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Costa Kalogiros Filmmaker – Producer Huttenstrasse 68 10553 Berlin – Germany Tel: 0049 (0) 1786891092 email: ,

FILMOGRAPHY - DIRECTOR Films: Apology – (2009), FESTIVAL DE CANNES 2010 Buenos Aires Nos Vemos En Berlin - Pre production (2011) Get Born Again - Pre Production (2012)

Tv Shows: Allaxe to (Change it), ALPHA TV - RTL (GREECE), 25 episode series Director & Music Supervisor , 2004 - 2008 Spy TV, ALPHA TV – RTL (GREECE), 25 episode series Creator; Music Supervisor; Director, 2007 - 2008 Siga ton polyeleio, STAR CHANNEL, (GREECE) Director & Music Supervisor, 2004 - 2005

TVC European Union, Max Productions, Greece Director, 9/2006 Wind, Max Productions, Greece Director, 10/2006 Shakira Live in Athens, Max Productions – Aenima, Greece Director, 7/2006 Scorpions Live in Athens, Max Productions, Greece Director, 9/2006 Whitesnake Live in Athens, Max Productions, Greece

Director, 9/2006 BSB, Max Productions, Greece Director, 9/2006 Votre Beaute, Max Productions, Greece Director MUSIC VIDEOS Violet Vortex – I walk Alone Director, 11/2008 Tang Ram – Wow, Kal Maleh Productions, Greece Assistant Director, 12/2005 Silentproof – Get through, 13 productions, Greece Writer; Director & Editor, 2/2009 PRODUCTION George Michael Live in Athens, Hot Beez – Le Spot, Greece Production team / Accreditation Manager, 7/2007 Shakira Live In Athens, Hot Beez – Le Spot, Greece Assistant Producer / Accreditation Manager, 7/2006

Fly Beyond Festival (Pink, Avril Lavigne, Sugababes, Tori Amos, James etc), Hot Beez - Le spot Greece Production team / Accreditation Manager, 7/2007


Parelasi,(Parade), ERT ( Greece), 8episodes, 1987 To Spiti tis Theias Mou (My uncle’s House), ERT, 12 episodes, 1988 Easter Special, ERT, 1episode, 1988 To Keratodikio, ALTER, 2 episodes, 2000 THEATRE Agapimene mou pappou (Grand-père, L'Avant-Scène, Remo Forlani), Peroke Theatre, Athens, Greece, 2 seasons, 1986 - 1988 H Gelada ( Kafatasi – Nazim Hikmet), Apothiki Theatre, 1 season, 1987 PERFORMER Musician: Drummer; Guitarist; Bass Player; Singer in various Bands and solo projects such as “Silentproof”, “Denial Waits”, “Black Velvet”, “Avenue”, “Blu Net” 1992 – until now Olympic Games 2004, Athens Performer at the opening and closing ceremonies VARIOUS POSITIONS Macia Studios / Symphony Records, Athens, Greece Studio Administration, 2005 Security, Ceremonies, Athens 2004 Olympic games Security, Rockwave festival, Athens, 2000 - 2005 Cinemad Magazine, Athens , Greece Freelance Writer & Editor, 2005 DEGREES


High school diploma

§ BA in fine arts, at Murdoch university in Perth, Australia in Film directing , cinematography with joint in lighting for television and film(not completed)


Certificate in Cinematography seminars at Fremantle, Perth


Musician’s Certificate (drums – guitar – bass) NAKAS, Athens

§ Substitute teacher in visualizing shots, framing and mentality in direction, at summer workgroup in Murdoch university §



Microsoft Office – Photoshop - Premiere •

I am a hard worker with a quick mind set. I have a creative mind and I’ve got good organizational skills and always worked well under heavy pressure. I like to work in a team. I am very good in giving directions in an authoritative manner – without being a dictator! I read a lot of books and I have excellent computer and internet skills

I am respectful and patient and I am mentally strong

I have a sense of humor and I am sensitive and thoughtful

I am a perfectionist and willing to take chances

I am understanding, both sympathetic and empathetic

I have an eye for detail, I have a good eye for visualizing shots and framing

I am a decision maker and a problem solver, and most of all trustworthy

Internet , reading , photography , cinema , traveling

Referees : Maria Birbili – Producer – 00302106845100 Dionisis Kounavis – Chief Editor – 00306978572000

Costa Kalogiros  

Director and Producer Costa Kalogiros, Filmmography and refferences.