Mere. r-lC


II 90-47' Asc. 10°-00

Balance of Rahu Maha Dasa (Vimshottari) at birth 14 years 0 Month 14 days. II

(5) If the sub-lord of 11 is reliograde and signifies matters of houses 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 and 11 but the lord of the constellation occupied by him is in direct motion, then the results will be favourable and fructify only after the sub-lord turns direct in motion by transit. (6j The sixth and eleventh houses denote victory in competition to the native. (7) The fifth and twelfth houses do not contribute, to his success in competition, election, etc. In the horary chart, the eleventh cusp falls in Moon's sign Kataka fCancer), in the constellation of Saturn and the sub of VenusThe sign lord Moon is posited in the 5th house, the constellation lord Saturn is in the 8th house, and the sub lord Venus is deposited in the 7th house. The sublord, Venus, is deposited in the constellation of Saturn in 8 and sub of Mars in 7. Hence it is detrimental to the querent's prospects in the election. The 5th house is the 11th house reckoned from the 7ih house which represents the competitor. It falls in Saturn sign, Makara, in the constellation governed by Sun and the sub of Venus who arc found to occupy houses 8, 5 and 7 respectively. Houses 8, 5 and 7 are 2, II and 1 when counted from the 7th house, the house of the competitor.

As we have already noted, the sub-lord of the 5th cusp, Venus, is the significator of houses 7 and 8 which are the first and second houses of the competitor. This lends added testimony to the defeat of the querent a d his opponent's success in the election. To confirm this, consider the 6th house. The 6ih house is concerned with win over the competitor or otherwise. It falls in Kumbha owned by Saturn and in the constellation of Rahu, in the sub of Jupiter. Saturn. Rabu _ and Jupiter .-haveâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;gone ^houses 8, 5 and 3. The sub-lord Jupiter is in the constellation of Kethu in the 10th house, but Ketu is in the constellation of Saturn in 8 and is aspected by it therefrom, and Saturn is lord of 5. This does not augur well for â&#x20AC;˘ the native's success. Taking the 12th house, which is the sixth reckoned from the 7th house, it falls in Simha governed by Sun, in the constellation ruled by Kethu and the sub of Saturn. Sun has gone to the 5th house, Kethu occupies 10 in the constellation of Saturn, lord of 5 in 8, and aspected by Saturn therefrom; Saturn as lord of 5 is placed in 8 in the constellation and sub of Sun and Mercury, both posited in 5. All indications favour the success of the competitor. My prediction: The Sanastha Congress Candidate will lose. Result: He lost the election.

PROGENY AND PROSPECT By L. K. GANAPATHY PULLE, Matale, Ceylon . A friend of mine now living in India sent me his birth time and'date to work out his ' horoscope and offer my predictions, a'moDg ■other things, on the prospects of progeny. I ■erected his birth chart according to the ■principles taught in Krishnamurti Padhdhati .Readers. The chart is reproduced below:

Lagna 60-56' XI l'-26' XII 4»-26' Sat. ISMJO' Venus 230-31'

11 4o-26' Mcr. 50^44Mooa 80-07' 5up. 14°-12' Sun 25o-57'

in 1 o-03' Mars 240-14' -niratana chart VV AS--26' Ayanamsa 22'-57' X 290'26' Rahu 130-44 IX IMB'

Keta 130-44'

ars: Birth at 2-30 A.M. (Ceylon Standard Time) on 11/12 July 1942 at 7°-30' North; g0°-37' East.

VIII 40-26' VII 60-56' VI 40-26'

Balance of Rabu dasa (VimshottariJ at birth 16 years 0 Month IS days.

V 10-26'

B. Planetary Positions: Planet Sun ("SuryaJ Moon (Chandra) Mars (Mangal) Merc. (Budha) Jup. (Guruj Vcn. (Sukra) Sat. (Sani) Rahu (Rahu) Kctu (Kctu)

Housc(s) owned 3/4 7/12 2/5 8/11 1/6 . 10/11

House occupied 2 2 3 2 2 1 1 4 10

Sign occupied Mitbuna Mithuna Kataka . Mitbuna Mitbuna Rishaba Rishaba Simfaa. Kumbha

Deposited in the CODStellatiou Sub of of planet planet Jupiter Kctu Rabu Rabu Mercury Rahu Mars Moon Rahu Mercury Mars Mars Moon Jupiter Venus Venus Rahu Mercury

Bouses to be considered; House 2 Family (all near blood relations and wife/husband); also additions to family by marriage. House 5 Conception; progeny. House 11 Pleasure through partner in life; Sth bouse reckoned from the house of partner.

C. Positions of cusps (2, 5 and 11): Sign lord Siar lord Sublord Mars Venus . Mercury (Mitbuna) Mercury Sun Jupiter (Kanya) Guru Rahu Jupiter XI (Mcena) 15

So far as the 5thcusp is concerned, it is ruled by Sun as the constellation lord and Guru as the sub-lord. The constellation lord,. Sun. occupies the constellation of Guru in 2, but it is stationed in the sub of Kethu who has gone to'be house in twelfth to the llth house. The sub-lord Jupifer is spoilt by occupation of malefic Rahli's constellation^ As regards the 2nd house cusp, it isruled by Venus as the sublord, and Venus is in the twelfth house to 2 conjoined with Saturn thus denying additions to the birth of children. —— . -Tire'native is now running the Vimshottari Dasa of Jupiter upto 25—7—1974 The dasa. lord Jupiter is in Rahu constellation. Rahu is in 4 negating child birth. It is also connected with birth control and abortion Judging from all accounts, I hold n(> prospect of progeny to the native of the chart.

F. Analysis: He was married recently. According to the piinciples of Krishnacpurti Padhdhali, progeny is to be determined with reference mainly to the cusps of the 5th and 11th houses. As the chart was of a male, I first noted the sub-lord of the 11th cusp, this being the house of conception/child birth to the 7ih house representing his wife. It falls in Meena in the constellation of Jupiter and sub of Rahu. The sub-lord Rahu is posited in the 4th house—the house of negation of the matters influenced by the 5th. Further, it is in the constellation of Venus who occupies-thelagna which'is twelfth-T-echoned^from the 2nd _Jiouse—-jtiprferTtheconstellation lord of the cusp, though in 2, tenants the constellation of malefic Rabu in twelfth to the 5th house. Jupiter is also conjoined with Sun, a barren planet. So the 11th cusp docs not promise children.


CONST ELLA TiON A L ASTROLOGY AND COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION By S. P. SINGH. DHANBAD Mr. X, an employee, of the P&T De- —L—Ghart * r the query. Tor partmentj was__yery—much-eftx-ious"to^now whether he would be able to compete in the ensuing i,P.O. examinaiion. 1972, and be XI 26-33-54 Yen. 3-54' XII 2-3-54 SatuTD successful. . On being asked to mention a Mer. 4-52 Mars 210-53' 7-14 number between I and 249, he gave. "45". The query was taken up for judgement at 10-12 p. m . (1ST) on Saturday, the 4th X%22-33-54 March 1972.' The horary chart erected for Suo 20-51 NIRAYANA the moment—the planetary positions for the time of judgment and the lagna and other (Horary) 8 cusps . for the latitude of judgment for IX 23-33-54 Ayananisa 23 -22' the number "45" .= 4®-53'-20" Mithuna Rahu 9-54 Lagna according to the division of the. zodiac mentioned in Krishnamurti Padhdhati Readers—is given below. The, date of VIII Moon 28-33-54 VI 2-33-54 judgment was 4—3—1972 0 and the latitude Jup. 11-6 11-25-33 and longitude were 23 -47' North and Vll 4-53-20 8 6°-30' East respectively.

Lagna 4-53-20 H28-33-54 Ketu9-34 11123-33-54 IV 22-33-54 Uranus (R)" 24-15 V 26-33-54

IL Planetary positions: Plaoet Sun (Surya) Moon (Chandra) Mars (Mangalj Merc. (Budha) Jup. (Guru) Venus (Snkra) Sat, (Sani) Rahu (Asc. Node) Ketu (Des. Node)

' Houses owoed 4 3 6 1/2/5 7/8/11 12 9/10

House occupied

Sign occupied ■


Kumbha Thula Mcsha Mecna Dhanus Mesha Rishaha Makara Kataka

11 10 7 U 12 8 2

Deposited in Constellation Sub owned owned by by Guru Guru Rahu Sani Sukra Guru Sani Sani Ketu Sani Ketu Chandra Surya Ketu Surya Sukra Sani Sukra

Note: Rahu is the agent of Saturn, lord of 9 and 10 in 12, being in Sani's sign Makara. Likewise, K,etu acts for Moon, Mars and Saturn. ("Mars and Saturn aspect KctuJ. 17

Courage is judged from the 3rd house. Mars is the planet who rules'courage'. He represents the soldier in the battlefield, the initiator in any enteprise, the man of selfsacrifice. The third cusp has fallen in Kataka in Mercury's constellation and Mars sub. Mars is the ruler of 6th house fvictory over competitors) in house 11 (hopes' aspirations and attainment of ambition). Mars, moreover,. occupies its own sign Mesha, the sign of enterprise^couragei— —enthusiaHi and" dynamism, wherefrom he aspects Kataka, the sign on the cusp of the 3rd house. There is, thus, a good sign of courage in the native. Will he be able to appear in the examnation? The Horary lagna falls in Mithuna owned by Mercury in the constellation governed by Mars and sub ruled by Sun. Mercury is in 11 in the constellation and sub of Saturn, lord of 9/10 in 12; Mars is lord of 6 in 11 in the constellation of, and conjoined with, Venus and sub of lord of 11, Jupiter. Sun is ■ lord of 4 in 9 in the constellation of Jupiter, lord of 11. Considering the 11th cusp, we find the constellation lord. Mercury, occupying the 10th house as lord of lagna and 2nd, and the sub-lord Rahu in the constellation of Sun, lord of 4 in 9, and sub of Venus, lord of 12 in 11. Rahu also denotes 12th house by virtue of his role as Saturn's agent, and 8th house being himself placed there. There will appear impediments in his taking the examination but he will overcome them. Will he be successful? At first, it is essential to note what period according to Vimshottari Dasa system will operate at the time. As houses 4,6,9,10 and 11 are to be judged for the purpose, the planets governing the dasa, bhukti and anthra period at the time of declaration of the result would have to be the significators of these houses. If not, he may meet with disappointment. At the time of the examination (28th to 31st March 1972), according to Vimshottari Dasa. the querent will run Rahu dasa, Saturn bhukti and Venus anthra. The dasa lord, Rahu, though posited in the 8th house, is situated in the constellation of Sun ruling 4 and occupying 9 and, there being no planet in 4 Rahu is powerful for 4th and 9th house matters and it is in the sub of Venus in 11. Similarly, Saturn, though evil by occupying 12, is in the constellation of Sun, lord of 4 and 9 and sub

HI Does the Moon at query reflect the querent's mind? Before proceeding with the analysis, it should be determined whether Moon, who is called 'Mathi1 or the mind, reflects the querent's mind correctly. Moon is stationed in Thula, the sign of Venus, constellation of Rahu and sub of Saturn. Rahu signifies the Following matters: (i) House 8 which it occupies (ii^ Houses 4 and 9 as it is in the constellation of Sun^ lord of 4 in 9. fiii) House II and house 12 occupied and owned by Venus in whose sub Rahu was situated. (ivj Houses 9 and 10 which Saturn owns and house 12 which Saturn occupies, Rahu being Saturn's agent. Saturn signifies the following matters: (i) House 12 which it occupies. (ii) Houses 4 and 9 as it is situated in the constellation of Sun, lord of 4 in 9. (tii) Houses 2, 6 and 11 as Kethu, in whose sub Saturn was at the time of query, it is placed in 2 with aspect' from Mars, lord of 6 in 11. Rahu indicates houses 8, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12 and Saturn signifies houses 12, 4, 9, 2, 6 and 11. According to Krishnamurti Padhdhati Readers, houses 4, 6,9 and 11 are to be perused for success in any examination. As the examination in question is a departmental competitive examination, the 10th house will also have some connection. As Rahu and Sani have relevance to the houses that are concerned with the subject matter of query. Moon occupying the sensitive degree in the zodiac ruled by these planets clearly brings out what was in the mind of the querent. IV. Judgment: According to the method taught in Guruji's 'Horary Astrologer', there are three aspects to be considered in the case of a competitive examination, namely whether (i; the person is endowed with courage to compete in the examination, (ii) he would be able to take the examination and (iii) there is indication of success. 19

of Kethu. denoting 2,6 and 11 houses. Venus, likewise, is favourable by occupation and constellationa] position rather than by lordship. All the three planets are connected with beneficial houses and, at the same time, signifying matters influenced by houses 8 & 12 also and as Saturn is involved, my prediction was that the querent will take the examnation overcoming the obstacles on way and scrape through it successfully. As houses 9, 10 and 12 are among the houses signified by the planets whose conjoint period operates, Jhe__native will get a posting to another place outside Dhanbad on-promotion con=â&#x20AC;&#x201D; sequent on his success in the examinatioh.


Due to occupation of dusthanas (evil houses), namely 8 and 12, by Rahu and Saturn, the practitoners of the traditional system would condemn these to planets as malefic and similarly, Venus as unfavourable due to its lordship of 12. But if we go deeper and analyse the sigoifiicators of the planets from all angles as taught in Krishnamurti Padhdhati Readers, a clear picture will emerge. The stellar method advocated by Guruji is indeed the surest guide to success. GOOD LUCK

LOTTERY AND LOCK By D- S1MHADR1 RAJU, M.A., B.Ed. A gentleman was interested to know what his prospects were in the matter of gains by lottery. When asked to give a number between •T and '249', he came ;out with '209'. This number enables us. to fix the lagoa for the query. On a reference to ICrishnamurti Padhdhati Readers written by our revered Guruji, Sothida Mannan ybtish "MarTha'nd""K7"S: TCmhnatmirti—weifind this number refers to Kumbha lo-53'-20". Taking this as 0the Asc. and adding the Ayanamsa of 23 -22' for this year, wc arrive ^t the Sayana lagna as 25<M5''20" of Kumbha. Next, we refer to the Table of Houses ;published by Raphael for the latitude of judgement or the latitude nearest to it and calculate the Sayana positions of the cusps ■of the other houses whereafter we reduce Jthem to their respective Nirayana positions. The' positions of the planets would, of course, have to be found out for the exact time when the query is judged. The horary chart drawn for Lat. 180-17' "North, Long. 830-57', at 9-50 a. m. (TST) on

29—2—1972 and for the number '209' mentioned below. Venus 28o-40' II V-W Merc.27o0-25' Sun 16 -20' I r-53'-20" Rahu lO0^' XII l*-06'

0 III 110 -6' 'Sat, 7 -oa' V 5°-06' Mars 0 I8 -55' iv lo'-oe'

Horary Chart for No. 209 NIRAYANA Planets at 9-50 A.M. I.S.T. . on 29 -2-1972 Ayanamsa 22

up, 10o-29' X 10o-06' XI 5D-06'

Kethu 10o-07' VII io-S3'-ao" Moon 160-51'

IX ll'-tte' I VIII 7o-06'

Balance of Venus Dasa (Vimshottan) at birth 14 years 8 Month 21 days.

B. Planetary significations Planet Sun fSurya; Moon (Chandra) . Mars (Manga!) Rahu Guru (Jupiter) Saturn (Sani) Mercury (Budha) Kethu Venus (Sukra)

Housefs) owned

House occupied

7 6 3/10

1 7 3 v 12 n 3

2/11 1/12 5/8 4/9

6 2

Sign occupied

Constellation tenanted ruled by

Rahu Kumbha Venus Simha Venus Mesha Makara Moon Sagittarius (Dhanus) Kethu Rishaba Sun Kumbha Jupiter , Saturn Kataka Mercury Mcena

Sub tenanted ruled by Venus Moon Rahu Moon Saturn Mercury Venui Venus Saturn

Note: Rahu is in Makara all alone. It is Saturn's agent. Rahu is in Moon's consstellation and so it acts for Moon also. Kethu is in Kataka alone but aspected byMars and Saturn; so it is the agent of Moon, Saturn and Mars. 21

(hope and expectationj. But the sub-lord of the 5th cusp, .Sun, is spoilt, by Rahu in whose constellation Sun was posited. Unless all factors are favourable, one cannot hope to gain by lottery as the chances are one in a few thousands, in this case Mais, sub lord of the llth cusp, placed in 3 as lord of 3/10 in the constellation of Venus in 2 (finance) in the sub of Rahu in 12 (loss) clearly leads to the conclusion that he will not desist from going in for lottery tickets but -eventually—this will. .P.rove_ Jo be only a financial loss. If the significators are favourable for gains through lottery, then such gains will accrue during the conjoint period of the significators who 'also happen to rule the moment when the query is judged. Good Luck

To know whether one will win in lottery at all, one has to judge the llth cusp and find out whether the planet ruling the sub on the cusp of that house is either retrograde or deposited in the constellation of a retrograde planet. If the sub-lord is in the constellation of a retrograde planet, there will only be disappointment. If the sub-lord is retrograde, there will be disappointment and delay till he takes direct —course—again, provided he is a significator of favourable houses and is~posited^in-the" ■constellation of a planet in direct motion and signifying favourable results. If the planets governing the sub and the constellation in which the sub-lord is deposited are in the ■direct motion, they will prove fruitful if they happen to be significators of favourable houses. The houses favourable for gains by lottery are 1, 2,3, 6, 10 and 11, the opposite houses denoting definite loss. C. Analysis The llth cusp in the horary chart falls in Dhanus 50-6'. It is in Jupiter's sign, Kethu's star and sub of Mars. Mars is not retrograde. It is deposited in the constellation of Venus in direct motion and exalted in the 2nd house. The sub-lord Mars itself is in the 3rd house and is its owner too. It is in the constellation of an exalted planet, Venus, in 2nd house and this is a good indication, but the sub occupied by Mars is governed by Rahu. Rahu is the strongest significator for 12th house matters and is placed in the constellation and sub of Moon who has gone to the 7th house. Rabu, to some extent, gives the results of Saturn's occupation of 3rd house but it is powerful to offer the malefic results of the 7th and 12th houses also. Mars, the sublord of the llth cusp, it is a beneficial constellation but in an unfavourable sub. Mars in 3 gives him confidence. He will invest on lottery tickets, as Mercury, lord of 5 (mind to speculate) is in the constellation of Jupiter, lord of 2 and 11 in the llth house 23

YOUR DOUBTS RESOLVED By Jyotish Visharadh K. GANAPATHI the learned author of Jataka Chandrika the llth house is wholly evil, Jataka Parijata speaks of this house as bhadaka sthana only for births in movable signs (chara rasis). In Jataka Parijata, it has been averred that houses ll,9'ahd7 are bhadaka sthanas or detrimental houses for Jagnas falling in .movable-^diataj,â&#x20AC;&#x201D;fi^ed JsthiraJ-acd common(ubhaya) signs (rasis) respectively. This view is borne out in actual life, and we see many persons passing away at a time when^ accotding to Vimshottari Dasa, the major period, (dasa) orsubperiod (bhukti)or inierperiod (anthra) is ruled by the planec(s; in some manner connected with bhadaka sthana or its lord. Even though all the authors heve not stressed the bhadaka nature of houses II or 9, as the case may be, in the way the learned author of Jataka Parijata has done, yet we find from a deeper study that the bhadaka houses contain the constellations of planets ruling houses 2, 7, 8 and 12. For Mesha lagna, for instance, Dhanishta nakshtra ruled by Mars, lord of 8, occurs in the llth sign from Mesha; for Kataka lagna, the makshatra ruled by lord of 2 occurs in the 1 Ith sign reckoned from Kataka; for Rishaba lagna, the constellation of Mars, lord1 of 7 and 12, is found in the 9th sign from Rishaba; and for Vrischika and Kumbha lagnas the constellation of Jupiter, lord of 2, comes in the 9th sign from the lagnai These combinations of bhadaka sthana and malefic nakshatras certainly do not augur well for longevity. 'Krishnamurti Padhdhati', which derives its fundamentals from the Indian astrological system, has found the bhadaka sthana, its lord, occupant and the planet in the consteilation of the occupant or the lord playing an important role at the time of death and has accordingly adopted the view of the author of Jataka Parijata. It does not, however, follow that all the rules stated in the old texts are sacrosanct and arc to be adopted in a rigid, blind manner. There is need, as the late Prof. Krishnamurti used to stress often, to separate the grain from the chafe. Krishnamurti Padhdhati is a synthesis of the old and the new, the wisdom

A reader says; "Sir, Mars, lord of 5 and lOforKataka lagna in the cocstellatioQ of lord oJ 11, is said to promise saiidactory gains in speculation, etc. Is not the lord of 11 a bhadaka sihana adhipathi for Kataka lagna? How, then, can Mars' placement in the constellation of Venus bring about benefic results? Can you elucidate?" It Js.corrept that. Venus-is,Joxd.jaf the. Illh house to Kataka lagna, a movable sign. It is also correct that the llth house is 'bhadaka sthana' to this lagna. For all persons born with signs or chara rasis, namely Mesha (Aries), Kataka (Cancer), Thula fLibra) and Makara (Capricorn) on tne lagna, the llth house is 'bhadaka sthana' and its lord is 'bhadakadhipathi'. Thii has been mentioned in Jataka Parijata of Vaidyanatha Dikshita. Other sages have not said so. When we refer to Indian astrological works, we find unanimous agreement among the authors about houses 3,6,10 and II being improving houses fUpachaya sthanas), and it would appear that they are considered so from the point of view of material progress and acquisition of wealth. But in Jataka Chandrika, the learned author has classified the planets in a different manner. Tae latter work is devoted mainly to the subject of longevity and, from that standpoint, certain planets have been termed as malefics. On this basis, lordship of houses 3,6 and 11 has been laid down to be unfavourable. The same author, however, has held that the 9th houseâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; a trikonaâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; is an auspicious house and its lord is a benefic, unless he is afflicted by sambandha (connection) with lords of evil houses, namely 2,3, 6,7,8 and 11. All authors share the view that houses 2 and 7 are death-inflicting houses or maraka sthanas, and that houses 8 and 3, being in twelfth to houses 9 and 4 denoting bhagya or Punya '(merit) and suka'fhappinessj respectively, are also unfavourable. That the 6th house is 'roha sthana' or the house of sickness is also the view of other authors, but there is no agreement regarding the evil nature of the 11 th house from the point view of longevity. While according to 25

of the past and the knowledge of the present. It advocates the study of the planetary characteristics, the significations of the bhavas or houses and the qualities of the signs in a sound, systematic and scientific manner and commends a system of prediction based on the house and planetary positions by constellation and sub (nakshatra subdivision in. the manner found in Vimshottari Dasa) and the disposition of the constellation and sub lords. It claims credit not because it has dissected the constellations into nine sub-divisions, but for suggesting an original, yet accurate and scientific, method of delineating effects based on the nakshatra and sub according to the nakshatra sub lord's situation in the chart. Such a predictive method was not taught before, nor thought of by anyone before the late Professor did. This is a new discovery, and its immense practical value has been _ .recognized- -an<lâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;demonstrated'Tor well over two decades now. Coming back to the 11th house, it is considered to be so good for success and prosperity that eve'n Ravana, the evil character in Ramayana, chose this house and tried to have ail planets there at the time of birth of his son Indrajit, as it was. his understanding that planets in II cannot cause harm and can only prove to be positively good. The 11th house is portrayed as the place of friends ruling, among other matters, profit, permanent tie of friendship, progeny, partnership, prosperity, etc It is the house of desire ('kama' or passion, or 'ichcha' or desire) as well as its fulfilment.. Being in sixth to the 6th house denoting disease or illness, it reigns over recovery from illness; being in twelfth from the 12th house having to do with hospital.' it determines discharge from hospital Figuratively speaking, death is a form of recovery from the disease of karmaic fate and discharge from the pangs of pain suffered in the hospital of life. This is perhaps the reason why the author of Jataka Chandrika has termed this house as evil for longevity in this world. To a lesser extent, the author of Jataka Parijata has said this to be evil only for persons born in movable signs in lagna. Generally, the lord of the Ilth house gives good pleasure and shows success in attempts. All those born on the day ruled by, or in the constellation governed by, or in the sign owned by, the lord of 11 well

posited in the chart, will be faithful friends and co-operators. After experiencing all the desirable effects of the 11th house and when the jpan of longevity fixed by the Creator at birth draws to a close, the bhadaka sthana and the planets connected to it in the manner explained in "Krishnamurti Padhdhati Readers" operate to bring about death. (In this respect, marakasthanas etc. also have their role.) The 11th lord may be compared to a father who is a teacher as well as an examiner. He will certainly provide his son with all comforts, dress, books, etc. as any father would and further feed and coach him but when he assumes the role of an examiner he will act differently. If his son had not fared well and had not scored the requisite minimum for a pass, his father will not desist from detaining him in the same class. J"he _bhadaka-,stbaoadhipathi^DF" the "planetin bhadaka sthana or the planet in the constellation of the lord or occupant of bhadaka sthana act merely as instruments when, according to the birth chart, life has to come to an end in childhood or early life or middle or late life; If, according to the various factors found from the horoscope, a person is destined to live for long, then till such end comes the planets connected in any manner with the bhadaka sthana (11 for movable sigrs, 9 for fixed signs and 7 for common signs on lagna) will, during their period in Vimshottari Dasa, bring about all the beneficinfluences ascribed to the 11th house or the 9th house or the 7th house. In the end, of course, they will play their part in conjunction with maraka sthanas etc. Do not take the literal meaning of the term 'bhadaka' and think that it has to do harm in every walk of life just like a boy who was hearing me predict to a friend with Saturn in 2 that he would have to extract his teeth and interrupted me later when I was examining a young girl's horoscope where also Saturn was similarly situated and said to her consternation that she would have to extract her teeth. The marakasthanas and bhadakasthanas and the planets signifying them according to the method taught in ''Krishnamurti Padhdhati Readers" are the strongest deathinfluences, followed by houses 12 (raoksha sthana or liberation), 8 and 3. Kendra adhipatya dosha acquired by natural benefics like Jupiter, Venus, unafflicted Moon and 37

diture, etc. In such a case, how can Mars occupying, at birth or by transit, the con- stellation of Vepus give gains in speculation or litigation, etc? Only contrary results will be experienced.

uoafflicted Mercury (affliction here meaning conjunction etc. with natural malefics and not malefic by lordship or occupation,) is also mentioned, but from our experience we do not attach much importance to them unless such planets are otherwise connected to houses 2, 7, 3. 8 and bhadaka sthaha. When Mars for Kataka lagna is placed in the radical chart in the constellation of Venus, lord of 4 and 11, it will activate all the matters indicated by Venus, and as Venus rules the Ilth house and Mars the 5th house which has sway over speculation, it is said that Mars in Venus constellation is good for speculative gains. But then this is only a general statement. Suppose Venus is afflicted in the natal chart by occupation of an evil house, say 12th, and is also in the constellation of an evil planet by occupation, showing loss, expen-

According to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, every planet will excite the matters ruled by the lord of the constellation in which it is placed. The constellation lord owns certain houses, occupies a particular house, etc. by reason of which it presides over certain affairs; These affairs will be affected through the planet passing over such constellation in its ephemeral passage ("current transit) according to the tenanting or transiting planet's nature, lordship and occupation. The constellation and sub show the nature of the event and their final determination; the tenanting or the transiting planet, the source.


MARS DOSHA: IS IT SO EVIL ? By M. C. KHARE Bhopal One of my friends, whose horoscope has teen duly corrected according to the system taught in Krishnamurti Padhdhati Readers , and furnished below, came to me on 12—11—1971 and was upset at the placement of Mars in the 4th house of his chart. It is worth mentioning here that after his marriage his father expired and after delivering a child his wife also passed away. The traditional astrologers known to him traced the cause of all this evil to the situation _of_Mars. in_ 4._ It-is-not in 4 whancounted from the sign on the lagna to the sign occupied by Mars, as is generally done by traditional practitioners. I took the horoscope as done according to the ■old traditional method and re-erected it in the manner described in Krishnamurti Padhdhati, making a slight correction in the birth time as the original chart was not correctly prepared and rectified. The correct chart is ns follows A. Birth at 7-00 P.M. (IST)—8 P.M. <War Time), on July 12, 1943 (Monday), at 24-03' North; 78°-23" East. Ayanamsa: 220-58'.

III 70-16'

VI 0M6' IV 9°-16' V 60-\6' Meicuiy ir-A4' 0 0 -52' Mars 10M2' Sat. 27 -27' Vll24 Sun 290-22'

n oo-i6'


Ketu 240-21'

Ayanamsa 226-58'

A sc. 240-52' XI 60-16' XII 0M6'

lupiter j90-34/ Rahu 240-21' VIII 0M6' Vcn. 10°-54'

Moon 19M)9' X 9°-16'

IX 70-l6'

Balance of Rahu Dasa (Vimshottari) .at birth 1 year 1 Month 23 days.

B. Planetary Positions at Birth: Planet Sun Moon Mars Merc. Jup. Venus Sat. Rahu Ketu

Housefs) owned 8 4/11 6/7/9 1/3/12 5/10 2

House occupied

Sign occupied

7 10 4 6 7 8 5 7 1

Mithuna Thula Mesha Mithuna Kataka Sim ha Rishaba Kataka Makara 2?

Deposited in Sub Constellation ruled by ruled by Jupiter Rahu Kethu Rahu Saturn Ketu Mars Mercury Mars

Sun Moon Saturn Mars Venus Saturn Jupiter Rahu Rahu

sign of twins. Therefore, Mercury indicates C. House cusps: more than one marriage. Further, it is in the Sign lord Const, lord Sab lord constellaiioo of Rabu m 7. Venus, the chief II Saturn Mars- ^Mercury governor for marital affairs, has also gone to VII Mercury Jupiter Mercury the fcfh house. Tbenativewas thus destined to have little pleasure from his first wife. XI Mars Saturn Mercury Was Mars responsible for this malady in any Let us take Mars. Mars 4 is said to mancer? ^use dosha or evil to the native. According to Krishnamurti Padhdhati Readers— Saturn, Kethu and Guru in their conjoint period according to Vimshottari Dasa caused (i) Mars in 1, 4 or 8 from Lagna, Moon marriage. Because Saturn is lord of 2 in the or Venus in a male's chart will not consrellatioa of Mars, lord of 11, ahd sub of be harmful, Jupiter in 7; Kethu is an agent of Saturn, lord of 2, and is in the constellation of lord of 11 (ii) Mars dosha caused by the position and sub of Rahu in 7; Jupiter occupied the of Mars counted from the Lagna is 7th house in the constellation of Saturn, lord not so evi! as its position counted of 2, ind sub of Venus," chief governor for from the Moon. marriage. (iii) 'Mars in McSha, Vrischika (signs owned by Marsh _Maj<ara_where._heA'cSdrding to the traditional system of is-cxaltedrnnd'TCalaka "where he is Indian Astrology, how was Jupiter connected debilitated happening to be in the .to marriage? Is it the chief governor for 4ih or 7th counted- from Lagna, marriage? Or, Is it really in the 7ih house Moon or Venus, wards off evil. according to the Indian system of House Division, according to which the 7th cusp is (iv) If Mars occupies one of the movable the midpoint of the 7th bhava and the 7th ' signs fchara rasisj—Mesha, Kataka, bhava extends to about 15° on cither side . Thula and Makara and if it happens of the cusp? Or, is Jupiter at least conjoined to be either 1 or 2 or 4 or 7 or 8 or with the 7th lord or the chief governor for 12. the evil results attributed to Mars marriage? In what way was it connected will not operate. according to the traditional system? So the native should not at all be unduly On 17—2—1967, the dale of first worried due to the disposition of Mars in 4. marriage, dasalord Saturn was transiting in the On the other hand. Mars was a significator for 2nd house of the natal chart in anthralord marriage in his case as will be . seen from the Guru's sign Mcena, in the constellation, and discussion below. sub of Saturn. Guru, on that day, iraosited The native was. running Saturn • dasa, the 7th hou.e in his own consicllaiion and sub Kcthu bhukti, Jupiter aithra on the date of of Rahu placed in 7. Mars, lord of II, was his^ marriage—17th February 1967. Dasain the constellation of Rahu in 7 in the sign of. jiatha Saturn and bhuktinatha fCethu are kalathra karaka Venus. The Sun was in the .situated in the constellation of Mars in the nakshatraof Mars. lord of 11, in the sign of natal chart and anthra lord Jupiter was posited Saturn, Venus, kalatba karaka, was in Saturn's , in Pushya, a constellation of Saturn. sign and Guru's asterisnrr. Lord of 7. Mercury, transited 1 Kumbha owned by dasalord His wife expired on 5—5—1971 when Saturn, constellation Poorvabhadra ruled by the native was running Saturn dasa, Sun anthra lord Guru and the sub of dasalord bhukti, Mercury anchra. Mars was neither Saturn. It was a Friday ruled by Venus ruling the period nor were Sun and Mercury which was posited in the natal chart in the in his constellations. How, then, can Mars constellation and sub of Kethu and Saturn, be classified as evil? siguificators.for marriage The Moon on the Let us examine the 7th cusp, .(t falls in marriage day was in the constellation of sun Oemini in Jupiter's constellation. Mercury who was placed in the 7th house at birth. sub. Mercury, the sub-lord, is posited in the His wife by first marriage died on 6th house, it being the house of negation of 5—5—1971 when he was running the dasa of the matters ruled by the 7th house. Secondly, Sani, bhukti of Surya and anthra of Budha. Mercury is a dual planet and is posited in the 31

As discussed before. Mercury has spoiled the 7th house by being in twelth to it. On the date of wife's death, anthra lord Mercury was retrograde by transit in Meena in his own constellation and sub of Sani (290-54') from where he was squaring (90 degree aspect the natal position of bhuktinatha Sun at 29°-22 Mithuna.. Kalathrakara Ycnus was squaring thea natal position of Mercury in Mithuna 19 -44'. Now, the-native wanted to know if he was likely to contract a second marriage and if so when it would take place. 2nd house; No planet in 2. Saturn is its lord. Jupiter is in Saturn's constellation. Ketbu is in Saturn's sign and so his agent. 11th house: No planet in 11. This is owned by Mars. Saturn and J^eihu..arc--m-Mars* cqpstcilaLion. The 2nd house represents the second wife. The 7tb house shows contracts»: agreements etc. and includes marriage by legal bondage. Sun, Rahu and Jupiter arc placed in 7; Sun is in Jupiter's constellation and Moon ■ and Mercury in Rahu's constellation. The native is running Saturn dasa," Moon bhukti from 8—8—71 to 8—3—73 and in this period Jupiter anthra operates from 25—1—1972 to 11—4—1972.' The luminary, Sun, will transit Saturn's sign, Jupiter's star. Mercury's sub on 9—3—1972, oo which day Mercury, lord of 7, will transit the sign ruled by Guru, the-asterism ruled by Sani and the


sub governed by Chandra, bhukti lord^ I said the native will be blessed with a second marriage on that day. On 22—1—1972, the native informed methat his second marriage has been fixed to take place on 9—3—1972 as predicted by me earlier on 12—11—1971. On 9—3—1972, Thursday,Moon transited Guru's sign, Ketu's constellafion; Suntransited Sani's sign, Guru's constellation^ Mercury's siib; lord of 7 Mercury transited thesign ruled by anthra lord Guru, the constellation of dasa lord Sani and the sub of bhukti lord Chandra. • Can there be a more wonderful of planetary transits in the sensitive points of the zodiac ruled by the significatqrs. .oljnarriagc?Does. .this-not- -prove the "correctness of the system of Krishnamurti Padhdhati which lays stress on the nakshatra and the sub-division ofnakshatra? Can the practitioners of the orthodox system predict the dale of the event and the event itself so accurately ? Stellar Astrology or divination bf the message of the planets through their constcllational positions and constellational sub positions is the base on which the edifice of Krishnamurti Padhdhati has been built. And Krishnamurti Padhdhati is the right road to take if we are to reach our goal which isaccurate prognastication of the nature and time of events to be experienced i.. life as aconscqucncc of past karma. Good Luck.

RULING PLANETS AND THEIR ROLE M. C KHARE. Bhopal One of my friends working in the next move to Makaia fCapricornj, but in Railways was injured while on duty about that sign Rahu or Saturn have no constellations ruled by them. But in Kumbha three months back. His wages for the period when be was sick were not paid to him and . ("Aquarius) We find the nakshatra Sathabisha governed by Rahu. In this naksbatra, the . he was anxious to know when they would be Mercury, a ruling planet, comes paid to him- Although he himself is an • sub ruled by astrologer well versed in the traditional between 12o-33^20" and 14^26'-4tr. Hen system he put me the query as a challenge T felt^thaLwhen Sun-tranKfts in this sensitive to the truth and _ya_lidii>l-of-^'Krishnamnfit" Uegree conjointly ruled by Saturn, Ranu and ^PadfadbarfT Mercury when, according to Krishnamurti Ephemeris, Moon will also transit in his I accepted the challenge on 1—I—1972 own sign Kataka (Cancer), in Pushya nakand worked out the date of payment on shatra owned by Saturn, the payment would1 the basis of the ruling planets. I did not be received. This happens on Saturday, bother to ask for a number, as it is February 26, 1972. normally done in such cases, as the wages So I boldly predicted that he would were due to him and would be paid to get the wages for the period of his sickness, him. The only question was when he would on . 26—2—1972, but he laughed at my receive the payment. prediction in as much as according to him.: Place of judgement Bhopal nobody carf expect payment in the last week 0 of a month and that too when monthly Latitude 23g -16' North payments are made usually ,oa the 3rd of Longitude 77 -36' East every month at the place where he is working. Day and date of I had no answer and kept mum and judgement Saturday, January 1 patiently watched the days' passing. ■ 1972 It was a great surprise to me and to Time 8-45 AM (1ST) all my co-workers when the same gentleman The ruling planets, therefore, were; entered my cabin at about 3-30 p. m. (IST> on Saturday. 26tb Fedruary 1972, shouting (1) Day lord Saturn with joy and thanking me for the astoundingly (2) Rasi lord (Mithuna) Mercury accurate prediction given by me two months (3) Lord of naksbatra earlier. He had received the cash, the contransited by Moon Rahu stellation on the lagna was ruled by Moon. (4) Lord of sign on lagna This . is a sound proof of the importance (Makara) Saturn of the ruling planets often stressed by our <S) Lord of constellation revered Sothida Mannan Jyothish Marthand on lagna (Sravana) Moon Sri. K. S. Krishnamurti, the discoverer of an entirely new, novel and accurate system of The lagna rising was in Moon's constellar astrology known as KRISHNAMURTI stellation, Rahu's sub and Rahu's sub-sub. PADHDHATI. The credit for my correct Rahu represents Saturn, a planet of delay. prediction should appropriately, go to this So, to fix up the date for receipt" of the genius and thinker. May his message continue wages 1 took the transit of Sun mainly. to stir us for ever. Sun; at the lime of judgement, was Good Luck transiting in Sagittarius (Dhanus). He will


ASTROLOGY AND ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS By Shri A, K. BASU, Cakutta radio announcement came that the results On the 5th February 1972, I was are expected io be finalised on the 14th engaged in conversation with some of my friends about the forthcoming elections to March. However, after a couple of days, it was announced again that out of 280 State Assembly of West Bengal, One of them, a University Professor, had a dig at seats in the Assembly the results of 278 seats will be fioalised .op—the—i-4th~MafcTi me and wanted me to say what, astroldgically speaking, was my forecast. I imediately asked- —and—the^Tcmalhing 2 seats on the next day. In fact the final results were declared at him what _lexactly—be—desifed to^know. He sard that he would like to know if the 12-30 p. m. midnight on the 15th March 1972. The Congress fR) not only won an absolute Congress (R; following the footsteps of Smt. Indira Gandhi would come out as a majority majority but had. captured as many as 216 seats, only one more than my party and would form a Government. 1 asked the querent to say a number between expectation. The next day all my friends 1 and 249; he said *238*. gathered around me and congratulated me. I tbld them that the credit was really not 1 said 1 would study but would venture mine and all praise for my prediction a prediction only after the 11th February. deservedly belonged to out Guruji Prof. I wished to wait till that date as it was K. S. Krishnamurti who, in the process of the last date for filing of the nomination re-discovering Astrology, has made it simple, papers for. all the seats to the Assembly. sound, scientific and astoundingly accurate. There was an announcement over the All India Radio in the evening that till 5 p. m. How did I arrive at such a prediction? (1ST) of the closing day 11—2—1972 the The number *238*, according, to Congress (R) had filed 238 nomination Krishnamurti Padhdhati, refers to that papers. Later on, they withdrew one candidate. portion in the zodiac which falls between I sat down to calculate the result on the 12°-6'-40" and 12o-53'-20". The lagna for 11th February and applied the' principles the query and for the querent . would be propounded in - Krishnamurti Padhdhati taken as l2o-6'-40". For this lagna, the Readers. cusps of the other houses for Calcutta, the place of judgement, have to be ascertained. On the next day, I2th February, I told In order to refer to the Raphael's Table .my friends that the Congress (R) will he of Houses which gives the cusps according the majority party, that the final results will to the Sayana system, we have to relate come on the 15th March, and that these the Nirayana Ascendant to the equivalent results vill be quite unexpected from the Sayana position. Then, adding the Ayanainsa point of view of the opponents as the difference for the year 1972, the Sayana number of seats that the Congress (R) w)uld bag would be around 215. My friend, position is obtained. For this, Sayana lagna the Sayana cusos of the other houses have on hearing what ( had said, felt skeptical and remarked that even if the Congress (R) to be found out for the latitude of Calcutta and, finally, such Sayana cuspal positions wins, which is doubtful as it appeared then have to be reduced to their equivalent to be, it can only be by a very thin margin and my astrological estimate was an imposNirayana positions. The planets arc always calculated for the time of judgement, not sibility. We waited. In the meanwhile, the 35

for the time of query, unless the time when the matter is judged follows the time of query. The time of judgement was 5-1 p.m. . (ISTJ on 0 11—2—1972, at Calcutta (220-34' North; 88 -24' East). The chart erected for analysis is tabulated below:-

house. ('Rajanka' '("Soverlgn's mark) is a term used to denote the 5th house, and according to Jataka Parijata it shows the ruler or sovereign.) Ketu, a nod;, is always stronger than any planet with which it is conjoined and when standing alone, it is stronger than even the lord of the sign to offer the sign lord's results by occupation, etc., and so Ketu also represents Moon in whose sign it is deposited in ttie_present case. Moon has gone—ur'ffie'Ibth house aed^l5__very near the cusp of the 10th, and Ketu absorbs Moon's influence in full, Ketu, further, is also aspected by Sun, lord of 6, and Mercury from the 11th house. Mars from the lagna and Saturn, lord of 11, from the 2nd house. Mars, in Ketu's star, is in the sub of Rahu. Rahu is stationed in the 11th house in the nakshtra and sub of Moon occupying the 10th house. The sub-lord of lagna. Mars, has thus powerful connection with houses 1, 2, 10 and 11. The'sublord of the 7th cusp is Rabu. It is in the ,5th house, considering the 7thL house as the first. Rahu is conjoined, in the 5th house from the 7th, with Sun owning the 12th house from the 7th and Mercury, both Sun and Mercury the nakshatra of Mars who governs the 8th house to the 7th and has gone to the 7th house from the 7th. Besides, Rahu is situated in the nakshatra and sub ruled by Moon who occupies the 4th house from the 7th. Rahu, the sub lord of 7, has strong connection to houses 4,5,7,8 and 12 (reckoned from the 7th) which are unfavourable for success to the parties competing against the Congres f RJ. According to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, houses 1,2,3,6, 10 and II influence success in litigation, competition, speculation,election, etc. and the opposite houses, namely 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 12, signify failure thereof. From what has been explained, it will be obvious that the lagna of the Horary chart representing the Congress (R) is stronger than its opposite

Lagna Mara 7o-10' Sat. 6o-40' IV 10° 22' 12o-6'-40" Vcn, 70-54' II17°-22' 10 150-22' Xnj5a-22~ Sun ZS0-!? Mer.24oo-04' Rahu ll0 -04' XI 6 -22'


svzz7" Ketu HMM VI 5'-22'

Mood 13°-56' IX 15^22' VIII 17 "-22' o vn X 10°-22' 12 -6'-40" Jup.7o-30' Balance of Venus Maha dasa at query = 19 years 1 month 6 days. The lagna falls in the sign owned by Jupiter, in the nakshatra of Saturn and ■sub of Mars. The 7th cusp is in Mercury's sign. Moon's nakshatra and Rahu's sub. The 11th cusp is in Saturn's" sign, Sun's makshatra and Mercury's sub. The 5th cusp falls in Moon's sign, Saturn's nakshatra and sub of Mercury. The lagna represents the Congress (R; Pdrty and the 7th house stands for those who oppose or compete with it in the elections. The 11th house showf Congress (R)'s success: the 5th, of its opponents. The sub-lord of the lagna is Mars. It is lord of 2 posited in the lagoa itself in its powerful sign Mesha. It is situated in the nakshatra of Ketu occupying the 5th 37

according to me will [have some relation bouse, the 7th, which refers to its competitors with the number of seats won, the number ju the election arena. of Congress (R) candidates who will be However, for further confirmation, we returned will be 226 or 215. How is 215 shall analyse the 11th house cusp, as well obtained? 249 flhe total sub-divisions) less as the 5th cusp which is the 11 th when 226 = 23 which, when subtracted from the ■counted from the- 7th bouse. The sublord of number of candidates of the Party who both the llth and Stb cusps happens to filed nominations i.e., 238-23 = 215, gives the be Mercury who is posited in the llth number of winning candidates. The number house of the horary chart—the llth house of candidates actually won however-i—was' of the Congress fR) or the 5th houSe of 216—perhaps-becauie Fortuna is 27°-38' its opponents. It is situatedjn-the^iakshatra" Kumbha and lies beyond. the mid-point —.as-welf'Ss'sub of Mars who lords the 2nd between Zfi'-SS'-TO" and 28°-46'-40". house of the Congress (R) and the Sth At the time of query, Venus dasa, house of those who arc opposed to it in . -the election. Mars is posited in the lagna ' Venus bhukti, Moon a'nthra operated up to 17—3—1972. Sun sookshama was running ■of the Congress fRJ. Therefore, the sublord from 12—3—1972 to 17—3—1972. > of the Stb and the llth cusps has connection with bouses 11,1 and 2 reckoned from the Now, for the date, I observed when lagna of the Congress fR) Party, and the Venus the . dasa lord would transit the opposite bouses or 5,7, and 8 of its opponents, sensitive degree ruled by Venus, and Moon, ■showing beyond a shadow of doubt the It was the ISth March 1972, when Sun will •clear verdict in favour of the Congress (R) be In Meena in the nakshatra ruled by Tarty. Jupiter in Rahu's sub. Moon would transit The lord of the horary lagna, Jupiter, . in Saturn's sign, Jupiter's nakshatra, both Jupiter and Saturn conjointly ruling the lagna who also rules the 10th house is stationed at query. Lord of II, Saturn, will transit in his own powerful sign Dbanus in the the nakshatra of sookshama lord. Sun, a ■constellation of Ketu in the Stb bouse as significator of II at query, and in the the agent of Moon standing in the 10th sign of Venus, dasa and bhukti lord. . house. Jupiter occupied the sub of Rahu -posited in the llth bouse. The lord of ll . Jupiter would transit in 10 in Venus star and sub. Rahu would transit in 11 in Sun's in the horary chart, Saturn, is in the 2nd star, Venus sub. The transits of the planets house in the constellation and Sub of planets are in the constellations of the significators occupying the llth bouse. Saturn was also of success to the Party represented by the ! in fine trine aspect (120° aspect) to the cusp lagna—the ruling Congress. I accordingly of the llth bouse. All these are decisive pitched upon this date for the declaration indications of success for the Congress (R). of the results. For the number of seats, Fortuna has to be considered. Longitude of Lagna (Editor's Note;- The query has been 3a2°-6'-40" +Longitude of Moon 253°-56'= very well analysed. The method adopted 596°-2'-40" less Longitude of Sun 298°-29'= for predicting the number of seats that 29T-39' (or Kumbha 27°-38,) is the longitude would be won is quite novel and interesting -of Fortuna. The number '226', according to but until it is tested and found to yield Krishnamurti Padbdbatidivision ofthezodiac, accurate results in a number of cases it represents Kumbha 26°-33'-20" to 28°-46'-40" cannot be offered as a safe method for where Fortuna was found. As Fortuna others to follow.) 39

TIME OF MARRIAGE By J/otish Praveena P. R. MURALIDHARAN, B.E.. A.M.I.C.E.. indicated by the 7th house and such addition to the family by legal bondage or union brings long-standing ' love, pleasure aod permanent lie of -friendship revealed by the 11th house. Therefore, according to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, one has to scrutinise houses 2,7 and 11 and Venus, the chief governor for marriage and connected irflairs, to find out the time of marriage. Is marriage.promised;^ In the first place, it should he found out whether the chart promises marriage or not. The planet ruling the sub-division of the nakshatra on the cusp of'the 7tb house affords the clue. If the sub-lord happens to be a significator of favourable houses for marriage, namely 2.7 or 11, it comes off. The- seventh cusp here falls in Taurus (Rishaba) 3°-56'. It is in Venus sign. Sun naksbatra and sub of Saturn. The sublord is in the 7th house itself conjoined with Venus, chief governor for marriage, and lord of 7. So marriage is denoted, but it comes late because Saturn is in the 7th bhava. Whenever Saturn is in houses 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 counted from the lagna or Moon sign and does not own beneficial houses for marriage, he causes marriage late in life. This is so, more especially if Saturn is positfid in the 5th house. Significators for marriage:—. The respective strength of the significators of 'marriage are to be ascertained in the manner enumerated below;1) Planet(s). tenanted in the nakshatia of the occupants of houses 2 7 or II.' 2) PIanet(sJ occupying houses 2, 7 or 11. 3) 'Planct(s) tenanted in the naksbatra of lords of the signs where houses 2. 7 or 11 fall. 4) Planets who own bouses 2,7 or 11 by sign (as well as constellation). 5J Planets conjoined with or aspected by any of the significators. Let us tabulate the significators of houses 2,7 or II in the following way,-

Farticnlars of birth: Date of birth 5—7—1942 Time of birth 3-25 p. m. (I. S. T.) Place of birth Coimbatore (Bj The following is the Nirayana chart of the native;Moon vt fr-2®'-V,59_-20'— Kethu IV 3'-20' III 2#-20'

II 2o-20'

VII 3a-56' Saturn ""Venus "Jupiter Sun Mercury

RAS! CHART AyanamSa 22a-57'

1 38-56'

IX 20-2Q' - Mars X 3®-20' Rahu

XIl69-20' XI 5o-20'

Balance of Mercury dasa fVimshotbari dasa at birth is 12 years, 6 months, 9 days. (C) Planetary positions Planets Long. Position Star Lord" Sab lord 790.477 Mars .Sun Rabu Mercury Venus Moon 350o-58' Mercury Venus 110°-14' Mars Mars Saturn Mercury 58°-41' 0 Mercury Jupiter Rahu 72 -45' Moon Saturn Venus .45°. 52' 44M(5' Moon Jupiter Saturn o 139 -04' Venus Rahu Rabu Moon Kcthu 3l9°-04' . Rahu Houses to be judged:— In a horoscope, the 2nd house shows 'additions to the family. The a|reemeot is 41

Significators 1. Planets tenanted in the nak&batras occupants 2. Occupants

3nd House

Venus, an occupant of the 7th house as well as its lord, is in Moon's nakshatra and sub of Saturn, a significator of the 7th. Venus also becomes a ruling planet as, at the time of analysis, it was aspeeted by Jupiter, a strong ruling planet.

7th Uth House House Rahu, Moon,

Jupiter, lord of 2, is in Rahu nakshatra and sub of Mercury, a significator of houses 7 and 11. No planet is stationed in any of the three Jupiter's stars. So Jupiter itself is powerful.

Saturn Venus Mercury Rahu Moon, Mars

3. Planets tenanted in the nakshatra of the lords of houses 4. Lords of houses Jupiter Venus .Mercury ■— — ' Jupiter and Sun aspect the 2nd house; Moon aspects the 11th house. Rabu is in Leo (Simha; owned by Sun, in the nakshatra of Venus. Ketu is in Aquarius fKumbhaj owned by Saturn in Rahu's constellation and is aspected by Saturn flOth aspect), Jupiter f9th aspect) and Mars (8th aspect). The majority of the planets are related to houses 2,7 and 11. Hence the beneficial strong significators are to be counted from among the ruling planets at the moment of analysis. A planet becomes a beneficial significator of marriage if the lord of the sub in which it is placed has connection with houses 2, 7 or 11. But if such sub lord happens to be a significator of houses 1, 6 or 10 which are'vraya' to 2,7 or 11 and thus deterimental to the affairs influenced by the latter set of houses, it does not promote marriage. Ruling planets Day (Wednesday) lord Mercury Moon sign(Meena) lord Jupiter Moon star (Uttarabhadra) lord Saturn Lagna sign (Kanya) lord Mercury Lagna constellation (Chitra) lord Mars

Venus dasa, Jupiter bhukti and Jupiter anthra operates between 14—5—1972 and 22—7—1972. At this time, the transits of the the -sensitive—pafls of"the zodiac who are significators of marriage should be studied in the manner enumerated in Krisbnamurti Padhdhati. Transits On Wednesday, May 17, 1972, the planets transit as follows:— SUN

Venus sign. Sun nakshatra, Saturn sub.

MOON Mercury sign, Jupiter nakshatra Venus sub. VENUS Mercury sign, Rahu nakshatra, Venus sub. JUPITER Jupiter sign, Venus constellation, Venus sub. The planetary transits are indeed favourable on this date. As such on Wednesday the 17th May 1972 when Karkataka rises in the East, the marriage will be consumated. (The marriage did come off as predicted.) GOOD LUCK!


ON OVERSEAS TRAVEL Horoscope is as follows:— V 120-56' VI !0o-56' IV 10o-56' III 60-56' • Ketnu \0oJ)9' 11 40-56'

6 VII 5"-16' VIII 4 -56' Rahu Mood 0 18 -3V' 10M)9'

24-10-1945 9-10 A.M. 25° 25 N 68° 38 E

Mars 00o-42/ Sat. l -46' IX 6"-56' Mcr. 10°-5 6'

Mercury XI 120-56' Asr„ 5°-16' XII21M5' Van. 13M2' 0 Sun 7° 24' Jup. 19 -46'

Moon Dasa balance 3 years 6 months 5 days. What is meant by Overseas? It means that,one has to leave the present permanent place, make a long journey, cross the boundry and reach another place. One may settle down or return after a short stay. Permanent residence is indicated by the fourth bouse. Leaving it is shown by the third bouse. Long journey is to be judged from the 9th bouse. Staying for a short time or settling down in foreign land is denoted by the 12th bouse. It shows new surroundings and environment. When we judge a bouse, bow to find out when the matters signified by the bouse will operate. Also will it come up at all ? If one is to ascertain whether one will change bis abode, make a long journey or not and live in new enviroments, one is to judge whether the sub lord of the 12th cusp is connected with any of the 3 bouses, 3 or 9 or 12 (also in Horary chart, it should not be retrograde). 12tb cusp has fallen at 10° 56' in Libra. It is Venus sign, Rabu star and Saturn sub. Saturn, the sub lord is lord of 3: No planet is in between the third

cusp and fourth cusp which is the third bouse. So Saturn is the planet which by ownership can offer the result through the planet deposited in any of its three constellaiK.ns and if there is no planet, Saturn uself will offer. Saturn governs Pusbja, Anuradha and Utbrapadra. No planet is in its star. Hence Saturn itself is to give. So, Saturn is the significator. As it is the sub lord of 12tb cusp, one will live in a place other than bis birth place. This person cameaway from-Pakistan _dnring—his—Moon Dasa, Venus Bhukti, Saturn Anthra in the end of 1947. NoW be wants to know whether be can settle in any other country. Significator or 3rd bouses is Saturn. 9tb bouse extends from 6° 56' Cancer to 10° 56' Leo. Thete is, no occupant; Only when there is an occupant we have to note down, in 3 stars, find out whether there is or there ate planets deposited in any of these 3 stars and take them as the strongest significator. Then we have to take the occupant or occupants. There is no planet in 9tb bouse. Moon rules the sign Cancer where the 9lh cusp has fallen. Moon governs Robini, Hastbam and Sravanam stars. Moon is in Robini, Venus and Jupiter are in Hastba. Hence Moon, Venus and Jupiter are to represent 9tb bouse matters. Ketbii is in Jupiter's sign So Ketbu is to be taken in place of Jupiter. Ketbu has in its portfolio the 9th bouse matters also. 12tb bouse is occupied by Mercury. No planet is in Mercury star. Rabu is the representative of Mercury as it is in Mercury's sign It is not conjoined with or aspected by any planet. Hence Saturn, Moon, Kethu, Venus and Rabu are the strongest slgnific itors. When be came from Pakistan, it was Moon Dasa, Venus Bhukti, Saturn Antbra. Now it will be Rabu Dasa, Moon Bhukti Venus, Antbra Saturn, Sbooksbma. It will be around 1st March, 1973 when Sun wlil transit in Saturn sign Rabu star Moon sub.


P1RA1ALAN, MATALE. Ceylon The application of this system in practical the 28th February 1972,1 sat down to judge whether my friend is assured of life has proved its worth and accuracy child birth. He had sent me two numbers beyond a shadow of doubt. Moreover, in for the purpose, one given by him and the Krishnamurti Padhdhati, due importance is given to the Position of Moon at the time as other by his wife. His own number was also to the lagna not merely the sign but also *147% and his wife's was'225'. At 8-40 p.m. CCeylon Standard Time;, I look his wife's the nakshatra on the Iagna.rising^-The^>Tanets .gO-VcFQing-the sigh and nakshatra on the number first. According to Krishnamurti_ r Padhdhati. the zodiac_pf_12r-signs^ati(i" 27' lagna are, in fact, among the ruling planets constellations'iVdivided also into 249 subwhich are considered, according to Krishnadivisions so that each sub-division accounts murti Padhdhati, to be highly important. The horary chart for the number for one sign, one nakshatra and one sub. '225* accordingly comes as under: The number mentioned by a querent is taken to represent the lagna and the cusps I. Chart; of other houses are drawn for this lagna by using the Table of Houses published by 11 0o-01' III 0o0-24' Venus Raphael for the latitude of the place of Mars Sat. 6 -57' V 25"-OP Judgement. The planetary positions are 28째-02' , l80-33' IV 28o-0r calculated, however, for the time when the matter is judged. The advantage of this system, and its chief merit over the other I Kethu systems, is it is more specific. It is not 25a-46'-40" 100-10' logical to analyse a query simply on the Merc. 25--33' VI 23o-01' 0 Sun 15 -46' basis of the time of arrival of the querent or the time when we judge the query, NIRAYANA and calculate the lagna and the cusps of Moon houses for such time, because if at the XII 23MH' lO'-Ol' Rabu same moment different people gather to 0 VII 10 -10' 25M6'aO" ask questions regarding the same matter," say marriage or profession or some-other matter, the answers arrived at would have to be the same. If the querent's urge has XI 25'-01% X 28M)r VI IT 0o-01' relavance to lagna that rises then, the same jup. IX 00-24' urge would be reflected in the number which he would give. It is all mysterious. II. Planetary positions: ( Planet Star Sign owning Occupying Sub occupied occupied Ho use (s) House occupied Kumbha .Sun 7 12 Rahu Venus Moon 6 6 Simha Ketu Saturn Mars 2/10/11 Mesha Venus 2 Rahu Mercury 5 12 Kumbha Jupiter Mercury Jupiter 11 10 Dhanus Kethu Saturn Venus Mercury 3/4/8 Meena Saturn Saturn 1/12 Rishaba Sun Mercury Rahu U Makara Moon Moon Kethu 5 Kataka Saturn Venus 45

house is occupied by Ketu. Ketu, as we IK. Cusps1 of Houses S and II; all know, is an abortive planet. Jupiter Sib cusp. Mitbuna, a barren sign, in and Moon are posited in Ketu's naksbatra. Jupiter's naksbatra and Mercury's sub. Jupiter as already seen, is in 10 in the 11th cusp: Dhanus owned by Jupiter, sub of Saturn, Moon is also in the sub in Venus naksbatra and sub of Mercury. of Saturn. The lord of the Stb cusp is IV. Is child birth indicated? Mercury, Mercury is in the I2th bouse in in the first instance, it is necessary to Jupiter's star and in his own sub. ascertain whether progeny is promised at The lltb bbava is occupied by Rahu, all. It is assured if the following' three Sun is posited in Rabu's naksbatra, but in conditions are simultaneously satisfied: the sub of Venus who is in the bouse of i) The sub lord of the 5th cusp is not detriment to the 2nd bouse matters. As retrograde. already stated, the llth lord, Jupiter, is ii) The sub lord of the 3tb cusp is weak because of bis placement in the lOtb not posited in the constellation of a retrohouse, the house of negation to llth matters. grade planet. Ail indications point to the denial of iii) The sub lord of the 5th cusp is child birth. ' a strong significator of bouses connected this indication, I with child _birth, namely 2. 5_and-J4 — ——In-order"td~confirm made a horary chart for the number '147' fcet"tis sl5af the 5th cusp and its sob given by my friend. The time of calculation lord. Mercury is the lord of the sub oh the was 9.-12 p. m. on the same day. The cusp of the Stb bouse. It is, at the same time, horary chart is given below: the sub lord of the cusp on the llth bouse too. Mercury is posited in the 12th house I. Chart in the constellation of Jupiter and in bis own sub. Mercury himself is not retrograde, VII nor is it deposited in the constellation of Venv«2a^3' VI1M4' 0o-33-20" 0 a retrograde planet. Jupiter, the naksbatra IX 28°-14' o 0 Sat, 0 V 0 -l4' . Mars 18 -34' VIII 629-57' lord, has gone to the 10th house, and the -14' lOtb bouse is the twelfth reckoned from the llth bouse and so detrimental to the llth bouse affairs. Mercury KctuIOMC Y. Judgement NIRAYANA SUQ 15^47' X 2SM4' Houses 2,5 and 11 are referred for child No. 147 birth. In this chart, the 2nd house falls in Time: 9-12 P.M. (CST) Aries (Mesba), a barren sign. Mars, its lord, IV 280-l4y Moon is posited in the 2nd bouse itself. No planet Dale; 23-2-1972 Rahu is posited in any of the three naksbatras IOMO' 2^-37' governed by Mars. Mars is in the naksbatra of Venus and sub of Rahu. Venus occupies the 1st bbava (bouse) which happens to be the house of 'vraya' or negation to the III 28°-14' II 29M4' C xu r-U' XI0 -14' o 2Dd bouse (additions to the family). I 0 -33'-20" /apt. I0'-2r The 5th bouse cusp falls in Gemini (Mitbuna). It is also a barren sign. This II. Planetary positions: Planet Occupation by Housefs) House Sub Star •woed occupied Sign Venus Sun Rahu 4 Kumbha Saturn Moon Ketu Simba 10 10 Rahu Mars Venus 1/2/6 Mesha 6 Mercury Merc. Jupiter Kumbha 9/11 4 Saturn Jup. Ketu Dhauus 3/5 2 Saturn Venus Mercury Meeoa ,7/8/12 5 Mercury Sat. Sun Rishaba 4 7 Moon Rahu Moon 3 Makara Venus Ketu Saturn Kataka 9

III. Cusps of Houses 5 and 11 5ih House: Meena, owned by Jupiter, in Jupiter's nakshatra and Moon sub. 11 th House: Kanya, a barren sign, in Sun's nakshatra and Rahu sub. IV. Is birth of child promised? As the number was given by a male, we shall refer to the sub-lord of the 11th cusp (this being the 5th cusp reckoned from the 7th representing wife). The sublord of 11 is Rahu. It is posited in the 3rd house, in the nakshatra of Moon and sub of Moon. Moon is an occupant of the loth bhava, an inimical house for the affairs influenced by the 11th house. It is in 'vyaya' sthana to the 11th house. The sublord of the 5th cusp is Moon. It is posited in 10 in the nakshatra of Kethu and sub of Saturn. Both Kethu and Saturn have no significations of houses 2, 5 and 11. Ketu is in 9 and Saturn is in 7. V. Analysis: The 2nd bhava (housc)Js tenanredâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;by' Jupiter .Mercury""is posited in Jupiter's nakshatra and -in the sub of Mercury. Mbrcury is also in the 4th bhava which, being ^vraya' to the 5th matters, does not contribute to progeny. The lord of the 2nd

house is Mars, who also owns the lagna which is detrimental to the 2nd house. No planet is stationed in Mars nakshatras. Mars occupies the nakshatra of Venus in 5, but is in Rahu's sub, Rahu represents, by sign, Saturn who owns the 4th houseand, by constellation. Moon which has gone to the 10th house in the horary chart. The 5th bhava is occupied by Venus. Mars is in Venus nakshatra, but it is in sub of Rahu, a significator of 4 as Saturn's agent and of 10 as Moon's agent. The 5th lord is Jupiter, and Mercury in Jupiter's nakshatra is in the 4th bhava. The 11th house is unoccupied. Mercury, who is its lord, has gone to the 4th housewhich, as we have seen, is an inimical house to progeny ruled by the 5th house being in twelfth to it. These indications only go to support the testimonies already shown, namely that no hope is held out in regard to the birth of a child. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; yrkhna^iiTti-PadhiihaH is crystal clear water devoid of the muddy impurities contained in the old works and has rightly been acclaimed as a marvellous method unetiualled by any of the eastern or western method, of delineating the nature and time of an event.

ON JUDGING THE TIME OF EMPLOYMENT B. N. NAYAK. &hubaneswar One of my friends, an Agriculture Officer now, came to me on 2—7—1971 to "know the time of his appointment. According to my instructions, he quoted 'ST between 1 and 249 for his query. I used the number given by him to represent the lagna and calculated the other houses for the same lagna ando for the latitude of judgement, namely 20 -4' North and 85°-I' East. As the query was judged at 11-00 a. m. on the same day, the planetary positions were found for this time. The Horary chart, based "on which 1 passed my judgement, isTeproduced belowlX Horary chart Vcn. 0o-55'. Sat. 8M3' Sun I60-21' o 9 X 15 -04' XI l9 -04' I XII 2lo-04' 21o-46'-40" Mer. 280-48 IX 14o-04' Mars 28o<>-06' Rahu22o -58' VllI 16 -04'


IC 14o-04'

V l9o-04' Mood 20-3I'

balance of Mars dasa, Ketu bhukti (Vimshottari; at query=0 year 0 month 28 days i. e„ upto 30—7—1971, Venus bhukti up to .30—9—1972. II. Planetary Period Mars dasa, Ketu bhukti 2-7-1971 30-7-1971 Mars dasa. Venus bhukti 30-7-1971 304M972 Mars-Venus-Venus anthra 30-7-1971 12-8-1971 Sunanthra 12-8-1971 15-8-1971 Moon anthra 15-8-1971 21-8-1971 Mars anthra 21-8-1971 25-8-1971 Rahu anthra 25-8-1971 5-9-1971 Jupiter anthra 5-9-1971 14-9-1971 Saturn anthra 14-9-1971 25-9-1971 Mercury anthra 25-9-1971 6-10-1971 Ketu anthra 6-10-1971 10-10-71

> o-t-i

VI 21 o-04/ vn (R) 21o-46'-40'/ Jup. 4®-0r

II 16o-04' Ketu 22°-58'

IIL Analysis The houses for employment are 2, 6 and 10. The 2nd has to do with finance, the 6th has relevance to service in return foe wages and the 10th house denotes professional skill, recognition, honour and merit. Whether his desire will be fulfilled or not, is to be gathered from the sublord of the 11th cusp. The 11th cusp sublord, Rahu, is in the star of Moon, lord of 2. Rahu is also conjoined with Mars, lord of 6 and 11. Rahu is deposited in the sign of Saturn, and so represents Saturn posited in 11. Rahu's situation in the sub of Sun shows it will be Government service. Hence, his desire to get into a GovernmeDt job will be fulfilled, Rahu being connected with houses 2, 6 and 11. Moon, at the time of judgement, was in the constellation of Mars and sub of Ketu. Mars is lord of 6 and 11; Ketu is in 2 in Moon's sign and aspected by Mars. The querent's mind is clearly reflected by the Moon's position. IV. When will he secure employment? At the time in Vimshottari dasa when the significators of houses 2, 6 and 10 conjointly rule. 2nd House : Occupant Ketu. None is in Ketu's constellations. The lord of 2nd house is Moon, Rahu is in Moon's constellation. 6th House : Occupant nil. Mars is the lord. Venus, Mars and Moon occupy the nakshatras of Mars. Rahu also represents Mars, being conjoined with it closely. 10th house : No occupant. Jupiter rules the 10th house. Mercury is posited in Jupiter's nakshatra. Thus, Ketu, Moon, Rahu, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are arrived at to be the significators. When the majority of the planets in a horary chart are the significators of the matter in query, it is a favourable indication. Now, unless the ruling planets agree with the significators, there can be no hope of getting into employment. Those

among the ruling planets who agree with the significators are the most powerful portents and indicate the time of fructification of the event. V. What are the ruling planets? Day lord (Friday) Venus Moon sign lord (Thula) Venus Moon nakshatra lord fChitra) Mars Lagna sign • lord (Mithuna) Mercury Lagna nakshatra lord (Punarvasu) Jupiter —Jupiter-is-retr.ograde,_ and _Mercury is also in Jupiter's nakshatra. Venus and Mars only remain among the ruling planets, and Rahu represents Mars being conjoined with it. Hence Venus, Mars and Rahu are the indicators. The time of employment should be any one of the following periods: Mars dasa, Venus bhukti, Venus anthra OR 1 Mars dasa, Venus bhukti. Mars anthra OR Mars dasa, Venus bhukti, Rahu anthra As the ruling planets are all fast moving, I selected the dasa of Mars, bhukti of Venus and the anthra also of Venus operating between 30—1—1971 and 10—10—1971. In this anthra, Rahu sookshma which runs between 25—8—1971 and 5—9—1971 should be the period during which time the order of appointment must be issued and he should join service. I declared so. A few days back I got a letter from my friend which reads I am busy in my touring life as an Agricultural Officer. 1 have no time even to write you and I

am sorry not to have met you and con^. gtatulaled you since my appointment in September 1971 exactly as predicted by you. Hats off to your Astrology/' I muttered to myself; ''Long live Krishnamurti Padhdhati and long live its illustrious author and our late Guruji, Prof K. S. Krishnamurti in our minds and liearts." The imprints he left behind can never be erased and have become the stepswe follow. GOOD LUCK 72

Sept. 1972

CO N T E N T S Pag. Announcement 2 Oa Theft When will the wedding bell ring? 3 How to predict an election result? Astrology and availability of Will I receive the President's Loan 7 Award ? Retrograde Saturn and setback Deathâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;A case study according in service 9 to Stellar Astrology Does education determine Your doubts resolved nature of profession? 17 Daily Guide for September 1972 On timing of minor events 23 Jataka Chandrika 2S Nirayana Position and Transit of Planets in September 1972 ... Announcement 31 Editor's Note 32 Ephcmeris for September 1972 ... Monthly Prediction for Health and longevity.: September 1972 A case study 33

Page 37 41 45 49 Jl 5J 39 60 (y

EDDING BELL B1NG7 By Parks and Gardens. Karnatak University I. Horoscope; IX 148-28' Moon X 13»-28' XI \A*-2V W-H' Jup. 26®-34' XH 14'-28' Sun 26®-23' Mercury VII U0-28' 278-23' Kefn 28,-30' NIRAYANA Rabu 28V30 1 I4B-04' 0 " Vr 14 ~28' Vos. y-30 Vin 13'-28'

The. following is the horoscope of a girl bom at 7-30 a. m. CIST) at a place 13° North and 73° East, on the 12th August 1932. We have to find out the time of marriage according to the method advocated in-Krishnamuctt-Padhdhati-Readcrs; Balance of Venus Dasa (Virashottari) at birth 9 Years 4 Months 13 Days, n. Planets and their Positions; Ruling Housc(s) Planet As sign lord As constcllatioii House lord on cusp on cusp 1 12 Sun 12 2/6/10 9 Moon 4;9 2 Mars 2/11 12 Mete. 5/8 9 Jup. 3/10 1/5/9 1 Venus 6/7 4/8/12 2 Sat. 3/7/11 6 Rahu 12 Ketu HI. Vimsbottari Oasa: To Dasa Bhukti Anthra From Moon Sat, Sat. 27- 3-72 23- 3-72 Mer. 27- 6-72 18- 9-72 Ketu 18- 9-72 21-10-72 Venus 21-10-72 26- 1-73 Sun 26- 1-73 24- 2-73 Moon .24- 2-73 12- 4-73 Mars 12- 4-73 15- 5-73 Rabu 15- 5-73 11- 8-73 Jupiter ■ 11- 8-73 27-10-73


V 140-28' VI 15®-28'

Sign Kataka Mesha Thula Kataka Mesha Simha Kanya Makara Kataka

Mars 278-57' H l38-28* III 148-28' Sat. 18o-09'

Occupying ConsteJlation ruled by Mercury Venus Jupiter Mercury Venus Ketu Moon 'Mars Mercury

Sub ruled by Jupiter Jupiter Veens Jupiter Ketu Saturn Mercury Saturn Saturn

IV. Is marriage promised: The 7th bouse is related to marriage, contracts, agreements, etc. It is conjointly governed by Saturn as the sign lord, Rahu as the constellation lord and Ketu as the sub-lord. Saturn occupies the 2nd house and is thus a powerful significator for marriage. Rahu is deposited in the constellation of Mars occupying the 2nd house and in the sub of Saturn, lord of 7 in 2. Rahu is also aspected by Mercury, lord of 2 and 11 Rahu is situated in Makara. sign of

.'Saturn, and not conjoined with any planet; so it is the agent of Saturn.

the llth house again by Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu have been discussed. Moon is conjoined with Jupiter, lord of sub on cusp of 2, and is in the constellation of kalatbrakaraka, Venus.

The sub-lord of the cusp of the 7th house is Ketu. Ketu is also sublord of the Ilth house cusp. It is found in the 12th house in the chart conjoined with the Jord of lagna. Sun, and lord 2/11, Mercury, all these three planets being in the constellation of lord of 2 and 11. There being no planet in the llth house, Ketu in the -constellation of the llth lord and conjoined with it, is a strong signiScator of that house. Moreover, Ketu is in the sub of Saturn, lord of 7 in 2. There are no planets in the constellation of Saturn, lord -of 7 in 2, but Rahu and Ketu occtipy Saturn's sub. Thus the planets Saturn, Rahu —and-Ketu -together-goveming-the.cusp of the 7th house are seen to be significators of houses 2. 7 and 11 concerned with marriage. House 2 hillng kutumbha or family and its expansion by marriage and progeny, house 7 being the, house of union by legal bondage, and house 11 being the house of permanent, long-lasting friendship and progeny. Therefore, marriage is very much promised.

VI When? Moon daja, Saturn bhukti according to Vimshottari system operates from 27—3—1972 to 27—10—1973. During this time, Kctu's anthra comes between 18—9—1972 and 21—10—1972, In this anthra, Rahu sookshama is most appropriate, because not only Rahu rules the constellation on the cusps of houses 7 and 11 but it is also placed in the constellation of Mars occupying 2 and is the only planet other than Ketu to occupy the sub uf~&uurh', '1bfa~of"7 lu 2. Sun will transit in Kanya (Virgo) owned by Mercury, lord of 2/1J in the constellation of" Moon, dasanatha, between the- 26th September and 10th October 1972. It touches the sub of Saturn on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of ctober 1972. Incidentally, it will also conjoin the natal position of Saturn, bhukti lord. At this time, Moon will transit in Makha nakshatra ruled by Ketu, anthra lord on 4—10—1972. Lord of 2, Mercury, who also rules house 11, will be in the constellation of Mars occupying 2 and sub of Saturn owning 7, and occupying 2 in the birth chart. Jupiter will transit the constellation of Ketu and sub of Rahu at that time, Ketu. and Rahu being anthra and sooksbama lords at that time. Venus, chief governor Toe marital affairs, will transit Ketu's constellation and sub of Mars in 2. Saturn, lord of 7, will transit the constellation of Mars in 2 and form an exact trine aspect with transiting Mercury, lord of 2/11. Other planets Uranus and Neptune transit agreeably.

Y. Significators for Marriage: Houses 2, 7 and 11 and Venus, kalathra karaka have to be examined. 2nd house: Occupant is Saturn. No planet in its constellations. Lord of 2 is Mercurjf. Sun, Mercury and Ketu are in its constellation, and of these Ketu alone occupies the sub of Saturn, lord of 7. in 2. Mars also occupies 2. Rahu alone occupies Mars constellation and Saturn siib. 7th house.- Unoccupied. Lord of Seventh is Saturn, and no planet in its constellation; Saturn is in 2, and so a strong significator. 1!th house: Again unoccupied. Its lord is Mercury, and we have seen Ketu to" be the strongest being in Mercury's constellation .and Saturn's sub. The 2nd cusp is ruled by Moon as the -constellation lord and Jupiter as the sublord; the 7th house by Rahu and Ketu as the •constellation and sub lords respectively; and

I venture to predict that the. marriage should come off on Wednesday October 4, 1972. The muhurtha will be belwcen 5 and 7 a. m. when Kanya lagna ascends at the place of marriage. Good Luck


ASTROLOGY AND AVAILABILITY OF LOAN Bp " J/othish Shiromani S. CHANNAKESHAVA REDDY, Challakere, Mysore State • Mr.'X', appro ached me on the night of Monday, January 24, 1971, with a problem. Hp was eager to know from me, astrologically ■what promise is held for the short term industrial loan for which he had mad an application. He was rather in a hurry for my answer as he was to obtain the title deeds and other documents and was expected to be ready _-with_the share amonnt toJhe Society. I asked him for a number between 1 and "249 and he readily said *16*. I worked out a •chart for the number given, which is reproduced here. The houses are calculated for ■the locality of judgement for the number, but the planetary positions refer to the time of judgement.

Sanskrit terms used to denote this house is 'Rina' meaning debt. In Horary Astrology, it has first 1o be deduced whethej-the matter in query will succeed or not, before going to the next step of finding the Paka kala' or the time of maturity'bf the event. As the subject of'loans' Js controlled by the 6th house, we have to "examine this house cauHously. TTie cusp of the house is together ruled by Saturn and Rahu. Saturn as the sign as well as the sub lord and Rahu as the constellation lord. The sub-lord, Saturn, is in lagna but in the constellation of Sun and sub of Mercury both posited,in the 9th house. As regards Rahu, it is also in the 9th house in Saturn's sign Makara and conjoined with Sun, lord of 5. Besides, Rahu is connected to Moon in the lagna by constellation. Saturn is also retrograde, we find the sub-lord of the 6th cusp having no connection with the matter in query, namely raising of a short-term industrial loan. The ruling planets at 9-55 P. M. on 24-1- 1972 at Challakere (14° 20' N., 76° 46' E.J are Sun fiord of the constellation on the Ascendant), Mercury (lord of sign Kanya rising on the AscendantJ Mars (h^oon rasi lordj, Sun(Moon constellation lord) and Moon ruling the day (Monday;. Ketu is stronger than Moon by occupation of Kataka owned by Moon. Up to 5—6—1972, Sun dasa Moon bhakti will operate, and both Sun and Moon who are among the ruling planets do not have any connected with the 6th house. On the basis of all the factors, I said that the loan now contemplated will not materialise, After a fortnight, he came and narrated how he had been disgusted with the non-availability of the loan in spite of his best efforts procure it. There may be number of method available in predictive astrology, but there is only one best method and that is Krishnamurti Padhdhati.

Mars 25ft-29' Asc. 21a-S3' Saturn (R) Moon 6®-16' III 16M8' XII ISMS' 27<,-38' n 20o-48, Ven. 16a-28' XI 120-48'

Ketu l2°-0l IV 12M8' NIRAYANA

X 12M8' Rahu 12M)1 Sun l(y-25'

ForC 9o-60' V 120-48'

Mercury o 0 0 25o-04' IX 160o-48' VHI 20 -48' VII 2I -S3' VI 16 -48' lup. 4 -03' Sun Dasa, Moon Bhukti operates up to .5—6—1972. Balance of Sun Maha Dasa fVimshottarij .at query 5 years 6 months 23 days. It has been stated in Krishnamurti Padhdhati that all matters connected with borrowing of finance from any quarter come under the control of the 6th house. The


RETROGRADE SATURN AN! >SETBACK IN SERVICE Br Shrl MAHENDRA SARAP, B .Sc., Sambalpur COrissa) '•Rise and' success followed by downfall and adversity". This is how Saturn's position in the 10th bouse, especially when it is retrograde, is summed up in various astrological works. This should be especially so if the sub lord of the 10th cusp i 3aturn and it is retrograde and occupies the Midheaven flOth house). The native in whose chart Saturn is so placed must suffer reversal at some stage of life, whatever position he or she may occupy. I would ^like^-to—touch- -this- -topic -in—this.-article using a chart in which Saturn, as lord of 10, occupies the 10th house in retrogression and where Saturn also happens to rule the sub on the eusp of the lOtb house. Mr. *X*, to whom the chart reproduced here under belongs, was eager to know whether he would regain the lost position in service. He had furnished a horoscope as cast by some one else, but I had corrected it according to'the scientific method described in Krishoamurti Padhdhati. U. Planetary positions: Planets Housefs) owned Sun 5 Moon 4 Mars 1/8 Merc. 3/6 Jup. 9/12 2/7 Venus Sat. (R) 10/11 Rahu Ketu

House occupied 4 9 3 5 3 3 10 11 5

The native is a Class I Government Officer, whose service particulars are as follows:30—5—1957: Joined service as a Class JI officer in Sun Dasa, Mercury bhukti. Mercury anthra. 23—7—1962.' Promoted to a Class I post in Moon dasa, Jupiter bbukti, Jupiter Anthra.

[. Horoscope; XII IMto'

in iw-ov Ura. C-SC n 15s-06' Mars 12*-24' Von. 14V28' I ISM)?'

N1RAYANA IV 5M)6' Rahu 250-34' XI 3M)6' Born on J2-8-I932, at Suo 260-55' 10-30 P.M. (1ST), at Mercury (R Lat. 21"-28' N. Satora (R) 5®-37' 7M4* 3up. 7*-30' Ayanamsft 22#-49' Nept J4*-13' Kctu 25*-34 Moon VIII IS"-06' vn 15'-07' VI 78-06' IX I0M)6' Balance of Kctu Dasa (Vimshottari) at lirthesO years 11 months 26 days

Sign occupied Kataka Dhanus Mitbuua Simha Simba Mithuna Makara Kumbha Rahu

.Occupying Star owned by Sub owned by Mercury Jupiter Ketu Mercury Rahu Saturn (R) Ketu Rahu Ketu Rahu Rahu Ketu Sun Kctu Jupiter Mercury Venus Mercury

30—11—1968: Promoted to a Class I senior post in Moon dasa, Venus bhukti. Mercury anthra and Rahu sookshma. 17—2—1969: Reverted to Class I post which he held in July 1962. As a result of this, he lost his seniority in service. The sub lord of the 10th cusp in a chart determines honour, fame, recognition.

advancement in professional life, etc. and, such as reversion to a lower post or susif afflicted, reverses in life. pension in service, etc., by dint of their significations of evil houses, their conjoint Houses 2, 6 and 10 and their signiperiod in Vimshottari Dasa will mark the ficators are considered in connection with time of adversity. From this it would appear professional life. The 2nd house rules finance, that one cannot come to a judgement solely the 6th house denotes service in return for from the sub-lord of the 10th cusp or the wages or drudgery, and the loth house the 6tQ cusp alone, or from Saturn, whether it is professional skills acquired, honour, recogin direct motion or in retrogression. The nition, merit, etc. among other matters. sub lord of the 10th cusp indicates, in a The houses which are twelfth to these general way without reference to any period houses are said to negate the influences of time in life, the native's status in socity, ruled by them, and, from this angls, houses his honour, fame, recognition advancement, 1, 5 and 9> which are twelfth to houses 2, etc., and whenever it transits in favourable 6 and 10 respectively, are called negating positions in the zodiac, it will further its houses. They do not contribute to the natal indications, especially if, at birth, it matters governed by houses 2,6 and 10. \vas a strong indicator of the^JOth-house— In other words, during the conjoint periods —iet us-study" tlfe example chart applying of planetsjiignifyingj, 5-OL 9_hGuses, there all these principles. - will be change of work or duties or even In the chart under discussion, the 10th job, or the native may proceed on leave, cusp falls in Saturn's sign Makara in Sun's and, in some cases, even face reversals in nakshatra Uttarashada and in the sub service in the ordinary course and not division governed by Saturn. Saturn is necessarily as punishment. Any matter by retrograde and occupies the 10th house in way of punishment would come under the his own sign and is thus very powerful purview of the 8th house which is referred for the affairs ruled by the 10th. The 6th to in <classical literature as 'Adhi' (mental , house is governed by Mercury as the sign pain), Pa^abhava fdefeat or insult) and lord. Sun as the nakshatra lord and Ketu *Apavadha (Scandal or ill-repute). If a signithe sub-lord, and Ketu has gone to the ficators of houses 10 or 6 also happens to .as 5th house in conjunction with Mercury lord be a strong significator of house 8 and 1, of 6 in 5 and Jupiter, lord of 9 and 12 5 or 9, then obstacles, impediments and in 5. What role did Satum play in matter mental agony in service matters are the of the native's professional career? _ indications. If there is no connection with On 30—5—1957 (Thursday), when the house 8, no such harmful results will ensue. native entered service, he was running Sdn In actual life, we find that when a Dasa, Mercury Bhukti, Mercury Anthra. certain dasa operates the native enters into The transits then were as follows•service, rises in the ladder, faces reversals and inimicals activities, recovers from mental Mercury Suo 15b-38' agony, leads a normal professional life for 0 2l#-37' Venus a number of years and then secures a spell Ketu 27'-46' Mars 23 -3' . 2^-37' Moon280-38' of accelerated promotions, etc. While a dasa denotes certain general indications, the bhukties are more precise and mark the Uranus time of stresses and strains, and the anthras specify the good or adverse periods more l0o-47' Nirayana accurately. A result is the inter-action of more than two or three planets and cannot Transit Chart be ascribed to one planet --- the dasa lord Thursday 30—5—57 or bhukti lord alone. If the dasa lord (A\ Guru the bhukti lord 'B' and the anthra lord *0 , 28* -52* jointly signify houses which have relevance to advancement in service, their conjoint period in Vimshottari Dasa will bring it Rahu, about. But if the dasa lord 'A', though good Saturn (R) 25o_3 7 for professional matters, is weak and the Neptune (R) ISM)!' bhukti lord 'B' and anthra lord •C are l6-06' more powerful to cause inimical influences II

The dasa lord, Sun, was the only planet in the chart tenanted in the constellation of Mercury, lord of 6 Cservice). The 6th house was unoccupied, and so Mercury itself represents the 6th house also, in addition to its other indications. Sun, it may be remembered, is also the constellation ruler of the cusps of houses 6 and 10.

Mom 1T-51'

Transit (1) Lord of 10 and 11, Saturn, who was retrograde at birth, was retrograde in transit also. He was transiting in the 8th house of the natal chart! but in the constellation and sub of Mercury, lord of 6, and bhukti and anthra lord. Sani transited the s ign of Mars' yvho, _ by - -virtue -of bis— ""flispnsifinn in the constellation of Rahu in II as the representative of Saturn, lord of 10 and 11, and in the sub of Saturn occupying powerfully the 10th house as lord of 10, is a very strong indicator of the matters coming under the 10th and 11th houses. (2) Dasa lord. Sun, was exactly over cusp of the 2nd house of the birth chart. Sun in the constellation of Moon in 9 shows removal and long journeys.


Mercury 29o-50'

Sun 60-55' Jup, (R) Rabu 0 18 -44' Monday, 23 July 1962 le^-OO' Ni ray ana Kethu o Transit Chart Ura. 16 -00' V«DUS Saturn (R) no-w l50-26'

'--Moon- and-Japiier—conjointly rule the 2Dd cusp as the constellation and sub lords respectively. Otherwise they can have no connection by lordship or occupation to houses 2, 6, 10 or 11. They are not in the constellation of planets owning or occupying houses 2, 6, 10 oc 11, but are situated in the constellation of Ketu conjoined with lord of 6. Moon and Jupiter, however, occupy at birth the sub ruled by Rahu in 11 as agent of Saturn, lord of 10 and 11# Transit 1) The promotion came when Moon was transiting in the 12th bouse! If we go deeper and see the stellar^ position, we find Moon in the constellation of Mercury, lord of 6, and in the sub of Saturn, lord of 10 in 10. It is not simply the transit of a planet in a favourable house that is important; what is more important is its transit in a favourable constellation. A planet in 11 denies but a planet in S or 12 gives favourable results. Why? Because of its favourable situation by constellation and sub. 2) Sun transited Saturn's constellation and Mercury's sub. Saturn, as already seen, is lord of 10 in 10, and Mercury is lord of 6. (Sun in Kataka 60-55' was sextile oc

(31 Bhukti and anthra lord. Mercury, transited in lagna in the constellation of Venus, lord of 2. (4) Moon transited in the 2nd house in the constellation of Mars, a powerful significator of houses 10 and 11, and in the sub of Saturn, lord of 10 in 10. (5) Rahu was exactly in trine (120 degree aspect) to its natal positionOn 23—7—1962, when he was running Moon dasa, Jupiter Bhukti and Jupiter Anthra, he obtained promotion to a class I post. The transits at this time were as follows: 12

-oc 60° aspect, a harmonious aspect, to the cusp of the 6th house, but at the iame time in opposition or 180° aspect, an inharmonious aspect, to the cusp 10th house and to Saturn at birth. Did the western system •of aspects really work, and if so what meaning can be derived from a sextile •aspect to the 6ti cusp but an opposition, .aspects to the 10th cusp? . But, according to KRISHNAMURT.l PADHDHATl, the -explanation is that the transiting Sun activated the part of the zodiac conjointly ruled by :Satuni. lord of 10, and Mercury, lord of 6.) 3) Here also Saturn, lord of 10, was retrograde by transit. Saturn was in the lOth house in transit, in the constellation of Moon, dasa lord, and sub of Guru, bhukti ^nd anthra Jord, 4) Mercury, Jord__of_6,_was —transiting"iin-Mifhuria, bis own sign, in the constellation ;nilcd by Jupiter, bbukti and antbra lord, • and in the sub of Moon, dasa lord. 5) Jupiter, bhukti as well as anthra lord, was also retrograde by transit in the 11th house but in the constellation of Rahu in 11 in the natal chart, and sub of Sun, •constellation lord of 6 and 10 houses. 6) Rahu was transiting in the constellation of Saturn, lord of 10 In 10, and the sub ■of Jupiter, bhukti and anthra lord. The native secured a second promotion ■on. Saturday 30—11—1968, when Moon was transiting in Revati nakshatra ruled- by Mercury, lord of 6. The transits during this time were as stated below;Moon 26o-04' Sat. (R) 25^-47' Rahu 120-58'

Thc native was running Moon dasa, Venus bhukti. Mercury anthra and Rahu sookshama. Moon as we have already seen, is constellation lord of 2nd house. Venus rules the 2nd house by sign. Mercury ie lord of 6, and Rahu is in 11 as the agent of lord of 10 and 11. Transits 1) Dasa lortll Moon was transiting the 12th house (!) in the constellation lord of 6 and sub of Rahu, significator 10 and 11 houses. Incidentally, was also trine exactly to the natal position Sun.

2) Venus was transitiog his own constellation and in the sub of Mercury, anthra lord, ruling 6 at birth. 3) Anthra lord Mercury was transiting in the 8th hbuse(!) of the natal chart but in the constellation of Saturn, lord of 10 occupying also 10, and in the sub of Moon, dasa lord. 4) Rahu, sookshama lord was transiting in the constellation of Saturn, lord of 10 in 10, and in Rahu's sub. 5) Jupiter transited over the 6th cusp in the constellation and sub of Sun and Venus respectively and, incidentally, in trine to the radical position of Saturn. 6) Saturn was retrograde by transit as on the two earlier occasions and was in conjunction with Moon, dasa lord, in trine to the radical Sun. Saturn, more significantly transited the constellation of Mercury, lord of 6, and sub of Rahu in 11 in the connatal chart and it may be . borne in mind that Mercury ruled this anthra and Rahu the sookshama at this time.

Saturday, 30—11—1968 NIRAYANA TRAMS1T CHART Sun 15M)2' Venus 25l>-27' Mercury U0-2J' Ncp. 3°-24'

in of of in; of

The reversion came when the dasa of Moon, bhukti of Sun and anthra of Moon was in operation. The day was Monday 17—2—1969. The transits at the time were as noted below.

yupt. s^-ss' Ura. Kyoo' Mars 1900-29' Keiu 12 -38' 13

Will he regain his lost position? He is now running the dasa of Mars and bhukti of Saturn which commenced on 29—12—1971. The details of the anthras in this bhukti are as follows:Dasa, Bhukti Amthra From To Mars Saturn Saturn 29-12-1971 2- 3-72 Mercury 2- 3-1972 28- 4-72 Kelu 28- 4-1972 22- 5-72 Venus 22- 5-1972 28- 7-72 Sun 28- 7-1972 18- 8-72 Moon 18- 8-1972 22- 9-72 Mars 22—9*l972~~l5-V^Tf — Rahu 15-10-1972 15-12-72 ' Jupiter 15-12-1972 8- 2-73 Mars, as seen from the table furnished before, is in the constellation of Rahu and sub of Saturn. Rahu in the natal chart is placed in 11 as the agent of Saturn, lord of 10 who in turn is in the 10th house itself Satum is lord of 10 in the 10th house very near the cusp. So the dasa and bhukti lords are favourable. The ruling planets at time of judgement on 3—6—1972 also happen to be Satum and Mars, the day being Saturday, the rasi being Kumbha awned by Saturn, the nakshatra being Dhanista ruled by Mars, and the lagna being Vrischika governed by Mars in Saturn's constellation Anuradha. Since Rahu is now transiting in Saturn's sign Makara and also aspected by Mars by the 8th aspect, this anthra is the most powerful. When Rahu anthra runs between 15—10—1972 and 15—12—1972, the matter should take a favourable turn. In this period, when Saturn starts retrograding from 3—10—1972 and transits in Mars star and Rahu sub in Venus sign Rishaba, Mars transit in Thula in the nakshatra of Rahu and sub of Satura, Mercury (lord of 6) transits in the sign owned by Mars in the constellation governed, by Saturn and sub of Rahu, and Rahu transits io Dhanus in Venus constellation and in sextile aspect (60 degrees.) to its radical position, he should regain his lost position. The day will be Thursday the 23rd November 1972 when Moon transits in the sign of lord of 6 Budha and the constellation lorded by Rahu. This is the scientific explanation according to Krishnamurti Padhdhati. On the other hand, what have our. traditional astrologers 16 say?

Sat 28M6' Veil, ac-is' Rthu 80-46' Mood 16M)5' Sun V-59' Mer. r-31'


fCcta Uranus (R) 9°-58' — Jup. (R) IIVJO' Moon, in the radical chart, is occupant •of the 9th house, in the constellation ofKetu in 5; Sun is lord of 5 in the constellation -of Mercury, lord of 6 in 5, and sub of Jupiter, lord of 9 in 5. Sun and Moon iiave strong connections with the 5th and 9th .house also. Neptone —5*-2Q' " Mara 3M)3'

Transits i; Transiting Moon squared the position of Sun on 30—5—1957 and 30—11—1968. Moon, by transit, was in the 11th house in the constellation of Rahu who was in the 12th house by transit; Moon was in the sub of Venus who was also in 12 by transit. Transiting Sun was in Mars naksliatra but in Sun sub. The reversion came when the ■dasa, bhukti and anthra lords were transiting iabhasthana(!j. 2) By transit, Saturn was in direct motion, but over the transiting position of Moon on 23—7—1962. 3) Transiting Mercury, lord of 6, was over the radical position of Saturn, in the constellation of Sun, lord of 5. Whenever Saturn was transiting in retrogression, the native only had beneficial effects and when it was direct by tansit he suffered! When the reversion came, Saturn was not ruling the period in any manner according to Vimshottari dasa. How far is retrograde Saturn evil in this particular case? It is for readers to judge. 15

One famous Astrological Correspondence Institute makes' the following forecast in regard to the same horoscope: " Sani is in a state of retrogression and hence becomes highly malefic. From the lOlh lord» Rahu occupies the 2nd house» commonly called maraka sthana or place of death. Instead of the native losing his job, he only suffered humiliation. The job is held intact since Sani is staying in his own house strongly'. ...... The native is at present having K.uja dasa. Guru bhukti. Guru bhukti will be over by March 1971. Guru is in the 9ch from Chandra lagna and 5th from Lagna. It occupies the 12th from the 6th house having reference to litigations. From the 6th lord, Budha, he is in Kendra. From Chandra lagna Guru in the 9th. As such Gum is quite favourable for the native in this respect. However, we have to look to the gochara movements. Sani will be in Mesha till August 1970^ After Sani leaves Mesha, thiog^wili'take a favourable shape,—We'can say that the native—will ""have his writ decided in his

favour and will be posted back to his original position in March—April 1971. By about August 1970, the present reversion, will be set aside." Will our traditional friends point out ^ single clear-out combination for reversion in service? 1 Have they any basis to go by Or are theilr predictions mere conjectures? What relevance has Maraka sthana in relation to ithe prtseot case? What is alP this mumboo-jumboo? "Krishnamurti Padhdhati". on the other hand offers clear, codified rules which goto help every one solve problems wheretraditional rules have been found wanting. The proof of the pudding, in the ultimate analysis, is in the eating, anAstrology in India can hope__to -recover from the disease of-stagnalibri that has been afflicting, -it"only it decides to rid itself of the manyfallacies and adopt sound, scientific theoriesarrived at after proper investigation and research.

DOES EDUCATION DETERMINE NATURE OF PROFESSION' By M. C. KHARE, M.P-C. Bhopal I. Chart A chart of a friend who is a law l30-42' V] 280-44' Moon Mars no-3r Sun graduate but serving in the opejation branch Venus (R) # 12M0' o 0 V 0 -44' VH 22 -38' VIII 21*-44' IX14'-50 of a Railway Department is found below. 24*-44' Why could he not become a lawyer, was his question. He himself had thoroughly Mercury 0o-24' NIRAYANA Rahu 270-58 studied the traditional system of Astrology JUJL 28^=1-9 B9rn PD.28-^-J932 "X 28°-44' in his early days, but he could not get at 16-44-20 P.M. an answer for his problem^The-charrefected I.S.T. "alresh strictly in accordance with the principles IV 2Se-44', . at 320-27'N; 74o-04'E. Fort 2l9-26' Saturn (R) Ayanamsa 220-49' enunciated in Krishnamurti Padhdhati Readers 10D-2<j' Koto is given here. Balance of Ketu Maha Dasa (Vimshottari) at birth 0 years 7 mouths 10 Days. II. Planetary Positions: OwoiQg Housc(s) Planet Sun Moon Mars Merc. Jup. Venus(R) Sat. (R) Rahu Kctu

10 2/7 9/11/12 3/5/6 1/8 4

0 HI 240-44' II 21 -44'

Occupying House Sign Mithuna » 6 Mesha Rishaba 7 Kataka 9 Kataka 10 (Cusp) 8 Mithuna Makara 3 4 Kumbha Simha 10

HI. Houses to be judged Houses 4 and 9 are to be persued for education, and houses 2, 6 and 10 for profession, IV. Analysis The gentleman was interested to know why Jupiter in exaltation in Cancer fKataka) and conjoined with Mercury could not

o Lagna XI 0 -44' D 22 -38' XII 28°-44'

Star lord

Sub lord

Rahu Kethu Moon Jupiter Mercury

Mercury Mercury Mars Moon Saturn

Rahu Moon Jupiter Sun

Ketu Moon Venus Moon'

make him a lawyer, although it assisted him to become a law graduate. According to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, undue importance is not attached to a planet's exaltation or debilitation or its position in the sign of its enemy and many other confusing theories. No ddubt, an exalated planet acquires strength to offer what it rules by nature, and a debilitated 17

planet is weak in that respect. But when faced all sorts of impediments and difficulties we descend from abstractions to actual , then and this was corroborated. delineated of a chart, we need to biend all The 9th house, in astrological parlance, the indications harmoniously and in such represents higher education, law, science and a treatment the theories found in traditional so on. In the chart under discussion, the texts like enemy's house, Tnalefic planet by 9th â&#x20AC;˘ house happens to be in Gemini (Mitbuna) nature, etc. have no exaggerated importance. ruled by Mercury fBudha} in the conEvery horoscope is peculiar to the date, stellation governed by Jupiter and sub of time and place, and what is food to one Mercury itself. Jupiter has dhief governoris poison to the other Jupiter is not uniship over law, ana the 9th house itself fonnly good to all, nor is Saturn bad either has rule over law and legal affairs. Tie sub to every one. If Venus is in exaltation, it lord of the" 9th cusp, Mercury, himself is is also :hen in enemy's house. The practical posited in the constellation owned by Jupiter. approach prescribed in Krishnamurti Padhdhati Mercury also occupies the 9lh house. No is simple, clear and direct, and that is that wonder, he had legal education. This is the whatever planet may be by nature good, real explanation. If traditional principles arc bad or indifferent what actually it will offer ' taken into account, Jupiter the karaka-fordepend on its lordship of bouses in the law,occupying-tbe'Cusp'(bfiava madhyaj of 1 chart, it occupation by house and, more than alU_its__ sijuation by-cgnsfHintrnh~n7C Ihe lOlh house (Meridian) should have made him a foremost lawyer, especially in the --subrThe sign in which it is contained dasa of lord of 10, Moon, whom he has measures the strength of the planet whether disposed, and in his own (Jupiter's) bhukti, it is congenial to express its natural qualities but did it give? Jupiter was also in exaltation to the full or not, in the constellation of Mercury, lord of 9 in 9, and as Jupiter was powerfully connected - A planet is the source through which to the 10th bouse by profession, be should it influences the matter or, matters denoted have turned a lawyer. But the facts are by the houses occupied by it or the matter otherwise. or matters denoted by the house occupied the lord of the constellation in which it is In considering profession, 9th house deposited. If there is no planet in a house docs not enter our reckoning, For the purpose and there are none in the constellations any of determining profession and its prospects, one of the three ruled by the lord of a we are required to refer to houses 2, 6 and bouse, then the house lord himself becomes 10 houses 2 ruling finances, 6th ruling a significator to affect the matters Influenced service and lOlh denoting honour, status, by that house and be will do so in addition ^business, profession, occupation, etc. But the to his role as the significator of the house vast majority of us are only employees and are occupied by him and the house ruled by denoted by the 6th house the house of service the lord of the constellation in which he in .return for wages. Jupiter is exalted all was stationed. in Kataka, Mercury is in vargottama also, and Jupiter is also on the cusp of the 10th house, but Jupiter is in the constellation Coming back to the subject matter of of Mercury, who is lord of 9 in 9, the 9th our discussion, wc find that the 4th house house being the house of negation to the" which governs normal high school education 10th matters. Both Jupiter and Mercury arc is occupied by Rahu who, by virtue of his aspected by Saturn. Jupiter also occupies standing alone in the sign Kumbha ruled by the sub of Saturn. Saturn was the sub lord Saturn, becomes a powerful agent of Saturn who not only rules the sign on the cusp of both the cusps of 6lh and I0tb houses posited in the constellation of Moon, lord of the 4th house but also the siib thereof. of 10 in 6. It denotes only service career, Saturn himself is in 3, a house of negation a surbordinate position. Of the planets Jupiter to the 4th house affairs, and Rahu brings and Mercury, Jupiter and Mercury, Jupiter to bear Saturn's influence in this respect. though he owns the 6th house (service) As only a few month of Ketu dasa was occupies the constellation of Budba in 9 left as balance at birth, the native had run and the sub of Saturn; Mercury, on the the dasa of Venus (Sukra) for 20 years in other hand, occupies the constellation of life, and Sukra was posited in the constellation of Rahu. The native should have Jupiter in 10 and Moon, lord of 10 in the 19

6th house. So Mercury is more powerful than Jupiter in the matter of professional prospects, but indicates only service and not an independent profession. At present there is no possibility of bis changing Service and switching over to a legal career in an independent way. Till 8—3—1976, the native runs the dasa of t Mars according to Vimshottari Dasa system, and Mars as lord of 2 occupies the constellation of Moon, lord of 10 in thedih house fservice). So, till'the'n there can be no change. Rahu, who succeeds Mars, will have bis dasa from 8—3—1976

for a period of 18 years. Rahu is connected in .Jupiter in the 10th house by constellation, and will in its dasa in the bhukti of Guru CJupiterJ operating between 20—11—78 and 14—4—1981 provide him an opportunity for elevation to a post where his legal education will have immense scope for expression. Krishnamurti Padhdhali gives a clear and concise picture. It is ftee from contraditions which afflict the traditional system. Good Luck


ON TIMING OF i EVENTS B, Sri Y. S. N. MURTHY Stellir Astrological Resea Institute, Koraput, Orissa A communication was received from our late lamented Quruji that he would come to Kofaput on the 18th February 1972. A doubt arose whether be would actually reach by that date. 1 asked the President of pur' Institute to give a number. He came out with '222'. "The date was 13—2—1972, the time being 5-32 P.M, (1ST), at Koraput, IS" 41' North and 82° 45' East. The cusps of houses drawn for the number according to tlje principles contained in Krishnamurti Padhdhati and the planetary positions for the time of query are illustrated in the horoscope given here. ; n 26#-37/ Mars S'-SS' Sat. 60-22' V 19'-37' Ven. lOa-18' III 280-37' IV 24<-37' Asc. (Legua] 20M# Sun 0o-32'

nirayana Mercury Horary Number; 222 | 270-36' a XIL 16 -37' Rahu 10a-58' Moon 10o-49'

Kctu lQ0-58' VI 168-37' VII 20o-00'

XI 190-37' X 24*-37' IX 2V-ZT VIII 260-37' Jup. 70-52' The 9tb house, in astrological language^ refers to preceptor, guru, father, knowledge, research, etc. Desire is denoted by the 11th house which also indicates its ful&lmcnt. We have to judge the cusps of both the 9th and Ilth bouses for our purpose. The 9th house cusp is conjointly governed by Venus, Jupiter and Venus. The sub-Iordis Venus and the arrival of Guruji has to be seen with reference to the sub-lord's signification. Venus is deposited in the first bouse in the constellation of Saturn, lord of lagna, who has gone to the 3rd house. Venus, moreover, occupies its own sub and is also exalted. The lllh cusp is conjointly ruled by Jupiter as the sign lord, Venus as the constellation lord and Rahu as the sub-lord. Jupiter is in the JOth bouse, Venus is powerfully posited in lagna in the

constellation of lord of lagna, and Rahu lords the sub is raptly (exactly) conjoined with Moon in the l lth house and is also stationed in the star and sub governed by Moon. There can tbefcfore be no doubt that Guruji should come.. Next, the question was when be would arrive. I immediately noted the ruling planets. They were:— Lord of Day (Sunday) Sun Moon sign lord (Makara) Saturn Moon constellation lord (Sravana) Moon Lagna sign lord (Kataka) _ Moon _ Lagna-constell ation lordTP a shya) Saturn Incidentally, Guruji's birth was in Makara lagna and in the naksbatra Sravana ruled by Moon. Further, his janma naksbatra is also Sravana. As mentioned before, Rahu is posited in the signMakaraand in tbeconstellation Sravana, It is also in Moon's sub and conjoined, with Moon, an exact conjunction. Hence, I took the transit of the sensitive point in the zodiac ruled by these three planets Saturn, Moon and Rahu. . The day when Moon transits here, Guruji must arrive. The day was accordingly found outto be the 26th February 1972, a day governed by Saturn, when Moon would transit in her own sign Kataka, in the naksbatra Pusbya owned by Saturn and in the sub-division of Pushya of which Rahu is the lord going further. I pin-pointed the time of Guruji's arrival on that date as 7-35 P.M. when Simba lagna rises and in that lagna Ketbu naksbatra and Rahu sub comes. Kethu is powerfully aspected by Saturn and Ketbu occupies Moon's sign Kataka and Saturn's naksbatra Pusbya. Sun is a ruling planet. Rahu substitutes for both Saturn and Moon. Hence it was concluded that Guruji will arrive in Koraput but on the 26tb February 1972 and not on 18—2—1972 as he had informed us earlier. Next day we received a communication from him saying that he had cancelled his programme to reach on tbe 18th February and instead, he would come on the 26 February 1972. How true is tbe method propounded in Krishnamurti Padhdhati Can any other system come anywhere near it and resolve such minor problems in exact measure? Good luck.

Vcnkatcsa Pandita*ÂŤ jataka chandrika By Visaka (Continued from May 1972 issue) evil houses. How, then, did the learned Stanza 50. author arrive at the conclusion that Jupiter is For briths in Kdtaka Lagna, Venus, auspicious? In stanza 51, Jupiter's combiSaturn and Mercury arc Malelic Planets! nation with Mars has been hailed perhaps Jupiter and Mais are Highly Beneficial; and because of the view stated in stanza 14 that if Mars, by himself, is capable of conferring powerful lords of kendras or quadrants Rajayoga. (houses 1,4,7 and 10) and trikonas (houses 3 and 9) conjoin, they give rise to Rajayoga, Stanza 51. even if they arc otherwise evil. It was further Jupiter and Mars in combination cause made clear in stanza 18 that an evil Planet or Rajayoga, and Sun does not cause death even lord of 3,6,8,11 and 12 will be fully favourable though he lords a Maraka Sthana. when connected to a Rajayoga planet. Jupiter _u.JoEd-of-6 as wdl arnf Tiis cmnnmai tion with Mars, lord of 5 and 10 for Kataka â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Stanza-52 T lagna, has thus been spoken of in appreciative Venus and Mercury have the power to terms Venus, however, has not been inflict death. bracketed with Jupiter, nor is any mention made as to the auspicious nature of her Notes: combination with Mars, even though she In stanza 5, the lordship of houses 3, 6 owns the 4th house, a kendra. On a strict interpretation of stanzas 14 and 18, Venus and 11 was said to be evil. In stanza 8, it should be treated as a benefic, but her role is was averred that the 8th house, being the to be read in conjunction with stanzas 6 twelfth or negation from the 'Bhagya Sthana* (9th house), its lordship too is inauspicious. , and 9. According to the view of the learned Following this principle, Venus owning the author of Jataka Chandrika finding mention 11th house, Saturn ruling the 8th bouse and in stanza 6, bcnefics by nature become evil Mercury controlling the 3rd house for Kataka when they happen to own quadrant houses or lagna, have been classified as malefics. kendras (houses 1,4,7 and 10) in a horoscope, in the same situation malefics arc The statement in stanza 50 that Mars is ' while converted to good. Thus, Venus being a a high class benefic is in consonance with the natural benefic, her rulership of a kendra statement in earlier stanzas 11 and 20 where in house namely the 4th, is unfavourable from the union of lordship of a kendra house this angle. Mbreover. in stanza 9, the author (quadrants or angles, namely houses 1,4,7 and was more specific that Venus owning a lOj and a trikona (houses 5 and 9) was held quadrant is inauspicious. to be highly auspicious. Mars, for Kataka lagna, owns the 5th house, a trikona, In stanza 52, it was the learned author's contention that Venus owning the llth house and the' 10 house the most powerful and having kendradhipathya dosba by virtue of the kendras. In the same stanza. Jupiter has also been equated with Mars as a high of lordship of the 4(h angle, and Mercury class benific, and io .stanza 51 the learned lording over houses 3 and 12, bring about author of Jataka Chandrika has gone a step death. But in stanza 5!, the Sun is not fuither to assert that Jupiter's combination counted as a planet that has death-inflicating power though he owns the 2nd house, a with Mars gives rise to Rajayoga. We must examine this in a little detail. Jupiter no strong maraka Sthana. In stanza 10. it was doubt rules the 9th house, a trikona, a bcnefic only said that Sun and Moon have no 'ashtamadhipathi dosha', that is to say their house according to the principle enunciated in stanza 5, but he also holds dominion over the lordship of the 8th house was not harmful, but no such specific assertion about the non6th house which, according to the learned malefic nature of Sun's ownership of house 2 author's assertion in stanza 5, is among the 25

or house 7, which are maraka sthanas, occurs anywhere else in Jataka Chandnka. In fact, in stanza 22, the learned author spoke of the 8th house and the 3rd houses as houses of life and the houses in twelfth to them as houses of death, from which it will be apparent that, even according to him, houses 2 and 7 are, comparatixely speaking, the strongest oeath influences. The statement that Sun will not bring about death himself, does not therefore appear to be quite rational. The treatment found in Jataka Chandrika is, in many respects, at variance with other classical works. Except in Jataka Parijata, no other author talked of the 11th house as inimical for longevity, and even in Jataka Parijata the il 1th house was taken to be unfavourable fiom the standpoint of longevity only for persons born in movable signs (chara_rasis,__naiÂťâ&#x201A;Źly^Mesha,-Kataka,-Tinrla and-Makara) on the lagna at birth. In almost all the classical texts, there exists a wide consensus of opinion that lordship of houses 2 and 7 is a stronger death influence than loidship of houses 3 or 8, and the latter (3 or 8) are more powerful than lordship of benefic planets over kendras. Instances are numerous of persons of Kataka lagna passing away in their Stin dasa or Sun bhukti in another planet's dasa, and on the day, nakshatra, rasi and lagna governed by Sun. There are, similarly, examples of deaths in periods governed by planets other than Venus or Mercury. Hence, neither the statement that Sun as lord of 2 will" not cause death, nor the statement that Venus and Mercury are the planets of kill can be taken at their face value. L determining the time of death, various other factors have to enter into our reckoning, and we need to assess the effects of Sun or any other planet with reference to his occupation, constellational position, constellational sub position, his association with other planet, bis aspect to the houses connected with death, etc. The Sun, it will not be safe to assume, will not kill, nor can Venus and Mercury, on the same analogy, be concluded to be evil merely by reason of their lordship. In Bhavartha Ralnakara, a treatise attributed to Ramanujacharya, in dealing with Kataka lagna, the learned author makes it clear that Venus causes yoga if he is posited in 12 or 2 and is equally emphatic that in other places she will not produce any yoga, it must be remembered that Venus has kendradhipalhya dosha for Kataka lagna and his occupation of the 2nd, a maraka sthana 27

or the 12th house, which signifies separation from the world, strengthens her power to terminate existence. At the same time, the 2Dd house also favours financial gains and rules family, etc. Likewise, the 12th house too has favourable affairs under its domain such as investment, suka sayana (blissful sleep;, fortune in a for off country etc. In another sloka of the same work Ramanuja chary a holds that if Venus and Mercury are in the 12lhhou>e for Kataka lagna Venus dasa will cause Rajayoga. There creeps a confution in the minds of the readers Ahen they glance thiough different .classical texis. In seme texts a planet is condemned as malefic; in others the same planet is ealled_jb_<nelic Sometimr^~ â&#x20AC;&#x201D;even-imhe s8me"woik at one place a planet is extolled and in another place it is condemned. How does this occur? Because the classification is made from different viewpoints. A certain author has gone by the planet's natural characteristics alone, another author approached the subject solely from the point of lordship of "houses in the birth chart.' and some others kept the natural characteristics in mind at one place and the planet's lordship or occupation at another place. Even while considering,the planet's lordship, there is a wide divergence of approach. In some works the lordship viewed as favourable or other wise from the standpoint of material prograss and prosperity and in others the scope of discussion is narrower and the subject is looked at solely from the angle of longevity. How are we to interpret the planetary influences? Are we to go merely by the rules found in classical works and apply them as they are and without any modification? Ho. Ho planet is wholly good or wholly evil. It has l< rdsbip over both desirable as well as undesirable affairs Such results as it indicates accordiiig to its natural characteristics and lordship do'not alone come to pass. They get modilied according to its situation by house, constellational position etc. as well as by aspects and association with other planets The words 'benefic' and 'malefic' are used in the classical texts in a general relative sense a benefic being harmonious and a malefic being inharmonious. And when we say that Jupiter is a benefic in connection with the 6th house affairs, we understand that Jupiter will contribute to

dosha. It is lord of 7 also (marakadhipathij success in matters connected with financial and is not favourable from the point of ioans, borrowing, scholarship, etc. but the longevity, but as lord of the house of union «ame Jupiter will not fail to cause illness and or marriage as well as of the house of profesdisease. How then is it a benefic? Jupiter sion (10th house) he will not fail to promote is termed as a natural benefic because he is the matters concerning marriage marital the lord of expansion, optimism, generosity, large heartedness and fortune generally, but- happiness, or trade, business and profession. To Kataka lagna he is lord of 6 and hence if afflicted he becomes an extremist, improvievil from the point of view of health, but is inent rigid narrow minded and commits selfgood for overdraft facilities, raising loans etc. undoing through lack of commonscnse. If Saturn is despised because he happens to As lord of 9 to Kataka lagna, he is inclined 'exercise his writ over undesirable matters, he to do good in the matter of collaboration with also represents certain desirable influences. nationals or instutions of other countries in •On the destructive side, he rules disapoinraent industrial or other ventures, research higher education religious matter etc. But is delay, denial, dejection deceit etc. but on the constructive side he has to do wiih organiunfavourable in regard to speculation sation, plodding nature, patience perscvercnca Litigation etc. To Simha lagna Jupiter is •care and method. . IfMars isarr->gant, rash lord of ashtama sthana f8th house) also and violent, he is also enthusiastic, fiery, though, as lord of 5, he Js fruitfulpioneering, courageousjmd bold. —for matters -ctmnecrecT witH"~love affairs, romance, progeny, creative faculties, mantra There is a mistaken belief that Jupiter is siddhi, mantra upadesa, etc. To Kanya he uniformly favourable to all alike.-^ This is is a malefic with kendradhipathya dosha, but not true. Jupiter is not a fruitful planet by is highly favourable with respect to matters lordship of houses to some ofthelagnas, and. connected with miarriage, business, trade, to a few other lagnas he is partly good and education, gains through property, etc. To partly evil. For instance, to Mesh a lagna, ' Thula lagna he is lord of 3 and 6, condemned Jupiter becomes the ruler of the 12th house as malefic houses according to Jataka Chan^vhich has been deemed to be a 'dus sthana' drika, depriving him of good health but is or evil house because it has to do with highly favourable on the meterial side showing •expenses, hospitalisation, seclusion, segregafavourable financial prospects. tion internment or incaroeration. No dou^t, Jupiter brings to bear his own natural traits To "Yrischika lagna, he becomes a marakon the matters of the 12th house, and since he asthana adhipathi, unfavourable from the is a natural benefic the expenses will be in angle of longevity, but favourable for finance, •connection with marriage of the children fif creative faculties, pleasurable activities, Jupiter is also a significator of the 5thi house) progeny etc. To Makara lagna, he is lord ■or temple affairs fas Jupiter also happens to of 3 and 12 evil houses according to Jataka govern the 9th house) or the native may make Chaodrika and evil according to other texts a fruitful investment. The 12th house is not also. To Kumbha lagna, Jupiter governs the wholly evil, as many of us are taught to 2nd house, a marakasihana. and the 11th, believe' because it has many good aspects ■ an evil house according to Jataka Chandrika. ■coming under its domain-investment, mediOf course, he will not fail to favour the native tation, philanthropy etc. So Jupiter, as lord in the matter of financial gains or other ■of 12, -will affect all matters of the 12th house matters ruled by the 2dd nor deny the fulfiland as the 12th house in the astrological ment of desires. Even to Dbanus and.Meena scheme is related to loss ot expenses, Jupiter lagnas, Jupiter cannot be classided as a real is said to be unfavourable due to lordship. benefic in the strict sense in which the terms To Rishaba lagna Jupiter rules the Sth house, has been interpreted by the learned author of showing the extent of life in this world, the work "Jataka Chandrika". According to mental pain and agony, danger difficulty, him, Jupiter being a natural benefic acquires illness, illrepute, etc. and is unfavourable, keodradhinathya dosha by owning the lagna but the 8th house also governs legacy, unearand the 4th house for Dhanus lagna and the ned and unexpected income, insurance money, lagna and the 10th house for Meena lagna. gratuity, provident fund accumulations etc. If we consider Jupiter in relation to It denotes 'kalathra dhana* or the partner's money. To Mithuna, Jupiter becomes a Kataka lagna, he bocomes the owner of the kendradhipathi and acquires kendradhipathya 9th house and also of the 6th house. Every

Ikouse has sway over certain affairs of life, •constructive as well as destnicrivc. When it is said that a planet is a benefic or malefic based on lordship, the idea expressed is that it will activate the matters ruled by the house, but, as mentioned in the foregoing, every ."house is both good and bad. So if Jupiter as •lord 9 advances the matters of the 9ih house . it is logical to suppose that as lord of 6 he will also bring the 6th house influences to the fore. The 6th house is styled as a 'upachaya slhana' an improving house. Why?'Because :it is in twelfth ('vraya' or loss) to the person •described by the 7th house, and the 7lh house represents all those with whom there is any -dealing. No one can live in this world for himself alone; the 7th house is the house adjustment to the world, the native's involvement through group association. The basic idea of the 7th house is joint activity and cooperation-of which thfi -nnrnrnmrR'ST"iTT7uii=" festations are marriage and businyss partnerships. While the 7th house denotes major relationships in joint interest, such as marriage or trade partnership, it indicates, at the fame time the equally direct contact in opposition re-presented by disputes, competition, contests and conflicts of every sort in enmity or friendship. It includes, for instance the thief, the opposing party in litigation, the person orper.sonscorapetingwith you in election,competitive ■examination speculation etc. . All legal action comes under its purview, and it identifies the other party in contest or dispute. In a nutshell, the house may be said to stand for all those with whom there is transaction of any kind, such as a doctor, lawyer, archite-t, •contractor, chartered 'accountant, or a bank or a financial institution. The 6th house, being intwelfth reckoned from the person or instution signified by the 7th house, shows the benefits derived as a direct consequeucc of the loss or suffering caused to him or the

institution. Therefore, it is fully favourable ;or overdraft or loan facilities to tide over an immediate crisis, or for success in, matters connected with litigation, competition, selection election etc. The 6th house is trad|i. tionally regarded as "Roha sthana" the house of disease and sickness, and from this angle is unwelcome. On the same analogy, the yfh house is harmonious for higher education, long journeys, publication foreign contacts and collaboration or even spiritual uplift, but when viewed from the standpoint of election or litigation or continuance in office (12 to lOj it cannot be taken to be good. Being in 12th to the 10th house, it is detrimental for continuance in office; being in ashtama to the 2nd house, it is unfavourable for financial affairs; being in the sixth to the 4th house, it causes sickness to mother; being in the 7th house to ithe . BrcLhousc.—^t-is-detrimental-to the longevity of brothers or fathers-in-law (being in the 7th from the 3rd house which when counted from the 7th house ruling wife or husband, is the 9th house or the house of her by his father. The 9th house, being in twelfth to the 10th representing mother-in-law shows her separation. To sum up, the lordship of a planet or its natural characteristics alone do cot count in determining its effects. A planet is modified by the sign, house constellation and sub occupied and by the planet(s) in conjunction with or aspecting it. No one who swears by the slokas found in classical texts, however true they may be or who looks for support to the texts for any and every matter, can every hope to understand the spirit and symbology of the planetary archangels all his life and interpret its lofty message to those who seek . his counsel. (To be continued)

HEALTH AND LONGEVITY: A CASE STUDY By V. N. N. RANGACHAH Bjrgalore It was a Sunday, t was busy with some casting, when a relative of mine dropped in and wanted me to probe into the health and longevity of his paternal relative (represented by the 3rd house from the house of father). The person gave '209' when asked for a number between 1 and 249. The day was Sunday 21st November 1971 at Bangalore (lat. a'-SS* North, Long. IT-W East), the time being 3-ISP.M. 1 drew a horary chart, and' worked ouljh.e^cusps-of'faouses taking —thflagnaTo be 0° of Kumbha fbased on numbe'r 708) and calculated the planetary positions for the time of judgement, namely 3.1 i P.M. The chart is reproduced below; Balance of Ketbu Dasa (Vimshottari) at birth 0 year 1 Month 26 days. |I. Planetary Significators Houses House Owned Planet occupied Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn (R) Rahu Kciu

7 6 3/10 5/8 2/11 4/9 1/12

Sign occupied

I Horoscope; II 5e-22' III 9a-22'

IV 7°-22' Sat.# (R l V 4'-22' 10 -03'

Mara I4M3 VI 09-22' Nirayana Lagna (Houses for No. 208 Ketn C-OO' at Utt, 0 " —13^25' Long 77 -36' East) Rahu Ayanamsa 230-2l' 15--25' VII O'-OO' XU 0--22' Venus . MoonJ3M)2 Uer.ZTMtt' 26*-48' XI 90-22' VIII 5»-22' 0 Jup. 19°-25' \ XI 4 -22' X T-l? Suo 4#-58'

Deposited in CuosteUatioo of placet Sub of planet Ruling Oecupyiag Ruling oceupyini Houses House House* House 1/12 1/12 .4 4 6 5/8 10 6 .. ■ 12 5/8 10 2/11 10 5/8 10 ' 4/9 10 5/8 10 12 6 11 « 11 11. « 2/11 10 1/12 4 2/11 10

9 11 1 10 10 10 12 6

Note; Rahu is in Makara owned by Saturn. It is Saturn's agent. Ketu occupie; Kataka and is aspected by Saturn (R) from 4. It offers the results of Moot and Saturn (Retrograde). 33

Ill, Vimshottari Dasa Period: Dasa Bhukti Anthra Ketu Mercury Saturn

Sooksbama Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter'

From 21-11—71 29-11-71 7—12—71 10-12-71 20—12—71 23—12—71 28—12—71 1 - 1—72 10- 1—72

To 29—11-71 7 12—71 10—12—71 20—12—71 23—12—71 28-12-71 1— 1—72 10— 1-72' 17— 1—72

namely 11 th house for chara rasi (movable sign) on lagna. 9th house for those bom with lagna in sthira rasi (fixed sign); and 7th house for those bora with lagna in ubhaya rasi (common sign), will also have to be taken into account. The 12th house to lagna is vyaya sthana (negation) _to^Ufe.—k—is-cailed_ the -'molCSha sthana' or the house of .liberation. Satdrn. called •Yama' or ^Ayushkaraka', is the chief governor for longevity. The sub-lord of the 4th house (6 from 11) acts as the guide to find out the disease. Here the 4th cusp falls in Taurus in Sun's constellation and sub of Ketu. The sub lord, Ketu, is posited in the 6tb bbava (8 toll) in a watery sign in the constellation of Saturn, lord of 12 (2 to 11) posited in 4 (6th to II). Ketu is in the sub of Jupiter occupying the 10th house (12 to 11). As per Krishnamurti Padbdhatj, if Saturn is connected with the 8th house fhere 6th house of the horary chart which is 8 from llth), it fives a liability to death due to cold, rheumatism, bone trouble and chronic diseases. It denotes slow and lingering death. Here, Saturn is lord of 12 and 1 /2 and 3 to llth) and also occupies 4 (6 to II). Kataka rules chest and stomach and Ketu posited there in Saturn's constellation indicates suffering as a result of afflictions of both lungs, or asthma. The person has been suffering from chronic asthma for about seven years and has been having breathing difficulty for some days prior to query. Kcthu is the significator of bouses 1.2,3,6,8 and 12 counted from the llth bouse. The constellation lord of the cusp of 4th house (6 to 11) is Sun placed in Vrischika in the constellation and sub of Saturn (Ret), lord of 2/3 to the llth house (stationed in 6th house to llth). This causes lingering ailment affecting vocal organs (2 and 3 houses).

IV. House Cusps : Cusp of Sign Const.' Sub house lord lord lord XII Saturn • Sun Rahn V Mercury Mars Venus X Mars Saturn Ketu IV Venus_.—.-Sun——"Kefu^ — Vl Moon Jupiter Moon IX Venus Rahu Jupiter V. Analysis: Moon reflects the mind of the quercnt. It is the lord of 6 deposited in 11th house in the constellation of Ketu. an occupant of the 6th and sub of Mercury, * lord of 5 and 8 posited in 10, revealing a state of worry, fear and mental tension in the mind of the'querent. To the person represented by the. 11th house, Ketu and Mercury are significators of 2, 6, 7, 8 and 12 showing illness and hospitalisation. The cause of worry is thus clearly obvious. The subject matter of query pertains to a person described by .the 3rd house reckoned from the 9th house ruling0 father. The 9th house falls in Thula 9 -22' and the third from this is the 11th house in Dhanus 40-22/. Dhanus is a common sign (ubhaya rasi). The 11 th house has to be-created as the Ascendant ot the person about whose health and longevity the query has been put. The 6tb bouse determines disease in all its aspects; the 2nd and 7tb houses are maraka sthanas (deathrinflicting houses) for all lagnas because they arc in twelfth to houses 3 and 8 denoting tbc extent of longevity or life to be lived in this world to enjoy the fruits of past karma-good as well as bad. Houses 2 and 7 are also opposed to the 8th bouse and lagna ruling longevity. Then again, bhadaka sthanas or tmale6c bouses from the standpoint of longvity 35

Cure is given by the llth house. For this purpose, the sub-lord of the llth cusp (to 1 l)-aamely 9th cuspâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; should be studied. The 9th house falls in Venus sign, Rahu constellation and Jupiter sub. Venus is lord of 4 (6 to 11; in 10 CU to 12); Rahu is in 12 (2 to 1 \) as the agent of Saturn, lord of 2 to (he llth posited in the 6th house to the llth house. Rahu is also the agent of Moon, lord of 6 (8 to 11). Jupiter, the sub-lord, is in the 10th house (12 to the llth) and is in the constellation of Mereury, lord of 5 (7th to the llth house) in 10 (12 to the 11th house), in the sub of Venus, lord of 4 and 9 (lord of 6 and 11 to the 11th house) posited in the 10th (12th house to 11), Jupitpr is also conjoined with Mercury and Venus. Hence, no cure is shown. According, to 'Horary Astrology', a fine treatise on the subject of prasna written by Guruji K. S. Krishnamurti, the Ascendant (lagna) should not be posited in the constellation of a maraka or bhadaka planet if long life were to be assured. Here, Dhanus is on the Ascendant, the constellation on the Ascendant being Mo_ola_â&#x20AC;&#x17E;ruled-by_JCethu- and' (the sub By Moon) Moon, the sub-lord, is lord of 6 (8 to llth house) posited in the constellation of Kcthu, occupant of the 8th (froni the llth) in the sub of Mercury ruling the 7th (from 11thJ and occupying the 12ih house (from llth). Ret a, the constellation lord on the Ascendant, is as we have seen, a significator of houses 2, 3, 6, 8 and 12 to the person described by the llth house. The lord of Dhanus, Jupiter, has gone to the 12th h cuse there from. All these portend evil. The 12th house (2nd to the llth) is occupied by Rahu. Mars alone Is in its constellation, and^ Mars is lord of 10 (12 to the 1 Ith house). Saturn owns the 12th house (2nd to the 11th house). Sun and Rethu are posited in Saturn's constellation. ' The 5ih house (7th house from the llth) is vacent. Its lord is Mercury which is in its own constellation occupies house 10 (12 to the llth house). Jupiter and Venus arc also in the constellation of Mercury. The 6th house (8th house from 11) is occupied by Ketu and owned by Moon. Saturn and Rahu are posited in Moon's constellation. Moon itself is in Ketu constellation. Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are posited in 12th to the llth house. Lord of 12 to the llth house Mars, and there are no planets in its constellation. When, at the lime of query, a number of planets are afflicated by connection to the

house of death, there is no ray of recovery from disease. Let us take the ruling planets. Sun governs the day. The Moon is posited in Jupiter's sign. Ketu's constellation. The Ascendant rising is Jupiter's sign Meena Mercury's constellation. The ruling plauets are. Jupiter. Mercury, Ketu and Sun. Venus being conjoined with Jupiter and Mercury the lords of the sign and constellation rising on the lagna, is also to be included. As Saturn was aspectiag the 8th and 12th houses counted" from the 11th house, some delay was inevitable and I expected death to take place in January 1972 when Moon transits the 8th house reckoned from llth. Actually, the death took place, as predicted, on the 2ad January 1972 when Moon transited the 8ih cusp from the 1 Ith in Guru's constellation, Rahu's sub, and Jupiter's sign, Ketu's constellation and Mercury's sub was rising in the lagca. Sun was in Guru's sign Dhanus, Sukra's coastellatioo Poorvashada. Moon's SU").


ON THEFT By B. N. NAYAK A woman came to me in the evening on Wednesday, May 5, 1971, with a query Xlf 26*-52' Mcr. 0' <32' Sat l®-04' ■whether the necklace that had been lost that Venus I Asc. 3o-00' III 24*-52' .afternoon from the neck of her younger 21 *-19' sunzr-ir 11 29*~52' -daughter while they were all busy in a marriage party would be got back and when. I asked her to quote a number between I and 249, to IV 20°-52' which she quickly replied '25*. NIRAYANA Kcthu XI 21 "-05' 26o-00' Number: 25 The number .given by the querent is taken , to represent lagna and the other houses for Time; 1-30 A.M. (1ST) this lagna are ascertained by referring to the Date: 5/6-5-1971 "Table of Houses of Raphael for the latitude Rahu Place: 20o-4'N; V 2lo-05' 26<,-00' •of Judgement The positions of the planets o Moon X 20 -52' 85°-!' E. "for the Judgement time are then found out 29<,-45' Mars 70-39' -and inserted in the chart. A horary chart was prcpard accordingly by me as stated iereunder:_ VIII 29B-52' (R) IX 24*-52' Jupiter VI 260-52' Balance of Sun dasa, Rahu bhukti lO'-23' •(Vimshottari) at query 0 year I month VII 3*-00' .10 days. The owner of the necklace is the woman herself and not her daughter who was wearing it. So the Judgement was made as usual from the lagna representing the querent; i ' ■ TI. Planetary positions; -Planet 35un .'Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter (R; Venus Saturn Rahu Kethu

owned 5 4 7/8 3/6 9/12 1/2 10/U


occupied 12 5 9 12 7 11 12 10 4

III. Will the lost article be recovered? In the first place, Judge the sublord of the 11th cusp which shows desire as well as its fulfilment. If the sublord of the 11th cusp is deposited in the constellation of a planet signifying any of the houses 2, 6 and 11 by -occupation or lordship, then proceed further -and study the signification of the lord of the

Scar ruled by Venus Sun Sun Kethu Saturn Mercury Sun Mars Mercury


bub ruled by Jupiter fRj Rahu Kctu Ketu Sun Venus Rahu Rahu Rahu

sub in which the sublord of the nth cusp is deposited. If the lord of the sub occupied by the sublord of the 11th cusp is also connected with houses 2, 6 and 11 in any manner, then the article whould be traced and delivered. The star lord and sublord in which the 11th cusp sublord is deposited should have no connection with houses 5, 12 and 8.

In the present case, the 11th cusp sub lord happens tobe Jupiter. He is retrograde. He is lord of houses 9 and 12 and is posited in the 7th house and in the constellation of Saturn who, though he owns 10 and 11 houses, is placed in 12. Further, the planet who rules the sub in which Jupiter is stationed is the Sun who lords the 5th house and occupies the 12th house. There is, thus, no promise of the necklace being ever found out. To confirm this indication, take the 11th ■cusp counted from the 7th house, the 7th house being the the house of the thief or the person who took the nacklace away. The Ilth cusp from the 7th house is the 5th house ■cusp of the querent. The sublord of the 5th •cusp is again Jupiter, retrograde and deposited in the lagna of the thief in the nakshatra. Saturn in the 6th house counted from the 7th house, and in the sub of Sun, lord of 12 to the 7th house posited in the 6th house to the 7th house. The indications are favour of the thief. In "HORARY ASTROLOGY/L the best. IdooIc on the subject wrirtpn by the late Prof. K. S. Krishnamurti, it is said (page 235) that ^Tf the significators of houses 2, 6 and 11 agree (counted, of course, from the house denoting the person whose property has been lost) with the ruling planets of the day, time and place, the property last will be recovered. If the ruling planets aforementioned are connected with houses 5, 8 and 12, the property is lost once and for aIl.', Now what are the planets who signify houses 2, 6 and 11? 2nd house. No planet here. Its lord is Venus. Sun occupies the nakshtra of Venus. 6th house: There is no planet situated in this house. Mercury is the 6th house

lord. Ketu and Venus are in Mercury's nakshatra. Ilth house. Venus is stationed in this house. Sun is placed in the mak-; shatra of Venus. Saturn is the ownec . of 11. Jupiter is posited in Saturn's star. Rahu, being in the sigh of Saturn, act^ as Saturn's agent also. IV. Ruling Planets. The ruling planets at the moment of Judgement are;Day (Wednesday) lord ... Mercury Moon sigh (SimhaJ lord ... Sun Moon star (U. PhalganO lord Sun Lagna sign (Kumbha)Iord .. Saturn Lagna nakshatra (SathabishaJ lord Rahu The ruling planet Sun signifies houses 5 and 12 in addition to JI. Saturn signifies 5 and 12 houses, in addition to 10 and Hi. Mercury signifies 22th matters also by occupa-i tion. The ruling planets are not very f avourably connected to the regaining of the necklace. f Next, the dasa, bhukti, etc. in operation! should also be examined. The dasa belongs to Sun and the bhukti to Rahu and they do not favour the recovery of the necklace. The bhuktis to succeed are those of Jupiter and Saturn who do not promise recovery. Considering all factors, it was judged that the necklace was lost for good and no efforts to get it back will prove of any avail; A year has passed since, and she has not got it so for even though she has made all possible efforts in this direction. > The system of Horary Astrology pro pounded by our late lamented Krishnamurti ji serves as a torchlight guiding us along right lines. It is embedded on the solid rock of stellar astrology and is as easy and simple as scientific and accurate. %

HOW TO PREDICT AN ELECTION RESULT? Bj VITHALBHAI PATEL "Will I win?" was the question posed by a gentleman who was contesting election for. a seat in the Milk Producers Society. He came to me five days before be had decided to file his nomination papers. 1 lost no time in asking him to come out with a number between I and 249, and he said '129' without any hesitation. I-look up -bis query- for answer on the same day but after an interval of a few hours. It was 8-21 PM fIST) on Saturday, July 31, 1971. The place of judgement was Mate fGujaral). The horary chart for the number T29 , the bouse positions referring to the number and the planetary positions for the time whe the matter was judged, is reproduced here for ,tbe information of the readers.

A. Chart: VI 70-23' VII 50-33'

VIII 5®-01' IX S'-Ol' Sat. 10o-S8' x 6o-or Veo. 6°-44' -51713-140=18' Kxtu2l0-18'

V 7®-23' Mars (R> 2 6®-00' Rahu210-18 IV 6--01' III 50-01'

NIRAYANA XI 70-23' Matvjry tlM9' Neptune (R) Moon XII 70-23' 6'*-59' 27°-18' II 5M)l' A«c: (Lagna) Uranus 16'-55' Aip. 3 *-12' 5'-31'

B. Planetary Positions: Planet

Uousets) owned

Sun Moon Mars Merc. Jup. Venus Sat. Rahu Ketu

11 10 2/7 9/12 3/6 1/8 4/5

House occupied



Kataka Thula Makara Simha Vrischika Kataka Risfaafaa Makara Kataka

4 II 10 8 4 10

Occupyios Star ruled by Saturn Jupiter Mars Ketu Jupiter Saturn Moon Moon Mercury

5ub ruled by Rahu Venus Rahu Saturn Rahu Mercury Moon Venus Venus

Note.- Rahu is conjoined with Mars and so strongly represents Mars. Ketu, likewise strongly represents Venus and Sun with which it is conjoined. 41

C. Honse Positions: Star lord Cusp Sign lord Ketu Sun XI Saturn Jupiter VI Rahu Saturn V Mercury Sun XII Jupiter Venus I

not on the basis of their configuration in a sign.). Venus, in whose sub Rahuwas deposited is in rapt Ccxact) conjunction with the cusp of the Meridian flOth house). Thus, the sub-lord Rabu is a strong beneficial influence in indicating success.

Sub lord Rahu Ketu Rahu Ketu Venus

The 5th house is the 11th house, counting the 7ih house as first, and the 7th repeisents the competitor in election. Let us see the sub lord ol the 5th house also. Rahu, again, becomes the sublord of the 5ih cusp, and, as discussed before, Rahu is in Moon constellation Venus sub. Moon is in seventh to the 7th house and he is the lord of 4 from the 7ih. Venus, similarly, is lord of 7 in the 4th house reckoned from the 7th. So Rabu • shows defeat for the person repersented by the 7th house.

D. Is the matter promised? In all Horary questions, tbe sub-lord of the cusp of the house pertaining to the subject matter of query is the deciding factor to determine whether the matter will be favourable or not. If the sub lord is favourable, then in the conjoined period of the signifu ators of the particular house, the event will materialise.

As a proof of confirmation, the sixih In matters connected with election, house was also examined. Kctu becomes the litigation, examination, speculation, etc. the sub lord of the (nh. It is an occupant of the sub-lord of the 11th cusp should be a signifi10th and is conjoined with Sun, lord of II,3 caior of favourable houses. Houses 1, 2, 3, 6 -and-^ukraj-lofdTof—1Fnrther.T'vetuj ^ J0-and-14—generally-spea king- are favourable^ deposited in the constellation of Mercury and the opposite houses to these are unplaced in 11, and sub of Venus, lagna lord favourable. who has gone to II. Hence. Ketu is a strong significator of 1,10 and 11 house matters. E. Moon's position at query. The native's 12th house is the 6th house The Moon shows what the querent reckoned from the 7th house denoting the has in mind. In this case, Moon is in competitor. Ketu once again is his 6th house Ascendant conjoined with Jupiter lord of sub-lord. Ketu, as we have just noted, is a 3 and 6. It is deposited in tbe constellation powerful significator of houses 1, 10 and 11 ol Jupiter, and sub of Venus lord of lagna and shows success to the querent and not to in 10. The Moon itself is tbe lord of the 10th the person signified by the 7th house. house. Moon is thus a powerful significator of houses 1 3 6 and 10 and its position at query clearly reveals that the query is related Besides these indications. Jupiter, a to a honour.-winning an election. natural benefic. is conjoined with the 10th lord Moon in the lagna of the querent, Jupiter is also in trine aspect-120 degrees-to Venus F. Anal) sis. and the 6th and 10th houses. All factors The 11th cusp in this case falls in Sun point beyond doubt to the querent winning sign. Ketu star. Rahu sub. Rahu is in the the election contemplated, and I declared so. constellation of Moon and the sub of Venus. Moon, in whose constellation Rahu was In contrast to the complex, confusing and posited, is lord of 10 occupying the lagna. contradictory principles found in traditional Moon was closely conjoined with Jupiter, texts, KRISHNAMHRTI PADHDHAT! is lord of 3 and 6, in the lagna bhava, though solid, simple and sound and free from doubt. Jupiter is placed in the second sign counted from that occupied by tbe Moon. (Planets It helps in predicting any query of a minor or major character in the shortest possible time are considered to be in conjunction if they ace in a certain relative distance between them and and in a scientific way.


WILL I RECEIVE THE PRESIDENT'S AWARD? MATHURA RAM. M.A. Sbri Paadey Umesh Prasad, a senioi District Prosecutor, asked me whether he lave the honour of receiving an Award at itfae hands of the President of India at the time of the Republic Day Celebrations 1972. His services received recognition and he was recommended for the grant of one •of the President's awardi by the Government • of Bihar. He was therefore naturally very keen to know its outcome through the method of Krishnamurti Padhdhati which I :follow. I am not a professional - astrologer —in- ihe^sense that- Astrology is only my hobby and not my profession, and my sincere endeavour has always been to verify the truth of Krishnamurti Padhdhati and to convince and satisfy the consultants regarding its value and utility vis-a-vis the •old, inaccurate systems. I requested him to state a number between 1 and 249 to which he replied "129". The horary chart drawn for the time of Judgement and the cusps of bouses erected taking the number 129 representing lagna -(5°-33'-20" of Thula) is given here under:ID. Planetary Positions: Planets House(s) owned

"Sun Moon Mars Merc. Jup. Venus :Sat. Rahu Ketu

11 10 2/7 9/12 3/6 1/8 4/5

I. Chart For The Query: VIII 40-38' ' Mars Saturn ^R) vn 8 26*21' fi'-IS' IX 4*-38* VJ S'-aa- 5 -33'-20" Moon X 60-38' NIRAYANA Kcthu Horary Chart No. 129 Time.* 9-45 P.M. (IST) Date: 25-1-1973 Rabu.— -—TlaceT- 25S-36'N. TP-58' 85*-08' B. XI 8--3r Sun ir-25' Ayanamsa 23°-22' IV 60-38' Veni* 17*-37' V 8e-38'

,, Mere. 25 -40' 111 400-38' 11 4"-38' Jup. 4 -13'


Makara Rishaba Meena Dbaaus Dhanus Kumbha Rishaba Makara Kataka 45

Aae. 50-33'-20"

II. Bbava Chart; H Bbava III Bhava IV Bhava V Bhava VI Bhava VIII Bhava X Bhava

Jupiter Mercury Rahu, Sun Veuus Mars Saturn, Moon Ketu

Deposited in Constellation of plaaet Rulinj Occupying House(s) House 10 8 10 8 9/12 3 5 1/8 10 4 4 tl 8 10 . 8 4/5

Sob of plauet Ruling occupying House' b) •House 2/7 6 10 8 3/6 2 9/12 3 10 8 11 4 9/12 3 4 10 8

lation. examination and competition. Mars TV. Analysis: is placed in the 6th house, there are no f? The receipt of one of the President's planets it) its constellations, and hence Mars f Republic Day Awards is certainly a great itself is the strongest significator of this/ , lonour and recognition of one's merit or h mse affairs. It is posited in the coastellationj •outstanding performance. of Mercury in 3 and sub of Jupiter, lonJj The hou es 6, 10 and 11 are to be of 6 in 2. Jupiter is good by lordship and'j judged in this regard. The 6tb house deals occupation of house, but its situation in the | with services rendered by an individual for constellation of Ketu is not conducive to! monetary gain. It includes all those who receipt of the award though it shows implied \ .are not carrying on independent trade and recognition of the querent's service and out- | business but are engaged in the service of standing merit (Ketu is connected with 10 ► Oovernment or a private business or as well as 8). The position of Mars also J industrial firm or is a upachaya points to recognition of his service as shown j sthana (improving house) and viewed from when the State Government proposed his 1 this aspect, it denotes success in competition, name for inclusion in the list of recipients I litigation, etc. (being the twelfth to the of honour, but other indications thwart the < house of the competitor^ The 10th house -—receipt-of the award; moroaptly describes "one's profession... The 10th house cusp is together f whether he is an engineer, medical man, governed by Moon, Saturn and Mercury as I administrator, business man or politician. It is the sign, . star and sub lords. As before \ the; apex of every one's horoscope and is stated, Moon and Saturn are in 8, and the ! the index of name honour, fame reputation sub lord Mercury is posited in the constel- j and recognition. It denotes status The lation of lord of 8. Mercury also rules the ' 11th house is Labhasthana or the house 9lh house, the house of negation of the ; of profit or gain. It identifies the 10th house matters, and there being no \ ambition, desire and expectation in every in 9, Mercury himself becomes ? horoscope. The Hth house has also control planet stronger to offer the 9th house results as ] •over group interests as distinct from personal well as the 12th house results (it owns 12 i gain, and so extracuricular activities, assoalso). The 10th lord has. gone to the 8th, ciation with clubs, societies and institutions Ketu the planet in the lOtb is in the conworking for a common cause comes under stellation of Saturn in 8 and sub of Moon the domain of this house. again in 8. The 10th house is also aspected The lltb cusp falls in Simha. by retrograde Saturn. Jupiter, the only planet , ilt is ruled by Ketu as the constellation in Ketu's constellation, also occupies the lord and Jupiter as the sub-lord. The consub of Moon in 8, but as Jupiter is stellation lord Kethu is placed in the lOlh connected with lord of 10 and a planet in house but is afflicted by its constellational 10 by constellation/sub, his name was proand sub position. Kethu occupies the conposed for the honour. stellation of Saturn, lord of 4/5 in 8, and The 11th house lord is Sun, and no the sub of Moon, lord of 10 in 8. The planet except Saturn is situated in Sun's sub-lord, Jupiter, is placed in. the conconstellation. While Saturn is a significator stellation of Kethu, an agent of Moon in of 11th house also, it is retrograde and 41 (Ketu is alone in Mood's sign and is can only offer a faint (of the nature of therefore stronger than Moon to offer the Saturn) hope (11th house) in such a situation. results of the 8th house. Jupiter is further So far as the Sun is concerned, it is in 4 spoiled by its occupation of the sub ruled in the constellation of Moon placed in 8. by Moon who has gone to the 8th house. How are these significations helpful for" The 6th house cusp is conjointly ruled receipt of the award? by Saturn and Venus as constellalion and I frankly gave expression to my missub lords respectively. As we have seen, givings and told him that the portents are Saturn is lord of 4/5 in 8 and Venus is adverse. On, the 26th January 1972, the lord of lagna and 8 in 5. Venus occupies names of the recipients of the awards were the constellation and sub of planets in the announced in the dailies all over the country,, 4tb house. The 4th house is not considered as but the querent's name did not unfortunately one of the favourable houses, according to find a place. Krishnamurti Padhdhati, for success in Good Luck matters relating to litigation, lottery, specu47

DEATH—A CASE STUDY ACCORDING TO STELLAR ASTROLOGY Bf Jyotish Praveena P. R. MURALIDHARAN. B.E., A.M.I.C.E. A. Particulars of Birtb; Date of Birth; 28/29-10.1949 Time of Birth: 3-38 A M. (I.S.T.) Place of Birth: Mysore. B. The followingvis the Nirayana Chart of the native:—

D. Astrological Analysis: The lagna is Virgo fKanya). It is a common sign fubhaya rasi). Hence the 7th house is bhadhaka sthana. For people born in ubhaya rasi on the lagna, the 7th house is bhadhaka sthana, maraka sthana as well as kendra sthana. So, it is Very evil from the point of longevity.

Rahu 0 V3I1 20-55' IX 3^-53' X 2 -55' vn 2°-3 4'

The 7th house is occupied by RAHU. SUN is in Rahu's constellation. JUPITER "1 sthcTofd of the 7th house, and also of the 4th, another Kendra sthana. No planet is situated in any of the three nakshtras governed by Jupiter. So Jupiter itself becomes a significaior. Besides, Jupiter is in the nakshatra of Sun, an occupant of the 2nd house, a roarakasthana. So Jupiter is powerful.

VI l0-55'


Mooo V r-55' Jupiter IV 20-55'

XJI Mara Saturn Venus III 3«-53'

Sun H 20-55'

The 2nd house cusp falls in Libra (ThulaJ and is owned by VENUS. SATURN alone is in Venus' constellation, Saturn is placed in the .12th house (moksha sthana) aspecting therefrom the 2nd house fby 3rd aspect). No planet is in Saturn's nakshatras. So Saturn itself is powerful.

I 2*-34' Kethu Mercury

Balance of Moon dasa at birth faccording to Vimshottari System; was 6 years 7 months 6 days. Actual Position 192o-06' Sun Moon 2840-32'. Mars 128o-01' Mercury 177°-29' Jupiter 27r-48' Venus 237t).53' Saturn 1430-97' Rahu 3520-28' Kethu 1720-28'

O. Planets

Star Lord Rahu Moon Kethu Mars Sun Mercury Venus Mercury Moon

MARS occupies the 12th house and MERCURY is posited in Mars* nakshatra. Mars is also the contellation lord of the 2tid bouse.

Sub Lord Saturn Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Saiurn Moon Venus

The nodes are stronger than the other planets with which they are conjoined; when standing alone* they appropriate the influences of the planet ruling the sign they are in. Rabu is in Pisces (Meena; ruled by Jupiter, a strong significator. Rahu occupies the star of Mercury and is aspected by Mars and Mercury So Rahu is powerful. Ketu is conjoined with Mercury in Virgo, a sign governed by Mercury, and is aspected by Jupiter. Ketu also is powerful. 49

It was predicted by me with the help of the' E. Haling Planets: ruling planets that Rahu soofcshama portended The ruling planets at the moment of the end of life. analysis are;Oo 25-7-1970, Saturday night, the death Lagna (Pisces) lord Jupiter took place exactly as predicted. At that time. Sun was transitiog in Moon sign, Saturn Lord of nakshatra rising in lagna (Uttarabhadra) Saturn nakshatra. Venus sub; Moon transited in Mars sign, Venus nakshatra. The dasa lord. Lord of Moon sign Rahu, transited the sign of Saturn, the (Aquarius; Saturn nakshatra of Rahu and the sub of Saturn. Lord of nakshatra (SathabishaJ The bbukti lord, Saturn, transited the sign transited by Moon Rahu ruled by Mars, the nakshatra governed by Lord of day (Saturday) Saturn Sun and the sub of Moon. The transits — The —native—was running the majbT —acording'tcrtlTe sfellar"division oflhe zodiac propounded in Kfishnamurti Padhdhati agreed' period of Rahu, Sub period of Saturn in full. This amply illustrates the soundness and the inter-period of Rahu from of our Guruji's theories. 25-7-1970. In this period, Rahu shookshama operated between 25-7-1970 and 18-8.1970. Good Luck!


YOUR DOUBTS RESOLVED Br Jyotlsh Vlsharadh K. GANAPATHI 1. Can ihc lord of an erii house (say 6, "8 or 12) traii3iting in the constellation of a benefic ic g.t lord of 1, 10 or 11) bring about desirable results?

Planet Sun Bharani (5 & 10)

Yes—It will produce benebcial effects# rovided the sub lord is also beneficial. The planet which transits'is^The'soorce oflight. The lord of the constellation modifies the result. What result the lord of the star indicates, will be the result that will be enjoyed. The sub lord shows whether such nature of result is ultimately favourable or not.

5 Owner Venus

RASI 8 Owner Sun

Lagna 10 Owner . Venus

Suppose there is a big circular halt, with 27 windows (27 Nakshatras). There are so many number of bulbs inside the hall as the number of planets, i.e., one bulb belongs to Sun, one to . Mood, one to Mars and so on.

Suppose Sun transits in Bharani. Bbarani is ruled by Venus. It owns the 5th and 10th houses Hence it refers to speculation (5th) and success (lOlh); music, cinema, opera, etc. and earnings thereby: So in the glass pane Bharani, it is written (5th bouse;; children, speculation, music, cinema, pleasureable pursuits, etc. and (tOOth house) earning money, coming out successful, profession, reputation, etc. Whichever light is switched on, you can read only the matters written on the glasspane—Bharani. Hluminaiion of these maiters is by the light you use, i.e., by the planet that transits. If Sun transits, it is lord of 8 to Capricorn (Makara). The 8th house is the second to the 7th. Hence you gain through finance of the partner (partner 7ih house: second «o 7 is his or her finance). You speculate (5th bouse) with the financial aid of a partner (Sun—lord of 8), You gam (Venus—lord of 10—ruler of Bharani)^ Though Sun is said to be ashtatnasthana adhipathi, it can bring you fortune when he transits in the constellation of a benefic. (Here Venus is taken as an example;. Suppose Sun transits in Rohini—Rohini is governed by Moon which owns the 7th

Consider that in each glass pane in the 27 windows, all the matters signified by the lord of the constellation are written. If one's lagna is Capricorn, then Venus rules the houses 5 and 10. It indicates the matters signified by the 5th and lOih houses. So these matters are written in the glasspane Bharani, . Poorvapalguni and Poorvashada stars governed by Venus. Suppose you stand opposite to Bharani. It denotes the results of the houses 5 and 10. The 4th house gives additional information how it is accomplished. The planet— that transits in Bharani star—illuminates the matters written on the glass Bharani. So the source of the result is the transiting planet. How you gian or lose is indicated by the planet which transits, whereas whether you gain or lose is shown by the lord of the constellation. Success or failure is entirely left to the lord of the star in which a planet passes, where as through which influence, through whose efforts, and how you are successful or not is shown by the transiting planet (by its nature, lordship and occupation). 51

brother. The other person on the phon^ They are owned by Sun, lord of 3, Moon »■ lord of 2 and Mars, lord of 6 and 11. demands the money due to him» irritates the native, goes on scolding and finally Tne stars in the I2lh house to Sagithreatens. Consider—Elder brother is indicated ttarus are Visakha. Anuratha and Jyestha. by the beneficial planet. The person demanding They are governed by Jupiter, lord of I money is indicated by ashtamadhipalhi. and 4; Saturn, the lord of 2 and 3; and Elder brother is good to him. YeC wheo the Mercury, the lord of 7 and 10. time is bad, even elder brother becomes the Therefore your query suggests that you cause of irritation. are interested to know the result of one born ia Gemini, having Jupiter in MrigasiBut suppose one's period was good as the planet, though evil according to lordrisha star. ship and occupatioa, transits in a favourable You have to analyse as follows: star At that time, one's enemy visits one s (aj the lord of 7 in the constellation bouse and is seated in, the drawing room. of lord of 6; There is a telephone call from a similar, (b) the lord of 7 in the constellatioa banker—a Shylock. The enemy, takes the of lord of 11; phone-and^.thinking that this person may (c) the lord of 10 in the constellation gain anything by t5aP~caU—say.s^that the of lord of 6; person is gone out. So the banker disconoectsr ■— fd 1-tbedor.d _ of 1Q in the constellation Thus the enemy saves this person from a of lord of Pi; — dirty situation. Thus malefics transiting m fa; Lord of 7 in the star of lorti favourable stars will come to rescue and of 6: offer beneficial results. 1. Wife or husbhnd may be 2. Can the lord of 7 and 10, in the temporarily separated; partner 11th Bhava (House) in the coosteUation in business may m on tour. 2. You may borrovf money or of the lord of 6 and It be a benefic? may have your share of profit This is applicable to Mithuna (Gemini) from the partner. boras alone. 3. Vour opponent loses in litigation or. election. <b) Lord of 7 in the constellation of /upiter Lagna the lord of 11: 1. Very good understanding with wife, huOand and partarr in businer , reunion; good relations with v»nomsoever you transact; 2. Gain through others, in speculation also; 3. You may have a child; 4. A person of the other sex briags happiness; 5. Your desire is fulfilled by the assistance and co-operation of another. (c) Lord of. 10 in the i constellation of the lord of .6; 1. In your office, you borrow money; 2. Some jealousy and eoraity ia If a planet were to own the houses 7 your place of occupation; and 10, it can be cither Mercury or Jupiter 3. Some labour trouble, etc.; at Dbanus—Sagittarius boras or to Mithuna fd) Lord of 10 in the star of lord —Gemini boras respectively. of II: The stars in the 12th house to Gemini 1. Promotion, profit and thereboras arc Karthikai, Rohini and Mrigasirisha. new friends; 52

The transiting planet may be a benefic; or a malefic according to lordship ozr occupation. (a) Beneficial planets, -however favourable they may be, cannot do good if they transit in the constellation of a plane!. is evil by lordship and occupation. (b) Planets, even though they happe* to be evil in the radical chart by iheii/ lordship and occupation, will do only good when they transit in the constellation of the planets which have to offer beneficial results by their lordship and occupation. Some examples may explain better. Suppose there is some litigation. The case is Suppose a planet passes in the star of heard in court of law. Your witness have the lord of 11. (In the above example. to safeguard your interests. It is normal. The Mars rules over the Ilth house. Its stars witnesses of the opponent have to be unjire Mrigasirisha. Chithra and Dhanishla). The transit!ng planer illuminater-•'pleasure,- —favourable.to_>our^ Jnterests, It is natural. Your witness is your beoefic; your opponent's profit, permanent tic of friendship, progeny, prosperity etc." witnesses are your malefics. When you run a bad time your witnesses How? What is the source? This is to will turn hostile to you. When you run be read from the transiting planet. Suppose good time, the witnesses of your opponent Moon transits. It is the lord of 7. So wife will give witness, in your favour. Your bad -or husband or partner will contribute for time is the duration when a beneficial planet the above results. Or mother may help you transits in the constellation of a malefic. .as Moon is the chief governor for mother. Your good time is the period when a If Mars transits, as its owns houses 4 and malefic planet transits in a favourable con11. through mother, land, building, vehicle stellation governed by your benefic. If beneor elder brother or cousin the matters of ficial planets transit in a beneficial star, the ilth house will be advanced and proyour witness is very favourable to you. If moted. As Mars is Bhathrukaraka as well malefic planets transit in beneficial stars -as Bboomikaraka, you can gain through the enemies give witness which are advanbrother or land. tageous to you. Malefics transiting in malefic stars show that the enemies are court birds, Suppose a planet transits in Punarvasu and however intelligent your advocate may ruled by Jupiter owning the 12th house, be, he cannot get. any single point in youj ^ou give money to another either as a favour, whereas the replies will be categorical fresh loan or repay the money taken from and dead against your interests. BeneScs •another. The person to whom you lend or transiting in malefic star are just like one's from whom you borrow, is indicated by own people who in their heart of hearts wish the 7(h house. Jupiter is lord of 12 to you success but cannot help speaking tho you. So you must issue a cheque. Jupiter truth which will go contrary to your favour. is the lord of 6 to the 7th. So he has to receive the money. So also when planets On the day when a beneficial planet pass in Punarvasu, Visakha and Poorvatransits in a malefic star ('for Capricorn, lord badrapada, either you repay the loan or of 11 Mars transiting in lord of 8, Sua's lend money to others. constellation) the elder brother filth house Mars) takes the phone on understanding Hence the nature of the result is indithat there is a call. The person at the other cated by the planet ruling the constellation end wants his younger brother. So, he callsand the source is denoted by the transiting his younger brother most affectionately and planet. hands over the phone to the younger 53 bouse to Capricorn. Therefore in those 13-1/3 ^lays, you cannot gaia because Sun transits in Rohini. Further you will lose as your opponent is represented by the seventh house, and to him Sun, lord of 2, transits an the constellation of the lord of 1, Moon ("Karkata—Cancer) and in the lllh house io Cancer. Therefore the Capricorn natives will fail in their attempts when the lord of 8, Sun, transits in the constellation of the lord of 7, Moon. Hence whether you will ■enjoy desirable results or not is indicated by the lord of the constellation and how you are able to have such a result, and the source, are indicated by the transiting planet.

2. Reputation, honour; 3. Government officials favourable; 4. Yield from field and returns from investments are above average. 5. You make profits through patrimony; 6. In profession, ' good relationship with officials; through business, you make many friends. Thus you have to analyse. One good result will not cancel an evil one. Both will -operate, Suppose a planet which indicates enmity by owning 6th house, owus also the 11th house, showing friendship. It will offer both the results. Suppo_se_y o_u _wan t_to _t ravel. .by_train-. "At the time you step into it, someone prevent saying "No room, here". He picks up a quarrel; you argue with him. Some minutes pass. Both begin to talk. Before you get down from the train, both have become good friends. Also, two people. A and B, are friends. They go on discussing. There is heated argument leading to enmity. Thus a planet will give both the results. For gamblers, lords of 6 and 11 are very favourable; it shows gains as the opponent is destined to lose. Lagua indicates the native. The 7th house shows the opponent. Twelfth house shows Joss. Therefore 6th house, which to 7 is 12. loss to the opponent. 11th house is profit. So llth to Lagna indicates profit to the native. So 6 and II together show loss to the opponent and gain to the native. In cards, games etc., the opponent may have a good card. As the period is ruled by 6 and 11" to the native, be will be diffident, throw away the card and ask the native to lake the money even though the â&#x20AC;˘native may have only inferior card in his hand. In an election, the opponent of the native will have some people who will secretly do harm to him and let fiira down, miserably; thereby the native â&#x20AC;˘ gains and succeeds. That is why it happens that Gemini, Leo and Sagettarin-borns come out successful in the elections with least effort. #

Oct. 1972

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iTION OF MARRIAGE ' By IRAUDHARAN. B.E., A.M.I.CE.. A. Horoscope : VIII 30-44' IX 3V01' (R) VI 4'-44' Vir 4'-25' Uranus (R) Saturn IT~31'0 19M)7' Rabu 28 -3S

The Nirayana birth chart of a person born on the 9th November 1944 at 4-58 A.M. '(IST> at Mysore, calculated in the scientific manner advocated in Krishnamurli Padhdhati Readers is reproduced below.

X 2'-44' Fortuoa 280-27'

V 2#-44' NIRAYANA Ayanaoua 220-39'

Balance of Venus Maha Dasa (Vimshottari system.) at the time of birth was 12 years, 7 mnnth'j and 21 days. '

IV 2''44' •

The above chart is taken for illustrating the actual time of marriage predicted by me applying the principles outlined in "Krishnamurti Padhdhati Readers."

Ketbu Ven. 29*-19' Mars 2500-53' XII 4"-44' 28,,-35' M«r. &-W Sub24 -29' m 3s-or U 3°-44' 1 4«-2S' Nep. 12a-3(y

XI 20-44' Moon I80-31 ^^=05*

B, Planetary positions: House (s) Occupied Ruled Sun Moon Mats Mercury Jupiter Venus SaturnCRet) Rahu Ketliu

11 1 i 2- ' 11 2 9 9 3

Placement in CoDstellatioo ruled Sub ruled by planet by planet

11 10 2/7 9/12 3/6 1/8 4/5

Jupiter Venus Jupiter Saturn Sun Mercury Rahu Jupiter Sun

C. Factors for consideration : In all matters concerning marriage, description of partner in life, state of married life, etc., houses 2,7 and 11. and Venus, chief governor for matrimony, have to be scrutinised. In the traditional scheme, reference is made only to the 7tb house which is called 'Kalatbra sthana*, but Krishnamurli

Mercury Rahu Ketbu Mercury Mars Saturn Sun Venus Mars

Padhdhati rightly emphasises the need to look at the 2ad house as well as the 11th house. The 7th house is the house of union and so refers to partnership, the 2nd house controls 'kulumbha' or family which expands with the addition of members as a result of marriage and child birth, and the 11th house presides over friendships of a lasting character. 3

D. Is marriage promised? The answer to this lies, according to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, in the 7th cusp, ■especially its sub.lord. The 7th cusp in the r^hart taken for illustration is ruled by Mars -as the sign lord, Kethu, as the constellation lord and the Moon as theiord of the sub-division in Kethu's star Aswini. Mars is in iagna in ra ot conjunction with Sun, lord of II, 'both being in the constellation of Jupiter who •occupies the 11th house. Kethu, the constellation lord of cusp, is posited in Dhanus ruled by Jupiter who is placed io the 11th ■1 liouse and also aspected by Jupiter by the $tB .aspect. TCethu was in the constellation of Sun, lord of 11. and sub of Mars, lord of 7. Sun and Mars being id Iagna. _Moon, the-su^ 1 ord of tli e71h CTI5p;_is"placed in'the 11th house in the constellation of Venus who, ^s the chief governor for matrimonial affairs, occupies the 2nd house. All these are strong indications in favour of marriage. T£. Significators of houses 2, 7 and II: 2nd house. Venus and Mercury are here, with Venus in Mercury's constellation. Moon is in 11 in Venus, constellation. Mars is the lord of this house, and no planet in its constellation. 7th house. It is vacant. Mars is its ruler, and no planets occupies Mars' constellation. 31th house. Jupiter and Moon (are posited in this house, and the Sun is its lord. Sun, lord of 11, Mars, lord of 7, and Rahu are in the constellation of Jupiter. No planet is in Moon's constellation. Therefore, we find that Venus, Mercuryj ■ "Mars, Moon, Jupiter, Sun and Rahu are connected. The chart was before me for analysis on-: .Sunday, August 22. 1971. At 9-45 P.M. ■ (1ST) on that day^ when I was seriously ■examining the time of marriage. I calculated the Ascendant. It fell in Mesha fAriesJ 1° - 48' ruled by Mars as the sign lord. Ketu as the constellation lord and Venus as the sub-lord. The 7th cusp fell on the oppo-site sign, i. e , in 1°—48' Thula fLibra) ruled by Venus as the sign lord. Mars as the constellation lord and Mercury as the sub3ord. Since the bhukti of Venus was in ope-

ration, I was looking for the anthra and sookshama which will bring about marriage. Mercury anthra comes first and is followed by Ketu's, 1 therefore selected Mercury's anthra and in that anthra the sookshama of Mars which was theiord of the Ascendant sign Mesha and lord of the constellation chitra on the cusp of the 7th house at that time. Mercury anthra in Venus bhukti in Moon Dasa operates between 30-3-1972 and 25-6-1972 and .in this period the sookshama of Mars comes between the 12th and the 18th May 1972. I wanted to verify my calculations according to the system of progression, and accordingly 1" prepared a pmgaassgd—chtft •ln —progression-aliay is TakenTor a year. Thus, a chart erected for the 27th day after birth and for the time of birth and the locality of birth is the progressed Horoscope showihg the indications between the 27th and the 28th anniversaries. In our case, 9-11-1944 4- 27 days (years in progressionj = 36-111944 or 6-12-1944. A chart drawn for 4-^8 AM (1ST) on 6-12-1944 for the latitude of Mysore reads the events that will come 'to pass between 9-11-1971 and 9-11-1972. All the tedious calculations involved in preparing a progressed chart can be avoided by following an easy method, known as the Perpetual Calculation Date method. The progressed positions of the planets, according to this system, are related not to birth time but Ito the time for which the daily positions of the planets are extracted in the ephemeris. The native in bur case was born at 4-j58 AM (1ST) on 9-II-1944 whichis 12hoiirs 32 minutes before 5-30 PM (1ST) on 9-1)1944 for which the sayana longitudes of the planets etc. are furnished in Krishnamurti's Ephemeris (Vol.II). As 24 hours Cor a dav) is to 12 months (a year), so is 12 hours 32 minutes to 6 months and 8 days, on the basis, of the following formula: 12 months 24 hours 1 months 2 hours 15 days 1 hour 15 days 60 minutes 7-1/2 days 30 minutes 1 day 4 minutes Adding this period of 6 months and 8 days 1o 9th November (which is the day and month of birth), we arrive at 17th May which is

the Adjusted Calculation Date. The planetary To Dasa Bhukti Anthra From positions on the 6th December 1944 at 5-30 Moon Venus Venus 30-11-70 10- 3-7lr P.M. refer to the native's progressed year 10- 4-71Sun 10- 3-71 ■commencing, not on the 9th November 1971, 30- 5-71 Moon 10- 4-71 but on the 17th May 1972. For the sake of Mars 30- 5-71 5- 7-71 5-10-71 uniformity, the cusps of the progressed hou7 Rahu 5- 7-71 ses should also be related to the same date. Jupiter 5-10-71 25-12-71 The sidereal time on the progressed birth for Saturn 25-12-71 30- 3-72 the same time as birth, namely 4-58 A.M. Mercury 30-3 -72 25- 6-72 ^IST), should first be ascertained. As these Ketu 25- 6-72 30- 7-72 house positions refer to progressed year comjnencing 9-11-1971 and as we have related 30- 7-72 30-11-72 Moon Sun the planetary positions to 17-5-1972, we may adjust this sidereal time to conform to the The following are the salient features of Progressed Adjusted Calculation Date. The the progressed horoscope :— •difference between the birth time (4-58 A.M. 1ST.; and the time to which Krishnamurti's (1) The cusp of the progressed Vllth cusp Ephemeris (Vol. I1J relates is 12 hours, 32 falls in 28o-40' Mesha (Aries) governed by :minutes. Sidereal time constantly increases Sun as the constellation lord and Mars as at the rate of 4 minutes or 240 seconds in a the sub lord. Sun and Mars were the rulers •day of^24 hours, and, so, for the difference -of 12 hours 32 minutes, the increment comes . of houses 2, 7 and 11 at birth also. to 2 minules-S secands—This should be added to the sidereal time calculated^for-4-58— The Sun was progressing in 210-16' A.M. (1ST) on 6-12-1944. The houses ascer-38" Vrichika (Scorpio;),—sensitive tained for this adjusted sidereal time and for part of the zodiac conjointly ruled 'HyThe the latitude of Mysore, the place of birth, bhukti, anthra and sookshama lords in relate to the progressed year commencing on Vimshottari Dasa at the time. Progressed the 17th May 1972. The following is the Sun was in Mars' sign, Mercury's constellaprogressed chart of the native for the said tion and Venus' sub. Venus ruled the year. bhukti, Mercury the anthra and Mars the sookshama according to Vimshottari Dasa. (3) Progressed Venus in l0-24' Makara (Capricorn) was in trine (120°) aspect to Progressed Jupiter (2^-28' KanyaJ as well as the cusp of the progressed Xlth house (0o-3r Kanya).

(R) vi r-3i' Uranus (R) Sat.16-06 o V 0 -31' 17-59 o XI 27 -3r VII 28 -40' VIII28-13' Rabu 27°-10 o

NIRAYANA X28'-3l' PROGRESSED CHART 6-12-1944. 5.30p.m.(lST) VI 280-3I' Moon Progressed Year Ketu 27-10 Venus 1-24 beginning May I7tb 1972 8-59-40 o XI 0o-31' in 27°-31' II 28M3' 28Lagoa -40' Jup. 2 28 Sud 21-16-38 Mcr. 12-16 Mars 14-48 XIl 10-31' Nept 13-10

(4) The cusp of the progressed Vllth house was in beautiful trine aspect (120°) to Jupiter's position at birth, and also to the radical position of Ketu. Also, sextile (60° aspect) to Rahu at the time of birth. (5) Progressed Moon was in Makha ruled by Ketu who was the lord of the constellation on the cusp of the 7th house at birth, and in the sub of Jupiter who was placed in the llth house in the radical chart. Further, Moon was progressing in the 11 th house of the radical chart.

The various periods in Vimshottari dasa to be undergone were :—

(6) The progressed second cusp' was approaching to a conjunction of radical position of Venus. 7

O) Mars, who ruled the 2nd and -7th jjouses at birth, was progressing in the 2nd bouse of the radical chart and so was Sun, jord of the at birth. Mercury 'also progressed in the 2nd house of the progressed horoscope. The progressed chart strongly favours celebration of marriage and lends supporting testimony to the Yimshottari Dasa. When the Moon dasa, Venus bhukti,. Mercury ^nthra and Mars sookshama operates bet■vveen the 12th and litth May 1972, the jjjarriage should be celebrated. 1 accordingly pitched upon Wednesday the 17th May 1S72 for the fructification of the event. The marriage came off on Wednesday the l7th May 1972, exactly as envisaged. The transiting positsons of the planets at 5-30 /V.M. CIST) on the day are recounted belowj— Mercury 13M0'

Sun 20-49' Mars Vco. 9o-3r 0 , Sat. 14^-44' 25Mboo -25

Transits of Planets Ketu 69-0l' NIRAYANA on 8 17-5-1972: 5-30 P.M. ftahu 6 -0r I.S.T. Jup.(R)

Ncptuoo 10°-44'

Uranus (R) 21--22'

The transiting Sun was very near the 2nd cusp of the Progressed Chart. Sun was also ttansiting in trine aspect to the progressed position of Jupiter. The transiting Moon was

exactly sextile (60° aspect) to the positiot* of the progressed VKth cusp at the time of" marriage and. in trine aspect to the progresssd ascendant. The transiting Sun was also in fine trine aspect with the progressed position of Venus, chief governor for marriage and a strong significator at birth.. Venus, bhukti lord, was conjunct Mars, lord of 2 and 7 at birth, in sextile (60°) aspect, with the progressed position of Moon, dasa. lord. Mercury was transiting in the 7tit house, of the radical chart in the constellation ofKelhuwho, at birth, ruled the constellation on the cusp of the 7th house, Mercury was in trine aspect to its own progressed position in the 2nd house of the progressed. chart and to the transiting position of Jupiter in -the 2nd house of the progressed chart. Jupiter was transiting the constellation and sub of the Venus, a significator. It maybe f interest—to-knovv- that-at-tfais time- Jupiterwas in retrogression and even so did not deny marriage. Uranus was in the 7th houseat birth, and this planet was transiting in 210-22' Kanya (Virgo) governed by Mercury as lord of the sign, Moon as lord of the constellation and . Venus as the lord of the sub. The dasa of Moon, bhukti of Venus and anthra of Mercury was in operation at. ^he time of marriage and Uranus which wasat birth in the 7th bouse transited the conjoint sensitive degree ruled by the significators. From what has been explained in the course of this article, it is obvious that progression is a useful method of delineating events and can be usefully associated with the Vimshottari dasa system and transits, but the manner of reading the results by progression would seem to warrant modification in the manner dealt with in the article "Experiments with Krishnamurti Padhdhati" published in the December 1971 issue of this illustrious magazine.

ASPECTS BETWEEN LORDS OF HOUSES (Continued from July 1972 issue, page 37) fir BALA some way connected with bouses 2,6,10 and lord of lagna being also similarly connected, 'be conjoint period, according to the Vimsbottari Dasa system, of lords of 5 and 1 in good aspect between them, or the period when lords of 5 and lagna from harmonious aspect by progression (direction; will usher the entry of the native to one of the depart- . ments described before. If he is already connected to these as a vocation, the period jvjkLniark—an-upward-trend—in-his-carrer.— advancement, honour, reputation, etc. Tastes and fancies being under purview of the 5th bouse, the aspect in a favourable way from . lord of lagna to the 5th lord inclines to purchase of articles suited to one's tastes and fancies. Those connected with sports, outdoor games, indoor games, social or cultural troupes, etc., stand to gain by the favourable aspect between the lords of 1 and 5. They get honour, fame, reputation and elevation. In the case of sportsmen, this aspect confers every chance to lead a team and bring laurels. Luck will be in their favour. It is not uncommon to find sportsmen in business or trade, companies of repute, and even in service departments of Government like Railways, Border Security Force, Police force, etc. The Central and State Governments provide every fillip to sportsmen by employing them as a token of their appreciation and encouragement to " sport; big firms and banks employ them purely for their sporting abilities. Professional advancement and promotion and honour can be expected by such people whenever the lords of 5 and 1 in benefic aspect operate together by dasa system or progression Such persons'charts would show the connection of the Sth house with planets signifying 2, 6 and 10 bouses. To Kataka (Cancer) and Makara (Capricorn) lagnas, the lord of 5

Lord of Lagna id Good Aspect to Lord of 5. Tbc Stb boose shows strength in resist•oce; the lagna represents freedom from disease. So a benefic aspect between the lords of iagna and. the Stb bouse promise8 positive good health in early life; in general-' in any chart, it is an index of an exccllant state of physical health and well-being. The 5 th bouse deals with_foys,_dolls,_p)easure,_ holidays, etc. It also governs bobbies, sports and games of every sort and recreation. In youth, the native wiD have a good measure of enjoyment and excel in sport activities. In the traditional scheme, speculative dealings and enterprises, stocks, shares, etc. come under the purview of the 5th house, and a favouable aspect from the lord of lagna,. ruling success, is an indication of smooth sailing in matters . of speculation, etc., though in the ul timate analysis gain accrues ' to the other party represented by the 7th bouse, this aspect being a benefic one between lords of 11 and 7 reckoned from the 7tb house. (This will be the effect in general, but is liable to modification due to the disposition of the lords of 5 and I by sign/bouse, constellation and sub positions.) The fifth bouse has control over romance, love, licentiousness, courtship, etc. and a favourable aspect of lord of 1 to the 5th lord inclines to success in such matters. The 5tb bouse has to do with theatre, opera, drama, motion pictures, concerts, fairs, carnivals and amusements of evety kind. Professional entertainers, artists, painters, musicians. Composers, singers, directors, actors and performers, circus and stunt men. all come under the domain of the 5th house. If the chart points to a career in any one of these departments, the lord of 5 being in 9

also happens to be the lord of 10; to those born in [Rishaba (Taurus; and Vrischika (Scorpio) lagnas, the 2dd lord and the 5th lord are one and the same. These people will have ample opportunities to lead in their respective games, etc. when there is a favourable aspect* at birth, between the lord of 5 and the lord of lagna. Even if there is no such good natal aspect, ah aspect, by direction favourable, of lord of lagna on the lord of 5. or the lord of 5 on the lord of lagnaÂť shows a period of success in sports, honour, etc. Contrary results will be enjoyed when the lords of 5 and 1 are in evil aspect. They may be forced out during such an aspect even though they may have been leading all along. The 5th house, in astrological parlance^ is said to rule 'Sruti' (Vedic knowledge;, 'Smriti' (traditional law), mantra upadasa (initiation of mantras), etc. The benefic aspect ^of-lord-oT-1 on lord-bf"5"at ^birth~re, therefore, conducive to gains in matters connected with the acquisition of knowledge ol vedic texts, etc. It is good for initiating mantras, peditation, prayer by incantations, chanting of vedic hymns, etc. If lord of 9 or II, or both, also form good aspect with the lord of 5, it is the best indication of success and siddhi (fulfilment). The 5th house governs all creative faculties as well as progeny, and this aspect lends support to the birth of offspring and prosperity to them. If the conjoint period of lords of 1 and 5 according to Vimshotfari Dasa system operates, or these lords come to foim benefic aspects by progression, it promises child birth. Even who had remained issucless yearsafter marriage willâ&#x20AC;˘ have their prayers answered, and they wrll be fortunate and happy in this respect. Good aspect between lords of 1 and 5, in a male chart, denotes purchase of fancy articles and costly things to wife, such aspect being between lords of 7 and 11 counted from the kalathra sthana. The

7th house indicates fine arts, and an aspect favourably between lords of 7 and 11 counted from the 7th house inclines to gains to her in this matter. The 7th house is the house of union or agreement, and as the beneficial aspect of lord of 5 and 1 being an aspect between lords of 3 and 11 reckoned from the 11th house representing elder brother or sister, it is favourable to put an end to emity and strained relations with elder brother or sister; even, a bosom friend with whom there miy have been a little misunderstanding renews contacts again. At least temporarily, during the period of the aspect the relationship will be cordial. . If the benefic aspect between lord of 1 and 5 was in the natal chart, it is an excellant indication, but if there was no such benefic aspect at birth but such an aspect comes by direction, then during the directional aspect these results will operate. True, these "results' are- subject-to modification-by-other factors, and it would not be possible to treat of every chart and indicate the results in any text book or an article for the obvious reason that such treatment will have to run to volumes and volumes. Astrology is essentially, an art of blending the various infiuences in a discriminating manner. Reckoned from the 3rd house (younger brother, sister, cousin etc.) the aspect is between lords 3 and 11, showing their gains by book trade, publishing, correspondence and so on, and by undertaking short journeys, as for instance as a representative agent, etc. The younger brother, etc. may succeed in getting a telephone sanctioned for his use. The marriage of one*s elder brother or sister may be negotiated and settled, or his neighbour may become a business partner with the native (aspect between lords of 3 and 7 from the 11th house). For children ruled by the 5lh house, this is a benefic aspect between their 1st and 9th lords, denoting success in higher education, research, law, philosophy, contacts 11

-with foreigners, journeys to long distances and foreign countries, collaboration, etc. Being an aspect between lords of 8 and 12 â&#x20AC;˘counted from the 6th house ruling maternal v uncle, domestic servants, domesticated or pet animals, it points to their ill-health â&#x20AC;˘and, in some cases of bospitalisation.

During the conjoint period of lord of 6 and 1 in good aspect between them, all affairs influenced by the 6th house prosper. Servants will be appointed for assistance. Cattle and pets may be acquired. The native would succeed in taking up a job. This would be the time when he would rent out his house or a portion of it, also his If the native's mother is a caraer lands and other immovable properties. He woman, then this is a fine aspect assuring may employ some one to look after these lier of professional advancement, financial and manage it for him. Due to negligence 4*ains, etc. of the laws of hygiene, he would suffer from disease, or he may have a setback Lord of Lagna In Good Aspect in his health as a result of some infection. to Lord of 6. . __ But* as the 1st house shows positive health and recovery, a benefic aspect from lord of I to the lord of 6 is a favourable sign The 6th house is the bouse of debt or for recovering from the state of ill health borrowing. It is the bouse of worry or mental that has been afflicted him so long. At anguish caused by disease and illness or the same time, the lagna lord's benefic cxpences outweighing income, forcing the aspect on lord of 6 is an excellent testimony native to go in for borrowing to make both bis endsmeet for the time being. Unless the * for gains in speculation, competition, election, litigation, etc. In a few cases, it shows ^th house is strong, even the business people cannot hope to get satisfactory assistance separation from wife or husband or the from banks by overdrafts. Borrowing or debt trade partner. is good in the sense that enables one to This aspect, in relation to his younger tide over the temporary difficulties he is in, brother/sister, is one between lords of 4 and that is why it is called a 'upachaya and 11, denoting sale and purchase of con^thana'. Among other matters, it has relevance veyance, immovable property, construction of to hurts, wounds, falls; sickness and disease, house, inheritance, etc. To mother represented maladjustment in general; worry, fear and by the 4th house, this is an aspect between mental pain; food and dietary habits; hygiene, lords of 3 and 10 to her, showing gains .and sanitation, etc. Also, domesticated or by correspondence, short journeys, book pet animals of every description, small cattle, trade, profession, etc. She may do insurance domestic creatures, tenants, domestic servants business or undertake some intermediary of every sort such as cooks, watchmen jobs as a part time vocation. To the messengers, etc., subordinates and employees. children, this aspect shows gains by publiIt stands for work and toil of all sortsÂť cation, financial prosperity, success in examservice and exertion, sheer labour or ination, research, increase bank accumulations, drudgery, overstrain, struggle for place in etc. To the relative denoted by the 7th of misfit society, etc. It is the house house, wife or husband, etc. it indicates -occupation or non-distinctive vocation. investment or purchases, secret enemical activities, life in a foreign place, disharmony It also rules over maternal uncle. It with or seperation from the life partner and shows the condition and faithfulness of all so on. To father, it is good for his prothose who serve him at home or office fession, honour in society, name and Incessant eye trouble is said to come reputation. If he happens to be connected under its scope. 13

■with film world, theatre, musical societies, •etc. it is favourable indication for further success. This aspect denotes danger, especially jin short journeys, to elder brother or sister, ' ■delays in correspondence, difficulties with .neighbours, trouble through younger brother/ sister, etc.

Dhanur Lagna or Rasi Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Rama. Narayaha, Vishnu, Lakshmi Narayana, Sundarakandam. Makara Lagna or Rasi:—Lords Venkatachalapathi, Rama, Vishnu, Anjaneya will give immediate results to his lagna just like Lord Muruga or Ganapathi" to Kataka Lagna as the lord of 5 is also lord of 10. Now the names of the lords given are for the particular prayer that one should have rapid recovery. It does not show which upasana one is to have permanently which depends on the 5th house. 5th indicates mantra and 10 karma and fruits of the prayess. Kumbha Lagna or Ras;i—Goddess Parvathi, Alamelumangal, Rukmani, Padma, Lalitha, JVakshni,--Lord Parffiasarathi. Meena Lagna of Rasi;—Lord Suryanarayana. Sathyanarayana, Vaidyanatha, Vaideeswara, Adhitya Hridhya. (6th house to Meena is Simha.) Its lord is Auditya. Simha, is the 5th house of the zodiac indicating heart, i.e., Hridhyam. Adhitya Hridhaya is proper. The lord of 1 forming good aspect with the lord of 6 indicates realisation of thoney that had been entangled so long ^nd receipt of accumulated arrears, or getting back property that had been lost by theft or articles lent like books, which can be verified by working out the transit of the planets. The above results will be more apparent in the case of those born in Kataka oc Simha lagna in such minor affairs as hand loans, books lent, etc. Good aspect of the lord of 1 to the lord of 6 also denotes good relationship . with maternal uncle, danger to servants, father's promotion and his stature in social circle going up. The nature's children gain in studies and they succeed in research, collaboration with foreign nationals, instutions etc.

If the lord of 1 or of 6 were to be ^lars, or if they are in any manner connected ■with Mars, surgeon's aid may be needed for the cure. Jupiter's beneficial aspect shows cure by a physician and prayers will give ■solace and mental strength that everything will come round. Prayer to God as suggested here would be helpful: Mesha Lagna or Rasi:—Lords Muruga, ■"Narnsimha. Affjanoyn, Vppraraghavan Rishaba Lagna or Rasi:—Goddess Laxmi, Kanakadhara, Sristhuthi. Mithuna Lagna or Rasi:—Same as for Mesha Lagna. Kataka Lagna or Rasi:—Goddess Rajarajeswari, Parvathi, Uma, Indrakshi, <jowri,' Meenakshi, Kamakshi, Visalakshi, Gayathri. Simha Lagna or Rasi:—Lord Suryanarayana, Lord Veokatachalapathi, Lord Govinda, Lord Krishna, Adhitya Hridhayam. Kanya Lagna or Rasi:—Lords Aojaneya, Vishnu. Srinivasa, Lakshmi, Narasimha, .Satyanarayana, Raroachandra. Thula Lagna or Rasi:—Goddess Laksmi Lalitha, GodNarayana, Srinivasa, Srichakram •Gayathri. Vrischik Lagna or Rasi:—Lords Subramanya, Narashima, Ganapatbi, Sastha, SalajL


HOW TO CAST A HOROSCOPE HSING MAHABALA'S* 1971-1989 NIRAYANA EPHEMERIS? (Continued from July 1972 issue) Br S. BALASUNDARAM Having ascertained the Sidereal Time of birth, we may now enter upon the calculation of the cusps' of the various houses for the Sidereal Time of birth of our example T. (Cusp is the exact point of commencement of a bouse or bhavaj. We must presently turn to a reliable Table of Houses for Northern Latitudes, as the example birth was at Bombay in the northern hemisphere. Mababala's Universal Tabu Of Houses for all Latitudes, South or North, and from 0° Lat. to GO" Lat..jiyingthe longitudes,_of-all tbe-houses "calculated to -the -nearest minute, unlike the available Tables which only give them to the nearest degree, will shortly be published, and till then Raphael's Table of houses for Northern Latitudes may be relied on. Raphael's Tables Sidereal Time HMS A. Nearest earlier Sidereal Time 21-25-44 B Nearest later Sidereal Time 21-29-40

state the Sayana longitudes of (the cusps of six houses, the longitudes of 10th bouse (Meridian)and Ascendant (1st house)accurate to the degree and minute, and the rest of the bouses to the nearest degree only (fractions of 3 0 minutes and less being omitted and fractions of 31 minutes and mote being approximated to the next degree). The Sidereal Time of birth ofourexample— I, latitndeJ80r5f'-Nortb.—was"5tnved to be 21 -hourrZS minutes 23 seconds. Turn to the page for latitude IS" North, nearest to Bombay's. ■ Look for the Sidereal Time of birth or the two Sidereal Times nearest to it in the left hand column marked "Sidereal. Time". They are 21—25—41 and 21—29—40 Prepare a table as follows:— SAYANA CUSPS OF HOUSES







19° Aqu. 20'' Pis.' 26° Aries 0° Mit. 55' 27° Gem. 22° Can. 20" Aqu. 21° Pis. 27° Aries 1° Mit. 56' 28° Gem. 23' Can.

Movement 1° 1° 1° 1° 1' 1° 1° Aqu—A quarius (Kumbha); Pis (Pisces —Meena): Aries (Mesha); Mit—Mithuna (Gemini); Gem—Gemini (Mithuna) H M S H M S Sidereal Time Nearest later of birth 21—28—23 21—29—40 Sidereal Time Neatest earlier Nearest earlier Sidereal Time (-) 21—25—44 (-)21—25-44 Sidereal Time Difference 0—02—39 0—03—56 Difference Call this 'X' 'Y' Call this •This Epbemeris is available from M/s Hariman Booksellers, 12, Brahmin Street, Saidapet, Madras-15. The Epbemeris furnishes the daily longitudes of all the planets for 10' years from 1971 to 198 Oat 5-3 OA. M.(IST). 17

X equals 159 seconds.

these columns carefully to see the symbol of the zodiacal sign to which they refer. Y equals 236 seconds. The Asc. has then to be ascertained in the same way. Under the column 'Asc', X^ow, in the columns on a line with the two opposite the sidereal time 21—25—44, the Sidereal Times (A and B) are found the figure given is 0°—55' with the glyph of the Sayana longitudes of the cusps of the lOtb, sign Gemini (Mithuna). Against Sidereal 1 ith, 12th, 1st (Asc). 2ad and 3rd houses in Time 21—29—40, we find the figure of l0-56'. that order, and under each of the headings The distance between these two positions in the top row» TO*, *11% T2', etc. are seen being iM' (61 minutes), nearly the same as the sign symbols to which these longitudes for 10th, H, 2nd and 3rd cusps, the amount refer. The remaining six cusps—4th, 5th, of are that will pass over the^usp__of.Aso.6th, 7th, 8th and 9th are not mentioned as £agna) Jn-J59.scconds-iviirbe "41' (fraction they hold the same longitudes in the opposite_ om/ttcd). Adding this amount to 'A',0 the signs. As one, whole degree of arc-C= 6(y of long, of Ascendant at birth is seen to be l -36' -arc) passes over the Meridian f 10th cusp) Gemini (Mithuna) according to the Sayana and the cusps of houses 11,2 and 3, during system. the interval of 236 seconds (Call it 'Y') elapsing between the two Sidereal Times A The other six houses—4,5,6,7,8 and 9 arc and B, we have to multiply this amount of respectively opposite to 10, 11, 12 Asc. fist), arc by the factor of 159/236 (X) to get the 2 and 3. They have the same longitudes but Y the signs to be placed on their cusps are the interpolated positions of the cusps of houses opposite ones. 10, 11. 2 and 3. As we require the Nirayana positions of 1° of arc (60') xi59=9540 minutes=40' the defferent cusps, we need to substract the 236 236 Ayanamsa for.the year mentioned in Table (approximately). VIII (23—21'}, the resultant figures being the 40'is the amount of arc to be added to the longitudes on the cusps of cases according to figures under everyone of the columns *10', the Nirayana system. *1\\ '12* 42* and'S* in line with the Sidereal Like this, Time 21—25—44 (A). Run the finger down Cusp of Sayana Subtract Nirayana longitude house (s) Ayanamsa* longitude B C A D 19° Aquarius 40' 10 (-) 23--21' 26° Mafcara 19 or 296-19 20° Pisces 40' (—) 23°-2r 11 27° Kumbha 19 or 327-19 25° Aries 40' (—) 23°. 21' 12 2° Mesha 19 or 2.19 0 1° Gemini 36* (—) 230-2l' Asc. (lagna) 8° ^ishaba 15 or 38-15 27° Gemini 40' 2 (-) 23 -21' 4° Mithuna 19 or 64-19 22° Cancer 40' (—3 23°-2r 3 29° Mithuna 19 or 89-19 B=D+C; D=B—C; C= B—D *AYANAMSA is the amount of arc ("longitude; by which the Sayana (western) and Nirayana (lodian) Zodiacs differ, the arc by which the Nirayana Zodiac is behind the Sayana Zodiac. Ayana means precession of Bquinoaes, Sayana (Sa Ayana) means precession included in calculations, and Nirayana (Nir Ayana) means precession subtracted from calculations. The gravitational attraction of the Sun and Moon on the Earth causes the axis of the Earth to tilt slightly, so that a displacement of 30.2388475 seconds of celesiial longitude occurs in the time it takes the Earth to complete an annual revolution around the Sun. This phenomenon was very well known to ancient Indians from the carlist times. Even so they advocated the Nirayana Zodiac, whose point of commencement is with reference to a fixed point in the heavens coinciding with the commencement of the nakshatra Aswini. Hence, we need to convert all Sayana positions to the Nirayana method. 19

. Births in Sooth Latitudes : Calculation different sidereal times according to Sayana method. These positions apply of Houses equally to the same six houses for the To find the cusps of the various houses corresponding South Latitude, but as for a place in South Latitude, we may adopt signs of long ascension in the Nora simple methodthern Latitudes are signs of short ascension in the South and vice versa, the (1) Calculate the Sidereal Time of birth in signs on the cusps will be those oppothe usual manner. Remember that the site, In other words Raphael's positrue Sidereal Time for two place? on tions for houses 10,11,12, Asc. 2 and 3 the same meridian will be the same for for a certain sidereal time in the North a certain moment, even though the may be assumed fto have been worked places may be on the opposite latitudes, out for the opposite six houses, namely one South and the other North. 4, 5» 6,7,8 and 9 for the corresponding (2) Add 12 hours to the Sidereal Time so South Latitude. obtained, and call this the adjusted Sidereal Time. This is necessary before For our example birth II at Adelaide turning to a Table of Housss for South Australia Lat. 350-57' South the true Northern Latitudes. Sidereal Time of birth was ascerlamed—as— we sSalT have to add 21 ^3)_With-this-Adjuatcd-SidctcalTiiaB, take . -1—51—19:—Taifiis hours as stated at (2) abu ve the result namely a Table of Houses for Northern Latitu13—51—19 being the Adjusted Sidereal Time des. and refer .to a Latitude there m to refer to a Table of Houses for Nortr the same distance North as the birth Latitudes. Now turning to Raphael's Tables place is South, or the one nearest the nearest Latitude in the North (corresponto it. ding to Adelaide) for which tables arc 0 (4) Raphael's Tables for N. Latitudes, available is 35 -39' for Tokyo. We may extract the required positions there from in d enumerates the positions of the Cusps 'tabular form for our convenience. of houses 10, 11, 12 Asc. 2 and. 3 for Cusps of Houses For North 35°—39' Cusps of Houses For South 35°—39' Sidereal Time H M S 13 47 48 29 Libra 13 .51 37 30


(S At AN A) ■\ 11 ; 12

Asc (T;





Des (7)



25 Sco. 25

16 Sagi. 17

8 Capr. 9

19 15

17 Aqu. 18





Movement for i Nil difference of 0—3—49 (229 seconds)


Following the formula enumerated for example I we can secure the interpoleted positions of the cusps of houses 4, 5, 6 and Desc. f 7) 8 and 9 the remaining six houses having same longitudes on the opposite signs. The resul-

26 Pis. 27 1

tant positions it must be borne in mind are according to the Sayana method and could be converted to Nirayana positions in the manner described earlier. (To be concluded in the next issue) 21

Venkatesa Pandita's JATAKA CHANDRIKA (Continued from the September 1972 issue) By Visaka of in favourable terms. This is in consonance with the author's assertion, in stanza 8, that . the lord of the 8th house though evil, is conducive to the production of good results if he also happens to _the lord of lagqa_p^_cO.Inbines— ^th-a-bcnefit^ pla^eT^ Kuja is a powerful Rajayogadhipathi for simha lagna and, naturally, Guru's association with him ensures happy results. This view would also seem to be corroborated by the previous stanza (14 and 18). The learned author unequivocally declares in stanza 53 that the association of Sukra and Guru will not be favourable for simha lagna. This is in keeping with the opinion expressed by him in previous stanzas (5 and 6). Sukra is the ruler of the 3rd house, an evil house and he gets kendradhipathya dosha by dint of lordship of the 10th kendra. Jataka Chandrika makes no mention of the combination of Sukra and Kuja, lords of 10 and 9 respectively to simha lagna, but it is obvious from the learned author's treatement in previous stanzas that this combination too is not favourable for good though it will not be as unfavourable as the combination between Sukra and Guru.

Stanza 53 ForSimha Lagna, Sani, Sukra and Budha are inauspicious. Kuja alone is good. No Rajayoga is produced by the mere combination of Guru and Sukra. Stanza 54 If Kuja and Guru combine together. They prove very auspicious and produce great happiness. Sani placed in the 2nd or 7th bouse is sure to cause Maraka. Stanza 55 Budha and other ^evil planets bring about death when they possess death inflicting power. Notes :— Following the principle laid down in stanza 5, Sani presiding over the 6th house, Sukra reigning over the 3rd house and Budha lording the 11th house have been •classed as malefic planets. Kuja controls the 9th house, a trikona, as well as the 4th house a kendra (quadrant). The lordship of a kona house has been hailed as beneficent in stanza 5, and in stanza 6 it was made clear that malefics when they own -quadrant houses f kendra sthanas) cause good results. In stanza 20, it was made amrfy clear that the udion of lordship of a k;e*J^a and a kona house in the same planet is ffgCVrable. In this view. Mars CKuja) is a iffule some benefic to simha lagna, on the basis of his lordship. Sukra, on the other hand, becomes doubly malefic as, in addition to her lordship of the evil 3rd house, she also acquires Kendradhipathya dosha as a natural benefic planet owning the 10th kendra. This is the learned author's view. Of Guru, there is no specific mention that he is a full benefic, perhaps because Guru, who owns the 5th house, a trikona, also happens to hold sway over the 8th house which is termed evil vide stanza 8. However, Guru's association with Kuja has been spoken

Budha, Saturn and Sukra are strong death influences, according to stanza 55, because Budha rules the 11th house, Sani the 6th house and Sukra the 3rd house. Besides the 10th house as a natural benefic. There is also no reference in Jataka Chandrika to the role of the Sun and Moon who rule the lagna and the 12th house respectively. Strictly on the basis of the rule enunciated in stanza 6, the Sun who is taken to be a malefic in the Indian scheme becomes a benefic by owning the lagna kendra. It follows that the combination of Surya, a Kendradhipathi, and Kuja, a strong Rajayogadhipathi. or the combination of Surya and Guru should prove to be productive of auspiciousness, but there is a striking omission of these combinations in the text. As for the Moon, the view appears to be that as lord of 12 her effects will depend 23

on her association with other lords as stated in stanza 7. In Uttara Kalamritam, Kalidasa differs in his assessment of Sukra and Budha in relation to Simha lagna. Kalidasa calls these planets as benefics, and to us it appears that his view is based on the belief that Sukra, as lord of houses 3 and 10, upachaya stbanas or improving bouses, and Budha as lord of the llth house or labba sthana and the 2nd house or dhana sthana would contribute to meterial prosperity. In Bhavartha Ratnakara attribute_d to Ramanujacharya, the great religious teacher, Sukia's occupation of the Srd house as its lord has been bailed as highly beneficial, quite contrary to the view expressed by the learned author of Jataka Chandrika that the lornsbip . of the 3rd house is evil. If the lordship of the 3rd is evil, its occupation by the same lord should be much more evil, but Bhavartha Ratnakara does not subscribe to this view. Stanza 56 Kuja, Chandra and Guru are evil for persons born in Kanya lagna. Sukra alone is a benefic. If Budha and Sukra "Join Together, they give rise to Rajayoga. Stanza 57 Suryais not a Maraka for this lagna. Kuja and other planets are capable of causing death, should they be invested with Maraka powers. Notes;â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The author has proceeded to call Kuja, Chandra and Guru as malefics, kased on the opinion held by bim in stanzas 5 and 6. Kuja is lord of the 3rd house, Chandra is lord of the llth bouse, and Guru, a natural benefic, has stroifg kendradhipathya dosha as a result of bis lordship of two kendras, namely houses 4 and 7. Kuja also rules the 8tb house which, in stanza 8. was condemned as malefic. Sukra owns two houses, the 9th house, a trikona, and tbe 2Ed house. The 9th house is a benefic house and the 2nd house, though a death influence, is not among the evil houses enumerated in stanza 5. Although the learned author has not classified Budha, lord â&#x20AC;˘f lagna as well as the lOtb house, one way â&#x20AC;˘r the other, he has commended the combination of Sukra, lord of 9. and Budha, lord of lagna and 10, following the theme treated

in stanza 14 and 16. Sani however fails to find a reference in the text in relation to Kanya lagna. As lord of 5. a trikona, he should be deemed to be a benefic, but as lord of 6 he turns malefic (Stanza 5). On a strict interpretation of stanza 14, the combination of Sani and Budha, lords of 5 and 10 for Kanya lagna, should be productive of Rajayoga, but there is no reference to this combination in Jataka Chandrika. No doubt Sani is lord of 6 too, but according to stanza 14 this would not come in the way of the good effects that will accrue as a result of Sani's combination w.ithjord of Iff and. U_Budiba. In stanza 57, it has beed averred that Surya is not a maraka for Ranya lagna. despite .his ownership of the 12th house. In the author's own view stated in stanza 10, the luminaries, namely Surya and Chandra, were exempt from asbtamadhipathi dosba. The 12th house, being less malefic than the 8th house, the author does not ascribe any dosha to Surya's ownership of the 12th house. In Uttara Kalamritam, Sukra has been treated as a maraka planet because she owns the 2dd house. However, her combination with Chandra is said to be prodQctive of yoga, such combination being between lords of 2, 9 and 11. According to Jataka Chandrika, however, the Moon is condemned as a malefic for her rulcrship of the llth house. In Bhavartha Ratnakara, in the course of his discussion on Kanya lagna, tbe learned author says that if Surya is connected to Chandra or Sukra by any of the recognized kinds of sambhanda (association, aspect, occupation of each other's sign, kendra position to one another and kona position to one another;, there will be access to wealth in Surya's dasa, but in the dasa of Sukra he will be deprived of his wealth and in the dasa of Chandra he will reap mixed results. There is wide acceptance for the belief that when two planets conjoin, each partakes something of the nature of the other, following which it will be logical to assume that Surya will, to some extent, appropriate the good qualities of Sukra, lord of 2 and 9. On the other hand, Stkia in association with the lord of the house of loss would not only shed some of its good qualities but also share tfce ill-effects of Surya by lordship. It is, however, too inuch to say that there will be influx of wealth m Suryadasa and efflux of wealth in Sukra dasa which will precede the dasa of Surya, for the 25

effects of Suiya and Sukra are not dependent sffely on their relation to one another alone but on many other factors such as their sign and house occupation, aspect, nakshatra position, etc.,- The spirit of the author's statement only seems to be that every planet is modified by association. It is not correct to say, as a commentator puts it, that Sukra dasa is weak because Sukra is Surya's enemy. Cpnversely, is not Surya Sukra's enemy? How, then, can Surya dasa be good?. In the interpretation of stanzas, it is necessary to be careful about the explanation one offers. In another sloka in Bbavartba Ratnakara, it is said that Guru_and.Sukra jo-^Mo^K-anyaTSgna cause yoga in their respective dasas. This is correct, in a general sense, because Guru owns two kendra houses 4 and 7 and Sukra rules the 2nd and 9th houses and both are natural benefics. Their position in the 4lh house, especially in the nakshatra of Sukra, connotes domestic happiness, acquisition of vehicle and hereditary property etc. Here, the interpretation is purely from the angle of material prosperity in contradisiiuction to the approach from the point of view of longevity followed in Jataka Chandrika according to which a natural beneGc owning quadrants was considered inauspicious. Then again, in another sloka in Bhavartha Ratnakara it is stated that Sani in 11 confers good in his major period. Lord of 6 in II is an excellent indication for material progress, and the 11 th house is a upachaya stbana. But according to the treatment followed in Jataka Chandrika, houses 6 and 11 are dus sthanas. Stanza 58 For Thula lagna, the inauspicious planets are Guruy Surya and Kuja. Badha and Sani are benefics, and Sani alone gives rise to Rajayoga. Stanza 59 Rajayoga ensues as a result of the combination of Chandra and Budha. Kuja is not capable of killing the native even though be is a Maraka. Stanza 60 Guru and other evil planets bring about death when they have Maraka powers. In the view of the author contained in stanzaS, lordship of houses 3, 6 and 11 was

stated to be evil and lordship of houses 5 and 9 was extolled as highly beneficial. In this, context. Guru owning houses S and t> and Surya owning the lltb house were classified as evil planets. But it is not understood bow Kujacameto be regarded as inauspicious. While it was the considered opinion of the learned author in stanza 22 that bouses 2 and 7 are death-inflicting houses, these houses do not find mention among the evil houses enumerated in stanza 5 where only houses 3, 6 and 11 were called bad. Then again. was made absolutely clear in stanza that malefic planets owning quadrant fkendra) houses giveiavQurable-resuH?r~afid"The statement in stanza 58 that Kuja is inauspicious runs counter to the theme treated in stanza 6. But, according to Krishnamurti Radhdhati, of course, Kuja as a strong 'significator of houses 2 and 7 is a death influence in its period, subperiod, etc. unless there is a more powerful planet in this respect, contrary to the statement in stanza 59 in Jataka Chandrika that Kuja will not cause death. Budha is lord of the 9th and the 12th houses. The 9th lordship is favourable as per the rule contained in stanza 5, As for Budha's lordship of the 12lh house, the author's view seems to be that his results will, vary according to his conjunction with other, house lords and the houses they occupy (stanza 7). There is no allusion, in Jataka Chandrika to the influences of Sukra and Chandra while, discussing about the Thula lagna. Stanza 8 clarifies that lord of 8 owning also the lagna becomes a benefic, and in this backround Sukra who has sway over houses I and 8 may be assumed to be a benefic, though there is no express mention to this effect in Jataka Chandrika. As for Moon, although there is ho specific reference to her role# she has obviously to be classed as a benefic as she has domain over the most powerful kendra house namely, the 10th. ]n stanza 59, the learned author has emphasized the good nature of the combination of Chandra and Budha. There is. again, a striking omission regarding how the combination of Sani and Budha will work. Sani is lord of a kendra as well as a kona and, according to stanza 20, the union of lordship of a kendra and a kona house should be execellent. And, following the principle stated in stanza 16, the association of a powerful Sani with Budha, lord of 27

malefic in Hindu Astrology and he does no^ get kendradhipathya dosha by owning the 10th house, but acquires great bcnefic power. According to stanza 61, their combination is productive of excellent results. This is in conformity with the assertion made in stanzas ^4 and 16 treated previously that the combination of the lords of kendras and trikonas is immensly beneficial. There is no mention about Mars in the treatement of Vrischika lagna. which appears to be deliberate. While talking ofJRUshaba—■ lagna, (he—learned-author'df Jataka ChanTlfika called Sukra, lord of 1 and 6 as evil. On the same analogy. Kuja ruling 1 and 6 for Vrischika lagna would also have to be called so, but no such statement occurs in the text. Strictly applying stanza 6, Sukra owning a kendra as a natural benefic is evil and she becomes doubly so to Rishaba lagna as she also owns the 6th house. But Mars (Kuja) being a natural malefic becomes beneficial by virtue of his kendra lordship to Vrischika lagna and even though Kuja also rules the 6th house he should still prove to be good. Again. Sukra as lord of 7 to Vrischika lagna has been included among the evil planets, but Kuja was not so included for Rishaba lagna. In the former case, Sukra as lord of 7 is evil because he is a benefic by nature; in the latter case, Kuja as lord of 7 is auspicious because he is a natural malefic. In Stanza 61, it has been stated that Guru is favourable perhaps because of his dominion over the 5th house, but for Rishaba lagna, Budha owning a trikona, namely Che 5tb house, should, on the same analogy, be also counted as a benefic. Budha was not so included. This difference in approach does not appear to be sound and rational. In stanza 61, the author adverted only to the combination of Surya and Chandra while speaking of Rajayoga effects. Chandra, lord of a trikona, iu combination with Kuja, lord of 1, and Surya. lord of 10, in combination with Guru, lord of 5, would also seem to be quite powerful to produce rajayoga and this would be in accord with the principle propounded in previous stanzas but they have been left out of account in the author^ treatment. While agreeing that Budha and Sukra are inauspicious for Vrischika lagna, Kalidasa

a trikona, should be produbtive of best results. Similarly, the association of Sani •with Chandra would also be highly favourable. There is, however, no mention of this combination too in the summary on Thula lagna in Jataka Chandrika, In stanza 62, the view is held that Guru and other evil planets have the power of inflicting death when endowed with the • power to kill, but in stanza 59 Kuja was held •to be a non-killer. There is a uniform theme in regard to almost all lagnas according to which the planet owning the 2ad house is said not to cause death himself. This_ aspect,_wiU•bc discnsscd subsequently. " In dealing with Thula lagna. Kalidasa in Uttara Kalamrita is emphatic that Kuja will prove to be a maraka and cause death, but Guru and Surya will not bring about the end of life. This is diametrically opposite to the statement found in Jataka Chandrika. In Bhavartha Ratnagara, the author holds the same view as that contained in Jataka Chandrika in record to Kuja, namely that he will not cause death bimeself, but bis assessment of Guru runs counter to the view of the author of Jataka Chandrika. According to the author of Bhavartha Ratnakara. Guru would produce good results because the houses lie owns are improving houses or upachaya sthanas. Stanza 61 For Vrisichika lagna, Budha, Sukra and Sani are evil. Guru is a benefic. Surya "and Chandra, when combined, cause Rajayoga. Stanza 62 Guru does hot become a maraka, but Sukra and Budba are evil in this respect^ Bearing in mind the classification contained in stanza 5, Budha owning the 11th house and Sani governing the 3rd. house become evil. Sukra cannot be termed evil on the basis of the statement in the above stanza. But Sukra is lord of the maraka sthana, 7th house, and the 12th house whi.h is termed evil in stanza 18. She also gets kendradhipathya dosha. Guru is good because he owns a trikona, namely the 5th. Chandra controls the 9th bouse, a trikona, and Surya has away over the 10th, the most powerful kendra. Surya is eoosidered as a natural 29

specifically says in Uttara Kalamritam that also a malefic. There does not seem to be much force that Kuja is evil for VrischiJca lag^na, for house 1 and 6 are among very favourable houses for material welfare and advancement.

ding to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, death need not necessarily be caused by the lords of 2 or 7. but planets occupying their constellations or the constellations of occupants of 2 or 7 will in their conjoint period, bring life to its end. In the face of his own assertion regarding the more powerful influence of the 2nd house than the 7th house in relation to death, it is not understood on what grounds and reasoning he makes a positive statement each time when dealing with the different lagnas that the lord of 2 will not be a death inflictor himself. This is not borne out in actual experience. Planets owning death houses are certain death influences and if they occupy these houses or conjoin with other death inflict ingp la nets they-become-morepowerful to put an end to life-. Only the planets which are situated in their constellations are more evil than they themselves.

Before we come to a close, we would refer to the line of reasoning running uniformly through the text of Jataka Chandrika regarding the planets, role in regard to death by their lordship. With reference to Mesha lagna, it was said that Sukra, lord of 2 and 7, will not kill even though he has death inflicting powers. For Rishaba lagna. no allusion is made to Budha, lord of 2, a maraka „sthana.—Eor_Mithnna Jagaa,- it-was.said that Chandra will not kill, even if invested with xnaraka power in addition to her lordship of 2, For Kataka lagna, Surya was similarly stated to be free from the power to -cause death. For Thula lagna, Kuja even though he rules 2 and 7 was not counted as a death influence, and similarly for Vrischika iagna. Guru lord of 2 was not reckoned to be a death inflictor. Death is a phenomenon which overtakes every one of us, and occurs, according to our ancient astrological texts, ■at the exact time when longevity determined previously for us on the basis of karma, good and bad, performed in a previous existence, comes to an end. Such time is ascertained by a careful study of the signification of the planets having relevance to houses 2 and 7, which arc the twelfth to 3 and 8 denoting longevity, bhadakasthadas.' etc. In stanza 22, the author of Jataka Chandrika referred to the houses in twelfth to the 8th and 3rd as houses of death, that is having power to inflict death. In the subsequent stanza he further elucidated that the 2nd house is evenstronger in this respect than the 7th. Of ■course, he also added that planets occupying 2 or 7 are more powerful than their lords, and that planets in conjunction with lords of 2 or 7 are even more powerful than the planets in occupation of 2 or 7. While planets conjoined with lords of 2 or 7 of planets occupying 2 or 7 may be powerful than their lords, it cannot be safely assumed that planets owning 2 or 7 cannot bring about the end whenever their periods operate in the "Vimshottari or other dasa system. Even accor

Jataka Chandrika, or the Moonlight to Astrology, is one of the few treasure books on the sublime science of Astrology now available to us, and it purports to explain the principles with reference to nakshatra dasa in a manner consistent with the views expounded by Maharshi Parasara. It appears to have been completed around the 12th century A. D. when Astrology flourished all over India. While it is inconceivable that the authors of these ancient works had any motives in passing on to their disciples false principles of the science, there can be no denying the fact that many of the texts have undergone ill-considered alterations and interpolations and the entire knowledge possessed by the ancient teachers has riot been made available to us. In this context, it would appear necessary to approach these texts in a discriminating manner rather than take them to be the equivalent of scripture to be followed in a rigid, blind way. The spirit of enquiry can alone lead us to truth and it was in this spirit that our late lamented Guruji, Prot. Krishnamurti, approached the subject and gave to us his immortal work "Krishnamurti Padhdhati". There is the crying need to codify, modify, improve, add and render the subject of astrology simple. In most of the ancient texts, the grain and the chafe are mixed together and it is entirely for us to distinguish and separate them for our own gain.


HOW I PREDICTED THE OUTCOME OF A PARLIAMENTARY BYE-ELECTION ? By Y. S. N. MURTHY Mr. B. Mallanna, who contested the byeelection to the Lok Sabha from the Koraput Parliamentary Constituency in Orissa State on behalf of the Swatantra Party, walked into our institution on the 11 th JFebxuary1972. The election—had—already been held wben'ire'can^ and the counting of votes was in progress. He spent some time engaging us in pleasent conversation and after a while turned to the topic that was the talk of the town then. He was keen to know what light astrology throws on the outcome of the contest. He was not excited nor was he unduly worried. In the usual way. I asked him for a number between 1 and 249. He said 4,242,^ I began to calculate the chart for the query. The number "242", in Krishnamu rti Padhdhati terminology, refers to the part of the zodiac falling in Meena in Revathi constellation in Ketu's sub, namely 18o-33'-20". For this lagna, the other houses are to be calculated with the help of Table of Houses for the place where the query is judged. The positions of the planets, however, are noted for the time of judgement and inserted in the chart and then the chart is studied. At this stage, I would digress a little. Horary Astrology, or Prasna Sastra,-is not something new. It is an important branch of astrological science and bas been in use from the earliest times, in India as in other countries of the world. Classical texts treat of a number of methods for dealing with prasnas. While it is highly probable that our ancestors had a deep understanding and knowledge of the subject, the workstto which we now have access do not appear to convey all their knowledge, leading ns to believe that these were interpolated texts or distortions of the original works.

has filled the gap in this respect and has presented a simple. lucid and novel method of determining the nature of the queries—and theii^utcome.-—^-tbirsystem, the constcllalions and their sub-divisions play an important role. The zodiac is divided into 249 distinct divisions, each division being under the influence of two or more planets as sign frasi) lord, constellation and sub-lord. Needless to say, it is more specific than the system which uses only 12 divisions or the system which uses 108 divisions. Why? Suppose a person who comes with a query says '2\ it would refer to the sign Rishaba (Taurus), extending from 0° to 30°, and suppose the planet ruling the lagna, that is Venus, also is stationed in Rishaba. The lord of the lagna is very important, according to the traditional scheme, for determining the outcome of the query, and can the answer be the same whether Venus is in the 1st degree or the 5th degree or the 11th degree or the I7th degree or the 24th degree? How are we to relate Venus to the lagna? Are we to take it as occupying, the lagna or are wc to treat it as in twelfth to it? Is not the house position of the planets important? The system based on 108 divisions is' more solid, but even according to this system there are drawbacks. If, for instance, the number given is'91, it refers to the part of the zodiac lying between 26°—40' in Dhanus (Sagittarius) and 30° Dhanus (or 0* Makara). Jupiter and Sun rule this part as the sign and -constellation lords respectively. According to the Krishnamurti Fadhdhati. this part is ruled by four planets as lord of the sub-division of the nakshatra Uttarasbada, namely the Sun, Moon, Mars and Rabu. The Sun's influence is between 26°—40' and 27°—20': Moon's, between 27°—20' and 28°—26,--40"; Mars', between 28°—26'—40" and 29°—13'—20"; and Rahu's, between 29°—13'—20" and the end of the sign Dhanus. Is not the advantage of using 249 divisions in preference to 108 division or 12 divisions or any other evident? Then again, according to Krishnamurti Padbdhati, the points of commencement of the houses (bhavas), called cusps, have to be determined for the latitude of the place using a scientific Table of Houses. The rough and

The fact remains that the forecasts given on the basis of the rules obtaining in these texts go palpably wrong. Not only they are not precise, but in numerous cases the results run quite contrary to the assumptions. The western system, -too, falls far short of expectation. Our late Guruji, Prof Krishaamurti, 33

ready method of adding to, the lagna 30° successively to get the other house cusps is of no avail. The constellations and sub-divisions held by the planets are important, as also the constellations and sub-divisions on the cusps of the various houses. There is yet another important point. The normal practice in the western countries and even in India is to note the Ascendant rising at the time of query and pass judgement on the basis of the strength, etc. of the lord of the lagna. In Krisbnamurti Padhdhaii, due importance is given to the lagna. Not only is the lagaa lord taken as a ruling planet, the lord ruling the constellation on the lagna is also considered along with the lord of the constellation tenanted by the Moon, the lord of the sub where Moon was posited, the lord of the Moon Rasi and the lord of the week day. Even so, the Padhdhati advocates the —use-ef fmng-the4agaa-for.the_qiiery_Qia Jhe. basis of a number between *1' and *249'. Guruji's explanation on this point was clear. On a number of occasions, almost frequently, he had many persons coming to him at a time with the same problem. His answer would have to be the same if he were to proceed purely on the basis" of the time of their coming. He used to cite an interesting instance in early years, where his predictions to three people who came to him together, all friends, to confront him with the problem of their profession, were the same. One of. them got promotion but actually faced reversion; in the second case, the promotion got delayed beyond the date predicted; and in the third case the promotion came off as predicted. Our late Guruji is reported to have given a convincing reply to a gentleman in doubt regarding the utility of asking a number. 'Tf a man is destined to come at a time when the lagna and the planets at ttie time have relevance to his query, he is also destined to give only that number for fixing up the lagna which will have equal relevance to his query. While three men can come to me at a certain time which will have relevance to the problem of their profession, these three men are more likely to give three different numbers that will go to indicate three different answers rather than the possibility of all of them giving the same number, 1 am not belittling the importance of the lagna, however, for I take the lagna sign lord and lagna constellation lord as the most important ruling planets." Nothing more by way of explanation is needed in justification of the

method of asking a number between T and '249'. Coming back te the problem under examination, the details regarding the number, date and place are recounted again:N umber Time Date Place Ayanamsa

242 2-45 PM (1ST) 11th February 1972 Long. 82M5' East; Lat. ISMF North. 230-22/

» Nirayana chart erected in the manner through in Krishnamurti Padhdhati Readers is drawn below;0 B Lagaa —18-33°— Vonua lI -32' Sat. 7 -41' IV 15MJ2' Mercury 150-31' Mars 26° 21' III ZO'-OI'

Sun ir-w XII 12'-02'

Ketu 9B-32' Y

XI llo-02' Rahu 90a-32' Moon 3 -4i'

VI 12B-02'

X 150-02' IX 20* 02' VIII 220-02' VII 18°-33' Jup. 12o-01# AII questions that relate to litigation, election to a political office, etc., would have to be examined with reference to the significators of houses 1,2,3,6.10 and 11 which are favourable houses to the quereat la any case, the sub-lord of the lithhousc cusp is an important factor. Should the sub-lord of the said cusp be a significator of houses 1,2,3,6,10 and 11, it would be favourable for the fulfilment of desire, provided of course he is also placed in favourable constellation. Now, let us see what promise he holds in the present case. The llth sub lord here is the Moon. She is the lord of the 5 tb house and is posited in the 10th house. At a glance, this position 34

would tempt us to pass a favourable judgement. Is the Moon really favourable by constellation? The Moon is deposited in the constellation of the Sun. By virtue of his lordship. Sun is favourable to the querent, but he is unfavourably placed in the 12th house in the constellation of Guru in 9, unfavourable again from the point of view of success in election contest. Moreover, Jupiter, lord of the lagna and the 10th, has gone to the 9th house; lord of 11, Saturn, who is. also lord of 12, was in the constellation of Sun in 12 and also aspecting the 12th house. Judging the strength of the quercnt's competitor in the field, who is denoted by the 7th house from the lagna, we find that the 5th cusp, which is the eleventh from the 7th house, is ruled by the Moon as the lord

of sub. As discussed in the foregoing, the Moon occupies the constellation of the Sun, who as lord of 12 to the 7th house occupies a favourable house, namely the 6ih house to the 7th, showing success to him. Mercury, who lords the ist and the 10th houses to the 7th house, is situated in the 6th house, a favourable house to the person signified by the 7th house. Lord of 11 to the 7th house, namely the Moon, is stationed in the star of a planet in 6. After weighing all the factors, I did not have any hope of the querent coming out successful. The result was announced over the radio on the 13th February 1972. The querent, as predicted, lost the battle by thousands of votes. GOOD LOCK!

YOUR DOUBTS RESOLVED Br JyothJsh Vlsharadh K. GANAPATH1 Mr. K. Nath, Bombay, writes:"Sir, I have been in the dark all along and I did not know of the new method of predicting events according to the stellar system till I came across a copy of your magazine in the railway bookstall where I had gone to fetch a copy of the latest issue of another astrological magazine. My curiosity grew as I went through your June and July 1972 issues. 1 have a question to ask. What, according tolhc stellar *THeory7 is'imporiancE' of the sign lord, star lord and sub-lord of the Ascendant?" In the various text books, we are told that the character of a person is deduced from the lagna, the sign on which the lagna falls, the planet ruling the lagna sign and the planet the disposes of the lagna lord, the planet or planets posited in.lagna, the planet owning the navamsa occupied by the lagna lord and, lastly, the planets aspecting the lagna. The lagna also has. under its domain^ the physical body; its appearance, form, shape and constitution; health and vitality; status and position in society, success or failure in all undertakings in general, etc. Some works also advocate delineation of individual characteristics from the constellation transited by the Moon at the time of birth. The rules laid down in the traditional texts are cumbersome. According to the stellar system stated in Krishnamurti Padhdbati, the planets governing the degree on the cusp of the lagna as the sign, nakshatra and sub lords affect all the affairs that come under the purview of the lagna. How they do so, depends upon their lordship, occupation (sign as well as house), their aspect to the lagna, and so on. According to this method, their influence is more significant than those of the planets associated with the lagna sign by ownership, association, aspect, etc. The planet' ruling the sub-division of the nakshatra on the cusp of the lagna is. truly speaking, more important than the planet lording the navamsa occupied by the lagna lord or the navamsa where the lagna fell.

Suppose Poorvaphalguni (Pooram) is the constellalion and Simha is the sign on the lagna. There is ample treatment of the induence of Simha on the lagna in various works and also of the Sun who governs it. There arc very few descriptions, however, of the effects of births in the various nakshatras, but we have it distinctly stated in some classical works that Poorvaphalguni nakshatra shows a stout appearance* attraction towards members of the opposite sex, fondness for drinking, dance, music, etc., fondness "for violent exercises, IitiEZixgeliifieoce fiic. These are general indications and cannot be taken to apply in every detail to all born at the time when Poorvaphalguni nakshatra was on the cusp of the lagna. There arc, according to our knowledge, many among them who have sterling character and many who do not look at any member of the opposite sex other than their life mate. The courage, if any, they had had before marriage had come to an end as soon as they were tied to a talkative, quarrelsome, overbearing and nagging wife! TTiere are, also, shy but true persons who threw an attractive glance at a member of the opposite sex for the first time only at the time of their marriage and that too only at the person to whom they tied the sacred thread. Undoubtly,. there will also be others who revel in romance and some others who like the opposite sex merely for the sake of company and convenience. So we find, in practical

Her Excellency Thiramathi Shah was received by /yothish Visbaradh K. Gaospaihi

If Guru becomes the sub-lord on the cusp of the lagna, it inclines to a goodnatured, kindly disposition, a nature which . breathes cordiality, honour and uprightness. It indicates Jove of pleasure, particularly out-doors, travel, stotit appearance especially in later years, good health, fortune, successful culmination of efforts. If Cunt as the sub lord of the lagna is afflicted, there is a strong tendency to self-indulgence.. In Kataka, he makes the native almost a god of his stomach with the inevitable result that, in course of time, he becomes excessively stout Enlargement of lever results and, as a consequence, he is subjected to a sickness of a serious nature. In Dhanus, he becomes an inveterate gambler who is not shy of stacking his soul on the toss of a coin. In Vrischika, -he- hernmes a sensualist nf. the worst type and in Meena he is an im-nrahl,- TTniWVard There is also suffering due to corruption of the blood system. If the Sun is the sub-lord, he gives vitality, immunity and recuperative powers,' dignity, strength of will and courage, a keen sense of honour and responsibility making the native reliable, honest' and a hater of anything small, underhanded or tricky. He is staunch in friendship, steadfast in love and generous even to his adversaries. The person scorns subordination and loves to lead others. But Sun is afflicted ' the chances of a successful life are slim. In such a situation he is pompous, overbearing, domineering, arrogant and undependable. He regards his promises as pie-crusts made to be broken. If Venus (Sukra) is the sub-lord, it gives an amiable sympathetic, kind and docile

Prayei experience, people of distinct characteristics -^thotiah-all'. of-ihem.Jtate Ponrvaphaleuni on ■the lagna. Which factor differentiates them?' If Kiishnamurti Padhdhati is applied, the answer is apparent. It is the sub-division in the nakshatra which clarifies this. If the sub is ruled by an evil planet, say Saturn and it is afflicted in the horoscope, it shows a ■secretive nature, distruct of others, a gloomy •disposition and a person inclined to seek isolation. It causes poor health, liability to colds, bruises to the head. If Saturn is afflicted as sub-lord of the lagna and is ■situated in Simha, it shows poor circulation; in Vrischika, constipation; in Kataka, poor -digestion and in Thula obstruction of the kidneys, renal calculi and other urinary -disorders. If Saturn is well posited, it shows real character, a patient disposition, success through persistence, self-control and restraint, power of organization, wonderful .capacity to work and success eventually but . slowly. Saturn shows a thin, emaciated person generally. If Kuja (Mars) is the sub-lord of the lagna the native is bold, free, frank and fearless. He will be haughty, fond of fights, .and egotistic, if afflicted; if well posited, it indicates an enterprisnig, energetic, courageous and a determined person who breaks through all barriers through sheer and audacity. It strengthens the constitution, gives muscular power and endurance, but makes the person rash, impulsive and, sometimes, foolhardy. If Kuja is connected to Sukra in any manner, it denotes diseases caused by indulgence of -the passional nature or excessive drinking ■of alcoholic spirits.

Welcome address by Sri KrisbDaonurti of Motor & General Trading Co., Madras-2 37

Her Excellency Thirumathi Shah was Garlanded by Soundaram Rajan nature,. friendly outlook. love of pleasure, -_fbndiiess_for- fine-am, poel ry. music, singing,dancing, drama and so on. Sukra being the planet of peace, shows a compromising spirit. If Budha is the lord of the sub on the cusp of the lagna, it shows a restless, alert, sharp and quick-witted person. The native has a comprehensive, discriminating outlook upon life. Nothing appeals to him so much as change, and anything that is new appeals to him and he likes to investigate. Mercury 'denotes a roving, changeful, nervous and excitable character. If Chandra chances to the sub-lord of the lagna, the person is timid, inconstant, magnetic and romantic. It endows the native with a sensitive, imaginative, intuitive, indofent receptive, restless and tenacious nature. They are easy going and dreamy and are adepts as architects of air castles that never materialize or assume concrete shape.

If Chandra is afflicted, the native isfussy, inverted, unreliable and touchy. Itshows sickness in infancy and uncertain, health in later years. If Rahu or Ketu happen to be the sub lord, the result will depend upon their situation in the chart by occupation, association and aspect. It/ is not uncommon to find twins br triplets born within a few minutes interval of time. Their lagna is in the same sign, and in the same star. Will they be alike, in every respect? Will not the degree and minute constituting the ascendant change within the variation of four minutes or so?' If the planet ruling the sub-division of the nakshatra varies from minute to minute of time, sixrelyjU. hasâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;to -taken-as-a moreâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; reliable indicator of the diverse natures between the twins. Hence, note where the lagna falls. Judge alt about the lagna taking the planets ruling the sign, star and the sub into consideration, lu the discussion here, we emphasised the aspect of the SUE with a view to draw pointed attention to the magnitude of the sub-lord's influence according to bis nature, lordship of house and occupation. It should not be assumed from this that the star on the lagna or the sign on the lagna or the planets connected to it are not of any consequence. All the fa:tors will have to be considered together, only the sub-lord is the most important and distinct factor for reasons explained above. The significations of the sign and the constellation lords are to be read with reference to the sign and house occupied and the aspect they told, to the part of the zodiac constituting the lagna.

Her Excellency addresses and spoke very hrgb of Piof. K. S. KrishnamorH, his inventions and how Astrology helps all

Her Excellency cuttiog ribbon and declares open the Show Room 38


A colleague came to me and asked me <o calculate and say when he would secure promotion in his job. On my asking him to furnish a number, he replied '208'. The time of judgement was 8-50 AM (1ST) on -Saturday, November 20, 1971, at Lat. 30* —56' North, 75'—32'East.

11 ll0-22' III 150-22'

The horary chart for the number is illustrated below, the houses being drawn for ""iravana lagaa O" TCumbha (as denoted by -the number '208') for the latitude of judgement and the planets calculated for the time -of judgement. The balance of Budha Maha Dasa at the iime of query, .according to Vimshottan system, was 4 years, 2 months and 22 days.

Sat, (R) JO'-OQ' IV 120-22'

V 5''-22'

Mars 140-08' Lagoa 00°-00'

VI 0o.22' Kctu 15o-30'

Rahu IS'-SO' XII 0o-22'

VH C0o-00'

Moon Z6-.4i' Mcr. 25'-16' 25*-26' XI 50-22' Von. Jupt. !90-35' X 12°-22' Sun 30-47'

vin no~22 Ufa. 23o-10'

11. Plasetary Positions; Planet ;Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus .Saturn Rahu Ketu

Sign occupied Vrischika Vrischika Kumbha Vrischika Vrischika V rischika Rishaba Makara Kataka

House(s) Occupied Owned 7 9 10 6 10/3 1 10 5/8 2/11 10 10 4/9 3 1/12 12 6

Star occupied Saturn Mercury Rahu Mercury Mercury Merctry Moon Moon Saturn

Sub occupied Saturn Jupiter Mercury Rahu Venus Rahu Moon Jupiter Jupiter

the 10th house is related to profession, business, honour, reputation, recognition, elevation etc. vation, etc. The Moon was placed in the constellation Jyeshta ruled by Mercury and sub of Jupiter, both Jupiter and Mercury being also in the 10th house along with the Moon and Venus. Mercury rules houses 5 and 8 and Jupiter is lord of 2 and 11. The Moon's situation shows beyond doubt

III. Does the Moon reflect the query? The Moon is regarded as the planet of the mind. It acts as a mirror, reflecting what passes in the querent's mind. In the chart abovementioned, the Moon rules the 6th house and is posited in the 10th house. The 6th house, among other things, has connection with service and matters allied thereto; 39

nity and group. It is styled as the house of service or subordination and embraces all those who are engaged in jobs of a routine kind which do not involve exercise of authoriiy except in a small way. Apart from the 10th and the 6th houses, the 2nd house also assumes significance in professional matters. It denotes finance in all its varied aspects, receipts from every source, possessions of value like securities, bonds, jewels, etc. which can be transported from one place to another, an^l^beity^sJVeedo^â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

Her Excellency lighting the "Kuthu Vilakku" that the querent was worried about the chances of rise in his official career. In all questions concerning professional prospects, the houses to be investigated are 2, 6 and 10. In the traditional scheme, the 10th house is describedA as karma sthana' or the house of work. * gya', meaning order or command, is an epithet used with reference to the lOtb house. This house designates authority and superiority in general. It stands for the employer; superior. Governmental, local authority or business organization under which an individual serves and to which he is subservient It presides over profession, trained skills, business and trade. It rules distinctive vocation as distinct from non-distinctive or misfit vocation which is under the sway of the 6ch house. Evidently, an independent medical practitioner or lawyer or chartered accountant, for instance, will 'come within the contines of the 10th house. Also, the judge in the court, high ranking officials of the state and those holding political offices who have the power and authority to issue orders to which other individuals have to confirm, fall within its purview. The 10th house does not, however, truly reflect the conditions of service in a vast majority of the horoscopes. This is so because the mjjor part of the community comes under the control of the 6th house. The '6th house, more aptly, denotes their condition, and is described as the house of adjustment of individual interests to those of the commu-

The-traditional method in regard to the aspect of profession is, defective and falls far short of expectations in practice. In this scheme, the 10th house, alone is looked at without involving the 2od house which has to do with financial affairs of every conceivable kind and the 6th house which has relevance to service and subordinate interests. The 10th house charts ambition, and the llth house which is the second reckoned from the 10th shows the outcome of such ambition in the shape of physical gain. The llth house is traditionally treated as the 'labha sthana'. the house of profit or gain. It reveals hopes and wishes and their fulfilment. Both these houses have relation to advancement in career, business expansion and goins, etc. IV. Is promotion promised by the chart? According to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, the sub lord of the llth house should be in direct motion in the constellation of planet in direct motion and it should be a significatoi

Editor K. Subramaoiam i.i prcseutiog the books written by Jyothish Marthand Sothida Mannan Sri IC. S. Krishnamarii to Her Excellency

V. Who are the siguificators? HouSe 2: No planet in this house, and Jupiter is its owner. No planet occupies any of Jupiter's consteJiations. So Jupiter alone is the sigcificator. House 6: Kctu is posited here, and no planets are in Ketu's constellations. Moon is the lord of this house,; and Saturn and Rahu are in Moon's constellations. House 10; Four planets-Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are situaâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;fcd - here; Saturn -and-Rahuare in Moon's constellations; Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Moon occupy the lOth house in the constellation ruled by Mercury. There are none in the constellations of Venus or Jupiter. Mars is the lord of 10 and no planet is placed in its constellation.

Editor his brother K. Hariharan partners of Harimfin Rooliscllcrfi potes with Her Excellency of matters coming under the domain of houses concerned with the matter in query, Tf the sub lord is retrograde but in the constellation of a planet in direct motion and is also a significator of the matter in query, the matter will fructify after the sub lord turns direct in course and crosses the point where from it retrograded. In the present case, the 2nd and the 6th cusps are ruled by the Moon as the sub lord. Mars becomes the sub lord of houses 11 and 10. As already stated, the Moon is the lord of the 6th house posited in the 10th house in the constellation and sub of planets direct in motion and strongly signifying the affairs of houses 10, 2 and 11. As for Mars, he is the lord of the 10th house and occupies the lagoa. Mars, no doubt, is in the constellation of Rahu who is deposited .in the I2th house, but Rahu, being all alone in Malcara, becomes the agent of S iturn who is lord of the lagna and the 12th house and is also the constellation lord of the cusp of the 10th house. Mars is invested with the power to bring the influences of houses, 10, II and 1 to the fore, but as it has connection with houses 3 and 12 also, it denotes that promotion would, iucidentally, Involve change of duties or transfer, change of residence, etc.

House 11: Jupiter is the lone significatDr, no planet being in ll and Jupiter being the lord of this bouse with, no planet in its constellation. At the time the query was judged, the planets thai ruled the moment were (ij. Mercury as the lord of the cobsicllation Jyeshta on the lagna. ("2â&#x20AC;˘ Mars as the planet owning Vrischika on the lagna, (3> Mercury again as

Mars, the sub-lord of the 11th house, is in direct motion and when it comes, by transit, to a sensitive point of the zodiac conjointly ruled by the significators the matter would fructify.

Vole of Thanks bySfi Radhu 42

the lord of the constellation tenanted by the Moon, (4) Mars as the lord of the Moon rasi and (5) Saturn as the lord of the day. The'point of the zodiac rising on the lagna was 270-I6' in Mercury's constellation and Guru's sub.

cury (Moon and Mercury being the anthra and bhukti lords respectively); Dasa lord, Mercury, transits in the sign of Venus, a significator, and constellation of Jupiter, bhukti lord; Bhukti lord, Jupiter, transits the llth house in his own sign Dhanus in the constellaiion of Ketu who acts as the agent of the Moon, anthra lord; Sun transits the constellation of lord of 10, Mars, in the sign of Venus. The Moon will transit the lagna for the query and conjoin the position of Mars at the judgement time. Based on all the factors, I predicted that the desire will be fulBlled on Thursday the 13th October 1972.

Since Mercury and Jupiter are very Strong among the ruliog planets, the dasa of Mercury and bhukii of Jupiter runniog between 27-2-197I and 3-6-1973 is the broad perioJ when the matter should fructify. The Moon is not only lordofthe 6tb house but also occupies the LOlh house in the constellation and sub of the dasa and bhukti lords. The Moons an thra which operates between 5-10-1972 and 13-12-1972. is the strongest. 'At this timer -when-the-planets-transit-ixifavourable position the matter will fructify. On Thursday, the 13ih October 1972, Mars .transits in Mercury's sign KanyaÂť Moon's constellation Hastha. and the sub of Mer-

Krishnamurti Padhdhaii, or scientific -atellar_astiology, explains hfe's events in a manner no other system the western astrolngical system or the various traditional systems as they are now understood and applied in Indiaâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;does.


ASTROLOGY AND ROMANCE By Sothida Mani A. SIVAPATHAM, Ceylon One of ray friends, who was on his way to Jaffna, came to see jae We were good pals earlier, but were out of contact for several years. I was very happy to meet him after a long time, but our meeting was to be only for a short while. 44 Siva, 1 hear you are a wizard in a new method of predicting events according to stellar system. Even though lam quite conversant with the traditional system of^Lam unable to enlighten myself-OB-cer-tain matters. Can you guide me?" "Yes, 1 would-only be too glad to be of help to you." "Fine. Siva tell me whether my desire will be fulfilled and if so when." What is your desire?" You should be able to find out yourself, can you not?" 44 All right." I looked at my wrist watch. It was 15 minutes past 12 P. M. (Ceylon Standard Time). '•Siva, tell me quickly. I have friends with me and I must move on." Inspiteof my entreaties, my friend would not stay with me. I made myself busy, casting a chart for the lime. The chart.

prepared on Nirayana basis, is reproduced below: Xt 40-5l' Mercury Sun l0-32' Sat. t06-54' o Venus XIT 40-38' l0 -22' IX I0-Sl' X 30-51' Mars 19<'-42, I 20-59' Kcthu i—7^4r

VIII 0o-5l' NIRAYANA Rahu 7MI' VII 24-59' /up. l4°-49' Ncplune Uc-29 VI 4',-38' V 4®-5I'

II 0o-5l' IV 30-51'

It I 0'-5P Ura. 22°-31'

Day; Dale : Place: Time :

Saturdry I5ih April, 1972 vavuniya 12-15 p.m. fCeylyn Std. Time. Venus dasa, Saturn bhukti operates till 12—8—1974. At the time of query, Mercury anthra was ruling.

The Planetary Positions were : Planets


Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu

2 1 5/10 3/12 6/9 4/11 7/8


Occupied 9 10 11 9 6 11 11 7 1. 44

Drposited in Constellation sub ruled Oy ruled by Ketu Venus Venus Saturn Moon Kelhu Saturn Venus Venus Venus Moon Saturn Moon Moon Sun Ketbu Saturn Kethu

The Moon is the planet of the mind, and Moreover, it was the constellation as well as reveals what goes on in the querent's mind at the ,,sub lord of the 5th cusp. Your desire Any particular moment. The Moon here is will be fulfilled." lord of the lagna placed in the lOlh house. It "Anything further?" is in the sign of Mars who rules the 5th house and occupies the Ilth house. The 5th house "Note the rul|ng planets at the moment. among other matters, governs love, courtship They are Moon. Jupiter, Mars, Venus and and pre-marital connections. The 11th house Saturn. Whenever the significators transit in deajs with friendships, pleasure> etc. The the Sensitive degrees of the zodiac governed constellation occupied by the Moon was ruled by the ruling planets together, you will find by Venus and the sub by Saturn. Venus as pleasure in her company." lord of the 11th house and occupies the 11th house in conjuction with Mars ruling the "Can I meet her today?" bouse of love, recreation and pleasure and Saturn governing the 7th house which stands "Note the position of the Sun. It is in for union, engagement, etc. The Moon's Mais sign, Kethu constellation (Kethu is the -position-by-lordshipi-sing—constellation and- - agcnrof-MoDQ- lreiijg"iii-KTOlca3r'VenXis^i3b7— sub proves beyond doubt that the querent Next, note the position of the Moon. ' It is was concerned with a love affair. I told him in Mats sign, Venus star and Saturn sub. This indicates that you would have just met w her or she is already with you now." "Why do you say so? He was surprised and admitted < she %as "Saturn is lord of the 7th and 8th. The inside his car outside. 7 th house, as earlier stated, denotes union, partnership, engagement, etc. The 8th house "When did you meet her for the first signifies sex.. Mars is lord of 5, and the 5th time", I asked him. house refers to rest, recreation, pleasure, love affairs, etc. The 11th house deals with plea"It was'the 22nd February last." •sure, profitable friendship and also love affairs (being in 5th to the 7th). Saturn I looked up the ephemeris for a moment shows secrecy, Venus rules romantic life ami and hurriedly observed the planetary positions Mars presides over passion and animal desire. on that day. This is how I came to form a jildgemen't." "Look, Raipa, 22nd ' February was a My friend was literally surprised at the Tuesday ruled by Mars. Moon was transitcandid way I interpreted the position of the ing in the sign of Venus and in the constellaMoon. tion of the Moon in the Uth house on that "Siva, your analysis is accurate." day. Lord of 5 in the horary chart, Mars, was transiting in the star and sub of Venus. "Now, you, are running Venus dasa, Saturn bhukti. Mercury anthra according to the Vimshottarl system and this peried lasts up to 24—5 — 1972. As the anthra lord Mercury is lord of 3 and 12 in the constellation -of Saturn and sub of venus, both Saturn and Venus being strong significators of secret love life and also dasa and bhukti lords, you •will meet her several times secretly." "Will my desire be fulfilled?" "Note the 11th cusp. It falls in Venus sign, Sun star and Saturn sub. The sub lord. Saturn, is in 11, and owns houses 7 and :8 Saturn is placed in the constellation of the Moon, lord of the lagna, and is also in A Section of audience aticoded the inausuration Moon's sub. Saturn is also conjoined with Jord of 5, Mars, and lord of 11, Venus. of show room 45

Mercury was in Saturn's sign in the constellation of Rahu, agent of Saturn. Venus was ■transiting in the constellation of Saturn and in ifae sub of Moon." •'Are you trying to relate transits accor-ding to Krishnamurti Padhdhati theory?" 44 Yes. I was trying to show how destiny works. You never bothered about an auspicious muhurtha when you approached the ]ady. Without selecting the day and time, you had casually met her. The horary chart which I have drawn for the 15th April 1972 aHhe ti me-of-query-eonfirms-thc date—when-" you met her. Do you remember the time?" "I think it was about 10-44 p. m."

••Now let mc calculate." The.ascendant for the time was in Mesha, in Venus star and Saturn sub. The Moon was in Moon's star and Saturn's sub. I said 4,The ascendant at the time you met her for the first time was ruled by^ Mars, Venus and Saturn as the sign, constellation.,, and sub.lords. The Moon was in Saturn's sub. In the horary chart the Moon is found in Mars sign, Venus star and on 28—2—1972 the lagna when you met her was found exactly on the same point. The transits, according to iCrishoamurti Padhdhati system, cleaily reveal the event. Further, at the time of query, Venus dasa, Saturn bhukci and Mercury anthra was operating. Mercury was strongly connected to houses 5 and 11 being in the constellation and' sub of Saturn and Venus. The antbra of Mercury runs up to 24—5—1972, and counting backwards we find thai it commeQced on 12—12—197J On 22—2—1972, the anthra was of the Moo who was a significator of houses 5 and 11. "The ruling planets then were (Ij Mars, lord .of the day,. [2) Venus, lord of the rasi, (3) Moon. lord of the nakshatra transited by the Moon. ("43 Venus, lord of the constellation -co the ascendant, fSJ Mars, lord of the sign 46,;

on the ascendant and ffi) Saturn, sub-lordl ofthe ascendant. The same pjanets rule today also. This is me trutn explained in. krishnamurti Padhdhati. You get the book1 "TRANSIT OR GOCHARA PHALA NIRNAYA" by the late Professor Krishnamurti ji and digest it. It is the best book I have^ come across on the subject of transits." Thank you very much for your advice and your lucid analysis, Siva. Your explanation in such a short time, I must say, is. marvellous." bye.

I said 4Good Luc k' and we bade good-

Nov. 1972

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DISEASE: SUBLORD DECIDES By P. KARUNANANTHAMj Battkaloa, Sri Lanka My friend, Mr.'-'X", had a communication from his cider brother saying that the latter been, advised an operation. A date had also been fixed up for the purpose. My friend was anxious and keen to know about the health condition of his brother. On my asking, he readily gave "180"'between I and 249. It Was 4-45 PM CeylonStandardTime) on, 19-4-1972 at0 Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, Lat, 7 -42'.North, 8l -40' East. The horary chart erected for the analysis ' was as follows:Vimshottari Dasa balance of Jupiter at birth; 12 years, 4 months, 17 days

IV 23,,-45' Sun 6d~08' Mcr. n9-29' V 23M5'

Sat. W-ll' l8o-07' Ven. 2r-20 VII • Moon VI 2r-45' a Mars21 44' 23--01' Katha 70-28' vm isms'

ill 20o-45' N1 RAY AN A 11 180-45' Rahu 70-28

XI 20o-45'

Lagna XII 21M5' Uranus (R) 18?-06'-40" Ncpt. (R) XI 2J*-45' 22*-21'. Jup. 14^-54' 11''-25' X 23M5'

II. Planetary Positions / Planet Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu UranusCRet) Neptune fRet)


8 sjn 7/10 1/4 6/11 2/3


Occupied 4 7 6(cusp) '3 12 6 (cusp) 5 1 7 Near 10 cusp 11 3

■ Deposited in ConstelULiOD ruled fay . _ ;— Ketu ■ Jupiter Moon Saturn Venus Moon Moon Sun Saturn Moon Saturn

Sub owned by Rahu Saturn Venus Moon Venus Venus Mars Ketu Ketu Venus Moon

III. Cuspal positions Represents elder Cusp of Houses brother's house , ii hi IV V VI VII vm IX .X XI XII


IV. Vimsbottari Dasa periods; Bhukti Dasa Saturn Jupiter

sign lord


Coostellation lord

Jupiter Saturn Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury. Moon Sun Mercury * Venus Mara. Anthra Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter

Sub lord

Venus Moon Jupiter Mercur Venus Moon Rahu Mercury Venus Mars, Jupiter Mercury

Rahu Mercury Jupiter Mars Saturn Venus Moon Ketu Jupiter Mars Saturn / Sun

From 19—r4—1972 22—6—1972 15—8—1972 2—J—1973

To 22—6—1972 15—8—1972 2—1—1973 3-5—1973

In astrological language, the lagna signifies health, vitality, immunity and resistance to diseases. The houses in 6, 8 and 12 to the lagna describe suffering and sikness. Taking the 11th house to be the 1st house, we arrive at houses 4,6 and 10 as the houses which have relation to ill health, danger and hospitalisation. 4th House; Sun is here. Rahu is in Sun's constellation. Jupiter is .the 'lord of the house, wiith Moon in Jupiter's star. 6th House: Mars and Venus are on the cusp of the house. l^o planet in Mars' constellation Venus is the lord, and Jupiter is in V«nbs' constellation. IOth House; The house is unoccupied. It is owned by Mercury, m whose constellations no planets arc posited. Hence Sun, RaHu. Moon, Jupiter, Venus Mars and Mercury have relation with houses

V. Does the Moon depict the querent's mind?' The Moon, in the chart, was in the cons: tellation of Jupiter and sub of Saturn. ' Counting from the 11th house denoting elder brother, Jupiter becomes lord of the house of sikness (6th) to elder brother, in the 2nd house counted from the 11th house. Jupiter is situated in the constellation and sub of Venus, lord of 1 and 8 (danger, mentaln agony) from the bouse, of elder, brother;, placed in thc^thnhouse from-thatiof the houses signifying elder brother. Saturn is placed in 7th house fmarakasthana) from the 11th (n.; the constellation of Moon in the 9th house/ and the sub of Mars on the cusp of the 8th house (from the 7th).. This shows a worried state of the querent's mind regarding his elder brother's life. VI. Analysis. The 11th house stands for elder brother, and, for all practical purposes this house may be assumed to be the lagna for the purpose of our discussion. It falls in Thula (Libra) in Jupiter's star and Saturn's sub. 5

4 or 6 or 10 signifying, sufiFering and hospitalisation. For recovery, the lagna, 11th house and the 5th house are considered. Why? The Jagna stands for positive health. The 11th house is twelfth to the 12th connected with hospitaltsation; the 5th is Hth from the 6th house which holds sway over sickness and suffering. Houses 3,9 and 11 of the chart would show recovery, these being the 5th, 11th and I, assuming the Hth house to be the lagna. 3rd House: Mercury is placed here with no planets in its constellation. Saturn is the lord, and Mercury alone is in Saturn's constellation. 9 th. House; No planet occupies this house. The Sun is its owner with Jlahu-in .Suats conste Hat ionr^ 11th House; There are no planets in this house Venus governs this house and Jupiter is in Venus constellation. So, Mercury, Saturn, Sun, Rahu, Venus and Jupiter have reference to recovery. The sub-lord of the 6th house from the Hth. namely, 4th house, Mars, on the cusp of the 8th house reckoned from the 11th house, in rapt conjunction with lord of lagna of.the elder brother, indicates venereal ulcers, piles etc. The querent's elder brother in fact suffers from piles and the doctor had advised him to undergo a simple operation and had also fixed up a date for the same. From table IV we find that the dasa of Jupiter, bhukti of Saturn and anthra of Moon operates up to 22-6-1972; then, Mars anthra up to 15-8-1972, Moon and Mars are unfavourable for recovery. The anthra of Rahu

which runs between 15-8-1972 and 2-1-1973 is conducive to recovery from illness, Rahu being a significator of houses 5 as well as 11 fcounted from the 11 th house). The anthra of Jupiter which follows next also augurs well for health as Jupiter is the only planet in the constellation of Venus, lord of elder brother's lagna. Jupiter is a significato r of houses 6 and 8 ffrom 11th) also. Therefore, Jupiter will not allow the native to succumb to illness during its period, especially bhukti and anthra. In Krishnamurti Padhdhati, it has been laid down that if the sub-lord of the lagna is a significator of houses 1 and or 11, the person would pick up health, but if the sub-lord has connection with houses 6, 8 and 12. it shows set back in health. The sub-lord of the house.'showing the elder brother, Saturn, is not a significator of houses 1 and 11 fcounted from the 1 IthJ; nor is he a significator of ilFhealih, .JHence.-iu-Jupitcr-sâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;dasa^ Saturn bhukti, there is no possibility of suc* cumbiog to disease, though in the anthras of Moon and Mars ill-health is foreshown. The anthras of Rahu and Jupiter which follow have connection with suffering but also recovery from sickness. Saturn's bhukti goes up 3-5-1973. Mercury's bhukti, which begins on 3-5-1973, will force the native to be hospitalised for treatment as Mercury is the strongest significator of 12th house (from the 11th). there being no planets in the 12th house and no planets in the constellations of Mercury. The division of the star into subs is the quint-essence of Krishnamurti Padhdhati which has not only supplied the missing links in astrological knowledge but has also Tendered astrology simple, Scientific and solid for the good of the entire mankind. Good Luck!

WHY PITFALLS IN PREDICTION 7 By BALA Planets. Lord of Occupying Owning This gcntlemaa who held a decent position Constcllatian. Bhava. houses. in Government left it to join a lucrative post Jup. Sun in a business concern. He was persuaded by Venus Merc. 2 and U. 2 his friend to demand a higher salary and Sat. Sun 1 1 share'of proht. He was informed that Mars Rahu Mars 4 and 9. 12 dasa» Mercury Bbukthi would be fortunateKethu Merc. 2 2 and 11. He put in his demand expecting improvement in status and increase in his emoluments. In the above table. Lord of the constel■Alas! His service was terminated in the same lation, the Bhava occupied by the lord of the period. Why? constellation and the houses ownsd by the lord of the constellation arc given so that at The horoscope is as under : first sight one can note that Sun. Jupiter,1 Venus, Saturn and Kethu are advantageous . Moen Kethu Moon, Mars" Mercury and R3bu—are-not26-27 4-23 favourable. • Mars^ dasa, Rahu Bhukthi gave the Neptune change. During Mars dasa, Mercury BhukUranus 2U3 14-13 thi be lost the job.' Mars is in the constelVeous 29-56 lation of Kethu in 8 and in the sub of Jupitcrr 2fJ Q, 1091 lord of 8 in 1. Mercury is in the constellation 5-20 A. M. Mars of Mars in 12 and sub of Rahu which gave a 7-41 .change. [Rahu was in the constellation of Lagna 23-40 Mars in 12 and sub of Jupiter.] Sun 3-20 It is a common sight to see persons preSat. 5-10 Jup. 6-4 senting charts without their exact position in Mcr. 24-14 Rahu 26-27 j.. degrees and minutes. So one takes that • Mars is a Rajayogadhipathi, Kona sthana Kethu dasa Balance at birth fVimshotadhipathi owning houses 4 and 9 and occutari) 4 years 8 months and 11 days. On pying the Lagna—a fiery planet id a fiery signi 18th January 1966 he was told to stop away. in triplicity, strong, etc. Then, Mercury is On 1-1-1966 Mars dasa, Mercury Bhuklhi lord of 2 and 11. It is in exaltation. It is in started. 2 to dasanatha. Therefore, one has to prePlanets. Lord of Occupying Owniog dict fortune in their conjoined period. But if Coastcl'aiian. Bbava. houses. one takes the exact positions of the planets, Sun Sun 1 and also include the constellation and sub Moon Kethu 5 and 8. 8 occupied by the planets, then the prediction Mars Kethu 5 and S. Mars 12 4 and 9. will come correct. Merc. 9

on" theft ARUDHRA The significators are :â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 0) Planets in the constellation of tbe occupants of bouses 3, S, 8 and 12. (2) Planets posited inJhedtousesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;3,6;' H"an<rl2. (3) Planets in the constellatioo of lords of houses 3, 5; 8 and 12. (4) Planets who are lords ofbouses 3. St 8 and 12. (5) Planets conjoined with or aspected ' by tbe significators. ' The third bouse is occupied by Jupiter, It governs Punarvasu, Visaka and Posrvabhadra. Mars, Mercury, Sun are deposited in Punarvasu constellatioo. Therefore Mars, Mercury and Sun are the significators of short journey and other 3rd bouses matters. The fifth house is not occupied by any planet. The eighth bouse is occupied by Kethu, who rules tbe constellations Aswanj, Magha and Moola. No planet is posited in Aswani, Magha or Moola. The twelfth house is vacant. Lord of the third bouse is Mars. Moaa is posited in constellation, Mrigasira ruled by Mars. Therefore Moon is one of the significators of the 3rd bouse. Lord of the fifth bouse is Saturn, Pusbyami, Anuradha and Uttrabhadra are ruled by Saturn. Venus is posited in Pushyami, Rahu is posited in Anuradha. Therefore, Venus and Rahu are the significators and they will be advantageous to the thief. Lord of the Sth house is Mars in whose constellation Moon is posited. Lord of the twelfth house is Sun. Krithika, Foorvapbalguni and Uttarashada

A lady lost her purse and suit case while going on journey on 22-5-1966 at about 7 P.M. Her horoscope is given below; Mood 0-10 Mars Kethu 20-34 9-19 musrrnrV-_ 21-27 Sao 3-30 Saturn' 29-26 Venus 5-09

Rahu 9-19 Lagoa Jupiter 22-42 The native started her life with a balance of Mars period 3 years, 4 months and 29 days. She was under the major period of Jupiter and in the sub period of Venus at the time of the loss of purse and suit case. Short journeys arc indicated by the 3rd house. Cash and movable properties are indicated by the 2nd house. The 7th house indicates the thief. The thief's cash position and acquisition of movable properties are indicated by the 8th house, which is the 2nd house to the 7th house. All losses are to be viewed from tbe 12th house in a horoscope. The 3lh house indicates gains to the thief and thereby loss to the native. As she was performing a journey and lostboth cash and her suit case, tbe ruling planets at the time of the event must be related to the houses 3 and 12 indicating short journey and loss to tbe person wbeteas 5'and 8 are gain to the thief. 'II

lost het articles, the sub period of Venus was operating. The sub lord, Venus, is posited in the constellation of Pushyami which is ruled by Saturn. She is also in the sub of Saturn. Saturn holds the lordship of 3tb house and 6th house. Therefore Venus, the sub lord, will offer results pertaining to the houses 5 and 6. The longitudinal distance between Venus and Jupiter gives rise to a malefic aspects. Therefore the sub lord will have to- offer undesirable results. The fifth hous& indicates gains, profits etc., of the Chief. Therefore,^ during ,the -major-period- of Jupiter and in the sub period of Venus, some disagreeable events were to happen. If so, how to know when such evil results will be experienced by the native? Whenever the particular period and sub period is in operation, either good or bad results will be experienced only when the luminaries transit in unfavourable constellations- On 22nd May, 1966, Moon was transiting the constellation Mrigasira ruled, by Mars, who holds the lordship of 3rd and 8th houses. Third house indicates short journeys. Eighth house indicates movable property of the thief. Therefore, something untoward must take place or 22-5-1966, as the ruling planets and the transits of the ruling planet indicating loss to the native. Thus the native had to lose purse in journey. At the time of loss, Anuradha was rising in the east. This constellation is ruled by Saturn, in whose star the sub lord Venus is posited The native should not perform "journeys" on days ruled by Sun, Mars arid Saturn. Sun rules Krithika. Uttara Phalguni and Uttarashada. Mars rules Mrigasira, Chira and Dhanishta. Saturn rules Pushyami, Anuradha and Uttarabadra. If the journey is inevitable on these days, the native is advised to be extra-careful when the above constellation rises in the ea st. day time or night time.

are ruled by Sun. Ketu is posited in Kritika. Therefore Kethu is one of the signiiicators. The occupants of houses 3, 5, 8, and 12, as also lords of these houses are significators. Therefore, Jupiter, Venus, . Mars, Mercury and Sun are the significators.It is our experience that' a planet reflects the results of the lord of the constellation in which it was posited. The matters related to the houses over which the lord of the constellation holds lordship will be felt predominently whenever the period of that planet operates. The native was "under the major period of Jupiter and in the sub period of Venus at the time of the loss. Jupiter is posited in the constellation Jyeshta ruled by Mercury who holds the lordship of first house and tenth house. He is in the sub of Moon, who rules the eleventh house. Therefore the major lord Jupiter is to offer the results of houses 1 and 10. , . The sub gives us the clue whether the results offered by the major lord will be beneficial to the native or noL In the present case Jupiter is posited in the sub of Moon and Moon holds the lordship of eleventh house which indicates gains, friendship, permanent tic or marriage etc. Therefore Jupiter should have given brilliant results to the native particularly in the sub period of Jupiter. Whenever we consider a major period of a particular planet, it will not offer always beneficial events or malefic results. The sub. period that comes into operation will modify the results of the major period due to its position, situation and aspect. If the sub lord is unfavourably placed to the major lord, the results that arc likely to happen due to the position of the major lord will not be experienced uniformly. The sublord changes it. Now, when the native has 12

KRISHNAMURTI FADHDHATI — AN EYE OPENER VITHALBHAI ;PATEU B. A. One of my friends was anxious to know of the Moon to fix up the date when actually .about the return of his wife who had gone she would come back. with her brothers and nephews on a pilgriOn the 16th February 1972, a Wednesday, mage. There was no communication from the Moon was transiting in Kumbha and in .her, and he was naturally worried. He Kahu's constellation Sathabisha. Sathabisha' was eager to know the actual date of her star operates up to ll-'i'i A M on thai day.— return. __Rahu's consteilatiorrisTruitfiil. but the Moon Knsbnnmnrtt Pr.dhdhali "cmplrasi.'iCS the ^ is transiting through a sign owned by Saturn. So, there must be some delay in consonance role of the ruling planets at the moment when a matter of serious import is judged. Accorwith the nature of Saturn. Further, the day ding to the Padhdhati, these planets reveal lord. Mercury, is not a ruling planet. After the nature of the result as well as the time 11-55 A, M., the Moon transits through of fructification. So 1 noted the planets Poorvabhadra ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter does which were ruling at the time of my examinot happen to be among the ruling planets. nation. The next day, 17th February, Thursday Date of judgement I5th Feb 1972 is also not favourable, the Moon transits Time of j udgement 7-43 PM (1ST) in Meena (Pisces), a sign ruled by Jupiter Place of judgement Matar, Gujerat who is not a ruling planet. After 9-53 A.M. 0 latitude of the place 22 -45' North the star Uttarabhadra commences. Jupiter Longitude of the place: 72°-40' East not being a ruling planet, there was no possibility of the event fructifying on this They are put down below;date. Day lord (Tuesdays i.: Mars . Moon sign lord 1 proceeded further. On the 18th Febr(Kumbha j Saturn uary, a Friday governed by Venus, a ruling Moon star lord planet, the Moon transits through the consi (Sathabisha) ~ t Rahu tellation Revathi in Meena (Pisces). Both the Lagna lord (Simhaj :: Sun sign lord,> Jupiter, and the constellation lord. Constellation lord of Mercury, have no role. I skipped this day lagna (P. Phalgunij ; Venus also. All these planets are in direct motion and are deposited in the constellations of planets in I came to 19th February. It was a direct course. Saturday whose lord is Satum. On this day, the Moon transits in Mesha (AriesJ. but up As the event was to take place within a to 3-46 A.M. on 20-2-1972 the Moon will period of a few days, I took the transit of the transit the star Aswini held by Ketu. Saturn Moon. At the time of consideration of the and Mars ate amoung the ruling planets, but matter, the Moon was in Kumbha (Aquarius^ Ketu is not. 10°-4'-30" and was transiting through the constellation of Rahu. The time of judgement On the 20th February, the Moon enters was night time on the 15th February 1972 into Barani owned by Venus. The day and there was no possibility of my friend's happens to be a Sunday. This day is ruled wife returning then. I picked up the by Sun, Venus and Mars-all ruling planets. ephemeris and started looking at the transit On the 20th February, the Moon will transit 13

Mars sign, Venus star and Rahu's sub. It -will be the time when she will return from her journey; Rahu was among the ruling planets, and so its sub is significant.. The Moon will enter the sub of Rahu at about 12 noon and remain there till 3-20 P.M. So, her return would be at this time. I told my friend accordingly. Actually, my friend's wife arrived at 2-01 P.M. on the 20th February 1972 w^icn the Ascendant (lagna) was in Rahu's star and sub in Mithuna. It is interesting to note that at the time of judgement the lagnajrising was-8imha-(i>coy â&#x20AC;&#x201D;a Sumlgn,'" Venus constellation P. Phalguni and Rahu's sub. On the 20th February at 2-01 P.M., when she was back home, the Moon was transiting in Mars sign, Venus star, Rahu sub. The transiting Moon on that day was in beautiful trine aspect with the position of the lagna at the time of judgement. More correctly, the transiting Moon was in the constellation and sub ruled by the same planets which ruled the lagoa at the time of examination. Another important feature was that the transiting Sun was in Saturn's sign, Kumbha, Rahu's star and Rahu's sub. (On the 15th and 16th February, the Moon was transiting the same position, but the matter was delayed as Saturn was involved as a ruling planet, and when the Sun passed over the same position, the event came to pass.;. The transiting Sun was in excellent trine aspect with the lagna rising at the time of return, the lagna being 7° Mithuna ruled by Rahu as the constellation as well as sub lord. Many truth seekers like me are surprised at the literal exactness of the stellar system when applied in the proper way. The theory propounded by our late Guruji is simply marvellous and should open the eyes of all those who have been groping in the dark in search of the truth of the sublime science of Astrology. Good Luck!

STELLAR ASTROLOGY SHOWS THE WAV ■y P. S. SASTRY On the 20th Septemher 1971, Shri Madhusudan Rao, Editor of "Adrushtam", a leading astrological Telugu monthly jounial, Shri C. Ganesan, Manager, State Bank of Hydrabad, and myself had been to Kazipet to receive our Pujya Guruji, ]ate_Eiof.-K-. S.— fCrohnatt'urtijl," who was expected to arrive from Madras. Guruji, as we dearly called him, was a genius par excellence, a true .gentleman and a great teacher. He was a man of great gifts, yet he was humble. He .possessed a rare sense of wit and humour, and bis reasoning was rational and sound. -Guruji loved everyone around him, and he imparted to his disciples as much knowledge as they could absorb. I must admit frankly that by using his method I have been able to offer a number of accurate predictions to the date, and I know from personal knowledge that many of his other disciples have done even better in the art of prognastication, basing theit predictions purely on the basis of tha principles propounded in Krishnamurti Padhdhati. As we assembled at the station, one of Guraji's disciples predicted that day that the Grand Tnink Express by which Guruji was travelling would arrive at Kazipet railway station exactly at 7-0S a. m. when the Moon would transit in the sub of Venus, it would be pertinent to recall here that Venus, in Guruji's birth chart, was a significator of the Sth house. The Sth bouse stands for disciples, according to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, as the lagna is the 9th house (Guru or preceptor or teacherJ reckoned from the Sth house. When the train steamed into the platform, it was 7-05 a. m. How true is the Padhdhati! On the next day, that is Tuesday the 21st September 1971, after Guruji had performed the Puja, all of us had prasadam IS

at the residence of Shri K. V. Subba Rao Superintending Engineer, and Guruji and 1 were going to the residence of Shri Ganesan. It was about noon. As the car sped its way, I kept Guruji in .-conversation—slid pnr him questions and getting my doubts clarified. In the course of discussion, I casually mentioned to him that 1 would be running Jupiter dasa, Venus bhukti and Saturn anthra from the 13th January 1972 and wished to hear from Guruji's mouth what was in store for me during this period. In my birth chart all these planets were well placed according to the principles contained in Krishnamurti Padhdhati and I expected to enjoy the blessings of holy men and receive their grace. I wanted Guruji to enlighten me on this subject. Immediately, he asked me for a number between T and '249', and I said '27'. A human computer as he was, his answer was quick and clear. He said that I would be privilaged to have the' blessings of His Holiness Jagadguru Sankaracharya Swamigal of Kanchi on 15—4—1972 and that, before this date, I would meet him (Guruji). He described that according to his natal chart, the lagna lord. Saturn, comes, by transit, to the Sth cusp when the dasa of Saturn and bhukti of Rahu operates. When the Sun, by transit, comes to Kumbha rasi governed by Saturn and Sathabisha naksbtra ruled by Rahu, around the 27th February 1972, he himself would visit my place. Need 1 say that the prediction come true? I had Guruji's blessings and was privilaged to receive at his hands a gold ring with the image of Lord Ucchishta Maha Ganapatbi inscribed on it. Guruji had parted with his own ring, for he treated all his disciples as members of his own family. He knew no distinction, no caste, no creed, no differences in language or domicile. He was a universal

feeing. On the day I met Gumji, my lagna lord Venus was transiting in dasanalha Guru's rasi Mcena, in antarnatha Sani's naksbatra Uttarabhadra and in the sub of Venus. ' As per Gutuji's prediction, I would have the darshan of His Holiness Jagadguru Sanka'racharya Swamigal on the ISth April 1972. In my horoscope, the Moon occupied the 9th house. Rahu is in Moon's sign Kataka. Jupiter is conjoined with Rahu. The 9th lord is Sani. The 7th lord, Mars, is in his own naksbatra. Saturn occupies the sub of Jupiter. Mars is placed in the sub of Venus. On that day, Saturday, Jdoon would transit the naksbatra Barani owned by Venus in the rasi Mesba presided over by Mars. It would be a jjleasantâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;surprise-for-the" readets^to know that the ruling planets of His Holiness were Mars, Saturn and Venus. His Holiness was bom when Moon was in Anuradha naksbatra in Vrischika rasi. At birth, the nakshatra Poorvaphalguni ruled by Venus was rising in

the lagna. My birth, ruling planets were also Sahi, Mars and Venus, because I was. born in Danishta naksbatra in Kumbha rasi and . the lagna rising at birth was Rishaba. Not only did Guruji give me the prediction but be explained to me everything, and even told me that the time when ^ I would receive the darshan of His Holiness would be around 10 A.M. when Klithuna lagna. rises in the east and Jupiter aspects the lagna. Guruji pitched upon Mithuna as Mercury was the sukshma lord of His Holiness and my day of birth was Wednesday. The prediction was absolutely true, I was fortunate to have'the darshan of His. Holiness, and when I narrated to him about- Gutuji'sâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; predicIibiT arid the passing: away of Pujya Guruji, His Holiness appeared tome to be taken aback. He graced me and. blessed me saying that all disciples should carry out Guruji's mission. May t invoke the Blessings of th& Supreme Being for peace to the great soul?

ON HOUSE PROPERTY AND TENANCY By RAMAMURTHY 27o-53'-20" Kanya was on the Nirayana lagna at Delhi and the planetary positions for the time of judgement are furnished in the chart reproduced below;—

A close colleague of mine, whom I would choose to call Mr. 'X% has built a house recently. He was looking out for a tenant and was a bit worried at not getting any response. The house had been lying vacant for a quite some rime. It was Friday, June 2. 1972, when he came to me and broached the subject. He wondered whether I could ^render him astrological advice and indicate when exactly he would be able to fix up a tcnant.__I„ paused fpr:_a_whiler -and-aske^ "him for a "number between 1 and 249 Without any hesitation, he replied **124"According to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, whenever someone poses a query, he should be asked to mention a number between 1 and 249 and it should be taken to represent the lagna for the query. There is no significance attached to the number as such, but according to the division of the zodiac outlined in Krishnamurti Padhdhati the number would show a certain sensitive point in the zodiac conjointly governed by two or three planets as the sign, constellation instance, the number 4and , sub-lords. For 124 refers to 27o-53/-20" in Kanya (Virgo) and is assumed as the Nirayana lagna for the , purpose of answering the query. For this lagna, the cusps of other houses are to be drawn by reference to the Table of Houses for the latitude of the place of judgement. While this method of fixing the lagna on the basis of a number stated by a querent is advocated, the significance of the lagna rising at the moment of judgement is not lost sight of. On the other hand, the planets holding the lagna as the lords of the sign and constellation rising at the time of judgement are deemed to be the strongest ruling planets, and by a judicious combination of the significators of the houses pertaining to the query and the ruling planets, the outcome of the query is decided. I could not lake up the query for judgement till the eveniog of the 4th June, 1972, and I sat down for the work at 5-32 PM (1ST). The cusps of houses when

VII 2T-5y o VI 50-03' VIII 26 -03' MooirrJ'-is' V 1M)3'

8 Sat. 17M)8' Venus(R) Mer. 20oo-06' 6 -59' Sun 20 -35' Mars 21M7' IX 27M)3'. X 29M7'

No. 124

Date aed Tine of Judgemeiit: 4-6-1972 (5-32 P.M.) Rahu SMU' Place: DELHI


XI 1M)3'

XII F-OS' o II 26o-03' Ura. 20 -57' Lagna 0 27 -53' Balance of Rahu Mahadasa at birth : 5 Years, 10 Months, 22 Day§. IV 29<M)3' o Jupiter (R.) HI 27 -03' 12M3'

Does the Moon Reflect the Query ? Before proceeding with the analysis, it has to be seen whether the position of the Moon, who is called 'Mathi* or the planet of mind, accurately depicts the mind of the querent. In the above chart, the Moon is deposited in the constellation of Rahu and sub of Venus. The Moon is in Kumbha, a sign owned by Saturn. Ic astrological parlance, the 4th house identifies immovable property, hereditary or otherwise, buildings, lands, estates, gardens, parks and so on. These may be owned by the querent or he may have only the use of them. In every chart, the 4th house designates a man's house, whether he has any title in it or merely pays rent, While property as the source of personal income falls under the domain of the 4th house, the 2nd house deals with any problem concerning the effort to increase rentals or 17

produce a satisfactory financial return. Tenants are assigned to the 6th house, and the 6th house embraces all those who are put in subordinate charge of property as manager, guardian, caretaker, etc. The 6th house being taken to represent tenants, the 4th house reckoned from it, namely ■ the 9th house, describes his home, the house or property he has taken on rent or lease. Rahu and Venus, in whose constellation and sub the Moon was posited, signify the matters of houses 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 and Ih Rahu is in the 4th house in the constellation of Sun, lord of 11 in 3, and aspected by Mars, lord of 3 and 8 from the 9th house. Venus lords the 2nd and 9th hojases^and._is--stationed-ra--the_9lh~house in the constellation and sub of Rahu, a strong significator of the 4th house. Venus also receives aspect from Jupiter, lord of 4 and 6, The Moon's position by sign, constellation and sub, brings out the nature of the query in a convincing manner* Since the querent's desire was to let out the house, we have to see whether it will be fulfilled. For this purpose, the sub lord of the 11th cusp is the deciding factor. Here, it is Venus owning the 2nd and 9th houses and occupying the 9th house in the constellation and sub of Rahu in the 4th house and is aspected by Jupiter, lord of the 4th and 6th houses. Rahu, in whose constellation and sub Venus was posited, is the strongest significator of the 11th bhava being the only planet in the constellation of lord of 11, Sun. The cusp of the 4th house is together ruled by Jupiter, Sun and Mars as the sign, constellation and sub lords respectively. The Sun is the lord of the sign on the 11th house and is in rapt conjunction with the lord of the lagna. Mercury. The sub-lord, Mars, rules the 3rd and 8th houses and occupies the 9th house in the constellation and sub of Jupiter, lord of 4 and 6 in 3. The 3rd house of negation to the 4th house affairs, would seem to signify hiring of property, partition of property, selling or letting out property, etc. The 8th house, being the third reckoned from the 6th house governing the tenant, shows his' shifting of residence. The 3rd house from the lagna and the 3rd house from the 6th, namely the 8th house, would also show negotiation between the parties. The 6th house cusp, too, is ruled by Jupiter and Mars, Jupiter being the sign as 19

well as the constellation lord, and Mars the sub-lord. Mars, as has been explained before, is connected with houses 3, 8, 9, 4, and 6. At the time of judgement, the dasa of Rahu, bhukti of Venus and the anthara of Sun was operating. The Sun anthara ended on 8—7—1972. Thereafter, the Moon anthara would run up to 15—7—1972. Rahu and Venus were fruitful planets for fructification of the querent's desire, but Venus becomes direct in course after the 9th July 1972. By this time, the Moon anthara also commences. and as Moon was in the con stellation of Rahu and sub of Venus, I selected the period of_Lhc_. Moon-^unnin iip-~trr "1-5—7—iy71. My conclusion was that the deal would be put through and the tenant will take possession of the house on Monday the 10th July 1972 when the Moon transits Rahu's constellation Arudhra in the sub o f Venus in the sign of Mercury. Actually, my friend came to me on the morning of the 10th and told me that a party came to him on the 9th July (Sunday when the Moon transited Mars constellation Mrigasira in Mithuna; and he would take possession of the house from the 10th July. Later, it was reported to me that he occupied the house when the Moon was in Rahu's constellation Arudhra in Venus sub and when the lagna was also in Venus' sign Thula in Rahu's nakshatra. I might recall here that when I judged the query the ruling planets were (1J Mercury, lord the constellation Jyeshta on the lagna (2; Mars, lord of the sign Vrischika on the lagna, (3) Rahu, lord of the constellation Sathabisha, (4) Saturn, lord of the Moon rasi and (5) Sun, lord of the day. Rahu, being in Saturn's sign all alone, acts as Saturn's agent and is doubly powerful. The deal was negotiated successfully on the 9th July 1972 when the Sun, Mars, Rahu and Mercury together ruled the day, rasi, nakshatra of the Moon and nakshatra rising on the lagna. The next day when the Moon transited the sensitive degree of the zodiac governed by Rahu and Venus and the day was ruled by the anthra lord Moon, the tenant was in position. This incident clearly goes to prove the efficacy of Astrology applied to practical life in the manner explained in Krishnamurti Padhdhati. Good Luck

MISSING PERSON AND tilS RETURN By Y. S. N. MURTY, Koraput, Orissa It was the 22ad April 1972, a Saturday. purpose, we add0 the/ Ayanamsa for the yean "My friend. Dr. L . S. Rath, came to me 1972, namely 23 -22 , to 7o-46'-40" Rishaba, sometime in the afternoon. He evinces as which gives us the Sayana Ascendant as l0keen interest in the system of Krishnamurti 8'-40" Mithuna (Gemini). For this Sayana Padhdhati as I do. He told me that a lagnaj the Sayana cusps of houses 10, 11, pharmacist friend of his who had gone on 12,2 and-3 for the latitude of judgement, 15 days* leave was missing. He had not namely ISMl* North, have to be found out returned even though more than 20 days and eventually reduced to their Nirayana iiad elapsed. Quite naturally, his friend's positions by subtracting the Ayanamsa. wife was. unduly perturbed and worried (In Raphael's Table of Houses, the cusps —and wished te -know—whether hcr-husband — of-houscs "are calculated"foety for cenailT was safe and alive and when he would latitudes and when the latitude of the place ^come back. On being persuaded by Dr. Rath of judgement does not find mention there, to say a number between 1 and 249, she relerence should be made to the nearest iad replied *28*. earlier latitude and the nearest later latitude and the cusps of houses for the intermediate latitude obtained by simple interpolation.) In "Krishnamurti Padhdhati", the numer The planetary positions, as before mentioned, -spoken by the querent serves to fix up the are noted for the time of consideration. lagna for the query. According to this system, the Nirayana Zodiac of li signs or The query was examined at 3-45 PM :rasis (solar mansion) or 27 nakshatras (lunar (1ST) on 22nd April 1972 at Latitude 18°mansion) is also divided into 249 parts or 41' North* Long. 82°-50' East. The chart of sub-divisions of the nakshatras. Each subthe heavens erected for analysis is outlined division accounts for a sign, a nakshatra belowi— and a sub. The part of the Zodiac A. Chart corresponding to the number given by the ^querent denotes the Nirayana Lagna, and Lagna 7''-46' o the cusps of other houses are tabulated for Mercury XII 3v.01' Sat. ir-43' II 4M)r this lagna with the help of a Table of 13MJ7' Sun 9 -05' Mars 23^-44' 111 290-0r Houses for the latitude of judgement. The Vcnu3230-57' planetary positions, however, are calculated for the time the matter is judged, Kcm 7°-18 XI 27o-0I' IV 26*-0r The number in the present case, namely NIRAYANA ^28', refers to the portion/ of the zodiac which lies between 7M6 -40" and 10° in Moon r-i r X 26"-01' Rishaba (Taurus) according to the Nirayana V 27o-0r Rahu 7°-18' system. In order to refer to the Raphael's Table of Houses* which gives the cusps of houses 10, II, 12 Ascendant, 2 and 3 in IX 29M)r Neptune 0 (R) (R) accordance with the Sayiana calculations, the Jup. 140-57' ll -2l' VI 3o-or Uranus 228-l3' 0 Nirayana Ascendant has to be related to VIII 4M)r VII 7 -46' its equivalent Sayana position. For this 21

B. Planets and their significations: Owning house(s) Planet As lord of As sign nakshatra lord ■Sun 5 I. 5,9 4 Moon Mars 2, 6,10 7/12 4 Mercury 2/3 -Jupiter 3/11 8/9 Venus 1/6 Saturn 7 10/11 .Bahu Kctu ^ 8/12 Uranus (R) .Neptune (R)

Occuying House


12 4 1 11 8 1 1 9 3 5 7

Mesha Simha Rishaba Meena Dhanus Rishaba Rishaba Makara Kataka Kanya Yrischika

In "HORARY ASTROLOGY", the best" of textbooks available on the science of queries, the late Prof. Krishnamurti has dwelt in sufficient detail with the method of locating the question and the technique of answering inquires almost immediately and with a high predictive accuracy. The essence of the system -outlined by him is simlicity itself. It is free from the cumbersome methods advocated by ■other authorities. According to the late Professor, the clue to the return of the .husband or wife, as the case may be. and his or her re-union with kith and kin is ■obtained by investigating houses 2, 7 and .11 which, incidently, are also connected with marriage and married life. The 2nd house, it is only, too well known, identifies family and connected -interests and domestic felicity. The 11th louse refers to renewal of ties and reunion, it being the house of friendships. The 7th louse is traditionally regarded as portraying union. .It is styled as the house of partnership and has role over marital happiness, •compatibility, etc. f As the late Prof. Krishnamurti often used to stress, every one of the twelve houses has under its domain influences, both favourable and unfavourable as we understand them. No house is wholly favourable or unfavourable for all aspects of life. While a house 4 A' has away over certain affairs, exercises, at the same time, a baneful influence on the affairs ascribed to houses to which it is in •6 or 8 j-or 12. The 12th house, in traditional

Deposited in Sub ruled Constella tion ruled by by Jupiter Ketu Venus Ketu Mars Mars Saturn Rahu Venus Venus Mars Mars Moon Mars Sun Ketu Saturn Mercury Moon Venus Moon Saturn

"TflTnag'systcur,—is -deemed tQ_be the house of less or detriment and of inimical activity:—— We have it stated in various claasical texts that the house in twelfth reckoned from any house negates or causes the destruction of the matters signified by the latter. On this principle, houses 2 and 11, which are respectively in twelfth to houses 3 and 12, are favourable from the standpoint of reunion and return. Why? Houses 3 and 12 are themselves .in twelfth to houses 4 and 1 which govern home life, peace and happiness and thereby denote speration, leaving homely surroundings and living in seclusion, exile, etc. As stated.earlier, the return and reunion of the husband is revealed by the significators of houses 2,7 and 11. The conjoint periods of the significators in Vimshottari Dasa will mark the time when reunion will fructify. However, before we seek to find out who the significators arc and when they will operate together, we must satisfy ourselves whether the chart provides a positive answer to the main point at issue, which is whether the husband is alive and safe. The 11th house affords the clue to the outcome of the query. In the case under consideration, the 11th house falls in Kumbha (Aquarius) in Jupiter's nakshatra Poorvabhadra and in Venus' sub. Unless the sub-lord of the 11th cusp is a significator of houses 2,7, 11 and is direct in motion and also occupies the constellation of a planet which is not in retrogression (Rahu. 23

and Ketu being taken as always direct for sthana and marakasthanas for this lagna. our purposes^, there can be no favourable The 7th house falls in Vrischika, a sthira answer. Here, Venus who rules the sub on rasi, owned-by Mars, in Anuradhanakshatra the cusp of the 11th house, is stationed governed by Saturn and in Ketu's sub. The in the constellation and sub of Mars. It sub-lord, Ketu, has gone to the 9th house, is in rapt conjunction with Mars and is also the bhadaka sthana for Vrischika lagna, close to Saturn. Mars is lord of houses 7 Ketu is also situated in the constellation of Saturn posited in the 7th house (from aijd 12. Besides, it owns the nakshatras the 7(h house) and In the sub of Mercury, Mrigasira, Chitra and Dhanishta which are lord of 8 and lord of bhadaka sthana on the cusps of houses 2, 6 and 10 ^Houses ffrom the 7th house). Ketu also receives 6 and 10 being the houses of negation to Saturn's aspect (3rd aspect) from the maraka houses 7 and 11). Venus herself controls sthana. Mars and Saturn are in the 7th the 6th house and the lagna and occupies house. Mars being in. conjunction with the lagna conjunct Mars, lord of 7 and Venus, lord of 7 and 12 ffrom the 7th 12, and Saturn, lord of 10. As we have seen, the houses in twelfth to houses 2. 7 house), in his own constellation and Saturn in the constellation of Moon, lord of and 11 are deterimental to return and rebhadaka sthana. Hence, Ketu, the sublord _union of the husband, and these houses are~l76-andâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;10 The_sublord of 11, Venus. of the Ascendant, is a powerful significator being a significator of Bouser^trd^-T^rKL ,of houses 7, 8 and 9, and Mars and Saturn and 12, holds out no hope of the missing are powerfalâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;-sÂťgni6cators__of houses 7, 9 and 12 (Mars, Saturn and Venus "beinj person returning home. conjunction). As the return of the missing person is not indicated from an astrological analysis, Considering the 8th and the J2th cusps let us proceed to ascertain whether he is reckoned from the 7th house, we .find.Mars alive or not. The houses which have signiand Venus ruling them as constellation ficance in relation to longevity are 1. 8 an 3. and sub lords. Mars, lord of 1, in conThe houses which are twelfth to these, junction with Venus, lord of 7 and 12, in namely 12, 7 and and 2, are inimical the 7th house is evil. If we examine the influences to longevity. The 7th house and 3rd cusp which has also to do with longthe 2nd house are evil in another sense evity, we find Jupiter, Sun and Mars ruling too. They oppose the houses of life flagna) it as sign, constellation and sub-lords resand longevity (8th) respectively. These two pectively. Jupiter, as lord of 2 to Vrischika houses are traditionally regarded as 'maraka lagna, occupies the 2nd house itself in the sthanas' (death-inflicting houses). Besides constellation and sub of Venus, lord of 7 and these, another unfavourable influence is the 12 in the 7th house. Sun is in the constellation 'bhadaka sthana'. For chara rasis (movable of Ketu ia bhadaka sthana and sub. of Jupiter signs) on the lagna, the 11th house acts in marakasthana. Mars, as already seen, is as the 4bhadaka sthana'. and for sthira in 7 in conjunction with-Venus, lord of 7 and rasis (fixed signs) on the lagna, the 9th 12, and Saturn. These ase all very unfavourhouse plays this role. For ubhaya rasis able indications indeed. (common signs), however, the 7th house, a marakasthana, is also a bhadaka sthana. My conclusion that the missing person was dead was duly communicated to the In queries affecting matters of longevity, Medical Officer who reported it to the if the sub-lord of the house denoting the C. D. M. O whereupon the latter arranged person who is the subject-matter of the to post a substitute in the place of the query happens to be a significator of death , missing pharmacist. More than four months inflicting houses, he should be deemed to have elapsed at the time of my writing this be dead; if the sub-lord has no such conarticle and there is absolutely no trace oC the nection, he should be alive. lost person His wife had been nursing hopes and searching for him but in vain. In the chart under consideration, the 7th house designates the missing person. He is the husband of the querent. We Krlshnamurti Padhdhati is unequalled shall take the 7th house to be the lagna in precision and reveals the divine plan or our purpose and reckon the bhadaka with unerring accuracy. # 25

ON DISPOSAL OF GOODS By Dr. R. K. CHHAYA & L. R. KHONA Sat. 208-37' Sun 120-46' VII 24°-OS' VIII 23 -40' IX 23"-40' Venus (R) X 23M0' 278-26' Kctu 30-49' Mere. 5°-] 0' VJ 25o-40' Mara 69o-02' XI 24 -49' NIRAYANA RASI V 24®-40' XII 2y-40' Rahu 3°-49* 0

Date of judgement: Tuesday, 27th June 1972 Time of judgement: 11-22 PM (ISTj Place^f judgement: Bombay, Lat. 180-58' North; 720-49'East Number given by the querent: 122 between *V and '249 The chart erected in accordance with the method taught in "Krishnamurti Padhdhati -Realders'-Lis-reproduced below;

IV 23*-40' o Moon -r230=5^- - III 2r-4(y II 23 -40' Jup. r-4S'

Lagoa 2i'-06'

II. Houses to be examined: The houses to be examined in connection with sale or disposal of goods for a monetary consideration are 3 and 11. III. Planetary positions: Houses owned ■SUN MOON MARS MERCURY JUPITER fRETJ VENUS fRET) SATURN RAHU KETU

House occupied

12 9 3/8 1/10 4/7 2/9 5/6

9 3 10 10 3 9 8 4 10

Deposited in Constellation ruled by Rahu Venus fRetj Saturn Saturn Ketu Mars Moon Sun Saturn

Sub ruled by Mercury Saturn Mercury Saturn Saturn Jupiter (Retj Ketu Saturn Saturn

The sub-lord of the 3rd cusp. Mars, is lord of 3 in the constellation of Sa:urn, lord of 6 (12th or expenditure or investment to the 7th house representing the person with whom there is any transaction) in the 8th house (2nd house-acquisition-to the 7th house), conjoined

IV. Cuspal positions: III Cusp Mars sign, Mercury star, Mars sub. XI Cusp Moon sign, Mercury star. Rahu sub. XII Cusp Sun sign, Venus star, Mercury sub. 27

Lord of nakshtra (Poorvashada)transited by the Moon- Venus (Retrograde) Lord of lagna sign (Kumbha)- Saturn Lord of the constellation on the lagna (Sathabisha) Rahu The sub-lord of the 11th bouse. Rahu, How wonderfully the ruling planets agree is posited in Saturn's sign Makara, in Sun's with the significators! Anot.ier striking thing constellation and sub of Saturn. Rahu, a is that, at the time of judgement, Venus dasa, node, is more powerful than Saturn to oner Saturn bhukti and Jupiter anthra operated. the latter's results. Sun, in whose constellaJupiters anthra runs till 30-8-1972- Now, all tion Rahu was situated, rules the 12th eusp thsse three planets are not only 'significators as the sign lord. but are also powerful ruling planets. They are thus strong, though Venus and Jupiter The 12th cusp is ruled by Mercury as the are retrograde. Venus is in the sub of retrosub-lord. According to Kri»hnamurti ji's grade" Jupiter. When the planets, who are book "Horary Astrology", the sub-lord of significators, are retrograde at the time of the 12th cusp should be a significator of 6 and their effects will corae to pass 11 houses, in matters concerning sale of judgement, when they assume direct course in transit. artieles-or goods.. Here^ Mercury is conjoined This is in conformity with our late Guruji's with Mars, lord of 3, in the~cblisteU«tion-and_^_ -tcacbia^,--PromAhe cphemeris we note that sub of Saturn, lord of 6. Mercury is also Venus turns direct on 9-74"972—and- Jupiter conjoined with Ketu who, by virtue of its becomes direct in course after 25-8-1972. situation in Kataka owned by the Moon, lord In the light of all the factors, I declared of U, has to offer the 11th house results that the querent will start selling from also. 9-7-1972 and complete the whole sale after 25-8-1972. The party actually sold a part of The above testimonies show the fructification of the query. When? his goods, say about 30%. after 9-7-1972 when Venus become direct, and parted with the rest of the- goods only after 25-8-1972 V. Significators: when Jupiter commenced to move in the direct order of the zodiac. This instance amply, The 3rd house is occupied by the Moon demonstrates the truth of the rule that the and Jupiter. The Moon is lord of 11. Jupiter results of a retrograd planet who is a signifiis lord of 4 and 7. No planet occupies Jupicator of the matter in query will begin to' ter's constellations, but Saturn is placed in manifest only after he turns direct in motion. Moon's constellation and sub of Ketu, agent Although Venus turned direct on 9-7-1972, of Moon. Mars rules the 3rd house, and the lord of the sub which it occupied, Jupiter, Venus is in Mars' constellation and sub of was retrograde till 25-8-1972. So Venus Jupiter in 3. started to give its effects slowly as soon as it turned direct on 9-7-1972. The full effects The 11th house is owned by the Moon. became apparent only after Jupiter also turned Saturn is in Moon's constellation and sub of direct. I am inclined to believe, on the basis Ketu, Moon's agent. of this experience, that a retrograde planet, who happens to be a strong significator, will So Jupiter, Moon, Saturn, Mars and not fail to bring about its results even it it Venus arc found to be the significators, happens to be situated in the constellation of a planet who is retrograde but a significators VI. Ruling Planets: of the matter. In such a case, the re -ults will Let us consider the planets that govern come to pass only when both the retrograde the moment when the matter is judged. They planet and the retrograde lord of the constellation occuoied by the former assume direct are:— motion in transit. The readers would be well Lord of the day (Tuesday; Mars advised to test these observations in the course of their investsgation. Lord of Moon rasi (Dhanus)— Jupiter (Retrograde) Good Luck! 28 with Mercury, lord of lagna, and Kethu, significator of houses 1, 3, 10 and 11 ("Kctu in Moon's sign has to offer the results of the 11th house owned by Moon and also those of the houses owned by Mars and Mercury,).

ELECTIONAL ASTROLOGY AND BIRTH OF THE REPUBLIC OF SRI LANKA By Sothida Nani Sri A. Sivapatham The traditional method of electing muhurtas or auspicious times for commencing an undertaking is, to my mind, absurd and unreal. As we all believe, the law of Karma alone operates and events take shape in exactly the same manner as ordained. Destiny works its way in due time and we are but tools in. its hands. No astrologer or purohit can ever change the course of the well-defined cosmic path by electing so. called auspicious muhurthas and advising the performance of shantis. What is destined to happen will happen aud in time, but -Pr!lX?*L_shantis and auspicious muhurthas ^t best serve to^bring-ns-mental—solace Jg_ face the unalterable future with courage. Let us study, presently, the significance of the muhurtha in relation to the birth of the Republic of Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon. The birth of the Republic of Sri Lanka took place 22—5—1972 at 12-43 p.m. (CST) Hence the chart _ according to the traditional system was as foliows.*Saturn Sun

22—5—1972 Monday Rahu

Jupiter (R)

12-43 P.M. C.S.T.

Vcuus Mars

The traditional astrologer, in electing muhurtha, had adopted the following procedure:1) The best constellations for the above purposes are Aswini, Rohini, Mrigasira, " Punarvasu, Pushya, Uttara. Hasra, Anuradha, Uttarashada, Saravana, Uttarabhadra and Revati. Hence he had fixed it in Uttara constellation. 2) All odd lunar days, except the 9th, are good. As this date, 22—5—72, falls on an odd lunar day, he had selected the above date. 3) The rising sign musf~be- Mesha»—Vri^ shaba, Mithuna, Kataka, [Simha, Dhanus. Kumbha or Meena. Hence the selection of Simha was proper. 4) Strengthening of Luminaries; Moon was in the 2nd, while Sun was in the 10th. 5) Fortification of Lagna & 10th and their lords: Only Jupiter aspects lagna. Lord of lagnas is strengthened in the 10th while the 10th lord is aspected by Jupiter. 6) 8th house is vacant. 1) Malefics in Upachayasthanas.


8) Lagna was Simha, unoccupied, but aspected by Jupiter. 9) Tarabala and Chandrabala in relation to the Prime Minister Mrs. Sirima Bandaranayake was considered along' with Panchaka.


Now, we shall cast the correct chart for the birth of the Republic of Sri Lanka accordihg to Krishnamurti Padhdhati.

Moon 29

country's President, its Prime Minister, Ministers, Magistrates and top civil servants. It is affected by Saturn who knows no law or disipline. As Mars aspects the 8th cusp from I Oth as well as Jupiter, a significator of the 8th, KetU 50.44' it may be assumed that Mars w.ill play an VII I4M5' important part in ihe death of the person XII 14B-22' 22—5—1972 denoted by the 10th. . The 6th Cusp from Monday, 10th falls in Veaus sign, Rahu star, Venus sub. Rahu is in the 8ih, while Vecus is in VI 140-22' Ayanamsa 230-22' lagna to the 10th. Venus is in conjunction 0 I I4 -15' with Mars and in the star of Rahu. So the Rahu 5«-44' diseases will be governed by Venus, Mars, Rahu and Saturn. The 8th house denotes^ k _ the.muscularsystemj-^ladder-and "sexUTgahs 'ooD oS'-J-y while Venus-Mars combination causes kidney 15 -30' Jupiter III 16°-30' IIUranus 0 (R) troubles and menstrustion difficulties as l2 -49' IV 16°-30' Saturn denotes obstruction. While analysing this chart, a doubt arises as to why such Muhurta was Balance dasa- Sun dasa (Vimshotlari system) selected. Was . this not avoidable? Why was 2 years, 11 months, 17 days.' some other better Muhiirta not selected? It is irue that the alteration of the clock of The lagna is I40-15' Simha. Jupiter Destiny is beyond our power. Hence, an aspects the lagna. Moon was in lagna bhava. astrologer or a purohit or anyone else he Sun was in the 9th bhava but in the 10th 'will be forced tb follow the divine plan, sign- an enemy's sign- along with an eriemy, Saturn. Further, Sun is aspected by Neptune;. knowingly or not knowingly. That this is so, is very clear from this case. The 10th lord Venus, was in the 10th itself, but in the lith sign in conjunction with a The premier of Sri Lanka is running natural malefic, Mars, aspecetd by a retroSaturn dasa, Rahu bhu.kti, Venus anthra grading planet, Jupiter. according to her birth chart prepared by me. In her birth chart, Rahu is in Makara According to Western aspects. Mars and in the star of Moon. Rahu is aspected by Venus form sextileaspects with the Ascendant . Kethu and Mars. Hence Rahu will give the while Saturn forms square aspect , with the results bf Kethu, Mars, Moon and Saturn. Ascendant. But planets 'Mercury and Moon are in the Predictions are based on bhavas of sub of Rahu.'. Hence Mercury and Moon houses. Hence, what is the use of. keeping will give the same results as that of Rahu. Moon and Sun in the 2nd and 10th signs, Next, consider Sun too as Sun and Mercury respectively? As in the natal charts, here too . are in the same Sign and same star. Therefore the bhukti . lord, Rahu, represents Mars, note the ascendant. It is in Sun sign, Venus Moon, Saturn, Mercury, Sun and Kethu. star, Venus sub. Sun is in the 9th, aspected by Saturn and Neptune. Saturn is the lord The anthafa lord is Venus, and it is in the sub of Kethu. So it is clear that during of 6th and 7th, besides being a strong significator of houses I, 9 and 12. The deciding Saturn dasa, Rahu bhukti, Venus anthara factor, sub lord, Venus is conjoined with the planets, namely Mars, Moon, Saturn, Mercury, Sun, Venus, Rahu and Kethu are Mars, lord of 4th ^Opposition) and 9th but a strong significator of 5th. The 5th activated and their results will be experinced. house denotes third parry. The presence of Among the above planets. Mercury (Sun), Rahu in the 5th in the star of Sun shows Moon and Venus are powerful as they are in the sub of Nodes. So, whenever a that the citizens of this country who are Muhurta is selected in the period of Saturn noted for anti-national outlook will be a source of trouble to the Republic of Sri dasa, Rahu bhukti, Venus anthara, the ruling Lanka during the periods of Venus, Mars, planets at lime of muhurta will be governed Sun, Saturn, Rahu etc. Sun denotes the- by the above activated planets and predemiX 16o-30' VIII 15'-30' IX 16'-30' 0 / Sat. 15^-25' Mer. 22 -37 Suo 70-57'

Venus 10°-55' Mars I20-52' XI J5#-30'


logical Study Of The General Election In Ceylon", that appeared in the January issue of 'Astrology & Athrishta' (1971), show that the maximumTesults be experinced during the conjoined periods of the planets governing the position of Pars fortuna. Hence, during Saturn dasa, Rahu bhukti, Venus anthra on a day ruled by Moon when Moon was transiting in Mercury sign. Sun star, and the Ascendant was transiting in Sun sign, Venus star, she became the first Premier of the Republic of Sri Lanka which was the peak of her achievement or gain in life. As the Pars Fortuna falls in the 6th. house in her birth chart while the same falls in 7th house of the mundane map of the Republic of Sri Lanka, she _gained_the_ above-position.

natly by Mercrry (Sun), Moon and Venus. Hence it was not strange to the followers of stellar astrology that the muhurtha for the birth of the Republic of Sri Lanka was fixed on a Monday (22—5—12) ruled by Moon at 12.43 p. m. (CST) when the Ascendant rises in Sun sign, Venus star, Venus sub while Moon transits in Mercury sign. Sun star (Saturn sub). This was in full accordance with her "Praptham" and justified according to the principles propounded in Krishnamurti Padhdhati. According to her birth chart, the Pars Fortuna falls at 130-53' Kumbha, i.e., in Saturn sign, Rahu star, Venus sub. The researches carried on during the last General Ejection _by the Stellar Astrnlngicaj_R£ "Institute an mmikmnd in the article, "Astro-


HORARY ASTROLOGY IS HIGHLY EFFECTIVE By G. B. KUSIBI^ 5.A., B.Ed. in Krishnamurti Padhdhati the results can be It was Saturday, January 1, 1972. I predicted quickly and precisely. was immersed in my work. Two gentlemen stepped in and greeted mt witb a smile. Therefare, I would rather base my prediction on the Horary system than go by a possi- "Happy New Year to yop. Sir" they said. bly wrong natal chart. Will you give me a number between *1' and '2497" "Same to you, please come in" I replied. '•66, Sir." "Thank you. Sir. We have come to seek "Good." your guidance." This number, according to the stellar "Yes, what can I do for you?" division of the zodiaco and its fiirther subdivisions, refers to 3 -20j_Ketaka-fCancer)— One of them said, "Sir, I have sought __ Saturn's star and sub in the sign _the .ticket of the -New Gongress-Party-to" -fallmg'in ruled by the Moon. With this as the lagna 'contest the Assembly Elections to be held for the query, I calculated the other houses. shortly. Will I get it!" Then, pointing to The planetary positions for 5-34 PM (1ST) the other gentlemen, he said, "Here is. my at lakkundi on Saturday, the 1st January horoscope cast by this gentleman following 1972, were then found out. The completed the method prescribed in Krishnamurti Padhchart was as follows dhati Readers". "I am glad. Many persons have now X3 4o-20' XII 5°-2(y taken to this correct method and even those [Mars l(r-20' X 2o-20/ who have been following the traditional Sat. 78-02' Moon 25°-10* methods hitherto and professional astrologers now employ Krishnamurti Padhdhati with I 3»_20' success." Kethu IX 29®-20' "You are right' Sir, It is very popular." 13M4' n ir-TV, "I hope you have verified whether the nirayana birth time is correct?", I said. VIII 29^-20' "Sir, I have not. I just took the time Vcn. ISMJy given to me and worked out." III 29o-20/ Rahu 13o 0-14' VII 3 -20' "There is a possibility of doubt regarding the time of birth, etc. but there can be noelement of doubt regarding the time of query or judgement. Horary Astrology is as helpful Sun 16a-48' lup. 29<,-06' Mcr. 24"-!5' IV 2o-20' as natal astrology and even mare so when VI S'-W V 4<'-20' dealing with specific problems, and by judicious application of the principles propounded II. Planetary positions: Lvnl of Placet Housc(s) Owned Sign . Star Sub Occupied 6 upiter Venus Moon Sun 3 12 Mercury Jupiter Mercury 1/2 Moon 9 upiter Saturn Sun 5/10 Mars 5 4a rs Mercury J^ahu 12 Mercury ^lars Mercury Saturn 5 6 Jupiter laturn Moon Mercury 7 4/11 Venus /cnus Sun Ketu Satum(RetJ 11 7/8/9 laturn Moon Rahu 7 Rahu tloon Saturn Rahu 1 Ketu 33

"Sir, which houses are to be perused to decide about the chances of securing a ticket to compete in the election?" "It is mainly a matter of the Iltb house, because it is the house of hopes and aspira-. tions. At the same time, it also governs the fulfilment of the desire. Hence, we have to . examine the cusp of the Iltb house "and the' planet ruling it as the sub-Iord._ If he happens to be the significator of houses 1,2,3,6,10 and II, the desire is sure to be fulfilled." "I follow." "Now, who is the sub-lord of the 11th house cusp?" "It is Saturn, Sir, because Saturn rules "the-first" s'ObrdivislDQ—iu-Pushya-nakshatra extending from 3o-20' to 5°-6'-40"." "You are correct. What does he siguify?" "He is lord of 7, 8 and 9, Sir." ''That is right, according to the Krishnamurti Padhdhati system of house division, but where he is placed and What is the constellation and sub he occupies?" "He is in the Uth house in the constellation of Sun and the sub of Ketu." "The 11th house, as said before, deals with hopes and' objectives and their fulfilment. The Sua, in whose constellation Saturn was posited, ruled the 3rd house and occupied the fith house, Ketu is in lagna, there are no planets in its constellation and is a powerful significator of the lagna bhava. Therefore, Saturn is a significator of houses 11, 3. 6 and 1." "Does it mean, then, he gets the ticket, Sir?" "Yes, be will, but Saturn by nature is a delaying planet and also rules the 8tbhouse. Further, he is retrograde now." Does it mean he should make further eiforts in this connection?" asked' the friend of the querent. "No. Nothing is in our control. The event take their proper course and fructify at


the right moment. Neither we can avert'theni nor can we change the time of their fructifi-' cation. But we can anticipate the right time 1 and prepare' ourselves accordingly. This ; gentleman is destined to get the ticket but J only after some delay and impediments." . "When will it be. Sir? "Saturn is retrograde now but in the..; constellation of a planet in direct motion.,' , He is also a significator of success. He will,, remain retrograde only up to the 31st January > 1972, and for some days thereafter, up to the 3rd February 1972, he will be stationary. He takes direct course only from the evening of the 3rd February 1972. Hence on the dth ; Kcbruary l972-lhe ticket-will-be .awarded an , bis favour and the information will be.-: released to the newspapers on the same day." "How come. Sir? The A.I.CC. will meet ' on the 27th January 1972 and on the same.' day it is expected to release the entire panel I of names of the Congress candidates.' Moreover, the date of submission of the nomi-; nation papers is the Stb February 1972. No | time will be left." "May be, but the ticket will be given only on the 4th February 1972, and there will be sufficient time for filing the papers of nomination." The names of the candidates who were selected to stand on the Congress ticket were ! released on the 2nd February 1972 and were ' published on the next day. The taluka from which the querent intended to seek election did not figure in the list, however, and it was mentioned that no decision had been taken in regard to the selection of the New Congress candidates from that taluka. On the 4tb February 1972,'a supplememary list of names' of the New Congress candidates for the Assembly seats from that taluka was released and was carried in the newspapers on the 5th February 1972. This incident portrays how wonderfully accurate Krishnamurti Padhdhati system is.

HOW TO CAST A HOROSCOPE USING MAHABALA I97i-80 NLBAYANA EPHEMERIS? By S. BALASONDARAM (Continued from the October 1972 issue) How to Find the Planets' Places? We shall illustrate how to tabulate the Although the moment of all our six planets' places for our example birth I, at example births was the same, identified Bombay, at 0-13 a. m. (1ST) on Friday differently in each one of the six localities, August 20, 1971 / Saturday August 21, 1971 taken for illustration according to the which will apply equally to the five other cases. Standard Time adopted there, the house Before we do so, we must remember that positions'of the horoscope, or the twelvethis Ephemeris furnishes the Nirayana Longifold division of the Zodiac as viewed from tudes of the planets to the nearest minute the six places, would vary considerably. A of arc for every, day at 5-30 a. m. flST) little explanation for this is needed. At any corresponding to the Standard Time equivalent. place on earth, at a given moment, the part Table XV coming handy and providing us of the Zodiac culminating on the Meridian a list of Standard Time equivalents in other is determined with reference to the Sidereal countries. We want to find.out the amount Time for that moment and place, and the of arc (longitude in degrees and minutes) -point in.the_Zodiac then rising in the eastern horizon flagna or AscJ frpm'the latitude - -travelled by. each -Planet in_ the twentyfour hours that includes the birth time. Io d"o of that place. The sidereal time at a moment this, we need to observe the longitude of at any locality, is as we have seen, secured each planetary body on the previous 5-30 a.m by conversion from the local mean time (1ST)., or the corresponding Standard Time which has relevance to the longitude of in the case of foreign births, and subtract that place. As the longitude/latitude of each this figure from the longitude of the planet one of the six places varies one from the at 5-30 a. m. (1ST) on the next day. This other, the house positions, consequently, were will have