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2010 - 2012 Product Design

Denis Kalinin +7 926 069-92-76


2010 - 2012 Diploma of Higher Education, Product Design at British Higher School of Art and Design, www.

2009 - 2010 Foundation Course in Art and Design at British Higher School of Art and Design, www.

1999 - 2004 Degree in Aeronautical Engineering (5 years, MA) at Moscow Aviation Institute,

Work Experience

2011 Product Designer at ArtLebedev Studio (internship),

2010 - 2011 Graphic and Packaging Designer

at Opticom Company,

2008 - 2009 Graphic and Packaging Designer at Ippon Design Advertisement Agency,

2007 - 2008 Graphic and Packaging Designer at Binatone,


2011 Sponsored by Nayada Co, www.

at Salone Satellite WorldWide Moscow iSaloni Moscow

2011 Annual Student BHSAD Exhibition at ART-PLAY design center

2010 Foundation Course Graduate Exhibition


2011 Salone Satellite WorldWide Moscow (5th place)

Material: plastic, aluminium, electronic components Published: I.D.

Controls: Manual zoom control is available via rotating ring. Also it is switch on/off.

photocamera of the future


In the brief we were offered to create a device totake digital pictures. After having analyzed the digital camera market we knewthat all the presented models limit consumers a lot by their functions and ergonomics. The key idea was to free customers of artificial and strained limitations. We have also noticed that the role of user is too small – he only adjusts the camera and push «shut» button. We decided to broaden up the involvement of user into the fixing of the picture. Thus the idea of this camera was born.

Controls: The zoom control is managed by squeezed aluminium plates. All the rest functions are available on the outer device (communicator).


A customer can shoot the picture step by step usingthe lens as the brush. This is achieved because some matrix sectors become active to various extent – either due to the user or due to the camera itself. First of all you make a so called preshot and then you fix different areas withthe help of lens. In such a way the camera enables user to participate in the process which becomes much more interactive. Camera use outer device – communicator as a screen and processing power.

washstand faucet


Do you know that less than 20% of the water you use to wash hands and face really contacts with your skin? It’s time for the smart use of water! Bachok is a revolutionary water waste control system, embodied in the elegant design object – the glass reservoir and the ceiling shower inspired by the perfect shape of a water drop. Bachok is safe, simple, natural and intuitive.

Material: plastic Exhibited: Annual Graduation BHSAD Exhibition Published: industrialdesignserved, hometone

some sketches from concept

Mock-up: 1:1 scale mock-up made of foam was exhibited at the Annual Student BHSAD Exhibition.


Working principle is quite intuitive: when you push the drop upwards, you get amount of water on hands.

water intake regulation valve

This indoor device that is the remake of the washstand traditionally used by russian village and country-side residents. The main principle is maintained – water flows only when the stem of the spillway is raised. It is impossible to fix it in the open position which leads to smarter use of water. The glass reservoir enables to control the water supply which is replenished directly form the pipeline. In such a way the traditional device gets a new life. development stage

Traditional rural washstand

Because of its dimensions and construction building is easy transportable via railroad in half-assembled state.

Material: glulam, plywood, steel fittings Exhibited: ‘House on the roof’ contest

small office building


NLK Domostroenie – the company building premium class country houses exclusively of glulam – announced a contest for architects and designers for the project of the office building and show room which shall be located on the territory of Art-Play design center. The key point of brief was that the house should be located on the roof of the already existing one-floor technical building (former bomb shelter entrance). This imposed a challenging number of limits in terms of the area of housing, materials used and the very construction of building.

First level

Second level

East elevation

South elevation

Designing the architecture of the building we aimed to express the company proďŹ le through the shape as much as possible. As the company uses the glulam for constructing, taking the typical shape of the glulam timber cross section for the elevation was considered to be the best solution. The idea of naturalness and ÂŤwoodinessÂť is supported also by using glulam as the main material. Combination of the panoramic windows and timber-frame makes a light elegant construction appealing to the best examples of the contemporary American architecture.

West elevation

North elevation

power juicer


Obviously modern lifestyle demands modern objects and environment. We surround ourselves with up-to-date furniture, cars and gadgets, and to reach harmony we need every detail to be appropriate. Thus if you drive the latest car and use the newest cell phone, why your juicer should be outmoded dinosaur on your glossy hi-tech kitchen? Stylish black color, dynamic ergonomic shape and unexcelled mechanism make Sokovizhimalka not just a great cooking helper but a trendy accessory of your daily life. Obviously modern lifestyle demands modern objects and environment. We surround ourselves with up-to-date furniture, cars and gadgets, and to reach.

Material: steel, plastic, rubber Exhibited: Annual Graduation BHSAD Exhibition


Using traditional ribbed cone this device uses set of gears, that allows you to perform with applying power more efďŹ cient. You squeeze half of the citrus fruit, and your hands have no contact with the juice.

Mock-up & Prototype: Both were developed in 1:1 scale for the Annual Student BHSAD Exhibition.

explanatory sketches


Part list:

city transportation system design

Share a Car

In this task every student of the group was asked to offer transport system, that would be able to solve dramatic trafďŹ c issues existing in Moscow. TraďŹ c situation in Moscow seems to be catastrophic due to lack of roads all over city, lack of parking places in the downtown as well as low driving culture of the citizens. Current solution has its basis in symbiosis of modern technical layout and municipal measures to motivate citizens use this system.

Information collected in special research was formalized in infographics. Different sources were used such as ofďŹ cial data, unofďŹ cial reports, different types of media, ethnographical researches and web surveys.


In the perspectives the System seems to be progressive and developmentable. In tactics, it reduces trafďŹ c jams and number of people in public transport at the same time, as it is described above. The main advantage of the System is the principle it is based on: communication. Firstly, communication between the user and the Sysrem, secondly between users and

ďŹ nally between different types of public transport. In strategic, the principle of communication should be expanded to all over the public transit. Nevertheless, the positive inuence of the System on city life depends on straight compliance of rules. If they are not obeyed, if some fakements take place, the System will be ineffective or will not function at all.


System monitors registred users, who participate in the project via signals of their phones. While driver’s phone moving together with rideless person’s phone it means that one shares his car with another. They earn points according to the distance. To motivate drivers, parking lots in the downtown is available only for points or money.

Optional lightstripe is able to change its color.

set of stools


Uppercoat of the stool is to produce of plywood combining rational die-cut and press forms of one plate that becomes the working surface of the item. The inner surface is made of several parts of polished aluminium connected together. The contrast of two materials – warm and living plywood having plant origin versus cold inorganic metal which is originally mineral – sets off the features of each of them and creates a ďŹ ne contrast. To make this contrast even more obvious I strengthened it with the light play caused by a light stripe placed on the inner part of the object. I suggest using AC led-lamps will be the most striking solution (optional feature).

Material: bended plywood, aluminium Published: industrialdesignserved, trendhunter

Saddle position is quite comfort and intuitive.

Material: plastic Published: tuvie, designbuzz, luxedb, t-future, trendhunter

rotating charge mp3 player


People like to rotate stuff in fingers. I think it goes throw ages. As response to this prehistoric instict MP3 player was created. It plays while you are rotating it and controlling speed or volume the same way. Need to recharge – rotate it again! It does not require charge, it recharge while you rotating it, and it is green.


The ring is to put on your finger and it stay still while you rotating the body is rotating. The wire does not twisted because it fixed to the ring and has sliding output inside the body.

wire outlet

finger ring


multifunctional control

Material: felt


Little Helper Hugman

How many keys you carry in your pocket or bag every day? One to lock your apartment, one to open the front door, one from the mail box, one to drive your car... No surprise that sometimes you feel like a steward with such a bunch of clinking keys. It is irritating and you never feel totally comfortable although you have keys to all doors.

Little Helpers know how to help you! These colorful felt people love keys so much that they will hug them with their felt hands keeping them still and ordered. Little Helper Hugman weights nothing and does not take more space in your pocket. Choose one of your favorite colours (lemon yellow, lilac, bright orange, dark blue) and get your own little helper.

Just fasten the snap over your keys and be sure that they will not jingle in you pocket or get mixed up with your ear-phones. The keychain Hugman is geniously easy and smart. Boys and girls are in stock.

on-bar exposition

Louis Roederer is a producer of champagne based in Reims, France. Founded in 1776, it was inherited and renamed by Louis Roederer in 1833, and is noted as the producer of the luxury champagne Cristal. One of the biggest russian wine importers, Simple, offered the designers to create an exposition to be placed on-bar and onstand as well for the brand promotion at the events.

Louis Roederer

This luxurious and incredibly elegant exposition is the utmost way to present premium champagne and enhance its style. The bottle seems to appear from darkness as a magniďŹ cent miracle in the golden light. Fine materials and exquisite design emphasize the glamour and splendor of Louis Roederer Roederer.

cover box matte backscreen LEDs clear plexiglas panels lasercutted

LEDs provide light through plexiglass plates and create an adorable aura. It is possible to change light color via special contoller. Additional stand allows to place exposition directly on the floor. Because of smart construction and pleasant appearance designers’ solution for the On-Bar Exposition fits both strong aesthetics and budget criteria.

collapsible table


This interesting piece of furniture designed especially for balcony or loggias of penthouses or villas. You can also use it as garden furniture. Of course it can be used inside of ats with suitable modernistic interiors.

Material: plywood, steel Exhibited: iSaloni Satellite Moscow 2011 Awarded: 5th place Published:, designet

In open position parts are ďŹ xed via supporting guides, being closed are fasted with magnets.

It use innovative way of collapsibility similar to well-known post envelope: parts of table folds, that allows to reduce (or enlarge) table’s surface by two times! There is the place for from one up to four people around the table. Which segment is to open is up to you. Word «Stolik» translated from Russian means «Little table». It is up to you which segment you fold or unfold. Segments are operated independently one from another.

While you need more and more space for the work on the table, you do not need to move your stuff or pile it up, just open additional segments.



Minimalistic and stylish babushka’s clock softly and delicate carries your mind outside the noisy city to calm and peaceful village with its sweet sleeping and wonderful mornings. One cannot imagine a village without early cockcrow – with this clock you get a personal rooster alarm. Just put it on the dial to fix the time you want to wake up, and be sure that tomorrow it will sing.

Material: steel, plastic Exhibited: Annual BHSAD Exhibition Published: look at me Alarm goes when magnet attachet to the hour hand takes the place above the reed switch located inside the rooster.


magnet reed switch

Babushka’s clock uses elements of russian traditional visual culture, such as vologda lace, russian baroque and native toys. Operating principle is very simple, intuitive and absolutely manual: physically attach rooster to the dial according to the time you want wake up. Do not care about precision: it is rural time and it is now again your own.


Nike Lunarlon

Once the group of representatives of Nike came to the British Higher School of Art and Design and invited students to participate in an interesting joint project and competition. The target was creating a number of selected installations upon some prepared themes devoted to Nike innovations. The main criterion was the ability of students to tell a story in frames of their artworks. Material: steel, plastic Published: street-style, sportfashionmag Exhibited: Afisha Picnic 2012, Vetoshny Nike Event

What makes a person an athlete? The present installation is an attempt to answers the question «Where a person becomes an athlete?» I was thinking a lot about feelings of a person who is going for training, for it is the training which makes a man athletic. I wanted to show that there is a certain material visible borderline between these two inner states, feelings. I started the research and realized that it is a regular door. Becoming an athlete is easy – you just need a wish to stand up and go outside, make a first step, run through the door to the gym or street. And as soon as you take this challenge to overcome a border – you become an athlete.

For a background I drawn a running athlete in an expressive style. The athlete is breaking through the door, leaving all the worries, fears and doubts, and moving towards the new experience.

Lunarlon sneakers possess a great amortizing effect and weight less than any other comparable models. Those students who chose Lunarlon as a theme for their installation were suggested a number of key words that need to be visually expressed in the work. Such words were «foam», «lightness», «bounce» and «astronauts» (other themes had different words). In my installation the door leads to the surface of the Moon, to the avenue of the Moon City, a place where the attractive power is much less than on the Earth. As the athlete breaks through the door he frees himself physically. Similarly a simple man beginning to run or train, need firstly to go through the door; there is a deep mystic sense of liberation in this action. I suppose this feeling is familiar to everyone.

This artwork was presented on several events in Moscow: in the space of Vetoshny Art-centre in frames of the presentation of Nike latest innovations, and in the Nike corner on Afisha Picnic 2012.


This three-week project have very clear goal stated in the brief: design a light vessel up to five meters length. The main point of our work was to concentrate attention of the target groups that were not spreaded by producers before. For instance, a lot of kayaks and kanoes produced have strong sport styling; fishing boats have too much utility in its outlook.


Water leisure is usually associated with three things. It is gorgerous and expensive luxury boats. It is warm sand, blue sky, seashore and a laugh of beautiful people. Or it is a speed, energy and adrenalin of water sports. It’s all great, but what about calm and casual recreation on water?



This concept is the representation of idea of easy transportable vessel with the unique design: collapsible to hard backpack Material: rubber, plastic Exhibited: Annual BHSAD Exhibition

That is why idea was born – casual boat, like a casual outwear. There were a lot of thoughts about boat transportation problem, and you know, these boats that have hard bottom are extremely untrasportable. Inflatable boats with soft bottom are unsafe on the water. However, we start to develop the idea of inflatable boat that is collapsed to a back pack.

The idea is to ensure access to weekdays short-time water leisure for people working in ofďŹ ces. This will deďŹ netely take place at small bodies of water that are available around the big cities. Under these considerations the size and stability of the boat are not the key points. On the other hand, are very important styling, functionality and versatility of the assembly elements and size as well.


Great deal of attention was paid to the design of boat’s folding bottom. Outer part of the bottom is at the same time outer backpack’s cover. Number of prototypes at different scales and in different materials were made. With the development of the external contour of the boat was made in 1:1 scale mock-up (before that were performed external models).

There were made a few of backpack cardboard prototypes. The limited time and funds are not allowed to carry out the production of prototypes of materials usual for production boats such as plastic, rubber and fabric. Despite this, foamboard prototypes have shown that this design can be manufactured industrially from plastics that are usual for such units.

The drawings of a boat made of plastic are shown in yellow, rubber pneumatic parts – white. Black shows the parts recommended for the production of carbon fiber.


The bottom of the boat consists of three solid plastic parts, connected by hinges and fixed together via locks. In the folded position, they form a frame backpack (back, bottom and front cover), in the spread, they form the bottom of the boat. Inflatable boards have stiffness due to the geometry of sewed joints and are glued to the edges of plastic parts on the perimeter.

All additional parts, mast, oars, rudder, bank and rear shelf in the folded position retracted inside the backpack, in its central part. Maximum dimensions of their units does not exceed 65 cm mast as paddle has a telescopic design, they are recommended to the production of carbon fiber. On the voyage backpack straps detached and stored under the rear shelf.

To inflate the hull can be used in several ways. How, for example, a traditional compact foot pump and refillable tank of compressed air. The choice of method will affect the weight of loaded backpack. Cylinders and pump can be stored in a locker under the rear shelf, specifically designed for storage during the voyage. Boat measurements: hull length hull heigth boat heigth w/mast

2100 330 2100

This furniture set goes with optional material and trim package: felt color palette wide enough with bright and clean colors to customize workplace as you wish. Optional Trim Fillets Package was designed specially for parents afraid of rectangle corners. With this ďŹ llets your children will be never hurt with the corners.

modular furniture



Made of solid wood with technologies of TEAM7 woodworking, this set provides unique abilities to your child. Main feature of the set is the hole in the desk for different unit installing for different purposes. Tresh bin (by default preinstalled unit makes the cleaning surface much more ease: just grab paper cuts and other trash to the hole. The regular black plastic bag installed inside. Design was high-valueted by TEAM7 representatives.

Material: wood, felt

table with the wash bowl installed

flowerbed unit

adjustable angle desk

felt belt fixation hole

stand-alone sink unit


trash bin unit

unit installation place

unit place cover

Modular system: The following system is quite simple and intuitive. You can install differents units that you buy separetely (trash bin is preinstalled by default) to spread abilities of the table. Different units explore creativity of your children keeping workplace clean, dry and cozy.

trash bin unit

outer decorational felt cover storage box

adjustable high bench

storage box

While trash bin unit is rolling via rail guides, other units are installing with puting them just from above. Flower pot is designed for botanical experiments, and the washbowl will be useful in painting or physical experiments. It is autonomous and use its own inner pump and water reservoir. When not using the hole is to be covered with the cover. Beside all these features the set is equipped with adjustable angle desk that transform flat table into the easel. It has milled grip handles. By default table also equipped with the multifunctional drawer miller in the solid wood panel. The set uses regular TEAM7 unit: storage box with cross-cuted felt cover fixed on every side with felt stripes. The table as well as the chair is adjustaible by the high in the gap of the about 200 mm. The chair equipped with soft felt cover. Unit



trash bin unit

easy cleaning desk surface

by default

washbowl unit

drawing / physics experiments


flowerbed unit

botanical experiments


multifunctional drawer


by default

side box w/felt cover


by default

Dimensioms (mm): Overall/Workarea length Overall/Workarea width Overall/Workarea heigth Overall seat length Seat heigth

1100/1040 760/650 760/720 (+200) 800 400 (+200)

Styling: Athmospere inside the unit in winter time is quite cozy.

Rolling shutters make it vandal proof secured. With container form factor it is easy transportable. Big windows and warm lite inside turn it into an inviting place in the dark and cold winters of Russia. At summer time it turns into an open but still secluded place in the crowded streets. Transformation is simple: just push the big window up – due to the mechanism like in a

garage door there is no need to be an athlete to do it – it is balanced with the counterforce of the sprigs, monataged inside (widely produced standard unit). Then pull the basement (that is storaged under the main oor and guided with rails) and spread out the side windows. Side windows acting like walls, separeted food court from the street area. Now it is done!

Material: steel, glass, wood

mobile restaraunt unit





Made from the recycled cargo container LuhcnBox could be easily moved around - to where and when it most needed. An open air event? Inrush of tourists at summer days? It is always possible to order several LunchBoxes just for the season. It also could serve well as a stationary cafe. Simple and accurate - it will naturally blend into the most surroundings.


Following projects were made in cooperation: SmartCam, Little Helpers Hugman, Louis Roederer, Casual, Parta, LunchBox (Alexander Zhulin), Timberblock (Michail Borisov).

Selected Works  
Selected Works  

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