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Reality Sector In Brisbane: Golden Opportunity For Investors Property prices in Brisbane experienced a modest drop in the year 2008; however, the real estate sector in the city has been experiencing an upsurge during the last one year and is hot again. House prices Brisbane has been rising as more and more people are trying to buy or rent houses in the city. This growth in the real estate sector has been fueled by the Queensland mining boom during the last 10 years. Brisbane, which was a sleepy little town, became internationally popular with the hosting of Commonwealth Games in 1982. Since then, the city has never looked back and has become a preferred choice for settling down because of its sunny climate and job security offered by the city. Although property prices have been rising in most of the areas in and around Brisbane, some areas such as New Market and Wilson along with East Brisbane and Kangaroo Point have fared better than others. House prices in some other suburbs like Towing and St. Lucia are also quite popular with the people who want to invest in the real estate in the city. New Market area had a median growth of approximately 13% while the same for Wilson Units grew by 13.1%. Some other suburbs that experienced a growth of more than 12% included Green Slopes, New Stead, New Farm, and Coordinator. Housing prices in Australia are very different from what they are in the markets of other countries such as the USA and the UK. The real estate sector in the USA is suffering from an oversupply of property. There are more sellers than there are buyers in that property market and that is why the value of property there is not performing up to expectations. On the other hand, there are more buyers than sellers in Australia, resulting in the increase in the prices of property in the country. The lending policies of Australian Banks have been much more mature and prudent and have helped the residential property market in the country in growing. Apart from Brisbane, house prices Sydney are also experiencing a boom as investors are finding both of these cities to be the best bet for investing their hard earned money. The real estate market in Brisbane has very strong fundamentals that have helped the city in growing at a healthy pace. The Australian economy too had been affected by the depression but it has come out of it now and is showing signs of rebounding. A stronger economy and the rising prices of property in the country have provided a golden opportunity to the real estate investors in the country.

Reality Sector In Brisbane: Golden Opportunity For Investors