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Personal Tutorial pro forma (one copy kept by each party) Student Name:

Deniesha Carter

Roll Number: Programme Title: Level: 4 5 Meeting date and start time:

Personal Tutor: Andrew Wilkins

6 7 (circle appropriate) Tuesday 07.01.14 am Meeting end time: am after 20 mins

Areas for discussion with student (as appropriate): • Student experience to date • Registration/induction/timetabling/assessment • Student progress- attainment, Understanding assessment feedback • Study skills support ( eg information literacy, Mathscope/Wordscope, English language support) • Current and developing PDP profile • Employability skills development ( CV preparation, interview practice, personal profile development, professional online identity) • Areas of concern (eg work life balance, financial, personal) • Areas for enhancement ( eg Salford Advantage Student Life Award, alumni engagement, sports and social activities) • Student Support Plan (if in place is this still appropriate) Proposed action for student: None at present

Proposed action for Personal Tutor: None at present

Personal Tutor


Deniesha carter personal tutorial form  
Deniesha carter personal tutorial form