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Notice; advertisements & monthly forecast have been removed ASTROLOGY & ATHRISHTA (FOUNDED : 1-4-1963) " (AaiBONOMY MADE EASY) By Jyothisha Pravcena K. S. KRISHNAMURTI Vol. 2.


No. 1.

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GUESS WHOSE HOROSCOPE THIS IS! Astrology is to give mental relief. So we do not propose to tax the readers, long. Tbis horoscope is the correct one of our premier; the Premier of India; the Peace-maker. We are presenting his horoscope with a fervent prayer to God to bless him with Prosperity and Peace and that the New Year 1964 be an all-round success for him. Various authors have taken the time of birth of the important and the worldrecognised leader as it appealed to them. One has offered predictions assuming the time of birth as 11-03 P.M. on 14-11-1889. Another author has taken it as 11-44 P.M. In fact, from records one can understand that his birth was around 11-30 P.M. To rectify his time of birth, we worked out all the available methods -including the pre-natal epoch one. We - say it is 11 hours 27 minutes 30 seconds Local Mean Time. There was no standard time in India up to 31-12-1905 ; only from 1-1-1906 Indian Standard time is introduced. HIS BIRTH WAS AT 25° 26' N. and 81° 52rE. Twins are born in the same sign as lagna with the same position of planets etc. But their results are absolutely different. Hence people, taking any other time as the time of birth and offering a prediction - with that chart, will fail. If, at all, one comes out correct, it must be said as a lucky hit; so, for the students and the scholars of astrology, we work out his correct chart, as also the details of working : Hrs. Mis. Sees. Sidereal Uroe at previous noon OD 14-11-1869 15 55 06 interval between previous coon and birth time L. M. T. II 27 30 Correction for interval at 10 • s®cgpds per hour 0 01 55

Hrs. Mts. Sees. ADD all the three ; sum - 27 04 31 Deduct correction for E, Longitude 0 -00 54 Deduct 24 hours as the time is above 24 hrs. 24 00 00 Therefore sidereal time at the time of birth 3 03 37 Cusps of the Twelve Houses: SAYANA SYSTEM From Raphael's * Table of Houses'. 1. Leo ASC. 20° 35' 16° 22' 2. Virgo II III 16° 22' 3. Libra 18° 22' NADIR 4.- Scorpio V 20° 22' 5, Sagittarius VI 21° 22' 6. Capricorn. 20° 35' DBS. 7. Aquarius 16° 22' 8. Pisces vin IX 16° 22' 9. Aries 18° 22' M.C. 10. Taurus 20° 22' XI 11. Gemini 21° 22' XII 12. Cancer [Ayanamsa 22° 13'] N1RAYANA POSITION 28° 22' 1. Cancer ASC. 2. Leo' . 24° 9' II 24° 9' III 3. Virgo 26° 9' NADIR 4. Libra V 28° 9' 5. Scorpio 29° 9' 6. Sagittarius VI 28° 22' 7. Capricorn DES. 24° 9' 8. Aquarius VIII 24° 9' IX 9. Pisces 26° • 9' 10. Aries M.C. - XI 28" 9' 11. Taurus 29. 9' XII 12. Gemini

Position of Planets: Using Raphael's Ephemens: SAYANA SYSTEM Scorpio -22° 35' Sun Leo 10" 25' Moon Libra 2° 28' Mars Mercury Scorpio 9" 28' T 30' Jupiter Capricorn Venus i Libra 29° 42' 3° 7' Virgo Saturn Rahu Cancer 5°. 2' Capricorn Kethu 5° 2' Libra Uranus 24° 13' 3° 27' Neptune Gemini T aurus 8° 25' Fortuna [Ayanamsa 22° 13'] NIRAYANA SYSTEM Sun Scorpio 0° 17' Moon Cancer 18° 12' Mars Virgo 10° 5' Libra Mercury 17° 15' Jupiter Sagittarius 15° 17' 7° 29' Venus Libra Saturn • Leo . 10° 54' Rahu Gemini ]2° 49' Kethu Sagittarius 12° 49' Libra 2° 0' Uranus Neptune Taurus 11° 14' Aries Fortuna 16° 12'

Mercury Dasa Balance at the time of birth: = 15 yrs. 0 month & 16 days From 12.11-1962 runs Mercury's subperiod in the major dasa of Rahu. (N.B.) Generally charts of a personality, framed, preserved and worshipped ^ill yield such beneficial results as they enjoyed. Those who desire to become so popular, powerful and prosperous can have this correct chart. Results of this horoscope will be published after proving how the past events coincide only to this correct chart and after obtaining proper permission, the future results will follow: BHAVAS Sun IV Moon XII Mars11 Mercury III Jupiter V Venus 111 Saturn 1 Rahu X Kethu V Uranus III Neptune X Fortuna IX •4

Results are to be read as follows : 1. Sun in scoipio ruled by Mars in Jupiter's Star, Yisaka, in the 4th Bhava or 4th house. 2. Moon in Cancer governed by Moon, in Mercury's constellation, Ashlesha, in 12th Bhava. 3. Mars in Virgo owned by Mercury in Moon's constellation, Hastha, in the Second Bhava. 4. Uranus, in Libra in Venus sign, in Chithra Star, Mars constellation, in III Bhava. 5. Uranus in Mercury in Libra, lord of which is Venus and in the constellation of Rahu, Swathi in 3rd Bhava or house. 6. Jupiter in his own sign Sagittarius in the. constellation of Venus, PooFvashada, in the 5th house, Saturn in Leo owned by Sun, in Kethu's constellation, Makam, in Lagna Bhava. Rahu in his own constellation, Arudhra, in the lltb Bhava in Mercury's sign, Gemini. Kethu in Jupiter's sign Sagittarius in his own constellation Moolam in 5th Bhava. Neptune in Venus sign Taurus, in Rohini star governed by Moon and in the 10th Bhava or house. Fortuna in the ''sign Aries ruled by Mars, in the constellation, Bharani, governed by Venus and in the 9th Bhava. (Here the houses are given according to Western System counting a house from a ' cusp to next one.)

Luck through LOTTERY (Finance and Fortune) Other's pains and our gains Readers may remember that we published in the April issue that the prediction offered by us to a very high official to have sudden gains through lottery or sweep or races on 8-5-1955 came very true. The prediction was offered by the editor following "Krishnamurthi Paddhathi" which will be explained in the subsequent issues. The chart is furnished for the students, to study:

Moon dasa commenced on 27-1-1955.


ERECTION OF THE HOROSCOPES In our September, 1963 issue, we have Now you have to find out the exact explained to ascertain the cusps (fihavas) position of the point which was rising at for the second example born at 3-30 A.M. birth = 0 degree 53 minutes or 53 minutes I.S.T. on 15-5-63 at Allahabad, 25 degrees x 33/240 = 7 minutes or 0 degree 7 minutes. 28 minutes North Latitude, and 81 degrees Add this to 17 0degree 54 minutes; i.e., 17® 54 minutes East Longitude. 54' -f-O® 7'=18 01' will be the exacf position of Ascendant by Sayana system." Now we take the other examples and explain the method to ascertain the For other cusps, as the difference is only cusps. The birth is at 12-05 P.M. I.S;T. 1 degree or 60 minutes, add 60x33/240 or 11-25-32 A.M. L.M.T. on 15-5-63 at minutes or 8 minutes to the position of Ahmedabad, 72° 38' East Longitude and the cusps given for the sidereal time, i.e., 23° 2' North Latitude. The sidereal time 2 hours 54 minutes 7 seconds. at the time of birth already calculated and Therefore, the Sayana position for the arrived at is 2 hours 54 minutes 40 seconds. cusps will be as follows; Now refer to the Raphael's Tables of Deg. Mts. Houses. To find the exact point which 10th cusp 1Q 00 plus 0-8 = 16 8 was rising at the time of birth, i.e., the Ascendant, turn over the page in which the 11th cusp 18 00 plus 0-8 = 18 8 latitude 23 degrees 12 minutes which is 12th cusp 19 00 plus 0-8 = 19 8 very near the latitude of the birth place is Ascendant 17 54 plus 0-7=18 1 given. On the left hand side page, the 2nd cusp 14 00 plus 0-8=14 8 positions of cusps are published for the 3rd cusp 14 00 plus 0-8=14 8 sidereal times 2 hours 54 minutes 7 seconds and 2 hours 58 minutes 7 seconds. The Add 180 degrees to the above cusps to time at birth happened to be 2 hours find out the position of the cusps for the 54 minutes 40 seconds, which is in between other houses. Adding T80 degrees to the these two. . The difference between the two cusp of the 10th house, otherwise called 'siderial times given in the book is 2 hours Meridian, the cusp of the 4th house will 58 minutes 7 seconds minus 2 hours be obtained. Similarly, adding 180 degrees 54 minutes 7 seconds, i.e. 0 hour to the 11th cusp, the position of the 5th 4 minutes and 0 seconds or 4x60 = 240 cusp can be had. From the 12th ascertain seconds. The difference between the sidethe 6th; 180 degrees added to the ascendant real time at birth 2 hours 54 minutes 40. gives 7tli cusp. 8th cusp is obtained by seconds and the sidereal time given,. addingtheISO degrees to the 2nd cusp and 9(h i.e., 2 hours 54 minutes 7 seconds is from the 3rd cusp. Thus, the positions of all the twelve cusps are obtained. seconds. So, the fraction of 33 is to be worked out and added to the position given, Deg. Mts. for 2 hours 54 minutes 7 seconds. Ascendant 18 1 Simham 2nd house 14 8 Kanni Al the side- Sign sayana -Dijfereal ftme position rcncc 3rd house 14 8 Tulam 2 hours. 2 hours, 4th house 16 8 Vrischikam . 54 mts. SSihts. (Nadir) •7 sees. 7 sees. 5th house 18 8 Dhanus 10th Cusp 1$ 00 Rishaba 17 00 r8 11th Cusp 18 00 MiChuna 19 00 I 6th house 19 8 Makaram 12th Cusp 19 00 Kataka 20 00 I" 7th house 18 1 Kumbam Ascendant 17 54 SimHa 18 47 0° S3' (Descendant) 2nd Cusp 1'4 00- Kanni 15 00 r 8th house 14 8 Meenam .3rd-Cusp 14 00 Tulam 15 00 1° 6

Deg. Mts. this .to 19° —44', i.e., 19° —44'-f-O®—4'= vi 19°-48' will be the exact position of 9th house 14 8 Mesham ascendant by Sayana system. 10th house 16 8 Rishabatn (Meridian) For other cusps, as the difference is 11th house 18 8 Mithunam only • 1 degree or 60 minutes, add 60 x 21/222 minutes or 6 minutes to the 12th house 19 8 Katakam position of cusps 'given for the sidereal Now let the fourth example be taken. time, i.e., 12 hours 47 minutes 50 seconds. •Follow the method to fix up the position of cusps. The birth is at 9-00 P.M. at Therefore, the sayana position for the Boston 71° - 2' West, 42° - 22' North cusps will be as follows ' Latitude. Deg. Mts. 10th cusp 13 OOtI-O 6=13 6 The sidereal time at the time of birth, 11th cusp 10 00 + ... = 10 0 already calculated and arrived at, is 12 hours 48 minutes 11 seconds. In 12th cusp 1 00 + 0 6 — 1 6 Raphael's Tables of Houses, please turn Ascendant 19 44 +0 4 = 19 48 over the page in which the latitude at 2nd cusp 26 00 + 0 6 = 26 6 which birth took place (or which is very 3rd cusp 8 00 + 06=8 6 near, i.e., 42°—42' North) to find out the point which was rising at the time ofbirth. Add 180 degrees to the above cusps to On the right hand side page, the positions find out the position of the cusps for the of cusps are published for the sidereal other houses. Adding 180 to the cusp of times 12 hours 47 minutes 50 seconds, and the 10th house, the cusp of the 4th will be 12 hours 51 minutes and 30 seconds. The obtained. Similarly, adding 180 degrees time at birth happened to be 12 hours 48 to the 11th cusp, the position of the 5th minutes 11 seconds, which is in between cusp can be had ; from the 12th find out these two. The difference between the two the 6th; 180 degrees added to the Ascensidereal times given in the book is 12 hours dant gives the position of the 7th; 5ih 51 minutes 32 seconds minus 12 hours cusp is obtained by adding 180 degrees to 47 minutes 50 seconds, i.e., 3 minutes and the 2nd cusp, and 9th from the 3rd cusp. 42 seconds or (3 x 60) plus 42 seconds or Thus, the positions of all the 12 cusps are 222 seconds. The difference between the obtained. sidereal time at birth 12 hours 48 minutes Mts. Deg. 11 seconds and the printed one 12 hours Dhanus 48 Ascendant 19 47 minutes 50 seconds- is 21 seconds. So, 26 6 Makaram 2nd house the fraction of 21/222 added to the position, given for 12 hours 47 minutes 50 8 6 Meenam 3rd house seconds gives the position of the cusps. 4th house 6 Mesham 13 At iht Sign At the 0 Rishabam 5th house 10 aidtrcal aayana aidcreol Differenct 6 Mithunam 6th house 1 time poaidim time 48 Mithunam 7th house 79 12 -47—50 12-51-■32 Katakam 6 8th house 26 10th cusp 3 00 Tliulam 14 00 1 deg. 8. 6 Kanni 9th house 11th cusp 10 00 Vrischikam 10 00 Nil • 13 6 Tulam 12th cusp 1 00 Dbamis 2 00 1 deg. 10 th house Ascendant 19 44 Dhamis .20 31 47 mts. 0 Vrischi11th house 10 kam 2nd cusp 26 00 Makaram 27 00 1 deg. 3rd cusp S 00 Meenam 9 00 1 deg. 1 12th house 6 Dhanus Now you have to find out the exact Let us take the last example and find -position of the point which was rising at out the position of cusps for the birth at birth = 0 degree 47 minutes-or 47-minutes x - 7 A.M. at San Francisco 122°-25' West - 21/222 minutes or 0 degree 4 minutes. Add Longitude, 37^-48' North Latitude.

At thi

■fhe sidereal time at the time of birth which we have calculated and found out, is 22 hours 20 minutes 52 seconds. _ Now refer to the tables of Houses by. Raphael to find out the exact position that was rising in the East at the time of birth, turn over to the page, in which the latitude 37°— 58' N, which was' nearer to the latitude of the place of bjrth, 370-48'. On the right hand side, you will find the positions of cusps published for the sidereal times 22 hours 19 minutes 48 seconds and 22 hours 23 minutes 35 seconds. The sidereal time at birth happens to be 22 hours 20 minutes 52 seconds which is in between these two. The difference between the two sidereal times printed in the book is 22 hours 23 minutes 35 seconds minus 22 hours 19mmutes 48 seconds, i.e., 3 minutes and 47 seconds or 3 x 60 + 47. seconds—227 seconds. The difference between the sidereal time at-birth and the printed one, is 22 hours 29 minutes 52 . seconds — 22 hours 19 minutes48. seconds, i.e., 0 hour 1 minute 4 seconds or 1x60 + 4 seconds = 64 seconds. So the fraction of 64/227 is to be found out and added to the position given for 22 . hours 19 minutes 48 seconds. u 1 • 1 If .Is u Sign .sayana "s s a> position < it: 5 la w 10th cusp 3 00 Mcenara 4 00 1 deg. llth cusp 6 00 Mesham 7 . 00 1 deg. 12th cusp 17 00 Rishabam 18 00 1 deg. Ascendant 23 05 Mitbunam P 59 54 mis. ' 2nd cusp 16 00 Katakaoi 17 00 1 deg. 3rd cusp 8 00 Sim ha in 8 00 Nil. Now you find,out the exact position of the Ascendant which was rising at birth = 0 degree 54 minutes or 54 minutes x 64


= 15 minutes or 0 degree, 15 minutes. Add this 15 minutes to 25°-05'. 25°-20' will be exact position of Ascendant by Sayana system. For the other cusps, as the difference is 1 degree only or 60 minutes, add 60 x 64/227 minutes or 17 minutes to the position of cusps given for the sidereal time 22 hours 19 minutes 48 seconds. Therefore the .Sayana position of the cusps will be as follows: T)eg. Mis 3 00 + 0 17 = 3 10th cusp 17 llth cusp 5-00 + 0 17 = 6 17 12th cusp 17 .00 + 0 17 = 17 --17 Ascendant 25 05 + 0 15 = 25 20 2nd cusp 16 00 + 0 17 = 16 17 3rd cusp = 8 8 00 + Add 180 degrees to find out the opposite cusps (Bhavas) which will be as follows: Deg. Mts. 25 - 20 Ascendant Mithunam 2nd house 16 17 " Katakam 3rd house 8 00 Simham 4th bouse 3 17 Kanni 5th house 6 17 Tulam 6th house 17 17 Vrischikam 7th house 25 20 Dhanus 8th house 16 ' 17 Makaram 9th house 8 00 Kumbam 10th house ' 3 17 Meenatn 6 11th bouse 17 Mesham 12th bouse 17 17 Rishabam Now you will be clearly knowing how to find out the cusps (Bhavas or houses) for an action at a moment on any day in any part of the world. How to find out the position of planets will be taught in the following issues.

MARS AND MARRIAGE By Jyothtsha Praveena K. S. KRISHNAMU^Tl. (Extract from the speech given by "the Editor on 20*9*4)3 at Bharatiya VidVa Bhavan> New Delhi) As marriage season is fast approaching,Mars Dosha, Eka Dasa, Dasa Sandhi, etc., published) In my experience,"I have noticed that people in the North of India do not pay as much attention to the evi! results of Mars as the astrologers and parents of brides and bridegrooms in certain'districts in the South do. Whenever parents desire to .make a selection of a bride or a bridegropra, they first consider whether there js Mars Dosha in the respective horoscopes or not* They, arc, indeed, very much worried if they find Mars Dosha in cither of the horoscopes. One may ask, "Why should they attach much importance to the position of Mars alone? Wc had never heard anybody talking of Moon's' Dosha or Sun's Dosha or any other planet's dosha. Then, does it mean that Mars alone will do so much harm to the couple which other planets cannot do?" " The reply is that there are some people who unnecessarily exaggerate the evil results of Mars,. Most of the following points are not taken for consideration : 1. What is the nature of Mars? 2. Of which houses Mars is the lord? Does it become a benefic or a malefic by . owning such houses^ 3.- Which house is occupied by Mars?Is it a favourable nc or an unfavourable one? 'A,- Ale the"evil results of Mars uniformly the same, when it occupies either Aries (Mesha) or Taurus (Rishaba) or emini or any other sign in the Zodiac? 51- Is there no change in the. results of Mars if it were to be in a movable or a fixed or a common sign?

6. Is there no difference in the effect of Mars if it occupies the various .houses (Bbavas)? ^ 7.. Does Mars Dosha mean'only tfie loss of partner and widow-hood ? Can it "not cause any other trouble duringmarried fife? 8. What are the modifications in the results of Mars, if it occupies its exaltation, own, friendly, inimical and debilitation signs? 9. How far can the planets conjoined with, or aspecting Mars, mitigate the affliction of NJars when it occupies . unfavourable houses? 10. Even when Mars occupies a favourable house, cannot the* adverse aspects of the planets bring about ^disagreeable results ? 11. Will Mars be evil, even when it owns Rajayoga houses? (9 and 10) 12. Will there be no. unfavourable result, if Mars occupies a favourable house, even though it owns evil houses ? 13. Are we to count houses occupied by Mars, frpm 'Lagna alone or from the sign occupied by Moon and Venus also? 14. If there is dosha, what is the exact nature of the difficulty ? 15. Will afflicted Mars offer unfavour- â&#x20AC;˘ able results throughout life? "Or will itbe experienced x only during'.a certain period? vWhen can one expect such bad results? 16. If evil effects of Mars is indicated in both the horoscopes, what is the final result,if they get married? 17.- If tbe-Mars Dosha is found in one chart'and the- other is free from it, how will the married life be 7 10

. . 18. If there is no such dosha in both : 'the horoscopes, is a happy and barmonious wedded life guaranteed for a Ion number of years? 19. As the houses 2, 7 and 11 indicate one's marriage as well as the state of married life, if these houses are occupied' by benefics and.if Mars occupies an evil sign, even then will there be any bad effect 7 20. If the houses 2, 7 and 11 are owned by malefics and'occupied by malefics and there is no Mars Dosha, how -can the partners lead a peaceful and prosperous life ?Let me explain to you, in detail, quoting authorities and giving examples', that one . need not ^unnecessarily entertain any fear about Mars and its untoward effects. Mars (Kuja) is also called Mangal, Sewai, .Angaraka etc. ~-N' ' Mars owns the two signs: Aries (Meshal and Scorpio (Vrischika). It has to be a benefic to those born in these two signs as it is the lord of the ascendant. ' But Mars is not genuinely good to such natives, because when it happens to be the Lord of Lagna, the other house it owns will be 8 to .Aries (Mesha) and 6 to Scorpio (Vrischika). Hence, the difficulties, indicated by Mars, as lord of 8 or 6, the evil houses,, will be self-invited. But- to people whose birth was in Cancer (Kataka), Leo (Siinha), Sagittarius (Dhanus) and Pisces (Meena), Mars is a Rajayogadhipatbj and a benehc. It promises peace, progress and prosperity. But to persons born in Mercury's signs (viz.) Gemini and Virgo, Mars is evil and especially to Virgo borns. It is not auspicious to those born in the~signs owned by Venus, i.e., Taurus (Vrishabha) and Libra (Thula); it is comparatively more inauspicious to." Taurus than to Libra. For people born in the signs owned by Saturn, i.e., Capricorn (^fakara) and Aquarius (Kumbha), it will â&#x20AC;˘ prove mostly beneficial for worldly pleasures and material welfa e. ^ ._. NATURE OF MARS: When he owns beneficial houses and occupies favourablesigns, he gives courage, bojdness and a

go-ahead spirit. Mars offers robust health. Success in attempts and viciory oyer . enemies are promised by Mars. To receive help from brothers, to have a larger yield from landed property and buildings, Mar5 has to be well posited in a horoscope. When Mars becomes evil byowning bad houses (6, 8 & 12) or by occupying such houses, it makes one arrogant, adamant and atrocious. The person will be extravagant, impulsive and rash. Haste brings about waste. He will lose honour, money and position. He or-she will have'no peace; be ever quarrelling and violent. Disharmony, dispute and difficulties the malefic effects of Mars. Accidents, injury, death by fire, wound, burns and even murder are the horrors of Mars. Especially to ladies, it -must be a bencfic. Otherwise, it is likely that in infancy they may have injuries caused by fire. Mars does not allow the children to have satisfactory growth due to -liver enlargement, or they will easily contract the various infectious diseases due to lack of resistance in the system. Later in lifCj it is likely that they may suffer from menstrual troubles as Moon and Mars indicate this peculiarity in their Charts. When parents attempt to fix the marriage of their sons and daughters, the so-called Mars Dosha, interpreted-by the astrologers according to their whims and fanciest confuses them due to varying opinion given by them. After marriage, Marshas to offer peace and harmony in married life. Brotherin-law and sister-in-law should not make their life unhappy. She also should not sufferfrom Hysteriaorfits. . Whenthewife is in the family way, there should be no albumin in the urine. - Nor, at the time of delivery, surgeon's aid is to be soughffor. Mars can cause .profuse bleeding,, haemorrhage etc. Later, to maintain good relationship with brothers, to purchase building, lands, etc., Mars has to be ruling and occupying favourable houses. To avoid accidents and injuries and to have_ . no^'unnatural 'death,- Mars has* to be - * favourable. " Thus it will be seen that . Mars has to be strong and beneficial in the â&#x20AC;&#x201D; horoscope of the btide especially.

Generally, God will wait, watch and will fin ally punish, but the Kings will do harm suddenly and surprisingly without any delay: -Mars will act like kings. Probably that is why people are frightened about ' Mars Dosha. ' Let me first of all reproduce the various rales and finally offer my opinion. When is Mars called evil or1 when does it cause 'Dosha "dhampathyor Janmakalae VYAYA DHANA HIPUKAE SAPTHAMAE LAGNA RANTHRAE LAGNACHA, CHANDRACHA SUKRATH ABI Bavathi*'. "dhanae vyayae cha pathalae JAMITHRAE CHA ASHTAMAE KUJAE " "LAGNA, INDU, SUKRATH, DUSSTHANAE,, are the authorities to decide when Mars becomes an evil. Here the sages have not taken into consideration, the nature and the lordship of the sign occupied by Mars, its other connections, etc. They go step by step. First they mention the houses, which when occupied by Mars, cause Mars Dosha. One has to count from the Lagna (Ascendant), from the sign occupied by Moon (not the house or the Bhava), from "the sign.occupied by Venus (not the house). -The calculation is from sign to sign and not house to house.

For example, Lagna is in Gemini 28°; Moon 18° Leo; Venus 28° Scorpio ; and . Mars 2° Sagittarius. Calculate sign to sign alone. Forget the division of ^houses.. 'Where is Lagna ?• It is in Gemini."'(It may .be the 1st degree or the last degree. What-

. ever it is, count thesi£n Gemini as' t.)Then Moon is in the 3rd sign and Venus is in 6. Mars is in 7 counted from Lagna. Hence, there is Mars Dosha counted from Lagna. Moon is in Leo IS". Mars is in Sagittarius 2°. Forget the longitude of the planets .in the signs.- Moon istnLeo; so Leo is 1 : Virgo is 2*: Libra is 3: Scorpio is 4: Sagittarius is 5. Therefore Mars does not cause Mars Dosha when counted from . Moon sign. Venus is in Scorpio 28°. Mars is in 2° Sagitfarius. Though it is only 4° away yet count the sign Scorpio as 1 and Sagitta? rius as 2 ; take that Mars is in 2nd sign counted from Venus,and consider that it will cause Mars Dosha. Suppose, in the above example. in 29° Aries ; then it is in 11 to Lagna, 9 to Moon and 6 to Venus, when there is no dosha at all when counted from Lagna of Moon or Venus. Then they call such a position of - Mars iu a horoscope as " Suddha Jatakam", i.e., "there i no _ Mars Dosha at all Mars occupying /, 2, 4, 7, 8, 12 houses {signs) counted from Lagna, Moon and Venus is said to cause " Mars Dosha One may ask why should Mars be considered to be evil only when it occupies l,2,4,7,8or 12th position from Lagna or Moon or Venus?. Is it a benefic when it occupies any'of the other signs? Now, we are considering about the results of Mars during the period of fixation of marriage, the time of celebratron "and the state of We do not judge whether it is favourable or not for other considerations in life.such as finance, fortune, .profession, etc. . We are. concerned with the health of the couple, harmony among them and happiness-to-them:- ■" (a). Lagna or ascendant denotes health, longevity and personal characteristics.. As Lagna will be the 7th (Maraka) house to the 7th which indicates partner, lagna also indicates'(the maraka) or the end of life of the partnef.. (b) The second house denotes the happiness or otherwise in domestic life, in-

6fease or decrease in the number of meiinbers of the family by marriage, by birth or death of children, etc. Further, second house is the 8th to the 7th and it shows the danger and the difficulties to the partner. (c) The fourth house denotes domestic environments. The sages have declared that evils occupying a sign which is either four or eight from a Bhava, spoils the Bhava. Hence Mars in 4 is evil to the ascendant, i.e., to the health and belongings of the native. (d) The seventh house shows the legal bondage and the wife or the husband, her or his health, longevity of both and also the characteristics of the partners, whether they will have good understanding among themselves or not. Hence the position of Mars in 7, is not conducive to the above benefits. (e) The eighth house shows the difficulties of the native and the finance and fortune of the partner, as well as their longevity. Eighth house is called MangalyaSthana, i.e., the duration of the married life. Mais situated in this house is therefore evil. (f) The twelfth house indicates the real pleasure which the partners derive, the deception, the loss, etc. But the third house denotes brother, fifth music, speculation and offspring, 6th debts and disease, 9th father, 10th profession and 11th profit etc. Further, sages have declared that the houses 3, 6, 10 and 11 are Upachya Sthanas and that malefics by nature occupying any of the Upachaya Sthanas will produce desirable results. Again let us consider the following. Suppose Lagna indicates your residence. Then houses 2 and 12 are the neighbouring houses and how can one have peaceif these are occupied by wicked persons. If the bad fellow were to be in just the opposite house, i.e., the 7th, then also there is danger for the native. As already mentioned, the 4th and the 8th houses counted from the Lagna should not be occupied by evil planets, if good health, happy domestic environments and a long spell of pleasant wedded life are to be enjoyed. 13 4

tn certain horoscopes, there may be dosha when counted from Venus, Moon and Lagna (Ex. 1). Mars is in 12 to Venus, Mars is in 2 to Moon and Mars is in 4 to Lagna.

2. It may be in one of the evil houses counted from Moon and Lagna and not from Venus. (Example 2.)

3. Mars may be in any of the evil houses counted from Moon and Venus and not from Lagna. (Example 3.) Mars Moon

4. Mars may be in any of the evil houses counted from Venus and Lagna and not from Moon. (Example 4.)

evil sign counted from Moon. (Example 7.) Mars


8. Mars may be free from Mars Dosha when counted from Venus, Moon and Lagna. (Examples 8 & 9.)

5. Mars may be evil from Lagna and not from Moon or Venus. (Example 5.)

6. Mars may be said to cause dosha by occupying an evil sign counted from Venus and not irom Lagna or Moon. (Example .6.) Moon Lagna Venus

It is said that the evil results of Mars, when counted frotn Venus, is much more' pronounced than when it is in houses 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 or 12 counted from Moon. Evil

7. hiafs is riot evil when counted from UaiaaTand' Veiius. ~ But it may occupy an 14

You know that Mars denotes Erythrocytes, Red bone-marrow, blood, etc. Suppose a person has lost blood due to any accident or delivery, etc., then the medical attendant gives transfusion of blood. Mind you, he cannot give the blood of any person kept in the Blood Bank. He has to carry out an examination of the blood of the patient and from his test he is to ascertain whether the blood of the patient belongs to 'A' Group or 'B ' Group or 'O ' Group. There are 3 main groups. To which group his blood belongs is to be ascertained. Then, the same blood group alone is to be given to the patient. If he gives any other blood, say, blood belonging -to another group, blood will precipitate, clot and he will die. Similarly, there are three groups in Mars Dosha: 1. There is dosha in the chart without any modification.. 2. There is dosha in the chart with modification and mitigation. 3. There is no dosha at all. It is, therefore, necessary that Astrologers should carefully weigh and consider the various points of Mars Dosha in the given charts and advise on the correct match. N.B.: (a) The other method of estimating the evil results caused by Jhe malefic planets by nature occupying 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, or 12 counted from Lagna, Moon and Venus will be published in the following issues. (b) Further detailed results of Mars in the 12 signs, in the 12 houses counted from Ascendant, Moon and Venus will also appear in the succeeding issues.

Moon and Mais in one sign assures that the evil effect of Mars will be nullified. Thus regarding Mars Dosha, there are various rules expounded in Devakerala, Horasasthra, Jataka Chandrika, Naradheeyam, etc., and by Athrimaha Rishi, Garga and others. 7b sum up:—Mars may be in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 or 12 houses from Lagna or Moon or Venus. If it is in Mesha or Vrischika— its own signs, there is no dosha. Mars in Venus signs cannot do harm if it is the 4th or 7th house. Mars in Mercury signs will have its evil results warded off if it is in the 2nd house. Mars has no dosha in the houses owned by Sun, Moon and Saturn. Evil results of Mars cannot operate if the sign occupied by Mars is ruled by Jupiter and happens to be the 8th. , Now let us consider how to match horoscopes and fix up the marriage. 1. If, in the bride's chart, there is dosha; select such a bridegroom who also has more or less similar Mars Dosha. —2.-If,-'in the bride's chart, there is Mars JDosha, due to its relative position counted from Lagna or Moon or Venus and there is Parihara or modification due to some disposition or conjunction with the modifying planet or aspect by a benefic, match it with that of the bridegroom in whose chart also there is the dosha of Mars and also the modification. 3. If there is no dosha at all in the bride's chart and it is termed as Suddha fathakam, match it with one which has no dosha at all.


NO MORE DOUBTS 1. Question: " Karako Bhava Nasaya" is the general threatening of a few. They say that each planet is the chief governor for certain results. So also, each house signifies certain results; i.e., if the Bhava or the house signifying a particular result is occupied by the particular planet which governs the same result, then it will cause distress; e.g., 7th house denotes wife or husband. Venus is the Lord which is the Karaka for wife. Tf Venus is in 7, it is said to be evil. What is your finding ? Answer: Don't be carried away by any^ single statement. It will be similar to the story of blind men describing an elephant by feeling any one part of it. We give below the chart of a gentleman who has married a beautiful and healthy lady and is leading a happy, harmonious and prosperous life with her, even todayi The chart is as follows: Born on 31—1—1888.

Venus in 7th sign and 7th Bhava.



- Sun in 9th sign and . 9tli Bhava. I


Mercury c,,Jupiter Mars Venus -


Bhava or house which also indicates the same result, and such an evil result was not even dreamt. • Explanation : Sun is the chief governor for father; Moon for mother. Mars for • brother. Mercury for education, Jupiter for finance and children, Venus for wife, Saturn for longevity, etc. 9th house represents father; 4th house mother (Hindu system : Westerners different; follow only Hindu. It willbeproved why Hindu alone is correct.) 3rd house brother, 4th education; 5th children; 7th wife, 8th longevity, and so on. Further, PARASARA says " SuryoGuru : Kuja : Somo 1 GuruBhowma: Sitha; Sani; Gumschandra Sutho Jecvo Mandhascha Bhavakaraka: In JATAKA PARUATHA1I, Vaidyanatha DUcshita says Dhywmanir Anvara Manthri Bboosutha: Soma Sowmyo Guru ri nathanay arow Bhargavo Bhanu Putbra: Dhinakara Thmjaejyow Jeeva B&nugya Mandha: Sura Gwcurina soonu: Karaka: SyoorvUagnath.; The Karakas of the Bhavas beginning with the Lagna are Sun for the first house,



Also the chart of his son is furnished in which you may note the position of Sun in 9. and both are hale and healthy. The age of the son is 41; that of the father is 76 and that of his mother is over 70. •There are many horoscopes of persons in which the Karaka planet occupies the 19

The person having Mercury in the 4th house will be learned, witty in speech, happy, etc. He will possess lands, corn and wealth. Jupiter in the 5th house shows that the person will be intelligent and be a minister. He will have good children and also distress through children. Venus in the seventh house gives a good wife and he may also have intriguesjwith bad women. He will lose his wife and be wealthy. If Saturn is in the 8th house he will be without wealth and will suffer from piles. In Jataka Parijatham the author says that Saturn in 8 will invariably do good to the native. It is said that, if Sun should occupy the 9th house, he will lose his father. (When 7 Every one will lose his father early or late.) Sun in the tenth house gives permanent position in the Government, etc. Let us consider the following points: 1. Suppose a child is born and the mother, immediately after delivery, passes away. Does the moon invariably occupy the 4th house to the Lagna of the new babe? No; in a majority of cases, Moon is not in the 4th house.. 2. Is it not a fact that all men, having unaf&icted Venus in the 7th house, are lucky to have themostbeautiful brides with pleasing manners as their partners? Does Venus occupy only the 7th house in the horoscopes of all those who suffer in their married life? Is it not true that majority of the people having Venus—Sukra, in the other 11 houses to their Lagna,' pray for harmony and happiness at home? 3. Are there not posthumus children and also many who have lost their father in theirinfancy and youth, having Sun in other houses except the ninth which is said to cause evil? .^re there not horoscopes having Mars in the 3rd house with many younger brothers and sisters? 5. Are there not people born with Saturn in 8, living for a-long number of years. One ofthe patrons of this magazine is born in Mesha Lagna with a group of

Jupiterfor the 2nd, Mars for the 3rd, Moon and Mercury for the 4th, Jupiter for the 5th, Saturn and Mars for the 6th, Venus for the 7th, Saturn for the 8th, the Sun and Jupiter for the 9th, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury and Saturn for the 10th, Jupiter for the llth and Saturn for the I2th. MANTRESWARA in Phala Deepika says, "Dharmae Suryaha Seetha Gur Bhandu Bhavae. Sburyae Bhawmaha Panchamae Dheva Mantric Kamae Sukrascha Ashtamae Bhanu Puthraha. • Kuryath thasyaKIaesamith yahuranyae." The sun in the 9th, the Moon in the 4tb, Mars in the 3rd, Jupiter in the 5th, Venus in the 7th and Saturn in the 8th will cause distress to the concerned houses or Bhavas. But Vaidyanatha Dikshitar says XaniavaiieSEanthana rasiyatha : Sithenthu puthra maravanthya mana ; ' ^ ArishtadhaSthac fcila Jathakeshu Sadha stamasye : Samirishtadha i Syath Venus occupying the 7th, Mercury the 4th, Jupiter the 5th house from the ascendant, are evil to all the births. But Saturn in the 8th house from the Lagna will give desirable results. So also in Bhavartha .Rathnakara,-Sri Ramanuja Charya reiterates those mentioned by Vaidyanatha Dikshilhar in Jataka Parijalham. One should not apply this rule strictly, and decide that Karaka planets,' occupying the same Karaka houses, are harmfuL One has to read other chapters and note the results given by various authors, and also the same sage or authors for those planets occupying the Karaka houses; i.e., be should read the results for Sun in Lagna 9 and 10, Jupiter in 2, Mars in 3, Moon and Mercury in 4, Jupiter in 5, Venus in 7 and so on. -r Phaladheepika—^Sun in the first house shows that the person will be valiant. Moon in the 4th house makes one happy and liberal in gifts. He will have friends and vehicles. (Vehicle is indicated, by the' fJth. house;:and'Moon in 4 is said to be good to own conveyance.) 20

planets in 8, including Saturn in Scorpio, and is still alive (age is now 64). When we take the horoscopes of all those who had Alpa Ayus, i.e., short life, we do not see Saturn in the 8th house in them. If one refers to Uttara Kalamritham, translated by Sri V. Subramaniya'Sastri, from pages 29 to 45, one •will find 24 charts of short-lived "persons. Only in one, Saturn is in 8 and in the other 23 horoscopes, Saturn is found to occupy all the other Bhavas. Thus it will be seen that, a. People, having Mars in 3 alone, do not suffer through brothers. Also there are many,- having none younger to them, with Mars in other houses and most of the people, having Mars in other positions, also, are the .youngest children in their •family. b. All children, born with Moon in the 4th house, have not lost their mothers in their youth. Also, the mothers who passed away immediately, after delivery, have not •given birth to children, having Moon only • ' in the 4th house from their Ascendant. Jhus, one cannot find much truth in this rule. " Karako BhavaNasaya-". It may be argued that people, having Mars in the 3rd house, may not see eye to eye with brother or sister. Then the question arises whether they will be inimical to each other From their birth, or whether they will have misunderstanding or partition, etc. when they attain majority, or whether they will ever bebitter "enemies. So also, if there is to be distress through wife, for some of thosewho have Venus in the 7th house, then is it from the time of marriage or when they ' become very old. Proper interpretation is as follows! h All evil planets in the 3rd house will spoil the ^hird Bhava. But Mars will be i the strongest evil in the 3rd house; as regards the health of the brother and relationship with himself it is in the constellation of . an evil planet. This will be experienced during the period of Mars and 21

in the periods of planets in the constellation of Mars. 2. All malefics in the 4th house cause distress to mother and through mother. This will be much pronounced, if Moon is in; 4, especially in the constellation of ah evil planet 4 in the constellation of a'benefic cannot cause evil. "* 3. Jupiter in 5 does not totally deny children or cause trouble through them. Malefics in 5 also give worries and similar difficulties. But Jupiter in the constellation of an evil planet * will surely do much harm, whereas in the constellation of a benefic, it will give only most agreeable results. Therefore, the Kanaka planets,, occupying'the Karaka houses, are- generally stronger than other evil ones in the respective houses. only when they are in theconstellation of planets who become evil by lordship.. -" ' But if one collects statistics to ascertain the time when one has such evil results, one will surely find that these, planets, only when they are in the constellation of evil planets, cause distress during their periods or -sub-periods, or sub-sub-periods in other evil planet's Dasa and Bhukti, e.g., difficulties to brother or through brother will be during 4 A ' dasa, ' B' Bhukti and Mars anthra or-'A* dasa. Mars Bhukti, *B' Anthra or during Mars dasa, 6A*. Bhukti,4 B' Anthra. Separation from wife or bereavement may be during, . < C 6 A' Dasa B' Bhukti, Venus anthara or B* Dasa, 'A'Bhukti, Venus anthara or 'A'Dasa, Venus Bhukti, 'B' anthara, and so on. Therefore, they will prove to be evil only during their periods or sub periods, if they are in the constellation of evil planets. Evil result will be experienced in the periods of planets occupying the'star— nakshatbra, of the Karaka planets in evil planet's constellation. . Further, does not mean that the trouble is ever lasting 'from birth to death.- It is also not necessary that, whenever there trouble, these planets, dasa

or Bhukti, or anthara should operate, other evil planets, in those Bhavas or in.any manner connected with the Karaka planets, "Will also cause distress in their periods and sub periods. Planets in the constellation .of the Karaka planets, occupying the Karaka ' signs, will surely cause trouble." " For exampld, in those horoscopes, with Mars in the 3rd house; in evil planet's constellation, if there are planets in any of the 3 constellations of Mars,. Mrigasririsha, Chitra or Dhanishta, they also will do harm during the joint period of this planet and Mars. If Jupiter is in 5 in the constellation of an evil planet, and if there is another planet, in any one of the 3 stars of Jupiter, Punarvasu, Visakam or Poorattadhi, this planet will do harm to children in its period and sub period. If Venus is in 7 in the constellation of an evil planet, and if any other planet occupies any one-of the 3 stars, Bharani, Poorvapalguni or Poorvashada, this planet will be undesirable for the happy married life in its period., "Therefore— 1. "Even though Karakas may occupy respective Karaka signs, note whether the lord of the constellation is a benefic or malefic. If it is a benefic, expect only good results. If the lord of the constellation is a malefic, then alone, the results will be undesirable. What results the Karaka planets in Karaka signs. indicate, wilk be offered by those, planets which occupy the constellation of the Karaka planets." . This is the finding of the Modern Astronomical and Astrological Research Institute, Madras and Delhi. NO MORE DOUBTS. (Next question) Question: What is meant by "Dasa Sandhi? Is it harmful ? Answer I'^By^das'a*, dne'Vneans Ududasa or Vimsothari dasa—Udu Dasa Sandhi is the period when one major dasa

ends and the other dasa starts. "Sandhi" means union. So dasa santhi is the time when one dasa ends and the other follows. If such a dasa sandhi of a person coincides with.the dasa sandhi of the partner, • husband or wife, a few astrologers threaten the querists by saying that the dasa sandhi portends evil, without considering any of the following points. 1. Is" the dasa, which is to follow, ruled by a benefic or a malefic ? 2.. Will one enjoy in the coming dasa or is he or she to face difficulties? 3. If both'the.couple are to be fortunate after the evil dasa ends, and the favourable one commences, what is wrong in matching them for marriage 7 4. Can anybody marry a bride' or a bridegroom other than what he or she is1 destined ? Is not the saying, Marriage, is made in Heaven^, true? 5. If a couple are to suffer, say, till December 1963, and they have to enjoy lucky time from the happy New Year 1964, will the chart'of one show fortune from 1964, whereas the other denotes continuation of misfortune? Should not the bad dasa come to an end to both, and the good dasa start for them simultaneously. 6. A couple, after marriage, were not fortunate to have a child for some years. Later) just after dasa sandhi, they had- a son born, as the new dasa which started, promised birth of children. If there is not such a change, in boththn charts, how can they have the child. (Some, so-called astrologers, say, " if the horoscope/-of the boy does not promise progeny, match him with a bride who will have many children or vice versa." Do they think for a minute; if the boy is denied of a child, how can the bride have? Or if the bride should •not,have:even*orie-chi!d»*<' how can the male have ? Is it not meaningless or does it not mean something else.

Such astrolocers do not think deeply They go only by general statements and auntee's proverbs. Can astrology avert any event? Can one dodge fate by his will ? - That which is to happen is sure to take place. (Why these astrologers threaten * the innocent. people, is not known. Is not astrology to give mental solac^ and strength to the depressed and to those in distress?) There are innumerable instances and-we have the horoscopes of "those people correctly cast A few horoscopes of our friends will be published and explained later. 1. If the lord of the dasa which is to follow happens to occupy the constellation of the lord of the previous dasa, that is running, there will not be any major changes in the events. For example, a person serving in the military department from his Mars Dasa, will continue to hold service In the same department during Rahiu Dasa, as Rahu was in Chitra star ruled by Mars. Neither' would he have suffered during Moon subperiod in Mars Dasa nor in the sub-period of Rahu in Rahu Dasa. One who entered in the Bank as a junior ' officer during Jupiter Dasa, bad a pleasant time during Rahu Bhukti in Jupiter Dasa, and then had promotion and prosperity in Saturn Dasa, Saturn Bhukti. Throughout Saturn Dasa, he had good support and improvement in status. * He had children born in Jupiter Dasa. Saturn continued togive as Saturn was in Punarvasu star ruled by Jupiter. Thus, it will be seen that the end of any Dasa need not be universally harmful, and the beginning of another Dasa also need not cause distress to all. Then astrology " is made very simple 'to predict easily that the beginning and the end of-a Dasa are bad and undesirable. 2. If the lord of the Dasa, that is to follow, owns a beneficial house, occupies a favourable house as well as the constellation of a benefic .arid.-is not afflicted, 'then the Dasa. saridhi -will" be similar to day-dawn - when darkness will disappear,

and there will be bright light. The person will have a new cycle of prosperous life from the very beginning of the Dasa. .3. If in the horoscopes of-^a couple* both are running a brilliant dasa and an undesirable result is to follow, ceftainly both will suffer. Both must face difficulties. Can any prevent them -from getting married ? Not at all. Even if one says, that he had avoided such a combination, and made a selection' in which there is no dasa sandhi in their life time, it is only ignorance, 4. Majority of the people do .not actually suffer in the end of a dasa or in the beginning of another. fiut the -sufferings in the middle.of the dasa is the worst and they have changes in career in any one of the Bhukties in the middle of the dasa. a. Verify from the people who have retired from service and receive comparatively, a small sum. as pension. Have they "retired during dasa sandhi ? b. Take the horoscopes of those who lost their wives or husbands. Did it happen during dasa sandhi? c. Consider those who were unfortunate to lose their children. Had they dasa santhi then? At least was-it at the dasa sandhi of cither of the parents ? d. A man gets amputated, leaves service and suffers a lot; when we scrutinise their cases, neither he nor bis wife had dasa sandhi. Therefore, are we not convinced that .good and bad happen when a dasa is running and the windfall or the pitfall to most of the persons was neither in the end of a dasa, nor in the beginning of the other? Therefore one need not worry about dasa sandbi at all. Question: ^hat is eEka-dasaT? Why do a few astrologers consider it as harmful ? 24

when the boy is 5 years old. Moon dasa â&#x2013; Answer: By Eka-dasa, they mean that ends; Mars dasa commences. If another both the husband and the wife run a year passes, he has enjoyed one year of period ruled by the same planet. Here, Mars Dasa and there will be 6 more years the name of the planet alone is the same. of Mars dasa to run. Now his wife is 1. As the Lagna of both the husband born with Mars Dasa balance of 6 years. and the wife will be different, the Therefore they will be running Eka-dasa. planet which governs the dasa How can it prove to be evil, when the 9th will be the owner of a different star is considered to be the best and the bouse. rasi is the same for both. Therefore, they are the significators of 6 years- after the birth of the boy, the different results and their effect will differ girl is born. Though, for both, Moon is widely. in the same sign, all the other planets and the Lagna are in different signs. Therefore 2. The lord of the dasa will be the results indicated by such plahets must occupying different houses when counted from Lagna or Moon, be different; mostly opposite and partly agreeing. sign ; thereby the effect will be different, due to occupation. e.g. 1. The planet may show acquisition of costly jewels to her. Should 3. The planets conjoined with the not the husband's chart show dasa lord or aspecting the dasa deterioration ofhjs bank position lord will be different. to that extent? 4. In their horoscopes, the planets 2. The husband may need money. may occupy different constellaWife's jewels may be pledged. tions. A ctually wife loses her possessions and the husband's bank position 5. Thus, the results which are indicated by the dasa lord wilj[M improves. differ, even though the ^dasa lord 3. The husband gets scholarship and is called by the same name. goes overseas for higher studies. \ It is not correct to say that the The wife remains at home. Separation is common to both. bride and the groom running the same dasa, should not get 4. Wife is admitted in the maternity 'married and if, by chance, they home. The husband visits the get married, this Eka-dasa will place, feels happy, distributes prove to be harmful. sweets and arranges a party on the day when his wife has given The sages have declared that there will --birth to a son. Pains to wife be satisfactory agreement between the and gains to husband will be the bride and the bridegroom if the husband's result of the dasa, though the star is the- 9ih or 18th or 27th counted name of the lord is the same. from that of the bride (if 27th star in the same rasi). If they get married, they will A person may by nature be magnanienjoy good health for a long number of mous. But by occupying a position, he years. cannot show his nature. It is to be modified. " He has to give up his natural Let us take a few examples : tendency and act according to the position. A girl is born in Mrigasirisha star. The He may have to be miserly and without boy's star is Rohini. Both have Moon in . sympathy he may have to execute orders. .Taurus, Rishaba. The agreement is said Therefore occupation modifies and changes be excellent, for marriage. Let. us â&#x20AC;˘ one's'nature. work out the dasa. The girl has a balance A person, by company gets improved or of 6 years of Mars dasa at birth; the boy spoiled. So also, the dasa lord by the has 5 years of Moon dasa. Therefore 25

conjunction of any other planet will give different results. Twins are born in the same lagna, with the same position, of the planets and dasa bhukti. Do they not have the same dasa lord and the same Gochara-Transit*results? They do. But yet, are not the results different? The name of the dasa lord is the same. -Its lordship is the same. Its occupation is also the same. Then, why so much of difference in the results? (Proper explanation,. convincing both laymen and the scholars and veterans in astrology will be .offered in subsequent issues, when the editor Sri K. S. Krishnamurthi publishes " Krishnamurli Paddhathi^forthe students to study, do further research and with pleasure confirm .the truth.)


Therefore this threat of Eka Dasa has no meaning. For mostof the peoplej nothing untoward had happened, . nor can it happen. A few may suffer. It is not due to Eka-Dasa, but because the lord of the dasa is not beneficial for them. Headers of this magazine need not take into consideration any of the threatenings of the astrologer, who rejects a horoscope by - mentioning " Eka-Dasa or Dasa Sandhi Each horoscope has to be judged independently. Whatever is found in the chart will alone come to pass. By marrying one having Eka-Dasa or Dasa Sandhi, one will never alter the results indicated by one's chart. Leo or otherwise called Simha is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. The. first four signs are Aries-Mesha-, Taurus-Rishaba, Gemini-Mithuna and Cancer-Kataka.

LEO OR SIMHA follow Nirayana, will locate ' Sun in Leo is also 30° in Longitude. It exCancer between 23rd July and 17th August, tends from 120° to 150° from Vernal Equiand Sun in Leo, only when the date of nox (or Mesha 0°). iMakam, Poorvapalbirth is between 18th August to 17th guni or Hubba or Pooram and first quarter September. or pada of Uthira Palguni or Uthiram star are contained in this1 sign. QUALITY : Leo is the central sign of According to SAYANA SYSTEM, the. the fiery triplicity as Aries is the first fiery Sun nowadays enters the sign Leo on or sign and Sagittarius is the third and the last around 23rd July every year. Sun transits one. Leo is a hot, dry, masculine, positive, through this sign for 30 days and on or bestial and barren sign. It is also a fixed around 22nd August, it leaves Leo and sign and of long ascension. passes on to the next sign Virgo—Kanni. Leo is ruled by Sun, - Only Sun and Those, especially Westerners, following Moon, the two luminaries govern one Sayana system will take that Sun is in sign each, Leo and Cancer respectively. Leo-Simha for all those, bom between 23rd Other- planets, excluding Uranus and July and 22nd August, any year and they Neptune, own two houses each. In are called Leonians. If one knows the Astrology the luminaries, Sun and Moon, date of birth, one can locale the position are "Planets ". Shakespeare also speaks of Sun, whether in the beginning or in the "the Glorious planet Sol." No .planet centre of the sign or in the last portion. gets exalted or debilitated in this sign. If the birth were to be 25th July. Sun will Moon, Mars and Jupiter are said to be in be in the very beginning of Leo two or friend's quarter when they are in Leo. three degrees. If the date of birth were Saturn, Venus and Mercury are considered to be 31st July, Sun will be at about 8° in . ,to be in enemy's camp if they transit in Leo. If the date of birth is 20th August, Leo. Uranus gets weakened here whereas Sun will be in the end of the sign at 28° or Neptune gains'strength. so. It is easy to calculate as Sun moves approximately one degree a day. PHYSICAL FEATURES: One born Leo will have well-developed bones According to Nirayana System, Sun will _ in and broad shoulders and forehead. He enter the sign Leo every year on or around be tall, well-built and muscular. 18th August, transit in this sign for nearly - will Never will he be plumpy or ugly and 31 days and leave it on or around the 18th be a Lambhodhara. His stature September every year and pass on to the will be full and his appearance majestic, next sign Virgo. In these 31 days, Sun imposing, commanding and dignified, as passes through the constellations, Makam, Leo is a fixed and fiery sign or the royal Pooram and only the first pada of Uthiram. kingly .sign. Complexion will vary accor~ For those bom between 18th August ding to the exact position of the ascendant, and 18th September any year. Sun will be and . planets occupying or 'aspecting the shown in Leo, if the person who follows ascendant (or Lagna). the stellar Astrology of the Nirayana The personality of a person bom in Leo System, casts the horoscope. will be found as mentioned above, if the Therefore, in the horoscopes of those ruler of the sign, Sun, Appollo, occupies it. born-bctwceti ..23rd, July and 22nd August, - But this, extejmd expression, characterising Sun will be . shown in Leo by those who -the person, distinguishing^hiiri" from' 'the follow Sayana System; whereas those who . others, enabling us to identify him gets 27

modified due to the iufluence of the planets in the ascendant, the occupation of any sigh by the ruler of the ascendant and the various aspects from theNother planets to both the cusp of the ascendant and its lord.' Every individual has some difference from the other and it can be noticed even among twins born on the same day and in the same Lagna, due to this modifitation ; otherwise there will be only twelve patterns atid to .identify each individual will be a problem. Characteristics: Sun is the Lord of the sign, Leo-Simha. Masefield says " The Sun still scatters out his storeIt is true and the people born in this sign are noble, large-hearted, magnanimous and generous. Sun is necessary for the life and the growth of both the vegetable and animal kingdom. But, whenever Sun becomes furious, it destroys them. Darkness envelopes in the absence of Sun ; when once Sun rises, none knows where the darkness has gone. Therefore the people born in this sign are helpful to mankind and other creations of God. Sun removes their darkness, ignorance and evil thoughts. It is said tbat Sun represents the Government. Those who have good aspect of Jupiter to Sun, invariably are assisted by, protected by, and saved by the Government. Saturn forming evil aspect to Sun shows that such persons will be hated by, chased by, and punished by the Government. So, either to lead a healthy and happy life or to face difficulties and lead a miserable life depends on the aspect to Sun and to the Cusp of the ascendant Leo- Accordingly, the characteristic of the person will get modified. Sun is the King of all the planets. It is ' masculine. So the . Leonians have dignity. They wjll'have great faith in. all friends and relatives and confide everything with them. They are capable of inspiring affection and admiration and have their purpose served by the willing co-operation of their colleagues and subordinates. Generally Leonians become the head of a show, registrar, ruler, chairman, host, hostess, managing director, administrator

and chief of any organisation and continue for a long period. At the same time these persons never'hesitate to issue an order or ordinance to protect the interest of the mass. They do not talk much. The main characteristic is the habit of silence. They leave all the talking to others. They will hear very patiently all the complaints even from the metiials and also pay heed to every rumour. But their-judgment will be wise. They have the large-minded tolerance. They are endlessly energetic in serving their people. , They will always forgive and forget the mistakes, sins, errors and deficiencies of others. They desire to be honoured. But there is no false prestige in them. They mingle with people holding high offices and also menials. Since they trust everybody,, it is not unlikely that they are. cheated and disappointed as they do not discriminate. They live in a world of their own creation apd nothing appears to be great for their ideality. Sun is worshipped during its transit from one sign to the other, especially during the time when lit passes the Vernal equinox, as Vishu, or. New Years day etc.,â&#x20AC;&#x201D;when it enters Cancer as Dakshinayana;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;when it enters Libra as Thula montji and when it passes on to Capricorn as Makara Sankaranthi. Just as Sun needs the feasts and sacrifices celebrated, in its honour, so also the people born in Leo are pleased by the praise of others. Anything can be had through Leonians, if one honours him and speaks high of him in bis presence. Generally, Mercurians are the favourities of the Leonians as they will not mind adopting those measures which will please them, and also mention that the Leonians have organising powers and they are constructive, inventive,-magnanimous and ingenius. They will take advantage of Leonians who are susceptible to flattery which may tend to become an exaggerated Ego. Therefore don't fall a victim to flattery but correct yourself by remembering the old adage that " He who has the greatest authority seldom shows it." As Leo is a fiery, and a fixed sign, it olfers authority "and ambition, brilliance and boasting, clever action and command28

fits of temper and over-exertion, so that mg, dignity and domineering, energy and there is no ill-effect on the heart. They enthusiasm, faith and fame, glory and grace, hopes and honour, intellect and will try and rise above any depression or sorrow they may have. It will protect one inspiration, joy and jubilation, kindness and kingliness, loyalty and leadership, from committing mistakes and one will not be dictatorial and overbearing. They magnanimity and majesty, pomp and will guard against self-deception, -false pride, respect and royalty, stately and scrupride, hazardous speculations and any pulous, vitality and vigour, warmth and trouble. They will never rub on the wrong zeal. side or assert themselves at the wrongs Leo being the 5th sign of the zodiac,moment.' there will be an inordinate zeal and., If Mars afflicts Sun or the ascendant, enthusiasm for sports and speculationthe nature of the person will be changed. One will be interested in the pleasurable He will become bombastic, domineering pursuits. ]n him, the higher emotions a^e and blustering. He cannot be trusted in the main centre of activity. He may take any department of life. If he marries anyinterest in music, opera, cinema, games, etc. body, he will prove to be unfaithful, Leo being a fixed sign, the person may ambrous, disloyal, mean and short tembe obstinate or indifferent as there will be pered. Good aspect of Mars gives courage the firmness and fixity of purpose. He is and grand success. Aspect of Mars and at his best only when there are handicaps Saturn to Sun is very important. Adverse and obstacles. He has considerable willaspects will offer ,bitterest experiences in power to win his way to his entire satislife. Remember ther brightest light will faction. Having full faith and hope, he always cast the deepest shadow. can accomplish and achieve his aims by persistent determination. Weakness to be corrected : - Leonians are frank, open and just. Generally Leonians do not consider both Their outbursts do not last long, just like sides of the question. To rely entirely the extreme heat of the Sun. Leonians upon his own ideas will not prove- to be are noble and lofty in character.- They aavantageous or correct. So to make the scorn the mean, sordid and puny actions. plans successful, it is advisible to take Never will they stoop to do a low act even others' views, ideas and suggestions. It when they get irritated or when there is is advisable not to be dogmatic and the strong urge of self-interest. They do obstinate. not hesitate to serve those whom they love even if they have to forego their Whenever the Leonians are crossed, comforts, convenience, etc. They will they become extrovert. Their emotions sacrifice everything for their loyal and true will express themselves readily in external friends. They never do anything halfactions and events. They will roar like a heartedly. lion and get into trouble especially during the sub-period of that evil plauet which As by nature they are authoritative and afflicts Sun. commanding, they want to be at theheadof things, boss over others and be a leader. Do not forget that charity has to begin They dislike subordination. at home. The generous urges will drain purse and they will find it difficult to They will help everybody voluntarily.' their have a reserve or a spare amount for their They will also donate or do charity whenpersonal use. Over-liberality, keeping one ever it appeals toihem. But they resent ever in wants, is also not desirable. Sun such people who persistently ask for somenever retrogrades and retraces its steps. thing. They do not, by nature, like those It is ever in forward motion. So also who make any demand upon the Leonians. these people will go ahead, without conSaturn forming good aspect with Sun or â&#x20AC;˘'"sid'ering the past and also the future. â&#x20AC;˘ It is advisable to hold up one's desires and the ascendant Leo avoids giving way to 29

aims .if the environmental conditions are restricted. One should not be hasty and get irritated before 'the persons whom he, had helped to show their gratitude. Avoid forcing conclusions at one's own risk and never be arrogant. Try to have an attractive home. Manage to maintain' a comfortable-sized bank position. Do not spend away all you •have and all you get

cause swelling in the ankle followed by heart disease. Jupiter in Leo will protect one from any surgical aid If Mars afflicts, it will lead to cardinal thrombosis or surgical, aid. As Leo rules heart which is the vital part of the body, temperate living is absolutely necessary. One has to avoid drinks, beverages, stimulants, etc. But one is to take balanced diet. That is why our ancients were very particular to have a 'Sathvic' diet. Finance and fortune : Leo is symbolised by the Lion which is the King of the animals. Therefore one's "natural instinct is ever to seek for the highest position and mostly, one has it rightfully. One will try to deal with large issues. One will leave the routine, monotonous drudgery and minor details to subordinates. One is by naturea spendthrift even when poverty may threaten, him. One will be able to face any hard times. Generally, fortune favours Leonians when , they are young. They will have sufficient resources. Yet, because they spend lavishly, their bank position will be deteriorating as age advances. Leo being the 5th sign of the Zodiac, one will be tempted to gamble andspeculate. Luckily for them, their risks will amply reward them. Speculators are very liberal when they give gift to others. Nor do they hesitate to lend financial assistance to the needy. One will please himself with the sweet smile of those to whom he presents costly ones. Also one will feel proud when he thinks that others borrow from him and approaches for favour. Profession: Sun, the ruler of this sign Leo, will influence in directing one's choice of the profession. It favours high . positions in commerce or Government. • As Leo is a fixed sign, one may have a fixed income, security of service under the Government, etc. It is the 5th Sign of the Zodiac. So one earns through speculation, ^music., theatre, 'opera; being a. fiery ..sign, ■„ one may be a jeweller, goldsmith or one working in-precious metals. As this Sign gives executive ability and tireless applica-

Advice for improvement: Remember that big enterprises will_move slowly. Don't be hasty. Take others' advices. Consider both sides of a question. Be patient. Proceed steadily. Don't be carried away by others' flattery, as flattery • isthe food of fools. Guard - against the subtle influence of flattery. Try to be more detached in your feelings. Don't try to dominate all the time as others also will desire freedom. Don't carry anything to an extreme. Though one will be careful in dress, one should not be a slave to the ever-changing fashion. Health and disease: Genecally these people should have a splendid constitution. Even if they fall ill, they tend to recover rapidly from any illness. But they are easily alarmed, whenever sickness overtakes them. Leo indicates the heart, the spinal column, spinal marrow, nerves and fibre. Leo influences the bone, dorsal vertebrae. Inter-spinal muscles are controlled by this sign.' Anterior as well as posterior coronary, Aorta, Vena Cavae are ruled by Leo. Therefore heart disease, palpitation, Spinal.jneningitis, .Syncope, locomotor ataxia, etc., inflammations, sunstroke,"giddiness, pestilence are other disorders. Epilepsy, rheumatic fevSr are the diseases from which one may suffer, whenever the ascendant,is afflicted by Mars and Saturn respectively. As Aquarius 'opposes LeoCapricorn'is'the 6th sign counted from Leomalefics in Capricorn and Aquarius can 30

tion to work, one will be fit to manage great enterprises. Presidents, managers of corporations, managing director of concerns, officers, superintendents, directors, captains, sales managers are born in Leo. If Mars is favourable, it. makes one a soldier, surgeon, chemist, dentist, barber, butcher, worker in iron, copper and sharp instruments—Mars and Leo favour the Defence Department and warlike pursuits. Mercury produces sales managers, sharebrokers, ambassadors, councillors, auditors, engineers, architects, * etc. Jupiter forming favourable—aspect with Leo produces lawyers, judges, priests, bankers and physicians. Venus in Leo indicates those in the administrative department of transport, travels, food, agriculture and those who deal in glass, cloth, silk, provisions and luxurious articles. Saturn favours mines, coal, wood, estates, lead and plumber or menial posts. Thus depending on the aspect received, the nature of the profession is to bejudged.

keep the home tidy with all the attractive trimmings, decoration, etc. If the male is born in one sign", but the wife is born in Leo.thenitis a problem for him to please her by supplying her dress, jewels, etc. If he does not satisfy her, the readers can guess his fate. His home will be his Hell in this life. But if he is able to meet her demands, then his home is his Heaven. Romance, Marriage and Married Life: The person born in Leo is romantic. He loves deeply and he will be carried away by love. He cheers up the.partner most skilfully like an actor in a comedy scene. He is an ideal lover, as he will be fiery and passionate. But he will never like any demonstration of love, in public, as he considers it below his dignity. He will have-abundant charm and be attractive to the opposite sex. It is but natural that the partner is jealous as the Leonian will be always in the midst of a crowd of ladies. Therefore, the partner should have proper understanding. She should share his pleasure when he gives plenty of parties to others arid has exciting times with them. Unless he has Saturn, Domestic environments: The health of Mars and Venus in the ascendant, or 5 the native needs relaxation. Absolute or 7 or ll,.he need not mistake the Leonian peace, harmony and happiness will keep husband. ' If one understands him and him cheerful. Just as a king will expect agrees with him, she will be liked, loved his subjects to be submissive, and expect and admired by the person born in Leo. always favours from him, so also the He will fit into domestic routine, admiraLeonians will try to be the leader in the house and expect all those at home to be '-fcly. He will never allow' anybody to disrespect his wife or any member of his co-operative, obedient and grateful. They family. He is very proud of his family: want the members of the family to have a He wiK not tolerate any ill-repute. He is broad outlook, and to be magnanimous always conscious of his social standing and noble. and is chivalrous. Leonians choose their good friends. They entertain them often. They never hesi,As Leo is a fiery 'sign, partners born in the same or the other two fiery signs, Aries tate to spend money to maintain prestige or Sagittarius or in any one of the three and honour. Even when the sandalwood is airy signs, Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, will pulverised and thrown into fire, it does not suit well. lose its fragrance. So also, these people will never think of economy, even when If one -links his fortune with another they are driven to a state of poverty. They born in Leo itself, it is advisable that both Will lead the same aristocratic life and- . understand other, so that there can their Home'Vrill be an impressive one. »-4 ^ .1 ' b'b no troubleeach in theic; married life.. Aries . They will spend much on dress, screen and Sagittarius born will contribute for fits'* cloth, curtains, furniture, etc.« They will • happiness and harmony. 'In the airy signs,

nor will they be carried away by their own opinion. They will be popular because they do not desire to have honour for themselves by appropriating what others have done. They will be goodnatured, obliging and affectionate. They have courage and confidence to crown with success.

Aquarius, Libra and Gemini, persons born â&#x20AC;˘in Aquarius will be devoted to Leo boras. Bride born in Libra will ever try for company, avoid troubles, and purchase jjeace at any price. One born in Gemini will be very tactful and will never do anything which the husband may hate. The Geminian will inseparable partner and she will be sincere and affectionate. The Leo lady is ambitious and also ideal. She will manage her home admirably. At the same time, she is a successful social worker. She can make favourable impression on all. Her devotion both to her home and to the general public, is supreme. She wilj be offered prominent position. She is a self-sacrificing lady with everlasting love. She cannot expect any good return from those to whom she lends her assistance at the risk of her own interests. A Leo bride marrying an Aries husband is lucky, as she has a commandv ing person so that she will know her limits, and will not overstep in exercising her authority or in spending lavishly. She needs one to keep her under control, so that she can appreciate her husband's good nature, affection, kindness, and real love to lead a pleasant, prosperous and peaceful life. For, she will have pretty fixed ideas, and she will feel that her word is law, and will expect others to do only those which she desires and considers right. Children: People, bom in Leo, love their children most. They are very proud of them. Generally their children will be restless and may even be nervous. They may start striking out for independence, even when they arc very young. They dislike^ restriction. Therefore, the Leo born parents should let their children feel that they rely on thcrh otherwise, they will lose their confidence,^ Children born in Leo will try to lead and boss over other children. They will >be the captain of the team, while playing any game. They will prove to be able leaders, as they will have great vitality, ambition and persistence. They are not ^mere figureheads but fine -organisers - inspiring others. They will not be arrogant;

Handwriting: As the lord of Leo is Sun who is round, full curves and regular _ circle mark the handwriting of the people born in Leo. They will consume much space and also give some flourishes to'the words. They will write in straight and regular lines, as the pathway of the Sun is regular. Their letters will be upright and vertical. Lucky day: Sundays are good for taking medicine, tonic, etc., to recoup health, to undertake any. enterprise ; to meet the High Officials ; to purchase those articles governed by Sun. Avoid .Mondays: Waste of money; loss of prestige; secret inimical activities; irritation. Don't do anything afresh on Mondays. Boldly do on Tuesdays; Grand success even in competitive examination. Even if you are weak, you can come out victorious on Tuesdays. Good to purchase property, car, etc., and to go on a long journey. Try for luck on Wednesdays : Approach bankers for overdraft: enter into contracts: take up agencies ; sign your documents; register on ^Wednesdays; start loving a bride or a boy.on a Wednesday and you will be lucky. Lend money on Thursdays', the borrower will have luck shortly, so that he can return it in time. Purchase costly ones to wife. Present them on Thursday itself. Purchase land and give to children or purchase car for' them on Thursdays. Fridays are auspicious for short journey, transfer and promotion. Avoid Saturdays : A day of deception and fraud. . 32

Lancashire, California,' the North of Rumania, Rome, Bristol, Bath, Prague, Taunlon, Damascus, Ravenna, Da!ton-leMoors, Portsmouth, Philadelphia (Chicago). In India: East of Narmade, Orissa, Bengal, Ganjam District, Kamarup in Assam, Puhirida Hill, Eastern half of Deccan, Eastern bank of Jumna, theBindha Hill, Golangul, Burdwan^ Sree mountains, the Mikal hill, South Bihar, Kifata, Vitaka, Champa, Udumbara, Chedi, river Ikshumatee, Vanga, Kalinga, etc. Animate and Inanimate objects: Asafoetida, omum, pine, chillies, nutmeg, almond, pepper, saffron, lavender, aromatic herbs, thorny trees, golden articles, emblems,, breast .pins, rings, amber coloured, or golden yellow stones, gold coins, brass, medicines. For people bom in Leo, prayer to God Narayana, Lord Muruga and Sun God, will bring peace and prosperity.

Lucky Colour: Orange: Red: Green. Avoid Blue and White. Lucky Stone. Ruby, Emerald. Lucky Dumber: 1, 4, 5, 9, 6. Avoid 2,7 and 8; Mixed results-3. Memorable lucky time in the near future will be June 1966. Places governed by Leo : High hills: places inhabited by wild animals; forests; deserts; gravelly ways, royal palaces, castles, mansions, Government buildings, social club houses, cinema and drama theatres, playgrounds for children, gambling den; race course, dance hall; ball rooms, those places of amusement, sports, betting, etc., Stock Exchange, industry, gold mines, mint in the house, fireplace, chimney, furnace, oven, stoves, kitchen, open terrace, etc. Countries, Cities and Towns indicated by Leo: France, Puglia, Italy, Sicily, Bohemia, the Alps, Chaldea, the coast of Sidon and Tyre, Capadocia. Apulia,


LORD OF LAGNA A YOGAKARAKA AND A MARAKA By Shri Dv, Subba Rao MADRAS-33 Determination of longevity is a^hard 4. Either Jupiter or Venus is posited problem. This involves complicated in a square, multiple workings to fix the period,'date 5. Natural benefics as lords of 8 and time of occurrence. No doubt, a and 11 are in 9 or 11, . shrewd observation coupled with careful 6. Moon as lord of 8 is in 8 apd study is indispensable; yet, the problem either Saturn with Mercury, or is such that it poses varied questions of Sun with Saturn or Saturn with a conflicting nature in application of the Mars or Saturn with Venus or ..established principles. -More sO is the Jupiter with Saturn or Saturn difficulty when the Lord of Lagna becomes "" with Rahu or Saturn with Kethu a Maraka. Having noted the different are. in 11, so that Saturn' squares opinions of several students on the subject, and by its 10th aspect, aspects I am now placing before the readers the Moon in 8, principles that deserve consideration in 7. Either Jupiter with Moon or determining the exact time of death, Venus with Moon or Mercury Lords of 8, 3, I ; 2, 7, 12; and 6, 10, 11 with Moon or Sun with Jupiter are normally the death inflicting planets in or.Suti with Venus are posited iq order and preference. Planets posited in squares (konas) and a natural these houses are more poweTful to inflict malefic in 3 or 6 or 11, death than their lords. (Occupants are 8. Mercury in 3 or 8 and Saturn and stronger than owners.) Before proceeding Moon in 7 or 10, to determine the period, i.e., dasa of.the .maraka of a native, it is imperative, to 9. Jupiter or Venus or Full Moon know to which classification of longevity in Kendra and Saturn in 3 or 6, the native belongs. 10. Jupiter or Venus or Mercury in Longevity is divided into 4 parts - small, Lagna and Moon in trine, medium, long and deergha, depending on 11. Jupiter or Venus or Mercury in the span of life ranging from 1 to 32, 33 11 and Saturn in 3 or 6, to 62, 63 to 82 and 83 to 120. Having 12. ' Jupiter or Venus in Kendra and determined the class to which the native Sun or Sun with Mercury in 3, belongs, the dasa of death should then be 13. Lord of 11 in 10, Lord of 8 in decided. In this article, I propose to deal 11, Lord of 8 and a natural with the medium type of longevity, which benefic in 11, is very important. Following are some of the important factors that go to show 14. Sun in 11 and a natural benefic medium class of longevity ;â&#x20AC;&#x201D; in trine, 15. Jupiter or Mercury or Venus or A. When Full Moon or Moon free from ]. At last-one natural benefic is malefic conjunction in squares or posited in a trine and a natural trines and a natural malefic in 3, malefic is posited either in 3 or 6 6 or 11, or 11 houses,16. Saturn in 3 and Jupiter in Kendra, â&#x20AC;˘ 2. Jupiter is in 2 and a natural bene17. Natural benefics in Kendras and fic is either ip a trine or square, Sun in 11, 3. Sun is in 11 and a natural benefic 18- Jupiter and Venus in trines, is in a irine, 34

19. Jupiter or Venus of Full Moon in Kendras and one of the three in 11, 20. Moon in 11, Jupiter or Venus or Mercury in Kendras or trities, 21. n&rd of lagna as neutral to Sun, 22. Lords of ] and 8 when one is-in a movable rasi and the other in a fixed sign or both in common signs, 23. Lord of the lagna and the lord of .the Moon sign are in a Kendra and Jupiter posited in one of the maraka places. B; Following are someof the important factors to determine the Maraka Dasa :â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 1. Malefics in 6 or 8 houses aspected by their enemies, more so when these happen to be their own bouses, 2. Dasa of Mars as 5th, Jupiter's as 6th, Saturn's as 4th, Rahu's as 7th, 3. Dasa of a debilitated planet posited in an inimical house, eclipsed and associated, with a malefic who in turn happens to be lord of bouses 3, 5 or 7, 4. Dasas of lords of 22 decante and 64th havamsa from Lagna and Moon, 5. Dasa of the A.dhi satru of the lord of 8 house, 6. Dasa of the lord of the decante - of the Rasi at birth. C. Guiding factors to determine the period of death : â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 1. When Jupiter, in transit passes through houses 3,- 5, 6 or 11 occupied by Saturn at birth and when the said houses are not then aspected by him and happen to be maraka places in turn, 2. When Saturn transits the house occupied by the lord of the Decante of the 8 bhSva or when

he transits the navamsa of the 8th lord, 3. When Venus during transit is at a distance of 150 degrees to Moon or Lagna and is aspected by Saturn, 4. When Jupiter transits 6 or 8 houses or a rasi in trines to them, 5. When Sun posited in a movable rasi at birth, happens to transit ' the dwadasamasa rasi originally occupied by him or its trines, 6. When Moon transits the sign occupied by Sun at birth, 7. When Moon transits the sign containing the least number of benefic dots in Saivasbtakavarga table, 8. Note the navamsa rasi occupied by the' lord of B. When Sun passes in transit through a sigh owned by the lord of 8 or its trines, 9. Add the longitudes of lords of 6, 8 and 12. Planet with the same longitude in the sign indicated by the addition is the death inflicting one, 10. Convert the longitudes of. Sun and Rahu into minutes and multiply. Divide the.product-by 21600 an4 again by 12. Note the remainder. When Sun transits this sign or its trines, 11. When Moon transits 2, 4, 5, 8, 9 or 12 houses from its natal position in rasi or navamsa, 12. When Moon in transit passes. through naidhana tara to his natal star, 13. During the time jndicated by the ' sign occupied by the' maraka lords transiting the raaraka signs; specially so in the signs of the lord of the maraka dasa when another maraka transits the maraka signs, death ' of the native is sure to take place. ^

WAVERING MOON MOON IN THE THIRD HOUSE Third house indicates - short journeys whereas the 9th bduse denotes long journeys. Younger brothers and sisters are shown by third house \vhereas the 11th â&#x20AC;˘ house indicates elder brothers and sisters. Fourth house shows his own permanent place of residence and those who live with him when the third house denotes neighbours. One's inclination, memory, the inherent propensities of the mind and intellect are indicated by the 3rd house whereas 4th house shows regular study in the school and,the 9th house, the College course, higher studies and research work. Mental strength, 'Pourusham ' or courage and heroism are also attributed to the 3rd house. Postal, telegraph, correspondence, communication, telephone, teleprint, telegram, letters, travel by land, bus, tram, railway, etc., crossing rivers -and lakes/ short air travel, publicity, agency, etc. are indicated by the third house. -- 3rd house is the ]2lh to the 4th j it shows separation from mother or loss to mother. 3rd house being the 11th to the 5th, it indicates pleasure, profit, partner/ permanent tie of friendship and prosperity to children. 3rd house being the 9th bouse to the 7th, if the chart belongs to a girl, then the husband will go on a long journey, have higher studies and come in contact with strangers etc. If the chart belongs' to a male, the wife may go on a long journey. 3rd house is the 7th to the 5th and it { -indicates maraka to fathef, i.e., father's demise. 3rd house is the 5th to the Uth house and it shows birth of child to elder brother. Third house also indicates friends, children, sickness to the higher officer-appointing authority; children's frieflds; ^mother's secret enemy etc.

Moon in the third house makes one curious, active, inquisitive and always alert for new information. One will be versatile and will have a fund of. knowledge. One will try to have new food for thought and fresh material for action. As" there cannot be sufficient continuity or steadiness, one will be wavering and indecisive. Peace of mind is not promised, if it is afflicted. One will have many changes of residence and profession; salesman,"agent, representative, messenger, postal runner,, postal department, shipping,and publicity may be the departments in which -one can serve. Railway travelling ticket examiners, travel hostess, nurses in the transport department will have Moon in the third house. Moon in ^ is favourable for the study of domestic science and for taking part in social welfare. He will be a good writer. If Moon forms good aspect with Mercury, he will learn Mathematics. But if it is squared by Mercury, he will learn history. Moon in 3 afflicted by Saturn makes one funky. Moon well aspectedby Mars gives courage. Moon in 3 gives opportunities to make frequent short journeys. One can contact strangers, enter into a contract and take any agency or become a representative of another. It shows that one will try to become popular by publicity. Moon in 3 will give pearl necklace or ear ornaments or bangles to the hands. ^ Mars aspecting Moon in 3 gives ruby 'necklace. Venus blesses with diamond necklace. Moon in 3 aspected by Venus gives' wrist-watch also. Moon in 3 well aspected By Sun, gives transfer and promotion during'their mutual, Dasas and Bhukties. He may be a medical representative.

Moon in 3 wellaspected by Mars gives boldness, ambition, generosity, overliberality, ability to run fast and win prizes in sports, games, etc. Inspector ofboilers, industry, etc. are born with this aspect. Moon in 3 well aspected ?by Mercury gives quick grasp,, tact, diplomacy, etc. He will be best fitted to be a propagandist or a salesman. He will be successful in business. He may have fortune through crossword or yarn or cotton, etc. Moon in 3 well aspected by Jupiter gives reputation, recognition of service and realisation of ambition. 'He may be a politician and be ever popular, unless afflicted by any other planet. Venus form-ing good aspect gives refined tastes, competence in music, fine arts, painting, etc. If afflicted. Moon in 3, will give a peculiar tone. While speaking, it will be varying and funny to hear. Moon in 3 with good aspect from Saturn makes one careful and cautious. One will be industrious and dutiful. Petrol, kerosene and-mines may pay him satisfactorily.Moon in 3, generally, willnot allow him to, be steady or to take any decision quickly. He will be ever wavering. Moon in 3 afflicted by any planet causes misunderstanding with those neighbours whose ruling planet will be the planet that afflicts Moon; e.g., if Mars afflicts Moon, the neighbour who is bom on a Tuesday


or in Mrigasirish'a,. Chithrai or Dhanishta star or in Mesha or Vrischika Lagna or Rasi will quarrel. Other neighbours will not. Moon in 3 afflicted by Mars, shows partition of patrimony among brothers due to dispute and dis-harmony. Moon in 3, afflicted by Sun, may show the anxious time to father when their periods jointly operate. Moon in 3, afflicted by lord of 4, portends distress to mother during their joint period. Moon in 3, afflicted by Jupiter, threatens losstof money by pick-pocketing, or while making a short journey or while returning home etc. The thief may be born inPunarpushyam 4th pada, i.e., Jupiter's star in Moon's sign. Moon in 3, afflicted by Saturn, makes one indecisive and wavering. He will be a pessimist. Moon in 3, well aspected by Venus and Jupitor, makes one popular and, wealthy * and he will receive the blessings of Godness Lakshmi. Moon in 3, with good aspect from Mercury, will enable him to receive the blessings from Goddess Saraswathi, Moon in 3, with good aspect from Mars, shows that Goddess Durga will protect the child. ^ Moon in 3, with good aspect from Saturn, denotes that Lord Krishna will be prayed by him.


Period:.. Moon runs its period for exactly ten years. All the nine planets have their sub-periods in the order given below. Bach sub^period has its own duration and the total period of' ten years is not divided equally among the nine planets. . _ _ In Moon's major period or dasa :â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Moon*s sub-period or Bhukthi or apahara runs for ten months commencing from the day when Sun dasa ends and Moon dasa starts. Mars sub-period otherwise called Bhukti follows that of the Moon and it operates ..for seven months; Rahu's sub-period runs for 1 year and six months; then, lupiter's (Viyazhan, Guru or BrihaspathiV Bhukti rules for 16 months. Saturn s apahara is for nineteen months. Mercury (or Budha) governs for seventeen months. Kethu has only seven months, while Venus rules for twenty - months. The last sub-period is ruled by Sun Tor six months and thus all the nine planets cover the ten years, in the order mentioned above. Quintessence of the Moon period : By Nature: - In infancy and youth, all the responses to play, pleasure, pain, thirst and hunger are attributed only to Moon. In. adult age, they do continue but in a more controlled form. It has a strong bearing.on one's-emotion, behaviour, re- ' action and also personality. It does bring about some changes: gives hopes^and one can-.-be-both, happy and.also sorrowful which will be frequently and altetnatively* experienced. Occasionally, both feelings will occur at the same moment. 17

Constitution . The native's constitution - will, become weaker and weaker and he may be suscqgv^^io infectious diseases. Especially it'lias greater influence in the woman's life, as Moon rules the periodical functions and shows either good or indifferent health according to the connections. which Moon has, or the aspects ' which Moon receives. One may have only minor ailment: but, due to his own imagination, it will appear big. Tiis mental strain, dreams, and astral experiences, will tell upon his health. -In infancy, it causes vomiting and poor digestion followed by diarrhoea. In adult age, however strong he may be, it will lessen the vitality and cajise deficiency of ..Vitamin CB\ Though he may have rest from active work, yet his mind will ever be engaged and he will not feel alright, or he will have actually some ailment or other continuously. MENTAJL: Moon Is said to be the nearest magneVVC^lanet. During moon's period, one will be amiable, courteous, easy^ going, and receptive,- unlike the previous period of Sun when he would have been forceful with active emotions. The sign in which Moon was at the time of birth and the aspect which it receives .have chief influence on his,mental qualities. If Moon had been occupying any of the cardinal signsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;movable or cbara signsAries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, it indicates an ambitious and active person' with -aversion to ordinary .routine service The will desire to be a pioneer or an organiser and he wilTbe . able*, to make headway against odds and obstacles. ' He' will' always be planning to cut out a line in life

tor himself. He will have independent spirit. Bui Moon in a fixed sign (stbira), i.e., Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, gives a stubborn, rigid, unyielding and unbending nature. He will be patient, steady, calm, economical, dogmatic and obstinate. He will be plodding;'persevering, thoughtful, thrifty and reserved. He will care much for discipline. He' will be a faithful servant, a reliable friend and an unrelenting foe. He will 'follow his own principles, contract certain habits in life, follow-them strictly and expect others also to get into thai groove. \ If Moon was in a common sign (ubhaya), i.e., Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, be will have a changeful nature. He will have'no set purpose. He will be a versatile and sublle person, often inconstant and imitative. He will yield to other's advice or suggestions. and obey ' implicitly others' orders. He will be quickly influenced by his sorroundings. The society in which he moves will modify his frame of mind. His nature will be -sensitive, his feeling acute and his character .weak. The Waxing moon with a good aspect from benefics makes one buoyant, jubilant and optimistic. He will ever be a 'Bull' in the speculative share market. â&#x20AC;˘ The Waning moon with evil aspect from malcfics shows that the person will be wicked or cautious, gloomy, and pessimistic. He will be successful as a 'Bear* in the share market. . Jdoon, receiving good aspect from the Sun, gives a steady mind, a great liking to - medicine or mechanical engineering; Mars contributes for courage and a go-ahead spirit.- Mercury shows that he will have quick grasp, retentive power, reproductive ability and research mind, a great liking to mathematics and civil engineering. Jupiter's beneficial aspect produces a free antHrank mind. ' He will be â&#x20AC;˘ true and - u honest, dutiful and law abiding, jovial and humane. Bad aspect of Jupiter to Moon shows that ,he will care for false prestige, will be a member of a charitable 18

instiiution without doing charity to the deserved, will bejnclined to waste money only when he-may command some respect in a society or a club or in public life. Saturn gives the desire for seclusion; it gives a thoughtful mind and anxious dis-' position. Rahu and Kcthu will cause worries and bodily fears. Uranus confers originality or eccentricity : he may be inclined to romance; he may be determined and arrogant. Neptune contributes for imitative faculty and taste for mystical subjects. He may have mediumistic powers. It is difficult to rely on such persons, having Moon and Neptune conjoined together, especially in his Ascendant. Further, one born with Moon in the fiery signs, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius will have inspiration : if it is in earthy signs Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn,, he will be worldk/. If airy signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are occupied by Moon, the native will be intelligent. But if watery signs Cancer, Scorpio-and Pisces are occupied by Moon, during Moon dasa, he will be either psychic or emotional or both. Mars and Saturn, forming evil aspect with Moon in the fiery and masculine signs, gives too much of independence. In a woman's chart it causes unwoinanly freedom. But Venus, forming adverse aspect, will make one look untidy though actually he will waste money on luxuries. If it is in a lady's chart, she will have no mind to put on costly dress or look bright using the fragrant materials which are all supplied to her by her husband. But, whenever she is called, she will appear with the spoon on hand, smoke on the face, with uncombed stiff hair and with, a big caste mark, threatening the partner, as though " Badhra KaH-" suddenly gives Darsan to him. Thus tfcc mind of a native gets modified by variou s reasons and therefore one has to study thoroughly and give his opinion. What can bneiexpect.? =.., (a) If Moon receives favourable aspect, (b) if it is not afflicted,

lack courage and confidence at the time ofinterview. You can approach those who deal in liquids or employed in Navy, Port Trust, etc. Shipping agents will be helpful. The mother, the nurse and the young chiiaim also will recommend and contribute for your success. Sailors, salesmen, frequent travellers, travelling agents, female officials, receptionists and those who run public conveyance may be. of -help. So you hav&fcg, approach any of these people. Thef vt^/help you because they will be governed by'Moon; i.e., the ruling .planet at the time of their' birth will be Moon.

(c) if it owns a beneficial house, (d) if it occupies ~ favourable constellation, and (e) if it is not weak in strength. 1. There will be peace and pleasure at home. Happy celebrations, reunion, followed by birth of children, visit to relative's places and good health to all ithe members of the family. Moon'contributes for happiness. 2. He will appear before the public and be popular; he will have many friends and will create opportunities to come in contact with the public, especially with* youngsters and will command much respect . from them. 1 3. He will try to hold public office and undertake various honorary posts. He -will have much support especially from ladies. 4. Hewill.bc having.morc'and more ambition (contentment is out of question) and he will stick on to his own ideals and expect his colleagues also to follow him. 5. Unusually he will take to drinks. He will have the mind to deal in liquids, and may get into service in water supply. He may deal in mrlk or dairy farm products, kerosene, petrol, mercury, liquid paraffin and such of those animate and inanimate objects found in the tank, river and sea may be dea]f~with by one during Moon's periods. 6. His-service will be recognised and his name will be suggested for promotion. His employers will have high opjnion of him and will be inclined towards the person who runs beneficial Moon's period and support him. Those who back him up will be governed by Moon.. ,'7. He will have satisfactory social success and will enjoy much popularity. Wltom to approach for success: Wait for advertisement &nd promptly apply. Approach, the employer through family t friends or through his' domestic-servants, and those with whom he will be associating freely. Do not go personally. You will not be able to satisfy him. You will

How to approach? Naturally, you will be modest. You will have pleasing manners. But, you will be able to gain your objects through a mediator. The higher official will be sympathetic. He who recommends will be tactful and win the favour of tl^e appointing' authority. If you are already employed, he will appeal to him that you) are trying for a change, more for security in service or for higher income. Therefore, whatever is to be said and done by you will be satisfactorily undertaken and finished by the mediator. (Moon has no, light of its own. It does good to the living beings on earth by taking light from ti . Sun and reflecting it on to the earth, fou are the earth and Moon is the mediator.) If you approach personally, gradually the employer will begin to mistake you, as though you dictate to him. It will slowly , cause bad relationship. If you'want to -fix up the.m'arriage of your daughter with a. bridegroom, for God's sake, Moon's period, don't approach directly. Arrange a diplomatic gentleman to mediate when it will he well-settled. Otherwise, the alliance will fall through as you yoursilf will quickly drop it due td difference of opinion. ..Those people,..who will support you, may be mostly born or'Mondays' br ih Cancer sign or in Rohini or Hastham or Sravanam. During Moon ilasa, Saturn 19

sub-period, people born in Saturn's sign Capricorn and Moon's star Sravanam will mediate or it may be-one born in Saturn's star Pashyam and in Moon's sign Cancer. , "During Moon dasa, Mercury sub-period, Ashilesha star-governed by Mercury in Moon's sign or Hastham star ruled by Moon in Mercury's sign will influence and fulfil your desire when you run Moon dasa, Venus Bhukti. People born in Rohici star, ruled by Moon in Venus sign Taurus, will bring you success. If Jupiter Bhukti runs, he or she who helps you would have been bom in Punarvasu 4th pada. Thus one has to make a selectioiLamong.the friends whom you have to approach to influence the authority. It may be that you do not observe these before you request one; but later, for academical interest, if you study, the abovementioned* indications will be very true. How to act or what to do ? Be frank. Be practical. Take all steps to safeguard your interests. Before.taking any-decision, consider your duties to the members of your family, the comforts for others at home and all family affairs. If anybody suggests to you something which you may be aware of already or which may be absolutely hew to you, never reject it. Consider well. Take the advice. If Moon receives good aspect from other planets, whomsoever you approach-, their advice or influence or action will be to your advantage; so you need not exercise much caution. But if Moon is afflicted by adverse aspect, the advice may appear to be advantageous to you, but it will prove to be, harmful. The evil results will be experienced on later dates. Mars' bad aspect shows t-ha.t'you may have to incur heavy expenses. Mercury suggests that he who gives you bop?s will be a cheat, and not straightforward and honest. Jupiterafflicting Moon is incapable of benefiting you ; • fthe'convefrtion or the rifles to'be'followed will be agamst your j'nterests.fjiough-the. person may make honest atQmpts and • speak truth. He will say that his'hands are 20

tied up and heishelpless. Venus, afflicting Moon, threatens that any lady or any one born on a Friday or in Bharani or Poorram or Poorvashada star or in Taurus or Libra Lagna or Rasi will do harm. (Mandarai's—a lady—mischief and Rama's fate go to forest.) Saturn afflicting Moon indicates that he whom you approach will be funky, will utter falsehood, will tire you out by allowing you to visit his place many times and finally he will absent himself at the time when his presence is needed: What to avoid? You have to avoid timidity and shyness. But .be active. Gather courage. Make attempts with confidence. Shed your fear. Think twice before you act. Only Martians will act first, spealcnext and then think. Precautionary measures to maintain goM health: Generally digestion will be upsSt. For ladies, their monthly periods will be unsteady. In old age, there will be kidney and urinary troubles. Moon, afflicted by - Sim, ^causes eye trouble, and occasionally blindness also. (Moon dasa Sun Bhukthi, eye-sight will be lost.) If Mars afflicts, ,catamenial disorders, epilepsy, violence in lunacy, colic pain, "chicken pox (Saturn also afflicting 7 small pox because Saturn shows pustura-* tion. In chicken pox generally no pusturation. For small pox, there must be pusturation.) Mercury afflicting Moon indicates paralysis, beriberi, apoplexy, worms, intestinal troubles, dyspepsia. Jupiter afflicting Moon causes' tumours, -and dropsy. Venus forming bad aspect with Moon causes throat trouble, diabetis, troubles in ovaries, breasts etc. Saturn shows asthma,-pleurisy, bronchitis," tuber- • culosis, dull liver, poor digestion, jaundice, cough etc. Avoid chills. Henge, find out which planet afflicts Moon. During Moon dasa in the sub-period of the afflicting planet one will suffer from, the ailment indicated by the adverse relative position of Moon and the'other planet." Prevention is better than cure. Preventive measures taken and immediate treat-

ment given will reduce the virulence. There will be modified reaction only. Finance and Fortune: One can expect financial gain through ladies. The income will be varying, even, as Moon will be waxing and waning. In service, there will be temporary promotion as well as reversion depending on the sub-periods. In business, during beneficial sub- periods, there will be sp«edy turnover and larger profits, while during evil subperiods there will be neither satisfactory business, nor the realisation of money that is locked up. But the creditors will bring in pressure, and bankers will disallow overdraft facilities. Agriculturists can have larger yield due to "satisfactory water-supply during the periods of those planets which form favourable aspect with Moon. But evil aspects threaten that the crops will fail. Jupiter shows floods; Saturn indicates Kisan trouble or damage caused to crops by rats, insects and locusts. Mars foretells that the rains will fail, the field will be dry and the crops will not thrive. If you buy a cow, adverse aspect of Saturn delays conception and a few attempts by the veterinary department is necessary. It will milk loss. Mars threatens that it will either kick or keep some reserve for the calf. The cow will be a stealthy one : Sun afflicting will give you a cow which cannot have any more calf, In Tamil it may be said that Saturn, is : Mars $1*5© : Sun uxso®. Those who deire to establish "contracts with foreigners, enter into contract with them, have foreign aid or their collaboration. Moon dasa is very helpful especially during the beneficial planet's sub-periods. Agents and representatives must expand 4their business now. You can take Expert Import * business and State Trading Corporation will help you to a great extent. .» If you^scrve in the,Navy, you may have "to make frequent' journeys. "'You* can ' increase the number of friends and you will be benefited by such friendship. 21

Those, who work in Petrol companies, may wait till Jupiter or Venus sub-periods commence when your sei^jces will be recognised and you will hatv satisfactory increase in your emoluments and improvement in your status. If you serve in automobiles, look for status during Mars, .Jupiter's and Venus sub-periods. You will * have very large circle of customers and friends. You will become very popular; salt merchants can mint money during beneficial sub-periods. Evil subrihreaten with loss and difficulties. If you serve in Port Trust, look for promotion in sub-periods of Jupiter, Venus, of Sun as these three planets indicate Port Trust. Clerks and all-those who are connected with transferable posts are under the aegis of the Moon. They will be posted in a place where there is plenty of water, milk, etc., during beneficial sub-periods. Evil planets will give transfer to a place as a punishment, where one cannot get even water. Saturn will post him in such a locality where there will be * impermissible limit of 'Fluorine ' in water". ' Generally, Moon in its dasa, in the sub-period of beneficial planets, will offer peace, popularity, promotion, prosperity and pleasure'. If you serve in any cine line or if you are a musician or an actor. Moon will confer on you na^ie, fame and reputation. It is likely that you will be honouted. You may recei e title; you may be featured in the Newspapers and magazines. If you are an actress, you may give the block of your photo for Advertisement Agents and gain without any effort at all. If you are attached to beverage and bar, be sure that you will have satisfactory increase in your income during the beneficial Moon's period. But if moon is afflicted by Saturn, Rahu orKethu, you wilt have a change in the Institution. If you are runninganybotel, restaurantorteastall; you'-caff expect much'support from the general public and you-will have many friends, patronising your concern.

if you seive in a Textile department, on that day is ruled by a benefic or a transfer, promotion and prosperity will be Rajayogathipathi (lord of 1, 5, 9 or 10). during Mercury Bhukti as Moon and Mercury indicate textiles, yarn, etc. Who.will be your real friend? Whenever you run a dasa, and its lord If you deal in pump-sets or boilers, remember that Moon will improve your ^ is a benefic, you can have pleasure and benefit through those-who are born in any sales, if he receives good aspects. But if of the following conditions; e.g., Moon is afflicted, you will switch over to some other business. Moon, Mars and 1. The Nakshathra in which (whomsoSaturn indicate pump-sets. Mercury conever be the lord of the dasa-) Moon was joined with any of them shows that you at the time of his birth i (e.g.), may be a boiler inspector or engineer. (a) if one runs Sun's dasa, Moon has You can make money by dealing in any to occupy Karthikai, Uthram or Uthraof the goods mentioned above or serving shada star ,' in any of the departments governed by (b) if one runs Moon's dasa, Moon will Moon-only when Moon has any connection occupy Rohini, Hastham or Sravanam with the bouses 2, 6 or 10. ruled by Moon , Connection means; (a) It may be (c) if Mars rules the dasa. Moon will occupying either the second or the sixth or be in the horoscope of the benefactor in the tenth house; Mirgaseerisham, Chithirai or Dhanishta star ruled by Mars ; (b) it may be in the Constellation ruled by the planet occupying any one of (d) If t- hu rules the dasa. Moon will the three houses 2, 6 or 10 mentioned be occupying any one of the three stars above; or governed by Rahu, i.e., Arudhra, Swathi or Sathabeesha star. (c) it may be the owneir of any of these three houses; or Thus one has to judge ; or _ (d) it may be in the constellation 2. The day of birth may be ruled by ruled by the lord of 2, 6 or 10; the dasa lord. Rahu and Ketbu days earmarked for them. Therefore, those (e) it may be conjoined with thoise born on the days governed by the lord of â&#x20AC;˘ lords and occupy any house ; the sign in which Rahu or Kethu was or -(f) it may be aspected by any of the on Sundays, will be good friends if Rahu the houses 2, 6 or 10 and occupy and Kethu are benefics by occupation. any house; or 3. Those born in the signs ruled by (g) it may be aspected by the planet dasa lord ; or 4. by those in whose horosconnected with houses 2, 6 or 10. cope the dasa lord occupies the lagna or .- Journeys: Even though Moon owns is conjoined with Moon or aspects Moon the 4th sign of the Zodiac and the fourth sign, lagna or lord of Lagna. house generally indicates permanent place Now one may say that he is running . of residence, yet Moon by nature favours Rahu~dasa and his good friend is born in (a) frequent travel, (b) overseas, and long Arudhra while his enemy's Nakshathra journey. It may either be on pilgrimage is Sathabeesha and ask " How If-you oron business tour. ascertain, he will say that his lagna is Jo leave your place either on a Monday, Virgo-Kanni. Then, what he says is true. or in Rohini, Hastham or Sravanam star Because Arudhra is ruled by Rahu and it is days and at the time when Cancer lagnais in Gemini owned by Mercury who is not â&#x2013; in .the.East, will be advantageous. Do qSt .- only thc-lqrd of Lagna, but; also the start on the days when Moon is in the y'ii Rajayogadhipatbi. Hence, Rahu's star or 12th rasi to the position of Moon at the occupied by Moon in Gemini, Arudhra lime of your birth, unless the Nakshathra native, has to be friendly and (telpful. 22

The native born in S&thabeesha star will prove io be unreliable and dangerous dur' • have his Moon in Aquarius, governed by ing Moon da'sa Mars Bhukti if at the time Saturn who is evil by owning the 6th house of your birth-Moon was receiving bad and Rahu in its period, during Saturn's , aspect from Mars, or was conjoined with sub-period has to cause trouble through Mars. He will write anonymous petitions, one of those born in Sathabeesfid star. by phone, give information, etc., to your There is no wonder in it; nor is the opponents rule incorrect. There, was a broker and commission During Moon dasa, note which sub- agent. He had a personal assistant, periods are beneficial and which bhukties During the time when the proprietor was will be disadvantageous. Accordingly, negotiating, his assistant was going on the birth of the person through whom giving information to the opponent and you have benefits or face difficulties, can *" .thereby his business was deteriorating, be ascertained. So before choosing a The personal assistant was born, having friend-and entrusting your personal affairs Mars as his ruling plac^^g. to him, or before appoiotiog a private _ 3i To Mithuna LagnaPVenus is lord of secretary, or bei ore nominating an auditor, 12. Hence a few born with Venus as their or requesting an advocate, or engaging a ruiing pianet win do much harm to surgeon or a physician, or consulting an Mithuna Lagna natives, astrologer or selecting an actor or actress it is advisable to see his or her birth chart A lawyer may have a clerk who is very and verify. If the Moon occupies-the clever and cunning. Whenever new clients Nakshathara of the lord of 12, it is certain visit the advocate's house, this clerk will that either you lose money by their con- present, a list of cases which had been lost duct or transaction or they will turn to be and for which this advocate appeared. He scoundrels, betraying you and putting you may recommend another advocate and to untold difficulties. Though it is direct him to his room. When you see generally wise not to take anybody into the chart, the truth of astrology will be confidence to the extent of allowingtiim to well established, as the clerk was having: go through your personal fifes, or to know Venus as his ruling planet, your private affairs, yet it is absolutely (Cancer) lagna people, To K k necessary lo avoid the following persons M is the ^ of 12. Therefore it and never entrust any important work to is advfsable not t0 have M„curians in m ' . your concern as, one day or other, especi1. To Mesha Lagna, Jupiter rules 12th ally during Moon dasa. Mercury Bhukthi, house. If in your horoscope, Jupiter and he will be. the person to bring you misforMoon were to form evil aspect, if you are tune, an Income-tax assessee, or if you have Y_ any litigation atcourt, or if you are a trus^ you, are & contractor and if you tee in a temple and if by chance, over- send tender quotations confidentially to sight or absent-mindedness, knowingly or the proper authorities, your assistant, unknowingly, you have committed a mis- the Mcrcunan, will give this information take, the person born with Moon and ,to your competitors whereby they^ give a 61 Jupiter as his or her ruling planets would 'j™ quotation and secure the contract; have been taken by you in service and th'sercuwill wer happen to you, if Moonat and the during Moon dasa, Jupiter sub-period, due Mime P' ur ?. I£rm,ne evl1 to difference of opinion, or his discontent, ' he may have to leave the service or he To Simha Lagna-Leo, Moon is lord of may even continue in seivicc but land you 12. Hence it is advisable to strictly follow into..;ttopbIe, .by giving information to the principle that "Silence is golden" authorities against your interest.' during Mqon.dasa... Further, people born • 2. To Rishaba Lagna people, Mars is with Moon as their ruling pianet will lord of 12. Those governed by Mars will either borrow from you and will not 23

'return or you may be forced to invest on any project which will ultimately end in a loss; or'he may be pocketing daily a little of your profit. You should not allow at the counter such persons born with Moon as their ruling planet, to sit, collect etc., especially in hotelsjprovisionstores, shops, etc. Without the proprietor's knowledge, money will be knocked away by ^them especially, if Moon was in the 2nd house, in your horoscope. To those born in Kanni-Virgo, Sun is lord of. 12. Never trust people born with Sun as their ruling planet. Suppose your colleague, junior to you in your office, is given information by you, that a vacancy arises in the same Concern or in another, with better emoluments, he will surely get the better post by using all influence, and you will come to know that world has both good and bad people. You will also understand that those, who have beneficial Sun, gain through them, whereas Sun as a malefic does harm through those, having Sun as their ruling planet. People, born in Thulam-Libra, have Mercury as lord of 12. Even when you â&#x20AC;&#x201D;speak some family matters with .people born under Mercury's influence, the la will carry tales to the other false ones and bring in enmity, bride's party and the brideg If you have engaged him as he will produce wrong priate the collection for some even months and also'" between the proprietor and People born in Scorpio-Vrischikam, will have Venus' as lord of 12. The Venusian may be your partner in business. What a hell it would be, if he leaks out . confidential matters to those who should never be given the information. This will "happen if Moon and Venus would have definite evil aspect at the time -of your birth. People born in Sagittarius will have Mars as lord of 12. If you are a touring officer and if your attendant is born with Mars as his ruling planet, be careful. Always he may purchase you tickets fof| a lower class and trave] with you. He wilff

be friendly. But,'because you are having Moon and Mars forming evil aspect, -he -will, when you run Moon Dasa, Mars Bhukti, complain to higher authorities and you may be put to shame and consequent troubles. If your lagna is Capricorn, Jupiter is lord of 12. Therefore those, born with Jupiter â&#x20AC;˘ as their ruling planet,- will try to bring you ill-repute, by carrying false propaganda during your Jupiter's subperiod. The person may not be born in Sagittarius, or Pisces; nor in Punarvasu, Visakam or Poorattadhi; not on a Thursday ; it is enough if his lagna or lord of Lagna is aspected by or conjoined with Jupiter. Even though Jupiterians are honest, dutiful, etc., they will be good to those to whom Jupiter is a benefic and he will act in such a way that Capricorn people will avoid his society and call him an unvli.^le person. If your lagna is Kumbha - Aquarius, your lord of Lagna is also lord of 12. Hence your own actions will land you in trouble. For Meena â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Pisces, Saturnians - will do both good and evil as Saturn owns the 11 th and the 12th houses. Thus you have to note and safeguard your interests. People, who have done enough of meritorious deeds in the previous birth, will surely take advice from the astrologers, or knowingly or unknowingly avoid such individuals. Better to consult Prevention is preferred. , Business Partners: If Moon has any connection with the 7th house, then one will have partners in business during Moon's period. They will have Moon as their ruling planets. _ Generally younger people may joiii'-you. Ladies may lend their names and be financial partners. If there are a few, who would like to become your.partner in business, select such of those who are born in Cancer ascendant governed by Moon or in Moon's star or with Moon rising in the ascendant. 24

it will fee advantageous if the position of your Moon is in 3, 11 or 5 and 9 to the position of Moon in the partner's chart. Harinony or disharmony, fortune or ' misfortune depends- on your own luck as indicated by your horoscope. If one feels sorry due to loss inbusiness and attributes *it to the ill-luck of the partner or if one claims that the. fortune was due to his will, ability and push, astrology teaches that be is not correct; but everything takes place according to his destiny. Marriage and Married life: The partners will be of proper age. They will be very accommodative and adjusting. There will be good understanding. They will lead happy and harn^t£?ig§ lives, provided Moon is a benefic tomlf native and it has any connection with .the houses 2, 7 and 11. (a) It may occupy the 2nd, the 7th or the 11th house ; (b) or it may be in the Nakshathra of the occupants in 2, 7or 11. (c) or in any other manner connected with these houses, their occupants and their lords. Then Moon will bless you with happy wedding with a pleasant wife during Moon's period. Lucky colour: Grey ; white ; sea green is suggested by a few authors. Lucky metal: Silver; platinum ; nickel. Lucky Gem : Pearl; white stones. Lucky numbers: 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56, etc. 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61, etc. Lucky day : Mondays; Rohini or Hastham or Sravanam.

Star days, i.e., on those days, Moon will be transiting in one of the three stars. Lucky time: When Cancer rises in the East. Lucky place; Your place of residence : Ypur village or town. Lucky direction: North West Produce which wili^oring luck; - Sugarcane, and sugar; Fruits and vegetables; Oils, ghee and liquids; Milk and curd; Cocoanuts and cabbage; Plantains and palm trees; • Flowers and fish; Horses and cows; Silver and nickel; Salt and silvery coloured alloys ; Horticulture and Agriculture. Whom to pray: Moon: Goddess £arvathi Moon & Mars Kali— Moon & Mercury Saraswathi Moon & Jupiter Rajarajeswari Lalitha Moon & Venus Lakshmi Moon & Saturn RasakreedaBajan Radhakrishna Ranganatha Moon & Rahu Naga Pooja Moon & Kethu Vallabha Ganapathi.


NO MORE DOUBTS Question: (1) I saw you opening an account in a new (branch of a Bank on your daughter's name. You were very anxious to have it done immediately after it was opened. Is the moment so auspicious. Answer: The successful Sign—Sagittarius : By Kayeskay

I was getting ready to attend a Ifunction in the town, I was about to start. My ■ young daughter appeared before me with a sweet smile and began to fondle me. I could easily anticipate that she would be requiring something.

" I/have my own doubts, daddy, you may not". "No, no, I will get you, come on, tell me quickly what book you want." " I want only one book. I don't want anything else. Daddy. " " Come on, it is getting late ". " I want only a cheque book on this bank" "Wonderful girl, wait a minute. I know that today it is vey auspicious to open a bank. Let me find out whether it is also auspicious to the customers. Yes, it is gooddb _ ->u also. I shall surely open an account in your name and also get a cheque book for you ". So saying I took cash to open an account and I got in a cat and rushed to the bank. I opened an account at the auspicious time.

She enquired, " Daddy, are you going towards China Bazaar or near about? ". " No, 1 am not going there now. A big ibankis opening its new branch this morning. I am/'Vited. So I am rushing there ^ow, BK %ay go late in the evening that sid^ , you want anything? Any -per— I returned home in the evening with her cheque book and presented it to her. s, yes, I want one book.", give me particulars, I shall get The clever girl being a Mercurian, had ,v.pu^when,I r.eturp hqme.".. .. jher own curiosity..., She wanted.-to know — whether the (time) that was said to be "Will you surely get me, daddy?" auspicious was beneficial to the bank or to " Certainly, if that is possible," the customer, or to both. 26

So, she asked me, 14 Can you'explain how you call the time propitious. . If so, to whoIn?,,


My dear girl, it is not easy to elect an auspicious time promising prosperity to both bank and the customers. Anyhow, they have done it at a time, lucky .enough to both.

1 05

Nirayana Rasi Chakratn at 8 A.M. on Tuesday 24-12-1963 at 13o-05' N and 80M5' E Saturn Uranus (R) 260-24' ISM?' Ven. T^-OT

Those who consult astrologers for fisirig a time for marriage are given the most suitable moment which is auspicious, both 1 to the husband and the wife. There ate a few who do not take pains to consult and elect a time. Yet they celebrate the wedding as it suits their convenience and lead a very happy and harmonious life. If ah astrologer erects a chart for the moment when the marriage was celebrated, it will show that they had celebrated it at a very propitious time.

Mao. 2T-0O' 0 Mftis. Fctftu 21®"0i' 18S"-# -3B' Run.

Venus' f ^c>rtuna

Similary, a few may commence a business at a lucky time after consulting astrology. The lucky people may or may not consult at all. Yet, their time of action would portray happiness and happiness alone. Planets will not allow such persons to undertake anything at wrong moment. I don't know whether or not, this bank bad consulted any astrologer. But they had opened it at .a very favourable and auspicious time.

Ncp.230-44' m.c. ew

Neptunei j'

Sun ^

Mercury'' Lagna ' Jupiter«/ M.C.-

In either of the business partner's chart, the lagna indicates the person and the 7th house indicates the partner. The -time elected should suit both. Similarly, the time when an office is opened, should be favourable both to the officers and to the customers. It is not like opening a bookie's shop where they can make money only when those who bet, lose. Such enterprises will be started when Capricorn will be the Ascendant. Because, Saturn, the lord of the sign will benefit the proprietor by bringing about loss to the other.

Look, where the ascendant is. It is Sagittarius or Dhanus, a powerful sign, a dual and a positive one. It is ruled by Jupiter, the Greater Fortune. The exact degree is 29° 22' in Dhanus. Therefore the lagna both in Rasi and in Navamsa will be Dhanus. Mahadeva, in Jathaka Tattva, says * Vargothamae Angae Va Chandree Subham So, smooth and prosperous life is assured. If either the Lagna or Moon sign were to be Vargothama one will be crowned with success. Dhanus or Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter. It is in its own sign Pisces-Meena, •.fruitful and prosperous one. It is. in Revathi Nakshatram and in .Navamsa, Jupiter occupies Sagittarius.

But h6fe note the horoscope erected for the 'moment at which the bank was opened. 27

The constellation lord is Mercury, owner foreigners or travellers, will be successful of the 7th and the 10th houses. Therefore, by having travellers1 ticket, etc. Their expansion, soundness, vast improvement, transactions with strangers and foreigners rapid progress etc., are promised as lord,of • will be fruitful. Foreign collaboration 1 is in the constellation of lord of 10 can be easily obtained. Being a dual sign, and is very strpng. Luckily, Jupiter which sin due course, one has to deposit money was in retrograde motion all along, is now in his name, son's accounts etc., as Jupiter, direct and blesses the officers of the Bank the lord of the sign, is the chief Governor and their customers (indicated by the 7th for money and children. • house) with fortune, ever increasing depoMoon and Jupiter in conjunction, caussits, whenever needed, very speedy arrangeing Gaja Kesari Yoga, shows popularity 'ment for overdraft facilities, etc., Jupiter, and prosperitylord of the Lagna, in the constellation of Moon, in the constellation of Saturn, the lord of 7, Mercury, portrays peaceful indicates that people dealing in mines and and pleasant business and good undermine or(g»|jjSigSbe benefited. It would be standingbetween the officers and customers. piofitable ftfrFven those who would like For customers, which is indicated by the to have savings or recurring deposits, to 7th house, i.e., Gemini, Jupiter, lord of 10 have dealings with this Institution. As was in the constellation of lord of 1 and 4 Saturn is lord of 2, fixed deposits will be ensuring to them larger earnings, satisfacreceived by the bank, and it will give tory savings, honour, reputation, etc. various types of services to the customers. -Moon indicates the object of the InstituSaturn as vlord of 3 indicates that the tion. Moon is lord of 8 in the 4th sign custojw * ill have it repaid according to and in the .3rd Bhava-House. 7th house the agreed terms. -indicates customers. .Hence 8th house 3rd house is for agreement,Contract, ^shows^the finance of the customers; 4th correspondence, assistance, etc. Moon, -sign from La'gna will be the tenth from the as lord of 2 to the 7th house, is in the .customers* sign (7th), 3rd Bhava is the 9th constellation of lord of 3 (counted from ^house -to the-7th. Consider the most Ascendant) Saturn, and in that, in the sub beneficial disposition. Finance of the of Moon; the customers will satisfy the customers will be swelling ; they will have authorities, by mentioning the proper the fortune to deposit more and more money very frequently and withdraw a . purpose for which they want to borrow and their capacity to repay loan easily, lesser amount, so that there will be the according to the agreed terms. As Saturn addition of profit every month. All represents the money of the deceased, one -customers will have long life; they will will have confidence to nominate this -continue to have their accounts, and, due bank, as a Trustee. It assures safety. to expansion of their business, will open many new accounts also under different Mars, the lord of 5, in the ascendant, beads. shows that musicians, share brokers, share dealers, jobbers, cinema theatre owners, ' All those who have transactions in an actors and actresses, financiers for films, -Institution opened in such an auspicious speculators, those employed . in races etc., time, will have this guarantee. It does will have dealings with this institution as TDeAa-*1—-others who have accounts Mars is also the lord of 11 to 7th house, not enjoy these. Tffey can ; (other than the 6th); these people can have ^.et the auspicious time, when fortune by following their impulse to open a. thing is done, guarantees these results an account in this Institution. Mars, and gives courage and confidence both to being Bboomi Karaka, and also lord of 12 the authorities and the customers. This is the Lagna,-this bank 'will buy a plot, "One"of file advantages of knowing Astro-"" construct and own a strong building from -logy. the end of 1965, and the Manager of the As Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the Bank may shift to better quarters within Zodiac, those who have connection with a couple of months. 28

' iiun in Lagna, as lord of 9, indicates ..that it will offer all facilities to purchase, use and encash travellers' cheques, r Venus occupying Saturn's sign in Rasi 'and in Navamsa, gives wisdom. It •impresses on you that, only out of your yearnings and savings, you have'to waste ron many luxuries. You do enjoy; you •meet all pleasant expenses. Waste alone "will be reduced. You will plan for spend•ing less, and saving-more. Also, sills clothes, hotel keepers, caterers, dealers

in luxury goods, glass, dijamoad, plastic, etc., will have transaction/ Thus it can be seen that any enterprise, begun in'an auspicious moment, promises futher advancement, fortune, peace and prosperity, both to the business people and their customers. • That is why, I immediately agreed to open, an account for you and I have done it. Good luck to you. Good Luck. Have your cheque book.

ERRATA (January 1964 Issue) Page 4: Nirayana Rasi: Lagna read as 280-22' M. C. read as 260-9' ^?aae 5: Para 5: Line 1; Read as Venus and Mercury instead of Uranus in Mercury. Page:36: Para 4: Line 1: Read as 3rd house is the 7th to the 9th instead of 3rd house is the 7tb to the 5th.


NEECHA BHANGA RAJAYOGA D. V. Subba RAO Neecha bhanga rajayoga is a class by itself. It has been found in experience that this yoga excels any other Rajayoga exceptthe Panchamaha purushayogas. Let ys know how this yoga is caused., Author .-rities or Hindu astrology have defined this yoga as under .— Jatafca Parijata :—A planet in debilitation attains neecha bhanga (a) if the lord of the house where the neecha graha gets exalted is in a kendra or kona either to LagnaorMoon; (b) if the planet that gets exalted in the house where the neecha graha is posited is situated either in a kendra or kona to Lagna or Moon. Phaladeepika:—A planet in debilitation gets neecha bhanga (a) if the lord of the house where he is debilitated or (b) if the planet who gets exalted in the same house or (c) if the lord of the exaltation house of the debilitated planet is posited either in a kendra or kona to Lagna or Moon. Jatakamritasara A planet in debilitation gets neecha bhanga if the lord of the house where he is debilitated or thelord of the house of his exaltation is in a kendra or kona. Whether the kendras or konas referred to are from Lagna or Moon have not been specified. Jatakabharana :—A planet in debilitation gets its debility cancelled if the lord of the house where he is exalted is in kendra. Here konas are omitted and it is not known if the kendras referred to are from Lagna or Moon. Lagna Chandrika :—A planet in debilitation gets its debility cancelled if the lord of the debilitated house or its exaltation lord are posited in kendras or konas. Here also it has not been mentioned if the kendras or.kooas are from Lagna or Moon. Jyotisharnava Ratnavali:,—The neecha graha gets cancellation of its debility if the

debilitation, occurs in 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11 bhavas. These positions are said to be from Lagna only. Jatakamritasara :—Neecha bhanga is certain if the neecha graha gets exalted in Navamsa. Jataka Tatwa:—Neecha bhanga results if the debilitated planet is in his own navamsa or exalted in navamsa. Vasishta, Atri and Parasara:—Neecha bhanga is caused if the debilitated planet is in conjunction with any exalted planet Vandhyagiri and Phaladeepika :—If the lord of the debilitated house or the lord of its house of exaltation are in a kendra to the debilitated planet. Neecha bhanga results (a) if the lord of the house of debilitation is in his own house or in the house of the neecha graha's exaltation, (b) when the debilitated planet is aspectcd by the lord of the house of its debilitation. To confer Rajayoga, the conditions prescribed are;— a. Rajayoga results if the lord of the house of debilitation aspects the debilitated planet, b. A Maha raja yoga results if such houses happen to be auspicious or when tficy be the own houses of the concerned planet. It has to be ensured that such houses are not their inimical hduses and that^the planet is not eclipsed. Anomer important factor is to • ensure that such houses are not" -• dustanas, i.e., 6, B^'or 12, before pronouncing neccha bhanga rajayoga. c. . If the fagha happens to be a movable sign, the lord of the

navamsa of the debilitated planet 2. Sun whose exaltation bouse is should be in a kendra or kona to that of Saturn's debilitation is in lagna. 9 to Moon. 3. Venus, lord of the bouseof exaltad. When the lagna is either a fixed tion of Saturn is in 10 to Moon. or common sign, its lord should be posited in a movable navamsa. 4. Venus, bis exaltation lord is in 10 to Saturn. e. When the debilitated planet aspects the lagna rajayoga is caused. 5. Saturn is debilitated in the 3rd house from lagna. f. Debilitated planets in 3, 6, 8 or 6. Mars, lord of the debilitation 11 houses aspecting lagna cause house, is in his own house. rajayoga. 7. Debilitated Saturn aspects Lagna g. Debilitated Mars to Acquarius as (Jaimini aspect). lagna, debilitated Sun to . Taurus as lagna, debilitated Jupiter to 8. Saturn bad attained many auspiSimba as lagna, debilitated Saturn cious vargas ki shodasavarga. to Scorpio as lagna, cause rajaAnother issue where conflicting opinions yoga. (Here the aspects are as are Lild is whether ihe.planet that secured per Jaimini.) neecba bhanga or the planet that is responb. Debilitated Saturn to 'Acquarius $ sible for securing neecha bhanga is the as lagna, debilitated Mars to yoga karaka. Undoubtedly the planet that Taurus as lagna, debilitated Sun secured neecba bhanga is the one that to Leo as lagna, debilitated Jupiconfers rajayoga. The planet that is ter to Scorpio as lagna also cause responsible for causing neecba bhanga is rajayoga. the next in order and rajayoga results in the dasa of the planet that is responsible j. Debilitated lords of 6 or 8 houses for causing neecha bhanga and in the antara posited in 3 - or II houses and of the planet lha t secured neecha bhanga. aspecting lagna also cause rajaA debilitated, planet, normally in its dasa yoga.' and antaras, indicates meanness, helpless-, k. The dasa of nCecha graha confers ness, lack of confidence, fear, cruelty, rajayoga when aspected by a obstructions and obstacles, incompetence benefic. and inefficiency. The results of the karakatwa of the planet and its bfaavadbipatya arenaturally adversely affected. There is a Saturn Rahu doubt whether the debilitated planet in the Moon 6th bouse attaining neecba bhanga confers rajayoga. No doubt rajayoga is conferred Lagna butithe evil nature of the debilitated planet persists. A planet that secures cancellation - of its debility posited in kendras, konas, VcDUS 8th or If houses confers benefic results. When the lord of the debilitation house happens to be a benefic by bis position Sun Mcr- Mars cither from Moon or Lagna, he confers good results.- Planets securing cancellation of their debility in 2 or 3 bhavas. shed their malefic nature. In the above chart, neecba bhanga has been secured by Saturn for the following Let us ci isider bow Ibis yoga affects reasons; persons hvp u KUMBHA lagna the so1. Mars, lord of the house of debilicalled mysx^xign and rendered inauspicitation, is in 10 to lagna. ous by many^rdii nent yavants. It is known 32

to readers that'divergent opinions exist on .path. They fare well in public bodies, the potentialities of this lagna. associations and establishments connected , with democratic set-up. The sensitive Satyacbarya declared kumbha as inpoints of the sign are:— auspicious, Yavanas asserted that dwa2 degree—drink, immorality, suicide ; dasamsa of kumbha is only inauspicious. 4—astrology and painting; 7-music ; Varahamihira did not give bis verdict. 14-oratory ; 18-astrology ; 20-stage and Srutakirti agreed with Yavanas. Visbnuacting; 7 to 13 and 2S-asceticism; gupta and Cbanakya confirmed the views 29-insanity; 3 to 6, 10 and 29, 11, 16, 17 of Satyacbarya. Vatsayana felt that and 28-diseases. kumbha dwadasamsa cannot be inauspicious as it occurs in every rasi. Jaimini ' . Benefic aspects between Jupiter and declared that kumbba is as good as any Saturn indicate constructive power. Trine other rasi. According to Varahamihira, of Jupiter and Mercury to Saturn is good. Venus in 4, in bis own rasis. Moon in -9, Venus in 2 confers wealth, in 4 and 9 luck; .Saturn in 1, Mercury in 3 and Jupiter in in 7 while Sun and Saturn are in 9 a Maha 11 or position of Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, yoga; with Saturn in 10 is Amla yoga 1 in Mars, and Saturn in I or 3 or 11 bouses II an Adbi yoga. I shall deal with this confers Maharaja yoga. Lagna in greater detail separately. Kumbba is formed by the last two Below is the horoscope of a Minister quarters of Dbanisbta, 4 quarters of who could achieve that position due to Satabbisba, and the first three quarters of Neecha bhanga Raja yoga. Born on 28tb Poorvabhadra. One special feature of July, 1909 at 8-31 P.M. bis chart is persons born inKumbba lagna is that they as under:— possess undaunted spirits in .spite of the. fact they invariably face too many obstacles even for very simple actions, Mars Saturn Rahu face many ups and downs in life and yet they are happy. They are Usually hasty, Sun indiscriminate, disliked by kith and kin, Lagna Mercury and lose finances. Most of them are denied the pleasures of family life. Their actions Jupiter tend to please persons in power and so Venus are branded unwilling workers. Normally weak", they are attractive. Jupiter, lord of 2 and 11, andMoon, lord of 6 are malefics. Mercury and Saturn are neutrals. Sun confers results commensurate with bis position, and Venus is on outright benefic and a yoga karaka. Natives of Kumbha suffer miseries either being childless,' or sickness of wife or enmity with children, or quarrels with partners in life. The Acquarians are a mixture of ego and non-ego, self and non-self, addicted to double talk and yet above the duals. They cannot be easjly understood. Their opinions contradict actions. People dislike to join them but are attracted. Their life is a curious blend of various ideals and potentialities. Discontentment with Balance of Mercury dasa at birth is 15 worldly life is not uncommon. They are trusted friends and comrades in the life's years 3 months and 18 days. As seen 33

from the chart, Moon and Saturn are the. planets that attained neecha bhanga. Mars and Venus are responsible for the same in respect of Moon while Sun and 'Mars are responsible for Saturn. Mars, the lord of thehouse where Moon is posited is in trine to Moon and Venus, the lord of Moonls exaltation house is in a square to Moon and Lagna. Jupiter is in conjunction with Venus and he is the lord of the exaltation house of Venus. Thus a harmonious contact is established between Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. In addition, Lagna Adhi yoga, Gajakesari yoga, Amsa yoga and Parvatha yoga are present. Conjunction of lords of 2 and 9 is dhana yoga. . Position of malefics, Saturn, Sun and Mercury in upachayas is good. Relation of lord of 6 to karaka of 7th bhava is not good. Rahu's position in a kendra of .Venus, the yoga karaka, is highly beneficial. Mars in 2 is responsible for the natives' achievements as a lawyer. Moon, the neecha bhanga planet aslord of 6 in 10, indicates enemies' in the professional field. Position of kalatra karaka Venus, as, lord of 9, in 7, indicates wealth through â&#x20AC;&#x201D;wife, and his conjunction with Jupiter, the dhana karaka, stimulates the aspect. Lord of 3 to Atma karaka, being the idhana karaka, indicates heavy unavoidable expenses. Position of Sun in 10 to karakamsa lagna which happens to be the house of neecha bhanga Moon, indicates ministerial position in Moon dasa. Conjunction of lords of 3 and 7 confers Raja yoga in the later part of life. Following are the positions held by the native:â&#x20AC;&#x201D;(a) President, District Board in Venus dasa, Saturn antara, (b) Elected as M.L.A in Venus dasa, Saturn and Kctu antaras, (c) Appointed as a Minister in Sun's dasa," Venus antara, (d) Minister for the second time in Venus dasa, Saturn antara which position he is still holding. As per the normal rules, his appointment as Minister in Sun's dasa, Venus antara is justified as yoga karaka Venus had elevated him to the .ministerial, position .on. the. . eye of:commencement of Moon dasa. Obviously Moon had taken control of the horoscope right from the last antara of Venus in Sun's dasa with whom he is very well connected jis defined above. The second

term of Ministership commenced in Saturn antara of Moon Dasa.- It "would be interesting to note that he had won an exciting election on 19th February, 1962 by a very narrow margin when speculations tossed heavily on either side till the final announcement was made. The swing came in from 17th February, 1952, the day Saturn's antara commenced. The candidate that opposed him was one again with a neecha bhanga raja yoga. Let us examine his horoscope. Born on 4th July,1914 at 3-59 A.M. the planetary position at the time of birth was as under:â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Sun Lagna Saturn Rahu

Mezctny Venus


Mars Keihu

Balance of Jupiter dasa at the time of birth was 3 years 8 months and 12 days. Moon is again a neecha bhanga raja yoga planet in this horoscope but was in the 7th house. Jupiter, another neecha bhanga raja yoga planet, was in the 9th house. On the date of election he was running Venus dasa, Venus antara and Moon bhukti. In the above case it was Moon dasa, Saturn antara and Saturn bhukti. There is a cordial contact for Moon in the 10th with Saturn in the 3rd (Jaimini aspect). Moon

attained neecha bhanga in Rajya bhava'and Saturn who is vargottama attained neecha bhanga in the 3rd house and that of Mars who is responsible for securing cancellation of debility to Moon; while the planet that is responsible to get Saturn free from debilitation was in 10th to Moon (Venus). Mars position is clear. Thus Moon and Saturn are rendered very strong. In the second horoscope the native was not running the neecha bhanga graha dasa. No doubt it was the time of the yoga karaka related to neecha bhanga Moon whose bhukti he was running. However, this position is obviously inferior to that of the position in the above horoscope.

of Venus and Moon prevaited to a great extent and till 17th February, 1962, it was said to be almost certain that he would win the election. It is no surprise that he lost by a narrow margin to one with better and powerful raja yoga during the period, as predicted by the author of the article who advised him not to contest and waste his precious funds. His defeat after heavy expenses is a writing on the wall. A comparative study of the two horoscopes reveal very many inter6sting aspects, but as it is not relevant to the subject under discussion, I refrain from getting into those details. The salient features and the strength of the planet that attained neecha bhanga raja yoga have been brought out in detail to establish that such planets are sure to tide over any obstacles and confer raja yoga of the highest order specially when such neecha bhanga occurs in the tenth bhava.

In case Venus antara of his own dasa is to be fruitful, it goes without saying that . the rest of the dasa would be useless, as Venus was in aslesha at the time of birth. Hence he should not do any good in his own antara. However the inherent strength


'ASTROLOGY & ATHRISHTA (FOUNDED: 1-4-1963) (Astronomy Mads Easy) By Jyothisha Pravecna K. S. KRISHNAMURTI Vol. 2.

MARCH 1964

No. 3.

CONTENTS Virgo^—Kanni

Page 3

Saturn's Transit and Results No more doubts

13 19

Human Predicament Destiny


Position of Planets


Find out your Birth Sign—Chart Symbols of Signs, Planets and Aspects Monthly Prediction—Hoglisb Review of Books Monthly.' Prediction—Tam il

31 31 32 47

VIRGO-KANNI By ARUDIIRA (Modern Astronomical and Astrological Research Institute, 13. Brahmin Street. Saidapct. Madras-lS.) Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac, (The arst sign is Aries—Mesha; the second is Taurus-Rishaba; the third is Gemini— Mithuna; the fourth is Cancer—Kataka; the fifth is Leo—Simha ; the sixth is Virgo— Kanni and so on.) This^Sign is also 30° in Longitude, and it extends from the 150th degree from Vernal Equinox (Aries-Mesha 0 degree) to the I80th degree. Uthirapalguni second, third and the fourth padas, Hasthara and Chithrai first and the second padas are contained in this sign, Virgo (Kanni). According to Sayana system, nowadays, the Sun enters" the sign Virgo (the Virgin) approximately on the 22nd August, and passes through the sign for over 30 days, and leaves it on 22nd September. If the date of birth of a person falls within these dates, he is called a Virgo an, according to Sayana system. Sun moves just less than a degree a day in this sign. Therefore, the date of birth will indicate the approximate degree occupied by Sun in this sign at the time of one's birth. For example, if one was born on 25th August any year, the Sun will be in the 3rd degree in Virgo according to Sayana system. If the birth would be on 20th September, the Sun will be marked at 28 degrees Virgo. According to Nirayana system. Sun will throughout Kaliyuga, enter into VirgoKanni, on 17th September and after tran§itin g the two and a quarter stars (nakshathTas of cOflStellatioflSj"" fbuhd indhis sigq^ will pass on to the next sign LlBRATHULAM on 16th October. All those who are born between these dates will have their Sun marked in Virgo (Kanni), according to Nirayana system.

Therefore, according to Sayana system, people born between 22nd August and 22nd September, will have the Sun in Virgo, whereas, according to Nirayana system, people born between 17th September and 16th October any year will have their Sun in Virgo—Kanni. Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac, whereas it is the second sign of the Zodiac ruled by Mercury ; also the second earthy sign. Just like the first sign of Mercury, Gemini is a common sign, and so also this sign, Virgo, is another common sign. It is a negative, -feminine, barren, cold, dry, nocturnal and northern sign, and it is of long ascension. Mercury is not only the ruler of this sign, but he gets exalted here. Venus, though a good friend of Mercury, gets debilitated in Virgo. WheneverSun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter occupy this sign, they are said to be in enemy's camp. Saturn alone is in friend's quarters when it is in Virgo. Mercury's exaltation in this sign and Venus' debilitation here confirm that Mercurians prefer wisdom to wealth. Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswatbi do not live together in one place. , Both cannot co-exist- Spiritual wealth and knowledge which Saraswatbi bestows on us, is inexhaustible, and no dacoit can rob it. The possessor never becomes a bankrupt. It is ever full and, if at all, it improves. This wisdom leads one to immortality, whereas material wealth may lead to immorality. ^ir^'"'istraditionally symbolised as... Virgin-Mary. In the ancient Zodiac, it was symbolised as a Virgin, lying prostrate; in one of her hands, she holds Spica-seedwheat and in the other a stem of a tree. 3

The capital of France still retains its name of Paris (Paras-Isisunder the protection of Isis-Virgo). Its great Cathedral bears the name NOTRE DAME(Our Lady). Leo French says "Light dawns on chaos, whenever a son of Mercury is born. He should be cherished and forfended from any materialising or coarsening influence, so far as possible, during childhood. The Virgo child shares this sensitiveness, though the expression thereof is somewhat different, the earthy element of Virgo, giving the native reserve and diffidence, whereas the aerial essence of Gemini in its true, pristine birth nature is free from the curse of matter, self-consciousness. Gemini is timid and elusive, evasive in decadence, Virgo is shy and self-consciousâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Mercury swathed in swaddling-clothes of earth. Gemini will deceive if terrorised.' Virgo closes its petals and appears blind and dumb, awaiting the touch of Gold or Silver light, that opens the flower, drawing it up to the light-sacred nourishment of the soul away from the earth, Virgo's place of exile, though often loved as a second home to enlightened Virgo infant egos." Even though: Mercury may occupy its own sign, yet so different is Virgo from the other sign, Gemini, and so different is its effect on everything with which it comes in contact, that the casual astrological observer would not recognise the planet as the same Budha-Mercury. Physical Features: The native will be tall with a slender body. He or she will have dark hair and eyes. The eyebrows will be curved with much of hair growth. The voice will be thin and even shrill. Ever they will walk quickly, and never they have pot-belly. ^ they often appeal younger than their actual age. The nose will^e straight, indi- A "eating' that- they" aVe~ vVfy'^ISVeV,' hot necessarily cunning. The forehead near the eyebrows will be pronounced. The expression of their eyes will be honest and frank. Among the Westerners, most of the Virgo-borns will have beautiful blue eyes. (Venus is therulerof the second sign.)

Characteristics: Virgo is ruled by in-" constant Mercury. So change is always desired. Most of you are for ever chang-. ing your residence, or your jobs. Of all .the people bom in the 12 signs of the Zodiac, you, the Virgoan are very conscientious and very capable of handling even unfavourable conditions. You will mark time and get prepared to handle it wisely. You have the commercial instinct well-ingrained. Ydu will be very brisk -n and very quick in your work, just like the tl fast moving planet Mercury. You will be -3 expecting others to be brief in their statements and representation. You will '3 expect others to be businesslike. But when once you begin to talk or explain, you pay your attention upon the details of things. You add such wealth of detail which will make others feel boring and vexed. You will rarely come to the point quickly. If you are a drawing-master, you will include it in all the conceivable details. There is nothing haphazard and ^_perficial about you. You are thorough and methodical. Your first thought and action will be most sensible and rational. You are practical and discriminative. You may be careful but you are severely critical. Self-pity is one of your vices. You will beat your best if you are an Inspector or Auditororlncome-Tax officer or examiner as you are very good and quick at finding fault with others. You are capable of picking on weak spots in the techniques of others. If you are having Mercury weak in your horoscope, you are prone to dissatisfaction and if the task is a difficult one, you will give it up in despair. But if your Mercury is strong, you will go-a-head, and try to do perfectly whatever you undertake. You will be a genius. You will analyse, dissect and go deep into the matter. If you are given a machine, youl i , will break,v it down ^in tbrit5"'corffpo iic'n t ' part^"f5"seS '" " how it functions and you have also the ability to and allow it to run. Being an earthy sign, you will have the desire to save money. You will be prudent and always will keep a small sum 4

of Dlbtiey ttml none is aware of. If yod iravel, you will keep a part of your cash an one pocket, something in:the other, and safely some more amount, with the idea [of not spending it, in your suit case. You will be so over-careful that you . will not mind to reopen the cover written . by you, just before posting it. You will " verify once, twice and even thrice before you finish a work. Thus, you will avoid mistakes. If you have to consult a doctor, you willsit down for hours, write a big historyshiet about your constitution to the last detail, try to recollect your old complaints, and present a big file to the doctor, even though actually your complaint is very simple. You are remarkable for keeping everything in its place properly and orderly. You will maintain accounts and the daybook with all details. You will keep personal files and all documents in perfect condition. Unfortunately, your subordinates or servants at home will not be born in Virgo and will not equally brisk and brilliant. So to the extent to. which you expect them, they can never keep up and satisfy you. Virgo, being a feminine and earthy sign, you will take delight in horticulture, agriculture, gardening, etc. It is said that Virgo, Cares (Demeter) is the goddess of agriculture and of legislation and social order. You are governed much by intellect as Mercury gets exalted here. You will not be sympathetic, as Venus gets debilitated in this sign. Who? But you may be cynical and sceptical of those who are not scientifically demonstrable like the Science of Astrology. Saturn,Aasp^cting Virgo, will make you lazy, and fond oPtakiMg" things- easy. ^ But you derive pleasure in driving others and be very masterful with subordinates. If you think for a minute, you will realise that such actions invariably cause enmities of a lasting nature. If you correct yourself, and try to make good friendship with them, you will treat them well, and 2

you will also be reciprocally respected by them. Being a common sign, there will be changes in your environments, and you will form new associations and friendship. Mercury shows that you will be fond of studying science, and particularly about medicine, food, diet, hygiene, etc., being the sixth sign of the Zodiac. Mercury as lord of the 6th sign, called the hospital of the Zodiac, indicates that if ever you fall ill, you lack the will-power and will often brood over the disease, imagine too much, never cheer y /urself up, to get you out of the clutcbe* of your illness. Thus, you will be ruining your health. Further, you will always look for sympathy. But at the time when you are healthy, if anybody falls ill, you will prove to be a veiy good nurse. Neptune in Virgo gives a scheming mind. No one can know one's character thoroughly. One may be a deceptive individual and be interested in illicit pleasure. Neptune in the exact cusp produces thieves, cunning, and most diplomatic scoundrels. Uranus in Virgo Ascendant, makes one clever, learned and versatile. You may be employed as a teacher or a writer, or a superintendent, or an excise officer. Uranus always offers a research mind. Virgo gives analytical nature. Hence, many research scholars are born in Virgo, having good aspect with Uranus. Great musicians, statisticians, journalists, and scientists are also born under such favourable positions. If Saturn were to be in your Ascendant in Virgo, your disposition will be melancholic. You will be slow to get irritated, but you retain the anger for a long period. You will be studious, reserved and determined. You are painstaking, and you will become a scholar. Whenever you read a newspaper, you will, first of all, see- only .the. " obituary " column as Saturn is the chief" governor for longivity; also if your relatives or friends come to your place after a long interval, you will furnish tbem with a list of those who passed away in their absence.

Jupiter, occupying Virgo Ascendanl at the time of your birth, offers you ambition for higher studies. You will find pleasure in self-boasting. In your profession, you will be popular and clever. You will be able to handle any situation peacefully and satisfactorily. People who are successful professors, printers, publishers, lawyers, agriculturists, auditors, gardeners, and civil engineers are born with Jupiter in the Ascendant Virgo. They will be level-headed and calm. Late marriage is also indicated by Jupiter in the Ascendant, Virgo-Kanni. Mars in this sign, in the Ascendant, offers hasty disposition. You will be proud and headstrong. You may be energetic and capable, but not affable. You will be very busy always, and you expect your servants to be equally active and intelligent. You will not mind passing caustic remarks, and easily offending the servants. Due to your rash action, you may meet with accidents or pick up quarrels, or get involved in any litigation. Sun in Virgo, i.e., people born when Sun was rising in the east in the sign Virgo, will be ingenious and not ambitious. They will be self-centered. They are very severe with all those who act against their interest. If you have Sun in such a position, you will have the desire to be singing, or having pleasant recreations which will keep you ever cheerful. You will be modest, thoughtful and serious. You will be industrious and keen on acquiring knowledge. You are a good reasoner. You will have a good command of language. You have endurance and, though short-tempered, you will avoid litigation and quarrel. You will prefer arbitration. You will love order, art and literature. Even if- you have to face difficulties, you will not be discouraged; you will handle the situation properly, and r,'. rgeh over 11 h e mj%yybur- oWn â&#x2013; efforts. You will have good fore-thought ; therefore you are cautious and careful. You may have the desire to have wealth, but the pity is that you cannot acquire wealth easily. You may be interested%in hygiene and serve in the Public Heallhi^Depart.6

ihent as Jleaith Officer or Sanitary Inspector, or Health Visitor, etc. Venus in Virgo (Ascendant at the time of birth) offers ingenuity. You will be a; good, speaker. But Venus is unfortunate in one's undertakings. The disposition will be subtle and cunning. One can take care of one's own interests. If Venus1 receives good aspects, one will take specie * care to dress properly, whereas, when,, afflicted, he will be careless even about his dress and appearance. Venus endows you with a quiet nature, and deep sympathy. There may be delay, and disappointment in love affairs; At least, you will find your partner, always disagreeing with you, especially when Venus is afflicted. If you say that the Sun rises in the east, she will disagree, and argue that it rises so me months in the south, and some months in the nor ih. She will have the mind to say " NO ", when you mention " Yes " to a question. Therefore, if you want to be successful, you have to act wisely. Suppose you have the desire to send your children .to the cinema or ciwus, never mention to your wife that you have no objection to send them. But you tell your children confidentially, "I will simply argue as though going to cinema is not advisable, etc." then, the mother will interfere and say "No, No, you must send them. When are they to enjoy ? They must go You, my children, know that I am ever approving of your suggestions, and am always trying to please you all. You also know that your motherwill invariably act against what I say Thus, whenever a thing is to be done, simply show that you are not favourably inclined ; then you can fulfil your desire. A person,.having Jupiter forming good aspect with Venus, will conduct himself as mentioned above. Some persons may have secret connections with invalids, or employee, or a medical attendant. If one reads the newspaper, Qncvwrikfiraref-an^se^fhc^matriraonial column, even though he or she is already married. People with Sun will look to the speculation column, and with Mercury will read from the first line to the last one without leaving any item. Mercury in Virgo offers ambition which

Thus, the planet occupying tbis sign, .ill be generally lacking •; it quickens the tellect. The native will have analytical modifies the disposition, the desire and the characteristics of the native. tudy of all the subjects. He will be nvcntive, intuitive, prudent, and percepCharacteristics to be corrected : The tive. He may be a good scholar, and native's nature is to be very chatty. linguist. He will be a well-informed and . He will be very analytical, and in .ivide-awake worker. He will be a very conversation, will give lengthy descrip'good writer, capable of furnishing all tion, including all meticulous details which ■ details. He will be mostly critical, and will be boring to others. He will be .sceptical. He will never be convinced, . restless till he passes his remark, and pass Vunless be sees, knows, and understands. criticism on others' faults, and idiosynMercurians are in general like that, and crasies. Even the members of his family t especially," those born in -Ashlesha star, will not relish, or appreciate his comments ruled by Mercury in Can'cer sign, and and criticism. He will have to avoid too Hastham star. Moon's star in Virgo ruled much analysis over even minor things. by Mercury. It offers taste for matheHe should not have nervousness and selfmatics, accounts, auditing, engineering, doubt. Even though he may be intelligent hygiene, prophylactics, first aid, nursing, and have quick perception, he will really and chemistry. need steadiness in going after what we want. He should avoid as much as Moon in Virgo in the Ascendant, makes possible, his changeability, when alone he one ingenious. He may be both clever can achieve the cherished goal. He should and cunning. He will have good mental not proceed to another work, unless the ability, quick reception, strong memory, earlier one is completed. He should not • and very good reproductive ability. He ask for everyone's advice about a situation, will be capable of following any intellecand get so confusedj and uncertain that tual pursuit. There will be the desire to finally nothing is accomplished. He is learn science in general and things occult. himself a good jud^e, and an intelligent He may try to have success in clairvoyance person. Why he should seek other's and in intuitive faculty. He will be quiet advice, is not known. Especially, when he and due to his talents, merit and virtue, he consults a doctor or an astrologer, he will earn his way through his ability. He should pin his faith on one, and take his Will have fertile imagination, a liking to advice. If he consults many, he will be have changes, often travelling or doing confused. He should stick always to research and investigating. Though he a single person's advice which will be the may appear to be reserved, he will have best. So, he should make the selection many friends, especially of the opposite of the person whom he intends to consult. sex. Usually the person, having Moon He should develop true consistency of here, has secret sorrows through marriage. He should learn to forget other's He is always precise in ideas, and neat and mistakes and forgive them for their faults. orderly in method. He will be a good and He should not have long-sustained resenttrustworthy servant, and will have larger ment. earnings through those who serve under Health : You are normally- a tempehim. He may get employed in educational rate person. You live sensibly. So you department, engineering, auditing or textile. enjoy robust health with long life and One who has good bank position and can finance to any enterprise, will select- healthy old age. When you are young, you will be very active, and will appear hitt) ;*having-•Mopn in Vjrgo,.a? the native's advice will be to his advantageT' He has ♦- always.much ypunger due to your activity. Also, you are alwa'ys very^Srticular about . _ to consider himself fortunate if the native your diet Hence, you do not fall ill assists him. The native will study literaoften. But, planets, afflicting your Ascenture and will be a teacher. He may have dant, will cause digestive and intestinal a stationery shop, or may deal in drugs troubles. Generally, people, having maleor confectionary. 7

is only through your own talent and hard work, that /ou will be able to come to the top. Sun, forming good aspect with lord of 2 or 6 or 10 in Virgo, indicates that you may be a successful medical officer. You may work in the Medical or Public Health department. Also, you can get into Government service in Engineering Auditing, Teaching, etc. Mars also, forming good aspect, denotes that one can have his or her own nursing home, or deal in scientific instruments, appliances, etc.

fics in Virgo, suffer from ' dysentery, typhoid, and sprue during their periods. Malefics in Virgo suggest that you need plenty of rest and calm surroundings. You must have lots of exercise, especially when your Ascendant is afflicted. Your weak points physically are your nervous system and your stomach. Both are sensitive. Hence, if you include much of Vitamin B in your diet, you can avoid these troubles, have regular meals. Also try to have balanced diet. Illness may be very minor. But, by your imagination, you exaggerate it and make yourself unhappy. As Virgo-bornsihave Saturn as lord of 6 and Mars as lord of 8, it is observed that they will have minor injuries very often, and it is likely that they meet with accidents. Hence, do not be rash. Be cautious and careful.

Moon, forming good aspect with lord of 2 or 6 or 10 in Virgo, shows that one may be employed in the Engineering or Accounts department, in Shipping, Port Trust or Navy, or in those concerns dealing in liquids, like petrol, mercury etc. Also it is shown that one may be serving in the Textile department. Inks, inkstands, pens may be manufactured.

As Virgo indicates abdomen and bowels, and as it is ruled by Mercury which has influence over the nervous system, disorders of the bowels react on the mental condition. Further, disturbed mental status, business as well as domestic worries reflect'adversely on the bowels. Hypochondria is indicated by this sign. The functions of Virgo are absorption, assimilation, selection and utilisation. Its action is Chylifactive. Vegetarian diet, well-proportioned, is preferred. Avoid worries, discontentment, irritability, and short temper. Normally, you will have few temptations for excess. 'High living, and deep drinking are also to be avoided. Be on guard against gall-stones. Avoid alcohol. But you will always remember "An apple a day, will keep the doctor away".

Mars, forming good aspects wtuT'lord of 2 or 6 or 10, suggests that you may interest yourself in the Press, printing, editing, publishing, writing, or serve as a clerk in any industry or in the Defence department; be a surgeon or independent auditor or one working in the Military accounts, or be a mechanical engineer or a military engineer. It is also likely that you may serve in the expansion of plants for steel, fertiliser, agricultural implements, etc. If Mars is also afflicted, one will amass wealth by black-market - or by committing theft or robbery. A warning to such people is necessary. A few of your servants may have venomous tongue, and be doing propaganda of false libels. Somehow, they will manage to have confidential information from their friends in their unguarded moments, and be going on exploiting the friends who have to give money, simply to please such un. desirable person5.f.,i^jtherwise; will ger ""into trouble. Therefore, it is advisable to scrutinise the horoscope of at least the Private Secretary, so that you can avoid such troubles later, when Mars and Mercury conjointly operate. They will have

Finance and Profession: As you possess a sound commercial instinct, you are normally careful about your money. You have the great desire to become rich and hence, you are very conscious about the value of money. You do not usually come by fortune and much pfâ&#x20AC;&#x17E; wealth. ^YoU^lIFVroVIrEiilf^an'd'ttfe'fimiineration will not be satisfactory, as lord of 6 is Saturn. Investments also will not prove to be good, as the returns will be poor. You may have many ups and downs. It S

tlie coutage even to come to the court, thrive in jjusiness. • You are likely td and give witness, against you. It is a serve in the Finger Print 015ce;'if Mars pleasure for such persons to turn hostile also aspects, as Mars indicates Police and and spoil you and similar higher officials, Crime. if Mars forms disharmonious aspect with Uranus indicates lhat one may serve in Mercury. ^ ' the railway or electricity or election, or nutrition research departments. Jupiter, Mercury, forming good aspect, shows that y'ou will be a broker, book-keeper, forming strong beneficial aspects, will offer accountant, teacher, lawyer, or phar- the native Finance Minister's post, and not macist. You may be the author of many Revenue Minister's post, as the latter is to books. You may become a good journa- collect money to the Government,"whereas list. You may be an intprpreter, Registrar the former is to spend away, and also to or letter carrier. You will have the desire borrow, whenever needed.. Virgo, being to study all problems in minute details, the sixth sign of the Zodiac, and as the 6th and solve them ill your own way, as you house shows debts and dispute, he will, are good on devices and systems. As a be the minister for elections, or be serving, lawyer, you will be successful in cross- in the Election department. A few may examination. work in the Aviation department or Census • Jupiter, forming good aspect with the office. lords of 2, 6 or 10 in Virgo, indicates that Neptune,-forming good aspect with lord you may have literary, scientific, or any of 2, 6 or 10 in the Ascendant Virgo, other intellectual pursuit. You may be a indicates that you may serve in big induspublisher, editor, or a-journalist. Religion, tries, tea estates, export and import law, insurance, investment, or speculation, departments or in shipping. may also be your profession. You People bom in Virgo should make a may work in Religious Endowment Board or temple or church, in law courts, banks, correct choice of their financier or partner etc. It is likely that you will woYk in any > in business. He should be some one with much of enthusian? and also courage.embassy, or go out as an ambassador. He will use short-cut methods ; you will Venus, forming good aspect, shows that worry about minor details, and get disyou will be a good musician, actor, pain- couraged now and then. But, the partner ter, or artist. You may be engaged in should be one who always cheers you up making toilet accessories, manufacturing and makes the best use of your intelliwomen clothing, etc. You may deal in gence. Generally, you become a slave to all articles needed for personal adornment. your work; you are also a hard taskmastei. Confectioners, caterers, bakers, restaurant You will prefer to be left alone to carry keepers and perfumery dealers are also • out your work in a quiet place peacefully. \■ born in Virgo, having favourable aspect from Venus, or when it occupied Virgo Domestic Environments: -Wander-lust at the lime of birth, as Venus is lord of 2 is your nature. Change of your residence, indicating self-acquisition. more to have a change in the scenery and in the neighbourhood, will be more Saturn (lord of 6), forming beneficial frequent just like the Cancer-borns. aspect with Venus, lord of 2, with Mercury, lord of 10, in Virgo, or when Saturn was You want to keep everything in your in Virgo at the time of birth, one.will have home in order; You expect your people to competence in mathematics, statistics, work methodically, and put up a show when guests are invited. You will insist on 0dynamic^ctc. .You will serve in mines, ox engineermg' depart--' ^ ■yoUnJSople-to^cep^vfr^hjDg neat saying, "A place for cv ery thin g and^eve? y tli ibg ment. You may engage in exporting mine ore. You may bold responsible in its place''.. You prefer to entertain others posts and positions of trust. As you will in your home, but you do not return their be industrious and methodical, you will Visits. As Jupiter is the lord of the fourth

house, you will always be lucky in procutoyOurld^I, as everything must be perfectring houses to live in. Even, whenybu invest as far as you are concerned. It is likely on buildings, you will be able to purchase that," in the first few cases, you will t)e disthem in a good locality. The value of the appointed. Whenever you desire to.make property will shoot up during the- period a selection, you attach more value to intelof Jupiter. But Saturn, being the lord of ligence than to the pleasure in romance. " the 5th and 6th houses, and Mars the lord Further, you are often shy, and do not of the 8th house, they show that there may demonstrate your affection. You should be losses in investments during the joint not be so touchy. For happy life with wife, periods of Saturn and Mars. It'is advisable to some extent, you should give expression for Virgoans to dispose their holdings to your affection. You should remember during their Jupiterperiods, when tbe price that lovedemands good understanding, and will be higher, whether it is investment or1 . it cannot stand any criticism. Your tempeshares or lands. Otherwise, a necessity will rament is to find fault with others. That, arise during the following Saturn's period, you must_g}ve up. Just as you expect others and it will be disposed of at a loss, and to appreciate your assistance or intelligence you will be depressed. so also, whether the person, whom you is equally intelligent or riot, you have Jupiter is not only 1 ofd of 4th but also - love, simply admire her beauty (even though the lord of the 7th house. Hence, your - to she is not very fair) iud'her company and partner in life will be God-fearing, religive expression to it. Virgoans are "'.rely gious, law abiding and true. Therefore passionate. By conversation, at least, uiey you will have a peaceful and pleasant should keep the partner cheerful, and also domestic life. get such books for her to read. Friends and benefactors: YouhaveyourA male born in Virgo will Jead the own peculiarities. You prefer only intellimarried life, more on partnership basis, as gent people who have a good future. You though it is a business or as a part of the will have a great mind to offer yoiif assistsocial scheme. That is why many people, ance only to them. The defect ih you is born in Virgo, postpone their time of that .yoii expect them to say "Thanks," marriage, and-prefer to be a bachelor for a before you actually render your help, and long time. Your desire is more to be also gain a " Thanks have done studious, and to be doing research work it. You expect them to mention in many in a peaceful atmosphere. But, when once words that they want and appreciate you get married,youmake all provision for your friendship. Normally, you do not your wife, arid the other members of your mix with all people. You make yourchoice. family. It is likely that you may be often You feel delicate to approach strangers for complaining about your health which you any help you need. You want friends and should avoid. As Mercury rules this sign, you cannot do anything for them with you have a nervous active, manner... You pleasure, unless they recognise, approve will consider the nervous tensions as actual and appreciate. You need friends more for symptoms of some illness, and you not this purpose. Just as you have the desire to only worry within yourself, but cause more change residence, etc., so also you will worry to your partner and others. Luckily, form friendship with new persons, 11th the partner's rultng planet will be Venus, house indicates benefactors. 11th house is lord of 2, or Jupiter, lord of the 7th house, ruled by Moon which is also inconstant. People born on Mondays, Rohini.Hastham , or Moon, lord of the 11th house. As all the. "^enefics "by nature^ arid give *and SrhVariaiil star"days of Th Cancer; will ^ Hhr^e^are ' fertile imagination to the partner, she will be good friends, indeed. . be able to understand you properly, and Romance and marriage: You have your conduct herself wisely, giving always own ideals. To find one suiting to your encouragement to. you, whenever you need taste is difficult- Therefore, there will be it. It is the good nature of your wife, i.e., long delay in choosing one to measure up adjustability, accommodation add good 10

understanding that will be responsible for our happy life with such a dutiful wife. Virgo-boras will be' peevish and occar'sibnally mean; they thrifty that their husbands will become economical within a few years after marriage. Her idea of marriage is legal partnership, and that she should live in'a business-like way. She will run the home in a very regulated routine manner, without herself wasting anything, nor allowing others to waste, Or be extravagant. She will attend to her duties-quickly and most satisfactorily. But, she will not be able to please her husband in spiritual life, or in keeping pleasant company. She will cling to the. idea that sex is mean, base and one day or other troublesome, A clever partner has to change her frame of mind, and should not mistake her. JChildren : People bom in Virgo will have limited number of children, 'as the 5th house is ruled by Saturn. Also, they may have to spend much upon them for their studies, etc., necessitating the Virgoans to borrow, as lord of 5 is also lord of 6. -It is also indicated that the Virgo people may borrow, and invest on landed properties which will be later enjoyed by their children. Even though you may not show your affection to them, yet you will never fail in your duty to train them, give proper - education, and make them fit enough to hold any post admirably in their official careerAmong your children, the eldest will be plodding, persevering, patiently working and prospering, whereas the second and the third children will be maintaining good health, and enjoying fortune, with less of efforts. Handwriting: Virgoans are governed by strong Mercury, So you may write in between two lines, i.e.-, above the line. You will develop the upper paris of the -"ntttmr^The dines,vyritte^ will be short, sharp, and also incfining "u'pwdrfrs;' You always use sharp pointed nibs, and . hence, your writing will be thin. You db not wa-ste ink by putting loops, etc. You avoid under-lining your signature, more to save time. If at all ^ou underline, Mercury,

lord of the sign, shows ,that you will do it twice. Lucky day: Your ruling planet is Mercury. He owns both the Ascendant and also the most powerful, effective, and successful/, the 10th,i.e., the meridian. Therefore, Wednesday, governed by Mercury will be the most lucky day for you, , Even though Venus gets debilitated in this sign, yet as she rules-the second and the ninth houses, Bagya Sthana, Fridays will bring fbrtune. Mars, ruling the third and. the eighth houses, indicates that Tuesdays are inauspicious, especially for speculation, betting, short travels, or correspondence, and for signing-any important document. Saturdays are not beneficial, as it threatens. with delay, denial, and disappointment. Sundays-will end in a Joss. Mondays are good to meet friends, make new friendship, bet, speculate and ever gain. Thursdays are favourable to invest, to buy cars, etc. also to commence romance, or start family and life with wife in new quarters. It is also very good to form partnership in business and expand your enterprise. Lucky colour: Green, white and yellow. Avoid red and bluei You will find that you put on red and blue only, when your health fails, and when you meet with minor ^injuries and facedifficultics. The moment you give them up," there will be no more evil. Putting.on white ones, shows fortune; green ones and emerald,. promotion in official life, and also prosperity in business. Yellow ones are good for happy domestic environments. Lucky numbers 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, etc. 2, 11, 20, 38, 47, etc. 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, etc. 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, etc. 3, 12, 21,30, 48, etc. ''-Lucky stone:.*:ÂŤEmerald, p.earl, diamond and yellow sapphire. Virgoans arc'"gene-"- â&#x2013; rally fortunate in those years, when Jupiter gets exalted in Cancer. It is certain that Jupiter, transiting in the constellation, .Asblesha, will offcr the most beneficial

results to yoii, as Ashlesha is ruled by Mef- ' cury, thejord of I and 10 and it is in the Iltb bouse which promises pleasure, profit, permanent tie of friendship, and fulfilment of your cherished desires. Object syndicated by Virgo: Gardens, both wet and dry lands, corn fields, gianar ries, grain elevators, restaurants, pantries, places where fruits and vegetables are kept, the store room, also book-shelves, first aid box, medical box,libraries,'closets, dairies, etc. 1 Countries: Turkey,Croatia,"Mesopotaraia, Babylon,Assyria,the locality between x the Tiber and the Euphrates, Greece, . Livadia, Thessaly, Corinth, Morea.Condia, Switzerland, Lower Silesia, Brazil, Virginia and West Indies.

Towns'. Jerusalem, Navarre, Brasil, Pa'dua, Lyons, Tolluouse, Heidel, burg, Reading, Baghdad, â&#x2013; CheltenhamMaidstone, Norwich, Todmorden, Boston, Brindisi, Corinth and Los Angelos. Whom to pray : Lord Vishnu, Rama, Goddess Lakshmi. Virgin Mary. As Saturn is the lord of 6 and Mars is the lord of 8, you will find that it is not possible to have a programme, and, without disturbance, you will not be able to stick to it or finish it. Therefore, avoid reading for hours, or meditating for a long time. Read short stbotbrams, and concentrate for a short time, when you will enjoy peace and prosperity.

SATURN'S TRANSIT AND ITS RESULTS FOR THE YEAR 1964 On 26th January, Saturn passed on to Aquarius and up to 23rd March, it moves in direct m'otion in the Nakshathra Dbanishta; then it transits irt the same direction in Sathabbisha star ruled by Ralm—the Ascending node till 15th June, 1964. On 15—6—64, it commences to retrograde, and-till 17th September, 1964, it is in Sathabhisha. From I8tb September, Saturn, by retrograde motion, transits in Dhanishta, governed by Mars in the same sign Aquarius—Kumbha. On 2nd" November, it takes a direct course, and throughout the year, it is in Dhanishta. Saturn is not 'the only planet which indicates what a person can expect in 1964. Every planet contributes to certain events in one's life according to (1) its lordship, (2) the position which it occupied at the time of one's birth, (3) the houses owned by the planet, (4) the house transited by the planet, (5) the various aspects it forms with the other planets, with its radical position, with the Ascendant, with the meridian, and also its conjunction with the planets in the sign in which it transits, and (6) the nakshathra or star in which the planet transits, and the lord of the nakshatra and'its results. All the seven points are very important, and one has to consider thera one by one. Both the nature of event and the time of event, will be % correct only when all these are properly judged. may be said -that good aspect from a planet to any other planet may get cancelled by the adverseaspect to another planet. XUs not correct. Both the results will be ^enjfcyM and - experienced.,.;.If .Saturn, a? lord of II forms good aspect with Siin," lord of 5, and bad aspect with Venus, lord of 2 and 7, the 1 atter adverse aspect will not rob away the former beneficial aspect. Actually, due to the favourable aspect to Sun, lord of 5, he may gain in races,

speculation,^br betting, or be benefited by children, and because of the adverse aspect with Venus, Saturn may indicate ailment~ to wife, some worries at home and also uncommon expenses. The day will not pass, without all these events; one will not cancel the other. It may be that, whatever he gained, he bad to spend away. But he ought to have felt happy for the success in speculation or* gain through children, arid miserable, due ,lo wife's ill-health, and in his ledger, he should make two entries, the first is the income through speculation or children and also fhe expenses of the medical bill, etc., due ,10 the adverse aspect. So, also if a planet forms good aspect with any other planet which also receives evil aspect from a third planet, then also both the results will be enjoyed by the person. . Thus, when an individual's chart is taken, and the transit results arc offered ; after considering all these vital points, the prediction will come true, and be helpful; but for a general prediction all these points cannot be included, as either lagna or Moon's or Sun's position alone is taken; that is the main reason why the transit results, given in general, do not come to pass, and this gives room for the sceptics to ridicule the science. Sfjturn, forming good aspects with other planets, will make one sober, thoughtful, and contemplative^ will be careful and attentive. There will be an increase in one's popularity and prosperity. Saturn will offer self-reliance. One will be able to re-organise, and systematise his work or business. He will advance, to agood extent, and find much progress 8keto"'his'-sincerity, methodical approach ^ j and tact. One can look for a position of trust. One may not have rapid progress, but yet success will be slow, steady, sure, and well secured. It will be long-standing. One may purchase land, begin to 13

construct a tViilding, lease out one$s building or land, or enter into a long-term agreement. It is also likely that one la^kes excavation, work, or get employed in mines, or deal with plumbers, shoe \ makers, hide-and-leather dealers, masons, gardeners, agriculturistSi'- coal and fuel dealers, and also be benefited through aged persons. Saturn, forming evil aspect with planets, shows that the person will be' unfortunate. One will be discouraged due to failures in one's enterprises. Even petty problems will appear to be big and difficult. The depression and the melan' ■choly feelings will gain possession of the person. However much one guards his speech or controls his tongue, yet he will be mistaken, if he speaks out anything i if he keeps quiet, and observes silence, that too, will be mistaken. What a pity it is! His judgment during this period will be poor and there can be no intuition. Even if he tries for a change of place, or job or if he tries to start a new business, the impediments and obstacles Will so much depress him that he will be inclined to give i up his projects, and find himself helpless. Eurther, as Saturn represents elderly people, only aged persons or those born on Saturdays or in Makara—Capricorn, or Aquarius—Kumbha Lagna or rasi, and those bom in Pushyam, Anuradha, or Uthirattadhi star, will do harm to him. So you should deal carefully with old people. Also, if you are living in any old house, not at all repaired by the owner, try . to shift from those quarters. If you work in a mine, you should be careful. Those who deal in the business governed1 by Saturn, will incur much loss. Compensation for the loss of the life of a servant, is v■also threatened. You have to take all precautionary measures to avoid falls, injuries, and accidents. Try to keep . company with people who are witty, and. wowho will chcef ybii up/ reading Titbits, Ananda Vikatan, Kalki, Kumudam, Swadesmitrau weekly etc., more for light reading and humour. Join those clubs where many younger and more active people assemble. Even though you cannot apply your mind and concentrate, you will

be witnessing It you will laugh; when they laugh/ counting days, when the evil effects of Saturn will be over. You Will again become active and more wise than before, when the evil aspect is over, and Saturn forms good aspect with a benefic. SATURN'S TRANSIT 25- 1-64 to II -2-64 (r-53'-20*) Mars Mercury 11- 2 64 to 18 -2-64 (2ot,-40'-00'; Mars Kcthu 18- 2-64 to 7 -3-64 (4 ,-53'-20') Mars Venus 8- 3-64 to 13 -3-64 (5' -33-2Cr) Mars Sun 13- 3-64 to 23 -3-64 te'-IO'-OO') Mars Mood 23- 3-64 to 12 -4-64.(8o-4O' <, -O0*) Rahu Rahu 12- 4-64 to 5 -5-64 (10<>-26'-40'> Rahu Jupiter 5- 5-44 to 15 -6-64 (M -47-Reirogratie motion comrnences) Rahu Satui 15- 6-64 to 27 7-64 (l00-26'-40'} Rahu Saturn ] 27- 7-64 to 21- 8-64 (SMO'-OCT) Rahu Jupiter 21- 3-64 to 18- 9-64 fa-^O'-OO") Rahu Rahu 18- 9-64 to 9-10-64 (5l,-33'-20A') Mars Moon 9-10-64 to 2-11-64 Mars Sun 2-11-64, 2-29 A.M. Direct. 2-11-64 to 25-11-64 (5o-33'-20-> Mars Suii 25-11-64 to 15-12-64 (6o-40'-00') Mars Moon 15-12-64 enters into.Satl/abisha star. From 26-1-64 throughout the year, Saturn is in Aquarius. Hence, Sign Lord is Saturn. Between 26-1-64 and 23-3-64 it is in Dhanishta star, governed by Mars. Between 23-3-64 and 18-9-64 it is in Sathabisha, ruled by Rahu. Later it is again in Mars' star Dhanishta between 18-9-64 and 15-12-64, when it enters Rahu's star, Sathabisha, again. The above statement furnishes the Nirayana Longitude of each sub, its lord and the time of transit of Saturn. Aries—Mcsba: This refers to people bom in the Ascendant — Lagna Aries or in Aswini,Bharani and first pada of Karthikai Nakshathra when Moon was in Mesha — or between 14th April and 13th May any year. When Sun was in Mesha i.e., for those whose Lagna or Moon Sign, or Sun was in Aries— Mesha at the time of birth. "^Svhen Saturn transits between 26-1-64 and 11-2-64 from 0° Aquaries, Kumbha to 1 degree 53 minutes and 20 seconds, it will be Mars' star, Dhanishta and in- the sub of Mercury. Mars is lord of 1 and 8; Mercury is the lord of 3 and 6. Hence, one may receive annoying and irritating letters. 14


reminder and even notice" for the repayone repaired, and mostly renewed, to have ment of loan: pressure from bankers, or some benefits through mother or mother summons from the court. Or one. may _ leaving her permanent place of residence '•make short journeys and incur loss: or 1 and joining you, all these are presaged. one may have misunderstanding with, Saturn now enters Sathabisha governed brothers, effect partition, and receive his by Rahu on 23-3-64. Depending on the stare of property from his brother. But effects of Rahu to each individual, the one may gain through editing and publiresults will vary. In general, when it city. Efforts will be successful after getting between 23-3-64 and 12-4-64 in over some difficulties or meeting with some transits Rahu's star and Rahu's sub, between 6° 40' accident or after hot discussion. and 8° 40' one may have some difficulty or Saturn between 11-2-64 and 18-2-64 will other. One may not come out successful. be transiting between 1 degree 53' 20" and One gels dejected, 'there will be misunder2° 40' governed by Mars and sub Kelhu. standing, disharmony and dispute with This is a time for visiting holy places, or others: also rheumatic pains near the knee . disposing of landed properties, or worry- cap, calf muscles, etc. chronic sufferers ing oneself with the difficulties which crop have to adopt prophylactic measures: filarial patients must observe hygiene, and up then. Separation from family members during this period due to travel on duty, is should not exert much. If Rahu would also indicated. A few business people^ have been in Leo, at the lime of birth and may suffer from the troubles caused by if one has heart trouble, he has to keep their subordinate staff and labourers. his blood pressure under control by taking ■ Saturn between 18-2-64 and 7-3-64 will the sedative, regularly and avoiding transit between 2° 40' and 4° 53' 20". It exertion. Saturn transits in Jupiter's sub, in Rahu's shows reunion, pleasant life, gain through Star Sathabisha from 12-4-64 to 5-5-64, partner, receipt of bonus or fixed deposit: i.e., between 8° 40' and 10° 26' 40". Those facilities to. overdraw from banks: larger profits, social and financial success: new who desire to go overseas for higher stud ies will proceed now. Business people will go friends and grand success to those who deal on long journey and come in contact with in the leather industry, mine products, foreigners and enter into contract with motor spare parts; silk, soap,,tailoring, them. They can have foreign collaboraetc. tion, and-improve their exports; politiWhen Saturn transits between 4° 53' 20" and administrators will be helpful, and 5° 33' 20" (between 8-3-64 t-nd 13-3-64), cians and they will receive quota for imports. unexpected advantages will accrue: Father may have a transfer to a desired Government officials will be favourable; place. Mother may fall ill and cause there will be larger profits in speculation. anxiety. A few may enter into service in Quick buying and selling will amply any foreign embassy. Elder • brother will reward you in this short period. Children enjoy beneficial results in these days and will co-operate and help you. Even though realise his ambition. normally you may not attend cinema, Saturn then proceeds on till 15-6-64 in drama, etc., you will be taken by your Saturn sub : A few may have positions of children. They may complete the .contrust. Some will be. promoted. New struttion of any building or purchase a friendship will be formed. It is a trouble,plot.of land. period for mother. Her health will Saturn between 5° 33' 20" and 6° 40' wift - some Wife may go to her native be under the sway of Mars and sub of rundown. place for delivery and beget a child. Moon, between 13-3-64 and 23-3-64. Saturn retrogrades on 15-6-64, and conHence, you may gain through landed properties and permanent investments: To tinues to be in Saturn sub till 27-7-64. come out successful in the examination, to Labourer^ may cause trouble. In speculaacquire a new conveyance, or have the old tion, there may be a little loss; or money 15

may get locked up. Obstacles and hindv ranees will notVlIow you to complete any work. Around ^6-6-64, health of mother will be critical, and even expert medical aid may fail. On 27-7-64 Saturn enters into Jupiter's sub, and it is a period when one can return home after a long journey, or rejoin duty, or reunite with relatives and friends. You may invest money on landed properties, or celebrate the marriage of children in the 3rd week of August. Younger brother will be transferred in his service. Donation for ' religious functions, or for temple renovation, is also indicated within 21-8-64. On 21-8-64, Saturn passes on to Rahu sub and on 17-9-64 enters into Dhauishta star. Saturn indicates ill-health, but there will be larger profit, and anxiety to recover the entangled money. Between 17-9-64 to 2-11-64, Saturn retrogrades in Dbanishta and becomes direct or2-11-64; throughout this year, it is in Dhanishta. ' Therefore, the results mentioned under Moon-sub for a period between 13-3-64 and 23-3-64, will be repeated. When Saturn is in that position, the expe. .rriences between 8-3-64 and 13-3-64 when Saturn is in Sun's sub, will be similar "between 9-10-64 and 2-11-64, when Saturn will be in Sun's sub. On 2-11-64, Saturn takes a direct course, & is jn Sun's sub till 25-11-64. This result will be .similar to what is experienced between 8-3-64 and , 13-3-64. Between 25-11-64 and 15-12-64, Saturn will be in Moon's sub, and the results will be the same as were experienced between 13-3-64 and 23,3-64. On 15-12-64, Saturn enters into Satbabisha Star, and the end of the year is similar to the period between 23-3-64 and 12-4-64. Thus, the transit results-are to be read according to ^ Krishnamurti Paddhathi ". In general, without considering the various changes in the same sign, one will normally predict that Saturn in.l Aries,,,, muwill be very good. But, if at the time of birth, Saturn would have occupied Taurus-Rishaba, LeoSimha, or Scorpio-Vrischika, and form

Square or opposition, the native will have adverse results and will be disappointed But_if Saturn would have occupied Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius, they can expect brilliant results. Tanrusâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Rishaba. This refers to people born in Taurus Ascendant or' in the Nakshathra, Karthikai second, third aqd fourth quarters, Rohini,"and Mrigasirisha first and second pada^, when Moon would have been in Rishaba at the time of birth,' or born between 14th May ^nd lSth June, any year when the Sun would have been in Taurus. Saturn shows vast improvement in one's financial position, frame of mind, etc. Unnecessary fears will come to an end. A new cycle of bright life will start. Partner in business may go on a long journe^ You may have short tours. A few, having' Sun in Taurus, will dispose of their landed property or car. Moon in Taurus indicates that the brother may have some difficulties, and his health may fail, though he may have to overwork. He may be transferred, or he may be touring between 26-1-64 and 11-2-64. When Saturn proceeds further, you W'J 1 have larger gains but yet you will Be^ mentally engaged. Much of planning and scheming is shown. You may meet any sage, or visit any holy place between 11-2-64 and 18-2-64. / Between 18-2-64 and 7-3-64, Saturn indicates that you may borrow easily to meet extra demands. Health is restored! There may be social function at home. Success in efforts, or improvement in business, or increase in salary is portrayed. One may make long journeys in connection with his business, and fulfil his desire. The partnership deed will be renewed. Wife may come back from her tour, and domestic life will also' be pleasant. Musicians and actors may have new contracts. Those, who deal in skins hides, will gain. much, by exporting large'"qiiuhtitieg. Between 8-3-64 and 13-3-64, advance payment for the purchase of a plot, or building, or vehicle, is indicated. Advantages from Government officials, benefits to mother,' and journeys of

cfeidren, are also.Iiicely. Any one of your ichildren^may have minor injury, while splaying. j 13-3-64 to 23-3-64 is a" brilliant time to feceive encouraging letters, get back locked-up money, and earn larger profits. Assistance from brothers, gains by editing, publicity, etc., and improvement through salesmen, brokers and agentsj are promised. Health will be normal. 23-3-64 to 12-4-64 will be a busy period. Name, fame, and reputation will increase. Dullness in mind, or in business will disappear. You will entertain hopes, and will be optimistic about the future. Fresh enterprises will be launched. There will be much activity, and boldness in all undertakings, coupled with popularity. Bank position will improve. 12-4-64 to 5-5-64 is a prosperous time for making money in life. Success in litigation, contentment and gain in speculation, are assured. Business people can speculate to their maximum, and gain immensely. There will be no loss, nor any quarrel with anybody. New friendship will be formed. There will be vast increase in their list of customers. Lawyers, bankers, and professors will have advancement in their career. Between 5-5-64 and 27-7-64, Saturn shows that some may go on long journey. They may make arrangements with foreigners'and have foreign collaboration. A few may invest much money on business. Some will sit for departmental examination, and come out successful. Those, who work in foreign concerns, or embassy, will have satisfactory increase in their income. Good relationship with higher officials and their support will be had in this period. Later, between 27-7-64 and Zl-8-64, success will be slow. The gains will be less than what you had between J 2-4-64 and 5-5-64 when Saturn was in the same position as it is in this '{iefiod;-Whenever a planet is retrograde, if it transits in evil sub-lord's portion, the malefic results will be aggravated and if the sub-lord in that star is a benefic in

retrograde, the advantages ahd advancement, during that time, will be less than . normaj. A planet in direct motion in a beneficial sub-lord's portion in a constellation, gives satisfactory gains. When it is vakra or retrograde in the same position, gains are assured, but it is much less remunerative for the same extent of pains. Hence, Saturn, a benefic to TaurusRishaba, will not-be adverse at all, in this, portion in Aquarius, ruled by Saturn; in Sathabisha Star governed by Rahu and in the sub of Jupiter between 8째 40! in Aquarius to 10째 26' and 40". Similarly, when it further retrogrades in Rahu sub, between 21-8-64 and 18-9-64, the results will be favourable. There will be speedy turn-over in business, and profit in every transaction, but yet the margin of profit, will be very little, and unsatisvfactory. If you are a pumpset dealer, and if you normally gain seventy rupees per purapset when the planet was in direct motion, now when it is retrograde, you will be able to make only ten or fifteen rupees. The profit will be booked but the amount will be little and unsatisfactory. One will come out successful in examination, but will not have a rank. In an interview for service, he will be one among the many applicants selected, but he will not be considered to be the best in the lot. A few may shift their residence, if Rahu would have occupied Leo-Sim ha or if Rahu would have been in Karthikai, Uthiram orUthiradarastar in their horoscopes. Those having Rahu in the 7th house, or insthe constellation of Mrigasirisha, Chithrai or Dhanishta ruled by Mars, the lord of 7, will get married, especially those who had Saturn in retrograde motion at the time of their birth. .Between 18-9-64 and 9rl0-64, arrangements to go overseas will fall through. There will be much of correspondence, etc. Brothers may go on journey. Those who deal in liquids or in publicity, etc., will have less of gains. There will be some obstacle or other in one's efforts. Sales- . men and representatives will be paying visit to the customers who will not be able to help them in this period. 17

Between 9-10-64 and 2^11-64, delay wiil cause worry, and money may get locked up. Any reminder, written in this period, will have no response. Assistance from Ooveraraent officials will be absent. Those who" work in the Defence department will be transferred or will proceed on leave. It is a dull period for business people. Pleasant expenses and purchases will be rare, and it will far outweigh the income in this period. There may be the necessity to arrange for over-draft accounts by the industrialists. Once for all, evil results, rather the dullness, will come to end, and people born in Taurus-Rishaba, will have again pros- perous period, commencing from 2-11-64, when Saturn becomes direct. Between 2'll-64 and 25-11-64, these people will have such results as they enjoyed between 8-3-64 and 13-3-64. Later, the results between 25r11-64 and 15-12-64, offered by Saturn will be similar to what they had between 13-3-64 and 23-3-64. The end of the year will be as good as it was after 23rd March, and before 12th April, 1964. (Students are requested to follow this system, and be pleasedjvith the correct-" ness.) Gemini—Mithuba; This refers to people born with their Ascendant Lagna in Gemini or to those born in Mrigasirisha 3rd and 4th quarters, Arudhra, and Punarvasu lst,_ 2nd and 3rd padas when Moon was in Gemini or to those born between 15th June and 16th July any year when Sun was in Gemini. Between 26-1-64 and 11-2-64, it will, pass from 0° Aquarius to 1° 53' 20" which portion is governed by Mars, as lord of Dhanishta star, and the sub is governed by ' ^Mercury. Hence, Saturn, lord of 8 and 9, will transit in the 9th house, in the cons. tellation of lord of 6 and 11, and the sub of I and 4. Therefore, success in litigation, victory over enemies, realisation of money that had been entangled, escape from accidents and injury, investment on landed properties, borrowing loan'frbm a Society," change of residence, acquisition of a vehicle or at least sanction of officer to make use of the office conveyance, ?are 18

indicated. Reunion with relatives is also shown. Between 11-2-64 and Saturn transits between 1° 53'20" and 2° 40' which portion is governed by. and Kethu. Heavy work, anxiety up premises, inability to have minor ailment, irritation and excitement, visit to a sacred - place or meeting any elderly, religious person, and donation to religious functions, are pbrtrayed. Between 18-2-64 and 7-3-64, Mars and Venus rule the portion between 2° 40' to 4° 53' 20'/ in Saturn's sign, Aquarius when the person born in Gemini will have unexpected gains and advantages accruing, as regards finance is concerned. But, if he drives any car or vehicle, he has Co exercise care, be slow, and try Co avoid accidents. A few may fall down and enter hospitals for treatment. Some people may have to appeal to higher authorities as, in this period, success is indicated only for subsequent attempts. Some may repair their houses or conveyance of pay the medical bill due to mother's ill-heaith. Those who deal in shoes, skins and hides will invest ihore and realise very good profit, .Saturn, during its transit in Sun's sub between 8-3-64 and 13-3-64, portrays sanction from Government for any licence etc., applied for. One will have pleasant correspondence and also assistance from men in power. Short journeys will be fruitful. Editing and publishing will bring honour. Advertisement will be a good source of income. Salesmen and representatives will be able to show unusually large turn-over. Saturn in Mars star, Dhanishta, and- in Moon's sub between 5° 33' 20" and 6° 40' shows that one will receive a large sum of money even the so-called bad debts will be realised. Bank position will improve. •One will be successful in all his efforts during this period between 13-3-64 and 2.3T3-64^and he will become popular, a brilliant period promising new cycle of bright life (To be continued)

NO MORE DOUBTS sit results, fail in majority of cases is Question 2: My star is Dhanishta, first of aU 'explained by giving examples; 3rd pada. .Moon at the time of my biith then follows how to read the results, and was in the beginning of Kumbam—Aquafinally I'shall 'mention the various effects. rius. I am informed that Jupiter—Guru, will pass onto Aries—Mesha in.a few The Zodiac is divided into 12 equal months and that the transit results will be parts. Each is. called a Solar mansion, harmful. It seems that Jupiter is very evii -in the 3rd house and it is called Thritheeya Rasi or sign. The same Zodiac is also divided into 27 equal parts, commencing Briahaspathi. CAN YOU KINDLY SAY from thesame zero degree of Aries—Mesha. WHETHER IT IS HARMFUL ? Rasis (Solar mansions) are called I. Aries— Answer : Transit results are oflTered by 2. Taurus—Rishaba; 3. Gemini— a few astrologers very easily, whereas it Mesha; Milhuna ; 4. Cancer—Kataka; 5. Leo— needs much of calculation and consideraSimha; '6. Vifgo^Kanni; Libra—Thutii!L If, after careful scrutiny, thorough lana ; 8. Scorpio—Vrischika ; 9. Sagitstudy and proper judgment, the transit tarius—Dhanus ; 10. Capricorn—Makara; result is given, it will come true. OtherU. Aquarius—Kumba; 12- Pisces—Meena. wise, the general prediction will be correct only for a few. whereas it will fail and The 27 constellations (or Nakshthras or will be incorrect in many cases. stars) are as under : Hindus are of opinion that of all the Aswini; Bharaoi; Karthikai, Rohini, positions of (l).theLagna, (2) the Meridian Mrigasirisham; Arudhra; Punarvasu; Push; and (3) planets, it is only the position of yam ; Ashlesha; Makam ; Poorvapalguni the Moon which is taken for ascertaining Uthram ; Hastham ; Chitlrai; Swathi; the effect of transits. Visakam ; Anuradha ; Jyeshta, Moolam, Further, it is calculated from the Moon's Poorvashada, Uthrashada, Sravanam; place and the several signs.liansited by the Dhanishta, Sathabisha, Poorvapathraother planets. Both are incomplete. I pada, Uthra pathrapada and Revathi. have to state it with great humility. Why predictions, offered by strictly following Therefore, in each sign, there will be 2^ stars. the Hindu system of (Gochara Palan) tranAries-Mesham 0o-30o Aswini, Barani and Karthikai 1st quarter \ TaurusKarthikai, 2, 3, 4 padas, Rohini and Mrigasririsha 1st & 30o-60o 2nd padas 3 Rishabara Mrigasinsha 3rd & 4th padas, Arudhra, Punarvasu. 1st, 2nd ") Geminifio'-go0 and 3rd padas 3 Mithunam \ Cancer. Punarvasu 4th pada, Pushyam and Ashlesha 3 Karkatakam 9 ••-120° Makam, Poorvapalguni, Uthrapalgoni 1st pada Leo-Simham 1200-150 Uthrapalguni 2i 3, 4 padas, Hastham and Cfaittrai 1, > Virgo150°-180° . 2 padas 3 Kanni o Chittrai 3' and^ padas. SwatKi, and Visakham l,f2, 3. - 1 LIBRA-, padas 3 Thulam' " ,..J80 ,-2l0« "l ScorpioVisakham 4th pada, Anuradha, Jyeshta 210o-240D 3 Vrischikam 19

") Sagittarius> Dhanus } Capricorn Makarara "1 Aquariusj Kumbham Pisces. Poorva Bathrapada pada, Uthra Bathrapada and Revathi ^> Meenam

Moolara, Poorvashada and Uthrflshada 1st pada Uthrashada 2, 3, 4 padas, ,Sravanara, Dhanishta 1 and 2 padas Dhanishta 3 and 4 padas, Sathabeeshak, Poorva Bathrapada I, 2, 3 padas

240o-270速 270o-3000 300o-330o 330o-360o

One is said to be born in Mesha Rasi If you are an officer and if your birth is (Aries Rasi), if Moon at the time of his in Hastham star in Virgo sign, you feel birth was either in Aswini (in any one of happy about your promotion and draw the 4 quarters) or in Bharani (in any- one more salary from the day on which another of the 4 quarters) or in Karthikai 1st Hastham star officer retired or resigned. pada. Two people born in Sathabisha star (in If Moon passes on to Karthikai 2nd Aquarius sign) play cards. One Sathabisha pada, Moon will be marked in Taurus in native wins; the other loses. his chart, and if Moon were in the A lady for curiosity asked a beggar, 2nd or 3rd or 4th pada of Karthikai or in " What is your star ? Why should you any quarter of Rohini or in the first two beg?". She replied that her star was quarters of Mrigasirisha, Moon is said to Moolam and added that as many used to be in Taurus and the native is said to have say that Modlam star girls means "Nirbeen born in Taurus Rasi or Rishaba Rasi. moolani " i.e., poverty, she was also sufferThus in all the twelve Rasis, one is to ing. The landlady was first frightened with insert Moon carefully and' call him or the auntee's proverb. Then she gathered . her that he or she is born in that Rasi, in courage and told her, "My star is also which Moon was at the time of birth. Moolam. I am really very happy, peaceWhy prediction fails? ful and prosperous. I have become very rich.. There is nothing wanting in rac or 1. While giving the effects of transit, it for me. What is this dirty universal prois not at all taken into consideration verb." Now consider: one Moolam native whether Moon was in the beginning or in begs and the other Moolam donates. the middle or in the end of the Rasi. The father of a girl, born in Karthikai 2./ It is also not taken into calculation whether the transiting planet is in the^ star, requested two other Rohini star boys commencement of the sign, in the middled to see his daughter before, fixing up the marriage with either of them. Both of ot in the end. (There are many more them were much impressed. Both the boys aspects to be included which will be menwere very anxious to fix up the marriage. tioned after giving a few examples.) But the girl outright- rejected one of Further, the truth is not brought to the notice of the readers. If it is well explainthem and selected the other. Look at the ed, they will never ridicule the, science. results of the two Rohini boys. One is They will surely study well, and will be disappointed and dejected where'as the benefited by correct prediction. other is successful and happy. , . Here are some illustrations for^conside-x On 19-10-1962, a Swathi gentleman sold ration : Suppose you are born in Bharani. Indian.. Iron, . Hindustan Motor and National Rayons to another Swathi person. Your friend is also born in Bharani Star. Suddenly the share mark* : collapsed. The You lend money to him on 3-\-64. On ' 3-1-64, your bank position deteriorates, prices of shares tumbled down; one Swathi minted money, while the other whereas the same rasi person's bank posilost and suffered. tion improves. 20

in an interview, to select only- one â&#x2013; candidate for acovetable post, four Poor-^ vapalguni people contested. There, were some more candidates born in other stars, . Of the 4, only one got appointed, whereas" the other three returned disappointed." Thu^ in our lives we see that (a) An Aswani Naksbathra native is admitted in a hospital at the time when anothcr.Aswini Nakshathra person gets discharged after treatment, (b) A Pushya .Nakshathra Inspector â&#x20AC;˘of Police arrests another Pushya Nakshathra criminal. The Inspector is happy, because he was able to trace the culprit and to discharge his duty while the other is within bars. (c) An Anuradha Nakshathra car â&#x20AC;˘ driver runs over another Anuradha Nakshathra pedestrian. (d) Sravana Nakshathra person has a legal dispute with another Sravana Nakshathra native. The judge born in Sravana Nakshathra passes a judgment by which one gains and the other loses. (e) Poorvashada star native owns a house. Another Poorvashada star native is a tenant.' The owner occupies on the day the tenant vacates. (f) A Jyeshta star native sells a car d.ue io pressure for money, while another Jyeshta person purchases from him. Thus, you will see that the same star people experience diametrically opposite results. So, to predict the Gochara or transit results taking only the star position into consideration, is incomplete. That is why, the Rasipalans published in the dailies, weeklies, and monthlies vary even in essentials so widely.and- so erratically that they give room to the readers for ridiculing this noble science. Now, one may say, that one has to take -into consideration the dasa and bhukti 21

one runs. This also is not com pie te. Because when twins are born, they have the same star. Moon position, i.e., rasi is same as also lord of dasa and lord of bhukti the same. Yet one scored good' marks and passed the examination, while the other failed. Doth bet and play; one wins and the other loses. Both run a race. One wins; the other loses. Both stand for election. One loses; the other wins. Consider. That method, which can explain this, will alone be useful and correct.^ There is a fool proof and accurate method by which correct predictions can be offered. (Krishnamurthi Paddhathi will complete this system.) ., You may ask " Why then, is such an incorrect predictiotf handed down to us?'' Is the western system preferable? We say, it is complete. It is not totally incorrect. Westeners also take the position of Sun for general predictions, find out the relative position of the transiting-planets and offer the effects of those transiting planets. This is also incomplete. Farther more, we have to understand that, in the Hindu system, the sages have declared that beneficial effects will be given, when (a) Sun transits in 3rd, 6lh, lOlh or 11th house counted from Moon sign; (b) Moon passes in 1, 3, 6, 7 or 10th house from its sign in the birth chart; (c) Mars passes in 3, 6 or 11; (d). Mercury is in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or U; (e) Jupiter is in 2, 5, 7, 9 or 11 ; (f)" Venus in 1, 2, 3. 4, 5, 8, 9, 11 or 12; (g) Saturn, Rahu and Kethu are in 3, 6 or 11 counted from the position of Moon at the time of birth. Let us take the effect of Jupiter during his transit. It is said that when Jupiter passes through the second house, the per-

son will acquire wealth and will enjoy domestic happiness. He will command respect and will be influentialActually one lost his job when Jupiter was in 2 to Mo'on. Every one shunned his society. None came forward to help him ; but he appealed. The paper did not move favourably for months. In the meanwhile, Jupiter passed on to the third sign. It is said that Jupiter in the 3rd house throws obstacles to business and causes disease in the body; it shows sepa^ration from friends and loss of position. After Jupiter entered the third sign, he came out successful and was reinstated. Back arrears of pay were also received. The above is a fact. This incident forced us to do research. A girl born in Anuradha did not get married when Jupiter was strong in his own sign in the second house. But when it passed into the 3rd sign, she got married. Instances are many. In the south, people call the transit of Jupiter in 2, 5, 7, 9 Or 11th house from Moon sign as " Guru Balam'* or " Viyava Balam "â&#x20AC;&#x201D;They say that one can have nis or her marriage when there is Guru Balam^i.e., when Guru transits in 2 or 5 or 7 or 9 or 11th house counted from Moon sign. It is evil and the marriage will not be celebrated during other periods. If one goes round the town on any day, he can find nearly.a hundred places where marriages are celebrated. Let him collect the horoscopes of the couples. He will find that all the' 27 star boras are getting married on that day. Does it not mean, that Jupiter would be occupying the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on till 12 th house or any one of them. To One, it will be in Janma. To another, in 2 to Moon: to another in 3 and so on. Hence, the above rule should not be strictly observed.. Let us note the Nakshathras of students who have passed the examination. "WeTwiirfind thaUall the 27 stars are the birth stars- of one or the other'. So also the Sun will be in all the twelve signs. It means Jupiter in all the 12 houses has given pass to them.

Let us-turn to tkose wto tave to appear again for the examination. They are also born in all the 27 Nakshathras. Therefore, to offer a general prediction that Jupiter in 3 will do harm, is not wise or correct in all cases. The various points to be noted are very briefly mentioned below, .In our April issue, it will be explained in detail. 1. Note your Lagna. 2. The house of which Moon is the lord. 3. Of which house the transiting planet is the ruler. 4. The house in which it transits. 5. The star in which it moves, the \ planet which rules over the star. Of which houses this planet (i.e, the lord of the star) is the owner. 6. Is it in direct motion or retro- grade? -â&#x2013; 7. Is it strong or weak : is it eclipsed? 8. Where was the planet transiting at the time of birth. 9. Find out the aspect formed by the transiting planets, etc. ,1. A planet may be the owner of the llth house, promising profit, whereas the same planet may be the owner of the 12th house for people born in the previous lagha and it willshow loss, fraud, etc. Though the name of the planet may be the same, yet the results will vary. To (Virgo (Kanni), Moonis.lord of II ensuring success. To Leo (Siraha), Moon is lord of' 12, threatening deception. So to each, the result of Moon must vary, 2. Moon ma^ be lord of 2, denoting aquisition of wealth. To another, it may be lord of 8, indicating diflicuUies. If the transiting PLANET forms same aspect with Moon, one will have a large income, while the other may suffer. 'â&#x2013;  Thus if one^studies the various aspects, he "will come to the conclusion, that the whole chart is to be taken fc consideration and all the transiting planer s positions are to be referred to, all the positions of 22

the various planets, Ascendant, Meridian and Forluna. 1. Therefore, Doctor, send your chart. 2. Don't be carried away by these proverbs, 3. Read the April issue and you yourself will be your own astrologer. - Question 3: I have heard your lectures. Often you make it clear, that the monthly, weekly or daily predictions published are only general. You also add that they may come true only in a few cases. My friends also agree with you. They say that they do not come true in some cases, or they find that, in some magazines, both good and evil arc published for the same Rasi, in the sams issue. Can you say, why they still continue to be read ? Answer : Suppose you have a strong palate for sweet dishes. But doctors have advised you not to include it in your diet in the interest of your health. Yet, now and then, because of your weakness, you do take them. Sage Viswamithra closed his eyes tight and was ever praying. But yet, he had a glance at Menaka. You know that his daughter was Sakunthala. Those who go to races, or gamble regularly and lose invariably take a vow, that they will never go again, when they ieave the race course or when the game is over. But on the next race, day, they borrow, pray the same God and attend races or play cards once again to lose. All these show human weaknesE^ After all, itisourimL<i which governs us. Mind is represented by Moon. Is not Moon waxing and waning? Is it not bright on some days and dark on other days ? Is it riot fast moving arid therefore unsteady? So also, the mind is never steady. One may take a decision. Yet, after some time he amends it or gives it up. Such is the nature of one's mind, wavering, unsteady and vacillating. ' "Th'ough some peopje say;that the predictions given by a few astrologers do ndt*? 23

come to pass, yet they await eagerly the arrival of the postman to deliver the weekly or monthly on the scheduled date. Even though the postman delivers many letters, including one from bis wife or daughter who had gone to a far off place, he or she hurriedly opens the magazine and straightaway turns over the page where the prediction is published and rushes to read the results, given for the concerned rasis. That is the weakness of many. For a few it comes "true. They want to make the best use of this knowledge. Majority of the people gather courage by reading encouraging predictions. These keep them cheerful in the coming week. If nothing has happened, he consoles himself, saying that some one born in his rasi would have had this result. If the prediction offered for a month is discouraging the same person will say, " The prediction has generally failed in ray case. Now also; it may not come to pass." So saying, he gives away the magazine to his children and friends. . A month passes. Mind you, the same gentleman, eagerly waits for the postman. Post may be delayed due to the late arrival of plane or train. Yet, be 'stays at home though it is getting late to his office, receives the magazine, goes through the prediction offered to his Rasi, hands over all letters to his children even without opening the covers and rushes to his office, saying " Keep all the letters. T will return from office and answer themThat is our weaknessâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;weakness of many. It is only to satisfy the general public, by giving as far as possible correct results, the monthly and weekly predictions are published. Most of the people need it. There are also equal number of astrologers to offer their services and cater to their needs. Why then, should the editors deny this opportunity,to. them ?

HUMAN PREDICAMENT DESTINY By K.. S. Anantanarayanan Earth (Bhupathanam) as the moment of There is no branch of knowledge which birth; and this is called Lagna or Ascendis so thoroughly comprehensive, all absorant, and we note the relative positions of bing and enlightening,. encompassing all the Luminaries, the Sun and the Moon and Sciences and Arts, and yet so much misthe various planets in their Zodiacal, and understood and misconstrued, and Stellar mansions (the Star groups) at this misinterpreted as Astrology, because its dimensions are so stupendous, and extea-_ moment, and these various positions of the Heavenly bodies represent the Radical, or sive, covering the whole realm of Cosmos Radical Chart. These positions in relation and its Manifestations, in all aspects. The to the Lagna describe every possible fortunes and misfortunes of an individual as delineated from a study and .interpretainformation about the descended ' Jeeva and the progressed positions of the various tion of the Natal chart is but incidental, planets, of the Sun, and Moon, the Merithough it is often the most sought-after dian Point, and many other sensitive points quest even by the so-called sceptic and the at any moment of the Life's journey sophisticated especially when they have to indicate what events are likely to .take pass through narrow scrapes or through a place then and in times to follow, as if in series of baffll*g, none-toopleasant experifulfilment of the potentialities of the kar-. ences, the causes of which they cannot find mic forces built up by 'Jeeva' in its an explanation or solace except from the eternal cycles of birth and death. niouth of an Astrologer as to the duration, effects, redress and relief from the current Man, being the most individualised type or impending- portent. It is generally of Ego in the system of Creation, is quite conceded that planets in their courses different from another in various aspects, indicate events to happen io the lives' of so each horoscope differs from that of the individuals; the lay man thinks that . and the other in many respects. Considering the planets themselves are responsible for the Radical chart which is specific in each . bestowing on him affluence, wealth, and case and in all respects, the first house, prosperity or shower heaps of misery of (that is the part of the Zodiac comprising all sorts when they are ill disposed. There the lagna point to "any extent of nearly is also one school of thought that, because thirty degrees,) indicates the nature, what must happen must happen, why; physical disposition, etc., of bother about this subject at all by antici-* the Jeevacharacteristics, that has come into being. Family, pations or fears which may or may not speech, eyes, riches, etc., are gleaned from coiiwj to pass because of the difficult and the second! courage, ears, brethren, anger, unfathomable terrain through which the etc., the third; education, mother, vehicles, Astrologer has to pass to give any definite relations, etc., from the fourth ; children, indications one way or the other.intelligence, strengtffetc., from the fiftli; There is no aspect of Human life (or pf disease, enemies, debts, and danger from" any creature) that is left out of considerathe sixth; wife, marriage, passion and animal gratification, business partner, etc., tion by this Supreme Science. From the moment of its descent into the mother's fefp* the seventh; death, means of womb at the moment of conception to its fsubsistence .partner's, a money, insurance, exit-agatn td'joih the UnivgrsaiMind, from etc., from the eighth ; virtue, piety, father, the cradle to the grave, the whole -period higher education and knowledge, wealth, of development of the encased Egois etc., from the ninth; fame, action, marked out; we normally take the arrival political success, employment, and status of the baby and its delivery on to Mother in life, etc., from the tenth; friends, profit

decades remarkable progress has been made in the unravelling of the mysteries of the objective and outer world by systematic investigations and research by scientific methods, which are quite different from vague surmises, and deductions. Nothing is left to chance but scores and scores of changes, transformations, actions and reactions, and chain reactions, in Physical, Chemical, Medical and other Sciences have been probed into, analysed, and assessed with the aid of powerful instruments, highly developed techniques and by highly trained devoted scientific talents. Correlations have been made, hypotheses drawn, and finallyvaluablelaws have been established and new and newer discoveries are being made from time to time as to the laws governing the objective pattern of the Universe. Man's mind is now on the threshold of not merely of curiosity, but is in the path of enquiry and investigation, and he is not willing to accept anything on face value cr take anything for granted, though of course Man's attention is towards the Objective and Environment. A definite scientific approach to all subjects and problems is in the mental make-up of the modern educated and there is also a pronounced sceptical attitude developing side by side, towards all matters pertaining to established customs, religious observances, rituals, etc. Even the illiterate layman, who has not developed any scientific outlook or training, is now not willing to accept the tenets of Dharma or quotations from Ancient Wisdom, because his mind has either sunk low or clouded, or he has often found out that, to his disillusionment, preachers in any platform do not practise what they often preach. Anyway, the mind of the ordinary man is sufficiently confused to appreciate any mode of life. Again the exigencies of modern life are increasingly compelling every day on the individual and man's mind is almost always siezed with the economic problems of daily life; most of the people are driven to work like machines and they are unable to rest at oars even for a lime; many square pegs have had to contend themselves

from business, elder sisters, gain, pleasure etc., from the eleventh, heaven, waste, charity and charitable institutions, hospitals, expenditure,^ etc., from the twelfth. Planetary forms and characteristics are also given, and how these get modified in effect to particular lagnas, and also in respect of their placements in the various zodiacal and stellar mansions^ is also explained in this Science of Sciences. Thus scores of factors of the radical chart furnish every possible information about every creature that has taken its birth in this planet, and that is strutting about this earthly theatre for a while in its sojourn, further, the unfolding of the destiny of the concerned ' Jeeva ' is marked by so many and varied experiences and happenings throughout its life, and indicated by the progressed positions of the radical factors, and examination of hundreds of horoscopes reveal that Humanity is just a pattern in Cosmic Existence of the Supreme, with the ego struggling against the Environment for fuller development and union with its Supreme Self. While Astrological factors clearly indicate many an important aspect with regard to the 1 Jeeva * and the events in its cyclic journey, no one will be satisfied if the subject stops with indications only. It would be just like a doctor examining a critical patient, noting the symptoms in a piece of paper, and just handing over the paper to the anxious relative, and march off. We would like to divert a bit in our examination of the real utility of this superscience in relation to man and his predicament. First of all in any scheme of enquiry, one must feel sufficiently keen arid agitated as it were, to probe into the subject fully and thoroughly and must have the burning urge to get at the root of the matter. In these days, there is nothing more urging and more important than finding out the real cause for the ever increasing tension in man's mind and in his environment The urge for the probe into the structure and properties of matter, of the Outer Space, has been so keen, sustaining and devoted, that within the last two 25

being driven into round boles, further, And the very few wbd are sensitive to tki there is a general tendency towards increasing tension prevailing in almost regimentation and brainwashing of the every household, industrial establishment, masses in some of the so-called civilised governing body and administration, by nations and so much diversion is taking unjust acts and malpractices, of strange place in the mind of man towards objective indoctrinations and conceptions adumberated from every pulpitâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;only these people life and utilitarian outlook.' There is no balance being maintained between Science will revolt against the existing state of and Art in life, and every encouragement affairs, and only these can, and will direct is given for a mechanical, materialistic their attention, and probe into the complioutlook to develop only selfish interests cations for this universal degradation and with the result that a mass psychosis is degeneration and unrest and they alone will be capable of finding the cause and often set up. Moral laws and solemn remedy. undertakings are flouted with impunity and the only thing that seems to inspire awe, From time to time, thinking men have admiration is the physical and mechanical set for themselves these problems of might. Technological and scientific Humanity and offered suggestions of developments of the respective nations and various measures and reforms in Religious, nationals. With all these advances Social, and Political aspects of life. Of apparent in modern civilisation, the whole course, all these measures work for some humanity is gripped with an unknown time after awakening a section of the ,.fear of uncertainty about future existence Humanity, and then gradually wane and by unexpected calamities and crises from vapourise, if the Basic Reality of the the possible use of Nuclear Power that Supreme has not sufficiently been may be released by warring nations impressed on their minds, and the especially when all standards of morality, supreme Light has not been kept burning ethical living have fallen, and negative by the progeny. thinking has taken possession of men's Though there can be nothing new under minds. Disillusionment stares face to face the Sun, considering the times in which we ^â&#x20AC;˘irrwnr" daily transactions and intercourse the Old Nectar has to be filled up in jvithlbne anoiher in almost all walks of live, new bottles of modern standards, and TifeXTrade,Profession,Industry, Domestic Humanity- must be made to consume the atmosphere, and Administration of Governsame in a " Scientific" way to enable them ments as selfishness, greed, betrayal, cowarto get at the root of the matter of all dice, superficialism, egoism, vanity are tensions, discontent, and misery. In a growing fast more as a rule, than excepway, the present tempo of the modern tions.- Idealism has given place to the commind is best suited for diversion monplace, cheap, vulgar and unsustaining, ^enquiring into the Subject instead of the Object, in and tl^ere is a universal tendency to revert which it is coming off with signal success to th^Jierdand animal instincts and tastes, by astounding discoveries regarding outer and animal pattern in creation. Make the space, for instance. If the keen student can hay while the Sun shines; for the morrow find out the real cause for the present may not be certain of conferring anything confused state of the present world, and brighter. Man is leading a fast life and suggest remedies that every one of us can "nothing seems to matter with him except follow, he deserves to be hailed as a _to.get on somehow and get over others al Saviour in his own way. It would seem that he would have to follow the same Naturally therefore there are only a few pat^LWlhat the Ancients of all lands have who pause to think of changes taking follePicd; he will recognise the Supreme Preseilce ot Supreme Power, the alLp^eryaplace in and around man's mind, and 'environment. "Eltlier" most^df tbe people 'Bing Absolute R'eafity, Sy talcing the whole mechanism, activity and dynamism of all have no time, urge, patience, or serious Creation and Manifestation and he will outlook or any sensibility enough to feel that anything is amiss or wrong at all. treat the matter scientifically. In this 26

Universe, nothing is left to chance and nothing is misplaced by the Original Designer. Now the whole question is, as in everything else, to what extent Astrology is useful to Humanity in solving all its problems and ills? Apart from indicating lucky and unlucky periods in a man*s life "and giving him alternate doses of sanguine hopes and object despondency striking at the same time a note of. compelling submission of the subject to the unavoidable and apparently inevitable, is this Science of any use to meet the challenge of daily problems disturbing the equanimity of the mind 1 Further, ' as Astrology is not concerned with the fortunes or misfortunes of individuals only, but of communities, nations as well, with which these of the individuals are also closely linked, what is its real purpose, unless it provides measures for universal relief? Now that is exactly the function of Astrology as the Science of the Supreme ; it is the only Science that covers the Subject, Predicate and Object, that is everything, and for all times. We cannot fully appreciate the usefulness of this branch of Knowledge, which is praised as Vedanga, unless we probe into the Metaphysics of Life and Existence. It is just as well at this juncture to acquaintourselves with a fewof the important fundamental conceptions, words, terms, definitions, and their import, used in Hindu Thought and Philosophy. One Supreme Idea is expressed in Vishnu Suktha in the following stanza and this is the clue for All Creation and Manifestation. â&#x20AC;˘'Yaccha kinchit jagat Sarvam drisyathe sruya.thepl va, Anthar bahischa tatsarvara vyapa Narayana sthithaha." The Supreme Being is all Pervading, All-Present, in and out of every infinitesimal particle of matter, being, and in and out of everything seen and unseen, beard and unheard, in the whole realm of Creation. He is the Supreme Soul, Paramalman, Supreme: Ego, Parabrah-^ man,.Eternal Bliss, The Primary Cause, The Sublime Truth, The Eternal Flame,

Omniscient, Omnipotent, and 'devoid of all gunas and nature. He is the Supreme Light and: Enlightenment. He is the Supreme .Absolute Subject; Absolute Reality. . Parasakthi: Is the Divine Consort, is the Supreme Power, inseparable from the Supreme Being just as light rays cannot be separated from the light itself. She is the primary cause of all motions and dynamism and power. Her position is in his Being. She is the Absolute Subjective Force. Adhara Saktbi or Mula Prakrithi: The Nuclear Power of all Matter, and Nature, and she builds up the Architecture of the Objective Universe. She is the Absolute Object, the repository of all forces of Elements. Maya Sakthi or Illusive Power: She is the resultant power and energy system emanating from the Eternal Union of the Supreme Power, Parasakthi and Adahra Sakthi of Universal Nucleic Power. She is the Universal Mind and represents a system of constant change, motion, combinations and separations, formations and transformations; she represents the field of Karma of all creatures; of relative causes, effects, actions, reactions and chain reactions. She is the Predicate. She has illusory dimensions of Time, Space and Consciousness. She is the Shadow force resulting from the union of Parasakthi and Adharasakthi forming clear or distorted impressions on the i n d i v i d u a 1 's mind based on the evolution of the ego enclosed by the vasanas, just as the shadow from an object is twisted or straight depending upon its distance from the source of light and on the surface on which it falls. Maya Sakthi is relative and dualistic in nature based on the composition from the Absolute Subject and Absolute Object. She is the inseparable component of the Supreme Soul that she envelopes, and in individuaPs life, is the spiritual consort of the ' jeeva', and is the Kshetra or Field for procreation and fertility, and preservavtion and final disillusionment of the ego, rof The ephemeral. (2b be continued} 27

AStROLOGY & ATHRISHTA (FOUNDED; 1-4-1163) (Asteonoui Made Easy) By Jyothisfaa Praveena K. S. KRISH^AMURTI Vol. 2.

APRIL 1964

No. 4.

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PURE RELIGION AND PRACTICAL ASTROLOGY What everybody wants but none gets is close. Similarly a person's birth now, is peace of mind. The only method by which generally after he had some births preone can try to have peace is by strictly viously. This birth may be the last or he following any religion. Clear and sound may have some more births. Astrology knowledge in the higher thought subjects helps with an insight into future, is to be gained from a wise Preceptor or if one does not admit the above philoGuru, One should have absc'ute faith, sophy. Karma and Reincarnation, then trust and confidence in him. He has to what. or argument, can one plod, persevere and patiently work in the advanceexplanation for the inequalities in life? Is same line as directed by the Guru and God partial ?No! Then, if God is imparnever doubt or waver; but be sincere, why is one bom blind or dumb or severe and regular. He has to be an tial, or poor, whereas the other is born embodiment of fixity, humility and purity, deaf all comforts to lead a life without avoiding avidity, audacity, unstability and with wants at all? A TRUE ASTROeccentricity. Mind you, irritability, jeal- any LOGER, will sayâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;(whether one admits or ousy and greed are the r^al evils. Never not)â&#x20AC;&#x201D;that every person bad many births feel dejected if there is iong delay in realiand will have many more to come; sation; nor become desperate. We are sure already, the results he or she is to enjoy depends on that you will have eternal peace, sooner or the Karma done by the person in the prelater in this birth or in the following one, depending on your Karma. You must vious birth. have it if you are directed properly and the object of worship, is the JUDGE you also carry out the instructions regu- to God, deliver judgment according to one's' larly. meritorious deed in his credit or sin and Astrology is the science which throws also to see that the same person in the light, enabling one to remove the darkness next birth (which He alone knows) receives or ignorance and understand the unknown. the punishment or reward according to the A wise astrologer can reveal the truth. He judgment already delivered by Him before is the only proper person to guide and his birth. In the judgment, the moment direct you, to follow the correct path and of birth, the place of birth, the parentage reach the goal, offering you perfect peace etc., are included. God is the Judge and of mind. also the executor. Astrology is based on the truth that a Astrology is the science which had been person has his birth at a particular expounded by the Hindu sages to know moment to particular parents, in a parti- our previous birth, the present birth, the cular locality according to the meritori- results in this birth and also the next birth ous deed or sin committed by him in or Moksha-Emancipation. the previous birth. Suppose, one goes to Astrology gives knowledge by taking a picture while a play is being screened in a theatre; when he eaters, he will see a into consideration the Zodiac and the particular portion of the picture. Some Planets, wandering in it. The Zodiac is portion had been already shown and some divided into twelve equal parts, called Solar mansions: The first is Aries, the more will follow. For how long a time second Taurus and so on up to the twelfth, and how many more acts, one has to see Pisces. Also the Hindu Sages and the depends upon the time of the visit. If you enter in .the very beginning of the play, you' Savants in the Western Countries have have to be patiently waiting till all the acts found that each house counted from the are over. But if you attend in the fag end part that rises in the East, called Ascenof the show, very soon, it will come to a dant, signifies certain results. x< 3

In one's life, according to his destiny one may try to have Ika-Loka-Sukha; that is to lead animal life with legalised modern amenities, claiming "This is mine, That is mine" and so on, and ever laying stress on 'I'.. This law is man-made and calling'I*, 'I*, 'I* is one's egoism. There are only a very few people who strenuously work for and aim at ParaLoka-Sukha, i.e., eternal peace without having any attachment in the worldly pleasures. This can be judged by dividing the Zodiac into two parts; that is, the houses I to 8, denoting pleasure and pains in this world; houses 9 to 12, indicating Sadhana to have peace and pleasure in the Heavens. The first house shows one's birth, health, individuality, and egoism. Manickavasagar says, "lam again bora in the sorrowful sea of life; every year I save my gains. My life is varied, off and on. In the morning I work, at noon I take food, and at night I go to sleep. As days pass on, I fall into the worldly love...Thus, I live in that sorrow which all call wealth ; I lived in varied forms and fortunes and I spent my days." The second house indicates one's selfacquisition to call it as "Mine, My estate, â&#x20AC;˘ My family. My finance, etc." The third is a common sign called Gemini. An intellectual, airy and dual one. So one will have dual ideas; the desire to have both Ika-Loka-Sukha and Para-Loka-Sukha. Here comes the conflict. He is not able to take any decision. He lacks it. The fourth house shows that one remains at home with mother enjoys comforts by possessing lands, buildings, conveyance, etc. His mind will ever be wandering, like the moon. He cannot concentrate". He will be fond of changes. The fifth house is Leo. It is governed by Sun. It shows the fruits of your action in this world; also the initiation by a Sadh-Guru. Who can throw light? Sun in the Heavens removes the darkness enveloping the earth, so also a wise and learned person who has remove the. darkness, who is steady in his action, in a fixed position alone can remove. Sun"

moves among the stars, in the ecliptic, steadily, with more or less in uniform speed, ruling the 5th sign of the Zodiac which is fixed. For Ika-Loka-Sukha, 5th house shows children and for Para-LokaSukha it indicates intuition and initiation of mantra. The sixth house is for detrimental ideas and actions, difficulty and disease, debts and depression. The seventh house shows that one gets entangled in this life with a partner-opposite sex. One finds pleasure or purchases pain according to his KarmaHaving led the life in this world as long as one is allowed to live, by God, which is indicated by the 8th house, he or she leaves this body to receive judgment from God to have another birth in a particular place, to a particular parent and at a particular time, But in one's horoscope, houses 9, 10, 11 and 12 are auspicious. These houses are above the horizon at the time of birth. He will also rise above the horizon, if everything is favourable, and reach the Heavens of Bliss. Actually, everyone will struggle against the bondage of physical nature and the lack of physical gratification: Swami Vivekananda says that out of this lower consciousness grows and broadens the higher conception of a mental or moral bondage and a longing for spiritual freedom. 9th house is Dharma, 10th Karma, ilth Kama and 12th Moksha. Thus Dharma, Artha, Kama, Mokshaâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the four are indicated by the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th houses in the above order. 9th house, the house of Dharma and the 12th house, the house of Moksha are allotted to Jupiter. By that, one is to understand, if one observes Dharma and does his duty wisely, he will be fortunate to have a brilliant, wise Guru, as indicated by the House Sagittarius. Also Guru will instruct him to avoid evil deeds, just jlikc a wealthy person carrying money will pvoid dangerous roads and a man who waots to live long will avoid poison. If a man commits a sin, let him not repeat it againBut if he does good to any, let him repeat such deeds again and again to all. 4

The IOth house Capricorn shows, by hiscontinupusand steady practice (the 10th house- ^arma—owned by Saturn) one can meditate with patience, perseverance and faith and proceed. CaJvin Coolidge has said " Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world^s full of educated derelics. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The Slogan "Presson" has solved, and always will solve the problem of the human race. Samuel Johnson says " All the^performances of human art, which we look with praise or wonder, are instances of the resistless force of perseverance: it is by this that the quarry b^Jomes a pyramid, and that distant countries are united with canals. If a man was to compare the effect of a single stroke of the pick-axe or of one impression of the spade with the general design and last result, he would be overwhelmed by the sense of their disproportion ; yet those petty operations, incessantly continued, in time, surmount the greatest difficulties, and mountains are levelled, and oceans bounded by the slender force of human beings. " The 11th house owned by Saturn gives him the steady mind and the strong desire— Kama—to reach the Goal. It also shows the permanent tie of friendship between you and God. Benjamin Franklin says, " And have we now fofgotten that powerful Friend? Or do we imagine we no longer need His assistance? I have lived a long time; and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth : that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid ? " The Goal is the 12th house. It is. Moksha-etcrnal Bliss. It is to be sanctioned only by God according to our action. That is why the I2th .house is ruled by Jupiter who represents God and who removes the confusion in the mind caused by Gemini, by owing. the two houses uGich oppose and square Gemini.

Hence to an Astrologer, R.ciie*^'- doctrine preaching various methods to attain perfect peace. One has to take the correct route guided by a wellexperienced Preceptor. He must have absolute faith, and persevere till he reaches the Goal; just like one taps water from under the ground, sooner or later, if he does not give up his attempts, and if he goes on making efforts in the same lines in which'the diviner has directed. Also real pleasure can be had only when one enjoys peace. For peace, pray, pray, pray till you achieve your aim. To Correct Audacity which is egoism, 1. Aries arrogance. 2. Taurus Avidity, greed to possessto call mine, mine, mine. 3. Gemini Turbidity—dual thoughts —indecisive. 4. Cancer Unstability—wandering of the mind. 5. Leo ... Attachment— 6. Virgo ... Eccentricity — moody — whims and fancies. 7. Libra ...Cupidity—lust passion. 8. Scorpio ... Stupidity—delusion. To Cultivate 9. Sagittarius ... Charity and purity 10. Capricorn ... Sincerity and regularity 11. Aquarius ...Adaptability 12. Pisces ... Equanimity and real entity which is Bliss. Tolstoy says, " I remember one day in the early spring-time, f was listening to the sounds of a wood, and thinking only of one thing, the same of which I had constantly thought for two years. I was again seeking for a God. _ \ said to myself, " It is well, there is no God, there is none that has a reality apart from my own imaginings, none as real as my own life—there is none such. Nothing, no miracles can prove there is, for miracles only exist in my own unreasonable imagination."

And then J asked myself, "But my conception (Of the,, God whom I seek, whence comes it ? And again life flashed joyously through my veins. All around me seemed to revive, to have a new meaning. My joy, though did not last long, for reason continued its work: "The conception of God is7 not God. Conception is what goes on within myself; the conception of God is an idea which I am able to rouse in my mind or not, as I choose ; it is not what I seek, something without which life could not be.** Theh again all seemed to die around and within me, and again J wished to kill After this, I began to retrace the process which had gone on within myself, the hundred-times-repeated discouragement and revival. I remembered that J had lived only when I believed in a God.


As it was before so it was now ; f ha only to know God, and I lived; I had only to forget Him, not to believe in Him and I died. What, was this discouragement and revival ? J do not live when I lose faith in the existence of a God ; I should long ago have killed myself, if I had not had a dim hope of finding him. I only really live when I feel and seek him. ".What more, then, do I seek V* A voice seemed to cry within me. "This is He, He without whom there is no life! To know God and to live are one. God is life! Live to seek God, and life will not be without Him And stronger than ever rose up life within and around me, and the light that then shone never left me again." I Thus to all, whether one is a politician or a piousman, God is Love, and man has to be true and-sincere.

MARRIAGE t.. Of all our enterprises', the most functions, nurses all relatives whenever they are ill. serious one is our marriage. This world â&#x20AC;˘ itself will be a Heaven or a Hell, dependThat is why, in the religious scriptures, ing on one's state of married life. the Aryans had repeatedly said that the Marriage is a matter of morewQrlh family in which the ladies are unhappy and Than to be dealt in by attorneysbip. dissatisfied, will perish, whereas the family For what is wedlock forced but a hell in which they are honoured, respected, An age of discord and continual strife? well attended to, and the ladies are happy, Whereas the contrary bringeth bliss. will prosper year after year. One is And is a pattcfn of celestial peace, â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Shakespeare. considered to be fortunate if one has a pleasing and accommodative wife; But Only astrologers can certify this state- if she happens to be arrogant and argument as wholly true, as many married . mentative, adamant, and atrocious, how couples individually meet thf astrologers, can they lead a harmonious life? narrate their difficulties and t'iy to find out a What an unfortunate fellow hewedded is? solution. Also, the brides as well as the Astrologers, in their experience, come bachelors, consult the astrologers to know (a) when they will get married, (b) whether across with many a marriage, speaking4 the partner will be healthy, wealthy, more of matrimonial miseries than of har-. accommodative, adjusting, etc. Look at x mony and happiness. the anxiety of most of the married peoSystem of marriage: Amongst the pie to be freed from bondage, and.'also that Aryans, were eight forms of marriage, of the unmarried, to get a good partner. whereas there these differ amongst the other When one witnesses the horrible life of a civilised nations. few married couple, one would prefer to 8 forms which were in vogue long remain a bachelor: but when one finds the ago,Of the one at present exists. It is disadvantages of the bachelor's life, one calledonly Prajapatya form. According to this, would welcome marriage. In both, there the bride is to a bridegroom, saying are advantages and disadvantages; that they willgiven ever remain as partners to dc pleasure and pain. religious duties, and lead a happy married Yet married life is preferred, as life. It was strictly prohibited to give or 1. Marriage is not based on senti- to take money from the bride's party. ments but on religious, moral, A person is not allowed to marry during social and scientific principleshis student life. After completing bis 1- It has an immense potency and studies, he has to obtain permission from contributes for long span of life. his Guru-Preceptor and parents, and marry good girl of his own caste, and not own 3. The holy Vedas teach us that aGothra. Sapindya was in force. the married life is superior to either life-long celibate or an Further they made selections after ascetic. thoroughly eKamining the Girl's family also finding astrologically whether the 4. The wife is the presiding goddess and and bridegroom will lead a happy, of the house called Graha bride harmonious and healthy life for long Lakshmi. number of years. 5. The wife is not for mere pleasure and enioyment. It is she who Girl's fanlilyV The bridegroom is not bears children, performs houseallowed to marry a girl born in the HHEhold duties, partakes in religious NAK.ARI FAMILY in which the members 7

do not observe the religious rites or in the family, where all members are illiterates, called Nischanda family or in Nishpurusha family, where the bride has no brother or in the family in which the members sufifer or suffered from T,B., Hysteria, Asthma, Leprosy, etc. Also it is advised that the girls who are named after a bird, tree, hill, star, or river, are given another name. Among the ancient Aryans, there was no early marriage. Nor any person was allowed to marry a girl older than him. Manu preferred the difference of age between the husband and the wife to be ten years. Regarding the selection of the bridegroom or the bride, it varied widely. In India, 1'. The princess was allowed to have her marriage by " Swayam Varam", making her own choice among the princes assembled in a hall. 2. The prince may meet any bride, fall in love with her and immediately take her as wife by "Gandarva Vivaham 3. Others celebrated the marriage by observing anyone of the following :— (a) The parents are informed that there is a mutual agreement between the bride i.nd the bridegroom. If they really love each other so Mmuch, as Mandavya Maharishi observes Mano Jayanlhu Mandavyo ", the parents used to fix the marriage and celebrate it on an auspicious day at an auspicious time. (b) A few used to bring to the notice of a good-natured,-god-fearing and lawabiding '<Vib^a,, gentleman, "BRAHMIN", and on obtaining his approval, they celebrated the marriage of a couple, following Janardhana Maharishi's advice. Vibra Vakyo Janardhana:" • (c) Brahaspathi stressed on Sagunam— Omens—So "Sagunanthu Brahaspathi is followed by some people. When the parents desire to fix'and ^celebfate the marriage, they observe the omens. If it is good, they procaed and celebrate. But if there is ill-omen, the alliance naturally falls through.

Those who have completely surrendered to God, and those who have more faith in Him than in anything else, pray to God and place some coloured flowers, pick out one of them and if the desired colour is obtained, the marriage is celebrated. Otherwise, it is stopped without any other consideration. Most of the people in India used to consult the astrologers to find out the longevity, prosperity, progeny, harmony, happiness, health and agreement among the couple, and whether there is Dasa Porutham between the two. Only when the astrologer approves, they consider the alliance and proceed further. The truth is that according to one's fate whomsoever one is destined to ,, marry, is selected and the marriage is celebrated. In India, after marriage, the bride leaves her parents and lives with her husband in the husband's quarters. There are a few uncivilized people in hilly tracts. The proposed bridegroom will be requested to live with the bride for a year and he is given a trial. If he proves to be alright, the bridegroom is allowed to marry her. Otherwise, he is rejected arid this procedure will go on, till she finds a suitable partner. Look at the lot of the person. Only when a girl approves, he can have his wedding. But amongst the Congo and some more tribes, the bride is taken upon trial for twelve months, and if she is not found to be good she will be sent back to her parents. In Formosa, the bride.will take up the lead. She goes out, selects a person, marries him and takes him to her father's house. The bridegroom is considered to be one of the family members. So also, the boys born in that family will be selected by other girls, married by them and taken away by them to their families. In other nations, the boy and the girl will fall in love with each other, have them engaged and later get married. In Lapland, the selection of -the^partner is funny. The male and the female are asked to run a race. The girl will be given a handicap of one-third the distance. If the boy wins her in the race, he can have 8

ber. Otherwise be loses the cbance witb this girl- If the girl does not like the boy, probably, she will run very fast, with strong determination to see that the boy is not able to overtake her. But if the girl likes the boy, she, probably, will adjust her speed and allow him to overtake her. There are many funny ones like this. Nowadays, some people may marry for love, some for position and rank, some for fortune, etc. If one understands the partner and tries to adjust, then it will be possible to lead the married life withoutv losing one's prestige and honour whic . also is under the pattern of destiny. In our experience we have found that he who loves a girl and marries her, takes her as his wife. But if be marries for fortune, then she will behave like a mistress. If the selection is made more for position and rank, then she will pose herself as a lady. A real wife will return* your love. But the mistress will have some regard to you, whereas the lady whom you married for position will tolerate. The loving wife lives for you and she is your wife. But a mistress attends to the house and her friends, and the lady will lead a social life and spend much of her time in the society. Your wife will never differ from you but ever comply with your request. Yow will be ruled by the mistress and managed by the lady. Consider how the real wife whom you loved and married- takes care of your household, whereas the mistress will look after your house and the lady your appearance. Even if you feel lazy to have the hair dressing, the lady will force you to attend to it; if you put on any old and torn one, she will give you a good dress and once for all dispose of the torn ones to the eversilver hawkers, in the street. If your health fails and you are admitted in a nursing home, you cannot get a better nurse than your wife; but your mistress will pay visit during the hours allowed for the public, and your lady will inquire about your health through the car driver or. office attendant, etc. Generally the loving couple will find pleasure by having evening walk, whereas the mistress will give you a ride in her car, if the time suits


her and if you make a request, whereas me lady will take you to a party given by her. If you are in distress, your wife will share the grief. The mistress will share your money and the lady will contribute to your debts. You cannot observe the following but it is a fact. If you die, your wife will cry and weep; your mistress will lament. But the lady will put on the mourning dress for some hours. Bacon says: " Wives arc young men's mistress; companions for middle age; and old meo's nurses According to Varahamihira, Loving wife will clear her throat loudly, laugh only in the presence of the husband, rise towards him from her seat, request her husband to get her trivial and easily available articles .embrace and kiss their child in the presence of her husband, cast glances at her husband when he looks anywhere else, be mentioning his virtues, speak sweetly with him, spend that money which she has for his sake, feel very happy and delighted on seeing him, forget her anger, wink over his mistakes, extol his good qualities, pay much respect to her husband's friends, hate his foes, give expression to her gratitude to her husband for all the good he bad done, feel lonely and miserable in his absence, offer him whatever he wants without any delicacy, embrace him, kiss him first, etc. Only lucky people can have such a wife. Bat a living lady will put on a frowning face, turn away her face from the husband, or at least hold open a newspaper preventing her from seeing him, forget all the benefits done by him to her, neglect the presence of the husband, ignore him, mingle with her husband's enemies, be harsh if he interferes, assume arrogance, but help her husband whenever he goes away, feel more happy and free in his absence, wipe off the mouth if ever he kisses or spit away without delay, go to bed first and get up last. Unless one has committed enough sin in the previous birth, one cannot have a woman of this type as wife who lives only to enjoy her life. This is his Fate. Even though marriage is pre-ordained by the Almighty Providence and one has no

control at all, over the selection of one's partner in life yet, there are many who is the tuft When there is no tuft, how can consult Astrologers to find out the. prob- you make use of the Rower ? Similarly able bride or bridegroom, the time of dasa porutham alone cannot give happy life marriage and the state of married life. for a long period if the horoscopes are not Of them, a few do M know even the good, individually. year of birth.. . For them, our sages have 1. Longevity : Therefore, before progiven out a simple method of. ascertaining ceeding to observe Dasa porutham, find out his .or i. " nakshathra, by taking the first whether long span of life is promised to" alphabet of their names and then judging both of them. Is it not foolish to marry the compatability by applying " Dasa one who is short-lived? Ponitham It should not be given much 2. Health: What is the use of inviting importance, as nowadays the names are not colic patients for a feast; or.taking a given by the parents taking into considera- blind man to afl exhibition or park; or tion the Nakshathra or Star or the con- â&#x20AC;&#x201D; taking deaf fellow to a music concert or stellation in which Moon was at the time offeringa him a stenographers' post; or preof birth. senting an elephant to a beggar? So also, Another method also cannot be much giving a girl in marriage to an unhealthy ' relied upon. Horoscopes are erected for boy is not wise. Still worse will be to the time of maturity of the bride and they marry an unhealthy girl. are compared with the birth charts of the 3. Finance: It is said that money brideigrooms. How far the t$ne taken to cast the horoscopes, can be correct is left makes many things. At least by having satisfactory bank position, one can try to for you to consider. please the partner and purchase peace. If But it is advisable to cast the horoscopes there is no income, poverty will cause of both the boy and the girl using " Drilc" miseries in married life. People, haying method of calculations; or oy using income much less than the minimum Raphael's eph'emeris and then erecting necessity to run a family, can better remain Nirayana charts by deducting Ayanamsa unmarried than to spoil the life of the from the Sayana chart. partner. Therefore, astrologers will scrutiThe horoscope of each has to be judged nise this point also. individually for longevity, health, finance, 4. Future : One might have been born fortune, children, harmony, mutual, affec- poor. But yet, the future will be much promising. In such cases, the parents will tion, temperament etc. be informed about the bright future of the .This deep study is more important than and the alliance will be reDasa Porutham. If the charts promise long couple commended. life with health and happiness to both, then even if dasa porutham is lacking, the 5. Children : lust like trees with beautimarried life will be absolutely satisfactory. ful flowers and fruits, tanks with lotus, and But if the strength of a horoscope is un- the sky with full Moon can offer pleasant satisfactory and either longevity or faeling to one, so also the children at home harmony, is denied, even if all the poru- will contribute for the happiness of the thamsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;(the so-called dasaporutbam) is ex- couple. Our sages believe in the production cellent, how can one expect happy w led of many children, and hence they bless the life for at least some years? Is thei any couple to have (" Bahu Puthra Labham "). meaning in painting a collapsing /all? A person may have all comforts in this How can one erect superstructure wh a-the life. Yet the " life is incomplete, if foundation is very weak? If the be. utiful he has no child. Especially in his or her tuft of' a lady'can "be compared to the last days, he or she will have a feeling longevity and happiness in married life-a similar to, an occupant of a hotel room, vacating it, Icdviffg behind / all those comflower can be compared to dasa porutham

forts be enjoyed there temporarily, as Jooj as be stayed there. 6. Hsnaocry; One can have long life. He may also maiataio robust beallb. But his or ber life is a Hell, if there is no good uaderttaodiog among themselves. They should know that uoity is streogth. They should realise that each should contribute happiness to the other. If there is no uaOe^fttaodjog. iticuial woiry, fiaaocjal trouble, debts, difficulties etc., will be ever fooeaiiof. We have sees many iostaoccz where the couple will be ever quarrel lie g but never failed to have childrco once in 18 mooths. What a life it is? Therefore ao astrologer bos to scrutinise the boioscopes individually for the above six points. When all the above are satisfactory. then alooe. it is advisable to look to the DasaPorutbam. Dasa Po rath us •DINAM CANAMQIA MAH^DRAM SntREE DHKTTtOA.M YONtR EVAQtA RASt RASIAD1I3PATI11 DOWVA5YAM RAJJUR VEDHAatA DUE DHASA*. Tbe ten agnvmeDts which are generally obaerra) are I. Dhina Ponnhan 1. Gaaa Porvtbam i Mahendra Po:uiham 4. Sihree Dfaecrga Porulham 5. Yoni Porulbaot 6. Rasi Poruibam 7. Rasyadbipatbl Porutham I. Vasya Porulham 9. Rajju Porulham and 1(X Vedhai Peru than. 1. Dhivs Pornthani'— **Dhlmth Aro|yin •* • "Btlibffituosni Dbbtm Stdblam" If (here is Dblna Porulham betweeo the bride's star and that of the bridegroom, if (bey gel married, they can have health tor long number of yeats. Whether other agreements are satisfactory or not, BrahmiMjDve more impot uocc (o Dhina ■porulharfrT^" (If according (o an individual chart, long life it oot promised, but he or she

roarries on the stresgtb of Dhioa Ponj. than), bow can this agreement offer him long life. That is why, we emphatically, suggest to look to the longevity, health, prosperity etc.. in each horoscope separately.) Z Gana Poralham " Sobtinifti 0»(i»in»*achi" " KslMChriyaram Oanns dfaslba" To lead a pleasant and happy life with social and pleasant fuociioas etc.. this agreement is oeoesury. Ksbathriyas consider this as very important. 3. Mahrodra Porulham ;— "MahoiChrath Eulbta Yndb-syalh" If there is Mahendra Porulham amoog the couple, it indicates that lhay will have cblldien. If a boy's horoscope deoies birth of children to him bow can he have any, even if be marries a girl with Mabeodbra Porulham. 4. Sthree Dhecrga Porulhan Sthree DHecfftlb Sarxi San^ath. If there is sbree Dhccrga Porulham, they cao eojoy all tbe fruits of life in this world. 5. Yooi Porelkaca >— Yfta cboDtkacpua SoOthrXam Ytair «« Kfca For good uoderstandiAV, happiness and barraooy among the couple, this agreement is accessary, Non-brihmio« consider this agreemeoi *o be more important than others. / 6. Rasi Porulham;— vasia vitSeU Rasi faaafcxamk* v«j Sruaa* If there is Rasi Mreement, the couple will be blessed wiih children. Business people desire this most7. Rasjadhipatbl Poruthani:— Saothanam 'Rasi adhipathi'. This agreemeoi also indicates birth of cbildrao and prosperity. Vaaya Porulham;— •- -v Vat7«({iiatOe>« V«»»ak»rv Mutual attractioo and affection promising inseparable temperament is showo by thu agreemeot. 12

Rajja Poratiiam!— wbo do not know tke correct time of birth but somehow remembers-his or her star. Rajjur Mangalya Vridhisyath. This Porutham gives courage to the girl 1. Dhlna Porntbani.—Here, "Dhtna" that her husband will out've her after means Nakshathra or star of the bride and leading the wedded life for Jock number of bridegroom. years. In Kalaprakasika it is observed that one 10. Vedhai Po. "'tham:— has to count the Nakshathra of the bride "Vedhaya Sotta Kasanam.'* as 1, the next star to her star as 2, the If there is no Vedha, there will be no next 3 and so on; count up to the star of evil effects in married life. They will not the boy include his star also. Suppose a feel sorry for having had such a match. gir! is born in Kartbikai and the boy in then you have to count Karthikai Thus, there are ten methods of ascertain- J Rohini, as one and Rohini as 2 : So the boy's ing the various aspects of married life. star is the from that of the girl, Half baked knowledge is dangerous.— if the girlsecond is born in Karthikai and the A few are under wrong impression that boy .in Funarvasu, one has to count every porutham indicates harmony among Karthikai 1, Rohini 2, Mrigaseerisham 3, the couple. It is incorrect. Further, Thiruvadhirai 4 and Punarvasu 5, thus these agreements are given in th^y local including both the stars of the bride and almanacs. Some people go throii^h only bridegroom and say that bis star is the those mentioned brieflly in the almanacs, 5th from that of the girl. find out whether there is agreement or not to count from the star of the and give freely their opinion. Honestly girlWhether or from that of the boy is also in we feel that they cannot commit a worse controversy. count from that of sin than this. They are strongly advised the bridegroomSome most of the scholars not to offer any opinion unless they have a count only fromand that of the bride. In thorough knowledge and vast experience. Kalaprakasika it is said that the counting Which Panchang to follow to erect must be commenced from that of the Girl the horoscopes.—In India, innumerable ("Sthree Janma Dharam Arabya'*) Anoalmanacs are available. The authors ther author observes as " Vathoo Nakshafollow any one of the IS sjddhantas. thram Arabya Therefore we have to Therefore charts erected to the same birth count only, from the star of the girl. using different almanacs differ much. The There arc totally 27 stars- So the Nakshathras will be different. There may boy's star, may be either the same star be change in the rasi. The dasa bhukti of the girl or any one between 2 and 27. balance at the time of birth do not agree. For Dhina Porutham, it is easy to Thus no two almanacs give the same posidivide the 27 stars into three groups. The tion of planets. first group will commence from the girl's As.Drik System is astronomically and end with the 9th, then again the correct, followDrik. System alone and erect star 10th is counted as one, Uth as two and so the horoscopes, of those which are to be on till 18. The 19th star from that of the matched for matiimonia! purposes. girl is counted as one, the 20th as 2 and so on and the 27th will be counted as (he Defect in Dasa Porutham.—While judging the horoscopes one does not take into 9th. The stars from 1 to 9 are said to be in consideration, the Ascendant—Lagna and th" position of other planets. Only the the first pariyaya: Those between 10 and ^.pn's position (i.e.,—the star and the rasi 18 arc said to be in the second pariyaya; alt e) is'consjdefcdr ; 'It is incomplete and 19th to 27th stars are in the third the i 'ediction offered cannot come true in •parijraya. the s -te of married life. The star^of 'The ..said to be This method is useful only for those Janma Naksbatra: the 10th star is called 13

Anujanraa Nakshathra : the 19th star is Maddhimam—Moderate agreement: Thrijanraam. If Aswini is the star of the Janma, Anujanma, Thirujanma stars. boy or girl, Makam will be Anujanma and Sampath the second, Maithram the Moolam Thrijanma. 8th are auspicious. If Barani is the star •f either/ Poorva10, 19; 2, 11, 20; 8, 17, 26 stars palguni is Anujanma and Poorv; -hada is also [I, agree] Thrijanma. Special rules: If the boy's star is 3 or 5 If Karthikai >s the star of one, Uthra-" palguni is Anujaii. ;a and Utbrashada is • or 7 in the first pariyaya, they do not concord. Thrijanma. Thus has to observe. If the boy's star is the 3rd in the second Suppose one is born in Poorvashada. Then Poorvashada is* Janma, Bharani pariyaya, reject only the first quarter of Anujanma and Poorvapalguni Thrijanma. the star i.e., the boy's star may be 12 from the girl. If his birth would have If one is born in Makam star, Makam Vhat ofin the first quarter, discord it. If is Janma, Moolam is Anujanma and been the birthwere the 2nd, 3rd or 4th Aswini is Thrijanma. The following pada or quartertoofbethein star, you can match table may be useful: them. Thejxcgree. If the boy's star is Janma Anujanma Thrijanma the 5th star in the second pariyaya, only Aswani Makam Moolam the 4th pada is to be rejected. So also do Barani 1 Pooram Pooradam not match if the boy is born in the 3rd pada of the seventh star in second pariyaya Karlhikai Uthiram Uthradam counted from that of the girl. Other padas Rohini Hastham Saravanam Mrigasrisham Chithrai Dhanishta agree. Arudhra Swalhi Sthayam If the star of the boy is in the 3rd Punarvasu Visakam Poorattadhi pariyaya reject if the star of the boy is in Pushyam Anusham Uthirattadhi the 88th pada. A few authors allow the Ashlesha Jyeshta Revathi 7th star in the 3rd pariyaya and a few The star of a person is called Jarima: reject it. The second is " Sampath " (Prosperity) ; But, we consider the whole horoscope . the third Vipath (danger); the 4th and if the lord of the 7th star is a benefic, Kshemam (happy) ;'the 5th is Prathyaram we do match it but if the lord of the 7th (undesirable); the 6thisSadhakam(favour- star rules evjj houses, we reject it outright. able) ; 7th is called Vatham (Torture, (e.g.) Suppose one is born in Leo or massacre) ; the 8th is Maithram (friendly) Simha Lagna. Her star is either Barani and the 9th star is parama Maithram or Poorvapalguni star. (intimate friendship)'. Thus in each Then the lord of herorstarPoorvashada is Venus-Sukra. pariyaya, the 2nd is sampath, the 3rd The seventh star in the third pariyaya to Vipath, the 4lh Kshemam and so on. Barani is Uthirattadhi ; the seventh star in the third pariyaya to Poorvapalguni is How to judge whether there is Dhina Pushyam and that to Poorvashada is Porutham or not? Anuradba. These three stars Pushyam, The Best agreement—(fM/Anmnni) Anuradha and Utbrapathrapada are governed by Saturn, , As Simha or Leo is Count the star from that of the girl. the Lagna-Ascendant, Saturn rules the 6th The star of the boy may be in the first and the 7th houses, it is evil to those born or the second or the 3rd pariyaya. What• ever be the pariyaya, if the star of the boy in Simha. Hence reject. But if the Lagna-Asccndant is Taurusis the Sadhaka 6th or Kshema the 4th or j ..^Pararaamaithra the 9th they agree most Rishaba, for which Saturn is a benefic, match the horoscopes. satisfactorily. «[6, 15,24; 4, 13, 22; 9, 18, 27 'stars ' ■ Suppose Uthrapalguni first pada was the star of the bride. Moon will be in Simha, agree] .• 15

The trine stars Kaithikai, Uthiram and tldhimam-Maderate: If both are Uthiradam are ruled by Sun, The seventh n the same star and if it were to be stars in the third parlyaya to these three Aswini or Karthikai or Mrigaseexisha stars are Revathi, Ashlesha and Jyeshta, hya or Pborvashada or Uthrashada, " If the Lagna of the girl, is Taurus, the agreement is moderate. They do Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and agree. Capricorn, we say that Mercury the lord Atbamam-Useless: If both are born in of Revathi etc., is a benefic to these Lagnaany one of the following stars, rejectâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; borns; hence the girl born in Uthrapalguni They are Barani, Ashlesha, Swathi, first pada can marry one born in Ashlesha; Jyeshta, Moolam, Dhanishta, Sathabisha' or one born in Uthrashada first pada will and Poorvapathrapada. Therefore, if the concord with Jyeshta; or one born in nakshathras of the boy and the girl is same, Karthikai star will agree with Revathi the first mentioned 8 stars are excellent, husband. But if the Lagna is Mesha, the next II stars are fair whereas the 8 Mercury is the lord of 3 and 6. To stars in the third group are to be ignored. Scorpio, Mercury is lord of 8 and 11 and so on. Hence Mercury is definitely an Same star: But Moon in different evil and we do not approve the matching signs: Suppose Karthikai is the star of both the bride and bridegroom. Moon of the brides born in Sun's star with the . bridegroom born in Mercury's star. may be in Aries-Mesha or Taurus-Rishaba, You can match (a) if both have Moon in Twenty seventh star:â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Special rule : Aries or (b) if both have Moon in Taurus " Saptha Vimsadhipam Thyajyara or (c) if the bride has Moon in Aries and Binna Rasi Gatbam Yathi " the bridegroom in Taurus. You should If the star of the boy is. the 27th when not match a girl having Moon in Taurus counted v from that of the bride and if in Karthikai star with a boy born in Moon were to be in the same sign in their Karthikai star but having Moon in Aries. horoscope,' they concord : But if the Moon sign of the boy is the 12th to that " Vatham and Vainasikam ; " bf the girl they do not concord. Suppose If the boy's star is the' 7th when counted one is born in Makam star. Then the from that of the girl, it is termed as Moon will be in Leo-Simha. If the boy "Vatham". Naturally the girl's star is is born in Ashlesha, Moon will be in 22nd when counted from the-Star of thp Cancer-Kataka. According to this rule boy and it is called "Vainasikam". Such they do not agree. But if the bride is a combination not receive the approborn in Ashlesha having Moon in Cancer, val of the sages. But there is some excepshe can marry one born in the 27th star tion and the effect of celebrating such a Pushyam With Moon in Cancer according marriage is exhaustively dealt with by to this rule. One has to reject a boy Kasyapa Maharishi. born in Chithirai firsthalfhaving Moon in Virgo, but select a boy born in Chithirai He warns the girls born in the six second.half with Moon in Libra-Thulam, stars Karthikai, Ashlesha, Chithirai, Anuradha, Dhanishta and Sathabisha for girls born in Swathi Nakshathra when Mooh will be in Libra-Thulam. not to marry the boys born in the 7 stars, Ashlesha, Swathi, Poorvashada, Tf thp star of the bride and . the brideDhanishta, Barani and Karthikai. He groom is'bne and the same, a few can be expects the married life to be very short. matched and some are not approved by our sages: Even here, there are some But he approves the match between a .controversial statements. . . .... s girl born.-rin Arudhra,. Poorvapalguoi and.-., ythamam-Excellent: If their sjars were,-,<s, Pushya and the boy born in the 7th to be either Rohini or Arudhra or Makam' "star counted from"them?" or Hastham or Visakam or Sravanam or Also he adds: or Uthirattadhi or Revathi the agreement is excellent. I. Happiness and birth of children are 16

promised if ^tioarvasu girl marries Hastham boy. 2. Just opposite results will be experienced by a Jyeshta girl if she takes ,a Sathayam boy as hef husband. 3. Mrigaseerisham -giri will Jose early her husband born in Pooram. 4. So aiso Hastham girl should not vehture to marry a Moolam boy. 5. Many children are born to Rohini girls by marrying Makam boy.. ; 6. Similarly, Poorattathi girl will be the mother of many issues if her husband is born io Rohini. 7. Aswini girls get dejected by having many daughters, one after the other, by accepting a Punarvasu partner. 8. Swathi girls give consolation to Aswini girl as she also brings forth many daughters as her husband would have been bom in Uthiradam star (the 7th). 9. Revathi girls with Arudhra boys, and Utbrapslfjuni girl with Jyeshta boys do not lead a aappy life. There will be no understanding among the couple. Gradually, they develop hatred and sooner ox later decide once for all to be ever enemical. A few will get separated. In other countries, they will have frequent divorces. 10. If the girl's star is Makam, she will have children. But they will be wicked. 11. Visaka girl will hate Sravanam husband. 12. Sravanam girls will divorce Aswini boys. 13. Uthirattadhi girls lose their husbands early by marrying the boys born in the 7 th star14. Uthiradam girls enjoy all the fruits of life in this world by marrying the boys born in the 7th star. 15. Pootvashada girls develop moi. and more of affection towards their husbands and lead a happy life. , .-,46. Barani star girls, when fortunate, take Pushyam star boys. . .. ^ Thus" Sage Kashyapa has given his findings so .that one can boldly select or .. reject the 7th star.

Aurrtee-s " Proverbs; Learned astrologers have observed that no evil result is indicated whatever be the star of the Boy. His star may be any one of the 27 stars. There is no malefic effect. But girls born in certain nakshatbras indicate certain undesirable results. Such stars are only four in number. They .are Moolam, - Ashlesha (Kettai)-Jyeshta and Visakam. Even then, only when Moon was in a particular pada or quarter of the nakshatbra it is considered to be evil. Danger to father-in-law is threatened by Moolam first pada bride. Evil to motherin-law is indicated by Ashlesha 1st pada girl. Jyeshta 1st pada bride is dangerous to her elder brother-in-law. But Visakam 4th pada girl shows anxiety to her younger brother-in-law. The other padas are not harmful. That is all, what our sages have said. But certain wicked people compose some dirty proverbs and reject the offer of a bride born in any one of the 4 stars. They do not consider anything else. Let me quote one or two proverbs. " Pen Moolam Nir Moolam ". That is, girls born in Moolam star are very unfortunate and wherever she goes, she will take with her " Misfortune," In reality, there is no Iruth in such proverbs. They used to add " Aun Moolam Arasalum That is, boys born in Moolam star will rule the kingdom. One in 27 of the population will be born in Moolam and half of them may be males. We do hot know to which kingdom they are the lords. Let us ask them whether they had taken pains to verify a few cases at the least We boldly say that actually the -Moolam.bride is happy and rich whereas the Moolam boy is leading a miserable life. Moolam, girl is the landlady and Moolam boy is .a servant. Moolam girl lends money to Moolam boys, Moolhm girl gives lift in her car, to a Moolam old man who walks on the tar road, in the hot sun, even without chappals. Moolam boy ""sells his:$(iÂŁe's jewels to a Moolam girl who purchases them fdr her.use.- - ^ , Let us pose some questions.

Some boys lose their father immediately after marriage. Have all of them married girls born in Moolam ? Some boys complain a lot of difficulties to their mother, soon after their marriage. Have they married the brides born in AsbJesha 1st pada. A few say that they lost their elder brother immediately after marriage, had they married Jyeshta girls. Similarly collect facts and consider. You will find that the fathers-in-law passed away even though the girls are born in all the 27 stars. Similarly some lost mother-in-law, some brother-in-law, and so on. Therefore to attribute any such occurrences only to the nakshathra of the bride is not wise. Suppose a girl is born in Moolam first pada; she marries a boy. Is it certain that her father-in-law will pass away. Should not his horoscope indicate that his end will be immediately after hrs son's marriage with a Moolam .girl ? If his horoscope promises long span of life, how can this bride shorten it, by marrying his son ? If the

father-in-law does not die, will she administer poison ? Are there not many Moolam girls haying fathers-in-laws for many decades after marriage ? Do girls born in other stars promise long life tofather:inlaw. Therefore, do not pay heed to all these proverbs. To reject the horoscope of girls born in Moolam or Ashlesha or Jyeshta or Visaka is not wise. One has to judge the whole horoscope and find out the results. To sele6t or reject on any one point, taking only Moon's position into consideration is not correct. A few exceptions;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;If the star of the girl or the boy is either Mrigaseerisha or Makam or Uthiram or Hastham or Swathi or Anuradha or Uthrashada or Uthirattadhi, one need not see dasaporutbam at all. They can marry even when there is no dhina porutham. etc. (Yet the special rule to the 7th star is to be considered) {will be continued)

ERECTION OF By JYOTHISHA VISHARATH In our issue of June 1963, it was explained how-to find out the sidereal lime at birth with reference to a birth at 6-30 P.M. Indian Standard Time on 15th May, 1963 at Agra while the method of fixing "up the exact position of the 12 cusps was explained in detail in the August issue. . Now, we will explain how to find out the planetary position for the above birth with Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris, which is to be followed to have a correct chart. What Ephemeris is, has been explained already. You all know that the Standard time followed in India is 5^ hours in advance Planets Snn Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Satum Rahu Uranus Neptune

HOROSCOPE K. G AN APATHY of Greenwich Meantime. The position of planets, i,e., the longitude of planets printed in the Ephemeris is worked out for 12 Noon at Greenwich for each date, or 5-30 P.M. I.S.T. The example taken here is the birth at 6-30-P.M. which is I P.M. G.M.T. {i.e., 6-30 P.M.—5-30 hours = 1 P.M.) You turn over the pages 10 and U in the Ephemeris where the planetary position for the month of May, 1963 is given. Find out the position on'15lh and 16th as the birth has taken place in between these two dates. The following are the positions of planets:—

Symbol Position on 15-5-63 Position on 16-5-63 deg. mt. dcg. rat. o 23 a 56 24 8 54 10 s 50 24 s 04 i 21 £135 t 21 EI09 9 27«2S (R) 27B 58 9 >30 21 9 >18 25 >43 ? 26 >55 21 22 = 49 22 = 51 23 s 31 a 23S34 1 TO 10 1 to 10 14 m 00 (R) 14 u 2

Motion for a day de. rat. 0—58 13—14 0—26 0—33 0—12 1—12 0— 2 0—3 Nil 0— 2

(R) indicates that the planet is retrograde) The motion of each planet for a day, i.e:, 24 hours is given above. As birth has taken place 1 hour after 12 Noon, Greenwich or 1 hour after5-30 P.M. I.S.T. for which the position of planets is given, you have to find out proportionate movement yfor the interval and add the same to the'position on the 15th, if the planet is in direct motion or deduct it if

the planet is retrograde. Rahu's position is given on the top of the right hand side on page 11 as Moon's Node. You have to add 180° to fix up Kethu's longitude: Sun moved 58r in 24 hours and in 1 hour it would have moved 58/24' or 2-10/24 mts. So add 2 ints. to the position on 15-5-63, Moon.' moved or 19

794 mts. in 24 hours. In 1 hour. Moon has moved 794724 — 33-2/24 mts. So add 33 mts. Mars has moved only 26' in a day and in an hour it would have moved only 1' which is to be added. x Mercury also has moved only 33'in 24 hours. So in 1 hour it has moved l-9/23mts. So V is to be deducted from the position on 15th as Budha was retrograde (Vakram). Jupiter, has advanced only 12' in a day and in an hour it would have moved 1/2'. So we can add 1' to the position given for . 15th. Sukra (Venus) had a motion of 1° 12, or 72' for 24 hours. In 1 hour Siikra would have moved 7^/24' = 3' which is to be added. As Saturn, Rahu, Neptune moved 2', 3' and 2' only for 24 hours, you can take the same position for them as on 15th Noon

Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Kethu Uranus Neptune

3eg. mt.~ "SS'aSO , 11=23 21 a 10 ■ 27 a 57 97 19 25 7 46 22 = 49 23 s 34 23*5 34 1'H! 10 14 "i 02

3eg. mt. —23—15 —23—15 —23—15 —23—15 —23—15 —23—15 -23-15 -23—15 —23—15 -23-15 —23—15

O.M.T. Uranus did not move at all. Thus we have worked out the exact movement of each planet for the birth time. The following are the planetary positions:— Sun, O 23 8 56+0— 2 = 23 856. Moon J 10 =50+0—33 = 11"= 23 Mars «' 21Cl09+0—+=210.10 Mercury o [R)27 8 58—0— 1 = 27 8 57 Jupiter 2f 9 T 18+0— 1= 9 7 19 Venus 9 25 7 43+ 0— 3 = 25 7 46 Saturn ^ 22 = 49 22 = 49 Rahu S3 23 s 34 23 s 34 Kethu u 23V334 23V3 34 Uranus ® lilO 'lutlO 14 m 2 Neptune "P (R)14a 2 The above is Sayana position. You have to deduct the Ayanamsa 2315' to find out the Nirayana system. Nirayana Position Heg, mt. 0 8 45 18 B 08 27 s 55 4 8 42 16K04 2 7 31 29 b 34 0 s 19 0B 19 7 055 20-47



Krithigai Sravanam Ayilyam Krithigai Uthirattathi Asvathi Avittam Punarpushyara Uthiradam Makam Visakham

2 3 4 3 4 1 2 4 2 3 1

The next stage is to erect the Rasi and Navamsa Chakra from the Nirayana position as follows: . Now you have to find out the Dasa had advanced 08°-8' in Sravanam, it has to balance at the . time of birth from the move only-5 -12' more to complete its ' Nirayana Position of Moon. Each star is transit in'thatstar and eater into Avitin longitude; i.e:, 360° is divided tam. So the period is to be calculated i.e., go _ g' ^gg equally for 17 stars. Here the birth star (Janma Nakshatra) is Sravana which is 1^-20" x 10 years = see x 10 years = ruled by Moon and its total Dasa period 6 years 1 month 6 days. So you deduct is 10 years. If the birth had taken place this from 10 years to find out the exact at .the start of Sravanam, then the balance - —"period of Mdon Dasa to be enjoyed during of " Mbbn'Da'sa at birth will be 10 years. the native's life. As the birth had taken place after Moon 20

10 years 0 month 0 day - 6 years 1 month 6 days = 3 years 10 months 24 days Now you have arrived at the figure, which .you have to write below the nirayana rasi, amsa chakram as follows: " At the time of birth, balance of Moon Dasa is 3 years 10 months and 24 days. (affuiJcyQ^fibgZI (SUIT.® i£^1ii30Uq.) The last item to be calculated for the above birth is the position of " FORTUNA 'the symbol is ©This you will get by adding the longitude of Moon and Lagna (Ascendant) and by deducting the longitude of Sun as follows: Moon's position is 11° m 23' (Sayana) 311° - 23H, Sun 0o-35'' Venus Mercury Inpitcr 0 2V31' (R) 16 -4' 40-42' Rahu 0M9' ©13^-6' Mars 27V55' RASI CHAKRAM Saturn 290-34' Uranus Moon 7^-55' j 18-S' fKetha O'-lfT Lagna 250-33' Neptune 20e~4r CR)

Add 0Asc.'s position is I8 iii48' (Sayana) Deduct Sun's position 23 « - 50' As it is more than a circle deduct Fortuna's" position at birth (Sayana)

228°-48' 540°- 11' 53°-50' 486°-IF 360°-00'

126°-21' 6° a 21/ Deduct Ayanamsa'to find out0 Nirayana position 6° a21'- 23°- 15'- 13 s66' This also is to be included in the rasi, amsa chakras and in the place where the position of other planets are given. Mars

Venus Neptune (R)


Mercury (R)

Moon Uranus Rahu

NAVAMSAM Sun K'ethu Jupiter

The other birth examples-will be

in the subsequent issues.



HUMAN PREDICAMENT DESTINYâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;rcomd.) y K. S. Anai tNA'jRAY AN AN Supreme, always trying to bring about the (Soul) & * Jeeva' is the Soul enclosed or encased in the sheath of vasanas, the Equilibrium" and Detachment of the reaction product of all gunas of the Supreme, (in the individual's case, making material and universal mental mould. him a Jeevan Muktha). Considered from Vasanas are just like petals of lotus flower the Objective point of view, Karinic reactions are eternal, because the Object that open up at the sight of the Sun and close up at its setting. (The crossing of is tke Environment, in which the Supreme latitudinal and longitudinal forces at Soul is split, as it were into multi-million any point results in cyclic formations, as tiniest components as it were, of infinitewaves, and vasanas close up the ego as if simal magnitute called the Universal enclosed in a bud;) Soul is the theoretical Mind, the Relative Existence, the Maya representation of a fraction of the Kingdom, in which every tiny creature is Supreme Soul, and Jeeva minus vasanas is just a toy in the interplay of Supreme the Soul. In Reality Soul is same as the Power A Prakrithi, being kicked about Supreme Soul. (Aham Brahjnosmi is here and there, but all the time being governed by infalliable, though inscrutable Absolute Truth), Karma : The necessary comcommitant laws. Vasanas; Refer collectively to characactivity and dynamism of the Universal â&#x20AC;˘ mind surcharged with actions and re- teristics or nature, and tendencies that cover as an envelope, making it actions of the Pure and Qualified Maya a jeevatheandSoul, covering and encasing of Sakthi at every instant. Karmic reactions the Supremethis as already mentioned is the are infinite chain reactions transferring Maya of dualistic the resultant their centres from one individual to of Supreme Power nature, The another, just like money circulating Supreme Being is splitandas Prakrithi. were by the systems, where the recipient of a particular vast expanse of Maya Sakthiit into infinite result or experience is already" prepared to ' sparks of flame'clouded by the Maya, receive Che same from the previous the Universal Mind. In addition to this KLarmin. Here we are concerned with a clothing, the individual Jeeva dynamism of forces of action and re- universal have developed his own encasement action, and not with individuals. For might and fettering by the application of his instance, when a curse or blessing is egoism in the field of his own environment experienced by an individual as a punish- and objects, may be likened to latiment or as an award, the forces emanat- tudinal forceswhich attraction of the material ing from that experience of that individual world, as he isof also made of thf does not stop with him altogether, the mould. Vasanas refer to oojew laws of karma provide a recipient for material further transfer of the good or the evil in only. the environment of the individual, which Manushyaha (Man)^ In the hierarchy crops up at a suitable moment in the of Creation, Man occupies the highest individual's life. (This is indicated in the rung of Evolution in the physical, mental, natal chart of the individual, and also in and spiritual planes. He is made up of .the progressed positions of the planets). the Universal thrie components: the From the point of view of the Subject, Subject, Predicate, and Object. His karmic reactions and actions arc taking subject is the tiniest fraction of the place simultaneously, in the 'small' Supreme Soul, called Athma or Jeeva y i subject, Man or in the Bigger Subject, the Athma. His Object is the Environment./ ^

including his Mind, and His Predicate is the destined Karma, he has to accomplish. The Universal Mind or Maya is inseparable from the Supreme Power, for its existence is partly due to the Supreme Power and Prakrithi Sakthi, and Supreme Power itself is inseparable from the Static Supreme Being. According to Vishnu Suktha, the Supreme Being is situated in. every conceivable particle of matter or being, of the seen and unseen, heard or unheard. So Man is made up of the Subject, Supreme Being, (with its own Parasakthi which is inseparable), his Mind ' (which is a combination of the Universal Mind fraction and his own developed tendencies by the application of his own egoism) which is the Objectwhich includes his material mould as well,and his Karma is his Predicate. We use the word ' 1' to connote possession of the body and the mind when we say, it is my mind, and it is my body. We do not identify I with Body or Mind, and this sense of ' 1 * is something alien to Body or Mind. This refers to the Soul; the imaginary part of the Supreme Soul, or the Supreme Ego. That'I* is Reality, and is neither the Mind nor the Body,, for it is the Supreme Being and Supreme State, in which all the Supreme Power is contained. The different capacities of men anci women physically,. intellectually, and spiritually, though varying in degrees (as may be easily deduced from analysis of hundreds of horoscopes) and though individuals pass through different vicissitudes of life, and experiences, yet Humanity is a pattern by itself in the hierarchy of Creation. Man is a miniature Universe, in that, in his physical make-up, he has all the characteristics and functions of everything of the Objective Universe,.Prakrithi ; he has a part of the Universal Mind; and above all, he has the-'I', which as we have mentioned is the Supreme State. That would mean, that Man is at a particular stage of the Divine Evolution in Man, and is on the way to Absolute Divinehood, the exact stage depending upon his own realisation of the c 1 Further it is an interesting fact, that cannot escape anybody's observation, that 24

in the hierarchy of Creation, there is a certain sign of superiority or leadership in every species and each species take directions or training as it were from the next higher evolved being. Even among men, some men are born leaders while others follow. Of course that is ascertaining tendency of the developed Ego; (if the development is along the latitudinal, or Objective direction), then Egoism is rampant and if towards , the Subject, longitudinal, then there is purity and power in the right direction). Thus Man hasattained a stage in the evolutionary ladder, that he is in a position to carve the destiny of the lower species, and even amongst them, the more developed Ego is able to command, lead and carve the destiny of the underdeveloped. It must be noted in passing that the Direction of Development of the Ego,â&#x20AC;&#x201D;towards the Subject or Object is the Most Important, as the following will make the point clear. Why should there be a gradation in evolution, and what is the ultimate destiny of all creatures? The simple and most sublime truth is the Realisation that *!' is identical with the Supreme Being, when Truth is realised; the Universal Sankalpa or Supreme Destiny is to make every Jceva realise this truth, and lead the same to Divinehood; of Supreme Being, from which no Power is dissociated. Good and Evil (Papa & Ponyam): Throughout the Science of Astrology, which deals with Human Karmic reactions, fortunes and misfortunes of individuals are attributed to the good and evil done by the subject in the past; and it is said that these are reflected by the positions of the planets in certain uncongenial houses with evil aspects by the Krura grahas such as Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Uranus, Neptune, etc. With bad dasas of planets in debilitation, and retro gradation, subjects of certain lagnas experience series of troubles, difficulties, obstacles in respect of the various houses of the horoscope, governing personal health, wealthy profession, family, children, debts and diseases etc. and these are all common experiences. No question

of any one saying "whether he believes in Astrology or not; he will have proof of his own experience of good or bad during the times indicated in his horoscope. We have mentioped in the foregoing that Man has attained a special point in his evolution towards Divinehood, the Ultimate Sankalpa of the Supreme; that is to -say, the ego, or 'the spark within' has reached a particular plane, which gives the Man, the capacity to enquire into his environment and make deductions intelligently from his observations, that he has also attained a degree of discrimination or Viveka in respect of his own position and that of his neighbour by specific characteristics of his own nature and those of his neighbour. Further, there is a definite individuality developed in each man, and this individuality is the more striking the more he is cultured and refined in tastes and manners. We have said that Karmic actions and reactions are part and parcel of Maya Existence or Relative Existence of duality; if we consider these actions and reactions, just as we might consider Heat or Electricity or Magnetism, then there is no'point in classifying them as good or bad. . For one thing, these Karmic forces are not, purely material, but are a combination of the Spiritual and Material; again, these forces encircle and enclose the'spark'of Divine, which is present everywhere; and this ' spark ' or ego is on the ascent towards Divinehood as its Ultimate Destiny, and this spiritual phenomenon is reflected in Man's mind in varying degrees according tb his own degree of evolution in the same human pattern, as Discrimination. Man has developed a sense c enquiry in and around him, and gets an inkling into the Scheme of Cosmos, its scientific and methodical workings, in the midst of apparent diversity of all manifestations, including members of his own fraternity. He notes a progressive gradation in the culture, refinement in the mental, moral output of/ men and women and also the developin *at of personalities, human and divine ,no have the power to attract and ho'' che individuals, and the audience.

We begin to see the hand of the Supreme Destiny in carving out its Grand Designs, and Avatars are no less than Divine Personalities in mundane moulds, with all the Truth, Peace and Wisdom radiating from their very presence. This Divine personality is developed unconsciously and + aiÂť â&#x20AC;&#x201D;^ ically on the subject, who is vj^-^ntened with the Basic Truth of all existence, of all karma, and whose fixed Ego has shorn off of all its vasanas by Wisdom, and who is always in communion with the Supreme Ego, and who has understood that *1' is the reflected Reality in the living Being. Discrimination of Viveka is the asset with which Man is set in bis further journey towards divinehood. It is the compass by which the developed Ego in Man is helped to steer the ship of his being in the ocean of Samsara; â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the Relative Existence of the Maya Kingdom, where Karma is the Law. Discrimination opens up two courses of action to avoid whirlpools, storms, and undercurrents that may sink the self to unfathomable depths; the attractions of the objective environment on the individual, who has a mental and material component, susceptible to such attractions coupled with built-up vasanas of the past cycles of births and deaths, that unless the individual has developed a will to keep on applying discrimination, he may be all lost in the whirlpool; we meanihat the individual may lose track of bis path and may have again to trek through labyrinths and circuitous routes with great labour and discomfiture. discrimination will enable the Searcher after Truth to adopt either of the two methods; to take the path indicated by the Natural Law of Divinehood as the Ultimate Destiny and adopt the process of Yoga, the most mystic, simplest, and easiest being Nama Yoga; another method would be to steer clear of the compelling environment of danger by conscious attempts in the discharge of duties, and performing all karmas in an unattached manner. The first course is mystic, and though faith in the Supreme is essential, it is capable of bestowing its benefits and lifting the dormant, fixed and tainted ego 25

Prakrithi Sakthi of the Objective Universe, setting up possessive instincts and developing animal nature. Thus at any moment, the fixed spark or ego is subject to two powerful forces on opposite directions and crossing planes'; Latitudinal objective forces and Longitudinal subjective plane. The Subjective Divine plane is eternally stationary, so that we have to worry about the latitudinal. forces only coming from the Objective and Environmental; from thaterial attractions and vasanas, that gather round the 'Jeeva* trying to extinguish the ' spark* within, if the fixed ego, the Jeeva, fixes his attention only on the Environment and not on himself. A very important spiritual phenomenon marks the evolution of the Jeeva to Divinehood; to the attainment of the position of Jeevan Muktha. In this connection, we have to explain, what is Yoga and what modifications do take place in the Karmic and Gnana paths. We have also to understand the distinction between Yoga and Possession, as they are diametrically opposite in their functions, and in the field of their operation. Possession connotes two parties participating. The Subject and the Object, the former or the latter trying to possess the other. Even inanimate objects, like money and properties, possess the minds of the individual subjects. In the case of developed beings like human beings, one may be attracied to the other, physically by animal magnetism, or mentally by intellectual accomplishments, and one or the other may like to possess the other physically and mentally, and treat the other as ah article of value owned and used. Here the Subject and Object are different physically in features, in shape, size etc., and they may have different outlook on life also. Still the attraction may take place. Possession of"one by the other mutually is more enduring than if-it were one-sided where the desire to possess the other is persisted by one party alone. Even in the case of muiual attractions and mutual possession, much misery is experienced if one loses the other, and in the case of onesided possession and domination of the other unwilling partner, who may be look-

to supreme heights of Evolution by shearing off the vasanas even when one is a disbeliever, but is persistent in application of Nama Japa. For the same reason, even if the man's mind is unsettled, confused and disturbed, his sustained attempts to remember the Divine Name always and under all circumstances, gradually clears the mind of all confusions, depression, worry, and present before it enlarged and enlightened vision of the Cosmos and its workings, and a stage is reached when the enlightened subject attains peace within himself, and there is no doubt that passeth bis understanding. The Divine Anesthetic of Nama Yoga saves the patient all the gruesome pains of operation of the Karmic surgeon's knife, and leaves no after-effects towards decay or deterioration. Nama Yoga, while it enables the subject to cross the path of Samsara quite uncon-" sciously, nevertheless enlightens the subject fully and thoroughly into all the intricacies of Karmic existence, the pitfalls to avoid the real meaning of moral laws, and ethical values, Upanishads, Ten Commandments, Scriptures, Puranas and Ithihasas, and the Truth underlying in all these experience of the Ancients. Nama Yoga produces a Gnani, and the Gnani is certainly the Guru of the Karma Yogi. Nama Yoga has the potency of the Supreme Law. We are all born as Karma Janmas, enveloped by Maya which is the kshetra for encasing the ego or the ' supreme spark ' fosters it in this earthly existence, and finally allows the spark to escape with disillusionment partly or completely. The ego is first of all encircled by the Universal Mind or Maya. As the Supreme Power goes on acting on the Universal mind, the encased ego or the fixed ego, or the living creature, as in Nama Yoya gets more and more enlightened; that is noticeable from the inanimate to the animate, and from the insentient animal to the most developed animal, the Man, who is further assisted with the power of discrimination power of direction, and power of improving himself. All this time, the Prakrithi component of which his material mould the body is made, is also subject to the power of the 27

ing elsewhere for possessions, the consequent tension produced in the disappointed subject would be unrecountable.. Thus possession is quite different from union, the entire meaning of Yoga, and Yoga in the accepted sense means only the union of the Evolved Ego with its Super Self. Possession being Karmic phenomenon, is subject to the stresses and strains, susceptibilities, doubts, and disappointments, disillusionments of the Maya Sakthi. Physical attraction and animal magnetism alone may not sustain mutual possessions for long, and mental incompatibility is a â&#x20AC;˘ powerful factor for disturbing the even running of initial felicities. In many cases, public scandal, vanity, involution of responsibilities by birth of children, and economic necessities make the man and woman, the Subject and Object, the possessor and the possessed to maintain an apparently calm domestic atmosphere, withalloutward smiles in an under-current of suppressed tensions. Only mutual adjustments, sacrifices, and understanding by free and unrestrained exchange of thoughts make the Subject and the Objectâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the possessor and the possessed, lead to a sustained life of love and affection. Union is the word that connotes a merging in the Spiritual Plane of the Ego and the Super Ego of the evolved Jeeva or Soul with the Supreme Soul; it refers , to the attainment of the supramental plane by the Soul, and its instantaneous dissolution with the Supreme Being. Here the Subject and Object merge together, the object being becoming critical with the subject becoming the Absolute Being. Here it refers, to the enlargement of the ' spark' to become the whole Supreme Flame, when considered in the same plane, burning off all dross of vasanas; alternatively the moving away of the vasanas of shadow from the enlarging enacting Enlightenment. In whatever way it is considered, it is the'spark' within developing into the whole and the Indivisible. Possession Is synonymous with a keen own, and use eXcliisivclyYor bne-"^ self. The keynote is desire, and desires spring up in the individual's mind by the millions. In the field of Karma, it is 28

often stressed that Desires must be controlled and limited, but this cannot be achieved unless we analyse our own self; our inborn traits and tendencies and strong urges; how we react with regard to other's desires, their possessions, and acquisitions, and ambitions and achievements, even, under very provocating situations ; whether we are or are not disturbed in our minds regarding our status, or economic position, and in the fulfilment of our desires on comparison with those of others. Can we attain a state of mental equilibrium without being the least affected by depression, jealousy, anger, or despondency ? And can we attain such a state in the disturbing conditions of the modern times when storms are raging fiercely in and around every individual due to so many causes amongst which our own mental make-up itself is primarily responsible to become ever more susceptible to the tantalizing illusions and attractions of the modern Environment. We are not here preaching Ethics and we are not crying down modern civilisation with the many benefits bestowed on Mankind by Scientific advances, discoveries in the fi^ld of Medicine, Nuclear energy etc. They have no doubt made the individual live more and more comfortably, though the advantages of such advancement has not sufficiently seeped through to the whole of Mankind. But with all this, and even if the advantages and benefits of all discoveries, innovations, and inventions are all distributed equally and equitably can Man lead a life of equanimity? As it is he is very much disturbed. Will the possession of material benefits alone make him lead a life of contentment? We can definitely say the answer is a definite Negative. Desires and urges for possessions do not stop at any place, and are never satiated, because of the very nature of their origin; they emanate and operate in the expanding Qbjective Universe, the theatre of Maya or illusions, of strife, struggle and disappointments, and disillusionments, and it is the area of the multi-millions, and above all, of Shadows(It will be seen from horoscopic delineations of hundreds of horoscopes, that

Neptune, the planet governing iliusions, forces of the Nuclear Power of Nature, shadows, hallucinations, mediuqiship etc., and indeed, those who display extraordis becoming more and more prominent, as inary urge in possessing, preserving, the rays of this borderland planet arc augmenting material possessions, objects, being more and more felt and experienced including Wealth, arc certainly votaries of in highly ^civilised' countries, making the Devil, the very antithesis of the individuals depend more on make-believe, Divine. They become gradually heartless, than even on the objects themselves thus unsympathetic, and insensitive "to the feelings of others. Thus they move towards a drawing Humanity more and more into path exactly opposite to that marked out the realm of the unreal, and the confused. Remember that the shadow of a being or by Divine Sankalpa, of Divinehood, in thing is very much more elongated and which the evolving Soul becomes Cognizant that every being is travelling in the twisted depending upon the fact that the more the object is away from the source f same path towards Supreme fulfilment, of light, and more the rugged, the surface and crossing anybody's path by creating mental and physical disturbances would on which the shadow falls. Thus Humanity is on the threshold of the region of be tantamount to obstructing his own. the Shadows, even beyond the region of Yoga of any form, the simplest being the objects, when even that is not very Nama brings about'detachment in desirable for attaining mental equanimity.) a mysticYoga, manner as we have mentioned Detachment means that the From what has been said already, it elsewhere. 'enclosed and encased' Jeeva, has freed would become clear that Man himself himself from vasanas—attachments, over ages has been deteriorating in his tendencies for fresb experiences— outlook, has been moving , farther and desires, past and the present. That is, his farther away from the Supreme Ideal, 'ofI'theshines in Divine Light all the time, forgetting that in his own self the Divine the Jeeva feels, its will is synonymous has its abode of being. He has to take all with His Will, isthat not in the least perturthe responsibility for such a miserable bed by any event or slate in which he finds himself today provocation from orthecircumstance Environment. because he has attained a plane in Such a state is attained only by revelations the pattern of creation, and Evolution of enligbment which "bringeth underthe Ego, by which he is endowed with the and standing to the yogin floodlighting torch of Discrimination which he can whole arena of bis mind, clearing of the all direct into himself or in his Environment. doubts falterings on every aspect of This torch of discrimination is the 'atten- life and and Existence, and making him more tion ' of the * I' and under nq circumstan- dynamic in the execution of his Karmas, ces this should be made to.die, or clouded, removing from his mind the sense of the because Discrimination is the prana of 'I' * I' existing separately from any other as it were. Our own inborn tendencies, being. Such an evolved ' Jeevan Muktha' and the external forces of Environment automatically Divine Magneare there to c!«ud and smother the enclo- tism, attractingdevelops the whole Universe to sed ' spade * every instant, and it is discri- himself, but remaining himself uuattracmination and awareness of the 'I' in us table, radiating peace all round, clearing that should prevent such a state of affairs off all doubts tormenting the afflicted developing in our mind. We have taken individuals who come to his presence, and too much, and exploited Nature so much, radiating nothing but positivism and life that the Natural Power, Prakrithi Sakthi is all round. also trying to exploit us; that is to say, It is a pertinent question to ask incidenthe more we .direct our 'attention' towards material objects/arid the more.wc. tally whether such an Evolution is only are attracted to possess them, the more selective or is a •ivine Benefit, conferred we make ourselves susceptible to the on all Humanity. From all observations innate, devilish, inhuman, dark, sthula of the Cosmos and its systematic work8 29

ings and its Manifestations, it must be admitted that the hand of the Supreme Power is behind the whole Creation, and as per Vishnu Suktha, a fraction of the same is in every being; that is to say, the unsplittable appears split in a multimillion ways by the enveloping and intervening . Universal Mind or Maya Sakthi. (We have already mentioned the origin of Maya.) Thus the Supreme Being is in us also, as * I * and as the reflected Reality. Whether we wish it or not, or will it or not, consciously or unconsciously,- by thousands of cycles of births and deaths, experiences, disillusionments, we have reached a plane and place fn' the Evolution towards , Divinehood, and we are endowed with the most important weapon of Defence orDffence, namely Discrimination. We have the full liberty to direct this attention either inwards or outwards; in the former, we are enlightening our encased 'I* and enlarging its sphere of enlightenment,* in the latter, we are enabled to assess the real purpose-of all Creation; only in this case, we must be cautious not to be caught unawares by environmental attractions, the affinity for which is ever present in our own 'ego' as vasanas of our past karmas, the latter being. Movable objective, there is every. - chance to become entangled in the current, .and. the struggle for extrication may " become, longer and time consnming in " the form of several births and deaths cycles. In the case of subjective concentration and attention, which is als given to man, he can always choose this path. In both cases, complete faith in the Ultimate Destiny of Man is essential. Faith is jufet like a cue in detection, investigation and ultimate discovery. It is an indication towards certainty, and is a catalyst in the allainment of the Ultimate Goal, though even, without any deep faith, this may be achieved but achieved with tears. --

tinies of the lower species of Creatioii. The same is also the case of the Dictator leaders in world Arena who have developed thecapacityfor bringing aboutmass movements by. regimentation, brain washings etc., suppressing, crushing the inward development of Man towards Divinehood and consequently there is positively a terrific undercurrent of discontent, and suppressed tensions brought about by the stifling environment on the legitimate and natural enfoldment of the ego. Thus ,• the free will of. jnan, even to fulfil his daily wants ^nd desires, is subject to the over-all will and ambitions of the Dictator —who is taking shape by the hundreds in every community, and Nation in the world —and thus a collective Karmic'force of tension is built up, as if in a gigantic pressure vessel, which may any time burst, because the forces concerned are mostly Objective and Material, relentless, and devastating in the extreme when released; The Supreme Being, which is the collective Being of all Creation, may choose its own time and manner of its release. The laws of Karina, by their very nature, shift their centres of Operation incessantly from individual to individual and being to being to maintain equilibrium and if they are wantonly obstructed individually- and collectively, centres of tension'are formed all round the globe. We have reached a stage, when the fence itself kills the crop by growing over the crop and sulTocating its growth. Terrible taxation, suffocation of civil rights, and suppression of free thinking by calculated propaganda—all these go on a mass scale, squeezing out the individuality of the individual, attained by" him and conferred upon "him by the Supreme for the ultimate fulfilment. Thus it has become extremely difficult for man to disentangle himself from his own con- . fused mind acted upon by the environmental forces of compulsion, and he is willy nilly made to carve out his own baneful destiny Thus the individual has sufheient free 1 which, from what we have outlined above, cannot but be cruel and exacting even in will to achieve whatever he wants, and his next birth. It is time, therefore, that whatever he desires from the objective or the individual applies his discrimination subjective in virtue of his special position of power and place in the hierarchy of or free will to conform with the ultimate creation, and from which he Is in a posi-* " Divine Goal by conscious karmic practices tion to mould, alter, and modify the desor by , the mystic process of Nama Yoga. 30

examining the same in relation to his Communal and National Karma; of the past, casting its shadows on his onward path as deep desires, urges, tendencies, and tensions created by curses from the illtreated victims of his past actions. As the ego drifts more and more towards the Objective, the Supreme light is getting more and more split into multi-million parts each getting enveloped by vasanas— unsatisfied desires and affinities—naturally there is an increase in population, population of weaklings, and of confused and mentally deranged individuals, taking birth aided by Nucleur release deforming the lery physical features and mental functions. Thus the whole situation seems desperate and nothing but a bleak future is yawning its gruesome mouth for the living and for those to come to life in this beleagured planet. But there is one silver lining in the clouds. It is possible that, inthesedays of confusion and compulsion, when the individual has lost all his individuality by his own actions, and by the collective force of his environment, when he has lost all confidence to regenerate himself or correct the degeneration of the environment, awakening it is just possible for a general spiritual upheaval and towards the Supreme Reality by the disturbance caused in Cosmic Conscience such as the assassination of the Leaders who work for the genera] welfare and peace of Mankind. There is likely to be a collective revolt of man against forces of his grosser and lower mind, and there is likely to be simultaneous collective yearning for Peace. 'Sarve Janah Sukino Bavantu' will enlighten their minds with its full 'meaning. The body is perishable by age, decay and death ; the mind is unstable, unsteady, confused and unreliable and the only static hold is Supreme Being reflected in each individual as 11' the Reality. Hence Subjective concentration on the Supreme 'I* by Nama Yoga is the safest method for correct understanding of ourselves and the Universd'. Without this correct knowledge, no correct action is possible, and without right actions, no right results will

It is only when we ascend more and more, we see greater and greater of the enlarging horizon of understanding, as, to the frog in the well, the circular wall is the limit of its world. Thus superior. understandings comes to the ego only on a higher plane and Supreme Wisdom and Truth dawn on the evolved only when the ego reaches the Supramental, when it is in samadhi with the Supreme Being. Thus knowledge about the Cosmos and its Manifestations, the Primary Cause, the Supreme Being etc., are all Revelations to the devoted seeker ego, in its 1supramental stage reached by Yoga, and they- are available in the Universal Mind just as reflections, clouded by Maya forces. The region of Gnana or Supreme Wisdom is synonymous with the Supreme Being, Absolute Subject, and the Absolute Truth. All we see, hear, or experience is relative, add at any time only partly true, partly just, and partly correct. No wonder that we are unable to assess the real merits of Puranas, Vedas, and Ancient Sayings of Wisdom, as the Truth is permeated therein in the region of clouds. While individuals wedded to modern ideas and ideals, may dispute as many times and in as many ways, as there are creatures, the evolved ones, at the supramental state attained by 1 Yoga, have seen the same Truth in all ages and in all climes. That is the best proof of the reality, which can be experienced even by us if.we only apply our free will in the direction of the Subject by NAma Yoga. Volumes could be written on Karmic complications which arc getting multiplied ■ every passing moment, and a very clear ■ .indicationof these are available from thfe •"science of Astrology, which describes the individual and environment of bis past, present and future. The application of Astrology is not so much in divining the future with a utilitarian outlook, but rather it is for examining the physical, mental make-up and characteristics, 5that have built up around the 'fixed ego, the ieeva; it is intended for the analysis of the self in relation to the Super Self; of the environment of his birth, opportunities, circumstances concerning his self, and 32

Jesuit either to us or to others. Further, every individual is linked to the other fundamentally because everyone possesses the 'spark' which is intrinsically inseparable, but separated only by bodies and vasanas built up by each individual ego; but as these vasanas are susceptible to transformations, changes, and are shorn off by enlightenment by the evolving ego. , Certainly there is no difficulty in appreciating the identity of the goal and destiny of all living creatures, who are in the Supreme Sense, One, and who are many and diverse only in the Objective sense.' This lays down the Truth of the Law of Karma for all to follow: Treat thy neighbour as you would like to treat yourself. The various Deities in the Hindu pantheon have their own Divine functions. Thus Maha Vishnu is the Protector of the Jceva from Maya Sakthi, the necessary committanl of all Actions and Forces in the theatre of the Universal Mind. He is enveloped as it were by the Power of illusion, and he remains detached as the Supreme Being in Yoga, in Himself. Mahalakshmi, is the Supreme Power, is represented as occupying Vakshasthala, His Heart, and Bhu Sakthi, the Adhara Sakthi, (Nuclear Power) of Nature and Supreme Architecture is represented as standing separate from Him. The same situation holds good for every human being. His body, the material mould, is

under the domain of Prakriti Sakthi, His 'Ego' is in his being with the Supreme Power; and his Mind is imaginary fraction of the Universal Mind enveloping him and modified in its contents by the jcdividual's own karmaic potentialities. By Nama Yoga of Maha Vishnu, the individual ego attains the Supreme State and as Maha Vishnu attains a State of Detachment in the samsaia of Maya Sakthi, and unaffected by the attractions and disillusionment of this Power, which is the concommittant factor for entrapping the ego, fostering it as the close consort, and finally bringing in disillusionment to the ego, and enabling it to search for the Real in itself, in the Subject, making possessions vanishing, and union Real. When this Detachment is attained, the evolved Ego loses all consciousness of a separate existence, or separate self-directed karma, but becomes the direct instrument of the Supreme Being, which is certainly the Supreme Truth and the Universal Truth. This sublime result of Nama Yoga is adumbrated in the Supreme Admonition to Mankind by Sri Krishna, when he said: " Ananyaschinthayantho mamye janab paryu* pasatbe | Tbeshani Nithyabi VuklhaDafu YoaaKshematn Vaharayaham r

MARS IN THREE SIGNS (Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn) Mars owns two housesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Aries and offer you grand success. You will have Scorpio. Aries is a fiery sign whereas Scorpio good humour, originality and independent is watery. Aries is a positive one but Scorspirit. You will be a good conversationapio is negative and feminine. The former list. You will appear well in the eyes of is barren whereas the latter is fruitful. your relatives and friends. You will have, the desire to go on long voyages and study Mars, a fiery planet in a watery Sign, philosophy and religion. You will be a will , be like coal. So you will have the keen observer, and will have good memory. capacity to undertake any task and work You will be anxious to tell others your hard. You can accomplish much. Your experiences which will be interesting and energy is stored. It does not go waste. instructive. You will be a leader of out Since it is a fixed sign you will be firm and door-games, and be a captain of a team. determined. You will have opportunities Mars will sharpen and quicken your mento show your executive power and originatal and oratorical faculties. So you will lity. Just as the fire will burn be a successful advocate. Also, explorers, anything to ashes without any regard to Surgeons, and mechanical workers are the feelings of others, so also, people having born with Mars in Sagittarius. You will Mars in Scorpio, during the period of hold a goodposition in the Defence depart- Mars, will be revengeful, rash, self-centred, ment. Mars indicates gain through marri-. passionate, acute, and even diplomatic. age. The native is likely to have more than . They will take up any enterprise with inone union as Sagittarius is a dual sign. .In tensity of purpose, and action. It is also business, you will have a few partners. In likely that they are liable to accidents and any dispute, you will have success. Judges tragic end. They may have romances and and advocates are your benefactors. To they will be bold to go-a-head. Mars gives become the agent of a bank or the head of long journeys. It shows that the partner any religious institution Mars in Sagitta- will be helpful and one can gain through rius is auspicious. If Mars is afflicted, there â&#x20AC;˘ him or her. Mars in Scorpio offers indomiwill be difficulties by travelling. You cantable courage and inexhaustible energy. If not have assistance from foreigners, whereMars is afflicted in Scorpio, one willbe very as there may be enmity. In the Court of passionate and addicted to solitary vice law, one unknown to you will appear and which will sap the vitality. give witness against your intersets. There may be litigation to acquire your share of Chemists, surgeons,'assayers, mechanical property or profit in business. You will or dam constructionengineers, navy officers miscalculate, overestimate your capacity, and such posts, needing dominant authotrade beyond your ability, take undue risk rity, will be the profession. Mars, when and thus, invite trouble. If Mars is afflicted, afflicted in Scorpio, produces people who you may not be friendly with brothers, are quarrelsome, unreliable, ungrateful and sisters and cousins. . If Saturn afflicts, that most selfish. Accidents, drowning, severe particular brother or sister born in Saturns ill-health, surgical operation, bleeding piles, star and Mars' sign Anuradha or in Saturn fistula etc., will cause trouble. sign and Mars Star, Dhanishta,'will disagree with you and there will be the dis. Mars in Sagittarius; Sagittarius is a pute. If Jupiter afflicts, one bom in Visakam fiery, masculine sign. Hence, you wjll be 4th pada will differ from you. If Venus frank and generous. You will be enthusiastic,-iquick in .speech .or ..retort,-speedy in > -rafflicts, onc botn in Bharani or Mrigasiri-. ' sham first half or Chithirai latter half will action and of an active mind. These will .34

pick up quarrel. Thus you have to find, which brother or sister will not agree. You will have unorthodox ideas and you will be sceptical. Mars in Capricorn-Makara : This sign, is owned by Saturn and is a movable or charasign. Mars gels exhalted here whereas Jupiter is debilitated. Mars gives the .native courage* push a go-a-head spirit, independence, selfreliance, etc., you will never hesitate to undertake any venture. You will be rash and through your utter disregard of danger and risk, you will invite accidents. You arc ambitious, and you possess good organising ability. You are enterprising and you desire to become popular, and lead a public life. By your energy, you will occupy a prominent position with authority, virtue and merit. You will be patient and persevering. You will be at your best, only when there is some obstacle. You will be happy, only when there is a wide scope of action. You ^yill command the

respect.and esteem of your pcv->..w, owners, rich landlords, managers of industry, estate brokers, C.T.D. officials, Superintendents of Police, chief in the military, administrative heads, and ministers, are born with Mars exalted in Capricorn. Afflicted Mars causes difficulties through colleagues and friends. People in power will mistake you, find fault with you and pick up quarrels. There will be a dispute between you and your employees. You will get irritated. You wilt be impatient and will create enmity. There will be opposition. Your honour will suffer. You gain ill-repute and discredit. Your parents, especially, your father may not maintain good health. There may be difference of opinion between father and son. Do not be rash: conserve energy: Proceed patiently. You can lead in whichever sphere you are.

PLANETS-FRIEND OR FOE Placets other than the luminaries, Sun and Moon, own two houses each. One Of them is considered as its day house, otherwise called Moolatrikona house, while the other is called night house. Mars is the ruler of Aries and Scorpio. The Moolatrikona house to Mars is Aries. Venus owns Taurus and Libra and the Moolatrikona house to Venus is Libra. Mercury has Virgo as its Moolatrikona house ; it gets exalted also here. Jupiter's Moolatrikona house is Sagittarius. Saturn's Moolatrikona house is Aquarius. Moon, not only gets exalted in Taurus but it is also its Moolatrikona sign. Planets, in Moolatrikona are only next in strength to exaltation ones, according to Hindu System. There is nothing as Moolatrikona jor Westerners. As regards friendship and enmity, one can memorise the following and ascertain. Always one has to count from the Moola' trikona sign of the planet, to find out its friend or enemy. According to our sages, " Swa, Swanthya, Dhi, Dharma, Swochcha, Ayu and Sukhapals " houses are to be "counted from the Moolatrikona sign of the planet, i.e., 1,2, 12,5, 9 exaltation, 8lh and 4lh house lords are friends. Generally the first house, i.e., the Moolatrikona house, is one of the two houses of the planet. But only in the -case of Moon, Moolatrikona sign is Taurus which is not owned by Moon but it gets exalted in Taurus. The owners of the houses 2 & 12; 4 and 8; 5 and 9 counted from the Moolatrikona sign of a planet and the planet which gets exalted in this Moolatrikona sign are friendly, with it. Therefore it follows that the lords of the other houses 3,6, 7, 10 and 11 counted from Moolatrikona signs become the enemies of the planet Silppose one wants to find out the friends and enemies of Mars. Aries is the Moolatrikona sigtf of Mars.- Hence lords'

of 2, 12, 4, 8, 5, 9 and that which gets exalted in Aries are the friends of Mars. Therefore Venus, lord of 2, Jupiter, lord of 12, Moon, lord of 4, Mars, lord of 8, Sun, lord of 5 and Jupiter, lord of 9 and Sun who gets exalted in Aries are friends. Enemies are Mercury, lord of 3, and 6, Venus, lord of 7, and Saturn, lord of 10 and 11. It will be observed that Sun and Moon, each owning one house only, is a friend. But Venus as lord of 2, is a friend and as lord of 7 is an enemy. So he is Called a Neutral. Mercury is inimical as he owns both inimical houses 3 and 6, and hence, Mercury is definitely an enemy. Jupiter, owning both friendly houses 9 and 12, is a good friend. Saturn ruling both the inimical houses 10 and .11 is definitely an enemy. Hence, if the planet owns 2 houses and both are friendly, the owner is a friend, also, if a planet owns 2 houses, and both are inimical, the owner of these two houses, is an enemy. But if a planet owns a friendly sign (one in 1, 2, 12, 4, 8, 5 or 9) and also another sign which is either 3, 6, 7; 10 or II, then this owner of a friendly sign and an inimical one remains a neutral. This is what is followed by the Hindu Sages. The following table gives the relationship among the planets:â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Planets. Sun Moon 36


Enemy. Neutral.

i' Moon Saturn Mercury ] Mars C Jupiter Venus All other ( Sun (Mercury Nonelvâ&#x20AC;&#x17E; â&#x20AC;&#x201D;plahtes

C Sun ^ Moon i Jupiter Mercury Sun Venus Sun Jupiter Moon Mars â&#x2013; M ercury Venus Saturn Saturn Mercury Venus Mars

Hindus lurtliet say, that ptanets rnay^ff friendly or inimical by nature, but due to its relative position in the chart, it gets modified. If a planet is friendly by nature (being the lord of one of the houses 1, 2, 12, 4, 8, 5 or 9 counted from the Moolatrikona sign of theplanetj if it is in 2, 12 or 3, 11 or 4 and 10 counted from the position occupied by the planet in the horoscope, the planet is very friendly. A neutral planet in the above position becomes a friend. The enemy becomes a neutral. But if the natural enemy is in 1, 5, 9, 6, 8 or in 7 then it becomes a bitter enemy. A neutral planet in 1 or 7, 5 or 9, 6 or 8 counted from another planet becomes its enemy. A friendly planet in 1 or 7, 5 or 9, 6 or 8 counted from another becomes its neutral. Thus the Hindus note the natural relationship among the planets and their temporary relationship according to their accidental position at the time of birth or at the time of query. But Westerners take the aspects and are able to read more correctly the results. A planet in friend's quarters gains strength to offer either good or bad those results which the planet indicates. It is likely that you gain or lose through friends. A planet in enemy's quarters loses its strength and the extent to which it can offer its beneficial results if it is in a beneficial house, will be less and one will be dissatisfied. The favourable result may be caused by enemies themselves. But if the house is also evil then the undesirable results will be increased; enemies may cause much trouble. Whether the lord of a sign is friendly or inimical is noted only to ascertain bow a planet occupying the sign at the time of birth will behave; whether it gains strength or gels weakened; whether one will be satisfied or not; whether the prosperity is caused by friends or even by enemies; the planet in.friend's quarters can shower it;

Mercur) Venus Saturn r Mars Moon } Jupiter '( Saturn Mercury Saturn Venus

San Jupiter Moon Mars Sun Moon Jupiter Mars From the above table you will note that Moon's friend is Mercury and Moon has no enemy, whereas Mercury's enemy is Moon. So also Sun's friend is Jupiter, whereas Jupiter's enemy is Sun. Does this not appear to be funny. , No. But it is to be judged as under. Whenever Sun occupies either of the signs ruled by Jupiter, it will offer the results to a good extent as though it is in a friend's house. But when Jupiter occupies Sun's sign, it offers results to a less extent as if it is in enemy's camp. So also Moon in Mercury's sign offers results from a friend's house whereas Mercury in Cancer in Moon's sign will give results as if it occupies an enemy's place. Westerners do not classify in this manner. But the following table shows how they judge Owner Exalt: â&#x20AC;˘ctri: Debiii: Sign Aries Mars Sun Venus Saturn Taurus Venus Moon Mars Ura Gemini Merc Rahu Jup Kethu Cancer Moon Jup Sat Mars Leo Sun Nep Ura Ura Virgo Merc Merc Nep Ven Libra Venus Sat Mars Sun Scorpio Mars Ura Ven Moon Sagi Kethu Merc Rahu Jup Capri Sat Mars Moon Jupi Aquar Sat Ura Sun Nep .Venus isces; Merc Merc 37

good effects next in strength to exaltation and Moolatrikona. This is one of the Various factors to be taken into consideration to judge the strength of a planet. . The result may be advantageous or otherwise. To ascertain whether a planet will offer agreeable results or not, needs thorough analysis: (a) . Whether the ascendant is strong or the Moon sign is strong ; (b) To which house, the planet is the lord ; whether it is beneficial to you or not ? (c) In which house it is posited ? (d) Whether it will improve the matters indicated by the house occupied by the planet; (e) Whether it can offer to the full extent, the matters indicated by the house which it owns.

(f) Whether it is in 6, 8 or 12 to the hpuseownedbyit or in favourable odes. (g) Whether it is in 6, 8 or 12 to the Lord of Dasa, the lord of Bhukti etc. (h) Whether the aspect between a planet and the Dasa lord and Bhukti lord is beneficial or adverse. (i) In which constellation and in it, in which sub it is, etc., are to be considered. The last four items are the most decisive factors. The friendship or enmity by nature and the temporary modification by its accidental disposition in the horoscope, are all very insignificant. How, to judge the results of a planet will be dealt with in the issues following.

MOON IN THE FOURTH HOUSE Fourth house indicates Mother accor- You will enjoy favour from the opposite ding to Hindus and Father according to sex. There are chances of inheriting the scholars of other nations. It shows property. Ultimate success and gain the place of birth, residence, one's landed through buildings, property and permanent property, sites, gardens, buildings, trea- possessions, are also indicated. sures hidden under the ground, mines, If Sun afflicts the Moon by adverse^ permanent possessions, also those holdings aspect, one suffers through tax, rentals," which one takes on lease, rents, convey- etc. Mars, afflicting Moon, denotes loss by ance, transport," private and secret life, theft Mercury, forming bad aspect with sincerity or unreliability, contentment or Moon, threatens loss by deception, fraud, dissatisfaction, peace, prosperity, progress, forgery, etc.; Jupiter adverse partner's profession as it is the 10th house aspect, is very bad, asforming can neither to the 7th; difficulties to father and danger have peaceful domestic life,onenor satisfacto him as it is the 8th house to the 9lh, tory bank position. There will be lack of life in a foreign place or house or investopportunity and much of obstacles in all ment by children as 4th house is the 12th undertakings. Neither law will help him to the 5th hÂťuse. Also, fourth house to purchase peace, nor will religion offer indicates the education of the person, and him solace. Bankers and creditors will be bis qualifications and the self-acquisition of the younger brother or sister as it is the causing worry. second house to the third. Fourth house Saturn, afflicting Moon, portends much will indicate debts, disease and dispute of delay and ultimately disappointment. the elder brother as it is the 6th houseâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; Those, having Saturn, forming unfavourhouse of ill-health, enmity, etc. from the able aspect with Moon and Venus, will 11th house, indicating elder brother. 4th believe one after another, and every house shows the last part of one's life. person will marry anybody else and leave Hindus consider that to the matters you helpless. You cannot expect desired governed by the fourth house, Moon, the success. So, you have to be careful while choosing a partner. Finally, affairs will luminary, is the significator. Also, it is not be to your liking; there will be great said that the significator spoils the matters difficulty to keep away from poverty and of a house if that house also indicates unpleasant conditions of life. similar ones, " Karako-Bhava-Nasaya In the majority of cases, this does not Uranus, afflicting Moon, indicates come true. Why it is so and what the frequent and sudden changes, both in the correct method of approach is, will be residence and in fortune. There will be found at the end of this chapter. unexpected losses and reverses. Mother may not co-operate. Separation from Westerners are of opinion that Moon in the 4th house, receiving good aspects, mother or unexpected losses through her, indicates happy domestic life, fortunate . may also be the undesirable result of home conditions, especially when one is Uranus, forming disharmonious aspect with Moon. Danger in water, accident to the old. If Moon receives evil aspects, the reverse will be the result. vehicle, collapse of building, and risk, while crossing a river, etc., are also to be There may be the tendency towards feared. Failure in examination is quite psychic experiences, if Moon is in any of 'common ^ the * fruitful watery signs. Changes of Neptune, forming adverse aspect, shows residence will prove to be lucky. You will gain and receive benefits from parents".' much difficultyjand.complication in family

when you vacate, you give information to Rent Control Officer well-in-advance, and cause headache on both the sides. Taurus Ascendant: Moon in 4 can be in Makam governed by Kethu or in Pooram ruled by Venus—Sukra or Uthiraphalguni governed by Sun. Those born in Rishaba Lagna and in Makam star will have unpleasant domestic life during Moon's period; also a fall in rentals; worry with the kisans: there will neither be proper income nor will they be able to dispose of the property at any price. Moon in Pooram star indicates that you may .borrow money, erect a building, or possess a garden, or acquire a vehicle. Also, you may enter into service, in the transport, music or chemistry department. You will prove to be a good medical representative during Moon's sub periods. Moon in Uthiraphalguni star indicates that you may get Government service or Government quarters in or you Mesha (—Aries Ascendant) Lagna ; may receive benefits through parents. You Moon in the 4th Sign can occupy will gain through permanent investment Punarvasu 4th pada, Pushya or Ashlesha and Government. You may be a broker star. Punarvasu is ruled by Jupiter, for houses, buildings and land. Moon is lord of 9 and 12; Pushya is governed favourable in Leo in Uthiraphalguni. by Saturn, lord of 10 and 11 ; Ashlesha Gemini: Mithuna may be your lagna. is ruled by Mercury, lord of 3 and 6.. -Hence one born in Aries Ascendant, Moon has to be in Uthiraphalguni second, ■with. Moon in Punarvasu 4th quarter, third or fourth pada or in Hastham or in will have higher studies, long journey Chithrai first half. Moon in Uthraphalduring Moon's sub period, life in a foreign guni shows that you ma^be a salesman, place and will have a very pleasant an agent or a representa»e and may be period. If you have your Moon in touring often. You may ffe employed in Pushyam, you wijl have grand success in the Transport department or in Tourism. your undertakings, promotion in service, You may be appointed as Deputy Secretary or Ambassador. Moon in prosperity in business, a large number of good friends, substantial profit in your Hastham star will make you a brilliant enterprises and cautious dealings with all. textile engineer or a good servant in textile, Subordinates and workmen will cooperate. publicity or in export import department. You may serve in Port Trust, Shipping or But if you are born in Aries Ascendant in any concern dealing in liquids, as and have Moon in Ashlesha, you will Hastham is ruled by Moon. Moon in have.enmity with all, will never agree with your younger brother, pick up quarrels ' Chithrai star indicates that you will have even when you make short journeys by unnecessary quarrels and always you will have to fight for your right and. come out bus, tram or train, and borrow money more for the journeys to be made by your . successful. Moon indicates that you will be very bold and your mother may meet with mother , and your wife. Also, you will cause trouble to the owner of the house, 4 accident,, or pass away due to. profuse where you live, promising''(6pay rents ' bleeding. Moon in Hastham is benefic regularly, and as long as you stay, it is a for mother. But Moon in Uthiram shows headache on one - side to him and even loss pfhtoney, status, and even the place AO life. It threatens with danger in water. You may be cheated in your purchase of land or building. Education will be a problem. Mother's health and behaviour will cause worry. If you do transport business or hire taxi .or lorry, or if you have any shipping concern, you will incur loss and you may have to wind it up. But if these planets form good aspects, you will have these results reversed. Thus, the Westerners view the position of Moon in the fourth house. Hindus view that it is unfavourable to mother's health but Moon will make one happy and liberal in donations. You can have conveyances and also many friends. But the correct method of reading is as follows: (We have to include the opinion of the Westerners according to the various aspects.)

of residence. Moon in Uthiram is malethat you will spend also more and invest fic. Mother may suffer, and she may need on movable properties. To mother, it hospitalisation. shows lot of difficulties, worry and ultimately success and gains. You may have Cancer-Kataka—Ascendant or Lagna: conveyance repaired, and made You can have your Moon in 4, either in ■pyour erfect after meeting with an accident, Chithrai 3rd or 4th pada, in Swathi or in and your gains will be through insurance Visakam 1st, 2nd or 3rd pada. companies, .If Moon were to be .in Chithrai star in Virgo-Kanni Lagna: Moon will be in Libra, you will have gains through specuMoolam or Pooradam or Uthiradam first lation and children. You will also be pada in 4 in Sagittarius. If Kethu is illtipped for promotion. In business, you will posited, you will incur loss. If it is occuhave easy gains. You will become popular. pying good position, you will gain. You If your mother is a career-woman, she will may purchase property and receive larger have promotion and prosperity. This profits. New friendships will be formed. . position is indeed very good to yourself It is really very beneficialand your niother; your children may borrow for their higher studies or for long If Moon were to be in Poorvashada journey or with a view to help you. star you are lucky. You will enjoy good fortune for a long period of 10 years and Moon in Swathi star will offer such results as Rahu in your horoscope indi- more so in Moon's dasa, Venus Bhukti cates. Even if you own many houses (sub period) of 20 months. Moon shows gains without pains to you. To your during Moon's period, you may have to reside in some other's house- This posi- mother, it is bad. Her health will fail. She will undergo treatment and will tion will not offer peace of mind. survive. It shows much of opposition, and Moon in Visakam star indicates ailment difficulty to her during the period when to mother. She may make frequent short you run the conjoined periods of Moon journeys, and incur expenses. She may and Venus. Moon in Uthiram indicates write letters, etc., which will irritate others investment, purchases, gain in a place and causeenmjty. You will borrow money, other than your permanent place of resias your father.may lose in speculation or dence : it is not evil to mother. She may betting.. You may have to help him or borrow money, go on pilgrimage and your younger brother's wife, or younger satisfy herself. sister's husband. (Younger brother is indicated by the third house. His wife is Libra-Thulam: Moon in Uthiradam 2nd, the 9th, To him Moon, lord of 5, is in 8 3rd or 4th pada, Sravanam or Dhanishta star 1st and 2nd pada. It is favourable in the constellation of Jupiter.) to you. When Moon is in Uthiradam, you Leo-Simha: Moon will be in Visakam will make new friendship, will enjoy the 4th pada or Anuradha or Jyeshta: If good support of higher officials, will get Moon is in Visakam, the native will lose promotion, will become popular and will money through speculation; there will be maintain prestige. But to your mother,much of expenses through children, payit is either an unhealthy period or mis-' ment of Insurance amount, compulsory understanding with father and cause some savings deposit pr recurring deposit or worry or other. purchase of property to children, etc. But Moon in Sravanam star is equally to mother, it is an excellent time and she will have peace, pleasure, prosperity and good to you as in Uthirashada. But to your mother, it will not be adverse. also progeny. She will also have peace f mipd ^-afld,. cv: Moon in Anuradha is neither f 1 r k good to ** progressyou, nor to mother. • - '^- ■' ' Moon in Dhanishta star in the first or Moon in Jyeshta star shows that your, second pada is favourable to your mother income will increase satisfactorily, and 42

Moon in ReValhi is splendid to you, to your mother and to your wife. You will gain through insurance; you may have unexpected income by legacy. Your mother may gain by speculation or she may bring forth a lucky child. Your wife may have promotion or receive substantial amount from her parents. Capricorn-Makara: Moon in Aswini or Bharani or Karthikai 1st pada will be in 4. Moon in Aswini does not allow you to have happy domestic environments. Even friends may keep themselves away, and may not come forward to lend their assistance to you. ' Your partner may be confused in his business or profession. Your mother will be worried at home. She may meet with an accident. Moon in Bharani promises fortune, sudden unexpected gains, promotion, popularity, prosperity, etc. To mother it is auspicious to have satisfactory bank position, good relationship with every body. Wife also will be lucky to have a new house to live in, and benefactors close by, to help her and keep her always cheerful. Moon in Karthikai star is malefic to you ; it will bring easy success and profit to mother and promotion in service to your wife. If she is not a career woman, she may purchase some gold ornaments in the sub-period of Moon. Aquarius-Kumbba: Moon in Karthikai 2nd, 3rd or 4th pada, Rohini, Mrigasirisha 1st or 2nd pada will be in 4 to Aquarius. So to you, Moon in Karthikai indicates that you will have bank facilities, that you will gain much, due to the loss of the opponent, that you will win in election or competitive examinations, and that you will be assisted by Government servants. Moon in Rohini, though exalted, is not benefic to you, as it threatens ill-health, debts and difiiculties. To your mother, it is in a way good, as it shows short journeys and also success in her attempts. To your partner, it shows either separation or long journey during your Moon's sub-period. Moon in Mrigasirisha star shows that you may be transferred-, or youmay have to go out on camp or become

to have a house Or cohveVance of her owii^ She will have the most pleasant domestic life. .You may get yourself married or may be offered a post by father-in-law or you may have a good financier as your partner. Scorpio-Vrischika: Moon in the 4th house will be in Dhanishta 3rd and 4th padas or in Sathabhisha or in Poorattadhi 1st, 2nd or 3rd pada. When Moon is in Dhanishta^ during Moon sub-period, you may borrow money and go on a long journey or invest it on landed property away from your place of residence or serve somewhere and also have higher studies. To your mother, it gives cure for her ailments. Even if she has a chronic disease, in the sub-period of Moon, she will not suffer, but have it under control, including blood pressure or hysteria. Moon in Sathabhisha will prove to be auspicious to you and to your" mother if it had occupied a favourable position in your horoscope. Moon in Poorattadhi star in the 4th houseshowsthat you will acquire property, your son imay come by fortune, your mother will gain and will be leading a happy and harmonious life. It is an excellent position. Sagittarius-Dhanus: Moon may be in Poorattadhi 4tb pada or Uthiratladhi or Revathi. Moon in Poorattadhi 4th pada is not auspicious to you. But your mother will be fortunate. She may even gain through lottery, etc., or come by a treasure during the period of Mercury and the sub of Moon. So also it is very good to your wife. Moon in Uthirattadhi star shows up-hill struggle for you to make money ; your partner will have easy gains: your labour and his fortune will be " the resultâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;lb your mother, the results will be mixed. She'will have 'gains do^sonie occasions and equal loss during other occasions. .Her health will be good. 43

Moon in Funarvasu star will help the native to become suddenly rich, to be popular, to have promotion, and to enjoy grand success. To your mother. Moon is equally beneficial. To your wife, it is still better.

an inspector or the leader in squad. To your mother, it is not benefic. But to your partner it is very beneficial; he will go on long tour and have success in the foreign place. Fisces-Meena: Moon in Mrigasirisha 3rd and 4th padas, Arudhra and Punarvasu 1st, Ind or 3rd pada will be in Gemini, Moon in Mrigasirisha is beneficial if the native serves in a share market or in any export import business or telegraph, postal, mechanical, engineering or military accounts. To your mother. Moon shows that she will have a cure after surgical aid. Moon in Arudhra will be good or bad according to the position of Rahu.

Thus, one has to read the detailed results of Moon in the fourth house. It is advisable to forget all the general rules which are not applicable to most of the people. In our April issue. Moon in 5 will be dealt with and the exact position of Moon in the horoscope of prize winners, successful speculators and lottery winners will be given and explained.


SATURN'S TRANSIT Saturn between 23-3-64 and 12-4-64 ■ passes on. to Rahu's star Sathabisha and in that star the first sub governed by Rahu, between 6° 40' and 8° 40'. Those, who could have had Rahu in a favourable position at the time of birth, will be happy. They will enjoy peace and prosperity. But if Rahu had been in a bad position in the natal chart, one has to exercise much care, to avoid difficulties. Anyhow, from Tamil New Year's day for some weeks, the time is very brilliant, between 12-4-64 and 5-5-64. When Saturn transits between 8° 40' and 10° 26' 40" promotion, progress in one's undertakings, partnership in business, gain through partners, new customers, bulk orders, satisfactory margin of profit, bankers' voluntary assistance, purchase of properly to wife, if the native is a male or acquisition of property by husband, if the person is a woman, and good understanding between the couple, and between the higher authorities and the Gemini-borns are promised. This is a very good period. Between 5-5-64 and 15-6-64 and between 15-6-64 and 27-7-64 there will be uncommon expenses, both pleasant and also unnecessary ones. There will not be as much enthusiasm as it was before. One Will be very careful. Pick-pocketeers will select only Gemini-borns. in this period and deprive them of their holdings. Cashiers have to be careful. A few will escape such losses proceeding on leave. Lazy, lethargic days do not permit to be reducedBusiness turn-over will be dull. Unlawful actions will face difficulties. Minor injuries and misunderstanding with old people are threatened. Between 27-7-64 and 21-8-64, the results will, be favourable and will compensate for the previous bad period. One may over-work. Yet there will be good gain and satisfactory bank position ; success in examination, admission in colleges for higher studies, and scholarship are indicated, hlew. customers will increase the income of the advocates. A' few- may

AND ITS RESULTS-tcw.) get into service. Extension of the building and expansion of the business are indicated. Agents of banks will feel happy on their achievements. The period between 21-8-64 and 18-9-64 will be similar to that between 23-3-64 and 12-4-64; the period from 18-9-64 to 9-10-64 shows that the benefits enjoyed during 13-3-64 and 23-3-64 will be repeated but the amount of gain will be Jess. The period from 9-10-64 to 25-11-64 will be similar to that between 8-3-64 and 13-3-64. Then one can have favourable orders from the Government; contractors will realise their profits. Agents show much progress. Representatives will push the products and increase the sale. Advertisement bills will be received, and Bank ''position will be satisfactory. Health will be normal, relatives and friends will be frequently visiting. A good period indeed! Contentment is necessary. The time from 25-11-64 to 15-12-64 is a still better period. Grand success, vast improvement in status,pleasant purchases, and gains with very little effort are promised. At the end of the year, results will be brilliant for those who could have had Rahu in a favourable position at the time of birth. Cancer—Karkata : This refers to people born in Cancer as Ascendant or in Punarvasu 4th Pada or Pushyam or Asblesha star when Moon was in Cancer or if the date of birth was between 17th'July and I6(h August any year when Sun was in Cancer. Saturn passed on to Aquarius on 26—1—64. It was in the sub of Mercury up to 11—2^64. Between II—2—64 and 18—2—64, it is in Kethu sub. For people born in Cancer, when Saturn transits in Dhanishta star, as lord of 7 -and 8, passing in the constellation of Mars, a Rajayogadhipathi, normally the results will be brilliant. During, the sub of only evil planets, the results will be adverse.. ,

Between IB—2—64 and 7—3—64, the sub is ruled by Venus' a Bhadhaka sthanadhipathi, and also lord of 4 and 9, when Saturn moves from 2° 40' to 4° 53' 20" One may acquire a new vehicle; occupy new quarters; or gain through mother ; returns from investments will be satisfactory; new friendship will be formed: financial partners may assist; gains through friends, and renewing old friendship are indicated. It also indicates that around ?nd and 3rd March, when Moon transits in Mars star, health may not be alright. Between 7—3—64 and 13—3—64, there will be much of activity; you will concern yourself more with financial problems. Luckily, you will receive the arrears, your bills" will be paid, your claims will be approved, and you may expect promotion. ITiis is a short period in which you can . have many pending problems solved. Government will be helpful. When Saturn moves between 5° 33' 20'r and 6° 40' it is under the, sway , of the sub lord Moon, who is the lord of the sign Cancer. You are concerned with your health, and the new 'efforts that you may make. You will be contemplating, planning and scheming. Health conditions n»ed rest. Financial position will not be satisfactory. You may have to pay many bills. In business, you have to be issuing cheques, whereas the receipts will be less. Those who desire to go overseas, can have the permission, etc. You may meet foreigners and enter into an agreement. On 23—3—64, Saturn enters into Sathabhisha star and till 12—4—64, it is in the sub'of Rahu. Depending on Rahu's position at the time of birth, the results will be enjoyed. If Rahu had occupied favourable position, and has to offerbeneficial results, even though Saturn may transit in ashtama, the unfavourable eighth house, yet the results will be good. You may not be satisfied or pleased. Yet success ispromised. When Saturn transits' in a favourable house, success will please you. Tn evil houses-, though you are able to complete your undertakings, you do

not feel contented or pleased. Suppose, you purchase one 'win'ticket, and one 'place' ticket in the races, when Saturn transits in favourable constellation, and in 8, your win ticket will pay 1,5 rup«es for every ten rupees you bet. But, when Saturn transits in a favourable house and star, ev=n though you have a * place' ticket for Rs. 10, you will have a return of Rs. 100 and more.. Thus, planets will offer results. If Rahu was in an unfavourable position at the time of your birth, when Saturn transits in Rahu's constellation, in the sub of Rahu or Saturn, you have to be very careful. You should avoid driving a car; you should hot venture to cross a busy road; you have to observe hygiene. Chronic sufferers will have the relapse of the disease. Patients with heart disease, and those, who suffer from general nervous debility, should not exert much. It is better to be on leave and be cautious. Between 23—3—64 and 12—4—64, when Saturn is between 6° 40' and 8° 40', health will not be normal. There may be misunderstandings with subordinates and colleagues. Income will be reduced. There may be ill-repute or scandal. Secret inimical activities will come to light and this will irritate you. Short journeys will not be fruitful. Money will get entangled. Between 12—4—64 and 5—5—64, you will be able to accomplish some of your desires. Bills will be paid. Receipts of old arrears will improve your bank position. You will come out successful in litigation. Arrangement to go overseas may be made. It is likely to have a short stay outside. Your partner may fall ill, and you may have to take him for treatment to a far-off place. Your wife may lose her health, and will need proper medical aid. Thus, in this period, there will be grand success on one side, and worry on the other. After 5—5—64 till 15th June, Saturn proceeds in direct motion, and between 15th June and 27th July, by retrograde motion. It is in the sub of Saturn: you will feel dull. You become pessimistic.- You. find much opposition. Your servants may go on strike. What-

ever appeals to you, now, will prove to be delrimeatal. Avoid disputes. You will: find that you are ool able to stick to. any single programme. You may even give up your principles. Business will be discouraging. Health will be causing worry or anxiety between I9th and 30th June. Your attempts to .expand your business will not be fruitful. You will have to face'a lot of obstacles and impediments. Financial position will be very tight. Luckily, you receive Providential help between 27—7—64 and 21—8—64, when again, you are normal. You have success in every walk of life. You will attend to your work with zeal. Turn over in business will be satisfactory. You will come out successful in . litigation, or at least by arbitration and compromise, you will get rid of the worry. Cnildren will have grand success. They will show vast improvement


in their status. They will have promotion and prosperity. You will also gain by speculation. Your partner .will show rapid recovery. You will be, once again, entertaining hopes for further advancement in your life. Between 21—8—64 and 18—9—64, results will be Similar to those you had between 2—3^64 and 12—4—64. Between 18—9—64 and 9—10—64, you will enjoy as much as you did between 13-3-64 and 23—3—64. Between 9—10—64 and 25—11—64 better results, for a longer duration, can be had, similar in nature, to what you had between 8—3—64 and 13—3—64. Between 25—11—64 and 15—12—64, your health will cause worry. After IS—12—64, Saturn offers the same results as he did between 23—3—64 and 12—4—64. For the other rasi borns results will follow.

Krishnamurti paddhathi Let us pray Lord Ganesh to grant iis grand success. May Goddess Saraswathi bless us with wisdom. We have thoroughly studied both the Western and the Hindu System. We have gained sound knowledge and to the best of our ability applied both the methods and in our experience, we have found that both the systems are incomplete though not incorrect. So Prof. K. S. Krishnaimurti, Founder and President of the Modern astronomical and astrological Research Institute has done real intelligent research work and has formulated certain rules, which are based upon sound principles of astrology; students will find this method to be very simple and quick to follow; also it is very convincing. To a great extent, it completes the incomplete portion of the science'. Who copied whom ? Some are under the wrong impression that the Westerners borrowed knowledge from the Hindus ; some others say that the Hindus gained knowledge from the Chaldeans, Hebrews, Greeks and so on. "Bottfthc views are not correct. The sages -and the scholars in each country gazed at the stars thousands of years ago and they discovered the relation between the celestial phenomena and the terrestrial incidents. They established some methods to fix the position of planets in the Zodiac a ad" the consequent effect on the animate and inanimate objects on the earth. Each followed" certain methods to predict the events. If one has studied both the systems, one will declare that neither the Hindus followed the Westerners, nor vice versa. Suppose some students appeared for . mathematics examination : copies of the question paper were distributed to them. All were answering them. The superintendent caught hold of a student, called him as one who had been copying the ans.wers writ ten,by another.student, seated in front of him. He took this student 48

and complained to the Headmaster that he had been copying in the examination hall. On enquiry, the student repeatedly said that he had not copied at all. The Headmaster called for the answer papers of both the students and compared them. He declared that the student had not copied at all and the complaint was baseless. Why? The student who was accused to have copied had answered the I, 3, 5 and 7 quesfions in the question paper whereas the other student had answered 2, 4, 6 and 8 questions. Hence, the headmaster who had gone through both the papers alone could know the truth. The superintendent who saw this student writing fast, and also, off and on, looking at the other student's table, had mistaken him as both answered the same Mathematics paper. Similarly only when, one studies both the Western and the Hindu systems, one will confirm that the methods followed by either is absolutely different from the other. Let me explain a few points.1. Zodiac; For both, the Zodiac is the pathway of the planets. But for Westerners, the commencement of the Zodiac i.e., Aries 0° retrogrades at the rate of 1° in every 71 years whereas for the Hindus, for astrological purposes the Zodiac commences always at a fixed point . which is about 180° from the Star SpicaChithirai. The Zodiac of the Westerners is called Sayana Zodiac whereas that of the Hindus is called Nirayana Zodiac. Therefore as years pass on, in about 480 years, it will be found that the Sign AriesMesha called by the Hindus will exactly coincide with Taurus—Rishaba -by-the—Westerners. The portion of the Zodiac called by the Hindus as Taurus—Rishaba will be called by Westerners as GeminiMithuna and so on. 2. Mansions: Westerners have divi# .'ded the Zodiac into 12 equal parts and call them as Solar Mansions or signs. So

also, Hindus have divided it into 12 equal mention the name of the previous day but parts and call each division as a Rasi. give the date according to the Western But there is the difference in the comSystem which is a little confusing.} mencement of the signs, as explained Horoscope: While erecting a horosabove. cope and offering prediction the Hindus The Hindus have another method of attach much importance both to the dividing the Zodiac. They have divided houses and Navamsa 'positibn. But the it into' 27 equal parts and call them as Westerners attach importance to the Signs Lunar mansions, Nakshathras or stars. and Houses. They have no Navamsa " The Hindus give greater importance to this chart at all. division. They have found that planets I. Cusp of the Houses i.e., Bhavas: transiting in the same sign but in Differ widely between Eastern & Western different Nakshathras cause different systems of calculation. As it needs effects. Just like, each rasi or sign is said exhaustive explanation, it will be dealt to be ruled by a planet, so also the with separately in the following issues. Hindus say that each star is governed by a Prediction Ududasa : Vimsbothari, particular planet (e.g) Aries Sign—Mesha Ashtothari, Kalachakra dasa etc., are the is ruled by Mars—-Sevvai; Taurus signvarious dasas advocated by the Hindu Rishaba is governed by Venus— Sukra; sages to predict'events in one's life either and so on. This is common to both the to himself or to his relatives and others, Western and the Hindus systems. But, with whom he or she has transaction: after discovering Uranus and Neptune, the The Westerners have no dasa system at Westerners have allotted Aquarius—Kumall. * ■ bha to Uranus and Pisces-—Meena to Progression: There is no clear and Neptune. The Hindus did not include exhaustive method of " Progression " given this allocation. As regards theNakshathras, by the Hindu sages though it is simply the first division commencing from Ariesmentioned by only one sage. Westerners Mesha 0° is Aswini ruled by Kethu ; the second is called Bharani governed by follow'only this method to predict events Venus ; the third star is Karthikai, ruled ' in one's life and have advanced the study by Sun ; the fourth Rohini, lord of which of this subject. is Moon and so on. Transit: Westerners take the position of Sun in the Say ana chart to offer transitDay : The Hindus consider that a day results. The position of the transiting commences only from the moment of the planets is referred to the position of Sun Sunrise in that locality and that it extends at birth. But the Hindus take the positidn till the next sunrise in the same locality. of the transiting planets and refer to the The sun may rise at 4-30 A.M. or 5 A M. radical position of Moon in the horoscope. or 7-30 A.M. If a child is born at Further the Hindus give the results accord7-20/ A.M. and the sun rises only at ing to the Sign occupied by the transiting 7-40 A.M. to that locality on that day, planet and not the house transitted by it; then the child is said to have been born but the Westerners take into consideration oh the previous day. Suppose the Sun both the sign and the house transitted by;rises at 4-50 A.M. and a child is born at the various planets. 5-10 A.M., the Hindus consider that it is born on the next day. They take the lord Aspects: The Hindus are of opinion of the day for judgment and it proves to that all planets aspect the 7th house be correct. whereas Saturn has special glance on the 3rd, and 10th houses counted from the Westerners do not attach value to the sign occupied by it; Jupiter aspects 5th name of the day. They follow only the and 9th houses from its position; Mars date which changes at midnight. aspects 4lb and 8th houses, counted from[That is why, when some astrologers the sign it occupied. cast the horoscope of, a child born between But the aspects followed by Westerners 12 Midnight and the time of Sun rise, they 49

are calculated correctly.-. They call'that the longitude between one planet and another planet or one planet and the cusp of one house if divisible by 22^, the aspect is disharmonious,, harmful and adverse. Also they say <cIf the longitudinal distance among two planets or between one planet and the ^tusp of another house is divisible by 18째 or 30째 (except 90째) is considered to be harmonious, favourable and advantageous. Parents : Westerners consider that the fourth house indicates father and the 10th house the mother. But the Hindus take the fourth house as the mother of the person and the 9th house as the father. We follow the latter which is found to be correct. Our findings to establish that the Hindu System is correct, will be published when we deal " Houses Strength : Hindus estjmate the strength of the planets by Shadbala etc., after i'aborious work whereas the method adopted by the Westeners is very simple and they do not have any such calculatiqn. TAshtaka Varga ; Is a method followed by the Hindus which is cot known to the ancient astrologers of the west. Thus, many instances can be given to show that each follow their own system which differ much from the other. (Yet knowledge of both the methods wiUTriinimise percentage of the incorrect predictions.) Astrology is an incomplete but not an incorrect science. Krishnamurti Paddhathi contributes important information and advances simplest methods (a) Why both the methods are considered to be incomplete etc., (b) How to ascertain the favourable and the unfavourable disposition of planets, (c) What nature of results one can expect from a planet,

(d) The exact time when they will be experienced, (e) To predict the different results enjoyed by twins bbrn in the same locality, but with an interval of few minutes even though the ascendant, Lagna is in the same sign, the position of planets in the Zodiac, in rasi, in Navamsa etc., remains the same, the dasa and bhukti is similar etc. As per progression the aspect among the planets will also be similar. So, it would be a problem both for Hindus and Westerners (i) to estimate the longevity of each as in some cases, either of the twins passes away early in infancy and the other lives long, (ii) one gets married, the other remains unmarried, (iii) one has sterling character whereas the other is always after the opposite sex, (iv) one has children, the other has to adopt, (v) one enters Government service, the other takes up business, fvi) one is a lawyer, the other is a surgeon, and so on. The common aspects are (a) the same mother, father, uncle, aunt etc. But the number of brothers and sisters will vary in those instances where one of the twins is a male and the other a Female. Astrology can be declared as a science, only when these differences can be explained properly, at least after knowing the results. It will be considered to be a perfect science, if it is made easy and the students having the ardent desire, understand it thoroughly, apply it properly and offer correct predictions. Herein comes the need for further research. Sri Krishnamurti Paddhathi improves the present available methods of prediction and to a great extent satisfies the consultants as it enables one to offer precise predictions, even in the cases of twins born at an interval of a few minutes. Indeed, it is simple : It does not entail any laborious work. Very quickly, the nature of the planets can be ascertained.


ASTROLOGY & ATHRISHTA (FOUNDED : 1-4-1963) (Astronomy Made Easy) By Jyothisha Praveena K S. KRISHNAMURTI Vol. 2.

MAY 1964

No. 5.




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VENUS-SUKRA THE FORTUNATE BR1GU Goddess of Love and Beauty Astronomy : Hindus considered Venus as the most brilliant planet even at the dawn of history, even though it appeared some monthsasthe evening star, and some months as the morning star. But by other nations, Venus was given two names Phosphorus and Hesperus, as they thoughtthat the morning star Venus was different from the evening star Venus. But around 500 B.C., Pythagoras, the great Groek geometer, confirmed that both the morning and the evening stars are identical. Venus presents a brilliant disc especially in the early morning, when the agriculturists in the villages begin their routine work in the lands and the Vedic Brahmins begin their daily routine prayers, etc. Venus Is the brightest planet and it can, at her best, outshine Sirius, by 12 to 13 times. Venus is much closer to the Sun than the earth. Therefore, on some occasions, Venus will be between Earth and Sun, and on some occasions Sun will be between Earth and Venus. The average distance between the Sun and Venus is 67 million miles. The variation is very little, as the orbit of Venus is almost circular. The distance between Earth and Venus, during inferior conjunction, will be only 25 million miles. The size of Venus is similar to that of the Earth. Venus has a diameter of 7,600 miles, while that of the Earth is 7,900 miles. Its period is 225 days. The atmospheric layer around Venus is thick, peculiar and fascinating. The brightness of â&#x2013; â&#x20AC;˘Venus is. due,to the, reilecting power of its atmosphere.

For the observers on the earth, Venus can never be more than 48 degrees from the Sun. Therefore, when Venus is the evening star and is 48 degrees away from the Sun, we can see it in the heavens for about 3 hours and 12 minutes after sunset. Mythology : Venus is considered to be the Goddess of love, marriage, beauty and comforts. It is called Maha Lakshmi, wife of Lord Vishnu. Venus is also called as one-eyed. The story is to impress upon the mind that if Venus is ill-posited, the eye will be affected, Bali Chakravarthi was ruling both the Earth and the Heavens. The Devas and Indra appealed to Lord Vishnu to free them from Maha Bali. So, Lord Vishnu took the form of a dwarf. He approached the emperor Bali and begged him to give three feet of land for his use, Bali had a wise preceptor, named Sukrachariar. The Guru understood the trick of the Lord and hence advised the emperor not to grant the request. In spite of it, Bali granted the request by pouring water in the hands of Lord Vishnu appearing in dwarf form. Sukracharya blocked the passage of the water by one of his eyes. Lord Vishnu took a grass and pierced through the eye of the Guru as though he was removing the obstacle. Thus Sukracharya lost an eye, Venus is also known as Lucifer and Hesperus. Greeks call it the Aphrodite; the Babyloni ans^^l it NAN A; the Hebrews named it as^Tstorethi Assyrians called Venus as Isktar and the Phoenicians 3

Venus rules Yajur Veda and Vasantha Rithu (April and May). Venus is called Kama, for one's passion depends on the strength of Venus and the aspects it receives, as Venus is chiefly concerned with the emotional outlets and character.

Pisces is a dual sign. Hence, plurality of persons is likely. This is promised in those cases, where they have the conjunction or aspect from both the planets. Mars and Saturn, as Saturn is to deviate from the man-made law and Mars is to give opportunity, courage and strength to avail. In Taurus, Moon gets exalted, whereas in Libra, Saturn is exalted. No planet is debilitated in Taurus; but Sun is debilitated in Libra. This is a testimony that Venus is for Iha-Loka-Sukha and it can bestow on one all comforts, enabling one to lead a pleasant life in this world. Physical Features; Venus produces people of average height, plumpy body, round and dimpled face, or oval and very attractive one, bright, kind and pleasing eyes, pleasant voice, sweet smile and curly hair. If Venus is afflicted adversely, it bestows less beauty. Generally, Venusians are the winners in any competition, especially when they apply for the reception department, as private secretary, salesman, propagandist, etc., other than the occasion, when a choice is to be made among a few competitors for marriage. Part of the body : Venus governs eyes, generative system, throat, chin, cheeks, kidneys, etc. Diseases: Affection in the eye, irregularity in the catamenia, diseases of the ovaries, mucous diseases, skin disease, Bright's disease, cysts swelling, Goitre, Gout, Anaemia, and other complications due to over-indulgence in amusements, eating, drinking, etc:, including Gonorrhea and Syphilis. If Sun and Venus get afflicted, eye disease will result.. If Mars, - Moon and Venus are ill-posited in a horoscope, then the native will have discharge for a larger number of days and the quantity also will-be profuse. - If Saturn afflicts, then the discharge will be scanty, but the pain near the chest and the lower abdominal region will be for some days before and after the period. If Mars, Venus and Sun are afflicted, ^■ithen the-native will have to undergo treatment by a surgeon to have a child.

Astrology: Venus is a feminine planet. It rules the signsTaurus-Rishaba and LibraThuiam, the second and the 7th signs of the Zodiac. The former is an earthy an d a fixed sign, whereas the latter is anairy and a movable one. Being a feminine planet, it governs the gentle and refined attributes. That is why people, ruled by Venus, are kind and sociable. Taurus suggests that the native will be endowed with a pleasant and handsome countenance, as it is the second sign of the Zodiac; for the second house indicates one's cheek, eyes, etc. Libra shows that one will have symmetrical form, graceful manners, will be inclined to purchase peace at any price, and level-headed and will try to lead a happy and harmonious wedded life- By their pleasing personality, calmness, patient hearing to what others say, and refined nature, tbey will soften the ruffled feelings of others, change their attitude and prove to be real peace-makers. Also Venus furnishes the bond between all members of - the family, whatever may be the relationship. ..Libra, being the seventh sign of the Zodiac, Venus shows Love. Mr. Max Heindel says, "Venus vaunteth not herself, is not puffed up, seekcth not her own, rejoices not in iniquity but in truth, beareth all things, believeth all things and endureth all things." Venus gets exalted in Pisces—Meena. Its Moolatrikona sign is Libra—Thulam. It gels debilitated in Virgo—Kanni, Aries and corpio are the houses of detriment to it. Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac. 12th house indicates Suka Sayan a, or conjugal bliss. Hence, strong Venus in a chart is a testimony that the native will have attraction to the other sex early in his life; also he will have attraction,-to,.. aJL matters contributing for amusement and gratification of the senses. 4

If Saturn afflicts Sun and Venus, one may have fibroid tumour. Jupiter, afflicting Sun and Venus, indicates cancer. If Mercury afflicts by the semi-square or semi-demi-square aspect with Venus, one may have nervous disorders which may Jead to Hysteria. As Venus represents the beauty of the "Skin, when afflicted by Saturn or Kethu, one will suffer from Eczema, Leprosy or Leucoderma. Thus, considering the adverse aspect to Venus, one is to judge the nature of the disease. Injuries may be caused by an accident through any vehicle, car accident, plane accident, cart running over one, cycle, etc. They may also be caused through the animals and the birds which are governed by Venus, e.g., panther, bull, cow, buffalo, goat, etc. Those, who have been keeping birds and animals as hobby, may have dove, peacock, sparrow, etc. Plants and Herbs: Cotton, pomegranate, gooseberry, sandal, dandelion, jasmine, musk, punugu, nutmeg, condiments, Asofcha tree, cherry, white poppy, chestnut, fig, apple, and all juicy and tasty fruits, rubber, tobacco. Places: Bed room, dancing and dining room, cinema theatre, drama hall, garden, nursery, fountains, banqueting hall, scent manufacturing factory, automobile industrial places, shipping yards, aerodrome, etc., chemical industrial areas, silk and rayon industrial quarters, mica mines (if Saturn is conjoined with, or aspecting Venus), glass manufacturing places, etc. Political: Cease fire, peace, prosperity in the country. No more necessity for control or permits but opportunity for Free Trade. Laws favourable for transport, railway, shipping etc., for cine people, musicians and ladies, expansion programme and export facility for silk, textile, rayon, toilets, perfumeries, mica, 'themicals;-cinema films, women welfare, etc.

Economic: Satisfactory , good relationship among the partners and shareholders. Issue of bonus shares. Improvement of the industry and much prosperity. Rise in the prices of the shares. Floatation of new companies dealing in any of the products, governed by Venus. Products: The finished goods of the textile, silk and rayon products, silver, copper, glass, mica, toilets, perfumery, fancy goods, photograph films, hosiery for ladies, confectionery, sandalwood oil, fruits, flowers, sugar, chemicals, rubber, cars, ship, aeroplane, embroidery, tailoring machines, musical instruments, radio, paints, milk, petrol, etc. Profession: Musicians, g a m c s t er s, cinema actors, actresses, film producers, etc. Similarly in drama, dealers in musical instruments and in all the products mentioned above. Those employed in transport, automobile, railway, bus, taxi, lorry, air travel, shipping, food department, animal husbandry, slaughter house, agriculture estates, coffee, tea, rubber, etc., opticians, glass, mica and plastic, linen drapers, tailors, painters, jewellers, players, embroiderers, those employed to make-up, dress, comb, etc., fiddlers, pipers, engravers, perfumers, diamond and white stone dealers, pimps, etc. If the second house is strong, and Venus indicates one's profession, he will be a vocal musician, a singer, or poet as Venus is called Kavi. If the third house has connection with Neptune and Venus (who is the significator for one's profession), he will be using string instruments. If the sign is a short one as Aquarius, he will be a fiddlist. But if it is Gemini or Libra, a sign of Long ascension, he will have Veeoa. If Venus is in the third or the ninth house and is having beneficial (18 degrees, 30 degrees, 36 degrees or 60 degrees) aspect from Mercury, and if either is in an airy sign, he may be good in Flute or Nagaswaram. Short sign like Aquarius indicates iFIutc.._ Long signs show Nagaswaram. 5

Watery signs portray fertile imagination and he may be interested in Jaladharangam. A strong Mars, receiving good aspect from Venus, shows that he will be aquainted with Gatam. Saturn, Venus and Mars indicate that he will be an expert in Mridangara, as Mars is for manual labour, Venus for skin, Saturn for the dead and hence, Venus and Saturn for leather. Therefore this combination is necessary for them. Thus the trade or profession, in which one will be proficient, can be predicted.

Modification and Aspects to Venus: Sun's aspect to Venus: As Venus is never more than 48 degrees away from the Sun, the only aspects which can be formed with the Sun are :— 1. Conjunction when both are together either within 12 degrees when Venus approaches the Sun, or within 17 degrees when Venus gets separated from the Sun. (Good) 2. Parallel: Equal distance from the celestial equator north or south; or one north and the other south. (Good) 3. Vigintile ; 18 degrees away which is moderately good. 4. Semi-demi-square when both of them are 22 and a half degrees away which is evil. 5. Semi-sextile when they are 30 degrees apart which produces favourable results due to harmonious aspect. 6. Semi-quintile or decile, 36 degrees, will be the longitudinal distance between them which is also a favourable one. 7. Semi-square or 45 degrees distance between them which is evil. Thus seven aspects are possible and according to the aspect, one can expect beneficial or adverse results in their joint periods; i.e., in their dasa and bhukties and also when they form aspects during progression and transit.

Rulership: Venus is called KALATHRA KARAKA, i.e., he is the chief governor for marriage. It shows whether one will be faithful in love and allow the partner to enjoy life, or one will be trouble-some and unreliable making the married life a hell on earth. Venus also indicates the partner in business, if it has any connection" with the second, sixth and tenth houses in the horoscope. Venus is the chief planet connected with vehicles—Vahana, The fourth house and Venus indicate whether one can have the comforts through conveyance, etc. It is Vahana Karaka. For those born during day time, Venus is the Karaka for mother. (The fourth bouse and its lord also signify mother.) Lucky Colour:—White, cream, ivory. Lucky numbers; 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51 and so on. Lucky day: Friday. Lucky metal and stone; Copper, Silver, < Brafss,'f Beryl,- Coral, Jade* Diamond, Alabaster. Lucky star day: On the days when Moon transits in Bharani, Poorva Palguni and Poorvashada stars.

For those who have Venus as ruling planet, Sun, forming good aspect with Venus, indicates that the native will be delighting in sociability, pleasure, easy life, comfort, luxury, clubs, societies, •^places of;entertainment, etc. * One will befond of company, especially of the opposite sex. He or she will be hospitable. It gives a generous, courteous and cheerful nature. It calls out the artistic nature. It makes the person fond of art, music 6

and poetry. It is a positive testimony of unalloyed marital bliss. If Venus indicates one*s earnings, good aspect promises gain of money through business partners, wife or husband, through profession, speculation and holding public office. There will be success in every enterprise with fresh opportunities for increase in income and improvement in status. One will enjoy good relationship with one and all. Good aspect promises that one will be a successful musician or a film producer. Sun and Venus in close conjunction and also occupying the 5th, the 7th, or the 9ih house, indicates either the wife is defective or she may have some disease in the generative system.

Venus is the significator of his or her earnings, it promises splendid earnings, probability of rich inheritance through mother or wife or both, possession of luxurious and costly articles, furniture, and vehicles, etc. Naturally, the intelligence and imagination will get improved, and this will contribute to the happy and harmonious life. The following proverb will prove to be true in their cases. " The gown is hers that wears it, and the world is his who enjoys itThey may have satisfactory earnings, by catering to public tastes and needs, by running confectioneries, restaurants, boarding and lodging houses; or dealing in perfumeries, music, cinema, petrol, transport, shipping, etc. One will not over-indulge in pleasures, nor will be careless in habits and manners. The relationship among the partners will be very cordial; they cannot suffer scandal and unpopularity. If Moon is a significator of marriage, the partner's star may be Rohini and 23rd May to 6th June will be lucky. Adverse aspects will give the most undesirable results and will make the native's life horrible and not worth living.

Adverse aspect indicates that one will be amorous in nature. There may be delay in marriage or disappointment. Happy and harmonious life is denied All the beneficial results mentioned for favourable aspect will be absent, whereas just opposite results alone will be experienced. Domestic life will not be pleasant. For a few, it will be a problem. The extent to which it can do harm, depends upon other bad aspects also.

Mars forming good aspect with Venus: Mars owns Aries and Scorpio, while Venus owns Libra and Taurus, both opposing each other, as both the planets arc antagonistic in their qualities. Mars represents masculine, bold, militant, and rash action, while Venus indicates peace, harmony, calmness, and courtesy. Hence this aspect portrays that one will be courteous, wellbehaved with pleasing manners and attracting all by his personal charm. It gives courage and confidence. One will be fond of adventure, amorous and ambitious. One may be proficient in instrumental music. His hobby may be to deal in cars. He*inay"be extravagant.

The above results will be experienced in their mutual dasas, bhukties and antharas. If Sun happens to be the significator of marriage, the partner's star may be Karthikai or Pooram. Moon forming good aspect with Venus : The person, who has this beneficial aspect and to whom Venus is the ruling planet, by being born in one of his signs or in an Ascendant with Venus strong therein, will, by nature, be polishod and refined. He or she will be inclined to develop art and will appear beautiful by their neat dress and also by the use of fragrant scent, powder, etc. to a limited extent. They will be fond of music, pleasure, light literature, cinema, 4 drama, .and other-.entertainments. They will be affectionate and attractive, gentle and good, sociable and sympathetic. They will be treated with respect in the company of young poople of the opposite sex. If

Mars aspecting Venus promises greater earning capacity and ability; it will not all ow him to save as much as one who has the good aspect of Saturn to Venus. ; Mars ? gives enough of. â&#x2013; euergy,.,authority,, responsibility, tact, push and activity' If Mercury also forms good aspect, one will not mind spending money on advertisement, display, show and propaganda. 8

Also they are the patrons for most of the They will have plurality of interests and clubs, societies, sabhas, etc. They will be will gain money mostly as agent, salesman, able to make good gain through sports; by broker, manager to ladies well-placed in being good sportsmen, they may get lucralife, or as assistants to actresses, musicians, tive posts in any office, though they may etc., or by playing second fiddle and ever not be fully qualified for it, practical artispleasing the employer, as sanitary engineers, tic ability or mechanical skill, automobile electric light and fan dealers, etc. If engineering, tailoring, singing, dancing, Saturn also forms favourable aspect, the natives will deal in Frigidaire. Mars, by owning cinema theatres, or producing films, salesmanship, dress, jewels, ornaments, lending its beneficial aspect, indicates that diamonds, textiles, photography, agriculthey may deal in electric heaters, motor ture, coffee and tea board, etc. batteries, etc. Adverse aspect of Mars to Venus leads If there were to be adverse aspect, the one to immoral life. But rivalry, spite and native should never stand surety to anyjealousy create many enemies and life will body, nor sign cheques, etc.# without not be smooth. Passion cannot be properly scrutinising it. Mental worry controlled. Due to rash and violent action, and ill-repute are threatened. Any confidthere may be separation and dispute. It ential letter written to an intimate friend may even end in divorce. Saturn also formbelonging to the opposite sex will fall into ing evil aspect, will lead to the murder of the hands of others, and the secret activithe other partner. Worry through womenties will be revealed. As Mercury represents folk, over-indulgence, deranged health, the postal authorities, the letter may^.be, loss of money, scandal and ill-repute are by mistake, delivered to a wrong person1 or the unfavourable results. A few may meet at a wrong moment. If Jupiter is not with accidents through conveyance. favourable, one may be sure that one day or other, the person will have to pay In the case of those who have good penalty to the Income-Tax department, aspects, if Mars is the significator of especially during the joint periods of marriage, the partner may be born in Mercury and Venus. Bharani star or Mrigasirisha first half or Chithrai second half and the lucky period Jupiter forming good aspect with may be between April 26th to 10th May, Venus : These two planets are the brightbetween 8th June and 14th June, and betest and are very strong benefics by nature. ween 17th October and 23rd October. Hence, the persons will be polite, dutiful, honest, chaste and faithful. Thsy will have Mercury forming good aspect with faith in occult science, in God, etc. They Venus: Mercury and Venus can never be will follow tradition and will never dare more than 76 degrees apart. Therefore to break the law, nor will they contribute they can form only a few aspects which are to breach of peace. They will cultivate moderate in strength in giving the results. universal love, both brotherhood and The strong aspects like square and trine -sisterhood. They will be just in their cannot be formed. actions, and very hospitable. Charity, Good aspects make the native goodpurity, piety, equity and equanimity are natured. They will keep all the members bestowed on the persons having this cheerful by their pleasant and humorous beneficial aspect. One will have the desire talk; they will be good artists, developing to have higher studies with facility and taste in fine arts, music, etc. They will opportunity to study. Success is also have keen imagination and proficiency in assured in their ventures. Good health and literature. Sanitary Engineering, poetry, smooth life for a long number of years are "comedy drama-wfiting, and will have.con->. â&#x20AC;˘ also .pi^saged.,. tact mostly with literates. They will not hesitate to stand surety for anybody withOne will be able to get a good financier, who will be honest and ever helpful. out getting entangled later. 9

Much gain and success in business are assured. One can prosper in a court of law, income-tax, sales tax, etc., bank, women's college; honour and reputation will be on the increase ; one may become the trustee of a temple ; director of any company dealing in luxurious commodities, manager or cashier in the Transport department. By marrying one in high circle, one's position and finance will suddenly improve. One can enjoy all fruits of life in this world and also be pious and God-fearing; useful investments, rise in career, birth of child, and good luck are indicated. If Jupiter happens to be the significator of wife or husband, she or he may be horn in Poorvashada star or Visakam first three quarters in Libra sign. The lucky period will he between 26lh December to 10th January, or 7th November to 17th November. Saturn forming good aspect with Venus : The native will consider deeply before launching an enterprise. Fertile imagination and far-sightedness, steadiness and perseverance, honesty and sincerity will make one very good to plan and .scheme. The native will, hold any responsible position of trust. He will meet all expenses which are reasonable. He will be economical, prudent, and frugal, and notmiserly. Legacy through marriage, gain through investment on lands, garden, nursery, stocks and shares, business relating to coal, mine produce, leather, skin and hides, cotton textiles and prosperity in mine-engineering, etc. Good aspect of Saturn to Venus shows marriage in proper age and also mutual love between the couple. But adverse aspect will threaten either with delay in marriage, denial ordisappointment, or both the partners may seek satisfactory pleasure with strangers, old people, widows, widowers, etc. The moral backbone will be lost. There will be financial loss, domestic worry, separation, bereavement, disappointment, etc. Ill-health, eczema, venereal troubles and leprosy. Will be, .contracted. There will be great difficulty in inheriting property. There may be the appointment of a guardian. Or the father may write out a

will and leave the property in the names of the person's children and will deny the native all rights. The native's position will be lost. There will be scandal. Reversals and downfall are certain. Even good friends will shun the native's society. One may be charge-sheeted for bribery, dishonesty, falsification of accounts, favouritism, etc. One may be prosecuted for debauchery or drink. The native may have litigation, and divorce the partner. Generally, those, who have the bad aspect between Venus and Saturn, will first have a spectacular rise in life, and finally they will suffer from a greater fall. Saturn represents grave. So, the evil Saturn will sec that the person is one foot in the grave. ..Venus receiving good aspect from Rahu and Rethu: As Rahu and Kethu do not own any sign, find out in which star and in which sign they are. The lords of the star and the sign are to be considered. Consider as though the lords of the star and the sign are individually aspecting Venus. Both the results will be enjoyed, especially in the period of Rahu or Kethu and the sub period of the lord of the star and the sign during Venus Dasa or Venus Bhukthi. Venus receiving good aspect from Uranus: The person will have an attractive personality. He or she will be exceedingly magnetic, especially to the opposite sex. The native will also attract a host of friends who are in power and who will be helpful to him. In any competition, he will come out successful due to his magnetic and charming personality. Mentally he will be always alert, active, bright, intuitive, quick and also inspirational, This aspect gives love of art, music, poetry, discovery and research; when the native meets a person suddenly, he will fall in love with him or her and be happy as though Gandharva Vivaham has taken place ; Uranus will assist him or her by this aspect. For very quick and sudden consummation, this favourable aspect is

gives proficiency in instrumental music, especially, stringed ones. One will be able to produce very fine, sublime, melodious and pleasant notes, especially when one does Raga Alapaoa. For Swaram, Mercury also must form good aspect. Cinema film producers are very successful through those pictures which are released at the time Neptune, by transit, forms strong beneficial aspect with both its original position at the time of birth, and also with Venus in the radical chart. Neptune gives confidence that there can be no disappointment, complication, deceit or danger of scandal in love or marriage. Even in the business the partner cannot be playing fraud. Only when Neptune forms evil aspect, one has to exercise care in food and drinks. One is to avoid narcotics. There is always the danger from ptomaine poisoning. Misplaced confidence will land one in trouble. There will be danger through secret organisations. It is advisable not to have a partner and also any private secretary in business, as they may be cheats and bring in mental worry, financial loss, illrepute, etc. One will be wasting money through ladies without any benefit or pleasure. But Neptune, forming good aspect, shows that the native will be successful, join happy society, spend a mirthful time, engage in devotional practices, and enjoy extreme prosperity.

needed. One will be much attached to the other as the eccentricity of Uranus is toned down by the soft and peaceful Venus. Marriage will be a happy and harmonious one. There can be no trouble or jealousy through courtship or wedding. One will not be so hasty as to commit a mistake and divorce later, like Dhusyantha who ought to have had both the beneficial aspect of Uranus to Venus and also evil aspect from Mars and Saturn to Venus. Railway, air travel, research, fine arts, investments speculation, etc., will be the sources through which one will be able to make money. It is also likely to have a windfall when Uranus forms again good aspect with Venus during its transit, and at the time when Venus dasa or Venus bhukti and a favourable sub period operates. Venus receiving good aspect from Neptune : The person will be versatile ; Neptune gives fertile imagination and deep emotions. He will be pure and will maintain a sterling character, provided there is no evil aspect from Mars and Saturn to Venus. Neptune indicates that the partner is reliable and faithful, mostly due to the kindness, sympathy and love. One may have interest in the mystical subjects, or be a successful speculator or a good musician, if Neptune is in the 5th house. Neptune


MARS IN THE LAST TWO SIGNS Mars in Aquarius makes one intellectual, as this is an airy sign. He will be prudent, quick-witted and a ready debater. Depending on the aspects of Mars, he may be impulsive or rash, headstrong and abrupt. Aquarius shows that he is humanitarian. He will be interested in the reform to do good to the poor. He may be ambitious, enterprising and also independent. Being a fixed sign, he will be steady and cannot be changed by others. If the circumstances appeal to him that the change will be to his advantage, he will not hesitate to change. It will be a complete, sudden and abrupt one. Advocates, having Mars in Aquarius, have established a very good name during their Mars period, as it makes them a good reasoner, forcible and convincing speaker, capable of summing up facts and arguments very clearly, so that the opponent and the judge can arrive at correct conclusions in the advocates* favour. Aquarius suggests that one can gain through invention, machinery, electricity, aerial matters, medicine, surgery, or by floating a company, becoming the managing director of the same and running it to the advantage of the shareholders and customers. One may take interest in public work and also enter into Government or Co-operative service. Air-pilots, having Mars in Aquarius, will have sudden rise in their career, because of their merit, sincerity and ability, _ If Mars is afflicted in Aquarius, one has to correct himself. He should not be too independent and, selfish, and should avoid hasty actions. He should consider the consequences. He should not be brutally blunt in his speech and invite trouble. Otherwise, he will Ipse many good friends and suffer through opposition and hostility. Early death of parents will deny him many opportunities for rise in life. He should not be bombastic and resentful of authority. Speculation will end in

loss. If he has any slight trouble with the circulatory system, he should immediately consult a heart specialist. Some authors Say that Aquarius governs either, and hence Mars can cause eye trouble. We are of opinion that only when it is afflicted by an evil planet from either Taurus, the second, and Pisces the 12th sign of the Zodiac, or by the planet occupying the second or the 12th house of a native, one may have eye trouble and a few had their cataract removed during Mars period. (When one compares the horoscopes of the bride and bridegroom, if Mars is found to be in Aquarius-Kumba, one is to consider that there is no dhosha as is mentioned in DEVAKERALAM.) Mars in Piscesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Meena ; The person will not be as bold as those who have Mars in the other signs. He may be somewhat timid and also slow or cautious, but if he loses he will became bold and audacious. He will be sympathetic and affectionate. He may be open to the influence of others, quiet, vacillating, indecisive and easily depressed. He will be ambitious, desirous of popularity though he will., be dissatisfied with the poor result. He will have a tendency toward secret love affairs. He will be able to hide it from the public eye. If Mars is afflicted in this sign, he will be landed in trouble by indulging in clandestine intercourse. The person will be untruthful if Mars is afflicted, even though the sign is ruled by honest Jupiter. Mars gives ability as a surgeon in hospital. He is best fitted for detective work. People with authority land power in places of segregation, isolation, hospital and jails," will' have Mars in Pisces and Mars will be the significator for their profession by occupying the houses 2,6 or 10, or by occupying the constellation of the planets in 2, 6 or 10 or Mars being 12

Being a common sign, afflicted Mars gives many changes in the occupation, plans and schemes to become enmeshed in the net of the law and suffer imprisonment, making him a ward of the community. Mars is to be adversely aspected or conjoined with evils; He should avoid strong drinks. (These are the general results of Mars in each sign. But the correct and precise results can be had only when one follows Krishnamurti Paddathi, an improved method of stellar astrology.)

the lord of 2, 6 or 10 or by occupying the constellation of the lords of these houses. Sailors, Marine Engineers, fishermen, hotel-keepers, C.I.D. Police, Navy Police, and those who work in warships will have their Mars in Pisces. If Mars is afflicted, there is always the danger through water. Accidents and injury in the foot, or danger through drowning or poison may be expected during the period of Mars. In business it threatens with many misfortunes, difficulties, theft, secret inimical activities, false reports, false accusations, scandal, etc.


MOON IN THE FIFTH HOUSE By Arudhra Fifth house indicates children, progeny, the first child of a native, rather the first conceptioa or pregnancy, and the general health of all children, pleasurable pursuits of the native, lottery, speculation, betting, sports, music, cinema, public entertainments, amusements, games, dance, merriment, etc. Fifth house also indicates the younger brother or sister to the next younger, mother's finance, bank position and movable property, father's father, success or failure of the messengers, maternal uncle's loss, investment and expenses, gain to partner in life or profit to the opponent, father's higher studies, long journey, contact with foreigners and their friendship, death of the ruler, or danger to him; there is no difference of opinion among the Hindus and the Westerners, in considering the 5th house as that which indicates the birth of children Hindus consider this as a Kona, and thereby they declare it to be a strong 'sign,"promising beneficial results to the native, if it is occupied by a benefic. Jupiter therein is said to be unhelpful to have a large family, though its aspect to the 9th, 11th and first houses is auspicious. Moon in the fifth house generally indicates that one will have fondness for pleasure, will be cheerful in the midst of children and young girls, and will besuccessful in sports, games, music,,opera etc. If the fifth house is a common sign, the affections of the native will be ever changing, and he will be an unsteady gambler. The marriage will prove to be fruitful. It is said that Moon in the fifth house will surely bless the native with children, even if the sign be a barren one; experience teaches that one should not give prediction regar'ding the number of children without

considering the wife's chart also. Correct results can be had only on scrutinising the lady's chart. If Moon receives good aspect, and, it is in the constellation of a benefic, it is certain that one of the children will be famous and prosperous. If the fifth cusp, the lord of the fifth house, is afflicted, but if Moon receives good aspect from Neptune, one will have a child by adoption. Moon in the fifth house, well aspected by Uranus or Neptune, is favourable to have intuition, clairvoyance, or have the benefit ofYAKSHlNI. Goddess may be worshipped to ward off evil. Moon, receiving good aspect from the Sun, shows that one can have honourable and successful attachments. One can gain through speculation, and investment. The family will be small. If Sun afflicts, the native will -have trouble in courtship, sorrow through love, trouble with children and also loss in speculation, gambling, etc. Moon, receiving good aspect from Mars, indicates that one can have pleasure through strenuous sports and muscular exercise and sudden attraction - towards the opposite sex. If it forms evil aspect, the native will be subject to sensual emotions and over-ardent affections; too much indulgence in pleasure; financial and social loss; danger to first child. Moon, receiving good aspect froin Mercury, refines the native's pleasures and makes them more mental than muscular. It is more of the mind than of the senses. One may gain through speculation in cotton, in forward business, or in betting of cotton prices. Intuition will be correct and action also will be prompt. 14

Uranus, forming good aspect with There will be success in connection with Moon in the 5th house, gives unconventravels and also correspondence. AGENtional ideas with regard to sex union. It CY, contract, etc., will be a source of sudwill be uncommon, strange, romantic, den and substantial income. Adverse impulsive, inconstant and secret one. aspects threaten worry, anxiety and agony. Unexpected gains in speculation, betting, There will be nervous breakdown due to or lottery, and intelligent or eccentric disappointment in love affairs or due to children are indicated by Uranus. If it the death of a child. forms evil aspect, the native will have a Moon, receiving good aspect from Jupitroublesome child who may leave the house ter, indicates that the children will be without leaving behind any information good and dutiful. They will be helpful in and causing much anxiety. Never specucontributing to the comfort of the native. late, as Uranus squaring Moon will give One will be successful in his love affairs incorrect intuition, impulsive action which and may gain through the opposite sex will land the native in trouble. also. One can speculate, using other's money and gain thereby. One may have Neptune, forming good aspect with moon the assistance of bankers and banks, in the fifth house, gives strange experiences and make money through cinema, music, in connection with one's feelings, emoetc. Bad aspect from Jupiter will give tions and affections. It gives proficiency the same desires and chances; but finally in stringed instruments and brings good there will be trouble, loss and litigation. reputation. Speculation in shipping One may become a bankrupt. shares, petrol, etc., will result in profit. But, if Neptune forms evil aspect, it Moon, receiving good aspect from denotes troubles, confusion, and disapVenus, will bless the native with fruitful pointment. There will be loss in the tranand pleasant union as also with beautiful sactions due to treachery and deceit. Those children who will be endowed with artistic who become bankrupts by dealing in oils and musical talents. Girls bom to this have the evil aspect between Neptune native will contribute towards peace and and Moon in 5. comfort. Gain through speculation, theatres, music, painting, milk and dairy For those born in ARIES :—Moon can forms are also indicated. If Venus afflicts be in Makam or Poorvapalguni or UthraMoon, health will fail due to over-indulpalguni first quarter. If Moon is in gence in pleasurable gratification. GoMakam, it is not auspicious. It denotes norrhoea, diabetes and such diseases may confusion, indecision, ill-health to childpull down the native's health. ren, loss in speculation, etc. Success in Moon, receiving good aspect from his college course is not promised. There Saturn, shows attraction towards people will always be some difficulty or other older than the native or towards maid with the house owner orons may own a servants, or girls employed in his office. house in a slum area. Moon in PoorvaOccasionally one may fall in love with a palguni indicates birth of beautiful and widow or a widower. If it is a lady, she lucky daughters. The native will specumay have irregular monthly periods and late and also be a good musician or get there will be delay to have a child, and employed in any business, dealing in luxduring pregnancy, there will be false pain ury goods, or those needed by ladies. on many occasions. Speculation in petrol Perfumeries, scents, etc., or taxi hire, and mine shares will be profitable. If and petrol business will be advantageous. Saturn afflicts, there will be loss of childVenus as lord of 2, indicating profession, ren, the first child may be emaciated, stilland also luxuries of the ladies, aspects horn or short-lived. Loss by speculation Moon who owns the 4th house counted and in. games of chances arcJhreatened. • — from Aries.'' Moou in Poorvap^lgunPfirsl Danger from animals, drowning, foul gas pada indicates that one will study medicine in the sceptic tank, drain, etc., are to be and he will marry one who is not already feared. related but born in a stranger's family, as 16

that the husband will have higher studies, come out successful and also be benefitted with this qualification. Or he may come in contact with strangers and foreigners and gain, or he may go on a long journey which will prove to be fruitful. Moon in the first or second quarter of Chithrai star will be in Virgo which is the fifth house to Taurus-Rishaba. It means that Moon, the lord of 3, occupies the constellation of Mars who is lord of this star and also lord of the 7th and the 12th houses counted from Taurus. It denotes that there may be loss of money through robbery while travelling, or expense on those with whom one comes in contact during the voyage, or in the settlement of marriage by making a short journey or by correspondence. Anyhow the union will not be fortunate if Moon is also afflicted. As lord of 7 is also lord of 12, people born in Taurus will have their partner born in a stranger's family or there may be separation during the periods of Moon which is under the sway of Mars. A few will be transferred to a neighbouring place and may have to live away, leaving the permanent place of residence. There will be a change in the surroundings and environment, as lord of 3 is in the constellation of lord of 12. Thus one has to analyse and offer prediction for each planet, in each sign and house. Krishnamurthi Paddhathi gives more details.

Sun, tbe lord of Uthrapalguni is the lord of a kona, i.e., the fifth house. Tauras-born natives will have Moon in Uthrapalguni 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter, or Hastham or Chithrai first half, in Virgo. It means that lord of three is in the constellation of lord of 4, Sun ; or lord of 3, Moon in its own star Hastham; or lord of 7 and 12 Mars, in Chithrai. Hence, when Moon is in Uthram in Virgo, the person may be a salesman in any chemical or medical concern, or a touring officer in the Government, or an Inspector, or he may work in the communication department. If it is a girl's chart, her husband may go on long journey, come in contact with strangers and foreigners and enter into profitable contracts. If Moon is in Hastham, the person may have good friendship with brothers, sisters, and neighbours. A few may have romance with the cotenant or neighbour or one living dose by. As Moon is lord of three and occupies the second house to the fourth as lord of 12 to the fourth it is unfavouble to mother; it threatens loss and also hospitalisation during the period of Moon. But to children, it is an excellent position, as it is lord of 11 in its own constellation in the Ascendant to the children which is the Sth house to the native. If Moon is in the 5th house to a girl, then the 7th house indicates husband, which will be Scorpio. Moon happens to be lord of 9 in II in its own constellation and it indicates


â&#x20AC;&#x17E; *luiuicuiaiejy < after marriage. Have all of them married girls born in Moolam? Some boys corn^plain a lot of difficulties to their mother, soon after their marriage. Have, they married the brides-bora in AshJesha 1st . pada. ' A few say that they lost their elder brother immediately after marriage, had they married. Jyeshta girls." Similarly collect facts and consider. You will find that the fathers-in-law passed away even though the girls are bora in all the 27 starsSimilarly some lost mother-in-law, some brother-in-law, and so on. Therefore to attribute any such occurrences only to the nakshathra of the bride is not wise. Suppose a girl is born in Moolam first pada ; she marries a boy. Is it certain that her father-in-law will pass away. Should not his horoscope indicate that his end will be immediately after his son^s marriage with â&#x20AC;˘ a Moolam girl ? If his horoscope promises long span. of fife, how can this bride .shorten it, by marrying his son ? If the

tather-in-Iawdoes not die, will she administer poison ? Are there not many Moolam girls haying fathers-in-laws for many decades after marriage ? Do girls born in other stars promise long life to father-inlaw, ..Therefore, do not pay heed to all these proverbs. To reject the horoscope of girls born in Moolam or Ashlesha or Jyeshta or Visaka is not wise. One has to judge the whole horoscope and find out the results. To seleit or reject on any one point, taking only Moon's position into consideration is not correct A few exceptions:â&#x20AC;&#x201D;If the star of the girl or the boy is either Mrigaseerisha or Makam or Uthiram or Hastham or Swathi or Anuradha of Uthrashada or Uthirattadhi, one need not see dasaporutham at all. They can marry even when there is no dhina porutham. etc. (Yet the special rule to the 7th star is to be considered) {wil/ be continued)

By JYOTHISHA'VISHARATH K. GANAPATHY In our issue of June 1963, it was ex^ of Greenwich Meantime. The position of plained how'to fijhd out ihe sidereal time planets, i.e., the longitude of planets at birth with reference to a birth at printed in the Ephemeris is worked out 6-30 P.M. Indian Standard Time on 15lh for 12 Noon at Greenwich for each date May, 1963 at Agra while the method of or 5-30 P.M. I.S.T. fixing' up the exact position of the 12 The example taken here is the birth at cusps was explained in detail in the August issue. 6-30-P.M. which is I P.M. G.M.T. (i.e., 6-30 P.M.—5-30 hours = 1 P.M.) Now," we will explain how to find out the planetary position for the above birth turn over the pages 10 and il in with Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris, theYou where the planetary posiwhich is to be followed to have a correct tionEphemeris for month of May, 1963 is given. chart. What Ephemeris is, has been ex- Find outthe the position on T5th and 16th as plained already. the birth has taken place in between these You all know that the Standard lime .two dates. The following arc .the posifollowed in India is 5^ hours in advance tions of planets Planets Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahn Uranus Neptune

Symbol Position on 15-5-63 Position on 16-5-63 dcg. rat. C2. cot. 24 B 54 0 23 «56 24 = 04 > lOoSO 8 ■ 21 035 21EI 09 -27 a 25 t? (R) 27 « 58 U 9v 30 9v 18 26 >55 ? 25v 43 22 = 51 22 s= 49 23 s 31 a 23 34 m 1 u>10 lislO -T 14i00 (R) 14 "i 2

Motion for a day dc. ret. 0-58 13—14 0—26 0—33 0—12 1—12 0- 2 0—3 Nil 0— 2

(R) indicate , that the planet is retrograde) The motion of each planet for a day, the planet is retrograde. Rahu's posi i.e:, 24 hours is given above. As birthis given on the top of the right hand sid has taken place 1 hour after 12 Noon, pagedl-as-Maon's Node, You have to Greenwich or I hour after 5-30 P.M. I.S.T. 180° to fix up Kctfiii's longitude. for which the position of planets is ; given, you have to find out proportionate Sun Amoved ' 58'_m 2A_hours ai "movemenh'for the.interval ?and add the 1 hour it would have^moved 58/2' same to the position on the 15th, if the • 2-10/24 mts. So add 2j mts. to the po: planet is raotipn or deduct it if - on .15r5;65. Moon> ^moved.

MARRIAGE (DASAâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;PORUTHAM) By Kayeska If the husband is born in Deva Ganam and the wife's star belongs to Manushya Ganam, both horoscopes will agree. The agreement is said to be passable, if the husband is born in Manushya Ganam, and the bride in Deva Ganam. If either of their stars is in the group of Rakshasa Ganam, and the other in Manushya Ganam, they will not agree. There will be no pleasure in their wedded life. There are some exceptions. (1) Suppose the bride is bom in Rakshasa Ganam. Then count the star of the bride from that of the boy. If it is above fourteen, the evil effects will be warded off. They can be matched. (2) If the sign, in which Moon was at the time of birth of the'coliple, happens to be the same or if the lords, of the different signs, in which moon was at the time of their birth,happen to be friends, or if they are in Sama-Sapthama, then even if there is no Ganam, can be matched. The following nine stars belong to 2. Rakshasa Ganam: Karthikai, Ashlesha, Makam, Chithrai, Visakam, Jyeshta, Moolam, Dhanishta and Sathabishak. Manushya Gana stars are also nine in number. They are Bharani, Rohini, Arudhra, Poorvapalguni, Poorvashada, Poor-,, vapathra pada, Uthrapalguni, Uthrashada and Uthrabathra pada. The remaining nine stars are grouped as Deva Ganam, and they are Asvini, Mirgasirisham, Punarvasu, Pushyam, Hastham, Swathi, Anuradha, Sravanam and Revathi. The above agreement is observed mostly by Kshathriyas.

The Ten agreements are : ' DINAM GANAM CHA MAHENDRAM STHREE DHEERGAM YONIREVA CHA RASI-RASYADHIPOW VASYAM RAJJUR VEDHA CHA DHAE DHASA. '. i.e., Dinam, Ganam, Mahendram, Sthree Dheergam, Yoni, Rasi, Rasi-adhi-pathi, Vasyam, Rajju and Vedhai. Of the ten, the first Dina-Porutham was dealt with, in the last April issue. The next is Ganam. 1. Gana-Porutham; Gana might have been otherwise called as " Gu^as.,' The nature of a person may be broadly classified into three groups: Rajasic, Sathvic and Thamasic. Our sages have expounded that it is the in-born -nature of-the couple which is .mainly, responsible for good understanding between themselves and for leading happy and harmonious wedded lives. If the husband is Rajasic, that is, if he is of a fiery nature, short-tempered, rash and violent, and if he understands that the wife is also equally militant, they will agree satisfactorily. 'f Rajasic means "Rakshasa*'. If both happen to be gentle, true, law-abiding, god-fearing, and modest, they also will have Gana-Porutham and will lead pleasant lives, "Sathvic" means " Deva". If both are dull, lethargic, feeling happy when supported or grumbling when the other is negligent or reluctant which is the nature of most of the people, then too, understanding that the partner is in no way better or worse than hinr-elf- or herself, they pull on with pleasure. This Type is called Manushya Ganam." If husband and wife are both born in the same groupâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Ganam, they will agree. 22

3. Mahendbra-Porutham: This also oiight have been named as Maha Kendhram. Because, by Keadhra, we mean the houses 1, 4, 7, 10. Similarly in this porutham, it is said that if the bridegroom's star is the same as the bride's or the 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16lh, 19th, 22nd or 25th counted from that of the bride, it agrees. A hasty student will ask, " How is it that the sages in one Porutham, advocate the rejection of a star; while in another porutham they consider it as good. For example, in Dina porutham, they have condemned the 7th star; i.e., if the boy's star is the seventh when counted from that of the girl, they .do not matcb. But under Mahendra porutham, they haveselected the seventh star. How are we to reconcile this ?" It is a fact, that under Dina Porutham, the seventh star is discarded, whereas under Mahendram, it is approved. All poruthams do not indicate the same result; i.e., happy life with wife; harmony between them ; prosperity ; progeny, etc. Each porutham shows a particular result. By Dina Porutham, one~cah understand that the couple, having this agreement, can maintain good health and live together for a long period. But, by Mahendra Porutham, it is to be presumed that the couple, having this agreement, will have many children. Suppose the husband's star is the seventh from that of the wife. Then she may bring forth children and either of them may die very early. Are there not instances, wherein the couple had all young kids and they pass away? So Mahendra Porutham has given children, and the lack of Dina Porutham indicates short life to either or both. If there is Dina Porutham and noMahendhra Porutham, then they will live long, and the family will not be big. If Dina Porutham is absent and there is Mahendhra Porutham, in the short period of married life, maximum number of children will be born. If both agreements are absent; neither will they hav,e long span of married life, nor will they have children.

N.B.: Even though, there may be Mahendhra Porutham (7th, 16th and 25th stars) it should be read along with the special rules and information given by the sage Kashyapa. If Kashyapa Maharishi has not approved any groupâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;(7ih star), never match it. Once for all, reject outright ; e.g., he had said that if girls born in Sravanam marry persons born in Asvini, the seventh star, they cannot have harmony and will get separated. So, a girl born in Sravanam, by marrying a boy born in Aswini, saying that there is Mahendra Porutham, will get separated, after having a child or two. Do we not hear many divorce cases after they had a few children? A CUV,â&#x201E;˘ TN V. This agreement between the couple denotes satisfactory increase in their bank position after they get married. It is declared that there is Sthree Dheerga Porutham, if the boy's star is 13th and above, i.e., between 13 and 27, when counted from that of the bride. Some sages have said that there is Sthree Dheergam, if the male's star is between 8 and 27, that is above the seventh star. 5. Yoni Porutham: This Shows that the husband and the wife will have good understanding and harmony. Probably this may be mistaken as though they will unite like animals or reptiles mentioned against each star. It is not so. It is only to impress upon the mind of the astrologer and the consultant whether a group of stars promise friendliness or enmity. Yoni Stars Horse Aswini, Sathabishak .Elephant Barani, Revathi Goat Karthikai, Pushyam Rohini, Mrigasrisha Snake Arudhra, Moolam Dog Punarvasu, Ashlesha Cat Makam, Pooram Rat Camel Uthiram Hastham, Swathi Buffalo Chithra, Visakam Tiger 24

Anuradha, Jyeshta Deer Poorvashada, Sravanam Monkey Dthradam, Uthrattadhi Cow Dhanishta, Poorattadhi Human Thus, whether one is a male or female, yoni is allotted to each star. If both are born in the same yoni, it is an excellent agreement. For example, girls born in Visakam star will be considered as one whose yoni is " TigerIf she marries a boy born in Chithrai star whose yoni is also ' Tiger *, both will agree well; and this agreement promises peace and prosperity which everybody wants. An Ashlesha girl, marrying Punarvasu, both having the yoni of cat, will lead a calm and peaceful life, as both have the same yoni. Because the yoni is compared to cat, one should not mistake that like cats they will be creating a terrifying noise when they want to have pleasure. Nor will Arudhra and Moolam star people behave like dogs. This agreement is judged to find whether they will have a prosperous married life or not. Also, it indicates whether one likes the other or not. Have we not heard boys saying, "I don't like the girl. I don't know why. On looking at her, somehow, I have a repulsion. She is no doubt, fair, good-looking, well-behaved, etc. Yet I am not attracted.'' In such cases, there will be no yoni Porutham. If the boy and the girl are bom in such yonis which are inimical, they will not agree. Prosperity and peace are not promised by this method of judgment. Further they cannot have the desired conjugal bliss. There will be dissatisfaction. (I) Monkey and goat, i.e., Pooradam or Sravana girl or boy marrying Pushyam or Karthikai boy. A girl bom in Pooradam has Dina Porutham with Karthikai and the 1st, 2nd and 4th padas of Pushyam. A girl born in Sravanam has good Dina Porutham with Karthikai. But Pushyam star is in Cancer. There is'Sama SapthamamAs is said that Saturn and the. Luminaries, Sun and Moon do hot agree, the "Sama Sapthamam" is not approved. Hence Sravanam and Pushyam cannot be matched. Thus Dina

Porutham indicates health and longevity, while yoni shows satisfaction and prosperity. Hence people having inimical yonis will be dissatisfied. (2) Goat and elephant have no concord. (3) Horse and buffalo are inimical. (4) Cow and tiger disagree. (5) Rats and cats need no explanation. (6) Snakes and rats are also evil. (7) Deer and dog cannot be dear friends. Therefore one has to mention that this porutham is absent, even though other agreements may be encouraging. As it is said that marriages can be celebrated if there are more than five agreements out of the ten, even if this is absent, one can proceed. It is advisable to enlighten the couple, so that they can try to adjust themselves. 6. Rasi Porutham : f What is meant by Rasi? Generally by Rasi ' one means a Sign, i.e., AriesMesha, TAURUS or Rishaba, Gemini or Mithuna, and so on. But the correct meaning of Rasi is the sign occupied by Moon at the time of birth. One may have his Lagna-ascendant in Leo-Simha. But his star may be Barani, thereby- Moon is in Mesha-Aries. Hence his Lagna is Leo and Rasi is Aries. Suppose one's ascendant Lagna is Libra-Thulam and Moon is in Swathi star which is also in Libra-Thulam. Then his Lagna and Rasi are one and the same Libra or Thulam. Rasi means the sign occupied by Moon. (a) If the moon sign-Rasi of the husband is the second counted from the sign of the bride, long span of married life is not assured. (b) If the rasi is third from that of the girl, the married life will not be pleasant. Due to ill-health, lack of understanding, etc., they will feel sorry for having been matched together. _ (c) If the rasi of the boy is the 4th from that of the girl, even the possessions 25

prior to marriage may be squandered, and they will lead miserable lives. (d) If the rasi is the 5th from that of the girl, the husband is not assured of long life. She may have the most undesirable event in her young age. Exception : If the girl is born with Moon in Aries or Cancer and that of the boy is the fifth therefrom, the above evil result will be warded off. They can be matched. [The opinion of the Westerners as regards the 5th sign is just opposite. They consider it to be very auspicious. How Westerners match, what are the various aspects they consider, will be dealt with, after this Dasa Porutham, Sakunam and Nimitham.] (e) If the rasi of the boy is the sixth, there will be loss of children. Astrologers call this as "Shastaâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;ashtama". They threaten the poor parents, [By'poor,' it is meant, poor knowledge in astrologyj saying that the Moon sign of the bride and that of the bridegroom are in shashtaashtama. They add that their opinions will ever differ. They will always be quarrelling. Their married life will be unpleasant, and so on. It is not correct. The sages have said that such a Shasta ashtama position indicates short life to one or the birth of a few children ; it is cefiaifTif they have Saturn, Rahu or Kethu --in-the ascendant or the 5th house. Further there is exception for Shastaashtama. The twelve signs are divided into two groups: Aries-Mesha; GeminiMi thuna ; Leo-Simha; Libra-Thulam; Sagittarius-Dhanus and Aquarius-Kumbha : these are called Oja Rasi or odd signs or masculine or positive ones. The other six signs are the second, fourth, sixth, eighth, tenth, and twelfth: these arc termed 'Yugma' rasi or even signs or Feminine or Negative ones. It is declared that girls born in Oja Rasi or in the signs, Aries, Gemini, etc., have no Shashta-Ashtama Dhosha. Further if the lords of the sign in which Moon was in bride's horoscope is either Taurus-Rishaba or Scorpio-Vrischika, then the 6th house to them arc Libra and Aries. As the lords of Taurus and Libra as well as Scorpio and . 26

Aries happen to be the same, there can be no Shashta-Ashtama Dhosha, Further, it is mentioned that if the boy's Moon sign falls in Taurus-Rishaba ; Cancer-Kataka, Virgo-Kanni, ScorpioVrischika, Capricorn-Makara and PiscesMeena, and if it is second to that of the bride, the evil results will be warded off. They can be matched and they will have long life. 7. Rasyadhipathi Porutharo; This agreement indicates whether one will have fortunate children. The following table is given according to Kalaprakasika; Kala Vidhana, Brihat Jataka and the views of Sathyachariar. If the lords of the signs in which Moon was in the horoscopes of the bride and the bridegroom happen to be same, it is very good. If they are friends, it is good. If they are neutral, the agreement will be moderate. If they are enemies, they are not desirable. Planets Friendly Sun

c Moon } Mars ( Jupiter

Neutral Inimical Mercury

Mars Jupiter f Sun t Mercury Venus Saturn f Sun Venus Mars < Moon Saturn C Jupiter Sun Mars Mercury Saturn Jupiter Venus Sun Jupiter Moon Saturn Mars Saturn Mars Venus Mercury Jupiter Moon

Saturn Venus . None Mercury Moon Mercury Venus ___

Sun Moon Sun Mercury Jupiter Moon Saturn Venus . .. . Mars (Vasyam, Rajju, Veda, etc., will follow.)

DHANUR LAGNA (SAGITTARIUS) By Shri D. V. Subba Rao Dhanus is a fiery masculine, human, odd, and common sign. By nature, it has been said to be cruel. Jupiter, its lord, has his moola trikona in 1 to 10 degrees. Its sensitive degrees are from 1 to 5 and 11 to 18. The inauspicious part is from 26 to 30 degrees. This rasi carries with it a certain amount of versality which makes prediction of career of persons born in the rasi a bit difficult. They are generally interested in freedom. Teaching, organising and preaching are their chief avocations and attract them often with considerable ease. They adopt a strenuous type of life and are always for a game bent on winning it while striking first. They are apt to believe easily with an element of daring and optimism and as such, sometimes reckless. They are frank and blunt in speech and, if need be, they can also be reserved and sensitive. Thus they make more enemies than friends, consequent on being easily misunderstood. They are unconventional, sensitive, enthusiastic; God-fearing, honest, humble, brilliant, with affable manners and are deeply interested in arts and literature. They are prosperous and famous in their own fields. They are conversant with the art of getting on in life and conscious of their knowledge which often leads them to trouble when divulged. They are conspicuous with a long face and neck with big nose and ears. Commonly they are favourites of the ruling classes; liberal and eloquent they are endowed with great strength to destroy enemies, their hobby, but are won over easily with kind treatment. Following are the indications of the sensitive points": I0- Dance; 2°- religion; 3°- sensitivity, suicidal nature, ambition; 5°- consumption; 6°-imitation, acting and occultism; 9°- scientific intellect; 10°- solitude and dignity ; 11°-" music-and medicine; -14°-

oratory and organising ability; 15°paralysis and criminology; 17°- pessimism; 19° and 21°- economics and finances; 23°- sense of duty; 28°- hypnotism, specialisation and 29°- astrology. According to Hindu System, Sun and Mars are beneficsj Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are malefics and Jupiter is a neutral to those born in this sign. Sun in conjunction with Mercury causes Raja yoga. Disposition of Planets Sun—Lord of 9 : In 6 or 8 houses he causes good Raja yoga. In 3 or 12 the yoga is a bit less. In conjunction with Mercury in kendras or konas, he causes avayoga. In relation to Venus he alone causes some good in dustanas while Venus remains neutral. Identical is the relationship of Venus and Mars. In 11 his conjunction with Saturn enables both to cause yoga, since Sun attains neecha bhanga raja yoga. Conjunction with Mars in 5 and 9 is bad and in 1, 4, 7 or 10 they do bad to a limited extent. Their parivarthana in 5 and 9 is rather bad as well as their conjunction in these places but 5 is preferable to 9. Conjunction of Sun and Mercury in kendras or konas or their parivarthana in these houses or their stay individually in their own houses is also bad. When posited separately in dustanas. i.e., 3,6,8; 11 or 12 they cause good. Position of Sun in 11 causes a free flow of fortune. Conjunction of Sun and Mercury in 6 or 8 is very good with preference to 8th b'haVa,—"In 9 or 10 this conjunction reduces the Raja yoga. It is always preferable they are separated and posited in dustanas. Conjunction in the 2nd house is good for high status with ruling powers, but the native is sure, to ,lose his,, 27

ancestral properties. With Venus in 12 to this conjunction, it is highly beneficial for attaining higher status with ruling powers. In the 12th bhava they confer high education. Moon—Lord of 8 : She causes avayoga when posited in kendras and konas. Full Moon in 12 causes a special yoga, the unique feature to this lagna. In other dustanas she does not confer any yoga. Her relation with Sun is generally bad, except when in Mesha where Sun alone confers yoga. Her relation with Mars in kendras or konas is good where Mars remains dormant. Conjunction with Saturn in dustanas is avayoga while this conjunction in kendras is good. Relation with Venus in kendras is very good. Conjunction of Moon and Saturn in 10 create sambition of a new order, conferring fame and dignity. Conjunction of Moon with Mars in 12 confers high academic distinctions, happiness and success with little obstructions. Moon as a temporary friend of Jupiter is good to start with, butbadin the end. Asa temporary enemy she is very bad. Mars—Lord of 5 and 12 : In kendras or konas orin the 12thhouse, Mars is no good for yoga, while in 3rd, 6th or - 8 th house _iie. is ..positively a yoga karaka. Posited in the 2nd house he is no better, while in 11 he "is of average benefit. In conjunction with lords of 6 or Sin kendras,he causes good. Conjuction with other lords in konas is better. Relation with Sun in 3,6,8 or 11 is good, while such relation with Saturn in these houses is bad. In conjunction with Venus in the 2nd house, he creates great abilities in music, raising the native to enviable heights, Conjunction with Mercury in lagna confers great mental energy, straightforwardness, honesty and sincerity, but the native figures to be a controversialist. This conjunction when opposed by Saturn makes one detached to life and altruistic. Mars in exaltation causes raja yoga and dhana yoga. Mercury—Lord of 7 and 10 ; His position in kendras is bad, while in konas it is preferable.'In-'3; 6r'8,-1 l and 1 2 he confers benefits. happens to be in his

exaltation sign or in the house of Mars, it is very good. Conjunction with Jupiter in kendras or konas is considerably harmful, but when such conjunction occurs in dustanas, it is doubly beneficial. Conjunction with Saturn in lagna is also good, but a bit less when compared with the conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn in lagna. Conjunction of Mercury with Jupiter in kendras, causes good, when lords of dustanas join them. Sextile aspect between these planets makes one simple, frugal, undogmatic- He will be of a retiring nature, steadily pursuing his own ideals which aspect is often found in the horoscopes of controversial politicians. Conjunction of this nature in the 8th Louse results in getting sudden wealth. Jupiter—Lord of 1 and 4 ; His stay in lagna causes Hamsa yoga but is not very helpful for material prosperity. In Chandra lagna when it is even in the 8th house, he causes Hamsa yoga. As lord of kendras his slay in dustanas is very helpful. When these happen to be his exaltation or houses of Mars, the benefits to be derived are many more, or rather unlimited. A debilitated Jupiter is always harmful to this lagna. His conjunction with Saturn in lagna is very good for yoga. He is best in the 6th house for purposes of raja yoga and 8th and I2lh come next. Jupiter in 4th with Mars in 10 is a positive indication for domestic worries and separation with wife. Venus in trine to Jupiter confers grace in expressions and endows popularity and public esteem. His stay in kendra or kona to Sun in conjunction with Mercury or in 2nd or 11th house from this conjunction is highly beneficial. Exaltation of Jupiter causes Lagna-adhi-yoga, Venus—Lord of 6 and 11: Though a malefic, by owning 6th and 11th houses, yet it confers good, by being posited in kendras or konas. Even while debilitated in the 10th house he is good. In dustanas no yoga is caused. While in kendras, bis relation with Jupiter, Mercury, Sun or Mars is, no doubt, good but he alone confers yoga, while the rest are rendered helpless. His relation with Saturn is not congenial in 28

when posited in dustanas or when related to lords of dustanas. Without relation with malefics, these plantes cannot confer yoga in dustanas. Conjunction of Moon, Mercury and Jupiter is good to a certain extent in kendras. Relation of Mercury or Jupiter to Sun, Mars or Saturn in dustanas is good. Saturn in 2nd house aspected by Jupiter, with Mars in 9 and Sun in lagna bestows continuous prosperity and good luck. Conjunction of Moon, Mercury and Venus in 8 makes one warm hearted, and artistic. He would be famous asa poet, but his married life is disastrous. Conjunction of Venus with Mercury and Sun in 2, with Moon in 10 makes one calm and critical inoutlook with great organisational abilities and balance of judgment. Sun in con junction with Venus in 9, with Saturn in 3 confers fame and wealth in the dasa of Saturn. Conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in kalatra bhava is a sure indication to acquire riches through wife. Conjunction of Sun, Moon and Mars in the 3rd bhava aspected by Jupiter from 9th confers luck, selfacquired wealth and proficiency in astrology. Births take place under the five tatwas, viz., Akasa, Vayu, Agni, Jala and Prithvi. Planets have rulership on these tatwas. Akasa tatwa is governed by Jupiter, who in turn is the lord of Dhanus and Meena. Dhanus happens to be an agni tatwa rasi which, under rulership of akasa tatwa. Jupiter, functions for the purposes of astrology. It is obvious that akasa and agni tatwa do not get on well together but the virtues of Deva Guru governing both the aspects makes one born in Dhanus conspicuous by certain traits of character and ability. It would thus be interesting to study the horoscopes of persons that are born in Dhanus in akasa tatwa. Persons born in akasa tatwa as enunciated in " Brihatsamhita " are optimistic, cheerful and generous. Variations in their temper, mind and aptitude, are conspicuous. Under congenial conditions great traits of character manifesting intellect of a high order, grit, energy,.broad-mindedness and generosity are revealedl" Facing' adverse circumstances, they often tend to

general and in dustanas it causes positive .ava-yoga. His relation with Jupiter or Mercury is helpful since the malefic nature will be mitigated. Conjunction with Saturn in kendras is good, as both will cause yoga. Exalted Venus is highly beneficial. Conjunction with Moon in kendras or konas is very good. Conjunction with Sun in 3, 6, 8, 11 or 12 betters the position of Sun, while Venus turns to be a benefic though to a lesser degree. Saturnâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Lord of 2 and 3; Posited in 6, 8 or 12 houses causes no yoga. In 11, 9, 5 and 1 he is a yoga karaka. In kendras or konas he confers Raja yoga independently and not when aspccted by natural bcnefics as Jupiter. When Jupiter and Mercury occupy dustauas, his dasa coming in between the dasas of these kendradhipathis causes Prabala yoga, specially when he is posited in 3, 6, 8 or 12 houses. Saturn in 11, with Sun in 5 causes amatya yoga but his political life would be restless. In 5, when neecha, with bhanga, he confers yoga of a high order. Rahu and Ketu: Both those nodes in kendras or konas, when not conjoined with any planet, is good. Their relation to Mercury or Jupiter is not helpful. Relations with Saturn or Mars is good. When posited alone in 3, 6, 8, 11 or 12, they are sureto confer benefits. Sanketanidhi observes that Rahu in 11 with Saturn is harmful. Conjunction of Rahu with Mars in 9 enables Rahu to confer yoga, while Mars causes ava-yoga during his periods. Ketu causes yoga independently when posited in 3 or 12 houses. His conjunction with Venus in dustanas causes yoga bhanga. Conjunction with Saturn is good for yoga. Mercury in 2nd, 3rd or 7 th house makes the native learned, high-minded and foremost in having truth and virtues as ideals. He will be possessing noble qualities, will become famous and merciful. His position in the 2nd house is said to confer specially good results, such as high education, fame, kingly riches and promotion to thp highest ranks. Other general features are ; Sun, Ma;s, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn cause yoga, 29

Lagna ÂŁ-24-2 and MC 6-3-30. Bhava chart shows changes in the planetary positions as compared with the rasi chart. For the sake of accurate predictions the bh ava chart only is to be considered. Balance of janana kala Guru Mahadasa was 6 years 11 months and 8 days. As stated earlier Sun and Mars arebenefics, Jupiter is natural and Mercury, Moon, Venus and Saturn are raalefics. From Chandra lagna Moon, Mercury, Mats, Venus and Saturn are benefics. Sun is neutral and Jupiter is the single malefic. Following are the adhi yogas that are to the vantage of the native; Vasuraati yoga caused by Moon, Jupiter and Venus as natural bcnefics in upachayas to Chandra lagna confers raja yoga and prestige. Budha Aditya yoga caused by Mercury and Sun being in Mesha, confers raja yoga, dharma karraadhipathi yoga. Beri yoga caused by the same two planets as lords of 9 and 10 posited in kona confers raja yoga and prosperity. Maha bhagya yoga caused by lagna, Sun and Moon posited in odd houses confers reputation, happiness, charitable disposition and kingly status. Pushkala yoga caused by Jupiter and Venus posited in kendras confers wealth and prominence with governmental favours. Kala yoga caused by Mars and Saturn exchanging houses confers alternating luck and ill-luck. Parvathayoga is caused by Jupiter and Venus occupying kendras, while 6th and 8tb houses remain unoccupied confers wealth, prosperity, liberality, and leadership. Hamsa yoga caused by Jupiter being in kendra, his own house, confers comforts, merits and devotion to virtues. Chandradhi yoga is caused by Venus, Sun, Mercury and Saturn posited in 6 and 7 houses from Moon. In addition, the following are the raja yogas caused: Mercury, lord of lOaspected by Jupiter from lagna ; Venus being the lord of Chandra lagna posited in a kendra; Jupiter the lord of lagna by his position in navarasa lagna; Venus transiting the constellation of Aswani at birth; Conjunction of the lords of bhagya and rajya in a kona that happens to tÂťe the exaltation sign of the bhagya lord.

lose faith and become pessimistic, doubting their own trusted friends. They are generally clever, open-mouthed and possess divine nature and are devoted to friends. Being firm in their views, with capacities to adjust themselves to environmental conditions,, they are clever in attracting people and making friends whom they trust without proper probe and with full confidence in their abilities. Quick temper, grit, ability coupled with lurking suspicion, ambition and over-confidence in their abilities, often lead them to experience mixed results. They love power and friends, while being a terror to enemies. Persons born in Dhanur lagna in akasa tatwa are famous for their grit, self -earned wealth, uncompromising nature and enmity with kith and kin. They are often cheated by their own friends, subjecting themselves to sorrows and miseries. With the above principles in mind let us now consider the horoscope of one born in Dhanur lagna in Akasa tatwa. The native was born on 19th May, 1913 (Monday) at 10-9-28 P.M. The planetary position at the time of birth was as under Mars Mercury Sun Ralvu Venus Saturn Rasi X^a gna Jupiter

Moon KLethu


Venus Moon Saturn

Sun Navamsa J, , : â&#x2013; - l^agna Mars T" Jupiter

RaHu Maxctnry 31

Life started with the dasa of Jupiter followed by that of Saturn. Ketu's relation to karma sthana is responsible to the native's high devotion to God. In Trimsamsa lagna, Ketu was again in the karma sthana, indicating success of the cherished desires. Dhana and Vahana Arudhas are in 10 to Lagna arudha. Karakamsa lagna was again in 10th to dhana and vahana arudhas; and these happen to be the houses of .Mercury, the lord of Rajya bhava. Karakamsa lagna is being aspected by Jupiter, the lagna lord who caused Hamsa yoga. Janraa and Arudha lagnas are the same with Jupiter. Jupiter and Mercury posited in trimsamsa lagna are being aspected by Mars from rajya bhava. Considering all other salient Jeatures Saturn, Venus and Jupiter are rendered weak in order. Sun and Moon are detrimental to Rajya bhava being natural enemies of Venus who happens to be the maraka for Rajya bhava as lord of 2 and 9 and in turn a malefic to Dhanur lagna, being lord of 6th and 11 th houses. Moon as lord of 8 to lagna and lord of 11 to Rajya bhava is detrimental, positively to Rajya bhava. His position in 2 to Rajya bhava as atma karakain the constellation or Jupiter is a jjoshiye indication of decline of the Rajya "bhaya during (he period of Venus in -whose house he is posited and with whom he is in conflict being in conjunct. As revealed by the adhi yogas (he rise started from the 2nd half of the mahadasa of Mercury exalted in Na vamsa chart (posited in an -odd sign conferring the effects of the moola trikona house in the second half only). The native became a minister in Rahu bhukti or Rahu antara of Budha maha dasa. During Mars bhukti he was elected President of the Andra Provincial Congress Committee. During the antara of_Saturn of Budha dasa, he became the Deputy Chief Minister with the commencement of Kethu Mahadasa; Remarkable progress was noticed. It would be interesting (o note that Kcthu was transiting the constellation of Sun and was posited in Leo at birth in bhava. From Chandra lagna he was in the rajya bhava independently, thus ensuring success during his period. During his own antara, the native 32

was elected leader of the legislature party and in the succeeding antara of Venus, was honoured with the position of Chief Minister of one of the important States in the country. As indicated by kala yoga, his fortunes are bound to fluctuate. He had to leave the position of Chief Minister to take up the Presidentship of the All-India Congress Organisation, during Rahu antara which is obvious by his conjunction with Mars, lord of 5 and 12 in 3 which in turn is the 7th to the dasa lord. Both the planets were transiting the constellation of Saturn at birth who happens to be the lord of 6th to Rajya bhava. The position of Rahu and Mars in the moola trikona of Saturn, an adhi satru to Mars is a pointer. During the antara of Saturn when it was impossible to forestall politically, that the native would again be the Chief Minister in the following antara, he v/as assured of the honour to be conferred on him which took him by surprise. As predicted, he became the Chief Minister during the sub-period of Mercury, and formed his cabinet on 12th Match 1962 against astrological advice. The maha dasa of Venus as stated earlier is not so powerful as that of Mercury and Kethu. At birth, Venus was transiting the constellation of Kethu, a shadow planet which entirely depended on Sun for all results, the bitter enemy of Venus, and who in turn became powerful, being posited in his own constellation. Sun is the lord of 12 to Rajya bhava. Venus the lord of 2 and 9 to the said bhava was in 7 to the bhava and in 12 to Sun a dwidwadasa position, indicating conflicts and set-backs. Venus is also the lord of 7 and 12 to Rajya Arudha, the house of Mars and in whose other house was posited Mercury, the lord of Rajya bhava. Mars was transiting the constellation of Saturn at birth which is obviously harmful. Venus dasa started with his own sub period, proving fruitful which is again detrimental to the interests of the native as Venus was not in his own constellation. With the commencement of tlie sub period of Sun, clouds started gathering foreboding evil, and gradually they gained momentum. The native was

inclined to resign and leave the position. The following sub period of Moon, proved to be positively harmful, as expected, and the native again resigned voluntarily on principle to enhance the prestige of the judiciary and his own, a unique quality of akasa tatwa persons. Let us also consider the planetary position as it stood on 12th March 1962 the day of the swearing-in-ceremony. ( Sun Mars 1 Meicniy | Jupiter 1 Saturn I Kcthu


Moon Saturn Sun Lagna

Balance of Moon dasa was 5 years and 6 months. Moon was in naidhana tara to his natal position. She was in lagna aspected by Mars, lord of 7 and 12, who was powerful, being in his own constellation and transiting his radical position, Venus was transiting Saturn's constellation again, a naidhana position from Venus, At the time of tendering resignation it was Moon bhukti in Mercury antara of Moon's dasa. Mercury, the radical Rajya lord was in naidhana tara to Venus, It appeared as if the planets have conspired to fore-ordain the resignation which was no surprise to the native as he was informed of the same, a day prior to the date of swearing-in-ceremony that his ministry would not survive beyond two years or any day after 24th October 1963 from which date the process commenced justifying the prediction. There are many more important aspects that deserve consideration but, for the sake of brevity, I close the article with the hope that people with prejudice for astrology would realise the truth of the Divine science as revealed in this article and many other similar articles that appeared in the magazine earlier and be benefited by correct guidance.

Rahu Navamsa Kethu Mars Mâ&#x201A;ŹrJupiter cury Venus


OM SRI GURUPYO NAMAH THE HOROSCOPE OF A SAINT In the astrological field, many phenomena strike the researcher who is interested only in corroboration of the theories expounded by the great Maharishis and their followers with the actual facts when cases are coming along their path. Illustrious are they who deal with a variety of topics, and we are interested only in a particular field which even today is not discussed much, nor could we come across in ancient texts many theories, so that they could be analysed with advantage. The topic may not be of interest to many as it relates to PARIVRAJA YOGA, otherwise known as Sanyasa yoga. Recently we have had the pleasure of getting the horoscope of His Holiness Sri Jagadguru, Kanchi Sri Sankaracharya, Sri Chandrasekhara Saraswathi Swamigal, who not only follows what he preaches but is a great spiritual Yogi and a beacon light to many. It was one of tbe Mutts established by Sri Adi Sankaracharya to propagate Advaitha Philosophy in the South. We got the birth particulars from his life history published in 1957 in Tamil where

a rough chart is also included in the anoexure. We, therefore, feel it should be correct. Born at Villupuram (S. India), at 1-16 Noon, local time, on 20-5-1894 on Sunday, Constellation Anuradha IV. Balance of Sani Dasa at birth 3 years, 10 months and 5 days. The planetary positions are as under:

Mars Rasi ASC 24d 40' Kethu Saturn (R)


Mercury Sun Jupiter

Venus Rahu

Budha Ravi Quru X 25° 39'

Venus Rahu

Mercury Sun



Mars Venus




Sun Moon Mars

Moon •

Saturn (R) Kethu

36° 52' 223" 56' 314° 50'

Jupiter Mercury Venus

Lagna Moon Rahu

Saturn (R) Saturn (R) Rahu Kcthu


176° 53' 345° 25' 155° 25'

The ascendant is Leo, an imperial sign, aspected by Mars, Yogakaraka for this Lagna. The following Yogas are present in the nativity. 1, Gajakesari Yoga, 2. Amala Yoga, 3. Srikantha, 4. Rajayoga, 5. Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga, 6. Budha-Aditya Yoga, 7. Sanyasa Yoga. Such births are very rare, and perhaps one in a lakh is ushered under such planetary conditions by the Almighty for the benefit of mankind in particular. First we shall consider the Lagna, then the Sun (Soul), Moon (Mind), 10th house (Karmasthana), and 12lh house (Mokshaslhana). The other houses are left out completely as they are irrelevant to our subject. Sun, the lord of Lagna, is in the 10th getting Digbala and it gives noble character, majestic appearance, courage, and commanding and dominating personality. His Holiness was taken to the Holy Order at the tender age of 13, and had to work hard withoutanybody to guidehim in such life, and in his order, but he has not deterred. He acquired knowledge all by himself and studied Vedas, Vcdangas, Sastras and Puranas with an enthusiastic mind and with great will-power to master arts. Mark the position of Moon who is Vargottama, and having full paksha bala. She is aspected by Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, and by Saturn (R). She is also occupying 4th house and getting Digbala. It is interesting to note that Saturn (R) is also Vargottama, and hence very powerfully posited in his friend's house aspected by Jupiter. He is again aspected by exalted Venus from 8th house, thus receiving very beneficial aspects. Mars as Yogakarka is also casting his 8th house glance upon Saturn. It is stated in Phaladeepika Adh. XXVII, Sloka I : When the lord of the 10th house conjointly occupies a Kendra or Trikona position with 4 or more planets posited in kendras, the persons will attain emancipation. If the end of a rasi be rising and the same be owned by a benefic planet and Jupiter occupies a Kendra or Trikona,

then also will the person born attain emancipation. Sloka 2: If, at a birth 4, or more planete occupy a single house, the person should be said to become an ascetic of the class signified by the strongest of them. These two theories justify the present case as the lOlh kendra is occupied by 3 planets, benefics, and aspected by Yogakaraka, Mars and the 12th lord, (Moksha). Sloka 3 runs as follows : If the Moon occupies a Navamsa of Mars (in this case it is Vargottama, occupying Scorpio in Rasi and Amsa), and be aspected by the planet Mars incomplete. The whole strength of the Moon and Saturn (R), has influenced His Holiness much in following rigorous penance, and has given a philosophic mind and persevering nature. It has given great will-power and frugal habits. Coming to Karmasthana, 10th house, we find that Jupiter is occupying it, with his friends Sun and Mercury, who are the lords of Lagna and 2nd and 11th house. In addition to this, the 10th lord isexalted. Mars too casts his 4th house glance as a yogakaraka on 10th house. There is exchange of houses by Jupiter (lord of 5th) and Venus lord of 10th, lords of kona and kendra respectively, creatingRajayoga. All these have created a first-rate Rajayoga but aspected Moon, lord of 12 which turned into Sanyasa YogaSloka 7, Adhya. XXVII Phaladeepika says Ascetic Yoga combined with Rajayoga will pull up by the roots all the bad effects and then make him a lord of earth initiated into ascetisim and virtuously inclined, at whose feet other kings make salutations with their head bent. Jathaka Parijatha Adh, XV, Sloka 17 says : If 3 planets endowed with strength be posited in a good house, the person born will seek admission into the Holy Order and become a successful ascetic. If the planets forming the group, contain more benefics and occupy a good house, the holy order will be the one that is respected by all and honoured by the great. 35

Due lo the close conjunction of Sun and Mercury, Budha-Aditya yoga is formed, which makes him clever, intelligent, famous and happy. Venus, exalted in the 8th house, aspects the 2nd which gives a sweet tongue, amiable qualities, besides proficiency in poetry, arts, and music. Lagnadbipathi is aspected by Rasyathipathi which is another Rajayoga. Benefics, occupying 10th house, form Amalayoga, and make bim virtuous, pious, kindly disposed, amiable, highly revered by the sovereign, gentle and affable in speech. Phaladeepika, Adh. XXVII, Sloka 6 speaks of Srikantha Yoga ; If the lord of Lagna, Sun and Moon being in Kendra or Trikona, occupies exallalion, own friendly houses, the yoga arises. The person will be decked with Rudraksha rosaried with his body white, by the besmearing of sacred ashes; he will be magnanimous, and will be always meditating at heart on God Shiva. He will rigidly observe prescribed rites and will consecrate himself to the worship of God Shiva. He will help the virtuous. He will be free from malice towards the creed or religious beliefs of others. He will become powerful and his heart will become delighted by the worship of God Shiva. Venus, occupying the 8th house with Rahu exalted, gives good longevity and aspect of Saturn (R) is also there. The combination of Jupiter and Mercury made him proficient in scriptures and code of laws. Jathaka Parijatba Adh. XV, Sloka 11 says: If the 9th or 10th house be occupied by beneficial planets and the lords of these houses as well as Jupiter and the lord of Lagna are strong, the personborn will be imbued with faith bom of the performance

of such excellent works as are ascribed on custom and morality and will be reckoned as the foremost among the sacerdotal class. Sloka 18 reads : If the Sun occupying a beneficAmsa, should have the aspect of the planet causing the ascetic yoga and occupying its highest exaltation point, the person concerned will become a lordly ascetic in his youth or even at a much earlier age. His Holiness became a Sanyasi at 13, which fact proves the truth of the sloka. Sloka 19 ; If the lord of the Lagna be aspected by several planets conjoined in one sign, the person born will consecrate himself for ascetism. Here, Sun is the lord who supports this theory. Sloka 20: If the Moon occupies a drekkana of Saturn in a Rasi of Mars and also be aspected by Saturn, the person becomes an ascetic. Here, Moon occupies Scorpio, and is aspected by Saturn both in Rasi and Amsa. Brihat Jathaka, Adh. XV, Sloka 1, says : If the Sun is strong, he will take the Vanyasana order leading a simple life, high thinking, denoting high intellectual and spiritual development. Sloka 3 says: The rasiadhipathi unaspected by any planet, aspects Saturn, the person becomes an ascetic. With the foregoing conjunctions in the horoscope, and several other combinations for Sanyasayoga, His Holiness took to Sanyasa at an early age itself and to-day shines as a lord among his class. The above subject is chosen since research is made only on this yoga which ushers magnificent spiritual personalities who enlighten mankind from time to time. By R. Narayanan. Bangalore.


MOON IN THE SIXTH HOUSE Sixth house indicates disease, the real state of the disease, recovery from it, whether it is of long or short duration, etc., as this house forms quincunx—shasta ahstama—aspect with Lagna or Ascendant, which shows one's health. Expenses outweighing one's Income and taking money from another for one's use is indicated by this house. The seventh house indicates the person who lends money and also one who borrows money from the native. The sixth house is the twelfth to the seventh and the twelfth shows giving away money or loss. Therefore sixth house indicates income by way of loan or because of losses to the opponent. The service or servants of a native are read from this house. The pet animals, small cattle, etc., is indicated by this house. As sixth house is the third from the fourth, it indicates the younger brother of the mother, i.e., maternal uncle, or aunt. It represents the tenants of the native. Sixth house being the 4th house counted from the third, shows one's younger brother's conveyance and permanent possessions, mother's short journey and her publications ; being the 2nd house to the 5th, it shows the bank position of children; being the 12th house to the seventh, it indicates the loss to wife, or her secret enemies, or the partner giving away his share of profits or the partner's life in a foreign place ; 6th house being the tenth to the 9th, it indicates the occupation of father; it shows danger to elder brother or sister, as it is the eighth house to the eleventh which represents elder brother. Moon in the sixth house, in general, gives one the desire to include much of sweets in his dish. Moon will lessen the vitality. It is not a favourable position for health, especially when one is young and the star in which he is born is either Rohini or Hastha or Sravanam—Thiruvonam-. He will be better suited for

service than for independent business. This cannot be said as a favourable position for either finance, health, popularity or reputation. Especially in a woman's horoscope, indifferent health is indicated by Moon in the 6th. She will be ever changing the servants and no servant will slick on. But these undesirable results will be warded off by those planets which form good aspect with Moon, One can make efforts to maintain health and the aspecting planet will assist him ; he or she will be successful with small animals, servants, etc. Let us suppose that Moon receives both good and bad aspects from other planets ; for example, good aspects from Sun and Mars and evil aspects from Venus and Mercury. Then, he or she will have permanently the following of faithful servants and also some servants frequently joining him or her, and leaving after a short period. Those who are governed by Sun and Mars will be permanent servants. What is meant by "governed by Sun or Mars"? Those are said to be governed by Sun or Mars, who are born on Sundays or Tuesdays, or those born in the stars ruled by Sun, i.e., Karthikai, Ulhrapalguni or Uthrashada stars, or those born in Mars stars, Mrigasirisha, Chithrai or Dhanishta stars, and those born in Sun's sign Leo (Simha) as Ascendant—(Lagna), or in either of the Mars signs—Aries (Mesha), or Scorpio (Vrischika). But the planets, Venus and Mercury, forming evil aspects, show that those born on Fridays or Wednesdays, in Bharani, Poorvapalguni, or Poorvashada, stars governed by Venus, or Aslesha or Jyeshta or Revathi stars belonging to Mercury or those born in Venus signs, Taurus (Rishaba), or Libra (Thulam), or in Mercury's signs, Gemini (Milhuna), Virgo (Kanni) will never stick on, but "will cause sb'me trouble or other and leave their jobs frequently. 3

Moon, receiving good aspect, especicomplex, hysterical trouble, etc. Here the patient will be dull, moody and gloomy, ally from Mars, Venus and Jupiter and he will avoid company. Mars indicates that one will be very successful produces hysterical patients who are with small animals. Milk vendors, and Poultry-farm owners, invariably have this violent, whereas Mercury shows that the disposition of planets. Venus and Moon, patient will ever be talking aloud, will be making noise and causing nuisance. forming good aspect, will give decent gain through milk. Jupiter's good aspect Uranus forming evil aspect with Moon, shows that, if these people are employers, will give female calves, whenever the cows or buffaloes deliver. Vegetarian eggs will nobody will work for them, and if they are employees, nobody will have them. One be laid by the hen and one will not lose the hen due to any epidemic. will not actually suffer from any disease, but will imagine that something is wrong If Moon were to occupy any fixed sign and be ever complaining about some in 6th at the time of birth, one may suffer ailment or other. Only when Moon is from bronchitis, stone in the bladder, etc. also afflicted by the dasa-natha according If Moon would have been in any of the to Vimshottdhari Dasa, there will be movable signs, there will be vitaminB defimental derangement or at least neurasciency, nervous debility, poor digestion thenia. and stomach trouble. Moon in a common Neptune, forming evil aspect with Moon, sign portends lung trouble and chronic diseases. shows that the person will have indisposition through Sychic conditions. He may Moon afflicted by Sun (i.e., if the disbecome the prey of spirit controls and tance between Sun and Moon is either subjected to mediumship. He should 22^째 or multiples thereof say, 45째, 67^째 avoid seances. etc., i.e., if Moon occupies the position which will be occupied by Mandhi) the Moon, conjoined with Sun in 6, confers native's vitality will be weak. Whenever on the native a creative spirit, and he will he suffers from a disease,; recovery will be skilled in machinery and stone work. be very slow. Digestion and assimilation Where Moon conjoins with Mars, the -will be poor. - -The person will be hyper- . person will enjoy sasimangala yoga and sensitive. he may be a dealer in hammers, ploughs, agriculture instruments, earthern jars, Moon afflicted by Mars is evil, especially drinks, and may also gain through women. to ladies. They will have troubles during He will not have harmonious and happy their monthly periods. It will cause relation with mother. There may be inflammatory diseases in all. One may be enmity and troubles through mother. _a_drunkard. Fever, accidents, and surgical Moon conjoined with Mercury will bring treatment of the generative organs are fortune to him; by his sweet tongue, indicated. Moon, afflicted by Mercury, clever and cunning action, he will be encauses indigestion, headache, trouble in dowed with good luck and fame. He may the teeth, and also irregular bowels. Poor be employed as an interpreter, agent or memory, liability to brain storms and salesman. He may serve in any textile much of worry will depress one and cause department. Moon, conjoined with ailment. Jupiter in the 6th house, shows that he will come PUt successful in litigation, and Moon, afflicted by Jupiter, gives liver will enjoy easy over-draft facilities. If and blood trouble. Enlargement of liver either of them happens to be the lord of is indicated by this aspect. But dull liver 5, the native will have unexpected gains is due to Saturn's evil aspect. Venus, all his undertakings. He may gain in afflicting Moon, indicates skin trouble, lottery, speculation, etc. It causes Lagnaeczema, dhobi's itch, ringworm, etc. Adhi-Yoga.. , If Moon is conjoined with Saturn, afflicting Moon, causes poor Jupiter, he may work in a finance, circulation of blood, chronic disease, fair or law, or religious department or Bank. 4

But Venus in conjunction with Moon, causing the same Lagna-Adhi-Yoga, shows that one may gain in arts, music, painting, tailoring, silk, scent, and perfumery ; or he maybe an adept inweaving, dyeing, etc. It indicates acquisition of vehicles, landed property, etc., especially if one is born in Libra (Thulam). Moon, in conjunction with Saturn in the 6th house, puts always in want, and he will be going on borrowing, and increasing the debts. It is bad for finance. One may be forced to borrow from a person who will inform others that he had lent money and he will further be reminding the borrower now and then. The creditor will make his life miserable. One may dealin mine produce, kerosene, coal.or be a porter, coojy, rickshaw puller or a menial. Ariesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Mesha Lagna: For people born in Aries or Mesha, Moon will be in Virgo or Kanni in either Uthara Palguni star 2nd. 3rd or 4th pada or quarter, Hastha, or Chithraâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;first half or the 1st and the 2nd padas. Therefore one born in Aries, Moon in Sun's constellation in the sixth house, will give the results of lord of 4 in the constellation of lord of. 5 in the sixth house. So, one may have, proper education and training in speculation, share business, music, cinema, opera or idrama. His children may lose money. )lf this is the female's chart, the husband will have a change in his profession and he will have satisfactory increase in his income i as to the seventh house, Moon is lord of 10, and is in the constellation of lord of 11 occupying 12th house. Thus, one has to read the result. To the father of the native, Moon will prove to be unhelpful in his profession and business. Moon in Hastha star indicates that he may have education in textile engineering, shipping, etc. He will be a good publicity officer or salesman. He may be a medical representative and take up agencies also. Mars' aspect will give service in Navy. For the mother of the person, it gives short journeys ; for the children, it threatens loss; for wife ox husband, it promises promotion in another institution, and for father loss, danger and enmity.

Moon in Chithra star stows loss, litigation, worries and failure in one's attempts. Mother will have unexpected gains and enjoy a fortune. Children will go far away and prosecute their further studies, as to the 5th house the lord of Chithra star is Mars who rules the fourth and the ninth houses, counted from the fifth house indicating children. The husband or the wife will be incurring unexpected expenses and cannot enjoy peaceful life with partner. The father will have a speculative mind and he will invariably be losing his fortune in games, betting, and races. Taurusâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Rishaba Lagna: People born in Taurus-Risbaba Ascendant or Lagna will have the Moon in Libra (Thulam) in the 6th house. So. one is to read the results as follows; Moon owns the thiid house. The stars in Thulam (Libra) are Chithra 3rd and 4th quarters ruled by Mars, lord of 7 and 12, Swathi ruled by Rahu and Vis^kam 1st, 2nd and 3rd padas governed by Jupiter, lord of 8 and 11. So, one is to read the results as lord of 3 in the constellation of lord of 7 and 12, or lord of 3 in the constellation of Rahu (note the house occupied by Rahu) and lord of 3 in the constellation of lord of 8 and 11. If Moon is in Chithra 3rd or 4th pada, for those born in Rishaba (Taurus), there is the danger of robbery while travelling. Correspondence will widen the gap and one will become more and more inimical with partners in business or life. It will lead to litigation. The mother of the native will have similar experiences of losing money, while making short journeys; or she may be pickpocketed. Or she may invest money on publications. The children may come by a treasure. Sudden and unexpected advantages will accrue for them. To the father of the native, there will be expansion in his business, and he will be able to get a partner for the business. Moon in Swathi star gives the results, depending on the position of Rahu in the horoscope. Moon in the sixth house. in Visakam star in the constellation of Jupiter, the 5

lord of 8 and 11, indicates that there will be sickness and demise of cousins and brothers. One may have to make short journeys due to such incidents. There may be false accusations, etc. Also new friendship will be formed, and there will be legacy or unexpected gains through brother. One may enter into any agreement with friends or take up any contract. Geminiâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Mithuna Lagna; For people born in Gemini, Moon is the lord of the second house and will be in Scorpio in the star Visakam 4th pada when Jupiter, lord of 7 and 10, will rule it, or in Anuradha star governed by Saturn, lord of 8 and 9, or in iyeshta star governed by Mercury, lord of 1 and 4. Hence, those who had Moon in Visakam 4th Pada will have increase in their income, promotion, improvement in their status, gain by marriage, contract, business, and in all dealings With others, especially with women. But if Moon is afflicted, there will be trouble in unions, and through open enemies, competition and theft. To his brother, it indicates disposal of permanent possession, as lord of 12 is in the fourthhouseand in the constellation of lord of 5 and 8 to the third house. To mother it shows pleasure and profit in her enterprises. To children peace, promotion, and prosperity are promised. To wife it indicates pleasant expenses and purchases. To father permanency in his service and some opposition in his office is indicated. Moon in Anuradha star indicates that there will be much of expenses due to partner or wife, especially due to their short journeys, or, one may have to send .money for their use. Also, one may gain through books, by trading at sea, long journeys, philosophy, religion, science, and through brother-in-law. Brother will spend away money, whereas younger sister's husband will have promotionMother will worry herself due to certain unpleasant correspondence and notice. Children may invest money on lands and buildings, or purchase a~car, mostly Ahe former. Wife will open a fixed deposit account in Bank, as the planet is in 12 to the seventh house and it is the lord of

the second house (12 is for investmeni, locking up of money, thus reducing the cash on hand, whereas the second house shows bank position). Father will have a transfer in his profession. Moon in Jyeshta star indicates that the lord of 2 is in the constellation of lord of 1 and 4, and is occupying the 6th house. Therefore, the native will acquire land or conveyance, and he will enjoy satisfactory bank position. If overdraft facilities are needed, he can have it easily. Money comes readily. It will not be hard to accumulate money. One can expect good returns from the estate and investments. Brother will have larger income and also an equal increase in the expenses. Mother will have substantial gains, especially in any betting, lottery, etc. Those who are born in Gemini, having Moon in Jyeshta star, can expect such gains to mother during Mercury Dasa, Moon Bhukti, Mercury Anthara and also during Moon Dasa, Mercury Bhukti- It is advisable to purchase prize bonds, etc., in her name. To the children of the Gemini borns, Moon indicates that they may go overseas for higher education, or they may come in contact with foreigners and enter into contract with them. The partner in business will gain much, and will be receiving his share of profit. Father will be running a dangerous time, or there will be difficulties in his business or profession due to secret inimical activities. Cancerâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Kataka Lagna: For people born in this sign, Moon is the lord of the Lagnaâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;anditwill be in Sagittarius-Dhanus in Moolam star or Poorvashada star or Uthrashada 1st pada. Moolam is ruled by Kethu; Poorvashada is governed by Venus and Uthrashada by Sun. Therefore, the lord of Lagna will give the results of Kethu or Sukra or Sun. If the birth were to be at a time when Kethu was in Moolam, the results of Moon will be similar to what Kethu indicates to the native, by its occupation. For those born with Moon in Poorvashada, .it is very good. For, he will .be . able, to come out successful in all his attemps without any obstacle or delay. He will gain in all the transactions. He will gain 6

will have good understanding with higher officials and can look for improvement in his position. Leoâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;^Sifflha-Ascendant or Lagna: Those who are born in the sign Leo will have Moon in the sixth house in Uthrashada star 2nd, 3rd or 4th pada governed by Sun, or in Sravanara star governed by Moon, or in Dhanishta star ruled by Mars. Sun is the lord of the Lagna Leo, Moon is lord of 12 and Mars is lord of the fourth and the ninth bouses. Therefore, for those, Moon in the sixth house in Uthrashada star shows that the native will have fortune in a place other than his own native place and that he will find it difficult to over-come his animosity. There will be troubles; but he will face them boldly and come out successful. He may get into service in any isolation hospital, asylum, jail, intelligence department, etc. A large circle of friends in the profession and much profit in the business, are indicated to his brother. Mother will go on long travels and she will be benefited by them. Children will be meeting uncommon and unnecessary expenses through strangers. Wife will be suffering from disease and she will be admitted into the hospital. Father may have larger returns from permanent investments. Moon in Sravanam star is unfavourable for Leo-boms as they will be losing heavily in every transaction. There will always be someone to harm them. Secret inimical activities are indicated. In the Court of Law,his own witnesses will turn hostile. Such people:should never stand for election. All those persons on whom he depends for support will give false hopes and will work only for his opponent. Any person can stand for election, and without exertion, come out victorious, if he understands that his opponent has Moon in 6, in Sravanam star. Thus, one is to judge the results of Moon in 6, to the persons bore in other rasis.

through lands, mines, inheritance, vehicles, taxi, transport, hire purchase, Finance Corporation, etc. Late in life he will be more successful. He will have a large number of friends in high circles, and will receive much assistance from them; he will enjoy much pleasure in life. He will be able to realize his hopes and wishes. Lady friends will be more nelpfulBrothers will have similar results. Mother may lose money in her transactions. Children will also incur loss. Wife will gain by speculation, and will enjoy real fortune. Father will find it difficult to meet both ends and will be expecting assistance from others. He should not venture and risk money in games, betting, etc. Invariably, he will lose. Marriage of any member in the family will take place, and money will be spent in entertainments. Moon in Uthrashada star promises good luck to the native. He cannot lose in any competition. Lord of I in the constellation of lord of 2 and in the 6th touse is the strongest promise that the native will surely gain through speculation, etc. Such people must necessarily buy lottery tickets, prize bonds, etc. During the conjoined period of Moon and Sun, they must win, especially through Government prize bonds, as Sun represents Government. If one is not already in service, he can expect a decent appointment, mostly in Governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Finance department, Reserve Bank, commerce, international trade, external aifairs, courts, legal department, etc. Brother will be able to invest on landed properties and also gain most satisfactorily in his transactions. Mother gains by publication or by short travels or through her brother. Children will obtain scholarship from Government to go overseas and prO' secute further studies, or they may submit any thesis and come out successful- It is a good position for them to enter into foreign service and be popular. Wife may not maintain good health and it is likely that hospitalisationraay be needed. Father


MERCURY, THE MESSENGER Mercury in the Ascendant or Lagna will but later picks up speed satisfactorily. make a person intelligent, quick-witted and Planets conjoined with Mercury will modify sharp as it rules the central nervous system. results. Mercury and Sun are beneficial for Mercury absorbs the character of the physicians, engineers, mathematicians, planets with which it is favourably and judges. connected, by contact or aspect. So, it is Mercury and Moon may give taste for convertible and it is necessary to pay close textile engineering ; marine engineering attention to the sign it occupies and also and psychology. the aspect it receives from other planets. Mercury and Mars-Mechanical engineerMantreswafa says that Mercury (Budha) in ing, military engineering, publication, press. the Lagna makes one clever. He can speak sweetly, learn all sastras and be Mercury and Jupiterâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a good theologian; long-lived. Mercury will give these results banking, cost account, journalism. according to its nature only when it is in Mercury and Venus indicate music, Gemini-Mithuna or in Virgo-Kanni. But, singing, art, sculpture, sanitary engineering, one in Aries and Leo, will be impulsive radio. due to the fiery nature of the sign. In Mercury and Saturn produce statistiwatery signs Cancer-Kataka and Piscescians, engineers, those who commit forgery Mecna, generally it produces a little dullor an expert to find it out, detective work, witted people. But in the other watery mine engineer. sign, Scorpio-Vrishchika, Mercury proMercury and Uranus indicate invention, duces people who will be fiery, with the discovery, research, originality. energy given by the lord of the sign Mars, and he will also not mind to wound others, Mercury and Neptune indicate astroas he will be having the venomous sting of logy, foresight, prophecy by the control of the Scorpion. Mercury mostly gives the devils, by clair-audience, Yakshini, etc. person, the inquiring mind. One can adopt Mercury in the twelve signs: Mercury himself or herself to circumstances. He in ARIES makes one quick in thought and will be resourceful. He will grasp quickly, hold in speech, impulsive and argumenretain it for a long period and reproduce tative. One will exaggerate things unconthe same very ably. Students who get by sciously. Mercury makes one broadminded, heart from the first line to the last in the generous and liberal. One will be studious. books, will be having Mercury in the He can grasp the situations and ideas very Ascendant. He will be studious. He may quickly but his opinions will not be steady. take up any art as hobby; he will become General restlessness, lack of order and a great anist. As he is endowed with fertile method are his weaknesses. Saturn's beneimagination, he can show his originality. ficial aspect to Mercury will offer stability, As a lawyer, one will be able to crossand his mind will not be vacillating. But examine the witnesses of the opponent and if Mercury is afflicted, one will be unreliget answers suitably so that he can win the able, irresponsible, antagonistic, disputacase. Mercury is a fast moving planet It tive, cunning, indecisive and rash. owns the common signs indicating that one Taurus occupied by Mercury shows that will never take a decision quickly, but the person will have pleasing manners, waver, vacillate and try to have many liking the company of tfie opposite sex, changes. He prefers journeys, as Gemini, music, art, refined arbusement, recreation owned by Mercury is the third house of the and pleasure. . The mind will be deterZodiac indicating short travels. Mercumined. He )vill not change often. But to rians are always quick in thought They will consider the pros and cons. There is much arrive at a. conclusion and â&#x20AC;˘ \o form an opioion Or pass an order, be may take delay in finalising. But when once,he decides much ti^ne. But wherronce a thing is done he will be very quick in action. It is more like a car which gives trouble to start with, it is fin.'al. The sign Taurus, being thesecond 9

sign in the Zodiac which indicates speech, etc., Mercury in this sign makes the person less talkative. He may observe the proverb " Silence is goldenOccasionally his speech will be witty or funny. He is best fitted to be an arbitrator or a judge, as he possesses good reasoning power. He may be obstinate and persevering. He has his own likes and dislikes. He will have great desire to save money and improve his bank position, in spite of being liberal in giving donations. Gemini occupied by Mercury makes one ingenius, very clever, resourceful and sympathetic. He will be quick to grasp and also to give out his opinion on any subject. New things will attract him. He will not lose his temoer, nor will he get prejudiced. He will prove to be a good orator, lawyer, professor, messenger, salesman, propagandist, publicity officer, businessman, contractor, etc. He will be fond of short travels. He will be inclined to speculate. He can give information in meticulous detail on the topics of the day. He will be uptodate and thorough. Cancer occupied by Mercury produces one with clear intellect and good memory. One will be diplomatic, discreet and adaptable. He is best fitted to be the Personal Assistant or Secretary of a High Official, holding a transferable post This person will adjust himself to the opinions and ideas of his successor even though he who is transferred and the other who has taken charge, are diametrically opposite in their views. If one who has Mercury in Cancer becomes the officer, anybody can have things done through him by simply Qatlering him in his presence. Even though he may like frequent changes, journey, etc,, be will have the desire to reunite with his family members and take them to picnic or to any refined amusement He may be spiritually inclined and also interested in psyohic matters. Crossing the river or the sea will be much liked by this person. Leo occupied by Mercury gives the person ambition, lofty mind and high positive.and persevering, persistent and confident He, may be sympathetic and kind-hearted. He is shorttempered but he has the mind to forget and

forgive. He hates meaii actions. He is outspoken and frank. He is capable of organising and controlling others. He can concentrate and take any decision. He will pursue in any one line. He will be fond of his children. Leo, being the fifth sign of the Zodiac, he will interest himsclfin music, drama, cinema, sports, fine arts, etc. He will find great pleasure in mingling with the opposite sex. He will prove himself to be a good gambler or a share-broker. If Mercury is afflicted in Leo, he should never gamble, especially during periods of Mercury. If Neptune afflicts, there is always the danger through drugs which will affect the heart as Leo indicates heart. Virgo occupied by Mercury indicates that the person is indeed very, very intelligent, and occasionally cunning, too. He will be cautious and comprehensive, practical and prudent. It gives a scientific mind. One can be very eloquent and logical. It is likely that one can express himself in many languages also. He will be a wellinformed and wide-awake worker. He will prove to be a good journalist, writer, author, novelist and critic. As it is an earthy sign, he will look before he leaps. Mercury gives taste for mathematics, hygiene, engineering, accounts, auditing, prophylactics, nursing, etc. As years pass on, during the period of Mercury, his ingenuity, orginality and capacity will be recognised, admired and appreciated. If Mercury is afflicted, he will ever speak ill of others, will always find fault with them, pass criticism and incur their displeasure. Libra occupied by Mercury indicates that one will be level-headed, well-balanced and broad-minded. He will have dispassionate disposition, a mind which will reason out, and will be just and good to all. As it is an airy .sign, he will be fond of music, art and all mental pursuits. Venus, being the Lord of Libra, he will-be social in all clubs. He will take keen interest in social welfare work. He will be a platform speaker. If Mercury is afflicted, there may be trouble with partner in life or in business. Law suits are not ruled out. His partner will be clever and cunning^ he may also J 'be Unfaithfuf.1^"'""5- u -Mercury in Scorpio: The person will be witty and will have a sharp tongue with 10

caustic remarks and biting sarcasm. He will be determined and forceful, bold and dauntless. There will be the desire to gain more and more knowledge and pursue the hobby till he becomes an expert in it. He may develop mesmeric ability and study occult and mystical subjects. Painting and sculpture may attract him. If Mercury is afflicted, the person will be curious, cynical and critical. Hence he cannot have many good friends. Also he may have many chances to come up in life ; but due to his weaknesses, he will not avail of them and will repent later. His partner in life will be lucky. Saggittarlus occupied by Mercury indicates that one will be generous, just, sincere, ambitious and impulsive. One may be religious and dutiful ; law-abiding and honest Though he may have ultra-modern views, yet he will follow tradition. He is ever progressive though somewhat changeable. Both mentally and physically, he will be active. He enjoys the natural scenery; may wish to lead a natural and pleasant life; will gain much through journeys. He will be able to give in detail the customs and manners of the people, living in the various parts of the world, after having personal contacts. He will be fond of mathematics and journalism. He may be good in sports, and will enjoy his life with his family members. He may have many pet animals. He will be much respected by his relatives and friends. Mercury in CAPRICORN gives a sharp and acute mind. The person will be tactful and diplomatic. He will be curious and critical. He has a suspicious mind. He may be peevish and fickle-minded. Saturn ruling the sign Capricorn, gives discontentment. He may be economical, prudent and painstaking. He cannot keep quiet. He will be ever busy, doing something or other. Unless his object has been gained, he will not give up his undertaking. This sign gives a love for literature, science, chemistry, and philosophy. He will not waste. He will hold on to what he gains and always keep something for the rainy day. will, have organising ability. > If Mercury is afflicted, he will be miserly, vindic-

tive and sp itcful. He is prepared to do anything to have his desires fulfilled. He will be aware of what mean action he does, but he will not hesitate to do itAquarius, occupied by Mercury at the time of birth, makes the mind original and refined. He will be penetrative and critical. It gives the qualities of Uranus. He will have his own ideals ; he will not care for tradition; he will repudiate all the social conventions. Even in dress, he will have his own way ; his style will be different from others. Probably, he may preach and advocate ideas on subjects which may come up after many decades. He will develop his spiritual life ; he will be able to concentrate and meditate. He will be a great reader, deeo thinker, and intellieent adviser. He will be kind to all and loyal. He will be fond of science, occult and metaphysical subjects, etc. He will be good at mathematics. He is best suited for research work, business management, political and social work. He will mix only with the intellectuals. He will have elderly persons as his good friends. Pisces occupied by Mercury is said to be debilitated here. But yet, Pisces being the watery sign and an occult one, the person will be endowed with psychic faculty. He will have correct intuition and good imagination. One may not have deep and profound application to study. He will be kind and sympathetic. He will be liberal and generous. He is adaptable and adjusting. He is best suited to be the private secretary. But he will be changing the master very often. He will be fond of pleasure, recreation, etc. He likes boating and travel across water. He may interest himself in navy, nursing, hygiene, occult subjects and philosophy. He prefers to be alone and attend to his work. He may undertake research in nutrition or prophylactics. Retrograde Mercury in this house gains strength, and if it is afflicted by Neptune, he should not attempt for psychic powers. It is dangerous. Saturn, afflicting Mercury in this sign, makes one a pessimist. He will always be gloomy and will fall a victim of never ending worry. Good aspect -to Mercury in this sign-helps the native to make money without much effort. 11

LUCK BY LOTTERY FINANCE AND FORTUNE Moon Dasa, Moon Bhukti and Jupiter Anthra, on 8th May, 1955. But the money was received on 9th May, 1955. (Monday, Jyeshta star, and in Cancer lagna.)

In the January issue of our magazine, the chart of a high official who gained a decent sum in a sweep was furnished. He was born on 23rd November, 1899. (By mistake the year of birth was printed as 1879 in the January issue. Kindly carry out the correction.) His ascendant was Thulam (Libra). The sudden gain was during the period when he was running Venus 24°

Sun 24°—30'

Mercurv 11°—44' Mars 25°—49'

Chart for the moment of the receipt of Money at 10-30 a. ra. on 9-5-1955

Rahu 6°

Moon 19°—35'

Given below are two charts, namely, (1) the native's birth chart and (2) the chart for the moment when he received money : Kethu Nep. 3°—56' 28°—53' Fortuna 23°—13'. M.C. 16°—42' Birth chart: Born Moon on 23-11-1899 13®—2' Saturn dasa balance 5 years, 2 months and 4 days

Kethu 6® Lagna 1° Jupiter 0° —34'

Mei.ES-M llahn 28—53 Vonu» Mnt» 25—20 22-3 Sat. 0°—49' Uranus 13—27 SSan ap. 8—7 0—33

Saturn 24*

Generally it is said that houses 2 and 5 offer one the opportunity to make money by speculation, lottery, betting, etc. The other houses do not indicate such sudden gains. If that is so, how can Moon in its dasa especially, in its bhukti, give gains without pains? 10th house indicates profession. Moon rules the 10th house. It also occupies its own rasi. How then has it given unexpected fortune? The prediction was based on Krishnamurthy Paddhathi. A planet may own any house. It may occupy any house. But the sources of one^s income and his efforts in any direction are indicated by . the lord of the star in which it was posited and also through the lord of the sub-portion in-the star. Moon was in Pushyam star ruled by Saturn. Pushyam

Lagna 18°—18'

extends from 3 degrees 20 minutes to 16 degrees 40 minutes in Kataka, But Moon was in 13 degrees 2 minutes. If you refer to the table furnished by. the author of the Paddhathi, Prof. K. S. Krishnamurthi, in the January' issue under the tile "Krishnamurthy Paddhathi", you will note that between 12 degrees 53 minutes and 14 degrees 53 minutes in the star Pushya ruled by Saturn, Rahu rules the sub. Therefore Moon is under the sway of both Saturn aiid Rahu. Saturn is lord of 5 and it is in the second bhava though in the third sign Dhanus. Hence it gives the mind to speculate. Seven planets are in the sign Scorpio (Vrischika). Mars, Venus, Rahu and Mercury alone are in Scorpio and also in the second bhava. It is a truism that Rahu'or Kethu will ever be stronger thaii the lord of the house; in which they are 12

and Jupiter, promise gains by speculation. That swabhukti will be indifferent or bad, is generally predicted by astrologers who simply reproduce the slokas without doing research based on actual facts. It should be noted that during the time when Jupiter transits the sign ruled by the lord of dasa, the dasanatha will confer favourable results. Therefore, in the present case, at the time Jupiter transits in Cancer (Kataka) ruled by Moon, lucky time has to be predicted. According to Krishnaraurti Paddathi, the sub-portion should be ruled by Moon. Actually, on 8th and 9th May 1955, Jupiter was in 3 degrees 25 to 30 minutes in Cancer and according to Western system it formed exact trine aspect with its original position at the time of birth. One may ask why this native should not again similarly secure such a gain in Moon dasa, Jupiter sub-period and Moon or Jupiter sub-period. He is correct but hasty. He has to note whether, at that time, Jupiter will transist in the sign ruled by dasanatha Moon or bhuktinatha Guru. This position will not be repeated. But during that period, the native had larger income from his permanent possessions and improvement in service. Unless the dasa system, Gocharam, etc. agree, one cannot enjoy the results. At the moment the native received the cash, the lagna was the first degree in Cancer and Moon wÂŤs in Jyeshta Mercury's star in Mars sign Vrischika. The day was Monday ruled by the dasanatha Moon. Hence one can understand that a correct prediction can be given by following the stellar system and much better still by adopting Krisbnamurthi Paddathi.

posited and also the planets with which thev are conjoined. Hence, Rahu in Vrischika is to give the results of the lord of the sign in which it was posited (which in this case is Mars), and also the results of the other planets with which it was conjoined. Rahu is stronger than the other planets in the second house and its lord. Mars. As Moon was in Saturn's star Pushyam and the sub of Rahu, Moon derives the power to giveitsresults through the affairs indicated by the 5th and the 2nd houses. Thus, Moon has to offer the results indicated by the 5th and the 2nd houses. When Moon's dasa was on, the planet in the Moon's star or Moon's sub can offer those results indicated by Moon. The only planet thus gaining the strength of Moon is Jupiter which was in Scorpio (Vrischika) in its own star Visakam and in the sub of Moon. If one is to gain in a competition or in betting, the opponent will lose much. The opponent is indicated in all horescopes by the seventh house. Loss is indi^ cated by the 12th house. Therefore, the 12th house to the seventh is the 6th house to the native. Therefore the lord of the 6th house and the planet in 6 will bring about loss to the opponent and the native will gain. Jupiter is the lord of the sixth house. Hence Jupiter and Moon alone can give this result. That is to bring about loss to the opponct and gain suddenly to the native through betting etc., provided the dasa lord has anything to do with the fifth and the second houses. According to the Udu dasa system and according to Gochara, why should he have the beneficial result on 9-5-1955. All along, it was discussed that the planets. Moon


MARRIAGE [DASA-PORUTHAM—| Contd.)] By Kayeska 8. Vasyam: If ibis agreement is found between the charts of the bride and the bridegroom, they will have a very happy and harmonious wedded life and there will be good understanding between themselves. They will have peace and pleasure. Bride's Rasi Bridegroom's Rasi Aries Leo and Scorpio Taurus Cancer and Libra Gemini Virgo Cancer Scorpio and Saggittarius Leo Libra Virgo Gemini and Pisces Libra Capricorn Scorpio Cancer and Virgo Saggittarius Pisces Capricorn Aries and Aquarius Aquarius Aries Pisces Capricorn 9. Rajju Porulham * Generally astrologers give much importance to RAJJU, because if there is no

agreement according to this method of judgment, they say that the partner will be short-lived and she may have to survive the husband which no lady will like. One has to open three columns as under: In the first column, write down thev,ni>" stars counting from Aswini. In thr — #na column, write down the nine st-- c0Unting from Makham. in the Column, write down the nine counting from Moolam. In eacK-olumn, the first four nakshathras ar^alled Aroha Rajju. The fifth star in ach column is termed Siro Rajju, The wnaining stars, six to nine, arc classified as Avaroha Rajju. Thus, Aswini, Bharani, Karthikai and Rohini are Aroha Rajju. Mrigasirishara is called Siro Rajju. Arudra, Punarvasu, Pushyam and Aslesha are included in the Avaroha Rajju. Similarly in the other columns, one is to sort out and declare to which Rajju each star belongs. Rajju Pad a (foot) Makham Moolam f Aswini Thodai (thigh) Poorvapalguni Poorvashada Aroha Rajju ^ Nabhi (navel) Utbrapalguni Uthrashada tCarthikai Kazhuthu (neck) Sravanam Hastham I Rohini Siro Rajju Alrigasirisham Chithrai Dhanishta Siro (Head) Sathabhisha Neck 17Arudra Swathi ■ Poorvapathrapada Navel Avaroha,Rajju Punarvasu Visakha Uthrapathrapada Thigh " ^ Y* Pushyam Anuradha Revati - Foot f I Aslesha Jyeshta Stars 3, 12 and 21 belong to Aroha and Therefore, tt4e Jst> jQth and 19th stars 7, 16 and 25 belong to Avaroha of Navel. belong to An^a and the 9ih, 18th and 27th stars to ^vvaroha of ' foot'. Stars 4 el3, and 22 belong to Aroha and Stars 2, 11, ranj 20 belong to Aroha and 6, 15 and 24 belong .to Avaroha of a, 17 ano 26 ^;0 Avaroha of Thigh. Kazhuthu or neck.

financial loss. Suppose a person's chart shows that he will become rich. Then, how far this agreement will affect his fortune needs consideration. This agreement will never reduce his income, nor increase his expenses. Actually, a native was born in Pushyam star, and she married one in Poorvapalguni star. He entered service as a stenographer in a firm and he retired as one of the Directors of the Company. His prosperity is not prevented by this Rajju. He was all through life economical and never incurred a loss, nor had he any occasion to meet any uncommon or unnecessary expenses. The wife was more thrifty and she assisted her husband to save much. Therefore, as long as this Rajju does not indicate danger to life, one need not discard a horoscope on this score. The next group is Nabhi (navel) Rajju. The results mentioned by our sages are that there may be danger to children and a few may pass away. When we examine the horoscopes of the parents who had lost the first, the second issues, etc., and then name the third issue, Kuppu, Pitchai, etc. we do not find that they have this Nabhi itejju. Therefore, loss of children, is not indicated only by this Rajju, but it must be foun*! their birth. charts. Hence, this Rajju iV neither evil nor strong. n. The only »\DaJJu th where one has to necessarily scrutimk"® tc e ischarts of the couple for longevity, e£ -» sif0 Rajjn- ll ,s threatened that th^h^hand may not live long and the wife m ^ havet0to outlive her husband. The stars belong Mrigasirisha trines. In our researc^L6 we have not- seen horoscopes of the coup^ we belonging cannotto the same Siro Rajju. slate 1 anything definitely exc^P ^at we have to accept this. A few astrologers reje;Ct horoscopes of the bride and bridegrc'oin' hoth born in Mrigasirisham or Chitra stars, saying that there is Siro Rajju tan^ ^at Rajju porutham is very importan • ' True. But we have to consider that 1.our sages were aware of all the rules, whei es ^ey framed them. So a question .aris same sage would have a ^nsidered this point also, while discussing • naksha-

Stars 5, 14 and 23 belong to Siro Rajju. 1. If both the bride's star and the bridegroom's star belong to the same group* is said that they do not agree. For example, if the girl is born in Rohini Kazhuthu (neck) Rajju and the boy is bom in Hastbam or Sravanam which also belongs to the same Aroha Kazhuthu Rajju, then one should not predict that they concord. According to this rule, they should not be matched. But if the stars of the bride and bridegroom belong to different groups, i.e., if the Rajjus are different, e.g., one Kazhuthu and the other nabhi etc., they agree satisfactorily according to this rule. This is considered as very good. 2. If the stars of both the bride and the bridegroom belong to Arohana in different groups, it is excellent. 3. Even though they may belong to different groups and one is Arohana and the other is Avarohana, the agreement is fair. ' s 4. If the stars of the couple belon^to different groups but both are in Avarohani;. it is not satisfactory. 5. Even if they belong to the same Rajju, if one's star is in Arohana and the other in Avarohana, they may be matched. . It- is classified as Fair. If the couple are destined to marry and the stars belong to the same pada (foot) Rajju, what would be the evil result ? Does it threaten short life to the husband? No. But the husband will be ever touring and thereby there will be temporary separation. Is this Rajju evil, if one considers that the temporary separation iswelcome, especially between the couple who do not have good understanding and quarrel occasionally? Will not this temporary separation set right their difficulties ? Let us consider the families where the husband has no other go, except to remain at home for ever. Then, naturally, there will be more occasions to quarrel whereby harmony is denied. Therefore, this Rajju docs not threaten danger to partner, and if at all, it shows frequent journeys to them. But if they belong to Tlugh (Ooruthodai) Rajju, it shows that there will be 16

thra—same star—agreement; it is declared that the partners, both born in Mrigasirisha star or in Chitra star, can marry and the Dinaporutham is satisfactory. Dinaporutham also indicates health and longevity. Our opinion is that both are correct. Dinaporutham shows that they both will live long. But Rajju shows that after having led a married life for a long number of years, the husband will pass away first and then only the wife. Have we not heard a few couples living upto 80 years of age and longer and then the wife surviving the husband ? Special rule : If the couple had Moon at the time of their birth in the signs ruled by planets which ate friendly, or if the Moon signs of the couple were to be in Sama sapthama, i.e., one opposite to the other (i.e., Mesha to Thulam, Rishaba to Vrischika, and so on) or if they are born with Moon in the same sign, tben such a position wards off the evil results indicated by Rajju-porutham. When we apply this special rule, we will find that the trine stars are mostly in the house ruled by bosom friends and the trine stars are said to be in the same Rajju. Here also confusion will arise in the minds of the students. For example,, you take a girl bom in Aswini and a boy in Makham. It is said that, if the boy or girl is born in Makham, then Dasaporulham need not be considered. But if you consider Rajju porutham ■—where it is said that Rajju porutham is very important—you find that they belong to the same Rajju. When you apply the other special rule, you will find that one belongs to Aries—Mesha—and the other belongs to Leo—Sim ha—which are ruled by Mars and Sun who are friends. So according to this rule, there can be no evil due to Rajju. Similarly when we apply to each star, we will find that the trine stars are mostly in the friendst quarters except the following : Karthikafs first pada in Aries will not agree with Ulhrapalguni 2nd 3rd & 4th pad as, and similarly, Uthrashada 2, 3.and.^th padas,. as they are in enemies, camp. Karthikai 2nd, 3rd and 4th padas

do not agree with Uthrapalguni and Utharashada first pada, as the signs are ruled by the enemy, Sun or Jupiter. Punarvasu 1, 2 and 3 padas are in Mercury's sign, Gemini; Visakara 4th pada and Poorvapathrapada 4th pada are in Mars sign Scorpio, and Jupiter's sign Pisces respectively, which alone do not come under this special rule, and so we have to say that they do not agree. Excepting the few mentioned above, all other stars are in friends* quarters. So if one applies the special rule, then this Rajju does not play much part at all. Again let us take the horoscopes of the unfortunate widows and get from them their husbands' charts also. In most of the cases, there is no Rajju at all, and according to Rajju porutham, the horoscopes do agree most satisfactorily. Then, one is to consider also the horoscopes of those where there is Rajju, but yet the bride pre-deceases and the husband remains a widower. The analytical study and research show that the longevity, the health, the number of years of married life, and who would survive whom, are to be carefully studied from their individual horoscopes and this Rajju porutham has no final say in the matter. Rajju cannot change the results indicated by the indivividual horoscopes. Also if one studies the stars classified in " one group, it will be seen that the lords of the stars are bosom friends. Saturn rules the stars Pushyam, Anuradha and Uthrattadhi. The three stars which belong to the same Rajju are Bharani, Poorvapalguni and Poorvashada stars, which are governed by Venus. Both are friends. Similarly, Karthikai trine stars are ruled by Sun and the same Rajju belong to the friend Jupiter, i.e., Punarvasu trine. Hence, in our opinion this Dasa porutham is not a strong indicator of any result in the married life. There are many general rules, and also t innumerable special rules. When all are applied, then all the horoscopes can be 17

Visakam, Uthrashada, Sravana and Revati, these nine belong to Vama Parswa Nadi. (b) The stars Aswini, Arudhra, Punarvasu, Uthrapalguni, Hastham, Jyeshta, Moolam, Sathabisha and Poorvapathrapada belong to Dakshina Parswa Nadi. (c) The remaining nine stars, Bharani, Mrigasirisha, Pushyam, Poorvapalguni, Chithrai, Anuradha, Poorvashada, Dhanishta and Uthrapathrapada, belong to the middle, Madhyoma Parswa Nadi. It is said that if the bride and the bridegroom belong to different Nadis, they agree very favourably. If they both belong to Madhyama Nadi, it is evil to the husband. If they belong to the same Parswa Nadi, it is undesirable to the bride. If one refers to " Kalaprakasikaa standard text-book, one will find many more agreements observed by our ancestors before fixing up a marriage. Thus : 1. The stars are classified into three groups: (a) Male or masculine stars; (b) female or feminine stars; (c) effeminate stars* Female stars are Ashlesha, Makam, Pooram or Poorvapalguni, Uthram or Uthrapalguni, Arudhra, Bharani, Chithrai, Swathi, Visakam, PoOrvashada, Uthrashada, Jyeshta, Dhanishta and Sravanam. Effeminate stars are Mrigasirisha, Sathabisha and Moolam. All other stars are masculine ones, i.e., Aswini, Karthikai, Rohini, Punarvasu, Pushyam Hastha, Anuradha, Poorvapathrapada, Uthrapathrapada and Revathi. If the bridegroom is born in the masculine stars and bride in the feminine stars, they agree satisfactorily. But if the bride is_ born in masculine stars and the bridegroom in any one of the feminine stars, they will not match. If one is born in any one of the effeminate stars

matched, oi* quoting any one rule, they can be rejected. Thus, the rules suffer in the hands of the students of astrology. Our strong advice is to study the individual horoscopes and pass an opinion. Do not commit any sin, by saying that a particular pair of horoscopes agree, and the other pair do not, without understanding the strength of their horoscopes separately. 10. Vcdhai: (a) If either of the couple is born in Aswini star, do not match with one born in Jyeshta or Kettai. (b) Bharani star native does not agree with Pushyam star born. (c) Karthikai and Visakam stais Jo not match. (d) Rohini star does not concord with Swathi. (e) Arudhra and Sravana stars disagree. (f) Punarvasu and Uthrashada disagree. (g) Pushyam and Poorvashada show vedhai. (h) Aslesha and Moolam do not concord. (i) Makham and Revathi are unsatisfactory. (j) Mrigasirisha and Chithrai do not concord. For Poorvapalguni or Pooram stars there is no Vedhai. This agreement indicates' that if the above group of couple get married, they cannot pull on peacefully; there will be repulsion, and hence, they will always disagree, and their married life will not be harmonious. It cannot give pleasure to them. Thus, these are the Ten agreements considered by the parents of the couple before the marriage is fixed. There are a few more agreements which are also observed. Especially in North India, Nadi Porutham is taken into serious consideration. They divide the stars into three groups, namely: (a) The stars Karthikai, Rohini, Ashlesha, Makham, Swathi, 18

and the other in any one of the feminine stars, the agreement may be classibed as fair. So also, if the effeminate star and the male star borns are combined, the result will be moderate. If both the couple are born in masculine stars they can be matched ; so also, if both are born in feminine stars, they also concord. Nowhere is it mentioned what the result would be, if a girl born in a masculine star marries a boy in a feminine star. Nor has it been said what for this agreement is considered. Gothram Originally, our ancients selected 28 stars and they had the star Abhijit included along with the 27 stars now in vogue. Abhijit is given a place next to Sravanam. They took the seven stars and called them by the names of seven Rishis— Saptha rishis—Marichi, Vashista, Angirisha, Athri, Pulasthiya, Pulaha and Krithu. They distiibutcd the 28 stars among the seven rishis, each 4 stars in the same order, i.e., Aswini, Bharani, ICarthikai and Rohini belong to Marichi; Mrigasirisha, Arudhra, Punarvasu and Pushyam belong to Vashista; Aslesha, Makham, Poorvapalguni and Uthrapalguni belong to Angirasa ; and so on. In " Kalaprakasika M it is said ; EJcagothrac Bhavain Nasoe Binna Gothrae Subhavaha " Hence, couple bora in any of the four stars belonging to the same group, i.e., to the same rishi, should not get married, as it threatens danger to either and it- brings misfortune to both. Caste according tD'Astrology ICatakam or Cancer, Meenam or Pisces, and Vrischikam or Scorpio,—or all the three watery signs—belong to the Brahmin Caste. Leo—Simha, Saggittarius—Dhanus, and Libra—Thulam belong to Kshathriya caste. . Mesha—Aries,• Mithuna—Gemini, and Kumbha—Aquarius rule the Vaishyas. -

Rishaba—Taurus, Makara—Capricorn, Kanni—Virgo, belong to Sudras. The rank is given in the order, Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya, and Sudra. It is said that a bridegroom should not marry a girl born in the rasi belonging to the higher caste. It is threatened that the person, marrying a girl born in the higher caste, will die within a short time after marriage. Thus, one can see the various methods by which one makes a selection. He will be puzzled to see that if one method agrees, the other does not agree. If the special rules are applied, most of the horoscopes agree, etc., indeed, it is neither a correct method to declare how lone the couple will live, whether there will be harmony or not, and so on, nor is this method clear without any contradiction between one rule and the other. Under one method, they will agree and under another rule they will not. Just as marks are given in the mathematics paper, a few astrologers give marks. There also, they do not take into consideration which sum is hard, and how much the total mark for that sum should be, and so on. They give equal marks to all. Finally, they declare that the two horoscopes agree, as more than 5 agreements are found in the charts. We do not attach much importance to these. In the end of the article, one can read the chapter Nimithamand Sakunam which are more dependable: (a) to know whether the marriage between any two persons will be fixed and celebrated or not; and (b) whether they will have a happy and harmonious life, or not. Without examining the horoscopes, certain facts can be predicted by following the methods given below ; 1 - Will the marriage take place between A and B? Suppose this is the question put by the consultant. You can say that the marriage will surely take place between them and there will be no disappointment, if to the Lagna that rises according to the. number given the consultant, (any number within 108— between 1 and 108), Moon is posited at 20

by Moon, it is certain that she will lose her husband within 8 years after marriage. If there is a debilitated planet in the fifth house counted from the Prasna Lagna; and if it receives aspect from any malefic, the girl may have bad character and her children may not have Jong life. Marriages fixed by sakunam (Omen) The parents get vexed when they go on collecting horoscopes and getting examined them by a few astrologers. They complain that the astrologers haveagreedto disagree with each other, just like clocks in the same compound. They are already worried in finding out a suitable boy for the girl. Secondly, there are so many other considerations in the selection of the boy. In their anxiety, they are confused. When they approach the astrologer in a confused state, they are still more confused, so that, in course of time, they decide not to consult any astrologer, and they pin their faith in God, look at the Sakunam or Nimilham, and fix up the marriage, which is really good. Such people and even those who have faith not only in astrology, but also in the astrologer whom they consult, can follow Sakunam. It is the real Divine guidance. It will never fail. Sakunam is more important than the Dasaporutham. This is our honest and sincere opinion. He who has to take a decision after noting the Sakunam, should pray to God or Goddess in whom he or she has faith. Then, what one hears or sees at that time will offer the correct prediction. One should not artificially create a Sakunam, e.g., at the lime you start, you should not instruct your child to turn the key of the alarm time-piece and allow it to ring; nor ask any Sumangali, a young girl, leading a good life with her husband to come in front of you. But you allow the Sakunam to nature. If the cat were to come before you, once for all forget the matter and give up the attempt. If a cow comes, proceed. If anybody, brings the idoL-:t)£./God^proceed. Even if you are sure that you will come by fortune, if you make an attempt

the time of the query in any of the houses 3, 5, 7, 10 or 11 and it receives the beneficial aspect from the benefic Jupiter. Otherwise, it will fall through. If both Guru and Sani aspect, aftet some delay, the marriage will be fixed. If Guru is retrograde, this will fall through. 2. Will I be able to get a girl for marriage? This question will be put generally by one who had been much depressed and dejected and who would have grown old without getting married for a long period. If Libra—Thulam, Taurus—Rishaba or Cancer-Kataka happen to be the Ascendant according to the number given by the consultant (any one number within 108), if Moon and Venus have any connection to the Ascendant, then the querist can be informed that he will get a girl, and the marriage will take place. But if the question is put during waning Moon, Krishnapaksha—Theipirai—if Moon occupies either 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12th house from the Prasna Lagna, he can see the girls walking here and there, in the market, in the bus, at the cinema theatre, etc., with their husbands, but he will never have one girl for his marriage and he cannot enjoy like them. If Moon were to be in 8 and if evil planets aspect, he will ever be worrying himself but will never get married. If a query is put by a girl confidentially to find out whether she will be able to marry a particular person whom she has in mind, you have to note whether the Moon is in 3, 5, 7, 10, II and it receives aspect from Jupiter—Guru ; if this condition is satisfied, she will marry; but if Moon were to be in 5, receiving Jupiter's aspect, the marriage will take place, but there is danger to either within 8 years after the marriage. If, at the time of the query, the Lagna is occupied by Mars and in the seventh house, there is a beneficial planet, either her character is not satisfactory, or she may lose her children during her lifetime, and she will lose her husband in 8 years. • If Mars is in the seventh* house counted from the Prasna Lagna which is occupied 21

in any direction and if at that time a widow were to come, be sure that you will be disappointed and misfortune will surely be the result. If you hear the sound of a bell, etc,, you may proceed. If the light is put off by strong wind or if the electric light fails due to 'fuse of the wire' or failure of the current, it foreshadows evil results, and that the alliance in consideration will fall through. Similarly, there are hundreds of omensâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Sakunams. Varahamihira says that an omen reveals the fruition of his deeds, according to the good deeds and bad ones done in the previous birth. Omens are not superstitious beliefs. Actually ihey arc very correct indications. Sa-gunam means good quality. That is why this method of finding out the truth is called Sakunam. There are many other omens which are rural, wild, aquatic, terrestrial, heavenly, diurnal, nocturnal, and kiurnal nocturnal. All these will be explained separately in later issues. Nimitham : Nimitham needs intelligence to interpret. But _ if it is properly interpreted, this is superior to Sakunam and will . be' more appropriate and explanatory. It will not be out of place if a few instances are given. Once a Guru was teaching the students as how to interpret incidents and understand the future. At that time, the Guru's wife went out of the house to fetch water from a common well provided with a pulley alone. She had to take the rope and the bucket. She did carry them along with her. In the meanwhile, a gentleman approached the teacher and requested him to offer a prediction. The Guru asked him "What is your difficulty ? What is it that you want ? " The person said : ' My wife and I did not pull on amicably. She went to her native place a year ago, and in spile of my repeated: â&#x2013; reminders- and. registered, letters, sh^ never cared to reply. I am really worried. 1 would like to know

whether she will divorce me, desert me and leave me in the lurch, or at least, after some time, she will come to her senses and join me/ As he was saying this, the Guru's wife returned empty handed and waited for the visilorto finish his narration. The moment he completed his story, she said to her husband that the rope, she used gave way, while dragging the water and hence, the pot has fallen into the well. Now, the Guru asked the students to interpret his wife's report to die query of the visitor. All the students except one told the Guru : 'Sir, we call marriage, as a bondage; wc tic the saffron thread around the neck of the bride to show, that she is married. We call it as Thali, or Mangalya saradu. As your wife complains that the rope has given way, we have to take that the mangalya saradu has become weak; it will be cut off shortly, and hence she will not join him. It will end in a divorce.' Only one student remained silent and was hearing the explanation of all the others. Even the visitor was upset, when he heard the lady saying * the rope has given way'. He called her within himself ' as Saturn: wherefrom this Saturn is come now, and so on '. The Guru asked the student ' What is your opinion ? What have you got to say ? Do you agree with them or do you differ from them ?1 This intelligent student said " Sir, it is a fact that Mangalyam is a thread and tying it around the neck of the bride is the custom to say that the bride is married to hira. Traditionally, it is done by us all. But now, we have to consider as follows. The rope used for pulling the water from the well is the evil force which tries to separate a part of the water from the large quantity of water in the well. This potful of water belongs to the well. The rope tries to separate this water from its kin. But the evil period is over. The rope has given way. .There is no more evil. Hence, shortly, she will come and join hira, just like the water in the pot which belonged to 22

the well again joined in that well and is safe." The wise teacher agreed with the student, who gave the verdict that the wife would come and join, encouraged the visitor, and declared that divorce was out of question, and that his wife would surely come and join him. Also he advised him to wait for some time, till the evil period was over, so that automatically she would come and join him. Actually after the lapse of some time, the wife joined her husband. Thus, the incident may be one and the same, but the interpretation may be bothways. The wise interpretation alone will come true. A few more instances are given to impress upon the minds of the readers how God helps the astrologer and gives him confidence and courage to predict correctly from the Nimitham. The editor had been teaching the students of Astrology at Saidapet under the auspices of the Modern Astrological Research Institute for which he was, and continues to be, the founder-President. At that time, a young man produced a slip of paper to the Professor in which he had written that his wife was in the family way, and according to calculations, she was running the 11th month. There was no labour pain and the date of delivery could not be guessed by him. He was much worried. The professor asked him: "Give me a number within 108". He mentioned the number 27. After calculations, he had to predict twin-birth. He wanted to gather courage to declare this prediction, especially in the presence of many students. Wherefrom can he have the confidence? He looked outside. At that time, an old lady was carrying on her waist a bag, and a cow ran by her side. She got terrified. She lei loose the bag. While falling, the bag which appeared to be one, fell as two separate ones. Immediately the teacher predicted that his wife will give birth to twins on Wednesday. The prediction was given on Sunday. It is a fact that he had twin birth' on the next Wednesday. The lady, carrying one

bag, represents his wife in the family way. When the bag fell, it was found that she had been carrying both the bundles in one waist. What more guidance can the astrologer have? One day, a gentleman asked the astrologer to tell him whether his son who was in London for the past two years, would return home soon after his examination, or whether he would stay there itself. Even though, according to Prasna, the astrologer decided to say that he would go to a place still farther away from London, and that he would not return then, yet he waited for guidance. A bird, which was sitting on the ground about 100 yards away from the professor, flew farther away from the professor and did not ily towards him. So, he said boldly thai his sou would not remain in London, or that he would return home, but that he would proceed farther. In a fortnight, he heard that his son had left for America. A college girl asked the astrologer to describe the physical features of the person whom she might marry. At that time the professor looked outside and an elephant was passing by. Guess what the Astrologer would have told. He said that at the time of query. Moon and Jupiter were together in a watery sign and that he hesitated to say that the husband would be plumpy. The appearance of the elephant gave him the confirmation that the prospective husband would be stout, with very small and sharp eyes. Also it was mentioned that he would be very intelligent and dutiful, which proved correct; but this prediction is offered more as a consolation and compensation for the pot-bellied husband. One of the students, who had beeii observing such predictions, wanted to test the professor. He requested the professor on another day to describe the physical features of the girl whom his father bad selected for him. At that time a schoolgoing girl came with a letter and delivered it to the professor. The girl was black, not so much as the crow: she was squinteyed. She was lean and tall. According to Prasha,'he had to offer similar predict lion. This girl's visit at that time was 23

helpful to describe the bride selected for the student. It was really, a surprise for him to see that the bride resembled mostly this girl. When a boy , asked the astrologer whether he would pass the examination, the astrologer took a newspaper and in it was printed boldly: 'Grand success to... the election at ' In the next column it was published c Relief to tax'. Why should the astrologer look to Prasna ? He has to offer similar prediction, and give relief to the boy's worry. That is why, in olden days, people used to turn

over the page of a holy book, read the contents and interpret it according to their query. Thus, instances can be multiplied. But let us be content with these. Therefore, we have to understand that SAKUNAM AND NIMITHAM ARE TRUE INDICATIONS. One should consider the individual horoscopes, study for longevity, harmony, happiness, prosperity, etc., and should not confuse oneself with Dasa porutham and Mars (Angaraka or Sevvai or Kuja) Doshara-

WHAT SHALL I DREAM ? If you remain unmarried and if you marriage. There is a popular rhyme desire to have a very soft husband dream which runs as follows: in the night that you had a tailor for your The maid who dreams a tailor she would beau. Also dream that you are pleased wed with him. Then this dream indicates that Will marry one who'll be a bg in bed; you will marry a gentle, modest and soft And she'll be master, too. of all his riches. person who will allow you to be both And in the vulgar parlance. ' Wear the mistress and also master from the time of brecchcs'-


MOLES AND THEIR MEANING Shin ; Moles in the shin indicate that one will not suffer even in adverse periods but he will have the Providential Help to enjoy his life. During favourable time, he will be more lucky than other people. He will be liberal, and hence he may not become very rich. Yet, he will never be in want. Whatever he desires, will be satisfactorily fulfilled. Shoulder: Moles on the right shoulder indicate that he will marry a lucky partner. There will be good understanding between the couple or among the partners in business. He will have both social and financial success. Due to the influence of the large number of good friends he will have a successful career. He will be benefited by them. He can make long journeys. He will not waste money; every trip will be fruitful. He will not feel sorry that such good chances come in his old age or when he was an infant. It will be in his adult age when he can enjoy to his satisfaction. The moles :n ".hov.lder nt'.'ch perity. If the mole is on either of the shoulders, one will be economical, prudent and frugal. He will be patiently working without getting tired or dejected before he comes out successful in his efforts. He will be industrious. He. is neither dull, nor very intelligent He will not be frank and outspoken. Side: On either side of the body, near any of the ribs, if there is one mole or many, the person lacks courage and confidence. He may be cowardly in disposition and fond of easy life. He will not be ambitious. He will have no inclination to amass wealth. He is contented even though he may remain poor. Therefore, he is not respected by his own relatives and friends. Even his wife will not co-operate with him. Due. to her disappointment and dissatisfaction

in having him as partner, she will show her disagreeable temper now and then. Will the children, at least, be obedient and dutiful ? No. It is a pity that he is denied that also. Can he be without difficulties? How is it possible when he is lazy and lethargic, and at the same time, he does not work for the improvement of the bank position ? It is the bank position and the income of a person that makes one a man ; then alone he will be respected by all. That is why he will be disliked by his kith and kin. Further he will be given to drinking and will thereby waste the money. He will have no pleasures of love, etc. Anyhow, a bad position for the mole is the side of the body. Stomach: The mole in the pit of the stomach indicates that the person will beeome rich. He will be industrious. He may not qualify much. But with his common sense, he will be able tocarry out his work to the entire satisfaction of his superiors. He will have pleasant manners and an accommodative temperament. If the mole is in the lower part of the stomach, he will never hesitate to give promises to help others by using his influence, and he will not actually do anything ; e.g., he may promise to donate Rs. 100, but finally may give nP. 50. If he is rich, then the persons who approach him to lend money will be visiting liis place many times and every time he will give some excuse or other, and continue to give further hopes. Only the person who believed him all along has to forget him, after he has become dejected. Because of his riches, it will appear as though he is respected by others outwardly even though inwardly everybody will curse him. It would have been helpful to the people if the mole which indicates such a character is in the face or so, so that on looking at the mole, one can judge how far 25

one can rely on that person. Unfortunately, the mole in that lower part of the stomach indicates this kind of person. Throat: The mole in the throat is a very good position. It indicates that one may not be personally fortunate; but he will have a lucky and rich partner in life. It is observed that ladies, having such a mole, find that their husbands, though born in an obscure family at the time of marriage, yet they become rich from the time of marriage, and they come to the front of the public, be popular and pros-

perous. In most of the cases, rich boys marry poor girls, who have moles in the throat or in the chin. (Moles in the body, the lines in the hand, and the positions and relation of the heavenly bodies at the time of birth, reveal the life story of every being. How the presence of moles in the body can be connected to the position of planets in one's horoscope and similar.results are promised by the planets, also will be explained. Moles indicate the nature of the result but not the time of event.)


SATURN'S TRANSIT AND ITS RESULTS threatened. Between 18-2-64 and 7-3-64 the sub is ruled by Venus, lord of one and eight. It is not beneficial and threatens loss in the transactions. Overwork and unsatisfactory returns would have been the result then. One might have disposed of one's property. Officially due to pinpricks, one might have been depressed. The owner of the house might cause worry. But for his mother, it was an excellent period to have her desires fulfilled. Between 7-3-64 and 13-3-64 Saturn will be in the Sun's sub. Either permanency or promotion may be looked for. Arrears of pay may be received; or the long pending bills will be passed for payment. Government officials will be helpful. From 13-3-6410 23-3-64, Saturn is under the sub of Moon. Brokers of landed properties will have larger turn-over and will have substantial gains. A few may go on long journeys to improve the business. Returns from permanent possessions will be more than normal. But children may fall ill. Temporary separation from the members of the family is indicated. On 23-3-64 Saturn passes 6 degress 40 minutes and enters the star Sathabhisha ruled by Rahu. One is to note where Rahu was, at the time of birth in the birth chart. If he is a benefic, such of those favourable results indicated by Rahu will operate. The transiting planet and the house it transits indicate which house matters will be enjoyed by one. The lord of the star indicates the source and decides whether it is favourable or unfavourable. Hence depending on Rahu's position, good and evil are to be judged. Generally, the results will not be favourable. Health of children will be indifferent. Mother may lose her movable property. Brothers may get their partition and get away. Only the wife will accruing in this period, i of Rahu in onen will enjoy mixed resulty nature. As loi 27

Libraâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Thulam: This refers to people born in Libra as Ascendant (i.e., Thulam as Lagna), as also to those who are born in Chilhrai star 3rd and 4th padas, Swatbi, Visakam star 1st, 2nd and 3rd padas. People who are born between 17th October and 15th November any year have to refer to this sign, if the Lagna is not k nown. Saturn passed to Aquarius (Kumbha) on 26-1-64. It was in the star Dhanishta in the sub of Mercury according to the table furnished in the January issue 1964To Libra-borns, Saturn rules the fourth and the fifth houses. It transits in Dhanishta, the star of Mars; it governs the second and the seventh houses. Therefore the results are to be read as the lord of 4 and 5 transiting in the star of the lord of 2 and 7 and not as Saturn an evil planet transiting in another evil planet's constellation# So when Saturn was in this sub, the effeSf of Mercury, lord of 9 and 12, would have been enjoyed. Saturn as lord of 4, in the constellation of lord of 2, indicates that one will have the receipt of money already i'viil On uiuj to u person, or one wi11 acquire property. Also it is likely that one changes his residence. As lord of 5 in the constellation of lord of 2, 7, 9 and 12 it indicates that he who takes risk in gambling will make a profit. Opponents are indicated by the seventh house, and so Saturn, lord of 11, will transit in the constellation of Mars, lord of 1 and 8. Lord of 5 gives the mind and the opportunity to bet. That is all. Houses 2, 6 and II alone indicate gains. Reunion in the family and celebration of marriage to children are also indicated. Between 11-2-64 and 18-2-64, Saturn was in the sub of Kethu ; depending on its position, one is to offer the results. If Kethu would have been well posited, one will surely gain. But if it is in an CVil -ho use;-men tab worry, disharmony, irritation and ill-health to wife are

Between 12-4-64 and 5-5-64, Saturn will be in the sub of Jupiter and the person may mortgage his property and raise a loan. Or he may have overdraft facilities to construct any building. He may take up land on lease. Short journeys will prove to be successful. Editing and publishing in this period will be profitable and popular. One may take up agency or may be appointed as a representative of any business. This is the period when children can give peace of mind to the parents. They may get into service or be selected for any higher post. If it is a lady's chart, then it is likely that her husband goes on a long journey and comes in contact with foreigners who will be helpful for expanding his business. From 5th May to 15th June, Saturn will be in direct motion in its own sub. Later till 27th July, it will be retrograde in the same sub. Therefore one will be concerned with matters relating to mother, lands, conveyance, children, speculation, pleasurable pursuits, and change inoccupation. The health of mother will be indifferent. Cars will often give trouble and there will be double expenses. There may be Kisan trouble, too. Servants will not co-operate. They may demand more wages. Subordinates may write anonyanxiety and irritation. Forget speculation in these days. Saturn who is called "The Temptor,' will tempt you and if you fall a victim, you are sure to lose. The partner may go away for a short period, and there will be temporary separation. This state of affairs will not continue Jong. On 27-7-64 Saturn again enters into the sub of Jupiter when you will receive the help from lawyers, judges, politicians and professors. You will tide over difficulties and regain peace of mind. There will be reunion with partner in life. Depression will end. You will attend to your duties with great enthusiasm and will be optimistic. Compromise with the servants and labour is also promised. Children will come out successful in their examinations. Some 'vill t^ke up new business. I" '' _ father of the nalivemay hr*"*prosperity.

All-round success is promised up to 21-8-64. Between 21-8-64 and 18-9-64, similar results as you could have had between 2-3-64 and 12-4-64 will be again enjoyed. Whatever effects Saturn had produced between 13-3-64 and 23-3-64 will .again be repeated between 18-9-64 and 9-10-64. For a longer duration, much better results will be enjoyed by you between 9-10-64 and 25-11-64 and the nature of result will be similar to what you had between 8-3-64 and 13-3-64. Because, on both the occasions the sub in the constellation of Mars, was ruled by Sun, lord of 11. Thereafter, till the end of the year, the same results enjoyed by you between 23-3-64 and 12-4-64 will operate. (Always the nature of the result and the source are strongly indicated by the lord of the star and the sub. The sub-lord clearly indicates the exact period when one can expect.) Scorpioâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Vrishchika: People born with Scorpio as Ascendant (or Vrischika Lagna) have to refer under Scorpio. It is also applicable to those born in Visakam 4th pada, Anuradha and Jyeshta constellations when Moon was in Scorpio at the time of A lo -It TÂť 16th November and 15th December any year, when Sun was in this sign according to Nirayana system. On 26-1-64, Saturn came to Kumbha and was in the sub of Mercury in the star Dhanishta ruled by Mars, lord of 1 and 6. It is an evil one. Health of the native would be causing anxiety. Those who had piles or blood pressure could have had expert medical aid to avert the danger. The pressure from the creditors and the necessity to meet many demands also might upset one. Therefore between 26-1-64 and 11-2-64 it was an unfavourable fortnight. Between 11-2-64 and 18-2-64 Saturn had proceeded to the sub of Kethu. Hence the threat of the creditors would have disturbed your peace of mind and caused worry. A few -might have entered into litigation. Tenants would have given trouble. There 28

9th house is the 7th from the 3rd and the lagna of the person is the lUhfrora the 3rd. Always the younger brothers gain whenever lords of 1,3,4 and 9 jointly operate. Between 23-3-64 and 12-4-64, Saturn enters into the star Sathabhisha which is ruled by Rahu. If one had already enjoyed the period of Saturn Dasa, Rahu Bhukti in his lifetime, then he can expect the same type of results to a much less extent than what he enjoyed then. Note whether Rahii is good or bad. If it is well posited in your chart, then you can expect agreeable results; otherwise the results will not be agreeable. If Rahu had occupied the 10th house, you will have expansion of the business, larger profits, benefits from Government, etc. This result will also be enjoyed if Rahu had occupied the stars Karthigai, Uthrapalguni or Uthrashada star ruled by Sun, the lord of 10. If Rahu had been occupying the 12th house, it indicates monetary loss, change of place, litigation and secret inimical activities. Between 12-4-64 and 5-5-64, Saturn transits in the favourable sub of Jupiter. It will help much to have speedy turn-over in business, to get back the money that had been entangled all along, to have a child or any son getting into service m a lai-oil piacc, oi^. Bui ii is not good for gambling or making money in the share-market. It is helpful only to the opponent. Even in election or in any competition, one may have to lose. But the person will be courageous and will not feel sorry for the failure. In these days, one may purchase costly jewels for his wife. Or if the chart belongs to a lady, the husband will get a decent position in his career, by coming out successful in any competitive examination or interview. Partners will be able to expand the business. Between 5-5-64 and 15-6-1964, Saturn transits in its own sub in direct motion. Then till 27th July it is retrograde and is in the same sub. If Rahu had been bad, this sub period will prove to,be.very badHence it is necessary to'judge" properly the results of Rahu in one's chart. Saturn is evil by nature. As lord of 3 and 4, it

migbt have been loss through short journeys. Silly quarrels with brothers and neighbours are indicated. Or it would haye ended in separation from them. Brother might purchase a car with your assistance. Wife also could have gone on a journey but she had neither difficulty nor loss. Between 18-2-64 and 7-3-64 Saturn will be in the sub of Venus. This is the period when one will be able to repay debt and regain peace. Assistance from friends will come uncalled for. In a way, you will get over difficulties. If you take up any venture now, you can be sure of success shortly. You can depend on those whom you approach. Brothers also will enjoy most beneficial results now. They may have substantial gains without pains. Children alone may not maintain normal health. Father may buy a car or land. Between 7-3-64 and 13-3-64, the sub transited by Saturn is governed by Sun. Therefore he who had been trying to enter into Government service so far, will now secure one. Those in business will be successful in obtaining the licence, for the import, etc., from Government. A few may start new business. It is likely that the tenders of contractors, bom in this cjon anrl in fhp fi_itnrPi thpiy may have to supply materials or erect buildings. Young and active people may become the representatives of any medical and chemical concern. To become a liaison officer, this is indeed, a good period. Between 13-3-64 and 23-3-64 Saturn will be under the sway of Moon. Hence, one may make attempts to go on a long journey and also borrow. Or one may try for higher education and go overseas. Connections with strangers and foreigners will prove to be fruitful. Editing, publishing, etc., will also be popular and receipt of money that had been locked-up for long will help to avoid unpleasantness. It is likely that mother falls ill and brother" gets married. Generally during the period of lord of 3, transiting in the sub of lord of 9 and in the constellation of lord of lagna, one can expect youngcr's marriage; because, lord of 3 represents younger brother. 29

does not improve. Rahu is another malefic by nature and if he occupies undesirable houses, one has to be careful in these days. Labour trouble may crop up. The vehicle and the house will be requiring urgent and unavoidable repairs. Money position will become more and more tight. In the office, higher officials may not appreciate the arduous nature of the work and give relief ; whereas unnecessary pinpricks will depress the native. In business, the turn-over will be poor. It will be dull, and money will get entangled. Life is like a wheel and one will neither suffer long, nor enjoy uniformly. Again Jupiter comes for rescue. Goodnatured people or those who have Jupiter as a ruling planet will lend their assistance and help you to get out of the troubles. Your son also will assist you. Normal conditions in business will again prevail. The dues long outstanding will be received. If the native is a contractor and has some difference of opinion with the engineers and if his case is taken up by the arbitrator, this is the season when be can expect favourable orders and payments made in his favour. If there is any litigation in a court of law, it is better you enter into a compromise as it will be beneficial to you. It is a lucky period for j'vUi' to 51-w maiiJcu. Between 5-5-64 and 15-6-64, Saturn passes on its own sub in direct motion and between 15th June and 27th July, it is retrograde. It is again a dull, lethargic one. But there will be frequent short journeys. Neighbours will be helpful. Writers and authors will be able to complete their books and release them. Brother gets promoted. Mother goes on a journey and there will be temporary separation. Children also will be touring. Partner in business is capable of improving the busi-^ ness and arrange for further expansion. He may go overseas and make efforts to take up agency or obtain foreign collaboration. He may try for international trade. Between 27th July and 21st August,-all matters take a favourable turn. Reunion in the family, return of the partner, or his or her grand success will contribute to

your peace of mind. You will attend to your duty with greater zeal. Bank position will automatically improve. Popularity will also increase. It is a jolly good time for a short period just like the bright sunny day in the continuous rainy seasonA few may have Grahapravesam into their new house. The brokers of landed properties and cars will book larger profits. Those in the cinema line or music will also gain much in these days. They should make all efforts to come out successful, especially those who were not fortunate in the examination on the last occasion. Shortly, you will come out successful. From 21st August to 18th September, Saturn will be in Rahu sub. Those, to whom Rahu was good, can exepct decent promotion to partner, long journey and success in higher studies. Those who work in mine-ores, will have larger profits and greater transport facilities. Those in the transport department can have a change for the better. Dealers in automobiles, motor spare-parts, etc., will expand their business. The financial position of the younger ones will be satisfactory. Mother may go on a journey. Father's health may cause anxiety which IS fhp rinlv #ÂťvÂť1 rup.-tl* O^ | ana lb-9-64, Saturn again enters into the star Dhanishta governed by Mars and the sub is ruled by Moon. Hence the results which will be enjoyed now will be more or lesssimilar to what you had between 2-3-64 and 12-4-64. It is a desirable oue. Next, Saturn will be in the sub of Sun between 18-9-64 and 9-10-64 and the benefit will be just what it was during the Sun sub period: it is favourable for the fulfilment of your hopes and desires. Between 9-10-64 and25-11-64, the results will improve. Thereafter, between 25-11-64 and 15-12-64, your partner's health may not be alright. You may have to pay medical bills and loans previously outstanding. Short journeys will not bring immediate fruit. You may have some trouble with brokers or servants. Your colleagues will not cooperate with you now. After 15-12-64, Saturn will offer such results which it gave between 23-3-64 and 30

12-4-64, and the next year will he a happy one, much better than the present one. Sagittariusâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Dhanus: This refers to people born in the ninth sign of the Zodiac Sagittarius as their Ascendant, or to those who are born while Moon was transiting in the constellations Moolam, Poorvashada or Uthrashada first pada, at the time of birth, or when Sun was passing in Dhanus when the birth date was between 16th Decpmber and 13th January any year. The so-called Sade-Sati came to an end on 26-1-64 when Saturn left the sign Capricorn and entered into Aquarius-KumbhaThis is mentioned by those who predict the transit results taking the position of Moon at birth. Such a method of prediction is not offered by Westerners. Many who follow the Hindu system will be happy to not2 that the evil period has come to an end and that better period will follow especially after Jupiter enters Aries, the fifth sign from the position of Moon in Sagittarius. In their experience, they will observe that it is an approximation to some people and not exact one to all. In many cases the opposite results will be experienced. The explanation is that: 1. the radical position of the planets is not taken into consideration. One may have a friend and a foe born in the same star. The person may have Saturn in Taurus, whereas the friend or enemy may have Saturn in Aries. For the native, when Saturn transits in Aquarius, it will square its original position, whereas for the other it will form harmonious aspect. Hence, the results must be just opposite to each other. 2. the constellation and the sub in which a planet is transiting is not considered, When Moon is given importance for transit results, the lunar mansion is somehow omitted. In practice, it will be seen that the lord of the constellation alone offers the nature of the results and the sub is more important for fixing the exact time. Saturnon 26-1-64 entered Aquarius and was in the sub of Mercury till '11^2-64. It is a period when some would have had

changes in the institution with satisfactory increase in salary. A few would have received arrears of pay. The contractors might have received the amount which was long pending. New contracts would have been signed by the cine actors. Increase in the income of the musicians during this period was also promised. To come out successful in all the efforts and to have the benefit from thegovernment, this period is propitious. The birth of a child is also likely. The health of the native will improve. Between 11-2-64 and 18-2-64 Saturn was in the star of Mars and the sub of Kethu, It indicates visit to holy places and meeting great sages. One may donate for the renovation of a temple or spend money on religious functions. Though there is no adverse result in this week, something or other would have caused unnecessary worry. Between 18-2-64 and 7-3-64, the sub is ruled by Venus, lord of 6 and 11. Those who are having litigation may enter into a compromise which will result favourably. Younger brothers will have some improvement in their health and thereafter it will not worsen. They will start attending to their normal duties. Children will come by unexpected fortune. The partner in business may proceed on a long anxiety. Speculators will make satisfactory gains in their transactions, especially when they are " Bears ,s. Between 7-3-64 and 13-3-64, Saturn will be in the sub of Sun who is lord of 9. As Dhanishta is ruled by lord of 12, it is likely that a few may enter into foreign service, while a few may go overseas and enter into a contract with foreigners. Advantages from the Government and high officials are also indicated. Students sitting for competitive examinations and those who are interviewed for any selection will be successful. Providential help is promised. 13-3-64 to 23-3-64 is the period when Saturn would be in the sub of Moon. This is an anxious time. Worry end difficulties will increase. In spite of all comforts and success in his own personal attempts. 32

unavoidable troubles will lessen his enthusiasm. It is likely that he will differ from officials and incur their displeasure; health of younger ones will again cause anxiety. A few may invest money on landed properties or change their residence. On 23-3-64 Saturn enters into the star Sathabhisha, ruled by Rahu. If Rahu would have occupied a sign other than Cancer (Kataka), and Scorpio (Vrishchika), or if Rahu had not occupied Moon's star Rohini, Hastham, or Sravanam or Mars is tar Mrigasirisham, Chithrai or Dhanishta, the native can expect financial improvement, peace of mind, prosperity in business, success in his efforts and vast advancement in his career which was denied in the past two ^ears when Moon was transiting in Sravanam star governed by the lord of eight. Between 23-3-64 and 12-4-64 only, those to whom Rahu was ill-posited as mentioned above, will face many problems and they will be saying that even though seven and a half years Saturn is over, the trouble had not come to an end, whereas fresh ones also crop up. If Rahu is beneficially posited, health of brother will improve. The partner will return after her short tour. Litigation will end in a compromise. There will be no more waste of money, in uiw ncui i'uiuio. Between 12-4-64 and 5-5-64, the subperiod is very good. Happy celebrations at home, change of residence and construction of a new house, partner's promotion in service, and partner joining a new concern are all likely. There will be many social functions. Popularity will increase. Pleasant expenses also will go up equally in this period. Those who expect the facilities from bankers will have them to their entire satisfaction without any further delay. Those who would desire to study further will have their wish-also fulfilled. It is a pleasant time. After 5th May till 15th June, Saturn will be in direct motion. Thereafter it is retrograde and is in the same sub of

Saturn till 27tb July. In this period, all worries will come to an end. Health of all the members will be satisfactory. Unnecessary expenses and waste will be reduced. Financially one will be economical and will save, unlike in the previous subperiod when for prestige much money would have been spent. Many short journeys may be made and the trips will prove to be fruitful. Editing, publishing or taking up any agency in this sub will be advantageous. Generally Saturn transiting in the third house is considered to be beneficial. It will certainly be beneficial when it transits in its own sub. Therefore those born in Sagittarius have to make the best use of this period. The following one is also favourable, as between 27-7-64 and 21-8-64 it will be under the sway of Jupiter. Even certain matters which would not have been finished earlier within 27th July will be completed now. Those who have been erecting any building during the past few months may celebrate " Grahapravesam ". Some may get married though betrothal alone could have taken place during the past sub period. Thus one may note that the native will enjoy material welfare in this period and the future will appear to be bright. God never allows one to be ever happy c-i iwvl u\.jCCkCC. nc gi\s:> u nrvun. jicv, and then, when Saturn by retrograde motion enters into the sub of Rahu, which will not be agreeable. In the coming months, the results that one may enjoy will be similar to what he had in certain periods in the previous sub as follows. Whatever result one had between 2-3-64 and 12-4-64 will again repeat between 21-8-64 and 18-9-64. Results between 13-3-64 and 23-3-64 will again be fell between 18-9-64 and 9-10-64. Saturn produces the same effect between 9-10-64 and 25-1 1-64, as it did betweeen 8-3-64 and 13-3-64. The end of the year shows some worry similar to what you had between 23-3-64 and 12-4-64. The New Year will be a pleasant and prosperous one. â&#x2013; {Will be continued) 33

ARE YOU RUNNING MARS PERIOD? KNOW WHAT TO DO & WHAT TO AVOID Mars' Major Period: Mars (Sevvai-KujaAngaraka) runs its period for exactly seven years. All the nine planets, Mars, Rahu, Guru (Jupiter), Saturn (Sani), Mercury (Budha), Kethu, Venus (Sukra), Sun (Ravi) and Moon (Chandra) have their subperiods in the order given. Each sub period has its own duration and the total period of seven years is not divided equally among them ; but they are allotted in the proportion in which they are given the major period in the Vimshothari, i.e., in the total of 120 years. Mars' major period in the LFdu (Nakshathra) Dasa of 120 years is 7 years, so Mars sub period (bhukti) in Mars major period is 7/120 of 7 years or 4 months and 27 days. In Mars' Major period or dasa, Mars' sub period is the first. Likewise, the bhukthiesof the other planets in Mars Dasa or major period are worked out. Always the first sub period is governed by the lord of the dasa. Theft all of them, one after another, follow in the same order as mentioned above. On the day when Mars dasa commenrf > npr?.---1 mm.'â&#x20AC;˘O.-'AC The following gives the sub period or bhukti ruled by each planet in Mars Dasa. Mars sub period : U years 4 months and 27 days. Rahu sub period : 1 year and 18 days. Guru-Jupiter: 11 months and 6 days. Saturn-Sani: 1 year 1 month and 9 days. Budha-Mercury : 11 months 27 days. Kethu : 0 year 4 months 27 days. Sukra-Venus : 1 year and 2 months. Sun-Ravi: 4 months 6 days. Moon-Chandra: 7 months. Thus the seven years of Mars Dasa is distributed. Quintessence of the Mars Period By Nature : Mars symbolises the senses. It rules over the animal instincts in everybody. It is considered to be a malefic as,

in the charts of the majority of people, either it will occupy evil houses or it may receive evil aspects and hence it makes one rash, a spendthrift and a squanderer of money, commit anything on an impulse and then repent, use sharp instruments without exercising care and get injured, talk very bluntly and invite trouble, be fool-hardy, adamant, aggressive, argumentative, assertive and.atrocious. But if he owns beneficial houses and also occupies favourable signs and receives harmonious aspects, it gives one courage, confidence, boldness and a go-a-head spirit. It offers strength of mind and also physical strength. He will be able to do all heroic deeds. Mars is just opposite to Saturn. It gives activity. One will not be lazy, idle and lethargic, like the Saturnian. He will have force of character and organising ability. He will be determined and will have a great desire to come out successful in the material field. He will never relish suggestions from others. He will act according to bis own ccnsci^nce. He will ^iwavs trv to Ic'/d and oioTteer while he nates suoordination and to carry on routine and monotonous work. He will not be rash. Nor will he be short-tempered. He will be a self-made person. Mars should be a benefic especially in the horoscopes of the ladies. It plays a very important role in their career. Bodily they should not suffer from injuries, boils, hysteria, troubles during monthly periods, operation (cessarian) etc., during delivery time, and so on. Mentally they should not be masculine; otherwise, they will command the partner, lose temper, and will not mind quarrelling and occasionally be very violent also. The poor husband will be a victim to such a militant wife. To lead a happy and harmonious life with the wife, Mars should occupy a good position in the horoscopes of both. Then it will offset sickness arid "weakness and instead, offer health and wealth. 34

Constitution: Mars gives a strong and well-built body. He will have proper muscular development. It gives enough of immunity and resistance against infectious diseases. It has very great influence in the woman's life. It rules the periodical functions and shows either good or indiffefent health according to the connections which Mars has, or the aspects which Mars receives. One may have ailment, but due to courage or foolhardiness, may leave it unattended and then get into a major trouble, if Mars is afflicted. It rules the muscular system, urino-genital organs, the forehead, the nose, the blood vessels, the testes, etc. If Mars has connection with any planet, evil by nature or with the lord of 6 or if it is aspected unfavourably by a planet, during the conjoined period of the evil planet and Mars, the disease indicated by them will flare up and cause trouble to the person. Mental: One will be ambitious and aspiring; bold or brutal; confident and courageous; daring or destructive; energetic of exciting ; ferocious or forceful 1 generous and gallant; head strong'or hectic; industrious or impulsive; mechanical and machine-like; oppressive and obstinate; positive aud provoking ; quarrelsome and quick; resourceful or reckless ; strong and ^ tsirVmUnr ' violent and venturesome; and warlike and wilful. What can one expect during Mars' period ; Mars in the Ascendant or Lagna, when well aspected, gives the native rapid recovery from any ailment which he had previously suffered from, even though it may be a chronic one. It is considered to be strong not only in its own sign but also when it is exalted and when it occupies the other two fiery signs, Leo (Simha), and Sagittarius (Dhanus). It will infuse sufficient energy into the body. He can tide over the criticial periods. One will not shun any effort to come out successful in his attempts. Mars ushers energetic phase with tension in the background. One will be able to face any situation and act immediately without -wasting time. Even if any challenge is thrown, he will boldly undertake to do it and prove that he can

accomplish anything without much exertion and thathe can undertake high-spirited moves as his courage will reach a fine level. He will not mind the risk or danger inherent in such actions. He will not give room to lethargy; nor will he miss the bus like a Saturnian and then feel sorry. Sun, afflicting Mars in the Ascendant, causes fever during MarsDasa, Sun bhukti. Moon afflicting Mars causes boils, eruptive fever, inflammation, bleeding, etc. Mercury produces dysentery, hysteria, nervous tension, fits, etc. Jupiter threatens liability to fracture or accident while travelling or by rolling stock. Venus shows diseases caused by indulgence of the passional nature, venereal operation of the sex organs etc. Saturn indicates fall and bruises. Uranus shows sudden and unexpected danger, whereas Neptune indicates risk in water. Mars in the second house receiving good aspects shows that the person will be free and generous in financial dealings with others. He will have splendid opportunity to acquire more and also spend equally. One can make money by using fire, iron, instruments, machinery, etc. He may receive inheritance or legacy. But he will be outrageously extravagant. He can never learn to be careful with money and >vÂť less extravflQant. He is liable to repeat financial shipwreck. He will be irank, outspoken and blunt. His eyes may be reddish and he may have bleeding in the gums. Accidents to the eye may be caused during the conjoined period of Mars and Sun or Moon. Mars in the third house gives the native courage and confidence. His mind will be keen and alert. It will be fond of argument and will be resourceful. If it is afflicted, one is liable to accidents on short journeys: there may be misunderstanding with the brother. Partition in the family will come up. Mars, receiving bad aspect, shows that the native is generally critical towards all and hence others will avoid his company and they will not take him into confidence. He will act as a Naradhar and will create enmity among neighbours or cousins: "Injury to* the ears Of arms, arid throat trouble or tonsils are also indicated. (Will be continued) 35

due to conveyance. During the first fortnight Saturn being in direct motion in Salhayam indicates improvement in your financial position. Contract and agency business will flourish. Letters will have encouraging response now and then. Short trips will end favourably with the help of your benefactors. Later, when Saturn is retrograde, you may have to meet with uncommon expenses or invest more money in book publishing, or agency business. There may be delay to have response to your communications. Mars, lord of 5 and 12 being in Krithigai till 22nd portends satisfactory gain in speculation and investments you will not have any worry by secret inimical activities. Later, when Mars is in Rohini ruled by lord of 8, it is advisable to be cautious and avoid gambling. Venus, lord of 6 and 11 being retrograde throughout this month threatens loss through litigation and physical strain in social activities. Mercury, being in Krithigai till 1 Ilh, offers improvement in your status and emoluments. Later when Mercury transits in Rohini, you may have to work hard in your office. In business dullness may prevail. Some may have change of place. Some will invest more on landed property. Sun, lord of 9 being in Mrigasirisha and competitive examinations. There will be greater facility to continue higher studies. Long journeys will be successful. Artists and musicians will have increase in their income with greater exertion on 13th and 14th, Attempts to obtainlicence, or permit will be crowned with success after 7th. Your younger brothers will have satisfactory improvement in their financial position. Briskness in contract and agency work is assured. Encouraging letters will be received. The later half shows much physical exertion and worry due to secret inimical activities. Mother will maintain normal health. From 3rd her financial position will improve and there will not be unnecessary o/.cxpenses. In speculation.,;and..gambling she will not gain much. Children will have alround success. Easy success in competitive examinations

is promised. There will be delay in securing financial assistance. Pleasant expenses will prevail. If they indulge in contract and agency business quick turnover is indicated. Litigation will continue in their favour. The later half of the month shows heavy work in their career. The partner in life or business will have success in their attempts without much delay. Improvement in business is indicated as also change of place. Quick response to their letters will cheer them up. They will become very popular through social activities. Litigations will continue in their favour. Father will have increase in income till 11th. Later he will have to spend more on religious and pleasant functions at home. He will repay the debts. He will maintain normal health and success in attempts is promised. In service heavy work is indicated as also delay in replies to his communications. The later half shows expenses and worry through litigation. Speculation and gambling will yteldsatisfactorily. Dealings with Government will be profitable. Capricorn (Makara Rasi); Relates to persons born in Uthradam 2nd, 3rd. 4th padas Sravanam, Avittam 1st and 2Dd pauco, or in iviakaia Liigua ur wuL Sun iu Makara: Saturn, lord of 1 and 2, being in 2 in direct motion till 14th promises success in your enterprises without any delay. Free flow of cash and peaceful atmosphere at home are indicated. Later when Saturn is in retrograde motion there will be unnecessary delay in your attempt and you may have to incur uncommon expenses which will drain your purse. Guru, lord of 3 and 12 being in Bharani presages improvement in contract and agency work, realisation of entangled amount, quick response to communications, and monetary gain in short trips. You will not have any worry through secret inimical activities. Yield from investments also will be satisfactory in this month. Mars being in ^â&#x2013; Krithigai star from Srd'to 22nd indicateS^Tthat you may invest money to buy a new conveyance or house. Exertion in social activities is indicated. Later when it 48

moves jn Rohini, you wili have success in public activities and more pleasure through your vehicles atminimumexpense. Venus, lord of 5 and 10, being retrograde throughout this month, portends heavy work-load at desk and much strain to have a very meagre profit in business. In speculation and gambling you should be very careful to avoid loss. From llth Mercury being in Rohini indicates a favourable turn in litigation, facility to continue your higher studies without much expense and success in competitive examinations. Attempts to collect long standing arrears will be successful in the second week. During the first fortnight you will not have any difficulty to obtain licence, permit etc. Artists and musicians have to work hard in the later half to complete their old contracts. Your younger brothers will have free flow of cash from 3rd. There will be some impediments in their attempts. Delay to have replies to their letters will irritate them. Entanglement of cash in contract, and agency business is indicated. Speculation and gambling will yield satisfactorily on all days except 20th and 21st. Mother will maintain normal health throughout the month. As the pleasant expenses continue, she may have financial strain. Encouraging letters will cheer her up- In speculation she will have satisfactory gains. Children may worry themselves due to litigations and delay in coming out successful in their attempts. But they will have increase in income. During the first fortnight they will have improvement in their status and emoluments. Easy success in competitive examinations is indicated. The later half of the month shows heavy workwith responsibility. The partner in business and life will be buoyant as their attempts will be crowned with success and as peaceful atmosphere at home will prevail. .They will have the support of officials to improve their business. Before 10th they will have encouraging response to their communications. The father of Makara â&#x20AC;˘ botus .vyil!.., fcave success in his attempts from llth instailfr''


His work-load win gw speedy turn-over with satisfactory gam is promised, but he will again invest the same. Heavy exertion and expenses in long trips are indicated. He will realise after 22nd the amount entangled in contract and agency work. The last week promises alround success. Dealings with government will be profitable. Speculation will not yield much in the later half. Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi): Refers to persons born in Avitlam 3rd and 4th padas, Sathayam, Poorattathi 1st, 2nd and 3rd padas or in Kumbha lagna or with Sun in Kumbha. Sani in Janma being in direct motion during the first fortnight, assures success in your enterprises without any delay. You will not have any worry through secret inimical activities and will have satisfactory yield from investments. Later when Sani is in retrograde motion, delay in your attempts will worry you unnecessarily. Guru, lord of 2 and 11 being in Bharani in .3 will improve your financial position. Social successis promised, Mars, lord of 3 and 10, being in 3 and 4 portends improvement in contract and agency business. You will have quick replies to your letters. Short trips will be profitable. In service peaceful atmosphere will be experienced with the support of officials. In business, speedy turn-over is promised. Sukra. being in retrograde motion, presages unnecessai) expenses maintain your conveyance, house etc. There will be delay in securing the assistance of your friends if you undertake long trips. You may have to strain much to come out successful in competitive examinations and spend more tocontinue higher studies. Mercury, being in 3rd and 4th house offers satisfactory gain in speculation, gambling, etc. During the first fortnight you can realise a part of arrears. Litigations will continue in your favour. Oiij.7th and 18th you may have to spend more on your servant and on pet animals. Artists and Musicians will enter into fresh contracts on a profitable basis in June, 1964. By your own efforts you will have success in% dealings with goveroment. Your younger brothers will have succes;

in their attempts and maintain good health in this month. Even though they will realise a part of the amount entangled in contract, and agency business yet financial strain may irritate them. Litigations will continue without any change. During the first fortnight they will have improvement in their career. /The later half shows heavy work. Mother may have unnecessary worry as litigations continue. Delay in the success of her attempts, and exhaustion through social activities are also indicated. She will have improvement in her financial position and a peaceful atmosphere at home. Speculation and gambling offer more profit than expected. Correspondence will have response now and then. Children will have promotion and a change of place in this month. In contract and agency business satisfactory profit may be expected in the later half of June. In speculation and gambling great care is needed to avoid any loss. In the last week they will be more popular through social activities. Partner in life and business will have satisfactory improvement in their financial position till 11th instant. Dullness in business is indicated later. From 7th their attempts will be successful. They may boldly venturein speculation and gambling and have satisfactory gain. The father of the native will have delayed success in his attempts and exhaustion due to over-work. Even though financial assistance may be available now and then, he will invest the same in contract and agency business. During the first fortnight he will have more pleasure through vehicles, and gain through speculation and gambling. From 22nd dealings with Government will end favourably. There will not be any loss in litigations. Pisces (Meena Rasi): Relates to persons born in Pooratlathi 4th pada, Uthrattathi, Revathi star or in Meena Lagna or with Sun in Meena. From 7 litigation will take a favourable turn as Sun, lord , of 6, enters in Mrigasirisha star. Even though Guru, lord of 1. 51

and 10, is in 2, as it will be unnecessary delay in your enterprises and heavy work-load at office. Business will yield good profit. You may undertake short trips frequently to expand your business. Mars being in Krithigai and Rohini from 3rd, assures improvement in your financial position and the uncommon expenses will come to an end. There will not be any pressure from your creditors. Peaceful atmosphere at home will cheer you up. Long trips undertaken by you will prove profitable. Easy success in competitive examination and greater facility to continue higher studies are indicated. Venus, lord of 3, being retrograde throughout the month, shows dullness in contract, and agency business, delay in receipt of replies to your letters, and delay in securing the assistance of friends in short journeys. Mercury being in 3 from 5th, offers more pleasure through vehicles, house, etc. You will have satisfactory gain in speculation and gambling. It is advisable to avoid gambling on 20th and 21st. Daring the first fortnight, Sani being in direct motion in 12 presages that there will not be any worry through inimical activities, the native is assured of satisfactory income from investments. Social success is promised. Later when Sani is retrograde, the native will have to strain much in social activities, and will have unnecessary worry through inimical activities. Artists and musicians will have improvement in their financial position. Dealings with Government will be successful without much delay. Younger brothers will spend more on litigation. There will be unnecessary delay to have success of their attempts. Financial position will improve gradually during the month. Even though there will be support of superiors and recommendation for promotion during the first fortnight the later half indicates heavy work. In speculation and gambling, they will have more gains than expectation. Mother will maintain normal health and will have success in her attempts. Peaceful atmosphere at home and increase in financial position will cheer her up. She will

OUR LATE PRIME MINISTER JAWAHARLAL NEHRU APPLICATION OF KRTSHNAMURTI PADDHATHI astrologers and well-wishers will write "Peace and Prosperity' Re unto you". But we put peace last, as we, ih the present emergency should not bluntly mention that the world would be unfortunate in the middle of 1964 to lose our illustrious-Prime Minister of India— the Peace-maker. In February Issue, the editor had published the following:— ''Notes to Students in the article Goodbye to Saturn " How to Judge the Transit results oj Saturn ? Two people may be born in CancerK.ataka- One may have Rahu, say in the second house; Leo; the other may have it in the 12th house Gemini. (Note where Rahu i^ in Panditji's Chart. He is born in Cancer and Rahu was in 12.) For the former, Saturn while transiting in Sathabisha star will give the results indicated by the 2nd house, whereas for the latter, the results will be EVIL. The. former will gain, w'nereus uiv itutc# lose money, or position or even life. As I2lh house indicates secret inimical activity, if Rabu were to be in the I2lh house in the horoscope of a person, whenever Saturn transits in Rahu's star, scandal, ill-repute; sudden tragic end are to be predicted, especially when Rahu dasa runs and Saturn transits in 8 or 12 to , one's Lagna or rasi (Actually Panditji was running Rahu dasa and Saturn is in 8). If lagna and rasi happen to be the same, and Saturn transits in Rahu's star and if it happens to be the 8th or 12th house, the person has to exercise care. (This sentence in toto refers to Panditji and people born under similar conditions, i.e., Cancer Lagna-Cancer rasi and Rahu in/2). People born under the planetary dispositions mentioned above, even if they happen to be non-believers of astrology -and Sceptics, will eventually become votaries of astrology.

In our January 1964 issue, we fumished the correct horoscope of Shri Jawaharlal Nehru- which is reproduced below for readv reference. 0 (Born at 11-30 P.M. on 14-11-1889 at .25 -26' N. and 810-52' E.) MC 25-47 Portuna 16-12

Rahu Neptune I 12-49 11—14 I


Moon •18—12 ' Lagna 1 28-12 I Saturn 10—54

Jupiter 15-17 Kethu 12—49

Sun 0-17.

( Mercury 17—15 [Venus 7—29 Uranus 2-0

Mars - \1 10-5 ;

Lagna i Neptune Mercury Mar? Sun Saturn Kethu Jupiter Fomma M.C. i Uranus " Mercury dasa Balance at the time of birth 15 years 0 months 16 days. From 12-11-.1962 Mercury sub period was running in the major dasa of the Ascending node-Rahu. As we were confident that Destiny is stronger. then one's will and desire, we specially mentioned in our January issue. "We are presenting his horoscope with a fervent prayer to God to bless him with Prosperity and PeaceGenerally, 3

This year Saturn entered Sathabhis^a star on ' 23-3-1964 and moved " on ■' only 5°. In Sathabisha, the first two degrees are evil. Then 2° to 30-47' it is not 0bad. Again it is evil between 3°-47' to 5 -54't Hence Saturn will prove to be definitely evil between, 23rd March and 18th September. In the April issue, in the article Saturn's transit to Cancer-borns in page 46, the evil effects of such a transit were indicated in no unmistakable terms. It was emphatically slated. ''IfRahu was in an unfavourable position at the time of your birth, when Saturn transits in Rabu's constellation in the ■^ub of Rahu or Saturn you have to be very careful. You should avoid driving a car. You should not venture to cross a busy road, you have to observe hygiene. Chronic sufferers will have the relapse of the disease. Patients with heart disease and those who suffer from general nervous debility, should not exert much. It is beller to be on leave and be cautious. In the same April issue, it was published as follows:— " After 5-5-64 till 15lh June. Saturn r-rcceeds in direction motionIt is in the sub oi Saturn, yua wiii foJ dull. Yod become pessimistic. You find much opposition. Your servants may go on strike. Whatever appeals to you now, ^will prove to be detrimental. Avoid disputes—you will find that you are not able to slick to any single programmeYou may even give up your principles. Business will be discouraging, Health will be causing worry or anxiety ". These observations were made alwaysr bearing Nefiruji's chart in mind and using the most accurate method known as "Krishnamurti Paddhathi Readers are advised to use the Ayanamsa published in ASTROLOGY AND ATHR1SHTA in 1963 and also follow KRISHNAMURTI PADDHATHI for correct results. People using other " Ayanamsas cannot explain the passing away of Nehruji "on a Wednesday, ruled by Mercury, on Jyesta star day" governed by" Mercury and in the Lagna Virgo owned by Mercury, If the Bhukti is not ruled by Mercury, he

would not have bad bis end at the hour ruled By only Mercury (the day, the star and the Lagna). According to the.Dasa-Bhukti system, Nshruji had been running Rahu dasa Mercury Bhukti from 12—11-^1962. He entered into Rahu anihra on 27—1—J964 and it had to run till 14—6—1964. Actually he fell ill in January, recovered in the middle very slowly and finally had a sudden end. According to Krishnarr urlf Paddhathi, Rahu was in 12°-49' in Gemini. So, it is said to be in Mercury's Sign-Gemini, in his own star Arudhra, and in the sub of Mercury (i.e.,' between 12°-33' to 14°- 26'). Hence the combined'period of Rahu and Mercury must prove to be evil. Rahu was in the 12th sign. ■ It was in flth house. As his- lagna was Jn a movable sign—chara rasi—the llih house is considered to be Bhadhaka sthana. Hence Rahu in the I llh house is to cause Maraka. Budha (Mercury) as lord of 3 and 12 is evil. Hence during Rahu dasa. Mercury Bhukti, Rahu anihra on Mercury's day■ ir- Tvrshtn star day Governed by Mercury, in Virgo (Kanni) Lagna owned by Mercury, he passed away. According to transit, Sun, lord of 2, the marakadhipathi was in Rohini, the star of the lord of lagna, Moon and in the sub of Rahu from 12 noon on 26—5—-64, It is in Rahu's sub till 28—5-^64 afternoon. At 6-20 A.M. on 27—5—64, Sun was in the sub of Rahu and in the sub sub of Saturn. Saturn is to cause pain— . . - or sharp . pam ."(18-1-16+19) c rheuniatic 120 after 9-29 A.M., Sun entered into Mercury sub sub i.e., 12°-46' in Taurus, It was passing on in Mercury sub sub. It would take 6 hours 48 minutes to completely pass Mercury sub sub. But unfortunately in that Rahu's portion u, 67 andj ^ 85 oI 6, again came between hours 48 mts i.e., 3 hours .47 mts-after 9-29 A.M. and 4 hours 45 min after 9-29 A.M., that is between 1-16 P.M. and 2-14 P.M. Actually the unfortunate moment

Tell in this period. That no other method can so precisely fix the time, is bur finding. One may ask '* Panditji had lived for •. 75 years. " Hence Saturn ought to have • transited the same degree, at an interval of, roughly, 30 year^. Why has not Saturn affected his life then? At least, had he any evil result then? Answer: Saturn was in Sathabhisha star by transit throughout the year 1935. When Sun transited the same position, in Taurus in May 1935, Kamala was sent to Europe for treatment- as the disease was beyond cure. Our Premier, at that time was in prison. He could not see her. But he was released on 4—9—35, when her condition was worsened, so that he could be with Kama-la. Around Christmas 1935 (Saturn was exactly in the same position, as it was at the time of the death, in the last week of May 1964.) Kamala had the period of crisis —What a mental torture he could have had then, may be imagined by the readers. He was not running Rahu dasa at that time : otherwise . it 'would have affected him. The period was Sun dasa Mercury Bhukti Sun as lord of 2 indicates family which includes wife. Sun as lord of 8 to the 7th house and Mercury as lord of 6 to the 7ih house, gave serious ailment and ended the life of wife, Kamala. In Moon dasa throughout Mercury Bhukti he was in prison (as Mercury was lord "of 12 and Moon was lord of lagna). During Mars (a Rajayogadhipathi) dasa Mercury Bhukti, he had great honour in foreign land and very frequent tours, as indicated by lord of 3 and 12, [3rd ho"use shows travels; 12th house, life in a foreign .place.] During Rahu dasa, Mercury Bhukti, end of life came. Therefore in every Mercury Bhukti, he had been separated from kith and kin. Either separation or bereavement is offered by Mercury, Rahu in Mercury's sign is ..stronger than ^Mercury and he passed away. In 1905, Nehru embarked to England for study. If was the first time when he left all his relatives and went to a foreign land. - At that time Saturn was transiting 8

in Sathabisha star as it did in-the last week of May 1964. Actually it was in the same exact, position on 16—2—1906. At that time he had been running Kethu dasa,' Venus Bhukti—Kethu was in the 6th sign 5th Imava. Maleficsin the 6th sign show success in competition, sports, etc. 'Venus, lord of II indicates grand success etc. Actually at that time he won the half mile race, and received the prize. (Whenever Rahu is evil in a horoscope and it has to cause death, the node just opposite to it, will offer long life and good results.) When there was a rumour of postal strike, the students of the Modern Astrological Research Institute wanted to find' out whether the strike would come up and if so, when. The Premier was at that time running Saturn Bhukti according to the Ayanamsa .used by the editor of this magazine. Saturn shows labour trouble. Therefore the strike was sure to come up. As the dasa was ruled by Rahu, the strike would commence on the day when moon transitted in Sathabhisha star, ruled by Rahu, in Saturn's sign. Further Saul in the second house means thnf 5f is in rhr A^htamn Sthnr.n to the 7th house, indicating those who oppose the Premier. Hence the strike was bound to be a failure. As' the dasa is ruled by Rahu and the strike was to commence on a Rahu star day, it would end on the day when Moon transitted in Kethu's star (Kethu always opposes Rahu) and especially in the lOth house ruled by Mars. '* Actually, the strike was withdrawn on Asvini star day ruled by Ketu in Mar's sign which commenced on Sathabhisha star day." Hence, the Chart furnished in this magazine is correct. Astrology is a science which could be made perfect by conducting research whe^ alone it will be useful to all. The late Prime Minister was indeed a jewej among men. Though'vvc were"sure of this inevitable event we were greatly moved to learn of his sudden end. That his soul may rest in peace is our earnest prayers to the all-pervading Lord. OM SHANTI.

MOON AND MARRIAGE MOON IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE Seventh House indicates: (a) Marriage, description of wife or husband, the state of .married life, - happiness in conjugal life and the partner in business, (b) the opponent, the law-suits, quar: rels, litigation, description of the thief, the competitor, partnership in business etc., (c) relations with the general public, society, the doctor who attends on the patient, the engineer who enters into contract with the person, the person from whom money is bor. rowed or the person to whom money is lent, how one will deal with others, and .whether he will come out successful or not etc., (d) the contracts, the agreements, the - legal bondage, (e) one's influence in foreign countries and his reputation in foreign lands. (f) commodities dealt with in the _ public market, stock exchange, speculation etc. (Salya Samhita), (g) younger brother's first issue, mother's permanent possessions and her conveyance, second issue of the native, uncle's bank position, father's elder brother, 1 friend's father, and secret enemy's demise. In Prasna, Seventh House denotes whether the property fost'will be recovered or not: The runaways and the offenders escaped from justice. Seventh House indicates cultivation, the profession of artists. Speculation and arts are indicated both by the fifth and-tbe seventh houses. MOON IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE Marriage.' Moon m the 7th bouse indicates that the person will have union with one whose affections are not steady. One who may be moody may marry the native. The partner will be jovial and jubilant if

Moon in 7 receives good aspect from Sun, will be generous, bold and ambitious if .Mars forms favourable aspect with Moon in 7; will be very unsteady and highly loquacious where aspected by Mercury ; Jupiter shows that he will be having hopeful disposition, excellent imagination and noble ideas ; will be fond of comfort, luxury, music, scents and dress if Venus throws beneficial aspect; Saturn makes one careful, cautions, industrious, honest and economical. Uranus shows that the partner will be intelligent, independent and original; Neptune makes the partner popular and proficient in fine arts. Evil aspect to Moon in the 7th House (Bhava) from Sun- indicates > unsteady service, rolling stone, always-vacillating; headstrong. Evil aspect to Moon in 7 From Mars, .indicates impulsive rash action, reckless partner ill-disposed, illreputation, ill-health; From Mercnry. wavering, eccentric, moouy, quaueiSOiUe, aiways vvoiiicu . From Jupiter, extravagant, false prestige, waste of money, overstepping the bounds of his capacity, a fraud : From Venus, iuconstancy, excesses in habits, ill-health; Venereal, Lavish expenses on women: From Saturn, funky, fear complex, inferiority complex, passimistic, neither he is happy, nor will he allow others to be happy; reckless gambling and loss: From Uraritis, perversion, hasty, rash, inconstant, of impulsive conduct, extravagant unpopular. From Neptune, perverse habits,-neurasthenic, hysterical, immoral. Generally good aspect of the planet in the 7lh house,especially Moon, shows that. one will be favoured with early marriage. Moon receiving harmonious aspect brings public favour, honour, popularity and social success. 9

Description of wife or husband; K^oon in 7 indicates that the wife or husband may be born on a Monday ; the.Ascendant niay be in the sign Cancer—Kataka: the.Moon , or Ascendant may be in the constellation of Kohini or Hastham or Sravanam. Good aspect from Venus to Moon indicates Rohini Nakshathra. Harmonious aspect from Mercury to Moon shows Hasthara star. Favourable aspect from Saturn predicts Sravanam constellation of the partner. Moon indicates ffiat the partner will have unsteady fortune; he or she will never stay in the same residence for a few years; they prefer always changes. The partner will be sensitive and ingenious,' he may have the inclination for public life.. The wife may have minor troubles in the monthly periods. If Moon is afflicted, especially by Neptune, there is danger to him from water or from liquids. Even in his occupation, there is no security of service, and he will change often from one job to the other. • Moon in 7 in a lady's horoscope indicates that the uusband will he old and than normal, put in a male's horoscopes Moon shows that the difference in age will be less, as the girl would have grown up. State of married life; All that is indicated by Moon in 7, due to various aspects it receives, will be enjoyed or experienced during the periods and sub periods of Moon and also, whenever Moon receives aspect from the other planets by progression and by transit. Sun forming evil aspect causes ill-health and anxiety: There will be discord in the married state. There may be a death in the family. Mars forming bad aspect shows extravagant expenses, loss, dis-harmony, quarrels, violence, separation,etc. Mercury forming adverse aspect with Moon in 7 by transit or by progression, indicates deception, c&audp annoying - correspondence, useless travel, waste, etc. Jupiter forming disharmonious aspect threatens litigation, law-suit, domestic trouble, ill-health of children, debts and disease. Venus portends the danger of breaking off the tie between husband and wife, /'0

waste of money, ili-rcpute, some disease In the generative systein, etc. Saturn indicates that the unfavourable aspect to Moon in the Seventh house, may cause disease to ' partner, death of an.old lady in.the family pressure for finance, depression, disappointment and various other difficulties Uranus shows that the partner may meet anoiheix lady to whom affection is given after marriage ; theie may be sudden misunderstanding between the partner and the third person ; this will cause worry and irrigation. Hence, family life at home, will not be smooth. He may be gloomy. He will not be inclined to attend to normal duties, etc. Neptune threatens matrimonial ' worries, deception, fraud and sudden tragic end. But good aspect to Moon .offers pleasant results promising peace and prosperity during tbe period, when Moon receives beneficial aspect from the planets. Conjugal bliss; Sdn forming good aspect to Moon during transit or by fuogression indicates attraction and satisaciion, whereas bad "aspect denotes •—SfineCt planets to Moon in 7, promises pleasure, whereas evil aspects vshow pains, displeasure and dissatisfaction. Opposition: Moon in the 7th house in the constellation of the lord of 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 and 11 assures success in "the election, competition, law-suits, litigation, etc. But Moon in the 7th in the constellation of the lords of 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 12 threatens loss and failure. General public: Good aspects to Moon indicates that he will have good relationship with the public. He will be liked by all. Evil aspect to Moon warns one to be careful, whenever he has to undertake any public activity. Thief; If Moon in 7 occupies the constellatitnrof-Lord' of 8 or 12 or;.Mars and if Moon owns the evil Houses, the person will lose by theft. The person will have Moon and the constellation Lord as his ruling planets. In the conjoined period of Moon and the Lord of the constellation, one will lose by theft. Lord

refers to coconuts; Saturn's aspect shows palm trees. Moon governs bulbs, melons, etc. One may deal in oils, liquids, salt, things found iji the sea, fish, white sesame, pearls, scents,_ paints, etc., orange, cucumber, fruits, ghee,â&#x20AC;&#x17E;curd, milk, cow, saffron, betel-leaves, maize, nickel, silver, ever silver, camphor, alum, horses, aquatic animals, cooked food, coffee, tea, etc. Speculation : If Moon is Lord of I, 2, 3, 6, 10, or 11 and if it is in 7, the native will have the. tendency to speculate and gain. But if Moon is the Lord of 5, he will have the desire to speculate, and take the risk, but unfortunately he will be losing. Because, 7th house shows the opponent. 5th house is the house of profit (11th house) to the opponent. So, Moon as Lord of 11 in I, indicates easy gains to the opponent For people bom in Pisces, having Moon in 7 in Virgo, chances to stand and contest in election will come. They will make all efforts. Yet, they will be defeated, when they run Moon Bhukti. For Agriculturists: The Lagna indicates the owner, the 4th house his lands, thr 7fh house, the cultivation, and the 10th house, the proauce and mc piauti. Cultivation will be easy and the returns will be satisfactory if Moon is the lord of, or in the constellation of the lords of 1, 2,3, 6, 10 or 11. If one lets the land on lease, Moon in"7 indicates the tenant; the 10th house shows how he will pay the rents. The fourth house shows the termination of the agreement. If Moon owns evil houses and occupies the 7th house, the tenant will cause trouble. For people born in Aries (Mesha): Moon in the 7th house can be in later half of Chithrai, Swathi or Visakam star I, 2 or 3rd pada. Chithra is ruled/by Mars, lord of 1 and 8. Jupiter ruling Visakam star, owns Houses 9 and 12. Swathi is governed by Rahu. .Depending-on.the^ocjjgpaiipn of Rahu, in one's horoscope, the reading is' to be given. If it is in Chithra, it means lord of 4 is in the constellation of lord of 1 and 8

of 3 forming bad aspect with Moon in 7, threatens loss by pick-pocketing. Contracts; Agreements and ^legal bindings are indicated by Moon in 7. If Moon is in the constellation of Lord of 3 or Lord of 1 l.or if it receives - favourable aspect from Lord of 3 or 11 or Jupiter or Mercury, in the period of Moon and the aspecUng planet, the agreement will be signed. There will be legal binding. / Influence in foreign lands depends on the aspect which Moon in 7 receives. During the conjoined period of Moon and the planet which throws harmonious aspect, one will have name, fame, reputation, grand reception and influence. But if he remaiiis there during the period of the planetIhat throws adverse aspect to the moon, he will lose his influence and be depressed. Third house indicates/Short journey ; ninth house shows long journey i and seventh house denotes that one will break his long journey on his way. For example, one proceeding from Madras to Bombay may be said to be the result of the planet governing â&#x2013; third house. If he has to go to Ameriea. it is indicated by T ord of 9 or any planet having connection wuh the in mil iiousc. Ii' hv his journey on his way at Paris, it is indicated by the planet connected with the seventh house. Commodities: Moon in 7 in Leo or Sagittarius shows that one will deal in bamboo, teak, cane, etc. If Moon in 7 occupies Taurus, Cancer or Libra,.'it indicates grapes, and v the produce of the creepers. Moon in 7 inAriesand Scorpio indicates produce from dry lands. Pisces indicates .Sugar-cane, Syrup, Sugar, etc. Moon in 7 in the houses of Mercury shows produce from the plants without thorns, pulses and those which contain large quantity of Vitamin B. It also includes produce from wet lands." If Moon were to be in 7 in Capricorn or Aquaries, it indicatCs.thornyttrees^and their produce. Moon receiving good aspect'from Jupiter, shows oils, ghee, etc., containing Vitamins 1 A ' & ' D In general, Moon indicates Plantains; if it receives good aspect from Jupiter, it U

and is in 7. So, the person will" have many obstacles and difficulties to execute his studies. He is destined to buy a car . which will always cause trouble and need repair. The house which he can erect in a few months, will take long'time. There may be the difficulty to get men and material. If one lives iii a rented house, the owner will be increasing the rent frequently and yet giving trouble often, without, attending to the repairs and providing facilities. One beneficial aspect of Moon in Chithra in 7 is that the mother will gain ; if she is a career woman, sift will have increase in income and improvement in status. If she has shares in her name, not only the price will move up, but she will also receive larger dividends. if Moon is in Swathi, according to the position occupied by Rahu in the horoscope, one is to judge, the results; e.g., if Rahu is in Leoâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Simha, the-person will speculate and lose money ; if Rahu is* in Aquarius, he will be popular and pros-

perous and he will gain in his undertakings. If Moon is in Visakam, ruled .by Jupiter, it means that lord of 4 'is in the constellation of lord -of 9 and 12 as Jupiter owns Sagittarius and Pisces (Dhanus and Meena). Hence, the person will have higher education, long journey and life in a foreign place. He will construct houses (4th house owned by Moon) invest on them (investmentâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;12Th house) in a place far away from his native place (9th house). He may purchase" a car from a stranger (9lh house). His mother will fall ill or she may be a medical graduate, receiving larger amount during the joint period of Moon and Jupiter. Moon in 7 to Aries indicates that the partner whom the person is to marry or whom he takes for business is either related' already, or living in the same place, where the person resides. Thus to each sign, the results ore to be read.

ARE YOU RUNNING MARS PERIOD? KNOW WHAT TO DO & WHAT TO AVOID in the charts of the majority of people, will occupy evil. houses or it may receive evil aspects and hence it makes one rash, a spendthrift and a squanderer of money, commit anything,on an impulse and then repent, use sharp instruments without exercising care and get injured, talk very bluntly and invite trouble, be fool-hardy, adamant, aggressive, argumentative, assertive and atrocious. But if he owns beneficial houses and also occupies favourable signs and receives harmonious aspects, it gives one courage, confidence, boldness and a go-a-head spirit. It offers strength of mind and also physical strength. He will be able to do all heroic deeds. Mars is just opposite to Saturn. It gives activity. One will not be lazy, idle and lethargic, like the Saturnian. He will have force of character and organising ability. He will be determined and will have a"great desire to come out successful in the material field. He 7Âťill never relish fro~ Oth^r". H? v.'UJ according to his own conscience. He will always try to lead and pioneer while he hates subordination and to carry on routine and monotonous work: He will not be rash. Nor will he be short-tempered. He will be a self-made person. Mars should be a- bcnefic especially in the horoscopes of the ladies. It plays a very important role in their career. Bodily they should not suffer from injuries, boils, hysteria, troubles during monthly periods, operations (cessarian) etc., during delivery time, and so on. Mentally they should not be masculine; otherwise, they will command the partner, lose temper, and will not mind quarrellingjmd occasionally be very violent also. The poor husband will be a victim to such a militant wife. To lead a happy and harmonious life, with the wife, Mars should occupy a good position in the horoscopes of both. Then it will offset sickness and weakness and instead, offer health and wealth.

Mars' Major Period: Mars (Sevvai-KujaAngafaka) runs its period for exactly seven years'.' All thenjne planets, Mars, Rahu, Guru (Jupiter), Saturn (Sani), Mercury (Budha), Kethu, Venus (Sukra), Sun (Ravi) and Moon (Chandra) have :thejr sub periods in the order given. Each sub period has its own duration and the total period of seven years is not divided equally among them,; butf they are allotted in the proportion in which they arevgiven the inajor period in the Vimshothari, i.e., in the total of 120 years. Mars' major period in the Udu (Nakshathra) Dasa of 120 years is 7 years, so Mars sub period (bhukti) in Mars major period is 7/120 of 7 years or 4 months and 27 days. ' In Mars* Major period or dasa, Mars' sub period is the first. Likewise, the bhukthies of the other planets in Mars Daisa or major period are worked out. Always the first sub period is governed by the lord of the dasa. Then all of" them, one after another, follow in the same order as mentioned above. On the day when Mars Dasa commences. Mars sub period commences. The following gives the sub period or bhukti ruled by each planet in Mars Dasa. Mars sub period : 0 year, 4 months and 27 days. Rahu sub period : I year and 18 days. Guru-Jupiter: 11 months and 6 days. Saturn-Sani: 1 year, 1 month andf) days. Budha-Mercury: 11 months 27 days. Kethu: 0 year 4 months 27 days. Sukra-Venus: 1 year and 2 months. Sun-Ravi: 4 months 6 days. Moon-Chandra ; 7 months. Thus the seven years of Mars Dasa is distributed. Quintessence of the Mars Period . By Nature: Mars symbolises the senses. It rules over the animal instincts in everybody. It is considered to be a malefic as. 13

accomplish anything without much exerConstitution: Mars gives a strong and well-built body. He will ' have proper tion and that he can undertake high-spirited moves as his courage will reach a fine level. muscular development. It gives enough of He will not' mind the risk or danger immunity and resistance against infectious diseases. It has very great influence in the inherent in such actions. He will not give woman's life. It rules the periodical func- " room to lethargy ; "nor will he miss the bus tions and shows either good or indifferent like a Salurnian and. then feel sorry. Sun, afflicting Mars in the Ascendant, causes health according to the connections which Mars has, or the aspects which Mars fever duringMars Dasa, Sun Bhukti. Moon afflicting Mars causes boils, eruptive fever, receives. One may have ailment, but due inflammation, bleeding, etc. Mercury to courage or foolhardiness, may leave it unattended and then get into a major ^produces dysentery, hysteria, nervous tentrouble, if Mars is afflicted. It rules the " sion, fits, etc.. Jupiter threatens liability to fracture or accident while travelling or muscular system, urino-genilal organs, the by rolling stock. Venus shows diseases forehead, the nose, the blood vessels, the caused by indulgence of the passional tcstes, etc. If Mars has connection with any planet, evil by nature or with the lord nature, venereal operation of the sex organs etc. Saturn indicates fall and bruises. of 6 or if it is 'aspected unfavourably by a Uranus shows sudden and unexpected planet, during the conjoined period of the danger, whereas Neptune indicates risk in evil planet and Mars, the disease indicated water. by them will flare up and calise trouble to theperson. Mars in the second house receiving good IVlental: One will be ambitious and , aspects shows that the person will be Irec aspiring; bold or brutal; confident and and generohs in financial dealings with courageous ; daring or destructive ; enerothers. He will have splendid opportunity getic or exciting; ferocious or forceful; to acquire more and also spend equally. generous and gallant; headstrong or hectic ;> One can make money by using fire, iron, industrious or impulsive ; mechanical and instruments, machinery, etc. He may machine-like: oppressive and obstinate; receive inheritance or legacy. But he will positive and provoking : quarrelsome and be outrageously' extravagantT He can quicK , resource! ut 01 icckicdd, auoug aud nevet icafii lo be caici'ui wuli uloucy aud sensual; troublesome and turbulent; be less extravagant. He is liable to repeat violent and venturesome; and warlike and financial shipwreck. He will be frank, wilful. outspoken and blunt. His eyes may be reddish and he may have bleeding in the What can one expect during Mars' period : gums. Accidents to the eye may be caused Mars in the Ascendant or Lagna, when during the conjoined period of Mars and well aspected, gives the native rapid Sun or Moon. recovery from any ailment which he had Mars in the third house gives the native "previously suffered from, even though it may be a chronic one. It is considered to courage and confidence. His mind will be be strong not only in its own sign but also- keen and alert. It will be fond of arguwhen it is exalted and when it occupies the ment and will be resourceful. If it is afflicted, one is liable lo accidents cn short other two fiery signs, Leo (Simha), and journeys: there may be misunderstanding Sagittarius(Dhanus). It will infuse suffidieni energy into the body. He can tide with the brother. Partition in the family over the criticial periods. One will not â&#x20AC;˘.will come up. Mars, receiving bad aspect, sliun any effort to come out successful in shows that the native is generally critical his attempts. Mars ushersenergetic phase towards all and hence others will avoid his â&#x20AC;˘with-tension in the background. One will . company and they will.not take him into be able to face any situation and act confidence. He will act as a Naradhar and immediately without wasting time. Even will create enmity among neighbours or if any challenge is thrown, he will boldly cousins. Injury to the ears or arms, and throat trouble or tonsils arealso indicated.

the family. He may have a strong personality. Good aspect to Mars makes one to do everything in a gentle way.

Mars in the fourth house gives the native a'Very strong constitution which will not be impaired even in old ageu One can save much > property during the sub periods of the planets which form good aspects, and dispose of, or lose by fire during the periods of the planets which form adverse aspects with Mars in the fourth house. The native may suffer from injuries caused by fire accident at home of from fever, etc. Westerners are of opinion that those who have Mars in the fourth house should leave their home as early as possible to avoid troubles in their native place. Mars in the fourth house threatens vomiting of blood, due to the disease in the lungs. If it is afflicted by Saturn and lord of 6, the native is 1 liable to suffer from chronic T.B. , Mars in the fifth house gives one the desire to be an athlete. He will be good in sports. He will have a muscular body. He will be an excellent disciplinarian. If the aspect to Mars is bad, his physical condition will be dangerous due to overindulgence in things of amorous nature. In the horoscopes of ladies it shows difficulty in parturition. It also indicates that the first child will be rash and there is always the danger to his life. If Mars is afflicted in tlic fil th hotiiC! one should never t'nmb'c. He will invariably lose and he may turn bankrupt during the period of Mars and the sub period of the planet which afflicts Mars. One's heart may get weakened and he may suffer from cardiac thrombosis,etc. Mars in the fith house receiving good aspect shows that the native will be a good servant and that he will enjoy promotion often and will be given much authority and . power. This good aspect also shows that Mars will burn out and thus eliminate . the poisons from the body and offer him good health. If afflicted, there will always be quarrel with the master, the / health also will fail and life will be a hell. Risky jobs, accidents during one's office hours while on duty, danger of burns, etc., .r are . due to Mars, in 6. Ofte may suffer from duedenal ulcer and colic pains. Mars in the seventh house gives a good partner who will work for the welfare of

If Mars is in the 'seventh house of a male and is also afflicted, his wife will be masculine, and will take the reins.of running the family in her hands. It threatens sudden demise to the partner due to any accident only when it is strongly afflicted by evil planets and it is devoid of beneficial aspects from Jupiter and Venus. If Mars were to be in any watery sign and if it is afflicted, the partner will be addicted to drinks and he will be quarrelsome and violent. Better he is removed to a " Dry arUa". Another risk is also there ; if he does not drink, he will be a sex addict. Such an action brings on inflammatory diseases of the genitals. Jupiter afflicting Mars indicates appendicitis and hernia. Mars in the eighth house, receiving good aspect, brings money through partner either in business or through wife or through legacy. He will come out victorious in law suits. If Mars is afflicted, the financial position will be worse after marriage due to the extravagant expenses of the partner. The partner in business may squander. He will incur much loss wuLU iii.- wiher parlnvhnvr Irs rhrr* Now the question will arise. "Will my wife be extravagant and I may have to lose money or will my partner in business rob away ? " The only method to find^it out is as follows. Note down the ruling planets of your wife and also the ruling planets .of the partner in business. If either of them is ruled by Mars, then the person to whom Mars is the ruling 'planet will be responsible for nhe loss to you. Suppose one's wife is born in the sign ruled by Mars (Mesha or Vrischika), or in the star governed by Mars or on Tuesdayruled by Mars, she will incur loss which will be transferred to your account. But if your wife is neither born on a Tuesday, nor if her Lagna is Ariesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Mesha or Scorpioâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Vrischika and if the Moon sign at the time of birth was not ruled by 15

was consoled by sayingthat he was running Saturn sub period in Mars Dasa and. that the officer'who teased him ought to have been born in Dhanishta star ruled by Mars -in Saturn sign or in Anuradba star ruled by 'Saturn in Mars sign and that the troublewill continue throughout his Saturn sub period. He-added that, when the person runs Mercury sub period, the officer will be transferred and another officer born in Jyeshta star governed by Mercury in Mars' sign or Mrigasirisham later half or Chilhrai first half will lake charge. As Mercury promises peace and prosperity, the new officer will be gentle and good to him. Honestly, 'when we tried to find out the truth for academical interest, the previous officer who gav^ trouble to him was bom on a Saturday and in Anuradha star whereas the successor was born in the first half of Chilhrai star. The truth is that a planet indicates good or evil according to one's horoscope. The planet will not come down to the earth to do him harm. But the planet influences the . person born under its power to act as its agent and give the results indicated by the planet.

Mars,.then during Mars Dasa she cannot be-the cause for the loss. Look at the chart of the partner. If he is born on a Tuesday or in the stars Mrigasirisha, Chilhrai or Dhanishta governed by Mars or in the sign Aries or Scorpio as Lagna or as Moon's sign, then he is the person who will incur much unnecessary and uncommon expenses and be ^very extravagant and he will be responsible for the loss.* ONE OF THE FINDINGS OF THE EDITOR is'that during a particular dasa and bhukli if there is either gain or loss, new friendship with one or enmity with a person or the new transactions done with a person, then the planets which rule the dasa and bhukti running at that time will be the ruling planets of the person through whom you gained or incurred less or with whom you made friendship or you had troubles, etc. For' example, during .Mars Dasa Venus bhukti, suppose you meet a person and" make frew friendship/ He or she would have been born on a Friday ruled by Venus or Tuesday governed by Mars, in" Bharani Nakshathra ruled by .Venus in the sign Aries Mars or in Mrigasirisha (star governed by *.L.. ' 1 ' l.*/*' " 'â&#x2013; i... Venus),"or Chithrai Tnd halfia fhula/. Or she .may have Mars and Venus conjoined in lagna. Unless she has Mars and Venus as the ruling planets, you cannot, make new friendship .-with her during Mars Dasaâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;VenusBhukti. Suppose one is born on a Wednesday but in Bharani star, then you may have acquaintance during Mercury sub period in Mars dasa, whereas iniimacy will be from Venus subj^eriod. Dining Mercury sub period you may come in contact with one and be negotiating for a business and during the following Venus sub period it .will materialise and you may take him as a partner. This is also included in Krishnamurti Paddhathi. Let me give another example. A person had been asked to submit his explanation, now and then, by a hard taskmaster who haled this person. The servant got much vexed and consulted the astrologer. He

Mars in the ninth house makes one libeml.mtndcd nnd hlesser, him with bread views. The person will be interested in the social and spiritual uplifiment" of mankind. He will be fond of travelling and gaining more and more practical knowledge. This person will prove to be a good missionary iii whatever"line of propaganda he lakes up. Those who have Mars in 9 afflicted, should not undertake long travels. There is always danger while travelling. If he feels that he is not liked by his people and if he prefers to go away and try his fortune outside", he can be sure that his life at homeis thousand limes better than what it will be outside. Mars in tbe 9lh house causes death in a foreign place or at least accidents. Thigh and lungs may be affecied. Mars in the lOth- house, receiving good aspect,1 indicates thai he will be successful in life. He'will have an inexhaustible fund of energy. He will not mind the obstacles, hindrdhces"andimpediments and 16

will wriggle out- of them. He will be successful and reach the top rung of the ladder, provided for hitti according to his horoscope. All cannot become rulers. Yet he will be the master over many subordinates. With or without qualification, he wilFgain authority and power due to Mars in 10; Mars in the 11th house gives youthful , appearancethroughoutlife. The native will feelN younger and younger as he grows old. He will be more and more enthusiastic in pleasurable-pursuits as age advances. He \Vill bea leader in the social setup, and will be able to realised is hopes. Good aspects to Mars make one popular. He will gain . in all transactions, as, according to Hindu system, it aspects the second hquse also ftom the bouse of profit, the 11th. 'â&#x20AC;˘ Mars in the 12th house promises that' one may serve in. prisons, jail department, isolation hospitals, in far-off places other than his birth place, charitable institutions, asylums, etc. Or he may be employed in detective work. He may invest on wastelards and later during the. sub period of the beneficial planet gain much. If Mars is afflicted, one will be liable for loss, aoiic/w, tiuuislw j T.'. p T i j m "rhent. He will incur the enmity of all, become unpopular and proceed on leave qn medical grounds due to the pressure brought by superiors. If Mars is afflicted -by Venus and Saturn, his vitality will be sapped through sex or self-abuse. Mars -afflicted by Jupiter will make him a social outcaste during the sub period of Jupiter in Mars Dasa. Therefore depending on the house which Mars rules, occupies etc., one is to expect the results during its dasa. The sub-period whe'n one can "enjoy a particular result is indicated by the sub-lord which decides the nature of the result according to ,the aspect which it forms with Mars and the lord of the constellation in which the sublord was,. If at the time of birth, Mars was in the constellation of a planet, say, Jupiter, by occupying Punarvasu or Visakam or Poor.vapatbra pada, theft one can be sure that, dlrfing Mars Dasa, Jupiter Bhukti,-all the

matters indicated by Mars, will come td pass.* If a planet forms good aspect with Mars,during its sub period in Mars dasa, you can be bold and go-a-head with your programme; even if you risk, you will have the providential help to come out successful. But if a planet forms evil aspect, then whatever be the favourable circumstances, you cannot fylfil your desire. An officer may be very well inclined towards you. He can give an outstanding certificate, and a very good confidential report. He may strongly recommend, yet success .cannot be had. Therefore it is necessary to note the relative position between Mars, the Dasanath-and also the Bhukti lord. During Mars Dasa cultivate self-confidence. Be ready to change tactics and take up any enterprise. Boldly undertake independent action. You can launch on any new venture. Do not- over-indulge. Do not be impatient. Avoid rash actions. Words may cause _heat. Be constructiveYou will achieve your aim. Whom to contact for success ? Generally approach males, as Mars is a masculine planet or those ladies born with Mars as tneir ruiingpianet. u you nave yppouuu:*, competitors, etc, Mars period is the best to deal with them. Surgeons, mechanics,, cooks, hardware dealers, engineers and young people will be helpful to you. If you desire to have a small job, approach the officer through hisicook, who will also be having Mars as his ruling planet. How to approach? Be ardent and pushful. Be assertive. You should have an energetic and determined attitude. Boldy state what you want. Emphasise it. Define it properly. Boldness will pay you. But do- not be disheartened if, at the first, instance, not Save proper response. Always pursue; do not get hot and do not bother about the delay. You do not want other's influence. You can yourself personally undertake,. Never_hesitate to demand what ~y6u' want."' If you are the secretary - of any association and if you have to make a representation to.redress, the grievance, forget for a moment that you are placing the facts before the officer;

consider the officer as your equal. Speak out clearly. ^You are sure to succeed. Martians can have springs even in rocks. It is the determination and inexhaustible energy which will crown them with success. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; What to avoid? Do not be impulsive and rash. Even when there is a fair cause, do not take offence. Your passion will be easily roused now and then; but control it. You will be able to control others. You may not know how to control yourself. Cultivate it. If you do not agree with"others and if you do not like, do not take any destructive course. There is no meaning'in increasing the number of enemies.. Never be violent. Do not stir up new opposition. Avoid dangerous places lest the planet afflicting Mars in your chart should bring misfortune to you. Be careful when you use sharp instruments and when you are near fire. You may have to join the fire brigade, if Mars governs your profession. Be cautious. Mars will help you. Finance and Fortune: If one takes up profession, he will have competence in mechanical and civil .engineering (Mars denotes metals and also land); surgery when favourably aspected by Sun or conjoiued with Sun, liJIug uiid horses if the planet aspecting Mars is in the 5ih house or Mars is in the fifth house, or if Mars is in the star ruled by lord of 5. Circus management,-shooting,'hunting, forest departmenf are indicated by Mars when it receives aspect from Venus, especially from the 8th house. One may be employed in cardite factory, fireworks, match factory, heavy acid manufacturing industry, defence production, fertilizers, in reclamation of waste land, in agricultural department, police, military, defence department, etc. One may dp business and be a brick manufacturer, be the Director of certain firms, â&#x20AC;˘ industry, factory, supplies to the departments mentioned above, be a gambler, sharebroker (Mercury to aspect), be an agriculturist, farm, owner, etc. Or one may deal in tobacco," coffee, ragi, iron and steel, all nuts, mustard, ginger, etc. and all produce in red colour. Rubies, red stones, red paints etc. are also indicated by Mars.

Sun, forming good aspect with Mars, shows that one may have the appointrnent in the Government mostly in the police, military, factory, etc. In that case, he has to expect a promotion during the con1 joined period of Mars and Sun. â&#x2013; Moon, forming good aspect with Mars, indicates that the native may-serve in the bar, hotel or one who deals in parboiled rice, cooked food, or in boilers, steam engine?, etc. He will be_ promoted during Moon sub period in Mars Dasa, or after serving in Sun sub period in any other department, during Moon Bhukti he may be transferred here, because one can be transferred to another department only when he enters or runs the.jperiod and sub period of the planets which indicate the new profession. If one was working in Animal Husbandry from Mars Dasa, Jupiter Bhukti, Venus Anthra, then he may be transferred during Mars Dasa, VenusBhukti, Satuf.n Anthra to the slaughter house. " In both the places he may work as the Sanitary Inspector. But the combination of Mars-Jupiter-Venus indicates Animal Husbandry, whereas Mars, Venus and Saturn show the end of life of the animals. Thus one is to analyse and then judge the results. Mars receiving' good aspect iruai Mercury indicates that, during the conjoined periods-of Mars and Mercury, one may be appointed in the press or in the military engineering or mechanical engineering or be-a salesman in any factory, or a laison officer or a representative or a contractor supplying goods to the departments belonging to Mars. The tailor supplying dress to the police, military,etc. will have Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus as the significator^of his profession. But one who supplies shoes will have Mars, Venus and Saturn as the planets who are concerned with houses 2, 6 and lOand any of them may rule the 12th house also ; 12th house shows that which is used for the foot. If those planets have connection with the third house, he may supply leather bags, carried by hand or. postal bags; if they are connected with the seventh house also, they may supply belts, which are used around the waist. (7lh .19

house shows waist.) Those who supply go on a journey, it will be pleasant and caps will have the signihcators including successTuI as long as the sub-sub-period of Mars- Any of them may own the lagna the evil planet does not operate. But (the first house) which indicates head. during that period it will bring some danger. Have we not heard that one had covered all ^ Mars, forming good aspect with Jupiter, the distances and only when he is about to offers during their joint periods the post like the agent of a bank, or an administra- \ land there was the accident. Till the moment of the accident the good aspect of tor, principal of a college, officer in the the beneficial planet operated. The acciReligious Endowment Board, finance or dent took place only when the evil planet legal departments, etc. Promotion can be started to function. If the journey is expected during the conjoined periods of commenced and finished during the subMars and Jupiter. period of the planet promising beneficial Mars, forming good aspect with Venus results, one will have favourable results, or vice versa, shows that, during the dasa the reception will be good, and he could of Mars and the sub period of Venus one fulfil his desire. But if the evil planet may be employed, promoted or transferred â&#x20AC;˘intervenes, there will be either delay, to agriculture department, in the industry suspense or difficulty. During journey manufacturing the perfumery powder, etc., never take a risk. Avoid rash driving. to ladies, automobile department, transExercise extra care. Success is yours. port, jailway, airways depending on"the sign which Venus occupies. Leather Who will be your real friend ? If factory, breeding of animals, forest departaccording to your horoscope Mars is a benefic and it promises pleasure, profit and ments are also indicated by 'Mars and " prosperity, then your good friends would Venus. have been born on either Tuesdays or in Mars, receiving aspect from Saturn, indiMrigasirisha or Chithrai or Dhanishta cates that one may be employed in the stars or in the signs Mesha or Vrischika. mines and fuels. Another planet aspecBut if Mars is evil to you, those who are ting these two indicates the produce of the bcrn in these stars will cause you trouble. mine whether it is coal, or copper, or iiicgU&dilv; oi" gvlu vlw. VvÂŤlCr> StgH iuvii' For everybody the lord of the llth cates kerosene and oils. Moon forming house and the people born with the ruling aspect with them indicates the same. Sun planets which occupy the llth house or forming aspect with them indicates copper the Nakshathra of planets occupying or or gold. Jupiter indicates gold. ,Venus owning the eleventh house, will be the indicates chemicals. benefactors. Those who have adverse aspects will have difficulties while working in the During Mars period, do not departments meptioned above. outbursts of temper. Do not dictate to others. Put everything boldly but gently. Journeys.; If the planet that forms There will be occasions to gel irritated. good aspect with Mars owns either the 3rd You may be frank and this may not be or the 9lh or the 12th house or throws relished by others. So do npt allow any aspectfrom those houses, it is advantageous one to pick up quarrel, even thpugh you to proceed on a journey. Please note are sure of success. It is because of whether there is any evil aspect from any Martians alone there is the proverb in planet to Mars at the time of,birth. If Tamil, u Outyifl ^sfrajmr. " there were to be any, avoid the sub period of the planet from any planet forming bad You, are capable of handling everything aspect to Mars in the natal chart. Just , as the nine planets have their'sub periods well ; yet patience is necessary. For you everything must be done as soon as you during each dasa, so also all the nine desire to have it. Yours is action first, planets have their sub periods in the speech next, and thought last. Though on Bhukti of every planet. Hence when you 20

some occasions it is advantageous, yet if you work with a little care and cautionj you will become the leader,. Partners in business also will be helpful to you if they are ruled by Mars and if Mars is a benefi cial planet to you. House 7 indicates partner in business. â&#x20AC;˘ Planets occupying the sign, planets owning the 7th house and the planets in the constellation of the occupant and the owner indicate the birth of the partner and also his characteristics, etc. If Mars is in any manner connected with the 7th house and he is the significator of partner in the business, if it occupies a beneficial sign, you will gain through him. The beneficial houses to bring profit and success are 1, 2, 3,6, 10 and 11. If Mars*occupies 4, 5, 7, j8, 9 or 12th house counted from your lagna, your partner will gain much oy your efforts. Generally younger people will join you. They may own lands,buildings or factories. Or. they may serve in any of the departments governed by Mars. It is also likely that according to the sub period, the partner may change. A friend started a business during Mars Dasa, Jupiter Bhukti (sub period). He was assisted by a banker and the banker was his financial partner. His star was Visakam fourth pada. i.e., Jupiter's star in Mars' sign Scorpio. When Saturn subpenod in Mars Dasa was ruiming, this partner began to give trouble and he got out of it. Later, during Mercury-Budha sub period, another gentleman came for rescue and financed" him. This person owns a press.- His lagna was Kanni and Mars in his chart was in the 10th house. So Mars aspects the lagna which was in Chithrai star governed by Mars in Mercury's sign. Thus it can be seen that the partner joining a person will 1 be having the ruling planets which rule the period of the person then. Marriage and Married Life: Mars is an extremist. Either the couple will have inseparable temperament and they live very happily or Mars causes violence and both get separated. How the life would be, depends on the lord of the constellafion in which Mars was at the time "of birth. ' Mars may occupy any house. But it is the lord of the constellation which clearly and 21

correctly indicates happy and harmonious wedded life or such a friendly life like cat and rat. That is why the South Indians are giving much importance to Mars and its evil â&#x20AC;˘ results. But after doing much research, it was found that divorce"cases have come to the court and people had divorce even though there is no .Mars dhosha in their charts. Nor did one divorce the other during Mars Dasa. The finding was that the planet which occupies the constellation of lords of 6, 8 or 12, connected with the 7th house and afflicted by evil planets, Saturn, Mars, etc., causes disharmony and leads to divorce. This will be dealt with separately with plenty of illustrations. If one is to run Mars dasa, he can note the following truths:â&#x20AC;&#x201D; If marriage comes up during Mars Dasa or Mars Bhukti, thepartner would have been born (a) either on a Tuesday, or (b) in Mars star, Mrigasirisham, Chithrai or Dhanishta, or (c) in the signs governed by Mars, i.e., Mesha or Vrishchika. If Mars Dasa Rahu Bhukti operates at the time of marriage, then the partner will be ruled by Mars and Rahu may be conjoined with Moon Or it may occupy the Ascendant. Mars Dasa, Tunitcr sub period indict ter. that the rarther may be born in Visakam 4th pada or he or she may have Mars and Jupiter as ruling planets. Mars Dasa, Sani Bhukti indicates that the birth may be in Anuradha or Dhanishta star having Mars and Saturn as the ruling planets. Mars Dasa, Mercury Bhukti indicates that thepartner is born in Jyeshta or the latter half of Mrigasirisham or the first half of Chithrai. Mars Dasa, Kethu Bhukti shows that the partner may be born in Aswini star ruled by Kethu in Mesha ruled by Mars. Qr Mars and Kethu may be in the Ascendant or conjoined with Moon. Anyhow, both should be the ruling planets of the partner. Mars Dasa, Venus Bhukti indicates that the partner may be born in Bharani or Mrigasirisha first half or Chithrai second half. Mars Dasa, Sun Bhukti shows the birth of the partner inKarthigai nakshathra first quarter in Mesha Rasi.

Mars Dasa, Moon Bhukti indicates that any other planet . but has connection the native ma^ be born with'Moon and .â&#x2122;Śâ&#x2013; -with the fifth house, one can pray to Lord Mars-as the ruling planets. Muruga. Mars, conjoined with. Moon or in the The editor will be grateful to the readers constellation of Moon, shows that onecan if they could send the horoscopes of the pray to Goddess Gowri, Lalitha, Kali people who got married in Mars Dasa along (Parasakthi), etc. Mars, connected-with with the partners' horoscopes addressed to Mercury, shows Narasimha. the-President, Modern Astronomical and Astrological Research Institute, -13, Mars, Mercury and Vemis indicate Brahmin Street, Saidapet, Madras; or to the Lakshmi Narasimha. ecUtor, Astrology and Athrishta, 12/1, Mars, Mercury and Saturn refer to Karol Bagh, WEA, New Delhi, 5 (which is Ahjaneya, the branch office in Delhi), Mars and Jupiter denote Rama, NaraLUCKY COLOUR indicated by Mars yana, Vishnu. is pure red. deep red, scarlet, vermilion, Mars and Venus govern Maha crimson, cnerry and coral. Lakshmi. Lucky metal: Iron, steel, copperMars and Saturn denote Venkatachalapathy, Venkatasubramaniami Lucky Gem: Ruby, bloodstone, jasper, Mars, Saturn, Moon and Venus indicoral. cate Lord Krishna. Lucky day: Tuesday. Also the days Mars and Rahu denote Ayyappan, when Moon transits in the Nagalingam, Puja to Cobra, stars Mrigasirisha, Chithrai Mars, Saturn and Rahu denote Dharma and Dhanishta." astha. Lucky time : Whenever Mesha or VrishMars and Kethu denote Lord Ganesh. chika or Mrigasirisha, Chithra or Dhanishta rises Mars, Venus, Saturn and Kethu indicate in the East- That is, when Uchista Maha^Ganapathi. the rising sigu or llie lunar Mars and Sun indicate only Suryanaramansion is ruled by Mars. yana, Vishnu. Thus, according to one's The' sign is called Solar horoscope, one is to find out which prayer -- mansion! the nakshathra will bring him fortune. He has to approach is called Lunar mansion. a Guru, be initiated and pray. Homa done to them "Will be more fruitful. During Produce which will bring Luck: This Moon Dasa; Tharpana is good. During has been discussed in the chapter. Finance Mercury, Gyana Yoga, repetition of Manand Fortune. thra and prayers will be propitious. Durng Whom to pray ; Mars Lord Shanmugam, Jupiter one may read Ramayana and Kumaraswamy, Subramaniam, Jvlurugan, such holy Puranas or hear them "from the etc. learned scholarsT Thus one is to decide which will do good to him and act. Westerners consider this as God of War Then you are sure to enjoy your life and the Commander-in-Chief of the celessatisfactorily. tial bodies. If Mars is not connected with


MERCURY AND MONEY MERCURY IN THE SECOND HOUSE Second House indicates :— (g) Secret enemy's brother or his short journey. (a) The self-acquisition of a person j'lt includes the income by various Self-acquisition: Mercury by nature is - sources; the financial positiop ; a dualistic planet. Being the winged movable property^ messenger of God, it cannot, generally, act independently. Being an intelligent (b) The family ;it includes all relations —father, mother, children, brothers, planet,- the person will be supremely intelligent, if Mercury was in direct motion, or sisters, etc., and it does not indicate perverted if it was retrograde in the any particular relationship ; state of second House, at the time of birth. He family life. will be clever, tactful and diplomatic. He (c) The right eye-vision, speech, is best fitted to be a Personal Assistant, imagination. Private Secretary, Adviser and Consultant. (d) Profit or loss—Prosperity or adverIf Mercury receives good aspect from lord sity. Trade, according to the natof 2, he is a Speaker, Orator, Salesman, ure of the planets therein. Rich or Propagandist. poor. If lord of 3 forms favourable aspect, (e) Money either borrowed or lent. one will earn by writing, correspondence, (f) Face, cheeks, chin, eye, mouth, communication. Postal, Radio, Travelling teeth. Agent, Contracts, Commission Agent, (g) Money employed in speculation. Broker, Advertising, Distribution, Statio(h) vLaw suits, money left withv a nery, Paper, Books, Note-books, Journals, Guardian, Trustee, etc. Art, Music, etc. If lord Ctx 4 hac onj connection «viLh \'y nllv w kD> " ""C • common both to the second and the Mercury in 2, he will be a Building or Land 7th Houses, including teeth, mentioBroker, Car Broker, Furniture Hirer or ned in (f) Tourist Agent or Guide. If lord of 5 is connected with Mercury, The Second House also indicates^: — he earns through Music, as the junior to a (a) Loss to the next younger brother or Senior in.double Nagaswaram or as one of sister; or their separation or purchthe two in Vocal fnusic or as the Assistant ases made by them or investment to the Principal Musician. (Saturn in Airy by the youngsters. Troubles sign as lord of 5 forming good aspect through secret inimical activity to with Mercury in 2 indicates the person the brother or sister. who, from the beginning to the end of the (b) Gains to mother; her friends^—her Concert, uses Thamboora or one who elder brother. steadily and uniformly blows the wind (c) Appointment, occupation or busiE5n.^rusuCTr). One may be a Share ness of children. Their name and broker dealing in Stocks and Shares. faine. If lord of 6 forms good aspect, he will (d) Danger to wife as it is the 8th be a broker who arranges overdraft faciliHouse to the Seventh. Second ties in a Bank or arranges to lend the ^marriagc:to.4he p.erson. . money of A to the .needy .person :B. and have his commission. (e) Father's illness or service. (f) Elder brother's conveyance, permaIf lord of 7 is" connected with Mercury nent possession or Friend's mother. Jo 2, one will be a petition writer; a clerk; 24

happen during Mercury period and he may have to meet all expenses. His bank position Will deteriorate. He may run intodebts. Mercury as the Lord of 1 in 2 shows that he will have a large family. As lord of 3 -in 2'it indicates partition' among brothers or gain of money through younger brother. Vision: Mercury connected with lord of 6 indicates eye-sore. If Sun or Venus owns evil Houses 6 or 8 or 12 and is conjoined with Mercury, one may lose vision and will need^he use of spectacles. If lord of 12 is Mars and Mercury in 2 is connected with ii, injury to the eye or loss of vision due to cataract is. threatened. Occasionally, a few may complain that, if the â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Teacher writes I. (one) on the Board, it appears as 11 (Eleven), one Zero will * appear as two and so on. Even the Teacher may appear to be two (Budha means double, as it rules dual sign Gemini). Good aspect to Mercury promises proper sight. Speech : Mercury is a talkative, sharp and witty planet. It produces humorous people. Bhagavathars hdving Mercury in 2 will be able to remember and reproduce innumerable quotations from various authors. They will describe in meticulous aciaii- i hey will.speak uvcoruing i,oviiwuÂť.istances. They are capable of speaking with double meaning. Very clever messengers will have Mercury in 2. They can adapt themselves; find out the auspicious time, when they can represent their Mission and come out successful. Mercury in airy signs makes one a great conversationalist. They cannot keep quiet.. They are best suited to entertain others, being versatile with a fund of knowledge and humour. Moon forming good aspect with Mercury gives fertile imagination and while conversing, they will use examples, quote short stories, etc. We are sure that the oldest Statesman, now alive, has Mercury, Moon and the second house favourably connected. Business; Good aspect" to Mercury shows larger profit dii^ to'kpdedy (urnover. It gives correct intuition and prompt action. Bad aspect tO-Mercury threatens fraud, litigation, loss and difficulty.^ False

ot. one who" has busiriess with a partner. He may gain through wife or husband".If the 8th House lord has connection with Mercury, it 'shows that he may be a Life Insurance Agent or a Canvasser or he may gain by legacy, inheritance, will; etc. Lord of 9 having connection with Mercury indicates that one may work .as a Counsellor, Ambassador or serve in Embassy, serve in foreign places, or in International Trade, deal with, strangers and foreigners, act as an Agent, to arrange for Foreign collaboration, Preacher, Purohit, Orator, Philosopher, Teacher, Bhagavathar, etc. Lord of 10 connected with Mercury in 2 shows unsteady fortune. Lord of 11 shows that one will have gains without pains ; fortune favours them; there will be no loss, nor any waste. " Lord of 12 connected with' Mercury indicates investment in Paper, Press, Publication, Enginaering Contractor, etc. Profit or loss depends on other connections. One may be an Optician if Sun is also in 2. One may be a Dentist, if lord of 7 also aspects. Mercury shows that his Bank position wjll he frequently changing. Thus, during the perioo oi Mercury, now one can make money is indicated by Mercury in the Second House. Family : Mercury, as lord of 6 in the Second house, shows- that he may not .be friendly with such relatives who are born either on a Wednesday or in Gemini or Virgo as Ascendant (Lagna) or Rasi or in the stars (Nakshathras), Ashlesha, Jyeshta or Revathi. Mercury as lord of 8 in 2 indicates that he will ever have family troubles. If it is also adversely aspected by Saturn, he will find that bis home-front is horrible J if at all, he fixes a day to celebrate any function, death of a person, just prior to -that day will cause lot of trouble; nothing can be done according to programme. Also, the family will be unfortunate due to . the demise of an important pbrsdh".^^Mefcliry,0 "as' Lord of 12.Jn 2, shows that he may have to shoulder the responsibilities of the family. Many pleasant or unpleasant events will 25

reports and thereby worry ., thrpugh those who inspect the accounts. (Sales tax, Income tax, Licence issuing officers) are also indicated. Money: If, Mercury inis. in the constellation^ of lord of 2 or 6 or in any manner .connected with lord of 2 or 6, one will borrow money. If Mercury in 2 is in the constellation of lord of 8 or 12, or in any manner connected with the planets occupying 8 or 12 or owning 8 or 12, repayment of loan or lending loan to" another is shown. Physical: If Mercury is conjoined with a malefic, there may be moles in the cheek or chin, or near the eye or on the lips. MaleScs and lord of 6 conjoined with Mercury indicates that the Retina cannot accommodate quickly. It leads to the nped of spectacles. Mercury afflicted by Saturn 'and Mocn causes mottled enamel due to fluorosis intoxication. Saturn forming good aspect with Mercury and evil with Venus indicates profuse hair growth in the face and the person will look ugly and awful. Mars afflicting Mercury causes injury and produces sear in the face. Strong Mars gives disorderly teeth .and a few will project outside. Venus formingr good aspect with or con70i"ed with M'* r",,rv onlv beantv but also offers impressive eyes with pleasant smile and attractive nose, Specolation; Mercury conjoined with â&#x20AC;˘ lords ef 1, 2,3, 6, 10, 11 Houses or in the constellation of the occupants of these Houses or in the constellation of the lords of these Houses, show substantial gains in speculation. If it is connected with the lords of other houses, loss is threatened. Litigation: Generally, minors who lose their elders or who are selected as the Peetadhipathi for Mutts, etc., have a Guardian, or the property is under the Government receiver- or a Trustee. If Rahu or Kethu were to be in the Second House at the time of birth, in the sign owned by Mercury* either Gemini or Virgo, one will have the same results, as the nodes offer the results of the Lord of the House.' ' The person v rffay be running Mercury Dasa aud in the latter part of it, he may lose the father or the elder or the 26

senior. Before he attains majority, Kethu ; Dasa will be running ; as Kethu is in 2, in Mercury's sign, the inherited property will be under the supervision of a Guardian. Mercury indicates the same results. Marriage: Second House, indicating family, includes wife. If Mercury is lord of 6 and is in the second house, the partner will have loss and difficulty. In a lew cases, the native will lose the life, so that the partner becomes a widow or a widower. If. Mercury is lord of 7 and is in 2, it indicates loss of money to the partner and after having lived his time it threatens end of life to the partner. Sages have declared that lord of 7 in 2 gives money through partner. If partner gives money, does it not mean loss to her. In business, th6 partner will give away the share of profits to the native. If Mercury is lord of 11 and is in 2, one will come in contact with a boy or a girl, develop friendship by writing letters, phone, etc., also by making short journeys or travelling together in two-wheeled vehicles (like scooter) and finally marry her when their friendship has become intimate. A few may marry friend's daughter and both will have good understanding and inseparable temperament. Notes to Students: To each Lagna (Ascendant) find out of which house Mercury is the Lord. (Mercury owns two Houses, Gemini and Virgo). Also note ih which Star, in the second house Mercury was, at the time of birth. Then the results are to be read as lord of the houses A & B in the constellation of" the Planet owning the houses C & D, i.e., (a) Lord of the House A, in the constellation of the Lord of the House C. (b) Lord of the House A, in the. constellation of the Lord of the House D. (c) Lord of the House B,.in the,constellation of the Lord of the House C. (d) Lord of the House B, in the constellation of the Lord of the House D, Further lake into consideration, the planets conjoined with Mercury or aspecting Mercury, etc.

THE JUBILANT JUPITER he will have much progress and prosJupiter also known as Guru, Viyazljan, Brahaspathi, in the Ascendant (Lagna) perity in his business; he will enjoy will make a person jovial, jubilant, Jbuopeace. Bank position will- be souqd. â&#x20AC;˘ yant, optimistic and dignifiedi The perThere can be no labour trouble. Coson will be magnanimous, noble, true operation from subordinates keeps the and dutiful. atmosphere congenial. Recognition of his service by his superiors keeps him As it governs law, the native wilh be cheerful and makes him work with great law-abiding. He will earn by fair means. enthusiasm. He is an honest tax payer producing correct accounts. He can never be a "Black If Jupiter owns houses which are Marketer." He will have high reasoning, unfavourable, the native will spend mpneyability and proper judgment. . beyond his limits. To maintain prestige, he has to incur expenses far out-weightAs Jupiter rules education, it offers one ing his income. He will act on an success in his scholastic career. He may . impulse, be over-liberal and donate beyond take up law, religion, philosophy, bankhis capacity. All these will happen ing, company administration, economics, during Jupiter's period. As Saturn follows politics as the subject, in which he may Jupiter, he will realise his folly during specialise. Saturn's period, He will gamble, using Jupiter is the chief governor for children other's money and lose it. So he will be and as it can aspect the fifth house, it losing the friendship and assistance from gives ^ dutiful, . healthy and _ fortunate, others. He will try to havecheap populachildren who may be born on a Thursday rity. Misjudgment and^ miscalculation or in Sagittarius or Pisces (Dhanus or will land him in trouble. Meena) Lagna or rasi or in Punarvasu or Jupiter, as lord of the Ascendant in the Visakam or Poorattadhi star. Ascendant itself, will give good health: Jupiter also shows that one will respect he acquire property; own vehicles tradition. The person having Jupiter in â&#x20AC;˘etc..will and will he in Lia pioicathe Jaena will he faithfn' nn sion. It will be a task for the doctor to aiKijvuJ nave faith in God. Pie may be give intravenous injection as the person reading Puranas and Upanishads. He will will be ^o fatty. try to be religious. as lord of 2 and 5, or as lord of As Jupiter owns the 9th and the 12lh^ 2 Jupiter, and 11, will increase one's bank houses of the Zodiac, he will have the' position. Family -and finance will desire and opportunity to make long offer him peace of mind. There will be journeys, stay in far-off places, earn good .social functions and celebrations at home, . name and fame. due to his quiet,i unasfrequently. Children-will be healthy and suming, sociable temperament. Honesty, also lucky. As 11th house indicates son-:., integrity and truth are his chief trails. in-law and daughter-in-law, they also will, The signs belonging to Jupiter either have prosperity when this native runs square or oppose the. signs ruled by Jupiter's periods and sub periods especially Mercury. So. Jupitarians will not be when they are bom with Jupiter as their wavering. He will like to manage others, ruling planet, i.e., bom on a Thursday or - will not be a'n assistant to another. He in Jupiter's sign or in any one of his stars, will observe hygiene and if at all he falls Punarvasu, Visakam or Poorattadhi. ill, he will have the cure by a physician. If Jupiter owns houses 3 and 6, or. 3 " Surgeon's aid will not be required by him. and 12, it indicates -that he may incur' ,, iTf Jupiter owns beneficial houses to debts due to his dealings in paper, one (according to the lagna at birth) press, publication or by making frequent" 28

sub periods and after having lived the age short tours or by losing -money by pick indicated by all the planets, he w'ill have pocketing, etc. or by standing surety for his end when Jupiter will rule, the Bhukti another. Also he thay suffer from liver or anthra or Sookshma. The rule is not complaints, jaundice, dropsy, flatulence, wrong. Interpretation needs correction. dyspepsia, abscess, hernia, skin troubles, cerebral congestion, catarrh and carbunJupiter, as lord of 5 and 12, indicates cles. He may own horse, ox or even thathewill have faith inKarma Yoga, and elephant, at least ride.on elephant, while spend much on pooja and pay visit to holy young, by paying a few pies to the etc. He will repay his loans and Mahout. He may donate money for - places try to be free from debts. will the renovation of the temple, erection of speculate and invariably lose; yet he will mutts, for bajhana, etc. for child welfare be hopeful and happy. centres, schools,-, building for religious Those, who have Jupiter as lord of 12 discourses, asylums, isolation hospitals, occupying lagna, generally open a share bank buildings, etc. broker's office and due to their personal If Jupiter owns the houses 4 and 7, it is jobbing, lose much and the business considered to be a Kendhralhipathi. It is started in a flash will end in a crash. Or considered to be evil. A' few are under he may take interest in the film lines, start wrong impression that it is wholly evil in taking any picture, be borrowing money all walks of life. It is an incorrect interfrom friends, giving them a very good pretation. As Kendhrathipathi, it can rosy picture, and investing till he would affect one's health and longevity. It needs .have finished half of it. (Jupiter's period proper judgment. One should not immewill come to an end. -Saturn's period will diately say that during Jupiter Dasa, what- commence.) Then, he will find that ever be the age then, whether young or old, neither the distributors nor the bankers it will affect one's longevity. It is not wise lend their assistance. The picture will be and also not correct. Longevity, whether at a standstill. You can imagine his fuiror medium or short has to be judged position. You cannot recognise him properly. Then during the major periodâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; because Saturn, as the lord of the hair, will dasaâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;of the deathâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;inflicting planet, durgive him the-determination to grow hair, ing Jupiter sub period or sub sub period it and make-him fit to act as a sanyasi. In v/iii Aoppcii. Oiw 't Pinarn Th^ni Dasa alone as bad. If one would have Pokadbu," i.e., if there is a death m a been born in Saturn's star, Pushyam, street on a Saturday, the dead body will Anuradha and Uthirattadhi or born in take another from the same street shortly Mercury's star Ashlesha, Jyeshta and- for company. Similarly, not only he will Revathi, he cannot have Jupiter Dasa till become a sanyasi, he will be the cause for he becomes very old. Also one born in making the creditors also sanyasis like Virgo-Kanni having Jupiter as lord of 4 him. and 7.might have been born in Rahu's star, Arudhra or Swathi or Sathabhisha. Therefore, bankers, before lending money should see whether the borrower is They will have Jupiter Dasa in their not born in Aries or Capricorn and Jupiter youth. Unless the planets show that he is short-livgd, one need not entertain any does not occupy the lagna or Jupiter is fear during Jupiter Dasa. not conjoined with lord of 12 in lagna. If you lend money to people born in On the other band, one will acquire these two signs witb Jupiter rising, it is new conveyance easily, purchase property, certain that all those mentioned above possess lands and also a healthy and will be experienced by you. wealthy wife having Jupiter as her ruling planet. Marriage will take place in Jupiter, as .lord of 6 and 9 in the Jupiter's period and. sub-peciod. ThereAscendant, indicates that he will have fore, all the good results indicated by a ' facilities to make up money whenever planet as lord of 4 ami as lord .of 7 will needed. For a businessman, it indicates be enjoyed during Jupiter's period and satisfactory assistance from bankers. 29

They will accommodate to a great extent. The person will have opportunities and also facilities to continue his studies • and become a post-graduate or get a Doctorate. He will never mind about expenses. He will lead an aristocratic life.. Many of them will face various difficulties as people born in Cancer—Kataka alone, can have ■Jupiter as lord of 6 and 9. Jupiter is exalted here—Yet for dancer-borns— Karkata Lagna people, in the ascendant, the stars are Punarvasu, Pushyam and Ashlesha. Punarvasu is ruled by Jupiter who ' owns the 6lh house ; Pushyam ^is governed by Saturn who is the lord of 8th house; Ashlesha is ruled by Mercury who governs the 12th house. Thus the three lords are lords of 6, 8 and 12. Therefore' for Karkata—Cancer-borns, planets in the ascendants have to offer either mixed results or adverse ones. Jupiter, as Ibrd of 7 and 10, will offer most brilliant results, provided it is in its own constellation. Otherwise, it will cause mixed results.

Jupiter, as lord of 8 and 11, will throw many obstacles. After facing lot of difficulties, one can come out successful. People born in Taurus will have people born in Dhanus or Meena-^Sagittarius or Pisces as partners. Tor example, people bora in Rohini will have Poorvashadaborn natives either as wife or husband or as partner in business. Thus, whenever the result of Jupiter in the ascendant is to be judged, take into consideration: (1) the nature of Jupiter, (2) to ^vhich houses Jupiter is the lord', (3) the lord of the constellation (Star'orNakshathra)in which it was at thetime of birlh and the house or houses, which the lord of constellation rules, / (4) what that lord indicates. (5) the aspect received by Jupiter, and (6) planes conjoined with it.

SATURN'S TRANSIT SATURN'S TRANSIT 26- 1-64 to 11 -2-64 (I'-SJ'-IO-) Mars Mercury 11- 2-64 to 18 -2-64 (2lo-40,-00-) Mars Kethu 18- 2-64 to 7 -3-64 (46'-53'-20') Mars Venus 8- 3-64 to 13 -3-64 (5 -33'-20') Mats Sun 13- 3-64 to 23 -3-64 CCMO' -OCj Mars Moon 23- 3-64 to 12 -4-64 (8o-40'-0(r) Rahu Rahu 12- 4-64 to 5 -5-64 Rahu Jupiter 5- 5-64 to 15 -6-64 (IIM?'-Rahu Saturn. (Retrograde motion commences) 15- 6-64 to 27- 7-64 (10,,-26'-4O') 'Rahu Saturn 27- 7-64 to 21- 8-64 (BMOMIO' ) Rahu Jupiter 21- 8-64 to 18- 9-« (6oD-40-WV) Rahu Rahu 18- 9-64 to 9-10-64 (5 -33'-20') Mars Moon 9-10-64 to 2-11-64 Mars Sun 2-11-64 Direct Motion at 2-29,>A.M. 2-11-64 to 25-11-64 (5 -13'-20') Mars Sun 25-11-64 to 15-12-64 Mars Mooo 15-12-64 enters into Sathabisha star. From 26-1-64 throughout the year, Saturn is in Aquarius. The lord of the sign is Saturn. Between 26-1-64 and 23-3-64, it was in Dhanishta star governed by Mars. Between 23-3-64 and 18-9-64,.jt is in Sathabisha star ruled by Rahu. Later by retrograde motion, it retraces to T»iiuMiaulu c:i ;? S-'A- a-nd is retrograde till 2-11-64 wften it takes direct motion and leaves Dhanishta on 15-12-64 and enters into Sathabisha star. Capricorn (Makara) This referrto people born in Capricorn as Ascendant (i.e., Makaram as lagna), as also to those who are born in Uthrashada star 2nd, 3rd and 4th padas, Sravanam star and Dhanishta 1st and 2nd padas when Moon would be in Capricorn, and also those people who are born between 14lh January and 13th February any year, when Sumwould be occupying GapricornMakaram, in his chart. Saturn was in Mars' star and Mercury sub between 26-1-64 and 11-2-64. Mars isslord of 4 and 11 ; Mercury is the lord of 6 and 9\ Saturn is the lord of 1. and 2. This would have been a favourable time, to own a car, to repair any conveyance, 31

AND ITS RESULTS' to. make a journey, to come in contact with strangers and also to have sudden gains through them. New friendship could have been formed. Partner's health might have been affected. Between 11-2-64 and1 18-2-6^, Saturn was in the sub of Kelhu. So one might have visited holy places, had initiation of mantra by meeting sages. One would have booked larger profits if Kethu at birth occupied favourable houses. But, if it was in an evil house, loss, worry, confusion; dispute, separation, irritation and relapse of chronic ailment are threatened. Saturn was in the sub of Venus between 1 8-2-64 and 7-3-64. It is a lucky lime to have satisfactory success in enterprises. Celebration of marriage or appointment to children will be offered by Venus, lord of 5 and 10 in the constellation lord owning 1 )th house. Always pleasant functions or marriage to children will take place whenever the conjoined period.of .lord of 5 and 11, or 6 and 11 operate. Reunion with family is also shown. Between 7-3-64 and 13-3-64, the sub transited by aaLUiii .ulcf by ?••••• shows purchases to partner, opening fixed deposit account in a bank (lord of 2 in the sub of lord of 8), to have advantages through Government officials. A few may get into service in Insurance Corporation, Land Mortgage Bank, Housing, Planning or in any Surgical or Military Department. Saturn is under the sub of moon between 13-3-64 and 23-3-64. A period of ailment to wife or husband. The person may go on a journey, break it on the way and make substantial gains. A few Capricorn-borns may have their marriage fixed up. Litigation will end favourably, A new partner may be taken in to improve the business. Overdraft facilities may be arranged. Now Saturn enters into SathabisSa and it is Rahu's sub between 23-3-64 and 12-4-64. Note in the birth chart of the person where

Rahu was. If it is occupying beneficial 12-4-64 and 5-5*64- Long journey, higher education, repayment of loan, respect â&#x2013; sign, it will offer good results. If it were to be in evil sign, loss of an elder member from elders, greater popularity and lack of or dangerous ailment, loss of money, illunderstanding with brother are indicated. repute and scandal are threatened. But if Brother may shift his place of residence. it were in the beneficial house, one can He will have peace and prosperity whichexpect such favourable results as Rahu would have been denied till July. indicates. If Rahu is in the 5th or 11th From 21-8-64 to 18-9-64, the results will house, one will purchase property, gain by be similar to what one had between 23-3-64 speculation and lottery, make new friends and 12-4-64. Those who had Saturn and become more and more popular. retrograde at the time of birth and Rahu Rahu in 10 indicates promotion and in a favourable sign will come by fortunate prosperity. Rahu in 9 or 12 will give long results. Providential help is promised. ' journey, contact with foreigners and life in Visit to holy places and enjoyment of foreign land. It-may allow one to have peace of mind are indicated. higher studies. The period between 18-9-64 and 9-10-64 From 12-4-64 to 5-5-64, -Saturn will be is similar to the one between 13-3-64 and in the sub of Jupiter. It indicates journey, 23-3-64. Long journey, separation from expenses, -investment on publications, kith and kin, popularity and prosperity avail^bilily of phone, repayment of loan, in the places of visit and substantial gains increase in one's popularity, assistance are shown. from elders and frequent visit to hospital From 9-10-64 to 25-11-64. The results to see friends, etc. will be similar to' what one would have enFrom 5-5-64 to 15-6-64, Saturn will be in joyed between 8-3-64 and 13-3-64. The sub the sub of Saturn. Health will be normal. is ruled by Sun. Raising loan to meet unBank position will improve. Business will avoidable expenses, delay in realising the expand. Those who suffer from cataract, locked-up money, and labour trouble are may have it operated. Those who suffer indicated. Extravagant expenses by partfrom tooth-ache will have it removed and ner, promotion and birth of children are have relief. Those members who had also indicated. been away will return and lead a pleasant ilic. riiysicians wiii nave good opportu25-11-64 to 15-12-64. The results are similar to those enjoyed between ' 13-3-64 nity to establish a good name. Engineering contractors will have a large number of and 23-3-64 and again between 18-9-64 and big contracts. The predictions of astro9-10-64: Ailment to partners, hospitalilogers (lord of 2, Sani, in the second house) sation and medical expenses will be unwill come ^true, especially when they usually great. Waste o money is also predict the longevity of a person. threatened. From-15-6-64 to 27-7-64, Saturn" will After 15-12-64, the end of the year will be retrograde in the same position and be pleasant and smooth. similar results will be repeated. One will For people born in Capricorn, the sohave enough of comforts and convenience called, Sade Sathi, 7^ years'Saturn is in unavoidable and necessary. Expenses will the third and.the last phase. Fortunately, be uncontrollable. A few may have a the lords of the constellation in Aquarius change in their avocation. Musicians can are Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. To whomhave larger income and unexpected soever these 3 planets occupied favourable investment on property on an impulse. position at birth, they will surely enjoy There can be no labour trouble. Materials beneficial results. If they occupied such for construction will be had, whenever houses which are disadvantageous, this needed. There will be no loss,:v nor ; transit portends evil. AIL results .depend v deception. â&#x2013;  " "''- ' â&#x20AC;˘ On the position of these three lords ruling Between 27.-7-64 and 21-8-64, the results the Nakshathras Dhanishta, Sa'thabhisha will be similar to what one had between and Poorvapathrapada. 32

may go overseas for higher studies or ^for foreign collaboration. Separation from kith and kin is also shown. From 7-3-64 to 13-3-64, Saturn was in the sub of Sun. It shows short journey; pleasant life: purchases for partner: minor ailments to husband or wife, settlement of accounts and favour from Government. Contractors can have new tenders accepted. Agency .of foreign concerns may be taken up, especially drugs, chemicals, etc. 13-3-64 to 23-3-64: Extravagant expenses; Separation among partners under pleasant circumstances, ill-health to the native, have medical expenses, etc., are indicated. The children of a few Aquariusborns will gain money or come out successful in any competition. They will come out victorious in litigation. Thus Saturn passes the end of Dhanishta star. From 23-3-64 to 12-4-64, Saturn transits in Sathabhisha. The first sub of Rahu will be transited in this period. Depending on the position of Rahu, one will experience the results. If Rahu were to be in the beneficial signs, one can expect good liick. If Rahu is ill-placed, loss, difficulty, secret inimical activity ' and worry will be the result. If Rahu would have been in Venus, Mars or Jupiter's sign, the person will enjoy-his ■if-3, rv.-r fficuch the astrologers may say Janma .Sani, Thritiya bruuaspauu so on. Actually people can verify and satisfy themselves how the Gochara-palan given by Hindu sages does not agree with the practical experience of these people. But, if you adopt KR1SHNAMURTHI PADDHATHI, i.e., to divide a star and to read the result modified by the lord of the sub of the star the results expected alone, will actually come to pass. , Between 12-4-64 and 5-5-6.4, the native may take a new post. A new cycle of life will start He can have larger income. A few may have the birth of a child. Both the financial position and the family circumstances will be satisfactory, offering peace of mind. New friendships will be ■formed. Partner also may get into service. A few may start a new business. Overdraft facilities will be had easily.' Popularity"incrfases.

Aquarius (Kumbha) This refers to people born in the 11th sign of the Zodiac, Aquarius as Ascendant—Lagna, and also those who had Moon in their chart at the time of birth in Aquarius when Moon would have been passing in Dhanishta 3rd and 4th padas, Sathabhisha or Poorvabathrapada 1, 2 or 3rd pada. Those whose birth had been between 14th February and 13th March any year, will have their Sun in this sign and they have to refer here, if they do not know either the Lagna or Moon sign. Saturn entered this sign on 26-1-64. It has to transit in Aquarius, the three stars Dhanishta, Sathabhisha and Poorvabathrapada. In 1964, Saturn does not reach Poorvabathrapada. It passes through Dhanishta and transits in Sathabhisha about 5°, retrogrades and again enters Sathabhisha on 15-12-64. Between 26-1-64 and 11-2-64, Saturn was in the constellation of Mars, lord of 3 and 10 and in the sub of lord of 5 and 8. Hence the native will have a transfer. He may be posted as a touring officer. Those in the film line will have larger income from the distributors. Both will gain. Musicians can have good fortune and popularity. Those aeanug la and publication will have the chance to take a partner or to have- satisfactory financial assistance. Between 11-2-64 and 18-2-64, the sub is ruled by Kethu. Industrialists may face the non-co-operation of the subordinates. They may cause trouble and create confusion. Enmity with brothers, cousins arid . neighbours, loss of money by pickpocketing, anonymous petition against the native and thereby both fear and irritation are threatened. Venus sub is transi ted by Saturn between 18^2-64 and 7-3-64. Though the period is short, one v^ll"have grand success. This compensates for the previous undesirable experiences. A few may invest on lands.' •Some may be p/ovided with car in their office. Some may get married as Venus is the chief governor for marriage and Mars is to fix up urgently, and celebrate. Some 33

From 5-5-64 to 15-6-64, Saturn is in direct motion and then up to 27-7-64 it is in retrograde in the same area. This indicates.that the person may invest more money on business, or change the residence or make purchases more for comfort and convenience. If Rahu would have occupied an evil sign, ill-health, enmity, separation, agony, loss of friends and also money are threatened. The servants will non-co-operate. _ Rheumatic pains may cause worry. Heart"patients have to be careful. They should mot neglect even when" the trouble appears to be bearable. From 27-7-64 to 21-8-64, again Saturn is in Jupiter's sub. These persons can go a-head with any programme. Providential help is promised. Rahu in the 11 th house promises sudden unexpected gains. Children come by fortune. Even if a child could not have had admission in the college at the first selection, in this period he is sure to get. Those who would have been interviewed for appointment in between May and July will receive appointment order. Licences from the Government can be had. Permit and pass will be received. A successful period, indeed 1 21-8-64 to 18-9-64. One may go on long _journey or change residence: One may spend money on land, building, conveyance, furniture, etc. Change of car is also indicated. Pleasant functions at home, speedy turn-over in business, larger returns from investments and satisfactory yield from lands are also indicated. The results between 18-9-64 and 9-10-64 will be similar to those which would have been enjoyed^when Saturn was transiting in the same sub of Moon in between 13-3-64 and 23-3-64. Similarly results .between 9-10-64 and 25-11-64 will be more or less the same enjoyed between 8-3-64 and 13-3-64. The results given in the periods 13t3-64 to 23-3-64 and ,18-9-64 to 9-10-64 repeat , between, 25:11-64. and, 15-12-64. After 15-12-64i"Saturnk enters into 'the sub of Rahu. Depending on the position of Rahu, one can expect either favourable or unfavourable results.

Notes to Students: Suppose two people were born on the New Moon day in the later half of February and the first half of March, at the time of sunrise', and the yearof birth wasdifferent. So that they may have their ascendant-w Aquarius, Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Aquarius. But, the position of Rahu and Sani at the time ef their birth were different. Suppose to one, Rahu was in Sagittarius in Poorvashada star. And to the other, Rahu was in Virgo in Hastham star. To the former, Rahu at first promises peace, pleasure, permanent tie of friendship, prosperity, etc. To the latter, Rahu threatens ill-health, accident, danger, pressure for money, trouble through creditors, payment of taxes (most in advance), etc. ; Therefore when Saturn transits in Sathabhishaâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Raghu's starâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;to the former it brings fortune and to the latter misfortune. If both play cards, the former wins invariably, the latter loses. If both stand for election, the latter faces miserable defeat. Similarly, suppose one had Saturn in Taurus in Rohini star and the other had Saturn in Libra in Chithrai Star. When Saturn transits in Aquarius, it will square ili original position ?.\ th* tsm? r.f hirth for the former, whereas it forms the favourable trine aspect with the Saturn in Libra. As Saturn rules the Ascendant, the former will fall ill.. Hospitalisation is portended. He may worry himself much, as there are none to carry out his work. So he may incur loss. For the latter, health will be excellent and he will have grand success in all his enterprises and will gain much. Thus, it will be seen that the results enjoyed by people born in the same sign Aquarius differ widely and they are diametrically opposite. Therefore the general predictions offered are only the trends indicated by them according to their nature, without taking into consideration the strength and occupation of the planets in the. horoscopes of thejndividuals.' That is why, a few experience such results as are indicated by the transiting planets and a few just opposite ones. 35

MOLE : WHAT DO THEY MEAN ? ASTHOtOGICALLY EXPLAINED Vaidyanatha Dikshita in Jataka Parijata, says : " An ulcer, or wound will leave a scar in the part of the body indicated by drekkana occupied by the malefic- planets in one's horoscope. If a benefic planet is conjoined with the malefic, it prevents the ulcer, but produces a mole in that spot. If the planet is either conjoined with Saturn or if it were to be in his own sign (Swakshethra), the mole will -be found from the time of birth itself. If there is no connection with a benefic, the-malefic planet at the time it runs its period (according to Vimshothari System) produces the ulcer and leaves a scar. If the period is ruled by Saturn, the... scar will be formed due. to the wound caused by a fall—(either the person falling down, or some material falling on him). ' "If the period is governed by Mars, it will inflict an iniurv: it may be due to fire accident or through any instrument. Or one may suffer from small-pox or undergo any operation. Thus, a permanent scar will be formed. Mercury indicates the scar due to a fall, just like Saturn. (But here, the scar will be more than one, as Mercury is a planet for plurality.) ^ Sun causes it due to the injury caused by animals. (Those who ride horses, mules, or donkeys, will fall down, and receive . injury, if Mercury or Saturn is conjoined with Sun.) Moon indicates that the scar comes up due to the hurt caused by horned animals or acids. (Buffaloes, deer, bulls, etc.) There cannot be a mole or any scar-in the part of the body indicated-by the • Drekkana occupied by the benefics. Benefics are Jupiter, Venus, waxing Moon and unafflicted Mercury, which are not afflicted in any manner.

-But if the benefics happen to own the evil houses 6, 8 or 12, and if they are in any manner connected with malefics, they cause the mark in their periods in the portion indicated by the Drekkana occupied by the benefic. If the benefics own evil houses, and occupy their exalted sign or their own houses, or if they are Vargothama and strong, the moles will be round. Prithuyasas says in Horasara, The signs of the Zodiac represent the various limbs of Kalapurusha—which is to be applied to one's body—Note which signs are occupied by benefics ; except in those limbs, some moles are caused by these planets Benefics cause moles, marks, scars, and ulcers. Also Prithuyasas adds that people born in Rohini will have marks or moles on the face, back and sides. (Rohini constellation is in Nirayana Taurus.) Mantreswara in Phaladeepika, agrees with this statement. He mentions "If Taurus be rising at birth, the person will have moles on the back, face and sides'*. Mantreswara in Phaladeepika > in Adhyaya II, sloka 32,adds "Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter cause marks or moles on the right side of the body. The other planets give moles on the left side. Sun has .marks on the hips : Moon on the head Mars on the back, Mercury on the arm-pit. Jupiter on the shoulder, Venus on the face and Saturn on the leg 1 Ramadayalu in Sanketanidhi declares, "The human body is represented by the Zodiac divided into 36 equal parts, called Decanates. If a beneficial planet occupied a particular Decanate, a mole of the sizev : of a sesamum will be found in the limb corresponding to the Decanate. If an evil planet occupied a Decanate, accordingly in that part of the body indi36

his wife will have moles and scars in her buttocks, Malefics in the 8th house indicate moles in the private parts of the person or his wife. s Saturn or Rahu in 10 causes moles in the bodies of husband and wife, especially on the knee cap. Mars causes ulcer and leaves, a scar there. Wise men have said that in the order given below, the three Drekkanas-Decanates indicate the portion of the body where one can find a mole or a scar.

cated by the malefic, an ulcer will crop up and leave behind a scar. In,that particular portion of the body signified by the Drekkana occupied by Sun or Moon, a mole will be seen. If Rahu or Saturn occupy the sixth house, there will be a black spot on the buttocks. If Sun or Mars be in the 6th house, his (wife or husband-partner) will have a mole in the n»ck or right leg or.shank. If Saturn and Mars are in the 7th house, 1st Decanate 0o-10o Ascendant (Lagna) The head 11 house Right eye III house IV house V house VI house VII house VIII house IX house X he use XI house XII house

2nd Decanate

3rd Decanate


21°-30° Pelvis Right side of the generative organ and anus Right ear Rt. arms Rt testicle Rt nostril Rt. side Rt. thigh Rt. cheek Rt. side of the heart Rt. kneeRt. jaw l&. side of the chest Rt. calf The mouth Navel Two feet Left jaw Left chest Left calf Left cheek Left side of the heart Left knee T rft thigh Left r.cslr:! Left side Left ear Left arm Left testicle Left eye Left shoulder Left side of the generative organ and anus. ir-2o Neck Rt. shoulder

- Mahadeva, in Jataka Tatva, has declared, " In that limb signified by the sign occupied by Mars and the Sun, there will -be a red mark." The sign occupied by Rahu and \ Saturn indicates black scar or mark. Moon, Mars, or Venus in the Lagna— Ascendent—indicates a mark, or mole, or scar on the head—Venus^ in the Ascendant and Rahu in the 8th^indicate mole or scar -on the head or in the right ear. Mars in the Ascendant and Saturn in a Kona show the scar or mole in the organ of generation or near the anus. Jupiter in 8 causes a mole on the. belly. Saturn of.Mars .in.. Lagna indicate scar or "mole iu the foot (if they would have risen just before the ^birth"); Rahu and Venus in the fourth house produces the same effect.

Those people who have the Rajayoga in their horoscopes, pure and simple, will have a royal mark or mole on the hand or on the foot Varahamihira in Brihat Samhita says that the existence of a mole in the face of a lady is an indication of one in her private parts. Thus the Hindus have discussed the existence of moles in one's body. Westerners are of opinion that the sign in which the Ascendant—Lagna,. falls, . . shows a mole on the part ruled by that sign. The sign in which the lord of lagna 37

was at the time of birth, signifies-the part of the body where another mole will be. The sign in which the VI Cusp falls will give one more mole J so also the sign occupied by lord ofj?, will offer one more â&#x20AC;˘ mark. The sign occupied by Moon denotes another. Uranus, Saturn, and Mars, if afflicted, give marks in those "parts of the body mdicated by the^sign where they were. The Atnerican Astrologers are of opinion that the signs alone cannot influence and correctly indicate position. If the sign and the planet be masculine, moles will be found on the right side of the person. But if they happen to be feminine, then the person will have the mole on the left side. In our experience, if moles are found in the right side of a male due to be mascu-

line sign and masculine planet, under the same conditions,in females they are found on the left side. If the male is asked to stand before a mirror how it will appear, so also it will be found. In twin births where one happened to be a boy and the other a girl, the above statements were verified and after complete satisfaction, our experience is "published in the above paragraph. Only such experiments can give correct ideas as the Ascendant happens to be the same to both the twins and the position of the planets remain the same. The planets in the houses which arc above the horizon, i.e., houses 12, 11, 10,9, 8 and 7, the moles will 6e on the front of the body. Probably, planets in these houses are visible. Houses 1 to 6 are below the horizon and planets therein cannot be seen. So also, planets in the houses 1 to 6 indicate moles on the back side, which the person cannot see directly.

HORARY ASTROLOGY OR AROODAM Tell me any number within 108." In a daily newspaper, in the daily forecast, it was mentioned that theu person Without any hesitation " 108 itself, born in Mesha Rasi will have Dhana Sir ". „ Labhara **, i.e., gain of money on a partiA chart was made out for the moment cular day. He thought that he could_ and'the Lagna was fixed as Piscesmake purchases on that day, so that he"^ Meena, Arooda since .the number given was 108 can secure -them at a cheap rate. No showing Revathi 4th pada which is in doubt, he bargained with the retail dealer. MeenaHe /was very much pleased. All the articles, he wanted tQ buy, were available. The chart is as follows : He asked them to bundle them up. When Mars Sun : 8-11 the shopkeeper gave the bundle and the Rahu 24.33 Jupiter bill, alas, the person born in Aries— B-58 Venus 23-24 12-12 Arooda ^lesharasi found that his purse was pickLagna Mercury n-i6R "pocketed. He made a thorough search of his pockets. "Ayaiyo". cried he. A Saturn crowd gathered in no time. With tears 9-27 in his eyes, having both the hands on his head and tearing off his hair, he cried Moon "Someone has pickpocketed my purse— 7-00 What a forecast it is—He had mentioned Uranus 12-52 Dhana Labham—gain of money—Look at my fate.'* His friend consoled him and said. " The forecast may be correct. Kcthu ' Neptune 12-12 1 23-27 You have lost. But the man who took it might have been born in your star itself TLr, mpy he an/ Aries person and The reply given by the Professor (the therefore this prediction of gain oi inout> EUilol' Oi ImIw i~ •" • h.-V.-v • to -Aries-born has come true to him. "You know .very well that your wife But it is a pity that another. Arieswas in the family way when you sent her born was responsible for this mishap. to her native place. But you do not know whether she had already delivered or she Thus it will beiseen that persons born is yet an expectant mother. Therefore in the same sign will have opposite results two cjuestions arise now : (a) whether she due to the disposition of the planets in had already delivered and you were not their birth chart. yet informed about the delivery, or (b) On 21-4-1964 at 6-30 p.m. when the. whether she is carrying still. Editor of this magazine was about to take 108 means Revathi—fourth pada.— up the class for the students of astrology The idea of asking the querist to give a in Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan at New number within 108 is to take that number Delhi, one of the students said " Sir, last mentioned by the consultant as the Arooda year in April (1963) when you had been Lagna. The Zodiac is divided into 27 to Delhi, you examined my horoscope and stars and each star has 4 padas. So the told inii that I would have a female child Zodiac is divided into 108 equal parts in the month of April, 1964. It is coming and the number mentioned fixes the correct. In this month, I expect my wife Lagna. to deliver. April is coming to an end; t" • Today it is 21st: so I request you to tell Birth of children is to be read from me when I can expect the delivery. the fifth house. There is no planet in 39

the fifth sign; but Moon is in the fifth house as the Lagna waso Revalhi fourth pada, i.e., between 356 -40, and 360°. Moon is lord of 5 and is in the fifth Bhava. Cjenerally the La'gna indicates success or failure whereas Moon indicates the matter about which-you have the urge to consult, as Moon is called Mathi and it indicates your mind and your query. So Moon, being lord of 5, you want to know about the offspring. As Moon is in the barren sign, Simha-Leo, and also in the constellation of Kethu, now your wife does not continue to be pregnant- She had already delivered. If you take the Moon sign as the first house and offer the prediction, even then the lord of the fifth house is Jupiter and he occupies the 9th house, aspects the 5th and Moon, as Jupiter also is in a barren sign, Mesha-Aries. Therefore " your wife has Further Jupiter is conjoined with the two planets which rule the barren signs, i.e. Mercury and Sun. It is definite that she has given birth to a child already and she * does not continue to be pregnant. Counting from the Lagna, Moon, in the fifth bhava,- is aspected by Saturn, and also by Jupiter. therefore the child's1 ruling pluiivL -b-iiI'J be Jupber, fiir' and Moon. Hence, when Moon was transiting in the Moon's, sign and on the day ruled by Jupiter or Saturn, she ought to have given birth. When we refer to the Almanac, we find that on the last Saturday, i.e., 18th April, 1964, the star was Punarvasu. Hence, I am sure your wife would have delivered on 18th April, in Punarvasu star ruled by Jupiter on Saturday governed by Saturn. As the Lagna has fallen in the constellation of Mercury, Revathi ruled by Mercury which\ indicates correspondence, postal etc., and as Mars indicating instruments, machinery and so on, is very near the Ascendant, you will get a telegram as soon as the parents give her "Pathyam'' on the third day after delivery. " SinCe the lagna in both the rasi and Navamsa falls in Meena, you will have a daughter. It falls in a Vargothama feminine sign. Actually on Wednesday, the person

received a message saying that his wife has alrtady delivered a girl on.Saturday v in Punarvasu star and that t^e mother and the daughter were safe. Question No. 2. Two questions were put on 22nd April, 1964. The number mentioned by . the person was 28. His questions were : (a) What am I? (b) Can I expect a transfer ora thorough change in my career or will I continue in the same place where I work 7 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; .Answer: The number 28 indicates that the Ascendant is Cancer-Kataka. You have asked me to find'out your occupation. Mars

Sun, Jupiter, Venus Mercury


Rahu Lagna

22-4-64 Moon Uranus Kulli u


Houses 2, 6 and 10 indicate one's selfacquisition, service and occupation. House 2 is occupied by Moon and is in the constellation (Pubba or) Poorvapalguni ruled by Venus. The second house, is owned by Sun who is exalted in the tenth house. The sixth house is occupied by Kelhu and its lord is Jupiter who is also in the tenth house, in Aries. Lord of 10 is Mars and is in the 12th house to the 10th and it is weak to give the matters connected with'the tenth house. The tenth house is occupied by Sun, lord of 2, Jupiter, lord of 6 and Mercury, lord of 3 and 12. Sun is called Dhanvanthri. Jupiter is Physician and Mercury indicates as lord of 12, hospital asylum etc.; Sun for Government, Jupiter for Finance department and Mercury is to inspect the " accounts. As all the planets are in Mesha you will be an officer in the finance auditing department; or Mercury represents nervous system; Sun, the medical deparl40

meat; Jupiter a phy&ician andMesha shows head. Therefore ypu may be attached to mental hospital or you are airexpert in psycho-neuorosis- If you let me know what you are, then I shall tell you whether you will continue to be here or you will go out of Delhi. He replied that he was attached to a hospital" and that be was a psy cho-neurolo gist. Now I tried to find out his profession usingKrishnamurti Paddhathi, considering the TENTH cusp or meridian at the time of query. It was exactly 22 degrees in Meena or Pisces. According to his Paddhathi, it falls in Jupiter's sign, Meena, in Mercury's star, Revathi and the Sun's sub which covers 21 degrees 33 minutes in Pisces to 22 degrees 33 minutes. As Meena is the sign in which it has fallen, the department will be one of asylum, hospital, jail, etc. But the sub is ruled by Sun which decides profession. So he must be a doctor or a government servant. Mercury again indicates accounts, engineering, or one who treats neurasthenic patients or the, patients who complain of nervous breakdown.

As regards his transfer, one is to find out where the cusp has fallen. It is in an Ubhaya or common sign. It indicates that he will have a transfer. If the cusp would have fallen in a fixed sign, he will stick on to the same place where he works. But if the meridian at the time of query would have fallen in a movable sign, he will, once for all, leave the place and also the institution. Common sign is just like a pendulum, whereas movable sign is like Newton's first law; it will be similar to the rain water flowing from the cliff of a hill to the plains which can never retrace its cou^e and reach the catchment area. The date of transfer will be at the time * when the strongest of the significators passes the twelfth cusp, indicating life 'in a foreign place. This will happen when the exalted Sun, the chief signiocator of the medical department, comes to 2 degrees Mithuna or Gemini. Therefore, on 16th June you will be transferred, (The result will be let known as soon as he is transferred and informs the Editor.)

RECTIFICATION OF BIRTH TIME By Shri D. V. Subba Rao Astrology is an ancient science, the secprinciples of working. As experience tells rets of which have been explained by great us, no two almanacs agree, even in a single sages like SATYACHARYA, BHKTGU, respect. Added to this, the eternal doubts V ARAHAMIHIRA, PARASARA, JAIon ayanamsa. and determination of birth MINI, BADARAYANA, GOUTAMA. time are there. Are we to take the com? NARADA, SOUNAKA, BHARADWAJA, mencement^of flow or presentation of head VASISHTA, KALIDASA, YAVANAS or Bhupatana or the first breath as the and the like. Many great works jdF these birth time ? Deliveries, conducted with sages have been lost and a stage has come surgical assistance, pose another problem. when . people begin to doubt its varacity In this direction, it has been said that and question its validity. Reasons are Bhupatana should be treated as the final obvious. The present-day so-called astroword on the matter. To determine this is loger's not being conversant with the also another problem, as intimation of established principles OR not being in a birth is often given after a few minutes, as position to devote the time needed to work the first attention is to be given, even in the out the details in full and give its deserved best run hospitals, to the new born and attention, dabble with the help of an the mother before any other matter can error-ridden meagre chart and proceed to be thought of either by the nurse or the pronounce emphatically all sorts of yogas doctor in attendance. So the need for and calamities in store, in a single breath correcting the time of birth before prewith the result that consultants, after a paring the chart is indispensible for any time, finding nothing turning ut> as predicastrologer. nr,nredi."tion?nrf.nnjinord witbted, lose faith in astrologers and in turn, , out rectification prove to be misleading in in astrology also. The pitiable plight is a majority of the cases seen. In cases of self-explanatory. In order to arrive at deliveries conducted with surgical assiscorrect conclusions, a careful preparation tance it is fair to note the time of birth as of the chart in accordance with the timeindicated by Bhupatana and subject the old principles is an inescapable necessity. same to the principles of rectification of The mighty preparation involved would birth time enunciated by the sages. easily take considerable time which indiMutual aspect or conjunction of Moon cates that a conscientious astrologer could with Mars results in causing the normal Scrutinise only limited charts and attend monthly periods at regular intervals of to limited clients in his life and this is months in women. A period to be seldom done. In consideration of the followed with a fruitful conception occurs - above and to let the readers of this when Mars aspects Moon in anupachayas. valuable magazine know the correct apConception takes place when Sun and proach to astrology, I propose to explain Venus are posited in upachayas in rasi -the basic principles, starting with the chart and their own navamsa chart of the correction of birth time which is absolutely male partner while the female partner's essential for any to read a chart correctly, Moon and Mars should occupy upachayas past. and be located in their own nayamsas;-. Thus importance is given to the navamsa Almanacs available in the market are charts which help in determining the date based on Vakya, Siddanta and Drigganitha 42

has 200 kalas an e of conceptiort from the date of birth. It 150 kalas. When Moon has been stated that the rising sign and dwadasamsa of Dhanus, Moon should have the relation of ben'efics transiting kalas between 1200 to 1350 at the time of conception and the aspect indicating that the constellaiion would be of Sun., to achieve the fruit of conception, Poorvasadha and its 3rd quarter. Then N birth of a healthy child. It is also stressed the birth of the child would take place in that some beoefics be posited in 2, 4, 7, 9 the rasi indicated by the position of moon and 10 houses either from lagna or Moon as explained above at the time when at the time ofAConception. There has been 1200 kalas have passed in that rasi. Thus a difference of opinion on the aspects of the time of either conception or birth can either Sun or Jupiter to lagna or Moon. be determined with reasonable precision. Majority of the Rishis are of opinion that the aspect of Sun is primary though the aspect of Jupiter may be present. VarahaNormally, when moon transits the 7th mihira says that when natural benefics house of her position at adhana navamsa, transit 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 houses indivi- delivery takes place or it may be when thedually or in groups with Moon and with moon transits the rasis of the lord of adhana malefics in 3 or 11 or when Jupiter aspects navamsa lagna. Again on this issue as well, the adhana lagna, conception is sure. The Ramadayalu and Varahiraihira differed. birth of a child t&kes place normally in The former states that birth would take the tenth month in the sign indicated, by place in 5th or 7th. rasi to adhana lagna knowing the dwadasamsa occupied by while the latter opines that birth is sure to Moon at conception. Suppose she occutake place in the sign with moon which is pies the 3rd dwadasamsa of a rasi, if is to as many rasis distant from the rasi indicaÂť be known to which rasi the said dwadated by her dwadasamsa position at the time samsa belongs and the third house , from of adhana. Kalyanavarma says that the The above rasi would be the position of 10th constellation from that of the one at Moon at birth. That goes to say that the conception would be the constellation at rasi of moon at birth would be the rasi birth. I would like to refer readers to indicated by equal number of dwadasamsa slokas 9 to 13 ofSanketa I of Sankatanidhi. to the rasi indicated by the moon's dwadaThe method explained is to add 240 days samsauasi at conception. When moon is to the exact number of degrees that lapsed dwadasamsa of K-ataka at in lagna at birth plus the Moon's longitude at birth which sum would indicalc the conception, the rasi muicaLcd ij t Moon at birth would be in Vrishaba, the number ot Pays iuici â&#x20AC;˘w-ing hs time 6th from Dbaous. Kalyanavarma and of conception to that of birth. Please note Varahamihira do not agree on this line of to add one day for the leap year if it interthought. According to Kalyanavarma, venes. Other versions arc that janma the dwadasamsa is to be counted from lagna would correspond to that of moon Mesha and the child would be born in the at adhana and vice versa. Note the bhava tenth month when Moon transits that rasi having planets on either side. Distance so indicated by the dwadasamsa elapsed between the two nearest planets is to be at the time of conception counted from added to the longitude of the preceding Mesha. In the above example, the moon planet and subtracted from that of the at birth would be in Kanya the 6th rasi succaeding planet. The point so reached from Mesha. Thus it is possible to know indicates the correct longitude of the birth lagna. Find out the strongest of the lords the position of Moon at birth or concepof the janma lagna, lord of thelagna at the tion. Then again the difficulty is in determining the date of conception or time of sun-set â&#x20AC;˘> on the previous day, the planet presiding on that part of the day, the birth as the case would be, as Moon's transit in any rasi is two and a quarter lord of the hour and the lord of the rasi days approximately, .and any rasi comoccupied by Sun for day births and Moon prises of 9 quarters of any thrue constella- J v for births at night. This should be identical tions. Each quarter of a constellation' * with the navamsa of janma lagna or the 43

10th from above/ Mus indicating the When moon is posited in one of the male constellations, the ascendant being a male correct birth time, fflother authority says that Moon-should be at a place equidisrasi'with Jupiter in its trine or with like tant from adhana and janma lagnas^br the relation in amsa, conception takes place distance between the.chandra lagna and leading to the birth of a boy. When Moon is" found to occupy female constellations Janma lagna or 'adhana lagna should be and thefemale rasi happensto be the lagna the central point qf janma and cliandra lagnas at birth or between Sun and Moon â&#x20AC;&#x201D; or its navamsa with a female planet in trine to the lagna, birth of a girl should be * lagnas at birth. expected. From adhana lagna Jupiter and According^ to Vaidyanatha Dikshita, the Sun should be in odd rasis or navamsas or child conceived on all the even nights Jupiter with moon should be in lagna or would be a boy and on odd. nights would Jupiter and Venus should be in a kendra to be a girl of which children conceived on lagna being in trine or square to moon 6th, 9th, JOth, 12th, 14lh, 15th and with malefics in 2, 3 and 6 and Mercury in 16th nights after v mense's would be 7 and 9 houses, or Mercury, Venus, Jupiter fortunate. He further proceeds to say that in 7, I, 9 houses from lagna or.Jupiter and ' Sun in 3 or in triqes to adhana lagna indiMoon in 2 and 5,.or Moon, Venus and cates birth 'of a boy. The lagna of conJupiter in 9, 5, I houses for birth of boys.. ception, Sunr Moon and Jupiter being For births in Sukla Paksha, Janma Lagna powerful at the time of conception, if posiwill be the Moon Lagna at adhana while, ted in oddrasis and navamsas, indicate in case of births in Krishna Paksha, birth of a male child. If they happen to Moon will be in the 7th from janma lagna. occupy even signs, the child to be born will be a girl. It is not possible_to see Depending on chandra kalas, the Chanagreement of all the four factors in dra rasi at birth will be rising or setting at any given horoscope. As such, deteradhana. mination of the sex of the child to be bora can be assessed from the According to Varahamihira, lagna strength of Jupiter and Sun for boys is 2° 30' plus (Moon longitude -f- 12) and and Moon, Mars and Venus for girls. The that lagna should be the 9th dwadesamsa Rnal pointer would be llie position of to moon at conception for births in the Saturn in odd nr rvcr. ^ It/lLlligUL. boys or girls would take place respectively. Note to leave lagna from the odd signs. (Willbe continued)


ASTROLOGY & ATHRISHTA (FOUNDED: 1-4-1963), (Astronomy Made Easy) Phone; 4 2 4 4 9 By Jyothisba Praveena K. S. KRISHNAMURTI 13, Brahmin Street. Saidapct MADRAS-15 Vol. 2.


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JUPITER, THE GREATER FORTUNE lupiter in the secofid house Jupiter, the mighty planet and the giant of the Soiar System, is brighter than all the other plane.ts except Mars and Venus. Not only it shines brilliantly but it is also the planet of dignity, promising satisfactory fulfilment of all our desires. It gives Sathvic nature to persons^and keeps them jubilant. Being a fiery and fruitful planet, persons having beneficial Jupiter, will be optimistic, noble and jovial. They will be generous and will have the belief that, as they do more of charity, God also will be merciful and helpful to them. Jupiter is the Chief Governor for finance and children. Everybody is concerned with his family and bank position. Hence, a person is said to be fortunate to lead a peaceful life, only when Jupiter is well posited in his horoscope and is not afilicled by adverse'aspects from other - planets. Jupiter is by nature very strong to ward off the evils indicated by other planets and LO Oiiwf ivou*U>. Jupiter governing law makes the person honest and sincere. He will speak only truth and will be law-abiding. Hence he will not err or commit any mistake which itself offers peace of mind. He will beheld in high esteem and will be respected by all. Because of his honesty, integrity and sincerity, he will lead a pleasant and successful life without any trouble from the bankers, judges, and the tax collectors. Second house indicates according to Uththara Kalamritham " speech, wealth, belief in sacred tradition, mind to support others, nails in the fingers, enjoyment of life, truth or falsehood, the tongue and the eyes, the garment, pearl, gem, copper, diamond, perfume, determination, perfume, family â&#x20AC;˘ relationshipi liberality, friendship, trade, clear and convincing speech, scholarship, gold, pure silver, a close dependent and modesty."

In Jathaka Parijhatha, Sri Vaidyanatha Dikshitha says that the second house governs wealth, visual power, ease, learning, speech, household and food. Westerners are of opinion that the second house represents throat and ears, whereas Hindus declare that the second house stands for face, tongue, cheeks, eyes, niouth and teeth. The latter have allotted the - third hduse for the ears and the throat. Our experience clearly shows that the allocation-made by the Hindus is correct. (Malefics in the second house cause moles in the lips/cheek, etc., ,and not in the ear or the throat. But malefics in the third house produce moles in these parts. ^Also whenever an injury is caused, the part of the body indicated by the Hindus alone is affected and so it is ari vis able to follow the Hindu system.) As regards profession, the second house indicates self-earning capacity, the out-' purchases and -sales, promissory notes, bonds, the shares of various concerns and securities. In Horary Astrology, second house indicates the money that had been lent, one's movable property, his worth, whether rich or poor, loss or profit by traffic, money .locked up in speculation, money entangled in law-suits, prosperity or otherwise. Second house also shows matters concerning loss to the younger brother or his life in a foreign place and secret inimical activities to him or his investments. It indicates the elder brother to mother, her profits and friends. Children's occupation and reputation are referred to the second house. It also indicates the the partner and to the person himself. It is a maraka sign to the native and Ashtama Slhana to the partner. As seventh house

indicates public enemies and opponents, it may show death to the rival. Second house governs the disease and debts of father. â&#x20AC;˘ Second house shows second marriage. r Jupiter, as lord of the Ascendant in the second house, indicates that a person need not exert much and do hard work or spend much time to make money. ' Hcmay become the director of an industry and improve the business with satisfactory increase in the profit. He will be able to command respect from his subordinates and labour and there will be no labour trouble as the sixth house indicating labour receives â&#x20AC;˘ the beneficial aspect from Jupiter. If Jupiter were to occupy the constellation of .a benefic and if it receives favourable aspects from other planets, the native can arrange overdraft facilities easily. . But if it is in the constellation of a malefic, loss in transactions is threatened. So also adverse results will be experienced if the aspect is disharmonious, Jupiter, as'lord of 2 in'the second house, indicates that one can gain money as an advocate. He may be a teacher, a lawyer or a preacher. He can serve in a bank or in ment Board. He may take up a job in the finance department or in any educational institution. He may own the shares of a few industries, as Jupiter in his own quarters has to offer multiplicity of interests, since the houses, Saggittarius and Pisces are dual signs. Jupiter makes a person an orator and he may enter politics. Jupiter in the constellation of Venus, lord of 7 promises gain through partner. If it is in the constellation of lord of.10, the person has progress and prosperity in the profession; If- it is in its own' star he obtains money through personal ingenuity and business. If the constellation lord owns houses 11 and 12 (Saturn), the person will have no savings. He will always face an unbalanced budget. If lord of 5 and 8 rules the constellation, he tempted to speculate and lose. If Jupiter occupies Kethu's constellation, Moolam, he will be religious. He will have benefit from that relative indicated by the house occupied by Kethu in that horoscope.

Jupiter, as lord of 3 in the 2nd house, indicates that one will' have studious habits; inclination to study all subjects, a desire to be a good writer, publicity officer, editor, correspondent, salesman, touring officer, etc. He will learn music. During the periods of Jupiter, the native will gain througlf brothers, cousins, neighbours, etc. Short journeys made to expand one's business will prove to be profitable. Jupiter in his own constellation in' Visakam 4th pada forebodes enmity, litigation, law suits, loans and unavoidable worries. As lord of 3 in his star Poorattadhi, it shows that he will invest on properties in the neighbourhood. His brother will also invest along with him. Short journeys; publications, etc., will .result in loss of money and prestige. As lord 5f 3 in 2 in Saturn's constellation, it portends litigation about landed properties and enmity with children who may claim their share of property. Jupiter in Ihe constellation of Mercury promises higher studies, long journey, life in a foreign place, contact with strangers and their aid. Jupiter in Dhanishta, the constellation of Mars, promises decent gains- from permanent possessions, landed propsftf, conveyance, .?nfomohilf* pnrf also throneh friends and mother. Jupiter in Rahu's star, Sathabisha, in the second house will offer such results as indicated by the lord of the sign in which Rahu was, at the time of birth. â&#x2013; Jupiter, as lord of 4 in the second house, indicates satisfactory yield from the field ; good returns from land and property; purchases of estate, conveyance, furniture, etc., gain to mother who gives a part dT it to the native. As lord of 4 .in 2 in Chitra star, it indicates sale, of property or car after some difficulty or accident. As lord of 4 in Visakam star in Libra in the second house, it indicates that he will have a large dowry, landed property, etc. through wife. But if it is a lady's chart, she can expect a house to be constructed by the husband in her name and be given as a gift. Jupiter, in Uthrashada as lord of 4 in 2 in Capri; corn, shows that the native will have higher studies, long journey and service in a foreign embassy or under a stranger. One may work in medical or Government departments or in mines. Jupiter in

Sravanam star portends evil results, tte may have difficulty in enjoying his rights. There may be law-suits about his landed property. He may meet with accident while travelling, There is also danger through water. Jupiter in 2 in Dhanishta star indicates that bis children will have, higher studies, chancestogo overseas, etc. The person will lose invariably in speculation. We have a friend who has lost all the properties during Jupiter period, even though Jupiter happened to be lord of Lagna, as he is born in Sagittarius. It was in Dhanishta and in the sub of Mars at 23°—40' Capricorn. Loss is indicated by Mars, lord of 5 and 12. 5th house shows his madness to speculate and 12th house shows loss. Jupiter, as lord of 5 in 2, generally indicates satisfactory and substantial gains through investment, speculation, lottery, etc. His possessions will be increased by such gains and also through the efforts of children. An old person bom in Scorpio, having Jupiter at 26° 48' in Sagittarius, had been living in a small cottage till he retired. A year later, when his Jupiter dasa commenced, be joined his son who was offered good quarters by the Governmeot. Jupiter is lord of 2 and 5 to the person. 5th house shows his son. Theretore Jupiter becomes lord oi 1 and 10 to the 5th house, and it was in. the constellation of Sun who is lord of 6 (service) to the 5th house (son). Jupiter can be lord of 5 and occupy the second house only to Leo (Simha)borns and Scorpio (Vrischika) boms. If Leo is the Ascendant and Jupiter is in Uthrashada star, the native will gain by speculation, betting, music, cinema, etc. Also, through partners he will make money. But Jupiter in Hastham star ruled by Moon threatens loss in all 'attempts. Jupiter in Chitra gives grand success in studies, larger profits from permanent possession and much assistance from strangers. Jupiter, in the constellation of Venus, also indicates loss. Jupiter as lord of 6 in 2, shows steady income by service; it gives an inclination to study medicine and be a Veterinary Surgeon. A person may obtain money by

dealing in pet animals. Me will tame and train the animals. Jupiter in the constellation of evil planets indicates loss, limitation, litigation, sickness, etc. There will be labour trouble, scandal, ill-repute and waste of money. Jupiter, as lord of 7 in 2, is a strong indication that the person will have advantages by marrying a wealthy partner. Onecan expect satisfactory share of profit, gain by union, success in law suits, danger to public enemies, and gains by entering into any agreement with another. If lord of 7 is afflicted and if it occupies the second house, there will surely be loss :through the other sex, partners, etc. Partners may pass away. Second marriage is likely. We may recollect now, that Jupiter owning Kendhra houses and occupying the maraka (death inflicting) sign—2, will prove to be dangerous. It is termed as Kendhra-adhipathi and is therefore evil. The evil effect is only for longevity and nothing else. Actually when we collect the horoscopes of people born in the signs of Mercury, Virgo and Gemini, having Jupiter in the second house, a majority of them have lived happily during Jupiter dasa for a period of 16 years, and they have survived that dasa and also Saturn. The percentage of people who died during Jupuer dasa will b^ only 10 to 12%. Of them, Mahatma Gandhi is one, who died in Jupiter dasa, though Jupiter was in the 10th house, (owning the Kendhra houses 4 and 7). Again, when we note the horoscopes of people who died during Jupiter dasa, in a majority of cases, Jupiter is neither a Kendhra-adhi- pathi, nor does be occupy the maraka signs, 2 or 7. It will be observed that Jupiter causes such unpleasant event only when it is in the constellation of evil planets, irrespec tive of the house it owns or occupies. Jupiter as lord of 8 in the second house, shows that one may gain by Insurance, the money of the deceased, through the deed of will executed by the deceased, or one may receive bonus, gratuity, provident fund, thrift fund, etc. One may . be fortunate in .collecting debts ; also in getting money through partners in business. (WiU 6e contirwtd) 10

MOON IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE the 6th house to the third), teasing a wife, Moon is generally mentioned as a tuft of hair, ehemy's fort, laziness, punishplanet in astrology. But, according to the ment from Government (10th house shows definition given in the dictionary, it is not; it is one of the luminaries. It is the Government, 8th house is the 11th to the 10th: Hence the fine paid by the native nearest to the earth and it alone revolves is the gain to the Government),' fear, loss round and round the earth. Daily it moves nearly 13 degrees in the Zodiac. of money (only when evil planets occupy), giving a debt (when a benefic' occupies the It is a feminine and a changeable planet. 8th house), others' money received Its effect is modified by the sign occupied without knowledge, permanent possession, by it, by the planets conjoined with it, and wickedness, sin, murder of a living person, also aspecting it. amputation, hearing bad news, chain of Moon is termed as " Mathi'1, meaning unlucky events, war, agony, etc. "mind'*. There are in all 12 planets. The kind of . death, wills, legacies, But astrologers have found it possible to gratuity, provident â&#x20AC;˘ fund, insurance busipredict the resul ts of Sun, Moon, Mars, ness, money through partner and through Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, wife are also judged from the 8th house. Kethu, Uranus and Neptune only, the results of Pluto are still being studied and It also indicates disease of the younger it is in an experimental stage. Hence, brother, speculative gains to mother, leaving Moon and Pluto, the other ten landed property and conveyance of chilplanets may occupy some position in the dren, enemy's younger brother, wife's horoscope. A few may form good aspect movable property, her vision, danger to with Moon, and a few others may form her life, father's life in a foreign place, or unfavourable aspects. Those who afflict separation, honour to elder brother, or Moon, will cause trouble. As Moon friends. governs the mind, a person will be worried To a nation, it shows the conclusion of with such matters, as are indicated by the a peace treaty, public morality, deficit planet forming disharmonious aspect. budget, as regards exports and imports, That is why, no man in the world has estate duly, encroachment by others, loss peace of mind. of territory, loss of the leader, national Eighth house, according to Ramadayalu, grief, calamities, earthquake, volcano, author of Sanlccta Nidhi, is the house of floods, fire, famine, infection, diseases, mystery, and according to us, of misery causing much mortality, serious accidents, also. It shows the fear and danger from etc. enemies, danger caused by diseases, death, Moon as lord of Lagna in the 8th house, a hole, boat, imprisonment and the like, crossing a river, theft, robbery, siege of a ~ 'Aquarius, ' Kumba in Dhanishta star actually causes Rajayoga, and offers most fort, fighting, wrong actions, etc. brilliant results, when one is in an infant Kalidasa in Uthra Kalamritha says that stage, running Mars dasa and the sub of the following matters are to be investigaMoon. Later, in every Moon sub-period, ted from the 8th house:â&#x20AC;&#x201D; he will have a rise in his career. Moon Longevity, happiness or sorrow, defeat, in Sathabisha causes worry and anxiety, unless Rahu, at the time of birth, occupied bonus, money of the deceased, affliction of a favourable house. Moon in "Poorvathe face (as this house opposes the second pathra pada star gives success after much house indicating face), urinary disease struggle; it may cause anxious ill-health, (8th house shows bladder and genital it increases enemies; one can win in organs), calamity, brother's enemy (as it is 11

election or competition. Partner may will lose money in speculation or by prolose money. Otherwise, wife may cause ducing pictures, in cinema, drama or by worry due to her bad luck. betting. It also shows ailment to brother or misunderstanding with him. Moon, Moon, as lord of 2 in 8, in Uthrashada as lord of 5 in 8 in Swathi, threatens that star, gives loss through brothers or while one may divorce the partner who will making short journey, or by editing books, never co-operate; or the partner may be or by Government officials, one may be ill. At least it gives separation for some pick-pocketed, especially in a public time due to lack of understanding and place, Government office, bus stand, adjustment. Moon in Vishakam star in 8 railway, etc. Moon in Sravanam star gives success in speculation, unexpected gives "wealth and not health. Moon in gains by betting, lottery, etc. One may Dhanishta, governed by Mars, shows that serve in a maternity hospital or Stock one will have litigation and will be lucky Exchange or race club. One will become to have grand success! One may suffer popular and also rich, if the malefic from any chronic disease during other sub- - very planets do not afflict Jupiter, by forming periods, whereas Moon gives cure in its adverse aspect. period. Moon, as lord of 3 in 8, causes anxiety Moon, as lord of 6 in 8, is most and worry, if it would have been in advantageous, only when it is in Hastham Moolam star. But, one can make money, star. But, if it were to be in Uthrapalguni, if it was in Poorvashada. He may become the native will incur debts, suffer from a partner, and give finance to run a show abdominal trouble, indigestion, loose with satisfactory bank position. Moon in bowels, etc. Health will fail ; bank Uthrashada star indicates sale of landed position will deteriorate; enmity will property and reduction in the permanent increase. Moon in Hastham causes loss noldings. Moon causes troubles through to the opponent and gain to the native. Health may fail, but the native will not vehicles, mother, etc. _ A few will change their residence to avoid the persistent lose money in his transactions. There trouble given by the house owner if Moon will be law suits, but he will invariably was in Uthrashada star. come out victorious. Moon in Chitra star may cause gastric ulcer or leucoWrf .-f A ir. R ir, VUsl nrr. ucruia. IsUC LUdy acivc u A u UiCUiLal star, gives success in higher education, representative, or deal in spare parts, long journey and life in a far-off place, instruments, etc. Health of brother also after experiencing lot of troubles. Separawill fail and both cannot have good tion from family, hospitalisationof father understanding. Separation and partition and sale of property are also indicated. are threatened. Moon in Anuradha star indicates that one can have through legacy or inheritance Moon, lord of 7 in 8 in Makam star, landed properties, and one may serve in denies happy domestic life, especially in Insurance or Chemical Engineering Indusadult age, when one is to really enjoy try or in mines. It indicates enjoyment of peace of mind and be happy. It is life in decent quarters, erected by the dangerous to his partner's longevity. She Government, and also purchase of promay have fear complex or hysteriaperty at competitive prices through the Partner m business will be very wise influence of friends. Moon, in the conand he may silently make up larger stellation of Jyeshta ruled by Mercury, profits without the knowledge of the threatens enmity, disease, frequent changes person born in Capricorn with Moon in of residence, debts, purchase of property Makam. Moon, lord of 7 in Pooram star through any society or by raising loan; 8, makes one religious, and forces him So,also, one may buy a car under hire- - in to speculate. Invariably, he will lose. . ' purchase system. ~ ...... Venus rules' Poo'rvapaiguni. It is lord of Moon, as lord of 5 in 8 in Chithrai star 5 and 10; its star is occupied by the ruled by Mars, indicates that the native lord of the 7th houseâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;opponentâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;com12

petitorâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and Venus is lord of 11 to the Punatvasu star gives satisfactory bank position, gain of money, success in pleasur7th house. Moon, lord of 7 is in 2 to the able pursuits, chances of marrying one 7th house. Hence the competitor wins. born in a stranger's family or " Love The native will speculate as Venus is lord matriage ", intelligent children and making of 5- Moon in Poorvapalguni gives money in cinema, music or speculation. opportunity for one to enter into cinema line or share brokers office or to lake up Moon,-as lord of 10 in 8 in Karthikai music or deal in scents, petrol or milk. star, will prove to be a Maraka. It may Moon in Uthrapalguni in eight causes end his life even in youth, when other ailment to partner; but much gain to him planets are weak and also afflicted, with minimum effort. Rather, he will be because Karthikai is ruled ^by Sun, who a partner assisting with finance alone, is a Bhadhaka Sthana-adhipathi. Planets whereas the native is to work hard, earn in the constellation of Bhadhaka Sthanaand give away" the major part to the thipathi will give death in their period financieror sub period. As regards his profession, he will have satisfaction in his remuneraMoon, in 8 in Cancer in Punarvasu star, shoWs disposal of landed property, hatred tion. He will be much respected. He can towards close relatives and loss of save money. He will have peace, pleasure, comfort, etc. One may sell away the prosperity and permanent tie of friendship. conveyance. To his.mother, Moon offers Moon in the constellation Rohini indimost desirable results. She may have cates early demise of father, dissatisfaction in service, though well-paid, always popularity and prosperity. Moon in Pushyam is very bad,, as the person will thinking of a change, desire to go overseas, lose money, and have many enemies ; he etc... Moon in 8 in Mrigasirisha in Taurus will bera pessimist. There may be fear indicates success in enterprises, a very complex, inferiority complex and failure " liberal partner, a spend-thrift wife or husband, delay in marriage, difficulty in the due to his own laziness, reluctance, silence and negligence. Annoying letters and state of married life, profit by insurance or depressing messages will be received. He gaining money by legacy. may incur debts due to business in petrol Moon, as lord of II in 8~in Aswini star, or mine products. Moon in his own is definitely evil. The native can neither sign, the r8thâ&#x2013; ...... house, or in, L _Aslesha ..or star have pleasant life, nor friends to oblige piv/iLUbca ><i. p.;"-...' him, or at least consoic mui. nc Lemuel, house, property", etc., through wife or think straight. He will be confused. He husband, as also, vehicle through them and will be rash and" will land himself in 'promotion'in one's profession. It offers trouble. He may have friends in the Police advancement in one's career, inclusion of Or Military or in such departments where a Mercurian to expand his business) name, the officials have extraordinary powers. fame and reputation. In his weak and unguarded moments, he Moon in 8 owning the 9th house indimay take them into confidence and may talk cates that father will be fortunate in a place about his wrong actions. When Moon other than his native place; father will Bhukti operates, these friends will betray have mixed resutls by speculation, etc. if him and will give valuable assistance to the Moon was in Mrigasirisha star owned by ' colleagues to spoil the person. Moon in Mars. He may purchase a property at a Bharani star gives wealth, music, large price, higher than the market rale. In the circle of friends, much respect in society, bargain he will lose. Moon in Arudhra separation from father due to the transfer indicates danger to father, Jailure in in the father's profession, loss through higher studies, unnecessary attempts to go paternal uncle, difficulty through son-inoverseas, etc. Moon, as lord of 9 in. 12 to law or daughter-in-law (5th house ?hows the 9th house in Rahu's star Arudhra, is one's son -or daughter and 11th house is Mefinitciy evil if Rahu would have been ' in' the 7tb therefrom. So their partner in life the 3rd or the 10th house. Moon in is indicated by the 11th house). Partner 13

VIMSHODDHARI DASA To ascertain the time of event in. one's life is very important. The methods adopted by the Hindus, and the Westerners differ absolutely, one from the other. The Hindus take the exact position of Mpob at the time of birth, find out in which constellation (Nakshathra, star) Moon then was, the planet that governs the constellation, the total number of Solar years allotted to that planet, the position of the star already passed before birth and the balance of the Nakshathra that is to run; after calculation, find out the balance of the period that is to pass from the time of birth and then the order of the dasa is to be followed: They call the periods of the planets as ''Dasas The Hindu sages have adopted and advocated many dasas of which three are largely in use. They are Vimshoddhari Dasa, Ashtottari Dasa, and Kalachakra Dasa. Of these, the Vimshottari is found to be very simple, most accurate and scientific. They have taken the seven planets (who rule ihe seven days of die v* ecky iiild also the nodes, Rahu and Kelhu. It is not known why they have recommended to follow a particular order of the periods, and also why they have allotted each -planet a particular number of years (Kethu 7; Venus 20; Sun 6 ; Moon 10 ; Mars?; Rahu 18; Jupiter 16; Saturn 19 and Mercury 17 years). Each planet rules many years. But it will be advantageous to know the exact lime. So, they have divided the ''Dasas" "into 9 Bhukties (Apaharas—sub periods) and the 9 Bhukties are ruled by the 9 planets in the cyclic order. As the Bhukties also run for years, they are again subdivided among the same nine planets" and this subdivision is called Antharas. Further* it is subdivided into Sookshmas, Trana,'etc^—s *• ' The Zodiac is divided into 12 equal parts; each is called a Solar mansion 30

(or Rasi or Sign). They are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The Hindus have divided the Zodiac into 27 equal divisions; each measures 13°-20'. They commence from Aries 0 and end by Pisces 30°; The 27 divisions are called Lunar Mansions (Nakshafras, Stars—Constellations). They are called Aswini, Bharani, Kartikai, Rohini Uthrapathrapada and Revathi. The following explains why they have taken 9 planets and divided the Zodiac into 27 Nakshatras, and whether all the thousands of stars in the Heavens influence or which of them exactly brings about modification in the results of the planets. The Zodiac is 360° in Longitude, It is first divided into 3 equal parts of 120c each. The four signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer, make up 120° in the segment AEL. The next four signs Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio form 120°, and they are in the segment LES ; Saggittarim Capricorn, Aauarius and Pisces are the last 4 signs in the segment SEA measuring 120°. fHiA

[A is Aries 0°, L is Libra 0°, S is Sagittarius 0° and E is Earth.]

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e > ?/ /> T y ' ;, ' i' h ! u ' a, ' o u .'5/ ^/'o' / ,A/S/3 4.'J^1 r <• / i, / ' '/' --'ja rn




'4r. / 'r 2<0-Wt3

MARS nUJJ 13 y-JokAV€>ti

\K J- 2-7

\A\. ^tvc. "2.oncLva_c • Planets moving from the point A (Vernal Equinox) Aries—Mesba 0 according io Nirayana system—get their results modified as they move in the Zodiac. In the first 13°-20' i.e. 0° to 13° —20' any planet transiting in Mesha (Aries) will be influenced by Kethu, and the constellation is called Aswini. Then when it passes on between 13®-20' and 26°-40', Venus influences it; this area is called Bharani." Between 26°-40' to 30° of Aries and from 0° Taurus to 10° Taurus, the planet's results will be modified by Sun. Karthikai is the nhme of the s tar> Then-from l00 Taur us to 23°—20', Moon modifies the results of the planet occupying this lunar mansion called Rohini. Between 23°—20' in Taurus

and 30" Taurus, as well as 0° Gemini to 6° —40' in Gemini, the mansion called Mrigasririsha is ruled by Mars and the planet in this area will be under the control of Mars. The ,next "13° —20', called Arudhra, is governed by Rahu; next Punarvasu is ruled by Jupiter (—Guru). It is followed by Pushya and Ashlesha governed by Saturn anc^dercury respectively. Similarly, from Simha 0° (Leo) up to the end of Scorpio, the four signs are divided • into 9 lunar mansions;, (called .N.akshatfas,.. Stars or Constellations) termed Makam, Poorvapalguni, Uthrapalguni,. Hastham, Chithrai, Swathi, Visakam, Anuradha and 31-

Jyeshta which are ruled by the 9 planets in the same order, viz., Kethu, Sukra (Venus), Sun, Moon, Mars (Sevvai, Mangal, Angaraka, Kuja), Rahu, Jupiter (Guru), Saturn (Sani), and Mercury (Budha). The remaining 1/3 of the Zodiac SA, contains the 4 signs Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces; and the nine constellations in it are Moolam, Poorvashada, Uthrashada, Sravana, Dhanishta, Sathabisha, Poorvapathrapada, Uthrapathrapada and Revathi. The planets Kethu, Venus, Sun, Moon, .Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury rule the stars in the same order. Hence planets in between 0° — 13° 20' in Aries (Aswini), 0o-13o 20' in Leo (Makam), and 0°- 13° 20' in Sagittarius (Moolam) will be under the sway of Kethu; 13°-20' in Aries to 26° —40' Barani; 13°—20' in Leo to 26° —40' Poorvapalguni; 13° —20' in Sagittarius to 26°—40' Poorvashada are ruled by Venus and planets transiting in these zones are controlled by Venus and the results of Venus will be offered by the planet, transiting in this zone. Thus, each planet governs three zones in the Zodiac. If a planet were to be in Aswini, another in Makam and the third in Moolam, all are -under the influence of Kethu and are in Kethu's zone. If the astrologer says that a planet is modified by the Lord of the constellation Kethu, then the statement is not complete and clear. He has to add, whether it is in Aries, or Leo, or Sagittarius, as one cannot locate the position of the planet correctly. Suppose a father has three sons Brahma, Vishnu and Siva—presume that each son has nine children and every son gives the same order of names, Rama, Baratha, Lakshmana, Sathrugnan, Dharmaputhra, ,Bhima, Arjuna, Nal^ula and Sahadeva. The'first issue of all the three are' called "Rama", the second issue of each called " Bharatha " and so on, and the issue of them will be l< Sahadeva ^ If postman has to deliver a letter with address Rama alone, how can he exactly-

fix up to which Rama it refers. The moment, he calls out Rama, three Ramas will respond. Instead, suppose all the 27 children are given different names, how easy and exact it will be to identify. Similarly, instead of calling each lunar mansion as Kethu 1 (Aswini), Kethu 2 (Makam), Kethu 3 (Moolam), Venus I (Bharani), Venus II (Pooram), Venus III (Pooradam), and so on, or as Kethu in Mesha—Aries, Kethu in Simha—Leo, Kethu in Dhanus (Sagittarius), and so on, the ancients gave different names to all the 27 stars (27 zones of l3o-20') commencing from Aswini and ending with Revathi. They are aware that the stars are not elongated from 0° to 13°-20' and then another from 13o-20' to 26o-40/ and so on. The Zodiac does not give the appearance of a circular wheel made of a cane with 27 rings in it. But the Zodiac isan imaginary pathway inthe heavens, 360° in length and 15° in width with stars scattered all over, in and outside the Zodiac, and appear as dots and not rods. The constellations selected by our sages are either a group of stars or any single bright star, so that they can be first Idciitiiicu easily. A few of iheia are In ilie Zodiac itself; majority of the groups are around the constellations which are named after these groups. These stars may be very close to the 27 divisions of Zodiac (constellations) or far away, and they may be either to the north or south of the Zodiac. A few groups are very near or in the next constellation, and yet they are chosen simply for reference and calculation to locate where a particular constellation would be in the Heavens, as there is no other constellation within that zone which can hp iinmictaVahly identified.' Therefore, these 27 stars are to guide us, so that we can calculate and ascertain the position of the 27 zones in the Zodiac. These 27 constellations are governed by the 9 planets. Hence each planet rules, over three Zones at an interval of 120°—' Kethu—Aswini, Makam, Moolam, VenusSukra—Bharani, Pooram, Pooradam. These zones modify the results of the planets transiting in the Zodiac and not the stars, scattered in the Heavens. This is the 32

reason why they have selected only 27 stars, . even though there are numberless stars in the sky. Suppose (a) there is a light in the centre of a circular room provided with .12 glass panes of different colours, (b) around the room there is a verandah and outside it, there are 27 /glass panes, the colour of which 1, 10 and 19, is the same; 2, 11 and 20 differ from 1, 10, 19 but these three are of the same colour; 3, 12 and 21 differ from others but these three are of the same colour as they belong to one group. Similarly, all the 27 panes are of 9.different colours. If a person walks outside the circular verandah looking at the light inside, he will find the colour of the light getting changed according to the colour of the panes. Similarly, the results of the planets are changed by the lord of the sign and the . lord of the Nakshthra. If a planet is compared to a torch light, then the influence of the sign—Solar mansion occupied by it and the influence I-6f the Zones of 13" —20' called stars, change the colour of the light. You can laftC Uilc of kliw COioUi' indicalcd by the sign and another slide of the colour shown by the Lord of the constellation and interpose between the torch light and the observer. The light from the torch -gets modified. and the resultant will be absolutely different. With this principle only, the results of planets are judged and Vimshottari Dasa is worked out. The planet taken for calculating Vim_shoddhari Dasa is Moon. So find out the position of Moon at the time of the birth of a child or the commencement of any project. Depending on the constellation position of moon, the dasa at the time of birth is chosen ; then the exact position of Moon in that constellation gives the r>balance, of. the- period of- that dasa. Suppose Moon is at 0° Aries-Mesha. Moon is in the constellation Aswini. Aswini is governed by Kethu. Kethu's total period is 7 years. As at the time of birth, Moon has not passed any part of Aswini, it has to pass all the 13°—20'. 34

These seven years represented by 13° —20' have to run from the time of the birth of the child. But if a child is born when Moon wasin 6° - 40'Aries, Moon hasmoved before the birth (or before commencing any work) 6°— 40' in Aswini and is to run another 6°—40' to pass through Aswini, i.e., Moon has passed exactly half of Aswini and is Mo finish another half. Therefore, in the total period of seven years, half of it, i.e., years have passed before birth and 3^ years are to run from the time of the birth of the child. If Moon would have been in 3° — 20' of Aswini, Moon was in Kethu's star. It had passed 3°-20' = (3 x 60) +20=200'. - The total number of minutes for each star of 13°- 20' = (13 x 60)+20 = 800'. Therefore before birth, 200 divided by 800 Kethu Dasa had passed: is to pass. For 800', Kethu period is 7 years. Hence for -525 0f Kethu period, balance at the 800 600 _/ years = 5 years time ofr birth. is-^q-x 3 months. Suppose Moon was in Punarvasu constellation in Gemini at 26°. In Gemini 0° to 6° —40'is Mrigasririsham, 6°- 40' to 20° is Arudhra 20° to 30° in Gemini and 0° to 3°-20' in Cancer (Katakam) is Punarvasu. If Moon would have been in 26° in Gemini at the time of birth then 6 x 60'= 360', Moon had already moved into Punarvasu. -It has to move 30° minus 26° = 4° and 0° to 3° —20' in Cancer = 3°- 20' in Cancer ^ 4°+ 3* - 20' = 7° - 20' = (7 x 60)'+20' = 440'. Therefore Moon has moved 360'. It has to move 440'. Punarvasu is ruled by Jupiter. The Vimshoddhari Dasa of Jupiter is 16 years. . Hence for 800', Jupiter (Guru—Viyazhan —Brihaspathi) dasa is l6years. The time ^ 44 to pass 440 = 440 800 x 16 years = —j years. That is, 8.8 years of Jupiter dasa is to run.

So, find out in which star (constellation) Moon was at the time of birth. Note the lord of the Nakshthra (constellation). Find out how many years that planet runs (refer to the table). Find how many degrees and minutes,- Moon had passed already and how much more it has to transit to complete that •particular Star (even though the star may extend to the next sign or the star would have commenced in the previous sign). The remaining portion alone may be taken for calculation. Convert the remaining portion into minutes. Divide by 800. Multiply by the number of years for the dasa (Dasa is indicated by the lord who rules the star). Another example will clarify: Suppose one is born with Moon in 8° in Capricorn • — Makaram : In Capricorn, 0° to 10° is Uthrashada. Uthrashada commences at

26°-40'in Sagittarius—Dhanus. Therefore, the last 3°- 20' inSagittarius and the first 10° in Capricorn is Uthrashada. Moon was in 8° in Capricorn. Therefore only 2° are left in Uthrashada. Uthrashada is governed by Sun. The total period of Sun (Sun's dasa) is 6 years. So, the period of Sun's dasa at the time of birth, as Sun was in 8 degrees in Capricorn is 2 x 60' - 120 minutes divided by 13° — 20' = 800', multiplied by six years = 120 x 6=0*9 year = 0 year 10 months 24 days. Thus one is to ascertain how much period of a particular dasa is left over at the time of birth. After this period is over, the other dasas will follow one after another in the order given and the number of years of the following dasas.

TABLE I Total number of years of each planet and the stars ruled by the planets. Dasa period Position in the Zodiac Planet Stars 0° to 13:o-20' Aries Aswini 0- to i 3 -20* Kethu Makam Leo i jrcai-j Moolam Sagitratius 0° to 13c-20' 13oo-20' to 26oo-40' Bharani Aries 13o-20' to 26 o-40' 20 years Leo Venus Poorvapalguni Poorvashada Sagittarius 13 -20'to 26 -40' (Sukra) Aries 26M0'to Taurus 10° Karthikaf 6 years Sun 26oo-40' to Virgo 10° Uthrapalguni Leo 26 -40' to Capri. 10* Sag. Uthrashada 10° to 23°-20' Rohini Taurus 10 years Haslham Virgo 10° to 23o-20'. Moon Capricorn 10° to 23o-20' Sravanara Mrigasirisham 23o-20' to Gemini 6o-40' Taurus Mars Virgo 23oo-20', to Libra 60-40' Cbithrai 7 years Dhanishta 23 '20 to Aquarius 6o-40' (Kuja) Capri. Arudhra 6o-40' to 20° Gemini Rahu Libra Swalhi . 6o-40r to 20° 1.8 years Sathiabisha " Aquarius" ■•eMO'loap -• Punarvasu Gemini 20° to Cancer 3°-20' Jupiter Visakara Libra 20° to Scorpio 3oo-20' 16 years (Guru) Poorvapathrapada Aquarius 20° to Pisces 3 -20' 35

Planet Saturn Mercury (Budha) Total 9 planets

Stars Pushyam Anuradha Uthrapathrapada Aslesha Jyeshta Revathi

TABLE Position in the Cancer 3o-20' to 16oo-40' 3°-20' to 16 -40' Pisces 3o-20' to 16o-40' Cancer 16M0' to 30° Scorpio 16D0-40' to 30° Pisces 16 -4Q' to 30*

27 stars

360 degrees.

If one is bom in Rohini star, i.e., when Moon was between 10° and 23°—20' in Taurus, one will have Moon dasa at the time of birth- The period left over which is to run after the birth depends on its exact position in the star, Rohini. After the balance in Moon dasa is over, 7 years of Mars dasa, 18 years of Rahu dasa, 16 years of Jupiter dasa 19 years of Saturndasa, etc., will follow one after the other in this order. If one was. born in Pushyam star, having IMoon between 3°—20', and 16°—40' in Cancer—Kataka, the balance 1 of Saturn dwpciiis en the portion o •to be transited. That portion which was transited by Moon is that part of the dasa spent away before the birth. But that portion which is to be covered by Moon -4o complete the star shows the balance of the Saturn dasa left out at the time of birth. Then follows after Saturn, the dasa of Mercury for the total period of 17 years, then the total period of 7 years of Rethu, followed by 20 years of Venus and -so on. t -If-the-birth was in Visakam star, com-mencing from 20° Libra and extending up to 3°—20' of Scorpio, the dasa at birth is ruled by Jupiter. The balance of Jupiter dasa at birth is the longitude in Visakam to be transited by Moon before entering into Anuradha divided by 13°—20' of star, '-multiplied by the total number of years Jupiter^i.e., 16 years. Then follows the total period of 19 years of Saturn, 17 years of Mercury,- 7 years of Kethu, 20 years of Venus and so on-

Dasa period 19 years 17 years 120 years

The following table may be useful to calculate, or to quickly Verify the balance in the dasa at the time of birth. The formula is:— The longitude remaining in the star, converted into minutes, divided by. 800 and then multiplied by the total number of years of the dasa of that star. (If Moon was in 12° Libra, it means that Moon was in the star Swathi. The ruling lord is Rahu—Rahu dasa extends for 18 years. Swathi starts at 6° —40' and extends up to 20° Libra. As Moon at# birthD wasC in 12*. Moon has to move 20 —12 = 8 to complete Swathi 8° or 480'. Therefore the oaiaucc oi uaaa at bu 4o0-.-SuCr jud then multiplied by 18 years = 480 x 18-^800 = 10-8 years = 10 years 9 months 18 days. It means before birth. 7 years 2 months 12 days of Rahu had passed as Moon had passed 12-6°—40'= S5—20' in Swathi, before birth. So one has to take that the person has to run 10 years 9 months and 18 days from the time of his birth. •for r For 1° Dasa yr- mth. days. - Days 0 6 9 Kethu 315 days Venus 9 00 1 6 0 Sun 2-70 0 5 12 0 9 0 Moon 4-50 „ 3" 15 0 6 9 Mars 1 "4 6 Rahu 8-10 1 2 12 Jupiter 7-20 1 5 3 Saturn 8-55 Mercury 1 3 9 7'65 36

Moon's Constellation Aswini Makam Moolara

BharaniPoorvapalguni Poorvashada

Karthikai Uthrapalguni Uthrashada Karthikai Uthrapalguni Uthrashada

Rohini Hastham Sravanam

Position Sign. Aries Leo Sagittarius

Exact Dasa Position Lord 0° Kethu 1° T V 4° 5° 6° 7° 8° go lO-0 ll 12° 13°o 13 -20' Aries Venus \r-w 14° Leo Sagittarius 15° leIT 18" 19° 20° 21° 22° 23° 24° 25 26°o 26 -40' 26o-40' Sun Aries Leo 27 Sagittaries 28 29 30 Taurus 0° Virgo 1° Capricorn 2° 3° 4° 5° 6° 7° 8° 9° l . *■ p'.? : ,,f ... tii:m Taurus 10° Moon Virgo 11 Capricorn 12 37

Balance of Dasa Yrs. Mtks. Days 7 0 0 6 5 21 5 11 12 5 5 3 4 10 24 4 4 15 3 10 6 3 3 27 2 9 18 2 3 .9 9 1 0 1 2 21 0 8 12 0 2 3 0 0 0 20 0 19 0 0 17 6 0 16 0 0 14 6 0 13 0 0 11 6 0 10 0 0 6 8 0 7 0 0 5 6 0 4 0 0 5 i 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 5 10 6 5 4 24 4 11 12 4 6 0 4 6 0 4 0 18 7 3 6 3 1 24 2 8 12 3 2 0 1 9 18 1 4 6 10 24 0 5 0 12 .0 ro _ P> 0 0 10 3 9 0 0 8 6

Moon's Constellation

Mrigasririsharo Chithrai Dhanishta

Mrigasririsham Chithrai Dhanishta

Arudhra Swathi Sathabhisha

Punarvasu . Visakara Poorvapathrapada

Position Sign

Exact position 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23o 23 -20' Taurus 23o-20' Virgo 24° Capricorn 25° 26° 27° 28° 29° 30° Gemini 0° Libra 1° 2° Aquarius 3 4 5 6 6.40 Gemini 6-40 Libra ' 7 ' 8 Aquarius '9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 20° Gemini-.. Libra 21 Aquarius 22 23 24 25 38

Dasa Lord Moon

Mars (Kuja)



- Jupiter

Balance of Dasa Yrs. Mths- Days 9 0 7 0 7• 0 3 0 6 0 6 5 9 0 4 0 0 4 3 0 3 0 2 6 9 0 1 0 0 1 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7 6 7 24 1" 15 6 7 6 5 5 0 27 6 18 4 4 0 9 3 6 0 3 0 6 2 11 21 2 5 12 3 11 I 1 4 ^4 15 0 10 6 0 4 0 0 0 18 0 0 17 6 18 16 2 12 14 10 6 13 6 0 1 24 12 10 9 18 9 • 5 12 8 . ■1 - 6 6 9 0 5 '4 24 4 0 18 2 8 12 1 4 6 0 0 0 16 '6 "o 14 9 18 13 7 6 12 4 24 2 12 11 10 0 0

Moon''s Constellation

Position Sign

Punarvasu Visakam Poorvapathrapada

Cancer Scorpio Pisces

Push yam Anuradha Uthrapathrapada

Cancer Scorpio Pisces

Ashlesha Revathi

Cancer Scorpio Pisces

Exact position 26 27 28 29 ■30° 0 1 2 3 3o-20' 3o-20' 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 n 12 13 14 15 16 16M0' 160-40' J. 1 IS" 19° 20° 21° 22° 23° 24° 25° 26° 27 28 29 30

Dasa Lord Jupiter



Mercury iBudha)

Balance of Dasa Yrs. Mths. Day: 8 9 18 7 7 6 6 4 24 5 12 2 4 0 0 4 0 0 2 18 9 6 1 7 0 4 24 0 0 0 19 0 0 18 18 0 16 7 15 15 12 2 13 9 9 12 4 6 3 .10 11 9 6 0 8 0 27 6 7 24 5 2 21 3 9 18 2 4 is 0 12 11 0 0 0 17 0 0 16 6 27 15 3 18 14 9 0 12 9 0 11 5 21 ' 10 2 12 8 3 U 7 7 24 6 4. 15 5 1 6 3 .9 27 2 18 6 3 9 L 0 0 0

How to sub-divide each Dasa into various Bhukthies (apaharas, sub-periods) Anthras, etc», will be published in the next issue. . Then, Krishnamurthi Paddhathi will follow.


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No. 9.

CONTENTS Ashtama Sani and Honour Characteristics to be Corrected Moon in the Ninth House Jupiter, the Greater Fortune [contd.). Symbolic Directions Simplified Homage to Nehru Daily Guide for September 1964 direction of Horoscope Is Your Horoscope Powerful ? Local Mean Time—Different Latitudes of Sun-rise and Sun-set Position of Planets Find put your Birth Sign—Chart Symbols of Signs, Planets and - Aspects Monthly Prediction—English Book Reviews Letter to Editor Monthly Prediction—Tamil

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ASHTAMA SANI AND HONOUR Is Ashtama Sani ever evil? No. The honour and reputation conferred on a Hotel Proprietor and his success in the competition during Ashtama Sani is discussed. The following is the horoscope of Sri A, R. Selhumadhavan, Proprietor of Hotel Ooly at Daba Gardens, Visakhapatnam. Jupiter. 10*5' Sun 10*39' Mercury 26'J7' •Venus 21B25'

Kelhu 3038' Moon 5*7' Sani (16<,46')

people who have a routine and monotonous career. On 15-7-64, the positions of the planets were as follows: Jupiter Saturn Retro.

Mars Venus

Rahu Sun Mercury

15-7-64 Evening

Lagna Moon

The Proprietor of the Hotel Ooty. was presented with a fancy and costly rolling silver cup by the Rotarians recognising l his Hotel to be maintained in the best Kahu condition iu tliuL thr hyfy*''" condition in which the hotel premises are kept, the absence of fly nuisance inside, preparation of delicious dishes, prompt At the lime birth, the balance of service without any waste of time, the Saturn dasa was 16 years 5 months and proper sterilisation of the utensils and the 20 days. cleanliness of the kitchen, cooks and"* Rotarians, arc noted for their kindness, servers, etc. sympathy, pure and refined affections. On 15-7-64, Vimshottari They are fond of society and sociability. Like Gcmini-borns, they are intelligent. Dasa, he was running Venus (lord of Like Librans, they are very capable in Lagna) Dasa—major period, Moon (lord of 10) bhukti - Apahara- Sub-period— proper assessment and correct judgment. and Sun (lord of 11) sub-sub-pcriod— Like Aquarians, they are most loyal to friends and they are the highest grade of anthara. humanity. They never act in a hurry and so they seldom have cause to regret their Generally, lagna indicates the results . enjoyed by the native of the horoscopeactions. Rotarians arc generally rich in Lord of Lagna offers grand success to a wisdom apd wealth. They have the "qualifies of theThre^'airy signs- Geminr^f. v^ati,ve ifjt.wpujdj have occupied the consteilation of the lords of Tv2, 3,*'6, '10 or Libra and Aquarius. " Ulh house. The sub (according to KrishnaraurtiPaddhalhi) in that constellaIn Visakhapatnam, the Rotarians arc very enthusiastic. They give life to the tion must be ruled by one of the lords of 3

1, 2, 3, 6, 10 or 11th house. Then, in their conjoined period, one can look for success. Here, Venus—Sukra—is the lord of thelagna. It is in the constellation of Moon, lord of 10, and is also in its own (Venus) Sub (Krishnamurti Paddhathi), as it was in 21°—25Vwhich is between 20°— 27'and 22°—40' in Capricorn—Makara— ruled by Venus in Moon's star Sravana. So Venus will contribute for success.

to be born. But Saturn stretched itself to the twelfth house to save the lives of the Devas by bringing misfortune to Indrajith. This is to commit to memory that in any horoscope, the llth house promises success. Lagna indicates the native. The seventh house shows the opponent. The sixth house indicates enmity—open inimical activity and also the loss to the opponent, as the sixth house is VRAYA to the 7th house. The eleventh house is for success. Tenth, house brings, honour, name and fame. Therefore, when this native was running the dasa of the lord of the lagnaVenus (Sukra), sub-period of the lord of , 10, Moon bhukti, and lord of 11 (Sun) anthara, he had this honour and According to transit followed by the Hindus, takingthe position of Moon alone in the horoscope at the time of birth, one has to say that the native's chart shows that Moon was in Cancer (Kataka) and Saturn, on 15-7-64, was in Aquarius (Kumbha), which is the 8th house from Cancer. In Tnrrtil Nad. it is :><rid Ihul peop!-v :".ho could h.r.been ■ milV-nr-K cr ~ ine when. Sat am tran:;::.-, ir, P ( ^ . cvjfi-pjj, 7, S-I*!), For evin^r.)^ one may be committing a crime for a great number of years. Buthewillbe caught and punished during Ashtama Sani. This is the common saying in the south. Also, it is said that Jupiter, transiting in the 10th house, portends a fall in one's career. It may bring scandal and ill-repute (10 so (rngJTLi^iiSltfniu® GlaQuu/rsar). Such slogans should end. Proper application of the science alone is needed.

10th house is owned by moon. It is in its own.sign conjoined with lord of 4 and 5 and in Pushyamstar, the constellation of Saturn, lord of 4 and - 5 and in the sub of Mercury in Pushyam star. Therefore, Moon who is under the influence of Saturn and Mercury cannot confer any honour during the joint periods of Moon and Saturn or Moon Bhukti, Mercury Anthara. Venus aspecting Moon (lord of 1 aspecting lord of 10) gives beneficial strength to Moon to offer beneficial results, after Saturn and Mercury sub-subperiods are over, and during Venus dasa Moon Bhukti Venus Anthara alone, it has to give. Ir may be a fact that it few months piior. mostly in January and February 196-1, the judeet; ccuid have c^i-sidcrcu this hotel as oiic of the two to be recognised. Moon in conjunction with Saturn is called 'Punarphoo'. That is, in the first attempt, Saturn conjoined with Moon does not offer the desired results. . Either it may be delayed or denied. Only on the subsequent attempts the native will be crowned with success. But the moment when Venus Anthara started after 5-4-64, this Lodging House could have impressed on the customers and Rotarians that his hotel is second to none in Vizag. Probably he" would have improved the hotel from 5-4-64.- k

Astrologers may say that Ashtama Sani is evil in a few cases especially when the dasa is adverse. They may add that Ashtama Sani cannot prove to be harmful if the dasa is good. It is true. But the statement is incomplete. The (a) exact time when Ashtama Sani can offer agreeable results, (b) in which cases Sani is a benefic and (c) in which cases Ashtama Sani is evil, has not.been discussed elaborately by any so far.

11th house is always for success. Lord of 11 contributes for social and financial success; also one can come victorious in any conflict, litigation, competition or war only during the beneficial sub-period of lord of 11. That is why, Ravana tried to keep all the planets in the 11th house to lagna when his son Indrajit was about 4

^ s'of 1, 2> 3, 6, 10 and 11th houses, henever they, during transit, form favourable aspects, offer desirable results Surmg competition, election, litigation, etc. And, lords of 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 12th houses, whenever they form evil aspects during transit, the native wins. Find out to which house Saturn is the lord. The native will lose in the competition whenever the lords of 1, 2,3,6, 10 and 11th houses form evil aspect to their original position at birth and loss is also to be expected during the time when lords of 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 12th houses form favourable aspects to their radical position. This is the truth which the readers can confirm after application and verification : (1) Who is Saturn ? He is lord of 4 and 5 to the native bom in Tbula Lagna. Therefore, he is lord of 10 and 11 to Mesha (Aries) boms, whichv indicates the opponents. As 10th house and ! 1th house show reputation, success and profit, Saturn, the lord of 10 and 11 i * the opponent, will do good to lhe opponent; if Suturn forms aspcci wiii: radiual Saturn mi Uuiiecr, then the oppouc-nt will wiu anJ the native v.'ili lose. Put if Saturn forms evil aspect with its original position, it is incapable of producing its beneficial results and hence the opponent loses and the native gains. Therefore, Ashtama Sani is bad to the opponent and -not to the native (Ashtama to Moon sign). It is also worth doing research to confirm that those who are born with a planet in retrograde motion, have an advancement in their career when the same planet is again retrograde during transit.

When will he lose the Rolling Cup?— Astrological explanation. When Saturn transits in Pisces^—Meena —and forms favourable aspect with its radical position, i.e., in-theyear 1967, after having had a " Hat Trick ", the cup will leave his hands. At that time, the dasa will be ruled by Venus, and the sub-period (bhukti) will be ruled by Rahu. When Sukra and Moon have jointly done this good to him, the planet in 6 or 8 or 12 to these two planets will undo what they have done. This is one of the truths. If planets A and B in their periods give a result, then the planet in 6 or 8 or 12 to A and B will give the diametrically opposite results. If one joins a service during A dasa B bhukti, then he will lose or leave this post during C bhukti, if C is in 6," 8 or 12 to A and B and forms evil aspect with A and B. Rahu is in 12 to Venus and it forms (45°) semi-angular aspect with Venus. Moon. and Rahu are forming quincunx aspect (150°) and Rahu is in 6 to Moon. Therefore, the honour conferred on him during Venus dasa. Moon bhukti," will be withdrawn during Venus dasa, RnVi i.; ." in 1967, ?,« Rahu is in 12 to Vci,.;,; 6 to Moon. Therefore, while judging uiv results, the following must be included; (a) take the radical position of the . planets; (b) consider whether they will contribute for one's success or not; and (c) find out what aspects they form, during transit, with their original position. Such a consideration will be a corrective method for the inaccurate findings.

CHARACTERISTICS TO BE CORRECTED By Kayeskay afflicting these benefics make them selfish. They will easily forget the past. If Jupiter forms favourable aspect, they will fulfil all their promises and thereby from the lowest rung of the ladder, they will be able to reach the highest rung, slowly, steadily and surely. Mars and Kethu afflicting Mercury make one a bore. (Jatakadesa Marga-Podumanai Ohomadiri.) (e) If Jupiter were to be in Upavcsanavastha (Avaslhas - will be explained in later issues) the person will be talkative, and he will be subjected to troubles from the Government and from his enemies (Sanketanidhi-Ramadayalu). Juniicr afHirtsM Mr.rc, Mcrcuiy aud a Node makes one a bore. (2) Whc is the greater boreV He who keeps on talking after he has made his point clear is the greater bore. The second house indicates speech. Jupiter in the second house shows that one is capable of expanding a subject arid deal with it exhaustively. (That is why Jupiter in the second house makes one a lawyer or a teacher.) Mercury makes one go into minute details, analyse and describe elaborately. So these two planets and the second house are to be considered. If Mare afflicts them, one will not mind others' feelings; whether the other relishes or not, he will be talking non-stop. Even when he is repeatedly told fenough', • enough', he will never end his speech. If Rahu or Kethu afflicts, he will carry tales and like " Naradhar " will be doing mischief.

(1) Who is a great bore: One who will not come to the point, but. will be talking continuously without a break, even by phone, is a bore. (a) For .such people, the ascendant (lagna) may be either Leo or it may be weak and Moon may occupy the sign Leo (Simha), Mercury, the lord of the second house, will have evil aspect from Mars, which makes one very talkative. (b) People bofn in Ulhrapalguni star especially when Moon occupied between 5° 26' and 7° in Virgo (Kanni) having Sun dasa. Mercury Bhukti (A pahara-sub-period) . at the time of birth, will be very talkative. (T-iorasara by Frithuyasas; Mars and Node adUciin;; (cl So also, people bom in Pushyam aloi- with Moon in Cancer (Katakam) between 5° 26' and 7° 20' will be talkative especially when Mars afflicts. (d) But a person may be talkative, yet he will sacrifice his life, be a protector of his community and be a favourite pf the Kjng. Such people will have subhobhayachari yoga having the benefics in 3 or 6 or 10 or Jlth house, counted . from the Ascendant. They are generally the famous people who become the M.L.A. or M.P. or M.L.C. or Councillor or Mayor, etc. But if Mars forms disharmonious aspect, they will speak much on the platform, freely make or Ke«m2nyJproimses, 'but they cannot keep up their word.- Saturn $

If Saturn afflicts, he will be fully aware that he speaks a lie, but he will be happy . only when he would have uttered falsehood. His worst habit will be to utter the same lie to many and try to make everyone believe that what he states is a fact. Therefore, those people should understand that they have to cultivate the habit of: (1) speaking only the truth; . (2) speaking to a person only when the other relishes; (3) coming to the point quickly and being brief; and (4) on other occasions, remembering that ' Silence is Golden'. 3, Who is the most dangcrons person : The liar. In Phaladeepika, Mantreswara mentions ,>that be who is born in a " Pamara yoga will be a liar. That is, if lord of 5 occupies any of the three evil houses 6,-8 or 12 or if the lord of '6, 8 or 12 occupies the 5th house or if the hcur.e ir. associated with, or aspected 1 anv effort, will i.i. c.-one. without t

Jupiter 6°

Moon. Mars Vcn., Sun. Mer., Sat.


Kcthu Neptune

Uranus Rahu

Jupiter, lord of 2, is in his own quarter, a benefic by nature. Yet it is squared by a majority of planets from Gemini. Lords of 6, 8 and 12 are in the 5th house. (Vipareetha Rajayoga will not operate as Venus and Sun are also with them.) The following matters will be dealt with in the succeeding issues so thai one can correct himself and lead a happy life with all-round success and peace. 1. Which is the greatest sin or handicap rear ami infcrioriiv complex. 2. Which is the best day to act ? Today, (Never postpone for . tomorrow.) 3. Who is the biggest fool ? He who indulges in idle gossip and wastes the precious life. 4. Which is the greatest evil?—Jealousy. 5. Which is the greatest secret of production ?;—Saving the waste. 6. Which offers the greatest comfort? The knowledge that you have done your job well. 7. Which is the greatest mistake?—To give up your attempts : and not to pursue till you succeed. 8. Which is the cheapest, most stupid . and easiest thing?—Finding fault with others.

rbe fifth house indicates the 'mind* of a person. His thoughts and intuitions are governed by the 5th house. Moon is called 'mathi*, the mind. Hence Moon afflicted by lords of 6, 8 or 12, is also undesirable, as it will be difficult for one to speak the truth. The second house indicates speech ; if Lord of 2 is afflicted, one will utter lies, even though the lord of , 2 may be a beneficThe following is the horoscope of one who continues to be a liar. He is bom in the Ascendant-Aquarius-Kumba, with Moon in Arudhra star, conjoined with Saturn and Mercury. At the time of birth he had Rahu Dasa. Then in his youth, he had 16 years of Jupiter Dasa, Later, when his adolescence commenced, Saturn "(Hord of 12 in 5) Dasa ian^for1 T9''years; followed by Mercury Dasa (lord of 8 in 5 conjoined with lords of 6 and 12) which is now running. 8'

MOON IN THE NINTH HOUSE Moon is the fastest moving planet in the Zodiac. It moves daily on an average about 13 degrees. It is a watery planet and owns. the movable watery signs. Therefore its characteristic is changeability and its influence is often unsettling. If Moon is the ruling planet of a native, his desire will be to have changes very frequently. Neither will he live in one premises, nor will he stick on to any profession. Moon" signifies liquids, water ponds, lakes, rivers, sea, etc : Neptune indicates ocean. Ninth house, according to Ramadayalu, author of Sanketa Nidhi, is the house of prosperity, auspiciousness, etc., meritorious deeds. Temples, wells, circular reservoirs, sacrifices, pilgrimage, long journey to holy places and charity are indicatpd hv the 9th h^use.

ing the sea, dreams and higher education, submission of thesis, research work, etc. One's success in publication, insurance and success of voyage are solved from the ninth house. Discovery, exploration, the previous birth and punyam, i.e., the luck due to meritorious deed in the previous birth are indicated by the 9th house. • In Satya Samhita, the author says that the rest house and favour from others are investigated from the 9th house. One may be in danger ; but in the last moment, he receives the aid which we call " Providential Help". This is due to the occupation of benefics in the 9th house or its lord situated in a favourable house. In Phaladeepika, Mantreswara says that ■ the 9th house shows one's Acharya, deity, father, meritorious deeds, previous luck, worship, tapas, grandson, etc. .-,1. hrt.'.I'.cr'i' vi ui»1 .»i.mci :> :nit iLi'O tu be iiiVv^ib :i! rr.r.tlv....mmuN - - ' I 1 > . ' i iii. V.i .1 ■'t •• of ■'•Ivii:- r, ^ojii^cr bi oilier ov sister and elder brother's friends. Charity, virtue, visit to holy places, japam, respect to elders, medicine, good Moon as lord of the Ascendant, Lagna, conduct, pure thoughts, worship of God, in the 9th house, in Poorvapathrapada higher studies, conveyance, one's policy, 4th quarter, indicates that one will have dignity, mythology, long journey, associhigher studies, long journey and high ation with good people, ancestral parentage. He or she will be lucky after property, children, horses, elephants, 45 years of age. One may get into service buffaloes, coronation hall, vedas, circuin External Affairs, Foreign Embassy, lation of money, etc. International trade, Foreign Exchange, Shipping, Export, Import, etc. Moon as Father and his qualities etc., according lord of Lagna in Uthrapathrapada in 9, to Hindus are to be divined from the 9th throws many obstacles in youth; one house. becomes dejected : but later he will have As 4th house indicates one's permanent success in research work which needs place of residence, the 12th house counted perseverance. In the first attempt, he will from the 4th house, that is, the third face some problems. He will be able to house indicates short journey, the 6th solve them subsequently. He may be born house to the 4th is the 9th house. Hence a ..But he .will .to*, >-it indicates long journey" *• i- _i,n get scholarship and other assistance to complete his higher studies. Moon in 9th house indicates religion, philosophy, spiritual initiation, sea voyage, crossRevathi star in 9, shows that one will be 10

intelligent, will come out successful in ambassador or in international trade, etc. examinations and hold transferable posts. To be an adviser, minister, secretary, .He will be fond of travel and he will make etc., Moon is well posited. bis fortune in foreign land. He will have Moon as lord of 3 in 9 in Uthirashada prophetic dreams or visions. star indicates that one may dispose of his In whichever star, Moon as lord of 1 is ancestral property, permanent possession, in 9, it gives long journeys, psychic etc. One will ever be studious. If it is experiences, study of science, law, philosoafflicted, he will be dull but hard-working phy, etc. and also gain through partner's during his high school course when he will relatives- If Moon is afflicted, trouble be running Moon dasa followed by Mars through foreign affairs, exports and who is the lord of the 12th house. Mother imports, and foreign exchange are to be will fall ill and will be admitted in the expected. If one bets in horse races, he will hospital- There will be wastage of money invariably lose in long distance races, as through conveyance. Moon in 9 in ninth house shows long distance meetingSravanam star indicates that one will go Because, Moon, as lord of Lagna, has to on long journeys, gain by editing, publishoccupy either the constellation of Jupiter, ing, etc., or by taking agency of foreign the lord of 6 (Poorvapathrapada) or of produce, will have foreign collaboration, Saturn, the lord of 8 (Uthrapathrapada) will be a representative of concerns or of Mercury lord of 12 (Revathi). managed by strangers, will occupy, transHence, even though Moon is lord of ferable posts and enjoy the goodwill of Lagna, and the house it occupies is also a neighbours, cooperation of colleagues and Bhagya Sthana—9th, yet the lords of assistance from brothers. One may be constellation owning the Dusthanas 6, 8 interested in business, in commodities or 12, spoil Moon and during Moon's usually, foodstuffs, oils, etc., in foreign periods, one cannot have peace of mind or liquor, in shipping agency, etc. pleasure. Worries and delay, to make Moon :is lord of A in attempts frequently to come ovt ruled by Mars, lord of i :na I are indicated. one may entertain ;•» r• Moon, lord of 2 in 9 iu Atjuarius. shews neighbour which wii; fet: ... that one comes out successful in competilaiCI uiltC. Lvojg Jvuiuw/l* .t<ii tions, if. Moon would have occupied fruitless. If one takes a person, born on a Dhanishta star; because Dhanishta is Tuesday, or in Aries or Scorpio Ascendant ruled by Mars which is the lord of 6 and or in Mrigasirisham trine stars as a partner 11 to Gemini-boms. Planets owning 6 and runs a show, it will end in loss and and 11 show that they may have open the partnership will get dissolved during enemy, and may have to fight due to 6th the conjoined period of Mars and Moon. house and come out victorious as it owns 11th house also. So also in competitive Moon as lord of 4 in 9 in Moolam star or departmental examination, one gets causes confusion during Moon's periods. selected. One may fall ill in a foreign All matters will be in a liquid state. It place and be cured or one may go will not be possible to take any decision overseas, for medical treatment. 6th and stick on to it. The partner will have house shows disease and the 11th house promotion and transfer. Mother's health indicates the cure. will fail. She may have fcar-complex or suffer from hysteria. One may mortgage Moon, lord of 2 in 9, in Aquarius in the property and raise. loan. Sathabhisha will offer such results which Poorvashada star indicates that one will Rahu, the lord of Sathabhisha shows, gain money and also possessions, through:v ' Moon," lord of 2 in 910'Poorvapathra-'"' '^partners- One may go on a long journey, contact foreigners and enterjnto an agreepada indicates that one can gain by publiment with them, Happy life with wife and cation, foreign travel, service in a foreign embassy, export, import, or as an children and other pleasant domestic U


Radix; (2) limitations arising from tlie stage of life in which directions occur. In the case of secondary directions, even after working all the directions that are formed, the delineation of events is no easy task. Till a certain maturity of judgment is fully developed, there must be something available in the directions themselves, some clue to the nature of an event. This clue is provided in the system illustrated below. Here all the angles and the bodies are progressed at a uniform rate in the Zodiac. 144 deg. ^aspect also produces important events. The twelvefold division of the zodiac is a self-sufficient basis for the derivation of Directional Measures. As it is well known, each division stands for a certain type of human activity. In a horoscope the first house stands for health, body and general characteristics, the second for wealth, and so om As 7/12 is the fraction which the 8th sign bears to the circle of the Zodiac, 7/12 is the measure to be used to find out the time in which the death of a person can happen. Similarly 6/12 degree = 1 year is the measure used to find the time of marriage. 3/4 degree = 1 year is a measure for profession. 5/12 for sickness and \i> on. Thus the measures obtained a,iL* \,ii i ,'6 dcu.. 1/4 dec.. I'3 deo de:;., ill deu., 7/12" dec., 2/3 5/n dug., and 11/12 dcg., ana one aegree. Principal fractions that will lead all other measures in demarcating the life events are 5/12 deg., 1/2 deg., 7/12 deg., 3/4 deg, and 2/3 deg. Thus one particular aspect of a horoscope, say the profession, can be taken apart and judged; prediction can be made by working all the favourable directions, that will be yielded by the 3/4 degree = 1 year measure, to find when 10th housematters will prosperThe sensitive points that enter into the scheme are:— 1. 12 planets including Rahu and ■ Kethu. 2.. The first point of Aries. .• . 3.r\.Asccndant and.lOth-.cusp^ 4. Relevant cusp and relevant point of Zodiac, 18

Part ot fortune. When 10th house matters are judged, 10th cusp and 270th degree are used. They are also progressed to determine if favourable or unfavourable aspects are formed. Illustration:— Nirayana Horoscope Mars Sun (2" 0') Jupiter Venus (4° 16') d (0° 18') (3Lagna 35') Mercury (22° 30'] (24° 20')

0 (eSaturn -«') Pluto (8* l?) Fortona (17* 84') Moon (27° 30") Neptune (5-25') Kethu (29° C)

Rahu 20° Uranus 23° MC (17s 0'}

(.mrudasa Balance^=7 years Nirayana Positions ; Venus 3° 35' Sun 34d16' Moon 87o30' Sani 68° 8' Pluto 68°! 2' Mars 2° Uranus 293° Mercury 52o30, Neptune 95° 25 Lagna 24o20' Rahu 299° Jupiter 330° 18' Kethu 119° Midheaven 287° Pars ForBalance of Gurudasa 7 years. tuna ' 77° 34 Directional Investigation: Directions are derived from the natal chart which is the foundation. Directions can find fulfilment in results that are only approOwner of the horoscope was unemployed at the age of 2^. To find the date when

tbe individual would be employed in a good condition of service, guidance from Dasa-Bhukti is taken. Period of Sani Dasa-Guru Bhukti is from 23 years 6 months to the end of 26th year. hi Step: 1 degree =1 year measure is used and favourable aspects are noted as below : 1 degree = 1 year or 12 months. Age 24 years 4 months = 24 deg. 20'. When 0 degree Aries is progressed by 24 deg. 20'it forms a conjunction with lagna. This will create an event. Hence 24 deg. 20' is noted. Similarly, Uranus progressed by-24 deg. 34'—Trine Fortuna. Mercury progressed by 25 deg. 4'— Conjunction Fortuna. Venus progressed by 23 deg. 55'—Sextile; Moon. Lagna progressed by 22 deg. 40'—Trine ivliul tea veil. Neptune progressed by 24 deg. 35'— Trine 0 degree Aries. Ketu progressed by 25 deg. 20'—Trine Lagna. 2nd Step: 3/4 degree =1 year measure is used. This is the particular measure for profession as 9/12 is the fraction which tenth sign bears to the circle of the Zodiac. 0 degree Aries progressed by 17 deg. 34''—Sextile Fortuna. Sun progressed by 18 deg. 14'—Conjunction Mercury. Pluto progressed by 19 deg. 18'—Moon.

3rd Step : 4/3 degree = one year. This measure is used. 0 degree Aries progressed by 34 deg. 16'^—Conjunction SunMoon progressed by 34 deg. 30'—Trine Mars. 270th degree of Zodiac progressed by 30 degs.—Sextile 0 degree Aries. Jupiter progressed by 31 deg. 42'—Conjunction Mars. Jupiter progressed by 33 deg- 17'— Conjunction Venus. The last aspect is explained for clarification thus : Jupiter's position in Natal chart is 330 deg. 18' from 0 degree Aries. Add 33 deg. 17' to 330 deg. 18'. You will get the position 363 deg. 35' or 3 deg. 35'. Aries which is the position occupied by Venus in the horoscope. Thus Jupiter when progressed by 330 deg. 17' comes to a position of conjunction with Venus. In the same way, all others are to be understood. Now an average is struck thus:— Where 3/4 dea. = 1 year measure- k-i-rd. the figures 17 deg. 34', 18 deg. t . lo be multiplied by 4/3 10 g*-*. a Which will '.'OM'CSpOJjd l''i ill.; 7 .1,:.,' . ; in years and months, i.e., IT '' ( will give 23 deg. 25'. Where 4/3 measure is used, 34 deg. 16', 34 deg. 30', etc., are to be multiplied by 3/4. Thus the average of 17 figures namely 24 deg. 20', 24 deg. 34', 25 deg. 4', 23 deg, 55', 22 deg. 40', 24 deg. 35', 25 deg. 20', 23 deg. 25', 24 deg. 19', 25 deg. 44', 25 deg. 49', 24 deg. 45', 25 deg. 42', 25 deg. 52', 22 deg. 30', 23 deg., 45'. 24 deg. 58', is equal to 25 deg. 32'. 24 deg. 32' is 24 years 6 months 12 days. The native entered Central Government service exactly on that day—at the end of 24 years 6 months and 12 days. Only the Natal chart, accurately cast, is

•—.■*■■»«»■♦*»«• . &■ £irsssasss!& Ketu progressed by 18 deg. 34'—Sextile are employed. Without knowing future fortuna, , position of planets in the coming years, it 19

Homage to nehru By Ram Prakash, New Ddhi other than dictates of their own conMuch has been said about out beloved science. Panditji since he left for his heavenly abode on the 27th May, 1964. Much is I do not propose to dwell on the being said even now but much will still be powerful Yogas such as Malawa Yoga, said in the years and by the generations to Rajlakshna, Parijatha, Damini and come. For, such a man among men rarely Obhychari obtaining in this horoscope comes. In thought and in action'he was besides the graceful swakshetri Moon in pure as crystal, noble like nobility itself. Lagna imparting great strength to the He was the hope for the oppressed and horoscope and other aspectal influences of the down-trodden among humanity. Who Venus, Mercury, Mars (Yogakaraka) and could excel him in intellect? Yet his Jupiter especially on the tenth house intellectual superiority never clashed with which have capitulated him to the highest his sense of humanity, his immense love glory and eminence he enjoyed. They for the children. It was amazing to find hardly deserve a mention here as even a how diametrically opposite qualities casual observer knew about his greatness could thrive and prosper side by side in and popularity much more than even one single man. He was a nationalist in learned Pandits of Astrology could ever mind, but international in outlook. He predict. was an astute politician and at the same If we study the position of the planets time; a great poet and visionary. He in the Zodiac when I'andilji sav. thv h. could aivvcys lock far beyond his time of the day, we Imd thai . .. like a Ycz; bv. v/culd never forget the planets were he low the h/ihson. i.e v. SF'inii present like 2 nraclical mauilic first six houses, lino IcuJ when such a great soui leaves its monai icci—h uoi to cuiuauuc—Luai l/uw frame, students of Astronomy 8c Astrology the Supreme Lord was kind enough in in their own way try to find out the trtxth sending his chosen representative down behind the birth and death of the person. below for alleviating the miseries of the In this humble article which is a people and for establishing social and shradhanjali to the great man I would economic justice. try to interpret the reasons for his death. Having been born in the same Lagna 8c Rasi as that of Lord Rama, it is conceivaIt may be of interest to know that the ble that Panditji must necessarily have great Lord Rama, Lord Budha, as also inherited some of the noble traits of that Sri Adi Sankaracharya, Sri Ramanujaascetic king. Mahatma charya, Sri Thyagaraja, Sri Arbindo - illustrious, Gandhi's cherished desire was to see Ghose, Sri Lokmanya Tilak, Sri Sivananda Ram Rajya. Whom else could he select belonged either to Cancer Lagna or Cancer rasi. The greatness of Panditji is' to establish such a Kingdom ? accounted for by the fact that he too He fought relentlessly against social owed his origin to this rare Lagna and injustice. His life was full of ups and Rasi i.e., Cancer. As we know Cancer downs like that of Sri Rama, who too Lagna and the same fnativities .are masters of Jfieir thoughts,^ u,v-belpnged to the( same and "are'* steadfast and firm" like a "rock in'' kasij' i!ei'CanC^r'1 "Like him h6~fc£*rried>J6*' their missions of life; they do not budge out the war of Dharma against Adharma, an inch from their chosen paths. They completely neglecting his own comforts would never be guided by any agency in life. 21

Now when the light has gone, the same strange phenomenon is observed again with the difference that almost all the planets have gone above the horizont i.e., within the last six houses. It is as though he has been called back above by the Almighty for a better assignment, i.e,, for setting things right in the Suryaloka. Rahu at birth and death in 12th house is a pointer to this fact. Now let us discuss PanditjTs horoscope given below. He was born on 14-11-1889 A.D. at 11-30 P.M. (L.M.T.) lat. 25° 27' N. and Long. 81° 51' E, Balance of Mercury's dasa at birth is 15 years 2 months and 2 days. Rahu Moon Lagna Birth 14-1 1-1889 A.D. 11-30 P.M. Saturn Witij.V K'eilni Jupuer Sun .Nktrury M.ij ^ luuitcr Mars Sun Mercury Saturn

twLu Venus

DeathA.D. 27-5-1964 2-00 P.M.

Kethu Moon


It may not be out of place to say that for Cancer Lagna, Venus and Mercury are Marakas, as also Sun though to a lesser extent. Saturn being the Lord of 7th House & 8th House is also evil. Mars and Jupiter are benefics and Mars is also a Yogakarka. A glance study of the horoscope shows the following Arishtas I. A Kalasarpa Yoga (Saturn in dragon, Rahu is dragon's head and

Kethu is Dragon's tail). When all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Kethu, a Kalasarpa Yoga is constituted. [Editor disagrees— Jupiter is on the other half.) 2. Rahu's situation in 12th house, i.e., the house of loss, Moksha etc. Rahu is Gemini, Mercury's sign, which is a first rate malefic for Cancer Lagna. 3. Saturn, the lord of 7th house and 8th house is in 2nd house (sade sati also). 4. Lagna and Rasi are subject to Papakartari Yoga. 5. Mercury's Mahadasa operating at the time of birth. But a careful scrutiny of the horoscope reveals the following antidotes:— (i) Moon is swakshelri in Lagna. (ii) Jupiter is strong in its own house, besides being the Lord of 9th house (fortune). It aspects 2nd & 12th houses also. (iii) Venus and Mercury are in a KenHi-fl tn Lajina and Rasi. These n-ioif.fw inHnrnrr r,i nUru-.K ; im vit and hL's>.cd !i.- n.d. with Madhya Avi; (v.* Saturn completes his revolution of Zodiac in 30 years and Rahu and Kethu each in 18 years. It is evident that Saturn subjected the native to Sade-Sati thrice and to Dhaya (2^ years Saturn) six times. Rahu and Kethu assumed the same position five times. It is, therefore, evident that Panditji continued his battle of existence against the planets also till he accomplished the task assigned to him by God. A question arises how Panditji escaped death earlier despite the adverse positions of planets at times. This is because survival in a bad dasa would be possible if the Gochara is good. Conversely, survival would equally be possible in a bad Gochara if the dasa is good. As none of the planets individually could cause death, so they united themselves in such a wayin Krodhi year (wrathful year) of whom Saturn (Dragon) is the king, (Kalasarpa and worst Gochara) to inflict

the fatal blow at a* time when the object was in the worst dasa. When he had accomplished his job of setting up a stable democratic rule, Chinese Dragon attacked him and his country in October ,62, i.e., when Panditji was running Rahu Dasa, Saturn Bhukti (Dragon's), i.e., Adharma attacked Dharraa. Ultimately by declaring a unilateral cease fire, the dragon of Adharman had to acknowledge its defeat directly or indirectly. It was as though the coming events were casting their shadows beforeNow the Time Dragon (Kalasarpa) has attacked him. Planets below the horizon at birth represent left side of the bodyj they also indicate that the native will become more conspicuous and enjoy life better in the later part of his life. At the time of birth as also of death, Rahu (Dragon's head) was in Gemini, a sign rufed both by Mercury and Rahu. Gemini rules shoulders and Sagittarius rules thighs. Gemini which is 12th house to Cancer, i.e., Lagna and Rasi is ruled raainlv by Mercury, which controls nerves, ('â&#x20AC;˘n 12-fO an eclipse took place in Gemini. There was a Kaiasaroa at birth at\d a similar Kalasarpa had also started a>uiiu. The suspended Kalasarpn became active aiter the eclipse and afflicted the native with paralysis in the left side in January, 1964. Of course, the Moon, which completes a full revolution of the Zodiac in 27 days, gets out of the sinister clutches of the Kalasarpa for a fortnight. Death takes place when the native runs a dasa of Marakas, i.e., Dasa of any one of the lords of 2ad house, 7th house or 12lh house or of planets occupying these houses or when one runs a dasa of lords of 6th house or 8th house or of planets occupying these houses and at the same time Gochara (transit) also goes against the native. At the time of death of Panditji, he was running Rahu Dasa and Mercury Bhukli. ;.On the fatal date of 27-5-64, although the Moon," the lord of Lagna and Rasi was out of the Kalasarpa, yet it being in Vrischika sign, a house of its debilitation was too feeble to hold out the massive attack of Kalasarpa. The Moon also

conjoined with the Maraka Sun of birth. Rahu in 12th house, Kelhu in the 6th, Saturn, the lord of 7lh and 8th houses in the 8th house in Sathabisha star ruled by Rahu were certainly bad indications. Jupiter in the 10th house is also considered not good in Gochara. Nay, the entire Gochara (transits) went against Panditji. Rahu and Mercury together brought about this great tragedy. Rahu is transiting Gemini (12th house, i.e., house of loss) which is governed both by Rahu and Mercury. Dasa operating was of Rahu and Mercury as stated above. At the time of Panditji's complaining of pain in body on 27-5-64 (6.30 A.M. approx.), it was a hora of Mercury. Day was Wednesday (Mercury da>). The moon was in Jyestha star ruled by Mercury. The case was declared hopeless at Rahu Kala. At about 2.00 P.M. Panditji bade Jai Hind to Bharat Mata and his brethren, when Virgo was rising, which again is governed by Mercury. Three planets were transiting the 8th house counted from Virgo Lagna. There was a grahavuddha {jMancmry fiehu amonf! niansis also in the iSth As this Poonvctlma itself in "Eternity, there was a great commotion down in the earth; there was a gale followed by a ' quake. The heavy downpour of rain that night was a sure indication that while his soul was greeted by Devagana (Celestial bodies), the planets, too, wept bitterly on what they had done by snatching away our beloved Panditji from the earth planet. Before ! conclude, let me once again emphasize that he had no equal in his love for his countrymen and for humanity at large. The very fact that he wanted his ashes to be mingled with the dust particles of India, with the waters of its rivers, its ocean and its hills show unmistakably his profound love for his motherland. We have many fadings and have a long way to follow his.footprints but this did not even for a moment deter him from showering his paternal and godly affection on us. Who knows whether at times he did not mutter, " India with all thy faults, I love thee still

ERECTION OF HOROSCOPE By K, Ganapathi Deduct—Correction for the East Longitude at 2 sees, for every 3° = 0-00-48 26-54-40 As the sidereal time arrived at is above 24 hours, deduct = 24 hours.24-00-00

iSf -We will explain here how to cast a horoscope for the birth at 12-5 P.M. I.S.T. on 15lh May 1963 at Ahmedabad, i.e., 23° 1' North Latitude, 72° 38' East Longitude. (Example taken from June 1963 issue.) First we have to find out the Sidereal time at birth to calculate the cusp of Houses. So convert the time of birth given in I.S.T. to.Local Mean Time, i.e.. Birth at 12-5 P.M. I.S.T.—5 hours 30 min. = 6-35 A.M. Greenwich Mean TimeAdd 4 minutes x 72D-38' to get birth time = 290' - 32". Hence Time of birth = 6-35 A.M. -h 4 hrs. 50 mts. 32 sees. = 11 hrs. 25' 32" A.M. Take the previous noon to the birth as the L.M.T. is before noon. Hrs. Min. See. Sidereal Time at noon on 14-5-1963 3-26-02 Auu tne inici vai octwccii picvhuib and bil'lli time iii L.M.T. -=23-25-33 Add correction for the interval at 10" per hour = 0-03-54 26-55-28

Therefore sidereal time at the time of birth at 12-5 P.M. I.S.T. on 15-5-63

Here you forget Local Mean Time to avoid confusion. Now we have to find out the cusp of House for the sidereal time at birth = 2 hrs. 54' 40" at 23° r latitude. Refer to the book " Table of Houses" given for various latitudes. Turn over totr page in which cusps are given for 23 12' which is near ihc binh latitude. Dn the left hand side in the r.ezr.:\ '. rojumn they have given the position for the sidereal time 2 hrs. 54 min, 7 sec. and 2 hrs. 58' 7". As the sidereal time at binh falls between these two we have to calculate the proportion as follows:

10 t)

II □

2—54—7 2—58—7

16° 17"

18° 19°

19° 20°



Sidereal Time


12 s

Asc a 17°—54' 18°-47'-

oO1 rnm

2 nj


14° 15°

14° 15°

sidereal time given, i.e., 2 hrs. 54 min. 7 sec. is> 33 sec. So the fraction of 233 40 is "to be worked 'ffuf''and added to the position given for 2 hrs. 54 min 7 sec.

The difference between the two sidereal times given in the book is 2 hrs. 58'7"; 2 hrs. 54', 7^=4^,01.. 240 seconds. The difference between the sidereal time at birth viz., 2 hrs. 54, min. 40 sec. and the 29


Now you have to find out the exact position of heavens which was 33 _ 1749 2A0 ~ 24Q = 7|^Qsec. Add this to 17°-54' Simha plus 7 sec. = 18°- Or. Simha is the exact position of Ascendant - Lagna-Sayana position; For the other cusps as the difference is lc = 60 min.^add 60 x ^ mts- lo the position given for sidereal time 2 hrs. 54 mts. 7 sees. The Sayana position for the cusps will be as follows : 10th Cusp. 16° —00 plus 0° —8' — 16°- 8' Rishaba. 11th Cusp 18°—00 plus 0o'-8' = 18°-8' Milhuna. 12th Cusp 19°-00 plus 00-8' = 19° —8' Kataka. Ascendant 17°—54' plus 0° —7' = 18° -1' Simha. 2nd Cusp 14°-00 plus 00-8' — 14° —8' Kanni. 3rd Cusp 14c -00 plus 0°- 8' = — 8 Tiiuiauj.

cusp of the 10th house, otherwise called Meridian, Cusp of the 4th house will be obtained. Similarly adding 180° to the 11th cusp, the Stff house position can be had. Adding 180° to the 12th cusp, the 6th cusp will be obtained. 180 degrees added to the Ascendant gives the 7th cusp. 8th cusp is obtained from the position of 2nd cusp plus 180° and from the 3rd ascertain the 9th. Thus the position of all the twelve cusps is ascertained as follows : Ascendant IS0 — !' Simha 1 2nd house 14°0 —8' Kanni I 3rd house 14 -8' Thula | c 4th house 16° —8' Vrischik .2 5th house 18°-8' Dhanus 'S 6th house 19° —8' Makara I 7th house IS0 — !' Kumba f n 8th house 14° —8' Meena S 9lh house 14°-8' Mesha i ^ lOth house 16°—8' Rishaba | ^ 11th house 18°—8' Mithuna | 12lh house 19°-8' Kataka J Next we have to find out the planetary position at the time of birth. Refer to the Ephemeries in the pages 10 and 11 where the position of planets for May 1963 is given. The position prinl.ed therein acamst cacSi daic is for '. V m<w» GMT. The birth at i2-5 P.M. l.S.T— j-30^ ij-35 A.M. u.M.i. So lake the find out lilo position oi" cusps lor ihc position of 14th and 15th as the birth other houses. Adding 180 degrees to the time falls in between these two dales. Longitude Longitude Motion for Position on Planets Symbol Position on a day ' 14-5-63 15-5-63 Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Uranus Neptune

0 J S 0 u » Q 9

Deg. ■22 27 20 28 9 24 22 23 1 14

8 V3 £1 i> Y Y S TO! TO!

mt. 58 56 42 30 R 06 31 47 37 10 3R

R indicates retrograde 30

Deg. 23' » 10 = 21 a 27 » 9 Y 25 Y 22 s 23 s 1 m 14 m

mt. 56 50 09 58 IS 43 49 34 10 2

Deg. mt. 0°-58' 12"-54' 0° — 27' C- 32'0°-12' I"- 12' 0"—02' 0°-03' Nil. c-or

In the Epheraeries, the motion for each day i.e., 24 hours is given. The birth is « at 6-35 A.M. G.M.T. So find out the proportion of movement from the previousdatepositionto the time of birth,i.e., 18 hrs. 35 min. 18 hrs. x 60 4~ 35 min. 24 hours 24 x 60 mis. _ 1080 + 35 _ 1H5 1440 1440 Sun has moved 58 min. 1115 x 58 = nearly , 45 .c min. ■ . —— the position on 14th, i.e., 22

Saturn moved only 0*2' for a day. So you can write the position at birth as 22° s; 49', Rahu moved 0D —3' for a day. So j-jp— x 3 = 2 min. Deduct this from 14th position i.e., 230sr 37-0°- 2'= 23 sr 35', Uranus had no movement. So write its as 10t«j 10'.

for 24 hrs. ajJ this ,to Add 8 58 + 0.45 = 23 8 43

Neptane moved only 1 min. for 24 hours. So write the position at birth as 14 m 2R. For Kethu's position add 180° to Rahu's position, i.e., 23os35'+180D = 23o V3 35'

Moon has moved 12°—54' or 774 min. for 24 hrs. So add x 774 to the position on 14th, i.e., 27 >3 56 + 10-00 = 1* 56

Now we have found out the position of various cusps and planetary positions at birth in the Sayana System. Deduct the Ayanamsa for the year 1963 which is 23°- 15'. TheNirayana System (i.e., Hindu method) will be as follows:—

Mars moved 27 min. for a day. So the proportion of movement till birth time is x 27 min. nearly 6 mts. which is to be added to 20 p. 42 = 20 p. 42 + 0.6 = 20° a 48'

1st Cusp 180fa 1'—230-15/^240-46/S 2nd „ 14°m 8'—23°- 15' = 20'- 53' £5

Mercury moved 0' 32' fcr 21 hours. Ihe movement till birth is I! 15 x 32 = nearly 7 mts. to be deducted from 28 8 30 as Mercury is in retrograde and note as 28-30—07 - 28 8 23 (R) Jupiter moved 0°- 12' for 24 hours. The movement till birth is 1440 x 12 = nearly 9 mts. which is to be added to 9y06. i.e., 9706 + 0.-9 - 9715' Venus moved I0— 12' or 72' in 24hours. So the fraction is x '72 = nearly 56. Add this to 24731 = 24731 + 0 — 56 -25 7 27.


3rd „ 4tli

14"i=o'—23"— 1 j' =20 —3J 8',—?3D— 15' -22" - 53'

5th 6 th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th

„ „ „ „ „ „ „

18° f 8'—23°- 15' = 24° — 53'H 19° V3 8'—23°— 15'= 25° — 53' ; 18°= 1—23°-15' = 24°-46'V3 14°K8'—23»-15' = 20°—53' = 14° Y 8'—23°- 15' = 20°-53'>€

12th „

19°$8'—23°- 15-;=25°-53' n

16°a8'—23°-15' = 220 - 53'y 18°n8'—23°- 15' = 24°- 53' y


Sayana positioa

Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Ra hu Uranus Neptune Kethu

23° a 43 23°-15' 7° ss 56' 23°-15' 20° a 48' 23°-15' 28° a 23' 23°-15' 9° V !5' - 23°-15' 25°V 27' 23°-15' 22° = 49' 23°-15' 23°s35 23°-15' l0"! 10' 23°-15' 14 n 2' 23°-15' 23° V3 35 23°-15'

Nirayana position


oa 28 14°'*3 41' 27° s 33' 5° a 08' 16°X 00" 2° y 12' 29° V3 34' 0°E 20' 7°n 55' 20° at 47' 0° V3 20'

Now we have worked out the. Sayana and Nirayana position of various cusps and planetary position for the birth. This position is to be inserted in the Rasikuntali and Navamsu. The method to work out Navamsa is explained. There are 27 stars, divided 4 ,.adus «r.d this 2? = !08 pa das arc divided exactly ;n 12 signs. So each sign has. total 9 padas starling from Aries (Mesha). In degrees each pada consists 3° 20', each star 13° 20' i.e., Total 360° divided by 108 padas. So Jupiter

Venus Fort una

Rasi Kumali

Krithigai Sravanam Ayilyam Krithigai Uthrattathi Asvathi Avittam Punarpushyam Makham Visakham Uthiradam

Pad a 2 2 4 3 4 2 4 3 2

calculate from Aries 0° and find out in which part a planet or cusp is. For example here, the Ascendant or Lagna is at 24° s 46'which is in the 35th pada from Aries. Tn Navamsa each sign is allotted lor one pada. Count front Aries 1, Taurus 2, Gemini 3, Cancer 4 and aa Or. and yon will find that. thir. lagna will fall fr. Kiur. hha In Amsa. Thus for planets a!«;«■> count and fix up the Amsa position which will be as follows:

Sun Mercury R

Saturn Moon Kethu


Mars Rahu Xagna Mars

Mercury Lagna R ■


Sun Kctbu

Venus Neptune R


Uranus Fortune Rahu



r.' .33



*, ..... poSi,;~The next stage is'tov. calculate;r tne' ■ tion' of For tuna "(a sensitive point 0).* This position will be arrived at by adding the longitude of Moon to the longitude of Ascendant and deducting that of Sun,, i.e., Lagna 24 s 46 = 114M6' . plus Moon 14\5 41 = 4- 284 -41399 -27 Minus Sun 0 b 28 30 -28 3680-59' As the sum is above one circle, deduct 360o-00 and fix up the position of Fortuna as 8° Y 59 (Meshii) Nirayana and in Rasi and amsa also write the position. For Sayana, take the positions in Sayana and -calculate.-The final stage is to work out the balance of Vimshothari Dasa at birth. Here the birth has taken place in Sravanam star & ruled by Moon and its Dasa period is '10 years in total, i.e. If the birth would

'Bavetakeh place at 6° 40' in Makara where Sravanam starts, you write the balance as 10 years. " But the position of Moon at birth is 14° 41'i.e. 14° 41'—6° 40> 8° T Moon has moved in Sravanam. For the total length of . Sravanam, i.e., 13° 20' = 800 mts. the period is 10 years. For the movement of 8° 1' or 8 x 60 + 1 = 481 mts., calculate as follows: ... x in 481 10 years = 4810 = 6, years Rnn

0 mths. 4J days.

years mths days This you deduct from 10 0 0 to find out the balance at birth 6 0 Balance of Moon Dasa J, 7T at birth is X * days. In the next issue we will work out one more chart so that students can follow this and cast the horoscopes without any confusion.


IS YOUR HOROSCOPE POWERFUL ? In the present day democratic world different extents. To estimate such levels, it is necessary to understand the strength there is no place for princes. We do not of planets, bhavas and horoscopes in seelcingsby birth enjoying all royalty and royal. comforts. Acknowledged leaders general. of the people are accepted as kings and Many text-books on astrology areavailaall the supreme powers to govern are ble in the market and are in easy access to vested in them. Destiny of the country any common man. They all speak of has a direct bearing on the destiny of such planets, bhavas, being strong or weak, or acknowledged leaders -in position. There possessing minimum strength or no is a remarkable difference in their status, strength, and planets being exalted, debilidependent on the sacrifices they make for tated, occupying moolathrikonas, own public cause and prosperity of the houses, friendly houses, inimical houses, common man. As such, the positions retrograde and asthangatham, etc., that go they hold are linked .with their personality to contribute to the strength of the horosand sacrifice. Thus leaders occupy posicope. Planets that are declared to be tions in the Government according to their strong and favourable are not in a posistature, but some of them, though equal in -tion to confer all the best during the all respects, fail to rise to the heights and entire period of their maha-dasas. Mixed yet they command affection and following influences are noticed giving mixed results, of the public. U is a known fact thai even consequent on 'he relations h -u-, - ... the greatest o\ leaders occupy ion posimwi« lorHc of tho daws nericd nnc tions for a lew years in their lite Put divUion-;. It is also staled in :: iii>lancc3, where sucji high positions arc books that planets are either fncr.'.ii■. held lor many yc<tia, muugli rare, are lie I inimical, benetic or raalenc, temporarily ruled out. Tt is also noticed that leaders friendly or temporarily inimical. Another elected to high positions are not favoured feature of common occurrence is that for a second terra and even among them planets are beneficial to some inimical, to some are found to vacate in the mid-term. others and neutral to the rest. Such conPosition is again conferred on a few flicting statements confuse not only amongst such persons while the rest readers but majority of the so-called remain to lead and guide- the public. astrologers as well, unless they have a Variations of different magnitudes are clear picture of " who is who and what is thus obvious and are the results of the what" for various lagnas, bhavas and inherent and timely strength of planets—, planets.■ Hence it is apparent that, before as-revealed by their horoscopes. This any chart is taken up for consideration, aspect can. never be denied by any, since due weightage has to be given to all such the .science of astrology had proved- statements and the inherent strength, beyond any doubt to be the single source failing which confusion gets worst to forestall events, good or bad. When confounded. the predictions go wrong, people tend to blame the science. Reasons for errors in Is a planet favourable or unfavourable? . predictions are varied and many which * cannot be sorted' but iii' a single'article. 'w' ^Firs^decide (a) which of 'the tWo,* either--' However, it is necessary to know at least jarana lagna or moon rasi is powerful; . the basic factors that contribute to the (b) Lordship of the planet under consideration ; (c) Bhavas occupied by the planets ; strength of a horoscope. . From above, it would be noticed that Rajayogas possess (d) Nature and relationship of the bhava ■.different levels and their effects have to the planet concerned ; (e) Relationship * 35

of the bhava occupied by the planet to thekarakathva of the planet ; (f) Whether the planet under consideration is posited in dusthanas to its own houses, (g) His relationship to the lord of current Dasa and Anthara.; (h) His position iu relation to the lords of dasa arid antara ; (j) The constellation in which he is posited; (k) His relation to the constellations in which the dasa and antara lords are placed ; (1) Thegochara relationship. ~r Having considered the above factors, the extent to which the planet under consideration is favourable can be easily determin«d. What is planetary strength ? Strength of the planet can be decided according, to Sreepathy by estimating . their, shatbala strength which is the •accepted method for correct judgment and secondly by considering the general -features of the horoscope. As per the rules. Sun with 390, Moon with 360, Mars ;with 300 and Mercury with 420, Jupiter with 320, Venus with 330 and Saturn with ,300 virupas are considered to possess the minimum strength. In addition, they should be strong under various heads indicated as under: Slhana Dig Chasia Kola A van a Jupiter, Sun 165 35 50 112 30 & Mercury Moon and 133 50 30 100 40 _ Venus 67 20" Mars and 96 30 40 Saturn Strength of the bhava and its lord are inter-related and so the bhava strength has to be viewed from the strength of its lord. Planets thus strong are considered to be capable of conferring their best results, .while weak among them are not to the mark. The second principle of determining the strength is based on the following rules l (1) Consider the swavargas occupied by The planet under consideration i n shodasha •yargas. (2) If natural benefics occupy .moon hora of even signs and natural malefics occupy ravi hora of odd signs •where they are good, (3) Planets occupy36

ing kendras with preference to lagna are considered fairly strong. Planets in 7th house possess 3/4 strength while planets in iOth have half and those in the 4th possess a quarter, but this is not a general rule. Planets in panaparas possess half the strength while planets in apoklimas have a quarter strength. (4) Sun and Mars are strong in the 10th house, Saturn in the 7th, Moon and Venus in the 4Eh, Jupiter and Mercury , in the lagna. (5) Males among the planets are strong at the commencement of the bhavas, female planets in the middle, and hermaphrodites at the end, (6) Planets that are retrograde and not asthangatha are strong. (7) Rahu is strong in Mesha, Vrishabha, Kataka, Vrischika. and Kumbha, while Ketu_ is strong in Vrishabha, Kanya, first half of Dhanus and Meena. (8) Planets in Upachayas, preferably benefics. (9) Planets aspected by Jupiter are fully strong ; those aspected by Venus possess half the strength while the aspect of Mercury confers a quarter of the strength. (10) Benefics iii exaltation, Moolatrikonas, own houses,. friend's houses, Enemy's houses and debilitation possess strength in order, while the reverse holds good in respect of malefics. (11) Saturn and Venus are strong when eclipsed while Mars gains strength in his inimical house. (12) Sun and Saturn are strong in the 9th bhava, Mercury in the 8th, Jupiter in the 6th and Venus in the 12th which should not be the house of Saturn. (13) Vargottamma planets. (14) Venus in Lagna and transiting in the constellation Aswini. (15) Mars in lagna when the lagna falls in fiery signs. (16) Moon inTagna as Vargottamma or when she attains Vargottamamsa or when she is in the Navamsa of Kataka. (17) Saturn in Tula, Dhanus and Meena as Lagna. (18) Sun in Simha navamsa. Accepted relationship of planets: (I) Parivarthana. (2) Conjunction/position in the same bhava, (3) Mutual aspect. (4) Position in simultaneous kendras. (5)Position in simultaneous kdnas. Yoga karakas : Planets in exaltation, moolathrikona, own house, friend's house, kendra, kona.

uttamamsa; aspected by bencfics and and natural malefics as lords of kendras not in conjunction in kendras. (2) Natural posited in be ween benefics when they benefics as lords of kendras, natural malehappen to be lords of kendras or Jconas 01 inter-related to each other become yoga fics as lords of konas not in conjunction in 3, 6, 8, 11 or 12 confer better yoga than karakas. when in conjunction. (3) Natural benefics Rajayoga karakas as lords of kendras in conjunction with Lords of 9 and 10 when they do not malefics and placed in kendras or konas possess lordship over 8 and U bhavas and are good. (4) Natural malefics as lords of when posited i.h 9 or 10 or when in benefic konas in conjunction with benefics when houses or in Parivarthana or with mutual placed in kendras or konas are good. (5) aspect become Rajayoga karakas of the Natural benefics as lords of kendras, and first order. When lords of I, 4, 5 or 7, join natural malefics as lords of konas in Con-; with either of the lords of 9 and 10 or junction with lords of dusthanas, confer when lords of 9 and 10 are in 4, 5 or 7, yoga, especially conjunction with lord of , they become Raja yoga karakas of the 8 is much preferred, (6) Any exalted second order. Lords of 1, 9 or 10, Lords planet posited in exalted navamsa or any •f 5 iSc 6, Lords of 6 & 7 are Raja yoga planet in his own house and posited in his karakas in order. When such yoga karakas own navamsa or a_planet in a friendly are posited in a bhava or when they are house in its friendly navamsa and planet in parivarthana, or when they have in moolathrikona posited in his moolar mutual aspect, they become Raja yoga thrikona, navamsa is preferred for yoga. Jcaraka§_QLtheibkd.ordeL_Xhereare-many -. "Under the above circumstances, even _jnora .Raja, yoga - karakas depending on malefics turn to be benefics. (7) A ihdlrkaraKa t wa s. planet posited in a neutral rasi and occupying an inimical navamsa of the Determination of benefics and malefics: lord of the house wherein he is posited and . Jllpitcr, J/enus, Full Moon and Mercury, if the lord of such.rasi and amsa possess snotatfcOnjundtion.with Malefics, are bene- — sthana planet turns to be ar bene-Srr—OiUun., Mjis, RahuT'K'CiliTiT'^uri"," fic and balarthc confers yoga. (8) Even a planet New Moon and Mercury in conjunction In depression gats bcncfic strength if sucli with Malefics arc malefics, liy Admp ilya, rasi happens to bo in friendly sign and if the planets become either bcnclic or malea friendly planet occupying the n_avainsa fic for the bhavas. Lords of kendras and ..,of_the fasi lord arid if both hTappen to ^^fiHS-^are-termed-benefic • and - lords 'of possess reasonable strength in shatbala, jdhsthan as' are consi dered malefic. Maleand the lord of the house becomes a beneficsfor various rasis areas under fic and confers yoga. (9) In the normal ^ Mesba—-Mercury,;_^:yrishabba^Moon course 6, 8, 12 houses and their lords are anB^Jupitcr; Mithuna —Sun and Mars; considered malefics. But if these places ^EiaiasiMercury.j.bimba—Moon; Kanya happen to be either places of exaltation or and Mars-; Tula—Jupiter; Vrischifriendly houses, or own houses of planets ka.-^Mercury; Dhanus—Moon and Venus; posited therein and when such planets are Makara--Suii and, Juniter: Kumbha— aspected by benefics, they turn to"b'e~l5ene^Mfinn and 'Meena,; Sim, Sntnrn and Venus. fics. (10) If the lords of 6,8, 12 occupy Saturn is a malefic karaka in 6, 8, 10 and inimical or debilitation houses>and are 17; Mars is.a benefic karaka for 6; Sun, also eclipsed, planets in '6, 8, 12 houses 'JMercuf.yiapd Jupiter are benefic karakas become benefics. (11) Natural benefics for 1(5'; Sun" in 9, Moon in 4, Mars in 3, except in 12 are generally beneficial and Jupiter in 5, Venus in 7 are not auspicious natural malefics in upachayas are considefor the prosperity of the bhava. Saturn in red beneficial. 8, and Mare in 6 mitigate the evil of the bhava and promote benefic results. Bhava gains'.strcngHT^hen*!-?' , Following combinations confer yoga. (1) Its lord, the planet in the bhava and (1) Natural benefics as lords of konas its karaka are strong. Its lord is strong 38

aspects the same, it is to a limited extent considered useful. (UJ If the lord ol the bhava is related, to the planet occupying its own rasi and navamsa and if that planet is a friendly behefic and strong, the bhava prospers. (12) If a debilitated planet is eclipsed and retrograde and placed in 6, 8, 12 houses, that bhava is helpful. (13) If the lord of the bhava Is in his own house of malefic adhipatya, the bhava is good. (14) Exalted malefic planets not having adhipatya of 6, 8, 12 houses render benefic results to the bhava they occupy. (15) Strong Mars when he is not a malefic by adhipatya, prosperity of the bhava he occupies is noticed, (16) Weak Saturn when he is not a malefic by adhipatya is equally helpful to the bhava he occupies. (17) If the bhava is occupied by lord of 9 and aspected by Jupiter: if the lord of 9 occupies 11 ; if the lord of 9 and the lord of the bhava occupy that Bhava ; if the lord of 2 is in 2; the Lord of 4 in 4; the lord of 4 in I; and the lord of 9 aspects 9, they give benefic results to the bhava. (18) Strong malefics when they possess benefic vargas and are aspected by strong benefics in subha vargas. (19) Debilitated lordjof_ bhava or its kuraka in eleven confer benefic results.

when /osited in k-endra or kona or in 3 or 11 oyin his exaltation or own house or mooiuhrikona or friendly house or his own nav/msa or placed id between benefics or wwn the lord of the house where he is po&iied is e/alted or related to benefics. lion the contrary such lord is placed in an micnjcal house or debilitation or 6, 8, 12 or eclipsed or not related to benefics or related to malefics or occupies debilitated/inimical navamsas or defeated in planetary war becomes weak. (2) If the bhava is aspected by benefics or if its lord occupies the bhava or any planet strong in shodashavarga is posited therein; when malefics do not occupy the bhava or aspected ; when kendras/konas and the second house are occupied by benefics or lord of the bhava is posited in kendras/ konas/second. Even when no planet is found in these bhavas and malefics do not aspect, the bhava gains strength in order of precedence. (3) If the bhava happens to be the friendly house for the planet Occupying the same or its own house or the place of exaltation .or if the planet in the bhava is a benefic or if the bhava is occupied by the lord of lagna or if its lord does not occupy dushthanas; or if malefics are posited in 3, 6, 11 houses or if benefics â&#x2122;Śccupy kendras/kÂťnas, the bhava bears fruit. (4) When the kendras are occupied by planets which arc their ^.own-housed or planets in cxultalicn the bhava prospers. (5) Either the lord of lagna or the lord of moon rasi devoid of malefic influence occupy the bhava or aspect the' same of posited in kendras/ konas, to it the bhava is helpful. (6) In case the kendras/konas arc unoccupied and if Jupiter or Venus as lords of kendras occupy 3, 6, 8, 11, 12 houses the bhava is good. (7) Lord of the bhava or the planet in the bhava or planet aspecting the bhava should be friendly to each other. (8) When the bhava happens to bo, a benefic rasi and is occupied by benefics or its lord or friendly planets and aspected by a strong planet ot when the lord of the bhava or its karaka are strong then the bhava prospers. (9) If the bhava possesses behefics on either side or when benefics ' are posited' i^,""bhaVa is helpful. (10) If the malefic lord of the bhava is .weak and occupies the bhava or

Aspects deserving consideration in judging the strength of a horoscope A horoscope ;s strong when (I) the lagfla, its lord, Sun, Moon and 9th bhavA are strong; (2) the more th$ number of planets in common signs the better; (3) natural malefics as yoga karakas in debilitation or in the 12th house are good ; or debilitated natural malefics in the 12th house are'better ; (4) Vargothama .Moon. in apokliraas to Sun in a friendly house or aspected by Jupiter; (5) horoscopes with Lagna and Moon adhiyogas; (6) benefic^ in upachayas to Lagna or Moon ; more the better; (7) Planets excluding; Sun in 4 and 10 houses ; (8) Planets in mutual kendras (benefics) or aspecting each other; (9) More planets in own houses or aspecting their own houses; (10) Horoscopes â&#x2013; ^itb'-subapha1 'anablifi^tid^tilliifa dhuia yogas preferably caused by benefics; (U) Similarly with vesi, vasi or ubhayaohari 39

yogas preferably caused by benefics; (32) benefics on either side to lagna; (13) Shubha mala yogas ; (14) Pan" varthana of lords of kendras or konas ; (15) Sankha yoga horoscopes ; (16) Parivarthana of lords of 2 and 11 ; (17) Males born during day time in masculine constellations having Lagna, Sun, Moon in old rasis;(l8) Females bom during night in feminine constellations having Lagna, Sum and Moon in even rasis; (19) Moon in friendly vargas aspecled by Jupiter in cases of day birtb and aspected by Venus in cases of birth during night; (20) Lagna as Vargotbama with benefics in vesi sthanasor in kendras or in konas; (21) karakas of bhavas in kendras or konas to Lagna or. Moon ; (22) Exalted lord of 9 in 1 or 3 or 9; (23) Planets in Vrishabha, Dhanus or Meena as kendras, (24) Saturn in 4 or 11 ; Mars in 6 or 10; Jupiter in 5 or 9 to Lagna or Moon; (25) Benefics in 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12 houses; (26) Mars in Makara with Sun in Kataka; Jupiter in Kataka with Sun in Makara;

Saturn in Tula with Sun in Mesha; (27) Saturn in Mesha or Makara or Kumbha as Lagna ; (28) Jupiter in Kendras to Venus while Moon is in 5 and Sun in Kendra to Jupiter; (29) Moon in Kendras to Jupiter; (30} Moon aspected by Mercury or Jupiter or Venus when not debilitated or eclipsed ; (31) Lords of 1 and 12 in mutual kendras aspected by friendly planets; (32} two strong benefics in kendras; (33) Horoscopes with more nabhasa yogas ; (34) Lords of 9 and 10 related to 9 and 10 houses or exalted in 9 and 10 houses when not related to lords of 6, 8, 12 or the houses ; (35) Sun and Jupiter exalted even when the lord of 9 is rendered weak and related to 9 and 10 houses; (36) Mars in relation to 3rd house; (37) Lord of 6 connected to the 6th ; (38) Mars in exaltation. Above are some of the important aspects. Items 34 to 38 are conspicuously noticed in horoscopes with amatya yogas.

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Characteristics to be corrected s Moon in the Ninth House (Conrd.) 9 12 Moon in the Tenth House Vimshothari dasa and its subdivision IS Transit—Correct method of prediction 19 Daily Guide for October 1964 28 Limitation of the Astrologer 32 Is Lagna strong or Moon sign strong? 36 Sidereal Time 39 Position of Planets 46 Monthly Prediction—English 48 i: t ;poAtii?TiTdictiT)n Taroil** " -57Opinion about Astrology 4 Athrishta 67 68

MOLES : THEIR MEANING ASTROLOGICALLY EXPLAINED ^ Ankle; People will have black moles house indicates pleasure, prosperity, permanent tie of friendship, partnership,in their ankle if Rahu or Kethu or Sani occupies the 11th Jiouse coubted from the riches, etc. Hence the mole in the ankle ■Ascendant, as 11th house indicates ankle presages the above desirable results. 'and Saturn as well as Rahu and Kethu are Arm (Forearm): Third house occupied the malefic planets causing molesb-y the malefics from the Ascendant indiAs llth house opposes the 5th [as per cates mole in the arm, especially when it Western System] and opposition of evil is a movable o^common sign. The fixed planets is inauspicious, they do not favour sign indicates that the mole will be in the the fertility of the native ; he is effeminate; neck. Those who have moles in the arms these planets are evil in this aspect. Hindus will be courteous. They are industrious. They may have to face many difficulties say that Rahu or Kethu in 5 causes Putlira dosha.. If either is in 11, the other yet they will pursue and ultimately come must be in 5- Saturn will prove to be out victorious. In every enterprise, they definitely evil if it is in 11, in the constelare cautious and successful. Third house lation of Rahu or Kethu for the birth of indicates inclination to learn everything. children. Cowardice in a man is indiSo they are versatile and gain sound cated by the mole in this area. If the knowledge to be competent enough to ascendant is aspected by Saturn, he will attend to ' their various undertakings. not behold. But the partner in life will Third house indicates assistance from be courageous, alert and active, as it is in others (Sahaya Sthana) to lead a happy 5 to the 7th house. When a person has fife. Sani and Rahu in II, it he takes his wife Mole in the arm indicates that a pciaon and consuKs an astiologcr, the gentleman will be a widower at forty. The followwill be gentle and keep silent as though he ing is the chart which explains the truth :— is guilty, whereas his wife will put varieties of questions and expect some remedial measures to have a child, by praying to Sani, Mars Ratiu God or putting on a costly gem or by visiting any holy place. Lagna Neptune As it is declared that planets in the llth Thursday house, whether benefic or malefic by nature, 21-9-1911 promise happy and harmonious wedded Uranus Poorvapalguni Moon, Mer, life with satisfactory progress and prosVenus perity, one can be sure of these results, if he has a mole in the ankle. Moles alone Guru, Sun indicate and not the scars. The scars are Kelhu the evidences for the suffering of a person in that particular part of the body: Nor a tattoo mark therein will bring about At the time of birth 10 years of Venus results. . >-. -f - . dasa remained.. When he was 40 years of ? these i ^ -^dge ; 'A.W 1 ;= iV. and " was.*running Rahu dasa^Sani ' Planets in 11 portray name; fame, repuBhukti, Rahu Anthra; his wife passed tation, social and financial success— 11th- ••-away.,

[It is mentioned in Uthrakalamritham that Rahu or Kethu in 5 or 9 conjoined with, or aspected by, lords of 2 and 7 cause death. To the native, if you apply. Guru dasa {lord of 2) conjoined with Kethu will cause anxiety. But please apply in the following manner: Lagna indicates the person. .7th house shows the wife. Rahu is in 9 to the 7th house, Leo-Simha. Sani is the lord , of 7 to Leo. Hence Rahu in 9 conjoined with the lord of 7 caused sudden tragic end to his wife. This is how, every rule is to be applied.

For another example let us take " Adhi Yoga". Adhi Yoga is caused when the four benefics, Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury occupy in any manner"6th or 7th or 8th house from the Lagna. Tf in one's horoscope, you find them in 8, 9 aud 10th houses, then your younger brother or sister will have Adhi Yoga, as the 3rd house indicates younger ones and houses 8, 9 and 10 are in 6, 7 and 8 counted from the 3rd house. If the benefics are in 12, 1 and 2, your wife will have the Adhi Yoga as these houses are 6, 7 and 8 counted from 7th house.]

THE FOOD PROBLEM AN ASTROLOGICAL EXPLANATION The following chart is erected for the moment at which one asked the editor " Sir, when will the present food problem be over ? " The time of query is 8-30 P.M. I.S.T. on Wednesday, 26th August, 1964. Place:—New Delhi 77° 12' East and 28° 38' N. Moon 21,45 Lag, 14,22

Astrology? Public Health: Labourers, Unions, strikes, and food supply are the matters signified by the 6th house. Therefore the problem is any of the above matters or many of them. Actually the query is about the food supply. No doubt, there are demonstrations. By whom? Saturn aspects the 6th house. Saturn is in Sathabisha star in Aquarius, indicating i a group of people including mostly labourers and low-paid servants and some of them will gather together and demonstrate. Further Saturn indicates starvation. So, some may even threaten with hunger-strike. Whatever it is, will the problem be solved? If so, when? As mentioned earlier, the 1st and the 11th houses show whether this will be solved. Actually,The lord of the Lagna and the lord of the Rasi is the same Jupiter. Lagna is occupied by Moon, the lord of 5. It is auspicious. 11th house receives aspect from lords of 1, 2, 9 and 10. They arc the planets which cause Rajajoga. Therefore the problem will be solved by the Grace of God and by the person in power, whose ruling planets are Moon, Mars and Jupiter. The star of those persons will be Rohini or Hastham or Sravanam, born in Mars or Jupiter's sign as lagna, mostly in the first three degrees twenty minutes of Scorpio (in Visakam 4th pada in Vrischika, the Lagna should fall) as this area alone is ruled by Mars and Jupiter. When will such a helping hand come to the picture and from when would the difficulty have commenced? The trouble should have started from the time when the significator of the scarcity of foodstuffs, Saturn, entered into Sathabisha star on 23-3-64. The intensity should have

Rahu 5.29 Jupiter 2.16 Venus 24.21 Mars 24,24

Sal. 8T7 Rasi

Kethu 5.29

Sun 10.8 Ura 16.44 Merc. 22.20

0 25,59 Nep. 22.4

Lagna indicates whether the query will have a favourable answer or not The Moon's position shows what the querist desires to know, 11th house indicates success. Houses 6 and 8 and 12 are the obstacles and hindrances. Lagna is Pisces [Meena], It is occupied by Moon, lord of 5, which is in the constellation of 0Mercury (Revathi) in the sub of Sun (21 -4r—according to Krishnamurthy Paddhathi-—Reference is to be made to January issue). Moon in the watery and fruitful sign, in friend's quarters, portrays that the matter will be solved by friends, friendly nations and by Providence (since Pisces is governed by Jupiter). Moon is in Mercury's star and Sun's sub.' Where are these two planets? They are in the 6th house and the 6th sign counted from Lagna. What does the 6th house indicate in Mundane 5

been felt when it commenced to retrograde, and satisfaction to the public. Saturn i.e., around 15th June, 1964. The situacontinues to be in Mars constellation till tion had worsened till 27-7-64, when 15-12-64. Therefore, week after week, Saturn transited in Saturn's sub. This there will be progress and there will be no position reveals that due to constriction room for any grievance. The actual date of labour, etc., movement of food-stuffs on which the statistics of the stock and would not be normal. As a corollary, the satisfactory position of food-supply the stocks remain stored in godowns and will be disclosed, will be on 2-11-1964 in -yards. Also, Saturn, in the 12th house when Satum. becomes direct. No more in Aquarius, denotes that food-grains evil is indicated. would be hoarded, actuated by profit Let us find out by another method, how. motives, because Saturn, lord of 12 in far the above conclusions are astrologi12 in a fixed sign opposing Sun and Mercally correct and whether there is confircury in the 6th house and squared by the mation. According to the Modern. law-abiding planet—Jupiter, presages Astrological Research Institute, Madras, sub-terranean activity. Jupiter is for India is represented by 12° 20' of Capriplenty and Mercury for free movement corn, though text books say that the entire and open market. When these two planets sign of Capricorn denotes India and a few are either opposed or squared, fair deal authors suggest Virgo. cannot be expected. Also Jupiter being squared by Saturn shows that bankers will Let us take I2020' of Capricorn. Saturn, bring pressure on those who have borrowed lord of the ascendant, is transiting in the money and restrict the overdraft facility. second house and is retrograde. It was in -As-Jupiterwasin-Sun's' constellation,"the its own sub. between 5-5-64 and 15-6-64. Government Bank, the Reserve Bank; will It is said that Saturn is a Maraka to Capribring the remedy to release the hoarded corn-borns and it will be harmful while stock by limiting the overdraft. The transiting in an evil star. So Saturn, durhelping hand comes when Jupiter entered ing this period, brought an irrepairable ^enus .star^in Mars sign—Bharani, i.e., loss to India which is indicated by Makara, in mc middle of June 1964. And when [Death of beloved Jawarharlal Neliruji.J Saturn enters into the Jupiter's sub betSaturn was in Rahu's star. Rahu is in ween 27-7-M and 21-8-64, rapid progress Gciriiiii. It ts the Gt'ii house to Capricorn. will be made by the Government. BeneSixth house represents food-sluffs, labour, volent countries will offer assistance to etc. Hence there will be trouble for food Itlde over,the. difficulty. But when Saturn and for labour. These we are now facing. again transits in Rahu's sub, between Now one may ask even next year i.e., 1965, 21-8-64 and 18-9-64, there will be demonsSaturn will be in Sathabisha star: so trations,^debates and difficulties. Luckily, will we suffer even in the next year? ■Saturn-passes on to Mars star—Dhanishta The answer is 'No'. Because, luckily -after 18-9-64; - Even though Saturn is in " Rahu moves from Gemini to Taurus on 'its own sign, it will not be as strong as it 7-12-1964. Therefore from 7-12-1964 it was in Sathabisha—Does not Saturn get will indicate the results of Taurus, the Sth debilitated in the sign owned by Mars? house to Capricorn. Saturn in Mars sign and Mars star will be It indicates birth control for a period of ueak.. Further Dhanishta is ruled by Mars, 11 years when Rahu is in Taurus which Rajayoga adhipathi. So, the situation will be advocated by 'Government and takes a turn for the better and the prosadopted by many, as Saturn continues to pects-of solving the difficulties become bein Aquarius, the second house to Capribrighter from 18-9-1964. Demonstrations," corn—(Houses 2 and 5 are for progeny. etc., will end. Peace and prosperity are to Saturn is an effeminate planet and it is be expected. The 11th cusp falls between unproductive ; Rahu is abortive.) Makara S" 39' to Kumbha 5° 39'. Saturn 'enters-?5 39'-in^tho first -week of - -'Therefore;-even thdugh''Saturn may again transit, the same position will conOctober 1964. .'This sub is ruled by Moon tinue after 15-12-64, there can be no food which assures success to the Government 6-

problem at all, as Rahu does not indicate food-supply. Id the 6th house Mars, and Venus are posited. They are in rapt conjunction. Hence Mars, as Lord of 11, indicating friends and friendly nations, and Venus, asLord of 10, denoting Government in the 6th house show that the Government are fully aware of the situation and will make all efforts to cater to the needs of the people by receiving aid from friendly nations. The query was at 8-30 P.M. I.S.T, or 3 P.M. G.M.T. According, to the western

system at 6-56 P.M., G.M.T., i.e., 3 hrs 56 min. later, Mars conjpins Venus. A per progression 1 day -1 year measure Mars conjoining Venus will give the result in ^ or 59 days; i.e., by 25-10-64, th stock will be sufficient. Friends' help wil be received. And India will'have its ow crop yielding much more than normal. Therefore, one can be sure that th problem will get slowly solved fro 18-9-64. It will improve much by 2-11-6 and will be absolutely alright thereafter.

CHARACTERISTICS TO BE-CORRECTED By Kayeskay Which is the greatest sin or handicap ! and 12 'will square the third house. Fear and Inferiority complex: Mantreswara says that the chief governor for fear-is Saturn. Lord of Lagna, occupyMan is called "Purusha " because he'is ing evil sign when badly placed, indicates expected to have " Pbwrusham Courage that during its period the person will suffer is governed entirely by Mars. So those from fear. Even though the Dasa lord born under the Martian signs, Aries and may be Mars, even then, if the sub period Scorpio, or having Mars in the ascendant is ruled by Saturn, it causes fear. or in the meridian will be bold. Aries people undertake quickly and finish it Planets occupying a sigh, where the rapidly and daringly whereas the Scorpio number of " BINDHUS " in Ashtakavarga people will consider the merits and deis less, causes fear. In Sanketanidhi it is merits, realise the risk and finally with their said that Rahu in Sayana Avastha and in will-power fulfill their desire. Mars ill2 or 11 or 12 produces fear in one. aspected makes one fool-hardy, arrogant, Another variety of fear may be termed as aggressive and authoritative. " Beethi" and it may be found in a person who has a malefic in his ascendant with But fear or cowardice is due to the evil Gulika in 5 or 9 ; or Gulika may be condisposition of Saturn and Moon. There joined with Lord of Kendra or Kona or will be no ray from Mars. Also the mutaHe-signs do-not-give courage." Generally ' Rahu Kethu. Sani may be conjoined with Lord of Lagna.. The person will not trust fear and inferiority complex are found in anybody. He cannot trust himself even. persons born under .'poor circumstances. He will be terribly afraid of- others as he Anxiety arises due to inadequacy. But imagines that they may cheat him. So that if one is born in a rich family or to the "Beethi" will always be found in him. parents.who are well placed in life, then iheiperson-indulges in boasting and posing" Better be cautious. But never suffer from superiority. If at school, the boy who fear and Vanchana chora and Bccdhi yoga. has scored less marks, feeh similarly in Use Ruby, or red stone or Coral. the presence of one who has scored high marks. A girl with moderate beauty feels Pray for Subramanya—Anjayneya—, of-more Narasimha or Durga—Lalitha. beautiful girls. This is borne out by Never use " Blue'' colour. astrological considerations. Inferiority The following is the horoscope of a complex is mainly due to the affliction person who suffers from fear and inferio^jeCweeh^-Saturn-and Moon. Also if the rity complex. third-house ireceivos adverse aspect from fMafs,- one=wiirhave no confidence. If Moon isconjoined with Saturn,he or she is Venus Jupitsr Mars ;mbstly funky and they suffer from complex. Uranus Mercury Sun Rahu "^IPrith'uyasas says that majority of planets causing Madhya Yoga give trouble by sheer fear to the native (because it is the 8th house to the third house indicating Rasi courage)" (Adh 19,"Sloka 37). He adds that Moon and Mercury should not occupy 1 or,6 or 8 or 12th house. (Adhyaya 13, Neptune Sloka 11.) In Phala Deepika it js.-mentioned that... asi.." " C r*" •. itr' waning Moon in Lagna causes fear. 6th Lagna Kijthu Moon house in a horoscope indicates the fear of Sani a person, probably because planets in 6 8

MOON^IN THE NINTH HOUSE (Conld.) Moon, as lord of 8 in 9 in Poorvapa Moon as the lord- of 7 in 9 in Uthraguni star, shows dangerin a foreign plac palguni star, ruled by Sun, indicates that accident during travel- with family at the native may marry a bride, born in a friends, loss of money by partner, ailmei family, not already closely related. He to wife especially during pregnancj will try to contract a love marriage. He Father thrives in a foreign place. Actd will secure a job under strangers or in a ally, a friend of mine born in Dham foreign Government Embassy or InterLagna and in Poorvapalguni star, durir national trade, Exports and Imports. The his Moon dasa, Venus Bhukti,' went to person will be/pains-taking, sincere and marriage party and all those who travel!) honest and, by sheer labour, be will gain but comparatively much less than what his in that car met with an accident. employer will be benefited by his service. Moon, as lord of 8 in 9 in Uthrapa! [Lord of 7 in the constellation of lord of puni star, shows that, during the period 8 means, lord of 1 in the constellation of of ftloon, he will face many difficulti) lord of 2 when counted from the 7th and his attempts to go overseas or f house.) The person will not be successful execute higher studies will be in-vaill in any competition or election during the Moon, as lord of 9 in 9 in Punarvastj period of Moon. gives good luck to wife or partner ^ Moon as lord of 7 in 9 in Hastham business after initial troubles. Expansio star, gives marriage with a foreigner; in of business, assistance from banker; business, agreement with strangers; foreign collaboration, practice of Lawi arrangements for foreign collaboration ; High Court, Supreme Court, etc., to hav frequent long journeys; working hard siddhi in Manthras, to be blessed b hut ever trying to change the partner in Goddess Parvati, Gowri, Si. Mary a: business; unsettled state ofalfairs: service indicated. in Engineering departments, Textiles, Television, Agency, representative ConsulMoon, as Lord of 9 in 9 in Pushyao: general's office, Liason officers. Broker indicates frequent-short journeys, change etc. of residence, profession, etc. One wi' feel depressed and dejected. j . Moon, as lord of 7 in 9 in Chittrai star, promises pleasure, profit, permanent tie . Moon, as lord of 9 in 9 in Ashlesh of friendship, good yield from holdings, ruled by Mercury, indicates that one caj satisfactory returns from property, purlink his fortune with another and make al chase of wet lands, service in Press, Publienterprises with a partner so that he caj cation, Army, Defence, Military or Postal gain. Export, Import, agency, etc., will b" Audit, Mechanical Engineer, Boilers, Steam advantageous. | Engines, etc. But it is inauspicious to father as Moon is in the constellation of Moon, as lord of 10 in 9 in Mrigasirj lord of 8 to the 9th house. sha, is auspicious to gain through Military Moon as Lord of 8 in 9 in Makham Police, Industry, independent auditing star is not in a favourable disposition. Editor, Press owner, milk owner etc. 1 Confusion, fear complex, worries, and indicates bold venture and grand succesj danger from poisonous drugs are indicaOne may have plurality of interest liK â&#x2013; ted p gainsto-partner- byaBditingprnrvby-ivvw printing-newspapers .jnvarious parts, wit] making frequent journeys is the only various titles, to have branches of repair beneficial result. Father will incur loss. ing sheds, etc. 9

Moon in Arudhra star will give such results as Rahu in one's chart indicates. If Rahu is in 4, in the birth chart, as he would have been born in Libra Lagna, Moon shows change of residence, separation from father, life in a foreign place, etc. One native was born with the following chart:— Venus

Sun Mars

star, promises that one can he lucky in a foreign place. Even when a few may try to do harm to the person, the native will prosper. One cannot confide anything with friends. Moon appears to be exalted ; it'claims to be lord of 11—a Labha Stbana. It occupies Bagyasthana—Yet during the sub periods of Moon in Karthikai, one will realise the ingratitute of a friend. Ingratitude is stronger than traitor's arms. Moon, lord of 11 in-Rohini in its own constellation, portrays many friends, grand success, popularity, prosperity and much progress. All-round success and absolute happiness are presaged. Moon, lord of 11 in 9 in Mrigasirisha, lands one into trouble and' his own colleagues and neighbours, known and unknown will cause difficulties. He will spend away all bis savings to get out of the danger. •— Moon, lord of 12, in 9 in Aswini, threatens worry and danger in unknown places through unknown sources. It is an undesirable disposition. But Moon in Bharani in 9 gives one service in close-by quarters under a stranger. It oilers name, fame, reputation and satisfactory rcmmieration. He may be the private secretary or camp clerk and will visit foreign lands. Moon in 9 in Karthikai star is fortunate to secure service in Medical, Military or Mechanical Engineering. He will be courageous and by his strong will, be will be a prominent .figure in the world and will be enjoying a successful career.

Moon Merc. Kethu

Saul Born 13-6-1934 Rahu Lagna


-™During his Rahu dasa, Moon Bbukti, -Rahu sub sub period, he bad to go away In'May 1942,' during evacuation from Madras, leaving his father who had to attend to his duty, as it was declared to bo " ESSENTIAL SERVICE." a—Mooti-in—Punarvasu-star gives -one service in Law, Religion, Bank, College, . etc. and it is' really lucky for service but ! causes ailment. The pulmonary system -will-be affected." =rMoon,- as lord of 11 in 9 in Karthikai


MOON IN THE TENTH HOUSE Moon is the fastest moving planet. Its morality, medicine, thigh, prosperity, characteristic is often changeability and . adopted son, teaching and the intellect to command. its influence is often unsettling. Unless Moon receives good aspects from Saturn, Bhattotpala says that one has to refer, steadiness'of mind, same residence and to the 10th house for kingdom, zeal of any one permanent profession is out of authority, religious merit, rank, one'-s question. One will be wavering and father, rain, etc. vacillating. Like a rolling stone, he will InJatakapari Jata, Vaidyanatha Dikshita move from one avocation to another, says Vyapara (trade), Meshurana, Madhya especially when'Moon occupies a movable (median), Mana (prestige), Gnana sign and its period operates. (wisdom), Rajaspadada (kingdom) and Karma (duty, profession, work) are the MOon governs one's intellect, disposiindications of the 10th house. tion and reaction to the various incidents in one's lifeRamadayalu in^anketanidhi discusses the 10th house and mentions that it repreKalidasain 'Uttara Kalamritha' mensents the two knees and the backbone of tions that the rollowing relate to Moon : a person. Also one's occupation, father, Tank well Saline Liquids family, happiness, ought to be ascertained Honey Good perfume Flower from this house. Diamond Wheat Silver * Curd Long journey In Satya Samhita, it is said that the _ Royal insignia Fruits Fish IDth house refers to one's worldly standSilk i^and .Water-born creatures, ing, rank and eminence as well as the â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Women Sleep, etc. association with virtuous people. Moon further indicates the stomach of the The tenth house denotes the master, people and llic ui'eabis of uic ladies. promotion, appointment,-etc. it is to be Reing a watery planet, it portrays shipconsidered as the house of danger to â&#x20AC;˘ping, navy, water analysis, salt, lish, younger brother (being the 8th house to -corals, pearls, kerosene, petrol, milk, the third), partner in business, to the agriculturists, vegetable and fruit growers, mother or the sickness of children or their nurses, cooks, stall managers, launderers, open enemies or debts, (as 10th house is .zetc^^ . the sixth to the fifth) (being fifth to sixth) servant's children, wife's permanent posses;-â&#x2013; The products which arc signified by sion or partner's conveyance, father's Mobn are cucumber, melon, oranges, self-acquisition and the loss to elder ,poppy, palm, plantains, ghee, sugar, brother. saffron, beetle leaves, nickel, ever-silver, "cooked food, camphor, alum, horses, etc. In horary Astrology, lOth'nouse indicates the property taken away by thieves, Politically Moon refers to the mass of secret enemies of friends 'and gain by long people, the ladies and their societies, journey or by higher studies or by sciencemarriages, navigation, river projects, dam It also indicates the stewards of the race construction, bridges, swimming pool, agriculture, horticulture, etc. Moon also club, their President, the aristocracy of shows breweries, drinks, dance, music, the owners of the horses and the trainers. commerce, trade, cinema and launderies. The tenth house, politically rules the. Tenth liouse-.*4ndicatesv-according to" '^GbVenimeiiC^abd its'1 bhidfFCalidasa, trade, honour from Governeminent persons, the royalty, the nation's ment, horse riding, athletics, service, honour and integrity, its credit, its status agriculture, doctor, name, fame, depositwhen compared with other nations and the ing a treasure, talisman, mantras, mother, political situation. U

Moon in the tenth house, if well aspect Lord of 2, forming gpod aspect wit ted by Jupiter, will ensure smooth life, Moon in 10, gives increase in income an give popularity, political career, service improvement in status; in overseas bank, foreign exchange departLord of 3, forming beneficial aspec ment, law department, religious institumakes one a salesman, agent, camp cler tions, etc. .It inclines to public life. It touring officer, travelling ticket examine offers long voyage if it is in a movable air-hostess, nurse, etc. sign. Adverse aspects threaten unsteady Lord of .4 in good aspect shows that h profession, loss of money, honour, etc. . may gain in his own permanent place o Moon in 10, aspected favourably by Sun, residence. He may be a land broker, ca gives service in the Government and a broker, etc. He may live on his inhen'te steady rise in his -career. He may work property or on agricultural produc in Public Health Department, or may be Mother will be very helpful. a Mechanical Engineer. He will have Lord of 5 shows gain by art, musi good understanding with high officials cinema, drama, paint, speculation, lotler and hence his claim will never be overmantras, and through children. looked. Lord of 6 indicates gain by cattle, set4 Moon in 10, receiving favourable aspect vice in animal husbandry, dairy farm from Mars, denotes that one may deal in milk depot, nurse, Medical and Piibli drinks, breweries, steamers, steam engines, Health Department, election or to act as navy, police (in harbour), wet lands, consjurytruction of dampils or a trader in all matters indicated by moon. One will not Lord of 7 shows increase in one's incom be wavering, but will be ambitiousj brave through partnership, harmonious wedde and resolute. Occasionally he may be rash. life, purchase of property, gain throug partner, promotion in service through hi: Good aspect from Mercury indicates or her partner's influence, etc. that he may be an agent, representative, journalist, engineer, auditor or a worker Lord of 8 shows service in Insurance in the Textile department. Bad aspect medicine, tonic, much of strain to havi threatens that he may have fear complex some gains, routine, monotous career etc. and become more and more nervous. Lord of 9 offers peace, pleasure, Interna Those who work in publicity, advertising, tional trade, commission, overseas, consti mail service, reception office, or act as late, Embassy, gains without pains interpreters will have the beneficial aspect shipping, export-import, foreign collabo between Mercury and Moon. ration, etc. 1 Venus and Moon in harmonious aspect Lord of 10 promises popularity, pros gives service in petrol, petroleum products, pcrity and pleasure. drinks, milk dairy farm, animal breeding, music, perfumery, scented oils, art, exhiLord of 11 brings many friends. On will run a very smooth life, will be popuia bition, drama, public function, catering to public tastes, bakeries, confectionery, etc. hotels, etc., or deal in fruits, vegetables, Lord of 12 forming good aspect wi etc. moon in 10 gives fortune in a place othe than his native place. Even if one trie Saturn and Moon in auspicious aspect to do harm to you, it will finally end i: gives one steadiness. He may serve in mines, kerosene, petrol or lauds, or hold your favour. the position of trust. If Moon is lord of 1 and is in 10 i Lord-of 1, forming good aspect with Aswinit it gives a career in the Navj riMoon-Jn .lOi rindicates .sthatt':fpciuixfi:. -Wilko favour him and even if he is born in an will have worries and difficullles. Moo obscure family, he will come to the fordas lord of I occupying 10 in Dbarani offei front and be popular. He is self-made, service in military, police, welfare office 13

Moon in Dhaniahta, as lord'of 4 in 10, dairy farm, bakeries, biscuits, ghee, butter, etc. gives him very good lift and one becomes popular and rich. No. doubt a Moon, as lord of 1 in.10 in I^arthikai painstaking and hard worker. Yet he star in Arjes,.gives service in navy, surgihas to exercise care and should never be cal; deparlnien l,. ammunition,, factory, impulsive or rash." He should not be steam engines, etc. obstinate and fool-hardy. Moon, as lord of 2 in 10 in MeenaThus one is to analyse and judge the Pisces. in Poorvapathrapada. star, gives results of Moon for the other houses also. results, similar, to Gaja Kesari Yoga— Servtee in Batik, religious endowment, law, The following combinations are noteeducational institutions, arrangement of worthy for the results offered : — marriage, Registrar, etc. 1. Moon cqnjoined with Sun makes, one Moon in Uthrapathrapada, as lord of 2 a Mechanical Engineer or potter. in 10, causes anxiety, worry and also loss It also offers service in Government: in trade, waiste by undertaking long 2. Moon, Sun, Mars—Home Departiourney, etc. One will miss to insure and ment, Navy, Estates. hence he will lose thereby due to his lazi3. Moon, Sun, Mercury—Textiles. ness and negligence. 4. Moon, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter— Moon in Revathi star brings honour, Advertising,^Publicity, Press Infortransfer, promotion, permanency, advertismation—Reserve Bank. ing ptlhlictty art, mnsir ptr Sun, Mercury, Venus— Mpon, as lord of 3 in 10 in Dhanishta, '"■"5." Moon, Music, Radio. ■ Brmgs'MlI-rep'ute and scandal. Partners 6. Moon, Sun, Mercury, Saturn— will get separated i short journeys, adverGeology, Archaeology, Mines. tisements and publicity will all become r.fruitlessrrrLitigation with colleagues and 7. Moon, Sun, Jupiter, MercuryCommercial tax,-Auditor. ^ueiglibbuis.will uuritribute for further loss. R. Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Depending on Rahu's position, one is to Venus—Incomc-Tax, RailwayA udil, state how Moon in Sathabisha will be. 9. Moon, Sun. Jupiter—Law. Religion, But Moon in 10 in Aquarius and Bank, Education. Poorvapathrapada shows that one will 2iave.muChT0bstacle,and.hindrance.^ One . ^10.~ Moon,.Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars iwill -face - them and by Providential help, —Military Accounts. lie Will come out successful. One may be 11. Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Venus—Judge," an* Insurance agent and mint money. MiTS^College, Films. :Actually—in—His -Mercury dasa; Jupiter 12. Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn—Philo'Qbnkii hfi Mill he fortunate.' Similarly-, sophy, Religion, Famine Depart=066^i'Bl7be"a"brolcor and earn. Taurus ment. ' Lagna people, with Moon in Poorvapathra13. Moon, Sun, Venus—Maternity "pada'feceiving good'aspect from Mercury Home. ^.. rwill'be fortunate.14. Moon, Sun, Venus, Saturn—Mica **-Moon, as lord of 4 in 10 in Uthirashada Mine, Gold Mine, Leather Institute, -star,—gives -service ■in''Mines,-Geological' Tanning. Departmenti -Archaelogical Department, 15. Moon, Sun, Rahu—Jail Departfortressesrmonliments; etc.'" ment. Moon in Sravanam indicates gains 16. Moon, Mars—Boiler, Breweries, through property, land, inheritance,'petrol Steam Engines. bunks, dealings in old cars, * vehicles, hiring them, .submarine, corals, saline , . Thus. the nature of the planets is to be considered and""the prbfessibh' is to'be produce, pearls, etc. ' Alsb he ' will be a well-informed; wide-awake worker. judged. 14

VIMSHOTHARI DASA. AND ITS SUBDIVISION In 1964 August issue,' it was explained wBy the Zodiac of 360° is divided into 27 equal parts and each part is governed by one of'the nine planets (Kethu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury in the order) and how each planet is allotted a particular period so that all' the 9 planets in total rule 120 years which is considered to be the span of human life. Explanation was given to understand why the 27 parts of the Zodiac is called after. 27 different names called stars or constellation or Nakshathras. Also it was, illustrated how one is to calculate' the balance of a dasa at the time of birth taking the position of Moon at birth. Now let us take an example and work out, not only the balance of a dasa at birth, but also the order of the dasas to follow, their periods and theirsub periods.

l i 1

The third zone is 26° 40' to 40°, ca Karthikai and it is influenced byy. Then 40° to 53° 20' is governed by lid and this zone is called RohimV So position of Moon at the lime of birth in Rohini star which extends from 40 53° 20'. The number of degrees paji in that star may flbt be taken for ca lation. We are concerned with theportioi the star that is to be transited by Moon to complete the star after thebi The position of Moon was 46''. Theref Moon had passed 40° to 46° or 6°. T need not be taken. But take only portion to be covered. The star exte ■upto 53° 20'. Moon was at 46°. Theref Moon has to pass 53° 20'— 46° = 7° 20 complete this zone. For finding out the balance of the d at birth, note only the balance of the:s to be covered. It is 7° 20' = 440'The name of the star is Rohini. extends from 40° to 53° 20'. This zone ruled by Moon. It has been allotted years, out of the 120 years of Vimshbtt dasa, namely, (Kethu dasa 7 years. Venus dasa 20 years. Sun dasa * 6 years. Moon dasa ^10 years. Mars dasa 7 years. Rahu dasa 18 years. 16 years. Guru dasa Sani dasa 19. years. 17 years.) Budha dasa 7° 20' or 440' arc to be passed. It is portion to be covered by Moon to copii tely pass Rohini. Each star extends, for 13o-20- or 8( Therefore" 4 Rohini extends totally 8 and Moon, lord of Rohini, covers years. It means that 800' of Rohini ==

Moon, 16°

Suppose one is born with Moon in 16 degrees in Taurus—Rishaba, i.e., 46° from Aries—Mesha 0°. Mesha'0o to 13° 20' is called Aswirii which is governed by Kethu. 13° 20' to 26° 40' is termed Bharani and is ruled by Venus.

These 5 years 6 months are the balance of Moon dasa at the time of birth. For new students, a doubt may arise whether the balance of 5 years 6 months of Moon dasa is to be distributed to all the 9 planets or they may be anxious^to know how it should be done :

years of Mood dasa. If only 440' is left, then the balance of Moon dasa at the time of birth = 440 -f- 800 and the result is to be multiplied by 10 years. ■' i.e., .440 ouTTvJ An x 10 years = 5 years 6 months.


Moon Mars,

Rohini 40° 1 Moon dasa-10 yrs. | 53° 20' Rahii, SaturnJ Kethu, Sun Jup, Mer, Venus 53° 20' 46° Moon was in 46° (Nirayana system)

In the Zodiac, 40° to 53° 20' (Nirayana system) is governed by Moon. It is called Rohini. In the total period of 120 years, . Moon_r.ules_only-for_10.years. Always ^.-the.dasa lord rules the first sub period; "then "the other sub periods are ruled by the remaining 8-planets in the cyclic order, i.e.. Moon followed by Mars, Rahu, Guru, fSanij-etc.'"^ Therefore in the 13° 20' or 800', the first 10/120 is governed by Moon : the next 7/120 by Mars: the third4 sab period is ruled by Rahu, i.e., l8/ 20; Jupiter governs 16/120 ; Saturn 19/120, Mercury rl7/120 ;-Kethu-7/120; Sukra 20/120 and ^Sun-6/120. Therefore, referring to the January 1964 issue, page 38,vyou will note: oon—goVebns--10° -Taurus to 23° 20' ^Taurus-; in . that, Moon's sub period ^"e a lends - from- 10° 00' 00" to 11° 6' 40". Mars 11° 6'40" to 11° 53'20" 5 : Rahu ~ \\0. 53'.20" to 13° 53' 20": Jup. 13* 53' 20" -to oV —15o40'-00": Sat. 15° 40'00" to ,/ -17 46"400 : Mer.T7l46' 40"to 19° 40' 00"; ^Kethu. J9 40' 00" to 20*26'40" : Venus , 20° 26' 40". to 22° 40' 00" and Sim *'22° .40' 00" to 23° 20' 00 * -Therefore if the birth was in 6° Rohini, it .means Moon was in 16° in Taurus. Therefore Moon was transiting in the sub of Saturn, in Rohini star ruled by Moon. Hefice^af the tilhe df 'brrth^ M66ii Sathrn Bhukti was running—the 'Mercury

sub will follow—later, Kethu, Venus and lastly Sun sub in Moon dasa. The balance of 5 years 6 months should not be divided to all the 9 planets. The first sub is Moon dasa Saturn sub. 19 Saturn Bhukti will be x 10 years or 19 months or 1 year 7 months. But Moon was not in 15° 40' where Saturn sub starts. It was in 16°. Therefore even in Sat urn sub 0° 20' has passed. Only 1° 46'40" is to he covered. So in this proportion, the part that is to be covered is worked out and for the portion 17° 46' 40" minus 16 degrees or 1° 46' 40, the periot^^alculated. Total area of Saturn sub = 2° 6' 40". Portion to be covered =1° 46' 40". • . For 126' 40" the' period is 19 months or 1 year 7 months_ For 106' 40"—Whafis the period? Jt is x 19— yy iQ ' or 16 months. Therefore at the time of birth, 16 months of Saturn-sub is to run. Then 17 months of Mercury 7 months of Kethu and so on. After the child completed 5 years '6'months of Moon dasaj'Mars'dasa offull 7 years is to run, (followed by 16

18 years of Rahu; 16 years of Guru, and so on. To calculate the sub sub period, caljed Antharas.' Suppose one runs Venus dasa Rahu Bhukti and it is to be sub-divided. •Venus dasa' runs for 20 years.. The first 40 months are ruled by Dasa lord Venus, the second sub is ruled by Sun for 12 months.; 20 months are governed by Moon and 14 months are governed .by Mars. Next follows the sub period of Ranu in Venus dasa. Venus rules 20 years in the total 120 years. Rahu rules for ISyears in the total 120 years. Therefore Venus dasa Rahu Bhukti. is. 20 x 18 yrs. or 3 years. To find out the sub sub period or anthra in Rahti:sub period of-3 years.-- ^• Imagine Rahu period is for .3 years and the first sub sub is to be ruled by Rahu {and not Venus dasa lord). Jupiter will ■■ follow.' Next Saturn governs and so on. ^ These'3 yeafsare to be divided in the same proportion commencing from Rahu. Rahu's sub sub period or anlhara in Rahu sub period Bhukti of 3 years = 18 . 54, year-' 5 months 12 days. r3°"xv120 1 90 16 48 Next Jup: 3 .x L2Q 4 rrTnnths "24 days. 3x19 57 year Sat. sub sub 120 " 120 = Smonths'2I days 3 x 17= 51 year Mercury T5o- J2fl = 5 months 3 days.

Similarly, in.the same proportion, as they are allotted for Vimshothari dasa, the sub 'sub is to be distributed. Again the sub sub can be sub divided in the same proportion among the nine planets which are called shookshmas. Suppose one runs Venus dasa, Rahu Bhukti, Jupiter anthara and he sub divides Jupiter anthara. Venus dasa Rahu Bhukti runs for 3 years. . Jupiter anthara comr mences after Rahu anthara of 5 months 12 days are over—Jupiter anthara is to run for 4 months and 24 days or 144 days. If the total period is 120J then Jupiter has 16 out of 120; then Saturn has 19 out of 120, Budha (Mercury) has 17 out of 120 and so on. Suppose in a public limited concern, there are 9 shareholders and the shareholder Jupiter has 16 shares, Saturn 19, Mercury 17, Kethu 7, and so on. Suppose 144 is the profit. How will youdistribute it? It is done, in the proportion in which each holds the shares. Similarly the 144 days are distributed. The proportion in which it is distributed is constant. Therefore Jupiter's sookshma is 144 y. I days or 19.2 days. 19 Saturn's sookshma is for 144 x i?nX days or 22-8 days. Mertury's sookshma is for 144 x 17 days or 20.4 days, and so on. For ready reference and to avoid mistakes, the table will be publis ed in the next issue. ■


TRANSIT-CORRECT METHOD OF PREDICTION "Transit'1 otherwise called 14 Gochara Palan '* by the HinBus is a sub-branch of Katal astrology. An improvement in the application of the general principles of astrology handed .over to us by our ancient sages and scholars is indicated here. According to the Western system, the astrologers take the radical position of the Sun at the time of birth, consider the relative position of the planets transiting the zodiac and give out their results. Whereas in India, according to our Hindu system, the position of the Moon at the time of birth of the native (Nirayana system) is .taken as the starting and determining point to which the transiting position of the planets are related and according to the relative position, we read the results and say whether the time is auspicious or not. Both the methods are incomplete and the percentage of failures is therefore large. This is no doubt not desirable. (a) The Western System: Let us lake, for example, two persons who are born in different years but on the same date; say 10-8-1913 and 10-8-1916 respectively. Suppose the person born on 10-8-1913 asks an astrologer whether he will come out successful in the election. If the astrologer were to predict that, at the time of the election, the relative positions of the planets transiting the Zodiac being very favourable compared to the position of the Sun at the time of the birth of the native, success in the election was promised, then the same opinion must be offered to the other who is bora on 10-8-1916. Suppose both of them stand for election to the same seat in the same locality ; how is it possible for both to win? Only one can win while the other must lose. So we should consider how far this method of â&#x2013; prediction will be of avail to the querist, v Again suppose one was bom on 17th May, 1926 and another on 17th May, 1940.

Both play at cards or one borrows moot . from the other or one gives alms to U other; While at cards one should gai and the other should lose; while.lendn; money, one should part with his mont and the other should receive it', and thefet the lender's financial position deterion tes and the borrower's improvesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;simi arly while giving alms one donates, an the other receives. Now, you will no I that all these people were borir on tk same date but in different years and position of the Sun in every case was in tk same sign and in the same degree, Ou th basis of the principles followed by Westtj ners, i.e., according to the relative positiOi of the transiting planets to that of the Sti alone at the time of birth, diamctricall| opposite results cannot be foretold. Ther is no proper explanation when their rule on Transits, taking Sun's position alQn, are strictly adhered to. I (b) The Hindu System: You will fin< the above similarity in the Hindu methO' also. Wc arc not able to explain wh, quite opposite results arc enjoyed o experienced by one and the same rasi births, i.e., people bora when the Mod was transiting a particular constellatidi] For example, when the Moon was transi ting Bharani star, i.e. Mesha Rasi, tw people were born on different datesj eVŠ in different years. Now one born ii Bharani star competes with the othe Bharani native; one comes out victorioil while the other gets defeated. Agaij suppose a plaintiff in a law-suit is born i] Bharani, the defendant is also born ii Bharani and the Judge 'also happens tj have been bom in Bharani. Now, lool at the result. One of the two Bharan star's natives gets the favourable judg mcnt, the other is vanquished, and ttf third Bharani star native delivers th judgment.^ So to predict the Gochara o transit^Tesults Taking only the star inij consideration is also incomplete. That i why the Rasipalans published in th'

dailies, weeklies and' monthlies vary even For example, two girls, born in Rohini inthe essentialsso widely and so erratically star, are taken of whom one gets married that they give scope to the public for in a particular year and the other gels ridiculing this noble science. .Therefore, . married the next year. In sucb cases, ofle there should be a fool-proof and accurate can find that, according to the position of method by which a correct prediction can the lords of 2, 7 and 11th houses in each be offered. For doing this, a complete horoscope and to the relative position of chart is necessary and the relative position the planets transiting in the Zodiac, the of all. planets transiting is to be Judged planets promise marriage of the former iii with the position of all planets in the a particular year; whereias, for the lattcrj chart and especially the position of LagnaÂť they portray the wedding only in the etc. following year. Thus one wHl find that even though both are born in the same, The public may ask ; " Why then such star, the events occur on different dates. an incorrect one is handed down to us ?". This is due to the relative positions of the What is handed down to us not incorrect relevant planets at the time of birth and but only incomplete. It appears that, if transiting in the Zodiac. one knows only his date of birth or only If it were possible for any one to collect his birth-star (Nakshatra) he too should, the charts of many couples wlio get to some extent, get a prediction that will married on a particular date in a given give him mental solace. Astrology place, city or town, or at least note down inc\u6es'also .psychotherapy: it .should be able to give mental strength to the people ^ their birth dates arid birth stars which will reveal the positions of the Sun and jv bo.are .depressed so that<they can work also of the Moon at birth, it will be found With enthusiasm, entertaining hopes of that people born with the Sun in each of 'betteftimes to come ; even when suspense the 12 rasis and with the Moon in any of is threatened, such people will not worry the 27 stars get married on that very same any longer. They will wait with pleasure date. You will also not find that only if or'-better days. So astrologers offer Aswini star people' get married on that ^reaictions'which may be true to a limited particular day or only Bharani or any extent, especially to a few. other star. You will find actually that Actually, if the position of each and people bom in all the 12 months of the every planet in the chart of.a subject is year and under all 27 stars get married. .taken into account, the predictions offered Now let us see what the sages have "skould^not fail. -Accent per cent succes's declared.V^piter, while transiting in 2 or is Assured by taking the lagna and the 5 or 7 or 9 or llth house counted from position, of various planets including, the Moon's sign, offers Gurubalam which ikanuS-^nd-Neptune, as well as that of is good and in all other positions, in relathe most sensitive point, Fqrtunay at the tion to the Moon, there is no Gurubalam tixiie of the birth of the native and the or Viyazhabalam or "Brishaspathi Balam". position -of the planets transiting in the If to a girl, Jupiter transits in the third Zodiac along with the several aspects that house, ordinary astrologers naturally will .are^faeing formed and then offering the predict that, because Jupiter is transiting -results. in 3, Gurubalam is not found and hence marriage will not materialise. Unfortu~-It will be observed that people born on the ^ same date in different years with nately, they will realise soon that their prediction has miserably failed when, different positions of the planets enjoy fortunately for the girl, the marriage has different results. The readers will find come off. In 1961, Jupiter entered this for themselves that, when all planets are taken into consideration and the Makara. Only after Jupiter transited star results so derived are used and the general ; through'v Makara, many Anusham predictions arb adiWgly mo'difi&if 6nly*^" ' ^irls"^jt fnarried' evferi i!h'oUgft"1'it'llJuplter):4 correct results are obtained. was in the third rasi. When we follow

the principles that Jupiter in 2, 5, 7, 9 and 11th houses alone can give fruitful results, how can marriage take place when Jupiter is in the»third house? Again in every year, if you collect the charts of the people born under the same star, you will find that, in all years, a few of the people born under the same star, e.g., Pushyam (Poosam) star get married or enjoy life or get "promotion dr otherwise realise their ambitions. So when you compare the , the position of the transiting planets with the position of the Moon or Sun at the time of the birth of the natives, you will find that, in all positions ondiflferent dates, wedding was celebrated to one or the other •born under the same star or born on the .same date. Here also, you will conclude thatthe science is incomplete. But when you apply the method described herein, «you will understand that there is not even' one per cent error but everything comes out very accurately and correctly, which will go to prove that astrology is really a mysterious and wonderful science, given only to the few who have the Divine Grace. So you have to consider the positions of all the planets and Lagna at the time of birth and assess them in relation to the relative positions of all the planets transiting in the Zodiac at any future predicted dale. It may he argued that the Hindu method is better than the Western. The Hindus, as stated already, take the relative position of the Mdon, while the Westerners take the position of the Sun as the basis of computation. Probably the westerners take into consideration the vitality, health and the profession of the native, as being all important and this triad is governed by the Sun. The Hindus take into consideration the Moon's position because of the following important reasons: The Moon is called ' Mathi * or the Mind. The' transiting planets may ^be harmonious or inharmonious in their aspects with the Moon and accordingly one feels elated or upset. Our ancestors . always, desired to have* peace'of mind-and, tried to avoid upsets. So they cared more for the steadiness of the mental

faculties so that they can medii concentrate and pray to God, Another reason is really the most aj aling. If one takes'the pre-natal ep( it will be seen that the Moon's positio the time of the birth in the chart is exa the ascendant (lagna) at the time of epoch in 50% of the cages. So, at time of the epoch, a particular part of Zodiac rose in the East. After rou| 9 months when the Moon transits in position, birth takes place. Simili that particular part of the Zodiac wl rose at the time of the birth called ascendant or lagna was exactly the st position of the Moon at the time of epoch of the child. Thus, Hindu se compare the relative position of the asc dant (lagna) at the time of the epoch wli is the Moon's position in the birth ch As the child grows from the "time of epoch, it would be really more appri1 riate and correct to take that into co deration. This may convince everyone Whatever be the reason, it is foij that both the Western and the Hio methods of prediction on the transit^ planets fail in many cases, whether tai red either only to the Sun or only to" Moon. tel. us analyse. If one lakes the aso dant and the JVIoon't: position (i.e., Rr separately and note the results, they i bound to vary. If both are taken, { can have the truth. Suppose a man in a race and makes some money; naturally he feels happy but in practi life he is found to be somewhat wonand dissatisfied because he bad mis an important winner he was sure abo When his chart is examined, you will li that the ascendant (success or faild had only a moderately beneficial aspd whereas the Moon (reaction—mind) h an inauspicious one. Therefore j attempts had been successful only tc certain extent, but made him menta ill at ease. Another person goes to | race course and loses a few hundfe But he comes out merrily saying " Bel .-luck next .time." Why.! He had a p3j cular horse in mind, but at the time^ betted, he deliberately changed overj 21

another horse, a duke. This he did with the fullest knowledge that he was taking a chance! and he lost because his ascendant was in evil aspect. But the Moon was in a beneficial aspect and so he did not mind the loss and vowed to win later. Again where both the ascendant and the Moon have evil aspects, the man's attempts fail and he mopes. If both the ascendant and the Moon's position are in good , aspect, he wins and feels elated. It is one of the many fundamental points confirmed on series of researches made, that, even though the Moon^s position be the same, if the ascendant were to be different, the results will be variable and therefore we have to take the ascendant primarily and then only the Moon, the Sun and the other planets, in order to know all the results accurately. One more example will confirm that the 'Gocharapalan' offered by taking the date of birth, i.e., the Sun's position alone will not be correct in all cases. Take the date of birth and also the star of the students who are all declared successful in any given Public Examinationâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;several thousands sit for the same examination on a particular date and their results are / published all at the same time. It is no wonder that people born on all dates having the Sun in all the 12 rasis and born under all the 27 stars are found to have passed. If we collect the charts of those who have failed, it will be found that they were also born oA all the days of the year and under all the 27 stars. This particular aspect has been the subject of detailed research by the editor and his students. We should also take into our main consideration the position of Fortuna. Fortuna is otherwise called Pars FortunaThis is the most sensitive and fortunate Zodiacal point. Its distance from the ascendant is as the Moon is from the Sun. in longitude, i.e., if you add the longitude of the Moon to that of the ascendant and then deduct the longitude of the Sun, you arrive at the longitude of Fortunaâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;it is the position of Thithi added to Lagna. Always the position of all the planets and the Moon's node are readily obtained by referring to the ephemeris; but the place 22

of the Fortuna is to be worked out from the horoscope itself and it varies for every moment because every fourth minute, the next degree of the Zodiac rises in the east, and thereby the longitude of the ascendant is rapidly changing. The Lagna moves very fast, about one degree in every four minutes. The fastest moving Planet is Moon; next comes the Sun. Therefore, all the three rapidly changing ones are taken for this calculation which confirms that the position of Fortuna changes every moment and each birth will have its position in different longitudes even though it may be within only a few minutes of each other. Unless both are born at the same time in the same latitude and longitude, the Fortuna cannot be in the same position for those births. Fortuna has no influence on character but is said to benefit the sign in which it is found to be. For the transit results, in my personal experience, Fortuna deserves serious attention and it indicates certain results which are not shown by the aspects formed by the transiting planets to those in the natal chart. As long as we have found out that the results enjoyed by people born within a Tew minutes difference of each other show diametrically opposite results, then" one should try and find out what is it that is so fast moving as to cause opposite aspects and bring about such different effects. All research scholars will surely declare that the fast changing ascendant and Fortuna cause different aspects and produce, different results. If, therefore, Fortuna is always included in all calculations and predictions offered, there can be no great room for disappointment. So far, I have shown by specific instances that predictions made by applying 'Gocharapalan* taking the transit of planets and referring to the position of only the Sun or only Moon of a native at his birth are liable to serious gross errors. I will now give instances to prove that identical results are enjoyed by people whose birth took place at the same minute in the same Latitude and Longitude. I place before the readers in a tangible and

a systematic form, my reasons. It is for them to accept or reject. I am sure it will be accepted. My readers.will do well at this stage to pause and ponder over the significant truth I have placed before them. The first instance relates to two persons born at the same time and both got married to career girls who were earning. They had no children but both couples were very fond of domestic pets, cats and dogs. The two mates were lecturers showing identical interests in politics, social welfare, philosophy and religion. Minor events also in their lives were strikingly similar, as for example, both suffered from tooth-ache at the same time and period and had their infected teeth pulled out at the same time and on the same day. The two male partners were in no way related to each other and they hailed from widely separated places. Another instance, born in the same village, who narrated their experience after they had lived there for a fairly long time. Their temperaments, behaviour and character were identical. Both had pleasing manners always with a smile and were never rude to anyone. Both were robust in health. Whenever one fell ill, the other also ailed from the same disease at the same time. Each of them got married in the same period and begot the same number of children of the same sex. Both of them lost a child in the same month, and brought up the same number of children. One wis a journalist and the other was a writer of fiction. Mercury, Mars and Jupiter were the signs who ruled over their profession. The culmination of this extraordinary similarity was in the death of these two natives on the same day. Yet another instance relates to a report that appeared in a foreign journal in 1820. It mentioned that Samuel Hennings died at the age of 82. He was bom on 4-6-1738 at a place situated in the same Latitude and Longitude as King George III, who ascended the throne in October 1760. Mr. Hennings was then an independent businessman and on the same day Mr. Hennings took Elsie for his wife. Both had the same number

of children of similar sexes. Both were long-lived and died at the same hour on 2-9-1820. Instances can be multiplied of such remarkable coincident happenings. The principles governing such events, will be explained in the book to follow. It is recommended to judge the outstanding events and episode dial would happen to natives taking the position of the Lagna. Only when it is not known, take the position of Moon. (Something is better than nothing.) If both are not known, take the position of the Sun. If one has not got his horoscope but knows only the date of his birth or the birth star, an incomplete prediction alone can be had. Lagna, or Ascendant, i.e., first house, indicates health, longevity, success or failure in one's attempts, etc. To different births having different houses as Lagna, lordship of Moon and Sun will vary ; e.g., people born in Aries-Mesha-to as Lagna, Moon is lord of 4 and Sun is lord of S. If the transiting planets afflict Moon, it shows thedifflcultiesto be faced by mother and not by the person. But, as Moon is the chief governor for the mind, he will not be happy due to the troubles to his mother. Similarly, if Sun, lord of 5 (according to date of birth), is afflicted by the transiting planets, the children may suffer, whereas the native will not have any adverse result. Take the following chart: Lagna Aries

Sun Cancer Leo Virgo


The person is borii in Aries—Mesha lagna. Sun is in the second house. When Sun transits in Aquarius, it forms favourable sextile aspect to Aries. But it squares radical Sun. Lord of 5 transiting in U, favours the person's lagna, but lord of 5 squares the fifth house lord. Therefore the . native meets with success, whereas the child suffers. Always one should necessarily note of which house Moon is the lord and which house Sun governs. Good aspect to Ascendant promises good health and success to the person. If Moon, is the lord of any particular house, one is to note down the matters governed by that house. Good aspect to Moon improves those matters. Bad aspect to Moon does harm to the matters indicated by that house. Similarly one is to note down the aspect to the Sun. Find out to which house Sun happens to be the lord. As each house—bhava—signifies certain matters, consider which are shown by the house which Sun owns, counting from the Lagna. Good aspect to Sun indicates improvement of those denoted by Sun whereas bad aspects spoil them. Suppose one is born in Virgo (Kanni) as Ascendant. 2 hours before another born in Libra (Thulam).

permanent tie of friendship, partne reunion, etc. Therefore, for persons born oh the.sam day due to the change in Lagna, the lord ship of Sun changes. Therefore, it indi cates diametrically opposite results. If both refer to the dailies wherein th prediction is offered foMhe date of birth I they understand that the astrologer has given the prediction taking into consideral tion the position of Sun at birth an4 thd position of the planets transiting. 'DoeJ it not appeal even to a common .man thaf good aspect and good result mentioned will apply (a) to the person regarding th^ matters indicated by the 11th—to Libra-j born, (b) to the good health and success op his elder brother—11th house shows elder brother.. The same good aspect to Sun shows loss of investment, journey, separa tion, etc. to a Virgo-born native. So the Libra-born will have re-union an< profit whereas the Virgo-bom loses anc gets separated, though the Sun is in th^ same degree, in the same sign and all lh« other planets also do not change theil signs. Also it is worth the while i.o note the following: (a) collccl the horoscopes ol- those born with Moon in Cancci , (b) sort out the Aries Ascendant Taurus, Leo, Virgo, etc. Verifj the results. To the person born in Aries Asccndan and Moon in Cancer, if a prediction ij offered taking the Moon sign, the predic tion will apply to mother. If it is said tha! people born with Moon in Cancer haivl Saturn in 8 and it will affect the healtli actually the Aries-boras find (a) the mothe1 is unhealthy and not he or she; (b) the ca! gives trouble, needing a mechanic's atteh tion; and (c) the house needs some repairs Another born in Taurus ascendant observd (a) he is not able to proceed^on shot, journeys; (b) cannot edit any book;(d brother or younger sister is ill, etc. Od ■iborn in Leo,F-4ncurs>doss; ,>one .bOnU] Virgo gains. One born in Capricorn says all the results read for Cancer sign agred

Leo Libra Virgo As Sun owns Leo, to the person bom in • Virgo Ascendant, Sun islorti of 12 indicating either loss or separation or hospitalisation or life in a foreign place or away from relatives and some changes. f: ^' But 'pefson^bSffi^W -""Bibra— Thulam—Sun is lord of 11 ; it promises peace, pleasure, profit, progeny, prosperity, 25

mostly with those enjoyed by my wife, It is necessary to point out in th(s cott' the reason being that Moon governs the text that the dasas which are adopted by 7th house> astrologers are many. Among these * Udu dasa*, 'Vimsodari Aslodari dasa' Therefore * Kalachakra dasa' are generally applied. Which of these is to be followed is not (a) predictions offered in this magastated by the predicting astrologers of tozine refer to the various signs as day; Vimsodari is perhaps what they go Ascendant or Lagna. by. (b) if you vknow only the Moon's position, it will refer only to that Let me pose to them the case of twins relative and ^matters indicated by who have got the same lagna and the Moon as the lord of Cancer. same position of planets, with more or less, the same dasa and bhukti, but running (c) if you know only the date of birth, with a difference of 1 month and six days. i.e., the position of Sun, it refers Both are in Rahu dasa, Guru bhukti at the to the relative and matters prelime they tried for a job. One was appoinsaged by Sun as the lord of Leo. ted and the other rejected. In this case, Better you know your Ascendant and the dasa and'bhukti' and anthara will refer. be found to be more or less the same in both. But the results of the efforts have (If you-have a doubt or if your horosbeen diametrically opposite. A careful cope is to be cast very accurately^ send approach and a critical study will soon - ^ -(a) the place of birth—nearest town ; reveal the reasons for the same. What (b) time of birth ; appealed to me and convinced me was that the Lagna and Fortuna and the relative (c) date, month and year ; position of Lagna to the position of all 5^—(d) sex; the planets as well as Fortuna to other planets indicated how, in one, a few favou~ (e) name; rable aspects were formed while, in the case with a live-rupee postal order or money of the other twin, adverse aspects were ordtr to Mr- K. S. Knshnammli, 1 .t, formed. Therefore, when success or failure Brah n't in Street, Said a pet, Madras-15. in onc^s all em [,1 ha* lo he aceouiilett Jor, <{You wili also^be informed how to refer to only the Ascendant—the lagna—has lo be your horoscope.) considered. It is common knowledge that various Ragarding a man's financial position rpredictinns are routinely given in the and success in competition, one has to take -monthly and weekly journals based on the beneficial aspects to the lord of 7, 2, * On^Karapa'l ^ n a rid afider tbat those who j, .6, 10 and 11 as advantageous and al$o are running beneficent dasa and favourathe evil aspects to Lords of 4, 5t 7, <5, 9 ble bhukti will have a good time,during and 12, as favourable to the native. Simi-ihejauspicious transit.. They add further larly, the evil aspects to the Lords of -that,—iL the dasa 'bhukti' were to be I, 2, 3, 6, 10 and 11 as well as the benefifavourable, the adverse transit during a cial aspects to Lords of 4, -5, 7, 8, 9 and 'favourable' 4 dasa '■ and ' Bhukti * will 12 are"unfavourable to the native. This appear .to be menacing, but actually it relates only to the financial position. will not happen. If the transit and the dasa and bhukti are beneficial, then the But the favourable aspects of a planet to the lord of any house improves the native will get his desire fulfilled and will enjoy favourable results. If both the dasa results indicated by the aspected planet. and bhukti are bad and the transit is also Similarly, evil aspects" to the lord of any' adverse; the native wili faceuntol'd/miseries; ' house poffend evil to those indicated by , that particular house of which the partiThis is what you find mentioned in these predictionsr cular planet is the lord. Only for deter26

mining the increase or decrease in one's financial position, the houses 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 and 11 have to be considered as they make the bank position more sound while the other houses tend to reduce it. The explanation is that the ascendant represents the native while the 7th house represents transaction with a creditor or debtor of the native. Suppose the native borrows, then the lagna indicates the person; the 7th house denotes the banker; the 2nd house shows the financial position of the borrower. Since borrowing is to be ascertained from the 6th house and it is done during the period of the lord of the 6th house or planets in the 6th house or planets in the star of the occupants of the 6th house or planets conjoined with lord of 6 or planets posited in the star owned by lord of 6, they presage the time of borrowing. By borrowing, it is meant that the native gets money ; the 6th house relates to improvement in the finances of the native. Similarly it can be shown that houses 1,2, 3, 6, 10 and 11â&#x20AC;&#x201D;the lords of these houses when being aspected favourably, increase tjje native's bank position either by self-acquisition, by borrowing, by service, by business or calling, profession or assistance from friends and relatives. The other houses indicate an increase in finance to the opponent. Suppose the Lord of the 8lli house is favourably aspected. It means that the 2nd to the 7th house gains; this shows improvement in the finances of the opponent or the banker. If the native competes with another, then good aspect to lagna indicates success

in his efforts, whereas the good aspec the 7th house denotes the oppone gain. If the lord of the 8th house du transit forms a very favourable aspcoi t radical position or if any other planet beneficial aspect with the lord of the it would appear to show that the pppo gains and the native loses. Therefi the general principle, that all favour aspects must be beneficial to the native, not hold good in some cases. The exa given shows that the beneficial aspec the lord of the 8th house will benefit opponent of the native. But if, accor to the general principle, one were to pre that the native will gain, the predic will fail, because it benefits only opponent. So also, if each house is tal and the results are recorded, then cv^ thing will fully agree with my st^teirf that the lords of the houses 1, 2, S, 6, and ]], when in favourable aspect, ben the native financially, while the lords of other houses receiving favourable aSpp indicate either drain or loss, or mak investments or lending to others or reti ing loans -or losing in litigation, compl fron, election, etc. I wish here lo impress upon the rent the imperative necessity of bestow) deep thought and ma Lure consideratii analytical study and further researchj order to predict correctly, and whl necessary, to interpret modifications 4 variations that are bound to be noticed actual practice of this Science, just as found in other sciences like medicine, it concern and relate to human welfare, f

The next stage is to calculate the position of Fortuna (a sensitive point ©). This position will be arrived at by adding the longitude of Moon to the longitude of Ascendant and deducting that of Sun, i.e., Lagna 24 s 46 = 1140-46' plus Moon 14 V3 41 = + 284 -41 399 -27 Minus Sun 0 y 28 30 -28 368°-59' As the sum is above one circle, deduct 360o-00 and fix up the position of Fortuna as 8° Y 59(Mesh^) Nirayana and in Rasi and amsa also write the position. For Sayana; take the positions in Sayana and calculate. The final stage is to work out the balance of Virashothari Dasa at birth. Here the birth has taken place in Sravanam star ruled. by Moon and its Dasa period is 10 years in total, i.e. If the birth would

have taken place at 6° 40' in Makara where Sravanam starts, you write the balance as 10 years. But the position of Moon at birth is I4041/i.e. 14° 41'—6" 40' = 8° T Moon has moved in Sravanam. For the total length of. Sravanam, i.e., 13° 20' = 800 mts. the period is 10 years. For the movement of 8° I' or 8 x 60 -f* 1 =481 mts., calculate as follows : ^oi x 10 m years = 4810 = 6, years 481 0 mths. 4^ days. years mths days This you deduct from 10 0 0 to find out the balance at birth 6 0 4^ Balance of Moon Dasa 7 3t 11 ,, 25 at birth is ; ^ days. In the next issue we will work out one more chart so that students can follow this and cast the horoscopes without any confusion.

LIMITATION OF THE ASTROLOGER {A part of the speech given by the Editor on%i 1-8-64 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan1f New Delhi, while he gave a speech on the Necessity for Astrological course.* Normally, when a girl is of marriageable Astrology is a Science. Yet, while applying the principles, the astrologer age, the astrologer takes the conjoined periods (Dasa, bhukti) of the planets fails occasionally due to alternatives: connected with the houses 2, 7 and 11 as because all the matters in one's life are the time of marriage. But one does not indicated by only the twelve houses of the commonly note of which other house Zodiac, and hence each house has to signify many matters. To correctly select a these planets are also the rulers and what else they can do—whether they are stronger few, in the many results shown by a house, depends on one's sound knowto give the effect of the other house they own, than to give the effects of the houses ledge, vast experience, proper application of all the methods, deep consideration of 2, 7 or 11. each matter shown by the house and the The following is the horoscope. of a Divine Grace which the astrologer and native who was actually on death bed on the querist should both enjoy. An astrothe day when her wedding was predicted. loger may predict marriage to a native on Mercuiy, a particular day. Actually the girl or boy Mats, Ketbu, U ranus may suffer from any serious ailment and Moon— 21" 20' even be in a coma stage. Why? .Is astrology incapable of indicating such a dangerVenus, Sani ous attack ? Sun 16-7-1936 No. The first mistake of the astrologer is that he does not take all' the poi nts Lagna necessary to decide one's marriage. All the three houses, 2, 7 and 11, the occupants in those houses, their lords, etc. and Rahu Jupiter Neptune also Venus, might not have been considered. One 'may judge from the houses 2"and 7: the other from house 7 alone: At the time of birth, the prospective bride.. the third may omit to note which other was having Jupiter dasa, 14 years, 4 house the lord of 2, or 7 or 11 owns and months and 24 days. what other results they can offer by When the astrologer.tries to find out the owning another house alsotime of marriage, be takes Mercury, lordIt is true that houses 2, 7 and 11 indiof 2 and 11, as one of the significators; cate wedding; ' and Saturn, lord of 7, as the other planet contributing to the marriage. So one de-. (a) house 2 shows "the increase in cides that Saturn dasa, Mercury sub-periodthe number of the members of must give marriage. Actually, during^ the family by marriage and then that period, the girl suffered from Pleu-,' by birth of children; risy. She was in the bed for some months (b) house 7 signifieis the partner in life due to complication, and on a later date' ,'C with whom an agreementis made; ■ there was the suspicion that she might; • suffer from T.B. She got married only in. (c) house 11 indicates the pleasure Venus sub-period, as it is the chief gover-' and the permanent tie of friendnor for marriage and occupies the 12th ^ ship or partnership with another. house indicating ''SUKHA SAYANA".!, Also, it is true that houses, 2 and 7, indicate death (Maraka sthana) as they are . (enjoyment). the Vraya houses to the houses of longeThe reason for her confinement to bed, f vity 3 and 8.instead of enjoying in bed, was that 32

Saturn, lord of 7, was the lord of the 6th house also. It owns the maraka sign, that is the seventh house, which'is also the house for wedding. Sixth house indicates disease. So instead of marriage, she fell seriously ill during the period of the lord of 6 and 7. Such a serious mistake was committed h by the Editor while offering prediction to his own youngest brother, Sri K. S. Gopalaswami. The native was born on 15-10-1916 at 6-12 P. M. in a village Kuthur next to Tanjore town. The chart is as follows: Ascendant 4° 23' Jupiter 8® 55'

Moon 20° 39'

15-10-1916 Uranus iy u', Rahu T 53'

Kethu 1° 53', Saturn 7° 19', Neptune 12° IC Venus 15°58'

Mars 2® 44', Fortuna 26° 2'

Mercury-13* Sun 29° 15'

At the time of birth, Moon dasa balance; 2 years, 0 month and, 6 days. He was working in Bombay as an assistant to a successful and brilliant sharebroker. He found my brother to be very honest, sincere and true. When my brother's business was not as good as it was, he was offered a manager's post in a Tea Estate on a big salary in February 1964. When he consulted me, I wrote to him; 11 As you are running Saturn dasa, Mercury sub-periodfrom24-10'1962> I expect you to leave Bombay once for all as your life in Bombay comes to an end on 28-6-64, when Sun by transit will be passing the sub of Mercury, in Rahu's star in Mercury's sign GeminL I do not expect any change before 28-6-64. I will go over there at that time.'* 9 - 33

My reasoning is that his Moon" sign is stronger than his ascendant. Because the ascendant is occupied by the lord of 12 and the lord of the ascendant, Mars is in 8 to Lagna ; whereas the lord of the Moon sign is in a kendra to Moon, So his horoscope should be judged taking Moon sign as the first house and Gemini as the second, Cancer as the third and so on. If his ascendant were to be strong, his name would be Subramabia, etc. But his^name Gopalaswami itself suggests that Venus (Cow-Gow) and Moon-(liquid, milk) are strong. Lord Krishna was also called Gopala as his star was Rohini, Moon's star in Venus sign, Taurus. Then, what can one predict during Saturn dasa, Mercury bhukli, Rahu anthara? Saturn is lord of 10. Mercury is lord of 2: Rahu in an earthy sign is in 9, aspected by Saturn and in trine with Mercury. Hence, change of surroundings and environ-ments, change of Institution, change of place, long journey, etc. are normally expected. Even if one lakes Aries as ascendant, then Saturn is lord of 10, Mercury is lord of 6 (for service) and Rahu is in the 10th house. Now also one has to predict improvement and change in one's career. According to Krishnamurti Paddhathi, let us fix the date. As he runs Mercury bhukti, Rahu anthara, find whether Rahu's star is in Mercury's sign. . Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Rahu's stars are Amdra, Swati and Sathabisha. Arudra is in Gemini. It extends from 6° 40' in Gemini to 20° in Gemini. Then according to the Paddhathi, Mercury sub in Rahu's star is between 12tf 33' and 14° 26'. So when Sun transits in between 12° 33' and 14° 26' in Gemini, the life in Bombay should end. Change must come. But, on 28-6-64, when Sun was in 13° 15', he passed away suddenly. Till 27-6-64, he was hale and healthy, attending his office. On Saturday afternoon, the moment Sun came to 12° 33' he became unconscious, after having had a pleasant conversation with his friends and relatives. He called the car driver after dressing himself up." Few minutes passed.

and Rahu (the agent of Yama-Sani My brother had not come to the car. So brought about his end." thedriver peeped in and noted that he had stretched himself on the easy,chair and was To confirm that Rahu is a maraka, to drawing a' long and hard "breath. This Taurus-boms, if it were to occupy the 9th happened, thempfnent Suh carne to 12° 33'. 'house Capricorn (Makara), a reference He was removed to the hospital at once. may be made to Uthara Kalamrita trans-< But he passedaway^on 28-6-64 at4-45 A.M. lated by Fandita Bhushana V. ^ubramslnia* when Moon was in the sigh of the lord of . Sastri, page 40; chart 21. the dasa, Saturn. A female was born on the 14th October But the Editor thought that on 28-6-64, 1916, fhe day prior to my brother's birth. ^nday, he may leave Bombay to take up ■ My brother was bom on 15-10-1916, another job. So the Editor replied in The following is 'the chart ofethe female February On 28-6-64, your lifein Bombay bom on 14-10-1916, at 9-15 P.M. will conle to an end." Now one may ask: >Is death indicated | Jupiter Lagna, by thise^pjanets ? Moon The answer is " YES'V Keihu, "Why have you not predicted?" may Saturn 1 again. be repeated by others. 11 When: a letter is received saying that he p^MTl"' tirke~up^a--j6b —in—the~"Southr~ Venus fho^ally tWEditor tried to note the time when he*, would change. Further, being Sun, a brother^ the wishful thought and desire Wars Mer' cury .fjora peaceful life to brother overshadowed ^heteyil'results.^ ^Wbat i.s the explanation Balance of Moon Dasa at birth was 9 yrs.for tne sudden end ? - — 11 months and 29 daysT Let us take that Moon sign, Taurus is The gir! passed away in January 1934 the fust house. Then fot people born in when she was running Rahu dasa, Rahu Fixed Sign, sthira rasi, lord of 9 is a bhukti, Budha anthara. ^adhaka^sthana^dhipathi. Planet in 9 [occupies'Bhadhaka'sthanar So RahuptheThe Lagna and the Moon sign is the roccupant, and Sani, the owner, are evil. same—Taurus. 9th house is Bhadhaka Mercury, rules the second house and so he Sthana (danger to longevity). So Capri■is-a-r-Maraka.-Sthana -Adhipatfai. .Hence _corn (Makara) is an evil sign. Rahu is a Saturn z.dasa, "Mercury bhukthi, Rahu ' malefic, occupying" the sign owned by' .antnaja caused dealh ^wht'u"Muou transited * " another 'evil planet, Saturn,5 the- chief, m Saturn's sig"n occupied by Rahu, and Sun governor for longevity. Mercury is-the passed .through Mercury's sign and Rahu's lord of the second house, a maraka sthanal s'farT. Hence in ' January 1934, during the .^'LeiUJ^tale Aries. (Mesha), as lagna. The conjoined periods of Rahu and Budha, she lagna.-isTii a moveable or chara rasi. For passed away. Normally, one will predict chara-'rasi-borns, -11th house indicaites . either long journey and change of place :bhadhaka: sthana (danger to life). Saturn for higher-studies or marriage'with one isjlor^oT 1 ntis said'that Rah or JCethu born in a family not already related. Occupying a hou^e is stronger than the lord Hence it is necessary to consider all of the sign. Rahu is in one of the signs the points before one passes a judgment. ruled'by" Saturn. Again, taking my brother's horoscope .. Hence ,Rabu of.eyii^oifica^^ ^a^^plyinB^.tbe . Western system tors, jMercury is lord of 6, the house of prognos'ticatidn,' one can" note "tfiat "Sun,T "diseaseT"" Hence Saturn, the lord of death the life giver, squares Venus, the lord of dasa, Mercury, the lord of disease, bhukti, the Moon sign34.

According to transit, Dasanatha, Saturn transits in the Bhadhaka sthana, Rahu's constellation SathabiSha, and is in the sub of Saturn. Jupiter, lord of 8, ^as in 12 in the constellation of the lord Of 6. llence, by applying any method, one will be able to find . out the truth. As each house indicates many matters ^and each planet also signifies many matters, there will be alternatives. In the above instance, the alternatives are; (a) change of place; change of institution, etc. or, (b) end of life., To eliminate one, and to confirm the other, the horoscope of his wife ought to have been scrutinised to find out whether she will lose her husband and consider the horoscope of his children, whether they will lose their father or all will change the residence. After a thorough study, one will clearly state that the native born on 15â&#x20AC;&#x201D;10â&#x20AC;&#x201D;1916 has to pass away. Post-mortem makes one a Post-graduate.


IS LAGNA STRONG OR As soon as the lecture in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan was over on 1-8-64, one of the students asked the editor to explain how the Ascendant Aries (Mesba) of the native, bom on 15-10-1916, can be considered as weak, when its lord Mars occupies its own sign, Scorpio, and is strong. Further, the benefic Jupiter occupies the ascendant. The editor replied: " It is absolutely necessary to note whether the Ascendant is strong, or afflicted and is weak. Then judge the strength of the Moon sign. Before one commences to pass any judgment^ this must be determined. The houses 6, 8 and 12, counted from -L-agna- and—also -from- Moon—are- called Dus -Sthanas. Planets, owning those fibiiscs, whether benefic or malefic by nature, become evil. Planets occupy- • ing these houses (6» 8 or 12) also ^.Ose.the strength to offer such favourable "results which they can bestow due to their lordship of certain beneficial houses in the horoscope. Also those planets owning the houses, 6, 8 and 12, occupying any other house, weaken the houses occupied by "them These^bhavas sufferyannihilation even though by nature they are benefics. Mantreswara in Paladecpika, Chapter -XV. Sloka V, has mentioned : 'When a Bfiava has its lord in the 6th, the 8th or [theT2jh;house, or if a Bhava is occupied "by the lord of any of the three houses, it suffers annihilation, say those who are froficicnt in Astrology.'1 (Subramanya aSiti!s translation, page 183.) He adds in Sloka III in Panchadasa Adhyaya.: Ofjhe Lagna and other Bhavas cxamined in succession, whichever bhava has its lord occupying Ihe 8th place devoid of'aspects from benefics, the result is the total destruction of such a bhava.' Aries is owned by Mars. It was in 8 to • Ai'lvt^iTv Scc-fvio pin sthc .c^r t X5f» tlxborn on 15-10-16. Therefore, to offer the results indicated by Aries, Mars is weak. It cannot contribute for the improvement 36

MOON SIGN STRONG ? of the first house matters as it cannot aspect the Ascendant. The lord of a house should occupy the same house or be posited in houses other than 6, 8, or ^counted from that house or aspect the hoiise which it owns to strengthen the house. Suppose one is born in Scorpio, and if Mars is in 6, in Aries, as Mars has the 8th" house aspect and it can aspect Scorpio by that aspect, Mars will improve the matters of Scorpio by its aspect, even though it occupies • the 6th house, counted from Scorpio. Aries Mars

Scorpio Lafina "In this case, the lagna will he strengthened by Mars. Again, it is said that a house gets spoiled if the 4th and 8th houses are occupied by malefics. In the horoscope of the native bom on 15-10-16, malefics, Saturn and Kethu, are found in 4 and Mars is found in 8. Lagna Sam, Kethu


■nwL«;i*V Further, Jupiter is a benefic by nature. He is lord of 9 and so he is a baghyadhipathi

In Sanketanidhi, Ramadayalu says th the lords of Kendras and Konasi thou capable of causing very favourable effec will not prove to be good when eithsr the two is placed in the 12th house count from the other. Jupiter, the lord of t kona (the ninth house) is in 12 to Moo the lord of the kendra fthe 4th house),, a hence Jupiter cannot prove to be goo; Jupiter is never genuinely good to a " when it owns the 9ih house, as it wijl r either 6 and 9, or 9 and 12th huoses, O to Scorpio-borns and Aquarius-bor Jupiter does not own either a kendra a dushsthana. To Aries, it is the lord of 9 and 12; To Taurus, it is the lord of 8 and 11 ; To Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pis borns, it is a kendrathipathi and is con dered to be evil". To Cancer, it is the lord of 6 and 9; To Leo, it is the lord of 5 and 8; To Libra, it is the lord of 3 and 6; anc To Capricorn, it is the ruler of 3 and (Only in Utharakalamritha, Jiipitet considered to be a benefic- when it o the houses 3 and 12.) Thus it can be seen that Jupiter nature is benefic. But to a majorfly i the people, it becomes a malefic by owne ship as it rules two houses and eitherthem is the 6th, 8th or 12Lh house • both the houses are kendra ones (1, 4, 71 10). Similarly, Jupiter, though a RajayJ gadhipathi, will weaken the ascendant,! it ownsthe 12th house. In Uthrakalamrit in.Kanda IV, Sloka 14, the author sa .thsit the bhava containing the lord of I 8 or 12 is lost or fallen.1 Bhattotpala Prasnagnana has said: when the lord j one of the three houses 6, 8 or 12 occiipt •a particular bhava," it is destroyed.' Therefore, (a) Lagna occupied - by t lord of 12, (b) lord of lagna in 8 to t ascendant, and (c) malefic Kethu in. 4 i the main reasons, why lagna is consider to be 'weak. When Moon sign is considered, there? (1) no evil in 4 or 8; but lord of the rasi] rdn.Ato,.Moon^and. (?) ,Mo.on is.not cq joined with maleQcsi Hence Moon sign stronger than the lagna- "

to Arics-borns. But he is also the lord of 12. As lord of 12 in the Ascendant^ he will weaken the Ascendant" though Jupiter improves 9th house matters. Thereafter, the student said: 'Is it not a fact that Mars as lord of the 8th house to Aries lagna (Mesha) is not evil ? How can it be evil if it is in its own quarters?' The Editor replied: "Probably, you refer to the principles, given in Jataka Chandrika. It ia said tha.t if a planet owns both the ascendant and the 8th house, the planet does not lose the beneficial strength of the ascendant. It means that the lord of lagna will not affect one's longevity as the 8th house indicates one's Span of life. It is also declared in Jataka Chandrika, that the Luminaries, Sun and Moon, owning each only one house, cannot become evil, by owning the 8th house counted from Capricorn (Makara) and also from Sagittarius (Dhanus) respectively. This applies only"for longevity. For other matters, they are definitely evil. The true interpretation is that, unless Sun and Moon are further influenced by Bhadhakasthana Adhipathi and Marakasthana Adhipathi, they will not cause any danger to the lives of the natives born in Capricorn or Sagittarius in their periods. So also for lliosc burn in Aries (Mars as lord of 8); in Libra (Venus as lord of 8); they cannot affect one's longevity simply because they own the 8th house. But one should remember that they will prove to be harmful if they are connected with Marakasthana Adhipathi, or Bhadhaka Sthana Adhipathi, or if they occupy their constellations. Coming back to our point. Mars is not strong to give the results of Aries, when it occupies Scorpio. But it can/give the results of Scorpio to a good extent It is, no doubt,.strong in Scorpio to.give the 8th house results to Aries-born; but it is' definitely weak for lagna 4results. It is said by sages : If the lord of a bhava (lagna, 2nd or 3rd house and so on) occupies 6th or 8ih or 12th house, counted from that Bhava, the effect will be reverse.. -If-the olare tsie-vyea Jc«t j, tfi-si e? ji 1 Jf, v be very harmful; but if it is strong, adverse results will be slight *• 37

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KRISHNAMOORTI PADDHATHI By K. S. K. 6th, i.e., the llth house is to put an end to the disease, and Lagna which is the 8th house to the 6th must offer health by effecting the cure. Therefore, houses 1 and 11 are always for the maintenance of good * health, whereas 6, 8 and 12 are evil houses affecting one's health. (So also for litiga- . tion, loss, debts, danger, disharmony, dispute, difficulty, etc.) In the following chart Sun 8° 18' Kethu 1° 12' Mars 10° 8' Venus ha 22° 57' Lagna 23°, ^ Bud 27° 20'"

Health: The position of the ascendant, the situation of rthe Lord of the Ascendant, the planets occupying the Ascendant, those which are in the constellation of the occupants, the planets in the constellation of the lord of Lagna, those who are conjoined with, or aspecting them, indicate the health of a native. They contribute to one*s health. But the planets in the 6lh Bhava (House), those in the constellation and sub of the occupants, the lord of the 6th house, planets in the constellation and sub of the lord of the 6th Bhava, those who are in any manner connected with them, portend disease and upset one's health. The 8lh house,' its occupants, its lord and those in the constellation of the occupants of the 8th house and its lord, indica.'e end of life ; tiisreforo to mc it

.TupH-er 19- 31' Samrn

indicate the disaase from which one will suffer during their periods and recover. The 8th house threatens danger and mostly the end, unless it is connected with the llthiiouse and its lord. ■ The 19th house indicates—isolation, hospitalisation, etc., and also why one is confined to bed. It also indicates imprisonment to Moksha.^ The 12th house to any Bhava, spoils matters signified by the particular Bhava.'Suppose Cancer-Karkata indiratps one's education^ then the 12th to Caiicer, that is Gemini-Mithuna shows the.end of the scholasticicareer. Similarly, when the 12th house indicates hospitalisation, the 12th to the I2lh, i.e., the llth house shows the discharge from the hospital. ^PlanetsTh 6 and^^nS in hlbuses 6 jnid'S' to any house are detrimental to a Bhava. When the 6th house to Lagna is adverse to one's health, then the 6th house to the


| Rahu T \2'

erected for the birth at 4-50 a.m. on 23rd June, 1921, in Uthrashada Nakshathra with'Sun dasa Balance 1' year 5 months and 3 days, the native was complaining of pain in his leg, between the calf muscle and the foot. _First, it was considered to be filariasis. Night blood was repeatedly tested. There was _no confirmation. Months "passed.— PaTn continued. Then another expert was conStrlted;"-Treatment for rheumatism was suggested and it was found to be of no use. Another expert was approached. He said that the native can Have a cure, if his leg bone was drilled and a'few holes made. The extreme pain ';iri the 1 e^r6rced; tfie pefSoif'ti?' subiff if to this experiment and luckily it-proved to be successful. Pains vanished' and he was happy for some months. Again, the same 4


mplainl had relapsed. ' X* ray revealed at the holes were closed. Present advice to remove a bit of the bone, so that, for ' few years, calcium will not be deposited jpidly and cover this portion again. The above is the case. ' In March 1959, when pie native was unning Jupiter Dasa, Jupiter Bhukti, Venus thara and Rahu Sookshma, he started ponsulling doctors. His treatment for ilaria was found to be not correct and Helpful. In 1960 when he was running Jupiter dasa", Saturn Bhukti, treatment for rheumatism was given. Couple of years passed. He entered into Me'rcury sub ^period. Mercury gave correct intuition and diagnosis. He • was operated on 11-2-64 on a Tuesday and the bone in one leg was drilled. Again on 18-2-64, the bone in the other leg was drilled. He had relief from the beginning of March till May 1964. Again slowly the trouble started. In February, 1964, he was running Jupiter Dasa, Mercury Bhukti, Rahu Anthara. From 6-3-64 he had Jupiter Anthara. In that again the sub of Venus and Rahu came in May 1964 when pains slowly increased. Now it is for us to judge dispassionately and arrive at the correct conclusion. I. Moon at the time of birth was in Uthrashada, ruled by Sun whose dasa period is the minimum of the periods assigned to all the planets, being only for six years. Even if the birth lime may be " 15 minutes erratic (Birth time given is correct. But for argument sake, even if it is 15. minutes either way) the dasa balance at the time of birth can err by i x L/24 x "6 x 12J of a month, i.e.', only 3 weeks and not more. Hence the dasa and bhukti cannot change. • II. Health can be affected by houses 6," 8.and 12. This is the general rule which is expounded by the Hindu Sages and Western Scholars. If we apply this rule, how can we predict such loathsome, fear•■ful aod'chronic.ailment, especially-.affecting,the bones and .proper treatment during Budha—(Mercury)—sub period. If one is to advance the argument that Jupiter is to 5

cause disease as lord of 8, it should be during Jupiter dasa, Venus Bhukti. Will not Saturn, the Rajayoga adhipathi, ward off the evil of Jupiter, lord of 8? When Jupiter is in Leo, normally one has to predict that the heart will be affected or Jupiter in the 4th sign and 3rd Bhava will affect the lungs. Actually, the bones in the legs are affected. If it can be argued that the lord of the 6ih house, its occupation, etc., indicate the part of the body to be affected and the nature of disease, one can say that the leg may be affected.. Venus can cause eczema but how can it affect the bone. According to Krishnamurti Paddhathi, (1) The lord of 6 indicates disease. (2) It is in Aries 12th house (leg) ruled by Mars (to be treated by Surgeon in its own (Venus) star Bharani and in the sub of Saturn. The lord of the sign and house occupied by a planet indicates the part of the body affected; lord of the star shows health or disease; income or expenses ; savings or borrowings"; victory or defeat, etc. The lord of the sub indicates the system which will be affected. (a) Venus, the lord of 6, is in the 12lh house: The 12Ui house indicates the le^; ::u lordship of the 6ih house sbov.s disease. (b) It was in its own star BharaniVenus as lord of I shows health and as lord of 6 denotes ill-health. So the ailment, that he will suffer from, will be due to both Karma and one's own action; (not observing hygiene, reluctance about health, etc. It is applicable to Taurus and Scorpio). So this native will suffer from such diseases the cause of which cannot be easily diagnosed and that.which will baffle the medical attendants. (c) The sub-lord is Saturn. Venus was in 22° 57'. Refer to January 1964 Magazine where the table is given for ready reference. 21° 53'20" to 24° 00'00" is ruled by Saturn in the star of Venus. (d)"'Saturn indicates bony ' (ossfc'&ls): system. Therefore, Venus, lord of 6 portrays the common disease from, which the

person will suffer. Where is Venus 7 Which planets modify its results. Venus is in Aries owned by Mars. It is in Bharani governed by Venus. The sub is ruled by Saturnâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;So Mars and Saturn modify and indicate what Venus can do. Venus can cause such effect, not only in its period, but also in the periods of the planets which' are under the sway of Venus, i.e., those planets which occupy the star Of Venus or the sub of Venus. So note down the planets which have such connection with Venus. Jupiter is in Venus star, Rahu sub. Saturn is in Venus Star, Kethu sub. Mercury is in Jupiter's star, Venus sub. Therefore, Mercury is in the constellation of the lord of 8 and sub of the lord of

6. It Is the sub-Iord who indicates the mail? results. The sub-lord is Venus. Venu is to cause disease, increase debt, separat him from the family, hospitalise and make him undergo surgical treatment in the leg and taking leave from his. office. Normally one will say. Mercury, the.lord of 2 and 3, gives unexpected advantages; gains without pains; increase ' in income; improvement in status as it is in its own^ sign and is in 11 to Jupiterfth'eDasanatha who is Labhadhipati, owning the 11th' house also. This is the brief of the read. â&#x2013; ing, he had. Alas ! His health had failed and the prediction had miserably failed. But, if you follow this Paddhathi, you can give a detailed picture of the horror in this period.

CHARACTERISTICS TO BE CORRECTED : (iii) By Kayeskay Which Is the best day to act ? ** Today " I « .Never put off till tomorrow what you can do to-d^iy. A time that is lost is ever again gained. Do not be lazy and ,lethargic. As is said in the old Testament, Go to the ant, thou sluggard: Consider *her ways, and be wise." Astrologically the following disposition of planets indicate sloth and inaction : !. Fixed signs show slow and steady action. But Cardinal or movable signs indicate immediate action whereas mutable signs denote activity. If a majority of planets are in fixed signs, one will not be quick in action. If there is no beneficial aspect from the planets in movable and mulablc signs and if there is adverse aspect fium malcfics either to the ascendanl or to the lord of the ascendant, one will be lazy. If Moon is so posited and it receives unfavourable aspect from evil planets, one will have very slow grasp and will be idle. Even though Venus is said to be a benefic, if it occupies its own fixed • sign,' Taurus, and receives adverse aspects, it will make the person easy going and idle, He will always miss the opportunities. 2. Mars, the most alert and active planet will not form good aspect to Lagna in the horoscope of idle people. So also, Mercury whicji may be called as a busy planet and Uranus, signifying mental and physical activity, will not throw harmonious aspect to the ascendant or lord of the ascendant or moon. 3. . Saturn, the thamasic planet, afflicting the lumi^^aries•fro^n the,fixed sign or the ascendant, and the dasanathamake one lazy during their periods.

7. Mahadeva in Jataka TatWa_ says. that people, who have Jupiter and 5aturn -, conjoined, will be lazy. In the horoscope: taken as an illustrative one for: Krishnamurti Paddhathi, you will find that the person was born in a fixed sign as the ascendant—Taurus; Jupiter and Saturn are conjoined. They are also in a fixed sign. Both the planets square the ascen-, dant. So one will normally say that this native will be lazy. Actually he is a. very busy person 'in spite of his ill-health. Why? Here the Stellar astrology will correctly^ offer pjediction. Jupiter and Saturn were in Vcnu. star Toorvapalguni and Venus was in the movable sign—Aries, owned by the active Mars and in its own constellation. It is a spec led (according to Hindu^ method) by Jupiter and according to' western system, trine aspect from Jupiter and Saturn. But if Jupiter and Saturn are conjoined together especially in a" fixed sign and if they are in the constellation of a planet occupying a fixed sign and the stellar lord is in no way connected with Mars or Mercury or Uranus, Mahadeva's statement will come true. Experience says that not only he will be lazy, he will preach his own philosophy (as Jupiter arid Saturn are philosophical planets) and quote what John Burroughs has said " Serene! fold my bftnds and wait, Not care for wind or tide nor sea; I rave no more * gainst lime and fate, For lo I My own shall come to me." 7

Mahadeva adds *' If the lord of the or mutable sign, or (b) when the ascendant ascendant be weak or associated with receives aspect from Mars, Mercury or Saturn or if either the Lagna or the lord Uranus. of the Lagna receives aspects from Malefics, Kalidasa in Uthra Kalamritha has said the native will be either without energy or " The planets, Saturn and Moon, as well be inactive or lazy. the 8th house are to be considered to Prithuyasas in Horasara says what- as find out whether one is lazy or not Varabamihira has mentioned in Brihat Jataka : " A person having Moon -in . the 6th house will be lazy". Varabamihira is of opinion that Moon in Makara also produces lazy people. Prithiyasas adds that Ihe person born in Dhanur Navamsa will be lethargic. Also one born in Vasi yoga, having planets in 12 to Sun, will be indolent and weary. Similarly, people born Saturn Moon Lagna in Sakata yoga having Moon in 6, 8 or 12 16째 to Jupiter, will be idle. _ Podumanai Chomadiri in Jataka-desaraarga has said that people born in Vasi yoga and Gola yoga will be idle at all times...... _ : The above is the horoscope of a person ^-Vaidyanatha Dikshitha in Jataka still idle. He used to miss the bus Parijata says that people born in the hora often. He will go to the Railway station belonging to Moon will be lazy. It means always a few seconds alone late, after the half_the,.population will be lazy and the train had left and will wait on the plat" It is not so. If the Lagna form until he gets the next train. .One day, 'ism Moon Hora," Saturn from fixed sign when there was an interview for prosquares and the aclivc planets do not motion, ho- arrived lute and he lost the favourably aspect the ascendant ir. Mcon chance. So one should not be slow, idle hora, then alone one will be idle. and lazy. Should lie not take any other conveyance and be in time V ^Venkatesa in SaryartbacJiintamani confirms T that ^Saturn symbolising One should make hay when the sun 'LThamasa guna" will cause laziness in shines. For "There is a tide in the one, if it either occupies Lagna or affairs of men, which, taken at the Good, also, when we consider the^horoscopes .of ' leads on to fortune." people ^having Saturn in Lagna, we find Those who believe in Gems, that this is not true in many cases, especially when (a) Saturn is in the constellation (a) should avoid using blue sapphire or a planet in movable but (b) use red,-ruby, emerald or coral.


LIBRA By K. Ganapathy 13, BRAHMIN STREET. SAID A PET. MADRAS.15. ' through the 2^ stars (Nakshatras or ConsLibra is the 7th sign of the Zodiac. (The tellations) found in this-sign, will enter the first sign is Aries—Mesha; the second Taurus—Rishabha; the third Gemini— next sign Scorpio-rVfichikam on 16th November. All those who are bprn Mithuna ; the fourth Cancer—Kataka ; thfe fifth Leo—Simha ; the sixth Virgo—^Kanni J' between these calendar days will have"themSun marked in Libra—'•Thulam, according the seventh Libra—Thulam). to Nirayana System. . This sign is also 10° in longitude and it extends from the 180th degree from Vernal Therefore, according to Sayana System, Equinox (Aries—Mesha 0° to 210°. The people born between 23rd of September commencement of Libra, i.e., 180th degree and 22nd October (both days inclusive) will have the Sun in Libra, whereas accoris termed Autumnal Equinox. It is acrossing place or intersecting of .the ecliptic and ding to Nirayana System, people born celestial Equator. The Sun passes over between 17th October and 16th November from North to South declination and at any year will have their Sun in Libr the time when Sun enters 0° of Libra, the Thulam. night and the day are equal throughout Libra is, the 7th sign of the Zodiac the world. Hindus celebrate this as Thula whereas it is the 2nd sign of the Zodiac, Masam. The old Mexicans and Egyptians governed by Venus; also the .2nd Aries* also celebrate this and have feasts on this sign. It is said to be the day house or: duy. Moola Trikona sign of Venus. The 1st Chilra, second half (Third and tor.irth sign of Venus, Taurus—Rishabha, is an padas), Swalhi, and Visakn one, two earthy sign but Libra is an airy sign. and three padas arc contained in this sign, Taurus—Rishabha is a fixed sign whereas Thulam. Libra is a movable (chara) sign. Libra is positive one and not negative like Taurus. According to Sayana System, nowadays Alan Leo calls Libra, the equalising sig the.Sun enters the sign Thulam on 23rd of the Zodiac. It is signified as the sig September and passes through th6 sign for of the balance. thirty days and leaves it on 23rd October. It is in Libra for a period just over thirty Venus is the ruler of this -sign. Satur days. If the date of birth of a person falls gets exalted in Libra and Siin gets debiliwithin these days, he is called a Libran tated: Moon, Mars and Jupiter, whenaccording to Sayana System. Sun moves ever they occupy this sign, are said to be just less than a degree a day, in this sign. in the enemy's camp. Therefore the date of birth will indicate Libra is symbolised by a man stationed the approximate degree occupied by Sun in in a public market, holding a balance in this sign at the time of one's birth ; e.g., if his hand and dealing in his commodities. one was born on 28th September any year, It is called the sign of Vyapari, Vaisyas— the Sun will be in the 3th degree. If the Businessmen. It is the human biped sign date of birth is 15th October, the Sun's of long ascension. position would be 22°. ■ According to Nirayana.Sysfeijij the Sun . . k Physical features: ^The person, born will, throughout Kaliyuga enter Libra— with Libra as ascendant,'grows tall with. Thulam on 17th October and after passing well-proportioned body, His limbs will' 9

throughout life, like Mahatma M. K. Gandhi, were born in Libra. [One who may have in his possession, Uthrakalamritha translated by Mr. Subra-1 maniya Sastri, will find the incorrect horoscope of Gandhiji, on page 69 whereas Sri s V. A. K. Iyer has published it correctly ih' ' Characteristics*. ' As Libra is symbolised1 his masterpiece, Everyday Astrology in with Balance, the Librans will be level page 147.] headed ; they can maintain mental equilibrium, weigh the merits and demerits, Further, these" people do not believq consider the pros and cons and pass a dis- in hot discussions ; but they willi" passionate opinion. -They are the best try to bring about compromise in all judges.'While they debate, they excel others controversial matters. This is one of thfc in. comparing and contrasting. They are main reasons why they come to the public^' constructive critics. fronL and are popular and prosperous. Another good quality in them is Venus, the ruler of this sign, makes the that they have an unassuming nature and native courteous, modest and gentle. He humanitarian instincts. Even when they is always for a happy and harmonious life. commit any mistake, it is such that will^ He will not rub on the wrong side. He be easily forgiven. They generally lean /will purchase peace at any cost. He will more to the spiritual side than to. the be upright and sympathetic. Even when jjure physical one. JicJoscs-his-tempervhe-will soon'be quieted. As Libra is a masculine sign_ and the -He.tries to lead a pleasant life enjoying all seventh of the Zodiac (seventh house rthe fruits of life. He is fond of dress, indicates marriage partner), the Librans perfumeries, art and music. Venus shows have such strong conjugal .affection that thht Librans will be having hobbies and they do not'eonsider anything else more â&#x2013; bring a^nnvahir sign,;they will be chang- _ important than this pleasure. This is the IhgTfombmrto â&#x20AC;&#x201D;another. Photography, dilTurcncc between Leo-horns and Librans. gardening, drawing, painting, embroidery, Librans arc very afTecKmiale and gentle. etc., may be their hobbies. They arc easy-going, and remarkably shrewd, and never hurt others' feelings. As Libra is the sign opposite lo Ariev, the Ljbrans....will J'orcgo - their personal, They will not bully and bluster. They are persuasive. Being a masculine sign, one 'coraforts'but work^hafd^for"the benefit of cannot impose upon Librans who will others. Politicians born in Libra will be popular throughout life whereas Aries- defeat the opponent by adopting a peace'bbrns-wilI J^e-in.jpjwer during.beneficial - -.fularid strategic plan. They are accomperiodF'ancLibe nowhere_during adverse i. plished diplomats.days-_,OiTc "Can study correctly any sign, The Librans enjoy life immensely in the lif he first learns the opposite sign. company of the opposite sex. Mercury, as lord of 9, gives intellect and Mars, as lord Libra is an airy sign. So it confers .of 2, .offers r'no fears 'L Hence they JertiJe, imagination, , correct intuition, argue with clarity and forethought. They brilliant intellect, admirable refinement, have the capacity to handle any situation -supreme-indemnity, pleasant nature, etc. tactfully. Neat touch and fine finish are He will be a proper adviser to plan anythe traits of Librans. They have thing with correct forethought. As Saturn warmth and charming manners so..that gets exalted here, one can concentrate, they happen to be the ideal peace-maker. meditate and reach a higher plane in Venus, the lord of the sign, indicates spiritual life also. Sri Narasimha Bharathi, Sri Ramana Maharishi, the sages and^the. that Librans will take interest in' their â&#x20AC;˘ dress, furniture, conveyance and other successful politicians" who ' universally commanded all the people uniformly comforts. The number one concern for 10 be slender but strong. His appearance will be^raceful with a sweet smile, and his countenance attractive. The eyebrows add tp. his beauty. In the adult age, the occipital region gets bald. The nose will be a little bent like the parrot.

them is to keep the partner always Jn shows a decent partner in business and good cheer. The partner will attach also luck by linking one's fortune with importance to the spirit of love among a partner. One gains money through all the two, .whereas Librans eare more for matters indicated by Venus. It is a good the surrounding conditions. position in a woman's chart. Venusians generally like music, especi■Jupiter in Libra gives the native an ally, romantic music, if Venus or Libra average height. But the formation will receives aspects from Mars. Saturn, be beautiful and graceful. The countenaspecting or occupying Libra, shows ance wili be bright and pleasant. interest in tragic ones. Jupiter indicates prayers. Moon shows melody and they He will be honest and sincere and his will keep the audience spell-bound. disposition modest and mild. He will .. shows . . one will ... always co-operate and help anybody at a Neptune'.in TLibra that monl'ent.s Jn (especially when it is in the grow very tall His ideals will be lofty last He w;|| be a conscientious and his notions visionary. He will worker, and a compassionate friend. He is be intuitive. He can compose songs. He best suited for the £ost of a Jud and to m ay beC me a P0et ° will .„ crave for f sexual indolVs hold anv exalted status. He is merciful ffl , . he afflicted and charltab|c, He wi|1 filld leasure in gence. Some people will have Neptune He may have costly frequent trave|s. receiving both good and bad aspects. Such conveyance, and also powerful friends in people will lead a reckless life in youth the opposite sex. He will gain through during the period of the planet which , Jheatre, hospitals, commerce, public -forms evifaspect and become a poet when Iimited ci)ncern finance re|igion etc 'thfe perrod of the planet which forms good aspect, runs. Mercury in Libra gives the native a *__ . Libra , . good..... moderate height. But he will be very Uranus,n gives health and busy active and a|ert Hjs bod W||1 ^ height They are very intelligent and ndther stouti nor of thin-build. Lone' fond of science, especially Chemistry. Ifand evcs ;m, jven by Uranus ,s aMlic-cd. they take to sextaj. . ^ , . H< be broi d Science. They .ose tneir temper/3siU(| neve,. h<, partia| ; svi,. cor.sidcr hmii .ney cannot have a happy married hjfe Sldc!. v.jli be just and disowing to Lhcir pcrvotcu views. pasMonaic. Whenever he gives a speech, Saturn in Libra shows that the natitewill always give quotations, comparison will be above the average height. Tteqd contrast and wili go into meticulous may be reserved and ever mindful of thdatail. He will prove to Nbe an intelligent business. They are jus.t and dutifjil^ge, inventor, assessor, etc. He will be -sincere—and "faithful. Marriage n^od at Mathematics, accounts, auditing, _come - late or-it may cause some company law and tax. difficulties. In a male's horoscope, it Mars in Libra gives a good height, shows that there will be much difference in muscular body and commanding appearage whereas in the lady's horoscope it ance. The person will be always fond indicates that the_difference in age between of the company of the opposite sex. But nhein "is a minimum. he will -be-a -quarrelsome mid-disagreeable --Venus"in Libra shows a fairly tall person. He will develop the faculty of personality. He will have good disposiperception as well as of observation. Mars tion and will be ever courteous. It conoffers a clear vision and an intuitive mind. tributes to sympathy and kindness. One The person will be a lawyer or a surgeon. .will have pure and refined affection. One It gives him the capacity to bend others to will make friendship easily. It conduces his will. He will command others.. He ;to ' fruitful, union, an^^.happy,. marriage;' will -have nnitTf 'InHtience "among'people" 'Vetrd^ibicllcates" tfie desire to learn arts, employed in Scientific institutes, religious-, :music,-painting,"poetry, cinema, etc. It •centres, medical7 and legal depaainculs. 12 -

He will always liave enemies also : he may, mind and will spring up one after another be dragged to the court of law. But he quickly. will get over all difficulties and outlive ' They should avoid copying mannerisms the foes. He faces competition everyfrom others as also gaudiness. where. Even, just before fixing his As.Librans are unassuming and amiable, ^marriage, there will be a strong rival. others may try to fool (hem they should The person will be a little rash in love deal with such associates carefully. Librans affairs. He may even get • entangled are always ready to forgive and forget. through such activities. He may have to They may forgive but it is not wise to face trouble and difficulties. Mars in Libra forget. gives the native early marriage. Disharmony is not ruled out. If'the first Librans will feel that every new occasion attempt fails. Mars will delay the demands a new dress, and so they will marriage. The interval between the two spend much on costumes. They do not child births will be a minimum. If Mars realise that God has given them charm and receives adverse aspect from slow-moving that adornment is not required in their ■planets, or lords of 2, 7 or 11, separation case. and even divorce is threatened. Health : Normally, their physical strucMoon in Libra gives the native a little ture is good. But they dp not have norabove average height and a lovable mal immunity and resistance against personality with attractive eyes and nose. infectious diseases. So they are susceptible He will be Yond of pleasant society of for such ones. They have to take prophyyoung people. He will be happy id their lactic measures. midst. He will have good nature, a warm heartandan agreeable temperament. He Kidneys, loins and spines are indicated will like dress, ornament, perfumery, etc. by Libra. Therefore one can expect He will change his dress often. He will defect in the kidneys, pain in the spines, thrive more by partnership. He wants etc. In the case of ladies, Urus may be company always while reaclinc. playing, alteciod. Whenever the r la net 5 indieuMug walkinc. coin a to pictures, restaurant, etc, disease occupy Libra, oue may sutler He will be good in music, painting, etc. appendicitis, LurnHago! Pnlyurin, etc He wili gain liuuuuh dealing In uiilk, Snn is n Biuidhnkasihanu adhir-mhi. transport, perfumery, luxury comniuuilics, Jupiter is lord of 6 to those born in Libra glass, mica, jewels, silk, rayon, etc. and it will affect the native's health. Hence during the periods of the planets, Sun and Thus, the planet occupying the sign Jupiter, and those in the constellation of Libra, modifies the native's build of body, Sun and Jupiter, it is advisable to adopt his characteristics, disposition, profession, precautionary measures. In the case of a ailment, etc. few Librans, their liver and intestines will Characteristics to be corrected : Genebe affected. rally Libra-borns gain materially cither Finance and Fortune : . Librans /are the by fortune or through the good will ft'lld generosity of any affectionate and-^infiucn— -best-suited-for business with a partner. tial associate. So one has to keep his Libran may be the adviser and his partner emotions in check. He has to resist tempmay look to him, consult and take a tation. He should not allow things to get decision as Libran can suggest jiist the out of hand. He should not appoint the correct thing at the proper moment. For, opposite sex" as his private secretary. Librans excel other people in-matters of Much of his,time will be wasted. Librans reasoningjogic, foresight and judgment. _ will mix business and pleasure. This need, are also suited; for lawThey npt-bb'eta bora ted;-- . • " areLibrans admirable1 1 OtH* hd\^cvTu 1 b^ Moon suggests that their, occupation may - ^Turtherrjhey should try to take quick "decision" as many ideas will flash InThe" -include liquids.- SC'blending both,"*itmay 13

onj.tljpir.tiipe, .Sun, as lord oljU,.shows tTfiat.^they .will' have much to do with Government servants, officials, etc. They ,wjj|| lead mostly a public life with both .^qcial and financial success. As they'dp not hurt others, even when their frien dj misbehave, they quickly forgive. So, haturally, they gain ultimately.. Socially 'they are always in great demand. uWellaspected Suin gives them ihe.benefit thfqugh tipse born on Sundays or in Leo Ascendant, for Karthikai, Uthra Palguni, or Uthrashada star days. They will wasfe money on those bom on Punaryasp, Visakha,- Poorvapathrapada .stars j japd A^hlesha, Jyeshta and Revathi stars.; Fpf these people born in the six stars canqo.t be helpful. Romance and marriage; Libransyare .the most lovable people for sex-jife. Far, they are experts in all love-affair^. By their sincere love, they capture, their 'partners. Besides, their dress, fashion, pleasant perfumery, and sweat smile tare very enticing, Librans' passion grows suddenly dies out quickly as it is a . movable sign. But, at the time the Libran enjoys, he. enjoys immensely in the company of llie opposite sex. Being a pleasant cnnvcrsationalist, they put your arguments vvjili cLiu vision us ilicy linu pleasure in good discussions. Girls born in Libra are ready to let the mule do all the disagreeable ones. They like to do such acts and will'never fail to- thank them with a smile. ' I • .* . their'life. •'• vliV-.-n ""They iM - Librans marry-early in preserve the tradition. They, are happy both at home and also in social life. Their standard of living being high, sometimes they cannot have a .partner, ;who. Can satisfy them-.■ v. .nutfil vrl Libra girls are intelligent; tactful;'and wise; They avoid hot drscussioiti'aifd Irjt to'maintain peace; ■ ,-v.. , " luttunqus ,!■'-.•on.rmiiM Libra ladies lead hy esi jj e y, • love and adore their partners. , Libra men arc cheerful, happy,1f tolfipassionatc and adjusting. ■ - Theym! -Will . aecommodat8«t6^a«-g()'odr'extdi''f? iliey > will provide the family with all necessaries, comforts, . luxuries , and conyeniencj:^

MVlk-.m cij«niist, painter, engineerm hydro-jslectric system, transport, navy or one dea^in^ in 4}quid «fhod ot irillk^oV:jui'G^ fVd11^. c' ^1 Li. bra.being an airy sign ruletTty Veniis, b'h^ bbfrf iH 'sl^mbr liaVfng L^bra Wm \o{i 1 ihP'iiOusitl2l*6''& lO'bblitlfed s ftotrfi bnd's * aScirtdabi; 'iifay'> be''1 a'dtdry writer, f-p)aybaok; ,rf rtihslclaii, ■'architect, 'ftbrscry t»\yner •br ofifrvrrt,,tlie.f&iirw35ls' service. ' ■i'1" v' 1 ' 'As^Librans powers bf-' persuasion are teresistibleitthey happen!' to be good1 'salesraanp liasidn officer,'^receptionist. 'As a baiesman^theyiwill'seHinlore than "what the buycrn .wfentsi because of their charm, pleasing manners, smile and sweet words. - j> Income t f All the. profess ions mentioned in),the article..' Vemis" in May 1%4 issue may, kindly^be referred'to. j ^dfexji^bses f^Libra^'s Idea of-whatisneeduea-is different from that of otber people. That is why, they are sometirrie's extravagkfiU^'tPhey'Spend'on luxuries, curios, etc. They are seldom economical. Therefore 'rtvUdlirrnOhcy-'may pass though their hands, -rthcywni-donate (of good causes and will be generous and liberal. Domestic cii>iruiiuiciii. i ncu funiiiy life will be hapny hccanso l.ihraiis try to maintain peace; Their houses will be well -fflrhished^afid ^all 'luxuries' will "be made irj hy^ilable/ Decoralions,'designs, paintings1 : Jvill b^ of^bigh standard.Costly orna tifeat^ wiirbe'ih th'eii^ possession,- They - SIwlys pfe^etTF-lead1 sucfi pleasant lives t in JO :1'^ llic fi uiTs. of life." They love tlfdir-libhfd^ fafti 11 ydrid their propertyr Generally, the parents of natives bom in ^Libra will rush home ffoni their office. their tinie at 'home with their 111tlS'p'^P•. ,'They will not normally f;e^mt£ryidW ib^-their subordinates or S^mncrs^t tpSii^" iesiderice.. They will ; (beiKVffice. .'JOish U e^erytliingln -iCJffiOffr i ji'jf»I' ioFrie'ndSiand' benefactors ; The Li brans arehcvcr-Ias'ting; good friends to all those who,come in contact with them. For they n

geKefSiil.'; trieyLeasi?v.nM(e'friendship with Omfers.' jWilhout. menos, they cannot pass 14

hey art highly passionate and they reach e greatest heights in expressing their j ove. If, per chance, the response is not to bcir expectation, they feel very much isappointed. But generally, they do not seek for divorce but try to adjust. As houses 2,7 and 11 indicate the .partner in life and the houses 2 and 7 are ruled by Mars and 11 by Sun, the partner in life will be short-tempered and .rash. They may listen to the iLibrans but do just as they "desire. They will be mostly of Martian type. Hence Obra-boms have to tone down their fiery nature and by their diplomacy and tact, maintain peace at home. Those who are born in Gemini, and Aquarius will match the Librans very .well. Pisces, Capricorn and Cancer will not agree with them. Librans will manage with others. Children: Shrte the fifth bouse is ruled by the planet, Saturn, normally the Libraborns will have limited nutnberjof children. As Saturn is a dutiful planet, the children of Libra-borns will help them in their old age. Librans, by their charm and pleasing manners, can see that the children curry out their instructions with pleasure. If fhiKSren arc horn in ihs exalted sign of .Salurn, i.e.. Libra- -they will be renowned for their diplomacy. They will never quarrel. They will pay heed to others, understand.their views and try to adopt them if they suit them. They are never 'Extremes'. They are moderate. They cannot be partial. They are very polite and modest. They know to say always â&#x20AC;˘Yes' and they avoid saying 'No' to anybody. Lucky day : Sundays and Mondays are the successful days, when you will be fortunate. Saturdays show ultimate and grand success as It owns both the Kendhra and Kona houses and it becomes a benefic by lordship. ... Tues.dayjU^^pieinu^tec.qmRetitioi^. litigation, election ana' speculation. ' Sudden and unexpected advantages will occur on those days. 15

. Wednesdays show . Tgng journeys, contact" with foreigners, .feasts, social functions and pleasant expens'es. Thurs, days are evil. [Generally people born in Libra do not have such younger brothers who are as useful, reliable and true to Librans, as Librans are to them. As lord of 3 is also lord of 6, the younger brother and neighbour will be inimical.] There will be * misunderstanding with cousins, colleagues and others. But this day is auspicious to apply for overdraft facility etc. Fridays offer mixed results. Lucky Oalour: Orange, white and red," green and yellow should be avoided. Orange colour gives easy gain without any pain. Pearls and oranges are favourable for speculative profit. Do not use blue when you speculate. Blue will assist your opponent as Capricorn and Aquarius are the ICth and llth houses to the opponent indicated by Aries. Red colour is good for marriage and. competition. Yellow threatens misunderstanding "and dispute. Green shows only withdrawal of money and deterioration of bank position. Lucky number: 1, SO, llJ, 255. 37, etc. 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, etc. 2, 11,20,29, 38, 47, etc. 7, 16, 25, 34, 43. etc. i Numbers is for loss: 6 also threatens success to opponent: 8 indicates investment and profit to one with whom Librans transact. 3 brings in enmity. 9 may lead to litigation. But finally it promises success. Lucky stone: Ruby and Pearls. Some are of opinion that Venus being the lord of the ascendant; Friday, Number 6 and diamond are lucky. But the editor differs as Venus rules the 8th house also (although in Jataka Chandrika it is said that Venus does not become a malefic fiy'dWnfhgfIbe^Sthh^se-): Experience has shown that this rule applies only to longevity and not for any other aspect in

oae's life. So Venus as lord of 8 will thhw obstacles: one may have any danger due to the lordship of the 8t'h house. But as lord of the ascendant, it saves. But Venus does not give smooth success. Objects indicated by" Libra: Libra indicates the prices of cotton and textiles, silks, and fabrics like rayons, linen, nylon \ and also the prices of wheat, jute, canes and grains. Finished goods and foodstuffs are indicated by Virgo. Places: Libra denotes sawpits, ground nCar windmills, outhouses, inner chamber, sides of hills, places having a pure, clear, sharp air, mountain tops, etc. Towns: Antwerp, Nottinghafh Leeds, Frankfort, Lisbon, Vienna, Charles Town,

Petrograd, Copenhagen, Spirics, Pl^yenya Fribourg, * Suessa, Johannesburg and Gaet'a. Countries: Northern Provinces of India, Burma, lodo China, China, Argentine Republic parts of Tibet, Upper Egypt, Libya, Uzbek, Savoy, Austria, Bactrianna and Livonia and also the parts near the Caspian Sea. Whom to pray : Goddess Gowri, Lalitha, Suryanarayana, Venkatachalapathi, Ayyappa-, Sastha. As lord of 5 is Saturn, the native will have initiation more than once. He will find many obstacles, etc. But the above mentioned Goddess and Lord will bestoea on him peace and prosperity.

MOON IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE Moon is a wavering planet. It is unsteady, Does it give the same appearance on any two consecutive days? Either it waxes or it wanes. Moon and Mercury are in a way similar. They have no basic nature of their own. They will reflect the qualities of the houses" they occupy and also those of the planets with which.they are conjoined. Moon gives an easy-going life. It promises social success and that is why it is easy for the native to have the' friendship of others and to get along with them smoothly. Moon is an yielding planet. It is not a bold and courageous one. It cannot assert. But it gives fertile imagination. As it is feminine, the native will be timid, receptive and convertible. Moon presides over the masses.. It indicates journvys. Commerce and foreign affairs arc Indicated by Moon. I llh house signifies pleasure, profit, permanent lie of friendship, partnership, progeny, prosperity, progress in one's attempts, peace after fulfilling one's desire, realisation of ambition, social and financial success, etc, Kalidoss in Uthara Kalamritha mentions that the following matters are determined from the 11th house. "Profit in every undertaking, undesirable desire, all varieties of income, one's influence, elder brother, father's younger brother, 'devotion to God, respect to elders, gain of knowledge, possession of costly metals, ornaments, etc..highlevel of intelligence, father's property, the patella, the wealth of the employer, loss of interest on one's principal, presentation of costly ornaments to the partner, advice of others, brother.ih-law, 1 tickea sy' ga i tref'W o I h e r's longevity, left ear, attractive painting, arts, etc.

Varahamihira calls the 11th hoise as ' Aya' and names it as "Bhava". He calls the 1 Ith house as one of the foUT i Upachaya houses* i.e., 3, 6, 10 and 1 11, ; " Aya " means ' income '. Yavanas do not agree with .Varahamihira as regards Upachaya. The editor confirms dhe truth in the classification and findings of Varahamihira. Further, the 11th house i3 alsomentioned as a Panaphara house ; Houses 2, 5, 8 and 11 arc Panapharas which" are weaker than Kendhras. Houses 1, 4, 7 and 10 which are stronger than houses 3, 6, 7, 9 and 12 are called Apoklipa houses. Hence the 11 th house is a little weak house, but it fulfils one's desires. Probably, that is why, Ravana tried to have all planets in the I llh house when Indrajlth was about to be born. Mahadeva in Jataka Tatwa calls the 1 Ith house as 'Labha '. Gain by good or bad means is ascertained from the 11th house. Mahadeva takes the 1 Ith house to find out the type of "chicles also. Ramadayulu in Sank cilia n id hi .says that the following are judged by considering the 11th house : The right foot, the left hand, one's knowledge, income, wealth, good actions, vehicles, horses, elephants, chariots, furniture, ornaments, clothing, beauty, decoration, etc. In Jataka Chandcika, it is mentioned that the lllh house is the Bhadhakaslhana to the native born in chara- rasi, j.e^ movable sign. It means that one's health will fail or one's length of life will give cause for anxiety during the period of the planet in the 11 th house orof that which owns the 11th house. Hence, for people born in Mesha-Aries ; Karkata-Cancer ; ThulamLibra; and Makara-Capricom, the 1.1 th houses therefrom are Bhadhaka Stbanas or evil houses. .Itr\vj|l prove to be evil only for health and longevity ; for other matters, it is.auspicious. 17

In market forecasting, one has tp con- ! sider the 11th house for Government Loans, Electric Companies, Gas, Museum, Agriculture, Estate Irrigation, silk, etc. Moon receiving good aspect from Sun, or Moon occupying the sign or star or sub of Sun gives longstanding friendship with Government officials and enough opportunities tp improve one's status and become more popular. Everything will be pre-arranged for him. Health will be good. Success in business and in daily transactions and happy domestic life are promised though the native may deny his own wants and comforts. One may save much and ■ gain steadily through Government. Mars forming good aspect with Moon in 11 or Moon in Mars sign or star or sub, and in llth house gives robust health. He will enjoy a good constitution with enough immunity against infectious diseases". Physically, one will be always alert and active. Mentally, he will be bold and courageous. Financially, .he will have success in business or in any occupation. He will gain authority, power and influence. He will not lose by theft, robbery, or cheating. Hc will have good relationship with hi.s brother. Me will acouiiv Mf>ririillur»l wilh ennjoiss supply of water. Mis friciKls will bo serving in the Police or Military Dcparlment, or in any Industry. Moon receiving favourable aspect from Mercury or in any manner connected with Mercury (by conjunction or occupying Mercury's signs, Gemini or Virgo^ or. in Mercury's stars, Ashlesha or Jyeshta, or Revathi) indicates that he will have friends in the textile, engineering, publicity, embassy departments, etc. One may gain by being a Liaison officer. He may mingle with learned scholars. He will be a good salesman. Both in business and in service, he will have satisfactory advancement. It is not unlikely that he will ever try and make his easy gains through crossword puzzles and will gain when both Moon and Mercury jointly operate. A colleague of mii^^ar^cd.a.depctu^sum. when he was running Moon Dasa, Mercury Bhukti at the age of 48 years and 6 months. His

Bhattotpala in Prasnagnana says that elephant, horse, conveyance, food, clothing, jewels, girls, wisdom and wealth arc indicated by the 11th house. In horary astrology,' the 11th house is considered to find out " one's friends, hopes, flatterers, advisers, etc.'* ■ The 11th houser being the 9th from the 3rd house, indicates younger brother's highcrstudies, long journey, etc. Being the 8'th from the 4th house, one may fear danger to mother from the 11th house. 'As it is the 7th house when counted from the 5th, it shows daughter-in-law and son-in-law. Being the 6th house from the 6th house, victory over enemies is indicated. One may have an*open enemy, who will have himself another powerful enemy. Therefore at a time when a person A is afraid of his enemy B's evil actions, the enemy's enemy C will take such steps that B, the "native's enemy has to divert his attention ■on THS Impending dangersd himself from -thereby B will be unable to do harm to A and thus A gains. r Suppose A stands for election. A knows that B is.a strong opponent and so B will rdo-ahtwpropaganda. But B's enemy C takes an action against B. so that B has to protect himself from C and will then be unable fo do harm to A. The lllh house also shows birth of [children and the. speculative mind of the partner. The 11th house indicates the short journey of father and his younger sister or Dfotner. i^The- native's - elder brother is also denoted by the 11th house. Politically, 11th house indicates the parties;; 'Congress . Parliament, Houses of K'ep rese nta t i ves, Legislative Assemblies, StateJ -Legislatures, Corporation, - Municipal Councils, International friendships, exchange of amenities among nationsGovernments policies, proposals and plan, ning. . In races, the 11th house denotes the committee . ,pC. managemciit... updet the control of stewards. It shows the number of the winner. 18

Lagna, ascendant was Virgo. His Moon efforts. Much of social and financial was in 112° 57', i.e., 22° 57'in ^arkata— success is presaged. Cancer in the 11th house. Due to the good Moon in 11, receiving good aspect from aspect between Moon and Mercury, he Saturn, or in any manner connected with was never over-anxious. Saturn, indicates that he will be steady. He will take all precautions: careful Moon~ in II also shows that he will and cautious, will be faithful and reliable; easily get through any examination. He sincere and honest; he will be pains-taking will have good relationship with his elder and will be gaining money in business. sister or brother. He Will undertake He will plod, persevere and patiently travels and will be successful in his work. He will have unexpected sudden attempts. and substantial gains of legacy through Moon in 11, receiving good aspect from old people, He will have good returns Jupiter or in any manner connected with from permanent possessions. Gain of Jupiter, offers good health to the native. wealth through mine products, coal and He will appear always cheerful with optilead, is also indicated. Success in Geology mistic nature. His ideas will be magnaand mines, and service in kerosene or nimous, his imagination fertile, his dispetrol departments or through good position hopeful and he will gain much by friends in those concerns is indicated. lawful and ligitimate ways. The person One defect in this aspect is that the person will have friendship with judges, advocates, will never come out successful in his first bankers and religious people, and will be attempt: nothing is pre-arranged for him. •good-natured-and law-abiding. He will He has to make subsequent attempts and acquire wealth by his efforts. Moon does ultimately, he will be crowned with success. not portray much of inheritance; rather, If Saturn is very strong in the chart, then self-acquisition much more than he will be another Robert Bruce. inheritance. He will be famous. He Moon in 11, receiving good aspects can - realise his ambition. He will not from Uranus, promises sudden and sub-spend'lavishly—^even^moderately and he never loses. 1-le will notbe inclined to spend slantialgains. Ho or she will snake friendrecklessly in any pleasant function. He ship suddenly. Cvciy good result to them will be attributed (o luck. For without will never care for vain glory. any effort, the native will realise bis ^Moou in 11,Jiaving^good aspect, with . ambition. He will be highly intel'Vcmis'of in any manner connected with ligent. He will be a successful poliVenus, gives good friends in music, opera, tician or a master in astrology. He will cinema, radio or with one who deals in easily practise Hypnotion. Social and rtytJCS^luxury. goods, diamond, "jewels, etc. • financial success are assured. He is best He will spend much time on pleasurable suited to be a Liaison officer ot a marriage ■pnrsniK - He will-enjoy his life in the , broker. He will have friendship with company of the other sex ; will change his high officials and his status gets improved dress often and will use perfumeries. If through such friends. Tthe-native- is a woman, her husband will-be - an accommodative and pleasant Moon in 11, receiving harmonious gentleman ever smiling and never , proaspects from Neptune, makes one a great Yoklng-hefi The loving partner and beaumusician, especially in instrumental music. tiful, children contribute for harmonious He will have taste for the fine arts. He and happy family life. One can command may have contacts with the heads of religious mutts. He may gain through all comforts in one's life. Venus indicate taste in arts, painting; music, etc. those who are spiritualistic. Wholesale It is not unlikely that one gains through business and big projects will be organised ,1 adies,^cspe^lBll^. thr.qygh ^ife.or mother/-. ■ .-aiul '.ccmirflligd'"by'fiinfivWir'be 'sucObe will1 takVrisk1 fh all speculative entercessful. Overseas journeys will prove prises and will be successful in such to be fruitful. Help through foreigners 20

Moon, as lord of 2, will be in Jl for is indicated. There will be no accident Gemini people. If Moon is in Kethu, he while travelling by boat or ship. will not have confidence in friends. He Moon, as lord of the Ascendant in 11, will not trust any one. 'He may be fool|will do much good as it will be either in hardy. Moon in Bharani shows that he the constellation of Sun, lord of 2 or of will spend much on pleasurable pursuits, Moon, lord of the ascendant or in that of speculation, etc. This position of Moon Mars who owns the most beneficial highly suitable for Gemini Lagna houses, Kona and Kendhra, 5 and 10. . ispeoples to do researchto ascertain whether Hence, people born with Moon in one gains during Moon period or loses in exaltation in Taurus, or in 11 to their speculation. Normally, if one takes only Lagna, will surely have very brilliant the rasis (Solar mansion as Aries, Taurus, results during its periods and subetc.), one will say that lord of 2 is in .11 periods. But, the llth house, being the and one must gain during Moon's periods 6th to the 6lh house, indicates maternal and sub-periods. But if one follows stellar uncle. Moon will prove to be harmful to astrology, he will say that as lord of 2 is those who are born in Karkata Lagna and in the constellation of lord of 12, he has with Moon in Rohini, as Moon happens to incur loss ; further, as lord of 12 is also to own the 8th house from the 6th to Karr lord of 5, he will lose through speculation, Kata and is in 6 -to Dhanus. In other betting, races, etc. Also he will spend aspects, Moon is favourable. Moon in 11, much on children. Moon in Bharani within 10 degrees in Taurus in Karthikai gives one opportunities, to be always in star indicates afflux of wealth, birth of the midst of the other sex. children, gain through Government servants, and through medical people, Moon in Karthikai star makes one a and good friendship with them as also with medical representative. He may be an estate owners, rich landlords, etc. Moon agent of a medical concern, or he may in Rohini in 11, indicates tendency to represent any industry manufacturing stoutness, cold, sore throat, infection in drugs. Sun, lord of Karthikai star, the throat, defect in vision, grand success in shows, as lord of 3, that he will act as an enterprises, as also chosen Triends" perma. agent or a representative of any industry, ncnt tie of friendship, and gain through factory etc., as the .sign Aries is ruled by them. An easy going life, a smooth find Mars. Moon, as lord of 2, being in Karsuccessful career, a highly accommodative thika, will give the native service in the partner and lucky children arc also indiNavy as Moon indicates water, Sun stands cated. The native will have fertile imagifor Government—lord of the star; and <1 nation and a good taste for music. He Aries sign ruled by Mars stands for the will be fond of changing dress often and Defence Department. Further, Sun is lord 1 using fragment scents. He is a good . of 3 and this indicates up and down conversationalist full of subtle humour. journey. Moon in the first half of Mrigasiras in Taurus, being in 11 to Cancer, promises Moon, as lord of 3 in 1 1, in the first 3° 20' in Pisces, shows success after facing grand success in all his efforts. There will be sudden gains and good lift in his many obstacles; ultimate gain; large profit career. He will have "Siddhi" in in crosswords and income through wife. Moon in Uthirabathra pada star shows Mantras. He will enjoy benefits due to that he will be having frequent tours, long correct intuition and prompt action. In journeys, desire to go overseas for higher the'speculative business, in a short period studies. He will come out successful in 1 of Mars, the person will earn much more his subsequent attempts, will have contact than ^what he can during other periods with foreigners, will enter into an agreeof his life time. He will have good friendship with estate owners, police, military! ment with them, will be benefited by forand uefeMcertdepartmental^fctaffhand also .» rr- eign. collaboration,»and-will.take in strangers as partners, etc. A few, while making with big industrialists. He will take up politics and will be popular. short journeys, will make intimate friend21

ships with one, who is an absolutestranger, Similarly, one is to judge for other especially, when Mars and Venus aspect houses, considering the lord. of the consâ&#x20AC;˘Moon in Uthirabathra pada. Moon in tellation in which Moon was in the 11 th Bhava (House). Revathi, as lord of 3 in 11, promises fortune. The native will be intelligent, Let us now take the various matters clever, tactful, and diplomatic. He will signified- by the 11th house and what =rise far above the sphere in which he is, Moon 'born. He may make good friendship ' house. indicates by occupying the 11th with people engaged in propaganda, publicity, communication, Postal, TeleMoon presides over masses: So one is graph, Television, etc. or serve in such to predict that when Moon owns the third departments. He will prove -to be a good house or when Moon is in the constellation* salesman or liaison officer of lord'of 3, he will be serving in Mass communication. Moon; asiord of 4 in II in Dhanishta star, gives gains through landed property llth house shows partner. If Moon is in or buildings and a mother who is lucky. 11, if the"native does business, he wil