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Zupello lights / Elfin stools designed by Ross Didier, Melbourne Australia

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introducing nau bilgola collection

by adam goodrum

Inspired by the Australian modernist architecture that is prevalent on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Bilgola is a lightweight collection of furniture for the home or office.

Preface _

Three years ago a disjuncture existed in the design industry in Australia – the country’s creative output was adrift with no commercial meeting place to reflect on the true climate of the day. In the trade fair scene the lines between authentic design and replica were somewhat lax and no haven existed for the worldclass design being produced each year. With the timely arrival of DENFAIR – a design event held annually in Melbourne – this disconnect no longer exists. Today, hundreds of local and international brands come together in their passion for design to utilise DENFAIR as a platform for business growth and opportunity. Spanning furniture, lighting, object, textile and contemporary art, DENFAIR’s appearance on the design calendar marks a pivotal moment in the release of new Australian design and manufacture – and the DENFAIR Publication is a direct extension of this, created to deliver the very best of Australian design to the rest of the world. In the following pages you will gain access into the creative happenings of a country better known for its lifestyle-defining climate and immense natural beauty. You will begin to appreciate, as we do, that the local design community has oriented its attention inward to embrace what is unique about Australia both culturally and geographically as a narrative for contemporary expression. You will experience a pooling of Australian talent beyond the directory in the form of photography, styling and comment to capture a modern aesthetic characterised by polished workmanship – and at its centre, you will discover the brands and products that make up this vibrant moment in Australian design.

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Introduction _

Not So Far From Home _ The Australian Pavilion - cantilevered over the edge of Venice’s Rio del Giardini canal, is our home away from home for the Venice Biennale’s of art and architecture. Designed by Denton Corker Marshall, the monolithic black box acts as a camera obscura into the creative endeavours of those more than 16,000 kilometres away and in 2016 was transformed into an indoor pool where visitors listened to stories of Australian life while dangling their feet in the crystal clear water. Surrounding The Pool were a series of colourful armchairs designed by Elliat Rich and made by indigenous apprentices in her adopted home-town of Alice Springs. The Anerle-aneme chairs (meaning ‘sit a while’ in the Arrernte language of central Australia) represent more than just a glimpse into an Australian aesthetic, they represent what is possible and what is happening ‘down under’. They reflect the power that design can have in engaging people, creating jobs and most importantly they represent the diversity of skills that can be found across the nation. Melbourne’s Yarra river holds some common ground with the Rio del Giardini - on its shore is another of Denton Corker Marshall’s cantilevered monoliths, The Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre. It is one of their many architectural triumphs that have identified Melbourne as Australia’s creative hub and every June the building becomes as culturally important as it’s Venetian cousin, playing host to Australian designers and manufacturers during what, in three short years, has become the most anticipated design event in the country. That event is DENFAIR – a place where distributors, designers and brands come together over three days to present, connect and yes, to celebrate

– with an impact that is felt year round. Independent designers, established and emerging, travel in numbers from all corners of the country to take part speaking volumes of the rapid evolution of the local design industry - and without question, their work sits proudly alongside that of international designers. Stepping through the doors the feeling of comradery is instant; there is a vibe that something big is happening with an authenticity of passion propelling it - akin to the great tradition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan. In the last decade cities across the globe have picked up on the Salone’s success, curating a take on local and international design culture through the focused lens of their own architectural and design heritage. Here in Australia, we are no different, though there is something happening locally that sounds the echoes of the Salone’s humble beginnings back in 1961. There is a feeling of connection, or more-so, convergence between the creative industries and industrial creations that hasn’t been felt before. Perhaps a result of the general public’s growing desire and understanding of ‘design’ or maybe through creative patriotism, Australian designers are seeing their products specified in cafés, restaurant, hotels and homes across the country and in some cases, the world. They are finding that distributors of international brands are commissioning local ranges through a growing desire for something different, something original and something that responds to our unique climate. Most importantly, the next generations of designers are being inspired as they are shown it is possible to make a career in design and that there is something world-class happening on their door-step. Walking the hallways of DENFAIR, or leafing the pages of this publication, it is evident this unique event represents the serious talents of design and manufacturing that exists in our country – giving voice to a manufacturing industry and exploring the value that authentic, locally designed and manufactured objects can take to the world.

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09 Introduction A publication on Australian contemporary art + design


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contributors Sharyn Cairns

Designer and Artist Profiles

Glen Proebstel

Australian design + art

Feature: Point - p.34 the Wilson - P.54

Haydn Cattach

Haydn Cattach +

Lauren De Innocentis

Lauren De Innocentis




Article: Goldrush


Article: United Front

The rise of contemporary

Sharyn Cairns +

Why it’s time to rethink the

Australian design

Glen Proebstel

relationship between Ausralian art and design

- 10 -

Imm e r s i o n _ Shary n C a i r n s Sharyn is at the forefront of commercial photography in Australia, with a specialist portfolio spanning interiors, food, travel, and lifestyle. She is committed to creating beautiful images that capture a mood and an emotion, playing with light and shadows to create levels of depth and distinctive memorable scenes. Her work is featured in notable international and local magazines: Gourmet Traveller, Vogue Living, Belle, Dwell, Kinfolk, Elle Decoration UK, House and Garden UK, Living Etc UK and many others. Some of her advertising clients include Cadbury, Smartstone, Domayne, Marks & Spencer, Williams Sonoma, Myer, David Jones, Sheridan, Aura Home and more.


_Glen Proebstel New Zealand born he has established himself as one of the most sought after stylist in Australia, Glen Proebstel is now based in New York and produces work of a truly international standard. His ability lies, not only in his skill of selecting and bringing objects together in an aesthetically pleasing way, but in his innate feel for how to create an emotional connection.

- 12 -

P o i n t + Th e W i l s o n

_ H ayd n C a t t ach Haydn is a Melbourne based photographer who graduated RMIT in 2008. His work centres on design and space, working to ensure that the inspirations and influences that have driven designers are captured and embraced in the final images. His work is characterised by cleanliness, precision and obsessive compulsiveness. This is in no way reflected in his personal life and surroundings, which are generally a mess. In his spare time he can be found drinking a lot of coffee and watching cartoons or being mad at his football team.


_ L A U R EN D E INNO C ENTIS Lauren is a Melbourne based Art director and Stylist. Her work is characterised by bold colours, the surreal and the occasional drop of humour. She enjoys nurturing ideas right the way through from concept to construction, with a focus on the role that colour and proportions play in making an image come to life. When she is not on set, she can be found selecting complementary colourways – for everything from the walls of her latest design pursuit, a gastro-pub... to her finger-nails.

- 13 -

designers 15





























































































































































PR O J EC T 82



















- 14 -

A D e s i g n S t ud i o

ADesignStudio by Alex Fitzpatrick is a manufacturing and consultancy practice specialising in lighting design and development. ‘We Light to Enhance Life’ is the philosophy of the studio – representing the power of lighting to transform space, experience, health and wellbeing by balancing the scientific and poetic aspects of light.

Alex Fitzpatrick - ADesignStudio

Based in Sydney, Australia, designs are often inspired by Australia’s heritage, society, and environment with such narratives finding expression in individual pieces. Each product aims to exploit the benefits of contemporary technology, taking care to maximise energy-efficiency and consider the warmth of light and long life.

Eon S1

Greenway A1

LightGarden W2, Eon S1 and Eon Sans S1 - Milan

Greenway S1

- 15 -

/ 2016 Luminaire showcased in AT HOME, Modern Australian Design by David Clark - Greenway _ ‘ID x the snap’ Best ID Product Award - Greenway _ Exhibited at iSalone, Milan with Local Design LightGarden, Eon / 2011 Runner up Bombay Saphire Award - LightGarden _ Winner Timber to Tokyo - LightGarden


Alex and Elle in their studio with designs BJÖRKDUNGEN and EKEN

BJÖRNBÄRSBLOMMA by Swedish designer Åsa Ericsson, Kinnamark

Alex and Elle are Melbourne based friends who met eight years ago at a Swedish playgroup for their children. Often reflecting on the poor ambiance in cafés and restaurants, the idea of aesthetic elements that could solve noise problems emerged and from that moment Alex&Elle was born. Alex&Elle is a Scandinavian Art & Design business offering wall art that delivers unique design combined with the warmth of textiles while integrating high performance sound reducing materials for improved ambiance. BJÖRNBÄRSBLOMMA by Swedish designer Åsa Ericsson, Kinnamark

/ 2016 Alex&Elle became agents in Australia for the Swedish textile brands Arvissons Textil and Kinnamark / 2015 Alex&Elle product range expanded to include cushions, lampshades and fabric by the metre

EKEN by Swedish designer Teija Bruhn, Arvidssons Textil, photo: Satara Living

/ 2013 Alex&Elle - Scandinavian Art & Design was launched BJÖRKAR by Swedish designer Louise Videlyck, Arvidssons Textil, photo: Satara Living

- 16 -

Form and function working together in harmony – true to the Scandinavian design tradition. All products are handmade to order from a range of high quality designer textiles imported directly from Sweden.


Ben + Kiri Anaesthetic Photo by Samantha Heather (

Duomo Rocking Table/Floor Lamp in Aged Brass, 2016

From their base in Christchurch, New Zealand, Kiwi designers Ben and Kiri Wahrlich launched ANAESTHETIC in 2011. Based on simple values – ANAESTHETIC creates clever, sophisticated products that are original in design and made to a high standard from carefully considered, enduring materials.

/ 2016 Moved to a dedicated design and production studio in Camperdown NSW and launched the Duomo lighting range / 2015 Debut of new range at the inaugural Denfair event, winning best product for the Constellation light

Duomo Wall Light in White with Aged Brass wall mounts, 2016

ANAESTHETIC distinguishes itself via a technical approach to design anchored in a strong understanding of engineering techniques. Each product is engineered and made in Melbourne using solid, honest materials and captures a contemporary aesthetic that honours the past and challenges the future.

/ 2014 Developed first machined brass product - the Bala lamp-holder, a high end modular light fitting, designed to last generations / 2013 Exhibited at DesignEx launching several new products including the Hide Leather pendant light that is still one of our best selling products / 2012 Company founded and launched first product, the Totem Stool with instant commercial success

‘Crux’ Constellation Pendant Light in Satin Brass. Park One ‘Musca’ Constellation Pendant Light in Satin Brass, 2016

- 17 -

Display Suite, Macquarie Park NSW - design by DKO - 2016

A ppar e n t t

The Apparentt team - Managing Director Elliot Gorham and Creative Director Louise Joy Gorham. Photo credit, Michael Gordon Hill

Idle Bench Seat, Brass Morse Pendant with American Oak spindle. Manufactured in 2016. Photo by Michael Gordon Hill

Apparentt is a creative collaboration between a designer and a maker to create and be resourceful. Established in 2016 by furniture designer/maker Elliot Gorham and creative director Louise Gorham, this Melbourne based furniture design studio works to develop attractive and innovative solutions for residential and commercial interiors.

Custom colour Steel Morse Pendant with Black spindle and Black Pablo Bedside Table. Manufactured in 2016. Photo by Michael Gordon Hill

With a driving philosophy to create exclusive collections that are beautiful, simple and durable – each product is hand crafted using the highest quality materials coupled with credible methods of construction to ensure they are made to last.

/ 2016 Lauch of Apparentt - Denfair / 2015 Elliot shortlisted for the Temple & Webster Emerging Designer Award / 2013 Launch of Handsome & Co - School of Fine Woodwork and Design / 2007 Launch of Noddy Boffin - Fine Art Furniture Design _ Elliot graduates from the Australian National University, Bachelor of Visual Arts - First class honours and majoring in Wood / Furniture Design / 2005 Louise Graduates from the University of Ballarat, Bachelor or Arts

Union Desk and First Chair. Manufactured in 2016.

Foster Credenza and Cinder Stool. Manufactured in 2016.

Photo by Michael Gordon Hill

Photo by Michael Gordon Hill

- 18 -

A rch i e r

Archier is an architecture and design studio with a focus on construction methodology and process narrative to achieve design outcomes that improve the spaces around us. Striving to express a combined vision – the studio is centred around the idea of collaboration, creating an environment where ideas are openly drawn out and discussed with the people they work with.

Chris Gilbert, Josh FitzGerald, Chris Haddad, Jon Kaitler. Photo by Miranda Louey

In 2017 Archier is collaborating with ceramicist Lindsey Wherrett on a range of benchtop basins that are individually handmade using traditional pottery techniques as well as BenTovim Design on Highline 3D – an architectural lighting system that uses extruded brass to form a variety of geometric volumes. Each product is finished with Archier’s signature attention to detail, highlighting the texture and quality of the materials employed.

/ 2016 Collaboration with Lindsey Wherrett Ceramics Ceramic Hand Basins _ Winner / DENFAIR Best Stand Award 2016 for the Rakumba Lighting Stand designed by Archier _ Collaboration with Ben-Tovim Design - Highline 3D Pendant range _ Winner / Residential Architecture - Houses (New) / Tasmanian Architecture Awards 2016 / 2015 Collaboration with Rakumba Lighting - Highline and Capital Pendants _ Winner / Residential Architecture - Houses (New) / National Architecture Awards 2015

Highline 3D, 2016 - Archier with Ben-Tovim Design. Image credit: Jonathan Ben-Tovim

Ceramic Basins, 2016 - Archier with Lindsey Wherrett Ceramics

Highline 3D, 2016 - Archier with Ben-Tovim De-

Ceramic Basins , 2016 - Archier with Lindsey

sign. Image: Jonathan Ben-Tovim

Wherrett Ceramics. Image: Jonathan Wherrett

- 19 -

A rk o

Kain Lucas. Photography: Michael Kai

/ 2016 Ute Design is re-branded as Arko, reflecting the growth of the company and its increased focus on outdoor furniture and accessories

Lanna Garden Screen, Melbourne University

Built on the belief that the beauty of any product lies in its functionality, Arko was launched by designer Kain Lucas in 2007. Based in Melbourne, Arko has established a network of manufacturers from within Australia capable of producing large-scale runs of high quality products in a wide range of materials.

/ 2015 Our minimal Lobos Letterbox is specified exclusively throughout the prestigious Dahlia Residences project by SunLand Group / 2012 Ute Australia launches its first outdoor range of products; the Arko Letterbox and Lanna Garden Screen / 2009 Kain Lucas shortlisted for the prestigious Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery award with the Victoria Table

Otis Dining Table and Bench. Design by Kain Lucas

/ 2008 Ute Design garners some of Australia’s premium retailers including Top3 by design, Bed Bath n Table and Costco Wholesale / 2007 Company Launch as Ute Design specialising in Australian designed homewares Otis Barstool.

Basel Letterbox. Design by Kain Lucas

- 20 -

A rmad i l l o & C o .

Armadillo&Co is a pioneering rug brand and industry leader when it comes to fair trade and ethical production. For co-founders Sally and Jodie, it’s all about combining aesthetics with ethics – Armadillo&Co products are 100% handmade using Fair Trade practices with natural and sustainable fibres. Every purchase provides employment and helps sustain an industry of ancient craftsmanship – supporting local education and building brighter futures for children in underprivileged communities.

Sally Pottharst & Jodie Fried, Armadillo&Co founders

Heirloom: The luxurious Heirloom Collection evokes the iridescent beauty of nature and aged metals in pure wool

Perennial: intricate stitching, every coil of the Perennial

Armadillo&Co has showrooms and office in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane with a forth showroom opening in Los Angeles in April 2017.

Collection has been crafted for an exquisite result

/ 2016 Launch of Heirloom Collection. DEN Fair award / 2015 Launch of Indoor Outdoor Collection / 2014 Launch of Latitude Collection / 2012 Launch of Designer Collection / 2011 Launch of Perennial Collection / 2009 Armadillo&Co is born. Launch of Earth Collection Latitude: Sumptuously soft, the Latitude Collection - Berber

Designer: Customise a bespoke flat weave rug with the

Knot takes its cue from tribal Africa and Morocco

Designer Collection, hand crafted in NZ wool

- 21 -

Art Hide

Bree Hay-Hendry and Kura Perkins

Art Hide Nueva Raya in peach

Australian sisters Kura Perkins and Bree Hay-Hendry created Art Hide back in 2009 when Kura’s travels in South America introduced her to 3rd generation leather craftsmen and the quality, natural characteristics, durability and overall potential of the material for interior applications.

Bree’s skills as a specialist textile and fashion designer subsequently brought the concept to life and the two now work from opposite sides of Australia running Art Hide, which operates in Australia, USA and UK with representatives in Switzerland and New Zealand. / 2017 Growth across the USA and Australia / 2016 USA launch

Art Hide Trilogia in Charcoal

/ 2015 High profile TV projects / 2014 UK launch / 2011 Expansion across Australia / 2009 Launch of Art Hide

Art Hide Faceta

Art Hide Trilogia in Emerald

- 22 -

b e d o u i n SO C IETE

Virginia Feldtman - Designer, Creative Director and Founder of bedouin SOCIETE

“Bedouin Societe Launched into the Australian Market in 2011”

Vintage Wash Linen and Hand Loomed bed coverlet 100% linen. the new Olives 2016 & 2017 release

Hand Loomed Bed Coverlet in Sea Storm 100% Linen 2017 release

bedouin SOCIETE produces luxury textiles for the home – each collection presents a distinctive mix of high quality natural textiles combining traditional techniques with a modern mindset, authenticity and timeless style.

Hand Loomed Throw in Sea Storm 100% Linen 2017 release

Following on from a career spanning 20 years in the fashion and textiles industry, and a childhood surrounded by specialist insight and inspiration, Virginia Feldtman established bedouin SOCIETE to design and develop her own design sensibility and kinship with textiles.

- 23 -

Ankit hand knit bath mats 2015

Bonnie and Neil

One of Australia’s most popular independent textile brands, Bonnie and Neil, is the creation of design duo Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie. Bringing together their backgrounds in floristry, fine art, textiles, furniture making and set design, Bonnie and Neil are known around the world for their vibrant collections of handmade products for the home.

Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie from Bonnie and Neil. Photography: Armelle Habib

/ 2017 Purchase and relocate to new Bonnie and Neil studio premises in Reservoir, Melbourne / 2015 Start stocking Liberty of London and Le Bon Marche in Paris _ Open first Bonnie and Neil shop front in Brunswick, Melbourne

Forest Collection 2017. Photography: Amelia Stanwix, Styling: Heather Nette King

/ 2012 Start stocking major international store Anthropologie Botanical Collection 2015. Photography: Lauren Bamford,

/ 2010 Launch Bonnie and Neil during August trade show season

Forest Collection 2017. Photography: Amelia Stanwix,

Styling: Heather Nette King

Bonnie and Neil Shop 2015. Photography: Armelle Habib

Styling: Heather Nette King

- 24 -

All Bonnie and Neil products are hand screen printed on natural materials at their studio in Melbourne – the handcrafted, organic process making each piece unique.

C adry s

Bob Cadry

Jan Kath Erased Heritage Collection: Bidjar Highgate Rnjoy in Red/Grey Wool/Silk

/ 2017 The Cadry family & team look forward to collaborating further with the leading architects & designers in Australia. A visit by Jan Kath to present his latest collections fresh from IMMCologne & Salon Del Mobile at DenFair in June / 2012 Cadrys celebrates their 50 year anniversary, proudly becoming the oldest family business in The Wentworth/Woollahra Municipality

Cadrys is Australia’s largest and most distinct collection of collectible and decorative antique, vintage and contemporary rugs from Persian, Anatolian, Caucasian and European origins. Jacques Cadry – family patriarch and rug merchant of Tehran, Iran –established Cadrys upon his arrival in Sydney, Australia in 1952 and the company has since expanded from its original showroom to now host three retail showrooms, two wholesale showrooms and two distribution warehouses between Sydney and Melbourne.

/ 2003 Cadrys launch the Cadrys Contemporary Showroom adjacent to Cadrys Classic together with Jan Kath

Cadrys Classic Kilim Rug at MCM Room

/ 1975 Bob Cadry joins the family business / 1952 Jacques Cadry opens Australia’s first handwoven rug company in Edgecliff, Sydney an Kath Erased Heritage Collection: Bidjar Kingscross Stomped Reverse in Red/Neon Orance Silk

- 25 -

The classic showroom in Edgecliff, Sydney, showcases masterpieces from the late 1800’s through to the late 1900’s while the contemporary showrooms are havens for architects, designers and their clients holding exclusive rights to leading designers such as Jan Kath and Florence Broadhurst while also establishing contemporary rug design through an in house design library and collaborations with local designers.

C o ady A r t

COADY’s art strikes at the jugular of contemporary culture – addictions, habits of consumption – and presents them back with force, exploiting the capacities of new technologies to address such themes.

/ 2016 MORPHIA – Chin Chin Exhibition, Flinders Lane, Melbourne _ Sculpture by the Sea

Through sculpture, painting, photography, video installation, site-specific installation and performance art, COADY seeks to push the boundaries of contemporary society and challenges the notion of our ecological and sociological footprint.

/ 2015 Masters of Contemporary Art, VCA University of Melbourne

Cathyann Coady

Proclivity 2011

Cage Free 2015 (detail)

Descent 2015

- 26 -

C o ca M o j o

Monique Davis

S/S16 ‘Aqualuna’ range

Coca Mojo is a brand offering unique, high quality textile products designed in collaboration with highly skilled artisans. With an upbringing immersed in materiality and creativity - Monique’s mother ran Marji’s Ceramics while her father had a plaster mould factory – Coca Mojo emerged in 2014 from visits to the screen-printing factories of Bali and now produces an inspiring collection of colours and textures unique to the brand. A/W17 ‘Fantasmal’ range

/ 2017 Launch of textiles at Denfair 2017 / 2016 GALA (Life InStyle & Reed Gift) Industry Award for Handmade Products 2016 / 2015 GALA (Life InStyle & Reed Gift) Industry Award for Designer Products 2015 / 2014 Conception of Coca Mojo S/S15 ‘Bahasa’ range

A/W17 ‘Fantasmal’ range

- 27 -

D a n i e l B o ddam

Daniel Boddam photographed by Kelly Geddes

M - Dining Table, American Oak and brass, handmade in 2016

A tribute to simplicity, pure form geometry and the permanence of natural materials – architect Daniel Boddam’s Monument collection explores the architecture of the ancient world through the lens of modern design.

M - Coffee Table, Limed American Oak, handmade in 2016

Available in a range of natural materials and finishes, Monument is designed with an eye for architectural detail and a deep understanding of how to balance form with feeling in contemporary interiors.

/ 2015 Shortlisted IDEA Emerging Designer of the year / 2013 Founded Daniel Boddam Architecture and Interior Design / 2011 Shortlisted RAIA 2011 Interior Architecture award / 2002 Graduated Bachelor of Architecture University of Sydney

M - Chair with arms, Smoked American Oak And black leather, handmade in 2016

- 28 -

M - Dining Table, American Oak and brass, handmade in 2016


Daniel To & Emma Aiston

Hanging Out Installation for COS Stores 2016

/ 2015 Finalists in the RIGG Design Prize and Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, work from the ‘HOME’ installation aquired by the NGV / 2014 Exhibited ‘BIG’ at solo show, work from this collection aquired by the Art Gallery of Western / 2011 Won Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award / 2010 Released first production collection D.E DESK / 2008 Launched DANIEL EMMA during London Design Festival CORK CONE and MAGNETIC TOWER for HAY 2014

Daniel To and Emma Aiston established design studio DANIEL EMMA in 2008 as a way to express thoughts through Industrial Design. DANIEL EMMA works on a large variety of projects ranging from desk objects to installations – creating the unexpected from simple objects using simple forms while drawing influence and insight from the diverse culture in Australia. Their designs aim to be ‘just nice’. BIG and SMALL 2014

HOME Rigg Design Prize Installation 2015

- 29 -

D e s i g n e r R ug s

Yosi Tal, Managing Director, Designer Rugs

Black Pearl, 2013, designed for the Great Gatsby

Wild Berry, 2014, designed by Anna Carin Design

by Catherine Martin

/ 2016 Family owned and run, Designer Rugs celebrate 30 years in the industry / 2013 Designer Rugs completes rugs for the Great Gatsby with Catherine Martin / 2009 Designer Rugs creates custom rugs for Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort, Australia’s first 6 star resort / 2005 Designer Rugs first designer collaboration with Akira Isogawa

Designer Rugs is a leading Australasian rug company specialising in handmade custom rugs for residential and commercial interiors as well as ready-made rugs and internationally renowned designer collections. As an innovation and design focused company, Designer Rugs works in collaboration with leading Australian artists and designers, earning a reputation for producing high quality custom made rugs for private clients and commercial professionals alike. This collaborative tradition endures with recent artists and designers including Greg Natale, Minnie Pwerle, Dinosaur Designs and a collection in celebration of Wedgwood’s 250year design heritage.

/ 1988 Designer Rugs was also commissioned by Parliament House to design a custom made rug for the Queen’s Bicentennial visit. / 1986 Designer Rugs was commissioned by St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne to create a custom made rug for Pope John Paul II’s Australia visit Powder Room, 2017, designed by Romance Was Born

- 30 -

Asher, 2015, designed by Christine McDonald


Bombala outside seating and table range

Ross Didier and Congo chairs. photo Dan Hocking

/ 2011 Vue de Monde furniture designs / 2006 Milan Young&Design Award, Italy / 2000 Established Didier design practice & workshop / 1995 - 1997 UK Theatre and Sets work

Design practice Didier was established in Australia at the turn of the millennium by designer Ross Didier. Poetic yet functional, each collection is an intentionally eclectic mix drawn together on the fine line where design, sculpture and manufacturing meet. Didier’s product range of furniture and lighting is a reflection of the studio’s personality and passion for utilitarian beauty that functions through narrative as well as Ross’ continued commitment to manufacturing – personifying the potential of Australian ingenuity.

/ 1991 - 1993 R.M.I.T. B.A. Fine Art Sculpture / 1989 - 1990 R.M.I.T. Industrial Design

Liqueur table range

Gelava chairs

- 31 -

Zupello lighting family

ENESS - Lum e s - or -

Nimrod Weis


Nimrod Weis is a sculptor, technologist, inventor and co-founder of ENESS. LUMES Stands Fabrick

Nimrod – instilled with childhood memories of unexpected wonder, and with twenty years experience in the field of experiential, interactive design – engages in distilling intangible ideas into meaningful engaging experiences.

/ 2014 Create Awards - 1st Prize Creation Cinema Museum Victoria _ Melbourne Design Awards. Creation CinemaMuseum Victoria / 2009 Muse Award Interactive Installations / 2007 Japan Media Arts Award Art Division / 2006 Premier’s Design Awards Multimedia Design category / 2004 2x Premier’s Design Awards - Museum Acquisition Prize & The People’s Choice award. LUMES Wood panels

LUMES Wood panels

Point by Haydn Cattach & Lauren De Innocentis

Product credits page 126

- 35 -

F e rr i e r & C o

Ferrier & Co was established in 2013 by Nick and Nicole Ferrier – Nick Ferrier is a woodworker and furniture designer and together, Nick and Nicole are proud Australian manufacturers who value quality workmanship, natural materials and sustainable practices. Their combined rural Queensland upbringing is present in their work where good sense, thoughtful design and dedication combine to produce beautiful furniture that is built to last. Nick Ferrier founder and part owner of Ferrier & Co

/ 2017 The Ferrier & Co showroom opened in February 2017 / 2016 Ferrier & Co completed a number of major commercial projects which featured pieces from their own range alongside larger custom pieces Announced as VIVID Design finalist for the Concrete Stool / 2015 Ferrier & Co released a range of their own furniture with designs focusing on timber and steel / 2013 Established Ferrier & Co custom furniture & woodwork

F&Co record cabinet built with american white oak and charred QLD maple

F&Co signature stool with black powdercoat

F&Co timber and steel shelving unit

F&Co bar stools

- 36 -

F l i n d e r s La n e G a l l e ry

Since opening its doors in 1989, Flinders Lane Gallery has gained a reputation for actively supporting the practices of emerging, mid-career and Indigenous Australian artists. Operating beyond a rigid aesthetic or the dictates of fleeting trends, Flinders Lane Gallery presents works of painterly abstraction, high figuration and sculptural formalism alongside more recent developments in the areas of installation and new media practices.

Claire Harris, Director

“In 2000 Claire Harris started work at FLG, 6 years later she became Director of the gallery. FLG celebrated its 25 year anniversary in 2014”

The Flinders Lane Gallery stable is unified by a core commitment to presenting high quality works demonstrating both technical skill and creative sensitivity – and the dedication of Director Claire Harris and her team in promoting and nurturing the best outcomes for each artist’s career.

Belynda Henry ‘Islands Five’ 2016 acrylic on canvas 218 x 171cm Finalist in Wynne Prize AGNSW 2016 (detail)

Hannah Quinlivan ‘Caught in Translation’ 2016 hammered Jo Davenport ‘Horseshoe Lagoon’ 2016 oil on Belgian Linen 183 x 168cm

- 37 -

and powdercoated flat steel gloss 190x190x110

Fox Galleries

Established in Brisbane in 1998, Fox Galleries presents exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, focused on artists whose work is conceptually driven and challenging to traditional art practice. The gallery was the first commercial space in Australia to exhibit lowbrow/street art in the early 2000s including Anthony Lister and Mike Chavez. Alongside these contemporary exhibitions, Fox Galleries presents survey shows of important artists and offers selected artworks for sale by private treaty.

Michael Fox, photo credit: Stephen Burton, POMO

In its new premises in Collingwood the gallery continues the tradition of exhibiting emerging artists within the context of the Australian art market.

/ 2016 Established Fox Galleries, 79 Langridge Street Collingwood / 2015 Graduated from Melbourne Law School, the University of Melbourne, with Master of Tax and authored ‘Australian Visual Art Tax Policy / 2010 Save Super Art Campaign - organised national lobby group and succeeded in preventing the ban on super funds investing in art / 2006 Establishment of Joel Fine Art Brisbane - first hybrid gallery and auction rooms in Queensland / 2003 Exhibition and publication of Anthony Lister ‘Places and Things’ - first major show of street art in an Australian gallery / 1998 Launch of Fox Galleries Brisbane with contemporary artists Ray Cook and Thomas ValeSlattery with hand-blown glass by Lloyd Murray

Maggie Diaz, Self Portrait, Spanish Hat 1966, silver gelatin print, A/P second state, 1/5 37cm by 46.5cm

- 38 -

Jason Moad, Volcano 2016, oil on linen 101cm by 83.5cm

Glen Anderson

Glen Anderson

“Glen Anderson Graduated from University in the year 2000” Abstract work

Glen Anderson is an independent photographic artist and limited edition print maker based in Melbourne, Australia. Glen’s large-scale works capture abstract landscapes of monochromatic tones and the ever-changing interplay between darkness and light.

Abstract work

Abstract work Abstract work in situ

- 39 -


gohome is a forward-thinking Australian design brand that mirrors Australia’s relaxed lifestyle through the design, engineering and manufacture of quality, design-led and affordable products with world-wide appeal. Functional and innovative – gohome sets out to enhance their customer’s lives with products that provoke excitement, meaning and withstand the test of time. An all-Australian design team firmly believes that honest, Australian design should be available to everyone! Marcel Sigel, designer

Operating within the retail, residential and commercial arenas, gohome engineers each product to the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

/ 2017 Grille outdoor-in Collection, designed by Marcel Sigel for gohome. The collection revolves around a unique 3D bended tubular steel and mesh chair giving superior comfort for all environments with stools and two styles of tables complimenting the chairs. Perfect design for outdoor-in or indoor-out environments / 2016 Lunar Chair collection, designed by Marcel Sigel for gohome. The chair features an innovative 3D moulded foam shell, upholstered in Camira Mainline Flax house colours as well as COM fabric. The chair can be matched to a series of functional and aesthetically pleasing bases


Photo b

/ 2015 Tulipa Collection released, designed by Marcel Sigel for gohome. The collection is a series of low and high tables as well as an upholstered stool with the legs reminiscent of a Tulip bulb / 2014 Plateau series released, designed by Marcel Sigel for gohome. The table series incorporates both rectangle and round multi-sized work and dining spaces a top solid wood beams and legs with freedom to move around the tables unencumbered the main design functionality / 2012 Hollywood Collection released, designed by Ben McCarthy for gohome, firstly with the lauded stackable chair, constructed from both solid wood and plywood combinations, stools of varying heights follow soon after

Tulipa Collection, designed by Marcel Sigel for gohome

/ 2011 Launch Stools and Tables released, designed by Ben McCarthy for gohome. Awards Home Beautiful Product of the Year and Best collaboration between designer and manufacturer

Maker -

Maker Hollywood Chair Collection, designed by Ben McCarthy

Plateau Table (Detail)

for gohome

- 40 -


Handkrafted provides an innovative online platform that brings together Australia’s most comprehensive community of talented Australian furniture makers specialising in producing high quality, sustainably made pieces made to order.


In 2017, Handkrafted will be showcasing a curated selection of furniture makers from across Australia including Jonathan West, Auld Design, Christopher Blank, Andrew Pinnock, MJP Studio and Anthony Kleine.

/ 2017 350+ Australian makers and growing / 2016 Honoured in 2016’s Top 50 Australian Ecommerce Platforms - a list that recognises some of Australia’s biggest movers and shakers across a variety of sectors. Startup Daily x Braintree Payments / 2014 Launch






- 41 -

Id l e H a n d s

Kieren + Rickie-Lee Idle Hands, photograph by Tajette O’Halloran

“In 2016 Idle Hands launched their first collection”

Tangram Bedside Table, 2016

Kieran Meegan and Rickie-Lee Robbie are the creative minds behind furniture and product design lab, Idle Hands. Based in Melbourne, Idle Hands began as a creative experiment for the pair who sought to combine Kieran’s boiler-making skills as a shipbuilder with Rickie-Lee’s command of line as a printmaker. The result are objects that embody a sense of calm through their artful simplicity and whose form provides a thoughtful purpose – a clear function in the home.

Tangram Bar Stool

Jex Vinyl Stand

Tall Plant Stand

- 42 -


In the Sac is a luxury bed linen brand producing world-class products for the bedroom and sleeping pleasure. Woven from 100% all natural linen, each product is manufactured exclusively for the In The Sac range with uncomplicated designs and styles chosen to reflect the natural character and simplistic beauty inherent in the fabrics.

Belinda Gallo, Verve Portraits & The Style of Mrs V

/ 2016 In The Sac European Bathe range launched / 2015 Appointed Creative Director of Martin & Savage / 2010 In The Sac brand and range launched

In the Sac is a vertical company controlling every step – from the purchasing of the flax from growers in the Netherlands to the manufacturing of their 100% pure linen bedding range – creating ownership of all aspects of the process and most importantly the quality of the linens. With a vast in-house knowledge of production and finishing, different weights and textures offer the finest and softest finishes available.

2016 - Bathe Range - 100% jacquard linen bath robes (linen grown, woven and sewn in Europe)

2016 - IN THE SAC Bathe Range launch (linen grown, woven and sewn in Europe)

2015 - Reversible Two Tone Quilt Set

- 43 -


With a passion for locally made, quality products, Mark Cleine owns and operates Industria X alongside his likeminded creative wife and business partner Emma. A third generation carpenter, Mark’s appreciation of design, craftsmanship and architecture was ignited early and for many years Mark fine-tuned his carpentry skills working on high end residential builds until an opportunity presented itself in 2014 when Mark and Emma purchased Industria X. Mark Cleine, Owner & Operator, Industria X


Since taking over the reigns, the couple’s vision for the company has remained true to its heritage of “making furniture for life”. Each piece is expertly designed and material selection carefully considered resulting in a range of handcrafted, functional and beautiful furniture.



/ 2016 Retail showroom launch - via Spacecraft Studio, 225 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, VIC _ Commercial contracts various - Techne Architects, Morphos Interior Design, Geyer Design, Save the Children / 2015 Commenced supply to Koskela Sydney _ Commercial contracts - Woodleigh School “Homesteads” - supply of WK Tables & Canteen Chairs, Melbourne Airport Terminal 4 - supply of Canteen Chairs _ Launch of first range as company owners, editorial feature on The Design Files / 2014 Acquisition of Industria X PALETTE BED


- 44 -

IS M O b j e c t s

ISM Objects Celina Clarke and Simon Christopher. Photo credit: Sharyne Cairns

/ 2014 Celina Clarke features in ‘Women in Design’ exhibition, part of Melbourne Now Arts Festival / 2012 ISM objects establish their first showroom in St Kilda where Celina and Simon dedicate themselves to featuring their lighting products in a grand display / 2005 Launch of the ISM Sparks design mentoring program which assists in launching the careers of Australian emerging designers. ISM proudly see Alter create an installation for Pop ups Melbourne Design Festival in 2006 / 1995 - 1997 ISM Objects Madame Ruby Lamp features Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design exhibition at MOMA New York, Madame Ruby then travelled through the USA, Europe and Asia as part of the Re(f)use Exhibition – continuing her acclaim, Madame Ruby was included in 50 lights book by Mel Buyers / 1993 The International Design Yearbook edited by Ron Arad features Amazing Larry folding table by ISM Objects, leading to an Australian Council Travel Grant and subsequent visits to New York, Milan, Paris and London the following year / 1992 ISM Objects First light – The Fab Lamp a selfassemble table lamp in many colour options is launched to acclaim. Leading retailer Country Road orders 500 custom Fab table lamps to retail in its stores nationally, still widely recognised today, the new Fab 25 light is about to be released

ISM Object Pop Pendant designed by ISM Objects; Photography Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King

This commitment to Australian manufacturing remains true and ISM Objects ensures all of their lighting products are made locally, then assembled and packaged at their factory in Melbourne. Christopher and Clarke are strong supporters of the Australian design community, working with up-and-coming and established Australian designers to produce lighting collections.

ISM Object Fab 25 Table lamp designed by ISM Objects Photography Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King

Award-winning Australian lighting company ISM Objects has been at the forefront of lighting design and manufacturing since opening in 1990. The past 26 years has seen significant industry developments and ISM Objects’ sustainable thinking, innovative processes and enduring designs have ensured the success of the Melbourne-based brand. When founders Celina Clarke and Simon Christopher began designing and producing lighting for domestic and commercial environments, they quickly earned a reputation for quality Australian made contemporary lighting.

- 45 -

ISM Object Drum Pendant designed by ISM Objects Photography Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King

jr . a b e l

Joshua Abel. Photography by Holly Carson

Kerry A

Jink Lounge System, 2016

Splay Table, Press Chair, Rocko Lamp, 2016

Founded in 2016 as the industrial design arm of The Artificial – a multidisciplinary design studio formed in 2013 by Joshua Abel and architect Salvador Farrajota – jr.abel has a single goal of creating pleasant, honest and attainable Australian made objects.

Mono Se Stylist:

/ 201 This y medi and L

Joshua Abel is an industrial designer who has worked in a variety of fields for over 10 years and through jr.abel, now produces a diverse collection of furniture, lighting and accessories based on simple geometric elements designed to express the materials and manner with which they are made. Splay Stool, 2016

/ 2016 Public launch of first collection, including furniture, lighting and accessories _ Founded jr.abel and began work on original designs

/ 201 A hug the la Galle

/ 201 A ser Desig and r silks w

/ 2013 Moved into furniture design following a career in other design fields

/ 201 My s retro move and r

/ 2007 Graduated industrial design from Queensland University of Technology Ziggy Stool, 2016

Loft Ottoman, 2016

- 46 -




/ 2017 This year will see me focus on a shift to oil as a medium and working closely with a Gallery in NYC and London


Kerry Armstrong is a Melbourne-based Abstract Expressionist. Kerry describes her work as a way to capture and lay down on linen intersecting moments of raw emotional honesty – with autobiographical glimpses of life ultimately resulting in a deeper connection with regards to subconscious, personal matter.

/ 2016 A huge year, on my 14th Exhibition and 2016 saw the launch of our In-house Print Studio - Studio Gallery Melbourne / 2015 A serendipitous meeting with International Fashion Designer, Aurelio Costarella forged a strong bond and resulted in my artwork being incorporated into silks within Aurelio’s collection for London and Paris / 2014 My second exhibition was in Boston USA, in retrospect it was potentially an overly ambitious move but has since established a strong following and regular, stimulating work in the USA GIRL ON WIRE SERIES BY KERRY ARMSTRONG, PHOTOGRAPHY: JAMES




- 47 -


Charles Wilson

Oliver W

Photo b

William Sofa

Since 1977, King Living has been at the forefront of Australian furniture design. With a reputation that’s built on steel, King Living designs and manufactures a range of contemporary, award-winning furniture that’s made to last. As one of Australia’s most celebrated industrial designers, Charles Wilson has been collaboratingwith King Living for over 8 years, designing innovative and contemporary furniture designs.


/ 201 Laun

/ 201 Start

/ 200 Grad Bach SEYMOUR chair

SEYMOUR Chair and footstool

- 48 -




After years of experimentation and play by founder Oliver Wilcox, LOST PROFILE launches officially in 2017 as a 2-part machine – one sector designs and fabricates a restrained collection of Art Deco, brutalist and industrial inspired lighting while the other trades in a bleak dialect of antiques, objects and artefacts sourced in Australia, Europe and the USA.


/ 2017 Launched Lost Profile Studio / 2012 Started working for Christopher Boots / 2009 Graduated from Southern Cross University Bachelor of Visual Arts SURVEILLANCE WALL, 2016


- 49 -

L U M A S G a l l e ry

lumas gallery team

Bloom v7.1 © René Twigge (detail)

A Lost Flamingo and a Lost Pelican © Pat Swain

Located in Richmond, Melbourne, LUMAS Gallery offers affordable, limited edition photographic and digital art. Representing 230 up and coming and established artists, the LUMAS portfolio has more than 2,000 works to choose from.

/ 2016 Collaborated with Mirvac and BELLE Magazine on new Wharf’s Entrance Home _ Collaborated with DOMO Australia / 2015 LUMAS Gallery launched in Australia Sarah Johanna Eick and Tim Bradley ©

Still life with Yves Klein Blue © Guy Diehl

- 50 -

Lum i l

Industrial Designer, Luke Mills

380mm Hat pendant, Raw Terracotta Hat

/ 2017 Launched Lumil / 2015 Moved to Melbourne. Launched Luke Mills Design

380mm Hat pendant, Shell White ceramic Hat

Launched in 2017, Lumil is a Melbourne based lighting design studio run by Luke Mills. Lumil works with like-minded artisans to explore the pairing of traditional manufacturing and contemporary design – the result is authentically designed objects that inspire and complement the spaces around us. Each lighting piece incorporates the latest in LED energy technology and strives for more sustainable design and manufacturing processes.

/ 2013 Moved to Hong Kong for 2 years and worked as an Industrial Designer for Studio Cassells / 2012 Massey University Wellington, New Zealand, Bachelor of Design, Industrial Design (Honours). 280mm and 380mm Hat pendants

- 51 -

Hat ceramic and glaze exploration

Lu n a G a l l e ry

Luna Gallery designs and manufactures unique, natural and quality textile products knitted for feel and function, style and sustainability. Founder Beverley Armstrong draws upon 30 years of industry expertise in fashion design and marketing, and a passion for textiles, to present luxurious yet practical lifestyle knitwear. Working closely with Victoria’s best commercial knitters and technicians, Luna Gallery produces intelligent, innovative product unique to

Beverley Armstrong - Director - photo by Lucy Morton

Residential by Auhaus Architecture - photography Trevor Mein - jacquard knit blanket Luna Home 2009

photo Tom Blachford

the market place – 100% dedicated to Australian manufacture to support the local knit industry to promote growth and integrity. Integral to this process is yarn selection and the local sourcing of premium extra-fine merino wool and pure combed cotton to ensure the finest quality, resilience and natural appeal.

Merino Wool textured blanket + jersey pillows - Prince

Merino Wool fishbone queen knit blanket - Luna Home 2013 -

Hotel – 2011 - photo Tom Blachford

photo Lucy Morton

/ 2013 Luna commissioned to develop & supply blankets for premium rooms Urban Hotel / Rydges - St. Kilda / 2012 Luna develops knitted blankets for Prince Hotel in St. Kilda - MEME Design

Extra-fine Merino Wool knitted blankets - Luna Home 2012

/ 2009 Luna commissioned to develop & supply blankets & cushions for MONA PAVILLIONS in Tasmania Nonda Katsalidis / 2005 Luna commissioned to develop & supply over 650 knitted blankets for Peppers Salt Resort - Kingscliff NSW / 2004 Luna king size knitted blankets selected for Cable Beach Resort, Broome WA - Carr Design / 2001 Luna Gallery commences trading as National Agent for luxury bedding & textile brands & launches Couch Cardy® knitted product

- 52 -

M a e ga n Br o w n /

Maegan Brown with her fine artwork ‘Milk 01’

Wán - GuĂN vase, Wheeltthrown Stoneware

Maegan Brown is a Melbourne-based photographic artist and ceramicist with a strategic creative background as a graphic designer specialising in branding. With an eye for detail and art direction, Maegan’s fine art photography takes on a unique graphic style, exploring abstract patterns and textures found within unusual and ethereal landscapes. Shot from above, Maegan aims to capture a sense of quiet stillness that is minimal and elegant yet dramatic and heavily emotive. Maegan Brown - Photographic series “Salt”

All limited edition works are printed to museum quality with archival inkjet and custom-framed in Victorian Ash to conservation standard. Alongside her fine artwork a range of commercial prints are also available.

/ 2017 Photography Exhibition at Incub8r Gallery, Fitzroy / 2012 + 2013 Industry Award: Designer of the Year (Perth Advertising and Design Club)

Maegan Brown - Iceland Series “Moss 02” (detail)

In addition to design and fine art photography, Maegan is the designer/maker behind the ceramics brand Wán. Influenced by Scandinavian sensibility and Japanese aesthetics, Wán was born from a desire to embrace a slower paced life and to enjoy the present moment without judgment. Reductive in form and minimalist in appearance - Maegan’s one-off limited edition pieces include handcrafted tableware and artful homewares.

/ 2011 Graduate of the Year Award — Bachelor of Arts, Curtin University (Perth, WA) _ Bachelor of Arts (Design major, film & tv / photography minor) at Curtin University (Perth, WA) Wán - Assorted Vassels, Wheelthrown Stoneware

- 53 -

Th e W i l s o n by Haydn Cattach & Lauren De Innocentis

Product credits page 126

M ak i n W o rk s h o p

Hugh Makin

Custom tables designed by Projects Of Imagination, made by Makin Workshop for Rare Hare at Willow Creek vineyard, 2016

/ 2016 Completed a large scale commercial joinery project for Projects of Imagination and Rare Hare

Custom table designed by Projects Of Imagination, made by Makin Workshop for Rare Hare at Willow Creek vineyard, 2016

Makin Workshop is a furniture maker and artist based in Castlemaine, Victoria. With a background in fine art drawing, design and woodwork, Makin Workshop focuses on making custom pieces using locally sourced materials for commercial and residential clients.

/ 2013 Started Makin Workshop in Castlemaine, Victoria / 2010 Moved to Vancouver, Canada to work with furniture maker Nathan Wiens / 2008 Completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Drawing) at RMIT University Custom table designed by Projects Of Imagination, made by Makin Workshop for Rare Hare at Willow Creek vineyard, 2016

- 58 -


Anton Schiavello

/ 2017 Given management over the Schiavello Product Development team, and inclusion of MAP into the portfolio / 2015 Creation of the Schiavello Marketing team

Flow Lounge

Museum Sydney as well as an Australia postage stamp celebrating the Australian Wool Industry.

/ 2012 Relocation to Singapore to expand Schiavello furniture sales network across South East Asia

Today, 25 years after its inception, MAP is part of Schiavello – one of the leading commercial furniture manufacturers in Australia.

Cap Stool

Synonymous with design excellence, MAP is an award-winning manufacturer of Australian furniture and objects directed by Design & Marketing Director of Schiavello International, Anton Schiavello. Underpinned by relaxed simplicity, design innovation, and enduring beauty created by contemporary Australian designers – MAP products have been exhibited from Milan to Bremen to Los Angeles, appearing in the permanent collection of MOMA New York and Powerhouse Rib Chair

Rib Chair, image by Earl Carter

- 59 -

M ark D o ug l a s s

Mark Douglass at his Burnley Street Studio

The Drapes

Mark Douglass is an established glass artist, sculptor and painter whose professional career started in 1989. In 2010, Mark’s focus shifted to developing the early stages of the Design Range and Mark Douglass Studio – a hand-blown glass light studio that produces one-off pieces ranging from simple home pendants to huge commercial sculptural installations.

Bespoke Hand-blown Cluster

Mark concentrates on the function and form created by light and how this affects our surroundings – his works often use scale and fluidity to create poignant organic forms.

/ 2015 Melbourne Glassworks is established / 2011 Mark was awarded the Winston Churchill Trust Fellowship in recognition of his impressive body of work and contribution to the Australian glassblowing industry

The Modernist

In 2011, Mark was awarded the Winston Churchill Trust Fellowship in recognition of his impressive body of work and contribution to the Australian glassblowing industry. In 2015, Mark established Melbourne Glassworks, which has been involved in several fellowships to promote young artists and craftspeople.

/ 2010 Mark’s Design Range is catalogued / 1992 Mark Douglass Design is established Brass and hand-blown glass 5-arm Webber

- 60 -

M arz D e s i g n s

Marz Designs is an Australian industrial design studio that develops premium furniture, product and lighting. Founded in 2010 by Coco Reynolds, the Marz aesthetic is inspired by the beauty of raw materials and simplicity of natural lines and geometric shapes, underpinned by a respect for traditional techniques and an assurance of quality and functionality. Taking cues from mid-century design, Art Deco movements and modernist keynotes, Marz Designs is committed to producing timeless yet contemporary pieces that live and grow with you.

Coco Reynolds, photograph by Nikki To

/ 2016 Exibitor Milan Design Week, Milan _ Exhibitor at Denfair, Melbourne / 2014 Finalist in the Emerging Designer Award, Temple & Webster / Inside Out _ Exhibitor in The Tandem Project at The Rocks Village Bizarre, Sydney / 2013 Partook in the Grand Designs Live, Eco Tech House, London

Bright Beads, Original, Cluster of four, 2013

Dome Wall hooks, 2016

Delano bottle opener, 2016

- 61 -

M e i za i

Meizai’s Richmond Showroom. Photographed by Lisa Cohen

Established in the early 2000’s, Meizai offers an evolving selection of products and solutions across furniture, joinery, bathware, lighting and accessories. Emerging from the passion and vision originating from parent company Mei & Picchi – whose illustrious history in Australia’s creative industries stretches back to the 1930’s – Meizai is dedicated to showcasing the best in design and interiors with an emphasis on building an environment that provides a platform for innovative, up and coming designers, design houses and brands. As a family company, Meizai prides itself on understanding the benefit of lasting relationship and that to truly transform a space or project requires partnership and honest consultation – a philosophy that drives the studios daily activities and services on offer.

/ 2017 Meizai launches a new product category to its product range: Bathware by Italian brand Ex.t. / 2016 Meizai introduces wardrobes by Pianca to its evolving collection of products / 2015 Meizai launches Italian-brand Pianca / 2014 Meizai launches Australian-designed brand, Tre Mezzo. Designed in collaboration with Biasol: Design Studio / 2008 Meizai opens the doors to its brand new Richmond showroom

Tre Mezzo stools and tables featured in Soho Bar & Restaurant, Southbank by Glowing Structures

Tre Mezzo stools featured in Birdport Residence by Matt Gibson Architecture+Design

Tre Mezzo stools featured in Lab 39 Cafe by Biasol: Design Studio

- 62 -

M i cha e l R e i d Syd n e y + B e r l i n

Michael Reid Sydney + Berlin hosts a dynamic exhibition program presenting contemporary Australian and international art as well as curated exhibitions of contemporary art by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and art from the vast Oceanic region.

Michael Reid

Michael Reid and the galleries’ specialists are experts in contemporary painting and sculpture as well as contemporary photography, print media and media art. In addition to gallery exhibitions in Sydney and Berlin, Michael Reid and it’s represented artists are a regular feature at Australian and international art and design fairs.

Derek Henderson, Untitled (Hydrangeas), 2017 100 x 125 cm edition of 5 + 2AP (detail)

Derek Henderson, Untitled (Hydrangeas), 2017 100 x 125 cm edition of 5 + 2AP

/ 2017 Michael Reid Sydney relocates to Surry Hills / 2013 Michael Reid Berlin opened in central neighbourhood of Mitte and is a permanent hub for Australian art in Europe / 2006 Opened Michael Reid Murrurundi in Upper Hunter Valley, NSW / 1996 Michael Reid opened first Sydney Gallery Derek Henderson, Blue Hydranges, 2013 120 x 150 cm edition of 6 + 2AP

- 63 -

M o da P i e ra

After forging a successful career across multiple industries, designer/ entrepreneur Michael Chazan decided to pursue his passion for furniture and design, establishing Melbourne based atelier Moda Piera in early 2016. Built upon a desire to create heirloom quality products that hold materiality, utility and simplicity at their core, the resulting product range is concise and highly considered.

Moda Piera Designer & Director, Michael Chazan. Photography by Ying Ang

Beyond the atelier, the story of the product is also informed by a long history of design and as such, each product unashamedly pays homage to the modernist architecture and design that has shaped it and the realisation of a design paradigm that places value in a beauty born of refined simplicity, materiality and longevity.

/ 2016 Atelier Moda Piera was established in early 2016 / 2015 Established a design practice working in collaboration with domestic and international designers (including work with Milan based duo Mathery Studio) / 2014 Graduated with honours from RMIT Design School, Melbourne

Quattra Desk Detail. Leather Drawer Inlay and Polished Marble Top. Photography by Ying Ang & Gareth Phillips

Arancini Floor Lamp, 2016. Travertine, Brass and Glass.

Quattra Chair and Arancini Lamp, 2016.

Photography by Ying Ang & Gareth Phillips

Photography by Ying Ang & Gareth Phillips

- 64 -

M o kum T e x t i l e s

Stephanie Moffitt + Julia Weiss Our design studios are based in Sydney and Auckland

/ Mokum Fresh & original textiles inspired by our culture and lifestyle / James Dunlop Sourcing the finest textiles and wallpapers since 1907 / Designs Of The Time Authentic production techniques, fine linen and artisan values / Bluebellgray Bold colours and statement floral fabrics and wallcoverings

Utopia collection by Mokum

Mokum Textiles is a global textile wholesaler delivering contemporary textile design, technology, quality and service to its clients. Mokum produces high quality, creative and innovative products, enhancing interiors with contemporary furnishings from the finest sustainable textile mills worldwide.

/ Hemptech Innovative natural and sustainable textiles

Mackenzie by James Dunlop

Inspired by local culture and lifestyle, Mokum products include high quality upholstery, drapery and wallcoverings suitable for application in residential and commercial situations. Leading innovation in production, performance, quality and sustainable environmental standards, Mokum brings its core brands to Australia, New Zealand, North America, Asia and all around the world. Essenza collection by Mokum

Laconia Air by James Dunlop

- 65 -


Now into its 3rd decade, Molmic is as much about family as it is furniture – the Molmic family extends beyond its founders Molly and Michael and the second generation of children Anna, Alex, Anthony and John to encompass the talented, loyal and dedicated craftspeople who have been on the journey since the first day in business.

Molly + Michael, Molmic

Molmic is proudly committed to its Australian heritage and Australian influence – focusing on ethical and sustainable design made locally to world-class standards.

/ 2017 Celebrating 30 years in Australian Furniture Manufacture / 2015 Launch of Molmic Sofa Gallerys / 2000 Launch supply partnerships with major national retailer Coco Republic and David Jones Department Stores / 1997 Inaugural Reginald Muir furnishing upholstery scholarship awarded to co-director Molly McMahon, graduating as the only female upholsterer in her class / 1996 2 month Export contract supplying one of Japans largest furniture retailers / 1987 Founders Molly and Michael McMahon commence their journey in furniture design and manufacture

Rydel (2016) encouraged by our relaxed Australian comfy way of life

Elliot Design (2016) for Lounge Designer Furniture, bespoke artisan craftmanship focused on values of function, design, comfort and quality

Chadley for David Jones, understated luxury loungeing featuring

Kidman, furniture you can grow with, classic studded detail

generous proportions and timeless contemporary design

a piece that will always find a home be it residential or commercial space

- 66 -


Mortice and Tenon have been designing and manufacturing bespoke furniture for clients in Australia and around the world for the past 20 years. Using the highest quality materials and the latest in European technology, Mortice and Tenon create furniture pieces to meet the exact specifications of each client.


With the core team trained in France, the company utilizes this knowledge to manufacture the most complicated pieces to the highest level of excellence in furniture design and construction, servicing some of the biggest private residential and commercial projects in Australia.


/ 2014 Mortice And Tenon International Brand Launch At The Singapore Furniture Fair


/ 2010 Moved To New Showroom In Armadale / 2004 Move To New Larger Factory In Preston With The Latest European Machinery Technology To Be Installed / 2003 Moved To New Larger Showroom In Richmond To Showcase Growing Furniture Range / 1997 Commence Trading In Church St Richmond And Maufacturing From Factory In Thomastown BUREAU PLAT

- 67 -

In a country known more for its sporting prowess, landscape and rich mineral deposits, you could be forgiven for thinking the contemporary Australian design scene is ‘quiet’. But rest assured, it is getting louder. Much like the beginnings of life itself, design in Australia has been bubbling away for many years, and the conditions are ripe for a creative Cambrian explosion.


And like the myth of the Cambrian explosion, Australian design has not appeared out of thin air. Contemporary practitioners draw on rich design histories, from the colonial mentality of ‘making do’, to indigenous materials and practices, and a legacy of quality craftsmanship forged by designers such as Grant Featherston, Kjell Grant and Chris Connell. Often, isolation is seen as a challenge, and for many years Australian design experienced a cultural cringe of sorts where practitioners would need to head overseas physically or secure work with international brands to sustain themselves. However, isolation also offers unique conditions for species to flourish unhindered, and much like the diverse flora and fauna that thrive in Australian conditions, so too can practitioners now thrive in Australia. “It’s an exciting time, because people can genuinely see a pathway from studying design to designing things, and getting them made,” says Ewan McEoin Senior Curator, Department of Contemporary Design and Architecture at the National Gallery of Victoria. Describing the design community as an ‘ecosystem’, there are, he says, “Key species and organisations that provide the foundations,” such as retailers, galleries, universities and design schools, workshops and makers. Editor and curator David Clark agrees, saying, “It’s not just the designers that make an industry... You cannot develop a sophisticated design culture without the craftspeople and industrialists who can make things well, and the sellers who know how to commercialise them. They are all important in building the tapestry of design information.”

b y : N i cky L o b o

The Rise of Contemporary Australian Design

- 68 -

Slowly but surely, these ‘species’ have grown to critical mass. In this fertile environment, a number of small-to-medium studios — many of them exhibiting at DENFAIR — have mushroomed. Broadly speaking, they fall into two categories: commercial design, and design as a cultural practice. The first offers a refined solution to a practical brief — where products are formally restrained, yet sophisticated, with a strong sense of materiality. Author Karen McCartney describes these designers as, “Agile and capable, making their own prototypes and developing their ideas to a high standard of resolution”. The resulting products are extremely usable, with medium production runs and wide appeal — think TAIT, Didier and Daniel Emma. The second group interrogates and responds to historical, social and environmental concerns. Broached Commissions takes this approach — for example, in the Briggs Family Tea Set by Trent Jansen, which represents the extreme cultural collision that took place in Australia’s colonial history. Others include Khai Liew, whose exceptional timber craftsmanship draws on his cultural heritage, and Elliat Rich’s ongoing discourse of place through the lens of her hometown, Alice Springs. Working via one-off, limited edition, or very small production runs, pieces from these design-


er-makers are within the realm of art, and appeal to a much smaller, yet crucial, collector market. The categories are not distinct, however. There is a beautiful intermingling of philosophy and function, poetry and practicality, art and design, in much of contemporary Australian design — as well as “a broader understanding of the design process and what that may involve,” says Keinton Butler, Senior Curator, Design and Architecture at Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. It is this hybrid DNA that will generate an even more vibrant, strong and complex contemporary Australian design creature. All design — all life — benefits from cross-pollination. People like Marc Newson, Brodie Neill, Adam Goodrum, Charles Wilson, Helen Kontouris and Christopher Boots are representing Australian design overseas, and should be recognised for their tenacity and talent in bridging the oceanic gap. Self-funded collectives, such as the Melbourne Movement founded by Kjell Grant, and Local Design under the stewardship of Emma Elizabeth, have also made considerable effort in exhibiting at Milan, with positive results. Australian designers will continue to promote and celebrate their work, both within Australia, and internationally. But the conversation needs to be two-way, particularly as Brodie Neill points out, at this time when “politically, socio-economically and environmentally, our world is at risk. [We] need to lead with creativity to break down barriers and harvest peace and harmony across borders.” Marc Newson agrees, saying that a divisive approach amounts to “a myopic view. Cross-pollination between countries, cultures, disciplines and industries… can only be a benefit to creativity and innovation”. With this in mind, it’s well worth the effort to touch, pause and engage with Australian design. There is a new goldrush in this country, and no doubt that global collaborators, curators, collectors and commentators who start panning will get lucky. Special thanks to interviewees Keinton Butler, David Clark, Karen McCartney, Ewan McEoin and Brodie Neill.

- 69 -

mud au s t ra l i a

In the early 1990s Shelley Simpson – founder of mud australia – had no formal training in ceramics but was curious to know how to throw a pot on a kick wheel. Working with Limoges porcelain, Shelley experimented with colour, glazes and finishes to arrive at the distinctive style which is now easy to identify as a mud australia piece.

Shelley Simpson & James Kirton

Based in Marrickville, Sydney, Shelley works with her partner James Kirton while leading the retail and creative direction and the company now maintains a dedicated studio of 35, which includes 25 people working solely on the factory floor. At every stage in the process each piece is touched and worked by hand – an investment in craftsmanship that gives the finished products an emotional warmth and character that differentiates each piece from the mass-produced.

/ 2015 UK mud australia flag ship store opened London / 2014 Celebrated 20 year anniversary / 2011 US mud australia flag ship store opened New York / 2007 First mud australia flag ship store opened Woollahra, NSW / 1998 mud australia signature look established / 1994 mud australia founded

The range has grown from tableware to include lighting, bakeware and hospitality specific products with over 85 products available in 18 signature mud colours. The mud australia range is stocked at over 100 stores worldwide including Harrods, Selfridges, Barneys and ABC Carpet and Home.

Sconce light in milk

Kiln - marrickville studio

Big dome in bottle and dome in milk

- 70 -

mud tableware in dust, blue, mist, duck egg

NAU by Cult

Driven by the ambition to bring premium European design to Australia, Cult was established in 1997 by Richard Munao and has since grown into a leading purveyor of international design with a portfolio of 35+ brands. Over two decades, Cult has evolved from showroom destination to full-service design house diversifying into the production, manufacture and retail of Australian design. In 2014

Introducing NAU by Cult; a new contemporary design brand by a collective of Australia’s most curious, talented and spirited designers including (from left to right, Jack Flanagan, Gavin Harris, Adam Cornish, and Adam Goodrum) Third from the left Richard Munao Cult founder. Photography by Toby Peet

/ 2017 To consolidate its various product development ventures with multiple designers, Cult proudly launches NAU; a contemporary Australian design brand, offering furniture, lighting and accessories by a collective of Australia’s most curious, talented and spirited designers including Adam Cornish, Jack Flanagan, Adam Goodrum and Gavin Harris

Takushi by Gavin Harris for NAU. Styling by Marsha Golemac, photography by Dan Hocking Bulbo by Gavin Harris for NAU. Styling by Marsha Golemac, photography by Dan Hocking

/ 2016 The AG x Cult collection is extended with the introduction of four new product families and additions

Cult launched its first exclusive collection of Australian furniture – the AG x Cult capsule by acclaimed designer Adam Goodrum and since then, product development has grown significantly to the point of establishing these designs as one brand and promote Australian creativity to the world. The resulting brand – NAU, is a contemporary Australian design brand offering furniture, lighting and accessories by a collective of Australia’s most curious, talented and spirited designers including Adam Cornish, Jack Flanagan, Adam Goodrum and Gavin Harris.

/ 2014 Cult diversifies into the the production, manufacture and retail of Australian design with the launch of its first exclusive collection of Australian furniture; the AG x Cult capsule by acclaimed designer Adam Goodrum / 1997 Cult is established by Richard Munao, with the ambition to bring premium European design to Australia Rev by Adam Cornish for NAU. Styling by Marsha Golemac, photography by Dan Hocking

- 71 -

New by necessity, Australia’s design culture stems from a place of isolation and unique influences and NAU is the embodiment of this fresh-thinking approach. Producing designs suitable for residential and commercial spaces – from elegant lounge furniture to modular shelving with endless possibility – the NAU collection is reductive in form, honest in materiality and timeless in style.


Nomi Co-Founders, Henry Gresson and Tomek Archer

Pala Chair and The Wall 2.0, designed by Tomek Archer

The Wall 2.0; Pala Chairs and Time Coffee Table, designed by Tomek Archer

NOMI is a platform that connects customers with original, authentic design and manufacturers. Motivated by good design, NOMI has re-examined the process of specifying and purchasing furniture – offering real time pricing, short lead times, custom sizing and integration with the Dulux colour as a tool for designers. Collaborating with leading designers, NOMI’s users can nominate certain elements such as size, shape, material and finish to customise their furniture to their needs.

/ New Website After 18 months of development, Nomi has launched a new website, simultaneously connecting users with original design and our network of manufacturers / Product Release Nomi was pleased to release a new product, The Wall 2.0, designed by Tomek Archer: a comprehensive storage and space planning system that can be adapted and rearranged over time / Major Projects In collaboration with architecture firms across Australia, Nomi was included in projects such as the Expedia Head Office, Qantas domestic lounges (nationally), Nous Head Office, Medtronic Head Office and the CBRE Head Office / Nomi Launched Nomi was launched. By utilising technology, and in collaboration with leading designers Nomi provides users with the ability to customise their products in terms of size, shape, material and colour

The Wall 2.0; Dove Table and Woodstack Chairs, designed by Tomek Archer

- 72 -

One Fine Print

Elizabeth is a highly acclaimed landscape photographer who has been working in the industry for over 10 years. Inexorably drawn to the urban environment, her images are heavily centred around shape and texture however more often than not, Elizabeth’s award winning creative photography has been snapped in far-off, exotic lands where she immerses herself in the culture of the places she visits.

Elizabeth Bull, photographer & founder of One Fine Print photographed with prints of the Australian photographers she represents at One Fine Print. Photo credit :Mark Lobo

Recognising that many talented photographers lacked a means to share their distinctive imagery with the public, Elizabeth created One Fine Print. One Fine Print is about promoting photography as art, steering buyers away from generic prints and instead introducing them to the original, dynamic work being produced by photographers. As well as running One Fine Print, Elizabeth continues to hone her own craft and travels widely – telling stories through light, colour and composition.

Melting Print by Christopher Tung

/ 2015 Launched One Fine Print / 2014 Exhibited finalist in HeadOn Landscape Prize / 2013 + 2010 Epson Victorian Professional Photography Awards Victorian Landscape Photographer of the Year / 2014 Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards Australian Landscape Photographer Finalist & Highest Scoring Print (Landscape) / 2013 + 2010 Epson Victorian Professional Photography Awards Highest Scoring Landscape Print / 2002 Completed RMIT BSci (Photography)

New Beginnings Print by Marty Schoo

- 73 -

P ap e r Emp i r e A u s t ra l i a

Paper Empire Aust represents a select group of Australian and international artists that are leaders in their field. Owned by Therese O’Donoghue and Stefan Gevers, the vision for Paper Empire is to create a vibrant and interesting collection that seeks to surprise and stand out from the crowd with quality and creativity. Clients range from art lovers furnishing their homes to stylists and designers wanting fresh innovation in artwork. The collection includes original artwork and limited edition prints by Stefan Gevers, art prints from Foto Factory and Sofie Boersting, small accessories by Foruu and the beautifully designed, award-winning lighting of Studio Snowpuppe. Stefan Gevers, Image by Bek Shepard, Photographer Reuben Gates

“Dusk” 2017 limited edition watercolour print by Stefan Gevers with hand block gold embellishment in warehouse setting.

/ 2016 Original Paintings by Stefan Gevers selected for the Dulux colour trends forecast of 2017 _ Original Paintings by Stefan Gevers selected for the Melbourne InDesign event, held at Arthur G showroom, curated by Steve Cordony

Original water colours “Pendant” (left) & acrylic on canvas “Construct” by Stefan Gevers 2016 for the Melbourne Indesign event.

/ 2015 Developed partnerships with local & international retail stores & Australian design firms. Now representing 7 artists _ Attended DenFair & launched Snowpuppe & our artwork collection to the Australian interior design market / 2014 Became the Australian agents for Studio Snowpuupe. Award winning lighting designers from the Netherlands / 2013 Launched late October with 3 artists and a small collection of limited editions prints “Concrete2” 2016 limited edition watercolour print series by

“Concrete2” 2016 limited edition watercolour print series by

Stefan Gevers, with torn paper detail (Detail)

Stefan Gevers, with torn paper detail

- 74 -

P e gg i e b y Sh o p f o r Sh o p s

Aydin Keyvanloo

/ 2017 Peggie and Shop for Shops initiate international expansion exhibiting at EuroShop / 2016 Peggie was born Aydin Keyvanloo joined the company as Head of Design / 2014 The second generation, son David Witchell and son-in-law Luke Martin, became partners in Shop for Shops

Peggie coordinates with MAXe fixtures for a strong and versatile solution

Say hello to Peggie. At first glance, she is a simple and earnest system. Pegs. Panels. Shelves – but there’s more to Peggie than just her looks. Once you get to know her, you’ll learn that she is engaging and dependable. An all-rounder – some days she likes to blend in and be anonymous, sometimes she’s animated. Always clever, she dresses for the occasion and knows that a quick change of her accessories will make the look.

/ 2000 Neil Witchell purchased The Hanger Factory / pre 1980 The Hanger Factory was established

The hole pattern of the modular wall panels create a base template onto which components like pegs, shelves and graphic holders can be easily assembled

Pop-up product launch? Check. Making a statement at the office? Check. Cold-press with her mates? Check.

Tapered end, coin-operated safety lock and front notch ensure Peggie’s pegs and accessories secure in place and

The solid oak pegs play nicely with host of accessories in a

allow for a variety of configurations.

palette of black and white. Brass details add a little wink

- 75 -

Peggie is made of the good stuff with honest geometry and a material palette to match. Solid wood, baked-on lacquer, a touch of brass – Peggie’s perforated grid system and dependable kit of parts create a framework for your ideas. In stock and there when you need her.

Pelle Leathers

Vienna Caramel in Pique perforation (detail)

/ 2016 Vienna Semi Aniline Global GreenTag range increased to 111 colours / 2015 Pamplona Tabasco on B+B Italia chairs in Bennelong Restaurant Sydney Opera House / 2013 Global GreenTag certification on these ranges: Vienna, Spectrum,Savannah and Danube

Vienna Schwartz on Adama Goodrum Loom sofa by Cult Design

At Pelle Leather, quality is always taken seriously. Partnering with Europe’s leading tanneries in Germany and Italy, Pelle Leather offers 20 superior leather ranges in a wide palette of colours – from lower budget to exclusive articles. Utilising the latest technology, partners use only the finest materials enabling Pelle Leather to bring to their customers larger hides with greater thicknesses; providing higher yield and greater stability on public seating.

Vienna In colour Royale in Pique perforation

At Pelle Leather, the environment is always cared about – Pelle Leather is the only leather company in Australia and New Zealand to have eco-labelled leather, having achieved GreenTag certification GreenRate level B. Specifiers and designers know a GreenTagCertTM Certified Product from Pelle Leathers is a product that can be trusted when it comes to quality, health and environmental performance. All tanneries supplying to Pelle Leathers implement global best practice environmental standards. Ascona Kiwi on custom banquette in Croft House project

- 76 -

Pony Rider

Pony Rider is a homewares brand focused on developing products that have meaning and bring joy to one’s space. Inspired by the outdoors and motivated by community, Owner Kelly Searl directs a tight-knit, creative team dedicated to equipping Pony Rider’s tribe with customized homewares that will evoke a sense of ‘home’ – wherever they go. Pony Rider believes in originality, and also believes in quality – and that when original design is coupled with quality materials, a leading product is born. Kelly Searl

/ 2016 Collaboration with Flash Camp Events _ Launch of our Beach Club Collection _ Guest speaker at Elle inspires event hosted by Editor in Chief, Justine Cullen / 2014 Winner of Best Australian made product at Life Instyle Awards, for our Australian Merino Wool Bed Blanket.

Beach Club 2016 Summer Collection, features

Seeker Potato Cushion - A Pony Island Collection

Seeker Terry Towel.. Photo by Chris Searl

Summer 2016. Photo by Chris Searl

/ 2009 - 2016 Product highly featured within most design publications as innovator and creative leader / 2009 Company Launch

Beach Club 2016 Summer Collection, features Patched

Wanderluster Australian Merino Wool Bed Blanket, Storm Rider Winter Collection 2016, Photo by Chris Searl

Honour Terry Towel, Seeker Turkish Towel and Craftsman Throw. Photo by Chris Searl

- 77 -

P o p & Sc o t t

Poppy Lane & Scott Gibson at their workshop Photo by Jessica Tremp

Pop & Scott is a Melbourne-based furniture, lighting and homewares company combining a passion for modern Australian design with quality craftsmanship and elegant forms to create pieces to be used every day and last a lifetime.

/ 2016 Byron Bay showroom opens

Partners in life and in business, Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson have been running Pop & Scott since 2012 – Poppy’s training as a florist has given her an exceptional eye for styling and aesthetics, while Scott is a talented craftsman –producing handmade furniture made of sustainably sourced Australian timbers and an extensive range of individually hand-painted pot planters.

/ 2015 Meizai launches Italian-brand Pianca

Pop & Scott have showrooms in Melbourne and Byron Bay, ship worldwide and supply wholesalers in Australia, North America, Singapore and NZ.

Pop & Scott Brass Framed Mirror

Pop & Scott Dreamer Couch, Bobby Round Table, Den Holm Sculptures, Anchor Ceramics,

Pop & Scott Dreamer Couch

Amy Leeworthy Ceramics and Vintage Rug

- 78 -

/ 2015 First showroom in Northcote opens

/ 2013 Pop & Scott shared workshop opens and they begin making furniture, swings and pots

P o rc e l a i n B e ar A u s t ra l i a

Porcelain Bear is about passion and a lifelong dedication to a discipline and a medium – a connection between two people who inspired each other to pursue something bigger. Gregory, a well-established designer and artisan, had been working as an independent ceramicist/ designer for approximately 20 years when he met industrial designer Anthony, who Joined Gregory’s Studio in 2011. Gregory and Anthony quickly discovered that combining their strengths and abilities presented an opportunity to create a unique design vehicle and a year later they united as a single design entity becoming the two principals of Porcelain Bear.

Anthony Raymond & Gregory Bonasera. Photographer: Josh Robenstone

With a collection of porcelain furniture, lighting and objects – Porcelain Bear occupies a true niche that presents porcelain out of preconceived context in the form of medium-driven, handcrafted pieces that are both practical and beautiful.

/ 2016 Celebrated the Official Launch/ Branding of Porcelain Bear Showroom, with the release of the Metro Series / 2014 Exhibited with The Other Hemisphere in Milan as part of Salone Del Mobile 2014 / 2013 Accepted to exhibit along fellow local designers as part of NGV Melbourne Now exhibition _ Designed and created a tableware and lighting range exclusively for Australian furniture company Jardan

Metro Side tables, Slender, Burley, and Butch, Born 2016

Enigma Chain (as a room divider), Metro Dining Table & Eido CF Pendant,Porcelain Bear showroom

Custom Cloche Small Wall Light, Smalls Bar South Melbourne 2016 (Fiona Lynch)

- 79 -

Imm e r s i o n by Sharyn Cairns & Glen Proebstel

Product credits page 126

Project 82

Shelley Mason, Founder & Director Project 82 Photo by Kata Bayer

Hawley Sofa designed by Cameron Foggo for Staple&Co. Image by Pablo Veiga Freda & Sia Coffee tables by Design Kiosk. Image by Pablo Veiga

/ 2017 Further collaborations with the Staple&Co brand: cm studio, Cameron Foggo + Tom Ferreday all lauching new pieces. Further 8 pieces added to The Sofa Maker collection

Shelley Mason founded Project 82 in 2011 – a serial entrepreneur, Shelley has started several businesses over the course of her career including Project 82’s in-house design brands Staple&Co, The Sofa Maker and Design Kiosk.

/ 2016 New Sydney showroom opened, housing all Staple&Co, The Sofa Maker + Design Kiosk pieces / 2015 Staple&Co collaboration with CM Studio to create the Louis Sofa, Harry Coffee Table + Norman Ottomans. Design Kiosk Collection introducted - a collection of ready-to-go imported goods to compliment sofa collections

Brooklyn Marble Side table by Design Kiosk. Image by Pablo Veiga

Project 82 has grown considerably in the past 18 months, showcasing collaborations with Australian designers such as cm studio, Cameron Foggo and Tom Fereday to reinforce the Australian-designed ethos of the Staple&Co brand – quality, handcrafted and accessible design made locally.

/ 2014 The Sofa Maker launched - a curated collection of affordable, locally made sofas catering to budgetconscious consumers wanting Australian Made / 2013 Staple&Co brand launched - made in Sydney, customisable, designed by established furniture designer Cameron Foggo Louis Sofa Chair designed by cm studio for Staple&Co. Image by Pablo Veiga

- 90 -

Project 82 now utilises their Sydney Showroom, housed in an old warehouse in the inner west to showcase the full collection to both a trade and retail audience.

R e dd i e F ur n i t ur e

Caroline Olah, Photo: Mike Baker Photography

/ 2016 Reddie Launches in Australia _ 40 Under 40 Awards for Perspective Magazine- Best Product Designer _ Reddie- Shortlisted for Architecture & Design Trophy Awards- Product Design / 2015 Reddie and Caroline Olah is accepted as 1 of 20 up and coming brands to the ANZ accelerator program _ Reddie Launches in Asia

Suzy Lounge Chair, Vinny Credenza Unit, Suzy Marble Coffee Table, Bob Floor Lamp, Vinny Dining Table

Caroline Olah is an interior architect and furniture designer with over 15 years experience in the industry. After working for many years as a designer, Caroline pursued a deep-seated passion for a furniture brand idea that had emerged from a gap in the market – to provide high quality and timeless designs that could be customised at an attainable price.

/ 2004 Bachelor of Interior Architecture

Example of REDDIE’s customisable platform. 1 side table in 4

Suzy Dining Table, Willy Sling Chair, Bob Block Stool

After an extensive development process – which included hundreds of prototypes and a global search for the best craftsmen, materials and manufacturing team – REDDIE materialised into a collection of original designs that are handcrafted, ethically produced and customisable online.

Suzy Office Collection

Vinny Media Cabinet

unique combinations

- 91 -

R e df o x & W i l c o x

Redfox & Wilcox - Tara Wilcox and Nicola Grey

R&W Outdoor Furniture Range

Melbourne based furniture brand Redfox & Wilcox captures and presents a love of beautiful design, quality materials and honest craft. From their Collingwood workshop, Redfox & Wilcox handcraft unique custom designed pieces from new and recycled materials, providing a full range of customizable pieces for residential and commercial use.

Each Redfox & Wilcox piece carries a modernist feel and a warmth and familiarity arising from the use of repurposed timber and natural materials.

R&W Perf. Bar Stool - Indoor/Outdoor

R&W Planters - Tall & Short - Indoor/Outdoor

R&W Perf. Stool - Indoor/Outdoor

/ 2016 Expanded workshop and showroom space / 2015 First retail store and launched “Perforated” range / 2014 Launched online store _ Launched “ Outdoor Picnic “ range at Menske Summer Selection / 2011 Launched “Alpha” range

- 92 -

R hy s C o o p e r

Rhys Cooper, image by Brad Bonar

Cusp, 2014 - Seating range available from JamFactory

/ 2016 Cusp seating range licensed and launched by JamFactory at Denfair / 2015 Completed the Associate Training Program at JamFactory, under creative director Jon Goulder _ Selected as a finalist in the Launchpad competition / 2013 Graduated from the design program at the University of Tasmania, under program director Simon Ancher

Rhys Cooper is a furniture, object and lighting designer based in Adelaide, South Australia. Since graduating from the design program at the University of Tasmania in 2013, Rhys was offered a position in the Associate Training Program at JamFactory Furniture Studio in Adelaide, completing the 2-year associateship in 2015. In 2016, Rhys set up his creative practice at JamFactory where he works on a broad range of projects – combining self-initiated products with client commissions. Driven to create dynamic and original work, Rhys aims to create work that is a harmonious balance of artistic integrity and producibility utilising a range of materials and processes. Buoy, 2016 - Contemporary room divider, Rock Maple and Kvadrat fabric.

Split, 2015 - Corian and American Walnut

Scroll, 2016 - Collaboration with Lilly Buttrose, handwoven Cotton seat with soap finished American Oak

- 93 -

Cusp, 2014 - Seating range available from JamFactory

R i gmar o l e

The Rigmarole Team. Images by Tobias Titz

The Table by Rigmarole. Folded single aluminium sheet in a variety of sizes and anodised colour finishes

Rigmarole grew out of the work that founders Julian Canterbury, Rodney Eggleston and Anne-Laure Cavigneaux were undertaking for March Studio over the past ten years. Instead of routinely looking to source furniture and fixtures for their architectural projects, the trio began creating selected items of their own; with products arising from a need for something functional, simple, robust and made from local materials.

The Chair by Rigmarole. Raw steel framed chair with perforated seat and back

/ 2013 The first Rigmarole products are launched _ Rigmarole is founded

The Stool by Rigmarole. Variety of zinc plated frame finishes & hardwood or perforated steel seats

/ 2007 March Studio founded / 1998 Julian and Rodney meet on the first day of their architecture degree studies at RMIT Bouncy Bouncy by Rigmarole. Inspired by the classic baby bouncer. Features stainless steel frame and kangaroo hide upholstery

- 94 -

Working directly with local manufacturers where necessary – Rigmorole’s experimental approach gives them space to re-imagine and reinvent how a material is considered and what it can ultimately be used to create – the whole story of dreaming, making, testing and refining to arrive at perfection.

R o b e r t P l um b

In 2006 leading Sydney landscape designer William Dangar realised there was a gap in the market for premium architectural hardware and outdoor furniture. With his characteristic entrepreneurial spirit and passion for timeless design and quality materials, William launched Robert Plumb with a single product – a beautifully crafted letterbox. William Dangar, creative director & Bill Clifton, managing director (photo credit: Chris Warnes)

The Robert Plumb collection has since evolved over the last decade to include timber furniture, fire pits, handmade pots and planters, lighting, and a range of architectural accessories and hardware – all the while staying true to its ethos of uncompromised, innovative design and robust materials.

Project letterbox

Ceramic tableware by Cameron Williams

/ 2017 Coming: Launch of collaboration with Etic & Luigi and Henry Wilson / 2016 Launch of unique collaboration with tapestry artist Tammy Kanat / 2012 Launch of rewarding collaboration with NSW potter Cameron Williams / 2008 An exclusive showroom opened its doors in Botany Chunky concrete table and benches

Fatso lounge with Molly drum fire pit

- 95 -


Ross Gardam established the contemporary furniture and lighting studio in 2007 with the aim to create quality, original, accessible design. The studio is located in the CBD of Melbourne and comprises a passionate team of designers, engineers and makers striving to achieve simplicity and purity.

Ross Gardam, photographer - Haydn Cattach

Asymmetry Collection, Released 2015

Working across lighting, furniture and object – all products are designed by Ross and embody a unique, modern aesthetic characterised by contemporary innovations married with traditional processes imbued in heritage and ritual.

Ora Desk Lamp, Released 2015

Polar Desk Lamp, Released 2016

/ 2016 Launch of Polar product in - Milan during design week. / 2013 Winner of Australian Design Award for - Oak / 2012 Tailored Collection Launch with - Stylcraft / 2010 Flint Table Launch with - Tait / 2007 Launch of company - Ross Gardam

Duet Stool, Release 2015

- 96 -

Ross Gardam™ offers a collection of internationally acclaimed products – each hand crafted in Melbourne by local artisans and manufacturers.

Sa t e l i gh t

Duncan Ward, Design Director of Satelight

Custom Circa Lights at Southbank Grand Apartments

/ 2011- 2016 Exhibited and worked on projects in Singapore, UAE, Canada, USA and Australia

Satelight is an award-winning design studio specialising in contemporary interior and commercial lighting. Established in 1998 by designer/maker Duncan Ward, the lighting collections emphasise clean, simple forms while incorporating a broad scope of materials each with a unique illumination to suit any interior environment. Duncan and his Melbourne-based team – who design, develop and manufacture lighting solutions for a diverse array of projects – can customise a large range of light fixtures for individual projects.

/ 2010 - 2016 Developed the Aëon Illumination brand

Custom Crown Pendant Lights at Epworth Geelong

/ 2005 + 2007 Won Reece bathroom Award for Halo showerhead and Island basin / 2003 - 2005 Exhibited in Tokyo, Berlin, London, Sydney, Milan / 2002 Won young designer of the year award for Sydney Morning Herald / 1998 Started Satelight in the back shed Sinewave Pendant Lights with acoustic properties

- 97 -

Copper Vessel Pendant Lights

Savag e D e s i g n

In house fabrication in the factory Photo - Ben Taubert

Crystal Dish (2016) Finley machined from solid brass and stainless steel

“Savage Design was established by Joel Savage and James Groom in 2011. In 2015 they formed part of the inaugural Denfair, & in 2016, Savage released -Albertfurniture range”

Savage Design specialises in creating premium products that live across a range of commercial, retail and residential addresses. Built on an expertise in metals, Savage Design is uniquely Australian – in style, make and ownership – producing components in-house and products built on innovation and attention to detail. Savage Design controls the design, manufacture and sale of their own products allowing for customisation and informed product development. Ron mini (2013) Up-cycled billets of off cuts turned into usable objects

Sarah shelf and Dakota architectural hardware (2016) Wall display in brass

- 98 -

Albert dining chair (2016) Black leather with black frame

Sh i b o r i

Pepa Martin and Karen Davis founders of Shibori Photo by Alex Jackson

/ 2016 Elements of Byron _ Shibori Produced hand dyed custom leather head boards for every room at World class Beach front resort, Elements of Byron + David Thompson’s celebrated Long Chim restaurant designed The Gentry with Crone Partners Produced a custom leather and fabric collection to compliment the ‘street style’ theme created by Kelly Ross _ Shibori produced a custom leather and fabric collection to compliment the ‘street style’ theme created by Kelly Ross / 2015 Second book publication _ Shibori’s second book, Tie Dip Dye was produced and published in the UK, USA, Australia, Finland, Turkey, Spain, Italy and France

Leather hand dyed cushions

Shibori is a Sydney-based textile company known for its organic style and contemporary take on Japanese culture. Founded in 2006, and with a focus on the handmade, all designs are created by hand before being digitally produced to conform to commercial standards. Used by some of Australia’s top designers in both fashion and interiors Shibori leathers, commercial fabrics and wallpapers can be seen in venues all over the world.

/ 2013 Release of commercial grade fabric and wallpaper collection with Sparkk Australia _ Shibori evoled from strictly hand dyed fabrics to range commercially available fabrics and wallpapers / 2011 Beresford Hotel fitout with Sibella Court _ Shibori had the privelage of working Sibella Court and Kerry Phelan (KPDO) on Merivale’s Beresford Hotel. Custom fabrics and hand dyed leathers were created to accompany the designer venue

Textural selection of indigo fabric

Shibori leathers are 100% hand-dyed using unique in-house methods developed for a range of applications. Each Shibori product is 100% Australian made – produced locally and distributed internationally. Hand dyed shibori leather

- 99 -

S l y A u s t ra l i a

Lauren Finks, Founder, Sly Australia

Elwyn Cushion Round

Embodying the idea that the simple pleasures of life are the foundation of wonderful products – Melbourne designer Lauren Finks created the Sly brand in 2013, launching her first collection of textiles. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian, Modernist and Japanese design, Lauren adds her own distinct Australian flavour to a growing product range, which aims to create, consider, execute and deliver high quality products for the home using local materials and local processes. Habitat Terrazzo Trivet Set

/ 2016 Onyx Tray was recognised by GALA and nominated for Best Product in the Home and Interiors category

Onyx Tray

/ 2015 A brand refresh saw Sly move into product design / 2014 Collaborated with Art Series Hotels with the inclusion of our cushions into 2 of their properties / 2013 Sly Australia was launched Onyx Ladder

Underground Candle

- 100 -

S o Wa t t

Jonathan Biet + Sophie Bain

So Watt “Palais” Furniture Range launched at DENFAIR

So Watt “Halt Stool” 2016 Designers Cut. Minimal Leather Pads or Wool Felt Cushions on Powder Coated Steel.

Jonathan Biet and Sophie Bain – the duo behind Sydney-based industrial design studio So Watt – provide an all-inclusive design service that strives to support and contribute to local creativity and growth in the Australian manufacturing and design sectors. Established in 2015, the studio carries with it the knowledge and expertise to deliver great products with genuine impact – while also developing in-house fabrication capabilities to prototype and manufacture client projects as well as their own independent designs.

/ 2016 So Watt present their first range of furniture at DENFAIR alongside other emerging designers as part of the IDxThe Snap / 2015 So Watt release their first watch design and are part of the Workshoped15 exhibition in Sydney _ Jonathan + Sophie launch So Watt with a range of lighting made entirely in-house and using reclaimed materials / 2014 Jonathan begins a freelance career in design with clients in the medical and retail industries / 2013 Jonathan Biet graduates with a Bachelor of Industrial Design from UNSW and Sophie Bain graduates with a Bachelor of Industrial Design from RMIT / 2011 Jonathan Biet + Sophie Bain complete a 6 month Industrial Design and Engineering program at TU Delft, The Netherlands

So Watt “Palais” Furniture Range launched at DENFAIR 2016.

So Watt First Lighting Range 2015 “Comrades” Steel Plumbing

Tasmanian Oak & Kvadrat Maharam Wool Felts

Fixtures with Brass & Copper Detail on Timber Base

- 101 -


Oliver Höglund and Ryan Roberts are the creative minds behind glass lighting studio – SØKTAS. Passionate about making beautiful and functional glassware, Oliver and Ryan first met in Norway – the inception place of the brand, which now resides in New Zealand with a showroom in Melbourne. A third generation craftsman in the art of hand-blown glass, Oliver’s skills and techniques have been refined over 15 years of working around the world, allowing him to perfect his craft and create SØKTAS’ own signature style.

Oliver + Ryan, SØKTAS at Piha

From their New Zealand studio, Oliver focuses on creating and designing each unique piece while Ryan operates the business, which provides beautiful hand-blown glass pendants to residential, hospitality, commercial and architectural builds.

OLIVER at work




- 102 -

/ 2016 Designed & Made the IØN sconce / 2015 SØKTAS Company Launched and designed & Made the Vølt pendant light / 2014 Oliver and Ryan met / 1999 Oliver started glass blowing


Melbourne-based Something Beginning With offers a unique dynamic to the Australian design landscape through their intelligent and refined range of Australian made furniture. Born in 2011 from the creative pairing of founders Lisa Vincitorio and Laelie Berzon – Something Beginning With strives to unify the functional with the visually captivating to create a unique and balanced product blend. With close to 12 years experience in product design, Lisa made her mark as the youngest Australian designer to partner with Alessi, achieving worldwide recognition for her designs – while Laelie has a background in interior design and visual arts teamed with a solid grounding of the furniture industry. Lisa Vincitorio & Laelie Berzon

Servicing the commercial, hospitality, education and residential sectors via the A&D industry, Something Beginning With assists in the selection of adaptable furniture that can meld into an existing space or create an individual statement through customisation.

/ 2011 Lisa Vincitorio & Laelie Berzon collaborate to Launch SBW design studio, taking their individual experience and implementing it into their locally manufactured furniture collection / 2008 Laelie Berzon establishes successful abstract art studio / 2008 Lisa Vincitorio - ‘Zucch’ first produced by Alessi SPA. / 2005 Lisa Vincitorio -’Urchin’ stool recieves an award at the Tokyo Designer’s Block / 2005 Lisa Vincitorio - ‘Fruit Loop’ first produced by Alessi SPA / 2004 Lisa Vincitorio exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair ‘Salone Satellite’ with three graduating pieces and through this introduced the ‘Fruit Loop’ to Alessi SPA

Oscar 3-seater sofa pictured with the Oscar Chair pictured with the Oscar Coffee Table and Lili Side Table

Oscar Coffee Table

- 103 -

Latest Release - Ari Daybed

United Front: Why it’s time to rethink the relationship between Australian art+design b y : N e ha K a l e

In Australia, the art and design worlds might each have their own rituals, traditions and secret language but they’ve always overlapped in compelling ways. In the sixties and seventies, Martin Sharp, the Sydney artist who was the force behind Yellow House, the freewheeling art collective that helped shape painters such as Brett Whitely and George Gittoes, was also a prolific designer, lending his kaleidoscopic, more-is-more aesthetic to everything from amusement parks to record covers. In 2008, Marc Newson, Australia’s most famous design export, showed his Voronoi Shelf, a cellular structure hewn from a single block of white Carrara marble, at the Gagosian gallery in New York and London, proving that beauty and functionality don’t exist on opposite ends of a spectrum.

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More recently, the work of Adam Goodrum, whose plump Fat Tulip armchair re-imagines that classic fixture of clubhouses for a new generation and Daniel Emma, an Adelaide-based industrial design duo whose tables and brass paperweights hint at the inner lives of inanimate objects, were displayed at Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria as part of the 2015 Rigg Design Prize. Sure, curators at overseas institutions have been seriously engaging with design for the past few years — think of the Italian designer Martino Gamper’s 2013 exhibition at London’s Serpentine Gallery or the current MoMA show, How Should We Live? which explores the evolution of domestic interiors and contributions of female architect-designers such as Charlotte Perriand and Eileen Gray. Here in Australia, we’re starting to embrace the fact that modern design can be as provocative and imaginative as the works you see in a gallery. After all, art holds a mirror up to society and design responds to shifts in society. Good art makes us look closer and good design is often invisible. Both can profoundly impact the way we engage with the world. Of course, Australia has never been short of creative talent — especially given the size of our population. But the stratospheric success of exports like Marc Newson or Ron Mueck, whose hyper-real sculptures have been shown everywhere from Mexico City to Brooklyn, does little to reflect the challenges of working as a designer or contemporary artist in Australia, rather than embarking on that old rite of passage: boarding a plane overseas. For the design community, distance from the ateliers of Milan and the scourge of cheap, readily available knockoffs exacerbate the day-today pressures of building a sustainable and original design practice. For contemporary artists, it’s the fact that the country’s artist-run spaces are rapidly losing funding and that individual artist grants from the Australia Council have been cut by by 70 percent since 2014, according to a May 2016 report in The Guardian. Both must also reconcile the legacy of European traditions with the emergence of Asia as a rising creative force. But these challenges also present opportunities to change direction, nurture local talent while events such as DENFAIR spark much-needed dialogue between the art and design communities and help redefine Australia’s creative output on a global stage. The art and design worlds have their own rituals, tradition and secret language. It’s time that we realised that our mission is the same. Neha Kale is the editor of VAULT magazine, an Australian contemporary art and culture quarterly that encourages conversation between different disciplines and champions creativity in all its forms.

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Spac e F ur n i t ur e

Australian Designer Tom Fereday

“ In 1993 Space Furniture opened its first showroom”

Jeanette chair, Designer Tom Fereday, 2016

Space Furniture has been a leading design retailer since they first opened in Sydney in 1993. With five purpose-built showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, each boast architect-designed interior environments that represent the quality and rigor of the furniture collections they house. Today, the brand is recognised throughout the world as a skilled design retail partner, whose integrity has resulted in long-term collaborations with many of the world’s best brands including B&B Italia, Cassina, Kartell and Moooi.

Jeanette chair, Designer Tom Fereday, 2016

Space is proud to be home to new Australian design brand SP01, which launched their indoor furniture collection in March 2016. The team at SP01 have since worked with Australian designer Tom Fereday for their second collection – SP01 Outdoor. An elegant series of chairs, tables and stools, SP-01 is made in Italy by leading manufacturers and designed and tested to withstand the toughest of environments – the Australian outdoors. Jeanette chair, Designer Tom Fereday, 2016

Jeanette chair, Designer Tom Fereday. 2016

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STEELOTTO is a Melbourne based design brand presenting a uniquely curated collection of objects. Under the creative direction of Effoe Design Office, Steelotto aims to bridge the gap between Industry and artist – diversifying Australian design by offering unique aesthetics that embrace Radical design movements and the cultural heritage of Melbourne.

Remy Cerritelli & Alexander Cummins,

Steelotto uses steel as its defining material, celebrating the quality of Australian steel and the benefits of local manufacturing. The name ‘Steelotto’ is derived from the words, ‘Steel’ and ‘Otto’ (the number Eight in Italian) which represents a ‘new beginning’ or ‘new order’.

Photographed by Daniel Martin

Chubby Seat, 2016

Slim Stacking Chair, 2016

/ 2016 STEELOTTO the brand launched by Effoe Design Office _ First product launch, ‘Chubby Stool’ available for purchase through commercial retailers Chubby Bench, 2016

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S t e m & S t am e n

Fleur Anderson

FernPanel, Bank West Tower 2015s

Stem & Stamen design and manufacture preserved greenwalls for use in interior spaces. With a strong focus on environmental conservation and indoor air quality, founder Fleur Anderson combines a 10-year career in environmental sciences and her public art practice to present innovative products that are authentic, sustainable and unique in aesthetic.

/ 2017 Registered Design for GreenScreen / 2016 Shortlisted for Lighting & Object of the Year Award - IDEA Awards and Shortlisted for Emerging Designer - IDEA Awards

Fleur’s discovery of ‘stabilised plants’ that are captured in their fresh-cut state without the need for water, sunlight or maintenance provides the perfect medium to create green visual art and interiorscapes. A selection of Stem & Stamen products cater to the more discerning client offering organic, acoustic, fire retardant and air cleansing properties.

/ 2015 Established Stem & Stamen and registered the FernPanelTM Design _ Discovered ‘Stablised Plants’ in Europe and South America / 2007 Established WA branch of Energetics - Australia’s leading energy and greenhouse gas advisory / 2003 Graduated with Honours in Energy (BSc)

FernPanel Greenwall, Bank West Tower 2015

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S t e pha n i e N G D e s i g n

Stephanie Ng

Luna Lana (2015) in Kone Soft Serve - Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Stephanie Ng is a multi-award winning lighting and furniture designer born in Malaysia. With a strong sensitivity to colour, form, texture and unique tactile materials, the studio creates innovative, handcrafted products and have captured the attention of international design firms and media. Luna Lana, in spanish means “moon” and “wool” are completely hand crafted

/ 2016 Malaysia Good Design Mark awards both Scoop Pendant and Luna Lana Pendant / 2015 1st Prize, Malaysia International Furniture Fair (Furniture Design Competition)

Most recently Stephanie Ng Design was awarded the Malaysia Good Design Mark (MGDM), which she received for her best-selling Scoop and Luna Lana designs. The MGDM is the highest recognition a designer can receive from the Malaysian Government through Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia (MRM) – endorsing products that exemplify excellent quality in design manufacturing.

Vaas Pendants are made from GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete)

/ 2014 Company expanded into Malaysia / 2013 Best Concept Award, Australian International Furniture Fair _ Company founded in Melbourne, Australia / 2011 Graduates from Swinburne University of Technology with Bachelor of Design, Industrial Design In collaboration with Ahnya Chi, Rhom Pendants were made to match soft furnishings

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Scoop Pendants remain their best- selling product

S t ud i o G a l l e ry M e l b o ur n e

Lauren Elyse

Dam Series by Kerry Armstrong, Studio Gallery Melbourne, Photography: Tracey Lee Hayes

“2017 will see our business adding ‘Studio Gallery Sydney’ and some exciting new artists joining our stable & in 2016 was our official launch year with a number of exciting projects completed”

Studio Gallery Melbourne is a Melbourne based art practice specialising in the production of museum grade and archival quality limited edition artworks. The practice offers an exclusive art leasing service of original artwork and prints for both short and long-term periods and works closely with the design industry and corporate sector. Studio Gallery Melbourne offers a full art framing service. Studio Gallery Melbourne Artisits from left - Ben Aitken, Lee Spangler, Daniel Anderson and Tania Savage

Kerry Armstrong, Studio Gallery Melbourne. Photography: Tracey Lee Hayes

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Studio Gallery Melbourne, Photography: Tracey Lee Hayes

S t ud i o H e n ry W i l s o n

Henry Wilson in studio with Slick. Photo by Bret Stevens

/ 2012 Studio Henry Wilson Founded Studio Henry Wilson Surface Sconce in rumbled gunmetal bronze

/ 2010 Graduation Masters (design), Design Academy Eindhoven / 2006 Graduation Honors Visual Arts (Woodwork), Australian National University Canberra

Henry Wilson is a Sydney-based designer with a strong focus on honest resolutions, durability and longevity. After graduating in Visual Arts (Woodwork) from The Australian National University, Henry received the HSP Huygens Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies (Design) at The Design Academy Eindhoven. In 2012, Henry set up a multi-disciplinary design studio creating products, furniture and interiors with a shared ethos that beauty is a resolved outcome – the execution of the design should tell the story of its process and function.

Studio Henry Wilson A-Joint Stretch dual sided workstation in shot blasted aluminium and American ash

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Studio Henry Wilson A-Joint in rumbled gunmetal bronze

Ta i t

Tait’s design philosophy is shaped by a strong heritage of making and manufacturing – inspiring the creation of original outdoor furniture. Proudly Australian owned since 1991 by founders and husband-and-wife Gordon and Susan Tait, the brand has evolved to become part of a contemporary outdoor furniture vernacular that speaks to Australia’s unique lifestyle and culture.

Gordon & Susan Tait at the Tait factory in Melbourne. Photograph by Mark Chew

Initially established by Gordon Tait after training and working as a sheet-metal worker, it wasn’t until Susan joined the company with her marketing and branding experience that the potential of Tait was realised. Since then, Tait’s offering has evolved, creating collections solely in-house or working with some of Australia’s leading designers such as Adam Goodrum, Trent Jansen and bernabeifreeman. Each Tait collection fuses considered design and exceptional craftsmanship while continuing to champion and support Australian design and manufacturing.

/ 2017 Launch of Adam Goodrum’s modular collection (at DENFAIR), opening of Tait’s new flagship Melbourne store and Tait’s 25th birthday / 2015 Launch of the Tidal collection (with Trent Jansen), the Terrace collection (with bernabeifreeman) and the relaunch of Tait’s website, incorporating an entire rebrand / 2012 Launch of the Volley collection (with Adam Goodrum) and Breeze (Tait), in addition to the relocation of the Tait factory from Collingwood to Thornbury and the opening of the Tait Sydney showroom in Redfern / 2009 Launch of the Jak & Jil collection with Justin Hutchinson and the opening of Tait Melbourne on Johnston Street in Fitzroy / 1993 The opening of Tait’s first factory, taking it from a workshop in Nunawading to Fitzroy

Volley Rocker designed by Adam Goodrum for Tait and the Terrace collection designed by bernabeifreeman for Tait. Shot on location by Albert Comper

Tidal Sunlounge and Tidal dining setting designed by Trent Jansen for Tait. Shot on location by Haydn Cattach

Breeze Modular shot on location by Haydn Cattach

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Th e S D E l e m e n t

Darren McKinnon Director of Swiss Design/The SD Element

/ 2013 Began development of house design brand “The SD Element” / 2008 Introduced full Greenstar factory processes / 2007 Became full owner of Swiss Design

Wes lounge and ottomans designed by Tom Fereday

/ 2003 Became partner in Swiss Design

in 2013 and creates high quality, functional products with consideration for customization, time and the environment – water based glues, CFC free foams and sustainably sourced timbers are all standard issue on every product produced in the factory.

/ 2001 Overseas training exchange program with Swiss companies, De Sede AG & Wellis AG / 1994 Began apprenticeship with Swiss Designcompanies, De Sede AG & Wellis AG

Hull low back lounge in leather with solid walnut base designed by Tom Fereday

The SD Element is a collection of commercial furniture designed and manufactured in Australia that combines the talent of local designers and the expertise of Australian manufacturing company, Swiss Design.

Allsorts range in velvet upholstery designed by The SD Element

Started by a master upholsterer from Switzerland in 1976, Swiss Design has been producing residential and commercial furniture of superior quality for some of the biggest names in Australian design for 40 years. With its roots in upholstery, The SD Element was established

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Allsorts lounger and ottoman in velvet upholstery designed by The SD Element

Th e s e Wa l l s

Studio portrait of Sara Hingle. Photo by Nat McComas

“Rattan”, in Natural. “Leaves”, in Tan on Black. Wallpaper and

“Stippled”, in White on Black. “Grasstree”, in Mustard. Wallpaper and fabric. ‘Second Collection’ 2016. Styled by Rach Torti,

fabric. ‘Second Collection’ 2016. Styled by Rach Torti, photo

photo by Nat McComas

by Nat McComas.

These Walls is a Queensland-based wallpaper and textile studio, headed up by Perth-born designer Sara Hingle. / 2017 Release of These Walls - ‘Third Collection’ / 2016 Release of These Walls -’Second Collection’ / 2015 These Walls Paper & Textile company launch, release of ‘First Collection’ / 1999 Graduated Curtin University - BA Design with Honors

With a background in graphic design and illustration, Sara expertly combines hand-painted patterns with nostalgia-tinged illustrations to create contemporary prints with timeless appeal. Prior to launching her business, Sara spent a decade freelance illustrating with an impressive client list including Frankie Magazine and Smith Journal. The move into surface and textile design was a natural one – a few briefs began creeping in involving the design of repeat patterns, challenging and sparking Sara’s creative senses in a new direction. “Stonewash Diamond”, in Ocean. Wallpaper. ‘First Collection’ 2015. Styled by Bek Sheppard, photo by Derek Swalwell

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Tom Putt

Tom Putt (Photographer: Kylie Knight)

/ 2014 International Landscape Photographer of the Year runner up / 2013 Awarded Master of Photography

Broome 1

/ 2005 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year finalist / 1997 Tom Putt brand established

Broome 2

Tom Putt is a landscape photographer who started his photographic journey 20 years ago focusing primarily on panoramic imagery. In more recent years, Tom’s focus has turned towards abstract art – particularly aerial landscapes, where the viewer becomes challenged, forming unique interpretations of what the subject matter represents. The Prom (detail)

Broome 4

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V o l k e r H aug

Volker Haug photographed with the “OMG” pendant on permanent installation at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)

‘Step & Kick’ family in polished brass and black enamel

Since founding his practice a decade ago, German-born Volker Haug has developed an international reputation in lighting design. Volker’s work features a distinct aesthetic, incorporating industrial and minimalist elements together with a strong sense of colour. With his highly skilled team, Volker creates pieces from his studio and showroom located in Brunswick East, Melbourne – assembling each work by hand to ensure the utmost care and quality. ‘Missing Link’ in bronzed brass with New York marble backing plate

/ 2007 Company Launch / 2006 Employed at Geoffrey Mance Lighting Design Exhibition at Tempera Galleries / 2007 Lighting Principles Short Course, RMIT / 2003 Photography, CAE

Brushed brass ‘Flipside’ Detail

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‘Discus - 5’


VUUE is a contemporary indoor-outdoor furniture brand founded by designer Ceci Keyvanloo and designer/engineer Aydin Keyvanloo. Established in New York and now based in Melbourne, VUUE is a marriage of the rational and the aesthetic. The founders are committed to the creation of thoughtfully designed, purposefully engineered and expertly crafted furniture fit to live a long life whether in a high traffic commercial setting or part of someone’s home. Ceci Keyvanloo and Aydin Keyvanloo in the Melbourne studio

VUUE applies its appreciation for simplicity, timelessness and an uncompromising quality to everything it touches.

/ 2016 Shortlisted for IDEA (Interior Design Excellence Awards) as Object of the Year _ VUUE launched at ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in New York / 2015 Aydin and Ceci begin collaboration with the design and development of the Mornington Collection / 2006 Aydin co-founds fixture company Cubic Visual Systems designing the product, overseeing manufacturing and global distribution / 2002 Aydin completes his dual degree in Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering (Monash University) _ Ceci completes her degree in Furniture and Product Design (Rhode Island School of Design and Parsons School of Design)

Mornington Dining Chair, Stacking Chairs and Stools with Plywood Seats, 2016

Mornington Stacking Chairs and Table C, 2016

Mornington Table B, Table C, Table A, 2016

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WN D e s i g n

Warren Naylor

Zulu side table/ stool

/ 2017 Releasing the product range in Australia / 2016 Created the new Masai Collection for business partners in Philippines

Warren Naylor has spent 35 years in the industry in retail and manufacturing, where he specialised in creating unique design pieces for the Australian lifestyle. WN Design products are for indoor/outdoor use and made from durable, lightweight concrete. All pieces seek inspiration from originals and reinterpreted to suit the local market.

/ 2011 Founded Home Cargo a wholesale furniture business in Brisbane Rangoon Table/stool in Fossil finish

/ 2003 Started Add+ In Brisbane and Noosa sole owner and buyer / 1991 - 2002 Founded The Design Establishment with partners, was a buyer along with business partner / 1983 Buyer for Design Warehouse 1983-89 travelled to Milan Spain three times a year along with trade fairs in Asia sourcing unique pieces for the 3 stores Africa Table medium and large in Tuscan finish

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Africa table large 1000mm diameter in Midnight black

W o o d M e l b o ur n e

Hand-finishing timber backplates for Wood Melbourne tapware;

/ 2017 Wood Melbourne products included in the South Cornwall house featured on Grand Designs (airing ABC Sunday 19 Feb 2017) _ Winner, Best of Houzz Australia Service award Wood Melbourne’s Aphra wall-hung vanity unit in select-grade Victorian Ash with a selection of our latest tapware and

/ 2016 2016 Collection featuring brass, marble and customised finishes launched on The Design Files / 2015 Brass and concrete tapware launched at London Design Festival / 2014 Wood Melbourne selected by InStyle’s 5 Australian Homewares Brands alongside Mark Tuckey, Mud Australia, Tait and Jimmy Possum. _ Wood Melbourne officially launched our first line of timber bath spouts on The Design Files

accessories. Photo Lisa Cohen, Styling Beck Simon

Driven by a passion to create inspiring designs that revolutionise bathroom tapware – maker and designer Oliver MacLatchy founded Wood Melbourne in late 2013. Wood Melbourne takes great pride and care in the design and production of each product, elevating contemporary bathroom design to a place of innovation and exploration. Building on the successful launch of timber and concrete tapware in 2014, Wood Melbourne

Brass feature basin set including the Zoe basin with inset brass soap tray, Anna spout and Mabel taps with marble inset on the Aphra wall-hung vanity unit. Photo Lisa Cohen, Styling Beck Simon

Tate frameless brass shower head, available raw or sealed.

One of Wood Melbourne’s signature pieces, the Isla timber

Photo Oliver Freeman

bath spout. Photo Tara Pearce, Styling Stephanie Stamatis

- 119 -

will launch their latest range of minimalist pieces taking Oliver’s love of timber to new material realms – the latest collection consists of taps, spouts, basins, vanity units and accessories unified by tactility, function, design flexibility and style.




Kate Alexander is the creative force behind Wyalla Studio. After a number of years in the commercial lighting industry, Kate recognised a lack of luminaires available that sufficiently combined beautiful design and the most up to date LED technology. At Wyalla Stuido, each design product merges the most technologically advanced LED components and finished pieces suitable for architectural projects – ensuring light quality is as considered as the design itself. To further this range of products Wyalla Studio teamed up with talented designers from DOT PENDANT, 2016

/ 2016 Launched our first product, the Dot pendant DOT PENDANT, 2016

/ 2015 Started our distribution and collaboration with Valoa by Aurora _ Started our distribution and collaboration with Hand & Eye Studio _ Wyalla Studio company launch

across the globe, becoming the exclusive Australian distributor for Hand & Eye Studio in UK and Valoa by Aurora in Finland. Wyalla Studio places a strong focus on working with the many talented manufacturers in Australia, supporting local production at a time of rapid change in the industry.


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Y A R D F ur n i t ur e

Peter McManus – owner and operator of YARD Furniture – is a Melbourne-based furniture designer and maker who uses reclaimed timber to create wooden tables, desks and chairs. Peter’s passion for timber, building, and sustainability stems from the traditions around his parent’s upbringing in rural Ireland and the stories retold of his homeland celebrating the accomplishments of sustainable living. Peter McManus, YARD Furniture owner and designer

Learning his trade from his father and older brother in both commercial and domestic settings, Peter acquired a deep appreciation for the structure, personality and application of Australian timbers in his work.

Vine Shelving

Jordan Round Table Made Using Reclaimed

Sunrise Bed

Wood from Windsor Smith

- 121 -

/ 2016 Acquired historical timber from iconic buildings such as the NGV, Jam Factory, and Windsor Smith Factory / 2015 Re-Brand company to trade as YARD Furniture / 2015 New Premises @ 271 Dundas St Preston, large showroom & workshop, business becomes a company & grows to seven staff / 2013 New premises @ Albert St Preston with independent showroom & workshop

Y e l l o w D i va

David Walley & Felicity Joll of Yellow Diva

Melbourne’s Yellow Diva design studio has expanded from its urban London roots to establish a niche position in a local and global market. Drawing on backgrounds in film, architecture and industrial design – directors David Walley and Felicity Joll find inspiration in everything and anywhere, creating products that are emotionally provocative and playful to embody a tactile aesthetic the pair describe as rich minimalism.

Photographer: Barrie Joll

Pitching a unique offering of inspired, bold designs spanning commercial and residential furniture, lighting and accessories – the studio attracts a diverse and creative clientele and has been exhibited at London’s Geffrye Museum, The Frozen Fountain Amsterdam, the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Cologne and Melbourne Museum.

/ 2017 New platform: Yellow Diva eCommerce store / 2010 Award: Home Beautiful Product of the Year (MC1 armchair) / 2009 Commission: WB stool for Zenith Interiors / 2008 Relocation: from London to Melbourne / 2001 Publication: “Designing the 21st Century” (Taschen)

The studio is committed to a culture of authenticity, creativity, collaboration, local production and environmental best practice.

M Series chairs & table, 2009 Burnside Village

WB Series 2009 Carlton cafe

CPO2 ottoman, 2013 Somers Residence

Milker 4 table & stools, 2017

- 122 -


Wilhelmina McCarroll & Fleur Sibbel Halo bedside table with marble handles, hexagon surround and legs with brass hexagon feet, launched 2016

/ 2016 Launched Jewel collection at DEN Fair, a boutique range of heirloom pieces that reveal their heritage / 2015 Launch bathroom collaboration with Reece- ISSY by Zuster, a cutomisable, made to order bathroom vanity collection, now availble in 50 Reece stores exclusively / 2014 Launched Halo collection at DEN Fair, moving away from Zuster’s 20 year signature Scandinavian design direction

Zuster – meaning sister in Dutch – symbolises a legacy of quality Australian design and craftsmanship that embraces three generations of Dutch family heritage. In 2016, sisters Wilhelmina McCarroll and Fleur Sibbel drew on Zuster’s expertise in craftsmanship to forge a new era in design aesthetic with the Jewel Collection, and most recently the Embellish Collection. Through customisation of size, finish, base, handles and drawers or doors, each Zuster piece is a bespoke statement emerging expertly balanced and flawlessly aligned to individual style and needs – enriching home spaces to become part of a new family history.

Jewel Knighthood cabinet, hand crafted with clear quartz handle, launched 2016

/ 2006 Open Zuster Showroom, 370 Swan Street, Richmond, Victoria / 2000 Moved manufacturing facility to purpose built factory in Thomastown, Victoria / 1994 Company launch, Designer Wilhelmina McCarroll & 2 cabinet makers, based in factory in Research, Victoria Sabrina armchair with American Oak tapered base, launched

Stella dining table hand crafted in solid American Oak,

2015 Display Suite, Macquarie Park NSW - design by DKO - 2016

timeless design, launched 2016

- 123 -

D EN F A I R 2 0 1 7 Program Since its first edition in 2015, DENFAIR has grown into a 12,000sqm go-to event for contemporary design in Australia with 185 exhibitors presenting over 300 brands in the categories of furniture, lighting, textile, art, object and sound. In 2017, DENFAIR will present an expansive collection of curated local and international design brands, a national exhibition platform for emerging designers and creative collaborations with some of Australia’s top designers – elevating the trade fair experience as a way to inspire creativity and promote the relationships key to a thriving local design industry.

_front/centre supported by Schiavello

_ Art Bar by BMW

To support and promote new Australian design, DENFAIR is putting emerging designers at the forefront with Front/Centre – an initiative that invites representing entities across Australia to present the best and latest craft and design in their region. Working closely with Craft ACT, JamFactory, Designed Objects Tasmania (DOT) and Workshopped in association with Australia Design Centre (ADC) – Front/Centre provides a unique opportunity for designers at the early stages of their career to access a powerful business platform while mapping out a new frontier in Australian design.

In partnership with BMW, the Art Bar will become an exciting activation canvas for BMW’s new electric car model, the i3. The BMW i3 is an urban car driven by pure electric power and customized for the requirement of a sustainable and emission-free mobility. To connect this narrative to BMW’s audience, DENFAIR has commissioned multi-media design studio ENESS with an interactive, graphic work that will explore notions of journey and distance. Floating, intricate and integral to the Art Bar experience, the ‘story’ of green power and its capabilities will be captured through the use of projection mapping, symbology and light.

_BELLE Restaurant/ Oyster Bar by Fiona Lynch A the center of the DENFAIR experience is BELLE Restaurant/ Oyster Bar – a meeting place of food, design & industry supported by Belle Magazine – and an emblem of the world status of Australian interior design today. For the designer of this space, it is an opportunity to bring ideas to life in a temporary architectural setting and in 2017 DENFAIR recognizes multi-award winning Fiona Lynch Studio for its creative leadership, inviting the studio to partake in the creation of the DENFAIR restaurant. Here, the brief called for a unique interpretation of a series of interlocking dining spaces, combining the transient nature of a temporary setting with the integrity of a permanent interior environment. In response to the brief, Fiona Lynch Studio tapped into its hallmark artistic approach to inventive use of space, materials and custom detail – adopting a palette of varied textures, unexpected interactions and horizontal mirrored bands to play with perception and interrupt the norm.

_Kvadrat Maharam X Local Design The longstanding partnership of Denmark-based Kvadrat and US-based Maharam is founded on a shared philosophy of design innovation and service excellence. Fostering talent from local designers and craftspeople pays homage to a rich heritage of supporting the arts and creative expression and for DENFAIR 2017 the textile brand is teaming up with Australian design hub Local Design for an entrance feature with a difference. Conceived by founder, designer and stylist Emma Elizabeth, the creative collaboration will fuse scenography, design and fashion to present unique colour and texture edits from the Kvadrat Maharam collection. Stylised narratives will be created as ‘designer’ vignettes to bring depth and transparency to the overall installation, which will contain hero designer furniture pieces by Tom Fereday, Tom Skeehan and Dowel Jones. To complete creative engagement with the product, Emma Elizabeth will construct an “outfit” for each designer along with a uniform moment for the concierge as a physical extension to the set.

_Sound Lounge supported by Woven Image DENFAIR 2016 Designer of the Year winner, Adam Goodrum, is this year directing his conceptual thinking to the Sound Lounge. In partnership with Woven Image, the installation also forms part of Imagination Partners – an ongoing Woven Image brand campaign that has involved collaborations with some of the world’s most exciting designers since its launch back in 2011. Imagination Partners give designers the opportunity to work with an open brief, enabling each designer to exploit existing product in new ways and test ideas using manufacturing technologies. Adam’s response to working with Woven Image’s acoustic product EchoPanel – as well as themes around sound, enclosure and transience – marks an exciting interaction with the material as a spatial element and soundscape utilising the latest technology from sound partner, Bang & Olufsen. Standing as an installation inasmuch as a functional setting, the lightness of form and repetition of elements endeavors to create a visual representation of sound enhanced by lighting partner Rakumba.

_Dose Café by Smeg The Dose Cafe by Smeg is all about connection to source – capturing the rich heritage of the Bertazzoni family and a tradition of leadership in design, craftsmanship and technological innovation. Showcasing the new Dolce stil Novo range, and inspired by CEO Vittorio Bertazzoni’s love of outdoors, the Smeg bar element is
a celebration of nature with distinct floral arrangements offset by clean, architectural edges and a sleek, dark palette. Visitors can expect to sample and enjoy local produce sourced directly from Northern Italy.

_ HAY Mini Market The HAY Mini Market is launching a pop-up store at DENFAIR 2017 – think little designer supermarket! The Danish furniture company HAY has taken all their smaller housewares and put them into a collection called HAY Mini Market with the idea to offer unpretentious everyday products with a playful and simple appearance. The mini market proved a hit when it debuted at the Milan Furniture Fair before it was sold at the department stores Selfridges in London and Le Bon Marché in Paris, and at the Tsutaya bookstore in Tokyo. Come June, visitors to DENFAIR can enjoy HAY Mini Market and its collection of irresistible, inexpensive home goods.

_ DENFAIR Awards 2017 The DENFAIR Awards are back promoting excellence in Australian design and rewarding the outstanding efforts of its 2017 exhibitors in the design and presentation of their stands. Once again, the awards have attracted a stellar line up of industry leaders who will use their collective expertise to determine the winners of 7 categories including Best Stand, Best Small Stand, Best Product, Most Innovative Textile, Front/Centre Emerging Designer Award, Best In Gallery and Best Australian Designer. The awards ceremony – presented by judges Fiona Lynch, Hamish Guthrie, Paul Hecker and Rachel Luchetti – will take place alongside the DENFAIR party.

_Speaker Space Dialogue and debate is an important part of the culture of any contemporary design fair and in 2017 DENFAIR is introducing ‘Speaker Space’ – an informal story-swapping destination for design professionals to listen and engage in topics on and about design. Informal by design – and with a line up of celebrated Australian and international designers – the Speaker Space series is free to attend and runs for the duration of the event.

All international design brands that wish to participate in DENFAIR 2018 can email us at

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The arrival of DENFAIR marks a significant shift in the Australian design scene whereby the trade fair experience is of equal creative caliber to the content it represents. At the centre of this experience is the DENFAIR restaurant – a meeting place of food, design & celebration – and an emblem of the world status of Australian interior design today. For the designer of this space, it is an opportunity to bring ideas to life in a temporary architectural setting and in 2017 DENFAIR recognizes multi-award winning Fiona Lynch Studio for its creative leadership, inviting the studio to partake in the creation of the DENFAIR restaurant. Here, the brief calls for the unique interpretation of a series of interlocking dining spaces – unifying the transient nature of a temporary setting (lightweight, ease of install, minimal wastage) with the integrity of a permanent inte-

rior environment (quality, detail, composition). In response, Fiona Lynch Studio tapped into its hallmark artistic approach to inventive use of space, materials and custom detail – adopting a palette of varied textures and horizontal mirrored bands to play with boundaries and sense of perception. The design concept further borrows from the relationship between contrasting textural qualities in nature – exploring reflective treatments, illumination and blackened tan bark flooring to interrupt the norm. Combining a sophisticated restaurant, a laid-back café and a lively yet intimate Oyster Bar – Fiona Lynch Studio’s design contribution demonstrates DENFAIR’s commitment to elevating the trade fair experience as a way to inspire creativity, instil community and promote the relationships key to a healthy functioning design industry.

_FIONA’S PROFILE Renowned for her artistic approach to interior design, and with over 20 years experience, Fiona Lynch leads an award winning multidisciplinary team that excels in achieving beautiful and genuine outcomes across retail, hospitality and residential projects. Inventive use of space, materials and custom detail are the creative hallmarks of the practice, which regularly attracts media coverage on a national and international level. +

AWARD S : IDEA Awards 2016 - Designer of the Year Belle Coco Republic - Interior Designer of the Year 2016 Best Residential Interior (Balwyn Residence) - Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards 2016 Best Bathroom Design, Belle Coco Republic - Interior Design Awards 2016 Best Bar Design (Smalls) - Eat Drink Design Awards 2015

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photoshoot credits _

Sharyn Cairns Glen Proebstel Apparentt > Elliot Gorham + Louise Joy Gorham p. 86 + 87 + 89_ Idle Bench Seat / Morse Pendant / Pablo Bedside Table

Didier > Ross Didier p. 35_ BOMBALA out Lounge Chair / BRULAIRE Table - White

Bedouin Societe p. 87_ Linen Throw

Flinders Lane Gallery > Terri Brooks p. 35_Cream Grey, 2016, oil and enamel on canvas, 90 x 122cm

DANIEL EMMA > Daniel To + Emma Aiston p. 81 _ Bookends

Handkrafted > Christopher Blank p. 54-57_ Sunny Side Up

Didier > Ross Didier p.89_ GELAVA chair

Idle hands > Rickie-lee Robbie + Kieran Meegan p. 35_ Tangram Bedside Tables / Jex Vinyl Stand

ISM Objects p.81_ Studio 6 Floor Lamp

Industria X p. 54-57_ Canteen Table

King Living > Charles Wilson p. 82-83 _ Seymour Chair

ISM objects > p. 35_ Wink Table Lamp

Lumil > Luke Mills p. 82-83_ Hat

Lost Profile Studio p. 54-57_ Dental Model - Jaw / Taxidermy Mud Crab (vintage pieces)

MAP > Chris Connell p. 81_ Rib Chair

Luna Gallery p. 54-57 _ Cotton Tetris Knit Blanket / Cotton Tetris Knit Cushions / Textured Knit Cotton Knit Cushions / Fishbone Throw / Chunky Moss Knit Blanket

Moda Piera > Michael Chazan p. 85_ Arancini Lamp

Moda Piera > Michael Chazan p. 54-57_ Arancini Lamp

Nau > Adam Goodrum p. 87_ Bower Meeting Lounge

Mud > Shelley Simpson p. 54-57_ Polar Desk Lamp / Flared cereal bowl (pink) / Beaker cup (blue) / Latte cup (pistachio) / Water jug (pistachio) / Vase round medium (yellow) / Mug (yellow)

One Fine Print > Christopher Tung p. 86_ Melting

Otomys > Chris Warnes p. 54-57_ Dry 1

Porcelain bear p. 85 + -87 + 88_ Aurum Trinket Box / Metro Coffee Table / Enigma Porcelain Chain

Paper EmPire > Stefan Gevers p. 35_ Pristine

Robert Plumb > Cameron Williams for Robert Plumb p. 89_ Tableware Setting

Pop & Scott > Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson p. 54-57_ Metallic Pot / Modernist Pot / Brass Mirror

Ross Gardam p. 88_ Polar Desk Lamp

Porcelain bear p. 34 + 35_ Metro Side Slender /Aurum Trinket / Box Porcelain Bear Mascot

Something Beginning With p. 82-83_ Maiko Coffee Table / Oscar Sofa

Redfox and Wilcox p. 34+ 35_ Short Planter / Tall Planter

SP01 > Tom Fereday p. 89_ Jeanette Chair

Ross Gardam p. 34 + 35 + 54-57_ Polar Wall Light / Silhouette Desk Lamp / Oak Pendant Light / Tailored 21 Table / Glaze Pendant Light

Studio Henry Wilson p. 84_ Surface Sconce / Stack Tray

Something Beginning With p. 54-57_ Array High Stool / Otto Bar/ Finn

The SD Element > In-house / Tom Fereday p. 82-83 + 85 + 86_ Hull Double High Back Lounge / All Sorts Single Lounger / Hull Large Ottoman / Hull Single Low Back Lounge

SP01 > Tom Fereday p. 34 + 35_ Jeanette Chair

Volker Haug Studio > Volker Haug p. 84_ Discus-5

Tait > Adam Goodrum p. 34 + 54-57 _ Volley Dining Table / Volley Chair (white) / Volley Dining Table (white) / Volley Rocker (Bronze)

wán > Maegan Brown p. 81 + 88_ Ceramic Plate / Ceramic Bowl

Wood Melbourne > Oliver Maclatchy p. 54-57_ Otis Timber and Chrome Shower Head / Mabel Round Marble and Brass Taps / Maddie Concrete Vanity Basin / ‘Livi’ ParTaps Lugano Wall Outlet

Woven Image p. 85_ Black Echopanel

Yard Furniture > Peter McManus p. 54-57_ Tipi Side Table

Haydn Cattach Lauren de Innocentis

Yellow Diva > David Walley p. 54-57_ MCL Chaise Longue / Hang Valet

Armadillo & Co p. 54-57_ Sierra, Weave in Fairyfloss / Latitude, Ghan in Ecru

Zuster > Wilhelmina McCarroll p. 34 _ Halo Buffet with glass blown handles / Embellish Lamp Table aris studded edge

Coady Art p. 54-57_ Pretty Pony / Piss Head

- 126 -

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d e n fai r .c o m . au - 127 -

Zupello lights / Elfin stools designed by Ross Didier, Melbourne Australia

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